How To Avoid These “Rookie Prepper Mistakes” That Could Get You Killed

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 66 comments

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    So you’ve been convinced that there are many major threats that humanity faces… and you’ve decided to get prepared. You’ve decided to survive.

    That’s great. But there are many pitfalls and potential mistakes that newbies and long-term preppers alike should be wary of.

    But getting ready for unrealistic doomsday scenarios means that many preppers are focusing on the wrong problems, and will end up ill prepared.

    Too many gadgets, not enough time learning to use them. Too much expensive gear, and not enough essentials, or at least not enough to last when you need it.

    Be practical, be thorough, but focus on the scenarios that are most likely to hit your local area – with natural disasters being perhaps the most likely in the real world, but complex conspiracies and apocalyptic mega disasters ranking much further down the line.

    You are not prepping to save the world – though you can try in your spare time. You are prepping to keep you and yours alive, safe and prepared to thrive in the aftermath.

    What real world crisis are actually likely to strike in your neighborhood and affect you?

    And your preps don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Just the bare basics and the right mentality could be more valuable than features and high-end gear.

    This guy focused on how many useful or life-saving materials he could easily fit into a survival pill bottle, with the things lying around his house, spending no more than $1.

    Which items would you include? And what do you think are the most important detail items for an emergency.

    Often times laying low, bugging in, and staying off the radar are more important than heroic, firepower or bold cross-country adventures.

    Something to think about anyway.

    25 Survival Myths That Could Actually Hurt You

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      1. Don’t get AIDS and you’ll survive preppers.

      2. Prepping to save the world/thrive in the aftermath?!Nope,prep because a poster here promises a end of the world deck party and feel it is my DUTY as a US citizen to bring some quality #7 to the party!Well,that and provide some non federal ammo to the other party goers and warn em about any home made lawn ornaments like jockeys/deer/gnomes ect.

        • Your name says it all. Can’t wait to blast some fool, huh? Typical. Can’t wait to see how
          many posters talk about blasting folks. Sick. Very sick. Shows the mentality of the worst
          of the worst paranoid types. Many of those here are boasting about wanting to shoot
          people. This is by no means normal. Yes, I am questioning your mental health.

          • Anonymous the newest Troll is surfing here again. A clueless agitator. Nice plan Warchild.

          • I used to have a grizzly huge rattle snake head with a coyote fur head, that I bought mail order hanging from my rear view mirror. It was kind of cute, in a kind of I’m a bit Mad Max crazy way.

            My wife asked one time why I liked it so much? I said it was symbolic of how freaking crazy I would go if anyone messed with my wife or family. She told the story at work. My job was done!

            I wish they still made them because my dog ate it. Yup, she looked sick for a couple days. But it did have venom dripping fangs, and she ate the whole thing! She did live for many more years but still?

        • Warchild, sounds like a great plan you have! 🙂

        • This is all bullshit, no offense. I have seen 2 black bears the last 2 years (People see them all the time around here!!)and I DID make eye contact– kinda hard not to– looked up and there he was in somebody’s yard, staring down at me. He was up at the top of the yard and me at the bottom– and not far away. We just looked, dumbfounded at each other and then he went on grazing and I just went across the street to a neighbors house.

          People around here see them ALL THE TIME. They LIKE the bears!! Numerous people have seen several bears in the back yard– even with cubs and have a smile on their face as they tell about them. Once I saw a huge black bear– the neighbors all said it was about 350 lb bear and it was running so fast I almost thought my eyses were playing tricks on me. The neighbor came out and was throwing sticks at it (He is a skinny guy!!) and I asked where it was and the guy said, “its down there hiding in the bushes”.

          • continued—
            He said he was throwing sticks at it to scare it because he was afraid if it came back, someone might shoot it.

            I talked to the forest ranger and he said the only time he knew of a bear attacking a person in these parts was when some idiot smacked the bear on the behind because it wouldn’t get out of the trash and the bear attacked him. (Duh!!) He kept hollering at the bear to get out of the trash and the bear wouldn’t stop so he hit the bear.

