I Am Not Moving: Repression and Intimidation in America *Video*

by | Oct 14, 2011 | Headline News | 153 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The following video features the words of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the height of the middle east protests of 2011 meshed with the events playing out on the streets of America.

    The people of the middle east, like people everywhere, are seeking a chance to contribute and to have a role in the decisions that will shape their lives. Leaders need to respond to these aspirations and to help build that better future for all. They need to view civil society as their partner, not as a threat.

    It is the responsibility of the government of Libya to respect the universal rights of their own people, including their rights to free expression and assembly.

    Hillary Clinton

    Mr. Obama’s calls for resignations of middle east leaders as a response to the will of their people was nothing but rhetoric, as we can hardly see Mr. Obama following his own advice when it’s obvious that the majority of Americans, like the people of the middle east, are fed up with the tyrannical actions of their government.

    That our government leaders would condemn the violence against protesters in Libya, Egypt and Syria, while remaining silent about the very same transgressions to protesters here at home is patently ridiculous and indicative of the character of those who we have entrusted with the most fundamental of our liberties. When it’s politically expedient, they will say whatever they need to. When it’s time to act in the interests of their own people they act as if there is not a problem, often engaging in the very same behavior they denounced when it was happening in other countries.

    Last month protesters took to the streets across the country [of Libya] to demand their universal rights and a government that is accountable to them and responsive to their aspirations.

    Instead of respecting the rights of his own people, Gaddafi chose the path of brutal suppression. Innocent citizens were imprisoned, in some cases beaten, and a campaign of intimidation and repression began.

    President Barack Obama


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      1. Some animals are more equal….Orwell 1948.

        • Oops. Animal Farm, not 1948.

      2. I can’t even watch those two lying traitors. They’re a reflection of everything that has gone wrong with this country.

        • You got that shit right EU, I couldn’t stand to watch it through either. Fcuk both of these little swine fornicators. I would like to say more but it was a rough day and I’m feeling very cross.

      3. Elevating the “Occupy Wall Street” dirt bags to anyone seeking liberty seems quite the stretch.

        • Seeking liberty??? How about freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble…
          You missed the point here; it’s hypocricy from the two frauds Hillary and Bruto attacking other countries.
          Denial of even one of these freedoms to just one American is not democratic; is it??
          Where do these freedoms stop? Who draws the line?? Who chooses??
          I think noone…that’s why our forefathers left us a constitution and kissed the Queen goodbye!!
          Rant off.

          • No missed point here. This twisted video is trying to make anarchists look like victims and justify their behavior. It is paralleling true human tragedy (terroristic attacks on middle eastern protesters and the MLK civil rights fight) with socialists, communists, and Marxists trying to collapse the system through lies and propaganda. Dig a little deeper to find the truth: Soros and his Open Society / New World Order cronies are manipulating you!

            No one’s rights are being denied…in fact, these brainwashed college students, dirty hippies, and communists are being allowed to waller in their filth. Bloomberg insisted they be removed so the PRIVATE owners of the park they’re destroying can get in and clean up the sperm, fecal matter, and urine. After his office was bombarded…he caved in. No clean up…just the “right” to destroy public property continues.

            Democracy = mob rules
            America is a Republic = Rule of Law

            • Just google some main stream media presentations on the Tea Party marches and compare the same to how they “feel” about the Wall Street “occupation.” The hypocrisy is sickening. The Tea Party pleaded with government to cut its spending the “occupation” wants more hand outs. The party of more government hated the Tea Party of less government and loves the occupation of steal from those who succeed for those who don’t even try.

            • Yes.. there are huge differences between the Tea party and the “Flea” party.. and hygiene is only one of them.

            • As if “might makes right” money power and police brutality are the decent alternative???

            • it is still the right protest, just the wrong protesters and backers

            • Settle down there Mrs. McCarthy.

            • We don’t have the rule of law. We don’t even follow the Consitution. This country needs to become a republic with sovergn states again.

            • @ Sam, Flea Party, I am so stealing that…LOL

            • No, you only miss the big picture. The fine points you got down great.

              For instance, just how do people obtain private parks, jets, banks–yep, the Fed–and all the other crap they prefer, to realizing they are only able to own them in a stable–fair and balanced, just like FOX says–state? What would constitute a just republic? 1500 year-old Plato? How about a democracy where everybody gets a share and a voice? That ok with you? Or do you prefer some self-serving nonsense about your right to own everything. That’s what you believe, right?

              I know it’s a stretch for you and your ilk, but try and realize the person next to you in the country club dining room has problems of his or her own, problems you may have helped create, or solve, but instead, in your true and free state, decide to ignore.

              According to you, that’s what makes America great. You. Exercising your right to ignore others’ suffering. But, since you took no action, how can a verb active apply to passivity? I need help with this one. That’s way over my head. Must be why I’m not rich. And that is a fine point.

              BTW, the Tea Party was bought through huge donations by two right-wing brothers, now under investigation by another Fed, the Bureau of. As featured in this week’s Forbes.

