Human Fetus Brains Sold to Labs for Rat Transplant: “It’s Sickening on Some Level, But Fun.”

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    This article was written by Steve Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: One thing is clear from the videos and media that have emerged in this recent scandal – we are not dealing with a one dimension “pro-choice/pro-life” debate. Instead, there is a dark organization inside an industrial complex Americans have not dared to contemplate or uncover. Secret scientific research, genetic engineering, synthetic DNA, vaccines made from human fetal cell tissue… and a host of other uses for human organs, limbs, brains and tissue.

    The “ethics” behind closed doors, where doctors and clinics are apparently all too willing to break the rules and allow human experimentation, are projected into the medical system collective that we are all being pushed into. Decisions about the value of human life and how far the State can go in deciding what is best for you are being weighed… your will see it in the hidden costs of Obamacare, where life becomes cheap but the bills for services rendered remain sky high.

    Aborted Human Fetus Brains Are Being Transplanted Into Mice

    by Steve Watson

    While the Planned Parenthood harvesting scandal rumbles on, fewer news items have actually focused on what those who procure aborted fetal tissue and organs are actually doing with it.

    Pro life website sheds some light on this today with a piece that reveals the brains of aborted babies are being transplanted into mice.

    The article notes that a recent commentary piece in The Scientist, entitled “When Does a Smart Mouse Become Human?” highlights how researchers at the University of Rochester injected lab mice with glial cells from human fetuses, and discusses the ethical issue of transplanting human cells into animals.

    The article states:

    Glial cells are cells that support neurons in the nervous systems. The mice incorporated these glial cells into their brain and “outperformed normal mice almost fourfold in a variety of cognition tests.”

    The researchers stressed that the mice still had mouse brains, saying “This does not provide the animals with additional capabilities that could in any way be ascribed or perceived as specifically human. Rather, the human cells are simply improving the efficiency of the mouse’s own neural networks. It’s still a mouse.”

    The article then goes on to reveal that the Glial cells were obtained from second trimester abortions (18–22 weeks), citing a paper in the Journal of Neuroscience.

    The paper states:

    The forebrain ventricular/subventricular zones were dissected from the brain, the samples chilled on ice, minced and dissociated using papain/DNase, as described previously (Roy et al., 1999, 2000), always within 3 h of extraction. The dissociates were maintained overnight in minimal media of DMEM/F12/N1 with 10 ng/ml bFGF. Samples were deidentified and obtained with the approval of the University of Rochester Research Subjects Review Board.

    While attempting to create super mice in a lab might be appealing to some, and could definitely have merit in that it may shed further light on human neurological disorders, Life News’ Rebecca Taylor makes a good point, noting that “I can confidently say that the mice did not need the human brain tissue as much as the baby did.”

    Taylor notes that glial cells for the research could have been sourced ethically from natural miscarriages.

    In the latest Planned Parenthood exposé video, Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, discusses selling INTACT specimens – that is whole bodies of babies, and refers to them as “line items.”

    Farrell also admits that she and her co-workers find it “fun” to dissect dead fetuses for parts.

    “It would be exciting too if you needed it dissected, because LaShonda and I are the most Curious George of the group,” Farrell says. “I know it’s sickening on some level, but it’s fun.”

    “It’s just that those of us who are into medicine and nursing, things that other people find gross, we enjoy. Obviously.” Farrell adds in the stomach churning footage.

    While she is happy to pick apart the brains of dead babies, Farrell says she draws the line at handling other people’s boogers, however.

    “That’s my- I can’t do it, I could never be a respiratory therapist, I could never, that’s why I have one child. I can’t do it, anything that comes out of the body from here down, I’m fine. I can hold the bucket if you’re throwing up but please don’t sneeze on me.” she tells the undercover investigator from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

    The leader of the CMP told CNN “New Day” last week that biomedical companies and abortion unions are trying to silence CMP because they are “very scared” of footage coming out that will prove intact fetuses were provided to them by Planned Parenthood. David Daleiden explained that this could mean babies were born alive before being “aborted” and having tissue and organs harvested.

    CMP is being legally represented by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which is attempting to have restraining orders by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and biomedical company StemExpress overturned in federal court.

    “This lawsuit by the NAF is an unwarranted attack on the First Amendment and must not be permitted to stand.” a statement by ACLJ notes.

    “We are confident that this lawsuit by NAF will not succeed and our clients ultimately will be able to release the complete findings of their investigative report.” the statement continues.

