If The U.S. Economy Is So Great, Why Are So Many Workers MISERABLE?

by | May 1, 2019 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    Millennial and generation Z workers are becoming increasingly miserable with their jobs and careers. Since we are told several times a day by the media that the economy is booming, why are so many young workers so disastrously melancholy all the time?

    The mental well being of the American worker hit an all-time low in 2018, according to a report by Barron’s. That’s a bit shocking considering the economy is booming and wages are rising, right? Well, wages aren’t rising that much, and much of the consumer spending is being put on credit cards, creating a vicious cycle of depression and consumerism that will repeat for a lot of folks.



    So why are we constantly being told everything is fine? The mainstream media loves to say that the U.S. is nearly ten years into one of the longest economic expansions in history, unemployment is the lowest it’s been in almost half a century, and employees have more job choices than they’ve had in years. But there’s just one problem.  That’s not actual truthful when taking all of the data into consideration. Sure, unemployment is low the way the government calculates it, but there’s a reason for that.  102 million Americans are no longer “in the workforce” and therefore, unaccounted for. Michael Snyder, who owns the Economic Collapse Blog says: “Sadly, the truth is that the rosy employment statistics that you are getting from the mainstream media are manufactured using smoke and mirrors.”

    When a working-age American does not have a job, the federal number crunchers put them into one of two different categories.  Either they are categorized as “unemployed” or they are categorized as “not in the labor force”.

    But you have to add both of those categories together to get the total number of Americans that are not working.

    Over the last decade, the number of Americans that are in the “unemployed” category has been steadily going down, but the number of Americans “not in the labor force” has been rapidly going up.

    In both cases we are talking about Americans that do not have a job.  It is just a matter of how the federal government chooses to categorize those individuals. –Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog

    That could partially explain the misery some are feeling, but those who have jobs aren’t happy either.  They are often reeling from student loan and credit card debt.  Being depressed makes shopping feel like a solution, but when the bill comes, the depression once again sets in making this a difficult cycle to break for so many just trying to scrape by.

    Depression and suicide rates are rising sharply and other than putting the blame on superficial issues, researchers are at a loss as to the real reason why.  But could it possibly be that as the elite globalists continue to take over the world and enslave mankind, people are realizing that they aren’t meant to be controlled or manipulated, but meant to be free?

    There’s something we are all missing all around the globe.  Could it possibly be free will and a life of freedom from theft and violent coercion and force that’s missing?



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      1. The controllers want you to be miserable. Happiness is now politically incorrect. It is unfair for you to be happy and content when others are not and it means that you are probably a racist too.

      2. I’m old. I’ve had many jobs. Most every job I ever had I did work I liked. Jobs such as Journeyman boatbuilder, Electronics tech, Software engineer, and Electronics engineer were really challenging and I succeeded at all of them. The reason I hated and left those jobs was the people I had to work for. I never had a problem getting a job till I got over age 55, so I retired.
        I took all the company classes to become a manager at a major aerospace company. At the time of decision, I decided that I could not be that kind of person, much like I decided to not become a cop when the opportunity arose, I don’t have the personality to abuse people for fun.
        America’s workers problems come from the rot at the top.

        • rellik, in the article a couple back on small-businesses, I wrote on some of the cost-saving measures I’ve taken over the last 10 years. When I read your post, I thought “here’s a guy who understands”. My primary trade as a business is in marine electronics – nav, comm, sat, radar, sonar and vessel control systems. I freelance as an IT on the side (and have for the last 15 years or so) for residential and local business networks. So? Reading that you too have a somewhat similar background made me realize why I was happy to read your words. Like you, I have to constantly, on a yearly basis, upgrade my skills just to stay in the game. Garmin, Navico/Simrad/Lowrance/B&G for example require proprietary training and contracts just to touch/sell/service their equipment. The current generations seem to think that when they get their first post-secondary diploma the educational process is done. Hell, it’s just begun. Rather than whine, people need to get of their butts and work, build a reputation, try their hand at their own business maybe, stay sharp and current. But that’d be too hard, huh?

