IMF Publishes Plans To Implement CBDCs

by | Apr 30, 2023 | Headline News

The International Monetary Fund has published its multi-year plan to implement a central bank digital currency or CBDC. This is a necessary step to ensure the slaves never seek escape from the invisible prison the masters have built.

The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

In order to fully control people, they need to control what they can buy, and sell, and how much they can do without permission. The slave state is expanding, and if humanity allows this to happen, quite frankly, we deserve it.

In an April 10th document published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called IMF Approach to Central Bank Digital Currency Capacity Development, the masters reveal their plans to subjugate humanity further. In this document, there is a section included about the development of a living CBDC Handbook for monetary authorities to follow.

Chapters 8–11 should be of particular interest to us slaves, as they relate to the centralized control over our lives using CBDCs that we, the “consumers”, are most concerned about.

Alexander Lee of the US Federal Reserve wrote in June 2021, the term “programmable money” remains ill-defined. Lee differentiates between “programmable money” and “programmability.”  He defines “programmability” as the “mechanism for specifying the automated behavior of a digital form of money through a computer program.”  And he identifies two components of “programmable money”: a digital form of money and programmability.  However, Lee warns, “It is not clear whether these components alone are sufficient for a definition, given that various combinations of similar technology for payments automation have existed for decades.” -Daily Exposé

CBDCs are going to be the strongest invisible chains humans will willingly tie around their own necks. The slave system we live under now will be nothing like the slave system with a CBDC in charge. The Federal Reserve already has a stranglehold on the economy, however, cash makes it possible to do a transaction that the ruling class is unaware of.  That level of privacy won’t exist with CBDCs, especially considering their goal is to make sure people are compliant slaves with no escape.

If designed inappropriately, CBDCs have the potential to be used as tools of surveillance and control by governments. Every transaction is recordable and any authority with access to the CBDC ledger could see all transactions. They could also control individuals through the ledger – such as putting expiry dates on their CBDC, limiting how much they can hold, varying interest rates and prices depending on who they are, preventing purchases, and automatically deducting fines.

The combination of digital identity and CBDC is also a big risk. Access and addressability are needed for digital payments but these are different to digital identity. In a world of programmable money, digital identity can go beyond just enabling access to your funds. Use of those funds can be made conditional on attributes of your digital identity. If those funds are in CBDC, then the central bank and by implication, the government can control directly how you spend and receive money. –The Risks To Society Of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Of course, this won’t be sold to the masses as the slave system it truly is. Remember, all of these systems are only in place now because the people actually believe they are free. Once the slaves know they are slaves, the entire empire (every government) will crumble to the ground. The only moral standpoint is to oppose slavery in all its forms.

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