How to Survive a Stock Market Crash: “Take These Immediate Steps”

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    Editor’s Note: The following article has been contributed by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper web site. As always, Daisy has put together an excellent primer detailing the conditions we currently face, potential outcomes, and strategies you can implement to prepare for an inevitable crash in not just stocks markets, but the way of life we have come to know in America. 


    Last week, our stock market began to freefall. By Friday, August 21, the market was down more than 1300 points. Over the course of two days, it dropped further than any single-day crash in American history.

    But it wasn’t just the US stock market that had a bad week. According to Zero Hedge, markets across the globe are going to heck on a greased slide:

    • China’s worst week since July – closes at 5 month lows
    • Global Stocks’ worst week since May 2012
    • US Stocks’ worst week in 4 years
    • VIX’s biggest weekly rise ever
    • Crude’s longest losing streak in 29 years
    • Gold’s best week since January
    • 5Y TSY Yield’s biggest absolute drop in 2 years

    Stock market crashes are taking place concurrently in 23 different countries.

    Updated to add: The stock markets of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar have just crashed.

    Updated to add: The Dow plunged over 1000 points in the first 5 minutes of trading this morning. Some recovery has been made as finance gurus pull out all the stops.

    I’m no financial expert, but this seems like a collection of very, very bad signs. It’s time to sit up, pay attention, and be prepared to take immediate actions.

    It’s time to pay attention because this could go one of two ways.

    This could just be a tremor before the Big One hits. The economic gurus at the Fed could find another way to kick the can a little bit further down the road, giving you more time to get your personal financial situaion under control.  Obviously, things just aren’t right, and you can consider this a warning bell.


    This could be “it”. If there are no creative, fake-money-from-thin-air remedies left, the market will continue to fall when it opens on Monday. If the market is still dropping, it’s game on.

    Take these immediate steps if the market continues to fall.

    I hate predictions.

    I really cringe when people try to make economic predictions or pinpoint specific dates for impending financial disaster. So please realize I’m not making a prediction when I say this.

    Watch the market on Monday. Carefully. Like it’s your job.

    If it continues to fall, we could be in big trouble.

    If on Monday, the market is still plummeting, it’s time to take action immediately. None of these steps will have long-term consequences if things level out, but they could make your life a whole lot easier if things get worse. Here’s what you need to do immediately in the event of a stock market crash.

    • Take your money out of the bank ASAP.  If you still keep your money in the bank, go there and remove as much as you can while leaving in enough to pay your bills. Although it wasn’t a market collapse in Greece recently, the banks did close and limit ATM withdrawals.  People went for quite some time without being able to access their money, but were able to have a sense of normalcy by transferring money online to pay bills or using their debit cards to make purchases.  Get your cash out. You don’t want to be at the mercy of the banks.
    • Stock up on supplies.  Make sure you are prepped. If you’re behind on your preparedness efforts and need to do this quickly, you can order buckets of emergency food just to have some on hand. (Learn how to build an emergency food supply using freeze dried food HERE) Hit the grocery store or wholesale club and stock up there, too, on  your way home.
    • Load up on fuel.  Fill up your gas tank and fill your extra cans also. Quite often, fuel prices skyrocket in the wake of a market crash.
    • Be prepared for the potential of civil unrest. If the banks put a limit on withdrawals (or close like they did in Greece) you can look for some panic to occur. If the stores dramatically increase prices or close..more panic. Be armed and be prepared to stay safely at home. (Although this article was written during the Ferguson race riots, civil unrest follows a similar pattern regardless of the cause.)
    • Be prepared for the possibility of being unable to pay your bills. If things really go downhill, the middle class and those who are the working poor will be the most strongly affected, as they have been in Greece during that country’s ongoing financial crisis.  This article talks about surviving if you are unable to pay all of your bills.

    After the crash, focus on information

    Hopefully there’s no need to empty out your bank accounts, stock up on last minute supplies, or lock-and-load for home protection. However, if this is a crisis situation, an actual 1929/2008-style stock market crash, you need to take your preps to the next level.

    Information is the key. It’s imperative that you learn everything you can so that you know what you need to add to your preps. Do these two things if it looks like the situation is more than a blip:

    #1.  Bookmark these preparedness websites. (Free)

    The internet is a wonderful place, and best of all, this knowledge can be found for FREE! The more you know about crisis situations, the more ready you will be to face them. Some sites are friendlier to beginners than others, so if you stumble upon a forum where people seem less than enthusiastic about helping people who are just starting out, don’t let it get you down. Move on and find a site that makes you feel comfortable. Following are some of my favorites, and the link will take you to a good starting point on these sites. In no particular order:

    Following are some of my favorites, and the link will take you to a good starting point on these sites. (Actually, it’s wise to begin increasing your knowledge even if we get a reprieve.) In no particular order:

    #2.  Build your library. (Small expense)

    This is where some money could come into play. Most of the time, people in the preparedness world like to have hard copies of important information. This way, if the power goes out and you can’t access the internet or recharge your Kindle, you still have access to vital advice.

    Some of these books are for just such an event, while others are guides to building your self-reliance skills.  Commit to picking up a good book each pay period until you have a library to reference during any type of scenario.

    Be sure to check out used bookstores, libraries, and garage sales, too. Look for books that teach self-reliant skills like sewing, gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, repair manuals, scratch cooking, and plant identification. You can often pick these up for pennies, and older books don’t rely on expensive new technology or tools for doing these tasks.

    Collapse is inevitable

    Hopefully this is a brief crash and the market recovers. That gives us more time to prepare, and nearly everyone could deal with a little more time.

    However, it’s imperative that you be watchful. This might be the triggering event for our next Great Depression. Be prepared to take action.

    This may just be a warning bell, but we all know that it’s only a matter of time until we’re all out of warnings.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

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      1. I thought today was the day. I watch the DOW fall to over -1000. I thought it was going to keep going. now its heading back to 0

        I almost left work and loaded up on last minute preps. the federal reserve came in like superman and saved the day lol

        • Wonder how much saving they can do?

          • Kula, it’s Duke’s birthday today! If this were all going on when he was still alive, he’s probably be catching a wave on his longboard.

        • I wasn’t the feds. It was Cook’s illegal e mail to Jim Cramer. The SEC will look the other way in this case.

          • Prepping is the prudent thing to do. Taking most of your cash out of the bank is wise because you are now an unsecured creditor and not a depositor.

            It is just another business cycle, albeit an extended one, coming to an end: not TEOTWAWKI. Therefore it is safe to say that the downturn will be extended too because foreclosures (as an example) have not been assimilated from the last crash yet; and a new round of bankruptcies and foreclosures will follow the economic decline for those who are levered.

            The uber rich will lose the most as they have the most to lose as their paper profits disappear and hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions of dollars will disappear overnight.

            Don’t panic. Just buckle down. You have ten dollar bills in number ten cans, buried in your back yard, right ??? 🙂

            • No I don’t. Burying anything in #10 cans is completely stupid. They rust out and the contents are destroyed. Ever heard of PVC?

              • Besides being easy to find with a metal detector.

                • FYI: Speaking of easy to find with a metal detector, this object is obviously and clearly a manufactured object and not a “rock formation”.


                  If there was ever any doubt, this IS the smoking gun. We are not alone. 🙂

                • I was wondering when someone would point that out! LOL

              • Genius, DK is joking. He is referring to an old poster on this site named Mushroom, who always said the only thing you need to survive is #10 cans full of ten dollar bills.

              • The Village Idiot DK opens his trap again. Do us a favor and Burry youself in a #10 can will ya.

              • He was referring to an old poster, “Mushroom”, who used to say the future was his #10 cans, stuffed full of $10 bills. In that kind of future, it would only really be spendy toilet paper…

                • JustMe: You can stash Yuan in plastic bags and PVC pipe if you like; or another Emerging Market BRIC fiat. Then of course there is the Rouble, now 70 to one to the dollar. LMAO!!!

