Ignoring America’s Safety, Homeland Security Vows: “Government Should Give Voice to Plight of Muslims in this Country”

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 238 comments

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    So much for protecting America and defending the homeland.

    According to Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, protecting the plight of Islam and guarding against discrimination should now be part of the mission of the United States.

    No kidding.

    Here’s what he said – on video, no less:

    We in the administration and the government should give voice to the plight of Muslims living in this country and the discrimination that they face. And so I personally have committed to speak out about the situation that very often people in the Muslim community in this country face. The fact that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and the Islamic faith is one about peace and brotherhood.

    This, at the same time that Sec. Jeh Johnson warned against a “new phase” of terror threats under ISIS, stating:

    “Today … the global terrorist threat is more decentralized, more complex, more diffuse. And we now see very effective and slick use of the Internet and social media by groups such as ISIL [and] al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.”
    “Our domestic efforts are equally as important as our international efforts,” Johnson said. “We have to be aware of and vigilant about the independent actor who may choose to commit an act of mass violence inspired by ISIL. We’ve seen that now in other countries, and we have to be on guard for the same thing in this country.”

    The focus on meanwhile supporting Muslim communities is a fine line:

    He said the government needs to support a “counter-narrative” in the United States that pushes back against the notion that IS represents the Islamic faith.

    All this comes from the agency that was seemingly formed to legalize preemptive suspicion of ordinary American citizens and introduce a police state response on every level of law enforcement on the basis that ‘anyone could be a terrorist.’

    Obama echoed these sentiments, further inflaming his own critics:

    “The terrorists do not speak for a billion Muslims,” Obama told a Washington conference on countering radicalism that drew delegates from 60 countries in the wake of a string of brutal attacks in Europe and the Middle East.

    Obama said associating Islamic State or Al-Qaeda with Islam would be to accept the false narrative those groups want to put forward.

    “They try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors,” Obama said.

    “They are not religious leaders, they are terrorists. We are not at war with Islam.”

    Homeland Security has, under both the Bush and Obama Administrations, introduced eerie memo after memo identifying at least 72 types Of Americans who are considered “potential terrorists” (as Michael Snyder has pointed out) under official government rhetoric.


    After all, that’s what the surveillance state – exposed at the NSA by the likes of Edward Snowden – was set up to do.

    Incredibly, among those groups who have been targeted include “evangelical Christians,” members of the “Christian Action Network” and “fundamentalists” as well as those who would “insert religion into the political sphere.”

    Of course, political groups, those interested in sovereignty, those critical of government and even veterans have been classified as ‘potential terrorists’ and extremists groups.

    Even ‘white Americans’ have been depicted by Homeland Security as ‘likely terrorists’ in the ‘it could be anyone’ vein of thinking.

    But now, apparently, Muslims groups will be afforded a special category of protection from discrimination, while none is offered to a wide variety of groups targeted by the government under Homeland Security’s draconian anti-terror policies.

    This after all the rights that have been infringed since 9/11.

    How does this compute?


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      1. every damn one of these muslim bastards are liars. Obamas administration is full of them. Theyve lied from the minute Obama was in pre campaign mode. It aint stopped. Once in the WH, he lied and brought muslims into the govt and into his circle of officials under him.
        This is a muslim takeover. Remember “We will fundamentally transform America”
        Theres revolution brewing and the boiling pot has almost tipped over.

        • Libs and the Muslims together.

          Constitutionalist conservatives gotta make stand. Else get run over.

          • Every empty=headed moron that voted for him ought to have to take in mooslim family or two.

            • US you are wrong they should be stretching the rope.

              • Raped again…. by Elon Musk of Tesla.


                • ““Government Should Give Voice to Plight of Muslims in this Country””

                  In a pig’s eye! We should adopt the same response as Russia:

                  “If minorities prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination”.”

                  —Vladimir Putin

                  “The unipolar world model has failed. People everywhere have shown their desire to choose their own destiny, preserve their own cultural identity, and oppose the West’s attempts at military, financial, political and ideological domination.”

                  —Vladimir Putin

                  • Sixpack, if there’s one issue I can agree with Putin on, it is this one. I just wish the African virus and the rest of the NWO crowd would back off of Russia, but I know they won’t. I don’t want war with Russia, but I’ afraid it could happen anyway.

                  • Vlad’s people support him much more than this pResident. As far as this musilum thing goes…According to the extremists,it’s the moderate muzzies that aren’t following the quran.That can only play out one way, and it aint good.

                    • A radical muslime wants to saw off your head. A moderate muslime wants to watch, and maybe hold your hair out of the way before moving into your house.

                    • AMEN, Young MC. Amen.

                  • Putin… a ram among the ewes on the world political stage.

              • Hemp, don’t streach!

            • I thought that was the plan all along?

              • Keep looking…when an alphabet Agency notifies you to share your house with another family and oh yeah,they are refugees from Iraq,Yemen or Syria. They will show up with Social Security cards, EBT cards,driver’s license and hey…they are registered to vote!

                • You won’t need to share your house. Ocommie is giving them there’re own house. The houses he has been stealing by evicting Americans from them. This is in addition to everything else you mentioned. Oh, I forgot to mention the tax return they will receive. Wait a minute, its not a tax return, that implies taxes were paid, no its just a plain handout called a tax credit. You know stolen from a tax payer and given to a turd or turdbenhead or any other shitbag for that matter.

                  • “The terrorists do not speak for a billion Muslims,” Obama told a Washington conference

                    So do two psycho cop killers that got kicked off the Bundy ranch somehow speak for tens of thousands of Oath Keepers nationwide?

                    • Good point,
                      But we cant allow it.
                      Pay the UN ten carbon credits for critical thinking.

                    • Endless shit, new day.

                  • Maddog, spot on. The foreigners are tax exempt unless they become naturalized US citizens. this is only one thing that will eventually collapse the economy.

                • Sure bring on over, I’ll put more pork ribs on the barbecue and fry some more bacon there will be enough for every one.Oh don’t mind Porky that’s my pet pork belly PIG…… He lives here too.
                  And they can get a job with me down at the pig farm, they always need breeders.
                  Gotta love them pigs.

                  • Izzy, you’re making me hungry.

        • CAl
          You are right because on their religion it is OK to lie to a non muslim.

          • Sgt..Who cares how much they lie..String them up..

          • This is why Ocommie has no problem lying to you. HE IS THIER LEADER. The jihadi in the white house.

            • If Muslim terrorists kill American children, or behead American schoolchildren and their teachers on our land for a video on social media, Obama’s Department of Home Security will rush to protect the Islamic mosques all over the country from all the domestic enemies of this country.

              • They can rush all they want. They will be too little, too late… as usual.

          • LOTS of experience with lying!


        • Fuck the scum muslim vermin. Won’t be long now til we get to do what we’ve been training so long to do; killing the bastards.

          • Judging by past history I would be betting that they will be the ones doing the killing with the help of our former govt. They have made it quite plain that they have little use for the existing population especially the white one. Most Americans are bags of hot air including most that post here.

            • John W., if you’re referring to trolls, politicians, and other POS in government, I do agree with that. But the good people here are NOT bags of hot air.

              • Maverick,
                Since neither I nor you personally know any of the posters here I will stick with my original statement. The vast majority of Americans are going to be run out of their own country without a whimper. Present events confirm my belief. You people all have the mythical self reliant American from the past and the movies. Guess what? Those days are over. Can anyone here imagine anyone standing by while some TSA goon felt up or assaulted their wife or mother? You could not have found anyone to work for the TSA back then. The border patrol will not even detain illegals now? Yet you people think that some miracle is going to save this country. Get real.

            • You may as well convert and become one then pussy J.

              • F-ingPissed,
                You guys are all mouth. We will see how you do when the SHTF.

                • Shit, someone like you will be dead. By the way you talk, I believe you are a scum muslim or a sympathizer.

                  • F-P,
                    he maybe just another troll seeing how we react so they can add more names to the list of local dissidents, I think they may get paid by the number of people they put on there lists. thats OK, we have tracked there IP address and we know who and where they are!
                    HHHHMMMMM wonder how they like that!

            • Well John Wayne …… Best you tie a string round my foot so,s I don’t fly away!!!! If I’m a bag of hot air, then that makes me a balloon. Keep lookin up dude, you might see me!!!!

            • John W, sadly I agree with you. First of all, there aren’t enough Americans complaining about what’s going wrong in this country. Secondly, there are too many Americans that are just complaining and not physically doing anything about what’s wrong in this country. That includes all of us here. When are we going to stop bitching and griping and together finally fight these tyrannical bastards??? Enough has been enough for too long a time.

