Do NOT Fall For It: Centralized Digital Currencies Will Only Enslave You Further

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The solution to the dollar’s demise being parroted by mainstream media and governments is a centralized digital currency.  Don’t fall for it! The real solution is to move completely away from centralized banking and into a fully free market if we ever expect to have the chains fastened around our necks by the elites released.

    We have been under the control of the Federal Reserve, the United States’ central bank for over a century. During that time, the U.S. has descended into communism as the free market was systematically decimated to help the wealthy elitists while leaving the slaves poor, destitute, and dependent on that very system.  Instating a digital centralized currency won’t be better either, in fact, it could very well be worse.

    If you don’t know how the Federal Reserve works and how it has been used to enslave the public for over 100 years:

    Centralization has been the problem in our society, and should never be looked at as a solution to itself. In fact, even Market Watch has reported that central bank digital currencies would ‘increase the government’s grip on money’ with few benefits for the rest of us.  If this ever happens, and people participate in a centralized digital currency, expect the government to be able to take what they want, when they want, and deny transactions for any reason.

    This is why central bankers hate Bitcoin. They cannot control it, because it’s decentralized, they cannot stop or force transactions, they cannot take Bitcoin from you when they want, and they cannot see who is making the transactions. They have no control, and they know it, which is why regulations have been futile. That’s the way to a free market system.

    The entire NWO comes back to the Federal Reserve, and the pricks who own it, and therefore think they own everyone on Earth.

    It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

    If you haven’t figured this out yet and made plans to exit the central banking system (which is rigged, controlled, and set up to steal your money while enriching those who own it), you may get a really rude awakening when they force a digital currency on us all.  If you accept a centralized digital currency, know that they will own you. If you are upset with your degree of slavery now, just wait…it’s going it much more ugly as they roll out these new currencies.

    Everyone keeps asking what the solution is. It’s simple, but most don’t want to hear it.  The system requires your compliance to function. Remove that. Go to decentralized systems. Barter, Bitcoin, precious metals, etc. Stop participating as much as you can and break free from the Matrix.  The elitists need a good percentage of people to comply to enslave everyone, and once you figure it out and your mind is free, you will understand that removal from the system, while sometimes painful because it’s all you’ve ever known, is the only solution.

    They will not set you free. You must free yourself. You are the hero you’ve been waiting for.

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      1. Centralization is not the problem. Corruption is the problem. Centralization does not cause corruption. If that were the case, the only people that violated the rights and property of individuals would be employees of the Federal Government, or it’s financiers at the Federal Reserve. Corruption is not limited to employees of those sectors. Corruption has always existed and always will, however, there has never been so much blatant corruption in America as there is now. There have been extremely immoral acts, like slavery, however, since these acts were not concealed and out in the open, they were evil, but not corrupt.

        Bitcoin can be monitored by the government. Now taxes on Biticoin must be paid. Additionally proving the point of the ad-hoc conclusion that centralization is the cause of corruption, is the fact that the majority of illiccit black market activity online is conducted through Bitcoin transactions.

        What I perceive to be taking place right now is a deep-state war between the government sector in the FBI and CIA and the
        private sector in Silicon Valley. The government sector has been inflitrated by Bezos, and Gates, cotroling cloud computing, and Eric Schmidt former Google CEO in charge of military intelligence. The Silicon Valley CEOs and corporations, share-holders, and employees want their companies to be nationalized and supported by the Federal government, but do not want to give up control of the corporations, or of the level of money that is being diverted to them currently through years of bail-outs and money-laundering at the Pentagon through the Good Jobs First Program created by the Rockefeller studies institute, and for defense contracts. The Silicon Valley companies have a financial motive to keep creating enemies that are used to divert money over to them through defense contracts.

        Who will win remains to be seen.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Netenyahu is totally embarrassing himself claiming that Iran is the most dangerous country in the region. Israel is now once trying to forcefully seize land and once again trying to incite international chaos based on complete fabrications that will enable them to do that. Israel is without question the most dangerous country in the region, followed by Saudi Arabia.
        It really cannot be denied by any honest person.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Have to laugh out loud at the standard Nazi reply and way to evade any personal responsibility for their own actions,

        The old ” Sorry that you feel that way.” Nazi reply was issued by J. Alexander Keung after a woman at the grocery store yellec at him for assisting in the murder of Floyd.

