IMF (World Bank) Wants To Track Your Web Browsing History To Determine Your Social Credit Score

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

The International Monetary Fund, or World Bank, wants to track your web browsing history to determine your social credit score. This will come in handy for the elitists and ruling class during the Great Reset.  They’ll know exactly who to cut off.

Four researchers have examined the results of a working paper that explores the ever-evolving relationship between finance and technology, according to a report by Interesting Engineering.  “We study the effects of technological change on financial intermediation, distinguishing between innovations in information (data collection and processing) and communication (relationships and distribution),” write the experts in their study.

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If a globalist or member of the ruling class wants you tracked, traced, and surveilled, it should be common knowledge by now that that entity has one goal in mind: ultimate control over people. This world will look Orwellian in years if humanity can’t wake up and figure out what’s going on.

The researchers further look at the possibility of using your browsingsearch, and purchase history to determine your credit score. This may allow some individuals that are overlooked by financial institutions to have access to more loans, state the writers.

Some would also argue that it paints a picture of a very dystopian future. Although, the researchers argue that this tracking would be for our own good (by providing access to more financial services), the public can likely fail to see any real benefit. Most people would prefer maintaining their privacy over financial compensation. Still, the paper and blog do make for an interesting read. –Interesting Engineering

Kind of like the lockdowns and the destruction of people’s livelihoods: it was for their own good.  This will be a wholly centralized system where the power all lies in the hands of the very select few.  The writers of this paper said some people would be concerned over privacy if this became a real-world solution.

Here’s the thing for those who still don’t get it: if this wasn’t something they wanted to do, they wouldn’t even be suggesting it knowing many will balk at the underlying dystopian reality of it.

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    1. mirror image

      Well, I will save them the trouble of searching my history.I search for drugs,porn,guns & ammo.?Not necessarily in that order. ?Of course,my number one searched for website is Thanx guys.

    2. Jedediah

      ……….TRACK THIS

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’) 
      ……….”…\………. _.·´ 

    3. jakartaman

      UH – NO
      So it starts – One world Government on the move!

    4. James

      Look into the Linux OS Parrot. They cannot track you on that. Onion network, TOR browser and anon surf. Firefox optimized for privacy.

      • BenK

        TOR was built by fedgov. When I set up an onion node, there was some seriously unexplainable behavior. If there are not a half dozen back doors in it, I’ll eat my coat.

        The Linux kernel was compromised around 15-20 years ago by one of the developers on the programming team. He was outted some years back. It seems the lure of fedgov’s money was stronger than his integrity. Point being: Linux is no more secure than Mac or windows.

        I would guess that there is no secure communication anywhere in CONUS unless it’s two nodes that are hardwired.

        • James

          Linux may not be, but certain OS’s are definitely more secure. I am not saying you cannot get caught by the government, but the IMF is not going to get you.

    5. Jas

      The IMF and World Bank are clearly criminal organizations *previously* engaged in the asset stripping of the third world. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins and other sources to find out what these top tier criminals are all about.

      There’s a real good reason the third world can’t pull itself up by it’s shoe laces. It’s hard to excel when the bad guys are bribing the leaders and stealing all of a society’s surpluses. This is truly global “robber baron” capitalism in action (not even remotely related to genuine capitalism).

    6. Anonymous

      Well, I use a vpn, so there’s that. I use script blockers and adblockers. Do not track. Do not save history.
      And everyone I talk to about these simple things, with the exception of actual (some) IT ppl, have no idea. No, I am not IT ppl.

      • evd

        VPN, good. Except you have to know the company you’re tunneled with. Even then, you think there’s a company out there won’t succumb to bribery, threats or blackmail? Think they don’t keep logs? They all do.

        NoScript and SafeScript good. But you have to be willing to invest the time to use them correctly. It can be tedious. I monitor scripts on every website I visit. I can’t believe that supposed patriot websites are running scripts from google, facebook, Instagram and other bad actors. I see a lot of websites running webbugs. I’m seeing many websites running cloudflare scripts that I’m concerned about.

        “Do not track”? They get a good laugh out of it.

    7. Darth Skippy

      “In a way, it’s so bizarre you almost want to see it as something humorous but it’s really not a humorous thing,” Gates said, according to Business Insider.

      “I’ve never been involved in any microchip type thing,” Gates said, according to Wired.

      Microsoft patent W0/2020/060606 — activity monitored in exchange for cryptocurrency.

    8. Mr_Yesterday

      Will my recent purchase of ancient aliens, aqua teen hunger force, and the complete squidbillies dvd collection be a good or bad thing for my social credit score?

      So, um, I still use a 1984 made in USA Bell phone and never got the cell phone. I use firefox with all these blockers and tracking inhibitors, routine cleaning, etc.

      Told you so. The tools of control. You have always had a choice to use them or not. If you’re tied to your cell phone, you have already lost the battle of privacy.

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