        • GREECE CAVED… latest at Zero Hedge: (or at least their leaders did)… more austerity for average Greek. (S just keeps hitting the fan for them!!)

          • I’m sorry Anonymous but many of the Greeks problems are due to decades of socialism. As the Iron Lady said, “socialism works great until you run out of other peoples money”.

            • The problem the Greeks face, although they seem to be refusing to recognize it, is that you either produce at least as much as you consume or you consume more than you produce.

              If you consume more than you produce then you have to get that excess provided by someone who produced more than they consume, and in doing so you become dependent on them and they have rule over you.

              The Greeks need to start producing everything they consume along with some excess to be used to pay off their debts when they didn’t.

              For that matter, the U.S. does as well if we want to avoid the same fate in the near future.

              Of course, from the perspective of history, wars tend to cancel debt one way or the other.

              • This is where the US is at, we produce squat these days

              • “The problem the Greeks face, although they seem to be refusing to recognize it, is that you either produce at least as much as you consume or you consume more than you produce.”

                Every single Western country out there plus Japan does this and it will not end well. Got preps?

          • Not so sure about that, King World News says otherwise,

        • Just read this a couple minutes ago just out

          The Obama administration has named a national security threat it believes is more dangerous than even the Islamic State terrorists beheading, crucifying and burning innocent human beings: Right-wing extremists.

          According to CNN, “A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists.”

          Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/02/obama-dhs-right-wing-extremists-greater-threat-than-isis/#KuvajbjRSRBouiCL.99

          • In his opinion, I’m sure he believes this.

            After all, it isn’t Muslims that oppose him by standing for the Constitution and the rule of law in accordance with it.

            In fact, I fully believe that the Muslim “extremists” and Obama are on the same side and “right wing” groups are on the other side. A belief derived from what I consider valid observation, not from prejudice.

            • Didn’t the government and FBI stop observing Mosques because it was profiling? Obama administration doesn’t say “Islamic terrorists” because he claims it doesn’t come from Islam religion.

              An Former Islamic terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood member said on Fox News that Islamic terrorists are recruited through their Mosques and Islamic prayer groups. I am sure this observation comes from fact and not prejudice from this former Islamic terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood member who is still a Muslim too.

          • Sounds like a declaration of war to me.

          • Blackjack, just finished reading that article. No surprises there, but consider the source. DHS can go f#$% themselves.

            • It just shows who they think the enemy is.

            • GWB fathered the DHS sluthouse. He can go fuck himself too.

          • WTF is a “right-wing extremist”? Someone who is politically to the right of Lenin? How many of the Founding Fathers would be on these a**holes s**t list? Answer: ALL of them. Personally, I find that pretty damned good company and I am happy to be defined by who I have as my friends… and my enemies.

        • Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of domination. Just take a look at all of the countries that have a majority Moslem population. Non-Muslim residences are abused, terrorized, and often killed. The unwritten procedures of the Muslims is to slowly infiltrate the democratic societies of the West and use the democratic process to their advantage. Once they are the majority, tolerance of others is discarded and sharia law is put into place. The non-Muslim then has three choices: convert to Islam, pay a very high extortion tax to continue to practice ones faith but very discreetly, or lastly, be put to death. This brings up another point. Not only is Islam a religion but a political and legal doctrine for everyone to live under. While much in the Koran is barbaric, many passages that are not are wildly interpreted by extremists to justify their barbaric acts such as raping juvenile non-Muslim girls and killing barbers who shave the beards of men such as was done in Afghanistan. This is a religion of the dark ages and has no place in modern society.

          • Since you mention rape of young girls, look at what a Pentagon official has taught.

            Rabbi Dov S. Zakheim, the former Pentagon Comptroller (among a myriad of other military appointments and positions) has written a statement on the ‘ethics’ of rape of non-Judaic women during wartime:

            It is the consensus of many halakhic [rabbinic law] decisors that the yefat to’ar [non-Judaic female prisoners] can be subject to involuntary intercourse [rape], though only once, after which she must undergo a specific regimen prescribed in the Torah [i.e. Talmud], conversion and marriage, before her [Judaic] captor is permitted further sexual relations with her.

            Dov S. Zakheim, “Confronting Evil: Terrorists, Torture, The Military and Halakhah,” published by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School

          • It’s the work of Satan.

          • Islam is not a religion. Muslimes make no secret of their goal. Look to France, Sweened, and the UK. Muslimes are 10% of the population or less, and look at the problems they cause. People are sounding the alarm, but are considered \to be the lunatic fringe by most because socialism and multiculturalism are so deeply entrenched in Europe, even Germany. That said, I wouldn’t count out Germany just yet. Watch for a German Fourth Reich.

            When the pendulum swings, it will swing hard away from it’s present position. The muslimes are ignorant savages and will get impatient and overplay their hand, as always.

          • Fed Up, your description of Islam also applies to the Jewish, Christians, Mormons, Buddhists, just about every other religion. They are all outdated religions of domination, terror, and intolerance, and have no place in modern society if peace is ever to be achieved.

            • Your ignorance is showing.
              It is evil men who use religion for evil purposes.
              But, in the case of Islam, its premise is evil.

              There is no arguing theology with atheists, the only argument is math.
              In the Unified field of God, it is necessary that a creator force is required, for all things to Be.

              This is the failure of all religions, that they destroyed the Divine Knowledge and replaced it with the doctrines of the powerful, ie; the Doctrine of Mystery.

              One day, the truth shall set you free.

          • Agree @FedUp. Islam is most definitely the religion of “the dark side”. Even those who do not support its barbaric application still look the other way and pretend that it is not happening or seek to explain it away in various ways. This is the implacable enemy and there will be no living with these turds. It IS them or us who will survive… and I vote for us!

        • Cal,
          Amen to that and let the revolution to clean the scums out of the whitehouse begin!

        • @Mac Slavo

          ‘Muslim Matrimonials’ advertisement on THIS site?


          I guess you believe the Lie. That Islam is a peaceful religion.
          I have one word for you; Taqiyya
          I have another word for you; Apologize

        • “We are not at war with Islam,” 0bama said. But they sure as hell are at war with us!!!!!

      2. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

        Isaiah 5:20

      3. Meh – no surprise here. We ALL knew the DHS was for this purpose from the start. Looks like it is finally coming out in the open.

        Ok here are the teams

        DHS/muzzies/leftists/commies vs patriots/returning vets/constitutional minded/preppers

        Wow – if I was DHS I would be leaving brown streaks in my Whitey tighties

        MOLON LABE

        • DHS and the rest of the feds can go f#$% themselves.

        • CC, did you know that the US govt. had to bring in FOREIGN EXPERTS IN SECRET POLICE WORK, such as from the KGB and Stasi, to set up the DHS? Google it. Very interesting story.

        • Same thing as the MIAC report, back in 2009. Yep, commie fascist traitors they are and will forever be remembered as such.

          Buy lots and lots of ammunitions, clips and firearms – that’s the only thing keeping the American people from being slaughtered right now – THE ONLY THING.

          • Killcen, I’ve also read the MIAC report. Yes, gun ownership is the only thing standing between us and these psycopaths. Never surrender your weapons under any circumstances. MOLON LABE

      4. Foreign or Domestic, as much as we dislike them we already have the CIA and FBI so why do we need all of these other alphabet agencies. Trekker Out

      5. Discrimination? WTH!!!!
        Muslims, Jews, Christians can all live in this nation as long as one group isn’t running around cutting off heads Stoning women, not letting girls go to school. allowing the beating of a wife if she talks back to you.

        The day will come when the Muslims will try to enforce their laws and the Patriots in this country will fight back.

        I’m not afraid to say that I will fight any religion that tries to take my FREEDOMS and my Families FREEDOMS

        You morons in Washington Go to HELL!!!!


        • The problem Sarge is that these asshats in government who are doing this crap condone the actions of these people.
          If it was islamist assholes doing anything to Cristians you can bet it will be ignored,
          Like i said,
          Go along to get along went out the window and aint coming back

          • Exactly right, Kula. Look at our executive branch: Obama, Biden, Valerie Jarrett, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Al Sharpton, Jen Psaki, Josh Ernest, etc. And look at the folks that couldn’t stand it anymore: Panetta, Hagel, Jay Carney, etc. There’s something wrong with this picture.

        • Better check out the Christian belief.They do not mix.

