Hurricane Irma: If There Was Such A Thing As A Category 6 Hurricane, This Would Be It

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse


    Hurricane Irma has become even stronger than the most extreme forecasts were projecting. According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma had sustained winds of 185 miles per hour at one point on Tuesday. That makes it the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history “outside the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean”. I was criticized for suggesting that Irma could become so powerful that it could potentially be labeled a “category 6” storm if such a thing existed. Well, now it has actually happened. If you extrapolate the Saffir-Simpson scale, “category 6” would begin at 158 knots, which would be 181.8 miles per hour. Since Irma has surpassed that mark, I believe that it is entirely reasonable if people want to refer to it as a “category 6” storm.

    Of course some meteorologists will get very heated with you when you use the term “category 6” because no such category exists at this point.

    But we need some way to describe an Atlantic hurricane with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. “Category 5” simply does not do such a storm justice, and yes, Hurricane Irma is the type of storm that could wipe entire cities off the map if it came ashore at this power.

    We don’t know where this immensely powerful storm will make landfall in the U.S. yet, but you don’t want to be there when it does. I don’t want to freak people out, but the truth is that the best thing you can do is to get as far away from this storm as you can.

    Just remember what happened in Houston. The people were told not to evacuate, and that turned out to be an absolutely disastrous decision.

    This is not just another storm. This is a history making event, and if Irma slams directly into one of our major cities as a category 5 storm, it could potentially make Hurricane Harvey look like a Sunday picnic. The following are some of the key things that you need to know about Hurricane Irma…

    #1 According to the Miami Herald, Hurricane Irma had sustained winds of 185 miles per hour on Tuesday afternoon…

    Irma continued to explode into a powerful storm Tuesday afternoon, with winds increasing to 185 mph, National Hurricane Center forecasters said in a 2 p.m. advisory.

    As the storm continued to track westward, islands in its path raced to complete last minute preparations. The Leeward Islands are expected to get hit with “catastrophic” winds tonight, forecasters said, with the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico slammed tomorrow. In Puerto Rico, the governor asked President Donald Trump to declare a state of emergency, while the electric company warned Irma’s fierce winds could leave the island without power for four to six months.

    #2 The NOAA is saying that Irma is “the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic — outside the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico.”

    #3 As mentioned above, if you extrapolate the Saffir-Simpson scale, Irma could be considered a category 6 storm

    While few are willing to admit it yet, according to meteorologist Ryan Maye, Hurricane Irma is still intensifying, with winds up to 155-knots (180 mph) and that extrapolating Saffir-Simpson scale, 158-knots would be Category 6.

    Yes, I know that a “category 6” does not exist yet, but perhaps it is about time that scientists got together and updated the scale in light of the dangerous new realities that we are now facing.

    #4 Hurricane Irma is so enormously powerful that it is even “showing up on seismometers”

    Hurricane Irma is so strong it’s showing up on seismometers — equipment designed to measure earthquakes.

    “What we’re seeing in the seismogram are low-pitched hums that gradually become stronger as the hurricane gets closer to the seismometer on the island of Guadeloupe,” said Stephen Hicks, a seismologist at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.

    #5 In all of U.S. history, only three category 5 hurricanes have ever hit the United States – an unnamed storm in 1935, Hurricane Camille in 1969, and Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

    #6 A state of emergency has already been declared for every single county in the state of Florida.

    #7 If you are in the “danger zone” and you have not already stockpiled food, water and supplies, it is probably already too late. Reports of “panic prepping” are coming in from all over Florida, and down in Puerto Rico many stores are already out of all the most important supplies

    On Tuesday, the lines for fast-dwindling gas, food, water and hardware were interminable and anxiety mounted. One hardware store in San Juan had been nearly picked clean by afternoon.

    “This has been like this for the last three days,” said Juan Carlos Ramirez, the store manager. “We’ve sold all of the most necessary items — flashlight, batteries, plywood.”

    One of my readers made the point the other day that this isn’t the kind of storm that you can “prepare” for.

    And my reader was precisely correct. You can’t “get prepared” for a hurricane with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour.  Such a storm will snap homes like toothpicks.

    If I was in Florida, I would be heading north immediately. Those that wait could find themselves in absolutely nightmarish traffic jams.

    And if I lived on the Gulf coast, I would be watching this storm very, very carefully.

    Because the waters in the Gulf of Mexico are so warm, there is the possibility that Irma could get even stronger if it slides to the south of Florida.

    Let us hope that it does not happen, but a scenario in which Irma makes landfall along the Gulf coast as a category 5 storm would probably be the worst of all potential possibilities.

    If such a scenario plays out, please get out of the path of this storm. Trying to “ride this storm out” would do you no good whatsoever.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. X9.3 solar flare – Strong enough to disrupt communications.

