If You Want to Stop Crime in America, Start in the White House and Work Your Way Down

by | Oct 10, 2011 | Headline News | 137 comments

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    Over 200 people are confirmed dead, including at least one US agent, with “Fast and Furious” weapons which were directed into the hands of drug cartels in Mexico at the order of our Justice Department and the BATF.

    Under oath Attorney General Holder denied any knowledge of the operation or active participation in it and continues to deny his involvement to this day:

    “My testimony was truthful and accurate and I have been consistent on this point throughout. I have no recollection of knowing about Fast and Furious or of hearing its name prior to the public controversy about it.”

    Holder also lashed out at some of the more extreme charges being leveled by Republican lawmakers, such as a statement this week by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) that federal officials who approved the “gun-walking” technique should be charged as accessories to murder.

    Source: Politico

    However, CBS News reports that Holder did, in fact, have knowledge of the operation in July of 2010, and received at least seven memos where Operation Fast and Furious was mentioned by name.

    View Larger Image

    The bottom line is that this is Eric Holder’s Justice Department, and he is doing everything he can to distance himself from an operation which he, as head of the department, oversaw.

    While Mr. Holder maintains his innocence regarding the perjury charges being thrown at him by Republicans, there is perhaps a more serious charge that he should face, as suggested by Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu and others:

    Via Steve Quayle:

    Absolutely [the ATF have been accomplices to murder]. Not just these individual agents, but people up the chain of command who have made the decisions. The US Attorney for Arizona just resigned. This is a big deal. Now it’s one step away from Eric Holder. This is his Department of Justice. There are people who have lost their lives.

    At the very least Mr. Holder should be immediately investigated for perjury and should resign his position as Attorney General of the United States because he was either complicit in the execution of the operation or ignorant to what was going on within his own agency, which shows clear incompetence on his part. What’s equally as alarming is that Mr. Holder’s boss, President Obama, has taken no action regarding this situation and has remained eerily quiet. Perhaps he, like his law enforcer, was involved in some capacity. Again, at the very least he should be forcing a resignation at this point.

    Americans, under the watchful eye of the Eric Holder Justice Department, have been sent to prison for life for much less serious crimes.

    What we’re talking about here are the deaths of at least 200 people, and countless unnamed others, and Eric Holder, our top lawman, has his hands all over it. Where we come from this is usually called ‘being an accessory’ or ‘accomplice,’ though in Washington it seems to be business as usual.

    This is just the latest example of the modern American system of justice, where the average Joe is arrested for crimes like selling lemonade or imprisoned for life for possession of marijuana, while the well-connected live within a completely different world where lawlessness runs rampant, the deaths of innocents are not investigated, trillions of dollars in fraud are ignored, and the Constitution is treated like an outdated policy rather than the fundamental law of the land.

    It’s like Papa Slavo always used to say: “If you want to stop crime in America, start in the White House and work your way down.”


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      1. Let the Nuremberg trials and punishments begin anew.

        • Unrelated to this topic: I caveman on science channel 284 direct tv, nine men and women survive using stone,age technology, interesting to watch, especially if emp or nuke befalls us! At 9 pm.

        • Skip the trials. Lets have some “legal” waterboarding. Can’t find anyone to do it? I’ll volunteer and drive anywhere to do my duty!

        • Yes, he definately would be a prime candidate for a date with a hemp necktie. I wonder how long he would last post SHTF? Maybe he kept some of those Fast and Furious weapons for himself? I am curious if him and those like him would be eliminated on sight after the SHTF or if they would be allowed to die a natural death? It is a nice daydream that maybe some issues of justice might be settled in this life instead of the next one.

        • Bullshit, if you want to stop crime, then go from the federal reserve up to the top of evil doers.

      2. The most that will happen, is he will step down, and another crook will be put in his place, although he should be tried for murder, and perjury, at the very least

        • You’re talking about Obama, right?

          • No it wont touch Obama. Reagan gave 18,000 weapons to freedom fighters and in return even got some hostages free. That was news, that was prosecutorial, and damning even though it all but stopped a war in El Salvador that was on at the time. No this isn’t news….Obama gives 2,000 weapons to drug lords that lead to 200 deaths….no news there.

      3. The straw buyers were stupid useless eaters. The gun store owners shoulda woulda coulda known where this was going. Water board anybody that can’t get no “recollection” & deport them to Mexico.

        • “I’ve tried
          and I’ve tried
          and I’ve tried.
          I can’t get no
          I can’t get no

        • Amen and Amen.

        • The gun shops knew the sales were bad and were told by BATF to go ahead with the sales. If you want criminals look at the Injustice dept. Better yet ask why the sales were pushed by a corrupt administration. Maybe to discredit all law abiding gun owners?

          • That is the real story behind this whole thing.. is how the the gun shop owners were set up.. Just look up “New Deal Sporting Arms” These are good people and they arrested the whole family..