            • RWM in your last phrase maybe you meant “just the ‘right’ to destroy private property continues”…???

              i agree with you 100% – let the whining iphone-, ipod-, tablet-carrying fools have what they want is the attitude… most city administrations are likely hoping the protestors will run out of steam and slowly disperse… i’m wondering if they’re protesting the Mickey D’s when they’re hungry or end up fueling big fact-cat corporations for their meals.. what a freaking joke they all are…

          • A the right to bear arms

          • JJ – your forefathers kissed King George III goodbye, not the Queen ;P

      4. People are clearly divided about the protesters. That division is growing. There is everything “They are patiotic heroes” to “Hippies that don’t know why they are there and don’t want to work.” But this video breaks it down past that. It was hard to tell, toward the end, what footage was foriegn and what was domestic. It shows the true nature of this administration. I hope it goes viral.

        • Divide and conquer. That is the H✡llyw✡✡d script that the banksters are selling. Divide and conquer has been used against us so many times you’d think that people would catch on.

          Among Occupy America demonstrators there are indeed communists, lazy unionists, “liberal” students up to their eyeballs in debt, but there are also “free market” capitalists, gen-u-wine conservatives, anti-war Christians, and others who know that the banksters have been looting and killing us and have more of the same planned for all of us.

          You don’t have to swap spit with everyone that disagrees with you, but you could at least join forces against our greatest common enemy.

          • The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. They will turn on me just as quickly as they will turn on him.

            Does joining forces with evil make the effort 1/2 evil or 1/2 good ?

            No. The Flea party is not pro freedom or pro Republic. They are pro themselves and screw everyone else.


            • Puh-leez, no straw man arguments, Sam not Sam. As best I hear your own words, Sam not Sam, you are “pro-yourself and screw everybody else.” How then are you different from those you disparage?

              Having common cause does not make you friends, but you might consider putting aside some disagreements, even serious disagreements, to save all of us, even your own cranky self, from a greater common enemy.

              If too many drink the banksters’ Kool AId and conclude that middle class people suffering under mountains of usurious debt cannot join cause with students suffering under mountains of usurious debt and union members suffering under mountains of usurious debt and, yes, even lazy welfare recipients who have been programmed for generations to be what they are, WE ARE ALL GONERS.

              Do you really want to abet the banksters’ Divide and Conquer, Sam not Sam?

              Please consider that if WE cannot join TOGETHER in common cause to defeat and punish the usurers, the perpetrators of genocide and economic crimes against all humanity, then maybe we deserve to die ALONE in our hidey holes.

              I am not suggesting that you prostitute yourself, only to join in fighting a common enemy. Is that really too difficult a concept?

            • Mountains of usurious debt ?

              Oh, someone MADE them sign for the loans they agreed to accept ? Someone forced them to agree to terms plainly written ?

              Or is the wrong part, when the lender actually expects to be repaid what was borrowed under the terms agreed ?
              That seems to be what some folks just don’t like too much.

              The only attempt at division that I see going on is from those who are elevating the malcontents and destructionist that call themselves “protestors” using our hard won freedoms to protest against the very system that allows them to do so. Yes, they have the right to protest.. within the confines of the law and civility. And I have the right to call them for what they are.. spoiled rotten brats who have had everything handed to them for their whole lives and have not shown even one GRAIN of gratitude but like bottomless pits.. only demand more, More, MORE.

            • You are absolutely correct in your assessment of these creeps.

              There were protests over the government breaking the law and bailing out crooked banks on Wall Street. These punks have spent the past two years disparaging those clean, independent, productive and respectful folks that were protesting the greedy banks and the corrupt government. Now these worthless morons that cannot articulate what they are protesting for want us to embrace their cause?


              The only difference between a fleabagger and Goldman Sachs is size and cunning.

            • JQP, a sane and free thinker amongst the unwashed masses.

            • There is SO much wrong with your response, Sam not Sam, where shall I begin?

              Just because you CAN seduce a woman into a life of prostitution, does that absolve you of any culpability? Must she remain in the life because she once was seduced into it?

              So, just because banksters’ marketing campaigns and materialist advertising CAN—and DOES—seduce many of us into mountains of usurious debt (after which the banksters collapse their very own fiat money system), does that absolve them of any culpability? Must we remain in that life because we once were seduced into it?

              EVERY contract based on fraud is null and void. I argue that the banksters manipulation is fraudulent; their debt is null and void.
              They Create Debt From Nothing, We Owe Them Nothing

              As to “the terms agreed,” duress also voids contracts.

              “within the confines of the law and civility” What happened to “our hard won freedoms”? As if the First Amendment guarantee of a right to free speech and redress of grievances, means, “OK, we’ve heard all we are going to hear, so go home or we will beat the stuffing out of you”??? OR “You creeps haven’t shown me enough gratitude, so I think it is just fine if Goldman Sachs’ enforcers drive over you, mace you, and beat the stuffing out of you”???

              The cold hearts and the blood lust evinced on this blog cause me more worry for the outcome than the rhetoric of entitlement evince at Occupy Wall Street… and some of you, ahem, identify yourselves as Christians. Will He know you when He comes?

            • Semantics don’t change facts.

            • Just in case you are not a paid-to-poster…

              Following your bank/loan/validity arguement..

              I decide to plant a garden and I buy seen from someone who advertises heavily; promoting amoung not only their seed; but the health benefits from organic produce. I succumb to their ad and buy seed.

              I plant my garden, the seed sprouts and grows just as advertised. I tend the garden; but sometimes less than others. There are unforeseen issues.. deer, rabbits, dought, disease, pest infestation.. nothing necessarily my fault and nothing that could have been predicted as fact before it happened.

