In Drastic Reversal, US Set For “Full Withdrawal” From Syria As Trump Claims Victory Over ISIS

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Headline News | 99 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Update 2: A troop withdrawal appears already underway after a Pentagon official said it would happen “quickly”.

    White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders has issued a formal statement on troop withdrawal from Syria: “We have started returning United States troops home as we transition to the next phase of this campaign.”

    Moments after President Trump confirmed reports of US pullout via Twitter saying “We have defeated ISIS in Syria,” Pentagon officials said the president “ordered full US troop withdrawal from Syria,” and that this will be “rapid”.

    The full White House statement issued Wednesday late morning:

    Meanwhile Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. has vowed to continue combating Iran in Syria if US forces leave. Russia has alternately said “Syria will stabilize” should the thousands of American troops stationed there exit.


    Update: It’s official, within an hour after the first headline the president tweeted “We have defeated ISIS in Syria” and in reference to reports of a planned US troop withdrawal from Syria which unnamed officials say is to be initiated “immediately,” he added that the terror group’s defeat was “my only reason for being there”.

    Minutes after the WSJ first broke the story, The Washington Post confirmed the following through a defense official:

    The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a decision that has not yet been announced, said the decision would include the entire force of more than 2,000 U.S. service members. It was made on Tuesday, the official said.

    President Trump has long promised to conclude the campaign against the Islamic State and has questioned the value of costly and dangerous military missions overseas.


    The WSJ just reported a monumental and historic reversal in White House policy on Syria, revealing Wednesday morning the Pentagon is preparing to withdraw all forces from northeastern Syria “immediately”:

    In an abrupt reversal, the U.S. military is preparing to withdraw its forces from northeastern Syria, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday, a move that throws the American strategy in the Middle East into turmoil.

    U.S. officials began informing partners in northeastern Syria of their plans to begin immediately pulling American forces out of the region where they have been trying to wrap up the campaign against Islamic State, the people said.

    The WSJ notes the complete 180 reversal in policy, which just days ago was reiterated by officials as an “indefinite” American presence in Syria in order to “counter Iran” while bolstering Kurdish and Arab SDF forces in the East (the YPG-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces), comes following a phone call last week between President Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    For the past week Erdogan has threatened to launch a full-scale cross border assault on US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria, which Turkey has long considered an terrorist extension of the outlawed PKK. This would potentially bring American troops and advisers under fire, who’ve found themselves in the awkward position since entering Syria of training Syrian Kurdish militias on the one hand, and coordinating broadly with a NATO ally on the other.

    Perhaps Trump finally took full stock of the fact that the prior planned “indefinite” presence of some 4000 American troops was recipe for a quagmire sure to be Washington’s next Afghan or Iraq style “endless war”?

    As one recent intelligence study put it: “The prospect of US being militarily involved in Syria, caught in middle of one of most complex conflicts in recent memory, with shifting objectives & ambiguous endgame, has been met with congressional indifference and public apathy.”

    Will America finally exit Syria? Is Trump belatedly making good on his campaign promises?


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      1. Our troops should never have been in Syria to begin with.

        • Or Iraq or Afghanistan or Lybia or…..

        • Troop withraw means that Israel is going to act?
          US is going to act?
          Things are seldom as they appear.
          Someting is about to happen.

          Though I support withdrawl of ALL troops of foriegn lands.
          Except Africa. China is taking over Africa and her natural resources. China can not be allowed to colonize Africa.

          US Troops should be securing the US border.

        • The USA did the heavy lifting in Syria as usual. Its time for Israel & Syria to settle their differences or Israel should eliminate the threat Syria poses once & for all time.

          It’s also time for Israel to take out Iran while they are cleaning house in the Middle East. Europe needs to step up. These problems are at their doorstep, not ours.

          We have bigger fish to fry (China) and it’s time for the USA & Russia to step back from the brink & recognize who is the real enemy. 🙂

          • DK

            “Israel should eliminate the threat Syria poses once & for all time.”

            What threat is that?

      2. Trump is going to be reversing himself on almost everything the Democrats don’t like.

        He’s hoping to avoid being impeached and removed from office, or at least keep himself out of prison after he is.

        But there isn’t much hope for him no matter what he may think, the entire Trump crime family is going to go down hard over the next year.