    “We’ll be back in federal court in the days and weeks ahead to defend CMP as it exposes Planned Parenthood and the abortion industries deception and destruction of life.” it concludes.


    Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.


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      1. Fuck that judge. Release the videos and deny any knowledge of how they ended up on the internet. “I simply do not know”. Deny possession of the videos. “I simply do not know who possesses or controls them”.

        Any lawyers out there? Does this sound like ‘Prior Restraint’?

        • Pepsi Cola uses parts of fetuses in there soda. Since the news came out that they are doing so now they have come out and said they will no longer do it. There are some other companies that do it too but I can’t remember them off the top of my head. has some articles about it. Some vaccines have fetus parts also, must be a good biz. The only reason I can think of why they do this shit is for some satanic ritual/occult thing. Glad I don’t drink soda!

          • Many womens facial creams have fetal placenta in them. Its supposed to be very healthy. My dog (Golden Retriever) back when, had 11 pups and it was good to feed the mother a few placentas back for nutrution which I did. She loved it yummm yummmm. Ever eat beef? How about liver? I live veal hearts. Very nutritious and full of Iron. Add sum onions…. had fish last night. ~WWTI

            • Wudda comes here and beats up posters for saying things, then does the same thing. Get a life.

            • Placental material is not a human being. It is however property.

              After one of my kids was born I was busting the doctor that I wanted to keep it. He said what would you want it for and I said because I know it’s worth about $50,000 dollars and I never authorized you freaking thieves to take possession of it! The Nurse grabbed it and ran from the room!

              A placenta is worth so much freaking money that hospitals shouldn’t even charge for births.

          • Your a bullshtter via SNOPES.COM

            It’s important to note here that — whatever one might think of fetal stem cell research in general, and regardless of whether or not Senomyx uses HEK 293-derived cells in its development efforts — neither PEPSI nor any other U.S. food company is actually manufacturing or selling any consumable products “that are actually made using the cell tissue of unborn babies that were murdered through abortion.”

            • Thanks for that.

        • A temporary restraining order is almost always (99.9%) granted because it is “temporary” and not permanent. The intent of the court is merely to preserve the status quo until the rights of the parties can be finally determined after a hearing on the merits. Once the court has heard from both sides, it will determine whether or not to issue a preliminary injunction.

          Prior restraint refers to action taken to restrict (or stop) speech before speech “begins”. StemExpress is legally allowed to exercise their due process rights by filing an injunction. However, the court is very likely to see their actions as an attempt to restrain speech before it occurs (thus in violation of state and federal free speech laws) and allow the release of the videos.

          This is all just procedural. The truth will come out. StemExpress is just stalling for time. That’s all. They just want to prepare their spin story when the video is finally released. Believe me, they know they cannot stop it, just delay.

          • The problem is Planned Parenthoods only claim is libel and for that they must show the video is a lie.

            If it was a police made video, the court would use it as irrefutable evidence in a NY minute, but this is a political fight, not justice.

            Expect the constitution to be abused and shredded to protect the Satanists!

      2. this planned parenthood thing is getting sicker and sicker all the time… personally i think they all should be brought up on morality charges….

        oh wait, there are no morality laws on the books, and you cant hold immoral people accountable in an unmoral society

        • Hell surely has a special place for these people.

          • And for all those who allow them to do it.

            God is a merciful and loving God, he reveals our wickedness to us to allow us to repent before judging us if we don’t.

          • And for this wicked nation.

          • ok i got some rest last night so now here is another thought in have…

            the fetus has no choice in what happens to them, so, there should the same thing happening to the one the do the harvesting… when organs are needed then take the organs from those that take the organs from those who have no say and give then no say, “you harvest, you will be harvested in the same manor”…. that should be how it is, what a shame it isnt

            • Perhaps they should harvest organs from the million dead iraqi’s Amurikas finest have killed. Karma is a bitch and you are next! What comes around goes around hypocrites.

              • That’s f’ed up to even go there. That’s stupidity Genius!

              • “the million dead iraqi’s Amurikas finest have killed.”

                Of course, Americans have not done that and you’re a dick for parroting that lie.

                Of course, you’ll now cite some bullshit UN stat that conveniently counts damn near every death in Iraq since the war started.

                • What about the 200,000 plus America killed when they dropped 2 nukes on Japan. As opposed to how many killed at Pearl Harbor? Not to mention how many were sickened and eventually died from radiation poisoning afterwards.

