Iceland Could Be About To Experience A Major Volcanic Eruption

by | Jul 30, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 40 comments

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    Iceland’s largest volcano, Katla, was just moved to yellow status.  But that isn’t all that’s concerning. There have also been over 500 earthquakes in Iceland in the last four days.

    Experts now believe that a volcanic eruption that could be quite large, may soon occur in Iceland. A series of 40 small earthquakes occurred just North East of Mount Fagradalsfjall two days ago, with the final one felt in Reykjavik, measuring at almost 4 on the Richter scale.  Following tremors at Katla in South Iceland and a glacial river flood in Múlakvísl, the Icelandic Met Office has raised the status of the famous volcano on its “Aviation Colour Code Map for Icelandic Volcanic Systems” from green to yellow. People have even been warned to stay away from the Múlakvísl  River because of the odor of sulfur. 

    An earthquake of the magnitude of 3 occurred in the Katla caldera at 00:48 last night followed by a series of smaller tremors.  The seismic unrest could be connected to the glacial river flood and not connected to a possible eruption at all but the Iceland Met Office cannot be certain at this point.

    Alert code yellow means that the volcano is active but that nothing points to an immenent eruption. If the colour code moves up to orange it means that the volcano is increasing its activity and an eruption is becoming likely. –Iceland Monitor

    “It’s quite normal for Reykjanes, there have been a series of quakes there in the past few years,” the Met Office commented. And according to a post on volcano enthusiast site Volcanocafé, eruptions occur in Iceland every three to seven years.

    “We have never seen a large powerful intrusion at a Mid Oceanic Ridge at such a well-instrumented place,” Carl Rehnberg wrote on Volcanocafé. “We now know that the initial swarm rapidly transformed from tectonic earthquakes, via volcano-tectonic, to earthquakes consistent with moving magma in a surprisingly short timeframe. As such this is turning into a potential eruption or a state of volcanic unrest.”  Rehnberg believes that a major eruption could be just hours away. If, however, the “current unrest” stops, there will be no eruption. But, he explains, “At the intensity and force of the current seismic unrest, it is likely that an eruption will occur if the seismic crisis is prolonged.”

    Rehnberg speculates that there is a 50 percent chance of an eruption, and that chance is increasing by the hour.  But the Icelandic Met Office, who are currently not concerned about a major volcanic eruption, citing the recent seismic activity as “normal for an active region”.



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      1. Cool

        • I have stood on the glacier at Vatnajokull in Iceland, and driven by Katla on the ring road (Iceland is BEAUTIFUL if you get a chance to go. Icelandair does a wonderful job, and runs a string of nice hotels. The closest one is at Kirkjubæjarklaustur, but there is a non-Icelandair one right near Skaftafell. Mýrdalsjökull glacier/Katla is right above the town of Vik, with its marvelous black sand beach and great Icelandic wool stores there.

          The 1783 eruption of Laki sent fumes as far as Europe, causing deaths, and around 20% of the island’s population died, and with a massive proportion of cattle and sheep. Check out the short article at Forbes at for a primer on this. They feel the resulting famine could well have been the impetus for the French Revolution.

          But here’s the thing: Re. the utter scam of global warming, they KNOW for a fact, and have signs up at Skaftafell Nat’l Park, that there are currently, TODAY, 40 Viking era farms that are TODAY buried under the glacier, that were functioning farms 1000 years ago (the Medieval Warm Period). Even the head global warmer, Phil Jones- before he was outed by the Climategate revelations – was forced to admit to BBC that it was as warm, or warmer during the MWP. Of course there is also the Roman Warm Period and the Minoan Warm Period that were similar.

