Illegal Aliens KILLED Border Patrol Agent By Smashing His Head With ROCKS

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 86 comments

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    Details have begun to emerge following an attack by illegal immigrants that left one border patrol agent dead and another seriously injured and fighting for his life in a hospital. The agent was killed after illegal immigrants smashed his head in with rocks.

    Breitbart Texas first broke the news of the death and injuries and now the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) says that their agents on the ground have stated that the agents were tracking a group of illegal aliens who then beat the agents with rocks until one was killed and the other hospitalized.

    Border Patrol Agent Brandon Judd, also president of the NBPC, stated, “What we know is that Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez appears to have been ambushed by a group of illegal aliens whom he was tracking. Our agents’ reports from the ground say that he was struck in the head multiple times with a rock or rocks.”

    Agent Judd continued, “The other agent arrived on scene a short time later and was also ambushed and struck in the head with what is believed to have been a rock or rocks. These disgusting acts and complete disregard for human life need to stop immediately. Family members of slain Agent Martinez will never get to see him come home again all because we have failed to secure our borders from such criminals.”

    Shortly after Breitbart Texas broke the news of the incident, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed that one Border Patrol agent was dead and another hospitalized in serious condition; however, authorities would not provide more details. Breitbart Texas was unable to confirm the details with CBP and other federal agencies. The NBPC is the organization that represents approximately 16,000 of our nation’s Border Patrol agents. –Breitbart

    According to Fox News, details around the attack remained murky Monday, however, an FBI spokesperson said Rogelio Martinez and his partner were not shot and a National Border Patrol Council official told KTSM the assailants were “undocumented immigrants” who used likely used rocks to bash the agents. “We strongly believe rocks were what was used,” NBPC Vice President Art Del Cueto said.

    What is known, is that that two Border Patrol agents working as partners in the Van Horn Station area of responsibility of the Big Bend Sector responded to “activity.” Whether the activity was an activated sensor or something else is currently unknown. This occurred on the morning of Sunday, November 19, 2017. One of the Border Patrol agents later radioed into the communication center saying that he needed assistance and that he was injured. Other Border Patrol agents responded and found one agent injured and unconscious with injuries to his head and body. That agent, Rogelio Martinez, was later pronounced dead. Breitbart has learned that the agent’s family has been notified. The responding agents also found the partner who had radioed for help. The agents transported the injured agent to the hospital where he is in “serious condition,” according to the official. Border Patrol agents and Culberson County Sheriff’s Office deputies have secured the area.


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      1. The heck with a wall we need a moat filled with hungry Gators and Crocks.

        • Just begin shooting the scum illegals on sight. The rate of crossings will considerably slow when the word gets out.

          • Menzo, I would’ve pulled my 9mm and wasted those bastards before they could get near me and to hell with any consequences. Anyone who tries to act against me for self-defense will just get their dumb asses wasted also.

            • Filthy scum illegals.

              • They just come here to pick strawberrys. They could not possibly want to do illegal things.

                • they only want the jobs white people dont want. they only want the houses white people dont want, they only want the businesses white peole dont want. they only want the medical services for free. all libturd lies?

                  • +250,000,000

                  • They are lazy, and yet are stealing all the jobs. Pobrecito.

              • FAKE NEWS

                They fell into a culvert in the dark.

              • Be cool, The US Border Patrol is way ahead of the border crossers on this score. Border patrol scum have even killed Mexican children across the border IN MEXICO and have gotten away with it.

            • If the Border Patrol would allow, I’m sure I can gather a group of pals and set up a nice “free fire” zone. Put a bounty on anything coming in across the border.

          • Predator drones

          • Stick a few illegals heads on that wall they will get the message a lot faster.

        • well at least the killers did not use rifles so that makes the NRA members happy as a two petered puppy?.

          • Why don’t you just shut the fuck up!!

        • feed them to the pigs

          • The Border Patrol Agents?

        • Stop calling them “undocumented immigrants”, and call them what they are: invaders.

          Why did the BP not just shoot back? Are the disarmed now?
          Who in DC, or where-ever, is responsible for allowing this situation to get so out of control?

          It’s been a year, since The Wall was promised. Where is it? Oh, wait… There won’t be a wall. The invasion will continue.

        • @ Old Guy, Agreed!! Or just send in the military. I’m good with either.

        • we just need a “no free benefits zone” that’ll scare ‘m

          • Yeah, say that next time undocumented aliens pour concrete for you.

            Mexicans are lazy, and yet they’re “stealing” all the jobs. How funny.

            • I pour my own concrete and everything else, no need for illegal aliens at all !

              You may be the fool not me, and I doubt you could pour and finish even 1 yard so go somewhere else with your bullshit whiney illegal alien crap. Send them all back ASAP !

            • illegal aliens usually do crap work and then steel your stuff the next day after they case your house while they work for you.