              The long and short is I experience 90% crop failure; dead plants, eaten plants and those that survive produce little fruit. Of the fruit that remains, I do eat some; but get a belly ache because I didn’t wash it well or cook it well and I used polluted water to fed and clean the crop.

              So… of course, I sue the seller of seeds. Not only do I sue him, I demonise him, protest him and try to shut down his business..

              Why ? He should have known that I was not a gardener to begin with. He should’ve known that there would be a drought and a bad year for pests. His advertisements enticed me to purchase from him and I would have been better off if I had just bought a can of corn from the store.

              How is the above arguement different from yours regarding the bankers lending money ? Was their money “bad” ? Did it not “spend” as advertised ? Were the interest rates not clear ?

              How should they then, be held to account because the borrower lost their job, bought at the peak in a bubble, accepted more debt that they could afford, got a degree which had no job prospects, got a degree which had job prospects but due to economic difficulties which few believed would happen made their degree currently worthless ? How is the lender now responsible for a failure in the borrowers life ? Whether self induced or just the luck of the draw ?

              My issue is blaming other people for your own lack of wisdom, preparation, common sense or just plain bad luck.

              This is precisely, as near as I can tell, what you are defending in the Flea Party.. someone else did this to me.. it is not my fault… someone has to pay.. you have more than you should… you are evil because I don’t have everything I want..

              That is your Flea party.. it has nothing to do with the right to protest and everything to do with blaming someone; ANYONE for whatever you do not like about your own situation.

      5. Wow, The two of them should watch this video, but then again, they probably wouldnt get it

      6. Don’t do as I do ……. do as I say.

        Sooner, rather than later, the Citizens of the United States will have had enough and there will be hell to pay in the streets. Most, at this point, don’t have very much left to loose.

        Coming soon to your neighborhood. Soon, very soon boys & girls. Le ze la bon ton roulette! The ‘helter-skelter’ is almost here.

        • Laissez les bons temps rouler.

      7. Our own Government is loaded with Hippocrates

        I like in the video where the guy picks up the smoking tear gas cannister and throws it back at the police..


        • Except for that whole “Do no harm” oath. 😉

        • Ten soldiers and Nixons coming, we’re finally on our own.
          This morning I hear the drumming, four dead in O-hio.

          • I always thought it was “tin soldiers”.

        • “Our own Government is loaded with Hippocrates”


          We’re being governed by a bunch of Greek physicians?


        • LOL..I just now realised how I hacked up the word,”hypocrites”..

          we all know who Hippocrates is
          Greece Autor of the Hippocratic Oath

          • …an oath NO LONGER taken by graduating medical students.

          • I thought it was funny..

            • I think the Hippo part was from watching Hillary

      8. Damn! That close up of thunder thighs should come with a WARNING!

        • Ain’t she just a horrible wretch. Only thing missing is the broom and the pointy hat

          • Hey!!! That is just being mean to witches!

          • The broom and the pointy hat are missing because Pelosi has them.

      9. Very powerful video. I shared it on Facebook – everyone needs to see this.

        • Daisy: It would have been a powerful video if the producer had made a documentary, juxtaposing Obamas and Hillery’s statements against a back drop of the American protests.

          Unfortunately the producer of this video mixed in EXTREMELY violent video of the Arab Spring several times, confusing the issue altogether, and deliberately made a PROPAGANDA FILM;

          Losing all credibility with me.

          Video of the American protests would have been adequate to make a valid point against Obama and Hillary, but when authors, producers, and propagandists deliberately twist or exaggerate the facts to create hyperbole, and hysteria,

          WE must look to their motives, and not their message.

          This propaganda is from the left. But I have warned you all about the propaganda from the right as well, who are trying to sell US FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM.

          Pray for discernment America. There are many wolves in sheeples clothing out there wanting to make their agenda yours.

          • Another sane and free thinker amongst the unwashed masses.

        • I will say this much! While I somewhat support the protesters. They need to get their S*** together! Almost a month and for who,for what? Nothing has changed and nothing will! Even if any of their so called “demands” are met. Well when we wake up the next morning, we will still be dealing with the same, high gas, high taxes, low wages, and all the psycho babble bulls*** that we have been dealing with! The more things change, the more they stay the same! Someone need to go to one of the 1400 cities being “occupied” and remind the people that, “Actions speak louder than words!”
          P.S. Check out Infowars.com Alex Jones is awesome!! Keep up the good work on here as well Mac!

        • We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, DK. I stand by my assertion that this video points out the hypocrisy of the PTB with alacrity.

          Revolutions and uprisings are rarely pretty and sweet-smelling, with only the most sterling people involved. While I disagree with the point these people are making, the thing I DO agree with is the momentum. The discontent with our current way of life is growing. All we need now is the right leadership to move our country in the right direction, because the people are sick and tired of the way things are.

          • Daisy: Move to the mountains. Run for Congress. I will vote for you. 🙂

      10. Could I get some pepper spray on my scrambled eggs? Mr. Ed has his own goggles?

      11. “We have accepted today the existence in perpetuity of a permanent underclass of scores of millions who cannot cope and must be carried by society — fed, clothed, housed, tutored, medicated at taxpayer’s expense their entire lives. We have a dependent nation the size of Spain in our independent America. We have a new division in our country, those who pay a double or triple fare, and those who ride forever free.”
        – Pat Buchanan

        • And Billy Graham said ” we reward the lazy and call it welfare”. Amen, Billy.