        • Sarge I think you left out that if you turn MOOSLUM you can also drag your wife by the ears when she is bad. The religion of peace, right. Ask women and homosexuals how peaceful it is.

          • Maddog, I would be willing to give the muzzies the feminazis to play with. Now THAT should be interesting.

            • Give ’em this one.


              • “Infowars”??? What laugh!


                • How much is Obama paying you clown?

                  • I oppose the Kenyan bath house boy, but I also know he is “middle management,” nothing more than a puppet of the banksters. Occasionally when his narcissistic pride is hurt, he will put on a show that sounds uppity, but in the final analysis he has given the synagogue’s banksters everything they want, trillions of dollars and their genocidal wars.

                    Many of the comments in this thread are good for a sad belly laugh. Many here are breathless about Muslims, meanwhile since 1913 we have been serially gang-raped by the entire synagogue and have sacrificed our children to their lies and their demons. Some of you spout sick bloodlust fantasies about the Muslim down the street and the Muslim across the ocean while you are at this very moment getting sodomized (figuratively) by the genocidal synagogue and their shabbos goy accomplices.

                    DEEP DENIAL—Go figure.

                    • Hey John q, don’t you ever get tired of the taste of Hitler’s cock in your mouth? I guess not because you have it there multiple times per day.

                    • The weaker your case, the more foul your potty mouth.

                    • Right, THAT really resonates from a cowardly little dick Nazi who posts his nutjob links as ” proof” of his case. Get some psychiatric help jagoff, you need it more than you know.

            • The femininazis and other assorted leftists are arrogant enough to think they can cut a deal and coexist with these bronze age savages.

          • The fact that hate crimes only go one way should give a clue as to how this will play out.

            • John W., they can take that crap they call hate crimes and stuff it. I don’t even recognize the concept behind it.

              • I agree however they have the power to enforce unjust laws on us. Right now some 70 year old woman is being ruined because she would not sell flowers for a gay wedding. Just the latest in a series of events like that. What ever happened to the right not to associate with someone. Personally I would have sold them the flowers but she should have the right to decline the sale.

                • She played their game and admitted to her “discrimination”. She should have been just as “in your face” as the lefties and posted a sign stating that she welcomed fags and dykes, and that all profits from fag and dyke events would be donated to some blatantly anti-homo organization. Such a sign wouldn’t offend anybody she wants to do business with.

          • Torah on Women:


            On the other hand, the Torah is quite friendly to perversion:


        • …and as long as a second tribe isn’t sniping children (and then their medical rescuers) for sport, dropping white phosphorus on schoolchildren, putting bombs in gift baskets, …


          …and killing 60+ million Christians.


        • Sarge;
          I can agree with most of your posts but can’t we have just a little slack on the “beating your wife when she talks back to you?

      6. I have no problem with any religion that doe not try to push its values on me and respects the laws of our country. Islam is not one of them. Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle

      7. Yea, I’ll give voice to the muslim barbarians, the sound of their voice as they are riddle with .223 from my AR-15.

        • Yep. My .308 drowns out the cries of alpha snackbar quite effectively

          • Confederate and Captain Crunch, I’ll give them some voice, alright. From the Book Of Resistance, Chapter 12-gauge, Verses .380ACP, .30 Carbine, and .22LR.

          • Agree! 110%

            • Kula,
              I second that !!!

      8. Yep,
        Go along to get along?
        That ship sailed,

        • Kula, I would just as soon torpedo that particular ship.

        • It was never a ship in my fleet.

          • Sixpack, that’s one ship that DESERVES to be sunk.

      9. All men are created equal. As long as a group of people act like men…Treat them as men. If they act as barbarians…Treat them accordingly.

        Do not treat any one man based upon the actions of another!

        Muslim extremists…Christian abortion clinic bombers…
        neither are worthy of being treated as men., Even though I am personally against abortion, that would not justify me bombing a clinic.

        Be careful with the application of hatred…It may get in the way of justice!

        • Yea, but should the governments view of justice include martial law and the removal of my rights all that feel good crap goes out the window.

          • Kula, I agree. Nothing this government does is legitimate anyway. We don’t have any obligation to them. Time for the ‘reset’.

        • How about a quick rundown of atrocities and murders done by Muslims in the name of Islam, along with their dates and frequency, in accord with the teachings of the Koran and Mohammad himself (he lead conquering armies and killed tens of thousands, ya’ know) and those done by “Christian abortion clinic bombers” acting against their religion and the teachings of the Bible in the New Testament and widely, loudly, and publicly condemned by all Christian leaders.

          Oh, I’m sure you will be able to find many, many current examples of “Christian abortion clinic bombers” since they number in the tens of thousands and almost none of those Muslim killings, bombings, persecutions of anything non Muslim and such.

          Try to make a realistic argument based in the reality of the world, not one attempting to equate Islam with Christianity (or any other religion for that matter) to give it legitimacy.

          A rue Muslim tries to emulate the life of Mohammad, A true Christian tries to emulate the life of Jesus.

      10. obama’s white house meeting was a room filled with a bunch of circle jerking angry muslims along with a bunch of guilt ridden, enabling Liberal O-bot’s who have turned insane viewpoints into something they think is the new normal……

      11. When there is another islam attack in this country I got a feeling that Americans will take it personal.

        • Your damned right we will. Soon from the looks of things

          • Political Correctness will keep us in check.

            • Slingshot, I NEVER follow any of that PC crap. They can go stuff that PC crap.

        • K K I hope they take it personal but doubt it.

          • Have no idea who is posting using my moniker,

        • King Krazy –

          This feeling you speak of. Are the majority of Americans gonna think the Muslims are behind this attack or the Government?
          Personally, I see most will believe the “LIE” all over again that it was an outside invasion than a Government Agenda.
          I see most people will fall for this all over again, HOOK, LINE, and SINKER –

          I hope I’m wrong, but reality says otherwise –

          • Personally, I believe that it was an outside invasion OF THE Government, THAT IS PERPETUATING THIS Agenda. I believe DC has been infiltrated and taken over by foreign interests, at the behest of the globalist elites.

            I BELIEVE WE’RE SUFFERING THE SAME FATE AS UKRAINE… a government coup d’etat, we’re just too brainwashed to believe it because we think we’re “exceptional” and that it can’t happen here.

        • Americans are gutless wonders. There will be as many or more screaming for tolerance even when heads are getting lopped off. The day of the standup American are long over. Most like the US just slightly more than Obama. This day has been planned for sixty years and the goal is in sight for the left. Best you can hope for is to go down with your dignity intact and not snivel too much as they take you to the camp for disposal. Just the huge third world population will negate any efforts that can be taken. All of you who are all smug because you think you will be armed and they will not have a big painful education coming.

          • “Americans are gutless wonders”
            And might YOU be from John?

          • JOHN W. SAYS :
            Give up your life , liberty , honor and country , all is lost , sit down , shut up and go whimper in the corner while pissing your panties .
            ALL is lost.

            Whoa despair and agony .
            Go fuck yourself John .
            Why not go comment at the Huff Po where you can preach to your choir .
            I will never understand why anyone would have such a defeatist attitude , unless they were paid to post such crap as you do .

        • Glen Beck was right, but early with his statement that Americans are growing tired of the ‘yes, but’ muslimes.

      12. A shame the government is not as diligent about the plight of Christians in this country.

        Their plight being that the government is actively engaged in forcing them to violate their religion under threat of personal, financial, and professional destruction if they don’t.

        You’ll notice no one ever seems to bring civil rights actions against Muslims for things like homosexual marriage equality and equal opportunity employment and such.

        (But of course they don’t, they’d be killed if they did.)

        • Remember SHARON –
          That the US constitution is based on christian values , God given rights .
          If God and christian values are removed from our society , then the constitution has no teeth.
          See the trend here ?

      13. This attitude from a nation that allows a SWAT team to swarm and destroy a family business over unlabeled ‘organic’ milk??

        What is wrong with this picture??

        • Notsogreat, I can answer that. Nothing this government does has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. DHS is jut anther fed agency created to destroy this once-great nation. None of us owe anything to this government, period. DHS cannot tell any of us what to do, period.

      14. I make all of you a promise.

        If any muslime hurts or kills any of mine. There will be a war that they started and I will finish. This is not brag but fact!

        Any Ass Hole in the Government tries to stop me I will consider them my enemy and them as guilty and the ones that killed my family.

        In short you leave me and mine alone I will leave you alone!!!!!!