            • continues–
              Around here EVERYBODY has a bear story– most everyone has seen bears. I talked to this elderly lady about it and she said they often see bears in their back yard— many at the same time. I said, “aren’t you afraid of them?” and she said, “Honey, I’ve been living here my whole life. I can’t be afraid of no bears!”

              Out West it may be different… but here where I am– there is even a sign on the roads saying, “bear crossing” at certain places so cars will slow down for the bears.

              • In NJ there was a fatal black bear attack last year.

                A group of people of Indian decent were walking in a park, they saw the bear and ran……ahhhh….. The slow one was killed and eaten!

                Yes, my head still is shaking,

                I have several Indian neighbors, one I know, if you go back one generation was the guy on the elephant killing tigers that killed one too many Indian villagers? Politically correct has infected very culture on the planet.

                • As the saying goes: You don’t have to run faster than the bear… just faster than the person you’re with.

                  • Had none of those people panics and run, no one would have died. Very sad. Stop, stay in a tight group and slowly back away without direct eye contact and no one would have died that day.

                    College spring break. I had a similar experience snorkeling at night in the bay at Key West. I was with 6 guys, and spotted a freaking school of barracuda in front of us. We were spread out in a line and essentially herding them toward shore. Barracuda don’t like being cornered. I came up, called everyone together and suggested we tighten up and form a tight group that the barracuda could easily go around. Everyone agreed. Thank fully the Barracuta took the opportunity and split. Then the other five guys, promptly spread out back into a large line. Afterward I asked privately what each one was thinking. Basicly they all to a man understood the threat and chose to try to separate from the group for what they perceived as self preservation. They actually did the worst thing possible. Nothing happened, but it left me with a lasting impression that people are f@ucking stupid and will get you killed.

                    If the SHTF I will give people one chance, then I’ll let you die.

          • Oops! I didn’t realize you had written this article, Mac… sorry about that!! Anyhow, I just meant the part where they are talking about bears… that IS false… like I said, we see bears all the time around here– generally speaking, we LIKE the bears!

            • PS– I really liked the parts about emergency prepping…great ideas!

          • “Backyard” bears act QUITE differently than “normal” bears. Ones without the fear of humans (which is a necessity for them to BE in your backyard)… aren’t going to freak out when they see one.

      3. I sure hope everyone bugs in. When the alcohol, drugs and fried chicken are gone, all the
        tweakers will be wigging out, and all of you paranoid fucks will be shooting. Yeah, thats
        something to look forward to.

        • So Anonymous, whichever one you are…what camp will you be in?
          Tell us a little about yourself, so we’ll know which one.
          Bugging out, or in?
          Tweaker without your meth, wigging out?
          Or swigging alcohol, dope or fried chicken?
          Will you be a target, or sighting in?
          Or just off yourself and call it a day?

          • Ketchup,that shits funny!Made me spit my beer,lol
            Maniac –out

      4. The New World Order won’t fear preppers.
        Those thinking they can hide somewhere and just come out when it’s safe again are dreaming.
        Even if you survive you will be outcasts and labled enemies of the state.
        People will already be chipped. You will have some explaining to do when you are caught and your credentials don’t check out.
        And those waiting for devine intervention will be disappointed. If you are still following organized religions you’re still asleep.

      5. Warchild and Genius, I’ll be at the BOL with the family. Properties are already off-grid, gardens are going well, hunting and fishing all year round, and a lifetime supply of firewood. We already have a plan for dealing with unwanted visitors.

      6. my XXXL field jacket with liner will keep me warm, and in the giant pockets i have gloves, fleece hat, shemaugh, firestarter, folding knife, multi-tool, toilet paper(or napkins), electrical tape, 50′ 550 cord, flashlight.

        • Be warned: Don’t fook with any unknown lawn ornaments, they can kill you lol.

          • I’m so tempted to make jokes about garden gnome claymore mines……., but alas they don’t exist!

        • Shemaugh is a traditional desert headwear designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand.

          • grandee, thanks for looking those things up for us!

      7. it’s my understanding that ALL cactus is edible…at least that’s what a plant expert told our group a couple years ago.

        • Wrong.

        • Wrong.

          • Which ones aren’t?

            • Most cactus should not be eaten.