        • Its hard for kids to get a job when 60 million American jobs have been transferred offshore since 2001 by the GB’s. I don’t think it is fair to generalize and say that they are all lazy.

          In fact, many of the kids at the Occupy Wall St protests are students who recognize the increasing disparity that has developed between the UR abd the rest of US.

          A recent article the other day at one of the financial sites I read said that the top 6,000 families in America have increased their wealth over $100 million dollars while the middle class has been gutted.

          I have seen a lot of kids this fall who are not lazy at all and are working very hard part time and going to college,

          But WE do have an underclass who DO refuse to work and are generationally dependent. These individuals need to be identified and weeded out of the system.

          This needs to end for their benefit as well as OURS.

          • [applause]

          • The first thing to do is to stop subsidizing the education establishment with student loans and grants. Let the student purchase his / her education like any other service or commodity. The student could apply for a loan at a big, greedy, evil, for profit bank but if the loan was so the student could get a masters in history of the panflute or tinfoil hat engineering then maybe the bank wouldn’t loan someone 100k for a career that will pay…um nothing.

            Secondly, why aren’t they bitching about the huge increases in the cost of tuition or bitching about their football coach that makes $4 million a year teaching PE? Most of the staff at many colleges and universities are there because they cannot succeed in the real world. Thomas Sowell has written some really good books on the scam that is American education. I admit I’ve only read “Inside American Education.”

            If they were truly interested in earning a salary or profit they would be demanding that the government from EEOC to the EPA to the Army Corp and all of the other power trippers allow manufacturing back into the US.

            America is the only country that doesn’t add a VAT tax to imports. And then we bitch about jobs…shakes head..

            • The subsidies have hyperinflated the costs of an education.

          • That is: EACH FAMILY has increased their wealth $100 million at our expense because the table is tilted.

      12. “Those who would change society begin by changing the meaning of words. At Howard University, LBJ changed the meaning of equality from the attainable — an end to segregation and a legislated equality of rights for African-Americans — to the impossible: a socialist utopia.”

        “Where equality is enthroned, freedom is extinguished. The rise of the egalitarian society means the death of the free society.”

        -again, Pat Buchanan

        • I wish he were running for POTUS – I’d vote for him in a heartbeat…

      13. LOL…the law student at 2:57 was proven to be a liar. His own mother said their house was not being taken away by the bank. In reality, their $500K home is $60K from being paid off without any delinquency! He comes from a very affluent (liberal) family with no financial worries. Showing MLK behind him, like he’s a martyr, is insulting to MLK and everything he did!

        There’s enough disgusting and despicable behavior to go around. Police brutality can and has been an issue in this country. However, the more truthful accounts from OWS are that the “protestors” are provoking the police to respond in order to get the youtube shots and use them as propaganda.

        Sorry Mac, you just fell for one of the oldest progressive tricks in the Alinksy playbook. Provoke, distort, lie, get a reaction from authorities, and promote as truth. When these radicals bring our system down, what replaces it will NOT look like a free Republic!

        • You nailed it I think..

          Clearly edited to show only the reactions of Police; not the instigations that led to those reactions.

          The word “propaganda” comes to mind..

          • @ Sam not sam

            Stockholm syndrome comes to mind
            feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.
            ORIGIN 1970s: with reference to a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden.

            • I am familiar with it… personally, I think it is just more psycho-babble. Clinical nonsense. Created to defend the intellectually weak.

            • Sam not Sam, are you seriously suggesting that the police violence is proportionate? even restrained?

              My Stockholm Syndrome point is that the police are brutalizing the demonstrators and doing the will of the banksters who are doing you wrong. The banksters are in no danger and the demonstrators are being brutalized, yet you sympathize with the police.

              Is it really “psycho-babble” to recognize that there is something upside down about identifying with the enforcers of your abusers?

            • You made my own arguement for me.. thanks..

        • Don’t be fooled. Obama, hillary, and all the other cronies in bed with them are loving these riots. Every escalation gets them a little closer to the event that they will use to really crack down on people. Unfortunately, what the man said about the videos of the police being used to swell their ranks is exactly right. Many of those people there are doing anything they can to cause the police to do something that can be used for propoganda such as the above film.

        • Of course, the government and police would never do anything like that would they?

          • Remember how many arrests and allegations of police brutality came out of the hundreds of TEA Party protests?

            • FYI, Plain Old American, I pursued our “Ahmadinejad psychotic” discussion in that thread.

            • …and look at what they accomplished.

            • And what would that be , Charlie?

        • But, the hypocrisy of the fraud and Hillary still stands.

        • Well said RWM….these people need to be pointed out for what they are…partisan hacks for the party of more government, more hand outs, and more theft from the people who succeeded in life.

          • And, did you see the story on Jessie Jackson jr. who in his first ever bill, suggests we spend 800 billion on the unemployed by paying each of them a 40,000$ salary for the next 5 years. Laughable. He then suggests we bail out the states and then the cities. Talk about a partisan hack…..

          • I agree with that. I also agree that the majority of people in this country remain silent. They need to make their case and overwhelm these minority voices who want handouts. We want freedom from government, not more of it!

        • “When these radicals bring our system down, what replaces it will NOT look like a free Republic!”

          The “system” is using the “radicals”. The “system” is using the tea party. The system is using all of us to keep us fighting with each other. WTFU…

          Workers of the world, disperse!

