If You Want To Be Free, Stop Complying With Tyranny

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    It cannot be stressed enough that a lot of Americans have rolled over and accepted their enslavement to the government, and the elitists who control it. But the fix is simple: we must no longer comply with tyranny.

    It’s past time to disobey the lockdown orders.  It’s past time to support those who have already disobeyed.  It’s past time to stop begging your master for permission to have a little freedom back.  Protests don’t work, and free men shouldn’t be asking for permission from those who enslaved them, to begin with.

    Larken Rose’s excellent video on the topic should at least get some people to pause and think. “Guess where it says in the Constitution that unless everybody gets sick, then civil rights are out the window? Nowhere!”

    Overlooked Prepping Skill: Critical Thinking

    If we ever expect to have even the most basic of human rights ever, and not see our children live in enslavement, fundamental questions need to be asked and we need to ask them now. Larken Rose questioned the “authority” of the governor of Arizona in a video after stating the fact that governors who demanded businesses to close “pulled a Hitler.”

    “He absolutely pulled a Hitler, and unfortunately, it’s not at all that unusual! Power-hungry jack asses around the country are doing this and millions of Americans are going ‘golly gee. I guess we better stay at home because the authority figure said we had to.’ If you even believe he has any authority, where does it come from?”


    It’s time we all stand up to tyranny and say:

    “Screw you! I can leave my fucking house if I want to! I can go do work for other people if they want me there. You have ZERO authority even under your own stinkin’ rules! And the fact that a lot of people aren’t gonna bother to look that up doesn’t change it!

    It’s pathetic! In the ‘land of the free,’ how many Americans are proudly waving that flag don’t even hesitate for 5 seconds to wonder ‘how the hell did these people get the power to just do whatever the hell they want?’ No due process. No proof. Wer’re just gonna stop you on your way to work and ‘you have to prove to us that you’re essential.”” –Larken Rose

    How have we allowed this to happen? Most of you aren’t going to like this, but it’s the truth:

    “Because you think like slaves. You think like subjects of a totalitarian regime. How do you think totalitarian regimes happen? Because they et their people to think like subjects of a totalitarian regime!”

    It’s easy to correct though:

    “If you want to hold on to the shreds of freedom that are still left, don’t act like a slave! Act AT LEAST like somebody who’s capable of looking something up for two minutes and saying ‘you don’t actually have the right to tell me I can’t leave my house.’

    It’s time to maybe wake the fuck up and be a self-owning free human being and start to question this shit.”

    It was a fraud and a lie.  The entire COVID-19 scamdemic was a global tyrannical takeover and enslavement of every single human being on this Earth.  It ends when we say it ends, but we have to stop complying with it.

    Tyranny Ends When We Say It Does, and That Time Is NOW With The Free Market



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      1. So stand up. Collect taxes and put them in your pocket until our Masters say we are free to work. Deny them their income and see how they like it.

      2. 133 people in Milwaukee tried that and were arrested for violating social distancing including gatherings exceeding the “government’s safety” limit.

        My protest is of a different nature. It is a refusal to participate and associate with this FUBAR excuse for a society. I have attended protests since the eighties. Now my protest is simple. Refuse to participate. I would not force my agenda on anyone though, as the psychopaths that forced everyone to do what I have chosen for myself to do. 

        That is the difference between me and them! It is because of THEM, and many like them that I am refusing to participate. I refuse to participate because at least 50% of people are fascists and wedded to corruption and the civil liberty violations of others, and of myself. 

        It is like talking to a brick wall. They totally are full of shit, and absolutely refuse to admit it, so why bother with them at all? I am speaking of highly informed individuals. They know that they are wrong, but they want their way regardless, in addition to the respect that they are not entitled to since they are totally full of shit, totally wrong, and their policies benefit themselves at everyone else’s expense, not strictly in a financial sense, but they sacrifice my rights, as well as the rest of societies to exploit us to their benefit. 

        They are not worthy of respect. They are worthy of being treated with contempt!

        As far as organizing to overthrow the government, the banksters, medical mafia, and digital mafia have already done that, the same psychos that wrote the policies adopted by the governments, and are spying on everyone to make sure that they get away with it! Nevermind the obvious! The government allowed it to happen, and profited tremendously in the wholesale of liberty and our sovereignty!

      3. The time to resist is
        The time to bare your fangs
        The time to take up Arms
        The time to Think what to DO
        The Time to Fight Evil is in
        The Declaration of Independence
        The cause and why is written in the DECLARATION
        My Fellow Americans Evil is not in all Capitals ,the E is at this time ,Evil only become self evident when the TRUTH is completely understood by Americans who can explain the reason for the season called WAR
        Study the Declaration for our first American prayer our American mission statement will inspire your soul Aka The Sprit of 76 if you are a AMERICAN
        Study the great Americans who pledged their Lives ,their Fortunes, their Sacred Honor
        Most did not survive the war and my fellow Americans
        When you are seating in front of your fireplaces when the
        War for our Liberty is Over an your grand children ask what did you do in the great battle for our INDEPENDENCE you sure as hell don’t want to say I shoveled shi!! For the newTRANTS.
        REBELLION to Tyrants is OBEDIENCE TO GOD

        • So quit bitching on your keyboard, trying to get someone else to do something so they can suffer the consequences instead of you, and go out and actually do what you try to persuade others to do.

          Either walk the way you talk or quit trying to entrap others on a highly insecure site with at least 9 cross platform trackers in operation.

          You’re either an idiot or a provocateur, which is it?

      4. If the ultimate goal of the terrorists is to panic people, why don’t they just stop lying and tell them the truth?

        It would be a hell of a lot easier!

        Oh, never mind, they would end up being blamed.

        I forgot!

      5. united states of bootlickers.

        • Monkey see, monkey do

      6. First we get rid of the Democrats by having zero tolerance of any attempt for them to get elected. Then we ge rid of the Republicans by replacing them with Propertarians. https://propertarianism.com/

      7. These psychopaths are as always, completely full of shit, and have held everyone hostage until they get more free shit, in the trillions, in addition to zero accountability for their sadistic and barbarically predatious crimes.

        It has nothing to do with vaccines! It’s all about the benjamins! It is the collectivists in the stock market and the multi-billionaires, as well as multi-millionaires, or hell, even mere millionaires, which most people are not that demand mo money and less over-sight, regulations, and compliance, while simultaeneously placing the most oversight, accountability, and poverty
        imaginable on citizens!

        These scumbags need to be evicted from the country once amd for all!

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