            • I am surprized this is not gone Viral, we need to keep this in the News all the way to 2012, this MUST be a Issue to fight Little Lenin with,We are going to need all the ammo(No Pun Intended) to be these commies!

        • Hello. Gun shop owners were calling ATF worried about straw purchases….ATF said don’t worry about.

        • It’s my understanding that the gun store personnel were on the phone with the ATF trying to get them to come and grab the buyers while the buyers were waiting for approval after filling out the 4473’s.

          The BATFECBS declined to act.

          • Orygun, “You’ve got mail.”

      4. In any government/corprate entity, the head of the department is the one who is responsible for the actions of that department.

        Eric Holder is the head of his department and therefore responsible for the actions of his department.

        If he claims he was unaware, then under our justice system, ignorance is not an excuse.

        I am tired of weenies slipping through the handcuffs of justice. It’s time for our government to act like MEN and not weenies.

        I am tired of Weenies runing our government. How about you?

        • Weenies and corn dogs. The incompetence excuse is getting worn.

        • I am tired of weenies running our government. How about instead of RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT, we change it to RUINING OUR GOVERNMENT? We, the people have been letting OUR GOVERNMENT, yes you read that right, OUR GOVERNMENT, WE ELECT THEM THEREFORE THEY ARE OURS, slowly run our freedoms into the ground. It is now time for us to REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE. WE HAVE THE POWER OF THE VOTE. Exercise it with caution, but absolutely exercise your right to vote, before they try to take that away from us, too.

      5. Yea, and some of them clams too! Never put a lawyer in office.

        • exactly,, look at all the “so called leaders” in this country..what do they all have in common?

          they passed the BAR… British Acredited Registry..all of them dam lawyers,
          Politician= lawyer
          President= Lawyer
          Judge = Lawyer
          Congress = full of lawyers


          • Shakespeare said it best.

          • Obama lost his license years ago for lying saying he never had done drugs. Then he wrote a book saying he did drugs. License gone.

            • I thought they took his license just because he is a chronic liar. I didn’t realize it was for just one lie.

      6. Normally, I don’t approve of waterboarding. But maybe it will refresh Eric Holder’s memory. It’s worth a try.

        • OK, they can use cold water to refresh.

        • Screw the waterboarding, we don’t need to hear what we already know. Time to break out the rope.

          • The rope? I was thinking “The Squad”.

        • waterboard george w. and cheney 12 times a day.

          • Time to move along there TXnative. Have you ever been water boarded. Even know anybody that was water boarded. How about “watched” anybody that was water boarded. Unless you were in the military or the “few” since GWB, I doubt it. I didn’t think so……. Libtard, I assume… More On!

            • says I ain’t no libtard, but Cheney and Bush are just as much to blame for mess we are in as any other politician since around 1913. As far as water boarding goes…I think were past that don’t you?

          • texusinjun

            & why would you do that.What does this topic have to do with bush & chaney??? You leftist liberals still havent gotten over your seething hatred of bush & chaney have you? Sir i think you have a mental disorder that needs serious attention!!!!!
            How on earth you can turn this topic of illegal arms smuggling by the ovomit justice dept into a lynching of bush & chaney is totally beyond me . You sir are a sick puppy!!!!!!!

            • Bush,Cheney,Obama,Holder,what difference does it make,they are all criminals.The republicans and democrats pass the torch of criminality every 4-8 years,two sides of the same coin,left-right wing of the same bird of prey.I must be a sick puppy by saying they all deserve to be put in jail.

      7. Perhaps better to charge him after 2012, when a pardon might be less likely.

        • Absolutely right after the next election. These would be criminal charges and valid three years after the act was committed.

          Complicit in 200 murders? Life in prison without parole or pardon.

          • OH hell no! I want to hear the rope creak and see him tap dance silently!

            • POP: I would rather that he spent his life as Bubba’s bitch!

            • DK: He can be Bubba’s for 5 years and then hang him. That’ll make you both happy.

            • “DK: He can be Bubba’s for 5 years and then hang him. That’ll make you both happy.”

              Two thumbs up NR.

              “Hey, Barry! No K.Y. Jelly for you!” said the KY jelly Nazi.

          • Ron Paul won’t give no pardons.

            • Let’s see if WE can get Ron Paul and maybe his running mate, Herman Cain elected. How many can we find that will go along with that idea? I’ve got ONE VOTE FOR THEM. ANYBODY ELSE?

        • Then we need to water board the one who pardons him. Even with all that water its doubful he’ll ever be clean. IN LIFE.


      9. Wonder what Jesus tell people just before he sentences them to hell?

        • Jesus tells them “Go away – I never knew you”

        • Iowa: I don’t think Christ actually sends people to Hell, Himself. It wouldn’t make much sense to first die for their sins, and then send them to hell.