      14. The demonstrators bring it on themselves for refusing to move. You can’t block access to buildings. You can’t demonstrate in certain areas without a permit. It’s what you get when you have the rule of law.

        • As if the banksters and the US advocates of torture have given us the “rule of [buying] the law”?

      15. Big Soros: 99’r, what is that button on your body armor?
        99’r: A peace symbol, sir.
        Big Soros: Where’d you get it?
        99’r: I don’t remember, sir.
        Big Soros: What is that you’ve got written on your helmet?
        99’r: “Born to Kill”, sir.
        Big Soros: You write “Born to Kill” on your helmet and you wear a peace button. What’s that supposed to be, some kind of sic joke?
        99’r: No, sir.
        Big Soros: You’d better get your head and your ass wired together, or I will take a giant shit on you.
        99’r: Yes, sir.
        Big Soros: Now answer my question or you’ll be standing tall before EH.
        99’r: I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir.
        Big Soros: The what?
        99’r: The duality of man. The Jungian thing, sir.
        Big Soros: Whose side are you on, son?
        99’r: Our side, sir.
        Big Soros: Don’t you love your country?
        99’r: Yes, sir.
        Big Soros: Then how about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?
        99’r: Yes, sir.
        Big Soros: Son, all I’ve ever asked of my 99’r’s is that they obey my orders as they would the New World Order. We are here to help America, because inside every libtard there’s a real consertive trying to get out that knows which came first, the egg or the chicken. It’s a hard boiled world, son. We’ve gotta keep our yolks until this I want it and I want it now, blows over.
        99’r: Aye-aye, sir.

        • Right Wing Mom, I encourage you to keep voting.

          Isn’t that what the Founding Fathers did? Vote?

      16. And I agree with Anonymous from a previous post.. IS that a chick or a dude in the “poison my water” advert ??? If it’s a chick… eeeyu.. If it’s a dude… OMG..

        “It” would fit in very well at the big protests…

        • It’s kinda fuzzy but the presence of chest hair might be an indicator that it’s a dude. Otherwise it’s a chick with a serious hormonal problem.

          • Why’s Kenny G. selling filtration?

        • Its Pat!

        • Maybe it’s Chas Bono. Nobody knows for sure what they would find if they pulled those pants down….

          • Nobody wants to know!

        • It’s Popeye’s sister—that’s why the ad says…’I don’t thinks so”.

        • The Beautiful People have spoken.

          • Why thank you… you’re kinda hot too..

      17. The time comes when you need to make a tough decision.
        Your constitution urges you to protect the country against foreign or domestic enemies.
        Our constitution in article 120 says:
        “Observance of this, is left upon the patriotism of the people, who have the right and the obligation to resist with any means, against whomever is trying to abolish it with violence”.
        The time is coming …

        May our Lord protect you in the days to come.

      18. I, a staunch Libertarian, find myself in agreement with the decision to point out the powerful destructive force Wall Street (big business, generally) has become — but with a different perspective from the present protesters. They point to a false dichotomy — that Government should control the economy — and Big Business should not.

        Problem: Government and Big Business merged long ago. They are one and the same now. The same small cadre of people flow to and from the top positions in business and government. Each serves to preserve the power of the other.

        This incestuous relationship is the same here in America — and in every other country.

        Perhaps if We the People get the courage to wrest power back from the Government (through Constitutional Amendment), then we can fix the problem here. I have little hope of such courage at this point. The “Dancing With the Stars” devotees now far outnumber the patriots.

        • I, a recovering Libertarian, am looking for a government that isn’t owned by the money power.

          I respectfully suggest that the absence of surviving examples indicates one serious flaw in the creed of the Libertarian “free market” faith.

          There are other flaws.

        • A merger between Libertarianism and Conservatism?

          I do not have every answer. I do like Pat Buchanan’s stance on foreign trade. He’s a recovering free trader.

          Here is the big problem……the ruling class. This explains the Ds and the Rs and their minions at the occupy pity parties.


      19. Mr. President,

        Since you have taken office, our beautiful country has become damaged and desecrated. We as people have never been more divided. Our libertys are being removed ever so quietly, one at a time. We have so far been good little sheeple and not complained too much. However Mr. President, I do have to inform you that the sheeple are getting ready to shed their coats, and shine once again. You see, once we have been awakened to the fact that you do not have our best interests at heart, but a divine plan of your own. You think that you, and others of your ilk know what is best for us, our way of life and our very way of thinking. You have underestimated the power of Man and the deeply planted roots that make us human, and proud Americans. Man was made to take care of himself sir and no one could ever change that DNA. Your dream plan will not work now, nr will it ever. I would die with my dignity intact rather than bow to anyone other than the dear Lord Almighty. There is only one God that I pray to and listen to, I think you may want to humble yourself to God, and allow him to put you back on the right path. There is evil walking the earth right now, but it can not permiate those who chose to believe in only that which is good and decent.

        • I respectfully suggest that this country was damaged a long time ago.

          Further, since the USA never was sacred (it is a man-made thing, not something from God), it is impossible for it to have be desecrated.

          If we weren’t in such dire peril, it would be funny that so many imagine that the guy from Kenya is the source of our woes. He is just the latest puppet on the stage in a theatre managed by satanic psychopaths. Certainly he deserves opprobrium and punishment, but if YOU can’t see past Obama and the ballot box, WE are all goners.