        • Sarge, I’m the same way. Any Muslim or anyone else who tries to harm me will be sent to allah. Anyone who tries to interfere with my legitimate act of self-defense does so only at their own peril. I never go around having bad intentions toward anyone so I expect other people to extend to me that same courtesy. MOLON LABE

      15. Yeah, sure. the only thing that’ll ever happen is internet chat boards will fill up with hot air about what somebody is gonna do someday. Then it’s tomorrows story about what I’m gonna do when the feds come to take my gun, what I’m gonna do when the financial system collapses, what I’m gonna do when the Un takes over the world,etc. Remember when people used to finish their posts with NOMI and CATI? What happened to that I wonder. Oh yeah, nothing, like everything else.

        • Sounds like someone named ‘please’ is full of hot air.

          • Ok then brave, why don’t you share with us all of the ACTIONS you’ve taken against the big bad powers that be, of course, you’re going to ” fill ’em all with hot lead nutrients” aren’t you. Have you EVER listened to yourself? You’re an angry 12 year old boy spewing general threats to God knows who on every article. The only, and I do mean ONLY way you could possibly be a threat to anyone is by boring them to death with your mindless tirades about being a big internet badass, look at yourself old man, you’re a joke, only you’re too damned stupid to either realize it or admit it.

          • Sounds like someone named “Please” works at the DHS and is here baiting his hook…

      16. I heard they are coming here on tens of thousands of rowboats.

      17. Do you think it was a mistake that the actor in that movie last year looked obummer. I think not God was showing us what a evil thing Obummer is! He not really going to say much bad about his brother muzzies. Whats happening over seas will be here soon . Arm yourself with God,s word in 1 hand and rifle in the other. God Bless and keep you in His care.

      18. All this bullcrap aint even all about muzzies.
        Its about creating fear , laws and control over the populace.
        It is about Agenda21 and socialism , its about private property rights and intentional destruction of the Bill of Rights.
        Be careful not to take the bait , cause Obama is pushing all of our buttons.
        Cooler heads prevail .

      19. It is a simple truth that the Islamic faith in INCOMPATIBLE with American culture.

        The DHS is now a tool being used to further erode American society; they are now domestic enemies.

        “There’s a storm coming.”

        • Eh, they are “tools”… The “tools” of all “tools”… Fat, lazy, mouth breathing tools.

      20. Another false flag. In reality, DHS was a fusion of East German Communist secret police (Stasi) and Jewish Bolshevik Cheka. Big sis Napolitano was a Jewish dyke. Do your own research, remembering that on Jewish or Global issues, Wiki may as well emanate from Tel Aviv (and probably does). The Jewish globalists of course want to convert the U.S. into a Bolshevik slave state. So they confuse us with Islam, while laws are put in place to make any criticism of our Judaic masters a crime. That was one of the first things they did in Russia, before murdering 60 million Christians. Vicky Nulend and the Jewish feministas at State overthrew the Ukrainian government. I believe something like the top 30 posts in the Kievan regime are now Jewish. Even the UN (created to legitimize Israel) says Israel has been aiding ISIS. True Islam honors Christ. The Jewish Talmud says He boils in shit in hell. Take someone raised in Talmudic filth, and than stripped of all morals by atheism, and you have the Jewish globalists who want you dead. The mad jihadis of ISIS reflect their Satanic masters.

        • MongoPissed…..your post is on target. This is what the NWO wants. To get people emotional and not to think and use logic. As one comment above stated I care less about what people wants to believe or to follow as long as they don’t harm others but putting the emotion aside we all need to think very deeply.

          In our country the multi national corps, federal reserver are running the shows. Who are the owners and the share holders of these entities? The international Zionists. So how one administration that is surrounded and formed by these zionists suddenly became mossie lovers?

          The only man made satanic para military named ISIS is doing all of the head cuttings and other savageries. The same administration and its minions are arming them.

          Think deeper folks. Don’t let them to fool you and to control you.

          btw, if any Government truly cares about its citizens and their safeties they won’t try to disarm them but at the same time scream on their media the barbarians are at the gate.

        • abplefebvreforums.proboards.com/thread/3714/who-human

      21. Can you believe natural born citizens of the USA may see a point in their lives where they have to use lethal force to avoid being beheaded in their own country ?

        I’d say France is less than 20 years away and the all knowing elites running the government are working overtime to ensure the USA has the same future.

        • Lena, I believe it and know it’s coming. If some POS feels froggy, let him go ahead and jump at his own peril.

        • It is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. I give France less than ten years. The US may have twenty.

      22. Muslims, Muslims.
        What cha you gonna do, What cha going do when they come for you.
        Muslims , Muslims.

        Hahahahahaha! Obama sings it every night. Hahahaha!

        • Slingshot, what I’ll do if they come for me is to “help them find allah.”

          • Right brave, I’m sure that some snaggletooth old hillbilly with an IQ of 80 is right at the top of their list.

            • Tequila, I doubt if I have the honor of the top f their list, I’m NOT snaggletoothed, and my IQ is WAY ABOVE 80. You can believe what you want, but there’s no way I’m letting anyone with bad intentions toward me have their own way with me and they can be ANYONE, not necessarily Muslim.

          • Maveric,
            YUP, and I have 72 virgin, 30-06’s 165 grain boatails waiting for them, only not in heaven!

            • Apache54, I hear you loud and clear. My 12-ga. with 00 buck and M1 Carbine with 110-grain rounds are my heaviest artillery, but no virgins. Hell, I haven’t even had 72 women in my whole life.

      23. Big fan of this sight. Please tell me there are not supporters of kent hovind. Criminal and said the government was out for him? Please tell me the viewers of this site are not with him

        • Truthsayer, welcome aboard. Who is Kent Hovind?

      24. Muslims and Terrorists are like Chevy and Apple Pie

        • Mark, I’ll take the Chevy and Apple Pie any day. I don’t want the sandbox people.

          • Muslims play in the sand. Terrorists play in the White House.

      25. This country is “lost”…. Only an act of God or CWII will get it back.

        This caring about the muzzies by the current govt.is because of the infiltration of the muslim brotherhood into it.

        Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” did a two hour documentary called:
        Project Documentary I and II. The is an excellent documentary on the infiltration of the muslim brotherhood into the US govt…..

        The program might be available at TheBlaze.com/TV it is an eye opener….

      26. I don’t want my post to be taken the wrong way, but technically this Radical Religious Movement is the least of our worries.
        Shift all your attention to those that have given these people the means and resources to create this fiasco upon others in the World.

        The United States Government and it’s collaborators.
        If it wasn’t for these assholes, would we be having this problem to this day? Chances are, not very likely. This Religious Division is working very well on some of you, this is know different then pinning Racial Issues against one another. Don’t get caught up in this obvious diversion of deceit.

        It’s a ruse to get Christians fighting against Muslims, and Muslims fighting against … well … everything else. This strategy is not a secret, this tactic and others have been and are obviously still being used to this day.

        Look at the influx of immigration coming here from the Middle East, Mexico, Central and South America. There’s something more going on here than what the MSM is saying. I believe without a doubt that there is an Agenda to this, and it’s not for the betterment of America.

        Keep your focus of who is blatantly destroying our livelihoods locally and abroad. It does not matter to me what name the Government calls these Towelhead Terrorist Organizations, because they only mean three letters to me. C.I.A.

        • Exactly TONY ,
          This whole muzzie thing is a scam.
          Watch the OTHER hand .
          Watch the regulations being pushed through , watch the survielance state , the police state and watch the laws being passed to “keep us safe”.
          NO , muzzies are a distraction , the real terrorists are located at 1600 penn.

          • Hammerhead: I’m really having difficulty making the distinction between the two…

      27. Muslims have been terrorizing this country since before it’s founding. Remember the Barbara Pirates? They have been waging their Jihad against any and all non-believers for hundreds of years. Jefferson learned this back then, and nothing has changed. This is not, and has never been about our”imperialism” or any such crap. It’s about islam, and our radical islamonazi president, pure and simple.

        What he hasn’t taken into account is the vast, simmering pot of anger that neither he, nor anyone will be able to control once these monsters start beheading our wives and children in this country.

        • Hammers Thor –

          What you say is true, but lets not forget that Christians at one time had been doing these same things as what Islam is doing today. Christianity has been around a lot longer than Islam, the only difference is and though it’s wrong, Islam is just repeating what Christians had been doing hundreds of years ago.

          All Christians who want to disregard and deny past History, Red Thumb me DOWN!!!!!