                  I’ll stick with King Dollar. It is and will remain the currency of choice for the NWO Uber Rich as long as the Military Industrial Complex exists. Thats reality. 🙂

              • use PCV, he’s joking on the cans, I think.HMMMM

            • Good!!! Fleecing The Stoopid Sheep!!!


            • Paper cash will be good for a while and I encourage everyone to have some. But longer term I would favor old US silver coinage, despite what happened to silver today.

            • I guess you have to have been here several years ago to understand the number ten can thing. 🙂 What ever became of him?

              • He died.
                DK was just kidding guys…..

                • Kidding? No, cash in plastic bags with an O2 absorber and pvc pipes is the answer and I have said as much before. (Its in the archives.)

                  But ten dollar bills in number ten cans has a poetic ring to it, don’t cha think? Same, same. 🙂

            • Buried in cans: No
              Schedule 40 PVC: Yes

            • Durango:
              I’m using my 10’s and 20’s to insulate the walls in my house, at least they are serving a double purpose. Plus if they get devalued they will help keep me warm and I can use them for T.P. !;-} LOL!!!
              N. Reb

            • Shades of Mushroom!
              Crisp $10 in #10 cans… It’s just how we roll!

              • Got that right Okie !!! 🙂

            • “It is just another business cycle, albeit an extended one, coming to an end: not TEOTWAWKI.”

              Lol, by all accounts and measures this coming crash will make 2008 look like a regular day at the stock market.

              If it’s gets really bad and trucks stop delivering it will lead to teotwaki.

              Or, it could lead to a massive war. Which itself might bring teotwaki.

              There’s many different ways to look at this. You need to take off the tunnel vision glasses.

              • Mr Anonymous: I expect war, sooner rather than later. 🙁

                • And that war has the potential to lead to teotwawki.

                  Or, if this collapse gets to the point of no return, capital controls ala Greek style.

            • What happened to the dollar is king and will never fail rants you used to post?? Reality finally catch up to you and see it how it really is??

              • RP: Just saw your post after my King Dollar response above. As long as the MIC exists the Uber Rich will use King Dollar as their currency of choice.

                Don’t count on HYPERINFLATION folks, that is an IRRATIONAL INTERNET MEME pushed by those who would sell you metals and take your dollars.

                Hyperinflation destroys the wealth of the Uber Rich. Deflation destroys the YOUR wealth; meaning the levered debt wealth of the Middle Class.

                The Uber Rich would rather that everyone else starve for lack of dollars in circulation, than let hyperinflation destroy their wealth.

                Think people, think !!! Its a no-brainer. 🙁

            • Daisy, you are awesome, thank you for all you do. My best wishes for you and yours 🙂

              DK, at some point the smoke and mirrors won’t work anymore. The people who are running the big game lose nothing in the end, money is after all, just another weapon, a means to an end for them. The stock market is nothing but another front to them.

              Never forget, their ultimate goal is global communism, with them deciding your fate.

              • Yeah Daisy is filled with great awesomeness. She dont know when to quit.
                Aint it great when you can be a financial analyst, farmer, organic gardener, organic cook prepper and everything else under the sun?
                Next thing shell advise everyone about is how to repair a Humvee or fly a Chinook. I heard shes building a 2 story underground bunker too so she can advise us on all that.

                • Hey Daisy is a multi-tasker, but if she is gonna become an economic expert, I’m gonna start selling recipes.

                  Its only fair. 🙂

                  Love Ya Daisy!

                • I always skip other articles to read Daisy’s.

              • JustMe: “DK, at some point the smoke and mirrors won’t work anymore. ”

                Yes I agree, and judging the ground swell for Trump I would say that the American people are awake and aware, don’t want any more smoke and mirrors, and want to “Make America Great Again”, to coin a phrase. 🙂

            • It is not just the uber rish who lose the most. It is the middle class workers. Those of us who have worked hard and survied years of down sizing in larger corporations who will lose a great deal…along with all those who also benifit from our generosity over the years. All the school supply drives, blood drives, holliday food drives to name a few. We try to contribute the amount to our 401’s to earn the companies matching benifits. We are pentalized for taking out our money until we reach the age of 59. Those of us who are to close to retiring don’t have the opportunity to recoup our money. So we will be faced with working to a much older age then we planned. So in reality…while we may be middle income…we don’t have the ability to just put out our money. If we lose a great portion of our 401’s and there is another housing market crash they have managed to chip away yet another chuck of middle imcome households. Sooner or later it will only be the very poor and the very rich! We need a solution to bring back the middle income and a solution for more and more folks to have the opportunity to move beyond lower income! We have done our best to prepare for what life might throw at us short term and long time, but I do believe it is going to be a bummpy ride, so buckle up my prepper friends.

            • I remember Mushroom DK. I thought that guy was smoking crack with some of the outragous shit he said. He may of been right stuffing coffee cans with 10’s!

              • Holy rust-out Batman, use PCV

            • The uber rich have the heads up before the rest of us. They are the ones selling at the top. They won’t be losing the most. The ones loosing the most are again those that were about to retire and their equity is cut in half.

              • Yes, the smart money has been selling for some time, (I pointed that out earlier this year) taking some profit, and the small investor is losing equity in their pension plans and 401k’s: as usual, every cycle.

                But $1.8 trillion has been lost on the DOW since the high in the Spring and the UR and seasoned traders are exposed to those paper losses too. How do you think WWHTI lost $30,000 as a trader, Brainiac that he is?

                So yeah, the Uber Rich will lose the most, but they also have the most in other hard assets, DENOMINATED in DOLLARS and most of them will still be quite wealthy even as their investment real estate tanks. 🙂

            • Genuis and DK: Ten dollar bills and twenties’s mainly and some hundred dollar bills in a house safe. good idea: pvc pipe with currency stashed under other pipe, like in the shed. make sure there are end caps to keep bugs out. Lots of canned sardines, spam, salmon, beans, chicken, canned veggies, etc. None of this long term crap that is loaded with sodium and fillers. After I’ve taken money out of my account, more is deposited from retirement/brokerage accounts soon after, and I have to repeat the cycle again. Many can relate to this endless cycle.

              • Yes laura, a little cash in a house safe to foil any armed robberies ….. while you stash the bulk of the tens and twenties, even fives and ones in two pvc pipes …. if you don’t have any firearms with which you can respond to intruders.

                In a true SHTF scenario, cash will be in short supply and change for your Franklin may be hard to come by. 🙂

        • it was scary to watch, for sure.

          • So it only ended down by -587 points for today, That’s -2,000 points from last Tuesday and the last 2 days over 220MM trades each day……I was worried for a minute there!

          • A stock market crash in of itself rarely affects the common man directly. It is a symptom of rotten economic policy and greed.

            It will cause financial ripples, and will remove liquidity from business and a small group of ndividuals.

            One of the last sectors of our economy that is spending was the 1%. They are losing it all right now.

            Expect more economics lowdown, more layoffs, more contraction, more debt failure. A death of a thousand cuts. Worst problem will be losses in pension funds. This will take months to wind out.

            • This crash means nothing to the common man. Retirees, maybe a little more. …about about 12 months.

              In 2008 I saw all this happen. It started about a month earlier when I called my financial manager, Mike, we’ll call him. Here is the approximate conversation we had near 7/1/2008:

              NR: Hey Mike! I think we need to move all my stuff into the safest, most conservative stuff available. Guaranteed funds, etc. I think its going to crash and I want to be in safe territory.

              Mike: No, no, no NetRanger, we don’t work like that. This is just a momentary blip. Just hang tight. Over time the riskiest portfolios outperform conservative ones. Besides, you can’t time the markets. We’re in for the long term.

