“I Am Tired of Tolerance for Oppression”: Why Tyranny Pisses Me Off

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    This article was contributed by the vigilant Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com. Please check out his work there.

    Editor’s Note: As author Brandon Smith notes, the worst forms of tyranny come through subtle, long term action. Our gradual acclimation to collectivism has made society derail, with economic opportunity cut off from the masses, families unraveled, children made men and the state stronger at every interval with its control over money, media, politics and more. The illusion of choice has pacified us, while freedom is dying… and ordered eradicated under, yes, a tyranny.

    There is every reason to stand firmly for what is right, stop going along and get angry about the tyranny enveloping us all.

    Tyranny: It Pisses Me Off

    Tyranny is not a wholly definable condition. There are many forms of tyranny and many levels of control that exist in any one society at any given time. In fact, the most despicable forms of tyranny are often the most subtle; the kinds of tyranny in which the oppressed are deluded into thinking that because they have “choices”, that necessarily makes them “free”. Tyranny at its very core is not always the removal of choice, but the filtering of choice – the erasure of options leaving only choices most beneficial to the system and its controllers.

    The choice may be between freedom and security, individual opinion and societal coherency, personal principle or collective indulgeance, catastrophic war or disaster multiplied by complacency, terrorism or surveillance, economic manipulation or financial Armageddon. We are presented with these so called choices everyday and they are about to become even more of a bane in our regular lives. But these are often engineered options that do not represent reality. We are led to believe that only one path or the other can be taken; that there is no honorable way, only the lesser of two evils. I am done with false choices and the lesser of two evils. I prefer to create my own options.

    Beyond method lies motivation; and tyranny begins where the best of intentions end. Every despotic action by government and collectivists today, from the NDAA, to the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, to mass electronic surveillance, to drones in our skies, to political correctness and social justice warrior tirades; all are given rationalization through “noble intentions”.  Most tyrants are not high level dictators, corrupt corporate CEOs, or politically obsessed wannabe-demigods with aspirations of empire. In fact, tyrants can be found all around you every day, in friends, family and millions of people you’ve never met or heard of in your life. While the elites at the top of the pyramid are the originators of most tyrannical shifts, it is the little minded mini-tyrants hovering around you like blood-gutted mosquitoes in the mall, at the bar, at home, and at the office that make the designs of statists a possible reality.

    They do not always participate directly in the construction of the cage. They just have a habit of doing nothing while it is being built around us. Some of them love the cage, and see it as a kind of affirmation of their own twisted ideals.

    Tyranny is for the most part the forced imposition of contrary principles into the sacred space of the individual. That is to say, people create tyranny when they enact or support the invasion of their beliefs and desires onto those who only wish to be left alone. Tyranny is only minimally about physical control and far more about psychological control. Physical threats are merely keys to the doorway of the mind.  And within this resides the great trick.  Too many of the ignorant believe that tyranny requires jackboots, armbands and concentration camps in order to be real.  In fact, tyranny begins with a single voice self-silenced by fear of collective disapproval and/or social and legal retribution.

    True tyranny is born in the putrid slithering hive of group-think, where the lazy and incompetent find refuge within the protective egg sack of intellectual idiocy.  Statists use the lie of abstract majority and the force of government to intrude upon the private ideals of those with opposing views.  In the end, it is not enough for them to extort your silence – eventually, they will demand your conversion to their faith, to their collective.  Basically, your rights end where their feelings begin.

    Your thoughts and ideas are subject to approval. They are not your own in a collectivist system.  THIS is what real tyranny is.

    Real slavery is not possible unless the slave is made to accept or even love his servitude. The conditions of structure and restriction and permission and “license” are often ingrained into the minds of participating serfs until they cannot comprehend the world without such arbitrary things. Acting outside the established box isn’t even considered. The rules are simply the rules, even though most people have forgotten why or how.  The more gullible proponents of social cohesion sometimes claim that the dichotomy between the individual and the collective is “false”.  This is utter nonsense.  If a collective is not VOLUNTARY, then it is by its very nature counter to the health and rights of the individual, which is why I always try to make the distinction between community and collectivism.  Collectivism is entirely destructive to the individual because collectivist systems cannot survive without removing individual thought and action.  The modus operandi of a collective is to erase independence so that the hive can function.  Anyone who states that individualism and collectivism are “complementary” is either a liar, or a simpleton of the highest degree.

    Fantastical constructs of social organization are used to justify themselves as self evident. Statists love the argument of society for society’s sake. We are born into this system whether we like it or not, they say. We benefit from the system and therefore we owe the system, they claim. The system is mother and father. The system provides all because we all provide for the system. Without the system, we are nothing.

    The clever trap of collectivism is that it makes participation of individuals a survival imperative for the group. A person is certainly not allowed to work against the advancement of the group, even if the group is morally reprehensible in their goals. However, totalitarian collectivism from socialism to fascism to communism does not even allow for people to refuse to participate. You are not allowed to walk away from the collective because if you do, you might hurt the overall performance of the collective. A gear in a machine cannot be allowed to simply up and leave that machine, or everything falls apart. See how that works…?

    People fall into tyrannical behaviors through what Carl Jung referred to as the “personal shadow”; the uglier cravings of our unconscious that fester into morally relative philosophies. One fact of life that you can always count on is this: All people want things. The kinds of things and the level of the want determine their willingness to do wrong. I’m not just talking about money and wealth. Some people want unfettered or unrealistic security, some people want fame, some people want adoration, some people want subservience, some people want to avoid all responsibility, some people want perpetual childhood, some people are shameless glory hounds, and some people want their worldview imprinted on every other person until all is uniform, uncluttered, homogenized, safe.

    People’s wants can be harnessed, manipulated and directed to disturbing ends, and the elites know very well how to do this.  The people who are harder to dominate are those who have discipline over their wants and thus control over their fears of not attaining those wants.  These are the men and women that frustrate the establishment.

    In my life I have met many people who cannot set aside their immediate desires even if their behavior is translating into eventual misery for themselves and everyone else. People who cannot balance the pursuit of wealth with a healthy level of charity. People who cannot participate in an endeavor without trying to co-opt or control that endeavor. People who marginalize the talents of others when they could be nurturing those talents. People who sneer or superficially criticize the valid accomplishments of others rather than cheering for them. People who see others as competition rather than allies in a greater task. People who fabricate taboos in order to shame others into subservience rather than relying on rational arguments.  It is weaknesses like these that cause smaller forms of tyranny, and such microcosms of despotism often culminate in wider enslavement. It is through the personal shadow that we fall victim to the collective shadow, the place where devils reside.

    Tyranny is an environment in which the very worst in us is fed caffeine and cocaine and allowed to run wild while pretending to be a model of principled efficiency.  It is a place where vile people are most likely to succeed.