          Do you?

          It must be another aspect of the Trinity that does that. I don’t know, just saying it wouldn’t be logical.

          • What is illogical is for men to make God small so that their pea-brains can “understand” the One who created everything from nothing. Then, having made God small like themselves, they figure they can replace him, and, with more pea-brain logic decide that “they may be as gods.” (Genesis 3:5)

            Bad “logic” yields bad results.

            Why “must” it be as our tiny human minds would like?

            Scientists decided they had become quite smart and didn’t need God any more, so they chose a representative to tell Him so. When the scientist went to God and politely announced that He wasn’t needed any more, God offered to go away, but suggested that, since scientists knew so much, that before God went away, He would like to have an old-fashioned man-making contest. The scientist agreed to God’s suggestion, so the scientist bent down and scooped up a handful of dirt, but God interrupted him. “No,” God said, “You don’t understand. First you have to make your own dirt.”

            I respectfully suggest that you accept what God has told us about how things are and how He wants them. Stop second guessing HIm.

        • You send yourself to hell!!!!!!

      10. I have a feeling that the reasons this administration cant get anything done, is because they are all too busy trying to cover thier own tracks

        and what do you get with a group of criminals all looking at thier own security and freedom? exactly what we have right now..A do nothing bunch of motherfuckers

        all the way to the top, Ive been saying this for the last 30 years!..dont steal..the government hates the competition, and will crush it to prove a poit that they are the only game in town..from sea to shining sea

        You havent elected a leader..you have elected an organised crime syndicate

      11. I’d like to get that alien-looking sonvabitch in the water boarding room for awhile. I’d have him shedding his fricken skin.

      12. I’ll bet all of the Supreme Court Judges pack heat under their graduation gowns, even the libtards.

        • You got that right! Some reporters thought that justice Scalia was getting excited over the new ethnically-qualified judicial wenches. Turns out he forgot to fold the stock on his new rifle!
          And rumor has it that scrawny little Ginsburg packs a .357 under the robe, autographed by Clint Eastwood, no less. Who’d a thunk it?

      13. when the supreme court is given money to rule obama care good to go, thats when people will flip out on this administration and you will see violence. thats just my feeling on it. people will be told to buy health insurance and many cant afford to drive or even buy food. this president is really stupid or he is honestly trying to turn this country like the GOP say into socialism.

        • BF: Yes they are painful. The bigger the spider the more painful the bite. Take a tea bag (Lipton’s will work) and put the contents on a large bandage or gauze. Moiston the tea and tape it to your spider bite.

          The tea is an astringent and will draw the venom out.

          I have been bitten twice. The good news is that now I can crawl up the face of any building! 🙂

          • I got bitten two weeks ago…do you think the tea bag thing will still work? I have been to the doc’s and they gave me antibodies but I don’t think it is working very well. I got a lump on my elbow the size of a walnut. I lanced it with a knife and let out some of the pressure out. Think I’m going to try cooking it in some hot salt water. Hope it dose the trick…

            Not going to let this fuck up my bike week at Daytona Beach! Going hell or high water… cut the fucker off with a hot knife if I have to LOL!!!

            • BF: Yeah it will still work. As the puss forms, squeeze it out with some of the blood and continue to do so. The tea will draw the venom out. The venom must come out.

              Had you used the tea two weeks ago instead of the doctor it would be gone by now.

              Take two tea bags and call me in the morning. 🙂

            • Been there. Injectable cortizone around the site stops it cold. An old army doctor did that for me and results were swift.

            • Thanks! DK I really mean it. I’ll try any thing at this point!

            • They itch like crazy too! 🙂

            • Dh says the doc gave you the wrong antibiotic.

              Happened to him. He has scars though.

            • Hi BF
              Make sure you take vitamin C for your immune system. Antibiotics are hard on your immunity. You will need the C also to keep your energy level up on you trip. You can buy C packets to take along with you. Mix with juice or water. Not beer. lol. Hope you get beeter soon. Let us know how it turns out.

              stay prayed up, keep prepping.

        • Can I just tell you how much this conversation is making me squirm???? No one hates spiders and bugs more than I do.

          *full body shudder*

          • LOL…!!! Sorry to make you Squirm Daisy.

            Last Halloween I made spider man piss his pants and Blair ran in to my mail box. …maybe that’s why the spiders have made war on me. Blair witch I have not seen again.. I think she was a bit too high strung anyway.

          • Chewing tobacco will do the same, even a little juice spit in the dogs water bowl will deworm them!

            • Well hell I don’t have worms!! and I don’t dip.

          • I don’t know about that Daisy, I dream about them, and have been known to wake up standing in the bed fighting them off, and I don’t drink.

      14. “That government should butt out. That freedom is our most precious commodity and if we are not eternally vigilant, government will take it all away. That individual freedom demands individual responsibility. That government is not a necessary good but an unavoidable evil.