            • Deano360 – The US Government does not consider an unborned fetus as a living being, cause they dont issue them a Social Security Number yet. 9nly upon birth. Also read Genesis 2-7. Its not a life according to the Bible until it breathes. Seriously this article is to inflame the ignorant.

              • Dear anonymous:
                This article reaches to the very heart of what we’re up against. Supposedly, you come here because you are against TPTB and their bloodthirsty tyranny. Yet you don’t see that murdering unborn children and selling their body parts for profit is part and parcel of what TPTB most definitely are

              • Actually at Exodus 21:22,23 it shows how God feels about the unborn. If two men were struggling and because of that struggle a woman was injured and suffered a miscarriage, the men were to be condemned as manslayers. The Bible clearly shows that God cherishes the unborn and places great value on their lives.

              • anonymous- i suggest you do some studying on what you are trying to claim…. you cant get life out of something thats dead… the idea that a fetus is not alive is absurd, alive is alive period…. and if some single cell microbe is life then why isnt a fetus?… and dont lecture me on scripture, because quoting that verse, tells me you have no idea what your talking about

              • It breathes oxygen by the mother, otherwise it would die. The Writers of the Bible did not write with abortion as their emphasis. No Planned Deparenting those thousands of years ago. Babies born in the last trimester are murdered by keeping them pushed down in the birth canal so that they don’t get out and exercise their lungs. It is a ridiculous premise, the Biblical justification is espoused by atheists and persons who would never personally submit to have their own aborted. I use to believe in choice. It took a long time to finally face the utter barbarity of the act. I favor abortion when the fetus/baby is deformed. I’m not an extremist. So that makes me a pariah in both camps. If nothing else, abortion of a healthy unborn child who is developed to the stage where it would survive if taken out of the uterus should be considered murder and those who perform such acts on foolish desperate women should lose their medical license because by their creed “above all else DO NO HARM”.

      3. Sickening. The medical profession does appear to have a host of immoral behaviour.

        • Yeah, and they call themselves your “Primary Care Physician”

      4. Everyone(along with those who back it) should be hung/or(Aborted) on the courthouse lawn for MURDER ONE!!!!!

      5. Calling all Babble Thumpers… Read Genesis 2-7. Its not a human life until it breaths. Its not murder according to the babble.

        But the babblethumpers have no problem with genocidal wars and dropping bombs from drones on living women and children in foreign countries. Why under the same standards, you babble thumpers should be protesting in the streets and blockading military bases besides abortion clinics.

        One word describes you. HYPOCRITES!! DO YOU EVER EAT SAUSAGE? Read the ingredients.

        • I absolutely agree WWTI. Fooking hypocrites the lot of them. It’s only murder if someone else does it. Now get out there and support israhell and sign your kids up in the military!

        • God breathed into Adam to bring him to life.

          That original breath, that spark of life that made him a living soul, has been passed down in an unbroken chain to every living human today. It is not a new breath of life and a new humanity every time a new person comes from the womb, he or she already carries that original breath in their living makeup.

          You should try reading more than selective verses of the Bible, maybe try understanding them as well.

          Perhaps the original text and definition would be of help.

          From H5395; a puff, that is, wind, angry or vital breath, divine inspiration, intellect or (concretely) an animal: – blast, (that) breath (-eth), inspiration, soul, spirit.

        • wait a sec Who.

          ” the babblethumpers have no problem with genocidal wars and dropping bombs from drones on living women and children in foreign countries.”

          I have a problem with it! and I guess you know i would be one of those who follow the Lord Jesus as He commands in God’s Word.

          Don’t judge me according to your perception of other’s motives. And yes I & others who feel the same don’t like being under your blanket statements.

          Sometimes I think your are just trying to start trouble.

          War is hell, especially for the little ones.

          Yes I eat sausage. The best made by our friend Keifer.
          It’s ok Who. Read Acts 10:11-15

          • I too have a problem with all murder, no matter how they justify it.

        • I think you (or your wife: if that the case) have never lived through a miscarriage. I’ve 4, so you’re implication that it is not a human life, isn’t understood. Try comforting your wife after you want the child! That being is alive in her, she and I know it, when it died, we both mourn. You Fk’ing idiot.

        • Might interest you to know, I’m not a Christian and never have been, so you’ll have to invent some other smartass term of abuse besides “babble thumper”. That much being said, let’s launch into this, shall we?