        Major X-class flare: X9.3 from geoeffective AR 2673, CME produced
        “CME produced by M5.5 solar flare on September 4, 2017 is heading toward Earth and is expected to arrive later today (September 6).

        Strong geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for September 6 and 7.

        Note: This event is still being analyzed. The report will be updated as new information becomes available.”

        Powerful X9.3 proton flare … what about Irma?
        “The strongest solar flare since 9/7/2005 happened a little over an hour ago at 1202z. The X9.3 proton flare was accompanied by numerous strong radio bursts.

        Proton levels are currently on the rise. This event, along with the probable strong geomagnetic storming that lies ahead, can have an influence on Irma’s intensity level, if certain variables come together.”

        • how is a divorce in tennesee similar to a hurricane in texas?…..somebody’s gonna lose a TRAILER!


          • 🙂

        • Perfect time for a false flag EMP. Blame it on the norks.

      2. new updated forecast path is direct hit on Miami. possibly going back out to sea halfway up FL coast and hitting either Georgia or the Carolinas. Any east coast peeps should be getting ready or running!!!

      3. Well, it does NOT look good my friends. I think we are all going to die, get ready. . .

      4. Let us PRAY that it isn’t as bad as they say. or it gets turned out to sea.

        • I’m really praying that it weakens. This will be devastating if it hits just right and is still so strong.
          Stay safe!!

        • hell, lets make it a luck 7 instead of a non-existent 6

        • The latest track from NOAA has the storm running up the east coast,, not good, the last check i did it still listed it as a major hurricaine as it skirted the carolinas

          • Link to a live feed video from St. Martins, AMAZING, and loud

            ht tp://

            • Crazy!
              What in the world were those people doing out in that storm?

            • That is blisteringly amazing!!!!

              It would ware out a last nerve to sit and listen to that for any more time than the video’s 3 minutes.

              I say again


          • It is important to understand Wind Velocity vs Wind Power.

            The power in the wind increases with the cube of the velocity. This means that if you double the velocity, the actual power increases six times!

            The wind velocities that are being recorded are actually much more powerful than one would think.

            Another way to think about it is if you have a wind generator and the wind velocity increases from 10 mph to 20 mph, the generator is producing six times more electricity at 20 mph than 10 mph.

            The power of Irma is astounding!

          • There are 2 more Hurricanes behind Irma, go look for those coming in. Looks like over here on the Gulf coast our winds may be 39 to 68 for Irma as it keeps shifting more right. Not much of anything. Just a week of picking up branches and tree debris. We will know by sure by Late Friday. All the cities and beaches on the east coast of FL will get hammered, and then on up to the Carolinas. Hits NY on 9/11.

        • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… More Fake News. TABLOID!! This is NOT a Category 6 Hurricane. Stop Lying and scaring people Michael Snyder. It appears by the time it gets to Florida on Sat/ Sun, it may only be a Category 3 Hurricane.

          • More damage will be done by Irma, with storm surges and flooding than winds. I bet Snyder has never been in a hurricane in his life, but writes like he is some weather meteorologist expert. More FRAUD!!

          • I dunno Crack–tune in to the above ZeroHedge link from Wilson.

            You might start to agree w/Mike S.

        • this storm will be used to practice marshall law and NRA style gun confiscation by making the area a gun free zone

        • We all know that the storm is made up of a strong low pressure center that rotates counter-clockwise.

          Seems to me that these things can be destroyed by creating HIGH PRESSURE within the nucleus of the storm by dropping FAE or MOAB explosive devices somewhere within the eye of these storms – enough to disrupt the organizational weather pattern. What we really need is something as powerful as a nuke without the radiation fallout, and I don’t know if there is such a thing.

          Better yet, do this while the storm is in early formation stages.

          Does my concept sound plausible?

      5. In over 21 years of living in Florida I never evacuated. Andrew and Charlie were the two closest hits to us while we were there. But if I was still there now, I would leave with this one coming. Sustained winds over 180 mph and wind gusts of up to 220 mph…not feasible to stay.
        All of my friends still living there left SW Florida this morning to beat the rush of people going North.
        Stay safe Floridians!

      6. Please God, do not hit New Orleans with another disaster. We can’t stand another out migration of low IQ feral savages into the rest of the country.

        • otc,

          Thanks for a good laugh ?!

          I have been worried that Irma might break through Florida and come into the Gulf where it could gather more steam and hit our coast. I have actually started getting supplies, extra water, etc., going over the great check lists from Tess Pennington, Daisy Luther, and Ken Jorgustin, and my own. I am required to stay, but I was planning to send my wife and children away to safety. I was told we have a high pressure cold front coming in that will protect us in the immediate future. But the Gulf is warm and may attract the storm(s) yet. Kentucky Mom’s posts are as always cogent, relevant, and greatly appreciated.