        That the executive branch has grown too strong, the judicial branch too arrogant and the legislative branch too stupid. That political parties have become close to meaningless. That government should work to insure the rights of the individual, not plot to take them away. That government should provide for the national defense and work to insure domestic tranquility. That foreign trade should be fair rather than free.

        That America should be wary of foreign entanglements. That the tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. That guns do more than protect us from criminals; more importantly, they protect us from the ongoing threat of government. That states are the bulwark of our freedom. That states should have the right to secede from the Union. That once a year we should hang someone in government as an example to his fellows.”

        These Things I Believe by Lyn Nofziger

        • Thats a quote to live by!

        • Nice quote. Too bad its not the government thats doing this. All you subcorps are but a pain the butt of the corporate government.


      15. As P. Slavo said, “If you want to stop crime in America, start in the White House and work your way down.” Sounds like a great idea. When do we start? And, how?

        • Where is Robspierre?

          • I believe he is stirring from his slumber, good man.

      16. the greeks in athens used to banish anyone who got too much political power. has anybody got a spare island somewhere? say near the artic circle? how about one neara baby krakatoa?

      17. Obama…….. bankers favorite bitch.

      18. I saw on television that a government person in and of the Mexican government was suggesting extradition of the important American officials involved in “fast & furious” to Mexico to be tried in Mexico. we extradite others from countries that have extradition treaties with the U.S. In this instance this sounds like a fabulous idea to me. Anybody else think so?

        • I have been saying all along that everyone involved in F&F should be tried in Mexico by their justice system.

          Also, please note that Bitch Hillary is up to her neck in this as well.

      19. I’ve noticed that on days where our politicians & govt employees don’t work that there is a lack of big stories and newsworthy items. The Dow even went up today.

        Is there any way to keep it that way?

      20. Holder should be removed as the AG, arrested and extradited to Mexico to face charges in that country first. Let’s see what 40 years or how ever long he lasts inside of a shit hole Mexican prison does for his memory. Socialist scum sucking bastard.

        • I’ve got one.

          Less American Spring and more Irish Spring.

          While I cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, defend the corruption of the bank / fedgov axis of evil I am even more disgusted by the paid, professional thugs claiming to be the 99% of Americans that are participating in this Hegelian Dialect exercise to eliminate the flawed capitalist economic system for the violent, criminal system of communism.

          This is the pincher strategy and I’d much rather work to insert Christian morality into a flawed system than to be murdered by the criminal enterprise known as communism.

          On a side note…..compare the behavior of the mom & pop TEA party folks, (Protest one day, gotta get back to work) leave the place cleaner than you found it, no arrests, diverse group, respectful and law abiding. The occupy wherever for as long as Soros can afford to pay, smoking dope, sex in public, drunkeness and a complete inability to articulate a message and defecating on a publicly owned police car. And 99% under 30. (some old hippies, still stink)

          • Occupy the Fed/Wall Street has no shortage of “free market” capitalists who would like to give us more of the capitalist “freedom” that is killing us.

            I too would like authentic Christian morality to return to this diabolically disoriented nation.

            Am I the only Christian here who remembers that usury is a damnable sin? that Christians are obligated to just wages and just prices? that, in a decent Christian society, capitalism must be NOT “free,” but RESTRAINED by Christian morality? and that public morality must not be schizophrenically and satanically opposite private morality?

            • Correction: I would like to see authentic Christian morality guide this nation for the first time.

              ’nuff said.

            • Restraint must be present in all that we do. When people agree to live together in a society they must certainly exhibit some restraint or “self control” to live peaceably with their neighbors. If that self control exists due to a belief in, and respect for, Judeo-Christian principles then man can live in liberty. It is my fear that as America, and the rest of the world, eschews these principles we are faced with anarchy or total restraint imposed by an omnipotent government.

              What I see in the current demontrations is a demand for more government control. When one sees the hostility toward God and His law exhibited by all levels of government one can only conclude that unless there is a resurgence of traditional church teaching then we are doomed to experience all of the evils that man can dream up.

          • Yes–and which gets more press??? BINGO!!

            • This was to POA.