          A) Life begins at conception. Period. Know how you can tell? Because it begins GROWING. Inanimate, non-living beings of any kind DO NOT GROW. Your car doesn’t begin sprouting wings because its not alive, and its not growing.

          B) Life also repairs itself, if it can. If an unborn child is lacerated by a needle trying to gather amniotic fluid, its body will begin to repair itself, the same as if anyone of us gets a cut or breaks a bone. Non living things do not repair themselves, so when your roof gets smashed by a tree limb, someone has to fix it.

          C) Life is defined by DNA, by genetics. I’ve had people try to tell me with a straight face “well, they ‘look like’ unborn pigs at this trimester, so they’re not really human beings”. Well “Caitlyn” oughta prove by now how looks can be so deceiving: Mr. Jenner will not be a woman just because he gets pumped full of hormones and has his wedding tackle chopped off. He will NEVER be a woman, because he has male DNA, a Y chromosome. Likewise, unborn pigs have pig DNA, and unborn human babies have human DNA. FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Human DNA, human genetics, which is why, while in the womb they are living, growing human beings, long before birth

          D) Living beings take in nourishment, and expel waste. In other words, they eat and poop. Go ahead and show us the book or the building or the Blu-ray disc that does either of those things. They can’t because they’re not alive

          Bottom line: any one who believes that “clumps of cells” magically become babies because they travel down a birth canal is an unscientific fool.

          Now, as far as wars go: totally different topic; and how very nice of you to try and distract from the main point of the article. Kind of like the nine year who gets caught plugging up the toilets at school, and tries to justify it by saying “but mommie, all the OTHER boys were doin’ it!” Nice try, but it doesn’t wash: none of the wars that have happened because of this nation’s government or its policies can EVER justify killing unborn children. You know what the difference is between people who get killed in wars, and children who are slaughtered in the womb? Some of the people killed in war are innocent, and some of them are not at all innocent, but ALL of the unborn children are completely innocent; they can’t possibly have done anything wrong.

          • well said

        • Never underestimate the ability of stupid people (that’s YOU in this conversation) to read something in the bible, have absolutely NO CLUE what it means and absolutely no compunction about repeating their imbecilic interpretation.


      6. Mac, I’m suprised you are baited into posting distractional articles like this that are just a distraction and divisional like the MSM does for shock value. This story is at least a week or more old. This practice of selling body parts for medical purposes has been foing on for a century. The recording tape of these lap reps were selectes cut and pasted over time. Go listen to the entire tape. When I was on the Fire Deot, I fished an aborted fetus out if a toilet that the mother did not even know she was pregnant. When I went out side and told the Driver- fire truck driver what I juatbdid, he asked if he could have it for Muskie bait? We both laughed and went on the next call. People this story is nothing. We had to joke on the Fire Dept to keep our sanity. Dealing with shit and death everyday will harden you and make you strong to deal with horrific situations.

        • Apparently you are not a scientist. Otherwise you would know that a human fetus actually breathes amniotic fluid in the womb. You are also not a theologian. But hey pearls before swine. You would fit well with Nazis.

        • I’m glad to know firemen that value life. I don’t think you and I would be friends. Nor would I even ask you to risk your life for me (an unknown innocent) because your callousness to pain and death has overtaken your compassion and selflessness. My wish is that you hear (heed) my plea and become a TRUE fireman.

          • The bible in Genesis 2-7 says air into the nostrals. A baby is not breathing amniotic fluid through their noses. Ever hear of an imbilical cord? You are neither a biologist or in any medican profession of child birth knowledge.. And I also have delivered several healthy babies. So I do know what I am talking about.

        • Not only is this not distractional, it perfectly sums up the enemy we are all fighting against. Don’t you get it? This is precisely the kind of sick, evil shit TPTB would be doing to ALL OF US if they could disarm us first. Oh, but that’s right, you’re “hardened”, you’re a “tough guy” who can deal with “horrific situations”; so apparently a mass slaughter of innocent babies is just so ho hum to you. Ditto for their organs being harvested and sold for profit. Well guess what, the only thing that you’ve really “hardened” is your heart, if indeed you still have one.

          You remind me of nothing so much as that character “Meryl” on the Walking Dead: a bragging, blustering fake-ass poser of a “tough guy”, good only for being a pain in the ass, picking fights, causing trouble where there isn’t any, giving people shit for believing stuff that you don’t believe even when it doesn’t affect your life one damned bit. In other words, the very LAST person any sane man or woman would want around when SHTF.

