If A Serious Emergency Happens While You’re At Work Make Sure You Have These Life Saving Supplies On Hand

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    This guide was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s ReadyNutrition.com


    Have you made a big batch of pemmican for yourselves yet?  If so, then I commend you.  If not, then get on the stick!  The beef stick, that is, because pemmican is one of the foods that is perfect to carry around.  I know, I know, between bug-out bags, micro-tools, thermoses, and the likes of which I have been writing about recently…you need to be an octopus to be able to carry all of it.  It is better to have, as you well know, than not to have something.  Let’s talk about food in this regard.

    The Secret to Survival is Prior Planning

    Undoubtedly you have laid up a supply for yourselves and your families in your home and have some packed in your “go” bags.  We’ll now touch on a few other areas: in your workplace and on your person. Some preparedness and emergency items for the entire office are:

    Talk to your supervisor about the existing emergency plan and find ways of improving it. You could even create a preparedness month where each coworker donates money to get the office prepped!

    Ultimately, It’s About You!

    If your workplace shrugs off your attempts to get them prepped, that shouldn’t stop you from getting some extra food and provisions for yourself in your workplace (and also carry a little on you at all times). Keep in mind, this is about giving yourself an “edge” and perhaps buying you some time in a sticky situation.

    If you have a workplace locker (the best are those that lock), a basket/cubby space, or a shelf for your things, you can stock up a few cans of food and some essentials.  Why?  Because that is what preparation is all about: the “what-if’s” that may arise.  What if you cannot go outside to your vehicle to get your “go” bag?  There could be any number of reasons: severe flooding, rioting, extreme cold weather, among others.  You may have to make do with what you have on your person or in your workplace.

    As well, make sure you have some clean athletic socks and walking shoes stored on you. As well, have some extra change on hand in case you need to get items from the vending machines (items like water, nuts, crackers, etc., will run out quickly in an emergency).

    Your Personal Workplace Prepper Pantry

    Even if you just have a bag that you stash under a table or in a back room, you can throw extra canned goods in there.  Here’s a sample of what to place in your bag or locker (with a locker, remember, you can probably put some more food in there):

    • (4) cans of food (preferably heat-and-eat prepared dinner-ravioli, soups, etc.)
    • (2) 20-ounce or 32-ounce bottle of water
    • (1) Ziploc sandwich bag of a snack (trail mix, pretzels, dried fruit, etc.)
    • (1) Ziploc bag of hard candies
    • (1) small bag of dried meat (jerky, pemmican, beef sticks, etc.)

    That will get you started, but you don’t have to stop there. There are many types of disasters that could occur while you are at work. What happens if there is a fire and you need to escape? Or, in a worst case scenario, hazardous material has leaked into the air. Why not have a gas mask on hand? There are many gas masks that are compact and can fit inside your desk.

    Remember, these items are for your personal space/storage space in your workplace.  If you have an office and a desk, all the better.  If the desk has any drawers that lock, then it’s optimal.  Remember this rule:

    If it’s a time of trouble or scarcity, whatever you need will also be needed by others.

    Sesame Street rules aside, you do not need to advertise that you have a stash of extra food in your office drawer or wall locker.  Keep your supplies in a nondescript gym bag or other non-transparent/non-translucent carrier.

    Their need is not a justification for your sharing, nor their shortsightedness for your “help” regarding preparations. 

    One way to circumvent this is to get coworkers involved in getting the workplace prepared for these types of emergencies and have them create their own personal workplace pantries.

    So, we’ve addressed the workplace, and now how about on your person?  Why?  Because it gives you an edge.  I have written articles in the past on the value of cargo pants with cargo pockets.  Here I am, recommending them again.  I carry a small bag of peanut butter-filled pretzels in my cargo pocket, as well as a bag of jerky, and about half a dozen hard candies (I like those Jolly Rancher ones).  There’s a good reason for it.

    What if you’re trapped in an elevator?  Or (as mentioned before) something goes wrong, such as a power outage that leaves you trapped for a while.  What then?  It is a proven fact that the intake of simple sugars helps the human body during times of stress or crisis.  In addition, it is a psychological support you’ll give to yourself to help you deal with all of it.  The protein in the jerky and the peanut butter is important; the necessity to replace protein can never be understated.