    Frankly, I’m a little tired of those who consider themselves to be social advocates so overtly concerned with what we individuals are thinking or feeling or doing. We don’t owe them any explanations and we certainly never agreed to be a part of their ridiculous covens of academia and the mainstream. I have no patience for people who have the audacity to think they can mold the rest of us into abiding by their intrusive ideology. Is your goal to force me to adopt your collectivist philosophy because you are too biased or too sociopathic to compose an argument that convinces me to join voluntarily? Then I’m afraid one day I’ll probably react by shooting you.  Am I advocating violence?  Actually, the establishment and its statist cheerleaders are advocating violence through their trampling of individual liberty, but let me answer directly:

    Yes, I believe violence is often the only answer for such tyrants, historically and practically.   We have every right to be left alone, they have no right to their aggressive statism, and we have every right to defend ourselves.

    I am tired of oppressive social constructs that undermine our greater potential. I am tired of assumptions. Assumptions and lies fuel every aspect our world today, and this will only end in utter calamity. I am tired of tolerance for oppressive behaviors; tolerance for corruption and criminality leads only to more of the same. I am tired of compromise. I am tired of being told that a discriminating attitude is a bad thing, and that total acceptance is somehow “enlightened.” I am tired of people thinking pleasantries are a better method for combating stupidity than a good slap upside the head. In other words, it’s time to slap some people upside the head; be they friends, family, neighbors, whoever. The days of diplomacy are over. Our world is changing. And from this point on, there will be people who do tangible and voluntary good (the people who count), the passive spectators, and the people who stand in the way of people who do tangible and voluntary good.

    My advice? Don’t be a part of the latter group. The doers, the thinkers, the producers, the builders, the self-made and self sufficient- all may be trying to undo the damages of tyranny, but that does not mean we will continue to be nice about it when totalitarian groupies try to stop us.


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      1. Makes me wonder where will we be in 5 years from now???

        • “However, totalitarian collectivism from socialism to fascism to communism does not even allow for people to refuse to participate.”

          You should see what the homosexual fascists are doing to Christian bakers, florists, photographers, and other Christian owned businesses if they refuse to participate in homosexual celebrations.

          “Yes, I believe violence is often the only answer for such tyrants, historically and practically.”

          Then are you willing to get violent with the Liberal Statists and the RINO enablers who issue the orders downstream to their enforcement arms?

          Who’s gonna shoot first?

          • Exactly. The shock troops – the fascist Brownshirts – for the left are the radical gays.

            Kristallnacht, you may remember, is where the Nazis destroyed Jewish businesses just before they really went off the deep end. This exact same thing has happened – except using co-opted Brownshirt judiciary rather than the street thug Brownshirts of yesteryear, – to Elaine Huegenin (see https://www.alliancedefendingfreedom.org/home/detail/4333 ) who was told by the New Mexico Supreme Court her “price of citizenship” was predicated on her kow-towing to gay fascism with her photography, Barronelle Stutzman, a grandmotherly woman who provided flowers for gays, and I believe even hired one, but declined to provide flowers to a gay wedding – and was promptly financially destroyed (see https://alliancedefendingfreedom.org/arlene-flowers?referral=I0215ARLF1 ), Jack Phillips, a baker in CO. who was sent to a re-education camp for wishing to exercise his freedom of conscience relative to gay marriage (see http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/06/03/baker-forced-to-make-gay-wedding-cakes-undergo-sensitivity-training-after.html ) or the KY T-shirt maker who also had his business attacked by radical gays and leftists (story at the despicable http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2014/10/08/3577721/lexington-t-shirt-discrimination/ – “progress” here meaning returning to the National Socialist Workers’ Party world of ‘Dolf and Benito). Then there is decorated military Lt. Cmdr chaplain Wes Modder, whom the fascist left are trying to get booted out of the military for simply citing Scripture (isn’t that what he is supposed to do?) One story at http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/09/chaplain-accused-of-intolerance-may-be-booted-from-navy/

            It is, as lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement. The fascist founders of today’s gay mafia, Madsen and Kirk explicitly stated the same thing back in the 1980s.. And if financial repression doesn’t’ work, there’s always well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope,” or the one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types on the recent Indiana kerfuffle, one gay who wrote: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

            • I have admired Brandon’s perspicacity and analysis UNTIL he indicated that he will take the same approach to Christians who oppose usury and the anything-goes “free market” as his approach to tyrants and globalists.

              Oppose the murder of babies in abortion? Practicing Christians will have to leave the Ten Commandments, Luke 6:32-36, and the rest of Christian morality at the door of Brandon’s phony and hypocritical big tent or face the same fate he intends for globalists.

              His way or else? That’s not tyranny?

          • Dr. Renee Richards, the first famous trans-sexual (tennis player from a few decades ago) http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/01/garden/01renee.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 Heck, even the NY Slimes – the newspaper of Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’ starving kulaks in Stalin’s workers’ paradise” Duranty, fiction writer Jayson Blair, and supporter of outed liar (no, not Al Goreski… well… ok, him too) Rigoberta Menchu – gets it.

            Here’s another one: I Had Sex Change Surgery and Regret It: http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2015/04/14905/ Very sobering.

            When do radical gays add book burnings, witch hunts and burnings at the stake to their already-in-place gay jihad blasphemy laws???? I realize they don’t chop heads off yet. Rather, they just destroy lives and careers by a co-opted, corrupted judiciary the Jefferson warned us about

            • Thanks once again for your posts TEST. I know you’ll always keep on fighting the GOOD fight.

              • Wake up everybody. Silver dropped to $15.85 today. Back up the truck!!

            • It doesn’t surprise me that militant gays speak out, what bothers me, is that people actually listen to their drivel. If nobody cared if they feel shorted in some way, then they wouldn’t get so much air time. When that fag asked if anybody was going with him to burn down a business, somebody should’ve said “yeah, where can we meet?”

              That meeting should’ve been the last one for that stupid fag.

              • “When that fag asked if anybody was going with him to burn down a business, somebody should’ve said “yeah, where can we meet?”

                That meeting should’ve been the last one for that stupid fag.”

                PUBLISH THAT, MSNBC.

                “”In other news, a gay rights activist asked on his twitter account, for people to join him on his quest to burn down a pizza shop that refused to serve a gay couple.

                The charred remains of a young male, believed to be the same gay activist, was found last night in a ditch. DNA tests have been done to confirm the identity of the corpse. There are no leads on a suspect in the grisly killing, but police are investigating twitter for inciting riots and instigating crimes against people….””

                • Where’s Acid!

                • Sixpack, bullets work even on sodomites.

                  • BH
                    ” If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.” Leviticus 20:13

                    Stoning was the traditional way of dealing with such abominations. So yes BH, Lead stones will work just fine. Just so you know the first rider of the apocalype (WW3) is the starting gun. The second rider is where we will come in. About time to cowboy up!

                    • Nlightened2, I hear you loud and clear.

                  • Tire necklaces work even better

              • Most folk I’d think will agree fully. That these Three Men in their day, Had to know more of the truth about WWII events than all others globally. Combined their WWII Bio-Books total close to 8000 pages and aprox 10-Voluems!

                MSM-CNN-FOX wont never mention this, but I will.

                “I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

                Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

                In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

                — Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster
                Dec. 5th, 2005

                Perhaps ALL Three Men simply..”Forgot” to Include what we all had Pounded into our minds 24/7 since we was 5 yrs old?….Hahahahah!!! just anudda “coincidence” is all eh.