      7. Preppers Loot Grocery Store !!!

        wrong headline
        it was the people who didn’t prep who are looting

        Food shortages trigger violent looting in Venezuela, government blames the U.S.

        ht tp://

        ” raising fears of a massive revolt in the country due to the acute food shortages, inflation and widespread discontent.”

        what’s that again?
        MASSIVE revolt feared due to what?

        food shortages ???

        go figure
        who knew
        9 missed meals till anarchy

        there should be NO doubt in ANYONE’S mind how things will
        play out when the trucks stop running

        • Yet DHS will call you a terrorist for having more than a weeks worth of food. Shame on us huh?

          • That’s because they want us ALL dead. If you’re bucking the mass starvation, you are against their plans.

      8. In scriptures there are some things that God hates and one or two that is an abomination and that would be “The shedding of innocent blood”

        Abortion is the shedding of innocent blood. Some will say that its my body and I will do as I will. others will say its my business.

        But, what is the difference of what occurred in the Nazi Death Camps and what planned parenthood is doing under the approval of our own Govenment? Both a slap in the face of humanity.

        But, this is our problem. 53 million babies plus, have been aborted, murdered and now, some people are so insensitive, indifferent, they can eat and discuss it too. The Nazi’s did that and a few others too.

        Getting back to our problem. America, excluding the rest of the world right now, and they are just as guilty, has a date in God’s court. If any of you believe that God is a just God, then
        God has to execute judgment, in defense of the innocents who cannot defend themselves. Regardless of public opinion.

        Consider this, lets suppose that God says, 53 million living beings have been murdered/aborted in The United States and their blood cries out to me. Life for life, eye for eye?
        Suppose God says I will take live for life, which was a law given in the old testament. Also, when a dead body was found and the reason for its death was unknown, the elders of the city closest to the dead body had to make a animal sacrifice to ward off God’s judgment.

        Suppose 53 million American lives are taken to recompense for the shedding of aborted lives (innocent blood)?

        Some will say using what the Nazi’s dis to what planned parenthood is doing, is extreme. But murder is murder, regardless of who and how its done. Both parties involved were living creatures at the time of the act.

        Just a thought……..

        • I don’t think God would direct His justice towards people who did not participate in the crime. I believe He must punish the SOULS of those who were involved. THAT is His wrath and Judgment, not striking down X number of people for an equal number of crimes/sins.

          There is no justice in killing some man walking down the street in Pittsburgh, for an atrocity committed by some bloke in Berlin. The punishment has to go to the source.

          “An Eye for an Eye” is misguided and inapplicable in the current sense. I don’t even think most people even realize what it truly means in the biblical sense.

          God metes out punishment on SOULS, not bodies. Bodies are impermanent and destructible…souls are eternal.

        • Yet The Lord spoke of the judgement he would, and did levy on Jerusalem. The Roman’s delivered it in 70 AD after a siege that left the People there so hungry, they ate their own children.

          Yeah, America is probably angering The Lord just as much!

          I see a lot of people of faith that prep. The Lord tells the virgins to be ready for the the groom who could arrive at any hour.

          Can’t say I’ve ever met a liberal, progressive prepper. The very wealthy that do prep are in my opinion satanists, they direct and just flat out use liberals and progressives.

          A lot of Christians are expecting judgement, and it won’t be pretty! We have scripture to guide us and like Joseph and Pharo’s warning of a seven year famine in a dream, this story has been played out before. The solution, just do as The Lord instructs.

      9. Btw/ You Religious folks think Humans are superior? How about the Preggo doe at my BOL, had her fawn and the critter was up running around in 2 days. Humans what? 6 mths to a year just to walk and another 3 to 5 to talk in comprehendable language. Go out into reality and dump the phony religious crap.

        • Your Preggo doe and her fawn do exactly what they were created to do. They have no choice in the matter. They glorify God by doing just what they are doing at your BOL.

          Humans on the other hand, were created in the image of God and then allowed choice.

          I have a choice to admire the beauty in the doe and fawn.
          I have a choice to admire the beauty of God and to glorify Him.

          You have a choice too.

          • The beauty of God IS the doe and her new fawn. The bringing of life IS the glory OF GOD, visualized for us sinners to see and comprehend…all you have to do is see it for what it really is.

            It is a reverent sign that all life is precious.

        • “3 to 5 to talk in comprehensible language”… and in your case you bigoted ObamaNazi pos, a lifetime and more to have anything worth saying.

        • It’s clear to me that you have never had a child. They don’t take 3-5 years to talk (unless there is something wrong, such as autism).

