IMF Warning: Another Potential “Great Depression”

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 16 comments

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    The International Monetary Fund has issued a warning that’s largely been brushed aside by mainstream media. Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the IMF, is warning that the global economy risks another Great Depression.”

    What makes things worse, is that the propaganda outlets in the United States are continuing to ignore the red flags of a looming disaster. Mainstream Americans are blissfully unaware that they are unaware of what’s coming in this manipulated economy we are all forced to live under.

    RT pointed out that for instance, rudimentary Google searches suggest neither the Financial Times nor the Economist have covered Georgieva’s comments at all. It is very ethically questionable but also understandable, in a cynical sense, given their complete attachment to the doctrine of Neo-liberal economics and centralized banking. The worst part is that once the next Great Depression strikes, the masses won’t put the blame where it belongs, on the ruling class and banking elitists.

    The United States is ill-prepared for any kind of economic downturn too, let alone a massive global depression designed to impoverish every single person who isn’t a member of the ruling class.  Yet, Russia seems to be prepared, at least, by comparison. Experts in the Russian capital have been saying for years: a major Western financial crash is both inevitable and reasonably imminent. And it’s going to make the 2008 meltdown look mild by comparison. 

    The reasons are simple, according to insiders in Russia: western governments have accumulated too much debt over the past decade, and there are a number of concerning bubbles in the system. These include US stocks, German and British property, and the oversized valuations of tech companies, especially startups unlikely to ever return their costs. Throw in aging workforces, wage stagnation, higher living costs, and disruption to traditional industries from IT innovation, and you have all the ingredients needed for a ‘big bang’.

    As Russian pundit Kirill Shamiev points out, “in academia people have been quite vocal about [a major recession] since 2016-2017-ish,” and Russia “is in a more favorable position now than it was in 2007/8 [with] less reliance on western markets.RT

    Russia is preparing for a global depression (and kill any U.S. sanctions at the same time) by stockpiling gold.

    Russia Plans To Beat US Sanctions By Stockpiling Gold

    Russia’s Most Potent Weapon: Rapidly “Hoarding Gold” As Global Currency War Is Upon Us

    And Russia is not the only country to be devesting from the U.S. dollar in favor of gold. The fiat currencies are bound to collapse at some point, and some countries are well prepared for the eventuality. “Nations have expanded gold holdings by about 14% since 2009, Bloomberg reported last year, naming China and Poland as other big buyers.

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      1. This is simply fraud, once again! There is not enough gold in existence for a gold standard. This is simply bullshit. Out of all of the gold in existence in the entire world, there is roughly an eqivalent of 5 golden rings of gold per person, if everyone on earth had an equal amount of gold. Gold would have to be measured at the sub-atomic level if everyone in the world converted their currency to gold. Total fraud, not that that has ever stopped financial scammers in the past!

        Of course since it would be at the sub atomic level, who could deny that it doesn’t exist, as one pretends hand it over to cashiers at the grocery store?!

        • You are right, gold is scarce. That is what makes it valuable. There are more people now, but there is also more gold. Throughout history gold has worked as a medium of exchange even though there was not enough to go around, as you say. The rich had the gold, the poor did not. Silver helped to cover any shortages of gold.

          • Maybe Putin will simply demand payment for oil and natural gas in gold. That may be what this is all about. It is unfeasible. He knows that. Someone that spent their life in the KGB knows this. Perhaps willing to look the other way if you “do as I say.” Not sure what he is thinking or China or Iran.

            Brazil, India,China, and South Africa have extremely fascist governments, who are seeking new members. Enslaving non war authoritarian fascists simply isn’t good enough. The world can do better than Bolsanaro, Modi, and Xi. If that is as good as it gets, may as well close the curtain now!

          • Scarce, yet so much is being just reburried and lost on motherboards.

        • Wrong. You are assuming the price of gold stays were it is. But in reality, there’s more than enough gold to go back to a gold standard as long as the price of gold is high enough. You might want to watch some of the presentations by Jim Rickards (and many others) for an explanation on how this will work.

