‘I’m On A Secret Government Mission’ Says Man Arrested With Weapons Cache

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 41 comments

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    Francho Bradley and his common-law wife Adrianne Jennings were arrested in Boston on Saturday on weapons charges after authorities found a stash of rifles, grenades, and handguns in their hotel room. Bradley says he was on a secret mission for the government and says he owns a company that sells communications equipment to the military.

    The cache of weapons was found on the day of the March For Our Lives protest. According to The Daily Mail, in Bradley’s room and car, police found five assault rifles, a shotgun, a revolver and a pistol. They also found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, scopes, bump stocks, walkie-talkies, helmets, and grenades.  “My suspicions grew that he may be surveilling the area. There was a major demonstration, March for Our Lives, in Boston that day,” Detective Patrick Connor

    Police also found three parking tickets from Cambridge, a mile from the Boston Common where Saturday’s protest took place. Bradley received the tickets on the three consecutive days before Saturday’s mass protest.

    When he was questioned, Bradley told authorities that he was on a secret government mission, but wouldn’t say what the mission was. He claimed he was sent to work on some kind of “virus.” Robert Normandin, who represented Bradley at arraignment, said his client is an Army veteran and that Enysma Engineering sells accessories such as communication devices to the military and other clients.


    Normandin said the weapons and accessories were “props” that Bradley uses while conducting that business and none of them were functional, although he didn’t know for sure if any were actually functional or not.

    The officers who arrested the pair said they both changed their stories several times and at one stage during interviews, Bradley claimed he had worked for the LAPD and had knowledge about the O.J. Simpson case. He also allegedly claimed to have worked on the Obama campaign and for the German government.

    At 3:41 pm, as the protest was coming to an end, Bradley called the police saying his feed was interrupted. He said he has a gun in his room at the hotel and was worried it would end up in the wrong hands. When the officers arrived at Bradley’s hotel room, they encountered an even stranger sight.

    No one was in the room but the officers spotted what they thought was a green duffel bag with several “long guns sticking out of it.” It was, in fact, a flight suit which had been rolled up to contain the weapons. It was placed deliberately in the middle of the room as if it was left there for the police to find it. 

    Among the items found, was a DOD (Department of Defense) concealed carry badge, a Texas license to carry, and a press pass, according to The Daily Mail. His Texas license to carry is valid.

    Bradley and Jennings have separate addresses as well. Bradley’s is listed as a four bedroom home worth $322,000 and Jennings’ is a five-bedroom property worth $430,000.

    Police are continuing the investigation, and this one keeps getting more and more confusing.


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      1. That’s weird.

        Why give out personal data such as home address and dollar value. What is this, Facebook?


        • BREAKING: Texas man found with large weapons cache in Massachusetts says he was on a “classified government mission”

          Two things:

          1 – In Texas this would be considered a minuscule weapons cache, not a large cache.

          2- He forgot to say WHICH government he was working for. That was the problem.

          • ??

      2. “They also found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, scopes, bump stocks, walkie-talkies, helmets, and grenades.”

        The only thing on this list that is problematic is the grenades.

        The BATFE will get ’em for that.

        Unless the Commissars of the Commie Wealth of Mass make it illegal to possess anything else on the list….


        • I thought the same bb. And it looked like they, the ‘grenades’ were just smoke. Might be wrong. Then too, one of the long-guns looked like a flare launcher. Neither of those 2 items illegal that I know of. Can’t see why anyone would be worried in the least. All seemed nice and neatly laid out too. This ‘bust’ was b.s. I happen to know ‘some guys’ who have what is in the pic and more. Again – all legal too. But hey, whoaaa!!! they look skeery!!

          • Unless transported across state lines without proper license. Otherwise the only illegal item would be the grenades.

      3. Maybe, just maybe, a false flag was interrupted.

        • Bradley and Jennings have separate addresses as well. Bradley’s is listed as a four bedroom home worth $322,000 and Jennings’ is a five-bedroom property worth $430,000.

          This is sad. The reporter for this article probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college education and all he did was use Zillow to see how much their houses were worth. A refund is in order.

      4. What I find interesting is that he was on a secret mission,,,,, First rule of SECRET MISSIONS,,,,, DON’T TALK ABOUT SECRET MISSION….. Duh

        • Unless mentioning it seems so unbelievable that it throws everyone off the trail? …Sort of like “hiding in plain sight”?

        • No No No. That is the first rule about fight club.

          The first rule about secrete missions is always take a large cache of weapons to Massachusetts and stay in a crappy hotel.

        • @Horsenut…..