          Babies communicate from the time they are born through non-verbal (body language) and verbal language, even if it is just a cry to tell us they are hungry or tired. Because I am a mother, when I hear someone else’s child cry, I can pretty much tell if it is a hungry, angry, frustrated or tired cry. Don’t tell me that isn’t communication.

          By 6 months almost all babies are cooing, smiling and laughing in response to external stimuli. By one year, they are talking, using words we all understand (like Ma-ma, Da-da, cat, etc.) By two years old, they are using full sentences and communicating quite well. At three, children have learned to start recognizing their ABC’s and some, reading.

          A human is more complex than a deer, thus its development takes a different and longer path. Acting as if the two should be the same ruins any validity your argument may have had.

        • Two kids end up in a hospital room, one kid says what are you in for.

          The other kid says I need my tonsils out.

          The other says, “oh I had that, you go to sleep, and when you wake up and they give you ice cream! What are you in for?”.

          I’m in for a circumcision!, he answered.

          Other kid answers, “oh that terrible, they did it to me when I was born, and I couldn’t walk for a year!”.

      10. If the universe was created by a God, and who was such a genius as so many claim, Then why are 2/3rds of the planet’s population pure dumbasses?

        A: Why the 2/3rds are “Entertainment” for the other 1/3rd. I laugh and shake my head daily..

        • Choice.

        • It’s a Satanic lie that people who believe in God are stupid. It’s just an insult told to marginalize Christians and to advance an opposite agenda.

          I myself have a bachelor degree, as well as a law degree. I can assure you that I am not a sheeple or mentally challenged in any way.

          The concept of God, as told in the Bible, is a relatively simple one. God is love. But God cannot allow sin to flourish forever, as it rots everything it touches. There are rules to the universe that Satan has perverted and distorted.

          I hope someday that you can get rid of the hurt you feel and come to know the Lord as your personal savior. It’s a really wonderful place to be. Honest.

      11. It’s good to see there Faces and Names…..
        Search sesrch sesrch dig dig dig


        I have said this many times here. Religious People will be some of the First to DIE.

        I have also said the organized Religion is just another arm of the Government as they keep their tax free 501c3 status to dupe the sheep..

        Well read this article out today by Dave Hodges. Will your Church become a FEMA Camp? Connect the dots sheeple.

      13. Look how things worked out for Sodom and Gomorrah???
        Amerika makes that look tame, I figure we’re not far from Soylant Green about now????

        We are just now leaving the soft tyranny phase for a more of a stiff fist to the face type of guberment.

        Curling up in a fetal position and humming the New Socialist/Marxist Marching Tune will never be an option, unless you have no spine to begin with. Seems to me the buttons are being pushed for martial law leading to slavery…

      14. This is some of the most cruel, immoral things I have ever seen.
        This has to change.
        But it probably won’t there are no morals left in this country.

        • It can change MD, but only by the persuasion of a big bore muzzle. Until they see themselves leaking red fluid, indeed nothing will change.

          • You might be right.

        • The cruelest most immoral thing you have ever seen? Try looking at what israhell does to palestinian children. Now there is some cruel sickening shit.

          • I know Genius, things that go on in this world are mind boggling! Sad, so very sad!

      15. Ann Barnhardt has a post noting that there’s a big market in China for whole fetuses and it’s only a matter of time before Planned Murderhood exploits it. Why the demand in China? A little bit of evil called “short rib soup”

        • Just another incident where the U.S. covert govt hates their competition. Much better for the U.S. to experiment in those fetuses in secret, than for China to get them…and I don’t believe they’re making soup out of them either.


      16. What a bunch of sick demented assholes, like mad scientists with nefarious aims tinkering with lifes building blocks to create what? Where are the common sense laws to stop this madness? They are not advancing mankind, so their sordid agenda is clearly in focus. I guess one can own stock in these Frankenstein monster manipulators also. We have allowed wicked insanely wealthy drug death dealers to control our health futures. They have the money to buy off everyone that matters to keep it going. When drug and food manufacturers get together, this spells doom for the human race. Without a massive pushback.

        • The 1940’s Nazi Human Experimentation is still very much alive, always has been. As long as facilities such as Planned Parenthood and others like it are in operation.
          Human Experimentation will always continue onto the public.