              NR: No, really, Mike, I want it all out into conservative stuff. I think I’m going to lose my ass.

              Mike: Now, NetRanger, I’ve been doing this kind of thing for 30 or more years. You’ll be fine. Just sit tight and we’ll make the best of it.

              NR: Well, are you sure? I mean, this is really scary? I’m thinking off panicking.

              Mike: Calm down. This is no big deal. Let me just help you out. Relax.

              Uh, yeah, he “Helped Me Out” of about 60 thousand dollars!!! I wouldn’t speak to him for 2 years. He’d call, I’d remind me how he screwed up and that I didn’t want to see or talk to him because I was afraid prison would be very bad for me AFTER THEY FOUND HIS BODY STRANGLED AND FULL OF BULLET HOLES! Yes, I was red-faced mad.

              It look really bad in 2012 and I took everything and pushed it conservative. Bad timing. I wasn’t thinking and I wasn’t looking at the charts. I am now and I know exactly what to do. I retire in just about 15 years. By then, if we don’t have a full on collapse, I expect to be STINKING RICH. Everyone could be. All you have to do is look at the charts. The right ones of course. I’ve been sworn to secrecy and that is all the clue I will give, but, suffice it to say that there is a pattern that even a monkey could see if he looked.

              I’ll let you know how it works out. Since 2012, my cash has been chilling, making about 6%. Its all rested up and ready to rock and roll!

              • Damn shame NetRanger, I’d be pissed too if I was caught in that same situation.

                Well …… there is a reason why they call these sons of bitch’s “Brokers”. Never met one that I liked, they all have that shyster smile on their faces too.

                Brokers are in the same category as “Bankers & Politicians”

                • Using a Broker? So 1980’ish. You deserved to be baked. Day trade your own stocks. Brokers make ya broker.


                  • This from a man who has admitted to losing his stash of $30,000 …….. as a day trader!!! LMFAO!!!

                    • Hey DK. Since your brain is pegged to the 4th dimension. The $30 K I lost was back in 2002 when the dot com blew. I was making $90 K a year. Like spilled beer. Did not affect me. I was trading $20 K blocks at a time day trading. Its called the market maker, making the stock move. These are things you could only dream of. You cant even understand foreign exchange. The Yuan is not pegged to the dollar as you claim. You should stick to simple shit like beans and bullets. Economics is beyond you…

              • I control my own 401K recently converted to an IRA because the 401K dropped the money market guaranteed account that I used to switch in and out of. The IRA lets me buy most anything for sale including REITS and other limited partnerships that would normally really complicate taxes.

                I handle my own investing and I’m pretty much out now in cash. The few holdings I have are very conservative and pay great dividends. I bought most at the bottom in 2009, if these company stocks go below those prices I will be looking to buy more at the new low.

                I’m half expecting this downturn to slow, and go sideways a few weeks, while the right shoulder on the chart forms, then the markets will drop straight down for the big crash. I’m saying this 15% drop is not the real crash!

                Stay frosty!

        • For those who have been “prepping” for the inevitable, this is no big deal.

          If you are in any form of panic (at this late stage of the game, ad nauseam), then you’re not at all ready for what is potentially knocking on your door.

          • I’m ready, but nervous. IF, this is the big one, and you are wanting this or think you will pop some corn and enjoy the show, then you are unaware of the big picture. Yes it may be enjoyable for a while (I get no joy from this BTW), it WILL effect you in ways you haven’t yet thought of. Yes those of us that are prepared will weather it better than those not prepared, but this isn’t going to be fun in the long run.

            • Agreed. I think how much it will suck eating food that doesnt have much flavor (rice, beans, oats) at the very least.

              • I grew up during the depression. All we had to eat was fried rabbit, bacon, pork chops, mashed potatoes and milk gravy, home made bread with Jersey cow butter with about a half a dozen jellies and jams and eggs for breakfast.

                If I’d of had some beans, rice and oats to break the monotony of that depression diet why who knows what I would have grown up to be.

                We didn’t have any cash, but a movie only coat a dime.

            • Good words to follow.

              When it all comes crashing down and the politicians and brokers are sitting “silent” staring at a desk, or a wall, or maybe just into space; they have no answers or fixes. That day is coming one day, but just not today or tomorrow or even this week,

              But, the day will come. What we have witnessed last Friday and today was only the beginning. From the Band, Chicago….Beginnings…..

              And while I feel them
              I quickly try to decide which one
              I should try to put into words, oh no
              Try to put into words

              Oh woh, oh woh, oh woh, oh woh
              Oh woh, oh woh, oh woh, oh woh
              Mostly I’m silent, silent

              Only the beginning, only just a start….

              Only the beginning
              Only the beginning
              Only the beginning…………………………………..

              Read more: Chicago – Beginnings Lyrics | MetroLyrics

          • good post and true

        • federal reserve my ass. Tim Cook pushing the price of AAPL stock with underhanded PR tactics plus a handful of elites dumping money in to sucker investors back pushed it back a bit

          • There already investigating is scum bag ass…

          • @Marcus,

            Yup…..but ya gotta hand it to Cooke/Cramer. It worked.

            Now everyone of the minions thinks that china is collapsing but Apple is just fine. The sheeple don’t even realize that they are all renting apple iphones for about 35.00 per month (It’a all part of the plan financing).

        • The Dead Cat DOES bounce!
          This Cat just won’t DIE!

          • The dead cat bounced so high, that it fell back down and through the sidewalk. LoL, I just have to laugh. When you live in a comic book reality, unreal things happen everyday. Best part is, you still get to laugh, so long as you’re not IN and a PART of the Comic Book Reality.

            Let it keep sliding into oblivion. Let the whole world economy get crushed by this. Maybe people will finally learn their lessons from this. Then again, they won’t and a whole new cycle of tired bullshit will just get restarted and be worse the next time around. Suckers.

        • Tip:

          Pepper spray has been shown to be more effective than 12 ga slugs as stopping bear attacks.

          • AE good tip, and believe me I do Trek where the the Grizzlies Roam. I always carry a big sidearm and considered myself to be rather macho, but after watching serveral videos on bear attacks, I will still carry my gun but Bear Pepper Spray will be my first defense. Bear Spray may also be the best way to go when facing 4 federal agents at your front door, probably more affective and if and when they get you, there will be no murder charge against you. And BTW I just killed a big black bear with my bow. Trekker Out.

            • If you pepper spray 4 or even one federal agent ouwill be very dead vey soon. if yu to the point you need to use pepper spray. you better be using lead

              • Old Guy I will gaurantee you will stop 4 of anyone at your door with bear spray quicker than with a gun! And you may live to fight later. Trekker Out.

        • No the FED did not they just made it worse… dow closes 588 DOWN. China futures in the red for tomorrow… Get ready..

          • Get ready for what?

            A stock market collapse doesn’t affect “the common man” as some here have said.

        • Moved my money into treasuries three months ago…. saw this coming… can retire very soon and then it is all coming out as cash……

          • smart move, but good luck trying to get that cash!

            • tsp I’ll get mine before anyone…. and soon… by the way futures up 2% for tue. Asia on a slight rebound, china down anther 5%… currency war will pick up… this is how wars start……

        • The short termers…day and weekly traders are very,very, active on Mondays, especially early.

          When me and the wife were watching Varney & Co. and having our coffee, it was 9:25 am. Of course we have no horses in the race other than stuff we don’t count on like inheritance from our dumbass parents, that are approaching 80, respectively, and have all their retirement funds in the markets. They are old Ostrich people.
          The wife says look it’s already set to drop as much as it did on Friday. I explained to her about the day and week traders and what to look for as the market declined and when the buy orders came through it would climb.

          She was amazed how it did just that. The market will slowly decline for a few more days and then……..????

          Most likely be like a see-saw, until the asian markets go haywire on the 13th….possibly.

