This Is How Government Dealt With Dissent And Revolt In Collapsing Venezuela – “Soldiers Shooting Civilians In The Streets, Paramilitaries Roaming Neighborhoods”

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    Editor’ Note: The initial report about this incident was printed in error. While the videos and images below were believed to be recently recorded, several readers contacted us to report that these incidents occurred in February 2014 and not February 2016

    We have modified portions of this article but have left the majority of this report intact. In terms of possible responses and consequences of economic collapse in the United States, Europe and elsewhere, the events in Venezuela could happen anywhere when governments lose control of the populace.


    Venezuela is in complete chaos as a result of their economic collapse.

    And as a result, state-rationed food and groceries have run out, prices are hyper-inflated and millions of people are waiting in huge lines for any goods that are available. Black markets have gone boom, with neighbors making necessities available to other neighbors, but they must avoid crackdown from a jealous State that is desperate to hang onto power.

    The free-fall of oil prices on the global stage has snapped the South American socialist nation into sudden and harsh disaster. Venezuela has slightly more oil than Saudi Arabia, and trades the second largest volume, after OPEC, and was even more vulnerable than Russia to the economic warfare that has taken place in the last few years.

    Things are very bad now, and they were already falling apart. Nicolas Maduro took over after Hugo Chavez’ death in 2013, but without the force of Chavez’ cult of personality, he has been unable to hold an already unrealistic economy together any longer – and the people are on the verge of complete revolt.

    *Editor’s Note: The following reports were taken in 2014 but are as relevant to the conversation today as they were then*

    This is what happened to dissenters and so-called agitators in collapsing Venezuela… Could the same be coming to America?

    With state control of the media in Venezuela, and an unwillingness to report on the part of the international press, it is difficult to know all the facts. Indeed these developments have gone virtually unreported, but some of it has surfaced on YouTube.

    The Caracas Chronicles is one of the rare sources to report what is really happening:

    What we saw were not “street clashes”, what we saw is a state-hatched offensive to suppress and terrorize its opponents.


    Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and  storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.

    People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street.

    And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of 645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

    The crack down on the population of Venezuela is truly massive and very chaotic, as much of the footage shows.

    Raw footage on YouTube (warning: some footage is graphic):

    This video purportedly shows pro-government militia squads firing tear gas into residential apartment buildings:

    Is this how things will go down in the United States in the aftermath of the planned collapse of the economy and the destruction of the American standards of living?

    Though Venezuela seems world’s apart from the events in the United States, this same level of unrest can grow quickly along the lines of division that have been sharpening under President Obama’s two terms and the false “recovery” imposed by bankers intent on bringing everyone to their knees.

    For now, the biggest difference is that Americans still have their guns, and the militia are still of, by and for the people.

    Stay prepared, and stay vigilant!

    Follow more about Venezuela at The Caracas Chronicles.

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      1. the general populace has no guns?

        • We can shoot the pigs here and we will also have to shoot the islamic trash as their numbers grow here.


            My neighbor got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

            CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

            Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

            A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced.

            I saw a Mormon with only one wife.

            If the bank returns your check marked “Insufficient Funds,” you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

            McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ounces.

            Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America .

            Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their children’s names.

            My cousin had an exorcism but couldn’t afford to pay for it, and they re-possessed her!

            A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico .

            A picture is now only worth 200 words.

            The Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas is now managed by Somali pirates.

            And, finally…

            When Bill and Hillary travel together, they now have to share a room.

            • JS, LMAO! Good ones. Been hanging around Eppe?

            • When hillery gets elected theyll have plenty of money to spend

              • Here’s a list from Zero Hedge. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. Know if they have been naughty in YOUR neck of the woods:

                Members of the CFR:

                Carla A. Hills
                Robert E. Rubin
                David M. Rubenstein
                Richard N. Haass
                John P. Abizaid
                Zoë Baird
                Alan S. Blinder
                Mary Boies
                David G. Bradley
                Nicholas Burns
                Steven A. Denning
                Blair Effron
                Laurence D. Fink
                Stephen Friedman
                Ann M. Fudge
                Timothy F. Geithner
                Thomas H. Glocer
                Stephen J. Hadley
                Peter B. Henry
                J. Tomilson Hill
                Susan Hockfield
                Donna J. Hrinak
                Shirley Ann Jackson
                James Manyika
                Jami Miscik
                Eduardo J. Padrón
                John A. Paulson
                Richard L. Plepler
                Ruth Porat
                Colin L. Powell
                Richard E. Salomon
                James G. Stavridis
                Margaret Warner
                Vin Weber
                Christine Todd Whitman
                Daniel H. Yergin
                Madeleine K. Albright
                Martin S. Feldstein
                Leslie H. Gelb
                Maurice R. Greenberg
                Peter G. Peterson
                David Rockefeller

                And here are the Trustees and the Board of The Economist:

                Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone PC, DL
                Tim Clark
                Lord O’Donnell CB, KCB, GCB
                Bryan Sanderson
                Rupert Pennant-Rea
                Chris Stibbs
                Sir David Bell
                John Elkann
                Brent Hoberman
                Suzanne Heywood
                Zanny Minton Beddoes
                Baroness Jowell
                Sir Simon Robertson
                Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild

                It is the fact that practically every member of the ultra high net worth establishment and “0.01%” loathes Trump with a passion, that he may be just a few months from claiming the US presidency.”

                Feel FREE to add to the list to protect your neighborhood. Remember, when it comes to FREEDOM its all about location, location, location Start a FREEDOM CELL where you live !!! 🙂

          • The YUGE difference is WE have guns.

            Question is- do we have the guts to USE them?

            • DMONIC, I have the courage to use mine if anyone comes to me looking for trouble.

              • Hahahahahahaha…. Same old tired ass response… “IF THEY COME LOOKIN FER ME!!!” Simple as simple gets…

                America… Home of the Shitstain Brigade!


                • Same old stupidass trolls coming on here.

            • Venezuela’s elected communist government used a UN treaty as the basis to ban firearms and then confiscate them from the citizenry.

              It’s common knowledge Obama has tried to sign onto similar treaties, the worst of which is still pending a vote in the senate.

              There is a rabid globalist movement that desperately wants to disarm the American citizenry. It appears their most basic plans for America absolutely demand it.

              • Wait till barry is the head of the UN and Hitlery is in the whitehouse,,,
                Theyll be coming for ours,

                • Kula, I hope that scenario does not come to pass. But, work for the best and prepare for the worst.

                  I know the saying is hope for the best but I’ve learned that hope is not what changes things for the better.

            • Right DMONIC. Simply being a ‘gun owner’ doesn’t mean squat. What America really needs are more armed citizens.

            • It depends on how hungry you are…..

              • If you have stored food, you can keep your strength up.

                In a fight between one person who hasn’t eaten in a week and a person who has been getting enough calories, I’d put money on the well fed. Beware though, the hungry guy is desperately fighting for his life.

                Make sure you own some baggy cloths, two reasons, first – you can believably complain about the lack of food, meanwhile your pantry is full and so is your belly, and two – baggy cloths give you a lot more latitude to hide weapons and tools on your person.

                “We have guns” is a scary concept when you realize most that have guns, have no other preps.

                • Plan Twice
                  over 300 million guns, 43 million gardens. We are short on gardens. Please note that shooting gardeners reduces the already too few gardens. Shoot enough gardeners and you may as well eat those bullets… at high velocity.

                  • And the gardens will get trampled by the hungry fools who will destroy everything looking for the few harvestable items.

                    You’d like this one, the theme for my daughters wedding shower was an afternoon in a teaching kitchen in the city that came with a lot of great food. All the young ladies had a blast. In the days before, my wife and the maid of honor were debating center pieces.

                    I had stopped in a garden center that had taken large stainless colanders and planted a variety of lettuce in them to sell as kitchen center pieces you could snip and eat, and the girls could take them home. We bought a bunch. They loved them, but because a couple girls had flown in and couldn’t bring them home we ended up with two.

                    I was astounded that by carefully snipping the largest leaves only and dead heading plants when they tried to bolt, they continuously gave my wife a daily salad for several months. Normally in the garden I’d just take whole lettuce plants and keep reseeding.

                    The house grown table top approach worked amazingly well. When warmer weather came I just moved them outside to be the centerpiece on our patio table where rabbits couldn’t get them and we kept eating.

                    • Plan Twice,

                      I do love that. Leaf lettuce grows well indoors and I used to keep them inside in the air conditioning in Texas to keep them from bolting. Bless their hearts that really is death by a thousand cuts 😉 I gave them up for wild violets (common lawn weed) which is a perennial green that grows in deep shade where other plants do not. Saves garden space for other food. If you have any in your lawn, transfer a few to a pot or shady spot. Much more nutrition than spinach too.

          • As if Muslims control Goldman Sachs? the Federal Reserve? the IMF? the BIS? the US Congress and state legislatures? the US military? are training US pigs? pushing sodomy in schools? pushing gun control? have influence on the Supreme Court and the rest of the “justice” system? control US media? are the prime purveyors of pornography?

            etc. etc. etc.

            • Islamic savages are their attack dogs.

      2. That story is two years old

        • Bobby, thanks for the heads up. The report has been modified to reflect this.

          My bad here! I completely missed the “year” here!

          • Another way of looking at the SHTF problem is that it IS two years later and there have not all died yet…..

            You can survive total economic collapse.

            • Good Point. J.S.

            • Many Americans have been in SHTF since 2008, losing their jobs, homes, dignity as many had to move back into their parents homes or parents moving into their kids homes. No Banksters went to jail, instead got bailed out and got bonuses for their Evil gambling habits. The huge distrust for our fascist Government is apparent, as Don Trump smart guy has this as his keynote popular and coined phrase “Make America Great again.” Any Vote for Democrat is Suicide. Any Vote for war mongering Neocons Cruz or Rubio is a vote for status quo plunder and suicide. I sure hope Trump has plenty of security and secret service protection as he upsets their con job on our country. The beast needs to be defanged and I surely hope that new laws are put in place that would imprison any person lobbying to tear apart the Constitution be held for treason and executed. Like Bloombergs anti gun stance. Hang that Fucwad or make him face a firing squad, would be poetic justice. All non citizens be deported. All dual citizens also deported. Build the F-n wall and make it a priveledge not a right to enter the country. Trump say Audit the FED Reserve. Take control of the currency and issue new money. Not tied to the FED in any form. The the new Dollar backed by Silver. Break up the big banks into millions of independent lending institutions and break up the Media into a billion pieces. The public owns the airwaves, and Not a 5 person monopoly on the message. Ban GMO foods that poison Americans. Make drug companies competitively bid for Govnt contracts. End Food stamp and welfare and make people work for these benefits. No more COMMIE freeshit for nothing program. No income taxes for those making less than $30K a year or less as that would stimulate the economy and encourage those to earn a living again. Stop rewarding failure and start rewarding those doing the right thing. Trump has a lot of work to do to make America Great again, and that would be a good start.
              Keep stacking and packing preppers as never under estimate the Evil in the COMMIE’s NWO Agenda 21 Zionist hellbent aganda, set to destroying the world like blood sucking parasites that thrive on other people’s misery. Stop feeding the beast and get off their grid as much as possible. Prepping is about being self sustaining which is rewarded with more freedom and liberty. Never give up, keep fighting, never give up your Guns and give them your lead if they try.


              • Sorry. Don’t agree with your assessment of Cruz. In fact, I am actively supporting him.

                And no, he is NOT perfect. Neither was Reagan, nor would you be if you ran.

                • TEST, uh, I think you should do some research on Cruz before making a final decision. His wife Heidi works for Goldman-Sachs and is a member of the CFR. She is an insider so hubby has been bought and paid for by Wall St.

                  • Braveheart
                    not only that, but a $600k “loan” for his Texas run he “forgot” to disclose.

                • I feel sorry for you Test. You been listening too much to Glen Beck. Cruz wasn’t even born in the United States. If you like Cubans move to Cuba. This is the United States and I see no benefit hiring foreigners for the highest office in the land.
                  -WWTI… REAGAN =The Father of Terrorism as we know it today paying off Iranian Terrorist Randsome for Hostages, and The Father of The Military Industrial Complex as we know it today by open-ended budgets and massive debt for $400 hammers and $800 toilet seats.

                  I think you need to rething your positions. It is not good for America’s ideals

                  • Im with you,,,

                  • WWTI, damn right about Cruz. He and Rubio both are bought and paid for by Wall St. Reagan was just as bogus as the day is long.

                • Cruz…. Really???

                  This shitbag is not only a shitbag…

                  HE THINKS HE’S REAGAN REBORN!

                  Oh… And by the way… He will NEVER be POTUS… Ever.

                  • Cruz seems a lot like Nixon.

              • Best dam thing I’ve read in along time.

              • You auta change your name to Benjamin because you’re right on the money.

              • WWTI…
                The only point I would like to emphasize is that income taxes are unconstitutional, being that the 16th amendment was never properly ratified. So essentially we have been fleeced unlawfully to pay for banksters wars that serve to make us as a country, morally bankrupt.
                I say no to any taxes on personal income and that the only entities that should be taxed are corporations. These robber barons have never had it so good and when we do take back this country, I say abolish personal income taxes! That should shrink the size of government to its constitutional intent and really forment a dynamic economy by which everyone will have that basic enumerated right to pursue Life, Liberty and happiness.
                I say abolish the Fed
                I say abolish the IRS
                I say abolish most of the tyrannical agencies and sub agencies making law thorough regulation…all of it is tyranny!
                I say abolish every tyrannical EO all the way back to Woody
                I say hang every wannabe elected official who presumes to be a ruler instead of a servant and hang them in the well of House of Representatives.
                I say reinstitute the gold standard and bring sound monetary policy and confidence to the American citizen.
                I say kick out every blood sucking illegal alien out of this country…kids and all…no anchor babies!
                I say outlaw lobbyist and that no corporations are allowed to influence policy…arrest them, send them to trial and hang them.
                Much more I could offer to the rebirth of the original intent of Liberty and Freedom for real Americans.. Even if you were born here..if your heart is not set to defend the Constitution… YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN!