      21. Mrs McGillicutty’s 5th grade class takes a trip to the museum in the year 2199…

        Guide: Now, students, this item here is what was once known as a lawyer. Notice the arrogant lift of the nose, and the beady little eyes. Archaeologists believe the eyes were a genetic mutation, which helped them see money in low light conditions or at long distances.
        Kid:What’s that thing in it’s hand?
        Guide: That was called a briefcase. Inside, you would most likely find an assortment of papers covered with phrases written in Latin.
        Kid: What’s Latin?
        Guide: We think it was an ancient language, probably out of use long before the lawyers emerged.
        Kid: Why did they use it then?
        Guide: Mostly to confuse the non-lawyers. Evidently, non-lawyers were very afraid of the Latin language. It scared them so much, they’d even pay the lawyers lots of money to speak it for them, so they didn’t have to.
        Kid: What did they say in Latin?
        Guide: Oh, nothing really. Just a bunch of nonsensical jibberish. For instance, they’d say ‘corpus mandamus’, meaning ‘a corpse on a pogo stick.’ Or ‘pro bono’ meaning ‘a professional bono.’ But, the sillyness of the meaning didn’t seem to matter to the non-lawyers. They were just glad they didn’t have to speak the dreaded language themselves.
        Mrs M: And can you tell us what happened to the lawyers? Why they went extinct?
        Guide: The theory that most of our historians agree on is that the lawyers somehow contracted a disease, probably from handling too much contaminated money. It evidnetly caused them to break out in a rope-burn type rash around the neck and then they died. Most of the fossils we’ve found seem to have fallen to that mysterious disease.
        Mrs M: Did any of them survive the disease?
        Guide: A few specimens have been found in a fetal position, lying in cellars. We think most of those probably died from a lack of money. It seems that the lawyers needed a tremendous amount of it to live, and when they couldn’t get it, they died.
        Kid: How come there aint no monument to the lawyers? Like there are for the plumbers and carpenters and soldiers and stuff?
        Guide: We’ve asked that very question ourselves. And now, it seems we may have found one! Just in the last few months, archeologists have unearthed what they think may indeed be a monument to the lawyers. It’s a bronze replica of an oak tree, almost 30 feet long. It has a few shreds of a rope like material in the branches and a plaque near the trunk that bears a message. Of course, it’s written in a pre-twitter language, so it’s very hard to decipher. We believe it says simply ‘This Is For All The Lawyers.’

        • SO: Well done!

        • Though neglected by the post-Vatican 2 “Novus Ordo” (New Order), Latin is the universal language of the Church. Until these times of diabolical disorientation, Latin was a special blessing for us because, unlike “living” languages, there is no slippage in the meaning of Latin words. Latin words are anchored to their original meaning, so are less susceptible to manipulation by men for their own nefarious purposes.

          The large-scale substitution of the vernacular for Latin following Vatican 2 has resulted in a pandemic of doctrinal confusion and moral disarray within the Church.

          • +100

          • John Q- I hadn’t considered the stabilizing effect of Latin in that way, but you’re right. Great comment!

      22. justice will only return to amerika… by a bayonet tipped rifle and a long rope held in the hands of true AMERICAN PATRIOTS!

        soon it’ll be time veterans… arm up stock prepare veterans our time is soon to here… OUR TIME to take back america!


      23. justice will only return to amerika… by a bayonet tipped rifle and a long rope held in the hands of true AMERICAN PATRIOTS!

        soon it’ll be time veterans… arm up stock up prepare veterans… our time is soon to be here… our time to rise UP… OUR TIME to Take Back America!


        • I don’t think it’s the “only” way, but for the time being I’m feeling a bit trigger happy; it works for me,

          • Somebody said that’s why God gave us trigger fingers…works for me.

        • Doesn’t anyone but me see a place for trials? We must not become like the monsters.

          I argue that the world needs to see the justice in punishing those—especially those at the top, but also those in middle management and on the street—who have wrought genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

          They must all make reparations and those reparations would certainly exceed the simple amount of “debt.” Certainly those found guilty must be made penurious besides any other due penalties, but there must be justice: fair trials for all to see.

          • Absolutely! They have a right to a fair and speedy trial. Then WE will hang the bastards!!! 🙂

          • Okay we try them… then we hang them!

          • when you live with animals … you become an animal yourself or you don’t survive!

            history has taught us that… combat has taught me that! no matter what psycho babble you challenge this statement with in the end …

            you either adapt to your threat or perish! I choose adapt and to kill it! I’ll worry about morals when the threat is either dead or neutralized!

            just my two cents from Montana… good luck to all.

            • As a Catholic I hope that when SHTF that I am even more attentive to morality. During anarchy and war there is increased chance of sudden death. If death came to me while I had serious sins on my soul, I would have all eternity to regret it.

              I respectfully recommend to all, in times of increased risk, be even more careful with your own soul. Let none of us find ourselves with the goats on Judgment Day.

              May God have mercy on us all.

      24. now we know why Obummer got the peace prize so fast.