    The hard candies give you some simple sugar to throw into your bloodstream, and keep the mouth from drying out.  As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, if you can’t drink, then do not eat anything.  You will deplete yourself further; you must drink in order to digest your food.  The difficulty this presents is obvious, because if you don’t tote around a water bottle all the time, you’ll have trouble finding water when the need arises.  So, tote it around!  Everybody walks around all the time with coffee cups and soda bottles, so it won’t look out of place for you to tote around a 20-ounce PowerAde bottle with water in it.

    These are akin to “tiers” of response levels: 1st is what you have on you, 2nd in your work area/locker, and 3rd in your vehicle.

    One more key point: All the stuff not on you becomes a cache point if you can’t reach it, and you can go for the stuff later on.

    You may have to forgo getting food out of your locked desk drawer because 10 other people may see it.  Who’s going to think of going into your desk drawer for food unless you make them aware it’s there.  Practice OPSEC, and re-read the article I wrote on the Nosy Neighbors…the ones who will eat your food and maybe you along with it if their needs call for it.  Keep it to yourself.  It’s better to wait until everybody is out of the area, and then obtain your supplies from your locked and unknown (to your “buddies” at work) location.  Ounce of prevention, pound of cure.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.com.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. If you haven’t already, get on Google maps and plan your exit routes. Ensure you have at least two. Make sure one avoids lighted intersections if possible. Also plan one for going on foot to avoid population density, road blocks and check points.

        I have a river route if on foot to avoid main street. Packing a firearm or gear will draw attention from LEO whom will be watching and busy with the bulk of the people.

        The first hour will be crucial and advantageous for you to exit before everyone else figures it out. Especially groups or gangs whom would see this an opportunity and get organized. That first hour can be life or death. Get out before your stuck in.

        • People ought to have paper maps! Drill it into your head the grid may not always be there for you!

          If the grid goes down Google isn’t going to do jack shit for you. I am a long time fan of DeLorme state maps because they show logging roads, train tracks, and power lines along with bodies of water and recreational areas (many of those areas have coin operated showers, water, and some shelter available). I have one for my state along with surrounding states.

          The latest roads may not show up but I don’t care about that. The best part about these maps are they are topographic and show roads that are minimally used. I have one for the state where I live along with others for every surrounding state around my state. The only drawback is if you wear glasses it is a good idea to keep spares along with a magnifying glass. Reading these maps can be a pain in the butt if you are older. Might save you, and a young person with good eye lives, though. I keep mine in the pocket behind the seat. It is always there if, and when, I need it.

          With a compass and this map you will never be lost and will know which way to go when no one else has a fricking clue!

          • If you’re stuck in the office for several days, the top two necessities for survival are 1) box of Trojans, 2) bottle of booze.

        • LEO

        • If you have a locker or desk that can be locked under no circumstance would I not have a handgun of some type to go along with my other supplies. Before retirement I worked for 36 years at a place that didn’t allow guns, but everyone carried a grip with rulebooks and other necessities along with something to eat, and for well over 30 of those years at the bottom of that grip was my handgun. A person just has to be discreet and use a little common sense and keep your mouth shut. That was then, I now open carry six and a half days a week. Trekker Out. At Church Its Concealed!

          • So when is the half day a week you are Not Carrying?? lol

      2. If I’m at work WTSHTF. I’ll just straight home In my Ram, It is already packed with what I would need to go 5 mile down a uninhabited country road. Plus I will already have a USP 45 with 2 extra Mags and an AR15 with 1 extra 30Rd Mag. I’ll also be wearing a bullet proof vest. This is one plus for being a Cop.


        • I work 4 miles from our home, most of its wooded. There are 2 streams and a creek enroute. I have a water filter as well as a couple other items in my “work” bag. If I, for some reason, can’t drive home the walk won’t take much time. This article, as usual, ain’t got much value. If people ain’t figured this shit out by now, there ain’t no point in tryin to tell them anything now. If Jeremiah Johnson was such the ultimate fighting machine, then why ain’t he writing articles that relate to his supposed skills? The last article was about 12 must haves that one needs for a bug out bag. I had to laugh, I think he went shopping at the dollar store next to his trailer park and thought all that stuff would be just neeto to have in a survival situation.
          Stay quiet Be smart

          • He’s a Fraud and probably a Valor Thief too. I asked for proof of his military credentials, he makes up under his fake name.. I was this and I was that, and how he was a friggin puppet and now spewing dumb BS.

