If Only President Barack Obama Were White

by | Sep 16, 2009 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Headline news this morning is Jimmy Carter’s asinine suggestion that Rep. Joe Wilson’s recent comments, and those of many non-supporters, are based in racism and fear of President Obama’s skin color. Is it just me, or is it time for former President Carter to STFU? For an intelligent look at how someone can disagree with Obama’s policies and NOT be a racist, SHTF Plan recommends So….Now we all know this is just about Obama’s race:

    So .. here is what Jimmy Carter, Bill Moyers, Hank Johnson, much of the Washington and New York press corps, Newsweek Magazine and the brilliant thinkers on the American left would have you believe of Americans right now:

    -We would be more than willing to welcome cap-and-trade with open arms, even if we paid a thousand dollars or more extra every year for our energy use, if Barack Obama were only white.

    -We would be dancing in the streets celebrating the dawning of government control of our health care if only Barack Obama were white.

    -It would be just dandy if government bureaucrats rationed health care for our parents, as long as the president is white.

    -We would jump at the chance of the government owning ALL of the auto manufacturing companies .. not just General Motors … if the president just didn’t have dark skin.

    -We would applaud those ACORN workers giving tax avoidance advice to a pimp and his prostitute if the workers hadn’t been black.

    -Most Americans – even ones that don’t pay income taxes now – would be more than willing to give 70% of everything they earn to the federal government when asked … so long as they are asked by a white president.

    -We would have been thrilled, I tell you … THRILLED to have all of those Islamic goons being held at Guantanamo be not only released, but sent to be school resource officers at our local government schools, if only a white president put that plan in motion.

    -It would be OK if a white president stood back and allowed Iran to build its coveted nukes … we’re only unhappy about that because a black president is doing it.

    Deficits? We don’t care about deficits! Make our children and grand children and great grand children pay through the nose for our president’s spending habits … just so long as the president isn’t black.

    ‘Nuff Said.

    For more points, check out the article over at Neal’s Nuze…


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      1. I could care less that the President of the United States is black.. i mean white… i mean half and half.

        Neal Boortz makes a very good argument here. Every lib needs to read it. Not that it would change their illogical, emotionally driven thinking patterns, but maybe, just maybe, we can get one of them to start thinking rationally. It’s a start.

      2. The race card used to trump all other cards… that is, until the nation voted in a black president. Now we have plenty of black people even criticizing the president. What are they supposed to be, self-hating racists? I don’t feel too strongly on this issue, though, to be honest with you. Even if McCain would have been elected we would still be in a VERY similar pot of boiling water right now. I have zero faith in either dems or repubs to fix the mess we are in. That’s why you need to get your own house in order, get out of debt and buy some precious metals and some non-perishable food.  Don’t look for the gov’t to help when the SHTF.

      3. It makes no difference the party. McCain would have probably done virtually the same things.

        It wasn’t Obama who caused this crisis… democrats AND republicans are to blame. They have all done their part to wreck this country over the last 50 years. Unfortunately, they will continue doing it until the whole system collapses.

      4. Well said, AS and ovals.

        McCain would have done basically the same thing Obama has done.

        …and both Dems and the GOP are to blame for this mess…as is the Fed of course.

        I also have virtually no faith whatsoever in either party to improve ANYTHING right now.  To be honest, I don’t care what sort of health care reform bill is passed, nor which group of two-bit circus clowns drafts it – my money is it making things worse, not better.

        IF we are able to hold it together for a couple of years, I suspect you’ll see a legit third party threat next time around…as is already evidenced by many of the “tea party” stuff.

        I think there is a substantial portion of the U.S. population, who might consider themselves liberal conservatives or conservative liberals, that is now realizing they are in at least some ways more “conservative” than the current GOP.  That is, they just want government to get the hell out of their lives and to stop screwing things up.

        …and I’ll again repeat my prediction:  within the next ten years or so, at least one state will try to secede.

        IF, hypothetically, the U.S. completely “disbanded,” after some time, the states would then start forming loose unions, and eventually maybe even a small centralized government…to maintain a military, interstate highways, etc…

        The irony is that the new, small central government would probably resemble what our Constitution already proscribes.

        …for some brilliant reason, we just don’t follow the Constitution anymore.

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