      25. When the government gets to this point, it’s a hard Tyranny.

      26. they played a game with this Fast and Furious shit, and it was the beginning of disarming all of us..The jig is up now, any one surrendering their guns to these criminals will deserve what they get..its time to stand our ground and start the prosecutions, this deal in Wall Street is small pittins.This will get huge if they dont start doing the right thing, and the right thing is to call out and finger all the DC Criminals.they are losing traction with the ones who didnt drink the coolaid , and the word is getting out there..I see a few more get it each day..
        and i listen , and now dont feel like the odd man out anylonger

        The upper hand is ours , we just have to stop listining to them,and their bullshit excuses and do what we know is right for this country and its true citizens, and start rounding these asshats up , we have the perfect facility..Guantanimo Bay..(thanks Obama for keeping it open),I dont want any of them in My country, even if we do own G-Bay.. See all of these Crooks there in the near future ..That is…If this is Still America!

        • Guantanimo Bay? Too warm there. Somewhere farther north, way north. That Haarp facility’s (which needs to be dismantled) got a nice fence around it. Two birds with one stone.

          • Ok, I can work with that, but extreme heat is very miserable too..expecially if the water doesnt show up on time

          • We keep Gitmo. Send our worst offenders down there. Box lunches & a health care fee every month. Since their won’t be any money, they’ll have to figure out another way to pay. The only golden parachute would be a gold colored parasail for riding one birthday ride in their life time.

      27. The deployment of these weapons was a calculated strategy specifically designed to undermine the very core of this country’s integrity. All part of a bigger picture to destroy the quality of life that the many past generations of Americans worked so hard to create.

        We live in a War Zone. The very enemy we fight has been infiltrating this country and methodically breaking it down from within long before any of us visiting this blog were around. And now, from every direction one turns, we are being bombarded physically, mentally and emotionally, and it’s only going to get worse.

        How it plays out is anyone’s guess. They are presently in the drivers seat, but with a few well placed ‘legal’ bombs, they are very vulnerable. And not all forces stand with those hell bent on death and destruction. We will see great people rise up, like the honorable Ron Paul and Sheriff Paul Babeu, and great movements rise up. The key is to pick your battles wisely and conserve “energy”. You’ll need it in the long haul. It’s going to be a long, dangerous Campaign.

        Ready to get your hands dirty and donate some blood? I don’t know anyone at this blog who would back down from that challenge. We all pretty much know, as preppers, how to defend ourselves, but I think the new strategy might entail activating a strong collective offensive, overpowering them with numbers, on whatever level that manifests itself on.

        • Let’s not forget that it is not only about what Obama/Holder intended for the USA, but also that Fast and Furious was intended to also destabilize Mexico to further US/Zionist hegemony in this hemisphere, not just in the Middle East.

          That is one reason why the Sinaloa cartel is working with the CIA.

          Everything their puppets do is intended to accomplish their plan for 90% depopulation and to enslave the survivors, not just in the USA, but worldwide.

      28. A few phrases (and their common interpretations) that may come in handy while traveling the US-

        California-Que esta tuition? Nada!(free college for illegals)

        Oregon-F#%@&%# smog-belching, environment killing machine! (Bikes have the right of way)

        Michigan-Remington Winchester Mossberg (hunting season is open! Can I get a politician tag this year?)

        Alabama-Y’all don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out. (identification of legal status is required)

        Oklahoma-We’re a bit conservative politically (we’re somewhere to the right of Barry Goldwater)

        New York- We’re a bit liberal politically (we’re somewhere to the left of Chairman Mao)

        Vermont- There’s more to our state than maple syrup. (we’ve also got Ben & Jerry’s. Try the Vermont maple syrup flavored ice cream, it’s great!)

        Alaska- Firewood for sale. $500 a cord (when it hits 60 below, you’ll think that’s a bargain)

        Texas- Rick Perry for president! (of the Confederacy)

        Florida- Please stay alert and Drive Safely! (nude beach ahead)

        District of Columbia- firearms prohibited in this building (but check our ad on attorneygeneral.gov for great specials! Volume discounts too!)

      29. At present it is no longer the White House. It is the Bungle-O

        • Jethro Tull would agree…

      30. From the guns of F&F to the forged birth certificate to the foreign campaign contributions to the bailouts of the “too big to fail” companies to the crooked dealings like, but not limited to, Solyndra this administration and the previous two administrations need to be investigated and the guilty punished.

      31. If we have a revolution, and you join the militia, make sure you avoid teaming up with this guy.


        I can’t believe this…is this for real? Are people really that stupid? Fast and Furious! Damn!

        • I can certainly believe it. I’ve seen people do some stupid moves on the gun range as well as in the field hunting. A second of stupidity can really alter a life, or take it.

      32. We have a Tea Party and the OWS group is the Pot Party. Now I’m all for legalization of the green stuff but these socialists but jobs and unions need to clean up their mess (used condoms, trash, needles, and stupid signs) and find a job.
        Is it just me or are there less trolls here lately? Must not be good connections for their phones and I pads on wall street.

      33. So let me get this right. Fast and furious BATF approved illegal firearm sales to mexican narcoterrorist strawmen was running the same time as mexico presidente was blaming America firearms for most of the narcomurders and demanding gun bans in America. What a coincidence.