          Michael Snyder’s well written report and analysis is much appreciated and he does bring a certain skillset to the table even if he may not be a weatherman! He is analytical and is able to articulate what is happening and put things in a unique perspective that we can all understand. Thank you Michael!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

      7. That sucker or blower as it is is a bigger threat to the Carolinas. OMG…225 mph wind gusts, yeah right.

        • nothing to worry about, i took advantage of the cheap flights to Disneyland?

          • Do you mean Washington DC or where Mickey Mouse lives? Just wondered since both are fantasy worlds. Mickey Mouse is nicer though.

      8. The Creator is DONE with the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America, and the treasonous criminal drunken bum SWORN cowards supporting and watching with glee The American Holocaust and Chemical Culling of our disease ridden, vice ridden, dumbed down, poisoned, indebted, enslaved, dying population of toxic dump coward victims.

        The Creator is DONE with the drunken bums and toxic dump COWARD pussies, who whore their children out for booze, golf, football, motorized toys, and other disgusting materialistic garbage.

        Most of all, the Creator is DONE with the demonic Luciferian psychopath Fallen Angel monsters(deep state) controlling the most disgusting, most vile, most evil, most murderous, most genocidal, most destructive government in the history of the human race known as the treasonous criminal United States Corporation Government


        • Amen, brother. HE IS… just getting started. Repent from your wickedness Daughter of
          Babylon. The blood of millions of innocents will be avenged by the winepress of HIS fury.
          Rev.18 ” Come out of HER, my people, so that you will not share in HER sins, so that you will not receive any of HER plaques; for HER sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered HER crimes. Give back to HER as SHE has given; pay HER back double for what SHE has done. Pour HER a double portion from HER own cup. Give HER as much
          torment and grief as the glory and luxury SHE gave HERSELF. In HER heart she boasts,
          ‘I sit enthroned as a QUEEN. I am not a WIDOW; I will never mourn.’
          Therefore in one day HER plaques will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. SHE will
          be consumed by fire, for mighty is the LORD GOD who judges HER. ”

          This place of GOD’s wrath is personified by a woman. That woman stands on Liberty Island
          off the coast of New York City.

      9. Category 5 Hurricane Irma pounds Saint Martin
        Island hit with winds over 200 mph
        The most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history.

          • ouch,

            Thank you for the clarification about U.S. territories.

            I still think “gun confiscation” is a BAD idea.

        • i don’t know, mom. karl denninger seems to think differently…..and he’s a genius, you know. link to follow

          • bcod,

            I hope and pray that Hurricane Irma diminishes as it continues!

            You take care.
            KY Mom

            • KY Mom, I heard the hurricane hit an island called Burbo,or something like that yesterday. No one has heard from them since. It has or had a population of 2000. Hear anything about this? This is getting scary.

      10. The scale for measuring hurricanes is based on property destruction, not the strength, size, etc of the storm itself. Trying to label it a “category 6” is meaningless. Really, you cant extrapolate a scale that’s already designed to top out at ‘total property destruction’. Its about as logical as the Spinal Tap volume knob going to 11 or the ship in Spaceballs moving at Ludicrous Speed. Its a cat5. Its catestrophic. Nuff said.

        Even if we disregarded the scales intent (property damage) and based it on wind speed, you wouldn’t account for other factors anyway (heavy rains/flooding for example)

      11. We thought we were in for the worst but it’s turning just enough northward and we might only see 30-30 mph winds instead of 75 or higher.

        The Full Moon Hurricane, now about 3 hours away.
        Stay tuned.
        Best of luck to those of you anywhere in it’s path.

        • Stay safe over there KOD

          • Thanks Nail, we can always go into the basement if needed. Could ride out anything in it.

            • ???
              My house would blow away,,, is a stacked cedar timber home and i know full well the wide overhangs would just act like a big wing, was built before the hurricaine codes were added for the islands, plus i built it so know how the kit went together…not good, but our basement too is solid, might end up sorta drippy but would still be there,
              My folks house next door is solid as a brick shithouse,,, engineer desined everything to handle 180+ mph winds, and i overkilled on sheathing and ties, it would lose the comp roof but it sits in a bit of a hollow so the structure would be sound,
              Wishing you folks the best,,,

              • Know what Hurricanes and Marriage have in common?

                In the beginning there is a lot of sucking and blowing and in the end somebody looses a house.

                rim shot!! ^

      12. And tell us Michael, why do you say, “If I lived in Florida…” when you actually live in an area suffering from wildfires and aren’t writing about that?
        Looks to me like all you are doing is going along with the hyped storms and showing disregard for your local situation, and the situation of your neighbors who you want to vote for you so you can go to DC and be a worthless politician.