                Other than the aforementioned… Everything you stated is of the highest approval!

                Live Free or Die…HANG THE TRAITORS!

                • Restore the picking of senators to the original method… the statehouses pick them. The Senate represents the state’s and the house represents the people… AND yes end the fucking Rothschild families control over OUR money…

              • WWTI, I know we don’t always agree, but that post is one of your best ever and I agree with everything in it. It will be a formidable task to get this country back on the right track. On Bloomberg and the other gun grabbers and other traitors, I’ll go further and say just give each one a bullet to the head and be done with it. As long as they’re alive, they pose one of the greatest dangers to us all.

                • Brave. I would say we agree on most things. I just point out flaws in your Bug out plan. Some things you need to discover on your own. I took the big leap into a BOL and found nothing came fast and the burn rate on my cash went faster than projects completed. I still don’t have a water well dug or septic and still buying bottled water. That’s a year later since I moved here. I did accomplish the hardest tasks like a great solar system that produced twice the electric I use. I have a cool cottage and getting close to finishing the inside build out. Still trying to empty my storage locker in the city and going to some flea markets to sell the surplus I don’t need. I have 37+ Lbs in silver rounds and waiting for that to payoff. I’ve started a new Solar Co to sell these systems as I am very impressed. Working and teaming up with the installers on that. We all do the best we can with what we have. I am doing all of this Solo, so nothing gets done I less I do it. I am deep in food, guns ammo and silver. I feel free and in a great spot. 3 sides of my property is fresh spring water and plenty of game stop by to visit. Its just putting the rest of the infrastructure together. So more monthly income can solve most of these projects. You will do fine BH and be flexible to adapt with B,C,D back up plans of things don’t work out. Murphy’s Law usually prevails. Just you trying you are way ahead of most for survival. 90% have no plan and will suffer the shock and awe of collapse. Good Luck ALL.


                  • WWTI, the BOL already has everything I need. No plan is ever perfect and no one can ever be as prepped as they’d like to be, but still stacking. I’m headed back there Wed. on another supply run and a few days of R%R.

              • I wish they would outlaw ALL lobbies, good, bad, ugly.

                • I met a bunch of liberals today that wanted to outlaw lobby’s.

                  Couldn’t believe my ears, yeah they wanted to start with “Hobby Lobby”!


          • Mac, those things are still happening in Venezuela today, regardless of the date of the article. The basics of what are happening down there are still relevant. It’s coming here much sooner than anyone thinks.

            • Yeah, you have it right Brave. I’m glad to see the correction, but otherwise nothing really has changed, between 2014 and 6

              • Genius
                I watched the film clip, cannot imagine Angela Merkel getting reelected after destroying Germany. They need to deport her to Syria.

            • Why am I not surprised at the lack of “fact” checking re this article? “I heard it from a guy at work whose cousin heard it from his uncle” school of reporting!

              • Good ol’ Anon… same person who slurps up the NY Slimes, with Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’ starving Kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine,” or fiction writer extraordinaire Jayson Blair, and who trumpeted the later outed Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

                You strain at gnats, and swallow camels Anon. In other words, you are apparently just another intellectually dishonest fraud, typical of the other Learjet leftist supporters who come on this site.

                • TEST, you gave a better description of the troll than I would have. If he would just click on the link for Caracas Chronicles, he would have verification of what’s happening down there. Plus I have a native from Venezuela in my company who has told me similar stories. It’s only gotten worse there since Chavez died.

                • So Mr Testy, you would rather believe everything you read rather than check things out for yourself? That seems to me a rather frightening mindset to adopt but one that seems to be the norm with people like you. Ignorant Windbags!

                  As I wrote, “I heard it from a guy etc.,” ergo it must be true!

                  You’re more of a “sheeple” than most sheeple are. Hey! It’s on my favorite comic book site – so it’s true.

                  • I am only testy when I have to put up with left wing ignorance like yours. And your sophomoric tu quoque (go look it up) argument from ignorance just embarrasses yourself.

                    Sheeple? The problem is the mirror in front of your face. But let’s hear it from one of your own, my intellectually dishonest friend: Former CBS News president Richard Salant once said about where you ignorance leftists get your information: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

                    The gambit is, as George Orwell identified over half a century ago, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. […] He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

                    Leftists like you are the cause of more suffering, privation and death than any other force in the history of the world

                    Now… better get back to your “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-ins. Your Dear Leaders might get mad!

        • This story, Bobby, is actually over 200 years old.

          You see, Bobby, your socialism started back in the days of your hero, Robespierre, and his Liberty, Equality, Fraternity day, which led in short order to Robespierre and the guillotine. Or again, 100 years ago, the same vile, evil, disgusting, ignorant and violent socialist nightmare led to over 62 mm murdered by the leftists in the USSR.

          Then there is the nightmare of socialist Zimbabwe, with the Kirchners did to Argentina, your Dear Leader Mentally Il Kim Sung, the 1/2 million boat people dead in Vietnam, Pol Pot, Mao’s 20 million dead…oh, and I did I mention the Nazis full name was National Socialist Workers’ Party, who adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention in Munich, Feb. 1920?

          So you see, the DATE on this story is irrelevant (though I am glad it is corrected – we need no leftist, lamestream ignorance here). What is relevant is that, as Frederic Bastiat wrote 200 years ago not too long after the French Revolution, that “Socialism (lit. the state in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”

          I appreciate your attention to detail. If you are a leftist, I would hope you evidence the same intellectual honesty and get a clue about how utterly anti-human leftist philosophy is.

          • Well Test,

            I am no leftist, not sure how you got that? However though I find sites like this useful to some degree as time goes on and there is no collapse its bad policy to try and shock readers with headlines acting like the story is breaking news, that is a serious hit to credibility. Things are still bad and we all need to be more resilient.

            I have traded currency for over 10 years with hedge funds and on my own. I know how the world works better than most. You like to eloquently use our words and say things like “you see” which I take a condescending. You talk about Venezuela but have you ever been there? I have. As well as many other south American countries. In fact…

            Mencionaste Argentina, cual es mi pais favorito, y he estado alli muchas veces. Tengo muchos amigos alli tambien.

            Last time I was there the military shut down all the cuevos and arbolitos though you will probably have to look up what those are. Do you know first hand how the correlito affected people down there? What the reality was under Kirchner? You strike me as the kind of person that “reads a lot” but cannot tell what asada in Buenos Aires tastes like or how thick the smoke is at the airport in Tunis.

            I am a free market libertarian, prick, and I will eat your lunch any day 🙂

            • Alla, hombre
              vivi un rato en Mexico.

            • I generally work through lunch, so you will not want to “eat my lunch,” or you will starve. Nor am I a “prick,” and you only embarrass yourself with this ad hominem invective.Your insult is unbecoming of someone of your implied calibre of sophistication (viz., world traveller), unfortunately. I will refrain from responding in kind, as that really only creates more heat than light, and if you want to put your dog in that fight, I won’t. I am glad to hear, however, that I am mistaken about your implied socialism. Thank you for the correction.

              As a linguist, I speak Spanish, Swedish, German, Greek and French, have been in Latin America multiple times, and my little brother lived for 20 years working for Caterillar, first living in Peru during the murderous Sendero Luminoso years, then they moved him to Santiago right after the Allende fiasco. I can speak as well as you about Fujimori in the old days, his daughter, the disaster of Evo in Bolivia, the hope that Dilma gets turfed in Brazil with her historic low polling, and how Colombia seems to be on the mend after Uribe took the bull by the horse. Heck, I’ll even cross swords with you re. Simón
              Bolívar y Palacios. Yes, I know Latin America, well enough… y tengo muchos amigos que también viven en América Latina – DR, Colombia, PR, and I have worked with a LOT of Venezuelans in the past. I also communicate a LOT with Fernando Aguirre, of Ferfal/Surviving Argentina fame, and have published multiple articles on his site.

              And yes, I know EXTENSIVELY what the correlito did, and how it worked… or, more strictly, did NOT work. In fact, I can provide extensive history of the whole sad descent into the socialist maelstrom in Argentina starting around the 1920s under Hipólito Yrigoyen as easily as you, where there used to be the phrase “rich as an Argentine,’ through Personism up thru Menem and on to the disgusting Kirchners. Macri is a ray of hope.

              However, my goal is not to insult; rather it is to call out the utter evil and impoverishing nature of socialism, and point out the utter hypocrisy of the fascist left. Where I read this, or read this as implied, i will NOT hesitate to call it out. Perhaps your writing was unclear; perhaps I read it too quickly… or perhaps a little bit of both.

              And I will add, as a male, yes I *do* have a “prick,” as you say. Hopefully, you have one too. But I have no battle with you, other than to encourage you to write a little more clearly so you are not misinterpreted… a problem all of us have here, including me. And personal invective, as noted, only embarrasses yourself.

              I have no battle with you, nor any animosity towards you, and call you no names. Where people are leftists – the same group, that according the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, Courtois, et al, I certainly WILL call these people out for what they are: evil, both in terms of killing people, and in terms of impoverishing people. However, per your words, you are not one of those. That is good.

              A good weekend to you and yours… and happy trading.

          • TEST: nailed it!

            Many of the leftists today don’t even know that the NAZI party was socialist.

            It is too bad that other people didn’t have parents and grandparents like mine who taught me that nothing is free. There is always a price. Sooner, rather than later, the F$A is going to wake up to that reality. That usually happens after they run out of other people’s money and / or the productive class starts leaving for better prospects in other places.

            Oh I woke up to the news that the dictator of Zimbwabe (formerly Rhodesia) is celebrating his birthday. I wonder if baby elephant is on the menu again.

          • “1/2 million boat people dead in Vietnam, Pol Pot, Mao’s 20 million dead”

            Someone is looking at history through rose colored glasses as the conditions and a lot of those deaths were caused by the uS.

            Indo-China was a colony of France and the indigenous people had no rights. A rebellion grew and was cut short by WWII and the Japanese occupation. The OSS which was the pre CIA met with Ho Chi Minh in 1942 and enlisted his aid to help us fight the Japanese. Ho Chi Minh asked and was promised one thing. Do not allow the French to return. WWII ended and the US went back on its word, the French returned, the guerrilla war of Ho Chi Minh and Giap occurred and the US bankrolled 95% of the French war effort. Interestingly a significant percentage of French Foreign Legion troops were former German soldiers; real humanitarians. The French got a humiliating defeat in 1954 and removed their forces. An internationally supervised unification election was scheduled to take place but the US, the bastion of Democracy thwarted that election as Ho Chi Minh was guaranteed going to win. Ho Chi Minh having no where to go received aid from China, Vietnams historic enemy in which it fought a 1000 year war with for independence. The US pushed Vietnam into that friendship by backing France in its completely unjustified occupation of Vietnam post WWII. The nation was divided into North and South and a host of unpopular governments were installed in South Vietnam devoid of real civilian support. In the summer of 1963 Diem was assassinated, South Vietnam was crumbling. In 1964 a false flag Gulf Of Tonkin incident was the justification for the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution. The US started bombing North Vietnam in operating Flaming Dart. This brought attacks upon US air Bases in the newly created out of no where nation of South Vietnam. This was the catalyst for US regular combat forces arriving in 1965. Fast forward to the late 1960s with the US massively bombing Cambodia to stop the infiltration and its subsequent of destruction of the Cambodian government and Pol Pot had risen in the power vacuum. Who put an end to Pol Pots terrible rein? The newly created government of Vietnam that took control after South Vietnam fell and the US fled in 1975 invaded and stopped that genocide then too occupied with internal affairs they went back to their homeland. Interestingly, Vietnam fought a border war with her former out of necessity “friend” China in 1979 giving her a bloody nose as Vietnam has a lot of equipment left over from the war with the US. So much for the domino theory as communist fought communist. Interestingly the US and Vietnam are becoming allies again because of guess what? Oil in the South China Sea. Think we were there for coconuts?

            The above is 100% factual as I have spent years fascinated by and studying that bullshit, unjustified, uncalled for, illegal war.

            • That’s the best description of how the US involved itself in a war which it helped create. We DID lie to the leaders of North Vietnam to save the sorry French army from getting completely annihilated at Dien Bien Phu. we backed so much corruption that labeled itself the ” government” of South Vietnam nobody will ever know how many billions of American dollars they made off with but never mind that, they were our ” allies”. When you add in how the war was fought, ie Bob McNamara’s ” wiz kids” it’s amazing we were able to stay as long as we did without getting run out of the place. The people of Vietnam, South as well as North, never wanted us there to begin with. As much as I hate to admit it the truth is Eisenhower was responsible for the beginnings of the trouble in Vietnam by not honoring our agreement to allow for the promised free elections in exchange for saving the French. We lied, plain and simple. Probably the CIA was busy pointing out as much doom and gloom as an army of Michael Snyder’s and Alex Jones about the ever popular ” domino theory”. Sometimes it looks like we’ve never learned a damn thing from that war, oops, sorry, it was NEVER referred to as a war by the United States, it was the ” conflict” in Vietnam, war by resolution,two mythical Vietnamese gunboats ” attacked” two US destroyers, right Lyndon?

              • Karl

                ” Eisenhower was responsible for the beginnings of the trouble in Vietnam by not honoring our agreement to allow for the promised free elections in exchange for saving the French.”

                Actually it was Truman in about 1946. The French were not supposed to return after the Japanese left starting in the fall of 1945. Hard core militarists wanted the US to military intercede at Dien Bien Phu but Eisenhower fortunately refrained but signed on to thwarting the elections. His commitment of US Advisors was pretty spartan. Kennedy ratcheted it up 10 film to about 15,000. Seeing the instability and sensing a quagmire post Diem assassination he started to reverse the incremental increase and withdraw. November 22nd 1963 put an end to that.