        • Many of these officers are sympathetic and far too nice to the illegals. That is why these guys are dead and in the hospital with serious injuries. They were both armed and obviously the perp was not. So this to some degree is their own fault. Ever watch any of the TV shows about border patrol on Nat GEO and others ? They treat them like babies, Mr Garcia do you need some water or any medical care or food ? WTF, who is bullshitting who ? This was completely avoidable easily. It is all a bad joke on us !

      2. Don’t the agents have guns?

        • Archivist

          Are you kidding??? Pull a gun on am Illegal and they will toss you in Jail for the rest of your life….

          You can thank the Liberal/Communist for NOT securing the Borders, PERIOD!!!!

          How many more have to die because of the Illegals taking over the Country?

          This Death is 100% because of the open borders. Thank you very much you POS “feel-good Liberals”.

          • ???

          • X2!

          • Of course agents carry guns. And you can thank Big American Businesses for “not securing the borders”.

            The disease you have, American Brain Cheese, is typical of reactionary, bigoted Americans. It’s curable, but it involves thinking. The cure may be intolerable for you.

        • As an EX Border Patrol Agent, I can tell you the 9th US Distric Court deemed rock non violent weapons. As an agent if you draw your weapon on someone who throws a rock you will go to jail. This is why agents just let illegals go. I am glad I left that job a long time ago.

          • Deporter84, sorry to hear about that. Who exactly set the ‘rules of engagement’? Regardless of who set the policy I would’ve disregarded it. Hell, I’ve been in fistfights in the past and didn’t even think about any law during those times. Everyone has the right to self-defense, even Border Patrol personnel.

            • You may only use your weapon if shot at first. The illegals know this and will use sticks, stones, gangs(over whelm you with fist) and cars to kill you all the while knowi g if you use your weapon you will go to jail.
              There was an agent killed in the San Diego area in 2009. He was on patrol when he came across a log in the road. This was in the bush not city. He got out to move it and was jumped when he teied to clear it. They beat him and shot him with his own gun. This is a reality, we patroled alone and help was 30 min away 90% of the time. Nailbanger is right it is not worth it. That is why I resigned.

          • Are you serious? A rock is considered a “non-violent WEAPON”?

            Well, I suppose crushing someones skull with a non-violent rock, is’nt too violent… And, since it’s invaders doing it, it’s OK.

            • Good thing it wasn’t an “assault” rock. Diane would be introducing a bill this morning to have them banned.

              • @Old Sailor, feinstein and cornyn introduced a gun control bill together. It’s another step in confiscation. If anyone is from Texas, call senator cornyn and leave a message to ABANDON his push for gun control. Houston office number 713-572-3337 Austin number 512-469-6034 Dallas office number 972-239-1310 and San Antonio office 210-224-7485. They are calling cornyn “the surrender monkey”.

            • I wonder if Abel felt the rock that Cain used to kill him was considered Non violent?

              What a messed up world we live in where those in authority would rather a law abiding US citizen be killed because they want to be politically correct and care more about the “rights” of an illegal.

          • Sometimes the draw of those fed bennies and pay just arent worth it,

        • Just goes to show how important it is to keep all rocks away from the border where they can fall into the wrong hands.

      3. Prime example that the illegals are not the peaceful, well to do’ers, that just need a chance and a dream. Secure the borders or wind up like sweden.

      4. It’s been long overdue, time to ban rocks.

        • I wonder if those were assault rocks or just regular rocks?

          • In the Libtards mind, any weapon the “Dreamers” used is AOK, because they are just misunderstood and need a hug. Put said rock into a conservatives hands and its Assault rock and needs to be regulated.

          • Regular Assault Rocks.

        • bullets are tiny rocks so the No Rock Association will want to make it illegal to bash someone’s head in if the bag of rocks can hold more than 15 rocks.

          • the NRA wants to limit “bump Rocks” and belt detachable bags of rocks that hold fifteen or more rocks.

      5. Hey, they only come for jobs and a better life. Border Patrol shouldn’t be hassling these people! Yeah, right!

      6. Time to rise up against the entire libturd agenda.L

        • BH1776 – total agreement. It is time to take the fight to them rather than waiting for that knock on the door one of us at a time. I’m looking around my place to see if I’ve any black scary assault rocks tonight.

          • Heartless, forget about rocks. Bullets are the way to go.

      7. I say make the border one long military base, or base camps every few miles with patrols. They have to train somewhere right?

        • Bosshog,I like that suggestion. BTW: I’m being censored by this site for my earlier post which was much unladylike


      9. Both sides are together in cracking down on freedom, that’s why nothing good ever happens and won’t. Losing bigly but pridefully ignorant. Why bother building a wall when the illegals are already here? You can’t have a North American Union with a wall between the US and Mexico. Will work for less wins every time.