          There has been ZERO global warming since 1998, and prior to that the warming was simply us still emerging from the LIA (Little Ice Age) where we had been the coldest we had been since the Ice Age. A study by Kegwin of marine radioisotopes in the Sargasso Sea, published in Nature, showed that we are indeed warmer than during the LIA 150 – 200 years ago, *** but we are STILL below the 3,000 year average temperature right now, today. Any of the BIG GREEN MONEY types ever tell you that? Did they ever tell you that, while there was still warming going on back then, that there was warming on Pluto, per Dr. Sallie Baliunas, Harvard Smithsonian, warming on Mars, per CalTech observations, and also the Hubble telescope showed that the famed red spot on Jupiter was growing due to – you guessed it – global warming. The Archeological Survey of Canada said the treeline was 200 km NORTH of where it is today during the MWP, and Dr. Tim Ball, recently retired from Univ. of Winnipeg, has a picture of a picea glauca (white spruce) in Canada’s Arctic that was growing during another warmer than today period 5,000 years ago – FAR north of today’s treeline. Pix and story at

        • Iceland needs a few tiki torches to keep warm

          • So let me get this straight, Iceland is going to melt?

      2. World-Humanity has a growing earth Change problem.

        The volcanoes of the planet are growing increasingly restless. This portends we are about to enter another age of geological upheaval.

        When Volcanoes erupt, ash particles are carried in the atmosphere. Combined that the Chemtrails and The Solar Minimum we are entering (Reduces the light and warmth from the sun), we can expect to see an decrease in temperatures world wide and increase coldness in some parts that may require some population relocation.

        A reduction in food production. Public water contaminated.

        Rain water contaminated.

        Many preppers are preparing for war in the streets, economic down turn than this problem that is coming to the front.

        Yellowstone is a problem–it is not our biggest problem

        It is not the only super volcano in the world.

        Stressful times are coming.

        • Having 500 earth quakes is nothing in a few days.
          Here are the Total Number of earthquakes worldwide for 2006–2016. Its the magnitude that makes the difference.

          2006 – 14,703
          2007 – 14,350
          2008 – 14,240
          2009 – 8,862
          2010 – 12,300
          2011 – 15,798
          2012 – 12,548
          2013 – 11,341
          2014 – 15,121
          2015 – 14,795
          2016 – 14,421
          Source: ht tps://

          The earth continues to move and twist like it has for millions of years, and it is just normal. Just don’t be stupid and live on a Fault line.

          • Even if you take the stats from 2016 of 14,421 divided by 365 days a year, that comes to roughly 40 earth quakes per day on average, times 5 days and that’s 200 earth quakes. So is every little tremor considered an earth quake. How about farting, that also causes a tremor like conditions and makes your bed covers flutter?

      3. Those folks simply take volcanos erupting in stride. There was a volcano erupting there that the Lava flow was endangering a harbor and a village. They didn’t set and watch the hot molten lava slowly creep along burning everything in its path like the do in Hawaii. Nope they got Bulldozers and rerouted that hot liquid rock another direction where it couldnt harm anything.

        • I find it interesting that accross earth we are having such an up kick of volcanic action. If one were to think that all the volcanoes and calderas are interconnected in some way… there is going to be some major action in the near future somewhere on our planet. Something has to give. Of course I could be wearing my tinfoil hat and reading too much into the hyped up articles news and videos coming out with regards to the activity. I guess it’s just another reason to keep building up stores.

        • Old Guy:

          You point out how The PEOPLE of Ice Land intelligently dealt with a volcanic problem while The PEOPLE of Hawaii foolishly did nothing to avert danger.

          How racist !!!

          How dare you point out how much smarter those white people really are !!!! Damn, are you trying to say that maybe we should protect those precious PEOPLE from genocide planned by (((globalists))).

          I heard yesterday that due to massive immigration of other non-white races into America, the USA’s IQ is officially on average 14 points lower.

          Let’s hope Yellowstone doesn’t blow. As a Country, we are now, too stupid to survive.

          Thanks to all you bleeding heart Zio-Cultural Marxist pro-immigration and pro race mixers !!!

          Btw: the out-of-Africa hypothesis is dead. Archeologists have found the remains of early humans pre-dating the oldest remains found in Africa. And guess what, they were found in Northern Europe. Which by this discovery we now know that man either originated in Northern Europe or man evolved separately, possibly from different species.

          In addition, half man’s DNA is not even from earth. This points to many possibilities including my theory that the white man came from Mars. Just a theory.

          Astronaut Clark McClelland says Mars is presently occupied by earth’s astronauts who are there collecting Helium3. He says, indeed, Mars once had a thriving civilization.


          • Haw Haw I like your scarcasm. Since im mostly northerm European and those Viking,s are my kin folks im kinda biased. I wear the racist label with great pride.