                • Kevdiluigi,

                  I stand corrected regarding Ike and the start of the trouble, thank you.

            • Kevin2, I also researched it in the mid-70s. All you said is true. JFK was going to pull our ‘advisers’ out of Vietnam. CIA and MIC said, “Not only no, but HELL NO!” to that idea. So they killed Kennedy using Oswald as the patsy. Think how different history would have been had Kennedy put a stop to a Vietnam War before it could have started.

              • Billions saved, maybe the gold standard preserved another decade. Certainly drugs less prevalent as Vietnam was a catalyst for their acceptability in society. One can only guess at the other social / economic impacts but its reasonable to say with absolute certainly that Vietnam was not a positive for the US.

        • Yes the story is two years old, but Venezuela is worse off now than it was then

          Venezuela is a classic study of a collapsing society for preppers around the world.

          Ignore it at your on peril.

      3. Mac – Hell no that won’t happen here. That is exactly what the 2A is for.

        • Oh it will happen here and we’re going to have to show by example what that 2cd amendment is for. Ain’t gonna have time to read to them from THE BOOK, just show them the pictures.

          • good luck there with that

            • Thank you lin! We’ll need copious amounts of “good luck”. Losing is NOT an option that we can entertain in any wise. They want it. They’ll ‘get’ it (but not the way they are wanting it). lol…

          • PO’d,

            Well stated…

          • PO’d Patriot, spot on. All we have to do is show them we’re armed and determined to fight for our families and homes.

          • POP: I agree. Basically people know they don’t have to work and many are willing to take handouts. At least I know I am awake and alert and ready. I don’t even feel sorry for the poor slobs out there that are clueless.

        • CC: it can happen here. Look at old videos of people fighting on Black Friday over TVs and computers and toys. Can you imagine how people will act when they have to fight over food? When they have to stand in line for food at a local Red Cross feeding station?

          I fully expect mass riots in every urban center this spring and summer. By the time the election rolls around in November I don’t even know what to expect. I am hoping Hilliary is indicted. As far as the stock market and the spot price of silver and gold? Who knows. It wouldn’t surprise me to wake up and have silver be $100 and ounce and for gold go be $5,000 an ounce. Throw in a few tactical nukes let off by Russia or the Saudis in the Middle East and Katy bar the door.

          • Sometimes I wonder, just what I’m gonna do.
            Cause there ain’t no cure for the “Doom and Gloom News”.

            • Go to save your money take a real fine vacation….

          • Philo, Black Friday will be a walk in the park compared to what’s coming. I’ll be at the BOL before that shit starts. In fact, I leave for the BOL Monday on another supply run and a few days of R&R.

      4. Hows that socialism workin for ya Venezuela?

        • America now is what Venezuela was in 2009.

          • No John its not. America is not Venezuela in 2009. Not by a long shot. Although I often agree with you, and appreciate your observations, this observation is not supported by the facts.

            Socialism always concludes with a worthless currency and empty shelves because when they run out of other peoples money and start printing money, inflating the value of the currency away, so producers do not want to sell their products without getting a fair value in exchange. So then producers withhold their products from the market; trade or barter them on the black market; or they quit producing.

            In the USA shelves are empty only when the masses stock up on short notice prior to a snowstorm or hurricane. The coming economic “collapse” (depression) will be deflationary in character and dollars will have equal or greater relative purchasing power; because there will be fewer of them in circulation: either because those that have them will hoard them, velocity having slowed dramatically, or the FED will destroy more dollars than it is creating, or both.

            Purchasing power will also increase for consumers (ie increased dollar value) because massive excess inventories will need to be liquidated by producers. That inventory represents tied up working capital not available for the operation of the business, and if credit is difficult to come by, or expensive to obtain, the existence of the business is in jeopardy. To recover their operating capital, producers will slash prices to move excess inventory. (Tobin)

            The process of dollar destruction and creation is occurring at all times in a vibrant financial system. In an inflationary period there are actually more dollars in circulation from increased credit (debt) or those dollars are moving faster (velocity) through the economy.

            Capitalism can be treacherous for those who do not understand money. Consider all of the folks who talk about printing money (hyperinflation) but never understand that dollars are destroyed on a massive scale every day. 🙂

            • Excellent post, DK. There is an ongoing battle between the ‘flations. Only thing is that if there is deflation, the real amount owing by the govt (think social security as one example) will increase in real value.

              Bill Bonner says eventually they’ll get the inflation thing right. My thought is that we will have both, just like a tsunami – first the deflationary tide goes out, then the inflationary tide comes roaring back in, whipsawing everyone. And given the rule of 72, we needn’t have hyperinflation, only mass inflation- say ~10% or so.

        • Another Great Reason to Vote for Trump. Looney Toon Cartoon Character Al Sharpton says if Donald Trump is elected President, he will leave the Country.

          Lets hope so. And take all his Freeshit Army Commie raison followers with him.

          Ever watch Sharpton struggle when reading a teleprompter. Stupid Clown is.


          • Sharpton’s black ass needs to be locked up forever or merely killed.

      5. It’s NOT a “planned” collapse. The reason people like/feel like what we see happening is PLANNED is because we as humans don’t like the idea of chaos and unpredictability. The truth is that YES, the govt is the enemy, and YES this empire is collapsing and will likely result in a devolution to a fascist police state. Those in charge (whoever they are) would rather things continue on as they are…more profits they can suck out of the society. The last thing that power wants in CHANGE, and certainly not COLLAPSE. The problem is that as the once-great-now-meh USA devolves, those “in charge” badly want CONTROL…a natural desire, that sadly we are all going to witness. The death of a society is a scary thing to witness, and worse to be in the middle of. But that’s what we have. It’s not PLANNED by anyone. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in human systems.

        • I respectfully disagree with you ‘on all counts’. This ‘chaos’ was first placed into >fruition> (if you will) starting in 1933, and really ‘went south’ after JFK took some lead to the head, heart, lungs. Nothing about Obama’s “tactical attacks” on the nature were planned? Hell yeah they have ALL been planned …and he’s been “on the stick” gearing up for “this stage of America” for decades. Once you have some age under your belt you become much wiser in these things we love to discuss. One thing is a “for sure” in life (imho). NOTHING EVER JUST HAPPENS! However, everything does happen for a reason (good or bad). Every ‘nuance’ of what you see globally and nationally has been planned out (ie: the cleaning out of our top-ranking military officers that refused to fire upon their own countrymen …and they all get dishonorable discharges to add to “the screw job” (now THAT was all planned so as to lower military morale (to record lows). Nothing planned about GITMO and getting the detainees back into military action huh? Just saying ….(opinions are like hind-ends. Everyone has one).

          • sorry for the spelling error. I meant to say “Obama’s tactical attacks on the NATION.

        • I guess you really have to ignore the facts to come to this conclusion. There is a spiritual aspect to this Dboy. I would probably agree with your cyclical theory that humans are all to blame for the rise and fall of nations, but there is just one problem with that to me. Most of the major things going on right now and previously are written there. More than a coincidence and better than an opinion. I hope you look into it because the only way this story ends well for anyone is if they believe in the Lord Jesus and repent of their sins and get baptized in his name.

        • I guess you really have to ignore the facts to come to this conclusion. There is a spiritual aspect to this Dboy. I would probably agree with your cyclical theory that humans are all to blame for the rise and fall of nations, but there is just one problem with that to me. Most of the major things going on right now and previously are written there. More than a coincidence and better than an opinion. I hope you look into it because the only way this story ends well for anyone is if they believe in the Lord Jesus and repent of their sins and get baptized in his name.

        • Dboy, I couldn’t agree with you more. I think people on this forum give banksters and government shills way too much credit for a grand plan. This “everything happens for a reason” tripe is pure crap. Nature simply abhors a vacuum. Tptb don’t want this gravy train to end. They’re making trillions off it. It goes against all that is logical for them to “plan” its destruction. Theyou may attempt to plan an exit strategy when the wheels blow off. But that is it. Chaos wins…..

      6. I see Venezuela’s takedown directed by big business and the wealthy elite who dislike a fair distribution of resources. Just like what is happening here in America.

        • fair distribution of resources = no distribution, just like what Venezuela is going through right now.

          God forbid someone actually has to work hard for what they get.

          • Yeah, getting up at 0900, playing golf and talking “Business” on the phone is hard work isn’t it?

            Oh I know, it’s driving corporations into the ground and stealing hundreds of billions in golden parachute money while the workers get no pensions, and fucked out of their pay, that’s hard work too, right?!

            No, no, I GOT IT! The REAL heavy lifting is done by the bankers, because without them stealing tax money to stay “solvent” while fucking over the bottom 99.9%, the economy would cease to exist!

            Stop drinking the bullshit punch, the working class have been taking it in the ass since organized crime (and power elites) have been in existence. The poor are given just enough free shit to keep from rebelling, and combined with bread and circus performances, the masses stay docile without need of the elites’ solders getting hurt/killed.

            Barter was replaced with financial exchanges, and banks; resulting in a system that provides wealth hoarding, exchange manipulation, and price fixing. This debt spiral has been the prime mover in driving the value of labor down for the sake of wealthy assholes’ interests since Rome was a superpower.

            That’s right little sheep, go work hard so the wealthy keep getting their goodies while you get less and less freetime and resources, and more onerous oversight and overbearing government bloat to keep you in the herd. No thanks, Ann Rand had it just as wrong as Chairman Mao….follow the money to see the real power corruption!

            • That was good.

            • 101 reasons why i am doing what im doing

          • Not to mention that Venezuela no longer has enough food to feed its population and is seeking outside help.

            People tend to quit producing when what they produce is taken away from them and given to someone else.

            • Or when they are TOLD to produce,,,

          • There will be none of that within America. Nobody is going to “share” this time around because everyone knows exactly where the food would end up. In federal ’emergency food-banks’ …the ones that are kept full by taking (ahem) I mean stealing everything they are able to from those who spent 20+yrs prepping …just to watch it all be carried off (for their own good). Gotta get our guns or they’ll never be able to pull that one off either …so, ‘they’ have already lost due to one overlooked presidential trait: Arrogance. For the rest? “Money and Power”, slaves, sex-slaves, living organ donors, ‘above the law’ …how about areas bloodier than those of ancient Rome using Americans as ‘contestants’. All this and more already exists! Reformation of the type ‘they’ seek would bring it all into the open, and regretfully place the greater part of the folks here six-feet under. That one ‘goes double’ if ANYONE sends off a nuke. Such an event would be an immediate decent into WWIII and a 24-hr ‘exchange war’ (of sorts). (Everyone IS aware that a nuclear 100MT-warhead also puts out one helluva EMP right)? Yeppers!

            Say, did anyone else notice in yesterday’s news, regarding the lone gunman that went nuts, was using “assault-style weapons” in his mayham ‘spree’? Must be a button on the AR-15 (LR-308) that simply puts her into full M16 Assault-mode, to include full-auto, 3-rd bursts, etc. SOS …different locale, different reporters, same old ‘tired attacks’, and this is all psycops (because to maintain total confusion and division is to control the masses – and the masses are playing right into their “game of lies”).

        • I smell a Bernie voter!

        • aljamo
          Fair distribution of resource?
          Your fair and my fair are different, so which one do you use?
          I believe the harder you work the more you get. This is what I have found for myself. What pisses me off is people that won’t work and expect to have what I have!

          • Fair distribution is best achieved by Adam Smith’s invisible hand, not some autocrat looking at year old date in some central planning capitol

            Anyone ever figure out why the USSR fell????

            Bill Bonner tells the story once of flying in the USSR, flying between two cities. Next to him was a woman who was flying to the same city as he was to GET A TOILET SEAT. Some bureaucrat had decided their area didn’t need toilet seats, and it was cheaper to flay a good distance to get one than buy a virtually unavailable one in her native city.

            But, of course, this basic information is totally lost on the leftists, the Bernie “Free Ice Cream for Everyone” Sanders and the Yes we can chanters.

            Note: This post was sent from my $1,000 “free” Obamaphone. Sign up at yourself at EVERYONE qualifies (even your dog)!

            “PhreePhonesPhorEveryone” is a division of the U.S. Dept. of ObamaPhones and the U.S. Dept. of Sphelling, and is a paid for by “everyone else.”

          • Exactly, Sarge. You don’t redistribute resources, you EARN them. Unless you are a Bernie Sanders “Free ice cream for everyone” type

            I hope you stay in police work and don’t retire. I know it is a very tough job (I have two police friends, both early retirees, which is such a shame, as they would be a wonderful means to transmit what the REAL job of policing is, which includes abiding by the Constitution (color of law issue). Are you aware of Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriff’s Assoc, at ? Might want to join.

            Question: if the left tries a Hitleresque putsch, or Bolshevik takeover, if “the troops wont leave the barracks,” (soldiers and/or police), NOTHING happens. Think that sheriff who runs the largest NY state police district who refused to enforce Cuomo’s gun grabber laws. Enough police who remain true to the Constitution – and remain in place to teach the young ‘uns to do the same – may well be our salvation.

            My suggestion to you, Sarge, is better to burn out while serviing, rather than rust out. When all is said and done, your children, posterity in general, and you yourself will feel much better about your life having served for a cause of ultimate value, rather than getting a few more days on the golf course.

            And make no mistake. It is people like you that are today’s equivalent of Churchill’s comment that never have so many owed so much to so few.

            Thanks for your post. May God bless and protect you as you serve as a true peace officer

            • Don’t mind sharing what little I’ve got with good folk who have fallen on hard times.
              They usually go out of their way to pay you back ten fold when they eventually break even.
              A friend in need is a friend indeed.

      7. Got Guns?

        Buy underwear and toilet paper.

        Are you ready?