          • BS, Tony. Christians were singing, during WWII, “Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, and we’ll all be free.”
            We killed a lot of those f ers, regardless of their religion, atheists, what ever; women and children, like in Dresden, for example.

            “War is hell” and Sherman made it so. Burned a lot of women and children in Atlanta.

            If you don’t want to go to war, don’t declare it. That unconstitutional stuff they’re doing in the sand pile is unconstitutional. Declare constitutional war and kill em all.
            Come home.
            f em

            • War Hater –

              What are you saying? That Military men were singing songs of God and killing his enemies in his name? If so, doesn’t that sound a lot like what these Islamist are doing?

              Killing others in the name of God, is no God of mine.
              My image of God is a peaceful entity, as it is described in my “unwritten book” of Holiness.

              If I was put in a situation to take another ones life, it would because my own life at the moment is a stake or an obvious unjust act was about to happen to another.
              Killing others in the name of God, because the book or belief says that you should kill those who do not follow the Religion is 100% bullshit and anyone who is indoctrinated with those theories or beliefs are weak minded.

              I am a peaceful person by nature, but I can flip a switch comfortably and not be that peaceful person if a situation arises.

              Be well brother

          • I wont red thumb ya , BUT , muzzies have NEVER stopped.
            For thousands of years…….. just sayin , its kinda a never ending thing , so……

          • Get a clue moron. This is not a thousand years ago it is now where and when we all are alive. Attitudes like yours is why we do not have a chance.

          • Crusades were to protect sacred territory that was under hundreds of years of threats from.Muslims

          • I love it when the Crusades are brought up and history is re-written when doing so. The Crusades where a response to Islam. The mooslums invaded and threaten to burn Rome. The pope did then what we should be doing now, kill them all using all means available. Unfortunately some mooslums escaped and we are again dealing with them.

            • Right, and how did the crusades work out? Who was left controlling Constantinople and who retreated for their lives?

          • Tony: The crusades. I assume this is what you are refrencing. Just as BO referenced a couple days ago while he met [again] with the muslim brotherhood in our White House.

            I’ll bring up a couple differences here, and I have also linked a very good article at the bottom that is worth consideration.

            First, the crusades were from 1095 to 1291, so they ended, in defeat for the Christians, over 800 years ago. In contrast, what the islamonazi’s are doing today, THEY ARE DOING TODAY! In addition to having done if for HUNDREDS of years. They are singularly focused on converting the rest of the world to islam, to enslave the non-believers, or to kill them. They practice what they preach.

            I’m not excusing the butchery that the Christians did 800 years ago. But it is an immense stretch of the imagination to excuse the barbarism we see today because of it. And it sure does not mean we should allow it.

            Second, let’s talk about slavery. Specifically America’s history of slavery. That was wrong then, and a discraceful scar on our history. Bet most people do not realize that the VAST majority of slaves sold to the slaveowners in the states were captured, traded and sold BY MUSLIMS.

            Our navy was commissioned in 1794 to fight the Barbary pirates because they were capturing and plundering merchant vessels, kidnapping and enslaving white traders, or ransoming them off. Muslims. This is not a new war. We have been at war with Islam for over 200 years as a nation, and THEY F*CKING STARTED IT. Now we get to reap the reward of not ending it long ago, and the additional reward of electing a muslim islamonazi [TWICE] who’s sole purpose and goal in life is to destroy our nation.

            Ignoring the threat these monsters present is suicidal. I do not believe that, at this time, islam is a religion of peace. It is a religion of tyranny.

            Here’s the article I referenced above: ht tp://www.heritage.org/research/lecture/victory-in-tripoli-lessons-for-the-war-on-terrorism

            My apologies that this rant was not more well-written. I’m pretty mad right now.

            • HAMMERS-
              An excellent rant,
              I share your frustration.
              Remember Ms Obama said : “we must change our history” , so lets not let the facts get in the way.
              Muzzies have been a problem for this nation since its inception and continues to be , regardless of whether posters like
              “tony” choose to support the white house talking points.
              The truth always remains the truth.

              • EXCUSE ME ???

                What are you talking about Hammerhead?
                Where in any of my posts does it resemble that I support the “white house talking points”?
                You will find ZERO evidence, if anything everything I have been dissing is places like the White House / Federal Government … if you want to make up stories about someone, keep your bi-polar thinking to yourself(s).

          • Was it not Christians in the USA that commited the worlds bigest mass murder by killing all the native americans and now they are trying to tell the rest of the world how they should live in peace.

            Peace with the USA comes with a bomb and you can ask people in Japan about that one.

            Bomb me and my freinds and see if i don’t turn into a terrorists but i would not go after the military and would instead be going for the elite bankers who are behind the bombs.

            • MR SMITH-
              Please point me to the link or page that says anything about christians killing indians .
              Was this a crusade ?
              I have not read this version, or is this another “lefty” fairy tale ?

            • Mr Smith, spot on! There is no such thing as a religion of peace. Religions are all anti-peace.

            • @mr.smith

              last I checked that was actually the U.S. Gov’t that ran that lil operation

          • Christians of that time -at last they seemed to claim they were- were acting against their religion, against everything Christ taught.

            Muslims are acting in accord with their religion, and following everything Mohammad taught.

            You cannot justify initiating any aggressive violence by the New Testament, but you are commanded to it by the Koran.

          • Real Christians didn’t intentionally murder innocents in the name of God. Christ’s teaching does not teach people to murder. However, Islam teaches to murder those who do not believe the way they do, it was what Mohammad did.
            Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out”
            Try to find that in the New Testament Bible.

      28. P = Patriotism

        A = Always

        T = Triumph

        R = Righteousness’

        I = Integrity

        O = Over

        T = Tyranny

        • Copperhead, I couldn’t agree more. Hammer, meet head of the nail.

      29. part 1
        I have been an unfaltering straight Republican for thirty years. That is until George W. Relentless hours of reading and uncovering truths about our political system and the money that actually controls our puppets laid heavy on my spirit and for the first time in thirty years I could not bring myself to vote.

        So it came as no surprise to me when I received an e-mail from the Republican National Committee with Bush’s complete inauguration speech. Seeing all of the press it received and hearing that George W’s speech is one of the Top Five of all times, lead me to read it in it’s entirety.

        For the most part I found the speech to be powerfully written. It reads much like a flowery poem and flows like a beautiful river. That is until you take the time to digest exactly what’s been put before us. I for one, do not want a second helping of George W. Examine the words he so eloquently delivered on the 21st of January 2005…

        “That edifice of character is built in families, supported by communities with standards, and sustained in our national life by the truths of Sinai, the Sermon on the Mount, the words of the Koran, and the varied faiths of our people. Americans move forward in every generation by reaffirming all that is good and true that came before – ideals of justice and conduct that are the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
        ~~George W Bush

        We all know and hold dear to the facts that America was founded upon Christian principles by in the most part Christian men… a truth that President Bush attests to being supported by our families and communities. A truth that many Americans embrace and which impregnates the very fiber of our national life as Mr. Bush points to the truths of Sinai, the Sermon on the mount and the words of the Koran. Did you hear what I just said or did the flowery words from the Presidents silver tongue dull your sense of logic?

        I hope you are asking yourself… “What is this guy talking about?”… because if you are, there is still hope for you and our country. Here’s what I am talking about. We all know the truths of Sinai. As this is a geological location where Moses handed down the Ten Commandments. You know, things like… “thou shalt not kill”. And then there are the truths of the Sermon on the Mount. Once again these truths echo the sentiment of many Americans with teachings such as, “thou shalt not murder” and “love your enemies”. After all who would want to teach their children anything other than being respectful of others, right? Well maybe some American families and communities love the truths of the Koran almost as much as these Christian teachings. After all, President Bush said that we not only support these truths in our families and communities but that they are a way of life for our nation. Really? Here are some passages from the Koran…

      30. I just about Puuuked and vomited listenting to that crap video. Fighting for the rights of muslim minoritys. What about the right of the American People. The jihadist are so confident that they even built a training camp in Texas. See Google and type in “Jihadist training camp Brazoria county Rd 3” the so called “Mahmoodberg” and read what comes up. Read the article, i couldn’t even belive what the hell i was reading. Dr Jim Garrow has been talking to Doug hgmann and Steve Quayle & David Hodges about this for the last 6 months. They, the appointed muslims in the white, by the Un, which is a muslim organization. The appointees in the house are so confident that they believe that their so called “jihadist” will be ready to take down Houston and all of Texas..They must think that my town and city. This is not the Yazidi mountains of Iraq, Syria or kobane. Think again. The word Terrorist-means terrorising your masters. Who are the masters? The masters is the government elite scum that control us and our society. They call the American people terrorist, because the Free American people have disobeyed the Slave masters, as in “we are not taking your crap anymore”. Therefore the American People are labled as domestic Terrorist. Gee, it figures dosen’t it. NOw it all makes sense. I give this 60 more days max before it all leads to all out revolutionary and civil war. By the time October 1st comes around, our cities will be transformed to total battlefield, just like it did in 1774-1776 & the war of 1812.I may be wrong aboiut the timing, but then again? All the factors and variables are now in place. And that video surfaces. If those jihadi ideots, think that Americans are just going to let them come into our cities and commit the type of attrocities that they have been getting away with in Iraq and Syria, and i dont need to name them, they better think again. A bunch of rice farmers and jungle livers, fought of the American high tech forces during vietnam, and America had to pull out of the war. We are not rice farmers in my city. The motor cycle gang or Euro Red necks ran out isis from Kobane. Now Jihadist are coming to Houston, ha, haa, aaa, haa, i have to laugh. These jihadist are going to literally p…..s their pants when they come here.