          • Heart,
            I understand!
            My last designated class was an EMI design class with the university of Missouri, Rolla. That is why I comment on EMP stuff.
            You have to keep up and grow when you are working.
            Most kids think that small piece of diploma is the end when it is just the beginning.
            Having owned a 45′ sailboat and building/rebuilding many boats, I definitely know about boat stuff.
            I was designing a GPS based autopilot when I sold my boat. At the time there weren’t any GPS based autopilots. One big problem I had not quite resolved was when doing 4 kts into a 4kts current you aren’t going anywhere, and you lose NWSE information on a GPS. I was working on integrating a magnetic compass to the autopilot, but never finished it.
            They ever figure that out?

            • I tell ya rellik, you’d find the cure for ED with the new stuff. Let me answer you first. Virtually all autopilots use NMEA interface/networking protocols to handle data transfer. It used to be NMEA 0183; now, NMEA 2k. Fluxgate compass modules control autopilots for constant heading input. Same are used for chart/radar overlay and the problem you mentioned with NSEW loss due to lack of movement on a chart plotter are gone too. With a constant heading input, no vessel motion is required… the system ‘knows’ where north is (and any/all other points on the rose). Vessel handling can be totally a programmable procedure. Now? You can tell your autopilot to follow a sonar depth contour, a pattern (zig-zag, grid loops… you name it). Not only that… if you or any onboard have a smart device they too can see and/or control given the proper permissions wirelessly all that the skipper sees on the helm devices. All through the NMEA 2K and/or other networking (including Bluetooth). Things are now @ the 4G stage mostly. Fast as all git-out. Even radar has changed. No more worry about radiation hazard to soft tissues. I could go on. I started in the business and Loran-A was still in use, Omega, Decca nav, transit Sat nav, even the Russian GLONASS fell into my world…. my goodness … I’m really dating myself. The changes nautical are actually greater than those in the computing field. I’ve dealt some with avionics as well. Same thing. What people think is the latest and greatest is only the tip of the iceberg of tech anymore.

              • Heartless,
                Thanks for the update.
                So they( NEMA) went from RS 485 to Canbus.
                Probably just you and me know what that is.
                BTW, I have a story.
                I supported Typhoon chasers in the pacific.
                I was the Loran receiver repair guy(also the only Avionics repair guy). The Weather plane needed to sortie, their Loran C was dead and parts to fix were hours away. The aircrew did not
                know how to use the APN-9 Loran A that did work,
                and wanted me to fly with them as I fixed and knew how to navigate with APN-9 Loran A stuff.
                I really wanted to fly through a Typhoon, especially a force 5 but the maintenance chief told them “I can afford to lose an aircrew, but not the only Avionics guy I have for 4 other aircraft.”
                They did not let me go.
                First time in my military time that someone thought
                a Buck Sergent was more important than a multi million dollar aircraft and air crew.

                • rellik – we’re both getting old!!! LOL. I understood each and every word. As the young-uns say OMG. You bring back to mind the gentle adjustment of the sine-wave to overlay/match up…. geez, how time’s flown. And having worked for quite a few LEO/mil branches…. a Buck Sergeant is always more important that the vessel/aircraft and hell…. most any officer, in my opinion.

        • Same here. What the millennials are complaining about is what we went through. It’s kind of like how every new crop of teenagers thinks they are the first ones to discover sex and drugs.

          Part of the problem is that the American success myth (and it is a myth, as our experience has taught us) dies hard. When you work hard, go to college and graduate, the world is supposed to come knocking at your door begging for your services. And when it doesn’t, you start thinking that you were lied to…which you were.

          • We have a motherf@cker, motherf@cked economy. Once you understand that an inner peace comes over you. Millennials and young ones have their heads filled with AOC diversity nonsense and can’t see things for what they are.

            Another shock is when you are earning a good wage suddenly a very long line of people want to get a cut of it: the government taxes, charities, ethnic ‘minorities’, beggars and losers on the street, all want their share even though none of them built your success.

            My advice? Screw them all and build your personal wealth guilt free. Life is short and looks much better from the wealth perch than from the poverty perch.

        • And a lack of peace within.

      3. I think that entitled people, in want of instant gratification, are just being literal with their employers. This is an example of objectivity.

        The light switch, toilet lever and automobile ignition are all properly examples of instant gratification.