        • When the Music Stops and the Crime of Rehypothification. Re: the Paper Shorters of PM’s both Gold and Silver.
          Massive manipulation going on right now to depress the value of the metals to prop up the phony US Dollar. Gold is selling over 500 to 1. Meaning these comodity brokers are selling 500 OZ of Gold for every 1 once of Gold in their possession. Silver is selling at about 27 Ounces for every (One) 1 OZ of Physical Silver in their possession. It would be like selling one house to 27 buyers. See what happens when 27 families try to move into the same house on the same day after closing. That’s when the Music Stops and the shooting and looting begins. Why is this massive Fraud in PM’s allowed at all???. Its really no different than fractional banking with zero reserves to back up the account balances, and why bank runs will be the day the Music Stops. The FDIC only has about $25 Billion of insurance to back up $12 Trillion in customers US Bank deposits. Gee what could possibly go wrong there?

          Silver should be trading at $22 to $38 per OZ right now,as the Gold to Silver Ratio is now above the $80 Mark. The average is about 55 to 1. This over 80 to 1 has not happened since 1990 time frame. So lots of upside profit for stacking Physical Silver right now. This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a bundle in owning physical Silver for great profit. Avoid junk silver and jewelry or pre 64 coins. Buy the real deal. 1 OZ Rounds .999 pure. And owning Physical Silver will deplete the world supply, help drive up the price and force these Hedge Fund Paper Shorters off the cliff. I have no idea how these Whores can sell IOU PM PAPER products with no backing. 27 times or 500 times with no physical asset backing. Wallstreet stocks are the same, as fundamentals mean nothing in the high prices being reflected. Wallstreet needs another 30% decline to being the prices online with fundamentals. Its all Useless paper. 401K holders will be crushed again. Get out now. This Big SHTF will be when the Fraud Manipulation all hits the wall and the music stops. Musical chairs folks. Prepping is like stocking up chairs. Make sure you got your chair, lots of chairs and your seat at the table for the collapse buffet about to unfold. Its going to be Fugly out there real soon. Eyes open and pay attention. 90% out there are clueless.

          -WWTI…Hidden Deep in an undisclosed wooded BOL retreat bunker location, surrounded by a fresh water moat filled with Hungry Gators. Let er’ Rip!!

      8. Ashes, ashes……we all fall down.

      9. Looks like Ferguson!!! Lock and load.

        • I decided there is a business opportunity for Ferguson type riots.

          Kinda like storm chasers that chase tornadoes in their armored vehicles.

          We could be riot chasers. Sell tourists the “riot and thug” package for a tour of riots in progress in my armored vehicle.

          Charge extra if they get to shoot a thug.

          • John,
            Your an evil capitalist , haha

        • Ferguson on steroids!

      10. Guys I’m from Venezuela been living here for 30 years i still have family there all i can tell you that the U.N arms treaty disarmed the populace there now you can see that only the criminals and government have guns… A socialist regime were you wipe your A$$ with a wet towel no joke guys you have toy hand out your I.D card called Cedula were it has a nr with that number they can track were you live and also the food items that you bought they track it via computer a they also have food rations… I assimilated to the american way of life and the U.S is my home have only one flag in my house and its the american flag and a big 2nd amendment supporter never give up the guys thats gonna be your life linebetween life and death…
        God bless you all and stay safe

        • J.C.

          Hillary with her UN Arms treaty can take a flying leap.
          She was also talking about Australia with their gun control. Obama was on T.V. with his gun control pitch. Soros and a few others are in the mix. As I watched the video’s you can hear the fear in their words. Majority of Americans do not understand fear. Constant Fear.

          I hope your family stays safe

          • Slingshot, f#$% the hildebeast and all the other gun grabbers.

          • J.C. – You are in the right country, and except for the government we actually have the highest number of ‘superb people’ despite the negative propaganda you’ll see and hear on a daily basis.
            Do not worry about any politicians doing anything that will end with everyone giving up their ‘guns’. It just isn’t going to happen no matter WHAT they attempt. Just biding our time until THEY get so ‘fussed up’ that they’ll make an impromptu decision (an error-filled one), and leave the door open for us to totally dismiss all of their asses (unless they’d rather hang from a lamp post)! THEY are SO DESPERATE to get our weapons away from us that “they” are seeking to use BLOOMBERG as a presidential candidate (I guess the thinking is to ‘fight fire with fire’ or ‘put two rich men in the ring and let We The People decide’ (on a rigged polling system but of course). I only see everything going downhill and gaining speed. Personally, if I lived within a city my first priority would be to get far, far away from all major cities and all other locales that are even ‘a tad’ over-populated …today! (It’s becoming quite clear that this year is going to be launching a great many ‘bad things’ …perhaps as early as Spring …in a few weeks or less? Oh me…

        • JC: thanks for speaking plainly. When there is no TP you use a bucket of water and some rags. Most people just have no friggin clue. Zero. I know. When I was growing up we were too poor to have TP all the time (in a house with five females and one male). Old towels come in handy. Each person gets to pick a color.

        • Two questions for you J.C.

          #1 How did the government get the citizens to turn in their guns?

          #2 Why did they Citizens obey in turning their guns?

          • 1 How did the government get the citizens to turn in their guns?
            President Maduro had all the pistol permits revoked and all the guns had to be turned in some were turned in others were not reported stolen

            Why did they Citizens obey in turning their guns?
            Venezuela’s population never experienced war maybe a civil war that lasted 2 or 3 days to overthrow the government. This was back in the 90’s and early 2000’s … People are poor obey their masters a country full of sheep (conformist people) they will never rise up and fight its a country were they talk no action and life goes on

            • ” pistol permits revoked”

              I think what we have here is a glaring example of, “Registration leads to confiscation”. The time 1915 or 2015 nor country UK, Australia, USSR, nor political system matters because in the end the result is the same,

              • The very word “permit” is to permit, to allow. It directly conflicts with a Right.

            • Thanks J.C.

              Even in America I can see this happening. Some states require all guns in the household to be registered with the government.

              Luck-fully I live in Texas. The only thing you have to get registered in Texas is your car.

              Texas is a very pro-gun state.

        • J.C –
          You’re an American now and are welcome and belong here! We’re with you!

          • JC, welcome and you’ve come to the right website. We’re all gun owners here and will never give them up.

            • Thanks braveheart1776

              One thing i learned is to prep, especially food coming from that country i remember 1 had only one bucket of rain water no electricity for a couple of days when i was young and there was power outages over there some last for days I treasure 2nd amendment with my life don’t want to be a slave again …. from a shit hole of a country that has a lot of riches but the mismanagement has made it very poor….I will die for the U.S the country that has giving me everything YES i would….

              • JC, I’d stand with you any day. My late wife was from Cuba and lost half of her family to Castro’s butchers. She told me many horror stories about her life under Castro that really threw me for a loop. she was also happy and proud to be an American. Take care and hope to hear more from you.

              • ” but the mismanagement”

                That might be the reason coming from wherever you came from but the mismanagement that many see in the US implies that haphazard stupid policies put us where we are. Its quite to the contrary, its very intentional.

        • Nice post JC, many thanks

        • Right on JC,,,
          True American spirit!
          God Bless

      11. If you take the time you can watch the other video’s at the end. They stream into the next set.

        Well, Can it happen here? People driving around on motorcycles shooting at people. Like the drive bys we experience.

        Can you suppress this kind of hostile behavior?

        We watch the video and say how bad it is and we don’t prepare for it.

        How many motor cycles do we have in the USA? How many Guns?

        • I visited with a policeman in Honduras. He said that it is illegal for two males to ride together on a motorcycle. A man and woman is o.k.

          He said that two men on a motorcycle means they are going to do a robbery.

          • In Vietnam the rear passenger on a motorcycle was required to sit sideways to make it difficult to use a gun or throw a grenade in an attack.

            And those were little bitty 50cc or so motorcycles, not large ones that had some mass to them.

          • Guess they have no Honduran version of Bonnie & Clyde

      12. Know thy gun…

        Eyes open, no fear…

      13. I read the article and then went to the Caracas Chronicles. I thought it was a good blog and informative. Most people are just fricking clueless.

      14. “Socialism (lit.government, or the state in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”

        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And you KNOW for a fact that leftists reading this STILL have no idea why this didn’t work in Argentina, the USSR, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Venezuela, Cambodia, why we have spent $20 freaking TRILLION on the War on Poverty, with more poverty than ever, with Detroit being the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Progr.

        That’s right. You, the leftist reading this. YOU, personally, are responsible for all this human suffering coming our way, like Venezuela. Now, quick! Trot off to your Bernie “Free Ice Cream for Everyone” Sanders chant in!!!

        • Yea,
          They think it will be different here, have a bunch of them in our neighborhood that are hard core west coast transplants…

        • dude seriously, there is nothing more dangerous than someone who thinks he is informed. Left/right are illusions, its a small self appointed elite that truly think they are above everyone else. they get there through general apathy and are just evil. They spout leftist bullshit for a while until people realize they are being played and then they swing the other way. We go through left then right and back to left again and then totalitarian, its all semantics. I dont hardly every comment but you are just spewing bs. The neocon right is just as bad. The point is if you think its the lefts fault, you are the problem, if you think its the right’s fault, you are the problem.

          You keep listing all these examples that you clearly know nothing about, these issue are way more complex than simple leftists.

          the problem everywhere is a crisis of production, technology has seriously eroded the need for jobs and has consolidated production, this is neither good nor evil, it just is. People in power take advantage for sure.

          I know you think if we rid the world of the leftists all will be well, and I am sure you think if you have gold, you will be the genius who foresaw it all. Except if you only consume (which I am going to guess is 100% accurate) and produce nothing and bitch at everyone’s comment in a tone that you think is so scholarly (you sound like a f%*&ing leftist higher ed professor), you ARE A F^*&ING leftist.

          Go f&^*ing do something productive and shut your damn mouth. I havent commented sooner because I was working on a new chicken tractor for building more soil, which in the end is the only true wealth. Its a f*&^ing saturday and you have been copy pasting the same bs to everyones comments all day long.

          • Bobby,
            True. It is both sides.
            Ireland was genocides because the English Lords no longer needed their labor… they were bringing sheep in and shepherds are thin on the ground. The Georgia Guidestones spell it out clearly… we are messing up their planet and they no longer need our labor.
            We better create our own economy, and quit whining about getting corporations back.

            • Rebecca

              Unfortunately an economy without those corporations is substance living unless an entirely new economic system is developed for a world where manufacturing no longer requires labor.

        • TEST

          “spent $20 freaking TRILLION on the War on Poverty”

          That was doomed for failure when policies to eviscerate US manufacturing occurred simultaneously. You could put the princes of capitalism, Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller in charge and Free Trade will facilitate poverty. Conversely you could move the governing body of Norway to the US in the absence of Free Trade and the general population would live pretty good.

          • I’m sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Socialism, in and of itself, always and everywhere impoverishes everyone except the cronies. I have no idea how true free trade (and I’m not talking the fascist TPP here, or those other agreements meant to eviscerate true free trade), would do anything other than do what it did during Smoot-Hawley.

            Please note I am *not*, as I say, referring to the TPP, or ANY other of these globalist shenanigans to destroy America. The TPP is downright disgusting, and just a vehicle to destroy more American freedoms. But relative to your comments on Carnegie, Rockefeller – they were NOT for free trade, but monopolists.

      15. Mac damn good reminder.. the cabal must think this is Venezuela… let paramilitary room into my area with tanks and heavy artillery with Russia and chi- coms deployed and see if red necks won’t throw a mossberg 500 over the shoulder and two bandaleers with 100 round off 00
        Lined upe with 30 plus rounds of Hornady. 59 caliber and. 79 caliber acutips supplemented with the various AR 15 platforms. Add the body armor with that and see how good the paramilitary really are..pull that sh…t in my city,shoot at me kills people and rape women, those soldiers bodies and their blood will make a river of blood phucking streets. We are a little different in my area of town.
        I dear then to try that in Katy Texas, the attacking soldiers will be brutally murders and of capture horrifically tortured to death.. i can talk like this with Confidence because I have had Russian up in my face and one Russian and one hchjnwe woman that showed up on me and some friends and my friends go scared that they don’t want to come near me again.. they saw it with tiger own eyes.. interestingly these Russian and Chinese never come to my residence.. that would be a life ending mistake if they fuck with me on my turf.. did I just say the F word..fuck yes I just did.. let me tell you chi-coms and Russians something that you need to know, I am not bluffing..I will literally kill you if you come to My residence. Do not test these instructions.



        Brass balls at its finest..

        • HCKS,
          Have you seen anybody around your area doing the open carry?

          I have only seen one person while at a Home Depot.

          One person in the first 2 months. I live in East Texas. What are you seeing down there?

          • I saw an open carry dude last year. He and his son helped us take down our old wooden fence. He wanted the wood, so we stacked it for him and he and his son loaded it on his truck( many of the boards were 16 ft long! That truck was squatin’ ! ) and hauled it off. I think my hubby said it was a 45.

          • Was in Tyler 10 years ago on business. Seemed a nice small town.

            • Pop, had to work in Tyler off and on between 03′ and 06′. Managing cable tv upgrade worth half a billion.
              One thing strange, everyday you had to buy a 1$ tax to get adult beverages daily.
              What a scam.
              Next door in Kilgore it was wide open.
              Nice little town though…

              • My Jawja accent was ok in Tyler, but in 86′ went many times to Long Island, got gigged all the time.
                Amazing the differences between north and south.
                But survived it all…

                Be well all…

                • Both places gave me the scariest plane rides home.
                  From LI, hit an air pocket, dropped 300′, bout had to change underwear.
                  From Tyler, 10 seat puddle jumper to Shrievport, we flew sideways in the worst storm in the air I ever had experienced.

                  I hate not being in control in the air…

          • Oh yeah, hcks ” sees” a lot of things, lol. That’s why we always continue to hear about all the bad shit he predicts that never happens, only to dredge up more bs for the nest post.

