How the UN Is Confiscating American Homes and Controlling All Food and Energy

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Headline News | 445 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. We all know it is coming and the question of the day is are you really prepared mentally and physically to deal with it? time is short. hope you are ready!will not be pretty once it starts!

        • In the last comments section someone (likely a newcomer) wrote to complain about the amount of anti-Semitic remarks on this site.

          Do some research on the actual actions the Jews have taken throughout the years.

          We don’t begrudge them their stupid religion.

          We hate them because they destroy every nation they are allowed to settle in.

          Look it up. Idiots.

          • ACID E, Now you are making many friends in Tel Aviv to stay up late doing their thumbs down. However you stated the truth and made this old man proud.

            • Maybe it’s time to die off “old man”?

              • Malfador….actually not a Old man. Still plenty of time left to see the upcoming tribal reckoning. Take care in Ten Aviv… Go kill some babies and then bang your head against the wall to celebrate Or do a new training for one of your ISISI cousins.

                • 2nd day, now 11 comments in “moderation”—maybe TWO records?

                  • ‘Tis posting “Purgatory” John.

                  • JQP
                    if you are posting links and they are held up for eternity ,, just put a space between the T’s in the address .. like in the beginning of an address they look like this Http well put a space between the T’s and it will post quicker

                    • Enemy of the State:

                      Not JQP’s problem.

                      Read Mac’s explanation higher up on this thread.

                    • Ahh.. I gotcha

                      thanks for the heads up

                    • Thanks for the tip, EOTS, but, as Granny mentioned, Mac already admitted censorship. That said, he finally released my languishing posts. Thank you.

                    • Yes now wittle johnny, you can dwy the tears from your eyes now.

            • It would be interesting to see the ISP’s of the thumbs down that would answer some questions.

              • Yea, whell guess what, im one of em,
                This antsemetic garbage is just that, garbage.
                That whole mime is manipulated just like the US employment numbers

                • Those who fail to LEARN from history

                  Are doomed to repeat it.

                  The truth shall set you free

                • I’m with you, Kula

                • I’m with you and God! 🙂

                  • Me three!

                    I can’t seem to shake the blue hats/helmet thing of the UN. On one hand I see the ‘carolina blue’ color of the Tarheels, UNC Basketball, which is a positive thing, when the wife gets into the game. Her favorite sport and team. As she was a girls coach for years and played in college.

                    On the other hand I see the writing on the dark side of the helmets which is just two letters W O.
                    That is so true the UN equals the UNWO. Those that make up that grouping are mainly within our very own leadership and corporate elites, mostly the heads of the financial corps.

                    Basically, if a person “owes”, they are “owned” by those UNWO banksters known as the Fed Reserve/New World Bank. Maybe not a person’s soul, but everything that has monetary value, that is attached to that person and property. They can drain a person’s soul/spirit if allowed.

                    I know it is a hard pill to swallow. I swallowed that little carolina blue pill of truth and reality, many years ago and it was bitter to my gut. Why? It was bitter and made me nauseous because I owed. Most importantly, I owed a mortgage, that had me by the gonads. Couldn’t and would’t sell because the land was family land and connected me to my dad’s property, plus the whole property was put into my hands by God and grandfather, way back in the mid seventies.

                    I won’t get into specifics, but it all revolves around one word in relationship to the Heavenly Father and that is “stewardship”. We don’t actually ‘own’ anything, but are given dominion and stewardship responsibilities over land and worldly things. It is a spiritual relationship and one has to be in tune, spiritually, to understand.
                    A worldly loving, living , and thinking person, can’t understand. The epitome of those that think like that are atheists.

                    Anyways, after taking a long hard look at my debt in relation to all the times I had been debt free, and kept thinking the land and home was the cheapest way to borrow money, I had “hocked” the main portion of the family legacy, and it could be lost to lawyers and stinking rich real estate people. Especially in the event of a collapse that was looming in the air since 9-11.

                    Not a very good steward of the Lord’s, to let that happen. So, I began to buckle down and make some hard decisions and sold off investments and worked like a dog to get my land deed, free and clear again, for the last time, ever. Thru unsecured debt and bogus set=up deals they can still lay claim to it or tie it up for years, but at least I have done all I can do, personally.

                    Been that way for the past five or six years. Mortgage debt free.

                    My point is, if anyone has that responsibility feeling of being a steward of their land, and it has legacy tied to it especially….. get it debt free ASAP.

                    Time is running out my friends. We don’t have years anymore, I’m afraid to say.

                    Just like the housing/mortgage bubble that burst in 2008, we are looking at a bigger bubble that is about to burst, possibly beginning, around Sept/Oct 2015, and it is centered around the debt of other countries first and secondly, around the energy/oil drillers in USA.

                    The debt will consumate the demise of the banks once again as defaults and bankruptcies pour in this year.
                    The banks speculative investing is another problem.
                    Derivitives = Big Bam Boom.
                    Problem for folks with investments in savings/deposits and retirement funds connected to the banks….
                    They all get hit with a haircut (as one economist put it). It’s called a bank “bail-in” instead of a bail-out.Title II of Dodd-Frank establishes an “Orderly Liquidation Authority” – a U.S. bank bail-in program patterned after Cyprus’ action.

                    The shaving of investments/deposits could run as high as 90%.

                    Don’t be like my Dad and say…”Oh they can’t do that, and that will never happen”! Can and will happen.
                    Remember Cyprus?

                    Thru the ever so caring UN/fed reserve and World Order of banksters, the idea was written into international law while the sheepl were sleeping and the leaders played ostrich.
                    It will happen and it will sink many of the personal ships. They/TPTB have it planned that way. When your leader/potus starts boasting he is all about the middle classes (there are three tiers), and seems so concerned for their well being and economic prosperity, you know something doesn’t smell right. That smell is the pot of shit brew thay are stirring in order to make up the shit sandwiches they are so willingly handing out to the sheepl.

                    As a mortgage holder, you have three choices.

                    Sell off/out investments/other property, to become free and clear of all debt. Remember, with default on unsecured debt, a person can have a lein imposed upon their real estate holdings, and remain in mortgage debt.

                    Sell existing mortgaged property and downsize.

                    Stay put and take your chances that none of the above happens, or that you will be allowed grace and treated as a human being with constitutional rights.

                    I would suggest that anyone following the latter, have a good bug out plan in effect and staged, just in case.

                    The blue hat crowd, don’t give a flying rat’s ass about you or your rights. They do the bidding of their pay master.

                    • OICU,
                      I agree, saw it coming and had made many of your mistakes and listened to people who said NOPE cannot ever happen, so to make a LONG story short, ten years ago dumped it all downsized to a totally debt free place and have been hunkerd down ever since, and have been so much happier, with life in general, don’t miss the other life at ALL !!!

                    • judging from the UN’s past history in being effective in policing. Looks to us like a great way to resupply if they make to our neighborhood. 🙂

                    • oicu812:

                      That was one of the best comments I’ve ever read on this site or any other. Well done, indeed! Your comment was long but nicely detailed. This subject IS that important. Thanks for taking the time to write your story as a personal story is far more interesting and poignant than any other.

                      My wife and I paid off the last of our home mortgage in Feb 2014 and being debt free at last IS a marvelous feeling. The mere thought of it makes me a bit light-headed, which is a very jubilant and unusual feeling for me. I know beyond all doubt that this is a critical step in maintaining one’s liberty. No one who is interested in prepping should overlook debt as a control mechanism. Rid yourselves of it and do it sooner rather than later, regardless of what other sacrifices in entertainment or gadgets are required. Live simply and below your income. Dedicate all you can to paying off debt and refuse to collect any more of it. Saving up for what we want and then shopping carefully for it provides much greater appreciation and enjoyment in it than using credit unwisely and shackling yourself to debt that can consume you. Debt is like fire: a wonderful servant but a fearsome master.

                • I share your disdain for the “jew hatred”. We’re now living in a time when the holocaust is being denied by many Americans–I personally knew a man when I was in high school who was on one of the liberation teams following Hitler’s fortunate demise. I KNOW it happened, and it was made possible by the attitude we’re now seeing at this site. I have no problem with hating someone that has injured you personally, but hating millions of people who’ve never even heard of you–much less injured you–seems more than a little nuts to me. Might as well hang out with King Samir Shabazz…

          • @Acid Etch; Are you referring to the “stupid religion” that is the foundation of Christianity and all that the majority of Americans believe in? The spiritual base for most of us? Did the Jews destroy Nazi Germany? Or did an anti-semitic, drug addled, psychotic destroy Germany? Let me call you to task. You state that “Do some research on the actual actions the Jew have taken throughout the years.” COULD YOU BE SPECIFIC WITH SOME CITES AND REFERENCES? Oh, don’t use that Russian shit that is exactly that, bullshit. Or are you just blowing smoke out your ass? I’m not an idiot, I dare say I’m way smarter than you. I am not a newcomer. I have been here for years. If need be, then make an appeal to Mac and have him search the first time I was here. I have proof as I have copies of every post I have ever made on the internet. In any event, I watch you cocksuckers to keep tabs on you, because of your stupidity, you guys are dangerous. All sharp things should be kept away from you. You idiots can’t make a cogent argument, even about what you espouse. You’re clueless. When you get confused or worse, conflicted you don’t know, hmmmn how did daddy say that…oh, yeah…you don’t know whether to shit or go blind. For instance, what countries have the Jews destroyed? You may need to think about that carefully before you slam your little dicks in the door and sputter and spew and spit in your apoplectic thrashings, as you seek to rant and rave about what you have no knowledge of and pontificate an answer. Wipe your face there. There will be a test. Just sayin’. Your bullshit won’t fly without being tested for the truth and veracity of moral standards and honesty. The anti-semitism here is stifling. You guys must filter the air by having your heads up your asses to breathe. Is that what you actually believe? Without any proof? Is that your reason for living, getting up in the morning? So that you can, in a virtual world of no consequences, just shit on people you don’t know, OR even know if you know some or even begin to understand? You people are like dogs, nothing to do but piss on shit and, and then shit where ever you want, like fucking animals. The only people I know that unwarrantedly hate other people, without any justification, THAT BEHAVE LIKE DOGS, like savages, like animals, are Muslims. That’s it, you guys are Muslims, aren’t you? Who else would hate Jews with such….devoted passion…? Really? If you do any research, look up how to do it properly, and how to be objective and vet your sources. Look up how to use critical thinking skills and logic and reasoning, as opposed to just hating something/someone because you don’t understand the reasons you hate them, because your feeble minds can’t understand the dynamic processes involved in human interactions among different cultures. You can’t even articulate it other than to call names. Hey, that reminds me of Democrats. When they can’t come up with a valid, logical, reasoned out and articulate argument against ANYTHING, they call the other side names. Oh, I got it, I got it now, YOU GUYS ARE MUSLIM DEMOCRATS. NOW I understand. The poster of the article above, that you guys drool over, has not a clue about Agenda 21, other than what he trumps up to be a so called conspiracy. You guys have never seen a conspiracy that you didn’t love. It must be hell living with you. Do any of you have anyone living with you that can form sentences and express an opinion without your approval? The poster is clueless about Agenda 21. It is a non-binding document that has NO EFFECT on our government, period. The lady mentioned has thumbed her nose at the local municipality (not that I don’t support that for libertarian reasons) and they are simply using laws and municipal codes THAT HAVE BEEN IN PLACE FOR YEARS to fuck with her. Is it wrong? Yes. Is it Agenda 21? NO. I used to live in KFLorida. There is a fee for everything….and this was back in the 70’s and 80’s. Oppressive to say the least. But, it wasn’t because of communists, Jews, those people, any of the “cans”, space aliens or anyone else. Wow! You fucking Muslim Democrats are not only stupid, you suck at being intelligent humans….just my humble opinion, you know. be well.

            • I gave you a thumbs down dude, because I fell asleep reading your rant. Big yawns …Ah

              • Cede; That’s just because it’s probably hard for you to read and it bores you. I wasn’t ranting. I was having a good time. It’s easy and so entertaining when it creates such a cognitive dissonance (confuses you). It’s also very easy to respond to bullshit when you know the truth. My rating is better than 2:1 positive. Yours? 1:1. I think that just about wraps it up, eh?

            • Tripod. just google, “what famous people throughout history have said about the jews”. You will note Jesus told them they were from below and He was from above and that they did the works of their father Satan.
              Also google ” which countries throughout history have evicted the Jews”. (Hint: Most, many times for destroying their country) it’s not Irishmen running Wall Street or the Federal Reserve, it’s jews. Ditto Porn, Hollywood, usury, ect.
              And by the way the Talmud is not the foundation of Christianity and the people we call Jews are not the descendants of Jacob the father of true Israel.

              My post is mainly for other posters info because I have an idea you already know this.

              • Mark, Your scripture references pertain to anyone who rejects Jesus as the Son of God.
                Jesus was crucified by Roman authority as well as Herod’s desire to ensure that all are guity of his blood and all can receive his forgiveness through his blood. Pilate could have easily said no to the crucifixion as the Roman Governor. Christ came under the Roman age because Rome would give birth to the nations that would spread the gospel. Italy, Germany, England, France and the nations begotten by England, US, Canada and Australia. If he had come under thegentile conquests of Babylon or Persia his execution could be blamed on Islam. Remember God knows all history before it happens.
                Islam is no surprise to him that it came along 600 years after Christ. Romans 10:12-13 There is no difference between the jew and the greek for the same Lord over all is rich unto all who call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. To say anyone is saved geneology misses the gospel.

                • I see your point, however the Roman authori-ti, had a problem with the fake jews = Kenites (sons of Cain)/Rabbis and Scribes, railroading Jesus to the cross.

                  To release the Roman government from blame, they put it to a vote by the, predominately Judean/Jews of the cities, whether it was to be Christ or Barabbas.

                  Presumably, because of the priestly influence, and /or ignorance, the people chose the man that was already condemmed to die.

                  So in all accounts, it was the jews that crucified Christ. Even if some were by all means, fake jews.
                  The Romans just carried the process out.

                  • They might have thought they released themselves from blame but God knows man’s true actions. Bottom line Luke 24 thus it was written and thus it was necessary for Christ to suffer and rise from the dead the third day and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name in all nations beginning at Jerusalem. Who said that. Christ said it himself.

                  • And the abortionist will say on judgement day: She signed the consent form so she is the one who killed the baby.
                    Romans scourged him and only a Roman could actually put someone on the cross itself. he psalm says they will look upon him who they pierced. We all crucifed him through our disobedience and we all stand under the shed blood for forgiveness.

                    • The Talmud Sanhedrin 43a boasts that the Sanhedrin convicted Jesus and, at the Jewish court’s instigation, He was crucified, “hanged,” even though the Romans were “inclined toward acquittal” of Jesus; therefore the tiresome rabbinical denial and blame-shifting to the Romans is a lie. The infamous Toldoth Yeschu, Maimonides’ Hilkoth Akun V, 3 and Letter to Yemen), and the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia (page 170), all boast of Jewish responsibility for Christ’s death. The Talmud notes that Jesus deserved four more deaths. Sanhedrin 52a suggests Jesus should have been strangled while immersed in dung. There are other Talmudic passages that describe Jesus as an idolatrous sex freak, practicing black magic —and more.

                      In the matter of responsibility for the judicial order of Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Torah agree: “…he that hath delivered me to thee, hath the greater sin.” John 19:11

                      Get the memo. Mac is tired of us having to repeat ourselves.

                    • “…judicial murder…” So much for auto-correction of typos 🙂

                • Sean,

                  Pull out your copy of the Torah. Turn to the tractate Sanhedrin, folio 24a.

                  You will see that the rabbis boast that they overcame Roman opposition to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

                  • Sorry, another typo: should be Sanhedrin 43a

              • @mark says; Yeah! What sean says. First, famous people, like movie stars, is that what you’re referring to? That someone is famous means nothing as to their morality, ability to implement critical thinking skills, nor to logically draw a legitimate conclusion, it jsut means they are famous, rather obvious. A rather vacuous hypothesis on your part. As far as the reference to the “Sanhedrin” convicting him of “sinning”, well they were doing the work of their father Satan, that’s true. That was, however a generalism as Joseph of Arimathea, a member of the Sanhedrin, and Nicodemus, a Pharisee, provided the tomb of Jesus and the grave-clothes and ointments for his burial. They (the Sadducees and Pharisees) were both referred to as “vipers” but Joseph and Nicodemus are both purported to be Saints. I guess they must have posted against you. NOW as to the low hanging fruit of which you have no understanding. First, when the Jews came to this country, as did many others, they figured out that New York City was the place to be. At this time 13% of the Jewish population live in New York City, AND HAVE LIVED THERE FOR YEARS, CENTURIES. Did you think this was a conspiracy? If it was they thought it up 250 years ago. I think I want them doing my 401k and stock investments then. Just sayin. If you understood anything about OTHER CULTURES, you would understand that they have a higher intermarriage rate (59%) than the general population of other ethnic demographics. Also, because of prior hardships Jews have had to adjust to, they encourage higher education to their kids. Most people of oppression do so as it is similar with Cubanos in Fl. Jews have a 58% Bachelors degree rate compared to a 29% rate for the rest of the general population. That is 2:1. That and the fact that more Jews live in NYC than anyplace outside of Israel, would sort of indicate that “a lot of Jews live in NYC”, therefore MORE JEWS WORK IN NYC. Therefore NYC, WHERE MOST OF THE ECONOMIC TRANSACTIONS TAKE PLACE, THEY HAVE MORE JEWS THERE WORKING IN THE ECONOMIC INDUSTRY, THAN OTHER METRO AREAS IN THE U.S. That wasn’t too hard for you to follow was it? As far as Jews “destroying countries” do you have a reference? Countries expelled Jews for “being different”. When there were hard times,(plague, economy, war, etc.) “the Jews did it”. Does it not strike you as strange, that when Jews were evicted from countries, that if they were REALLY THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS, that most “thinking people” would go “let’s not do that again”? Doesn’t that even strike you as a “hmmmn” kind of moment? And then you try to besmirch them by “sort of” sliding the “porno” shit in there, everybody does that. And then, you assault the heritage of them by implying that they are “not the real Jews” of Jacob. Really? REFERENCES PLEASE. How would you know with any certainty. REFERENCES PLEASE. I look forward to those references from a creditable source. The Jews keep ancestral history as anal retentives, a matter of fact. Are you trying to say there was an interruption of the heritage of the Jews that NO ANTHROPOLOGIST ON THE PLANET IS AWARE OF? You should publish a paper. It would change everything and be NEWS. Yeah, didn’t think so. Yeah, I already know your shit is BULLSHIT. Where do you people come from? Where does this hatred of a category of people, FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THEY ARE A CATEGORY OF PEOPLE, come from? Are you just stupid? Did you not learn how to think for your self. Logic, critical thinking, reasoning, common sense. Go back through my dissertation, (when you get through slobbering, seizing, and spitting everywhere) and look at everything I said…..and point out any factual errors…I await….oh, yes I await your response. You people are just hateful because you have no other outlet for you frustrations. How sad and pitiful. Done.