      10. SHOOT THE ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT. FUCK THEM SCUM BAGS COMING ACROSS THE BORDER. If they need ammo I’ll give them some. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • Sarge, I’ve got a shitload of bullets and 12-ga. shells with someone’s names on them.

        • I have a better suggestion…send **ALL** 535 A$$hats in CON-gress to secure out borders. You better believe it will be A$$ tight when that happens!!!

      11. A hard hat or bicycle helmet might be a good thing to have when SHTF?

      12. These people view whites/Americans as cattle. Something to kill if we get in their way. Build the Wall!

        • all White people need to wipe them out is: permission?

      13. Now Brethren, Let him who is without sin cast the first stone and smash the first skull. The open border crowd see illegals as without sin, so smash away Jose!

        • If I believed in “sin”, I might worry about that. Thankfully, I’m cured of it.

      14. JBN, Jose will get a bullet in him before he could throw a rock at me.

      15. Thank goodness none of the illegals were injured that would have gotten the MSM and their liberal moron viewers pissed as hell and criminal charges against the surviving officer…

      16. Drop land mines from c130’s for two miles inland. Then institute the if you have a foot policy. Like the dry foot policy except you have to have one foot to stay

      17. I always said, shoot the first one the rest will get the message.

      18. BUILD THE WALL !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit,

      19. why dont we have stryker teams down there with shoot to kill orders ?

      20. Wojo, damn straight. Any idiot throws a rock at me, he/she will get shot. You play with fire, you WILL get burned.

      21. Hunt the bloodthirsty bastards down.

      22. Where the hell are the real men in this country and why are all these evil reptiles still alive.

      23. Well there are plenty of rocks in the desert. A weapon when there is no other.

      24. Perhaps the guilt partly goes to our corrupt politicians.
        Illegals get numerous (illegal) benefits in America – in return for votes.

        How to get jailed, shoot them.
        But they can harm us with little retribution it seems.

      25. I would bet there is a change in rules of engagement coming, spics better get good with God

      26. My condolences to the murdered Border Patrol agent’s family.

        How much longer will right-thinking Americans tolerate this erosion of our border security? Snap out of it, people.

        This is the 11th hour and the clock is ticking away.

      27. Illegals keep coming and you pay for them as they Rob and kill you but you all are keyboard commandos!!! Where are the militias? Typing???

      28. When the aggressor is armed certainly using lethal force is appropriate. A very bad position to be in is to be closed in with nowhere to go by several (you believe) soon to become physically violent aggressors that are advancing into arms reach but haven’t yet attacked. If one has the ability to retreat and certainly using all verbal warning possible your legal defense using lethal force no doubt improves in a court of law. Law enforcement for right or wrong has far more latitude under these circumstances. “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”. Its prudent to avoid even the potential of trouble.

      29. The damn fools in this country will just never learn when it comes to these filthy, vile foreigners and border security. Build the god damned wall and remove all filthy ass foreigners. Americans really need to pull their heads out of their asses.

      30. This county is getting closer to becoming a first rate THIRD WORLD cesspool, thanks to the likes of Clinton and O’Banana and on and on. Wake the hell up people. This nation is a god damned disaster walking.

      31. If I were King, mine fields and free fire zones.

        • Claymores, Guard Towers with mounted machine-gun pillboxes. And a mile-wide area along the border, with millions of Claymores. No border crossings. We dump illegals out of planes at 10,000 feet over mexico, just strap a parachute on them and kick them out. No amnesties, just parachutes.

      32. This isn’t illegal immigration as we have been lead to believe.

        It is a military operation against the American people.

        It is an invasion by a foreign third world country that is being perpetrated by a rogue cabal of criminals within the US government. Most of whom are democrats and RINO neocons.

        Think operation fast and furious.

      33. People with a morbid curiosity can see films of these acts, online, also with the sound of it.

        So, being aware of my own mortality, and contrite, I don’t believe it is consistent, for Latinos to torment gringos at the border. Rogelio Martinez was one liberal interest, harmed by other liberal interests — although it would not have occurred to me, to do that, personally.

        Rocks, in what is effectively a military blockade, not patrolled by your own kin. That is laxity, not a moral dilemma.

      34. There must be a consequence for trying to cross over. I say if they are trying to make an illegal entrance into the United States just shoot them. At first there would be many deaths, but over time the illegal crossings would cease. I know this is a little harsh, but it is necessary. Put the fear of god in them !!!

      35. Of course agents carry guns. And you can thank Big American Businesses for “not securing the borders”.

        The disease you have, American Brain Cheese, is typical of reactionary, bigoted Americans. It’s curable, but it involves thinking. The cure may be intolerable for you.

      36. we will see the people retaliate. it will be against Mexicans against blacks and muslims. it seems we are the bad guys. we are at fault for everything. well I think if we are getting blamed for everything. well perhaps we could start living up to what we get blamed for. then the politicians use it to expand their power. we tire of getting it from both sides. government will regret when we react. time to clean the corruption.

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