        • HCKS, that’s the spirit. I’m the same way.

        • “I dear then to try that in Katy Texas ……”

          Ya’ know, I’ve always found that things like artillery fire tend to make civilian resistance fade away rather rapidly.

          Outside of trained and disciplined military forces, artillery and even little bitty mortars and such tend to cause people to lose the will to fight.

          And an invading army will most definitely have and use artillery to soften up the target if it promises resistance before moving in and claiming it.

      16. if any new gun laws are passed simply ignore them
        there is not much the gubmint can do with 50 million armed people

      17. A nuke reactor in South Korea just shut down.

      18. In the real world there are dissenters always. Some of us just can’t get onboard with bullshit rules constantly changing and taking away our liberties. If the people of Venezuela complied with this they are afraid or the brainwashing is extremely effective there. Doesn’t matter what gov says about guns no matter what gonna have one. It’s just impossible to build this utopian dream world. Someone will rule and this is always what the fighting is about. Gotta have the tools to fight or else it’s just slaughter.

        • They won’t my friend Venezuela is full of sheep and conformist people why because Venezuela has never participated in a World War always been neutral and it had 2 little civil wars that lasted maybe 2 days …..We are the only country in the world were people and countries no not to mess with the U.S its citizens a lot are awake different ball game here
          Stay safe

        • ” It’s just impossible to build this utopian dream world.”

          They’re working real hard and made great strides to build an oligarchy.

      19. Yes Stiner, I have literally seen it and saw old geaser the other day on why 6 waking down the street with sorry harry magnum recover.. I kid you not.. most of the concealed carriers told me that they are not comfortable carring publicly yet. One if my friends saw it in a Kroger and at Walmart.. now that brave carrying it in Walmart.. I don’t frequent that store anymore ever since I saw the secure vehicle running my plates when I walked up in his ass asking what be what he was doing and he got concerned and just drove yes it’s been happening more frequently and the citizenry is getting more comfortable with it. Yes it happening.



      20. Excuse my type o, meant Dirty Harry. 45 magnum Revolver.. open Carry is increasing in popularity in Houston..


        • Cowboy up there HCKS.

          Take care and pack your piece too man

        • Big difference here. WE HAVE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          We have Malitias!!!!!!!!!!
          Sgt. “

          • Sarge, let 2 idiots on a motorbike come into my hood doing that shit. 00 buck should take care of that VERY nicely.

            • Here is that hot lead and b

              • Tacoma troll is back? HO HUM. I’m going back to sleep.

        • Katy area is not what it used to be. To many big city folks out there now. I remember Katy 50 years ago when it was barely a 1 horse town, great place for duck hunting. That prairie has pretty much been dried up and paved over now. 50 years ago, most people opened carried except in the center of town. Firearms were common cause all the coyotes and snakes. There are still some good patriotic “good ol’ boys” out there, but most are big city dwellers, sheeple.

        • Dirty harry Callahan carried a smith Wesson .44 magnum model 29-2 look it up. A very powerful gun lots of kick back and the concussion that comes back at you is disorienting. I would not recommend the 44 mag for quick self defence in addition it is heavy and bulky. I’ve been looking to sell or trade it out for a 357 or .45 auto.I do prefer revolvers mysrlf but the .45 is well proven in combat.

          • ab, check out the SW 686 plus. 7 shot cylinder, L frame.

        • HCKS

          Not much of a gun guy are you or your one number off in a typo.

      21. All mags ready let’s go

      22. Been carrying open in Montana for 19 years, only had one libtard from Nevada give me rash but quickly put her and her metrosexual husband in their place. Verizon store employees gave me the thumbs up. Now I am their best customer. Rights are like muscles, you use them or lose them.By open carry im training the newbees from libtard states that you screw w people in Montana you might get shot. The gun store where I worked gives discounts for open carry and encourages patrons to carry open and if needed apply judicious marksmanship when nessasary.

        • Yup, whoe nother kinda gun control,,,
          As in you are in control of where the hot pieces hit

      23. “Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.” (A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hands.) – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, circa 4 BC – 65 AD

        “Americans [have] the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust their people with arms”
        – James Madison, considered the father of the US Constitution

        “[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them.” – Zacharia Johnson, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

        “During World War II, six million Swiss had guns and six million Jews did not.” – Author unknown

        “…sort of like the people who repeat foolish slogans like “guns kill” – as though guns sprout little feet when no one is looking and run around shooting people all by themselves.” – Doug Casey, financial columnist

        “If you don’t have to give up your car because others drive drunk with theirs, then why do you have to give up your gun because others commit crimes with theirs?”
        – Anonymous internet wag

        “When a crime is committed, does the gun go to jail?”
        – From

        “Let’s stop playing games. The problem is people, not guns. Our society suffers from a deficiency of personal responsibility – not from an excess of personal freedom.”
        – Star Parker, African American writer and Commentator

        “The horrifying truth is this: we live now in a culture that not only does not respect life, but discards it like trash — not only at the beginning of life, but also at the end, and every place in between. What has happened to us?”

        – Catholic Deacon Greg Kandra

        “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.” – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969. Note: This quote is included both show the hypocrisy of today’s anti-gun left, as well as expose them as the purveyors of violence the left has always been. This in no wise implies support of Ayers, and – having friends who are police myself – am utterly against what Ayers articulates here.

        “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.'”
        | – HL Mencken

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
        – Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

        “The ultimate authority … resides in the people alone. … [T]he advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any…”
        – James Madison, 1788

        “Blaming Newtown on guns is like blaming Chappaquiddick on the Oldsmobile.”
        – Ben Crystal, Personal Liberty News

        “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
        – Robert A. Heinlein

        “Eliminate guns and they go to bombs, eliminate bombs and they move to poison or something else. Bad people are just bad people.”
        – “David,” otherwise anonymous internet poster.

        “The trigger is in the head, not the gun.”
        – Michael Howell

        “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”
        —Cesare Beccaria, 1738 – 1794) Italian criminologist, jurist, philosopher, politician, widely considered as the most talented jurist and one of the greatest thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment.

        • Test, these are great! Love the one on the drunk driving analogy. Always good to be reminded on some quotes from our Founding Fathers on this issue too.

        • TEST: I love you. Kiss, kiss 🙂

        • Test,

          Thanks for those quotes. If power comes from the end of the barrel of a gun, I say: More power to the people!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Key think Eagle, is to **pass these quotes on** Better yet, I have a FREE, heavily footnoted paper at Download it and use this however you want, in toto, or copy/paste what you wish from it.

            Our real battle is a fully irenic one, fought with the pen, not the sword. We must communicate if we are to win. After all, their ideas SUCK… which is why they resort to force all the time, and why if we communicate intelligently, winsomely and continually, we WILL win the battle for liberty.

      24. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure the public at large does not succumb to tyranny. And in fact, the public at large is the militia – the whole of the people – composed of citizen soldiers from the community, whose very reason d’etre is to defend the community, by carrying weapons comparable to what individual soldiers would have. And what part of “shall not be infringed” do the gun grabbers not get? How much more explicit does the Constitution need to be?

        In fact, one Tienanmen Square survivor, who emigrated and moved to the US, had virtually the exact same words to say about guns, freedom and liberty as those “dead white guys,” the Founding Fathers. His six minute address is at at, or, to summarize his salient points:

        ”The power of the government is derived from the consent of the governed.”

        Chinese patriots in Tiananmen were crushed by “AK-47′s” because they could “not fight back” as they “were not armed.”

        The argument “that a man with a rifle has no standing against the military technology and machine of today” is ridiculous. 20,000,000 residents of Beijing would have quickly proved that wrong had they been armed in 1989.
        ”When a government turns criminal, when a government turns deranged, the body count will not be 5, 10, or even 20. It will be in hundreds like Tiananmen Square, it will be in the millions…

        ”When a government has a monopoly on guns, it has absolute power.”

        ”When a government has all the guns, it has all the rights.”

        ”To me, a rifle is not for sporting or hunting. It is an instrument of freedom. It guarantees that I cannot be coerced, that I have free will, that I am a free man.”
        Here is a man we must listen to, unless we want to end up like oppressive China ourselves.

        • TEST

          An armed citizenry against professional military forces loose every battle but they make an area impossible to govern. They “nickel & dime” the professionals into frustration which then facilitates governmental reprisals and the use of very destructive heavy weaponry upon the indigenous civilian population. The end result is more recruits for the insurgent forces as they are essentially political cancer cells. The classic battle for the, “Hearts and Minds” is lost. A barrage of 105 artillery from the US was the best recruiter of new, highly motivated personnel, to fill the ranks of the Viet Cong.

          Remove the counterbalance of force and a few water cannons, tear gas and attack dogs with a good measure of government executions whip the people into compliance.

          As the late Aaron Zelman, may he be known for good, of JPFO said to me, “All governments that disarmed their civilian populations have not turned tyrannical, but all tyrannical governments have disarmed their civilian populations. It is a risk the Founding Fathers thought unwise to take.

          • This is true and well said, K2. Two points:

            a.) This is why the goal of the Fabian socialists is to take over the culture, a la Antonio Gramsi, not take on the military. Exactly why Charleton Heston said: ““Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

            b.) WHO is it that will fill the ranks of the oppressors, say, in America? That is, who will fly a F-16 sortie against Naperville, IL or Aurora, CO? What American soldier will drive an Abrams tank to shoot on Portland or Atlanta? Reminiscent of how East Germany fell, when in Leipzig, soldiers refused to fire on their fellow citizens. Granted. their will be a few, but not many. And those that do may well get “fragged.” So the goal of the left is to – as Gramsci advocated – rot us from within.

            Gotta run. Gotta go to my Common Core propaganda meeting!

            • TEST

              We have a family friend that was an enlisted US Marine Reservist, E4 if I’m correct and he served in the initial assault in Iraq. I asked him about what would they do if ordered to confiscate guns from Americans. His reply was chilling, “Marines follow orders”.

              Make no mistake whoever the official forces would be unleashed upon would first be demonized with a 110% compliant media and multiple false flags.

              I hope your correct. I pray your correct. I’m not sure your correct.

              • Yes, that IS the question, isn’t it. My nephew also just got out of the Marines, and I *know* he would not have followed it.

                And re. your family friend who would “just follow orders,” I would remind him that didn’t fly at the Nuremburg trials, it is against the posse comitatus law, and is simply downright evil. Ask him if his commander ordered him to murder a baby, if he would do it.

                You are right about our fascist, leftist media. On the other hand, who listens to them any more, besides the ignorant? Some, yes, but probably not enough. And of course there will be the usual Gleiwitz type incidents Hitler used.

                But you are right, the issue is in doubt, and we are on the brink of a new Dark Age. . And worse after Obungler fired all those generals, a la Stalin, a year or two ago.

                All of this is just more reason to up our efforts to educate and inform. As Reagan said, we are never more than a generation away from the extinction of freedom.

      25. Phreias, reminds me of this story:

        The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks the Governor’s dog, then bites the Governor.

        1. The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie Bambi and then realizes he should stop because the coyote is only doing what is natural.
        2. He calls Animal Control. Animal Control captures the coyote and bills the state $200 for testing it for diseases, and $500 for relocating it.
        3. He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the state $200for testing it for diseases.
        4. The Governor goes to the hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.
        5. The running trail gets shut down for six months while Fish & Game conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is now free of dangerous animals.
        6. The Governor spends $250,000 in state funds implementing a “coyote awareness program” for residents of the area.
        7. The state legislature spends $5 million to study how to better treat rabies and how to
        permanently eradicate the disease throughout the world.
        8. The Governor’s security agent is fired for not stopping the attack. The state spends $150,000 to hire and train a new agent with additional special training re: the nature of coyotes.
        9. PETA protests the coyote’s relocation and files a $50 million suit against the state.

        Meanwhile, in conservative Wyoming…
        The Governor of Wyoming is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A Coyote jumps out and attacks his dog.
        1. The Governor shoots the coyote with his state-issued pistol and keeps jogging. The Governor has spent $0.50 on a .45 ACP hollowpoint cartridge.
        2. The buzzards eat the dead coyote.

        And that, my friends, is why California is broke and Wyoming is not.

        • That is why i would move from Hawaii to freezing Wyoming in a heartbeat if i had the$. Wish id spent my money on shipping rather than shop tools.

          • Kula,
            I spent a winter working the flight line, Grave yard shift, in Minot ND. Ever gone through a blizzard with wind chill down to minus 112? Normal winter temps at dawn of minus 60 with wind chill? I’d sooner be a warm criminal here than freezing my ass off, trying to stay alive, in that part of the country, with mother nature trying to kill me every winter .
            I open and conceal carry on my property, my place of business, and my place of sojourn( eg. camping tent). Fanny packs work great and is a legal way to transport an unloaded pistol. Magazine is only seconds away, in my pocket. All quite legal.
            I can quote you the HRS 134 sections if you wish. Just don’t have it loaded in the car on the highway. Never consent to searches, and never talk to cops, other than to ask “am I being detained”? “am I free to go”? and “I want a lawyer”. If you are talking to a cop, it is out to bust you for something, anything. It also helps to be catching this on camera.

            • I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, who lived many years in Edmonton, which is around 400 miles NORTH of the northern Montana border. I’ve been in temps you have never even heard of.

              As the Russians say, there is no poor weather, only poor clothing.

              Besides, very few of the Bernie Sanders “Free Ice cream for everyone” types will live where it gets really cold, which is why Alberta has historically been Canada’s most conservative province (last election notwithstanding). I’ll take the cold and the freedom anyday over the warm and the lazy free lunch leftists, thank you.