        • Please remember that our honorable secretary of state was also yammering about how the violence in Mexico was the fault of the NRA.

          She is in it up to Vince’s briefcase.

      34. I watch Issa in an interview yesterday. He stated Holder was not under oath, therefore he is probably not subject to perjury charges.
        I would settle for the dismissal of all of the top dogs. As Judge Nap. pointed out, everyone in line under Holder is a political or personnel friend. A special council is a waste of time.

      35. Before I begin, I am taking the liberty of equating Crime with Corruption. In our form of Constitutional government, corruption is criminal. Continuing in that vein, a wise man told me, about 40 years ago, “… Around the biggest pile of money, you will find the biggest pack of thieves!” I have used that statement all my life and it has never failed to provoke thought. The biggest piles of money are wherever the taxes are collected: our county courthouses, our state capitols, and….Washington D.C. And if we fall for some sort of world government, the biggest pile of money will be there.

        So, think about it, Top down? Corruption doesn’t BEGIN in Washington. It begins at home…, wherever home is. Washington is just its “settling-in” place; graduation, so to speak. No, the corruption begins in our own City Councils, school boards, County Commissions, etc. This is where the favors begin. This is where the connected seek political preference.

        We all learned, early in life,that everyone has some character flaw. Not everyone has the same character flaw. Those who study the Bible call it a secret sin. Everybody has one. It could be a lust for power, money, sex, drugs, booze, etc. But, EVERYBODY has one. Politicians, like all people, try to keep that a secret. The duty of a lobbyist is to ferret out that secret sin and become its ally and provider. In that regard the lobbyist is like a pimp. He is dangling an apple in front of Eve. The lobbyist then knows how to supply whatever the politician wants. He does this with an unlimited supply of money. He can supply sex, drugs, money, whatever the politician wants, in return for some favor.

        Once corrupted, a local politician is encouraged to seek higher office; first state, then federal. You get the picture. When the politician gets to the state or federal level, the lobbyists at those levels already know his vulnerabilities. He is easy to manipulate. I do not know the number of lobbyists in Washington, relative to the number of Congressmen or Senators, but I am sure it is high. When you recognize what it is that lobbyists do, it always involves soliciting favors. Favors can constitute favorable laws or a distribution of MONEY. Whose money? Yours? Mine? Ours? We must remember that government has no money of its own, only what it has taken (some say “stolen”) from the people who have earned it.

        So, corruption does not start in Washington and “trickle down.” It starts at the local level and “trickles up.”

        Therefore, it is my view that lobbying should be recognized as encouraging theft. If it results in theft, it should be punished as conspiracy to commit theft. Lobbying should be viewed as a felony.

        If you read all the way through this rambling, Thank you.

        • I know the answer to ratio of lobbyists/politician…dh came home saying on the radio it said on average 26 lobbyists per congress person!!

      36. Cheney should be the first one thrown in jail for life. Holder can be his cell mate.

      37. build a fence around D.C.with razor wire. they can call it home for them all.

      38. To all Vets … this is a true trader website no BS… good for rumor control checking of the banking world!

        http://www.zerohedge.com/ check and see the truth of what is coming your way… worth the look and time!

        You still have time to prep… arm up stock up prepare!

      39. I saw this on Drudge Report

        Cash-Strapped Topeka to quit prosecuting domestic violence cases…

        They are dropping the charges and releasing abusive offenders…yet even admit how dangerous this will be for the victim.

        Comment from the article, “The abuser will often become more violent in an attempt to regain control. Letting abusive partners out of jail with no consequences puts victims in incredibly dangerous positions.”

      40. That’s right – the fish rots from the head and it’s the heads going back a number of decades. The powers that be have got what they wanted with this latest round of elections. Primarily Obamacare and wars to fill their coffers and while also culling the populations.
        They have to do it a bit at a time. Anything that’s an affront to the God most of us believe in.

