How To Prep Your Dog & Keep It Calm During Fireworks

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 20 comments

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    It’s been said that dogs become so afraid of fireworks that they think they are going to die. If you’re a dog owner, you have probably experienced attempting to coax your four-legged friend out from under your bed when things go boom. Some dogs are worse than others, but all fear the loud booms of the fireworks show, so here’s how to keep them calm.

    Studies by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals show more dogs run away in July than in any other month. Loud booms will cause a dog to bolt off and become afraid.

    Veterinarian Marty Becker, who founded an initiative called Fear Free and works with State Farm to spread the word about preventing and alleviating anxiety in pets says dogs do not react well to fireworks. “A lot of times these dogs will self-mutilate. I’ve had dogs come in that have run through a plate-glass window. They think they’re going to die, and when you think you’re going to die, you do crazy things,’’ she said.

    Some dogs are more susceptible to loud booms than others. Border collies and chihuahuas are two breeds that should be watched more closely, especially if this is your first fireworks show with your dog. It’s hard to say how they will react.

    DO: watch for the telltale signs of a scared dog: shivering, shaking, panting, salivating, yawning, and trying to hide are some of those indications. Frightened dogs may also lick their lips repeatedly or get rigid and stiff. Some dogs will cling to their owner or defecate on themselves out of fear.

    DON’T: take them with you to a fireworks display.  Dogs will feel much more comfortable in their own environment.  Close the blinds of the house and the windows to minimize the sounds outside.

    DO: play some classical or reggae music while the fireworks are going on.  This type of music can block out some of the sounds that make your dog fearful.

    DON’T: rely on desensitizing.  This process can take months or even years, and I’ve found that it just doesn’t work with my border collie.  She hides under the bed or runs off if she’s outside.

    DO: try to coax the dog out from under the bed with a toy rather than grabbing them.  When they get scared, they can bite.

    DO: try throwing a ball for your dog or going for a very long walk to tire them out early in the day.  If they are tired enough, they just might sleep through the noise.

    If your dog is one that’s sensitive to the loud booms, you may just have to make the decision to watch fireworks from home.  I have to do this every year just to make sure my dog doesn’t hurt herself because she’s just one of those dogs who is more”gun shy” than average. I’ve personally had some success with a few of these tips. My dog responds well to the music and I have found that giving her a lot of exercise during the day works well too. It’s not perfect, and she still shakes uncontrollably, but if I’m there, she does a lot better than if I leave her in the house alone.

    Keep your dog safe this holiday! They are like family to some of us.


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      1. The last couple dogs we had, we exposed them gradually when they were puppies. Show them that theirs nothing to fear. We never had a problem after that. In fact they would sit outside with us while while the fireworks where being shot off. The dogs were calm as could be.

      2. This article is about as retarded as the one that says how to make coffee when power is out. If shtf I’d rather the retards die out. On no did I use the r word?

        • Pickles,
          I’ve noticed articles aimed at city people seem to be aimed
          at lower IQs.
          I’ve been around dogs (my dogs have always been outside dogs)and fireworks as long as I can remember.
          Seems like a no brainer.
          The animals deal with it.

          • Deal with it?? You’re as clueless as they come. Outside Dogs? Oh nvm that goes along with low IQ’s.

      3. It is sad to see that we have bred the spine out of dogs. It is especially sad in the hunting breeds. My mother-in-law’s Golden Retriever is terrified of fireworks and thunder – a breed that is supposed to sit beside you while you fire a 12 gauge. I give her hell over not training him. He is a worthless eater.
        Most modern dogs have become the canine version of the cuckold metro sexual. Real Betas. Pity


        • Worthless?? You obviously have issues

      4. This would have been a good plug, for your many marijuana products.

        • *snicker*

      5. Border collies are great dogs. Had a few. They were accustomed to sitting behind me out back when shooting since they were pups. But there are different types of sounds in firecrackers and bottle rockets. Whistles, pops, bangs and hisses are not the same sounds as shooting. The last dog was fine. This dog does not like fire crackers and will scratch at the door to go in. If he’s already in, he will try to lay under my legs or sit in my lap. It’s hilarious to me, not so funny for him. But he’s my best friend so I accommodate him.

