Hungry Venezuelans Take Long Haul to Brazil: 18 Hours “To Another Country To Buy Food”

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 103 comments

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    Image: Bobjgalindo, Creative Commons.

    Image: Bobjgalindo, Creative Commons.

    Venezuelans are becoming increasingly desperate to obtain enough for to feed their families.

    The long lines, state rations and black market are no longer enough.

    In recent months, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan people flooded the neighboring border of Colombia in search of affordable food staples (something like 11 hours one-way), but diplomatic friction and worry over the surge of sudden border crossings prompted Colombia to keep the border closed to their neighbors.

    Now, hungry Venezuelans are going to extraordinary lengths, with many taking 18 hour one-way trips from Caracas or other nearby population centers to travel by bus across the Brazilian border – just to buy groceries. Overnight bus lines give people working regular jobs just enough time to make the lengthy journey and get back to their day-to-day obligations in the collapsing Venezuela.

    In any other circumstance, such a journey just to stock the food pantry would be unthinkable. But for many, it has now become necessary.

    As Reuters reported:

    Venezuelans seeking to escape their socialist economy’s dysfunction are flooding into the remote Brazilian town of Pacaraima in search of basic goods that are prohibitively expensive or only available after hours in line.


    Under pressure from local residents after Maduro shut the western border with Colombian border in 2015, Venezuelan authorities allowed several temporary openings for similar shopping excursions in July. Colombia last month halted those trips after more than 100,000 people crossed in a single weekend.

    In the Pacaraima, known to Venezuelans as “La Linea” or “The Line” because it is immediately across the border, cramped shops are now piled high with sacks of rice, sugar, and flour.


    Shoppers usually take a 12-hour overnight bus ride from Puerto Ordaz to the town of Santa Elena de Uairen. They then travel roughly 15 minutes by van or pick-up truck to La Linea. They spend the morning and much of the afternoon shopping, then head back across the border to catch another overnight bus.

    “We’re in an economic crisis and I have to come to another country to buy food,” said Juan Sansonetti, 31, standing under the sun with a large sack of flour on his shoulder. “There isn’t much more to say, is there?”

    Things have already reached the point of a humanitarian crisis, and the people have now been subjected to a protracted fight for survival against bureaucracy, looters and the forces of nature in order to simply eat.

    Nutrition has suffered, normal activity has all but ceased, and the stakes are getting higher every day.

    How much more can the Venezuelan population endure as its socialist leader clings to power and vows to fight against what he claims is an economic war waged by the U.S.?

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      1. we will hear someone on here say “couldn’t happen in america”, in 4…3…2…

        • Sean Penn and the rest of Venezuela’s American democratic sycophant following couldn’t be reached for comment.

      2. yet they STILL haven’t picked up their pitchforks and torches and started marching…..JUST like NORTH america(ns). what are y’all waitin’ for?

        • Butt what are you waiting for.

          • i aint waitin’ for jack shit…i got a pitchfork, and it’s been to a LOT of protests….and it’s the ONLY one there, i might add.

            • I own no pitch fork,but I do have a tuning fork. Will that do?

      3. Note this…….its coming here too!

        • bullets, beans and water

      4. That is what happen because Obama is going to replace their Government and they are depopulating the people..

        • And this cogent observation is based on what?

      5. Quit worrying about the mule going blind and keep loadin the wagon.
        ….:::::::⛄️ (((POOF)))

      6. Had ‘friend’ on FB going on about how we need to be sending them food, that they could starve if we don’t, it’d be all our fault then if they did, blah, blah, blah…

        I told him they were not starving in years past cause we were sending them food then, and whatever their problem is now it’s not cause we are not sending them food now and base cause won’t ever be cured even if we did.

        Told him I’d be more inclined to send them bullets before beans so they could get rid of the cause of their food shortages, their corrupt socialist rulers who’d ruined it all and will continue to till they’re gone.

        You can feed them for a day with beans or remove the cause of there being no beans with bullets for years.

        • Tell him they will have plenty of food when their currency regains some value. The fastest way to engender revaluation is to put more of their nationalized oil on the market. The price of oil will drop somewhat, but the people will eat.

        • give a man a fish, and he eats for a DAY…give a man fishnet stockings, and he’ll ALWAYS find someone to feed him.

          • Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank….
            Give a man a bank and he can rob the world!

          • let a man set by your fire and he will be warm for a little while. Set that same man ablaze and he probably will be warm for the rest of his life.

      7. The grid go’s down were in the same boat.Someone starts backing their money with gold your in the same boat. lot of people say it can’t happen hear. keep on dreaming that printing press isn’t going to keep running forever. Hyper inflation will hit soon. When your doctor tells you medicare isn’t covering your bills don’t say you wasn’t told. I get back injections every month this time he said they won’t pay for them every month one every three months now. Those new Obama care bills your going to pay for. and those muslim need their 17,000 dollar gifts.

      8. Have a neighbor who was down there on a farm tours in the late eighties , he says it was a beutiful country with lots of nice farms and good crop production .
        He still talks to a couple farmers down there and the state has seized the land and/or equipment and he plants what and when he is told. Guess it aint workin out so well .duh
        Just another example of government overreach and incompetance.
        Socialism never works , when will people learn ???

        • Welcome to Venezimbabwe.

        • The Venezuelan government takes the output of Venezuelian farms and exports it for foreign currency the goes directly to the capital city 1%.

          The food that should be feeding the people, is gone thus millions are going hungry. It’s not that farmers don’t grow enough food.

          • Yes , but they grow the wrong crops as well .
            And with government oversight , its all messed up i guess .
            Farms suited for corn or wheat are put into hay or beans.
            Go figure , from what ive heard many fields have been idled due to lack of crop seed and diesel fuel.

          • Plan Twice
            A million people in Ireland starved to death while tptb shipped food they produced out of the country. England was not a socialist nation at the time.

            • Ireland was and is under the control of English GOVT, and when GOVT steals the means and results of production….

            • Is this not what is happening in the US?

              Farmers are literally forced to grow corn for ethanol to add to gasoline instead of food for people.

              Bill Cliton sold off the grain reserves that were to feed Americans in a disaster. Yup he sold it and spent the money.

              Thus I suggest Americans prep and store up food to feed their own families, because the government has nothing for the average American.

        • Guess he should have started planting Gov’t Employees

      9. A sad day in America,Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars died today after a long battle with cancer.Mike was a leader in the firearms rights movement,worked hard at bringing Fast and Furious to the publics attention among many other noteworthy actions/deeds.He is the first to use the 3% phrase to describe folks that believe in freedom,he will be missed and is up to all of us to help keep his words/actions alive in this country,RIP Mike,Warchild.

        • Sorry to hear that was just on their site today.

        • Sad day. Did he get the BIG “C” after or before Fast and Furious? If he got it after it make one wonder!

          RIP MIKE!!!!


        • Thanks for the news, Warchild. Mike was a great patriot. His son does a great job with the site but Mike was so damned eloquent. His speech in Hartford is something I watch over and over. Our Republic will feel his loss.

          God bless Mike Vanderboegh

        • May God rest his soul in peace.

          Good-by Mr. Vanderboegh.

          You will be missed.

      10. Watch Hillary put every American on Food Stamps by next year, and the sheep will cheer in delight, then the switch gets cut and rationing happens. You will see quick depopulation occur. The sheep will still wonder what happened.

        ~WWTI… Keep voting for Democrat Commie Socialism as for what you see in Venezuela today, will be on our doorstep here in Merica by next year. Then Hilary will say “Now trade in your guns for $300 in Government food,” and the same sheep will cheer in delight and fall inline to the dictate.”

      11. How far will Americans have to travel to get food?

        • My house , yer welcome , hahaha

        • ANNO
          For me right outside my door. For the non-prepared hundreds of mile. No I take that back they only have to go to the local FEMA CAMP.


          • i make sure ALL my friends have the passwords for when shtf and they show up on my street..”I GOT PLENTY OF FOOD AND WATER, EVEN SOME LEFT FOR YOU TOO”!

        • Until they drop dead.

      12. 18 hours. Well it take me 18 seconds to get all the food I need for about 2 years. Then I will by that time have everything worked out and have all the food I need.

        See what socialism gets you. VOTE HITLERY!!!!


        • Sgt Dale, does it not feel good to know us preppers are ready for most anything that comes our way?
          I know I sleep better at least, most of the time.
          And food is one thing any of us can set back for rough times….

