How Today’s Doctors Are Killing Their Patients

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé.

    Here are some of the ways in which modern doctors have turned themselves into ruthless killing machines.

    This article follows on from yesterday’s article ‘How and When Doctors Learned to Kill’.

    The following essay is taken from Vernon Coleman’s new book `Truth Teller: The Price’.

    Here are some of the ways in which modern doctors have turned themselves into ruthless killing machines.

    First, doctors introduced something called the Liverpool Care Pathway – a misnamed program if ever there was one. The Liverpool Care Pathway doesn’t have anything to do with “care.” It is an officially approved program that encourages doctors to kill their patients by denying them food and water. Patients (usually elderly) are literally starved to death. It sounds too awful to be true but you can check it out if you don’t believe me. The fake pandemic which started in 2020 proved beyond question that governments everywhere want to kill their elderly citizens. In the UK, the Government actually boasted about the amount of money it was saving because of the number of elderly pensioners who had died (or, more accurately, “exterminated”).

    Second, the global program of medically approved lockdowns (whereby people were locked in their homes and the elderly were kept confined in care homes, without being allowed any visitors) made it very easy for doctors to kill the elderly. The officially approved plan was to allow doctors to get rid of the elderly in care homes. The absence of visitors made this exceptionally easy.

    Third, British Medical Association (“BMA”) doctors announced that the profession should cut back on diagnosing and treating patients in order to reduce the “carbon footprint of health care.” Absurdly, it was announced by senior figures within the medical establishment that doctors were helping patients too much and should cut back. There was even a suggestion that less anaesthetic should be used during surgery to save the planet from global warming (a pseudo-scientific phenomenon which has never been proven to exist and which is questioned by the majority of thinking scientists). The official excuse (and there is always an excuse) is that “over-diagnosis is increasing the carbon footprint of health care.” Cutting back on patient care means that in the UK, doctors working in general practice now work an average of 20-25 hours a week and the vast majority refuse to provide nighttime or weekend cover for their patients. Many doctors in general practice refuse to see patients at all on the bizarre and entirely self-serving grounds that if they see patients face to face, they might catch an infection from them. The result is that most people who fall ill try to get themselves to the nearest Accident and Emergency department in a local hospital, where they may well wait a day or even more to be seen and treated. The ambulance service cannot cope with demands and patients have been known to wait 10 or 12 hours or even more for an ambulance to collect them. Moreover, to make things even worse, the British Medical Association (a trade union which represented doctors’ financial interests and which I have for decades described as the patients’ enemy) has instigated a number of strikes with doctors demanding a pay rise of 35% (or even more) even though the striking doctors must have known that such a pay rise could not possibly be paid. The result of the strikes is that in the summer of 2023, most of the patients dying in Britain were on waiting lists for essential treatment, and waiting lists were so long that it was recognised that most patients would probably die long before they were seen by a doctor. (Hospitals were having to pay striking doctors £7,900 per shift to stand in for themselves.) It seems to me that the BMA is determined to destroy the NHS, destroy health care in the UK, bring down the Government, kill as many people as possible and take the entire country, screaming or not, into the Great Reset. (Health care in all countries is now a very bureaucratic business, and I can think of a dozen ways in which doctors could go on strike and cause problems for the Government without affecting patients directly.) In autumn 2023, the leader of the Liberal Democrats promised that if his party gained power (not very likely it has to be said) then they would guarantee that anyone referred for cancer treatment would be seen in two months. Putting aside the fact that a promise of an appointment within two months is scandalously unambitious for a patient with cancer, the Liberal Democrats don’t seem aware that hospitals are very skilled at getting round targets. Patients will doubtless be “seen” within two months, but when will their tests or treatment start? And will the person who “sees” them merely be a receptionist? (Even those patients who were lucky enough to get into a hospital weren’t all that well off. One poor woman felt so neglected that she had to resort to ringing 999 from her hospital bed.)

    Fourth, doctors and nurses were widely reported to be encouraging patients to accept ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (“DNR”) notices on their medical records. Patients were told that resuscitation could be a painful procedure and that it might be better for them if they were merely allowed to die, rather than being saved. Nurses as well as doctors were allowed to “sell” this idea to patients, and the individuals whose records were marked with DNR notices included young mentally ill, and disabled patients. Men and women with Down’s syndrome have been widely labeled with DNR notices. (I am surprised that campaigners, charities, and parents haven’t complained more about what is happening. Maybe they have campaigned but have no voice. Heaven knows it has been nigh on impossible for anyone questioning the globalists and their agenda to obtain any media coverage.)

    Fifth, doctors all around the world agreed to give their patients an untested, experimental product that had been proven to do far more harm than good. The doctors giving the COVID-19 vaccine were paid huge sums of money (far more than was usually paid for vaccination programs) and so most ignored their ethical responsibilities and went along with the instructions they were given by politicians and drug companies. Doctors who attempted to question the safety, efficacy, or need for the COVID-19 vaccination program were demonized, monstered, and attacked mercilessly. Most doctors who questioned the official line were described as “conspiracy theorists” with some having the word “discredited” as a bonus. (There is no little irony in the fact that some of the doctors who were openly critical of the truth-tellers have woken up, are speaking out, and are now finding out how painful and damaging it can be, to tell the truth in a time of suppression.) The evidence strongly suggests to me that the COVID-19 vaccine was designed, marketed, and given in order to kill rather than protect. Apart from the short-term dangers of the COVID-19 injection (myocarditis, heart disease, blood clots, and neurological problems for example), there is little doubt that the mRNA vaccine does massive harm to the immune system of patients. There are also serious questions about the long-term effect of the vaccine on the fertility of both female and male patients. And, as I showed in a video early on in the campaign to vaccinate everyone, there is evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine may have a dramatic and damaging effect on the human brain. Doctors who were getting very rich allowed themselves to accept the lies they were told in order to excuse their crimes against humanity. And most doctors completely closed their minds to all the evidence. I spoke to one medical consultant who argued vehemently that COVID-19 had killed millions of people and that the death rate in the UK had increased massively because of COVID-19. He was so committed to the myth that he steadfastly refused to change his mind even when I pointed out that the Government’s own figures proved him quite wrong.