      13. Pray that this hurricane goes out to sea and dies there. A store like this one will severely test any preparations you might have made. If this thing is headed at you, evacuate. Some people are blaming it on the “wrath of God”. If it is, whereever you flee to will be hit by another disaster like an earthquake.

      14. Maybe It will hit Cape Coral. I have a shitty relative that lives there. I know its wrong but im in a mean mood today.

        • OG, so you want tens of thousands of people to suffer or die so you can feel good about a shitty relative getting what you think they deserve. Lovely. You should change your screen name from Old Guy to Mean Guy.

          • Old Guy aka Mean Guy. The fact is every one of those places has been flooded or hit by hurricanes more than one time in the past. I fell sorry for those the first time. When they through Pig Headed stupidity rebuild and remain the next time it happens they own it. I lived right at the Ozark foothills. 6 air miles from the Delta. After learning of the potential damage that the New Madrid would do I relocated 200 miles west. Im on hard rock at a high elevation. We have wildfires however they only burn with low flames you can step over them. The nearby national forest now practices controlled burns so as to not let debris build up. No volcanos nearby. No nuke plants upwind of our place. only 2.8 persons per square mile population. not one black or brown face here. Be smart move away from coast & rivers. Get at least 625 ft above sea level. Get as far away from big populations as possible.

      15. I think the people of Homestead Florida figure Andrew was as bad as it gets. I went to Pompano Beach in February after Andrew, and all of the motels were filled with construction workers doing repair and replacement work further south.

      16. Panic prepping? You either prep or you panic. Hellfire in the west, damnation in the east and flyover country will reap the whirlwinds. Its interesting how nature can mimic politics. In our world of suspended reality I guess we get the weather that we deserve.

      17. I think we should send our DACA’s (Dreamers) their before and after the storm to figure out how not to let it hit the US and after to fix everything. They are the brightest… so I am told.

      18. Methinks it is going to head North and follow the coast. Based on wind patterns over the south eastern US.

      19. FEMA runs out of money on Friday.
        No worries. They will raise that dang debt limit, again.

        • If they want to fund another war, they will have to.

        • Good. Raise taxes too, to pay for the debt.

      20. The four “most solid” buildings on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin have been destroyed as Hurricane Irma wreaks major damage in the region, the French government has said.

        ht tp://

        Well, that is OK as long as it didn’t damage the fence that people hold onto when they stand behind the planes that are taking off!

      21. The article is out of date. Irma has been at 185 mph for a whole day now. The forecast now is for it to hit southern FL, go back in the Atlantic, and go up the coast.

        Regardless, it’s going to rain here in eastern NC a lot.

        All I have left to do is take down the porch swing if Irma looks like it will hit here.

      22. Geoengineering Truth Store

        Visit for near-real-time updates from across the independent media:

      23. Geoengineering Truth Store

        Visit for near-real-time updates from across the independent media:

      24. I went through a super Typhoon once. Winds were not as bad as Irma seems to be, but close. First and only time I ever went through the eye of a cyclonic storm.
        We went months with out running water. Weeks without electricity.
        I was on an Air force base. I hope and pray for you east coast guys.
        If it hits land at those wind speeds, coupled with storm surges, it will not be pretty.

      25. That puke Snyder banned me from his blog for exercising my first amendment rights and countering his lying propaganda with the sunlight of truth.
        Ironically, he’s the one who got me started with prepping! He’s brilliant when it comes to warning people about impending economic, social and political collapse, and/or natural disasters. But his politics are asinine; he blames all the wrong people for what ails us, and give credit to the real culprit, which makes him a lying propagandist. I got banned for saying that. Communist.
        Isn’t life strange?

      26. No matter where you go, there are always potential disasters that can get you. To avoid hurricanes remember Eliza Doolittle’s line from My Fair Lady: “In artford, eteford, and Ampshire, urricanes ardly hever appen!”. I’ve always found that mean people live through SHTF better than nice people. The trick is to surround yourself with nice people. Then be as mean as possible!

      27. someone tell me why they give hurricanes human names. first off its not right to have a killer storm named after a person already here on earth. next who would want their kid named after a killer hurricane. why not use names like

      28. The wind speed on the hurricane scale is not capped at the upper end. So there is not a need for a new “category”.

        Still, 200 mph is a lot. Though most hurricane wind speeds drop before hit mainland.

      29. When Irma hits Florida it will be surely a tragedy, at lest for the damages. But what is about the nuclear plants? Simply digiting ‘Florida nuclear plants’ in Google Maps, you can see 4 different nuclear plants at least. Which effects could Irma have on these plants? And what could be the consequences for Florida and Floridians?

      30. Why is there not such a thing.

      31. “Island hit with winds over 200 mph
        The most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history…”
        There is no such thing as climate change, there is no such thing as catastrophic climate change, there is no such thing as catastrophic climate change…

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