            • TRIPOD_
              “It is a non-binding document that has NO EFFECT on our government, period. ”
              TRUE, the US is a nation of laws.
              So explain then why regulations are being enforced as law? Do YOU have a clue ?

              Do you believe that exceptance of international code requirements and Agenda 21 are unrelated?
              Aganda 21 is NOT conspiracy theory , it is a reality.
              Get a grip.

              • @hummerhead; You say; So explain then why regulations are being enforced as law? Do YOU have a clue ? Well, yes I do have a clue. Now watch this. DO YOU HAVE A REFERENCE TO THE REGULATIONS THAT ARE BEING ENFORCED AS LAW (that are IBC), AND WHERE IS THIS HAPPENING? Then you go on to ask, Do you believe that exceptance(sic)(that means you spelled it wrong and I didn’t change it, should be “acceptance”) of international code requirements and Agenda 21 are unrelated? Well, NO. They are interrelated. To do business overseas, companies HAVE TO KNOW INTERNATIONAL CODE. THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED INTERNATIONAL CODE. As I said before, apparently you overlooked that, that International code, UNLIKE OUR CODES, only has levels of compliance, it doesn’t describe construction standards. OUR building codes describe structural standards, not minimum levels of compliance. Agenda 21, is administrative. Our codes are technical. That there is an interrelationship is is simply axiomatic (obvious). Any codes overseas has an obvious cross relationship with codes over here just because there are only so many ways you can build a house, building…whatever. Duh! Agenda 21 is not a legal entity in the U.S. That some things will cross over….really? It isn’t a conspiracy, nor is it a reality. I DO HAVE A GRIP, with reality. Let go of your penis, dude!!!

                • @ TRIPE-
                  Maybe you will sober up tommorow.
                  Your not making sense dude , good luck.

            • The IBC (international building code) is nothing more that a set of guidelines.
              Or suggested rules for building construction.
              All states an municipalities have diferent guidlines based on existing regional conditions.
              Just 50 miles south of me the requirement for snow load are almost half of what they are in my local.
              So different building codes are in place.
              A home in florida will have different wind/shear requirements than a home in california that is built with earth quakes in mind.
              The IBC is a guideline NOT law.
              BUT if as Hodges says ,”In two years, local and state governments will have the ability to begin to seize individual property for the failure to meet code,”
              Then we are gonna have some problems.
              What code will be enforced? and where ?

              • “EXACTLY”

              • Well, why didn’t you say that up above dude???? THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU HAMMERED ME WITH UP THERE. I’M PISSED NOW. You mess with me up there and then “come to your senses” down here. WTF? I hammered your ass all over the place and now you’re “understanding” what the Agenda 21 is? As far as local law, THAT IS WHY PEOPLE NEED TO GO TO CITY HALL MEETINGS, COUNTY COUNCIL MEETINGS ETC. WE GET WHAT WE GET BECAUSE WE SIT ON OUR COLLECTIVE ASSES. WE GET WHAT WE LET HAPPEN. If you don’t participate in EVERY FUCKING MEETING, then you get what you (we all) let happen. So are you now telling me you “understand”? Done.

              • hammerhead

                Please.. do not let facts get in the way.they just might upset a few folks..

                .the average town has maybe 2 or 3 building inspectors total and are usually backed up beyond repair on new constructs,rebuilds, remodels, etc…

                And then, according to Hodges, they are sending armies of inspectors out to see if we all comply with international codes?

                Give me a break…this guy is beyond the pale with nonsense and total fear mongering gone haywire..

                Thanks for some common sense presented..


                • Does anyone, anyone at all on this blog, have actual factual proof that the United Nations, has seized a SINGLE family dwelling here in the United States? I would love to see that actual proof.
                  Since,I do not believe it can be found or exists at all, and since, I’m no fan of the UN, I’ll chalk that published crap of the author the same as 99% of what Acid Etch manages to ooze out of his anus.
                  Now,that being said, I “like” Acid Etch’s comments, offensive as they are to me personally, at LEAST, he IS engaging in critical thinking and can articulate his opinions clearly. I do believe that even though we do NOT agree on many things politically, at least he and I can communicate with each other. I respect his opinions, intentionally inflammatory though they are. I suspect that they are designed to get exactly the response he desires and does get. I could be friends with him in real life, and we would agree to disagree on many subjects, however, I would have zero problem with him as a next-door neighbor, he is passionate about his beliefs, which is more than the vast majority of people now living in this Republic. That, my friends, IS refreshing. Is AE a complete Richard with a capital D a lot of the time? Absolutely. So I enjoy reading his posts. Perversely so. Guess I’m as much of a Richard with a Capital D as he is…
                  However, I’ve spent far too much time in Israel to not support the Israelis. The faux-liberal “Jews” and leftist-elite Hollywood Progressives will be the first “expendables” eliminated by the Marxist regimes, and they are too stupid and arrogant to comprehend it.

                  • TPS, my late wife was a refugee from Cuba and lost part of her family to Fidel Castro’s butchers. She personally witnessed some of the horrors of the Castro regime, especially Castro eliminating some of his own supporters. Communist and Fascist revolutions do eventually turn against some of their own children. I agree that our own “useful idiots” are expendable and will be among the first to go. When they finally realize it, it will be too late.

                  • TROLL TROLL TROLL


            • Tripod ,
              Unfortunately we never learn , all this learned hate , vilification and scapegoating lead only to one place , a place called Auschwitz , totalitarian regimes always have to scapegoat to deflect criticism from themselves , the Holocaust did happen REGARDLESS of the deniers , you can ignore reality but reality will not ignore you. Those who tote anti- semetic propaganda are only enabling what the REGIME WANTS , we neverlearn from the past we will only realise we have been misled only when we are being lead into the boxcars, that we thought could never happen here in this country , WAKE UP , look who benefits ( the regime ) if you do not, you better Learn Arabic and convert to the religion of Peace or accept the fate of your ignorance .
              I rarely post here on this site now because it has become a neo-fascist haven for some here .
              If you really are patriots and are willing to defend this republic start acting like it , speak up , reach out or we all will be sharing the same fate .
              We will have our own version of crystal noct , this time it may be the Christians , patriots , individualists and we will have no one to blame but ourselves we are living in VERY perilous times and we do not have much longer before our own nightmare begins . History does not repeat itself but it certainly rhymes . Learn form others cautionary tales, respect others , keep you values dear , integrity is the only thing you can take from this life , we are one of many , in the future there will only be two types of people , the living and the dead .
              Never in our lifetimes have we faced an insidious enemy like this , it cannot be bargained with , it shows no mercy or remorse and it will never give up. Every day it is training to kill us and will endure every hardship to affect that end .

              What are you doing to prevent this?

              What we do in life echoes for eternity .
              Eternity is a long time

              NEVER AGAIN


              Semper Fi

              • Gunny, the thumb downers are commies. The commies don’t like being called commies, particularly Amerikan commies don’t like being called commies, but they are one.
                Semper Fi

              • Night Breaker—


                “..We will have our own version of crystal noct** , this time it may be the Christians , patriots , individualists and we will have no one to blame but ourselves we are living in VERY perilous times and we do not have much longer before our own nightmare begins.”


                No sane person denies that jews were rounded up & forced into concentration camps, during WW-II. What is in dispute is the (false claim) of intentional extermination on the NSDP’s part.

                FYI, no document or official proof has ever been found, alluding to said claim signed by Hitler…or rendering said claim, as legitimate.

                Ditto, the “hydrogen-cyanide” showers at Auschwitz have been proven, beyond the shadow of doubt…to be ‘FAKES’..built by the occupying Soviet Army (circa 1948-49) and attested as such, by the then Auschwitz museum curator, in a video interview w/ researcher David Cole.

                The use of ZYKLON-B was limited to inmate clothing, bedding stuff etc…in a humane attempt to spare said inmates from the ravages of TYPHUS…carried by lice!
                Hence, the fumigation chambers.

                Also, for the record..the alleged mass graves at Treblinka, has also been proven a fantasy..due to an Australian scientific team’s analysis of the entire camp grounds…via ground penetrating radar. Which revealed ‘zero’ disturbance of the earth strata, for hundreds of years!

                Thus, the premise that Auschwitz, Majdanek, Belzec, Birkenau, Triblinka, Sobibor and so on, were extermination camps…is incorrect.

                They were “work” camps where, believe it or not..said inmates were paid in script..redeemable at the camp’s commissary (look-it-up!).

                Yes..many perished therein, including Poles/Russians/jews/Catholics/queers/Gypsies/Lutherans etc.
                The two greatest death causes were due to:

                1.> -TYPHUS and..

                2.> -STARVATION..bought about by the 24-7-365 carpet bombing, per the US 8th Air Force, during daylight hrs. and the RAF at night…which by mid/late 1944..had decimated most German cities/factories and rail & road transport hubs.

                Hence, supplies delivered to the camps were of secondary importance, considering Germany was fighting a 3-front war at that stage.


                In truth, the accusation of one being a holocaust-denier.. is yet another example of verbal slander and intimidation, employed by the chosen-tribe & their supporters, to keep the curious from digging too deep…for the truth!

                ..and why is it today, the organs of the state, the media and especially institutionalized academia..forbid research into the ‘stated party line/script’, per the subject at hand?

                As..’Woe be unto those who wander off the plantation, of the holocaust dogma!!!”

                ..and again referencing ‘carpet-bombing’..such has been the fate of many a career/scholarly reputation, for doing such!!! Why is that?

                Why is it, one can doubt/deny the existence of GOD/Jesus Christ and suffer no consequences..yet deny the holocaust (a superior state-protected religion)..results in career suicide/arrest-trial & imprisonment in many 1st world countries..including Canada!

                ..maybe there’s something valid, per the phrase…”living in ENEMY OCCUPIED TERRITORY.”


                I won’t dispute your assessment that Christians/Patriots/Constitutionalists/gun-owners etc.. are scheduled for..Krystall-naucht** 2.0
                That’s a given for anyone w/ an I.Q. above room temperature.

                That said, focusing on the towel-heads/ARABS as the principals, is misleading. Yes, they’ll participate w/ enthusiasm, methinks.

                ..but the alchemists behind the endeavor..will be of the synagogue of satan!!!!
                After all, they play both sides (see their “deception philosophy”, for details)!


                In closing, sir:

                __(snip #2)__ “..we are living in VERY perilous times and we do not have much longer before our own nightmare begins.”


                ..but(per your opinion) & thus(as opposed to mine)..and the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ meme………..

                ..armed resistance will be a futile exercise, unless one is capable of identifying the ultimate enemy..of both GOD Almighty…and mankind!

                Think about it!

                • good points, Hunter.

                  You say…”..armed resistance will be a futile exercise, unless one is capable of identifying the ultimate enemy..of both GOD Almighty…and mankind!

                  I say… that is exactly why God says He will handle the final two battles himself, Gog/Magog war and Armageddon.

                  it’s not that He doesn’t have many willing partners here on earth willing to help, because many of His elect are willing to arise to the occasion.

                  He will set the record straight about His existence, by defeating Israel’s/North America’s enemies, thru His supernatural events.

                  My feelings exactly about holcaust…..over extrapolated by the PTB. We know who those masked men are.
                  Enough said.


                  • Passin—-

                    I agree!

           which I might add, by referencing his promise:

                    “..that he will thus cut short, the end time days..lest even the ‘elect’ be deceived.”

                • Interesting theory. My friends father was a Polish Catholic 14 years old that survived by putting in and cleaning our Jewish corpses. He would disagree. They were gassed, his words. My Uncle landed at Utah Beach with the 4th Infantry Division and liberated two camps. He would disagree too.

                  Your doing your own version of “Gott Mit Uns”.

                • PART 1
                  @Hunter; No one denies that Jews were rounded up… Awesome! That there was no extermination of Jews and others is INCONTROVERTABLY WRONG. It’s funny how guilty people (act like insolent teenagers) throw up a smokescreen of facts, which by themselves are true. BUT, taken in context, these facts have NO BEARING ON THE TRUTH. It is rather convenient to give the NSDP (the fucking NAZIs) a pass on “the intentional extermination on the NDSP’s part.” Well, no shit, they didn’t have a public meeting to decide to exterminate the Jews. Wow, newsflash. Duh! Does that mean that it DIDN’T HAPPEN? Then, the next bit of “truth”,

                  “FYI, no document or official proof has ever been found, alluding to said claim signed by Hitler…or rendering said claim, as legitimate. “

                  Did Hitler have to sign it for it to happen? “Excuse me mein Fuhrer, you didn’t sign das memo”…yeah, right. There are plenty of documents available, signed by other heads of the NDSP, Heydrich, Himmler, Goring on down through the intermediate staff and to the “facilitators” themselves. Being the camp commanders and troops associated with the actual task of elimination. Do you really want to try to say that Hitler didn’t know this was happening? Don’t be intellectually insulting….to yourself, no one believes that, that acknowledges those facts. That Himmler, Hoss (Hess) and others visited the camps well after exterminations started, and that they were unquestionably visible and obvious, is incontrovertible and “documented”.

                • PART 2
                  The contractor for the Birkenau camp (Auschwitz II), Karl Bischoff’s plans, blueprints, SIGNED blueprints exist. The plans for the gas chambers, everything…exist. You don’t design showers for gas flow! And the fake showers, is that the truth? It depends on how you view the truth. Large portions of the camps were torn down by the SS and as many documents as could be, were destroyed as they evacuated ahead of the Red troops. Fortunately the anal retentive record keeping of the Germans and the films, pictures, personal written accounts by German officers and enlisted men, documentaries for the “glory of the reich”, the doctors’ records of their “experiments” all exist. Also there were actually 3 Auschwitz camps (not torn down) and over 40 sub camps. So yes, the Russians did rebuild the showers at Treblinka, that is true, since they were no longer there. However, they built them to the specs they were built before. Your flavor of truth, Hunter, smells rotten, like an old corpse, rotting in a mass grave until it can be exhumed and cremated. Anyone can verify what I have said. I will try to be brief now, but you get the picture.

                  • Yehhhh..Part I, Part II. Guess what… all of these fake parts were put together to get a ransom for generations for fake stories. Go and talk to a German elder to hear the hidden truth.

                    • Stolz, you and all others that say extermination of the Jew never happened are a bunch of lying SOBs, and are most likely of Arabic decent or have joined the satanic cult of Islam. Just because YOU happen to say something is so, does not make it the truth.

                • PART 3
                  Were some of the camps work camps? Yes. But they still killed people there. Was Zyklon B a pesticide? Yes. But being cyanide based, it killed people very efficiently. Treblinka had a number of camps and sub camps, as Auschwitz did. Is there truly no trace of mass graves at Treblinka? Actually that is a false statement, When you cherry pick your “facts” that you choose to reveal, when there are many others to the contrary, you demonstrate, HUNTER, exactly what kind of an evil, perverse, duplicitous, and predictable liar you demonstrate yourself to be. Parsing the truth, to only use what suits you, is sign of a psychological pathology. In the search in 1999, there was very little evidence of the mass graves that is true, but they hardly scratched the surface as Treblinka is more than one camp and very widespread. In 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, huge mass graves have been found at the camps that were death camps in the Treblinka camp complex. They have found the crematory, and other parts of the “final solution”. Those are facts.

                  The most significant cause of death at all the camps was the Schutzstaffel (the SS) and the manner of death was murder. FYI, the Schutzstaffel was part of the NSDP. ;-}

                  To be a holocaust denier is not being a poor, down trodden, slandered, VICTIM. It simply means you deny the truth, “AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN YOU”, hmmmn where have I heard that? I wonder? You mix just enough “select truths” to give cover to your lies and deceit.

                • PART 4
                  You hate…only for the sake of hating. You take the truth, the bread of life, and smear it with the shit of life, lies, and basically make shit sandwiches that you are trying to hand out as good food. You are evil and …well you get the idea. This reminds me of a bible verse. Jn 8: 43-44;

                  43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.
                  44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

                  And for you edification I also recommend Jn 8:47;

                  47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.
                  If you think that the Jews are not a people of God, if you think that gentiles are the only people of God, if you Don’t think that every knee that bows to God and realizes the need for Him, in spite of race creed, sex, religion or national origin, that they too are a people of God, then you sir are a truly sad soul….a ……lost soul. I bid you well sir. Oh, wipe the sputtering spit off your lips, it looks nasty. You might want to read the book of (OMG) Hebrews…just sayin. How ironic is that?

                  • WOW!!!

                    Am honored T-pod, per you dedicating..not one, not 2..but “4” replies!!!!


                    Evidently, the facts I’ve presented are akin pissing on your yarmulke!

                    I can only hope that my ‘liquid medium’ manages to soak into your small cranium and impart some level of impartial you’re likely, a specimen that only responds to “Osmosis therapy!”