            You know one of the most common positions ex military guys use to get membership in the VFW’s Cheap Booz Bar? A ships “Radio Man,” who guided the ships around. Biggest friggin lie out there. These drunk just want a cheap place to booze it up. Too funny.

        • Sarg:

          There are two types of cops, one is the donut boy who eats at fast food stops, puts on extra weight, and becomes out of breath running after a skinny dindu nutin petty criminal. The other is a very well organized, self reliant, mentally sharp “as a tack”, and fit “as a fiddle” man of self discipline; who works out and could probably fight off a small army with his bare hands. The second type would have a perp handcuffed before he even thought about running. These guys are not bullies. They are strong, and strength and courage must have strong ethics and a true desire to “protect and serve”, so this cop is “both brave and peaceful at the same time” (words of instruction from ‘The Leader’ to ‘the youth’).

          I don’t know what type you are Sarg, but having your car prepped like that is certainly a step in the right direction. Be safe out there with all those criminals and nut jobs. I’m not a cop but I worked around them, and I know what a thankless dangerous job it is.

          Oh, take honey and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar along with water. It provides a quick pick-me-up, does not require refrigeration, aids digestion, is loaded with nutrients and calories that will not end up causing a blood glucose spike and subsequent drop with fatigue like candy.


          • B From C
            I try to be like #2. I have always worked under the Rule do unto others as you would them do unto you!

            I have drinking Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey & Ciniamom for about a year now. But thanks for the advise.

        • Civilian (Former Military) and I carry Body Armor, AR-15 With 8 Mags and 4 Extra for my Springfield XDM .40! Plus Food, Water, First Aid and a few extras! What happens if your RAM is disabled… And being a cop doesn’t make you anymore special than anyone else during a SHTF situation!

          • E
            You are right I’m not special.

            Believe me when I tell you I have what it would take to get the 5 mile I need to get home, and by the way there are only 3 houses on the road and those three are right outside of my jurisdiction. so the 1/2 mile there are house the last 4 1/2 mile there is nothing.


            • Very good points of paper map awareness Philosopher. After hurricane Andrew went through south Florida the government gave returning home owners a set time period to gather their belongings and leave because bulldozers scraped everything cleaned after they left. Some of the home owners never found their vacant lots because there were no points of reference. I know that is hard to believe but these are the horror stories we heard from them as the home owners flooded up into north Florida. They never and still do not know how fast the winds were in Andrew because the wind measuring devices were blown away. All wind predictions were based on wind damage to the environment and was even upgraded later. Very good article.

              • Paint your address on the curb in front of the house. Paint the address somewhere on the concrete in back of your house. Have a marker embedded in the ground with the top sticking out.

              • WS: thank you. People take electronics, and normal land markers, for granted. I live in an area where there are earthquakes, volcanoes, lahars, and tsunamis. Good luck finding your place after a tsunami / lahar! A lahar is a mud / debris flow that can travel at speeds of 60 to 100 mph.

                Not good. Not good at all.

            • Because I am not willing to do your job, “Sgt. Dale” that does MAKE YOU SPECIAL. IT is my opinion that most of us readers take “911” for granted so Sgt. Dale you keep up the good work.

              • W.S.
                Thank you Sir!
                I will do my best.

            • I carry and map and compass everywhere I go (a Silva Ranger).
              I bought a training package and teach this to others now.
              There is an Orienteering club near me and I do their races,, I do not race per say but keep my skills sharp by participating and taking beginners with me.
              This is a skill that should never be forgotten!

              Long Live the Republic!

          • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……”being a cop doesn’t make you anymore special than anyone else during a SHTF situation”. Does this mean “E” that if the women in your family were being assaulted after a disaster you would not want a cop around to help out just because he was not that important? Today there are no good guys in Washington DC and in my opinion the last line of good guys are our local police. Because I am not willing to do Sgt. Dale’s job I think he is special and if he or any police see me on the outside of the yellow tape and need help, say cleaning the street or go get coffee for them all they have to say is, “Hey Bill we need some help over here”. Even though most of us take “911” for granted you keep up the good work Sgt. Dale.

            • Yeah he’s special cause he can legally open carry. Other than that, nope. In SHTF, anybody in any uniform will be targeted. Especially when you try to trespass on my property pre or post SHTF,… Just saying. Because most of the time They will be trying to order everybody around. I will tell them Go F- Off.

              And if you like your uniform for your power ego trip, you can die wearing it.

        • Lose the uniform.