      31. TM, Christianity has NEVER been anything like Islam. Can you offer any sources for that claim?

        • Maverick –

          Are you serious????

          Conspiring to Witch Craft — burned at the stake

          Crusades — so you don’t want to convert to Christianity, off with your head

          Do I really need to go into depth or add more matter to the subject? I think not!!!

          There’s no need to make this out to be a Religious debate, the evidence is all there in black and white if people only choose to investigate it.

          • TM, uh, maybe you need to re-examine the real purpose behind the Crusades, which was to defend Europe against MUSLIM INVASIONS FROM TURKEY AND CERTAIN PARTS OF NORTH AFRICA. You were misled by someone about the Crusades.

            • Maverick –

              Yes, the Christians and the Muslim have had their issues in the past. Yet, this seems to be and others only want to see the crusades for what they are.

              Explain the the Spanish Crusades? Oh …. nobody want to talk about that ‘eh? All kinds of pillaging, killing, raping and stealing going on, all in the name of God because the Pope ordered these men to seek out to convert others to Christianity.

              Made their way up to now as California, convinced the American Natives to drop their Sun God and convert – oh, you can keep your last name, but you must have a Christian First name — how about Joe, does that seem like a good fit for you sir?

              Crusades went way farther and past Jerusalem – One of the grandest conquest of the Globe for it’s time.

              • And that’s the end of braveheart’s { maverick} commentary on the crusades as that question is one he does not care to answer thank you very much. You see, it interferes with his fragile view of history, he’ll cover his ears and say ” I can’t hear you!”

                • Square, are you an apologist for Muslims?

                • braveheart, you’ve demonstrated several times { several on this one article itself actually} that you have a propensity to turn tail and run from a discussion when a question is either uncomfortable or beyond your comprehension to answer, the latter of the two being the most obvious. Obviously your scared to death to answer Tony Montana’s last question he put forth to you so in your adolescent attempt to defer that fact you ask me a stupid question instead of answering the one that was asked directly of you. I’ve read earlier here you claim to have an IQ above 80,if that’s true why not give the man an answer to his question instead of fleeing from it like a frightened child?

                  • Square –

                    It’s quite alright. If nobody wants to answer a direct question, but rather reply by calling me names or attempting to bring down in another fashion. This is their choice and to be completely honest, I’m used to it everyday when I venture out into public.

                    This is what Far Left-Liberals do to people like me. It’s easier for them to attempt to communicate with me by choosing to ignore a discussion or debate by resorting to name calling. Yet, I’m willing to bet that these types of people say they hate Liberals, though they are doing what Liberals do best. Neglecting to discuss/debate another, and resort to verbal garbage is what makes them feel like they have the edge over another.

                    I don’t and should not make time for these kinds of people.
                    It boils down to a waste of time and energy.
                    This Thread alone bothers me to a degree.
                    I see people getting upset with some of these posts, and taking it personal. If some of these people can’t cope and not get angry at a thread. Just how in the fuck are they gonna handle things when the Shit Hits The Fan?

                    Attitudes need to change, we all have one thing in common. That is we all know something isn’t right in this country and abroad, and that is why we are here at this site.

                    Joking and being humorous with another is a good thing, but for someone going out of their way to inflict harm is not doing that person any good and especially the one being the inflicter.

                    Be Well –

              • T. Montana,
                Your knowledge of history is pathetic. You make the fool of yourself with your post. Learn some facts. The crusades were to free lands that had been conquered by the Muslims. Those lands had been Christian and Jewish. Scary part is ignorant fools like yourself are the majority. Stupid and proud of it you are.

      32. Every one needs to read this book called Twilight in America by Martin Mawyer it will blow your minds!!They walk among us and most will never Know it.

      33. I never understood why these camel humpers were never strafed or j-damed when they were all kneeled down on their rugs during prayer. How much easier could it have gotten, them being all in one place. Where’s an A-10 or “Puff the Magic Dragon” when you need them? Been up to me, it of been their last call for prayer.

        • PO’d Patriot, I can think of some other places where A-10s and C-130 gunships would be very useful.

          • Yeah Mav I agree, where the real terrorists reside.

        • And who ever thumbed me down I hope they take your head and use it for Halloween next year.

          • PO’d only a pathetic thumbsucking troll will thumb-down anyone without offering their own comment. Thumbs are for children anyway. The worst thing Mac ever did for this site was to bring back the stupid thumbs.

      34. They’re in your back yards and you don’t know it.They’re fucking everywhere.I’m thinking what we need here is a little more ethnic diversity…WTF.

      35. The government needs to intervene. It’s getting hard for a devout moslim to behead anyone or blow up a random group of people any more.

        • Larry –

          You say the Government needs to intervene? Haven’t been paying attention? They have been intervening, on the behalf of the terrorist organizations.

          Hasn’t anybody noticed that whatever the Government touches or intervenes with turns to shit? Is it a coincidence? … not likely. Is it incompetence? …. to a certain degree. Is it deliberate? … absolutely it is.

          Please, anyone, anybody at all tell me what program or intervention the US Government has done for the betterment, just in the last 20 years for mankind?

          I can’t name one, can you?

          The Testosterone Levels are extremely high on this board.
          Too many focused on Muslims and not enough talking about the root of the problem —- Government & it’s Handlers

          • Tony, you should reread larry’s post carefully. I think you totally missed the meaning in his sarcasm.

            • Sixpack –

              I suppose you could be right, though some of these post you just can’t tell if sarcasm is being applied or not.

              Iduno – maybe an indicator from the poster doing this at the end of their post [sarcasm] would help.

              • I’ve done the same thing, Tony. I personally label my sarcasm, so that my intent is clear to anyone not able to see the look on my face as I say it.

          • Tony:

            Not a peep on this thread about the Noahide Law waiting in the wings to be the real final death blow to Christians here in the US. Easy to find. Let your fingers do he walking.

            The MSM and their owners, DC and their owners, the federal reserve and their owners, the UN and their directors, etc., would all be giving themselves a high five if anyone of them would read most replies on SHTF blogs concerning muzzies.

            It is obvious that Governments and their handlers WILL have Pikes’ WW3 just as we were led into WW1 and WW2.

            Your statement…”government and its handlers” is the ROOT of the brainwashing that is taking place…but you will take note it did not even slow most posters down.

            They have been reminded time and again who the real culprits are behind the mess the world is in, Tony, but somehow it does not compute.

            Until posters are willing to commit themselves to finding out what/who the Zionists are that are running this insane asylum of the world today; they will never ever begin to figure out the end game.

            Pike said the Zionists would pit the world against the muzzies to forment the final war to set up their one world order and it is happening right before our eyes.
            Our/your kids/relatives will be sent to die for the OWO scheme; and when the smoke clears if you are still alive, you will either be judged to be fit for a slave for their agenda or you will be eliminated.

            So look forward, for it is coming, a muzzie ‘false flag’ so horrendous that you will foolishy commit your treasures, your children to be used as gun fodder for the “sake of freedom”.

            After the two world wars you would think America would be steeped in freedom. And yet, reading most posts, people here realize there is less and less daily. Where is all that freedom we fought and died for? Then ask yourself deep down who has the ability to have those freedoms taken from you and why.