                    Now, per your most recent post:


                    Your quoting of Jn 8:43-44, as an invective directed towards myself & others (see the hate meme), per its preceding visceral judgement amusing, insomuch that you fail to realize that you’ve merely “substantiated” my opinions per:

                    ..who was Christ speaking to? What was their genealogy? From what tribe did they hail from and what was their guilt/sin?

                    If you can correctly define the above, then maybe you can squirm out of your own “self-inflicted paradoxical stupidity”…per your posting lunacy.

                    Good luck w/ that, sonny!


                    Ok…let’s address Jn 8:47

                    47.> .. He that is of God hearth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

                    Thank you, sir!

                    ..again, in the same context, per those whom the Savior was addressing..w/ special attention/focus on:

                    “..because ye are not of GOD!”

                    Those are CHRIST’s words, not mine! It was ‘he’ who was speaking truth..identifying his enemies & his Father’s as well.

                    FYI T-pod…those whom you so reverently defend..deny the Messiah..instead they blaspheme him, per their wretched talmud, in numerous chapters..which, if viewed objectively..goes far beyond mere denial and instead manifests itself as a hostile/violent/slanderous attack on his person/divinity…let alone, that of his blessed (honored by GOD) Mother!

                    ..and remember, said talmud is the collective authority per modern saith the matter which sect is quoted!



                    Cast your lot with whom you may, T-pod..and good luck to you.

                    As for me, I’ll side w/ Jesus Christ and take to heart his identification/naming of his enemies..which for the record is the “synagogue of satan”…which here in the 21st century manifests itself as the collective we know as….

                    ..the descendants of the Pharisees!

              • Another sign of the ‘recovery’

                The number of homeless encampments grows…

                Homeless encampments growing and multiplying in L.A. neighborhoods

                “Soaring rents, closed shelters and funding cutbacks are pushing residents from neighborhoods such as Highland Park and Boyle Heights into the streets, where they cling to familiar turf.”

                Drudge report

                • The man that owned the property I live on has passed away, and his heirs have no desire to bother with this property. If I don’t watch my P’s and Q’s, I’ll be sailing for one of those encampments myself…sooner than later.

                  • Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own Ps & Qs.

                  • Because of P’s and Q’s or because they don’t want to mess with the property??
                    Post is lacking a little detail?

                    Can you buy it?

                    • Because the new owners see this place as a burden that they don’t have time to keep up with, but they do like the revenue rolling in every month…how else can they all afford new cars and trucks? They pay 10 percent of the profits to the church.

                      They swoop in here once a month to collect the rent and flee as fast as they can get out of here—as if they might contract ebola if they stay on the property longer than 5 minutes. It was built in the mid 70’s, but they’ve just let it rot.

                      If I got my hands on it, things would be very different around here. Very different. There’s no way I could come up with what little (comparatively) this property is worth, or I would. It’s unincorporated outside the City limits (by a few hundred yards).

                      This could be a cute little property with room for a garden and some flower beds, but instead, it looks more like a ghetto, waist-high in weeds most of the time.

                      This place could pay for itself plus some. They collect $3600 a month from 6 apartments, but the taxes are about that per year. It isn’t on City sewer. The rest of the 5 houses on this short dirt road are well-kept…this place is an eye-sore with the trailer trash these people rent to.

                      If I have to move, I’m looking at northeastern Oregon or mid-western Idaho, somewhere above Pocatello.

                      I like it here at the foot of Mount Hood, but I could be happy elsewhere.

                    • Dear God man don’t go to Oregon. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

                      Idaho, sure. Do that. That’s much better.

              • thanks for trying Night Breaker. I will by no means ever stop being a patriot or stop speaking up. I will and am however not going to use any more of my time and energy reading or responding to asinine accusations and conspiracy theorist who continue to deny historical truths. Speaking up on this site is a waste of time. any educated man woman or child can see that. It accomplishes nothing. I originally came to this site looking for prepping ideas after I received a wake up call this past summer when water in the Toledo area was not available. I believe Mac has made a choice to continue to allow hateful postings including videos of dubious sources, and even has incited those with his choice of articles. Well, I get to make choices too. My choice right now is not to visit here anymore. It is no longer what it was. I thank you all who have given me prepping ideas. You may have helped to preserve my family’s lives in the future. Maybe see you all on the flip side someday. God bless and keep you all safe. BTW, those of you who count the red/green thumbs and think they mean anything are morons.

                • @T-town; Don’t let them win. Yeah, I get bummed over the shallowness of the gene pool, but that’s what makes it so much fun. You will never beat “stupid” as it isn’t smart enough to actually learn something new or to correct misconceptions. We must have done something with the THUMBS cuz somebody has turned them off. Must be cuz somebody was gettin their asses kicked and happened to be the unwashed masses here that can’t breath through their noses. I use this site for intellectual satisfaction. I was going to say “intellectual challenge” but then I would be lying. Be Well.

            • Tripod—

              Here’s your introductory course to combat ignorance of the self-chosen’s crime syndicate .

              Its called WICKEDNESS 101: (enjoy)!

              ht tp://

              • @Hunter; You’re kidding? Right? You guys that race in the “conspiracy 500” talk about “we who are concerned about hate” not being able to “take the truth” and about being unable to “understand the truth”. Do you vet ANYTHING THAT YOU THROW UP FOR REPLIES? Do you actually investigate who runs sites like that, their reputation, their integrity, etc.? Determining whether your sources are valid has a lot to do with actually getting the truth.

            • Tripodxl, thank you. Well done.

            • tripod XL,well said thank you

            • Thank you Tripodxl for calling out the rabid Jew haters on this blog.

            • I’ve realized that the Jews employ an age old strategy.

              Gentiles are supposed to feel gratitude that the insane demon of a psychotic desert nomad allowed Abraham to not murder his own son.

              Then the Hyksos who had infiltrated Egypt and taken it over (rather like what is being done to Europe at the present time by proxies) get booted out by a renascent nation and claim that really they ‘escaped from slavery’ when the only records left suggest they were evicted.

              Then their demon god (possibly a djinn, or perhaps just a now collective psychosis) gives them permission to exact genocide on the legitimate inhabitants of Canaan so that they can occupy the land, on the basis that their former nomadic status in a small part of this land hundreds of years before gives them right of possession over and above the indigenous inhabitants.

              Various other versions of the same story with the Babylonians, Romans, mediaeval Christian Europeans, and then the real doozy made of hollyhocks in recent times.

              It is a psychosis founded on evil, because the way it works is: We don’t have the legitimate power in ourselves, the honour, the courage or inspiration to create our own culture which is based on generousity or true altruism, so we have to infiltrate, undermine and corrupt those we come into contact with so that they will lose their core identity and we can take over their former territories. They do this with every legitimate and creative endeavour (see cultural marxists of course).

              The false victimhood and consequent imposition of guilt on those whose races and cultures have been the basis of successful world civilisations is the primary tool and weapon against those who they seek to destroy.

              As Professor Kevin MacDonald and others such as David Duke have explained, this group has an evolutionary survival strategy which maintains their identity even in the face of being dispersed amongst other populations. I realised a few years ago that recognition of deception was the evolutionary step that the human race needed to take to get past the trickery of attempting to impose the NWO world government. I just didn’t realise at the time how deception was a feature that is embedded in the survival strategy which has been weaponised and used against us.

              The great thing is that when a Secret Weapon is exposed to the public, it is no longer secret, and when it is a psychological weapon, that weapon is effectively defused. I’m staggered at how long it is taking for this whole deception to unravel (including not least the Establishment Paedophile Network in Britain) but as long as you keep pulling at the thread, eventually the garment will dismember. It is an inevitable process, since evolution only works on the basis of truth, and falsehood cannot survive.

            • You’re right about everything but Agenda 21. The feds offer grants and gimmes to cities that sign on. A former mayor–a crooked lawyer named Martin Chavez (D) of Albuquerque dreamed up the concept of the “Civil Search Warrant”–which made him famous at “Mayor’s Conferences” across the land. He had city code inspectors arrive at homes throughout the city along with heavily armed police officers and “inspected” homes. If something was amiss–one of my neighbors actually had Romex wiring in her home–built in the early 1950’s when Romex was “the” wiring choice for all home builders–the police escorted the her and her family out of the house, allowing them to take anything they could carry. The house was yellow taped, and a notice that it was “dangerous for human habitation” was affixed to the front door. Then, the homeowner–not permitted to fix anything herself, was required to hire a licensed contractor to bring the home into compliance within 60 days. If the homeowner couldn’t afford it, the home would be seized, brought to “code” at taxpayer expense, then used as an enticement for hiring new police officers, by offering sweetheart deals if a recruit left Phoenix PD at that time and went to work for Albuquerque PD. You may say that this has nothing to do with Agenda 21, but I would disagree. The goal of A-21 is to end individual home ownership in favor of everyone living in subsidized govt-owned housing–where the govt can keep tabs on everyone, and make sure they’re not breaking any “laws”, or failing to pay any taxes, fees, fines et al…

          • To the Jew haters you do realize the following:
            The CFR is full of non Jews.
            The UN almost unanimously votes against Israel every time.
            The American revolution was partially bankrolled by Jews.
            Satan has been trying to unite the world since the beginning of time. The prophet Daniel amazingly laid out the succession of world government attempts. Regardless of what we feel world government will eventually happen in order to give mankind the once and for all declare themselves aligned with either God or Satan and then Jesus the Christ will destroy it. It will be dedestroyed by God and not humans with earthly weapons.

            • Sean, are you a JW?

              • No, I am a born again follower of Jesus the Christ.

              • No, I am a born again follower of Jesus the Christ.
                Sean is a real common Jewish name, right?

                • Follower, as in sheeple? Baaa, Baaa.

                  • A follower is someone weak-minded who can’t think for themselves and relies on others to do their thinking for them and tell them what to do or not do.

                    Anyone who goes to church to listen to the sermon lecture them to obey is a sheeple follower.

                    • Nobody,
                      I don’t appreciate your anti-Jesus statements. Therefore you can f*** off.

                  • NoBama I can’t speak for Sean but I think he would agree. As a Born Again Follower of Jesus Christ, yes for once you are right, but you misspelled it “we are sheep when it comes to Jesus Christ, and his sheep will know his voice”. Trekker Out.

                • You mean the Maccabees weren’t Scottish Jews?

            • Those yammering about “hate” do so because they cannot refute the FACTS. They hope that nobody notices they are shooting blanks.

              • @JQP; Actually, if you had been keeping up, the facts are what seems to aggravate the people that can’t stand the truth because it interferes with their ability to spread unfettered hatred.

          • Just face it, you are a nazi. I know my world history.
            I have been reading this site for 4 years, the only time i add my two cents, is when there are attacks on person, race, or religion. You can think the way you do, you cant help but hate. Again direct that energy into productive behavior. Keep your preps going instead of delusional blame game. We r all to blame for allowing this to happen.
            So put on your big boys pants, wipe your nose, put away childish behavior, and reason like an adult. Unbelieveable. Da… Prepping site, not bashing site.
            Leave that to the brown shirts, unless youre a wannabe.

            • Ohevi is a salient example of someone yammering about “hate,” name calling about “nazis,” because he can’t refute the FACTS >>> Judaism teaches genocidal racial supremacism and so many “Jews” commit crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity.

            • For decades anyone who presented quotes from Jewish “holy” books, from Jewish news outlets, from the mouths of Jews themselves, was called “antisemite,” “Nazi,” or “Jew hater.”

              Nowadays online sources allow speedy fact checking and readers can do their own analysis, balance conflicting claims, and form their own opinions, so name calling has lost its mojo.

              For the record, I hate sin (even my own sins). I hate evil beliefs like racial supremacism and genocide. I hate evil behavior like genocide and crimes against humanity.

              I love sinners and pray for their conversion of heart and soul.

              I also pray that the truth becomes even more widely known, so that good people may free themselves from evil people, evil beliefs, and escape the lies, traps, and slavery of people who espouse evil creeds and do evil things—no exceptions.

              You’ll get no traction with your name calling here, Ohevi.

              • AMEN JQP. AMEN.

              • Excellent rebuttal JQP.

              • @JQP; Wow, got your own little posse thang going on there. While I see name calling as counterproductive, MOST of the time, there are times when the circumstances SCREAM for it. A normal person, when presented with being “hateful”, would investigate the issue a bit and delve into “what, exactly, the problem is”. But that’s because normal people care. There are three kinds of people, those that talk about people, those that talk about stuff and those that talk about ideas. The small minded, the simple minded and the open minded. Since most of the talk here is a “monoculture” (single focus) about people, it would indicate that no one can do any research, vet a source of information, use critical thinking skills, understand logic of any kind, display any “common sense” or seem to be able to reason out obvious contradictions in their postings. Puzzling that.

                • As I have said, I think there is a huge groundswell awakening to the ideas, to the TRUTH. It is even penetrating pop culture, for example, I was astounded at the content of one of Knopfler’s newish songs:


                  Yes, as you observe some are beyond hope: the contumaciously guilty, their apologists, their enforcers, their middlemen, their puppets, their mouthpieces, their talking heads… and the hopelessly brainwashed and decorticated. Yes, there are plenty who “haters” of Truth and Decency, but…

                  Not just in the blogosphere, but in daily life, I see a groundswell of insight and awakening. A few years ago I estimated that only a few percent “get it,” but in the last year I have estimated that 30 to 50% of the average people see at least part, usually an important part, of what is is being done to us. That is why the perpetrators are panicked, rushing Satan’s depopulation/enslavement/damnation agenda, and worried for themselves.

                  Please don’t be puzzled, my friend, be hopeful and happy. We know that in the end the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts triumph.

                  • typo, should be: “…plenty of “haters” of Truth and Decency.”

          • Just a question Acid; Who do you like? You downgrade women,religions,old people…the list goes on. try looking in the mirror,you’ll find another to add to your list.

          • i’ll begrudge over religion. the religious are the true terrorists and retardants of human progress and blissful harmony.

          • A$$hole Etch, off meds again?

          • BINGO ACID!!! You speak the Truth. The ZOG does not want Americans and the World to understand their devious plan to destroy human kind in every corner of the Globe.

            Watch “The truth about the United States, law & YOU (Extended version/more info). This is a MUST WATCH !”

            • With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.–Weinburg

              Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions. Blaise Pascal

              Religion is a cancer. It lays almost dormant silently growing. Then it kills. ALL major conflicts in this world today have a religious basis. Period. When dullards climb the social ladder via their religion, they always become zealots. These zealots have infiltrated our society to the point they are willing to wreck the very country that gave them their religious freedom. It happened in Germany….

          • I humbly have to make a correction :
            80 % of what people refer to as Jew, In reality have no genetic relation to the tribes of Israil.
            These people are the decendents of the destroyed Khazar Empire.
            An empire destroyed by the Vikings in App 930 AD.
            All the atrocities committed around the world is done by them.
            And now through NWO They seek to own everything and everyone.
            They have been at it since 1913 actively .
            It is important to know about this , please learn about it .
            It will open your eyes to the true Enemy of Manknd !

            • Vikings???

              • Yes Vikings
                They were real, typically their ships were manned with 100 warriors per ship, and when they sailed for conquest they would send at least 100 ships for the battle.
                It is important to know that today’s Russians are the decendants of the Vikings.
                This is the history people were never told in school.
                Don’t take my word for it, search it for yourself.
                And when you find what you find you may love to look and seek what else is being kept from you.
                Just like a chain, our present action will determine the future , and we are the outcome of our ancestors’s action.
                So please learn the History of Khazars, Vikings, Abbasid Khalifey and Busintine empire. They all were part of the same past.
                Better yet would be Benjamin Freedman speech of 1961, That would open your eyes

          • Ignoring the threats, they instead follow the plans to further Agenda 21…

            Cyber Attacks. Impacting Everything from the National Grid to Pacemakers. Yet the Government remains obsessed with Climate Change.

            “59% of industrial cyber attacks are directed at the U.S. power grid.”

            Back in 2010, experts said, “By the end of 2015, the potential security risks to the smart grid will reach 440 million new hackable points.”

            Yet very little has been done to address the situation. The Administration seems more concerned by climate change than a full-scale cyber attack on our power supply.

            “since that time the grid has been under almost constant attack… And the energy industry is the No. 1 target.”

            “The Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) has warned that attacks against critical infrastructure are growing, with more than 200 brute-force cyberattack incidents recorded in just six months in 2013. Reports indicate these are increasing.”

            “All of the onsite incident response engagements involved sophisticated threat actors who had successfully compromised and gained access to business networks.”

            “According to the Energy Department, the number of outages caused by severe weather is “expected to rise as climate change increases the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.”

            This despite the fact that empirical evidence reveals we haven’t had a rise in global temperature for over 18 years (the 2014 stats were clumsily manipulated to “prove” an increase of just thousandths of a degree), and that hurricanes, blizzards and tornado events are experiencing a cyclical period of calm right now.”


          • Attacks in Paris came from the same community Tribe who set up the Patsys in the Boston Bombing. Jews Jews Jews, No doubt, if they can get these countries to get into the fight against the Jews enemy the Muslims, then they are winning. You want to stop terrorism in your country? Kick all the Jews out. Poof not more terrorism. As long as you keep allowing these cockroaches to infiltrate your society you will be set up for many more false flag terrorist attacks.