        The Nigerian prince, sperm jacker, cults, and Ponzi schemes are an example of being sh- tested. Slaves and slavish people are typically under the impression that they are working off some shame, debt, or arbitrary term of service for that company store from the ’16 Tons’ song.

        Take a deep breath. Use calming biofeedback. Nicely walk out of a job interview. (Imagine their faces melting) When it doesn’t cover life support, or normative living standards are not guaranteed. As well as a job market, there is a labor market. Incompetent people should never — ever — be allowed to play boss, and lament that noone will toil for them (under submediocre terms in the work dungeon.)

      4. Relik I agree 100%. “The rot at the top” is the problem. I have worked for the last 13 years for a non profit hospital that has been slowly bought out by a large corporation. It has been so sad and frustrating to watch what they have done to this place. Massive lay offs at the ‘worker’ and mid level, pile that extra work on the remaining people with no extra money and then create more VP positions. The presidents and VP’s that sit around in meetings all day deciding how everyone else will do the work make more than even the doctors do. Jerks getting rich riding the backs of others. I think the only reason I have made it this long is I do not have much debt and am prepared so I don’t have that dread of I HAVE to do this. I make decent money and have decent benefits but if the day comes that enough is enough I know I can walk. If I couldn’t I would be depressed too. My grandmother told me many, many years ago not to have to have a job so bad that you have to put up with shit.

      5. I caught the caboose on the good job train as it was leaving in the mid 1970s. Many years and much hard work both physical and academic I moved up in the cars while witnessing those behind me being detached one by one along with the passengers aboard. The good job train significantly shrunk and I watched it go by Walmart and 7/11 noticing former occupants inside. A minority found nitches that were quasi lucrative. The name of the locomotive; the “Free Trade” express.

      6. Funny how they show two men, Depressed at work.
        Women make up half the workers in the country now.
        Women were not told nor prepared for the plan that they were going to be work slaves. Of course they’re not happy.
        They were happy when they were the center of their family,
        and responsible for their family’s emotional and physical health
        and well being, their family’s social presentation, their family’s responsibility in the community, Civilizing their boys, Keeping their husband from killing himself through stupidity,
        It was hard work but they were happy.
        Don’t believe me? Ask your Grandma.

      7. “Delayed gratification”…a concept that does not exist in the minds of most young people. Drive a shitty car for years, live in a house smaller than the biggest you can afford. You are trying to build a future for your retirement and progeny while sustaining yourself and family. And realize if you attend college, a major in women’s studies or political science won’t mean shit in the real world. And for any of you that retort with some bullshit about the Wall Street Casino…well …it is; I agree. And you can cry for me everytime I get my monthly draw.

      8. Things are not booming everywhere just yet.
        Slim pickings in some places.

      9. many of the boomers born after 1950 came into the workforce just as the post WWII boom was collapsing. the fake 1970,s gas shortage helped diminish the job prospects. Too many boomers chasing too few jobs. However Us boomers grew up in a different time. We simply went on with life. Those milleniells expect too much. They where brainwashed to believe that a college degree was some magic thing that would let them live on easy street. I don’t feel a bit sorry for them.


          A better question is: If carrots are so good for your eyes, Why are there so many dead rabbits on the highway? 😛

        • Old Guy

          College has become a business into itself. One can get a degree in “Pre Columbian Bull Feces” or “Transexual Studies”. Both offer about the same employment opportunity. “Millennial Expectations”, there is a course that would be frightening.

      10. Take a backflow preventer repair course and you’ll know what true misery is.

      11. In America the predatory capitalistic system created the downfall in affordability that the majority of citizens are now experiencing. Sure you people worked hard for what you have before this hell on Earth progressed into much more for the fat cats and much less for everybody else. Pure evil reigns supreme leading to desperation for humankind and there is no turning back the clock which is plainly evident.

      12. I was happy at work, then there was the merger. 60% of my team was laid off and jobs sent overseas to a country with lower corp tax rate. The alcoholic was not laid off, work claims it’s a medical condition and he can’t be laid off.
        For the first time in my working career, I no longer care. I have been fortunate and worked with great people in my career.