    Sixth, it has become routine in hospitals and care homes for doctors to “treat” patients who are elderly, frail or in need of medical and nursing support with a “kill shot” consisting of a lethal mixture of morphine and a benzodiazepine tranquilizer. Since staff now do not have to ask permission before giving tranquilizers to elderly patients, the “kill shot” can be administered to patients quite freely. It is the modern equivalent of the gas chamber, and no amount of protesting from the medical establishment will change this fact of life (or should that be “fact of death”).

    Seventh, medically backed and promoted euthanasia has become a global phenomenon. In numerous countries around the world, euthanasia programs have been introduced in order to eliminate the elderly and the sick by encouraging them to end their lives. (Life, it seems, is imitating art for in 1953, Evelyn Waugh wrote a novel called ‘Love Among the Ruins’ in which he described a state-run euthanasia center.) In Trudeau’s Canada, the Government has introduced a very forceful euthanasia program called ‘Medical Assistance in Dying’. There were 13,000 state-sanctioned “suicides” in Canada in 2022 and that country is now deciding whether to allow children and the mentally ill to kill themselves. Please read that sentence again. In Canada, euthanasia was introduced several years ago and is proving very popular with doctors, bureaucrats, and politicians. A woman in Canada was recently offered a place on her nation’s euthanasia program because of the delay involved in having a stairlift fitted in her home. It was also reported that a Canadian man who was facing eviction from social housing had been accepted into the country’s euthanasia program. CBC reported that medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending, and it was estimated that the savings “exceedingly outweigh the estimated $1.5 million to $14.8 million in direct costs associated with implementing medically assisted dying.” The report judged that doctor-assisted death could reduce annual healthcare spending across Canada by between $34.7 million and $136.8 million. (Just how can anyone take a report seriously when the figures are so vague?) In the Netherlands, healthy individuals with autism are allowed the option of euthanasia, and Australia is deciding whether to let children as young as 14 kill themselves (or allow someone to do it for them). Today, euthanasia is legal in Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Columbia and parts of Australia. Globally, there is a state-sanctioned epidemic of euthanasia as governments follow instructions from the conspirators and encourage more and more people to commit suicide.

    Eighth, doctors are enthusiastically giving a live but attenuated flu vaccine to children. It is important to remember that although attenuated, the virus in these vaccines can become live. It is very possible, therefore, that children will transmit the infection to elderly relatives whose immune systems have been severely damaged by the COVID-19 vaccinations they have been given. (Not a few elderly individuals have been given six COVID-19 vaccinations – at great profit to their doctors.)

    Ninth, during the early days of the fake covid pandemic, autopsies were halted. Allegedly, this was done to protect pathologists who might otherwise be at risk of catching the flu from their dead patients. It was done to hide the fact that people who had allegedly died of covid had in truth died of something else. It was also done to create more fear and to enhance the lie that we were facing a deadly plague. (The risk was surely very slight since the flu is usually spread by coughing or sneezing and it is rare, even in these strange days, for dead patients to do much coughing or sneezing.)

    Tenth, the United Nations has for some years now excluded the over 70-year-olds from its health statistics. Doctors can now kill as many over 70 as they like without any risk that their country’s health care will be downgraded.

    It is worth remembering that Nazi doctors pretended that they were “helping” or “treating” their patients when they gassed them. Today, doctors have done exactly the same thing. It is frightening to realize how many doctors do not realize how far down the slippery path they have already traveled. It’s an easy route to take. Before they knew what they were doing, German doctors were opening the valves and killing people a score or more at a time. Today, doctors around the world happily endorsed, promoted and gave a toxic experimental drug that did not do what it was said to do but did kill people.

    The end result is that doctors today have compromised or abandoned their professional and personal responsibilities and have become members of a conspiracy, a cabal of murderous scientists. The best that can be said in their defense is that many are merely ignorant and are simply taking the money they are offered without asking any inconvenient questions.

    The excuse they offer, that they are simply doing what they have been told to do by their government, is frighteningly reminiscent of the excuse offered by doctors (and others) who worked in the Nazi death camps.

    Anyone who knows, or even suspects, what is going on but does not say anything is as guilty of the crimes being committed as the apologists and collaborators were in Nazi Germany.

    I would argue that what is happening today is more blatant, more redolent of evil, than anything that happened in Germany in the 1940s.

    These are the darkest of dark times.

    And, of course, those telling the truth continue to be censored, banned, and demonized.

    The above is taken from `Truth Teller: The Price’ – Vernon Coleman’s most recent, most personal, and final book on COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine, and the Great Reset.


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