        A shame, he was the last gasp of hope for the country and he has now thrown it away.

        • Trump has made himself a one term potus.

        • lol, dont like us leaving Syria, with Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria on your doorstep

        • Hey nameless, he’s just getting started. I don’t think he cares about impeachment.
          He is what they call goal-oriented. Let’s wait and see what happens in January.

        • What charges?

          • The charges are still being invented, stay tuned…

        • Anonymous, how do you know he’s thrown away anything? And what you makes you think the Trumps are a “crime” family? Are sure you don’t mean the Bushes, or Clintons, or Obamas?

          • Or the Cuomos?

            The Cuomo Mafia Family has been in control of New York State since the 1980s. This is a state that has been in economic and political decline for over 50-years. That’s not representation. That’s tyranny.

            Governor Andrew Cuomo (a Progressive Socialist Democrat), just won re-election. Upstate New York (that’s everything that is NOT New York City), voted against him. Cuomo was voted back into office by one city. New York City.

            The people of Upstate New York have been saying this for decades: New York State is run by New York City.

            The degree of cronyism and corrupt in New York State is soul annihilating. The state is owned by an un-elected, rogue, billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, who has Governor Cuomo’s back.

            Michael Bloomberg — as of June 2018, his net worth was estimated at $51.8 billion, making him the 8th-richest person in the United States and the 11th richest person in the world — can buy any Constitution he wants, any Bill of Rights he wants, any 2ND Amendment he wants, and any gun control he wants. Together, with their fully-owned MSM and their very own newspapers, the “New York Times,” Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg own New York State.

            Cuomo, Bloomberg and the “New York Times,” represent a political machine whose size eclipses the magnitude of cronyism and corruption beyond anything seen except in the worst Third World countries and Banana Republics.

            The system is broken. We need term limits. We also need to pass laws against political family dynasties.

      3. In Drastic Reversal, US Set For “Full Withdrawal” From Syria As Trump Claims Victory Over ISIS

        So…. Is this a drastic reversal because we actually won a victory?

        • ISIS is our creation, Russia are the ones that beat them down. We gave them (isis) a pass many times.

          • Bingo.

            • Two ISIS guys stand on a Syrian bridge. Leaflets are dropped for-warning of a US air strike, the bridge is destroyed. This is how ISIS is being attacked.

              Forget ISIS. They were created by US / Western intelligence and do their bidding. Even if they were a threat they’re in the Middle East. Unless they come here they can’t get us. In the meantime we have a porous border.

              None of this is about Islamic Terrorism if you remove the US / Saudi Arabia / Israel support and funding of it. In effect it needs an expletive, “Its all bullshit”.

      4. I’ll believe it when I see it. The US (globalist army) is still building bases in Syria.

        • Was. Was building bases in Syria. Agency clowns and neocons want war, not Trump.

      5. good!!

      6. We should leave with a lovely parting gift. Nuke!

        • Wojo

          Why? What did Syria do to you? The US and Saudi Arabia armed and funded ISIS to use them to overthrow the Syrian government. 10% of Syria is Christian. The US and Saudi supported the Islamic Fundamentalists (ISIS and associated groups) that cut off Christians heads.

          News Flash, just because the US is doing battle with someone doesn’t mean that its in the right and they’re in the wrong. The US (doing the bidding of the globalists) are destroying stable governments so it can dictate policy and are using Islamic Terrorists to achieve this goal.

            • K2, I can’t believe people can’t even grasp what you posted. They beech about the govt. but want to kill everyone the govt. tells them are bad. Humanity, what an epic failure….

              • Far too many of supposedly patriotic ideals come wrapped in a very authoritarian package. If your pro Second Amendment you’re expected to be a supporter of Law Enforcement regardless when they shoot a few innocent people in the process (well they had it coming to them anyway). Military? Any use of it against anyone, anywhere is justified, hooray team! Freedom? Most have no idea what it entails. Freedom is to live your life as you chose up to the point where it stops someone else from living their life as they chose. Freedom is not forcing people to live as you desire them too. You’re free to have flaws. Liberty scares not just government but the civilian population too. I thought better of the Vietnam era citizenry to no avail finding them far too accepting of government overreach.

                • Freedom requires a lot of responsibility, most people don’t want it. “They hate us for our freedom”? That is so laughable it’s not funny. Wrap a turd in a flag and the masses will eat it up!