          Be well all…

          • Yall might get a kick out of this.
            Strange canned foods…
            ht tp://

            • Camel Meat-gag

              Edible Bugs in cans-urp

              Sheep Head in a can?? puke

              However, Yoder’s canned bacon is delish. It’s how I can mine.

              We could send some of that other nasty stuff to Venezuela.

              • I enjoy watching Bizzare Foods on travel channel.
                Andrew eats all kinds of shit.
                Insects could be the food of the future.
                Asians eat them all the time.
                Kinda like possum or raccoon, you gotta purge them with decent food.
                But yall know that, right???

                • my father-in-law when i was married was raising a couple pigs, so when he filled his freezer with shad(fish) that they couldn’t eat, he fed them to the pigs….great plan…..except when he had them butchered, and into the freezer, the first time they cooked bacon, it stunk up the house with fish smell….not fit to eat!….pitched it ALL!

                  • Ya know I avoid pork as much as possible. I would 10x rather eat wild horse meat. I know people on hog farms and worked in places that supply the trash they are fed. Pigs are the most nastiest, toxic, garbage ridden, consumers of the filthiest shit on the planet. Horses on the other hand graze wild and there are a lot of them too. PORK: IT AINT WHATS FOR DINNER! Oh but horsies are cute…. well so are elk and deer, whats the point????

                    • actually, i’m trying to become a vegetarian …killing all those animals so we can eat them is just sick….my diet is going pretty well so far, but i DO cheat sometimes….that VEAL is just SOOO GOOD! hee hee….

                    • Our family goes by PETA’s rules: People Eating Tasty Animals

              • You can afford Yoder’s?
                I have a case or two, just in case of emergency
                but then I can sit on my Lanai and shoot
                wild pigs year round. No one here can tell me
                how to preserve meat in a tropical temperate area,
                using natural means to do so.

                I have to grab the Avocados before the chickens
                eat them, I have 150 or so pounds of bananas to
                give to neighbors before the fruit rots.
                There is some stuff you just can’t store.
                I wonder why Venezuela doesn’t have the same problem?

                • On a more important note:
                  Thermal nightvision at 600 bux here>>>


                  I have thermal nightvision and it fookin rules! No camo can escape it. Mine will do 300 yards but this is around 100 but cheap! Regular nightvision gives you away, this will not.

                • relik, you can…. can meat easily. people here do it all the time. All natural, no preservatives, been done since canning was invented 🙂

                  • Relik, you have to use a pressure canner to can meat. Pressure canner is hotter and kills botulism.

                  • ” No one here can tell me
                    how to preserve meat in a tropical temperate area,
                    using natural means to do so”.
                    I want to use natural old fashioned ways to preserve
                    meat. People crossing the plains going to Oregon
                    didn’t can the buffalo meat, they somehow made
                    Pemmican out of it. Indians in the Dakota’s didn’t
                    can meat they killed in the summer for use in December.
                    Most all techniques I read about require
                    less than 40 degrees F temperatures. It never gets
                    below 50 degrees here. It rains most every evening.
                    Any ideas?( beside moving).

            • Hey, when you’re hungry – you’ll eat darn near anything.

              • True. My adopted 2nd mom had a can of ‘poke salet’ from the 50’s.
                Up to 6 inch tall, edible, past that, posion.
                Everyone needs to know your wild edibles in your area.
                RIP Euell Gibbons…

              • I wonder how long mankind will have to go hungry before they start using Soylent Green…..It appears that we have an abundant of that walking around……

          • Knowing that stuff may come to America keeps me out in the garden in the heat and humidity, drenched in sweat.

            Keeps me canning till mid-night and getting up and doing it all over again the next day.

            Keeps me learning how to do something new.

            Don’t stop prepping. Keep going at it.

      13. I see there have been plenty of warnings according to the familiar topics. They can be long in the tooth at times. What we have to do is prepare ahead to diminish the trouble that is coming. Some is better than none. Followed by Prep for War. Followed again by Are you ready?

        ‘When you’re Hot your Hot.
        And when you’re not you’re not”.

        Jerry Reed

      14. The newest running theme in this ongoing tragedy is infanticide. One wonders if the people had known their suffering would have progressed to this point, if they would have left while they had some resources 2 years ago.