          I heard the market in India lost a billon dollars today, something like 1600 points.

          • Why would the Asian markets go haywire on the 13th?

            Do you know something I don’t?

        • On a side note…..I’ve been watching PM prices today.

          Gold and silver both down. But what is interesting, is that if you go to Ebay, prices for physical are higher than they were when the spot price was higher. The premiums have increased.

          Makes me wonder if we’ll see a further decoupling of the paper to physical price.

          • I’ve got just about enough saved up for another piece of gold. I have a special place I put a few bills, here and there that I didn’t need for something else. It’s like icing on a cupcake for me. I CAN have my cake and eat it too.

        • in the america of the US, and therefore, yes.

      2. Ok,
        So personally and directly a market crash means nothing other than im gonna need more popcorn,
        But indirectly and most likely to s huge degree it will eventually affect everyone as Daisy says.
        Lost money in markets
        Belts get tightened
        Less money gets spent
        If you sell a good or service your sales go down
        If someone sells less of their goods or services they spend less
        Self feeding from my viewpoint,
        But we shall see as they say

        • I think on Friday, we will know whether Braveheart needs to bug out or not. If the plunge team fails to keep the market at a minimal loss on Friday, then the futures on sunday will tell him to hit the road, or learn to speak ebonics real quick.

          • Anon, while I appreciate the thought, I’m also watching everything. I’ll know for sure when it’s time to go. No ebonics for me EVER! If someone won’t speak plain English to me, then I just ignore them.

            • Better pack your bags brave. the plunge team is loosing grip…dow down -650 again right now.. subject to change.

              • The shuck of pump is all the ebonics Braveheart will ever communicate, nymous.

                • Southron, thank you for that. I only speak English, not mumbo-jumbo or shuck-n-jive or any of that foreign crap.

                  • Learning foreign languages is a benefit, not a detriment. Especially when it helps you obtain Mexican snatch. Those whores sure know their business.

        • Getting any of those storms?

          • Is funny, the tropical depression is well away from us but we are getting an extremely wet weather system over the state, they call it an anti-cyclone, whatever that is, all i know is i could use some sunshine, been raining for weeks, only one or two days here and there that didnt rain. Too damn wet, crops rotting in the field, at least the market crops, oh well, such is life as a farmer!

            • The geese are on the move… Jack frost will be acalling in no time. C R A P.

              • Anon– Funny you should mention that. A huge flight came over our rural Oregon home this afternoon. Don’t remember canadian geese migrating in August before.

            • Due to the Coriolis effect cyclones spin counterclockwise, wind blowing in in the northern hemisphere, and cause much fog.

              Anti cyclones are just the opposite, wind blowing out, clockwise, temperature inversion, clear with no fog.

              Both will kill you.

              Cyclone will kill you worse.

              • In physics, the Coriolis effect is a deflection of moving objects when the motion is described relative to a rotating reference frame. In a reference frame with clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the left of the motion of the object; in one with counter-clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the right.


      3. Holy Crap Batman can you riddle me this PROP UP MONEY is pouring in the market! The Riddler

      4. We do NOT “invest” in a thing we cannot physically control ourselves. We only have IN the accounts, a small amount that will most likely subjected to various Prog/Marixst/Socialist haircuts.
        Great counsel Daisy and timely. WE do NOT need to “fear” the fear porn-mongers. They are as bad if not worse than the media prostitutes that sell their doom-and-gloom-panic-news.
        We need to control far more of our own personal destiny, rather than relying on the Federal Reserve OR the Administration to come “riding to the rescue”. Those are the real villians in this whole sordid mess to begin with.

        • TPS, as individuals, we are all truly on our own. We either ride to our own rescue or we’re screwed.

          • Completely agree!

        • TPS

          I used to be in the market but got out many moons ago.

          If a person is writing checks for another person to make financial decisions/investments for him. He should get out and first learn what he is investing in first.

          These financial gurus that play with your money have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

          Can a person be able to stay in the market, taking a big loss and then suffer the years needed to recoup that loss. A good portion would depend on how diversified he is in his investments. Invest in what you know best.
          There are plenty of things you can loose but to have your money evaporate right in front of your eyes. Killer.

          Ten Billion Dollars Evaporated Today. How much of it was yours?

          How much more tomorrow?

      5. Huge explosion on a US military base in Japan. Japanese Leftist radicals blamed. Not on US news as far as I can tell. 2 days old.

        • that was near Camp Zama Japan, where I graduated from High School. No injuries, so I would suspect the Red Brigade. They used to protest in front of the military bases every May 1st. in the seventies when I was there. I could always be guaranteed a good fist fight whenever I would sneak off Atsugi base on May 1st…. the good ol days. I miss them.

          • I lOve fiSt fietin. HAy HiX AER Yoo DOOINg OK. Iem liekin yur PosTs.

          • I missed being stationed at Atsugi by a paperwork mix up. I ended up at NAS Whidbey Island, in Washington State, instead.

        • It seems to be too much of this kind of activity, to be just coincidences anymore. Mishaps do occur, but not like this.

        • Read all about the Explosion, at the US military base, for the last two days since it happened, Early monday.. Prophet you need a better up to date news source, tea leaves, no longer work that well…

          Locked and loaded, definitely getting too old for this CRAP!

      6. Dow opens at 1089 points down and is presently -282. Was -100 something earlier. No way standard investors did that much buying after that much of a sell off.

        And in all reasonableness, an illegal email sent, bringing back 800+ points, does not pass the sniff test either.

        I can only conclude that major band-aids and gauze pads were stuffed in to stop the bleeding carnage by the people holding the world’s joystick..

        Heaven help you if you’re still in a 401k making you subject to the whims of the stock market and this highly unstable market. Get to the store for more supplies and then stack, stock, lock and load.

        Good luck folks.

      7. I’m ready as I can be.
        Had the wife put her accounts into Guaranteed at 3%.
        Got more silver, Ammo, Solar, panels, Food, Water purification equipment. ECT.ECT.
        I have no idea what is really going to come. So I put my faith in God and Family and pray we make it.

        We haven’t gotten to September yet. “Good Greif” the things that people are saying about Sept. this will like walk in the park.


        • I don’t have enough money to prepare. The only thing I have is two rifles, 1,000+ of 223 and maybe enough food to last a month if properly rationed.

          I guess I’m screwed…

          • No, you are not screwed.

            However you could benefit from a natural disaster: That is if someones stuff got blown on to your property, with no name, would you refuse it? It has happened. Tornadoes and such.

            Or if you found something in a common area like a field, woods,
            or met a family and team up with them.

            That sounds rude, indifferent, but, if things decline as many believe, would you not take .223/5.56 ammo from a dead body for your own use?

            Don’t despair, believe God will look after you.

            Some people who have a lot of stuff could lose everything in a day.

            • Seems like a good combination would be finding someone with food preps who needs someone with defense abilities.

          • You’re already way ahead of most people in this country [2 rifles & 1K + of .223 ammo]

            Focus on basic survival equipment / tools.
            Lots of good camping gear can be found on Craigslist.
            Check out Second Hand Stores – clothing / footwear.

            Learn basic survival skills and techniques, if you do not already acquire this knowledge.

            Stretch your monies, as far as you can on items.
            Avoid buying “new”, it is not necessary.

            Learn your surroundings [where you live], plan exit points and strategic safe spots, recognize areas to avoid.
            This is key, if you live in a highly populated city.

            Just knowing, and recognizing the signs that we as a country are in deep shit – Congratulations – you are not part of the 90% dumb downed American Idiots.

            • Thanks for the tips/suggestions.

              I live in a semi rural mountain area in southern California.

              I’m in a smaller gated community of several other communities that makes up the entire town of about 35,000 altogether when you add all the other areas up.