      41. Greetings Everyone!!
        At least the weather is good for once.
        “Fast and Furious” you say?
        Looks more like a true case of FUBAR and some really strange permutations in the depths of the federal law enforcement.
        Seems more like a darker version of the Marx Brothers(for those who still remember who that was).Would be nice if even most of the crap like this would be confronted and punished.BUT,it’s like a massive cow manure wagon that was being filled for decades as it rolled slowly to fields.At last Congress,A.K.A. REPOCRATS(I.E. Both “parties” in both houses) have finally managed to drunkly drive it so badly that it tipped over.”Can’t blame us not our fault” they whine,And the field is still a mile off.Where do we start to put it right?The “yippee Ki yo” drunken cowboy/field-hand REPOCRATS keep on drinking from the cup of “strong drink” being poured out copiously by the likes of UBER Rich folks like the Kotch bros. and their Ilk.Wonder why no taxes are even being CONSIDERED to lower the debt?Totally due to the the nutjob(and his UBER-Rich pocket book) who made the “red” side of the REPOCRATES swear and sign a WRITTEN VOW and PROMISE to NEVER EVER raise taxes on the UBER RICH,the Bankers and the Corporations,no matter how dire the crisis the county is in,period.They took the cup and drank deeply from it and cried “more,more we want even more!”
        Add to this the Corporate welfare for oil companies,Agra businesses,absolutely no accountability for the Bankers.These “well educated and bespoke suited”(and EXTREMELY well paid) morons are doing the same stupid Shit AGAIN as we speak!The exact same way they were doing before and THEN cried out for the MASSIVE federal aid money to cover THEIR debts(and sorry asses at our expense)Add two wars of occupation,(one of which was bogus,I might add) What’s left in the till for the 95% of the rest of us,crumbs?
        The UBER-Rich race madly on to buy their eighth multi-million dollar house,$100,000 cars and over the top lavish life-style on the money they earned by moving their factories overseas,over charging us for food stuffs and fuel as the “middle-man”,and their on-going machinations and manipulations of the so-called “free market” of Wall-Street(what a misnomer!!).They and their hired lackeys in the media complain vociferously how many of the rest of us who can’t find a job to support our families on Mickey Dee’s salary are “lazy welfare slackers”(over a MILLION applied for the 50,000 “available” jobs,slackers indeed).
        Things can’t continue this way and the REPUBLIC(not a democracy,check with Thomas Jefferson on that one if you think I’m wrong)remain viable for very much longer.The UBER-Rich hate and fear the rest of us,hence the F&F kind of FUBAR.
        Never fear,though,the Day-star is rising soon on these “Sons of Darkness”.
        CHANGE is COMING,and THEY cannot stop it,resist or alter it to keep their privileged lifestyle !!
        I most likely said too much,like the Scientists who “blew the whistle” on BP’s Gulf destruction via the “Fixed” leak.They ALL have “mysteriously” died in either deadly car “accidents” or sudden heart attacks(even though they had no existing heart problems before).All of them within a few months of telling the truth.

        Hoping the Best for each and Every one here no matter what

        • GFG: Change is coming. Get the hell out of Southern Cal.

          PS: It would help if you would break up your posts to make them more readable after you paste it in and before you submit.

          Personally,I tend to ignore the really long posts that are not “spaced”.

          • Duly Noted and will be applied…

      42. Sorry about the over-long “rant”

      43. Stopping crime in America means starting where the most criminals can be rounded up in one spot. Your local police station, and any major bank (Bank of America anyone?). Once all the cops and banksters have been rounded up, then we can go after the super-criminals: anyone who has ever been elected to a political office…….

        Guillotines in the street baby!!!!!!

      44. Got the pattern down for a herd of about 150 elk. General season opens Saturday morning. Plan to have two in the barn by mid day Sunday.

        Made a pretty good buy on half of a grass fed beef I’ve watched grow all summer. No hormones or other drugs.

        Something that really takes me back as a kid…I have seen a very healthy population of rabbits on some privately owned timber company land I have access to and China Mart had .410 shells with #4 shot. POA gonna be making some Hassenpfeffer in a couple of weeks 🙂

        Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with Zero & My peeps but it is about putting meat in the pantry & freezer.

        Good meat. We’re gonna have 3 pressure cookers going….oh the hot work of it all.. 😉

      45. After reading most of these comments I am as concerned about the educational system of this country as about the political system.

      46. The OWS protest theater would be funny if America’s situation were not so dire. Despite some news media sensational make-believe hype, these mild protesters obviously do not pose any type of threat to TPTB. If it were so, they would have been immediately dispersed. OWS may be corrupted by Applebaum, another duo citizen traitor. Past time for lots of hangings.

      47. Treason fills the air. Long past time for hangings.

      48. Aren’t the BATFags the folks who murdered 81 people in Waco, Texas under color of law ? Over a $200 tax ?
        Their explainations of the Fast and Furious scheme just don’t hold water. This was a scheme to create a crisis that the gun-grabbers already had a solution ready for.
        These guys were folowing policy from above…whoever authorized it is an accesory to murder. Mexico said words to this end.
        Let the Mexicans put ’em in one of their jails..
        Let me see….we didn’t secure our border after 9/11; we
        did it during 2 world wars…the border patrol ran down every set of footprints coming accross the border.
        Oh yeah we put Ramos and Compean in jail to make sure any border patrol agent thought twice about doing his job. So who are they trying to kid ?

      49. “If You Want to Stop Crime in America”

        … get rid usury. Interest on debt.

        -That’s- the slavery mechanism that squeezes people to the point of mental illness and beyond.

        Get rid of it. Do it tomorrow.

        The world would instantly become a slightly nicer place to live.

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