          • Arrrggh “…to have BEEN desecrated….”

          • The founding of this nation may have been accomplished by men but it was conceived and ordained by God Himself.

            You are correct that the damage started long ago however this Kenyan is a member of the evil, multi-generational cabal that planted the seeds of destruction. He is the point man and as such desrves to be among the first to experience the wrath of the American Patriot. Soros, Sauron, Strong and all the others will see justice as well.

            • “ordained by God himself”

              So, Americans are now the Chosen People. No wonder we have fallen into the pit.

              Understand that Judaism is a religion that nullifes God’s Law in the Old (and New) Testaments with the Oral Torah of the rabbis’ Talmud and Kabbala. The Oral Torah DEIFIES the Chosen People (the men anyway, women are “witches” in the Oral Torah), especially DEIFIES the rabbis whose word, they teach, trumps the Word of God.

              In four simple words—”ordained by God [H]imself”—you have explained why the US government defies God’s Law and submits to the other nation of “Chosen People.”

          • Well said, JQP!!

      20. This is video from one of my favorite places.. after a hurricane hit 2 days ago.. the damage is pretty awesome; but skip to minute 6:18 for a laugh…


      21. I’m shocked, double-talking politicians, communist agitators, the whole nine. However, knee-on-the-neck tactics, the militarization of the local police, and the slamming to the pavement of citizens who film cops needs to end.

        • Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, I have to buy more beans, bullets and bandaids tonight! Unbelieveable!

          • From the sound of it.. you shouldn’t forget the toilet paper either.

            Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      22. Hypocrisy is a matter of course in order for government to achieve its goals. – SM

      23. Brilliant video showing the atrocious hypocrisy and outrageous violation of our constitutional rights.

      24. I never thought this would happen in America….Deeply disturbing..

        • Stick around.

      25. The part that interested me was at the end. When our president stood there and said “the people of egypt are calling for a change” and bla bla bla about the generations and then saying the people “want their voices to be heard” Wow! All this concern for the people of egypt wanting change and their voices to be heard and yet the voices of the UNITED STATES CITIZENS are ignored by this man.

      26. The mixing of violent video from the Arab Spring with the demonstrations of Occupy Wall St. is a step too far.

        Instead of a factual account of American protests with the words of Hillary and Obama coming back to haunt them,
        the producer of this video has created a:


        It loses its credibility for the descerning viewer.

        • Reminds me of Mark 13:22

          For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

          It was a pretty well done piece of propaganda. But it was, nonetheless, propaganda.

        • Oh, now I understand perfectly. Initially I wasn’t discerning enough.

          The slight flaws in the video completely invalidates the charge of USA hypocrisy, so there really are no “credible” parallels to ponder between Arab despots and US despots or their brutality. Give us a break.

          • “slight” flaws ???? My, you are forgiving..

            • Yes, “70 times 7.”

        • Again, I respectfully disagree with you both, DK and Sam. While the violence here is not on the same level as the violence in Egypt, the parallels are undeniable.

          You are making hasty generalizations and missing the main point: the absolute hypocrisy in our government.

          The purpose of this video is to make it’s thesis obvious to the most oblivious and uneducated of people. Because you are both critical thinkers, as are most of us here, it has the opposite effect on you.

          This video was designed for someone who has just blindly believed in the general good will of the PTB, and for that purpose, the creator of the video has succeeded admirably. It is difficult to look at this through the eyes of the unenlightened, but that is the audience that the video is directed towards.

          • Daisy – I respect your opinion and although you are a “fine” flower… I think you have been “picked”.

            No one questions the rights of protesters to protest.. that is one things that makes us so different from many other countries.. the ability to protest without getting a bullet in the head. My issue with the “film” as well as with the “protesters” is strictly with content and message ( or lack thereof ). Just because there may be an issue with banks, bankers, brokers or brokerage firms does not mean that all protests are equal.
            I object to the propaganda film because it is just that.. propaganda. The scenes shown of police manhandling protesters is certainly disturbing; but the film puposefully leaves out anything and everything that led up to that reaction from police. Like hitting an officer, spitting on an officer, throwing objects at an officer, pushing and shoving an officer, destroying private and public property, defacing private and public property as well as breaking many non related laws like being under the influence of drugs, public nakedness, public copulation, defacating in public, selling illegal drugs, etc. etc. The police are NOT trying to deny these hooligans the right to protest as the propaganda film more than implies; they are enforcing clear, known laws which are being flagrantly violated in order to provoke just such a response from police exactly for propaganda reasons.
            If the police were trying to stop the protests, they would clear the park, road, field or whatever. The police are only trying to keep some sort of civil order.

            So no, I will not get on the bandwagon that is driven by the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Palosi, the DNC Chair, or our Glorious Leader. All of those have PROVEN that they do not appreciate, believe in or support our constitutional Republic.. except and only when supporting it suits their limited purposes.

            Hopefully, now you can look beyond the emotion of the moment and see that the protesters are FAKE and the whole thing is one big setup by the Left who have made no secret of their desire to “fundamentally” transform our country… into what ? May I ask ?

            • Sam not Sam,
              Very well said. Agree 100%.

            • Daisy – I respect your opinion and although you are a “fine” flower… I think you have been “picked”. LOL

              Maybe Daisy can go to Craig’s List and get paid to protest there.