                • Liberty is not fighting what Langley created.

              • I’m just getting tired of the whole thing!

                Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

                • Anonymous

                  “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”


                  “Kill them all; let God sort them out.”

                  Maybe you’re missing something but ISIS is doing the bidding of the US / Saudi Arabia & Israel and is an enemy of Syria, Iran and Russia. Give you three guesses who is funding and arming them. The “knee jerk” reaction above stems from ignorance and belligerence. The US is there for oil / gas pipelines for globalist business market share.

                  “All the world is a stage”
                  William Shakespeare

            • boyo

              Nonsense. No “fog of war”, ISIS was intentionally created in Libya to destroy a stable government where the US used its air power to support Islamic Fundamentalists. The “war on terrorism” is a “war of terrorism”. ISIS was repeatedly armed, it was funded to be both the spearpoint to overthrow Syria and to be the ostensible excuse for the US military presence.

              • Don’t get me wrong. I’m with you on the CIA funding
                Al-CIA-da. Too many things have gone down and at very least are a great circumstantial case from (going back years) chatter in forums of all all things AK getting bought up supposedly by government. What for? We’re on AK armed.

                A little picture of Abu Waheeb came out. Notice anything odd?

                • M16A2s

              • …To keep the real Free Syrians from establishing a successful libertarian Syrian Spring that would have pulled the rug out from under big oil’s use of authoritarianism to keep the Middle East “safe for big oil”‘s continued empowering profits–with what’s left of the affordable oil reserves there. Keeping Assad (or something like him) in power prevents that Syrian Spring from happening. Decoying “ISIS” as the “Free Syrians” accomplished that, making “destroying ‘ISIS'” the excuse for actually (and using Putin to do the dirty work) destroying the real Free Syrians–and beefing up “ISIS” for future missions of terror to scare Americans into going along with whatever they’re told “for their safety” as well. That “next mission” of “ISIS” will be the ominous “continuing working together” to “engage at all levels to defend ‘American interests'” that the common people will have to beware of!

            • Somebody did the homework.

            • Interesting source, almost unbelievably honest, I’m shocked.

            • Obviously.

              Wanna pay $50 for a gallon of milk? No? Welp. That’s why we has us a war machine innit.

              Feel like paying $6000 for an Iphone? No? Welp. That’s why we has us Chinese slaves innit.

              Short of retooling this entire society… and I mean ENTIRELY retooling…

          • anyone who is against this is jidf

      7. Russia is the victor… but we(USA)are the victor in that our people come home from where they needed not to be. I hope that there isn’t a hidden agenda such as for these troops to be used (deployed) to an even worse scenario.

        • IE: Like on us here at home ??? For some yet “unforeseen” crisis…

      8. This is not surprising. Historically, folks used to say the best way to deal with Vietnam was to say, “We won…” then make some logical justification and get the heck out of that unwinable morass.

        When was the last time America actually won a war? WW2 in all honesty and we sure didn’t win on our own.

        Maybe it be smarter to become isolationist and spend every penny domestically and help our own citizens. But hey, I’m just a redneck country boy. What do I know?

        The so-called geopolitical experts using war and diplomacy have spent untold trillions…and so we are reaping the fruits of that bounty, right? Right? Americans are living at such a better standard NOW versus 1945-1990…right? America should be a utopia if war and diplomacy works according to them.

        We broke the back of the USSR. China was not in very good shape. Why did we not win as the sole remaining superpower?

        Because our own globalist and necon politicians are TRAITORS. They have worked tirelessy to destroy the American Dream.

        • Fastest way to cause a country to fail, cause them to spend themselves into bankruptcy, fiscal and moral.. USSA is there, wrapped up in bloodstained flag crying “Exceptionalism”….unearned and unproven of course…All corrupt empires fall…ALL of them.

          • By definition, an empire increases its borders. The United States of America has not measurablyincreased its borders since 1898. In just about every case, we gave back hard territory that required blood and death.

            Guam is the only tiny exception as Okinawa long ago returned to being a Japanese province.

            The Phillipines were given self-determination leaving Guantanamo and Puerto Rico. The only reason Puerto Rico is not like the Phillipines is because they lack the resolve.

            There is no American empire.