          EXACTLY. If he were really on some kind of government “mission”, he’d never admit to it.

          Guy just looks like a nut to me.

          Would like to know more about his REAL history and background.

        • If he was working for the government, then he would have to report to his handler…..

      5. I think the mission was only in his mind…..

        • Police also found three parking tickets from Cambridge

          He is fucked now. This is almost as bad a parking in front of a fire hydrant.

      6. “I’m on a secret government mission.” Yeah, right. And I’m bringing back JFK from the dead. [SARCASM] We all know THAT won’t happen. Kevin2, you may be right about a false flag being prevented.

        • If my suspicion has merit then expect a false flag relatively soon. The body politic is at the point of breaking its will. TPTB are on a roll here. They have captured the narrative and have the momentum. They’re not going to let this fade away. Their greatest nightmare is if an armed civilian thwarts a major “event” thus redirecting the narrative. These things have been occurring where that probability is very low to impossible. Its not coincidence any more than the timing of this arrest.

          • An ALMOST false flag is just as good as a real false flag. To control the media narrative now, you just have to have arrests like this. Therefore we must ban guns.

            Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Georgia high school teacher fired his gun in class then barricaded himself in the room?

            He was trying to control the media narrative for the anti-gun people. He was proving you can’t trust teachers with guns, therefore guns must be banned.

            Sorry to tell you this teacher, but if you can’t be trusted with a gun, you sure as hell can’t be trusted with my kid.

            • John Stiner

              “An ALMOST false flag is just as good as a real false flag.”

              Point very well taken. Likely the carnage of it for “real” has greater impact but this still keeps it at the top of the headlines. The ALMOST doesn’t steal the thunder from the HS shooting with the army of kids.

      7. the next FBI patsy .. but he got hip to it
        he soon was going to commit suicide with two shots to the back of his head in a hotel room , while his wife was out spending all the money , as the FBI murdered a shit load of innocent people to blame it on the guns

        • And shockingly, 30,000 Clinton e-mails were also found with the weapons.

      8. They were arrested in a car stolen from a rental car company that they had gotten using fake credit cards and ID. They were also carrying a pistol that had also been reported stolen. Supposedly, they were worried about leaving all the guns in their hotel room so they told the police that they were there. How dumb can you be?

          • Holy shit those are some real dumbfucks.

            • Walmart shoppers!

          • Unbelievable, Some people should not be allowed to leave their house ,much less have a firearm. I cant believe the ignorance of these people

      9. Ummm, yeah…me too…

        Govt agent. THATS the reason for my firearm collection…

        No touchy…NO TOUCHY!!


        • The guy should have said he is a Democratic Party Operative. All would have been well then.

      10. We can’t have another false flag yet, Vegas is still unsolved.

      11. aljamo

        I don’t think it matters anymore in the American mind. Its Joseph Goebbels repetition, Paddock guilty, Paddock guilty, Paddock guilty, over the water cooler it becomes two people saying, “Paddock guilty”.

        • I thought is was Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion, Trump Collusion.

          Yes, I used copy and paste….. I’m not a narcissist.

      12. John Stiner – Loved the video;it was hilarious and unsettling at the same time!

      13. fast forward to the point in the trial where the prosecution rests and THEN informs the defense that a relative of the accused is AN INFORMANT FOR THE FBI

      14. So … the cops who were supposed to be monitoring the protests were actually chasing around hotel rooms? Hmmm …. there is a good deal more to this story, for sure.

      15. Guys seriously, WTF were these 2 goofy looking things going to really do with all of that stuff, if it is real that is? Hmmm I have a funny suspicion they were going to mow down a bunch of those worthless, tide-pod eating fools and cause a monster spectacle to further the agenda to vilify guns and rescind the flipping 2A!! Think about it for a moment my fellow Patriots. this is very very bad, the implications are off the wall!! Have you noticed a trend lately, things are quiet and anything pro-gun is moving along and then all of the sudden there is a terrible mass shooting for example and hence, former mentioned pro-gun items are flushed bye-bye down toilet big time! And what ever happened to the “national gun carry laws”…very odd folks. My God, WTF is going on within this country?

        • CC, I agree completely. It is time to “dig those damn things up” and prepare to use them.

      16. Did he have his ‘Secret Decoder Ring’ with all that stuff, too. Something doesn’t ‘smell’ right. I think I smell ‘anti-gunners’ in all this.

      17. This guy is in deep shit , Massachusetts is one of those states that has extremely draconian gun laws, the ATF is going to string hem him up for the hand grenades.

      18. Anyone think he left the room just in time to avoid be “suicided”?

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