            • Very nice argument, Sam.:)

              I’m certain that I don’t have the same vision of the future of our country as the folks protesting on Wall Street. I’m a hard worker and I’m not looking for others to support me. I am, however, hoping for a country with a healthy economy, abundant jobs, and prosecutions of those who manipulate the economy to make a buck (or a billion of them) off the backs of the people.

              People SHOULD be ticked off at our government. At some point, civil order is going to go by the wayside because people are fed up for many different reasons.

              Lack of action is acceptance of the status quo. If the Lefties are the only ones taking action, we’d all better beware of what is to come.

          • Daisy: So are you saying this is a video concocted for the Sheele? My point exactly! 🙂

            • There’s no really polite way to say this – the video was produced to “dumb it down” for those who are not critical thinkers.

              I still stand by my initial opinion – I thought it was great.


      27. While I may not have anything in my life in common with the ows. people, I can relate to anger over recent financial events. Capitalism and free markets are about rewarding profits made from risk taking and punishing wrong decisions with monetary loss. Not a bad way to allocate resources. However what has happened in the banking industry has not been free market capitalism. Glass Stegall was repealed allowing commercial banks to underwrite asset backed securities. They racked up huge excess claims to limited underlying value. They racked up huge commissions to make these deals and live better than any king or queen of old. When the underlying real estate prices cracked the securities sold became nearly worthless, because of the leverage used. So the Government allowed an accounting rule change to prevent price discovery, ie. mark to market rule change. Then to ensure that they would not fail they took and are still taking money from you and I via tarp and the fed open window and bond buy backs and various other schemes, to the tune of trillions of dollars. Demand is being drawn forward, virtually a guarantee of future collapse. Our children have been robbed. In essence under this model, profits are private and losses are socialized. We should open the books to the light of day, take our lumps, wipe out the bond holders and equity holders keep the good assets under a new bank with a new board of directors just like the RTC in the late 80’s did with the s & l crisis. But no, the US is a defacto corporatacracy. This chain of events is too complicated for a sound bite on fox news so the truth is not resonating with america.

        • Nate, you are wise and well written. Please continue to post here.

        • nate,
          That is probably the best summary of all of the financial forensics research published in Gretchen Morgenson’s book “Reckless Endangerment” that I would ever hope to read.

          Now, if you get just get it into a 30 second sound bite…

        • profits are private and losses are socialized

          Hell, I’m still waiting for my dividend check from 2008!!

      28. Greetings Everyone!
        Just read about the reaction of “Wall Street” to the protesters in the “occupy Chicago” part of this “protest movement”….
        The “Suits hung a number of signs out their windows which said: “we’re the 1 percent!”(betcha Foxy News won’t show that reaction)
        With such Hubris being displayed by Wall Street types,(And as the community gardens are being stripped by hungry thieves),it reminds me of what Marie Antoinette(Queen Of France)said when told the poor of Paris were starving had no bread to eat:LET THEM EAT CAKE!
        We all know how that ended for the 1% percentiles folks back then….
        Best All

        • Is there a link or a video? Where did you see this?

          • I believe it was at Mother Jones.

      29. I am disappointed with this, the center piece of this video is a fraud “the colored guy with his hands on his head.” Everything he said is a lie. However, the repression is real, the hipocracy is real, “big brother” is real. This movement is to get everyone to move to violence, then the really crack down begins. I haven’t read any of the comments yet, but this helps no one.

      30. What Americans have to understand is that the government of this country work for the rich, and that the rich work for the antichrist.

        • Bingo!!

        • And exactly whom do you work for ?

          Your statement is ludicrous..

      31. When is it that our elected officials will say to themselves…. ” What about my people” This was what the producer of the short film wishes would happen. Are our leaders so bent in greed and polotics that they can’t even tell themselves the truth? Prepare and be well my friends.

      32. When good men do nothing, evil wins.

      33. It’s difficult to describe what type of government is in charge of what used to be our country. It has clear Marxist ideology with Fascist money. It is Trans-national (Globalist) led by elitists only. It is definately, increasingly totalitarian. Resist.

      34. Well this settles it.. I have to apologize for thinking ill of the OWS ( Flea Party movement ). As of today, the American Nazi Party as well as the Communist Party of America ( along with our Glorious Leader ) has whole heartedly endorsed the movement ( with press releases no less ).

        Add these voices to the likes of Al Sharpton and all the wonderful unions and heck… whatever was I thinking ??

        • SNS: If the freaks on the right and the freaks on the left are both on the same band wagon, the truth must be somewhere in the middle (class).

          Look, We all know that the GB’s, globalists, Uber Rich, and corporate fascists are at fault.

          They have manipulated the rules, regulations, and laws to their benefit by legalizing bribery and corruption. No need to list their crimes here. WE all know them.

          So it was the poorest of the poor with their hand out that stepped up to demand a bigger piece of the pie first.

          So what? They won’t get it, but if they make enough noise and generate enough violence the PTB will have to rethink their position and maybe, just maybe, WE will return to some semblance of economic justice in this country.

          That will not occur unless these freaks raise holy hell, there are massive prolonged protests that bring out the middle class (silent majority if you will) and it continues until the next elections.

          The Retards in the Republican Party need to get their head out of their ass NOW and start doing what is good for American workers, families, and taxpayers or they are going to find themselves pissing into the wind in 2012 and WE will be stuck with O’bummer (God forbid)again.