              The closest big cities near me in either direction is 37 miles at 350,000+ and the other is 50 miles at 270,000+.

              I don’t live in the sticks by any means, but I also don’t live in a big metropolitan area either.

              I was planning on bugging in. I just don’t see the point in bugging out, where I’m I going to go? I don’t have a secondary location. This could change if the situation becomes dire, I have two young children to consider.

              • Just make sure you keep the vehicles gassed up and jugs full to refill, to load in the vehicle with bug out bags ready.

                I am not trying to scare you or anyone; just trying to put enough fear in some people to expect the worse, and plan for it to happen at a moments notice. Having an escape plan, especially with young kids could mean the difference in surviving, if…… the west coast quakes go off simultaneously.

                Some say, the I-5 corridor, to the Pacific could be a death trap.
                Just pay attention to it and have a plan for a two day journey east, just in case.

                PS. Got spiritual preps?

                • I live on the eastern side of the I-5 corridor. I’ve got a mountain and a national forest at my back.

              • It’s hard prepping on limited funds especially with young children, believe me I know. Every two weeks when I get groceries I take an extra $20 and get basic staples to store in my emergency pantry. It doesn’t seem like much but it adds up especially If you use it a Aldis, shop n save, etc. Then when I have extra cash I use it on the other important things besides food. Just keep going your doin a lot better than most. Your kids will thank you for it. 🙂

                • Also for anyone here looking for refernece books on just about any kind of books use . You can get used books in great condition and shipping cheap especially if all your books come from the same warehouse. I’ve used them many times to get books for prepping and have never been dissapointed.

              • something to consider is that when the power goes out and stays out, your toilet will back up. You probably will not want to stay in your house.

          • MR.:
            Like FTW said you are better off than most, go to Walmart get yourself a several of bottle of water purification tables a good canteen, an emergency blanket you can get them in the sporting good section.
            that will not cost that much. You might want to get yourself a 8×12 tarp for a couple bucks also.
            N. Reb

            • Yes, those are also good suggestions. Thanks!

              I was planning on bugging in. But having bug out bags is a smart idea.

          • Mr. A
            You are ahead of many. You are smart enough to take suggestions from the folks here.

            Water Purification is a must. Life straws are around $20.00 Something to start a firer to keep warm, A good knife (X2) Get some books on cleaning animals and cooking game. Get a small fishing pole an some extra hooks.

            You might want to join a group of like minded people.

      8. Thanks Mac & Daisy for an article that might actually help someone. But… everyone here has this info already. The 97% that could use it either can’t read or would have no clue how to use any of it. Sad to say.

        Kula you’re right. I’ve got a few 5 gal. buckets of popcorn but I’m going out to fill a couple more!!
        molon labe

        • And add the Foxfire series to the list.
          molon labe

        • Where are you in WI, Could use all the teammates I can? I’m in the SE corner

          • I am in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

            • It’s beautiful by the river. You are a good 2-3hr drive from me though

          • We are in the Milwaukee area if you are close.

            • Near paddock Lake

          • 45 miles north of milw. give or take.
            molon labe

            • Sheboygan area here!

              • I’d love to meet some of you guys/gals. Wish there was a way to send private messages

      9. Long term preparation would be needed so our kids won’t go through the casino industry made by the international money exchangers worldwide or each generation will experience the same while the master pigs aka the international bankster cartel live in their mansions and worry free life.

        Elimination of the elites and their cartel worldwide using extreme measures.

      10. The market won’t completely crash, because they have said they will close the stock exchange when it’s down 7%.

        • No, they will close it when it drops 20%.

          They will suspend it for 15 minutes if it drops 7%.

      11. Ok boys and girls. This was just a warm up. We’ll be green tomorrow (maybe today) and have a few more green days soon.

        The catch to all this is, is that now main stream articles are saying stock up on stuff. Of course if you’re HERE then stocking up is old news, isn’t it? 🙂

        I would say top off. If you’ve been slacking then get to unslacking.

        Haven’t been to the range in awhile (ME!!!), then do a quick clean on your favorite bang sticks and get to the range.

        Haven’t rotated your food/water/whatever in awhile, make plans to do it soon. That will also show you what holes you have in your supplies.

        September is coming. Maybe a larger crash, maybe nothing. Better to sit back with your favorite beverage and watch the show then to be scrambling with the rest of John F’d Public.

        • No more scrambling other than the occasional eggs!

        • What can you do when you make shit money working at job and have less then $1,000?

          Not a whole lot in my opinion…

          • MR. A
            Yard and garage sales.
            I pick up 20 LBS. propane bottles for around $5.00, and get them traded in at Wal-Mart for under $20.00. I use them on my Stoves and heaters. Fishing equipment for next to nothing.
            I have even picked up 12 volt inverters and water pumps.
            You can make a water filter using PVC, Coffee Filter, sand, Look it up on you tube.

            • Sgt. Dale and Mr. A.

              I agree on those yard and garage sales, but don’t forget the Flea Markets or Swap Meets.

              You have to get out and look. A thousand dollars would set you up real good in gear. Now if you want to buy all new stuff you are going to pay for it. But the USED but Not ABUSED gear goes a long way. Yes there are items that need to be new. Look up on line to get an idea what the new cost of the item and work from there.

              Get up and go early. There are more people picking up survival and camping gear. I see them carrying the items to their cars.

      12. Stock Market Circuit Breakers as follows:

        S&P falls 7% all trading stops for 15 minutes. Change your shirt
        S&P falls 13% all trading stops for another 15 minutes. Change your shirt again and maybe your shorts
        S&P falls 20% all trading suspended for the rest of the trading day. Pour yourself a drink after you change your shirt and your shorts…again

      13. “This is not the end, its not the beginning of the end, it is however the end of the beginning”.

        Winston Churchill at the start of the Battle Of Britain.

        The fact is the banksters will resume their tried and true “solution” which is pour on more fiat money through the banks into equities. Relative inflation discounting food is low (oil) so they have some breathing room. This is not the end; its just the start.

      14. Is popcorn considered a good long term survival prep food? How long can you live off popcorn?……

        • Pelagra was a common cause of death in the 1920s down south. It was a vitamin deficiency caused by a diet dominated by corn and corn products. It starts with severe skin problems, then severe mental illness, and ends with death.

          You need a balanced diet.

          • Don’t sweat the pellagra, Archivist. One multiple vitamin tablet daily plus one vitamin C 50 mg daily. Eat fried rabbit, mashed potatoes and gravy. Boil up some poke salad greens (dandelions and stuff). Go hunting. Doesn’t cost much, tastes good if you’re hungry. I still eat it every day and I’m not hungry. Make deer jerky.

            Be well and load a couple hundred rounds per week.
            Big bore is best and everyone has a .22, I hope.

            • My dad used to say that “poke salad” was whatever he could find, while poking around looking for something to shoot…That was his idea of “one-stop-shopping”

      15. So, I should go ahead and take that last $15 I have in the bank out?? (better yet ill use it to fill up a gas can) Looks like this isn’t going to end well. The problem is the talking bimbos on the idiot box keep telling the lotus eaters of this world that everything is fine. (And they believe them!!) Have you tried to wake some of these people up to the fact that this will not end well?? My friends all thought I was crazy when I decided to move to the country to an off grid cabin in the woods two years ago, still not 100% ready but at least I don’t have to walk among them. God bless and prep on!

        • Living away from the crowds is where its at collapse or no, just the peace and serenity that surrounds you is priceless, thats the one reason why i keep thinking i need to ditch tech and just embrace the quiet and get rid of all the bad input,,,

          • Nothing like solitude.

          • 6750 ft up on top of a mountain lends some perspective that’s for sure, The quiet is great for the sole. We still have to work during the week. On the weekends we work for ourselves, gathering firewood learning how to grow food etc. Freedom at least for me is eliminating the need for outside inputs. We have just enough solar power to be comfortable running our house. Woodstove for heat, well for our water. Growing some vegetables for food. Every year is easier than the year before.