              • For a number of reasons I’m very familiar with Canada.
                I’d take the stupid lazy free lunch leftists I have to deal with over what you Canadians have to deal with. I like the western provinces and the Maritimes people but the Quebec, Ontario urban , and Manitoba urban people are nuts.
                Our cops here are as dumb as posts, your RCMP is sharp as tacks.
                You have to register all your guns, so do we, but here, few people obey the laws, you guys stupidly obey all. Your medical system sucks, so does ours, but you guys come south to get treatment from Americans you can’t get at home. Wonder why?
                Ever wonder why your truckers drop south to take I-94/I-90 rather than trans Canada 1? Your roads suck!
                Even living in Hawaii I have more freedom than you do in Alberta.
                I do have to admit you have better Fox, Deer, Elk, Bear, and Moose hunting than I do, I miss it so.

                • The Fraser Inst. a couple years ago cited Alberta as THE most economically free state or province in North America, so they would big to disagree. Of course, with the vile NDP now in, who know what will happen.

                  And yes, in the old days, people DID dump the Trans-Canada, but today it is mostly 4 lane. The problem is the Lakehead past Thunder Bay. Passing lanes help, but it is still slow, ups and downs lots of trucks; and the alt route via Hearst add more miles. So yeah, they need to fix that. BC also still has some two lane that is a mess; meanwhile, until about a dozen years ago, the only way to get from the nations’s capitol to Toronto was a freaking TWO lane road, hiway 16. Don’t know how many years of my life I seem to have lost in traffic jams on the road down to Brockville

                  But I would definitely disagree about Hawaii, in terms of economic freedom, having more. At least until last year. The NDP destroys EVERYTHING it touches, and now Boy Wonder Trudeau (actually, my wife’s cousin was his nanny when he was young tho I don’t know her myself) is in things are really going to hit the skids.

                  • I was referring more to personal freedom. Economic freedom wise, Western Canada pretty much beats most American Democrat states hands down.
                    One of my many Canada stories, I was pulled over once in Saskatchewan by the RCMP, He gave me a break, but was very confused. He never heard of a place called “Mississippi” and wanted to know where it was. I had just transfered to ND at the time and hadn’t switched to ND plates.
                    Good luck with another Trudeau.

                    • Anon, true about western Canada, outside of Vancouver, of course.

                      And Boy Wonder Trudeau? Excuse me while I barf. He is worse than Obama.

                      And I know a little about him, given that my wife’s cousin was his nanny when he was young (I don’t know her myself)

                      RCMP is usually OK, but my experience is the provincial or city police NEVER let you off, whereas in the US, I get let off most of the time. Seems Canada they are looking for money, the US for real criminals

                    • I’m curious why a rellik reply got listed as

            • Only thing i worry about is increasing property taxes

              • I just had a birthday mine are going down.

      26. Hoping to sell my inherited condo soon and pay off my credit cards and finally get out of debt. The savings in monthly payments can go directly to tangibles, God willing.

      27. Where is Danny Glover praising Venezuela?

        • Where’s Danny? That’s simple: with the rest of the Learjet leftists in his Hollywierd mansion.

          Next question.

        • Papa J

          He is hiding with Oprah.

          • Maybe BEHIND Oprah?

            Just sayin…

      28. Doomer Porn

        POWERLESS by Tim Washburn

        “Nothing Can Prepare You. . .

        It strikes without warning. A massive geomagnetic solar storm that destroys every power grid in the northern hemisphere. North America is without lights, electricity, phones, and navigation systems. In one week, the human race is flung back to the Dark Ages.”

        haven’t finished it yet
        but a pretty decent read

        • We are already in a MORAL Dark Ages

          Just sayin…

        • Satori

          What made the Modern Age modern? The availability of cheap useful energy. The cornerstone of that; electricity. The greatest long term devastation of a nuclear war is the loss of that energy in both its machines to make it and use it with its associated societal impact. Thats the sticks and stones that Einstein is quoted as saying in its aftermath.

      29. Like I’ve said before, You can’t consume if you don’t produce. Whether you grow your own food to eat, or produce something to trade for goods either directly or through sale and repurchase, no society can exist based solely on consumption and that is where America is heading.

      30. Charley I’d sell the condo quickly and move to at least a 1 family house out near rural parts. Pay off the credit cards. Get tools to take care of your property. Basic carpentry tools. Garden tools to work the dirt at the house. lemme guess the condo doesn’t have any land around it that you can call your own. Try to buy a house with a good lot size that isn’t cut into a hillside. You gotta get out of there ASAP. I’ve been in this situation but as a renter. You can’t have the things you will need to be self reliant like a garden. Your limited to what you can grow on your patio or balcony if you even have that. You might need to cook over fire outside. Your condo association will not want you to take your vehicles apart in the lot to fix them. I’m not knocking condos just know your really limited in what you can do there. If you can’t move build a nice bugout bag in case you need to leave have a place to go. Maybe grab one of the food buckets that will feed you for 6months. These things can easily leave with you if need be.

        • Thanks for taking the time to reply. Good advice all around

      31. Tex, that’s true but I have talked a lot of people there, and a lot of new minorities have moved into the area, it’s still on be of most heavily armed areas in the city, a lot of folks don’t let that know guys I know who has a relative that married to a Nigerian woman keeps telling him that she is not comfortable living in town. Reason?.. too many cases American flags on front lawns and she is trying to tel him to seel the house and move back into Houston. She is liberal.. my friend told me that that particular street is a more Americanized part of the town that is more vocal with decorations and the Chinese nationals that live in the area from what I heard is not China supporters and have literally told the rest necks that they are on their sides.. judging by the extreme ammo purchases at the local academy in Katy, people from that town is still buying sh….loads of ammo weekly..and its not the minorities in that city.. that town has lots of guns, fact ridiculous amounts of them, and I have talked to the fun store owners, rifles are still selling regularly in that city, and I am not talking about management has told me that all the companies profits are from ammo purchases and that it’s the most sold merchandise if all academy people are arming up and based on the execution. Chinese videos I have seem in utube, we need to really arm up because if throwing Chinese women students to soldiers to be gang raped, then when they finished with the they slaughter then alive and cut our the organs and in some cases shot them in the back of their heads with AK, then one can only imagine what the chinese soldiers will so to us and our fact China makes the Muslims look like a joke when it comes to Tainaman..square massacre. Russians in my phucking face in the Galleria of Houston eh, thousands of students were murdered by chinese soldiers, the women were taken and gang raped to death, shot by Ak’s, in the back of their heads, their families shot and dumped into mass Graves.. You chi-coms reading my post think I am scared of you, you are highly mistaken. I dear you phuck’s to attack me in public in front of women, since I don’t like getting my ass beat up in front of women I know all your kung Fu moves, I Even discarded your fighting system and switched to Si Lat, much more brutal…much. More effective..keep up the sh….t in state, keep flying in you phuck’s and pull that crap in my city and you will learn your faith and the resolve of the American white man. Katy Texas can handle a ground attack form chi- com soldiers.



        Some people put up with bullsh..t, I don’t.

      32. Dirty harry Callahan carried a smith Wesson .44 magnum model 29-2 look it up. A very powerful gun lots of kick back and the concussion that comes back at you is disorienting. I would not recommend the 44 mag for quick self defence in addition it is heavy and bulky. I’ve been looking to sell or trade it out for a 357 or .45 auto.I do prefer revolvers mysrlf but the .45 is well proven in combat.

        • Look at the little lightweight Ruger LCR revolvers in .38 +P or .357.

          The .38 +P has an advantage for quick reloading with the shorter .38 round that more closely matches the ejection rod of that short barrel and the .357 has the advantage on power.

          .38 +P loaded for a short barrel is pretty much as effective as .357 at the close personal defense range that gun is designed for.

          The LCR is an easy carry gun if you want the reliability of a revolver over than the slimness of an automatic.

        • I loved that scene where Dirty Harry is on Alcatraz and blows up one of the guard towers with a LAW (light antitank weapon). I fired a couple of them. Scary as hell. You have to holler “back blast clear” because not only does the little rocket shoot out the front but fire also shoots out the back end of what is basically a fiberglass tube. Scariest thing I have ever shot in my life.

          • Philosopher.

            You fired a LAW. Alright! You’re one up on me. Did you hit the target the first time.

            • SS: I don’t remember. I was just happy I didn’t get a dud that exploded inside the plastic tube on my shoulder!

        • 357 is for me the ideal SD round.

      33. ‘You snooze, you lose.’

      34. Sgt. Dale… the overwhelming majority of people in Venezuela supported socialism when they saw the corporations and wealthy individuals taking everything while their lives were left with increasingly nothing left to survive on. It’s that way everywhere in the world where money is more important than people. Nothing will change those dynamics.

        • Brilliant choice by the Venezuelans. Reminds me of Martin Luther’s story about a drunk man who falls off his horse and hurts himself. Determined not to let THAT happen again, he gets back on his horse… and promptly falls off on the other side, hurting himself even worse.

          So, tell us AJ, granting the banksters are bad. Your solution is what? Zimbabwe? Mao’s China? Perhaps the USSR or N. Korea? Please tell us just ONE county where socialism did not impoverish the people more (I speak Swedish, and know the country. Over 100 years ago, it was the 5th richest country in the world according to one report I read; today? No so good. And if you have any memory, you will remember the kroner meltdown back 15 – 20 years ago.

          Your socialist solution is a cure worse than the disease. Hopefully you will think a little deeper. As it is now, you economic reasoning, IMHO, is about as good as my typing and proof reading

          • People are always more important to socialist than money, right up until they run out of everybody els’ money,, then its genocide for all

      35. I see where now deceased Justice Scalia is being tied to pedophilia. It’s well known both Poppy and George W. were pedophiles. It was rampant in the top levels of government in the past and ongoing, in Britian and many others. Also Rubio is just another con man, he took a 50 grand donation for a vote associated with a cocaine smuggling operation earlier in his career in Florida politics. He was protected for future plans to rise to a Senator and beyond. Like Jeb who was also involved in illegal drug running in America along with being an insider in the 9-11 event. That’s your Republican party. Did I leave anybody out on that side of the fake coin known as democracy?

      36. Why recycle an article that is two years old? Some people love hype and making hype up, i.e. the supposed sky-high food prices all across Canada when they were in fact in far-north Nunavut where prices are always high. Prices are not sky-high here in Canada, sheesh. Hypers love hype.

        Michael Snyder and “Dave” of X22 Report is all I’ll say.

        • Mac made corrections as soon as he saw it. Better than the lamestream media with NY Slimes Walter Duranty reporting on the USSR in the 1930s, letting Rigoberta Menchu getting away with her scam for years, and the Slimes not dealing with their fiction writer Jayson Blair until forced to.

          So, you are concerned about accuracy in the media? Where do you stand on this leftist gem, then: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
          Former CBS News president Richard Salant.

          But let me guess… you are another leftist Boy Wonder Trudeau supporter?

          In fact, when I lived in Ottawa, there was a meeting of concerned parents that met, who didn’t want the H8TE-filled radical games indoctrinating their children. We rented a hall, PRIVATELY. The hate-filled radical gays showed up, uninvited, and were threatening people with violence, storming the stage, grabbing the mike from the speaker, etc. And you know what your vile, lying leftist CTV did? They reported the exact opposite.

          I was there. I had a FULL audio recording of the whole thing. I called CTV, and VERY politely told them their story was incorrect, and would be happy to provide the tape for their review. They basically told me to shut up and hung up on me.

          So, dear AnnMarie does THIS concern you? Or are you one of the intellectually dishonest leftists who refuse to deal with EVERYTHING honestly?

          90% of the lies promulgated in this society come from your leftist media. That Canadian food prices story was not right. But it PALES in comparison to the lies of your leftist media.

          “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
          Former CBS News president Richard Salant.

          • Dear TEST:

            Yes, I know that Mac Slavo clarified why he posted the article. Still, it’s another misstep on this site.

            You guess wrong – sorry to deflate your ego – but no way do I support Justin Trudeau. I actually can’t stand him.

            Ooh-ah, you lived in Ottawa for a while, so now you’re a big expert on all things Canadian. Guess what – I moved up here from the good ol’ USA decades ago, knowing I would never return down there to live. I love watching all the action from outside your borders. And I RENOUNCED my American citizenship asap and NEVER regretted doing so.

            There was an article a few years ago where the Canadian media said outright that they could fabricate the news if they wanted to (and I assume they do, which is why I don’t bother with the MSM past their headlines). So give it up already. You can squawk about Canada’s media all you want, but your media are just as bad.

            At least we have sane elections with campaigning that doesn’t go on and on for over a year. And we don’t have an electoral college that does the deciding for us. I don’t know why Americans even bother to vote.

            And yes, the alternative media were wrong about food prices up here, and I’ll keep saying it simply because they took some localized far-north NUNAVUT Twitter images and ran with them. Like saying that “American water is unfit to drink” when in reality it was only the water in Flint, Michigan. Or using prices in, say, Alaska and labeling them “American”. See the difference?

            Can you read? It’s not “AnnMarie”, it’s “AnneMarie”. Sheesh.

            • Too funny!! So you are an American, not a Canadian!!

              AnneMarie vs. AnnMarie. Wow, not THAT’s one of the most egregious mistakes I have ever run into.

              My point remains, which you are too intellectually dishonest to answer: Your leftist media had one of its leaders, Richard Salant, say about the press “Our job is not to give people what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” THAT is your media. Or the media of Walter Duranty telling us there were no starving Kulaks in Stalins Ukraine. Or Jayson Blair and his fiction writing at the NY Slimes. Or the outright fraud Rigoberta Menchu getting the Nobel Prize. Or “hide the decline” in Mikey Mann’s fake hockey stick during ClimateGate.

              And incidentally, I have FAMILY members from Iqaluit. But I will grant you this – my typing is about as good as your logic. So, you got me there.

      37. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.



      38. Obama To Expand Surveillance State Powers By Signing A 21 Page Memo

        From the NY Times…
        “WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is on the verge of permitting the National Security Agency to share more of the private communications it intercepts with other American intelligence agencies without first applying any privacy protections to them, according to officials familiar with the deliberations.

