If You Got “Vaccinated” For COVID, You’re More Likely To Die: STUDY

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    Researchers from Ohio State University recently discovered that fully vaccinated patients who test positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are much more likely to die than unvaccinated COVID patients.

    Published in the journal Frontiers in Immunologytheir study states that “Among COVID-19 patients, mortality rate was significantly higher among Vax vs. NVax patients (p=0.002).”

    “While mortality rates were 36% (n=25) and 27% (n=15) for non-COVID-19 [non-vaccinated] and [vaccinated] patients, respectively, in COVID-19 patients mortality rates were 37% [for non-vaccinated patients] and 70% [for vaccinated patients].”

    Simply put, getting injected for the Chinese Virus increases one’s risk of death from COVID by nearly double, this is compared to a much lower mortality risk among those who protected their natural immunity by choosing not to get jabbed.

    The researchers also noted that the “Charlson’s Comorbidity Index score (CCI) was also significantly higher among” people who got jabbed versus those who decided to forego the injections.

    (Related: A study published late last year found that at least 17 million people died from COVID “vaccination.”)

    Disease and death are the consequences of getting COVID injected

    While it is true that those who chose to get injected were more likely to also have underlying health conditions – the powers that be fooled people with preexisting conditions by spreading a false narrative – it is also true that tens of millions of otherwise healthy people got jabbed because their jobs, schools, etc. required it.

    “[O]ur results suggest that vaccination status of hospital-admitted COVID-19 patients may not be instructive in determining mortality risk,” the researchers wrote. “This may reflect that within the general population, those individuals at highest risk for COVID-19 mortality/immune failure are likely to be vaccinated.”

    Early death is not the only risk factor associated with COVID injections. We also know that COVID jabs are linked to other severe health complications such as potentially fatal blood, heart, and neurological conditions.

    The largest-ever global study on the subject found that COVID injections are dangerous in general.

    This study was published around the time that AstraZeneca withdrew its viral-vector COVID injection from the global market following the revelation that the shot causes deadly Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS).

    “While it is established that vaccination reduces risk of hospitalization, there is conflicting data on whether it improves outcome among hospitalized COVID-19 patients,” the study further reads.

    “Although our cohort size is small, our results suggest that vaccination status of hospital-admitted COVID-19 patients may not be instructive in determining mortality risk.”

    The only perhaps possible benefit of getting injected – emphasis on the word perhaps – is to prevent hospitalization, the study suggests, this being what we were all told from the very beginning was the only potential benefit of getting shot.

    The study authors made it clear that they in no way investigated this possibility because their data does not address it. They suggest that further research to “identify factors predictive of aberrant immunogenic responses to vaccination is warranted.”

    “This was all just a beta test for the bloodthirsty killers,” suggested one of our readers about the true purpose behind Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.”

    “Seventeen million? Not nearly enough depopulation for the globalists,” wrote another. “Expect another deadlier pandemic with a miraculous ‘vaccine’ that shortly follows.”

    “Gate and others have already told us to be ready for the next ‘pandemic,’ which is just a bonus for the insane globalists. World War III will be the main depopulation event.”

    Another regular suggested that perhaps the relationship between COVID-19 injections and mass death is correlative rather than causative. This same reader routinely rejects the idea that vaccines are in any way dangerous, though.

    Getting injected for the Fauci Flu is not a very smart thing to do. Find out more at ChemicalViolence.com.


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