          Change cannot wait. The Eagle needs to shit today! Its time for Congress to shit or get off the pot, or the SWHTF!

          • Sorry DK… if Sharpton, the Nazi party and the Communist party along with Pa-Lousy and our Glorious Leader all agree that something… anything, is a really GOOD thing…. I feel confident in saying that it is in fact, just the opposite.

            This is one bandwagon that I will have no part of.

            • SNS: To form an opinion for or against any issue because someone you do not respect or like is either for or against it is mindless.

              You are better than that. Think for yourself. Don’t let Sharpton, Pelosi, or O’bummer do your thinking for you, because believe it or not, you have.

              Of course politicians are going to try to co-opt this mass demonstration of American dissent and make it their own.

              Isn’t that what the Retards have tried (unsuccessfully) to do with the tea party movement?

              Am I suppose to reject the tea party movement because bonehead John Boehner and other Retards are embracing it?

              Any dissent is better than NO dissent.

            • DK – I understand where you’re coming from but I disagree. I have thought for myself, deeply. And although I know you mean well, I diagree that any dissent is better than no dissent. Some people are just “dissent-full” and have no clue what or why they are dissenting. They just want to tear up anything that “is” without any real thought of just what might “be” if they get their way.

              There is no comparison on any real level of the Tea Party and the Flea Party.. except perhaps that they are diametrically opposed to one another and that they are both “dissenting”. One is peacefull, the other is not. One is respectful, the other is not, one sings “God Bless America”, the other sings “F^%K America”. One cleans up a mess, the other leaves one. One wants to restore the Republic, the other wants to transform us into even more of a shell of our former selves than we already are. One wants to work, pray and live their own lives in freedom to succeed or fail based upon their abilities and divine providence; the other wants to get paid for no work, prey upon anyone who has anything and
              live their lives in whatever repugnant and vile way they choose while demanding that others not only provide their substanance but also APPROVE of their chosen lifestyle.

              My opinion about them was formed by what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard and what my heart tells me is right, honorable and good.

              Not by whether someone else agrees or disagrees with my opinions. However; when the likes of those groups mentioned above heap praise upon these “protesters” it decidely confirms the conclusion that I had already reached independently.

      35. So… when do all the leftist hypocrites of OWS protest in front of the White House, or in front of the Hollywood Learjet leftists’ zillion room mansions in California? How about protesting in front of carbon billionaire Al Gore’s mansion? Or faux greenie James Cameron’s massive digs? How about multimillionaire Mikey Moore’s zillion dollar mansion on Torch Lake?

        Hey, how about throwing themselves in front of Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama’s jet as she takes of for yet another vacation, where she rents Barcelona of the country of Lichtenstein for her cronies.

        Freaking leftists. Always hypocrites.


      36. The friend of my friend is the enemy of my enemy. The enemy of my enemy if my friend. The friend of my enemy is my enemy. The enemy of my friend is my enemy. The enemy of my friends enemy is the enemy of my friends friend. The freindly enemy is the enemy of my friendly friend. Huh?

        Sitting around the campfire…
        Colonel Okie: They took out the entire middle class here in the great plains. Their derivitive bombs were a lot more accurate than we anticipated. Then they took the dollar stores here in the dakotas and moved west. But we stopped their butts cold at the garage sales in the rockies, and the flea markets at the mississippi.
        Anonymous: Then, just WHO is on our side?
        Col Okie: 600 million screaming occupiers.
        Anonymous: I thought there were a billion screaming occupiers?
        Col Okie: There used to be. (pours his moonshine into the fire- it flares up…)

        • The chair is agains the wall. The chair is agains the wall. John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache.

          Avenge me boys! Avenge me!

        • SO: Well done! LMAO 🙂

      37. You know when all sides can’t stand their government, something big could happen……………………..

      38. Just make sure you know which side of God you are on. Just saying.

      39. What an absolute crock of shit video. Truly a joke. Juxtaposing the near total right to free speech displayed in the U.S. with the near total lack of free speech in Arab tyrannies, and pretending they are the same, is laughable. The one guy kept putting his hands behind his back, asking to be arrested, and no one paid attention. Why? Because, first, he is a joke and hasn’t a clue what he is talking about. And because, second, he enjoys free speech.

        There are many issues we need to deal with in this country. But let’s not act like the freeloaders in “Occupy Wall Street” are anything freedom fighters in totalitarian nations. Instead of crying about being sick of capitalism and wanting a job, try utilizing capitalisim to create a job for oneself and others. Take some initiative and put your energies to good use instead of to complaining. Whiners and fools.

        What an absolute crock of shit.

      40. Not to mention the absurdist commentary:

        “That our government leaders would condemn the violence against protesters in Libya, Egypt and Syria, while remaining silent about the very same transgressions to protesters here at home is patently ridiculous and indicative of the character of those who we have entrusted with the most fundamental of our liberties. When it’s politically expedient, they will say whatever they need to. When it’s time to act in the interests of their own people they act as if there is not a problem, often engaging in the very same behavior they denounced when it was happening in other countries.”

        Seriously, thousands have been slaughtered in the streets of NYC? I did not know the media had covered up those murders so well. Sorry.

      41. Imagine if all folks who identified with the preppers, occupy movement, and other concept came together to create their own economic system. Ex. Starts with a farmer who sells to folks a the farmers market. Imagine if folks all banded together to create new business ventures.

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