            Remember that MUZZIE ROTHSCHILD, who said “Give me control of a nations money and I care not about their laws. Remember those MUZZIE dual citizens of Israel in DC trying to take your guns, and for hell sake remember the MUZZIE moneychangers who own all the stock of the federal reserve, or the MUZZIES who own the MSM.

            Or you might take another look at Jesus’ words in Revelations “Those who say they are Judah but are not; they are the Synagogue of Satan. He is speaking about Zionists.

            When will we ever learn. Most here call the MSM liars but we have no problem swallowing/wallowing in their ability to brainwash us into WW3.

            • BTW Tony:

              Your posts are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

              • Thanks Pissed Off Granny, that means a lot to me – but it’s starting to look like it is only you I who are alone and being pushed off as outcast. As of this posting, you have one thumbs up (from me) … and five thumbs down. Guess I/we are not very welcomed here ….h’mm…guess I’ll/we’ll have to keep posting then.

                Be Well –

                • Tony:

                  Let mE know what your computer says about the thumbs up/down on my post. As of right now my computer shows 4 up and 3 down. HMMMMM! Check your posting time when you see this and let me know. How could there have been the count you stated when right now I only see 3 down. Are the thumbs being manipulated? If so, that says something is definitely wrong at SHTF.

                • Tony:

                  You will see this posted twice because I am in moderation because I did not put in my name correctly.

                  I need you to check your computer, along with the time of this (my) post. My computer shows 4 thumbs up, 3 thumbs down right now. How can your computer show 1 up and 5 down?

                  If the thumbs are being manipulated at SHTF, who is in charge? Something is wrong…..

                  Please answer my post so we can take it up with Mac.

                  • POG –

                    as of 3:23 Eastern Time

                    3 thumbs up / 5 thumbs down

                    Guess we had a couple of recent thumbs up vote since I had posted previously.

            • I can’t find anything anti-Christian about the laws that were given Noah after the flood. The only weird one is the one about not eating the flesh off a living animal. I guess swallowing live goldfish is out. That’s an easy one for me to follow.

              The Noahide laws are the laws that all humanity was expected to obey. The Israelites were given an additional law, keeping the Sabbath, when they received the Ten Commandments. All of those laws, except the Sabbath, were reiterated by Jesus in the New Testament, when He said to love God and love each other. If you do those two, you are keeping all the others automatically.

              In sum, the Noahide laws neither add to nor take away from what we were instructed in the New Testament by Jesus.

              • Archivist:

                With a name like Archivist I would expect you have the ability to find most any topic.

                With link after link on the internet showing how dangerous the Noahide Laws are to the world I find it odd you could not find anything wrong with them.

                They actually will be the NWO laws that will set the rules for how you are allowed to worship.

                In a Noahide.org article, Michael Kress confirms that many observant Jews believe Christianity(with its “polytheist” in the Trinity) violates Noahide Law. If the Noahide law were enforced, Christians and all other “idolaters” face extermination under this supposed “universal peace-creating” UNIVERSAL code.

                So posters here do not have to take your word, or mine, about the Noahide laws. As long as the internet is at our fingertips it is all there.

                Some articles state that our Constitution is the only thing standing in the way of the implementation of the Noahide Laws. Once martial law is declared and the Constitution shredded they WILL be imposed on America.

                • What the Jews believe about the laws given to Noah doesn’t affect what the laws actually were. They are in plain language.

                  I have read what the Jews try to do, which is what they’ve done to the rest of the Old Testament. They can’t do with what the plain language is. They have to add thousands of pages of opinions with tedious details about how to obey the rules. There’s really stupid stuff, like whether giving to a beggar on the Sabbath is okay if you pass the money out your window, but it matters on which side of the window the money changes hands. They have special stoves with timers so they can cook on the Sabbath without technically “kindling a fire” on the Sabbath. That right there proves they are weasels. They want to break the Sabbath in their hearts, just as Jimmy Carter “lusted in his heart.”

                  We are already supposed to be following the Noahide laws, and what anyone tries to change about them won’t affect what I know and do.

                  As Hamilton Burger used to say on “Perry Mason,” all this talk of really, really enforcing Noahide Laws is “irrelevant and immaterial.”

                  So anytime I see anything about it, I’ll just red flag and move on.

            • granny, most people can’t take you seriously due to the fact that you present yourself as a raving lunatic. EVERYTHING you see is a conspiracy! And if that isn’t bad enough, then you inject the Bible and God into your fantasies as some kind of proof for your ” visions” of the future. It seems like you spend your life searching these nutcase websites to support your crazy notions of the future. Then you play it out like you’re some kind of martyr who the great unwashed masses refuse to listen to because we’re all ” brainwashed”. If you want people to take you seriously you’ll give up being this nutjob fusion of Alex Jones and Gary North rolled up as one.

              • Anonymous/Mickey:

                My posts sure bring out the ‘best’ in you don’t they?

                Don’t believe in Alex(he is a deceiver just like you) and have never looked at North; but will check out North due to your post.

                I will let posters check out Noahide Laws and they can decide for themselves just who the deceiver is here. Fair enough?

                Your attacks smell of the Marxist Frankfort School tactics.

                • Granny, you just made my point entirely. Somehow I MUST be an agent of the evil international conspiracy that’s out to ” get” you at any cost. What’s this anonymous nonsense about, I’ve posted my name for everybody to see here haven’t I? Or maybe that’s a conspiracy too, because ANYBODY who thinks you’re nuts is an evil deceiver in league with the ” devil”. I think what you’re really in need of is some good old fashioned psychiatric counseling, try it out and see if all of your illusions don’t melt away as reality begins to take hold. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it after you feel better.

                  • Mickey –

                    What’s your contribution here … Trolling?
                    Must be, because I never see your posts anywhere at SHTF PLAN.
                    Iduno, maybe you are a regular and decided to change your Moniker. Either way you look at it, trolling is trolling especially when you singling out an individual.

      36. I don’t want to get all religious but it’s all laid out in the bible the things happening in the world people we are in the end times. Us that are steadfast in prepping are doing the right thing. For me it was a re awakening after many years partying. I stopped partying and I don’t drink or smoke anymore. I got tired of being sick and not feeling healthy. I woke up one morning and was thinking shit I don’t have the tools to survive the chaotic world so I went out and bought a shotgun. I used to shoot when I was younger. I got off track chasing chicks and pimp cars. I’m glad I’m back to reality it’s been about 8 years now . It’s like the holy spirit awoke inside of me saying to prepare yourself to protect the family god gave me. These Muslims want to destroy Christians just like hitler did the Jews. We have to never forget history . Obama is dividing the unity we used to have and he is reinforcing the stance that black folks are being treated unfairly . It’s all to out brown people against white folks. They use words like white privilege what the hell is that I got my clothes at Wally’s lots of black folks have better cars and clothes than me I don’t know what more these people want only thing left is blood. Even the black folks at my church dress snappier than me. To me the civil rights stuff is about keeping white people down. I’ve never seen christian extremists that went around killing folks for not accepting Christ as the savior. Jews don’t do this either that I know of . These terrorists don’t deny that the do this. What plight do Muslims face in the USA . I mean to western society a woman covered in black with just her eyes showing is extremely uncommon. I’ve seen it a few times . Looks nutty to me .

      37. Be afraid.

        Be very afraid.

        They are coming to get you. They are armed with exploding shoes and underwear.

        Sure wouldn’t want to be in the path of those exploding parts.


        • They like blowing shit up,

          • Actually Kula,I too enjoy blowing things up and am not tied to any main stream or micro stream religion.Admittedly,do it on 4th mostly/just things in sand pits ect.,not people or lived in building ect.,well,at least not yet.I hope the US citizens not pushed into a situation were blowing buildings(excepting controlled demo)/people up seems a good idea.

      38. All I want to see is the look on a libs face when he discovers he’s on the beheading list too!!!

      39. We need anti Muslim encouragement of Christians and Jews attack the Muslims every chance I’m not scared of these barbarians but I’m not a one man army we need to encite people to challenge them. I’m all for violence when it’s the only answer and this is one of those rare instances. It amazes me that saved Christians are afraid to die to me it’s a no lose situation . I fight to destroy evil and succeed I win. If I die in the fight I go to heaven I win also. I’m that confident I’m going to win. It’s not being a dummy. It’s my faith is that strong . I see it as if we do nothing evil wins without being challenged . I mean what is it gonna take your neighbors head on your fence post. I’d rather go at it and possibly die in battle this is with honor. Than be a victim of these barbarians. Where are the men that will stand up to the enemy there is no movement to counter Islamic extremism. I’m not an organizer of things but I know some people are good at rallying the troops. Guys get it in your head the threat is succeeding as I write this. Why the hell are we waiting for the murderers to come to us we can crush them with minimum losses. Dying isn’t the end of the world.