          • dn
            I’ll keep the uniform. It keeps me in the LOOP! When I get info I tell you folks. Which I have don several times.

            I can tell you right now we have nothing big on the RADAR for central Ill. on the 20Th.

            But I wouldn’t go to DC. Unless you are ready to stand up to protesters/rioters.

            I know some of my biker buddies are going. You see I let them walk their side of the Law and I walk my side. If I have a problem with one of them I let the Top Dog take care of it (and believe me they do,) and I they have a problem with one of mine I take care of it. They know that they can only go so far. This has worked for many years. I respect them and they Respect me. In the last several years when they come into town they ask for me. We have a good talk and everyone has a good time.

            • Where I live in Wyoming, towns are few and far between, which is like most of Wyoming, If I might say many in law enforcement mirror their superiors and like alot of towns out here we have no police force just a Deputy Sheriff, and being a large county we had a Captain or Lt. Deputy which was over 4 or 5 Deputies, and sad to say but he retired or I wouldn’t even mention him because he could of been removed by higher ups if they had really known his position on government. Anywho I am always hereing comments bad mouthing LE and this Deputy was as anti big government as anyone I ever met and a prepper to the hilt. And had TSHTF he would have keep his local Deputies in line if it had been nessasary, not so sure now. Trekker Out. Stay The Course Sarg!!!

              • Most cops and city Cops are low IQ Pigs. County Deputies and Sheriffs are much better and respects civil rights. State troopers are more smart, and in shape. Anybody that wears a Black or Blue uniform is just looking to harass you or steal from you. That’s the City gutter mentality those Cops have. I have seen both sides close up and personal. County Deps, understand rural mentality. As long as you are not hurting or harming anybody they mostly don’t care what you do, because they have a lot of territory to cover. City cops will instigate Harassment, with their Low IQ Authority Egos, thinking they are the masters of all people. Here’s a clue, Bullets fly both directions. And your little Glock with a couple magazines on your bat belt, is no match for a AR15 3200 fps green tips, as well as your flimsy flack jacket that will look like Swiss cheese.

            • I too am in Central IL,, holler if SHTF,, I will be there!

          • Also ditch the Sarge nickname, that too will blow your OPSEC post SHTF and get you killed. You know how many people out there looking to settle scores? Lots. Unless you like to be Randomly Stupid and Dead, Ditch the uniform and nickname, and get back to reality if you like living. Most people will look at you as a Rat and a Narc. This ain’t Mayberry RFD, Barney Fife.

        • I work from home/ BOL. lol Just another day in the Paradise Jungle.

          • Do you know what it takes to be a Cop in Chicago?

            A case of scotch to the chief, or to the right city commissioner.

            You’re Hired. Heard that too.

      3. one item many may not think of, but I think could be very useful in northern climates with snow, would be a sled. any cheap children’s 2 seater sled will help, that you just keep in the trunk of your car. if you have small children/grandchildren with you, do you want to carry them 5 miles? ,or throw in your backpack or whatever your need may be.
        you can get a cheap one for about $15 at wallyworld, and surprisingly a lot of them are made in USA. I would suggest laying a towel down before loading any heavy solid gear to avoid cracking when going over uneven ground.

      4. I wouldn’t in any circumstances, grid down, remain in the office/job environment. With all those other people around, and the un-likelyhood of you having gotten them to prepare for emergencies, guess what those working companions are going to remember, once they get hungry and nervous? Ayup. Plus, when you DO manage to eat something stored on the sly, they’re going smell it on your breath! Just Ate Today is a profile that will get you beaten and killed. If you have to walk 20 miles or more, do it. The sooner the better. If you wait, it’s only going to get worse with each passing hour. Leave right away, and don’t look back. Cities are deathtraps, along with crowds. You are always better off without them.

        • The Maxpedition Operator and its other attaches are very good for an office SHTF. They do have Molle, but look less “Tactical” than similar products. You can store a LOT of personal emergency supplies, food, etc., in one of those and not look out of place!

      5. Sarge, in my office at work I have a small kitchen set up with a fridge, microwave, and coffee pot. Oh, yeah gotta have that java. I get beef sticks from the store that are also part of my food pantry. It’s a good survival food, especially with some crackers. I’m going back to the BOL on Sunday for 2 weeks.

        • I hope those “crackers” are Gold fish!While good would rather have a decent trail mix for short run energy food.I have a slew of Datrek bars for a few days fuel in all places,small,can eat without water,not actually too bad,ate a third of a pack for lunch with no breakfast that fday and was fine at work,didn’t feel hungry,guess a better test would be a few days on em!