      2. Oh no, not again

      3. Bring it ON!
        Back when Mac allowed more discussion this post would have brought on opinions about PM’s, Preps for 1800’s style of living,
        cash stash, debt, et al.
        Prices are too high and artificially so. I could care less if my property value drops by 2/3. My retirements are monetarily secure and if all prices drop I can afford a “haircut”.
        What happens to all the city dwellers and peoples of the world deeply in debt, in the world I could care less.
        If this site was aimed at city people it has failed. If it was aimed at PM guys, maybe. If it was aimed at SHTF preppers it is not doing so good these days.
        Probably time for a world wide reset. Will be interesting.
        Anybody want to post an article on how to make Rifle and pistol primers? Or even percussion caps?
        3 days to Chinese new years, lots of illegal fireworks here.

      4. why do doomsayers include usa with other countries who are doing so much poorer? this article is as much fake news in that regard. usa will not fall like weak europe or others. my opinion without additional facts is as authoritative as this article lacking additional facts. please provide those facts to the benefit of your readers to consider and debate. so far you are just a propagandist like those who claim plant food will cause the end of civilization in 10-12 years – what a bogus scam using fake data or narrow timelines constructed to deceive.

      5. IMF – You make it happen! You look evil as hell, because you are! Take responsibility for your crimes! Stop bullshitting! You are total frauds, thieves, and econmic hitmen and hitwomen! This was not an accident! It was a plan! So sick of your fucking bullshit! Have witnessed your deliberate economic trainwrecks since 1987! You simply are not even remotely believable anymore! What next? Your model of the way that you thought that the world worked was wrong?! It’s called math! Learn it! your just a bunch of well dressed but scummy, filthy, greedy, money grubbing, mentally incompetent, morally depraved hedonistic, heathenistic, psychopathic thieves, and gluttonous fucking pigs! What the fuck did you expect to happen with compounded interest and fractional reserve banking?! Psychos!!!

      6. Boris and Macron to the rescue! A sales tax on Google and Facebook will MUKGA and MFGA! 2% of zero! Volume baby, volume!!

      7. Central banking was generally intended to serve as a buffer against boom-and-bust cycles of smaller, private institutions.

        But, everyone else was busted.

        We were required to fund nation-building efforts, abroad, well past the collapse of our own social contract, at home.

        The smell of our own decay attracts foreign, vulture capital, as we discuss what will be the best deal for us, now from an inferior bargaining position.

        • Clown World,

          Not sure whether you are a propagandist or were brainwashed by one.

          Central banking was intended to enrich the rich and empower the powerful. Bankers love war, they make money financing war and rebuliding, and often finance both the sides fighting wars as well. World War 1 started in 1914. The Federal Reserve Act started in 1913.

      8. Gold standard- and I can levitate, except when people are watching me, so you will just have to take my word for it.

      9. There’s enough gold for a gold standard at $87,000 an ounce. It’s a mathematical equation, duh!

      10. “anything” of value can be use for a standard (PMs, corn, rice, oil, lumber, whiskey, salt, water, etc…). Since the 70’s, we have been on the OIL standard (petrodollar). What makes gold (PMs) great as money is that it is rare, divisible, portable, malleable, mint-able, compact, highly conductive, etc…one could make an argument that any commodity offers some of those characteristics, but does not offer all of those characteristics. And it has worked wonderfully 5000 years. And no, you don’t have to carry gold around to buy and sell. Its just that the paper currency that is used for the transactions is “backed”, and can be exchanged by gold. Then the currency becomes real money. Caveat: the system will need regulation to keep the gold miners from controlling the price. I.e, the price of gold is standardized and controlled by the govt treasury that issues the currency.!!!!!

      11. Bible prophecy is not subject to personal interpretation, but, in my personal interpretation…

        The verse about a penny for a measure of wheat describes ‘timocracy’.

        Time is the only commodity not subject to supply and demand.

        Universal Basic Income, at a regular time, can be seen as a law against runaway inflation.

        (Freely you received, freely give. Heal the sick, raise the dead to life, heal people who have leprosy, and force out demons. You received without paying, now give your *personal interpretation without being paid…. Nevermind. Forget that you read this, so I can publish it in exchange for a non-profit “love offering” of $29.99. While supplies last.)

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