            • Next to Germans, I like the Nordics best 🙂

          • One more thing.

            Lying propoganda put out in the form of entertainment, shows the American space program owing its success to a black female. What a load of bs.

            America’s successful space program was the result of importing the German rocket scientists at the end of war in 1945. The brilliant work of these men included flying objects which seem to defy gravity. The bell, has been photographed and seen by the public.

            In a speech about Germany’s fight with Russia toward the end when Germany was smashing the Russians and victory seemed evident, Hitler claimed that Germany was about to release a whole new and improved fleet of aircraft on Russia.

            The American/German space team that successfully landed on the moon was headed by a German genius.


            • Except they never landed on the Moon. the man on the moon hoax is a bigger lie than the Glowbull warming myth. The Russians got their share of those german scientist. The Russians quickly learned no organic life can pass through the Van Allen radiation belts. The American Astro NAUGHTS certainly would have dies in that tin foil capsule. The radiation would have destroyed any film before they ever reached the moon. Now its possible the Germans had access to Alien Technology. Those Aliens do not travel from outer space. They travel from other Demensions that exist on a different vibrationary plane then we do. Kinda like the different radio signals that travel throught the air at different frequencys. There are different worlds that have a different frequency or vibration & dimension. Telsa understood this better than anyone. We need to thank God for those van allen Radiation belts. They peotect our planet. We cant leave our planet, and no one else can enter.

              • Change your name from Old Guy to Insane Guy.

          • There are no freaking astronauts on Mars. What you been smokin?? Helium3 in found on the moon. It was said just 1 space shuttle load of Helium3 could power the entire USA for a year.

            • Then there is the titanium in the soil at a ratio of 90 times that found in Earth’s soil. 🙂

          • Actually, we share 60% of our DNA with bananas; kind of supports the “plants came before animals” bit in evolution.

      4. I prefer living in parts of the world where the ground is seismically stable and volcanoes are far away. On the bright side, a volcanic eruption will send massive amounts of ash in the air and should lower the amount of sunlight reaching earth. Maybe it will shut up the global warming crowd for a time.

      5. Thankfully we do not live near a known volcano. Durn there are enough problems without that.

      6. The 1783-84 eruptions of Lakagígar were disastrous not only for Iceland, but, because of the immense amount of expelled ash, aerosolized hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid, killed many Europeans and even induced famine in Egypt.

        Obviously, there is no assurance that any eruption will remain merely a local problem.

        • “OLD GUY” says:

          “Those folks simply take volcanos erupting in stride. There was a volcano erupting there that the Lava flow was endangering a harbor and a village. They didn’t set and watch the hot molten lava slowly creep along burning everything in its path like the do in Hawaii. Nope they got Bulldozers and rerouted that hot liquid rock another direction where it couldnt harm anything.”

          Bulldozers, it seems, are the trick to aerosolized hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid, dead Europeans and even famine in Egypt.

          That’ll show you Hawaiians.

          • Ive seen footage of lava flows in Hawaii that where slow creeping and burning everything in its path. Apparently there isn’t any killing gasses because you see folks taking samples and getting close to gawk. No reason that trenches couldn’t be dug and levees made to direct that flow away from infrastructure and route it to the ocean.

        • So none of the sulfer compounds from ALL the other volcanoes mean anything….we allow the “scientists” to run with the B’s that only one erupting volcano can swing things while hundreds erupt not including any sulfer and other compounds erupting from under water volcanoes or from top side geysers and other vents…. Globull warming is a hoax that it is due to humans. Global warming and climate changes are solely due to Sun outputs of energy and its changing intensity cycles. Same for volcanic activity, all driven by sun energy being absorbed by the Earth.

          • The fact is every thing on in or about the planet is a natural thing. granted much of it can be harmful or even kill humans or other organic life. however there are organisms that thrive in what are called hot smokers (undersea volcanic vents) Mans activities are almost nothing in the big picture. All man is doing is combining natural things in a unnatural manner. anything put together immediately starts ageing and slowly reverting back to its original elements. Man cannot make something from nothing. Man cannot make something into nothing. Man cannot create any new basic elements. That’s why perpetual motion is impossible. That why man caused and man mitigated glowbull warming is a myth-lie- Religion.