                • You know, the pro-Nazi BS is getting really tiresome… and igonrant. Sir Martin Gilbert – as just one example that you are obviously unfamiliar with – noted for BBC that Churchill – speaking in the House of Commons (!) stated about the early deportations: ‘… the most bestial, the most squalid and the most senseless of all their offences, namely, the mass deportation of Jews from France, with the pitiful horrors attendant upon the calculated and final scattering of families. This tragedy fills me with astonishment as well as with indignation, and it illustrates as nothing else can the utter degradation of the Nazi nature and theme, and degradation of all who lend themselves to its unnatural and perverted passions.’

                  Gilbert then states: “In April 1943 (Churchill) opposed the Spanish closure of the French frontier to Jewish refugees, telling the Spanish ambassador that if his government: ‘… went to the length of preventing these unfortunate people seeking safety from the horrors of Nazi domination, and if they went farther and committed the offence of actually handing them back to the German authorities, that was a thing which could never be forgotten and would poison the relations between the Spanish and British peoples.”

                  Finally, Gilbert notes: “In March 1944 German troops occupied Hungary. Three quarters of a million Hungarian Jews were at risk. Churchill asked Marshall Tito to protect any Jews who escaped Hungary to partisan-held Yugoslavia. That July, Jewish leaders brought Churchill an horrific account of Auschwitz. It had been smuggled out by two escapees, and revealed for the first time the nature of the gas chambers there. Asked to bomb the railway lines to Auschwitz, Churchill instructed Eden: ‘Get anything out of the Air Force you can, and invoke me if necessary… and Reading in July 1944 the first detailed account of Auschwitz, Churchill wrote:

                  ‘There is no doubt this is the most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world, and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the leading races of Europe. It is quite clear that all concerned in this crime who may fall into our hands, including the people who only obeyed orders by carrying out the butcheries, should be put to death after their association with the murders has been proved.’

                  Your Nazi protestations are getting really, really old… and ignorant

                • Except that Ike told the US Army to photograph all of the camps so no one would never forget and no one would be able to deny that it happened… my dad was with the 44th Combat Engineers Battalion, and he was in one of the camps.

          • FS, I know a confrontation is coming and I still believe the other side will shoot first. when that happens, it’s GAME ON. I will be acting in self-defense.

            • I understand. I’m with you.

            • There are a few instances that I will shoot first.

          • FreeSlave.

            Hahahahahahaha! You have no idea.

            Shoot first?

          • “We will always strike first. We will always deliver the first blow.”

            Adolf Hitler

            Hope this helps somewhat FS.

            • How did that work out for Hitler?

          • Free Slave, so we make the damn cake…..with rotten eggs and cayenne pepper. Whops, here let me make you another one. Walnut shells and I think I might got the baking soda and baking powder mixed up with the ashtray. Wait, where ya going, come back and give us another chance. Hey we do poison oak, I mean flowers too.
            You need to adapt and overcome this issue.

        • Bravo Brandon.

          Well done.

          • Well said Brandon. A little deep for some I am sure


          • Brandon, use some pig greased bullets for Obola if you can’t stand it anymore.

        • @ eppe : Where ever your BOL is.

        • Hell Eppe, I’d be satisfied with knowing the certainty of tomorrow.

        • The best way to predict the future is to create it. All the hundreds of decisions you made every day got you to where you are today. Prepare for tomorrow. Preparing prevents future stress. Anybody who thinks they will go off the grid in a collapse will be overwhelmed. 100+ days now at the BOL. Mosquito netting will save your life. You need to sleep well every night so you can perform the next day. Not up swatting bugs as you try to sleep.. Oh and vitamin Advil helps.

          • Mosquito netting–Good Idea ! !

          • vitamin Advil… Thumbs Up!

        • I hear you all. This article has been my saving grace. I thought I was the only one refusing to conform and jump on the wagon because “that’s what everyone else is doing”. My parents brought me up with the saying” if every one else jumps off the cliff does that mean you should too”. In the last 10 years I questioned whether I should of or not. Then its articles like this that remind me why I havnt. I am not one to go where the money is just because its money.I have morals and know you get out of life what you put into it. But golldang, there are a lot of people that think you put something into your life they can take it then tell you you didn’t earn it. I am tired of this crap attitude and refuse to conform. I will help anyone who needs help just not going to help “those” bastards anymore. Thanks for letting me air that. I feel a little better.:)

            • Doesn’t the Xerxes character look like a representation of a gay rights activist? LOL

              • Sixpack, you hit the nail right on the head with that video. The Xerses character could be acid on steroids.

          • Mom,being the ass of a kid I was when asked about the cliff jump from my dad said sure,told him if everyone else jumped at most a 1 foot drop with all the bodies piled up!He just shook his head but grinned as he walked off.

          • Momtheprepr. If your parents ask if you would jump off the cliff too?? That’s when you reply back, “I see you got sucked into the American deam too, eh?” “And what time do you punch that clock tomorrow morning??”.

          • Momtheprepr, welcome, and I share those sentiments. I don’t go along to get along either. All that does is open the door for someone with bad intentions toward you to have their own way with you.

        • Just read DARPA’s active project list.

      2. Why at Genius’s end of the world deck party of course!He has though talked about bugging out to other locale(thus reneging on social obligation!)in which case perhaps the barbecue blowout at Warchilds,perhaps you have a final shootapolooza party?!Honestly,hate to say it but keeps going this direction I will be dead,ah well!

        • +1 on the dead thing, the way i eat bacon and breads, couple that with the way my blood boils whenever i read the news, ill be amazed if my ticker lasts another year, honestly dont give a shit

          • Kulafarmer.

            Love that chicken from, “Popeye’s”.

            • Popeye never ate chicken, he ate spinach. Try opening up a spinace and kale drivethru. Ok is pineapple a fruit or vegatable?

        • I’ll be at my cousin’s BOL if I’m still alive. Once I bugout, I will never go back to Memphis.

          • Braveheart, I would seldom ever question your
            decision making my friend, but why in hell are
            you cutting the timeline so razor thin on getting
            out of that jungle and into bugout paradise?
            Just worried about you is all. I care.

            • OutWest, I have another supply run scheduled for July to the BOL. All I’ve been saying since I first learned about Jade Helm is that I could end up going there earlier and that trip could be turned into the bugout trip, my final trip, if TSHTF between now and then. a lot of people swear up and down Sept.-Oct. is THE time frame for TSHTF. In a way I hope they’re right because I would have more time for prepping. The more supplies I can get, the longer I can survive. If things stay ‘normal’, I’ll stick to my original plan.

              • When I first got to my BOL I bought a few brown plastic store locking containers to stash stuff hidden and camo’d it. Like tools and gas, propane tanks. Worked out great till I got a few buildings n sheds put on the property. Maybe tarps in the beginning. 100 days and I have not used any paracord 550. Makea food lanyards for a good Bear Gills 3.5″ pocket knife which I used a hundred times.

          • Braveheart: you’ll be alive, and so will most us us. This reminds me to remind everyone here to keep a very detailed map, or set of maps in your BOV, with every conceivable alt route marked. Don’t rely on your GPS. Also keep a clean water kit in the BOV, and have handy at least 15 extra gallons of fuel in cans with stabil. Also fill your gas tank evey night on the way home from work.