            SMELL THE RAT = DHS Contracted Marathon Security to Israelis – source: VeteransToday – Boston Bombing – DHS Contracted Security out to Israelis

            DHS Contracted Marathon Security to Israelis
            Boston Bombing – DHS Contracted Security out to Israelis
            Military Intelligence usually suspects US law enforcement for most ‘terror attacks’ because they are intimately aware of Israeli intelligence penetration into not only the FBI but having many tentacles into the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity. Much of this is due to their super asset and first DHS director Michael Chertoff.
            It was through his setting up the outsourcing of DHS’s security drills to outside contractors which was the first nail in the coffin for American security.
            What most don’t know is that these are usually Israeli companies. They play the role of the ‘opposing force’.
            Chertoff also saw to it that the Israelis got an affirmative action gift of being a first stop for buying security equipment, ahead of American companies even.
            If someone were to ask me if other Western countries, when doing their ‘security drills’ if Israeli companies were also contracted to play the opposing force, I would respond, “What do you think?”
            I think you all are smart enough to see the scale of treason involved in these countries to allow such a situation to develop. More complicated is why all those in their respective security agencies who know this is done to put the Israelis in a position to penetrate them, will never say a word about it publicly.
            At Veterans Today we had our counter terror crew going over high resolution photos being sent in and closely reviewed not only for what was to seen, which smart cadets could do, but what was not there, which often tells you a lot more about who is really behind a terror attack.
            What we quickly observed was security breach after security breach, like all the doors had been left open. We saw Israeli operational profiles all over the place, many with ear buds getting feeds from higher up spotters who were watching where the cops and bomb dogs were, and where they were not.
            Read the Whole Article.:

        • Dave Hodges: “Who’s the real terrorist here? Why is the Obama administration embracing international mandates which criminalizes independent behavior and choices in violation of our Fifth Amendment rights?”

          The real terrorist? Who is Obama?

          • Obama is a collectivist, a commie. See Ayn. 60 million voted for him and that makes them commies. Watch the red thumbs fly from the RED commies, Amerikan style.
            Who Is John Galt?

        • Tip: I have a fire ladder, fire extinguisher, fire out, and a fire blanket close to the bed.

          I keep a torch and handcuffs next to my iron in the nightstand.

          The handcuff could restrain a bitch or a criminal. Unless the criminal is me. BWAHHAHAHAHHA dominate those bitches. You know the only 2 things a bitch is good for. Now get back in that kitchen. Bitches.

          • Seriously Acid????

            you don’t have anything else to do today???

            • Obviously not. He just sits around dreaming about a woman who will never come around (surprise…surprise).

              His handcuffs are dusty and rusty…like his heart.

            • Let’s not feed the troll!

          • AE ,
            You from the UK , torch ?

            Semper Fi

            • fux naw

            • AE sure knows how to rile some up….LoL

              If y’all want, I can give you a hint?

              I really should be doing something else with my life than what I am.

          • Wow, Acid. That was profound. You would fit right in on the Jerry Springer Show.

        • You can bet I will kill the very first ones that show up. Then I will feed their corpses to animals.

          • Non-violence is the way forward. The battle is clearly one of informaton dissemination and education.

          • Acid, you didn’t miss much of Obama’s Shill rant. Just another pack of lies preaching hopey and changy. Oh and Tax the rich, which was empty words since they control Obama.

            • “Tax the rich” = tax the upper and mid level middle class to pay for the dirt poor, until we’re all dirt poor.

              They never tax the actual RICH rich. That will never happen.

      2. Guerrilla time!

        • Engage your employees or be enslaved by them, one rule, regulation or law at a time. Agenda 21 is the Manifesto of the New World Order.

          Start a FREEDOM CELL where you live that trumpets the US Constitution, for the America our Founding Fathers articulated in our Founding Documents.

          I predict that the the New World Order will be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. 🙂

          • Blah-blah-blah

          • “The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

            • YMWW: blah-blah-blah

          • They intend to eliminate us (actually, those who they expect to be dependent on them), totally, up to three miles from town; by degrees, outside of that. Then, they expect the PLA and Russian buddies to occupy what’s left.

      3. UN and all of these so called international entities regardless of their names are operating under one hierarchy represented by Six Sided Star.

        ************* KILL TEM ALL ***************

        • SV; really……KILL TEM ALL…….(sic)

          • TripodXL. Fast fingers… if it makes you feel better let’s focus on “under inflated footballs”.

        • They do know your IP address, Stupid Vitriolic. Now that you’ve actually advocated violence, you are a terrorist.

          • Old Coffin… Maybe some of us love liberty and human values Vs being afraid.

            • The liberty to kill everybody you don’t like? Spare us.

              • Old Coach. I’ll direct you to JQP’s post above as my reply.

          • Then I’ve been a terrorist since I was 7…I told my younger brother to hit that bully back and knock him down if he could. 🙂

            • Sixpack, I had to do that countless times as a kid. I got it from Dad.

              • My Dad always said, if they’re bigger than you, that just means you have to hit them a lot harder to knock them down.

      4. Don’t worry about it.
        Hillary is going to fix it all. Hahahaha!

        She and the U.N. are BFF.

        • Maybe it’s time for a shootin fight

          • Non-violence is the only way. The battle is one of education and information dissemination.

            • Like hell. Non violence has gotten us into this mess !!

              The time for extreme violence is now at hand

              • Pay attention to all the Newly FAKE CELLPHONE TOWERS POPPING UP ALL OVER. Take your battery out of your Cell Phone when you Travel. The Alphabet Agencies Hate That!! You drive by them and they suck all your data off your phone. Emails Texts, phone book, photos, etc. They then dump all of this data into their DHS Fusion Centers to profile you.

                • Mylar bags work well to block the signal in phones that you cannot remove battery. I tested it. The gps locater would not ping back when I tried to locst my phone using the pc. Phone would not ring when called.

                  • “The gps locater would not ping back when I tried to locst my phone using the pc.”

                    How do you do that?

                    If what you are saying is true and matters, then why won’t turning the phone off work to stop the towers from uploading to fusion centers?

                    I don’t understand some of this stuff…wish I was more techy.

                    A guy I know in Mi, used to be high up with Detroit SWAT before realizing the evil he committed and doing the right manly thing and quitting. Anyway, he did some work with FEMA on EMP after effects here in amerikka, after quitting the Detroit Force and told me (in 2011) that they could turn your phone on without it lighting up and you knowing it was being turned on and listen to you. And that is hard for me to grasp… I said I wish I was more techy.

                    • With the find my iPhone app, even if your phone is turned off, it will ping then gps and have the phone audibly ping so you can hear it ( in case you lost your phone in the laundry pile, lol). Within the app it pulls up a map showing you where Erie the phone is located. When I put the phone I. The mylar bag, the app could send them signal to ping the phone to locate it.

                      I know some phones must have e battery out, not just shut off to keep towers from pinging them. I don’t know how that works.

                  • TIN-FOIL: will do the same thing, like a Faraday cage. Stock up on tinfoil. Why do you think they call it Foil. It is a deflector, to Foil the Alphabet Agencies from data mining you.

              • Well, we disagree. I believe the real battle is 100% non-violent, and one where we need to educate and inform.

        • More Dave Hodges! Yay!

          • I know. The kindergartners love it.

        • Is The Rothschild’s Satanic New World Set For 3-11-15?

          “3/11 has some of the most violent astro I have ever seen. PLUS has a signature of something like a nuke accident. 5/11 has something similar but not quite as violent. I see things as scripted and is intended to give the fundies the Armageddon they so desire.”

          Read the Whole article here:

          Why, the so-called Islamist terror attacks in France, that’s what. There was a horrific mass murder at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, and another killing at a Jewish market in eastern Paris.

          Many commentators, including me, view these attacks as a classic false flag operation, in which the alleged assailants were very likely disposable, throw-away patsies, that were first viciously used and then violently discarded by their shadowy intelligence agency handlers. I say that because all of the alleged perpetrators were shot dead by the police within mere days. Since dead men tell no tales, the “official” police account of what happened rules the day.

          But I think we can safely assume there was some sort of Rothschild involvement. After the attack at Charlie Hebdo’s offices, there were reports in the European press that the next issue was printed at the offices of Libération, a Parisian newspaper which had been purchased just one month prior by — wait for it — a member of the Rothschild family, Édouard baron de Rothschild. Moreover, a newspaper that was previously printing 30,000 copies, in just one week, after its editorial staff was shot dead, somehow managed to put out a new issue, with a print run of 7 million copies!

          That only happens if there are very powerful hands working behind the scenes, making things happen on a huge scale. In a word, the fix is in. Things were prepared in advance by those who knew what was going to occur.

      5. “Stone walls do not a prison make, nor Iron bars a cage.” Of all the things I worry about the UN couldn’t light a fart without 3 guys reading the instructions and five consultant writing them.

      6. un agenda 21

        it’s already here.

        has been for a long time.

        since the early 90’s.

        * un quote: UN Agenda 21’s goal is to help the environment and was agreed at Rio Earth Summit in 1992.


        this sheeit makes my trigger finger itch real bad!

        • “It must be thoroughly understood that the lost land will never be won back by solemn appeals to the God, nor by hopes in any League of Nations, but only by the force of arms.”

        • Right there with ya,
          Fingers itchy and the timney on my new bolt gun is super light

          • Kula,
            We might not have time to high speed emergency egress with a long arm , avoiding hunter killer teams or cordons might require us to be fast and light . I begining to think taking only the essentials for a TEMPORARY bug out may be the way to go , till the danger passes . A good quality hand gun ( big bore revolver , .357 minimum 6″ barrel with a “tanker style” ( el paso saddlery ) , holster ( you can wear a medium pack (40 liter and below) with it under a jacket ) might be the way to go concealable , you want to move fast and not attract attention and rely on field craft skills , avoiding a fire fight may be the only short term answer . Think of the kit the OSS ( pistol , revolver kbar ) used in WW2, in a total lockdown the less attention attracted would be in your favor . I believe this type of situation will require the type of gear used for recon like operations , concealment , camouflage , cover . Learn bushcraft skills .
            It’s definitely going to be interesting .

            Semper Fi

            • Gunny, ’till it gets you to your M1 Garand; .44 mag model 29. Stay away from crowds.
              Semper Fi

            • I have considered this for sure,
              Some things will be a crap shoot and plans subject to change,
              Foreign troops and lockdown would be cause for BO
              Amazing what a jeep can cary vs just a pack, think i would take my chances on a dash and stash rather than sit tight and get searchnseized

        • Taz, much like cockroaches, if you let one get away, they just come back in force…ya have to clear the zone.

          • Like a Biggy Size can of “D-Con Whoop-Ass.”

      7. I agree with Paranoid. IF, we had to depend on the United Nations for ANYTHING at all, we’d all be already hopelessly screwed or dead, LONG before they ever showed up. I am quite confident that no “blue helmets” will be allowed to move any where in the USA. Most of them are illiterate Third-Worlders, or worse, Scandinavians, who are incapable of making tactical or strategic decisions, without a committee.

        • TPS- I disagree with your classification of Scandinavians. Hitler was frightened to invade Switzerland, and why? Every Swiss citizen was well armed and trained. Thus the Sig Sauer 5.56 AR-15 that runs like an AK.

          • You have not looked at a Map of Scandinavia lately have you? Hint; it’s 1000 miles plus N of Switz.

          • Hitler bypassing Switzerland had nothing to do with guns and everything to do with finance. Switzerland, the hub of international finance, is the banking behind the war on both sides. They were bypassed in WW1, Franco-Prussian, Crimea, Napoleon too.

            If you want an eye opener read, “Trading With The Enemy”. Interestingly it went both ways as even Hitler couldn’t stop the collusion.

            As General Smedley Butler wrote, “War Is A Racket”.

          • Switzerlands gun laws really has nothing to do with why no one would invade them. That is the one country in the world that if anyone invaded them, 100% of the rest of the world would instantly become their enemy. TPTB in every country all stash their ill gotten gains in Switzerland. Trekker Out.

      8. You can always get a steel drum to heat with, or modify your home to burn wood on a flat, platform with smoke exiting through the roof. EPA can’t stop you from using your own wood.

        • They ain’t going to stop me from using my old heater. Fuck them. They come here they may wind up burned in my heater too.

        • –(snip)–:

          “..EPA can’t stop you from using your own wood.”

          ..not least!!!!


          Never…ever…under-estimate the power/stupidity/viciousness..of government bureaucratic ineptness!!!!

      9. One of our daughters has a rock collection, including some really cool blue ones. I think a blue helmet collection would be cooler.

        I put off the wood burning stove in 2014 to build the barn, buy cows, chickens, fence, etc. Any thoughts on how much extra it’s going to cost me to buy a wood burning stove this year? Any recommendations on brands and/or types? Is late spring/early summer the best time to buy one?

        • Hey Rebel, Not sure if – Northern Tools_ has a store in Idaho, I purchased “Vogelzang Ponderosa High-Efficiency Wood Stove” from them for a 2000 SQF cabin. It has been 6 years now and is working really good. They have many models and different prices as well so you may want to check them out. As you get closer to summer you can get better deals ($200-$300 off) Vs purchasing in winter but again everything is more expensive now. I paid &680 when I bought mine and the same model is now is marked as $1,200.

          • Anyone ever made or used a Horno Oven. This is for outdoor cooking only, but just wondered how they work. Trekker Out.

            • We used those in New Mexico. Made from mud, clay, sand and straw. (adobe) They work great for breads and pizza or for cooking for long periods like stewing meats. We would start a hot fire in them and let it heat up all that mass till the fire burned out, then use the retained heat to cook. The smoke flavor came through in the breads and was really fantastic. Definitely worth the effort to build one and work great in warmer climates to keep the heat out of the house.

        • We like our Bakers Choice wood burning cookstove. It heats the whole house and you can cook and bake. If you have over 1,400 sq ft, get the Baker’s Choice’s big sister, the Pioneer Maid. You can get a optional 7 gallon water heater with the stove as well.

          I like the option of cooking and baking with wood as well as heating the house.

          • Red, I second that! Bakers choice is an excellent stove for the money. heats a 4 bedroom house and bakes and cooks, it’s awesome. pais about 1700 with shipping and worth every cent. 🙂

        • Google master rocket stove, check out images first. Gove you an idea of what it could look like and some good diagrams on their construction and piping make up. A little more work than going out and buying one, but if it is you and your families thing….then you’ll be happy.

          • Rocket stoves would be the way to go in a SHTF scenario. They burn just about anything and have little to no smoke which would be a dead give a way to those looking to raid others.

        • Easy just buy one that when you cut the arms and legs off the EPA inspector he fits in and is gone. You guys always make things so hard.

          • @Paranoid; Now thas funnneee!

          • Now that’s what I’m talking about taz.

          • Old Brunco with all the fans taken off. Convection only, and it would heat my 7 room house with ease, but I keep the second floor rooms closed off to reduce wood consumption. Got it for $50 at an auction. According Brunco it’ll burn coal, too. I have not tried it.

          • I am all for the Rocket Stove, But…. Is it that UL Approved? Try to get a new building permit approved with that. Or try to sell the house later and get approval from a lender for the buyer. This is something you install as a back up to your central heating, and plan on living in your structure for a number of years. Also Prepare with various fire extinguishers, because houses burn really fast and C02 smoke kills. Better know what you are doing when installing this. Have smoke detectors installed in every room and in the attic areas. Early warning saves lives.

        • Why spend money on a wood burning stove? Make it from scrap iron yourself. My little cousin had a fire box installed into his living area. It’s all lined with local river stones. He did it himself. A little online research into how to do it right and you’re good to go!!! Big G’s little fire cost him a grand total of $76 bucks. Mainly for the cement, a second hand chimney pipe and a discarded old fire box that nobody wanted. I’d do it for cheaper, but that’s just me.

          • Cede. I bet you chewed on lead paint as a kid too. Thought their were colorful potato chips eh?

        • Reb, I picked up a nice two year old used one. Check around in some of the local rags and see if anyone has one for sale. You might want to look on “Craig’s List” if you have that out your way.

        • Buy a used one off Craigs List we have a huge dbl door old Sedley heats the house great it’s usually 80 in here most of the time cost us 350 bucks a few years back. I had a vermont castings stove in 97 cost me 1100 had to replace the Catalytic Converter every 2 yrs for $150 and it really did not work that well

        • Buy a used one off Craigslist from someone. Fuck the epa

        • Rebel in ID, you might want to speed up that woodstove purchase while the GOOD stoves are still available. I’m hearing they’ll get taken totally off the market by spring. All my relatives in north GA had their wood stoves replaced 2 winters ago when they first heard of this EPA crap. They will shoot to kill to protect everything they have.

          • CUZ is that you using an Alias. Hiding from them there bill collectors ain’t you? You can’t hide from your old cuz though. Yeah were ahead of those EPA guys, we even bought new copper kettles.

            • NGIC, my favorite idiot, it’s about time you came back. I had a technical issue with my posts not going through under the other name, so I had to change it. Hiding from bill collectors? Hell, they don’t even know I exist. I’m don’t even have any type of loan or credit card to pay on and don’t need them, either. It’s awesome to be debt-free. Take care.

        • I’m heating over 3k sq. ft with a New England furnace. I like it because of a few things. Not forced air so it doesn’t waste wood. Glass in the door so I can see how the fire’s doing. It could be used in a grid down situation with a battery powered fan or by convection. Whatever you get make sure it’s built heavy enough and it should be lined with fire brick so the steel isn’t taking the stress of the fire.

          Don’t get an outdoor burner unless you want to throw away 3 times the amount of wood it takes to heat your place. And you have to have electricty to run it.
          molon labe

        • You could get a good welder to fabricate one,,,
          Custom, go for mass, 1/2″ plate body, 3/4″ stainless plate top with machined holes for the round covers similar to an old cookstove Pay em cash

        • May I recommend a kitchen Queen. The smaller one will heat 1600 sq. Feet and the oven stays around 450 degrees. I love mine. When I was first looking at one to heat the house my wife looked me right in the eye and said “Is that thing going to replace our gas stove?”. I told her no way. As far as I was concerned she doesn’t even have to look at it. She tried it once and now she does most of our cooking on it! In the winter at least. There is a web sight by Obidias wood stoves. Because of the cook stove aspect I think they are exempt from the EPA. But not positive on that point.