      15. now this little experiment is gonna be very interesting to watch

        In Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Economy, Venezuela’s Maduro Hires Marxist “Jesus Christ Of Economics”

        ht tp://

        doubling down on teh stoopid ???

        • es muy estúpida

          • tu ares una grande bendejo mi amigo!

            • Stick to English, I cant stand the thought of you sounding stupid in 2 languages. Your Spanish SUCKS.

              • I learned gutter Spanish, and understood exactly
                what Genius said and meant.

            • I would considered that a rather vulgar comment, my friend.

      16. Controlling people with food has a long and sad history. Those people who starve others must have died to reality. To see it happen and aren’t moved by it.
        Perhaps some feel superior breeding, intelligence or political party affiliation justifys the crime.
        Just obeying orders, ya know.

        • Just ask the Kulaks.

          • Almost nobody knows that history.
            Please expand. They killed people
            like Kulafarmer just because they could.
            Democrats are doing it now, just
            because they can.

            • WHERE IS KULAFARMER??? Trekker Out.

              • Last I heard, Kula was on Maui about 45 miles away from me.

            • Kulak – a peasant in Russia wealthy enough to own a farm and hire labor. Emerging after the emancipation of serfs in the 19th century, the kulaks resisted Stalin’s forced collectivization, but millions were arrested, exiled, or killed.

      17. Check out the new switchblade backpack drone.

        • dreadly

          • Wikipedia
            The Switchblade is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by AeroVironment. It is designed as a “kamikaze,” being able to crash into its target with an explosive warhead to destroy it. The Switchblade is small enough to be carried in a backpack and can be … Army regulations categorize the Switchblade as a missile rather than a drone …

      18. Baltimore PD just got federalized with a consent order.

        • How about a source, link, newspaper clipping or something that gives us a clue as to what you are referring to, please.

          We can search all day long, but it helps to understand what you are actually referring to.


          • Drudge.

            • I saw that too, on Drudge, after seeing it on msm.
              Where questions were, asked, and never really answered

            • mmm, nope.

      19. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.” I been sayin’ that shit for years. And if you ever heard it, it meant your ass. I never really questioned what it meant. I thought it was just a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before you popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin’ made me think twice. Now I’m thinkin’: it could mean you’re the evil man. And I’m the righteous man. And Mr. .45 here, he’s the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could be you’re the righteous man and I’m the shepherd and it’s the world that’s evil and selfish. I’d like that. But that shit ain’t the truth. The truth is you’re the weak. And I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the Shepard…

        • Love that movie lol.

      20. 2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency

        h tp://

        Brandon going out on a limb here ?

        “If Hillary Clinton, a well known globalist puppet deep in the bedrock of the establishment, wins the election only to have the economy tank, then the globalists will get the blame.

        If Trump is either allowed in office, or is placed in office, and the economy tanks, CONSERVATIVES, the primary enemy of the globalists, will get the blame for the resulting crisis.”

        “While I certainly am not advocating Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, I have to point out that a Trump presidency serves the globalist long game better than a Clinton presidency…”

        “Fourth,the elites need internal conflict within the U.S. and/or martial law in order to justify international intervention. A Trump presidency will most likely be met with accelerated violence from social justice activists and general riots from the entitlement class. I believe Trump will use martial law measures, though he probably will not label this “martial law”. There may even come a day when globalist “leaders” will assert that Trump cannot be allowed access to a nuclear arsenal, and that he must be stopped.”

        • “Psycho to the left of me, jackass to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with ‘lose’.”

      21. Never Trump Senator Invokes Rule 9 of GOP National Rules as Opportunity to Dump Trump

        ht tp://

        Rule 9 is kinda vague
        but Trump may be in trouble

      22. Just threw a bunch of veggies back into the compost pile cause I harvested fresh ones. Peppers tomatoes cucumbers eggplant a couple watermelons too. The Venezuelans trusted their gov and now are paying the price. Hillary wants you to trust the gov don’t fall for it. We are not all equal it’s clear to see. I throw food away. I know some kid in Africa could use that. You know what why should others enjoy the fruits of my labor.