            Don’t even have to mention ammo or a tire repair kit, but I just did anyway.

            And a roll of duct tape.

            Why the hell are still in Memphis?

            • So when was the last time you all checked the tire pressure in your spare tires?? Tires will lose 5 to 10 lbs a year you know. I did this a few yrs ago and my vehicle spare only had 25 lbs. Worthless unless you get a tire inflater compresser cig lite adapter.

              • Also keep 2 extra oil filters on hand and enough oil for another change. Extra fan drivebelt and road flares for special ocassions. Ha!!

      3. “Real slavery is not possible unless the slave is made to accept or even love his servitude”.

        Well now, that’s gonna be a problem.

        I see today: the manipulations of fear, in Boston for example.
        I see the festering fear in Baltimore for example.
        (Don’t you just love that line “the festering fear”? Sound like a boil you should lance, but I digress.)

        It’s kinda like the war on everything that is American was fired with a silencer. In the last six years or so the damage has become overwhelming that someone pulled flush.

        So what did we do????

        Why we voted in a republican house and senate!

        A headline on Drudge now,
        “Top republicans Push obama Trade Deal–THEY HAVEN’T READ”

        Unfriggin’ believable: we are in fact doomed as a nation…

        • Of course, Democrat and Republican fall square into that false dichotomy of choice. There you have it.

        • Obama Trade Deal? You mean the TPP? I’ve missed something here.

      4. Not a hundred years ago some of the worst tyranny the world has ever been witness to marched the earth. They torched, gassed, and starved their citizens in to a hellish nightmare. Today’s tyranny is far worse. People are not just exposed to evil; they’re encouraged to partake of it. Why should a nation pay to abort a baby and suppress it’s population? They can simply convince them that having an abortion is “their right” or obligation to women’s rights. Tens of millions have been murdered this way alone, but the average citizen sime goes along with it.

        Now, we’re at a reasonable risk of losing our rights to water, speech, religion, assembly, or to even buy what WE want to eat. Your choices are limited and manipulated. Your freedoms exist in your preconceived notion that true and honest officials as a whole protect your Constitution from breaking the very last thread it hangs by. So every day you do what I do. You come here, or to Drudge, or Fox, and you stomp your fist and say it must stop. However, you have no power. The powers, principalities, and the spirit of this world is against you. Who will defend your rights, life, investments, wives, children, grandchildren and so on? No one. In the end, you, me, and everyone else will die.

        So what’s the point? When I started prepping I never set out with the idea of saving my skin and out living the collapse of America, or the world for that matter. I started out simply believing there was a plan. People like us aren’t meant to fight the tyranny. We are meant to help others escape it. If you cling to your life; you will lose it. Maybe you disagree. Maybe you think you’re better than me, more knowledgeable, or more wise, but when it comes to tyranny I’m losing no sleep or peace of mind. After all, were it not for tyranny how many of you would be preppers, or believe in the rights of all men equally? How many would be preparing to take in friends and family and have those supplies? I can only hope that winded post was meant for someone. God Bless All

        • Find CHRIST and live with honor until you’re called home.

          • Amen

        • White Wolf.

          Lots of people going to pay for their greed, stupidity, arrogance, unaccountability and irresponsible behavior. A stray dog would have a better chance f getting assistance from me than some humans.

        • Had 3 deer walk up to 25 yrd of the cabin. Tender looking critters. Turkey runs through here daily. Can’t wait till season. Yumm. I’m going to get a crossbow and some bolts. And practice like a Mohawk. Game on!! The dinner table come season.

          • WWTI, let me reiterate,
            to hell with the season.
            In my neck of the woods
            we don’t wait for permission
            to tell us when the King’s
            game is good to eat, nor do
            we pay for his license to
            do so. Some things are a
            God given right to survive.
            Take a hint from Robin Hood.

          • Who,for a crossbow I like the wicked ridge,made by 10 point with all of last years 10 point attributes without the high end cost.They will high end be maybe 10-15% lighter and maybe 30-40- feet a second quicker but mine is weight wise fine and shoots well over 330 feet a second.With practice and good hunting tips great for all four(and two)legged game.I am into it with case/hunting tips/extra bolts/scope ect. about 500,unless get a deal used expect to pay4-5 hundred if you want good quality that with care will last a lifetime.

            • Warchild. Yeah thank for the tips. Haha. Looking for a crossbow is vast and confusing. Went to this rural Walmart in FL and their ammos shelves were pretty stocked. Only limits on .22 ammo which was wipped out. They said about July when they bring all the Archery gear out. I am excited just to target practice. Silent and deadly. So what is the top speed or a min fps suggested for a crossbow? Deer.. I see some over 400 fps.

              • Who,though nice you do not need over 400 fps by any means for deer/2 legged varmits ect.The bows have seemed to reach their limit at moment speed wise as have crossbows till some new tech/idea comes along.The most improvements last few years are materials that last longer/lighter weight ect.My Ridge crossbow with the right tip and shot could easily take out a deer.My hunting bow 280 fps and will take out deer easily.The best thing to do if you can is try a few crossbows and see what fits you well,know a great place but in N.H.,bit of a truck from the Fl. swamp!Try to find a archery club in area,may be a good way to try a few out.Wally world seems to usually push the barnett line and usually doesn’t have many in store,usually more expensive then say e bay/amazon ect.I personally do not like the Barnett but many folks love em,plan new still 4-5 hundred for a good setup ect.

        • Sorry WW but the world does not want to live by your oppressed religious cult methology.

          • You the world’s spokesman now?

        • Perfectly stated whiteWolf, thank you.

      5. you want to hear about acceptable tyrrany, just look at property taxes.

        This year I got a new tax notice raising my property taxes the maximum 10% this year alone. Over the last 5 years my tax appraisal went up 23%.

        My three neighbors went up 11%, 12% and 13% over the same 5 year period.

        So i filed a protest and went to the informal hearing (meeting one on one with the appraiser who promptly tells me tough shit.

        So now I will go to the appraisal board, like a jury, with my formal protest. The problem is that the board is all retired and former tax officials, not a pool of good citizens that get called like a jury.

        The appraiser said maybe the board would think differently, then laughed.

        This is tyranny that people have come to expect.

        • I hear you, makes me want to put my REPR and those boxes of hand loads to good use in the pest control business, take a bow for the team as it were,,,

        • Around here the tax appraisals are going down. Some of the counties are talking about raising the tax rates so they can still collect the same amount of money.

          • Of course, SPENDING LESS never entered their minds…

            • I live in a small county. 8000 people or so. my property evaluation had doubled in the last 10 years . However my house is worth less than it was when I bought it. The county workers have during the same time almost doubled their salaries and build parks and subscribed to whatever State or Fed program that gets them more money. People are starting to get pissed off because “WE JUST PLAIN CANT AFFORD IT”
              I had a guy show up at my door after sending me many letters demanding that I pay $150 dollars and fill out a form to get an address for my barn. I told him to piss off. I don’t want an address for my barn. Or my house. He told me it was required by law. I asked to see the law because I don’t remember either voting for it or my rep voting for it. It ends up that the local fire chief made it up so he could get a grant from the Feds for more fire trucks. There isn’t a law. These guys don’t even seem to know what a law is. As far as they are concerned, it is something they can make up on a whim.