          – Burn Them Down –

        • If the TPP becomes “global law”, you can expect this type of thing to come right out into the open. Govts around the world will not be able to stop it, because it would interfere with corporate profits, and the TPP allows corporations to SUE any agency that has a law or regulation that stands in the way of corporate profits. BELIEVE IT!

          The TPP is a MONSTER. Worse than the PATRIOT ACT. Worse than the NDAA. Worse than NAFTA. Worse than GATT.

          The only thing worse than TPP was the creation of the Federal Reserve and the IMF…but not by much.

      17. With 28 Pages Still Hidden, Saudis May Be Released from 9/11 Suit

        ht tp://

        maybe the headline should read
        “Obama Administration Perverts Justice AGAIN”

        if those 28 pages exonerated the Saudi’s it would have been released long ago

        “Hope and Change”

        ha ha ha

        the joke has been on us

        we’ve got a serial liar as President

      18. Here is something out of the CONFEDERATE CAMP COOKING BOOK


        The rat must be skinned, clean, and his head cut off and his body laid upon a square board, the legs stretched to there
        full extent and secured upon it with small tacks, then baste with bacon fat and roast before a good fire quickly like canvas back ducks.

        Make sure that meat is fully cook so you do not get rabies.

        • The unprepared will be eating Rat TarTar…

          • …note to self—GET MORE BIC LIGHTERS. As long as I have something that will burn, no anything “tar tar” for me.

      19. Who needs a Science Fiction movie when you have this shit as reality?

      20. As a Mother and Grandmother, my heart is filled with grief for the murder for profit of the most innocent life. How empty the soul of all involved in this massive evil network. This Government deserves what is coming like a freight train.

      21. When you sell your Soul to the Devil this is what you get.

        With Obullshit in office there will be nothing done to those involved in this genocide. He will VETO any bill that comes across his desk.

        Every FRIGGING time I her some AHOLE say that if your against abortion you are against woman’s health care. Having a baby is not just a woman’s health care but the baby’s health care.


        I have a nephew & his wife was carrying a baby that for the lack of better terms was inside out. The baby wasn’t going to live outside the womb, and the Doctors was afraid that if she tried to give birth that she had a 95% chance of dying, and don’t forget that the baby wasn’t going to live. She carried this baby for 5 months. It was hard on them when they had to make the final call on this.

        What I’m getting at for something like this it is ok to abort. NOT TO USE ABORTION A CONTRACEPTIVE!

        These people selling these bay’s parts and body should be aborted now. Tall Tree Short rope!!!!


      22. There are some things that have made me sick to my stomach in my lifetime, but this has got to be close to the top. And the problem is, no matter the outrage, I bet my last dollar nothing will change. Our not able to do anything .gov won’t pass anything to defund these people and business will continue as usual. Sickening….

        • But it’s ok to abort children who are already born and conscious with your drones and bomms huh? GO USA GO USA! Support the troops!

      23. We have heard the “official” talking point that Planned Parenthood is there to protect women’s health.

        We have also heard that Planned Parenthood “helps women nationwide get access to mammograms, as part of the range of health care Planned Parenthood health centers provide to nearly three million people a year.”

        The facts…
        “There’s only one problem: Planned Parenthood does NOT manage a single licensed mammography facility in the U.S. Not one. Of the 8,735 licensed mammography facilities in America, Planned Parenthood operates exactly zero.”

      24. How many people have gone to an emergency room and should have survived, but they didn’t because a doctor harvested an organ without consent? We’ll never know.

      25. Harvesting organs? Make mine a Steinway!

      26. I agree with WWTI. This site used to have such better articles that actually dealt with prepping and real economic news (not Michael Snyder’s infamous listings).

        Mac-get back to what made this site worth coming to. There is a reason why many like me stopped commenting and frequenting your site as much as we used to.

        • …but some people left, due to being viciously attacked when posting an unpopular comment.

      27. The road to hell does not begin with the best of intentions, as we have always been taught. It begins with compromise. The compromise was that we not would have murder of unborn children unless the mother’s life was in danger. Then it grew into ‘A Woman’s Right to Choose”: Then they zipped it all up in a neat package called Obamacare, at taxpayer’s expense. Today the murdermills are running rampant with no end in sight. Virtually every town in America has at least one murder clinic commonly referred to as Planned Parenthood. If we had never allowed the first “legal” abortion/murder then we wouldn’t have the infanticide genocide against the unborn: But cowards that we are, we did what cowards do: We COMPROMISED! POTUS himself has stated publicly that if his two daughters make a mistake, he does not want them “SADDLED” with a baby. Can you dignify that, the leader of the free world would rather have his own grandchildren murdered instead of his family being saddled with a baby. What a mess.