            • Maranatha

              ” we gave back hard territory that required blood and death”

              The US gave back the day to day administration of those nations however from an economic / political perspective the US , or better said the globalist corporate banking controllers (who also control the US) actually rule these nations. An example of this “control” is that the US is violating a host of international laws invading, bombing and otherwise illegally interfering with nations (see Libya & Syria). The UN is the puppet of the US. They on occasion have foreign leaders give great oratory against the US but (for their respective nations public consumption) but then do nothing to stop the US by voting against it. The banisters control the western world and the US is their bully boy enforcer. They the Mafia, the US Frank Nitti.

              • I honestly don’t give a crap who we bomb if it benefits American citizens. But it doesn’t and it actually increases terrorism.

                You have a weird way of defining an empire that does not fit any empire in history.

                Either we should be brutal and honest and conquer territory and steal their natural resources as has been done in history, or we should solely protect our borders. Now historically empires fail every time: Roman, Spanish, Ottoman, Chinese, Japanese, German, USSR, English, Indian, French, etc. So logically we should be isolationists.

                I have zero interest in protecting other nations. They should protect themselves or suffer the consequences. I have no interest in economically bolstering weak governments so they are puppets. The entire world mocks our efforts.

                Until America is a Christian theocracy, then any feeble excuses about our Christian duty to the entire freakin’ world will fall on deaf ears.

                • “You have a weird way of defining an empire that does not fit any empire in history.”

                  You’re correct because it never existed before. Nations controlled economies, now economies (globalist business) control nations. The US is the spearpoint of this globalist, corporatist and best defined quasi fascist empire. It’s not necessarily for the best interests of the US. It may be against the interests of the US citizenry. but its always in the best interests of “the empire” I described.

                  I do care who we bomb and why. I do care that US life and treasure are exploited for the aforementioned interests.

                  • Redefining words like empire is classic George Orwell doublespeak.

                    What you are really discussing is the globalist plan for one world government as puppets of the megacorporations. There actually was a Canadian tv series which proposes a dark future like that.

                    That has nothing to do with an American empire. In fact, the center for globalism is in Brussels and under the EU. And that has ties to the Ordo Templi Orientis. And all of that has dark ties to child prostitution and murders. Look up scandals in London and Brussels and in France and Belgium and also tied to the Rothschilds and the Bildeburgers.

        • Maranatha

          “Why did we not win as the sole remaining superpower?”

          What purpose does that serve for the American people? It requires the US citizenry to give its blood and treasure to maintain it and facilities the exportation of US industry to the lands “liberated” for Wall Street. With nuclear weapons and two oceans our security is fine. So what is being the worlds superpower do for me?

      9. We should leave all these ME shitholes.
        They want to stay in the 7th century let -them.
        If they cause us any trouble – Just bomb them into submission – no ground troops.

        • The spooks create these enemies so we can get into these countries.
          No more wars in the ME, no more petro dollar. Get it?
          Obama/spooks/neocons got us into Syria, not ISIS. ISIS is another agency creation.

      10. Am I being paranoid thinking he is consolidating troops here in case something happens close to home? I don’t feel good about this.

        • If you’re paranoid, you’re not the only one. It’s a small number of troops when you think of the US as a whole, but could there be focus on a particular area ??

      11. I don’t see them abandoning the oil wells. Because, ya know, that’s where they have ended up…making sure the oily does not go to Syria.

        Since they just met with Erdogan, I’m thinking he got the green light to smash the Kurdish YPG and take over the Syrian oil wells at the same time. This guarantees a NATO ally gets the oil and rejects the Syrians getting it. Turkey has very little in hydrocarbons itself and needs the crude for itself and possibly to sell to Israel.

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      13. This just in: Antifa leader unmasked. His name is Joseph Alcoff. He’s white,works for Dems in Washington,and uses a ‘minority’name for his twitter and public appearances. Surprised?

        • He is not “white”. Nor is he even an American.

      14. Does this mean Syria gets Israel the hell out of occupying the Golan Heights? This surely means the Syrians gassing their own people is and was always bogus. Does this mean the 700+ billion 2019 US defense layout will be smaller? This is more a result of Russia moving superior offensive and defensive firepower to the west while countering American rabble rouser NWO aggression. Now get the hell out of Afghanistan you murdering lunatics. All of these illegal wars are a threat to American freedom.