            • Quiet is definitely good, is one of my favorite things about farming, i pretty much hate leaving the farm because when im here at home im at peace, there is something great about growing your own food, just tastes better!
              Sounds like you folks are in the right spot, enjoy

              • My gardening is not that great, but I’ve got laying hens. Getting about 8 to 12 eggs a day.

                • Cool, must be nice,,
                  I just ordered 30 female and 10 male day old chicks from mcmurray
                  Got dark cornish
                  Are supposed to be good foragers and are a solid meat bird and can snag eggs, we dont eat a lot of eggs, hens are supposed to be good brooders for growing the numbers. Am crossing my fingers that they make it, should ship about the middle of this next month, they are selling out quick from what i see on the site, availability changed on successive hatches since i ordered, guess people are buying chickens now.

                  • Anybody ever tried buying some fresh eggs from another farmer, and incubating your own stock?

                    • Six, I’ve been selling a lot of fresh eggs for that purpose. More and more people raising chickens around here these days.

      16. I thought that quote was from when the allies invaded North Africa.

      17. Heard, a radio host/investment advisor, go on a radio show here in Miami and say, “there is nothing that long term investors have to worry about. Don’t listen to the media. The fear is causing the instability.” If you have money invested with these clowns, yank it out.

        • Yea, when the wife’s company was bought out by India they came over and said, “Don’t be paranoid, don’t be paranoid, everything will stay the same”. She knew right then that nothing would stay the same, in fact, the whole thing went to India.

        • All the talking heads are saying the same thing on CNBC but these are the same clowns who said China markets wouldn’t effect Wall Street, go figure…

      18. Everything is going to plan. This is all happening because someone wants it to.

      19. Is that a BIG ORANGE SIGN I JUST SAW?

        Let me get out my SHTF calculator. We are literally in the what i like to call, THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON.


        Here is somthing for the It, financial, teck stock market types on ths site who prep.

        350,000,000/48 States=7,291,000/re-crunch/50-75-150,000 per state depending on water supply, food in relation to Dumb F..ks/None preppers/Government loves me types per region=3-5,000,000 and and average of 50-100,000 per state=1000 acreas per person and pleny of living space post shtf.

        Like Cliff High from said. People will loose bladder control. you all need to get the new alta report. It shows that milliions of people will die over the next 5-12 years in the US.

        Jesazzzz Koverist. This means that post calapse, the city air will be unbreathable from all the garbage, rotting and decaying stinking dead bodies all over all the major cities, meaning that, the DUMB-F…k survivors, these are the New Preppers, who were not preppers, who jus scavenged, tore up the restaurants, fast food joints, distribution centers, possible white, middle class, people who laughed at us prepper types, who went, damn, lets get all the food and water now, we are clearing the f…k out of town to the country. Now we can see if we awesome preppers who were able to GTFOT, GET THE F… OUT OF TOWN TYPES. then we preppers can see literally, get this millions, 50,000,000 plus, fleeing the cities, jamed up on the freeways with Jade Helm 15, russian and chinses soldiers at check points grabbing people, shooting the men point blank range and grabbing women and children off the freeways, gun ships and drones all the sky, tanks, and other military equipment suddenly rolled out on the streets of all the major cities shooting the men on all the major freeways in all the major cities. Trapped Patriots, veterans and Local Red Necks and new Freedom fighters of all races, black, white, hispanic, asain and other unreconizable nationals that we dont or cant tell wtf? there are, now engaged in gun battles against one another. The kind of situation, that even tough guys like myself litterally loose bladder control, and piss my pants at the mere taught of it. As we literally witness the first stage of calapse.

        HELL ONFRICKING EARTH AND THE END OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH AS WE KNOW IT IS NOW LITERALLY UP IN OUR FACES, JESUS HELP OUR SORRY ASSES THAT WE are in the 3-5,000,000 shtf survivors. Then comes Planet X, Nibiru showing up in April 2016, tips the poles on the plante 24′, erases the planets magnetic field, meltdown the ice caps and causes 1000 mph fu.///i…g winds trashing up the entire city centers of the all countries of the globe. Flooding, windstorm, hail, Hurricane, sunamis, etc, Crop destruction, anmimals running and migrating to the center of the Country to safe areas, futher depleting animal stocks in coastline cites, leaving the only avaible meat source to eat, fat, larger over women and men who did not prep, now the new food source to sustain the Dred Lock and lantino, ganstar drug dealing survivors.

        Martial law is now implemented, the Natzi cabal suspends the election, and congratulate Donal Trump for his PR stunt, and he laughs his ass off because he happy to finally see the New World Oder commensing. Mr, you should see what we do to tritors, in regard to Edward Snowden. The drones have the locations of the people of interest and begin tactical strikes in broad daylight on veterans, patriots, whites, etc. MS 13, he mexican army, the jihadist enter Texas and start launch attacks, russain pulls into the Texas guld and does and anphibian invasion, China attacks Texas with the Mexacn army from the south, the russians come down from Colorado from the East North and south. Not a nice time or place to be in as i see.

        The un prepared survivors become canibals and begin to eat each other for food. Ted Turner and his elite buddies sit back and watch the show go down from satiltes in orbit and the cleansing procees commenses in time for the Hunger Games reset. The survivors run to the outskirts of the city to allow the rotting decalying bodies to finish decomposing, to return to scavange the abundance of resurces, batteries, etc

        I have good reasons why i prep. I just dont have any confidence in govenment and am no convinved that covernment and city officials, etites etc are busy sitting around worry thier entitles asses off worry about me not eating or having a hard time. Or i am being too paranoid. Agency ass clowns think that you all are so dumb to relax and so that they can steer thinking by convine shtf-effers that i have bad grammar and can’t spell.




        • Heckuva story HCKS, not sure what to make of it. We know something’s coming but I’d take The Walking Dead scenario over what you just said.
          Ready here.
          OK, by Friday I’ll be ready. Can it hold out that long?

          BTW, screen name, just a tv thing. should have separated the words..
          ketchup on demand…too much discovery and nat. geo.stuff.

          • Ketchup, it might be more like “One Second After” or “Lights Out”.

          • HCKS is full of bologna. He’s always posting long winded nonsense posts here. Just ignore him/her.

            • I did ignore Hcks rambling babble post, blew right over the BS like an airboat. Weeeeee…


        • Gosh darn HCKS — you type fast!

      20. Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire.

        • hcks, we’ve been looking all over Houston for you. We have reserved a seat for you on Niburu when it gets close enough to board via the secret mind control surf boards we’ve stashed away for those of us in the ” know.” We’re making sure you’ll be sitting next to Dave Hodges and your scientist friend, you know, the one whose name can never be mentioned lest the Earth be ravaged by brain eating dreadlock zombies, you know, THAT scientist friend. By the way, we have been able to confirm that Ted Turner is indeed and has been a cannibal for years now, so he’s looking forward to some fine dinning once the shtf next April. Stay on your normal frequency as we may need to transmit additional instructions to you without delay.

          Agency Azz Clowns;

          Looking forward to total destruction in April 2016

          Don’t You Just Love It,

          wtf shfter’s?

      21. And just when you think that this may all be a bunch of bul…h…t. A free energy inventer gets a phone call from a Tv morning show, calling him raising hell on his ass telling him, that he needs to buy up all the free energy electrical devices now, the free energy inventor declines his offer, Host hangs up on him pissed and then calls him back asking him nicely if he could allow him to send him a truck to empty his entire store inventory, the owner declines. Store owner inventor is told by said talk show host, that the elites are getting everything in place to plug the plug. Its obvious that its a planned calapse. The inventor tells us that we will be needing electicity to power up devices, because he was told that the grid will go down, and obvious planned EMP ATTACK on all our major cites, “planned” it seems.
        Looks like the 90% reduction and staged 3-5,000,000 end game is going right on schedule. You be the judge, listen to what he had to say.