      6. I say when the SHTF…and you are at work and need to get home, get nekked…and shout “Trump and Hillary crawled into bed together and peed on each other”…folks will know that you are crazy and will leave you alone. At least you stand a good chance of getting to your destination.

      7. What, no tape measure this time?
        Or a hammer and nails?

        • BlackMoe gets 2 points for the bitch slap

        • Tape Measure, scotched Tape and stapler, so you can still do paper work while bugging out. lol

      8. Extra socks. There is nothing worse than having to hoof it and you end up with wet feet! Good wool socks can be wrung out and put back on but there is nothing like DRY SOCKS! I spent some time at RAF Lakenheath, in the spring. What did I keep in my ammo pouches? Extra socks!

      9. The best survival tool is your brain. The biggest obstacle to survival can be your mind! (my opinion and saying).

        • RickE.

          I could not agree more. The mind, the brain is your best and most important possession. Protective wear like helmets are life savers. But one needs to possess the smartest, most sane mind before an event. The ability to think and make the right decision all day every day.

          Genetics is the most crucial factor determining high or low intelligence. I have always been attracted to brilliant people. Some uneducated people have more native brainpower and automaticlly do the smartest thing. So although I respect a PHD or MD ; I never disparage those who don’t have a fancy education.


        • RickE. For many their brain is too heavy to carry, for their EDC (every day carry). Thus all the ignoramouses out there running around flapping their arms.

      10. If Obama did listen to the crazy liberals who are advising him to declare martial law and seize power, you might fing youself in you workplace. It might not be clear what is happening. The tv and radio stations might not be on the air. There may not be phone service. There might even be an order to remain where you are. If you are stuck with people for several daays who can’t get food, good luck eating yours. Make sure you are wearing good walking shoes.

        • I am not home and hear either martial law declared or phone/net ect. just suddenly all go down I am on the road/hoofing/what have you to get home or place(friends home set up)staying sometimes work in Boston region.Things still not crazy will quickly buy a to go meal while others chatting/confused and get a extra meal in me and extend daily carry food bars,hmmmm…..,good times!

          • I want the Boston Marathon Bombing Fully Investigated, and this phony Martial Law on Boston. Totally Illegal, forcing people out of their homes at gun point, and illegal search of homes and quartering in them.

            That is an outrage. How many more False Flags by the Goya are coming??

      11. Look what I found buried. The Zebra killings. What else have the buried?

        • Lone, very few people know about the Zebra killings. I once knew a retired Lt. from SFPD, who knew a lot about the subject. He claims over 400 white people murdered.

          • Simon, Larry Green, Manuel Moore and Jessie Lee Cooks were all convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the ‘Zebra’ murders in 1976. Named for the special radio band the police used in the investigation, the Zebra murders were a string of attacks and killings targeting white people in San Francisco from October of 1973 to the April of 1974. In total, 14 were killed and 8 were hurt, including future mayor Art Agnos.

            Not 400 lol Link: http://sfist.com/2015/03/14/zebra_killer_found_dead_in_san_quen.php

      12. When at work go back to the basics. Fire, water, food,
        Shelter, defense. Get home, get family, make moves (situational). Enough said.

      13. You forgot condoms because one way or another someone is going to be f–ked.

      14. Sure, I’ll obey such an order. Got it. I’ll listen to management as well…

        If internet/phones go down, assume the worst until proven wrong.

      15. Imagine all the radio and television stations are off the air except for those sanctioned by the Government. There are military vehicles and personnel on the streets with roadblocks set up to discourage people from driving anywhere. Announcements come over the sanctioned tv and radio stations that “encourage” you to stay where you are. There will probably be no official announcement about martial. You will probably know that something is going on but not what it is. We’ll be told very little except what they want us to do and how to act. Their goal will be to seize total control and to arrest as many potential trouble-makers as possible.

        • For the Unprepared Liberal Snowflakes, I will post signs all over in my area that READS: Free Food and Water at the Police Station, and local FEMA Camp, Provide Maps and directions. That should keep the NutJobs on both sides of the equation plenty busy. That frees me up to get my projects done unfettered.

          Think Psyopps people, and get these signs all made up ahead of time, while you still have electricity. That’s where you carry a Hammer and nails, or a good staple gun and box of staples on your Bug out Bag. Directions to Terminus!!