      7. There’s also serious concern that Campi Flegrei volcano in Southern Italy is becoming active and could blow.

      8. Yes however those folks harness their volcanos use them to generate electricity ect. Here we make then into parks and will not allow any commercial ekploitation by private citizens. We robb the productive to pay parasite park employees and infrastructure that produces nothing.

        • All volcanoes are not the same.

          • Bingo. Spot on.

      9. Iceland sits on the eastern edge of the North Atlantic Plate. The western edge runs north from the Baja all the way up to Alaska. Parts of those faults need to move well over 12 feet. Went it lets go the SHTF big time. And it isn’t a question of if , but when. Living there with out serious preparation is like playing Russian roulette where you have to pull the trigger 6 times.

      10. Nothing like an ‘American Volcano’

      11. 14,000 quakes in one year no big deal? WTF? You IGNORING the important fact –

        What makes the differnce is THAT THEY (500) ARE ALL IN ONE LOCATION!! DUH !!

        • 500 in 1 location? sounds like a personal problem if you live there in Iceland. I live in FL. You think people in Iceland give a shit if there is a Huricane in FL? Am I now suppose to worry about other peoples problems too? Sorry aint my problem. Did you worry about the Million people the US Killed in Iraq, when the US bombed the shit out of it? Or were you one of those Aholes chanting USA USA USA.

          • And BTW/ if there are nearly 14,000 earthquakes every year. Year after year consistantly for the last 5 million yrs. So whats the big deal? You are now suddenly surprised buying into the fear? Dont live there or near fault lines, problem solved.

            In FL I moved away from the low lying coastal area where storm surges ocure with Hurricanes. And to higher ground inland. Again problem solved.

      12. Two years ago I sent warnings to a couple in Reykjavik.
        They answered stressing ‘fear porn’…
        I wonder how they feel about it now?

        • Reykjavik, providentially, is in one of the more stable areas away from the Atlantic Rift, and in the very far west, UPWIND of Katla and other volcanoes.

          I’m shocked they went down the idiot “fear porn” mantra. Do they know NOTHING of the 1783 Laki volcano??? Perhaps 25,000 in England died from this, the winter average temperature as far away as the US (remember the prevailing westerlies made that 3/4 of a globe away) was 4.8 degrees C below the 225 year average (see Up to 25% of the population died, along with maybe 50% of the cattle and sheep during the Móðuharðindin (mist hardships).

          Everything is freaking “fear porn” – until it isn’t. Yeah, the Indonesian and Japan tsunamis never happened, the great Alaska earthquake in the 1960s never happened, Oct. 1929 never happened, yatayatayata. Truth is, a LOT of these dire predictions do, in fact, never happen. But when they do, suddenly everybody is crying, whining, asking to be rescued.

          If you think this site is fear porn, might I humbly ask you, DON’T READ IT. The rest of us read this, use logical tools like inductive reasoning, Occam’s razor, the law of non-contradiction, compare to other sources of information, and try to analyze objectively. For me, this story just puts Katla back on the list to monitor.

          Besides, preparedness is a good thing not only for the self-apparent reasons, but also as a means of SELF-RESPECT. These fear port cavils are unthinking and annoying

          • There is nothing humans can do about planetary dangers (weather, eq’s, and volcanoes) so any article screeching about them is fear porn. You either accept and adapt that you live in earth active areas or chicken little your life away. What isn’t fear porn is what humans do (war, atrocities, government and military actions). Humans are predictable and preventable tragedies where the populations have enough courage to stand up and stop them from happening. Human disasters and atrocities are fully preventable, fact is too many support and enable these events rather than prevent them. If you prep for earth dangers then you have prepped for human dangers save for self defense issues that humans bring.

      13. Neal is correct Stuff like Globull warming-Climate Change- NIBIRU-Sun spot EMP,s and any clatyclysmic earth change event is certainly Fear Porn that we cant accurately predict or prevent from happening. and stuff like Ebola-West Nile and so on very quickly get old and stale. Now What I fear most is inflation and runaway Taxation. Look at what those two things have done to Illinoi! Those two items discourage production and it becomes a downward spiral. In the end everyone loses.

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