      13. Well first off, You don’t get a report of a “rosy” economy when a Republican is in office (that is reserved for Democrats). Usually, when the “MSM” have no choice to report good or the current exceptional data, it is followed by “however” (much like your article) and always find someone like Jackie Chan’s daughter “practically” living under a bridge. Millennials were programmed with an artificial view of life. That’s our fault for not noticing what is taught in schools. I am 52 and ALWAYS had a job since I was 14. I am currently making the most money (100K+) in my life without a 4 year degree in what would be called the “Hard Way” (i.e., working hard and being good at what you do). That is life. I only aspire for the government to remove the road blocks and allow opportunity. The rest is faith and survival. I think there are plenty of other conspiracies for you to explore. Maybe, you can look in to how sad lottery winners are because they have to pay taxes on it.

      14. This is an easy question to answer.
        People so quickly forget what the Kenyan did to us. He killed interest rates, and clubbed businesses to death like Big Mike clubbed baby seals.
        Many people left the work force under Obama, and many people became under-employed. Look at all the folks who went after advanced degrees just to find a place.
        There has been a pent up demand for workers by businesses that had to sit on their hands, so they are beginning to hire, that’s good news. The bad news is that many workers who had to sit out are entering the fray, and the under-employed folks (the jobs the kids should be getting) are finding it tight to move back up where they should be. It is early in the recovery but it is working out. Don’t give up. It’s called Trickle Down, it works, and we are getting a well deserved bump – with NO THANKS to Barry Obama. During the Reagan years the same things happened. One day we will look back with extreme gratitude for what Mr. T did for us.

      15. Employers are your master. They tell you when you can have days off they tell you what to do. They give you shit jobs and take it easy on the weak snowflakes cus they are afraid they will quit. They lie to you they pinch pennies instead of making more dollars. They break contracts everyday. Pay shit wages because they want you to be broke so you need them. Over all they beat your morale down. You spend many hours away from your family helping them get rich. I can go on and on. They are the opposite of freedom. It’s the industry standard wherever you go. Workers are the downtrodden. The free shit parasites don’t have to lose anything to have everything a worker has. That is equality today. What incentive does one have to be proud of their job they are professional strugglers.

      16. Millennials…Gen Z…this tells me everything I need to know. Dumb, lazy, and entitlement mentality. They are miserable because they don’t want to work.

      17. Learn a Trade and work….. No one will help you but yourself.

        • so true.

      18. It makes little difference what kind of a degree you get these days, even if it was marketable, because you can’t compete with a tech from India who is willing to share a one bedroom with another seven of his countrymen. Moreover, one of them becomes a boss, brings over the whole village. There are quite a few cultural interest groups that don’t hire from another and, alas, white is not one of them.

        The whole racket revolves around investors’ profit and nobody is irreplaceable, assuming they have a grain of human dignity left; a dying breed…

      19. It’s not just the job wages, threat of being laid off etc, it’s the illusion that amassing material goods will make you happy. Plus the fact that most everyone these days stares into their phones, not knowing how to converse with anyone anymore.

      20. Everyone I personally know is happy.

        The misery must be in the ones that can’t achieve things, and they blame everything on why they are unhappy, never blame themselves for being stupid or lazy.

        Get a time machine and go back to any date or location.

        If you didn’t have any knowledge of today or any info on any of the science advances etc, you would be far worse off going to any other time or place in the past than what you have today.

        You 360lb welfare bitches wern’t seen in 1073.
        Snowflakes were once seen but never made a sound.

      21. One solution might be the one the Russians found after the German invasion at the outset of WWII. Teach women to become snipers – as many as possible. When American women realize how much social damage they caused by going along with ‘the US social indoctrination program,’ they’d be in the perfect place to make things right, especially if S really HsTF.

      22. I got tired of making everyone else money while i struggled, so i started my own buisness and am living alot more comfortable, born 1985 and know what it is to have a trade and hands worked to the bone. Sadly to many my age want something for nothing.

      23. I left good comments on this site and they were not posted.
        I have one message for the purveyors of this fear site; Fuck You.
        You are more interested in fear porn than the truth.
        Rot in hell.

      24. The only ones complaining are the PC Babies. [reference to a South Park episode]

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