      23. Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails

        h ttp://

        and now the Russkies

        all threatening to release damaging information

        put up
        or shut up already

        if you have the info
        release it
        otherwise STFU

        this is getting tedious

        Satori is bored

        • Wake up and start consequent messages ! Ever being in Venezuela ?

      24. Off Topic

        YouTube – Derren Brown Apocalypse Pt. 1 & 2

        It’s entertaining if anything but the hypnosis is too much to be beleivable.

      25. I can’t vet this

        “From Instapundit comes this note:

        This is not a joke nor even an exaggeration. I just found out that my sister in law’s other brother-in-law was arrested in Venezuela at the airport while trying to leave the country. His crime, he was an employee for a company that went out of business. Waiting for more? There isn’t any. Maduro has decreed that any business that goes out of business has committed economic treason and its employees are subject to arrest. They had already arrested numerous owners and managers but this is the first time they went after rank and file worker bees.”

        ht tp://

      26. How Venezuela’s Repressive Government Controls The Nation Through Hunger

        h vttp://

      27. McDonalds has children ground up and added to the ground beef. I watched a video on YouTube that would make a Venezualean lose his appetite. Rabbi Finkelstein says 275,000 missing kids are sacrificed in the basements of synagogues. And even when he comes right out and tells, nobody believes it. I guess that’s one way of getting away with murder.

        Then for something light hearted, I watched the architects and structural engineers explain the reality of the demolition that brought down the buildings and killed all those people.


        • If he is aware of this then why is he still a rabbi? Maybe he likes kid’s meals??? J e w w s are some sick mfer’s. But then I’m sure it’s all K o s h e r r. Blessed by the rabbi himself!

      28. Heck in the 1800,s the native americans where starved into submission. And it worked. And it would work just as easily today. I actually don’t care. I will take care of me and mine. the complacient sheeple can all starve or become FEMA camp slaves. No one can lay any guilt trip on me. The socialism is failing fast and there isn’t any viable ballot box or political solution. Shortly after the USA electric is no longer working. We will skyrocket to the stone age.


      29. Fairy tales for dumbass Americans who believe continously CIA lies !Venezuela is sabotaged coz they have petrol, just corrupt traders that interrupt the food circuit in order to increase prices and pressed by the CIA !

        • I’m a regular reciever of SHTF

      30. Venezuela.

        If you’re wondering what America under Bernie Sanders would look like, look no further.

        Ditto Hillary.

      31. way off topic
        but this is one hell of a good read
        more of a warning

        The Agitator

        h ttp://

        “the Western world is in danger of being engulfed by radical Islam”

        “According to Fallaci, Europeans, particularly those on the political left, subject people who criticize Muslim customs to a double standard. “If you speak your mind on the Vatican, on the Catholic Church, on the Pope, on the Virgin Mary or Jesus or the saints, nobody touches your ‘right of thought and expression.’ But if you do the same with Islam, the Koran, the Prophet Muhammad, some son of Allah, you are called a xenophobic blasphemer who has committed an act of racial discrimination.”

        and this is not some nut job ALex Jones kinda crap
        but rather a very serious and sobering look at what is happening to Western culture

        • Please stop your CIA retorics ! A normal conversation is not anymore possible with all these Troll’s !

        • Push back in Switzerland: “Candidates for citizenship must prove that they are well assimilated in their communities and respect local customs and traditions.”
          Switzerland denies citizenship to Muslim immigrant girls who refused to swim with boys: report

      32. couple more quotes from Fallaci

        kinda how I feel about this years election

        ““Why do the people humiliate themselves by voting? I didn’t vote. No! Because I have dignity. . . . If, at a certain moment, I had closed my nose and voted for one of them, I would spit on my own face.”

        and there is one hell of an advantage to having a head full of gray hair

        ““You’ve got to get old, because you have nothing to lose,” she said over lunch that afternoon. “You have this respectability that is given to you, more or less. But you don’t give a damn. It is the ne plus ultra of freedom. And things that I didn’t used to say before—you know, there is in each of us a form of timidity, of cautiousness—now I open my big mouth. I say, ‘What are you going to do to me? You go fuck yourself—I say what I want.’ ”

        remember that when I challenge the status quo here !!!

        • Satori

          Good one.

      33. They will be forced to eat crude oil stew.

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