      16. What if? What if you have to travel on foot temporarily? Unnoticed? In the city or suburbs? Ever see those old ladies with their shopping carts? You can get a lot of stuff in there. Just saying.

      17. Excuse this somewhat off topic question.

        Looong time reader infrequent poster; now I need some advise. Have been a general prepper since the Y2K thing. Now I am in my Seventies and need to downsize my home.

        My non-food preps take up to much space. Was able to sell the canning jars and wooden handle tools and oil lamps. My two grown sons do not want any of it.

        Was not able to garage sale sell any of the other items.

        Vintage carpentry hand tools
        Sheet metal working hand tools
        Sharpening stones
        Barter goods:
        Lots of old style “Strike Anywhere” matches.
        Candles, fatwood, 1 liter metal water bottles
        old style mini mag lights, flashlights.
        Just lots of small items.
        Even ix of the HD Rubbermaid “Action Pack” tote

        What is the answer?? “Nothing over a $Dollar sale”??

        Advise is sought from all, please.


        • correction
          not able to garage sale sell
          (low prices and no offers)

          ix = SIX

        • Craigslist Mike. Sell for cheap and don’t give out your address to anyone but your buyer. Maybe get a cop to be there when the deals are done. It’s easy to use… I sold a lot of clutter for cheap that people were eager to get.

        • Thought about selling any of it on eBay? 20 free listings no store required. Free boxes from post office or even grocery stores.

        • Sell it all on EBay.

          I have an inlaw downsizing, he’s unloaded a lot of stuff, made some good money doing it and had a lot of fun. People will pay for tools. Sell them as sets.

          The wife and I always agreed that when long term stored food got within a few years of expiration we’d donate it to the next big disaster.

        • Sell it all on Craigslist dot com ASAP. Look for the closest city and areas they offer to post your adds nd its all free. Go take photos of everything, and put those photos in a folder on your laptop, then when you place your adds you already got all the photos. Photos sell and will get you a better price. I sold a ton of stuff for 2 years, before I moved and downsized. I should have been even more aggressive as I still am renting a storage facility for the top end furniture Oh and a few TV’s. Stupid. Every day that goes by the prices will keep getting cheaper and cheaper, so sell it ASAP. Lots of people downsizing so its a glut out there of stuff. You want to get into a good business? Open up Storage Facilities and Flea Market Facilities in your area. Every Saturday its a bog Yard sale flea Mkt. Sell food too, popcorn, etc. You get lots of cash flow, for renting space, low maintenance, low overhead. Just provide the venue on some land by a town.

      18. Mike,as in New England not workable but lived closer would have perhaps depending on which tools had a interest in the carpentry tools,especially a large/old school door planer,been looking for that for awhile.I would suggest perhaps try listing on Craigs List,free and might get some bites.

        Things of a more average nature with no real specialty value would give to friends/family/neighbors that do want them,hell,true strike anywheres hard to come by these days(I am sure it is for the children!).

        Shame no one wants the different trade tools,guess at moment a dying living/passion but do see a resurgence in the future as times become more “challenging”.

        I would say any old tools of value might even be worth listing on say E-bay,check em out and see what is there for sale you have/going prices ect.,good luck.

      19. LoL this is too funny. You mean there are really people out there that have jobs ? Here’s a fact. You loose your job and you will be lucky if you can get hired at Mobil
        Walmart Home Depot or Lowes. Add the age factor and the odds are against you. The shit house is on fire and its burning down to the ground.

      20. I have to laugh when people say that WTSHTF they’ll just run out to their vehicle and hit the road to wherever.

        SHTFs are planned, and the authorities will close those roads within minutes, and you’ll end up going nowhere, your mighty 4×4 included. You might not even get home from work to pick up your family.

        Events will happen with lightning speed.

      21. Yeah, they wont let you leave the Cities when you are trapped there working, and you live out in the rural area where your Wifey is. You will need your shoulder bug out bag with a good Pistol and plenty of magazines. A pair of wool socks and worn in hiking boots, AR-15 Pistol will be an asset, small and concealable. Take a poncho, Boonie hat, unless you like to walk around soaking wet. A few MRE’s, some chocolate for moral, Power bars, etc, You will burn 2500 to 3000 calories just walking 10 miles on the hoof. Got a pair of walking sticks? Get out there and practice walking around and work all the kinks out now in practice.

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