        • Amen.

      28. We will pay for this sin. Abortion is murder. Murder of 50 some million children. It infuriates me and breaks my heart.

        God will judge us for this. Judgement is coming and this country deserves it.

      29. LOL @ the editor’s note that this is not pro-life/pro-choice.
        Of course it is! This is what this debate has always been about and apparently you were simply oblivious to it.

        Can you make a logical argument as to why, everything being equal, if they would simply throw the torn baby parts into a trash can that this would be better than “selling” them? If abortion were not synonymous with killing baby boys and girls, then selling them should be immaterial. Why not sell them?

        This is sort of like the opposite of a hunter, who is expected to make use of all the parts and let nothing go to waste.

        Even apart from this story; the process of abortion should be obviously abhorrent to anyone. The process, that is, burning their skin off with saline solution (and yes it is scientifically proven that they can feel pain) and then tearing them piece by piece from the womb piece by piece, or in the case of partial birth abortion delivering the child half way and then puncturing the base of the skull and suctioning the brain before the child is delivered so it is not a “live birth”.

        So, it sounds like, according to the editor, all of the above is well and good so long as we throw away the parts right away and don’t make use of them.


        There was a recent Rasmussen Reports poll that stated only 35% of Americans support defunding Planned Parenthood after all of this.
        I for one will be watching on with reserved approval as this depraved society crashes and burns.

      30. We were warned this might happen, way back in 1973….and so here it is….my heart breaks for these girls/women who go thru this. Gross fetal abnormality usually results in natural miscarriage. No reason to kill the baby…. 🙁

      31. I have problems with abortion, however, it is happening. It is “legal” at this time.
        So at this point in time, I would prefer the “parts” be used to save another life rather than be chucked in the dumpster. BUT NOT FOR PROFIT!!!

        Late term abortion is murder period end of sentence.
        As I am totally against late term abortion, I am furious that my tax dollars support it.

        So perhaps a new set of “laws””

        No Govt funding of abortion.
        No organization receiving Govt funds can donate to or support any political party or issue.
        No abortions can be preformed after the first trimester unless there are life threatening health issues for the mother.

        At least this would be a start.

        Oh, Yea, Flay these inhuman creatures alive and harvest their parts!!!

        • Couls you not have said the same about Mengle’s experimentation on the Jews during WWII?

          Because something is legal does not make it right or moral, in fact a grievous sin such as abortion can be legal in man’s eyes but will not be held that way in God’s eyes, nor will those who find it acceptable for any reason.

      32. Abortion is abhorrent and the similarities with people’s callousness toward it is so like the German people in WWII who knew of the gassing atrocities, but were numb to how abhorrent it really was. We look back with disgust at them, but most today are so numb to it that they cannot see this atrocity. Abortion, in most cases, is simply the ultimate expression of narcissism. “I am more important than the life I created”. We truly live in a narcissistic society.
        I had a sister-in-law, for example, who got pregnant out of wedlock. She contemplated abortion, but decided to keep it. When the child was a year old, however, she started dating a guy who didn’t want children. She left the child with my mother-in-law one day and never came back. My wife and I took the child in and he will graduate college this year. Yes, he cost us a lot as we already had 3 children of our own. She was and is a purely self-centered, narcissistic person. This is our society today for the most part.

      33. Just a rant on this topic!
        Here goes……this is disgusting! Absolutely disgusting!
        But this is the same government that will put you in prison for life if you have an accident and a pregnant lady loses her baby! Murder they say, but this, THIS is ok?
        My God the world is crazy!
        Ok rant over, sorry, that was brewing in my brain.

      34. Freaking baby killing Ghouls.

        At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these Planned Parenthood creeps are eating babies.

      35. Interesting posts…

        How, why and where did humanity start?

        Anyone watching the debate???

      36. Where are American Christianity? Are all hiding their faces in the sand … they mainly supported Obama in 08 and in 12, obortions, homosexual pedophiles priests.

      37. more and more financial experts as well as the tin foil hat crew
        are jumping on the Sept/Oct financial meltdown train

        David Stockman: We’re Looking at a “Debt Supernova”

        ht tp://

        “Larry Edelson, a senior at Weiss Research, has pinpointed the exact date of the coming calamity — October, 1, 2015.

        On October 7, 2015, the first economic supercycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100% confident it will hit within the next few months.”

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