              If you eat the wrong one and you get diarrhea, you can die without extra water to hydrate you.

              Just Me describes preparing prickly pear cactus below.

              The other cactus that is good to eat is the fishhook barrel cactus, that can be identified by, you guessed it, the spines that are shaped like fish hooks. The other three varieties of barrel cactus are not edible.

              Every prepper should have a good book on edible wild plants. Even better is a book on edible plants that has a section on medicinal plants and herbs.

              There is a universal test for edible wild plants, Google and read up on it and follow it when introducing a new wild plant into your diet. Here’s a link to one such article:

              People in Venezuela are starving right now, and I hazard a guess that many wander right past plants they could eat every day.

              In the US, one of the easiest to find in wet areas is the cat tail. It grows along highways almost everywhere. Grind up the seeds and use it like butter, it’s rich in oil and calories. The roots can be dug up rinsed and ground into a flour that can make flatbread. The fresh shoots are edible, just boil and eat.

        • Right. Peyote, very edible.

        • How to eat a Cactus or “Prickly Pear”, for those who have not done so:

          Do NOT try to take the pear off of the cactus with your hands, or you will get stuck with many tiny spines.

          Stick a knife (or sharp stick) into the end of the pear, and break it off of the cactus.

          Burn the spines off of the pear, or scrape them om off with a rock or stick.

          Once the spines are gone, peel the skin off the pear.

          You can now eat the pear. It does have a lot of seeds in it, just spit them out. The juice is like dye, and will stain clothing, and skin.

      8. I washed some clothes in something too harsh as a disinfectant soap. The material was compromised. My favorite pants started to develop holes and thinning of material. I continued wearing them so of coarse the holes got bigger. I was thinking to throw them out as rags, but thought about what I’ld do under SHTF conditions. After sewing them up by hand, I realized, I can still use them.

        I look poor, I think. It is a survival skill to be able to blend in and not be noticed. Having some old worn clothes in your preps, could come in handy. Even after old clothes are cleaned, they never look like new threads.

        I have friends with lots of money. Experience taught them to disguise themselves. Some of my rich friends only wear suits. I think they should buy some old clothes and put them away, just in case.


        • 3 words…. iron on patches. 🙂

          • Took the words right out of my mouth. I must be a genius too !!!

            Just one more reason you will need SOME kind of power if the lights go out. “Shark” stream iron, 20 bucks at Wall Mart. I’ve got two. If its worth buying one ….. 🙂

            • I have a couple of the old iron ones that you heat up on the woodstove or fire and use. Haven’t tried them but I am sure they will work.

          • Duct tape on my boots looks great and actually keeps feet dry. use the camo color tape if you want high fashion haha!

        • The most prosperous man (monetarily)that I know wears worn bib overalls with a white tee-shirt.. sometimes stained with his lunch. He drives a beat up VW van. He shaves once a month, occasionally.

          And in every single gas station, convenience store or grocery store in America that you walk into you will find his product.

          Be the grey man.

          • Stephen, I know a man like that. Had 2 helicopters he used to round up cattle and teach others how to fly, until one of his students died in a downer. I agree with the grey statement, I work around MD’s all day and try to wake them, but you know the look… Whaaa? Still, I try.
            Genius; Old axioms work best: A stitch in time, saves nine… B; sounds like too much bleach?

          • Stephen, he sells crack?

            • LOL!

            • Hell, no…cheetohs!!

          • This bibs, around here, anyway, are the true wealthy man’s friend. Ya gotta be careful what you say, sometimes, cuz there are people here who look like they just walked off the farm( and they did) but own several business, a farm or two and are millionaires. You wouldn’t know it from looking at them. So I strike up a friendly conversation with them, or ask a pertinent question. Some of those folks families have been here for 200 years.

      9. Prepardness or PreparEdness? The “Grammarly” software must not be working today. LOL Check the spelling on the picture above

        • I noticed that too.

      10. I sometimes silicon glue sleeping pad patches to the inside of pants or coveralls it makes good knee and shin guards you can glue one in the ass too to sit down in the cold. Elbow . High quality glue is best. Light weight protection from blunt trauma , abrasions , cuts? Cheap too?