        See link and listen to this audio. Beem sleeping sound lately, let me interupt your sleep from now on.



        no nice news around, here only doom and bloom.

        • I remember hearing that segment in the radio here in houston.

      22. Dow Futures neg. 747

        747 coming out of the sky
        Oh won’t take down to Memphis on a midnight ride.


        • Slingshot, you bring back memories for me with those lyrics, especially CCR, one of my favorite groups. I saw them in concert in my senior year. Put on a helluva show.

          • Braveheart:
            CCR has the perfect song for us A Bad Moon On The Right.
            Oh by the way I thought you were in your senior year(s) now?…..LOL.
            N. Reb

            • Bad moon rising is the name, and I have said for a while that song is the best song for a shtf event. Heck who wants to vote for the official shyf song?

              • Oops…meant shtf. That’s what I get for typing with a tiny phone keyboard

              • On AM radio it sounded more like “There’s a bathroom on the right.”

                • I saw CCR in 1970 with Tony Joe White, singin Polk Salad Annie.

                  When CCR came out with the song “Lodi”, I thought the lyrics went…”oh Lord, I’m suckin’ on your thigh again”.

                  Pretty cheap radio and speakers on the ole Galaxie 500.

                • 🙂

      23. Keep prepping and get those last minute preps you have avoided.

      24. 70’s song come to mind:
        “We only just begun” by the Carpenters.
        I really think this week will tell us, if the markets of the world keep going down, if we will have a repeat of the 1929 stock market crash. I do believe it will be but a short time after that (the crash) like months or maybe weeks we will be in a DEPRESSION worst than the 30’s Depression. I pray I’m dead wrong.
        I’m ready, I hope we all have our stuff ready to go.

        Dehydrating apples right now.
        Just put away 20 gallons of drinking water today.
        Canning some more veggies, I hope Friday and Saturday.
        Picked up some more 22’s.
        Rolled out the last of my 45ACP’s (still have to do 9mm’s). All rifle ammo done.
        Solar panels hooked up and charging batteries now.
        Just split about 1/2 cord of new firewood. Gives me 4 1/2 cords of well seasoned wood.
        New pipes on wood burning stoves.
        N. Reb

        • NR, still stacking myself. Picked up some more .22 and .30 Carbine at the last gun show a month ago. My next big purchase is a new 12-ga. pump, Mossberg 500 or 590. 6 cords of wood are stacked at the BOL now. My cousin just got finished replacing the batteries for the solar system and installed a new Flojak hand pump for the well. Still have the creek out back as a backup source of water. What I have left to move now is just enough to fill up the truck for bugout. The woodstove at the cabin was just replaced 2 years ago along with the pipe. Cabin was totally remodeled 3 years ago. everything is in top condition there. Bugout time can’t come soon enough for me.

          • BRAVEHEART:
            Sounds like you are ready, I hope and pray it does not come to TSHTF, but it does not look good. I’m even going to the dentist Wednesday to get a tooth pulled before it gets worse. Not taking any chances.
            I’m not bugging out I’m stay here. My place is the 1st. bug out location for 6 families that are my group
            and my folks place is the same for about 6 or more families, they are my brothers group of preppers.
            Even if we have to bug out to some place else, I’m not leaving, I guess you can call me the rear guard. That better than some rears I have been called!;-}

          • BRAVEHEART;
            The Mossberg 500 is a great shotgun for the price. I have several. One thing I like about them is unscrew the barrel and shake out the plug rod and you have a 5 in the tub and one in the chamber.
            Plus easy to clean and parts are handy because so many have been sold.
            another thing you can get all different types of barrel for it.
            Good luck on our purchase.
            N. Reb

        • Karen Carpenter was a terrific singer. Only a few in history have had absolute perfect pitch. Of course, nowadays, we can digitally manufacture talent where none actually exists, ie Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and every damn rap star in the world.
          That said, I was thinking of a different 70s song. Anybody remember the “Eve of Destruction”?
          Or some vintage Head East- “Save my life I’m goin’ down for the last time…”

          • SMOKIN:
            Your showing our age there my friend!;-}
            N. Reb

            • Brave and Reb,as a mossy 500 fan love the interchangable barrels but the best thing I did was add a Knoxx recoil stock,handles 3′ all day long with ease,a great investment you use em a lot,am considering a set of ghost rings,anyone use em and like em?

          • “Eve of Destruction” was done by Barry McGuire in 1965. He had just left the New Christy Minstrels.

            • I would love to see your record collection.
              I too have a pretty good collection and mix.
              As a young kid at the beginning of the sixties, Mom and Dad were early twenties. Dad liked a lot of country and Mom was sock hop and love songs. I always had music to listen to. When the Beatles came along, we had a Hi-Fi console stereo and Dad got a promotion, so a record player went in the old 59 Ford and Mom kept stacks of 45s by the stereo.

              We were kinda poor, but we had music. In 1967 Mom left and we kept a bunch of her records. we played them all night as Dad worked the night shift. Now those old tunes bring back some sad and sweet memories. Most of the records got destroyed when 8 track came along. I still got boxes full of 8 tracks and 33s.

              • I don’t even know how many records I own, but it’s in the thousands. I have records, tapes, CDs, and computer files going all the way back to the 1880s. I even have one recording from 1869. A scientist was studying sound waves and recorded a woman singing “Clare De Lune.” He recorded it as wavy lines on a soot-covered paper. Someone recently scanned it and converted it back into sound. It doesn’t sound very good, but it’s amazing that you could retrieve sound from marks on a sooty piece of paper.

                You can find almost anything you want in the Usenet newsgroups. Get the Newsrover software and a subscription to Giganews. I’ve gotten over 15,000 really old 78s in MP3 and FLAC format in the past two weeks. You can also get old movies and old TV shows. I just got some episodes of “The Untouchables” this morning.

                I don’t bother much with new records. You can’t even say the names of some of those records in mixed company, let alone play them.

                The best recent record I’ve heard is “Word Crimes” by Weird Al Yankovic: ht tps://

                • Yea, I knew you had some gems.

                  If not in this life, maybe we can get together in the next, and just listen.

                  Glad to make your acquaintance on the net at least and thanks for sharing.

                  As far as i can go back is some old 78’s that grandma collected and Dad got them in inheritance with the old Victrola. Playing it as a kid, i couldn’t appreciate them.

                  My cousin came to vist one summer and brought a 45 of Elvis singing Hound Dog, and the only way we had to play it was on that ole hand cranker. We thought it sounded great.

        • There’s a movie on DVD called “1408”. It’s a supernatural horror flick, centered around room 1408 in an old hotel. The trick is for the horror book author to stay in the room for 24 hours. “We’ve only just begun” by the Carpenters is it’s calling card. If there was such a thing as a gateway to hell on earth, this room would be it.

          Watch the movie IF you dare.

      25. “It’s just a small correction and nothing to worry about”
        Yep, and Arizona has a great Pacific Ocean views..

        Normalcy bias is keeping the sheeple quiet and happy. Unfortunately most won’t wake up until there’s no food water and looters are breaking down their doors..

        • I couldn’t have said it better myself.

          Even here of all places you see comments from people saying this isn’t a big deal and doesn’t really affect anybody.

          It looks like normalcy bias has even crept up in the prepper community.

          • Part of my – Preppers 10 Commandments:

            #8 “other peoples problems, can and will become your problems”.

            [in essence: never, ever think otherwise]

      26. Slingshot, you have me laughing, thats a good one. Hopefully i am not responsible for run on the ammo. Me like everyone else, has heard it from the horses mouth. No one knows the exact date when it will hit in September. I was told by my scientist that by Novermber, people will literally be on the streets in mass, raising hell on earth, and he is not sure why, its just what he was told. Food and water shortage, civil war, revolution, uprising? etc. Who knows. All that crap i am tryping up, its what i am being told is likely to commense.