      10. Communism is not a movement of the downtrodden masses but a movement created, manipulate and used by the power-seeking billionaires in order to gain control over the world, first by establishing socialist governments in the various nations and then consolidating them all through a Great Merger, into an all powerful world socialist super-state under the auspices of the United Nations.

        Those that create and issue the money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people.

        None Dare call it Conspiracy 1971

        The Federalist Constitution, freedom & liberty is dead in their elitist minds, they just haven’t come right out and said it yet ……

        Freedom & Liberty needs the Heimlich maneuver, we’re chocking on controlled oppression

        • Sounds like the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting crowd!

        • That is a great book, a staple in most prepper’s libraries.

        • vtfree2, that book was the one that woke me up to what is really going on. You made the right choice. There are free pdf copies available online.

          • Mac, it looks like my posts are going through under my old name again. I’m using a different computer now. Looks like Maverick can go back to braveheart. WOOHOO!

            • What about “justice” ? You keeping that one or trading him in too for the old name braveheart?

            • Braveheart, did you try to clear your cache of temporary internet files?

        • The governmental-supremacist, Hamiltonian, Federalist Constitution (un-amended by the Bill of Rights) is exactly what the elites are pushing on everyone! The Bill of Rights is the only part of the Constitution that is valid. It amended (did away with) the Hamiltonian, Federalist Constitution–as a condition, demanded by the peoples of the reluctant states needed, to ratify it.

      11. By legislation and regulation, the tyrant and his paid-off statist minions will draw ever-tighter nooses around people who are harming nobody and just want to be left alone.

        Individuals will be made scapegoats. The inoffensive GS-7 bureaucrat, just doing his job, will file his trumped up complaints. Homeowner will politely and peacefully ignore them, until finally the tyrant’s muscle shows up to “enforce the law.”

        Then the lone individual (the statist always has ten thousand accomplices, the peaceful dissenter is always alone) will have the choice of bowing and complying, or saying “No, I won’t” and meaning it.

        Then when he is overrun and gunned down, surprise surprise. The bought and paid for thugs will find (gasp!) firearms in his home. His or planted. Or (illegal) drugs. Planted, most likely.

        The sheeple will page through on their way to the sports and go “Ho hum … don’t understand what his problem was … He brought it on himself.”

        If one means the pro-liberty things one says, to himself or others, sooner or later some people will be living my dystopian scenario above.

        It isn’t really that far from letting the eurotrash dictate every minute point of our lives to finding ourselves kneeling in front of a ditch.

        Their violence will always be so “peaceful.” So “necessary by law.” One can’t expect too many will understand what the issue is, when the time comes.

        That’s why it’s so important to decide now what kind of life … on your feet or on your knees … you want to have.

        • Struggle is the father of all things. It is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle. If you do not fight, life will never be won

        • Feet, fists clenched, teeth gritting

      12. Just vote in the democrat primary and all sins will be forgiven. Once they see you on the democrat list they will stop going after you.

        Just like the Jews in Germany that joined the Nazi army to avoid the concentration camps.

        There is no fixing it, so we must adapt and blend in and live our off grid pepper life in secret.

        Would they go after this guy if he was a hippy living in an eco friendly commune who votes democrat? Of course not.

        Wear the mask of your enemy and blend in. That is the only way to survive what is coming.

        Stay away from crowds!

        • Lick their boots while you’re at it johnny

        • 2nd that.

          it’s the slow boil of the frog and the usa is going along willingly just like europe did because the usa of reagan is not today’s usa.

          my advice is to stay out of debt and keep costs to minimums. those that have their costs eating up 75% or more than their incomes are going to be in a world of hurt when the financial system collapses.

          and be sure and spent some time and money on enjoyable things like a trip or some great restaurants, experiences that will make enjoyable memories to reflect on when the days come that the govt assumes total control over all aspects of the people. those days are coming, the govt needs your money, your labor and your life to keep those running it living like kings and queens and theyre not giving that up; the gop folding like a cheapsuit after a landslide victory proved everyone in DC is all in on controlling you to keep the ball rolling.

        • You only have to blend in long enough to pierce their heart…

      13. By the way, I have been reading the International Building Code because I am building a pole barn in my town, of which i had to get a building permit.

        The code is a terrible read. All it talks about is fire ratings, wind loads, weight loads and similar bull crap.

        It says VERY little on how things are to be built.

        • @John Stiner; Building codes (combat engineer, we had to go by the international codes in Irag and the Stan) aren’t meant to “tell you how to build”, ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO COMPLY WITH. It is made to be generic and only applies to health and safety codes. Only local codes explain, define or expand on definitions of “how to build”. IBCs only define “standards” not methodologies. Be Well.

        • JOHN-
          Just have a talk with your local inspector that you got the permit from.
          They are usually very helpful.
          Most inspectors around here go by what is reasonable and “best practice” and fuck the code.

          • Better yet move to a place where there is no code, and thus no inspectors.

            • Yes , COACH-
              I live in an unincorporated and unzoned township 🙂

              Works for me !

      14. Of course one of the king of lies’ favorite weapons is CONTROL!

        C-O-N-T-R-O-L…in whatever form.

        The U.N. is a manipulated organ.

        The more that control SUFFOCATES Liberty, the more evil it is.

        Evil is that which destroys.

        The king of lies can’t do a DAMN thing without a human body to cooperate WITH his lies.

        So TELL the truth.

        SHOUT the truth.

        PROCLAIM the truth.

        ACT the truth.

        Notice how all these restrictions, these CONTROLLING laws do NOT affect the ones in office nor the ELITE!

        Control suffocates.

        Control oppresses.

        Control pisses people OFF!

        This is the same U.N. that two months ago outlawed private firearms possession worldwide, including in our own country. Imagine that.

        First Hitler had everyone re-register their guns.

        Then he outlawed them.

        Then he came for the Jews.

        Then he took the Christians who stood up for their Jewish friends.

        You know who they are coming for next?


        Read the article.

        They have ALREADY come for you.

        Piece by piece.

        Bit by bit.

        Thou shalt not kill. Right? But if I ALLOW you to kill me, then I am BREAKING that Commandment by being COMPLICIT with my own death!

        As a wise Jesuit priest, one of my most important and beloved mentors taught me at the precious young age of 18, “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.”

        Amen, Father, Amen.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”
        – President Kennedy

        “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” – from the film “Network”

        “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Louise Ulrich

        Are you well-behaved?

        • One small correction; it is not Thou Shalt Not Kill.
          It is Thou Shalt Not Murder.

          I have refused to purchase a Bible before based on this, because “kill” is incorrect, “murder” is proper.

      15. This will backfire,
        See, i can go along with NG or our own military,
        Some foreign POS fuckers,,,,,,
        Ill be reaching out to touch them whenever i can, that is a firm line

        • Kula, I will also be “ventilating” a certain color of helmets when they show up.

      16. The Gray State.

        Watch it.

        Pass it on.

        ht tps://


      17. Hey bud. On YouTube, KSPrepper1 has instructions on building a rocket stove. It is supposed to be efficient. If you or your friends can weld, it may be better to build your own. Take care brothers and sisters And God Bless

      18. When I think a about the new world order closing in on us, I can’t help think about all the times I should not have survived, but for the grace of God. It is hard for me to believe, my father in heaven delivered me from death only to be murdered by the new world order Gestapo I am just a simple man, but my advice is trust in The Lord above and believe he will carry you through to the other side. Our father in heaven told us in the bible. Death has a little sting to it, but do not worry, we are in our fathers hands. Whether we survive or not, our father in heaven is going to take care of us. Don’t u think Satan’s minions really worry a out death, cause they know their master really doesn’t care about them. Take care, brothers and sisters, keep the faith and be true to yourself, family, and to our father In heaven.

        • Nice post , Okie. The reality is, that if the Lord does not come back at this time, the PTB are truly and literally playing with demonic forces beyond their ken. CS Lewis pictured this in his fictional work That Hideous Strength, where the self-proclaimed savants, in their lust for power and control, unwittingly opened themselves up to the evil side of the spiritual world.

          This has happened before, is happening today, and will continue to happen unless people repent (which means have a change of mind, metanoia being the Greek word). Whatever form Hell takes, it is real, and some people are, in fact, going there. These people – minus repentance – will be literally part of that group, sadly.

      19. Wow, this has been very interesting. Some very well thought out words. And………some not so well thought out. That we must resist oppression, is true. That we must keep the faith, is true. That we do this honestly, purposely, faithfully and with full enthusiasm, is true. We must also do so temperately, with KNOWLEDGE, A TRUE AND SINCERE SPIRIT, WITH THE NEEDS OF ALL PEOPLE FOREMOST IN OUR MINDS. As a doctor is charged to “do no harm” SO ARE WE. SLOW TO ANGER, ACTING QUICKLY AND WITH DISPATCH, AND QUICK TO OVERCOME and then quickly resume the life of a peaceful, prepared, and confident citizen. To all Be Well.

      20. Well,as I came down to Boston/am sitting in logan waiting to fly to Cali. I figure seeing how things going in Cali. should get one ready for a un attempt at takeover,will be working in the land of fruits and nuts for 4-6 weeks,will say,ignore the govt. and progressive libs and the weather and natural beauty along with a few who are trapped/drew line in sand in Cali(?)that are actually decent people,by time head to Northlands the winter is starting a hard slide into early Spring,will be a March start on any plants for garden this year!

        • Warchild, you have my deepest sympathy being in Cali for any length of time. Hope they at least have goldfish out there.

      21. PREPARE

        BE WARE

        I DO NOT CARE

      22. The stock of Alcoa (maker of aluminum foil) rises every time one of these fool articles is printed. Some folks need a wood pile and a garden to occupy their time more.

        • P.O.P.;
          Holy Shit. That archer is not human. Is this possible? I am not yet a grasshopper!

      23. Mac……..

        Can you censor the hate rhetoric?

        Getting real…. With comments refering to jews, to quote, “KILL THEM ALL”. En quote. Really?!? Your articles have been read on hannitys show, national recognition. Why would you allow others to tarnish all you have built? Bad apples…..

        • Ohevi, thx for your feedback. I am Not sure if that comment referred specifically to ‘jews’ or not, or maybe I missed it.

          In any case, I want to be clear: those who use this commenting forum as a means to constantly harp on ‘the Jews’ will see their comment deleted… Not because I like spending my entire day straining my eyes looking for comments to censor out of personal pleasure, but because when every other comment talks about the ‘zog’ or Israel, it gets real old, real quick.

          apologies if some comments are slipping through – can’t catch them all.

          Thx Mac

          • I can agree that some of the posts do get old, even though some of it is very historically accurate and true. But I won’t whine like a little sissy bitch about what others post or tell them to leave like some here often do, because I can scroll on by


            • sour grapes.

          • So, Mac….

            Ohevi asks for you to censor certain subjects from posters; and you are going comply?

            So I suggest you begin censoring Ohevi and others for their comments containing blatant outright lies.

            I think that would be a fair trade off, don’t you?

            • Oh, BTW, Mac:

              Comments about hating Christians, knocking our Christian Bible are as offensive to me, and others here as comments about other people and religions.

              I am asking you to screen those comments out as well.

              You opted to honor Ohveis’ request; so please….an answer to mine.

            • @pissed granny

              I am only asking to stop the threats. Simple and clear.

              Censor no subject, zog or whocares group, or international blah blah blah.

              We all know our enemies, those who wish to subjagate and harms us.

              That is all very clear.

              My point is just this one opinion, it is too late to play the blame game, prep, help others, not censor topics…. Again who care is someone goes off subject and rants about who they think is responsible, but stop the threats. Thats all….

              Yes we can all just scroll on past, but threats are a little over the top.
              To continue to play the blame game is just wasted energy, be any type of bigot you want, who cares.
              I’m not prejudice. I hate everyone equally. But i am quiet about it. U know, if you dont have anything go to say……………..

          • Mac, it amazing to witness trolling, ie. Acid…. anti-anything will bring out the beasts… discernment must really be difficult. Any default feeling on being independent of our overreaching govt? I’m of native North American culture, which inherently distrus government agencies,

          • Zero hedge did something similar & lost a whole bunch of their best posters. It has become a waste of time to read there due to their thinning of their posters.

            I find it interesting how members of the tribe do their best to try to deflect fingers being pointed at them for the wrongs they do.

            The bankers rip us off & them cry antisemitism when we point out their crimes.

            Quite a scam they play & with the LIBERAL controlled media in their pockets it plays quite well.

            • Just so you’re clear, not all people who call themselves Jews are. Your Christ even said that. The truth is, just because someone says the fed is a bunch of Jews doesn’t mean that all Jews are like those folks. There are poor Jews btw, and most are not interested in the goings on of the powerful elite. Do you want folks to think all Christians are like the Westboro group? Let’s be honest here, it’s silly.

          • @ Mac

            As if “the collapse is happening right now… um… right now…. OK really, really right now…” isn’t “getting old”?

            At least you have finally admitted the censorship.

          • @ Mac

            As a Catholic I am no admirer of Voltaire, but he got this one right:

            “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

            Blacklisted News is moving to a new comment engine because they have noticed that the Disqus engine automatically spikes comments with certain terms, for example, “goyim.”

            • Criticize all you want JQP but as I have previously noted, we are no longer going to approve 10 comments in a row about ‘the jews’ – I get it JQP,as do many readers here, but it’s happening on every comment thread — and, frankly, I am tired of seeing almost the same comments over and over – often times with nothing to do with the topic of the original post.

              • @ Mac,

                Is your skin thin? My criticism has been quite limited, quite rare:

                (1) long delays in “moderation”—repetition of ignorant name calling and long-discredited canards seem to hit the blog right away, while responsive posts with verifiable references are delayed or spiked


                (2) too many articles of the flavor “the collapse is happening right now… um… right now…. OK really, really right now….” Sure, post current events and historical analysis, but “right now”???

                “Watch ye therefore, because you know not the day nor the hour.” Matthew 25:13

                Though guilty consciences make some nervous about subjects that touch close to home, on the whole I think the discussions about racial supremacism, genocide, and economic slavery have been salutary. The world is awakening from a coma induced by controlled media. Compared to two years ago I see far fewer enthusiasts of race war and far more people who see that justice demands that only the guilty should be prosecuted and legally punished for their crimes against humanity. I find hope in that.

                I think that having dried beans in the pantry is a means to an end—surviving to make a better world, a world that pleases God instead of a world that mocks Him.

              • Thanks Mac,

                for all you do. People forget that you own this site and have the right to decide which direction it goes.

                As you say,we know who and what is at the bottom and top of things in relation to the “attempt” at controlling our lives.

                I won’t call his name, but a certain individual put out a lot of information about the “you know who”, and most of it was right on the money.

                But to see it, page after page, and over and over, again and again, day after day, was as distracting and aggravating as my description of it just now. Thank goodness it has disappeared.

                I agree on putting a limit to it. I don’t see it as censorship as some do. I see it as “scaling back” on an overstated argument, by a few, that doesn’t solve anything.

                “Realistically”, what can anyone, or anyone group, do to stop those that are flipping the switches of control?

                It can only be accomplished on a personal level.
                Sure, some talk big and make brags about doing this and shooting these, and killing those, and taking this country back; but, it ain’t happening.

                All the ranting in the world won’t change a thing. At this point, we are way past the point of vigilante style justice. Our ancestors may have had a chance, but not in this day and time.

                We have to stick together and accept truth, but let everything unfold as it has been prophesied to.
                What and how, we position ourselves thru the unfolding is what counts.

                We are better served by spending that “continual repetitive rant energy” about “them” (j***), towards helping each other, thru information that we can actually do something with, to better our position.

                Other than a few “protected” families and political figures, we don’t 100% know who “they” are anyway. Even if we did, we can’t get to them. So, it is just energy wasted.

                It is a noble gesture by many that research and try to educate others about “who” has and is, doing the manipulating. So, let’s say we all agree on who “they” are, what next? Nada? Nothing we can do that I see.
                Maybe someone else can educate me about that….but, I can guarantee one damn thing; voting ain’t gonna change it.

                • @ oicu812

                  Just because you pay diligent and thoughtful attention to posts and you check references does not mean everyone else does the same.

                  If misinformation is repeatedly posted, what do you recommend?

                  Should truthful and verifiable corrections be posted only once?

                  Should new crimes against humanity be ignored simply because “you know who” was/were outed once before?

                  Except for a few natives in Borneo and the Amazon, almost the entire planet is affected by the wars and/or economy. Should we just mention these crimes against humanity once and then lapse back into a coma?

                  • JQP

                    I see your point, but I raise you two points.

                    An uneducated an non-updated person may not realize the “self-chosen” PTB, as we do; but you can bet that they know who is considered to be TPTB.

                    To further identify, and keep reminding everyone who they are, doesn’t really serve any purpose.

                    In other words: It robs a person of time and energy to “continually” (not once in a while) try to remind every passenger on the bus, who is driving the bus off the cliff. Especially when that person could be helping those same people jump to safety with only a few minor bumbs and scrapes, instead of a crash & burn, before the final desent.

                    Just sayin’

                    • I have given thought to your comments, oicu812.

                      I can only speak for myself. In the last few weeks I have been very active in 2 of the dozens of threads. Otherwise I have posted little. You may do your own count and agree or disagree.

                      Since this site has no means of sending private messages (not even a way to correct missed typos), I see no mechanism for privately addressing common errors born of a lifetime of brainwashing. In view of that, I can repeat myself or I can ignore the errors.

                      I have already said that my goal is to use knowledge to make the world more decent, to free people from evil creeds, evil behavior, and from the slavemasters. Ignoring the errors does not advance awakening.

                      As I am sure you will agree. My posts usually provide references so that honest critics may verify the information for themselves. I invite critics to dispute facts with evidence as I also invite supporters to weigh in with additional evidence, preferably referenced. Name-calling and red thumbs are not evidence. My words are measured, no cursing or foul language.