        The change would relax longstanding restrictions on access to the contents of the phone calls and email the security agency vacuums up around the world, including bulk collection of satellite transmissions, communications between foreigners as they cross network switches in the United States, and messages acquired overseas or provided by allies.

        The idea is to let more experts across American intelligence gain direct access to unprocessed information, increasing the chances that they will recognize any possible nuggets of value.

        That also means more officials will be looking at private messages — not only foreigners’ phone calls and emails that have not yet had irrelevant personal information screened out, but also communications to, from, or about Americans that the N.S.A.’s foreign intelligence programs swept in incidentally.

        Robert S. Litt, the general counsel in the office of the Director of National Intelligence, said that the administration had developed and was fine-tuning what is now a 21-page draft set of procedures to permit the sharing.”

        “Once these procedures are final and approved, they will be made public to the extent consistent with national security,” Mr. Hale said. “It would be premature to draw conclusions about what the procedures will provide or authorize until they are finalized.”


        ht tp://

          • KY Mom

            It tends to illogically conflict with the long standing, “Fruit Of The Tainted Tree”, doctrine regarding the admission of evidence. The initial justification of the NSA spying was to combat terrorism in war time condition that somehow “balanced” rights with safety. Now its gravitates to simple criminal court thus completely obliterating the 4th Amendment.

        • KY Mom
          Thanks, I had not seen this before. I emailed Obama in opposition. Not like he cares, butbecause we need to let him know we opposes his violation of the Constitution.

          • Everything KY Mom writes is worth reviwing, IMHO.

      39. Got an lcr 357 it’s a great piece the kind you never sell. Paid about $530 out the door for it so not a cheap gun trigger is super smooth. Quite possibly the best revolver trigger out there. But that’s just my opinion. Anyway I was just in harbor freight about 20 mins ago and bought a hole saw for my drill. It’s ok not the best but for my needs it will do. I was walking the aisles and came across a tire plug kit for under $5 and remember I have one in the truck and used it on a coworkers car without taking the tire off the car right in the parking lot. His tire was low and we were looking at it and I pulled the plug kit out. A screw was in the tire so I pulled it out reamed the hole out cemented then rammed a plug in. I know this is not the right way to fix a tire but in an emergency pinch it’s better than taking the tire off. This is a good prep to have in your car along with a pair of needle nose pliers to pull out the nail. Put this on your list for under $5 it’s worth it. It will fit in your glove box it’s that small. You don’t have to break the bank to be prepared really and that’s a good thing. picked up a little aluminum speed square for $1.99 if I lose it I won’t be heart broken. Total spent a little under $14. There was a 50 ft soaker hose for $8 change I wanted to grab but decided to wait. Gonna build a rain collection system and the hose would be good to have for the garden. Might go back for that eventually.

        • Asshat, you are full of good shit. Thanks, brother!

      40. Am I the only one who noticed the IRS got hackedon 700000 tax accounts and 500000 “other” accounts?

        • If you like your information to stay confidential, you can keep your information confidential,,

      41. Finicum was murdered in a planed execution

        We want Capitol Murder charges brought to ALL the players involved

        Or the rules of engagement will change

        I am not advocating this , I am just the messenger

        With our technology today, everyone here knows there’s better footage , and sound

        If a trial is not held and the truth be told .. The situation on the ground for this countries “enforcers ”
        Will change , and we the people will not be the ones guilty of starting this war

        It’s coming people , it’s already here ..

        Badges and mouth pieces of the establishment will pay for this , eventually

        Really wish they’d decide to fall back and sacrifice those that did this act

        But they won’t


      42. Sorry to break your bubbles, but we are all socialists. That is how society works. We do agree to cooperate on paying for things that benefit everybody. If you wish not to be part of this, how come you use public roads? If they were privately owned you would have to pay the owner for each use. How about having your own garbage dump in your yard? How about the VA for veterans or your precious social security check? How about the medicare and Medicaid older citizens receive? We also jointly pay for our military defense as well as enjoy the benefits of drinking clean disease free water and foods and medicines which are at least marginally inspected. If you cannot stand socialism, go drink out of a mud hole, and die of diarrhea since your government supported local hospital or clinic is also a socialist plot against you. Wake up and think for a change, you whine about how bad things are but most of you would not want to trade your comfortable and safe lives in a socialist paradise for the real world where you are on your own… You say you are prepping for this eventuality, but if socialism is so bad, just move to any of a hundred countries on Earth where socialism does not exist…you would not last a week… Your survival in such a real world situation would be like some lap dog trying to live like a real wolf… you would be lunch…

        • mickey the pirate

          Its all a question of degree.

          Lumping in Norway and Finland with the USSR and Cuba is a false premise.

        • What an absurd category mistake. Although I assume you have no idea what a category mistake is in philosophy, do you? And the good ol’ public roads gambit again – sheesh, can’t you come up with something original??? And garbage dump in my yard? Most of us here on planet Earth PAY for pickup, thanks. Social security? Who originally paid that money IN to begin with? But in any event, DID we have an option to opt out ever, or was that forced down our throats?

          Drinking out of mud hole and die? But of course, this is PRECISELY what all true socialist countries DO TO THEIR PEOPLE, from Zimbabwe to Argentina to Venezuela, to the USSR (which one wag called “a Chad with missiles”) to Cuba to wherever. That is, if you vile leftists don’t MURDER you population first. Not that you would have the intellectual honesty, but the rest of you go read The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, by Courtois, et al, which notes that over 100 MILLION were murdered by the left last century.

          Category mistake? There is a world of difference between a FREELY agreed upon social contract where I agree to join with my neighbor for a common purpose – best served by Adam Smith’s invisible hand – and the MANDATED at the point of a gun (or prison) Orwellian world of you vile socialism.

          Drinking out of mud holes? Go look where they are drinking out of in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, the old USSR, Mao’s China, North Korea or any other your other Socialist Workers’ Paradises.

          What an ignorant post.

          • “Drinking out of mud hole and die? But of course, this is PRECISELY what all true socialist countries DO TO THEIR PEOPLE”

            I’m unaware of mud holes in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

      43. Test… just because one is called a leftist or a liberal does not mean that they do not support the 2nd amendment, the right to own a weapon to protect themself or family from danger or a government hellbent on enslaving them.

        • Conversely don’t think a right wing authoritarian has any more respect for the rights of the individual. At a very low level I have heard Bill O’Riley say things that would make me cringe regarding people v the State. Christie wanted to create a no fly zone and shoot down Russian military aircraft in Syria while simultaneously sending the DEA into Colorado to arrest marijuana sellers to make us safe. The 10th Amendment in both intent and letter eludes him so by default the concept of liberty does also.

          It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or capitalist foot.

          • Kevin2
            Every government pointed at as being left wing is not communist but authoritarian jackboot. Doesn’t matter a whiffle which direction the jackboots lie from… left or right. Bush gave us loss of liberty from the right wing, Scalia gave us loss of liberty from the right wing, Clinton One gave us loss of liberty from the left wing, Obama gave us loss of liberty from the left wing. Anyone who is hysterically screaming commies is destined to lose their liberty from the right wing. Anyone who is hysterically screaming about right wing fascists is destined to lose their liberty from the left wing.
            Endless roll over from both sides.
            Not many are awake.

            • Rebecca

              Thats pretty much my point.

              I think many confuse Authoritarian with Communist as 50 years of the cold war has cemented the two in American minds. Guys like The Shah Of Iran, our boy, wasn’t communist but was an authoritarian. Fascists are authoritarian, Monarchy’s are often authoritarian.

              They don’t need to do a “Goose Step” to plant that boot up you butt.

              • Kevin2
                I hear ya. The conflating of the two risks right wing jackboots, and I don’t want either.

              • Fascism, if you would learn your history, is, in the words of its founder Mussolini, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” And the planks of the National Socialists (Nazis) – freely available with a quick google – as adopted Feb. 1920 in Munich read like something out of a Nancy Pelosi playbook.

                Then you come up with some absurd moral equivalency argument that is so hackneyed it is embarrassing, viz. the Shah. At that time, they knew he was bad, but were trying to fight a greater evil, communism. What to do? There ARE no good answers, except for the keyboard warrior purists who only operate in a world of perfect clarity and never a shade of gray. Must be nice to live in a world where there is always 100% clarity.

                The reality is, mon ami, that you leftists MURDERED over 100 MILLION people last century, per the Black Book of Commuism, Oxford Univ. Press. The non-communist side was not perfect (e.g. the Shah), but on balance, in a imperfect world, was LIGHT YEARS above what the left has done.

                • TEST

                  “Then you come up with some absurd moral equivalency argument that is so hackneyed it is embarrassing, viz. the Shah. At that time, they knew he was bad, but were trying to fight a greater evil, communism.”

                  Absurd? Lets look up that definition and then review the facts. Wildly unreasonable? Illogical? Hardly, actually very logical, Ludicrous? I think keeping people in power that steal from their own citizens and murder them while claiming a high moral principal is ludicrous defined. The rest is de-facto.

                  (of an idea or suggestion) wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate:
                  synonyms: preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable;

                  Mohammad Mosaddegh his administration introduced a range of progressive social and political reforms such as social security, rent control, and land reforms. How dare he do such a thing being he was Democratically Elected. Helping his people, unforgivable. His government’s most notable policy, however, was the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control since 1913 through the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC/AIOC) (later British Petroleum and BP). So Iran is not allowed to control Iranian oil and the US / UK have a right to keep British BP in control of it.?

                  Are you out of your mind? You actually believe this is morally, legally and ethically right? The Shah was an absolute tyrant. His secret police SAVAK routinely tortured political opponents to death. Once gain let it sink in to understand why we are hated in the world. TORTURED POLITICAL OPPONENTS TO DEATH. The Shah was not democratically elected and stayed in power for 25 years with this help, our help.

                  Many Iranians regard Mosaddegh as the leading champion of secular democracy and resistance to foreign domination in Iran’s modern history. Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on 19 August 1953, organised and carried out by the CIA at the request of MI6.

                  • Anon, true about western Canada, outside of Vancouver, of course.

                    And Boy Wonder Trudeau? Excuse me while I barf. He is worse than Obama.

                    And I know a little about him, given that my wife’s cousin was his nanny when he was young (I don’t know her myself)

                    RCMP is usually OK, but my experience is the provincial or city police NEVER let you off, whereas in the US, I get let off most of the time. Seems Canada they are looking for money, the US for real criminals

                  • First of all, my university was arguably the first university Iranians came to for graduate linguistics study. I worked with a LOT of Iranians, right during that time of foment. I know ALL about SAVAK from personal communication with friends. Personal as in PERSONAL. I also did a graduate paper on Mossadegh, whose name you mis-spelled, as it is generally transcribed from Farsi.

                    I am also sorry you apparently did not, or could not, read what I wrote. I never said I supported the overthrow of Mossadegh. I was only explaining what people were thinking at the time, when they were concerned about Iran becoming another China. And gee… communism murdered 100 MILLION last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. So, what do you do in a situation like that?

                    We know, of course, that you, being so wise and utterly prescient, would know that Mossadegh would be just be a benign leader, and never become a Castro, who murdered more than the SAVAK ever did, with MUCH smaller population… but they didn’t know. Personally, I don’t have a good answer to that question, though you do, know that it never would have gone communist. But, as I say, it’s nice to know how prescient you are, and how you know the future, and precisely how things would have turned out. Unfortunately, there were people like you who thought it was OK for Mao to come to power, who murdered more in a a week than the Shah did during his whole tenure. This is true with places like Guatemala, as well. The issues are not as simplistic as you, in your blogopshere omniscience, make it out to be. Moreover, at the TIME the decision was made, it appears no one knew the Shah would be as violent as he was.

                    And your incomprehensible comment about Sweden and Finland…
                    Jag vet att du inte talar svenska heller, men bara en annan kategori misstag (yes, I also have two years of Swedish… but let me help you… you make a basic category mistake in your frantic retort)

                    Insane? I get the insult. Your posts are full of them. But I, and many others, don’t get your point. And thank you, no need to invade Sweden… that’s already being done by the Muslims. Have fun visiting Malmö or Göteborg in the no go sections….

                    • The US / UK overthrew the democratically elected government because Iran desired to keep the proceeds of their oil for their people. The US / UK used muscle in complete violation of international law.

                      Its that simple. Its not our oil.

                      You can’t sell Freedom and Democracy and its a fraud and immoral conning US kids to join the military in the process when your just as Smedley Butler put it, “A bully boy for Wall Street”.

                    • Test

                      ” being so wise and utterly prescient, would know that Mossadegh would be just be a benign leader”

                      We didn’t but we damn sure knew The Shah Of Iran wouldn’t be a benign leader and we along with Israel and the UK trained his internal terrorists known as SAVAK. Thats criminal. Its been done over and over repeated in Central America where the forces we trained in the School For The Americas (a nice sounding name) trained terrorists too that had the veneer of being legitimate because thy were government forces. The murdered Catholic Priests that dared to speak about the plight of the poor.

                      We weren’t talking about Mow in China or Stalin in the USSR.

                      What we did in Iran was by all international law illegal and immoral. Period. It cannot be justified, period.

                      Actually John Birch the Missionary watched as some elements intentionally US left vast stores of ammo and weapons for MOW aiding his overtaking of China. MIC needs an enemy and if one is not available then create it. The society in his name seen the Shadow Government long before anyone else.

                • TEST

                  When are we going to overthrow the evil Norway and Finland?

                  • Absurd?

                    Absurd is a US Military Officer in Vietnam, calling in an air strike on a village, largely occupied by civilians and saying the infamous statement. “We had to destroy the village to save it”.