        • Deal with Taliban in progress. Adios, and no more money to build mud huts.
          No more government planes transporting poppy products to Europe.
          People don’t understand thats the only reason why we are there.

        • The last 3 times Trump announced he wanted to pull our troops out of Syria, the (((world’s master false flagger))) gang staged a fake ‘gas attack’ which (((they))) promptly blamed on Assad. I expect these bastards will pull the same thing again.

          • Tucker

            Unfortunately you’re more likely right than wrong as history has shown.

            “When you’re starving for good news any scrap looks like a buffet”.

      15. Isaiah 17:1 —
        “The burden of Damascus (Syria). Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”

      16. LOL sounds like alot of you know whos are upset the US is pulling out leaving millions of Hezbollah, Hamas, Iranian, Syrian troops on their doorstep hopping mad, lol. I guess 9/11 didnt work out too well for you

      17. Good! so sick off all the bullshit! maybe a General will come home with SOME FUCKING BALLS!!!!! and take over this out of control GOVERMENT!!

      18. But but but but muh Carter Doctrine tho…

        Whatever. Beats “Nuke em back to the stone age” Hillary. That would have worked out well /s.

        Only reason I wanted Trump as bad as I did.

      19. Good,but lets not stop there,bring home all our fucking troops/i.e. our moms/dads/brothers/sisters/fellow friends/citizens ect.!

      20. I’m wondering what Syria, Russia, China and Turkey told the US which made us “declare victory” and start withdrawing troops within an hour…

        …Maybe it has something to do with the very recently announced pipeline deal to provide Europe with gas? Hmmmm, I wonder, what else it could be…

        Old Libertarian

      21. The good, the bad and the very ugly…………..

        Leaving another war zone is good news for soldiers and their families. And American tax payers.

        However, this is part of the Soviet/Bolshevik plan to evict the U.S. and NATO from the middle-east as to monopolize the region with China, Israel and Iran.

        Part and parcel to Stalin’s long term goal, the ‘One Belt, One Road Initiative’ and the ‘Plan for Greater Israel’

        The ‘West’ is done now……….

      22. Eleven days of Christmas, Dec’72. Bombing of North Vietnam. First time in the Vietnam war that the military was allowed to do what the military does, break things and kill people. If this campaign was taken in’68 the war would have ended with an American victory. It was stated that removal of the troops on the ground was the end of the first phase, maybe phase 2 will be the use of air power while not endangering special forces to bring an end to this quagmire.

        • Whatever

          ” the war would have ended with an American victory”

          Impossible. Your 100% wrong.

          The war that could not be won was against the National Liberation Front known as the VC. The NVA was a separate war. The VC needed 19 2.5 ton trucks per day to maintain its fight. The presented the South Vietnamese government from governing. The strategy against the nVA is the war the US knows how to fight and the war it prosecuted. Louis Walt the esteemed USMC General in command of all Marine Forces in Vietnam stated that he did not know how to fight or win this war. The VC (like our Colonial Minute Men) were his nemesis. Interestingly the Pentagon Papers showed this in 1967. The VC would “nickel and dime” the US until we fled (and we would as Giap stated). SVN could not stand on its own as it never had popular support. It was a fabricated government that was constantly fighting among itself. US units witnessed ARVN units fight ARVN units.


          A Bright Shining Lie. (the writings of John Paul Vann, likely THE most knowledgeable American in SVN) Author Neil Sheehan

          The Dynamics Of Defeat. Author Eric M. Bergerud

          • Source from Louis Walt.

            The Dynamics Of Defeat, Page 90

            “Soon after I arrived in Vietnam it because obvious to me that I had neither a real understanding of the nature of the war nor any clear idea as how to win it”.

            Lewis William Walt (February 16, 1913 – March 26, 1989), also known as Lew Walt, was a United States Marine Corps four-star general who served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Walt was decorated several times, including two Navy Crosses for extraordinary heroism during World War II, one for leading the attack on “Aogiri Ridge” during the Battle of Cape Gloucester (New Britain); the ridge was renamed “Walt’s Ridge” in his honor.

            • As General Giap said, “I will lose 10 of my people for every one of yours but you will eventually tire and leave”. ‘I cannot leave because I have nowhere else to go”.