              • I’ve been preaching about the rise in property taxes since i first came to this site about six years ago.

                Property taxes, or shall I say, the “burden” of increased property taxes will eliminate 50% of the population in USSAG in the first two years. And the crowd says…bullshit!

                Listen to this…If the banks fail along with wallstreet, what retirement /savings/investments, that most folks had, will be lost, gone forever.

                Property taxes are not going away, just because the majority of banks do. In fact in most cases they will double and triple.
                Without a way to pay, the Federal Reserve will confiscate those houses and land.

                The previous occupiers will be out on the streets and struggling to survive. Game over for most living on the streets.

        • First thing you need to do is to formally challenge the makeup of the board. Get an attorney. Seriously. Get a journalist involved. Formally protest the informal hearing, and if anyone actually used the words ‘tough shit’ and laughed at you, get in touch with your elected representatives. They need to be removed from their office if they are doing that.

          Does your state have the Initiative or Referendum process, where the public can collect enough signatures and force an issue to the ballot? We had to do that here in Washington to get our taxes kept to a 1% increase, they were going up like yours are now.

          • Texas does not have a referendum process. I have to loose the board appeal before lawyers can get involved, but then it costs way too much to pay for a lawyer, more than i would save if i won the tax process. I did beat the appraiser up with a letter to the editor in our local newspaper.

      6. Check

        Well said…

      7. “The further society drifts from truth, the more society will hate those that speak it.” – George Orwell

        As if on cue:
        Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”

        And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

        Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

        Extra credit: Gay supporter Floyd Corkins’ attack on Family Research Inst, where he was going to kill as many as he could and then stuff ChikFilA sandwiches in their dead mouths, or that gay supporter who tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church – WITH people in it. Such pleasant people! Or you could have been at that meeting that I was personally at, of parents of elementary school kids, whose meeting was VIOLENTLY crashed by radical gays, and then utterly LIED about in the media the next day as the crashers somehow being the victims (go figure!) Or you can just leave it at the modern Kristalnacht attempts at destroying the businesses of florists, bakers, photogs, etc. who happen to be free, independent thinkers. Not agreeing with the radical gay Nazis is VERBOTEN!!

        • That Faggot who went to Family Research council etc Found out about the org and its address etc From the SPLC Southern Poverty Law center!…Which is NOT in Poverty when it recieves over $200-Million pr yr, some from FED Taxes! and is NOT a law center, but IS a certified Kommie bunch of aprox 25 honcho members heading splc, with 24 are jewish and One is a goyim married to a jew…SPLC is also in Bed royally with the ADL of Bani’Berith'(freemasonery’s HQ where all members must be jewish Only) ADL= anti defamation leaguse…Ironic they formed as an org in 1913 days after kommie dems in congress okeyed FED RES act!

          So lets Re-group shall we…To keep it all straight…We has Flameimg Faggots-Lezbos-BullDykes-and God knows whatever else! Along with their benifactors and funders etc etc of SPLC and ADL(Boss of all prior named) and All has one main in common…Kommies all, and most if not all Run by and staffed by and profited hugely by…Jewish zio kommies….Whew! good thing zero german nazis got involved or it may have Halted this nasty fag enterprize of bolsheviks eh!

          almost forgot to add that, splc had fam research council listed as a HATE Group Org! thats reason faggot went there to mass Kill em all!….if I recall it right only one fam council guy got shot and wounded but survived ok…

          Is there ANY type abject subversive and/or Kommie in nature owned and run org or agenda etc thats Not jewish run mainly?….NOPE! Nada! not one! “Coincidence again” I’m certain…

          • Them guys, it’s interesting you mention ADL. I always thought SPLC was in bed with the NAACP which has always been communist and anti-white. SPLC is always attacking white people who are opposed to their agenda. I’ve always dared one of those SPLC POS to come after me. they can suffer ‘accidents’ like anyone else.

      8. I love my servitude,
        She make some very fine pecan pie and all sorts of great cookies.
        Just trying to keep it light, with all those pies and cookies there is no way I’ll stay light.
        I hate tyranny also very good article Brandon, Thinks.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      9. The more I read about the total tyranny underway the more I understand why military veterans are taking their own lives daily by increasing numbers. Also why the zionist’s who control this and nearly every country in the world are pure evil personified. Look at all the homeless vets in Los Angeles, the largest concentration in America. Sure, many are drunks and drug users out of hopelessness. I’m sure many have read about the land deeded for veterans care back in the late 1800’s that has been surrounded by high priced land and wealthy people who have taken part of this land for their own use. They want the downtrodden vets out of the area. The corrupt VA healthcare system side with the usurpers as do the politicians in California and D.C., the Veterans Affairs bureaucracy would rather pay thousands of grossly overpaid administrators and doctors obscene salaries than give deserving veterans care. The cat is out of the bag, this government doesn’t give a damn about the veterans who served in their staged wars of conquest, in fact they want them all dead. You would have to be a fool of gigantic proportions to sign on the dotted line for these murderers. Sounds like an appealing job for massively dumbed down Americans.

        • aljamo.

          Turn the lights out. The country is not worth saving.

          • Slingshot:
            The country is worth saving, it’s the demigods that are in office that needs to turn out the lights and leave.
            Not all are bad but there are some that make me sick to see what they are doing to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Bible. Most of those politicians need to leave some of them need to be tried for treason.
            It’s a shame we can’t try them for stupidity.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Northern Reb.

              The safety net is about to be pulled out from under the Nations feet. You know as well as I do, what Americans are doing to each other now. Wait till they really stress. From what I am reading here, there are not enough people to make a difference or it would have been done long ago. Should this break loose, Americans are going to find out what man’s inhumanity to man is all about. They are cutting heads off in Mexico. We will see it here.

              • slingshot-

                Good chance you are right on the money.

                When it does actually hit the fan,

                it will be hell on earth.

                When that happens, I’ll be going out knee deep in
                a pile of brass…no one lives forever…

                • 1vet, same here. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

        • Sounds like you could care less about them, yourself. ‘Massively dumbed down Americans’?

          • My farm is an actual line in the sand for me. Come to kill or take what is set aside as preps I have no alternative except say no.

            I could ask them to politely leave and give each an apple for the road but I do not anticipate that being a viable option.

            Dumbed down Americans that have made no provisions for themselves or families will prove to be a deadly adversary 2 weeks into a collapse.

            Gangs and rogue military will be do or die encounters, not my choice, but you need to face reality if it presents itself so…

            • 1vet, sorry, my comment was to Aljamo somewhat above on the board.

              An apple a day keeps the looters away.

              • Not a problem, have a good one!!

        • Yep, Looks like the US VA have gone through the list of those that have been receiving benefits by notifing them to have a mental ck up. Now they are starting on Veterans that are not receiving benefits. Once that is complete it should be close to SHTF time!!!