                    Its absurd to even attempt to justify the tyrannical 25 year rule of The Shah Of Iran and the disposing of a Democratically Elected President in a country that is not yours for the sake of BP and dare utter the word Freedom.

                    • Hilarious, Kevin!!! Are you THAT ignorant!???! Seriously.

                      That quote was later found to be a complete and utter fraud, and the closest anyone ever came to someone saying that was “it was terrible that village was destroyed.”

                      So, I am to have a conversation with someone who gets his facts from the equivalent of the People Magazine!!! Then, on top of that, you can’t even read my posts fully before flying off on another tirade?

                      Oh… and don’t worry about those 62 MILLION “excess deaths” the Russians reported in 1991 when the Soviet archives were opened. I regret all lives lost, whether to the SAVAK or the communists. Apparently you only the former…

                      But going back to your invasion of Sweden… och gå tillbaka till den kategori misstag , jag lämnar dig att invadera Sverige … eller åtminstone ta reda på var det är .

                    • “That quote was later found to be a complete and utter fraud,”

                      You say. Thats the quote and its damn sure representative of what we did. 2nd Lt Willian Calley murdered in cold blood women, children, old people. He was convicted after every effort at cover up failed. Spent two years in jail. 300 or so people, two years. He was caught too. We do no accounting of our atrocities and those committed by air, our favorite tool care just collateral damage.

                      Are you justifying Vietnam too? Damn.

                      I’m not going through the effort to translate Swedish.

                    • Test

                      In Walter Cronkite’s 1971 book, Eye on the World, Arnett re-asserted that the quote was something “one American major said to me in a moment of revelation.” However, American veteran Captain Michael D. Miller wrote in 2006 that he heard the comment being made by a Major Booris at a press briefing.

                      Walter Cronkite is wrong. Peter Arnet (spelling?) is wrong?

                      The village in that specific instance was Ben Tre. Too many reported hearing it. It was said and regardless it was routinely done there and elsewhere. Those totals we not included in any accounting of atrocities as the mantra was, “It its dead and Vietnamese its VC”.

                      Back to Iran. We kept the Shah in power for 25 years. We not only never “reformed” him but continued to train and help his internal terrorists because we don’t give a damn what he does as long as BP and the Seven Sisters get what they want.

            • I’m sorry Rebecca, but you seem to have misunderstood some very essential differences, while making an essential category mistake

              There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.
              This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.
              The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.

              But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or, wonder where the radical homosexual power move is going to end?)

              Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political(though today you will find many conservatives advocating this position, and almost zero leftists – in fact, their very raison d’etre would not permit this!). Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).

              • Test,
                If I didn’t know any better, I would
                swear you were my Sociology Professor,
                in WA state 1981. He was Canadian.
                I got an “A”.

        • Of course that is true. Unfortunately,today the vast majority of leftists DO, and your fascist leftist leaders do.

          • TEST

            Are Neo-Cons fascist? When intelligence agencies and the US military routinely do the bidding of Globalist Corporations no other conclusion is plausible. Do you see a merger of Global Corporate and Government policy in the US? If the answer is no please by all means explain.

            • Kevin 2,

              Scroll down and read his post about the Doolittle raid of 1942. Get this, according to Test, the reason that the US was able to achieve victory at the battles of Coral Sea and Midway was because the Japanese pulled back so many of their forces to ” protect” the emperor after the raid by Doolittle. Yeah, right. It had NOTHING to do with the fact that the Japanese naval code had been successfully broken to the point that the US knew in advance of the attacks at Coral Sea and Midway, as well as the feint attack on the Aleutians. I almost pissed myself laughing to actually think the Japanese navy would hold back warships to defend the emperor after an attack by the US that was only planned to accomplish a PSYCOLOGICAL effect by boosting the morale of the US population. So, obviously he likes to make up his own facts about cause and effect because his explanation for the victories at Coral Sea and Midway strain credibility to the point where even a kid would question it, while at the same time completely IGNORING the real facts behind the victories and who was responsible for them. If he’s not capable of getting THIS story right, I have to question where he gets his ” facts” about everything else.

              • There is some, abet some truth to the unintended consequences of the Doolittle Raid. It certainly wasn’t a game changer as the code breaking was. As I have read they held back a greater percentage of land based aircraft, no Navy assets that otherwise would be deployed. Logically parking an aircraft carrier to protect your home island filled with conventional air strips is a foolish illogical strategy. Midway was certainly a victory due to breaking that code and to be honest some damn good luck. Finding that fleet might have literally been, “An Act Of God”.

              • Karl

                It is a tad bothersome to have nonsense like this tossed out at me.

                “Are you THAT ignorant!”

                I may be many things, some good, some not so but ignorant does not apply. Cronkite and Arnett said what they said, its documented. No revisionist history can change that and I take offense to being called ignorant because I repeated what is. There is no grey here. I try to be somewhat a gentleman having a civil discussion but my patience, which isn’t my strong suit is being tested. No pun intended.

                • Kevdiluigi,

                  I didn’t toss anything at you dude, you must be confusing me with test.

                  • correct

      44. Soldiers in America will shoot the government. Not the people they swore to protect. Big difference between us and Venezuela. It will take about 38 seconds for the authorities to realize who is Really in charge. If not, they will die.

        • Thats why DHS was created and our brothers and sisters in the real armed forces are shipped away and screwed over,,,
          Still wont go well for the wanna be in power

          • Kula, if/when DHS feels froggy and jumps, they’re in for the surprise of their lives. They won’t stand a chance against us.

            • Do you remember Boston? Cops going through the streets
              sighting with Lasers on windows? In my world a guy
              sights at me, I sight back. I would have killed that cop,
              when he was past me. They generally don’t have back armor.
              1776 you are right. But there aren’t many of us old farts.
              “Never fight with an old man, he will just kill you”.

      45. I find it interesting that the USSR fell apart starting with Poland and progressing through the individual satellite countries with no violence from the state to speak of. Any predictions regarding the likely governmental response if it were to happen here?

      46. Something that makes me excited and giddy is the prospect the following induction letter will be sent out to Millennials across the US, both male and female:


        The President of the United States,



        You are hereby ordered to report for induction into the ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES, and to report at The Times Square Recruiting Center on February 14 2017 at 0:600 for forwarding to an ARMED FORCES INDUCTION STATION.

        Signed: Giggling Generation Xer

        Important Notice

        If you have a hipster beard, then please remove it. If you have tattoos, then please have them removed. If you subsist on porn, organic coffee and Facebook, then please drop the habits in preparation for your Induction. You will be required to do 60 push-ups in 60 seconds. Failure to do so will ensure you will be dispatched to the FEMA Guard Service to serve your Induction Period as Prison Camp Guard. If successful, you will fly by Osprey to the nearest US Marine Camp for Basic Training.

        God Bless America

        President Donald Trump, esq.

        • “Some millennial dipshit” lol

        • Worst soldiers in the world are draftees.
          WWII was a legally declared war, We drafted but won,
          291,000 dead.
          Korea was not a legal war, we drafted, we lost
          33+ thousand dead.
          Vietnam was not a legal war, we drafted and
          58,000 died.
          Middle east wars,
          no draft, illegal war 5,200 dead.
          I did not want to serve with
          draftees. They were more dangerous than
          the enemy.
          I’m not a lifer or a Fly,
          but when TSHTF you want someone to
          have some “skin in the game”.
          Not someone who is living under threat
          of death or jail to back you up.
          Do you want a draftee who is pissed
          off putting the fuse mechanism
          in a nuke missile?

          • Vietnam had a higher percentage of enlistees than WWII. The enlistee v draftee had zero to do with victory, loss or tie.

            • I served and was discharged honorably. Everyone I knew wanted to avoid the army, That was a death sentence, so they joined the Navy or Airforce. My highest lottery number was 25.
              Most guys enlisted to avoid the army draft. I came in at the tail end of the war, but most all my peers enlisted to get out of the draft. It certainly wasn’t for the pay.

        • Yes it is. The use of food to control. Very disturbing.

          I consider this branch of LDS a cult.


        It is spring, 1942. There has been a string of losses and unmitigated disasters against the Japanese, who now control almost everything in the Pacific, from near the border of India to Indonesia to some of the Alaskan Aleutian islands. The Brits have just lost their main battleships the Repulse and the Prince of Wales, a number of US carriers have been lost, and Midway – which is really an extension of the Hawaii islands in many ways, has been taken, despite a heroic defense by US Marines.
        Remind you of today with a string of losses to the banksters (think 2008 bailout and bail-in legislation being passed everywhere now, or Obama crony Jon “Sorry, I lost your $1.6 billion dollars” Corzine), the Alinksy/Frankfurt School/Fabian socialists and their unmitigated hubris? Or the total ownership of the lamestream media by the fascist left (think Richard Salant, former prez of CBS News stating “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have”), and the education system almost totally controlled by the Common Core Comrades, in league with their Bolshevik buddies in the PC thought & speech police controlled university campuses. Or my favorite oppressors, the radical homosexual Nazi Brownshirts and their Kristallnachts against mom and pop bakeries, florists and photogs.

        Back to 1942 and that string of losses. Although most of America is so dumbed down they have no idea who George Washington is, and think that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife, a few may remember Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo during that historical period when the West had enough losses in train to make last year’s NFL’s Cleveland Browns look good by comparison.

        And for those that actually do know about the raid, what did it accomplish? All historians agree, it causes “negligible damage.” Quite similar today to our emails, blogs and letters to the editor.

        But one thing you don’t know: the attack led to the understanding by the Japanese militarists that the Emperor could in no wise ever be at any risk again, under any circumstances, and caused them to pull back some of their forces to protect against that.

        In fact, enough Japanese forces were held back that the US was able to hold its own at the Battle of the Coral Sea, then go on the offensive at Guadalcanal, and finally achieve a stunning victory at Midway.

        So… what in tarnation does this have to do with us bloggers today? Exactly this: By creativity, inventiveness stick-to-it-ivness, courage (Doolittle thought he would be court-martialed if he lost all his planes), ingenuity and belief in the rightness of their cause, Doolittle started an unanticipated reaction that led to the defeat of the forces of the militarists and later the National Socialists in Germany.

        I don’t know who the Doolittle against the leftist forces of oppression will be today. But it will be someone. And while it may not be me, I hope this letter is at least the equivalent of the person who was turning the screws to build Doolittle’s B-25s in the factory.

        • Excuse me, but the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway were only possible due to the code breaking efforts of the US Navy in Pearl Harbor. Captain Joseph Rochefort and his cryptography dept. were the guys behind those victories, so please get your history straight before going off on an incorrect tangent about who was responsible for the victories. Without their breaking the Japanese naval code, The US would NEVER have known about the attack on Midway or the fake attack on the Aleutians which would have most assuredly brought the navy into a fake which would have led to their total defeat.

      48. Just what pussy millennials need a good ass kicking by drill Sargent. Yelling with spit coming in their face. Haha women wanna fight let them they can dig holes and fill sand bags. Seems to be a new thing having women fight war. Israhell and Syria do why not the us. They wanna be equal carry the 250 lb wounded guy over your shoulder for 100 yards. Hump mortars into a position oh yes it’s very glamorous. Sign me up for infantry.

      49. PROVERBS 16:30

      50. A report out of Venuzalia is saying there are nationwide bread shortages. And yes this story is less than 24 hours old.

        The growing climate there does not lend itself to growing wheat, so wheat must be imported and all such imports are subject to government approval. With 180% inflation the government is trying to control their trade deficits and are thus not approving imports. Though no bread on the shelves is really freaking people out.

        I’ll bet these people wished they had stocked more food in their pantries.

        • Update on the story of No Bread in Venezuela.

          Found another article, it turns out the Venezuelian government who can’t afford to buy any wheat this month is spending blowing $147,000,000.00 US on brand spanking new military weapons, including APCs, artillery, aircraft and lots of small arms and munitions.

          ht tps://

          Ouch. Stupid communists never know when they’ll need to commit democide. It’s all about priorities!

      51. Refugees in Europe are now violently breaking their way in. Today, they used battering rams to break through a fence. Sadly, the border guards only used tear gas and not live rounds to stop them. Fagottry is still rampant in the border forces.It is time they started earning the substantial money they make and actually defend Europe and European people, rather than providing gay-sex services to a growing population of illegal migrants. (Que limp-wristed dancing: “I want to welcome the illegal refugees and help them make as much money as possible from welfare!!! I am virtue-signalling, virtue-signalling – like a fruit-boy!”)

      52. Even if indicted, it’s likely Hillary will not have to appear in court to answer charges. The system of justice only works as well as it does because the majority of the people don’t have wealth and power and influence are therefore the ones who have to take it in the shorts. Remember the S & L crisis; it costs hundreds of billions of dollars. “No one” knows where all the money went, yet only a few went to jail. If you or I spend 10,000 or more in cash in one transaction we have to file a government form, if not, you go to jail. But now major entities need bailed out with trillions and trillions of dollars with no end in sight but almost no one is really held accountable. The magnitude of wealth transfer and enrichment of the “elite” could only happen with high level collusion. A purse snatcher is actually punished more than white collar crime where the real damage is done.
        I have to laugh, really laugh when I see the presidential candidates at political rallies and all the sheep cheering and clapping, they don’t even realize the candidates despise them, they are considered disposable, once their votes are cast they are useless and promptly forgotten. The gullible masses; their poor minds believe the filth spewed by politicians. They are what has been described as those who are enslaved and kiss their shackles. The average person still believes their vote counts. The election process is a charade, the winner is selected before elections are held. It is the wealthy and powerful and influential who is heard, not you. Mark Twain said “if voting mattered it would not be allowed”.
        The people are only looked upon as a resource to be milked of our money and property to ultimately be placed into TPTB.

        • Billy
          I despise the candidates. Not even one worth voting for as is the intent. Corporate-owned puppet government.

      53. I like CRUZ as well…..problem is, a vampire look-alike can’t win against Clinton (Trump can). Period.

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