                      There are indeed cold hearts and stiff necks, people who wallow in talmudic greed and bloodlust, people who resist even Jesus Christ Himself. I am nothing compared to Him, so I am sure my efforts will fall far short—but it is my Catholic duty to do my best. At the Judgment Seat I will have to account for myself. Meanwhile I work out my salvation with “fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12

                      Lastly, this is not about me. This is about the TRUTH. I urge readers to focus on issues, not persons or personalities.

                • OICU:

                  Sorry, OICU. I usually agree with your posts; this one not very much.

                  “Let’s say we all agree on who/what they are”, hasn’t happened and wont be happening soon.

                  Info and links so people can decide the truth for themselves is very helpful.

                  I have a question for you… did you become informed as to the who and why. Someone must have helped you along the way. Usually takes YEARS of searching to come to the who/why. Prior posts and links here at shtf have helped to ferret out the truth.

                  As long as we accept the admonishment that any religion/race is subjects that are off limits there is something wrong.

                  In case any of you failed to notice, over and over, post after post seemed acceptable if it bashed the Bible, Christianity, religion, Negroes, Muslims, Police.

                  Now you tell me why there was no censor put on those posts, OICU. I would bet you kmow the answer already, don’t you?

                  • Granny, now that thar is a’ real funny! Ever body knows that both us grannies hates them negroes, it’s a just that we’s a too scared to say it out right in the open so we use our little codey wodey words. And y’all knows we both a’ hate them them mooslims too, we done said so lots a times before. Well sir, the truth is we lives to hate anybody who ain’t like us or don’t listen to us neither, hell, if it twernt fer hate, we wouldn’t have no reason to live now would we.

                    • @ Polk

                      Personal attacks = no facts, shooting blanks.

                      Not clever, not effective, no mojo.

          • So, Mac, after all your denials about censorship, you finally admit that you have been censoring comments. Oy veh!

        • Or you could always scroll by and not read it, pussy.

          • BJ:

            People are waking up to who the moneychangers are that are ruining the world. Cant have that, can we.

            Mac’s site will just be another controlled MSM site, no truth about who the real enemies are

            Rice, beans, and ammo are important preps. Knowing who your real enemies are is just as important.

            Anyone pooh-poohing the UN and their agenda is a fool. They will be sending in troops to control Americans, it is just a matter of timing.

            • Granny, you are simply desperate to keep your Jew bashing alive. I’ve been reading this site for some time now, you’re a whiner, plain and simple. When your statements get countered, you cry like a small child about being stalked, trying your feeble brained attempt to censor your critics. Then it’s always about the end is hear, God will judge all who don’t listen to ME so you had better believe ME or burn in the molten lake of fire forever, blah,blah,blah. There’s always somebody wearing a sandwich board proclaiming ” THE END IS NEAR”, there always will be to, you’re just the latest in a long, sorry list of them.

              • ZFS:

                Zionists and their minions are our enemies.

                Most Jews have no idea how they are being used to further the agenda of the Zionists.

                They are as dumbed down as most Americans about the peril facing us.

                Punish only the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

                • Jews and others are not our enemy Granny. WE, the people of the United States are our own enemy. We have not taken stands when we should have. we are more worried about being accepted by other cultures than we are in cultivating and protecting our own culture. We have turned our backs on the innocent and weak of our nation. We allowed ourselves and our children to become intoxicated with “things” And more importantly, than anything else, we have allowed God to be taken out of every aspect of our lives, bit by bit. Maybe others plotted to do this, but WE let them.

                  • T-Town:

                    They are still plotting T-Town! And to date we are still letting them.

                    Got any idea who the plotters were/are T-Town? Ever researched who is behind the plot to remove God/Jesus Christ out of America? Why would anyone feel it necessary to destroy our Christian religion?

                    • Granny, I can tell you it sure as hell is not “Jews” or Israel that are attacking Christian religion. Out of all the other religions of the world, Judaism is the closest to Christianity. Our roots are the same, unlike Islam and Hindu to name a couple, our God the Father is the same God as the God Jews worship. Good Lord, have you ever even picked up a Bible? I don’t know where you get your info from but you had best widen your scope of resources because you are sorely lacking in your final analysis.

                    • It’s not Jews. 47% of Jews who marry are in interfaith marriages. Most of those are with Christians. The 1% are not all Jews by a longshot. Less than .02 % of the 1% are Jews. Jews do NOT protest holiday trees, nor do they freak out at holiday greetings. There is no war on Christianity with Jews. Period. That is a fact. They do not hover in Jew only friendships. You’re misguided if you think they are anti Christian in any way. As a matter of fact, Synagogues all over the world help Christian churches to staff homeless shelters. They believe differently and some misbehave badly, but it’s not a Jewish conspiracy to corrupt the USA. It’s instead people who want power, some of which happen to claim to be Jewish, but by most Jews standards, they wouldn’t necessarily be. Jews have their own schools so why would they freak out about God in a Christian school? Look for the pegan loudmouths, the Muslim paranoids, or even someone who is standing on a soapbox and trying to fight for a heavily leftminded cause. That’s who is picking fights and trying to make people uncomfortable. You’re being misled about Jews. Perhaps you should meet a few real Jews and see what they’re really like.

                • Granny, innocence, guilt, punishment, retribution et all are things to be decided by God, along with the end times, NOT you.

                  • Amen Zombe!

                  • Shows what a flu shot will do to you……makes you a Z……ebra!

                    • Granny, I love your 5th grade brand of humor. It almost masks the fact that you’re incapable of making a cogent argument to support your comments, it’s just easier to act like a child. If you and your friends are so concerned about Jews bringing down America, than why aren’t any of you capable of action to prevent it? Oh, wait a minute, it’s your jobs to ” wake people up” right? Well, ok, your all awake now but apparently unable to get out of bed and do anything but wear out the same sorry talking points which is your default position every single time. The fact is you’re not able to make an intelligent comment to support your religious ravings other than make little kid jokes. Yeah, you ARE waking up a lot of people but not in a way you could appreciate I suspect.

                  • Zombie Flu Shot and T-Town, thank you for pointing out pissed off granny as an ungodly and rabid Jew Hater.

                  • Zombe, Go tell that to a woman who is about to get raped. Should she wait until she gets raped? Should she wait for God to decide if she should get raped?

                    • Hey Stolz, I have NO idea of what the fuck you’re talking about, do YOU?

                  • How apropos. Only a Zombie could offer such bizarre exegesis. Do nothing to stop looting, rape, genocide, slavery, and crimes that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

                    Go figure.

                    • Yeah Johnny boy, and it takes a REAL Nazi to whine repeatedly about his ” facts” getting censored. Time for YOU to get the memo boy, you and your friends have hijacked every single article, regardless of what it is and turn it into ” The JOOOOOOOOOOS are out to get us all” And by the way, WHEN are you going to get off your collective asses and actually DO something about your big perceived threat other continually piss and moan about it on internet chat rooms? THAT seems to be the question that NONE of you can answer for some STRANGE reason, I wonder WHY?

                    • I have stated my intentions clearly. See above:

                      “I also pray that the truth becomes even more widely known, so that good people may free themselves from evil people, evil beliefs, and escape the lies, traps, and slavery of people who espouse evil creeds and do evil things—no exceptions.”

                    • “Compared to two years ago I see far fewer enthusiasts of race war and far more people who see that justice demands that only the guilty should be prosecuted and legally punished for their crimes against humanity. I find hope in that.

                      “I think that having dried beans in the pantry is a means to an end—surviving to make a better world, a world that pleases God instead of a world that mocks Him.”

                      In your own words: “innocence, guilt, punishment, retribution et all are things to be decided by God, along with the end times”

                      Do you think that the truth should be hidden?
                      …that the guilty should go free?
                      …that the innocent should suffer?
                      …that we should do nothing, not even educate?
                      …that we should ignore a world that mocks God?

                      What exactly do you propose?

                    • I’ll be happy to tell you EACTLY what I propose, NOTHING. It’s been all you and your Nazi pals talking on every article about the jooooooos wrecking America. So I’m calling you out on what plan of action you have other than bitch continually about it. You’ve just demonstrated for everybody that you have no clue as to what you should do other than ask me, now that’s REAL leadership. No wonder you’re such a force to be reckoned with, go figure.

                    • What part of education, awakening, prosecution, and punishment don’t you understand?

                      Education and awakening are moving very fast. War and hunger have a way of doing that. The tribe is very panicked about the awakening and pending prosecution in the International Criminal Court for Israeli crimes against humanity.

                      Are you upset that I can’t just snap my fingers and make the bad men go away?

                    • Zombie Flu Shot,

                      There are many ways of being an accomplice in crime (and sin):

                      by counsel
                      by command
                      by consent
                      by provocation
                      by praise and flattery
                      by silence
                      by assistance
                      by defense or concealment
                      by not punishing the crime.

                      Perhaps you can see how your DO NOTHING plan makes you an accomplice.

                    • Johnny, you and your friends can set up all the straw man arguments you like, I have no problem with that. But of course, you DO realize that you’re admitting that you and your friends are impotent to do anything about your so called threat to civilization. Oh, I know the tired old excuse of ” It’s my job to educate the masses not actually DO anything about it” Yeah, spoken like a true teacher, if you can’t do anything, then TEACH, I believe that’s the old saying,isn’t it? Am I upset that you can’t ” snap your fingers and do anything about it?” Of course not, I’m tired, like many others here, of listening to you and your Nazi friends piss an moan like little girls about it on every thread just to listen to the sound of your gums flapping and rewarding yourselves with your infantile green thumbs.

                      Just because you can’t instantly do anything about your big threat to America is your excuse for doing Jack, like all your other impotent old friends. No, he truth is you’re all nothing but an angry group of old men who are only capable of keyboard warfare and temper tantrums when your bullshit claims are challenged. Oh, and one more thing too, I noticed you said your catholic, well, I too was raised catholic. I never recall ever hearing anywhere in the 8 years I attended catholic school about God saying the Jews were the enemies of Christianity, That must have been something YOU heard said I’m sure. The one thing I did learn about catholics is they can be the biggest hypocrites and liars that ever walked the planet too, they’ll stick a knife in your back just as easily as anybody else but they ARE the most sanctimonious bastards you’ll ever meet. Now, go back to your bitching and moaning little johnny, it’s ALL you’ll EVER be capable of.

                    • @ Zombie

                      Get the memo. Mac is tired of us repeating ourselves.

                      Personal attacks = no facts, shooting blanks.

                      Not clever, not effective, no mojo.

                    • Maybe you were less than alert in class.

                      Numerous papal condemnations are listed here:
                      The Holy See and the Jews

                      Jesus, His Apostles, His Saints, His Doctors, His Popes, and His Councils have said much about the dangers, the “leaven,” the “synagogue of Satan,” “the adversaries to all mankind,” etc. etc. etc.

                      Two of hundreds of examples of Catholic teaching from ancientness to recent times on the subject:

                      Pope Saint Pius V: “The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease. Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future. We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit. On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice — in all towns, districts, and places — must depart these regions.”

                      Saint Padre Pio: “The Jews are enemies of God and foes of our holy religion.”
                      The Calvary of Padre Pio by Joseph Pagnossin, 1978 Padua, Italy, page 91.

                      etc. etc. etc.

                    • another auto-correct typo: “…from ancient times…”

                    • Jonny boy, thanks for proof positive that catholics are the most sanctimonious pricks to walk the earth. By the way, where did you get your link from, the church of the Aryan They certainly never taught that in a catholic school, and if you try to me otherwise I’ll call you exactly what you are, a God damned liar. Thank God you finally, although indirectly, admitted that you’re incapable of anything but bitching about the big zog threat. And let me tell you something about memo’s little boy, mac tried to tell you a few articles back to give the whole fucking joooooooo’s thing a rest, but no, you just couldn’t keep it in your pants, could you? Every fucking article was the same God damn thing, over and over, and when you whined to mac about it he basically told you to shut the fuck up already, but no, you had to cry your little girl whines about being censored. If anybody has thin skin on this board, it’s YOU little girly boy.

                    • Johnny, we BOTH now you’re full of shit, and that’s the fact, not a rave. You and Nazi friends have perverted religion to suit your rabid Nazi beliefs,and the fact still remains that all of you are totally powerless to accomplish anything but cry. You’re all really giving the Nazi movement a bad name by showing your cowardice engaging in your sorry intellectual attempts to sell your lies. You’ve thrown every smokescreen in your little bag of tricks at me and you still can’t wiggle out of the fact that all that you’ll ever be capable of is being another loudmouth keyboard commando with your friends, so now go and cry to Mac that you want me censored for picking on you.

                    • Au contraire, my desperate interlocutor, as I posted above to Tripod XL:

                      “As I have said, I think there is a huge groundswell awakening to the ideas, to the TRUTH. It is even penetrating pop culture, for example, I was astounded at the content of one of Knopfler’s newish songs:


                      “Yes, as you observe some are beyond hope: the contumaciously guilty, their apologists, their enforcers, their middlemen, their puppets, their mouthpieces, their talking heads… and the hopelessly brainwashed and decorticated. Yes, there are plenty who “haters” of Truth and Decency, but…

                      “Not just in the blogosphere, but in daily life, I see a groundswell of insight and awakening. A few years ago I estimated that only a few percent “get it,” but in the last year I have estimated that 30 to 50% of the average people see at least part, usually an important part, of what is is being done to us. That is why the perpetrators are panicked, rushing Satan’s depopulation/enslavement/damnation agenda, and worried for themselves.

                      “Please don’t be puzzled, my friend, be hopeful and happy. We know that in the end the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts triumph.”

                      Get the memo. Mac is tired of us having to repeat ourselves. Meanwhile, don’t resist the graces that God sends you.

                    • Let’s also help your confused thinking.

                      As a serious practicing Catholic I oppose all racial supremacist creeds and I oppose all genocide—Naziism, KKK, and Judaism included.

                      For two years I have posted that. How did you miss that? You claim to have followed my posts for quite some time. Are you just careless and raving? Or willfully lying and raving?

                      Pax Domini sit semper tecum.

                    • Johnny, I’m REALLY impressed with your knowledge of different languages, it’s amazing that looking up things on the internet can almost be passed of for intelligence. And of course, I knew you would be slinking your way back after taking a few days off, cute trick but not really effective or bight to be honest with you. No, haven’t been following your posts for that long or I would have jumped in a lot earlier. Now, I know you won’t believe this but I’m going to say it anyway, so here goes. Nobody is opposed to religion, worshipping God, whatever they like to do is their right to do so. BUT, here is where you and so many others here fuck it up. You go way off the deep end by quoting Bible verse and scriptures that are obtained from some very DUBIOUS websites to say the least, and then tell everybody that this is undisputable FACT and any who would dare oppose your interpretation is some kind of evil minion of Satan bent on destroying God’s kingdom. Then you claim ” I’ve done the research and you haven’t”. This is a profoundly ridiculous claim if there ever was one. Look at this way, the LAST thing people are going to listen to are religious whack jobs who only allow for ” My way or the Highway” mode of religious belief, and I would also like to know that if you’re convinced that God has told you to destroy this alleged ZOG cabal that you are all, well, frankly speaking, OBSESSED with, why hasn’t he means to do so?

                    • Do you really think that personal attacks divert good people from thinking about the issues?

                      One tribe thinks so:


                      Raving and name-calling have lost their magic.

                    • “…quoting Bible verse and scriptures that are obtained from some very DUBIOUS websites”???

                      I usually use the first English translation of the Latin Vulgate, the ‘Douay-Rheims” translation from 1582 A.D. Until the devastation of Vatican 2, almost all Catholics studied Latin from grammar school, so Latin is our mother language. The Latin Vulgate has been with us since the polyglot St. Jerome translated the Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek into a comprehensive Latin Bible in the 3rd century A.D.

                      “Dubious.” you say.

                      As if people can’t double-check using their own Bibles???

                      Go figure.

                    • Johnny, I know you aren’t capable of understanding this so I’ll try to put this in the simplest possible terms for you, ok? You’ve thrown up another of your pathetic smokescreen arguments about ” name calling” when I point out the truth to you. You answer every post I make like some nasty little schoolboy with a pissy attitude. What part about ” people do not listen to religious fruitcakes” don’t you understand?

                      If there EVER was a book written that was open to interpretation it’s the bible. You can’t even get 2 biblical scholars in the same room to agree on anything for Christ’s sake, and you get UPSET when the word of mighty john q pubic is questioned? I’ll say this again slowly for you, just because you post a link from a religious website, nutjob OR regular, doesn’t make it a FACT! It’s people like yourself that really turn people off to organized religion, you’re just like one of these wide eyed spittle drooling tv evangelical preachers who think that screaming and trying to scare people into following them is the way to salvation. I notice you’re not getting much traction in the newer articles with this line of bullshit either,it looks like people are making up their OWN minds as to what they believe , and that can only be a good thing. It would be different if you presented your postings as simply your opinion, not trying to convince everybody YOU know what God’s will is because NOBODY does! And of course, I’m always happy to ask again that if God actually wants you to defeat the big zog threat, why hasn’t he equipped you with more than just a keyboard to rant on internet chat rooms. Look at what some people are waking up to here, they’re getting tired of hearing the same old crap over and over and seeing NOTHING change, they’re realizing talk is cheap and THAT is the ONLY thing that will ever occur despite all the tough talk about standing up to evil, taking back our country, blah blah blah. Human nature is what it is, you can only talk for so long before people see through it and are ready for some type of action instead of words, and the truth is if you don’t deliver it after talking the talk for so long, you lose credibility. It’s already happening here, more and more people are waking up to the fact that you and your buddies here are nothing but talk. Your big speeches and website links are beginning to have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s just becoming an exercise in futility and a crashing bore.

                    • “You can’t even get 2 biblical scholars…”

                      You might not get two Protestants to agree, but Catholics have ONE authority and, when it comes to matters of moral and dogma, there can be no change or doubt.