        I don’t know this much, if the grid is taken down, dileberately or not, once it goes down, it will trigger according to my scientits friend, The One Second After event. It will be like what i just posted. He said that this book, One second After is the actual research done on the effects of EMP and what to expect if the grid goes down. So we need to be ready. Any one without food and water is completely screwed. If the stock market is crashing right now, and we know it’s and engineered crahs involving Russia, China, and the US cabal, then we need to get ready.



        One Second After,

        One second closer to Sh..t street.

      27. …my wife thought I was nuts buying gold/silver/copper/lead and the long storage food stuff. With the market checking out like it is doing…she finally gets it. My only worry is water here in the bay area.

      28. At the rate California is sinking we can’t entirely rule out the possibility of Arizona someday having a great Ocean View. Long shot…but possible. thanks

      29. I think I heard that the trading on the Dow is suspended if it drops below 10%.

      30. Next up you will see Janet Yellen in front of Congress making the same statement as the other bankster elite did: “There’s going to be tanks in the streets by next(insert weekday name here) if we don’t pump moar fist into the system!!!”

        Uh, yeah. And all QE4 will do is prop up Wall Street like it did in 2008.
        Watched a zombie show on AMC Sunday evening- “Fear The Walking Dead”. Cripes- if ever there was a show that was a primer for getting prepared-that show certainly was it.

        I got a new show for AMC to develop and put on the cable: “Fear The Walking Fed”. Only instead of miscellaneous people made up to look rotted-have them all dressed up in suits and ties, mumbling “CNBC…Cramer…Kudlow…FBNC….CNN…” That type of show would scare anyone.
        Be well.
        Oh…one more thing…was in Wally World the other day-found an adapter that’ll couple to the 40 pound Propane tanks, and allows you to refill the smaller 1 pound bottles. Works well, just be sure to RTFM.

      31. Dow Futures

        Plus 102 points.

        • Oh, and FYI… The Underground Medic website is not to be found… Isuspect that there will be other preppers that will go MIA in the nearfuture. How’s about Jeremiah Johnson… haven’t seen anything from him lately either… keep your powder dry… Kula, hope that storm skips by you.

          • I just checked, and the Underground Medic site works.

            ht tp://

      32. AAAAAAAyyYYYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!! OHHHHH NOOOOO were all gonna die. AW GAWD how awful. MY what will we do? AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW HHHHHHHEEEEEEE BWWWWWAAAAAAAAA help us! ooooooohhh nnooooooo noooot thaaat …..

        The sky fell on my head and I’m gonna die. AAAAAAAAAIIIII!!!

      33. I would like to add USCrow along with Hogwartsschoolof medicine to prep sites on Daisy’s list.Crow will help you greatly on the defense end and hog will give great info/training on grid down medicine,both worth a view folks!

      34. I have food for years and supplies for a long while.
        However, a friend from Arizona called today and told me banks would be closed soon???? When?
        She said her informant didn’t say, just soon and get all money out of banks.

        Well, I don’t have money in banks.

        I did go to IGA and bought a 50 lb. bag of potatoes, a bag of sweet potatoes, a few cabbages, turnips, bags of onions–things I didn’t grow this year. (I have sweet potatoes just as a lark to see if I could grow some in a raised bed. :-))

        Oh, and fresh fruit was just not in my price range–
        $3 strawberries and $5 bag of oranges?? Naahh.

        When it hits, get vegetables and potatoes. Nutrition is important.

      35. Once again, yes the market is rocking and so is social disorder
        and the nations, edging closer and closer to armed conflict.

        Our plate is full.

      36. Last week when we were closing on our house- we were selling-, we were told there was a delay earlier in the day. All house sales and money transactions go through the federal reserve. Luckily it came back up, we sold and “pocketed” our gains in the bank. Now what to do with it!!! I am not sure it is safe in the bank, talking $260,000. We want to move to middle, southern Tn. Living in an apartment till my daughter graduates. Any ideas?

        • southern middle tennessee is a great place to be.

          stay out of the big cities.

          find a nice small town USA.

          We like it here.

      37. A little of topic: at 7:30 central time all Asian markets were down 1 to 4%. They are looking good.
        Looks like the ride is about to get rough.
        N. Reb

      38. Went to WM this evening to top off supplies…TP, paper towels, canned food, water. The store isles were plugged full of pallets of new stock. When I first saw it, I was like what genius put this stuff blocking the isles…then I saw it was everywhere in the store.
        I also inquired about AR’s…the employee said they don’t sell AR’s. All those AR’s for $500 sold out REAL quick. I gpt the impression that they are not going the carry them anymore.

      39. How to survive,why,eat the brokers that jump out the windows of course,long pig,it’s what’s for dinner!

      40. Like my maverick 88 nice smooth action just a good basic shotty. Takes 3 inch loads I think that’s overkill though but hey if I come across some during a shortage it will work. Would like to get a 590 though but the 88 is sufficient as it will mostly pull guard duty in the house so it won’t see rough conditions. Grew sweet potatoes this year gonna have 30lbs or more come harvest time. My garden and fruit trees produce so much I don’t buy produce anymore just meats grains juices really. I don’t hunt but might this year got me a decent crossbow and the shotgun of course there is no rifle hunting around here. Have a buddy who used to be a butcher and hunts and processes all his own meat. I’m fond of back strap and sausage.

      41. Talk about fucking paranoia…

        Were there riots for any of the market crashes? Who’s going to riot?

      42. Watched CNN and CNBC for first time in years today. Then went over to Fox for a bit.. Very little info on world market crash today.. It is stunning how information is being skewed to the masses. All they were really talking about was Trump and HilLary, and oh yes those brave American terrorist beaters. The depth of denial in our country is breathtaking. I feel like I am living in an alternate reality, the world is crashing around our ears and very few seem to give a rats ass, unbelievable. Went and had two of my rifles bore sighted , zeroing them agian at range tomorrow. Bought 500.00 of emergency food, and ordered a good solar watch I have been looking at.Picking up extra 1000 rounds of Ar, and 250 rounds for my 308. Feel like I have very little time to finish preps. I also ordered a cast iron wood stove and am picking up 4 cords of wood this weekend. I hate feeling this paranoid but damn how can one take a sane look at our world and not be. God bless and protect you all in the coming weeks.

      43. From Money.CNN “It may be safe to wade back into stocks Tuesday with one note of caution: China is still in deep turmoil.”

        Dow +478.00 / +3.04%
        Level 16,187.00
        Data as of 5:39am ET

        So we take a 1000 point drop in the first 10 minutes of trading the day before and this is what they are telling us??? How stupid do these people think we are???

      44. Those silly Chinese. Always having troubles with their indexes. I have to agree with Big Blue. The people dispensing news, AKA the talking heads, are living in an alternative universe.

        Chinese and Japanese close for today. So the reason we dropped off so far Monday was ’cause of the problems in China and today the 7.63% drop isn’t a big deal. Totally defies logic.

        Market Indexes
        Index Value Change Change %
        Data as of 08-25-2015
        Shanghai 2,964.97 -244.88 -7.63
        Nikkei 225 17,806.70 -733.98 -3.96

      45. I think we are in the midst of a dead cat bounce. It will rebound today, but by week’s end it will push downward. China cutting it’s rates won’t help. My guess is that behind the scenes the FED told investors “we aren’t really raising rates”, we just wanted to see what would happen if there really was a possibility.

      46. Check out the media this morning. ALL IS WELL! ALL IS WELL! You’ve got to be kidding me! Does a 1000 pt drop “just happen”? A HISTORIC drop means something!

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