      6. All the illegal alien cementers, mechanics, and landscapers let their dogs run loose, played awful karaoke, lit fireworks, and drove drunk, a day early.

        Now “working”.

        One squat sounded like there was some kind of Santeria ritual gonna happen, with a door wide open, while I was walking my dog. Empty of all furniture and carpeting, but with speaker cabinets going up the walls.

      7. love watching the pundits on the msm complain about the independence day celebration calling it a maga rally. didnt see one maga hat or trump shirt. just patriotic stuff like flags and continental soldier get ups. they are really butthurt over the two tanks that are on display not even driving down the street. they look like such asses cus nothing they are saying jives with what people are seeing.

      8. My dogs if they hear boom think its a gunshot and come a running to see what ive killed. maybe a housecat they can mangle. or some game amimal they expect to get some tasty tidbits when I dress it out.

        • Same here. Boom means retrieve for my master. And you should see the look when I miss!

      9. I bought a 40 dollar police trade in vest, front panel ,some silicon glue an some Velcro straps , and made my dog , a second chance.

      10. Or Bullet safe.

      11. Mans best friend.

      12. CBD OIL has relieved my dog of his fireworks fear. Be sure its gmo free. A good one is bluegrass hemp oil.

      13. We live 40 miles out of the city. But close to a lake where other people do fireworks.
        Used to, fireworks were done in the 4th of July evening.
        This year it started on July 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.
        Each night very loud ones went off and cannons.
        We have two dogs that got loose a couple of times. They do not try to eat farmers cattle or bother anyone.
        They were caught, crated, beat and starved for over a week before I found them.
        One male called saying his girlfriend was mad because he took off their collars. Hm.
        Another ( same guy I believe) said he had cows and looked at them through his scope )
        Right. I am pretty sure they were shot at for fun because they had ptsd by the time I got them back.
        Since then , the sound of a gun or fireworks will set them off. They run and hide in the house. Have accidents ( pee and other sometimes ) and shake, pant to the point of where it looks like they are going to have a heart attack ( yes some dogs around this area already have had heart attacks because of stupid fireworks ) eyes larger and are scared to death. They are inside. I never leave them out anymore because of what happened before. These are 80 pound dogs.
        They go out to do their thing and come back in with me not far away.
        I called the sheriff dept. because some of the fireworks are not “ legal”. They tell me it’s only the 4 th of July. And never come out.
        My dogs have to put up with this crap. This year for 4 days.
        Vet says give them a diazepam. That doesn’t help either. I do several things to try and help them.
        So, not all dogs are well adjusted to booms and bangs.
        Dogs also can have PTSD. Like mine.
        I still remember the guy with the scope.
        When shtf comes, it isn’t going to be pretty.
        There is one behind every tree as they say here. This is one fked up state here.

      14. This site is/has gone to the dogs.

        Is it censorship?

        No new articles showing up on my screen.

        Well you know, dogs pick up on the emotions of the people around them. If our dogs looked confused or a little scared by the unfamiliar sounds of gunfire or fireworks, we kids would pet our dogs, reassuringly, and then let them work it out on their own, without a lot of hoopla.

        People who make a big deal out of stupid shit do it because they don’t have any real problems.

        If you don’t have any real problems then you need to find something in life that fulfills your need for purpose.

        There are real problems but most people are unable to find a way to tackle those issues. And when they try, they soon become overwhelmed.

        It seems that censorship of ideas is making it harder to fight the system. But actually, it is just proof that our sharing of ideas was effective, so effective that the powers that be couldn’t tolerate them.

        When one door closes, another opens.

        Go write your story. Leave a record for your great great great grandchildren of what life was really like for you. If you don’t tell your story, somebody else will; and they won’t tell it the way it was.



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