              The South Vietnamese government could only be propped up and maintained with US military forces. It was literally on the verge of collapse in 1965 when the US committed regular troops. The expense in blood and treasure and, a very at best an abstract threat from the collapse of South Vietnam, itself a dysfunctional corrupt government literally invented by the US with little to no indigenous support, guaranteed both the Us leaving and collapse once the US left the battlefield. All the VC needed to do was wait it out. Their orientals, patience is their virtue.

              I have studied this war extensively as I was curious how all of this could happen.

            • became not because

          • They prevented not The presented.

            Need to proof read.

      23. Trump has 4 bankruptcies. He stiffed his creditors. 4x. Fact.

        • No doubt but he also created a lot of well paying jobs throughout his business career. Obama, Clinton fed off the government tit.

          • Well K2 that’s one way of looking at it I suppose. Another is he had people working to make him richer.

      24. Obama and Hillary created ISIS, and Russia crushed them. Yes I voted for Trump with reservation and the doubts are florishing. ISIS defeated? Who is writing the Donald’s script?

        • ISIS ended when the US quit arming them. ISIS was the spearpoint of forces used to overthrow Syria for gas pipelines. ISIS is the enemy of Iran (allied with Syria), Syria and Russia. So who Armes ISIS (who chop off Christians heads)? Saudi Arabia (The nut case Islamic Fundamentalists) and the USA (owned by the globalist banisters).

          I voted for Trump for several reasons and getting out of Syria is one of them.

      25. The US is leaving Syria? Fake News? Is this what things have come to? Our political savior, the county’s last hope, President Donald Trump, has gone over to the Dark Side?

        Sure looks like it. Backed off on his promise of building The Wall. Where’s that government shutdown he promised over and over and over again?

        In my opinion, the Progressive Socialist Democrats won the 2016 Presidential Election. They sure as hell won the 2018 Midterms.

        • the blame-e, The wall is not happening. He knew all along if Mexico didn’t pay for it, it was not realistic, and he knew Mexico wasn’t going to pay, directly or indirectly. Nice way to get voted in. Trick the voters.

          “Hey, I don’t need your vote anymore, I already won”. His exact words. Exactly one year ago.

      26. Okay, I’ll try again……….

        The fact is that this is exactly what Vladimir ‘Uncle Joe’ Putin wants. This is the Bolshevik long term plan to evict the U.S. from the middle-east as part of the ‘Greater Plan for Israel’ and the Chinese Sino/Bolshevik Communist ‘One Belt, One Road’ plan….

        The governments of Russia, China, Israel and the U.S. (yes the U.S.) are enemies of the American people and it’s time to reverse all acquiescence to these schemes.

        SEE: Russia, Iran, Turkey back new Syria constitution

        • M Edward

          And in the meantime the US allies itself arming and funding ISIS who chop off Christians heads.

          Communism? “From those according to their means to those according to their needs”? You’re kidding. All of this is about market share, its very capitalist.

          The government has been hijacked.

          • Uhhh. ISIS, Christians ? What does that have to do with the Leninist/Stalinist/KGB long term goal of evicting NATO from the middle-east.

            Israel and Communist China are client-states of the Soviet Union (DBA ‘The Russian Federation’). Nice new flag they have, huh ?

            And religion is a joke. The big three believe in a myth. They are irrelevant. Just crazy idiots killing and oppressing each other for millennia.

            I’de post some links that explain all of this in great detail, but I doubt you would bother to do any research.

            Believe what you will.

            You’re anti-capitalism. I’m not.


        • Maranatha

          “Once again, it’s Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who does the right thing.”


      27. The military-industrial complex has no intention of winning as then their constant stream of money will dry up. The armaments industry in the USA, Russia, and China continued to sell enormous amounts of weapons around the world…destabilizing everywhere.

        After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the USSR disintergrated and Russia was so weak as their people had effectively been unpaid for over a year. Imagine that. In the power vacuum, their version of the mafia started selling everything not tied down and ultimately became extremely wealthy. It was a nation openly run by criminals amd many military items and nuclear material just got sold.

        Without Russia, China was weakened badly.

        In that moment, there was a historic chance for meaningful peace. The USA could have disarmed both and helped them rebuild. Instead, the globalists sold out the USA and American jobs. It was a totally bizarre period.