                      Sure there are anti-Popes, heretics, and perverts, but Catholics can always consult 2,000 years of Magisterium to recognize the false teachers. Catholics rely on what has always and everywhere been taught by the official Church authority. Dissenting “opinions” and off-the-cuff interviews and snarky remarks carry no weight.

                      I suppose you missed that in your catechism class.

                    • well, I’m curious that you never can answer my ongoing question about what actual physical THINGS you are going to end the evil zog cabal outside of internet tough talk, so please, enlighten me, I’d like to hear it. And I’ll throw you a bone here, if you can site just ONE biblical passage anywhere that can be sited as indisputable fact, I’ll admit I’m wrong and you’re right. You’ll never get a better offer than that, so let’s here it!

                    • “THINGS”—see comment ID #3318916, 3321910, 3319349, 3319878, 3319689, 3319701, 3319886, 3320568, 3320869, 3321914, 3321919, 3322453, 3322974, etc.

                    • God can neither deceive nor be deceived. His Word is TRUTH.

                      Perhaps this is the one TRUTH most important to you:

                      Be not deceived, God is not mocked.
                      Galatians 6:7

                      This TRUTH will certainly be proven to you for your eternal belief.

                • Interesting Granny, I just gave you a green thumb and BOTH thumbs increased by 1…

                  • Sixpack:

                    On my request to Mac it showed no thumbs either way for hours. I just clicked on the thumbs there. Go there; it now shows 13 to 10.

                    Many times I thumb comments that look like no one has thumbed them and voila suddenly lots of thumbs.

                    Hunter has a comment today that was like that.

                    You will have to ask Mac if you are curious. He is MIA with any questions from me.

                    Thanks for your ‘thumb’. I know you are interested in the truth.

                    Rather than thumbs, I would prefer a response to posts; just my opinion.

                    • Six…when I go back to the post, the thumbs are back to zero… on it and see what you get.

                    • I can explain this one. If you have been reading through the comments for a little while and not posted or refreshed page, they stay the same. But if you leave and come back, refresh the page or make a post (which refreshes the page) then they change with all the clicks that have happened since last refreshing the page.

                      Gaaaawwwwwddd I hate the stupid childish thumbs and they have really screwed up the loading up of this site and slowed it down.

                    • 9 and 3 respectively.

                    • God morning Granny, it would appear that you have all the ZOG apologist ganging up on you today, You must be doing something right. “Blessed is he who suffers persecution for my sake, for he shall inherit the Kingdom of God.”

                      For everyone else I offer this. Of all the lies and deceit that there are in this world only one cannot be allowed to be debated in public. But, if, you want to know who the shill’s, troll’s, and provocateurs are, just raise the question of the Jew’s and let it run for awhile and they, the apologist, will pop up through the woodwork and its “Whack a Mole Time!” Just engage them and within a little while they will resort to name calling and character assignation tactics and you will know them for what they are. Wisely did Jesus say “By their deeds you will know them.” (yes, I paraphrased that)
                      As for the thumb’s up or down thingy, my take on it is that when you clic on it, it ‘up-dates’ to show all the numbers that were previously hidden. It like this page, while it is being read it does not up-date to show new comments until you refresh the page. Does that help.

            • f the un, granny. Only commies hug the un. f ’em.

            • How about leaving religion and social bullshit out altogether and just have a prepping site? That’d be a novelty, huh. Anymore if you want a decent prep site you have to go to daily sheeple or survivalblog. Quite frankly, this one is useless anymore. Just a bunch of ideologue, ignorant chest thumpers. Mac’s articles have degenerated to slavering paranoia. He is an embarrassment to himself

              • Foxglove… Good point. all future article should be about “under inflated footballs”.

            • POG, Don’t waste your time with the paid trolls. Mac can sensor anything he wants to sensor as the owners of this site. Personally I don’t care if I can comment or not since I know the awaking has started and the number of awaken people such as yourself and many others on this site is increasing daily as who the real enemy is.

              Sad part is I wanted to comment on the latest Zebra population state in Africa but I can’t since it has a letter ” Z” in it.

              One other point is if the UN is not owned and controlled by the “Z’s” and I mean Zebras then why they don’t even send troops to stop the beheading of Christian women and children in middle east, Yazidis in Iraq, Syrian’s Non Vahabe Muslims , innocents in Ukraine etc,.

              DAMN “Z” EBRAS.

              • Stolz:

                Your link to the Air Force Academy and Mikey Weinstein’s involvement will surely turn the stomach of anyone who reads it.

                I was going to do a post on Mikey Weinstein some time back. The more I looked into his background the sicker I became. Anyone thinking there is not a war on Christianity needs to read your link.

                He is asking for a court martial of that Air Force person. And the fear coming from the cadets there is palpitating.

                • My brother, a Colonel now stationed in Japan, who graduated the academy years ago, is sick about this crap.


        • Ohevi is a pussy.

      24. DAVE says:
        “In two years, local and state governments will have the ability to begin to seize individual property for the failure to meet code,”

        Please provide a link for this statement.
        This is huge.

        • Cities have been seizing property for code violations for a two hundred years in the USA. Much, much longer in Europe. Nothing new. Check out the regulation of tanneries by 17th century colonies in America, (not U.S. yet – not for another 100 years.)

          If you insist on living cheek-by-jowl with a quarter gazillion other sheeple in one of those real artificial environments called cities, ya gotta compromise your principles, if your principles include sanitary or environmental encroachments on your neighbors. Otherwise they become real (as well as social) cesspools. Have a look at the unregulated barrios in Mehiko or Barfrika. There’s still towns in India where you crap in the gutters because that’s how it is. You wanna live like that?

          • While i agree with ya coach, I thought Hodges was talking about existing homes meeting updated and cuurent energy codes and such.
            Are you gonna pull down your drywall and spray foam in your walls to meet current cde requirements?
            Replace all your windows and furnaces everytime the scunbags upgrade theyre codes ?
            Hell no , but technically your home will no longer comply thus you could be evicted.
            I live in an area designated as a “human no go” zone under the wildlands project which is Agenda 21.
            This type of code enforcement could be used to remove people from the land.
            Anyway , thats my take on it .

            • Most code enforcement grandfathers existing codes and only makes you change when you redo,rebuild or replace something. In my state anyway.

              • JIM-
                As a builder i understand the grandfather code thing , But Hodges is implying that it is gonna change.
                And that ALL EXISTING homes will need to be code compliant . If thats true , its game on !

                • Yah, I had a junker bungalow in East Providence, Rhode Island for a short while. Fortunately I sold it the year before they threw down a new law that the seller had to remediate all asbestos and lead paint before the house could be sold. The cost would have been more than the house was worth, especially with the neighborhood being “block-busted”. Anyone still there when that law took effect was essentially condemned to live there for the rest of his/her life, or just abandon the place. Which I have been told did happen in a few cases. That was my last time living in a city. That was in the ’80s. No Agenda 21 then.

            • Code enforcement is perverted into use as a weapon by greedy developers and their politician allies.

              I remember a well-known case from Rhode Island where a widow had a desirable piece of land in Johnston, but to sell it at market value she needed it rezoned commercial. After years of trying she gave up and sold it to the Governor’s son, (a developer). He had it rezoned the next day.

              I’ve got more where that came from. My Dad owned most of what had been his father’s farm near Boston. We sold hay, and had a small apple orchard, grew our own vegetables, kept chickens and turkeys for meat. As the urbanites took over the town in the ’60s, they decided that his land should be assessed at “development value”, and the taxes became way more than he could afford. In 1973 he was forced to sell out and move to NH. That was long before any Agenda 21. It’s just greed and power working in cahoots to screw the ordinary citizen.

            • @Hammerhead,

              Ya know, Hodges may not be too far off on this. I’ve heard about neighbors in my neighborhood calling inspectors when they see work being done without a permit in the window.

              If that prompt’s an inspector’s visit, the inspector could mandate code compliance and then guess what….revoke the certificate of occupancy….and then people would have to leave their residences.

              Well, of course if the people can’t afford a contractor to get the work done asap, the people have to pay for housing, mortgages, utilities get behind and poof, a defacto seizure could be in the future.

              Inspectors have a lot of power now. Refuting them could cost thousands in court and in lost time.

              • CELLAR-
                “If that prompt’s an inspector’s visit”
                And theres the rub , only in the major cities do the inspectors have the ability to be “proactive”.
                At least in michigan.
                An inspector MY NOT enter a property unless invited or responding to a complaint.
                And around here, they absolutely wont , period .
                They believe it is no more their business than zoning enforcement or anything else.
                But the big cities are different in that the officials are sent out to inspect and LOOK for ways to generate revenue. And those bastards are militant , union thugs .
                Been there done that , just get the hell away from the major cities and life is more free .

              • You just about hit the nail on the head with your statement that inspectors have a lot of power.

                It is the county officials/Commissioners and the County Attorney, that has the final say “based” on the information provided to them via the inspectors.

                They don’t have worry about you complying and court and so forth. All theyhave to do is PULL the Plug…. the power/electrical plug that is.

                They wiil have the power companies cut your electrical power off, until you come crawling with a plaster bucket full of cash.

                They have you, if you are “grid dependant”.

          • Old Coach;
            I am not disagreeing with your post and we do live in the country. Most people should not. People fail to see that it is not cheaper and certainly not easier. We raise animals and can huge amounts but we could buy case lots much cheaper if you factor in labor at all. Also, when I look around, a good share of the rural properties I see are growing junk yards. It takes a huge amount of effort to keep your property productive and trim.
            I know you understand but I always try to not mislead people who think they want to live in the country and think that they can lay In a hammock and eat grapes. The cost of equipment etc. is shocking. For us there is no other way but I would suggest they rent before they buy.

            • You’ve got a point there.

      25. I have an interesting question, I think..
        someone plans to bug in, in a suburb, maybe 20 miles from a major city..

        this person has 1 or 2 other people, and 2 or 3 guns.
        this person sees armed looters, maybe 10 of them, going house to house..

        does this person:
        1. start shooting before the looters see him?
        2. stand outside, armed, so they know not to come close, and just pass by (unless they want a gun fight, not knowing how many people they could be fighting)?
        3. wait inside until they enter?
        4. hide some important things, grab a b.o.b. and run?
        5. other

        • IMHO it would all depend on your groups ability,
          If one or more of you are proficient from longer range it might be better to follow them then snipe them from distance,
          Direct up close engagement would be a last resort in my mind,
          Only variable would be how close are they to looting your place? If it is directly immenent you may have no choices other than BO or engage, if you take them on you need to have a hardened location, bullets go through stuff, so you need sand bags, armor, etc,
          Will also depend, what are they carrying? If its ten thugs with handguns and you are 3 vets with AR or AK style weapons,,,,,
          Lots of variables to consider

        • Sniping and/or ambush. Looting is usually about easy reward and low risk. Leave the bodies out in the open with a sign on them telling why they were killed and that any looter will get the same. Works for the drug cartels in Mexico.

        • ridiculous.
          As Kulafarmer says lots of variables.

          Are they kids or men. What stuff are they wearing? Sneakers or combat boots. Are they using military gear like chest rigs and ammo pouches. Do they appear to be able to do a coordinated attack?

          How good are your defenses. How much firepower can you bring to bear. Do you have force multipliers like night vision or can use sub sonic 22 cal rounds/pellets to persuade them to leave. I mean even an arrow stuck in one of them will really make them think.

          If they leave on their own, so much the better.

        • Had a multi part article at Prepper Journal that talks about this subject,
          Just saw it reprinted at AltMarket,
          Just an FYI

          • Thanks Kulafarmer. Good site.

            • You first have to know the overall situation, Has all law enforcement stopped? You don’t want to be in jail for murder. The tactical issue is easy. I. I’d the leaders. 2; I’d the people with the weapons that can hurt you. 3. If you have an idiot that you want dead you can have him stand up; Otherwise that’s stupid. If you have say; three people; you should be able to take out at least 6 before they even know what’s going on. If you hit the leaders and the best armed, it’s over. No bunch of looters is going to stay around. Trained trops are another matter. In that case, run.

              • Paranoid.

                Worrying about the LAW. That is the problem. The Majority of us know what crime is and responsibility of owning firearms. Yet in a chaotic event we have to think about civil suits and other bullshit.
                Yes, the goody two shoes will turn you in for something that you did to save their fucking ass.
                When the cops say, “You’re on your own”. That is fine with me. Don’t tell me about what the law says later.

        • Just recently a fellow prepper neighbor and I had a discussion about this very subject. We agreed that if we witnessed each other’s home being preyed upon, we would assist in the defense of each other’s homes. We both agreed it is in our own best interest to do so, because when “they” were done over there, ‘they” would be coming over here. Get to know your neighbors. Help each other. Communicate and have a plan A, B and C. Having said that, the numbers and fire-power of the aggressors would certainly play into a response. If my neighbors bugged the hell out, most likely we would follow suit.

          • That is the best plan for any amount of mutual defense, T-town.

        • ridiculous, If you see them going house to house on your street, chances are you’re next. When they came out maybe one or two at a time with their arms full I’d start cutting them down. Chances are the remainder were still busy inside and don’t know whats going on yet. They’ll eventually come out or run out and I’d shoot them too. Now maybe you cut down their numbers by a third or half. They still don’t know your numbers nor where the shots came from. They’ll probably hole up in the house until dark and then haul ass or start torching houses hoping they can get the one(s) doing the shooting. At that point you better have NV and be outside moving.

        • No matter what choice you make , it will be the wrong one.

          so be ready to deal with that mistake first , the second choice you make better not be a mistake too , or your done for sure

          hope that helped .. sorry if its reality

      26. I have been reading “The beast from Jekyll Island”. If you haven’t read it you are missing out on who is doing this and why.
        It’s a good a read, but it exposes some ugly truths i.e. That I spent 20 years of life in the military and it was all a lie. Kind of a tough pill to swallow.
        I also learned that the gathering in Davos, Switzerland was to set the economic agenda for this year. Not just for the U.S. but the whole world.
        On a side note Obami isn’t there he’s running over to Saudi Arabia to suck up to the new king.
        Get the book it’s an easy read if you follow the directions in the front of the book on how to read it. Peace.

        • Wonder if he’s going to bow again?

          • oh he will. Makes me want to vomit.

          • Just read that the “adminstration” was going to send Biden, but the Saudis said only Muslims could attend.


            • Coach, that’s a good one! Why aren’t Granny and taz talking about this? Never heard before that Jews wanted to attack Christianity. Islam however, we hear that daily. Makes a body wonder what motivates these ‘Zion take over” theorists.

              • “Islam however,we hear that daily”

                There is your key

                For the record, I think BOTH Islam and Talmudic/Elders of Zion fake jews are equally evil and anti Yahweh God.

                • You are correct BJ.

                  Maybe the dead king said he didn’t want any Zionists at his funeral.

                  Google Biden’s speech “I am a Zionist”.

                  • Biden Christian? As if anyone can enable abortion and be a Christian? Go figure.

        • Ed, I have a copy of that book. One of the best reads I ever found in my life.

        • ed

          Excellent read by G Edward Griffin..

          The Creature from Jekyll Island

          Many spend way too much wasted time blaming some ethnic group or another on the plight of humanity…when all along it is but sheer psychopathic greed..

          It is perpetuated by those few from all faiths who seek power,control, and wealth and lack any compassion/empathy for mankind..wars are created to fatten their coffers as they win from both sides of the equation..

          Financing both sides with arms and armies,destroying the entire infrastructure, then amass billions and billions on nation rebuilding,restructuring, and setting up new centers of finance to further extract wealth from the citizenry..

          How quaint it all is..


      27. I see some on here have been given a standard IQ Test. The evaluating authority on compiling the results of the test must have set you their findings; A GET-WELL CARD.

      28. Our human rights fizzle with the Fukushima sizzle. Maybe they should clean that one up first then we can talk about the carbon neutrality of burning wood. These people can talk can’t they or do they just dictate. They certainly cannot prioritize imminent danger, they must confuse it with imminent domain. I choose carbon over radionuclides. We all should. It is too late for the Pacific already. Think about that for a little while as I clean out my chimney. Let it sink in. Like radioactive atoms in the ocean floor whose first half life is four times the age of the Egyptian pyramids. Only their soot is invisible so its OK. Fucking hypocrites. Throw another log on the fire, make it a green one.

        • GrandPaSpeaks.

          And so we shall see. When the background radiation exceeds what the human body can absorb, then they will kill the fishing industry in the Pacific. One fish with a heavy dose will do it for anyone. No more swimming or surfing. Combine this with a drought and California will want to take over it neighboring states.

          Good post.

      29. Tripod: I see that you have finely come out of your shell.

        • Copperhead, good to see you back. BTW, any word on Be Informed?

          • I think he’s still lurking around here and there. Like us all from time to time.

            • Hey Maverick. have you heard from Braveheart? I would guess you have.

              • Hi, anon. Braveheart is now Maverick due to a technical issue. My post would no longer go through under braveheart. I HATED to change then name, but at least Maverick has the same meaning, at least for me. Every ma dies, but not every man truly lives.

      30. Keep it up, for all they’re doing is drafting their own death warrants.

        Waste all they send, and they’ll stop coming.

        • It’s not going to happen that way.

          Read this column with a bit of discernment and you’ll understand why.

      31. You control energy, you control everything it touches, which is…. well, EVERYTHING. THAT, mon ami, is what is behind the global warming scam… which they are not trotting out again, assuming everyone has forgotten about Climategate I and II

      32. 2014 the “warmest ever?” What a joke. Sorry to say, but only the truly gullible could fall for that one.

        The reason the left is rolling out the global warming scam yet again is that they think you have forgotten ClimateGate 1 and II. Also, if they and their BIG GREEN MONEY cronies can control energy, the control everything it touches, which is… well… everything.

