I Will Celebrate China’s UTTER DESTRUCTION

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    The CCP Is One of
    the World’s Biggest Cancers

    Live and let live.

    As opposed to Obama and his kind (the woke left), I don’t view the world from the racist lens of thinking I can change it one iota or fix a single problem with central planning.

    I believe in the natural course of evolution and progress.

    It’s much easier to think in terms of grand delusions, of bending reality to your conceited ideologies, but history has shown that whoever is so weak and lazy, as you try to shove his way of doing things on others “for their own good,” as lunatics like Obama probably truly think they’re doing, will meet with defeat and with less freedom, more restrictions and a worse-off America.

    Freedom is hard work, which is why so many Ivy-League Useful Idiots chant and march against it.

    Protesting the very society you’re a part of, with its imperfections that entrepreneurs work to better is the most difficult and excruciating task; building a business, a worthwhile venture that people choose to use, is tough.

    Obama has never built anything in his life, but his kind has the audacity to tell the healthcare industry how to do better. The Useful Idiots of Harvard have never seen a battlefield in their lives, but they know how to fix the Middle East. The politicians in California have never dealt with slavery in their lives, but they think something must be done to right a wrong in a state that never had slavery, by punishing people who never practiced it and giving reparations to people who never suffered under it.

    John Podesta… you do remember him, right?

    He was a lead architect of globalization and getting China admitted to the WTO, which ruined America’s middle class. This very same Deep State operative then consulted Obama and now, with Biden, he has been instrumental in the Inflation Reduction Act, which is the most isolationist and protective economic program the government has ever devised.

    When you, the people, allow citizens just like you to assume the role of thinking for you, instead of protecting the Constitution – which clearly states that the best a person can do is to think for himself individually – you get psychopaths who actually think they can run the world, from Washington.

    The only communists who are worse than democrats are the CCP, which took China’s incredible culture and heritage and dismantled it, in favor of Marxism.

    I believe that the Chinese people are about to endure some of the worst suffering and Big Brother violence and torture of any country in its history.

    China has aggravated Trump, and I believe tariffs were just the start of his plan to weaken China by at least 40%, if not more.

    That regime, the Chinese Communist Party, is the most corrupt, disloyal and warped of any of the major economies and it deserves everything that’s coming to them.

    The world doesn’t even know 1% of what they are committing over there, but it is atrocious and vicious and cruel.

    I will celebrate the demise of the CCP when that day comes, and I hope the Chinese people will return to their roots as a beautiful and illuminated culture, not of communist poison. Hopefully, Americans choose liberty over woke stupidity as well.


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