      10. Jeb or Hillary?
        10-round magazines
        Obamacare, anyone?
        Russia/China war….
        Muslims/Syrians/Illegals flooding in;
        Share my bathroom with a transvestite!
        SSSSSHHHHHH!!!!!! You can’t say that!
        Which digital currency would you like to pay with?
        When will I EVER get my CCW in the mail?

        Drop your socks and grab your Glocks!

        • Max:
          ROTFL: Thanks I need that, “drop your socks and grab your Glocks”, LOL

        • Did everyone see the you-tube video on a guy bring a AR-15
          in the ATLANTA AIRPORT? with a 100 run drum ?

          Under GA. new open carry law he can do it.


      11. You cant see me, but im standing and applauding, this article sums it up pretty well. I have done everything possible to remove myself from the system, and daily try to exit further, unfortunately its near impossible to exit fully, after the last mid terms i officially recinded my consent to be governed.
        I know to many this may sound stupid , to me but it is liberating, even though i still am forced to keep my corporation identity to drive and cash checks i have no ties to the corporate fascist government and will not comply with anything they push. This frees me up to not concearn myself with any laws other than the the constitution, my state constitution and mans natural laws.

        Unfortunately at this point our only option will be violence, its sad but we have exhausted all other choices, we have done a good job holding back trying to let them cast the first stone, instead of throwing stones they have been rolling them so instead of being hit with them they are piling up around us and smothering us. We can only push this off so long, it is coming my friends, when i cannot say, but let it be known my brothers and sisters i stand ready at a moments notice to help water the tree of liberty, it is very thirsty and in need of some serious quenching..
        I too have had just about enough

        • Yep,
          Government corruption
          Government employee entitlement
          Now i get it why Tibetan monks light themselves on fire in the village square….

          • Kula:
            Are you in Illinois??? I know your not, but hit it right on the head for Illinois
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R eb

            • Its everywhere bud,,,,

              • Thats what i was gonna say but you beat me to it kula…

          • Hey Kulafarmer,
            I have an analogy for what we are siimg every day. Not a perfect analogy, but thought it was fitting.

            Most people are lemmings. We know what they do.

            Corporate fascists and governments are like dogs (now, I love dogs, so forgive the comparison, but it will make sense in a moment).

            Preppers are like raccoons. Clever, and they learn very quickly. But the best part is this… Ever seen what happens to a dog when it corners a raccoon? It never goes well for the dog. Ever.

            When tshtf, we will be treating those corporate and govt dogs to a whipping like they never imagined, and most of them will crawl away and bleed to death.

            I can’t wait.

            • Seeing, not siimg. Ugh.

            • +1 on the cant wait

              • +2 its long over due

                im having a tuff time facing my kids

            • Good stuff!!!

        • Secret Squirrel-

          You summed it up pretty well and I applaud your effort.

          There are so many possible scenarios my head spins…

          but it sure enough is moving towards us…

          • Heyyy 1vet, always good to hear from one of the voice of reason in this crazy mixed up upside down world… Especially another texan, lol
            Lol sorry about my rant, but each day the rocks get deeper, every news story reminds me each step forward we take, we take three steps back.. The blatent tyranny grinds away…. All the while as i a writing this, my wife is walking back and forth loudly stating, thats it, get the gadgets out of the house, screw the satellite, kill the phones, thats it im done, lol i think another comercial offended her… Ugh it is unbearable, cant even enjoy mars attacks with my family…

            • Hang in there brother!!!

              The lights will probably be going out soon enough anyway???

              I appreciate the “voice of reason” compliment but
              believe me I have my moments!!!

            • Simple. Netflix streaming. Then it only costs you $7.99 per month to watch crap on TV, rather than $100 per month. By my calculations that’s something close to $1,000 a year in savings. Enough to buy 50 ounces of silver.

              You can also kill your land line and save another $700 – $800 per year.

              Stuff like that adds up fast. And the corporate fascists no longer have your hard-earned money to use for their mega yachts.

              • Hammer,you have a net connection can watch streaming(not downloading)all the movies and tv you want for the price of isp,that save me a 100 bucks a year right there.

              • I hear ya hammer,
                i have killed my landline years ago, and i have no net at home, at the time the net company pissed me off more than the sat company.. Was also trying to get rid of wifi…. Sat is next though.. All i really watch, is ancient aliens, dr who, and a cpl other shows…. I didnt even really want the sat, it and a 60 tv was a girft to the family from mother dear, she didnt like my 32 in an antenna system. Thing is she is one of those ppl that judge your success by how big your tv is…. I was actually kinda pissed when the wholw thing transpired… She hatea my oppositional lifestyle.lol

            • Forget cable and any other signal input, no matter how cheap some of them are. Just keep your dvd player and watch films. You can buy DVDs for $2 at the local pawn shops and flea markets. That way, the only thing you are watching is what you allow in your home, and what money you spend on discs stays local.

              • Smokey,
                I agree fully, thats what we did for years. Dvds and an antenna
                Just so i could access weather reports,, but my mother got us the satelite and a tv for x-mas…i was not happy at all, but had to be nice about it…you know she had the idea that it was unreasonable of me to deny access to propoganda to my daughter,,,,ive tried to wake her up but she is 100% for the system and thinks im nuts….ive told her when it hits head to my house but she prob wont. She will hop right on the fema bus…..

      12. Tyranny pisses us all off but nobody does a thing about it. So we will just keep taking it in the ass. I look at the world like a machine and if they don’t maintain the machine it breaks down just like your car. They will put up the$ because they have to that’s the bottom line folks. They are gonna keep the machine running. We the people are building the machine that oppresses us unfortunately a major breakdown of society has to happen in order just to slow it down. Let’s just be real we will be oppressed a little at a time so we can swallow it. Nothing is gonna make the decline stop not $ thrown at it nothing. The good ole days are just that. I hear guys talk about the old days blah blah. What was so good about it anyway. I was a poor kid growing up. To be honest we are better off now in a lot of ways. No more looking for pay phones to call home we now can take a call anywhere. The cars are still junk but improved over the sleds of the old days. Better medical technology. Higher pay in most cases. The internet. I can go on youtube and learn how to fix stuff or do things. Years ago you had to figure it out. People we gotta stop living in the past those are memories best left as stories to tell around the fire. The future is coming whether you like it or not so you might as well live for today. It’s all a joke folks as long as your not terminally ill you can do what you like. We are not lawyers we don’t have to know all laws is it unlawful to be ignorant. I don’t think so enjoy.

      13. whats is violence?

        violence is just a tool!

        it or the intimidating threat of it, can be used against you to shape your thinking and mental development throughout your life.

        everyone here needs to get comfortable again with violence, it is only a tool and relearn how and when to apply it.

        or else you will end up like the White Boer South Africans, who are now being deliberately Genocided and economically Enslaved in Reverse Apartheid by an invasion of illegal alien migrant blacks in their own country, a country ‘they, the white Boer’s built’. Much like how whites are now being persecuted by Zionist commies created Affirmative Action in once free Amerika.

        zog amerika will only get worse, violence is inevitable!

        get comfortable with applying violence to protect yourselves and property or perish at the hands of those who would do you harm for their own profit!

        there is no other choice.

        Predator or Prey? The choice is yours!!!