        • Shoe Goo is awesome for glueing all kinds of things including fabric. Plumbers Goop is also very good. At most hardware stores.

          • I carry multiple tubes of shoe goo. Best stuff on Earth. Just put my wheel weights back on my Jeep tire with it!

          • G, shoe goo did not work on my walmart quality work boots. Bought me a little time but it didn’t hold the sole on.

        • TH,
          Good one on the padding patches for elbows and knees.

          The day I watched “American Sniper” they got to the scene where he spots the sores and abrasions on the Arab guys elbows and he promptly starts searching the guys house. A lot of people watching never got the innuendo.

          I of course had been to the range a week before shooting a 308 prone, from a concrete pad, and still had scabs on my elbows. The recoil slides your elbows and the concrete is like 60 grit sandpaper. I get a lot of second looks at the range shooting prone, sitting and kneeling, and using a sling. Most everyone else just sits on their butts on the comfy benches with a sandbag rest.

      11. Biggest prepper mistake Trust? I read that in Jesse James civil war group of over 100 . He trusted maybe 2 of them . And those 2 he watched close. Starvation is a game changer.

      12. Forget those empty amber pill bottles to store items in. They are NOT water proof and they will crack if the weather is cold and they are in your pack. If you are going to be using them in the house they’ll more than likely be fine. Make sure that you have an IFAK to carry on you or in your vehicle and know how to use what’s in it. The small Bic lighters will usually last about 1400 lights. If the lighter runs out you can still use the striker to ignite dry pine needles or Vaseline soaked cotton balls to get some tinder going.

        • Here’s a video you might get something out of. Check the others that West has got.

      13. B–Ca, That’s funny,extra clothes !I guess being a poor redneck works,all I wear is old jeans and a white t-shirt,camp sometimes,lol
        Genius what’s a yard ornament?That old broke down 4wheeler in the tall grass ,hasn’t been moved in years.Stacks of wood,metal,barrels etc. hell my yard is a boob trap!!
        Godda love the country
        Maniac –out
        Camo not camp

      14. This guy is good at OPSEC. I can go anywhere and find lots of guys who look just like him. Plus he has enough of a bad ass image to keep people at a distance.

      15. in the name of economy, instead of having supplies for a mistress & a nanny… I consolidated and now have a dual purpose nanny.

        • Blowup doll?

      16. Bear Gryllis would eat the peanuts out of your shit for ratings.

      17. The video has some great points when it comes to addressing the local events that we all face.

        I recently finished the Immanuel Velikovsky’s book, “Worlds in Collision.” Now there was a time or two that men’s hearts failed. It also put some ancient text into perspective.

        Speaking of perspective. I will smoke another cigar on a somewhat calm day. Another day of peace and being human.

        To learn from others that tomorrow is never a guarantee, is a blessing to not put off today, (I know I’ll run out days before I run out of cigars).

        Perhaps you will join me in the often overlooked gift of appreciation for those things that are still good? Turn off the tube, the PC and radio and take a walk, or find the porch and take a time out.

        In order to remember the good days, you’ll have to spend some time enjoying them, first.

        • I could smoke to that.

      18. Another prepping mistake – putting crucial training and purchases off until later. People that think they are going to be able to rush to the grocery store and load up on food before everyone else gets there are idiots. And people that think they can learn crucial skills like first aid a year from now instead of NOW are also idiots. I’m not saying you should go crazy and get everything done in the next few days. But procrastination can be a killer. You should already have a plan and you should be working on some aspect of that plan each and every day.

      19. I find that a basic mistake, made by preppers, is to debate what they will need, with other preppers.

        At the risk of being one of those people, I am seeing a motivational-poster-looking pic of what appears to be a septic tank, and a kitchen caddie, with a trivial amount of mediocre food. I would be relieved, if the plastic chair didn’t break under my weight.

        I could probably think of inventive ways to use the tools in a Swiss army knife, or other gas station pegboard crap, but don’t have any reasonable expectations that most of the people buying it, could make substantial things, in such a way as to restore Western civilization.

        I feel that people are more likely to consume the items, in this bunker than make them, and, based on the amount of supplies shown, a hypothetical event, driving people underground, lasts for only a week.

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