      40. I have no respect for, or any intention of submitting to anything the communist backed DHS says. They are the enemy along with the usurper Obama and his devoted minnions.

        You DHS commies also know what you can do with your fusion centers.

        • Doorman, welcome aboard, and I agree totally. You’ve come to the right place.

      41. A Muslim walks into a welfare office with a filthy parrot on his shoulder. The parrot’s feathers are falling off, its beak is broken, and it looks to have been horribly injured.
        The social worker looks in disgust and asks, “Oh my God, where did you get that ugly thing?”
        The parrot replies, “Pakistan.”

        Sorry, had to do it…

        • Eppe, a damned good one. please keep them coming.

      42. How much money did Saudi put in the pocket of this brain dead member of the corrupt hate filled Democrat Black Caucus???

      43. Go buy another gun tomorrow and some more ammo. We are going to need it.

      44. Auschwitz AFB in the Peoples Republic of (fill in the state) is where 911 pax were taken, then disposed of at a near by FEMA Camp. Read Rebecca Roth’s new book “Methodical Illusion” to get the big picture. Down load from Amazon, Barnes and Noble is out of the hard copy. This information is spinning up a DHS campaign against American truthers who have nailed down the whole psyop.

      45. It sounds like Homeland Security director Jeh Johnson is a terrorist himself when he warned…”there will be consequences”….. when Congress didn’t want to continue funding of HLS.

      46. A lot of rage on here tonight. It is understandable but not very productive. As I see it 1. We have a government that is targeting its most patriotic citizens and whipping them into a frenzy while at the same time protecting and supporting the very people who wish to destroy it. Every week and fresh assault from our masters comes down the pipe.Shipping in hundreds of thousands of (Syrian”refugees”) last week, this week this inflammatory nonsense from the HS Cheifs.
        2. Our government along with its media machine ARE threatening and marginalizing Christianity, which is STILL representative of the majority of our populace. At the same time it is strengthening and giving power to another religion whose guiding principles are diametrically opposed to the very underpinning of our nation. Any FOOL can see that giving Islam a major foothold in our country will lead to civil war and revolution.
        So what is their end game, it appears as obvious to me as it does most everyone else here. What is fueling most of the rage I see on here and in the country is what do we do about it? Nobody really knows. Many seem to say I will protect me and mine and the world can go to hell,I hope that works out for you but I suspect it will not. Others seem to be of the opinion that we will bend over and wait for it since nothing is gonna change it anyway. It is very frustrating to see an avalanche hurtling toward you and feeling powerless to stop it. As for me I feel the time for talk is over, we can sit back and watch these evil people slowly destroy our country or we can fight NOW before it gets any worse. Yes I am advocating Revolution NOW. Would it lead to my death ,yes. Everybody dies of something. Unfortunately there a few people who are that far down the road as me and those that are, are scattered and unorganized. Until there are enough of us, we all will have to continue to watch this slow motion train wreck, and suck on our rage whilTPTB keep sticking it to us. I almost wish a major SHTF event would come tomorrow, because as terrible as it might be, it is better than what I will call “knowledgeable impotence”. Forgive me folks I am depress AND long winded tonight. Keep your nose to the wind and your eye along the skyline.

      47. The only terrorists being caught inside the USA are being caught by the FBI/CIA using entrapment where they get a Muslim with a low IQ to think he can make money by blowing something up.

        Well it worked on 9-11 for the owners of the world trade center so why should it not work for you!

        Muslims are not the danger and it’s your bloody government and the police state it has created to protect the interests of the zionist bankers that is a danger to your life.

        The last time i counted the police in the USA had executed about a hundred people so far this year and the score for terrorists was about zero.

      48. Prediction: They will do something horrific in our schools. Gun free zone. When that happens it will split this country in half. DHS is likely preparing for such an event. They will be out in force trying to protect muslim communities and arresting suspected vigilante groups seeking revenge. Many will call for the presidents resignation.

        • If Muslim terrorists kill American children, or behead American schoolchildren and their teachers on our land for a video on social media, Obama’s Department of Home Security will rush to protect the Islamic mosques all over the country from all the domestic enemies of this country.

      49. Sigh. For those people who are having trouble with the crusades and saying that we as Christians did the same thing; you know what? I’ll grant you that. Here’s the difference. We did it in ignorance when the church if you could call the Catholic Empire such banned Bibles for common folk. We did it out of ignorance of what it really says. The Qurana (and yes I have read it) commands exactly what these goons are doing now. Hope it helps. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go buy another box of green tip

      50. This is my first time to post here. I have come to admire many of you brave men and wise women and am in agreement with many of your Patriotic and conservative Christian values.
        But, I am an American convert to peaceful Islam which most of you don’t even believe exists. Do you know how many of your healthcare workers are peaceful Muslims? We want the same as you. An honest day’s peaceful work and peace in our families. We are more outraged than you at the barbaric atrocities of ISIS scum. It’s like Catholics being horrified by pedophelia and quietly leaving the Church. But everyday I am hurt by the constant spying which doesn’t seem to stop any bad guys. For a long time nobody believed me about blocked emails, steamed open mail, car broken into and searched and home searched and bank account frozen and drivers license unable to renew…and even unable to pay taxes over the internet. But now the rest of you believe. Why would the PuppetMasters pit us against each other? What do we have in common? No debt. Family values. Desire for true peace. Support of second and fourth ammendment. Belief in God and The Second Coming of Jesus and Judgement Day. Anyway, i won’t even be able to see your down arrows because that is a privilege I am denied…every time I would up or down arrow, at least seven more votes would be counted from all the spy computers…ha! God bless you all.786

        • @ Porph

          In the mid-60s my high school best friend was an Iranian refugee whose family escaped Iran after the CIA subverted Mossadagh’s popular election to install their CIA thugs. Shah Pahlavi’s SAVAK murdered everyone in his grandparent’s generation. Kambiz was Shi’a. He was good at soccer. Became an engineer. Married an American woman.

          Go through the State’s Dept of Health Professions list … physicians, nurses. Many Islamic names. Came here to get their medical education and stayed for the freedom. Stayed because nobody was torturing their family member in a government dungeon.

          Islam isn’t monolithic. Indonesia and Malaysia aren’t Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, aren’t Turkey or Morocco. No Iraqi participated on September 11th. But 15 of 19 AQ were Saudi. I don’t hear the barking dogs baying about divesting all contact with Saudi Arabia. I sometimes discuss religious issues with a reverend who has a doctorate and forty years of clergy experience. “I read the Bible once or twice and I know as much about your faith as you do, reverend.” Yeah, right.

          That’s a preposterous belief on my part, that my superficial knowledge is equal to his adult lifetime of professional experience and scholarship. It’s equally absurd that the instant experts here who have “read the Koran” to cut and paste passages out of context, know anything about Islam.

          Control freaks need to trot out an enemy for the controlled to hate. Instead of them. Keeps the serfs busy shaking their fists at scapegoats instead of at their real adversary.

          What one calls modern Iraq exists because after World War I the by-then defunct Ottoman Empire was in history’s dustbin. British generals drew lines on a map and by the Balfour Declaration created modern Iraq. Dig it … outsiders, from a foreign power, ignoring tribal and sectarian realities, created a “nation.”

          People who live there, who are of that faith and that blood, lately seek to define their homeland their own way. And a hundred barking dogs here vehemently shouting, “How Dare They.”

          I don’t care which part of Islam has dominion over which acreage In The Middle East. None of my business. I”m too busy advocating my individual liberty and private property from the real adversary. The federal government.

      51. Washington D.C. now stands for “District of the Caliphate”

        • Risky Whiskey –

          Iduno if that has the right ring to it.
          I always seemed to like D.C. as ……

          Dickhead Criminals

          Seems more appropriate & fashionable Title for them.

          Yours works, I just like mine better.

      52. I continue to maintain the battle is one of education and information dissemination, and non-violent. Thankfully, this site allows a venue to inform and disseminate ideas.

      53. And this brings me to my NEXT point… DON’T SMOKE CRACK! 🙄

      54. Arizona Dude,you are 100% correct. There will be an attack on a grade school,Obama will rush to say this is NOT a terrorist attack. Then in the next breath he will warn anyone who may attempt anything against a Muslim or Muslim community, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Mark my words

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