        So, not, “Sorry that I assisted in murdering someone.”

        Just “Sorry that you are upset that I assisted in murdering someone. So it is your fault that you are upset. It has nothing to do with the fact that I assisted in murdering someone.”

        I cannot even count how many times I have heard that smug reply over various things that were clearly the fault of the individual that appologizes for my feelings about being upset about their actions. It is a complete bull shit response and total cop out!

        Andrea Iravani





        • dk – You are precisely correct. For the benefit of readers; every single dollar is loaned into existence. The Fed. Res. (neither federal or reserve, it is a privately held entity) that creates money from absolutely nothing. That money is dispersed/loaned to the gov’t and banks, and other entities both foreign and domestic, and paid back to the FR with interest or fees or whatever, but always with more power.
          Trying to pay off debt principle plus the costs of debt would absorb every single dollar that ever existed. It would in effect be like creating a cascading effect of borrowing more money to pay debt, more money would have to be loaned into existence to do so.
          The only solution is for Congress to reassume their Constitutional responsibility of overseeing money, currency, money supply, etc.. Hence, there would be no need to for the gov’t to charge itself for money. And abolish/smash the Fed. Res. and central banking system.

      5. Very strange that people are referencing Nazi and the father of propaganda Goebbels as a credible source of information! Goebbels alleging that the birth rates were low in 1936 because men became feminized which led to the masculization of women, as a call to war, where men would be forced to prove their masculinity by enlisting for war, as well as overlooking the fact that Germany was also in the Great Depression, which obviously leads to a lower birthrate, compared to his comarison of the birthrate in 1900!

        This is not a good sign that people are incapable of being able to see the manipulation of the information referenced by Goebbels, and the evil nature of its purpose.

        Sorry, but I just can’t get behind the Nazi revival movement, that seems to be trying to regain steam on certain online websites. I doubt that most be would be willing to support the Nazi revival movement.

        Personally, I think that most people are totally alienated by those individuals romaniticism of Hitler.

        Actually, I would say that in the Age of Enlightenment, men were quite femine by historical standards, wearing wigs, stockings, high heels, lace decorated shirts, and make-up, leading to the French Civil War and the Revolutionary War in America, so taking those things into consideration, it is just used as propaganda to enlist people to fight a war to prove their manhood, which is extrememely insulting to the intelligence of men, and women alike. Nobody should be forced to fight a war that they do not believe in, and if propaganda, peer pressure, and masculinity bashing are required to enlist the men to fight the war, it shows how little support there would be for that war if people were provided with the actual reasons for fighting the war.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Not sure why a hacker changed French Revolution to French Civil War, then added revolution to the post below. Obviously someone that was disastisfied with the outcome!

          Andrea Iravani

      6. Yahoo News claims that it is just whacky conspiracy theorists that believe that a cabal of wealthy individuals including Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds are controlling world events. I do not think that anyone believes that wealthy individuals ARE NOT controlling world events! When they all go to something every year called The World Economic Forum, and tell the world that they are controlling world events, and all have their own NGOs that are always used in color revolutions, kind of like private contractors for the CIA, in which they all benefit tremendously as a direct result of the currency destabilizations through currency trading, that coincide with their NGO led color revolutions, and Yahoo, the DNC, and FBI claims that it is the belief of whacky conspiracy theorists, it just makes
        the FBI, the DNC, and Yahoo look whacky!

        Andrea Iravani

        Andrea Iravani

      7. The majority of ALL transactions are already done digitally in the central fiat currency of the country you live in.

        Very little cash is used and your every transaction is already captured and stored. And they now automatically ding you for sales tax too. They can already put a stop on any digital transaction they want. What do you think sanctions are. They stop you from transacting any digital business in the digital SWIFT system which all transactions must clear through the NY Fed bank.

        The author is a day late and a (digital) dollar short…

        • Cash still exists and is still used by millions of people everyday so I don’t agree with you.

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