        • I may end up being prey on day, but I’ll leave them a little something to remember me by. They’re going to have to fight for it, because in the end, nothing is free.

      14. Many have left the system due to unemployment,call write text emaile flood the system.The companies are stupid for cutting the hand that feeds them.No middle class to support the economy.Word of mouth is the best form of info. Keep lobbying hard, more of us than them…..

        • Druid I have read the works of David Duke for decades. Long before the www I got on a Duke mailing list. Dr. David Duke is brilliant. He is hated because he tells the truth. He doesn’t skirt around an issue. He doesn’t hide behind words like “global elite” or “liberals” or the “NWO” and let it go. He tells you who they are. He backs up his words. I’ve seen people like Glen Beck and other FOX conservatives recoil in mock horror at the mention of Dukes name. They do this because he is not afraid of the very same people that intimidate them. I’ve never met Duke. I don’t work for him but I would go to war for him in a NY minute. Anyone who has never been to David Duke’s website please do so. It will be crash course in reality.

          • So why oh why is he SO silent on MILITANT ISLAM? He’s nothing but a out dated failed KKK clown.

        • Really interesting and alarming report. When Apartheid ended so should have the hate and people got to work building the society and the economy. Instead, many have just stewed in hate and conspired to find ways to grab what remaining wealth there is off those who have it. A diminishing returns pursuit of wealth destruction that we have seen happen in other countries, like Zimbabwe, Nigeria etc.

          • @ft – it’s interesting you mention Zimbabwe as they are now offering White South African Boer Farmers 20,000 acres farm and homestead for a free 50 year land lease and share of the crops in a new resettlement program.

            * It seems the Zim Blacks recognize the need for whites industrial higher thinking ability.

            * young Boer Farmers and their family are making the move to Zimbabwe.

            • All very interesting! Whites (and now the Chinese) will have to run Africa once again because it has been driven into the ground by local leadership. I think most Africans just want a better life and are tired of the ‘Big Men’ preening about and causing wars and extreme poverty. Africa’s jewel – South Africa – was wrecked by the ANC yet resourceful whites still keep going despite being threatened and murdered. Imagine if countries let the white South Africans show them how to run an economy and develop? Africa would be as rich as Europe.

          • The Race Pimps ye have with you always. Racial animus is the simple way to political power in South Africa, no need to actually do anything for the 25 million blacks, just point to 6 million whites as their enemy.

            It’s going to be a bloodbath unless they get their act together, the point of no return is not far out.

      15. I don’t bother with people anymore because most people are a waste of time to talk to even. People act like their life is so interesting like I should care or be interested in what they are doing. Fact is I’m not I could care less. I share what I want on this board I read people’s replys and I don’t take offense if someone disagrees it’s fine. But when I’m out in public I don’t bother with people I will interact with people as I need but to strike up a conversation with strangers I’ve learned that their point of view is one of entitlement and they idolize the rich where as when I see a suit I think scumbag. I don’t aspire to have luxury cars and fancy clothes. I don’t worship$ like everyone else does.

        • Wish the thumbs were back, you deserve an up for sure…

          • Squirrel,the thumb widget junk slowed down loading times and comments,glad it’s gone!You have done the right thing,commented with a comment a point/post you liked,makes folks think/communicate instead of just pushing a button.I and many others seemed to be here less with the thumb system in place,as anon said,”What was so good about the good ole days!”,at least in regards to thumbs.I can come up with many things that I felt were better growing up but,here in the now for better or worse.

            • Warchild,
              Yea you are right it prob did slow things down and did promote lazieness, communication is better than an up vote icon. But on the other hand i have to select certain comments to reply to, otherwise you guys might get sick of me running my mouth.lol

              As far as the good ole days, im down with what you and annon are saying, the good ole days are days gone by, yet surely we can use technologies without loosing our humanity, but it seems that is not the case…

        • Anonymous
          I become more of a misanthrope as each day passes , so yer not alone

      16. ‘When the world is running down
        you make the best of what’s still around.’

        • I’m impressed, would like to view more of your work.

      17. Your leaders are the problem, it is them who sold america out for greed of money and power for themselves. They are responsible for everything that has happened to this country, but fools in america keep voting for the trash, you cant end tyranny and corruption by voting for it. Americans have created this mess, and if they were ever going to do anything about it, it would have been done already, americans are sitting waiting for the govt to fire the first shot, well that was done long ago, i read some of the dumbest shit on these websites, its enough to make a sane person cringe. Americans are nothing more than fools and idiots and your leaders and the elite know it.

      18. @ Smith
        “You are not allowed to walk away from the collective because if you do, you might hurt the overall performance of the collective. A gear in a machine cannot be allowed to simply up and leave that machine, or everything falls apart. See how that works…?”

        I walked away from health ins JAN 1, it’s a continuation for me. But looking back thru the years, I’ve always pointed out stupidity when it raise it’s head around me. Down to three good friends, everyone else just acquaintances.

        • smells like sl.

      19. Problem is people who run for office have been vetted and are on board with the agenda. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. We are taught to believe we fight back at the ballot box. It’s all lies how can any rational person have any confidence in gov. I have my own agenda just like gov has theirs. I’d suggest you all have one too for your own sake. A sure sign of collapse is more rules and regulations as the tyrants tighten their grip on us. We are getting closer everyday to collapse folks. Once the supply chain stops it will get ugly. The trucking industry is suffering a major driver shortage it’s gonna get harder and take longer to get stuff in the future due to this. Get the stuff you just can’t do without now while there is time. Do it now seriously .

      20. A lot of folks out there want to believe everything is fine. They can see the failures out there but it isn’t affecting them yet. This is denial they lie to themselves . This is dangerous IMHO you need to be straight with yourself and call it how your seeing it. That is the truth. The truth is much harder than lies to cope with. It’s just the way it is. You gotta see the writing on the wall at some point. There is a slow decline happening it’s not getting better and never will again. We are not even on track to stopping the decline folks. Don’t act all surprised when the shit goes down.

      21. There are different forms of collective societies, with very different outcomes. The sort of collectivity we are being subject to is the worst kind: welfare collectivity: the pursuit of an untermensch population of dumbed-down, obese morons who slop about digesting TV and junk food.

        However, Germany prior to WWII was a collective society designed around turning the population into ‘supermen’ and beautiful women. Physical fitness was paramount as well as intellectual prowess and high culture. Discipline and good deportment were key to an ordered society pursuing high goals. The Nazis broke boundaries in science and technology and were the most advanced society of their time, much as China is doing today. Despite being invaded and occupied, French women couldn’t help but be attracted to the German soldiers, who were physically fitter and more handsome than the local options.

        A collective aimed at achieving higher goals is a beautiful thing to behold. A collective encouraged to be whiny, lazy, obese ‘bitches’ enmeshed in political correctness, is not a beautiful thing to see. Only lawyers like these societies.

        • Yes, Joseph Mengele was a real wonder, wasn’t he. And Hermann Goering was a blonde Adonis. Is this post a joke? So “physically more handsome?” By whose standards? Their own? This Nazi apologia on this site gets really boring and tiresome. A collective always fails, because there is finally no autonomy and central planning cannot account for human action half as well as the private sector. Von Mises wrote about this in his eponymous book, as did von Hayek in The Road to Serfdom – obviously neither book you are familiar with.