        Now both are stronger, yet fools want to ring them with overt missile defense systems and continue proxy wars as if it’s 1970 all over again. Idiots.

        Imagine if we had become isolationists and banned free trade back then. If all nations embraced capitalism to actually support their domestic workers and use their own natural resources, then the world would be at peace and prosper.

        If you have a chance to build a tractor or a tank, the tractor will make you a profit, but the tank accomplishes nothing unless it’s used for war. If you are an idiot, you sell tanks to allies and then they end up starting wars and destabilize for you. It’s just asinine.

        It is as if every general forgot how to wage war. The point is to kill people and break things, then gain territory you can hold and steal their resources. The USA has consistently failed in the endeavor because we don’t want to win and have no plans to win…just wage meaningless war then give back the land and resources and never break the enemy’s will.

        Look at WW2. We not only gave everything back, but worse with the Marshall Plan, we rebuilt the industrial might of Germany and Japan so that in the end, they waged economic war against the USA and SIMULTANEOUSLY cost us immense sums of money to defend against communism. That is insanity not strategy.

        Our globalists politicians and industrialists are fools serving Lucifer. Our generals are fools with no plans to win.Our presidents have been openly globalists except for Reagan and Trump. The American People are screwed and it’s their own fault as preppers have been saying these things since Nixon opened trade with China.

      28. My thought – deep state backed plan. It will make Afghan fall to crap, Syria prob will also. Meanwhile bump stock ban and now the USA has professional soldiers sitting on the homefront. All this while the stock market slowly crumbles.

        Am I the only one seeing this as a potential

      29. “Victory over ISIS”. Trump is delusional.

        I am sick and tired of all the drama coming out of the White House from day one.

      30. And another thing, he knew Mexico wasn’t going to pay for the damn wall. Now the taxpayers are going to pay for it ($40 billion after all is said and done) OR we get no wall. Trump said they’ll pay indirectly, that’s all bulls**t. They will not pay for it in the end either, like he said.

      31. President Trump similarly has announced plans to withdraw from Afghanistan.

        Meanwhile he gave official notice that anyone entering from Mexico will have to remain in Mexico until their petitions are heard and only if the proper procedures are followed.

        The House passed 5 Billion in funding for the wall. He asked McConnell to use the nuclear option (51 votes) to pass it in the Senate.

        Meanwhile the Ukraine is foolishly and suicidally trying to goad the Russians and there are reports of major buildups on both sides with the Ukraine having zero chance of winning. Obviously they aere trying to start WW3.

        There is a rumor that the FED is under extreme pressure to cut rates too.

        In other words, all the pieces are in play for WW3. Russia announced via Putin in the last 7-10 days that any missile defense ringing its border would be targeted even with nukes.

      32. Breaking
        We sent a carrier to the Strait of Hormutz. There’s an unconfirmed rumor an Iranian UAV fired a dummy missile at it to provoke a confrontation.

      33. The Ukraine has a bill to vote whether to declare war on Russia.

        All of the aircraft carriers are in their home ports but the one that was fired upon by Iran and is getting ready to pick up personnel in Syria and Afghanistan.

        The military sent a cryptic tweet concerning Christmas being a historical time when soldiers were in the field.

        Something seriously is up.

      34. Notice how all the people against this withdrawl are establishment Rhinos,Dems,deep state,and the newsies? The common Americans are happy Trump is fullfilling another campaign promise. That is why he MAY run in 2020. He’ll be re elected,too

        Confirmation of what I posted yesterday.

        Monday should be quite a day with the Treasury Dept. calling all the major banks about plunge protection.

        Meanwhile Russia has ordered 3000 radiation decontamination troops due to the heightened tension with Ukraine.

        Also, allegedly Ginsberg lied about her health, had a whole lobe of her lung removed, and cancer is aggressive. She is allegedly stepping down in January. Good thing as already Kavenaugh voted to support Planned parenthood and Roberts voted with the liberals to prevent Trump’s asylum changes.

        Obviously you all have heard that 16 million has been raised privately to support building the Wall and it looks like it will be a massive military project.

      36. Mattis did not want to withdraw. And Trump fired him. I bet we leave Syria. Trump stated that the invading Caravan would not be allowed to enter. And so far the lions share have been kept out of the USA.

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