          Fascism, the merger of the socialist state with big biz, does nothing to improve the human condition. Moreover, Mussolini (the ultimate founder of fascism) stated something that should scare the sane reader: “All within the state, nothing outside the state.” You fascist apologist on this site are truly uninformed and destructive.

        • ” The Nazis broke boundaries…”

          They SURE did.

          I don’t think it’s something to put out there as good, since nothing good ever came out of it.

      22. meet the…

        FULL METAL BITCH shootin’ like a BOSS!

        this is my next ak build!


        • Betcha she could teach the Iraqi Army how to stay on target with full auto.
          Good video.

        • OMG I am in love.


          I am leaving you. The grass truly is greener on the other side!

        • As a former sniper and special forces all I can say is this: she is the perfect woman. All white women need to learn to shoot like this and defend themselves. The government won’t do it.

      23. Well, Brandon, it’s so refreshing to find someone whose DNA very definitely contains the renegade gene. God bless you pal and keep thinking!!!

      24. Still, the battle is one of non-violence; rather, it is one of education and information dissemination.

      25. Someone once explained to me the evil concept of tolerance. Tolerance makes you accept that which you find to be abhorrent. Tolerance, especially when enforced by the government, is totalitarian. Thus, tolerance is evil.

        • I don’t know ’bout that. I can tolerate a lot of things, but I don’t accept them and no one will ever make me accept them.

          Tolerance is evil when acceptance follows.

          Otherwise, not accepting drives the Tolerate Nazis crazy 🙂

      26. Update on the ‘recovery’…

        92,986,000 People Not In Workforce…

        55,951,000 Women Out…

        6,652,000: More Americans Working Part-Time, But Not by Choice…

        25,098,000 Foreign-Born Employed in USA…

        Drudge Report

      27. A interesting source for 3D interested folks,many different files here: ht tp://comeandmakeit.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-state-of-3d-printed-firearms-today.html ,as always ,spaced to avoid the insipid /dreaded “Moderation Game”!

      28. Brandon Smith don’t know much about history.

        The basic state of the majority of people for 5,000 years now is t be ruled over or oppressed.

        When the global debts come crashing down it’s more likely the world wakes up to an elite – serf system rather than an individual independence movement.

      29. Besides Black violence against whiteys like in SA now…in the usa we probobly are going to Add to that with another attack from the Right flank…Picture a FOX TV News alert to announce that AIPAC along with Prez Hillery or Jeb, has appointed usa pastor John Hagee to Four Star General status, complete with full Military uniform.

        Reason for this switcheroo is so Hagee can begin to commandere the massive 60-million strong force of Israel Firsters!

        When Hagee stepped up to podium mike his speech was quick and precice…”I Am Gratefull to AIPAC and Israel not only for that prior Free Leer Jet and runway installed on My 401K’s 8000 acre Texas hunting Ranch…But especially gratefull that, in my new military uniform as a 4 star general I will be comanding the entire 60-million usa jew and israel Firsters aka “jewdeo christians” in the vast efforts to Cleanse american lands.

        In order to fast acomplish this huge cleanseing effort, which basically shall consist of Mandateing that EVERY usa citizen of white persuasion Must Join Us and AIPAC to Rid usa of all who reject an israel first policy! Who reject More wars for jewry untill every part of the pre determined 90% of global goyim populations have been exterminated fully and totally…For unless and untill this effort is done…Israel and international jewry will Never accomplish their Antichristic Goals of global world domination so to rule over whatever portion of goyim gentiles remain to be used as abject slavery serving ziojewry.

        My new Militaristic Motto Slogan that I shall require all my 60-million troop jewdeochristians to memorize will be…”ALL Goys Must Bless/Worship jewry, or else god wont bless amerika!”

        A definate and swift end demise shall be the fate of ALL Goys, especially whitey goys whom insist upon indivuality and individual freedom etc.

        This IS gods main plan because god speaks un audible voices to Me pastor Hagee everyday!…Its how I know so much biblical info afterall!

        Then all we got left to be worried of is a southern mexican savages attacks, and eastern arab muslims!

        USA! USA! USA! Go WHITEYS! EeeeeFuckinHaaaaaa!

        Gotta get up to make the donuts…gotta get up to bless/worship jewry and zio israel…Or Else comrades!

      30. Indeed! A David Duke usa Prez would within his First 6-Months in office Prove to be an even Better statsman, leader, prez, commander in chief of arrmed forces etc etc than we see with Putin now.

        Say what folks will but None can deny they badly desire a Putin type PRO white-Pro Nationalist American prez period.

        Today putin Is the Only true intelligent statsman thats proven he cares for his own folks and nation like usa prez’s Used to do before the 1900 era did.

        99% of the poster folk Here at shtf will NOT ever read a single article at dukes site…They have tons of flimsy excuses…But wont name The main reason which is, they talk real big alright…But have an inbred abject FEAR of 100% Fatcs based Truths like david duke writes and speaks of.

        “IF” they actually did listen to or read dukes works…Then what?…I will tell you what..They then will Need to change long held falsehood beliefs imbedded into their puny minds by various tv news anchors, FOX TV especially! and their too many fraudulent preachers that are total apostacy defined…Why…some “may” even begin to NO longer fear being called an evil Raysis! or worse yet called an evil nazi Antisemitic whitey!

        Cannot have that right!…

        • He would make an excellent President but do we make ’em like that anymore? Duke would be in a mould from another time: A man who spoke what he thought and did what he spoke. Today’s politicians are weasels and liars who will say anything if the polls tell them it is what people want to hear, and then go back to the office and do whatever the corporate lobbyists tell them to do. Different breed.

          Maybe separation is the only answer?: a white homeland stretching from Russia across the Nordics and across Canada. It would be the most peaceful and prosperous place on earth, with the most beautiful women, wonderful nature and wildlife, fantastic art, science, architecture, design. Call it Thorland.

      31. Agreed sod buster just aquaintances.

      32. Ten worthless US dollars says Brandon Smith gets paid by the word.

        It’s not just that I lost interest half way through the second paragraph, I was really hoping there was more beef to the story but every first sentence of every paragraph I scanned sounded exactly like the others. This whole story could have been done in less than 5 paragraphs.

        How many different ways can you say the same thing? Pay me $.10 a word and I’ll show you!

      33. It’s a great article but Brandon Smith is full of shit. I repeatedly asked him on his page how he reconciles the above article with his strong support of the Constitution and the Republic, both of which are non-voluntary and forced upon us through violence, and instead of responding, he continually deleted my comments. Rather cowardly if you ask me.

      34. in addition to all the comments above, its NOT going to get any better, infact its going to get MUCH WORSE from here on out!! All we can do is try to prepare and if possible get to high ground before they start shooting.
        Try to keep your head down when possible, always have someone on watch detail. Have no mercy when it comes to protecting your family because they won’t when it comes to taking you out!!! For now they want to disarm all so they have an easier time controlling us later!

        Stay aware, stay Safe!!

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