        Obama: “2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record.”
        Facts: No, it wasn’t. NASA ignored it’s own and others satellite data (the best there is) because they show no warming. Obama’s appointees have used far dodgier thermometer data, and even after they got done “adjusting” it, the most they could come up with was two little hundredths of a degree of supposed warming – an insignificant number way below the margin of error.

        Even if it were true, the computer models the whole warming scare is predicated upon call for much warmer temperatures than we have experienced. The models, and the President along with them, have yet to be right on temperature.

        Obama: “… we’ll continue to see rising oceans, longer, hotter heat waves, dangerous droughts and floods.”
        Facts: Scientific and historical data show the oceans barely rising (3 mm per year), just as they’ve been doing since before the industrial revolution. Science shows heat waves (and cold snaps) to be historically normal and driven by natural variability, not people. Droughts and floods are not only at normal levels today, but actually down in frequency.

        Obama: “The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security.”
        Facts: This would be true only if computer model projections were correct. So far they’re wildly off. The computer models that project these so-called “immediate risks,” inspire even less confidence than those used to project future temperatures. The last thing we need is a politically correct Pentagon in a dangerous world.

        Obama: “In Beijing, we made a historic announcement: The United States will double the pace at which we cut carbon pollution. And China committed, for the first time, to limiting their emissions.”
        Facts: This China deal is bogus. The Chinese merely agreed to build coal plants as fast as they can and then maybe think about emitting less CO2 in 2030 — the year they projected their emissions would peak anyway! Soon after this “historic” agreement China promptly announced that it would never allow outside verification of its global warming pledges. The satirists at The Onion got their headline perfect when they wrote, “China Vows To Begin Aggressively Falsifying Air Pollution Numbers.”

      33. “In the end, all corruption will come about as a consequence of the natural sciences.”

        – Søren Kierkegaard

        And might I add, co-opted and corrupted science, as we see with the BIG GREEN MONEY scamsters in the multi-billion dollar global warming scam.

        As some of you know, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen who hikes a lot in the Canadian Rockies. Early pictures from the area vs. today show much glacier recession, at least for some glaciers, such as Bow Glacier, which is the source of the Bow River. The hiking book Classic Hikes in the Canadian Rockies shows this glacier around 1900. If you go there today, the same glacier is much, much receded. BUT here is the rub. The same anti-science types, who think science is determined by “consensus” (of which there is none, not even close) rather than **experimentation and hypothesis testing**, unthinkingly look at this and make utterly unwarranted conclusions. The fact of the matter is that there was something called the Little Ice Age (LIA) the nadir of which was the early 1800s. The simple fact is that this was one of the coldest periods since the Ice Age, and we are still emerging from this. THAT, mon ami, is why the Bow Glacier – and its sisters – have receded: we are still emerging from that LIA.

        This is why, according to the Archeological Survey of Canada, the tree line was 100 km. NORTH of where it is today during the MWP (Medieval Warm Period, which was preceded by the similar Roman Warm Period. Incidentally, that emergence from the Little Ice Age has stopped over the past dozen years – there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, which now even the co-opted IPCC admits, as did Phil Jones at Hadley , the lead global warmer – until ClimateGate forced him to resign (and you’ll notice the leftists and Agenda 21 scamsters hope you’ll forget Climategate… along with Lois LernerGate

        More evidence. Kegwins’ study in Nature on marine radioistopes shows that we are, today, still BELOW the 3,000 year average. If you google “Dr. Tim Ball+picea glauca” or go to you will find a white spruce stump on the coast Canada’s Arctic Ocean, dated about 5,000 years ago, and NOWHERE near today’s treeline. Of course, no one on the left has the intellectual honesty to address any of this.

        The reality is that the left, the BIG GREEN MONEY, and the Agenda 21 types want to control energy, which allows them to control everything that touches, which is… well, everything

      34. I was working in Warsaw, IN. a week ago. While on a concall, I watched one jet at altitude leaving a massive contrail (that did not go away) across half the sky – then the contrail suddenly stopped without the plane changing altitude (that I could observe from grund level). A few minutes after, another plane at roughly the same altitude in roughly the same area, did the same thing. Finally, while still on the concall, I watched another plane in roughly the same area of the sky, roughly same altitude, go by. No contrail at all. Clearly the first two were chemtrails planes, the other a “simple” passenger plane. You cannot tell me chemtrails is not a real issue.

        I had wondered that one explanation or excuse could be makeup of jet fuel in the recent past, as these chemtrails were NEVER around when I was younger. However, when some planes go by at roughly the same time and altitude, that becomes untenable, unless you posit they are using different fuel… and of course, watching the trail stop mid-sky, as noted above, that they suddenly switched fuel mid sky – or stopped burning the fuel and were gliding (!!). Occam’s Razor would tell me chemtrails is real.

        *YOUR* sky, my friend, is being poisoned. And as this drifts down, it is poisoning YOUR garden, your kids, and the rest of your life.

        All in the name of stopping faux global warming.

        • The airplane did not have to change altitude to make the contrail stop. It just ran into a wave in the tropopause which lofted warmer air up to where it was. Simple weather phenomenon. I’ve seen this hundreds of times, perhaps because I watch the sky a lot. The WW2 bomber guys in Europe knew about it, because the change in air temperature required engine adjustments. I still see it from my BOL in the remote Ohio River country.

          Chentrails. Test, I expected better from you.

          • Tests description of chem trails is spot on. Central Oregons’ beautiful blue skies are inundated with them.

            Our earth is being poisoned. Plenty of info on the internet. Don’t need to take anyones word for what is/isn’t happening.

            However, not surprised at Old Coachs’ response….at all.

            • The point is, the THIRD plane came by and did not make adjustments, if in fact that is what the first two did. I would also have to assume “adjustments” don’t present as going from HEAVY contrails to zero contrails, with a VERY clear demarcation point.

              The telling point is the contrails I see now, which I NEVER, EVER saw in the past. Ever.

              I remain very concerned about the contrails issue.

            • Real science is just too much fer ya, ain’t it Granny?

            • yep,yep, yepper, it’s on that there internet thang they gots thar so it’a HAS to be true now…..

              • PolkSaladGranny:

                And your education, Einstein? Come from sitting on your crapper in Israel, running through blogs, getting paid for asinine comments?

                I’m impressed with yur lernin…

            • I have actually seen videos with airport personnel about the chems and have seen the actual chemicals, the tanks, hosing hardware etc etc. in the planes.

              At the end of the day, it really isn’t that important whether any one else believes it or not….I couldn’t give two shits less. AND I have no idea what the result is of the spraying or the motive and I don’t care. There is nothing I can do about it. I am beginning to care less and less about a great deal of evil things going on and concentrating more and more on preparing my family and I for what we can actually do something about…….OUR LIVES.

          • OC – I appreciate your input, as always. So, you are telling me that – as a sky watcher – contrails would remain in the sky and spread out as they do today for an hour or more ten years ago. Really? The contrails I see in the sky now were *never* seen in the “old days.” I *never* ever saw this prior to five or six years ago. Ever. Moreover, as I noted, and I believe you missed, the key point is that a *third* plane came by, same altitude, same area of the sky, with normal contrail, that played out, and then disappeared as normal – ^*even past the point where the other two contrails stopped**. WHY? Are you telling me there was an uplift for to airplanes but not a third? I believe you missed that significant point.

            There was also a TV station in the south that did air samples after a similar phenomenon was observed in their area – and the result was an excessive amount of barium, aluminum, etc. that were not normally present.

            Geoengineering is being openly discussed now, all due to the fraud of global warming. As noted, I have NEVER, EVER seen contrails I see today. Ever. Yet, only a certain percentage of planes have them. I’m sorry, but chemtrails are real, whether you believe in them or not. I’m afraid we will remain in disagreement on this one.

        • @Test

          “faux global warming”????? Try this…
          ht tp://

      35. I have the deed to my property that does not mean I own it the state owns it really if I don’t pay my taxes state can take it back so it is never yours. Same thing with my truck if I don’t pay taxes on it I can’t register it therefore can’t drive it on the street. So it’s not mine the police can commandeer it if they need it it’s not mine. In reality we are already slaves to state they can raise your taxes and you have to pay or lose your shit. They raised my vehicle taxes by increasing the value of my vehicle that’s it tax assessor said they can do it. The gov wants to tax inheritance so if your old man left you some property they want you to pay if it goes to you we can’t do a damn thing about it. People don’t have the balls to war on the gov they didn’t back in the day either and the more civilized we become the less chance this will come to bear . Look at the terrorists they are broke living in a cave they are not civilized they are barbarians with nothing to lose by waging war in fact they stand to gain from it .people are happy having their devices heated house nice car designer clothes they like civilized life. If this is what you like all the nice thing that make life wonderful then shut your traps go to college get skills your masters can use and continue your life of servitude. If you don’t like it stop consumerism hoard $ and live like a grunt and put your faith in god and wait till the tide changes. I’m keeping my $ and cashing in on the free stuff obumer is promising this is what they want so play the game. That is all it is when the free stuff goes by by then you will have what you saved. If you want the gov to fail stop consuming stuff I have I’ve been fasting on spending I don’t order out for food don’t buy coffee at work don’t buy anything I don’t need to survive. Still have the same $20 from two weeks ago I don’t drink smoke or have any vises that are sure to keep you down. If everybody was doing what I’m doing it would be very hard for the economy to survive. Living humble helps me save $ and keeps me thankful to god for what I do have. I don’t need the fancy cars clothes and things .I like a hard life close to god I don’t have to live like this it’s my choice to. I’m a professional and I don’t even own or wear suits. I don’t feel as I’m important enough to wear one . I’m the only man at church who doesn’t wear a suit. I feel this elevates how people view you and I don’t want people to view me that way. Jesus wore rags and I feel common people clothing is good enough for me. But living a life as a poor working person struggling is what keeps me fighting . I like to be at work the only thing I hate about it is I can’t be with my growing kids I’m missing out on seeing them through their development and I will never get back my little girls younger days I’m sacraficing it for the betterment of my family. Some folks complain about being broke having no work but they are seeing their kids grow up going to their sports games and are home to help their wife. I see my family on the weekend that’s it. These guys that are home with their family’s have drinking and smoking habits that’s why they are broke . See smoking is for rich folks to me because it is so expensive $9.00 a pack I can’t afford a habit like that and beer is expensive too how much $ could one save not doing these things. Stop doing these things and see how much $ you will have I talk about this stuff because no one else does. I don’t go to bars or pubs it’s stupid a waste of $ IMHO. I don’t like being around drunks realy anyway. Oh the lottery don’t play that either I look at it like this gambling is not to make me rich I don’t know 1 person that won big ever I do know tons of people who are broke because of it. Same thing with the pot heads always broke. It’s all a scam and I’m too smart for that nonsense. Life sucks but do folks need to be medicated to cope with it that is weak. Suck it up and take it. Don’t be weak when the shit goes down and you have these habits life is gonna be harder to cope with and your gonna put your survival at risk to get a dime bag.

        • Its not mine but if they take it they will end up with ashes, and far more ashes than just my shit.

      36. A referendum was just passed in the last election in my county here in Central Alabama which allows the county to enforce city by-laws on us people that live in the rural areas not the towns or cities.

        People are pettioning to over turn the referendum now.

        Smells like UN agenda 21 to me, and it stinks, they are going one county at a time, wording the crab so if you vote “yes” it means “no” , and ‘no” means “yes”.

        • JUST SAYIN-
          My advice to you would be to make damn sure you attend every township and county meeting.
          You would be suprised by what one person standing up and voiceing their opinion can do.
          The problem is nobody goes to these functions , so shit gets passed through without resistance.
          I have personally done this ( still do ) and i can tell you , be a pain in their asses , be respectful but loud at the same time.
          They will almost always back down when called out.
          Good luck.

          • I would like to recommend a book:
            Living with Agenda 21 by Dr.H.Lawrence Zillmer
            Its short and to the point , 50 pages and cheap on amazon.
            I bought a bunch a few years back and passed them out to county and township officials.
            Some called me later ,absolutely shocked , I think it helped them see that some of the free money shit programs the state and fed. gov. offered were tyed to Agenda 21.

        • They did it in my county in South Carolina. Got hit for two cars, no license plates, two parts cars, and they could be seen from the road. $1855.00 FINE for non compliance with county ordinances. Funny the per-say road is my driveway and a DEAD END. Found out in court from damn yankee judge that the county “decided” to adopt ALL the cities ordinances. We were never told, or notified, boy did I get on trouble with judge. In a lot of mumble jumble he told me it “Was my responsibility to know ALL the counties ordinances!

          • Damn right they f’ed with you Bubba , because you let em by not going to those boring night time meetings at the township office.
            Them bastards that you select for township super or zoning enforcement are usually some wannabe small time power hungry nieghbor.
            And unless you show up to put them in theier place , they will run right over you.
            Be aware and be involved.

          • Find judge alone with your face hidden and ……….. you fill in the rest.

      37. I knew when al gore started the global warming agenda we were all screwed this opened the door for all this legislation now all this carbon pollution crap is transforming everything . Thank the Clinton’s for that crap it was during their administration I hate billy he’s a coward draft dodger but I hate all democrats. I’m not voting for 1 democrat ever never have since I started voting. They seem to get in always there is a lot of stupid voters.

      38. All of this is going on while the coward pussy fascist boot licking trash still wave that disgusting vile filthy criminal Murican flag in this collapsing shithole.

        • Better than being an ass licking socialist drone like your ass

          • HAHAHAHA , KULA , Just come out and say it man !
            TOO funny.

            • Makes me want to smack the fucker in the side of the head with that nice stiletto titanium framer thats hanging off my bags,
              They can do whatever, treasonous garage doesnt make our country, proud men and women make up the country and by God ill wave th stars and stripes till they bury me wrapped in it.

              • I am an estwing guy , a good claw will do so damage.
                And yup, stars n stripes forever.

                I display mine right side up , not in distress, i might add .

                • Have a ton o Estwing 24ozers in the box, found that Stiletto and fell in love, solid titanium, is 18oz? Replaceable face, do more trim work so like the flat, but it swings and strikes like a 24oz Estwing. Should try one, i said no before too,

        • I go to Nascar races and wonder at all those who take their hat off and put their hand on their heart….if they only knew the truth. I turn my back…I will not worship a war time flag. It is a symbol of murder for hire, employers….the international banksters.

          One day all things will be revealed, at this point and time, I wish I could see all the faces and the shocked look when all find out the truth. But when that day comes, I will no longer have those concerns and curiosities on my mind or in my heart.

          Back in 2011 I found great information on old glory and it being a war time flag……now I can’t find it on google no matter what I type in the search bar……hmmm?

          • BJ, I have another piece of information about old glory you’ll find interesting. From the time we won our independence from the British all the way until the late 19th century, slaves from Africa were brought to this land UNDER THE STARS AND STRIPES and even after the so-called Civil War ended the New England slave trade continued up until almost 1890. IT WAS NEW ENGLANDERS WHO KEPT BRINGING SLAVES INTO THIS LAND AFTER WE FIRST BECAME A NATION UNDER THE STARS AND STRIPES. As we all know, the Southern States have been blamed for slavery ever since the Reconstruction era and slavery was somehow associated with the Confederate flag. THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA AND ITS FLAG DIDN’T COME INTO EXISTENCE UNTIL 1861. Even after the Civil War and slavery ended in 1865, the New England slave trade stayed in business until almost 1890. Where were they taking slaves to after the US abolished slavery? The Caribbean islands and certain parts of South America. All the slaves brought into this country from 1781 all the way up to “Lincoln’s War” were brought here on NEW ENGLAND SHIPS AND LANDED AT NEW ENGLAND PORTS, INCLUDING NEW YORK CITY. NOT ONE SLAVE WAS EVER BROUGHT TO THIS COUNTRY ON ANY SOUTHERN VESSEL OR LANDED AT ANY SOUTHERN PORT. However, according to the revised history books, the South is still blamed to this day for slavery in America. GO FIGURE.

          • BJ:

            Due to your post about the American flag I googled it and came up with shocker.

            Go to barefoot world dot net us civil flag.

            Go to the end of the article and read what it says about what the flying of the American flag means now. It will give you a heart attack!!!!!

            • Well, maybe’s if we’s a’all real lucky then you’ll get one too,well, at least we can hope.

              • Trolling along today PSG?

                • well, ya’ll knows us ole whitey’s a’got to stick together and a’ be hatin’ on ever body we don’t likes nd that thar’s ever body who don’t lissen to us.

            • POG, I just finished the article you mentioned. Heartbreaking, but no surprises there.

              • Braveheart:

                Amazing what info is out there, isn’t it?

                Seems our ‘enemies’ leave no stone unturned. Even using our beloved Old Glory against us.

                I will be relieved to see you post that you are safe in Georgia, staying there for good!

            • That’s it, that’s the one…thank you. I seen that site back in 2011 and it really opened my eyes to true history.

              That is why I find the flag disgusting and will not pledge anything to that POS fabric!

              • BJ, I did examine that site a little more. It appears very interesting so I bookmarked it. I’m a history buff myself.

              • BJ:

                Seem all this was made possible by the “Buck Act”.

                Thelastoutpost dot com/law seminars on the Buck Act.

            • BTW, what did you put into google that brought back that in the search??

              • BJ:

                I put in “American flag being a wartime flag” but had to go to the bottom of the article of the link to find the information you were looking for. I am researching the “laws” passed to make this come about. We need to do a post on it.

                However, I have been ‘chastised’ for suggesting that people use the internet to verify info posted on here. Seems some would rather you use a “sears catalog page” for your info and forget digging for truth.

                Incidentally I am a nascar fan also. I think you are an Earnhart fan, I root for Kyle Busch. This year will be interesting to say the least. Been to several races, Phoenix and Vegas is the easier for me. Tickets for good seats are becoming out of reach for average ‘Joe’ and family.

                Also, living in the northwest, Go Seahawks!!!!

                • Did y’all say nascar?, well, shoe eeeeeeee, i’s a big old nascar fan muhself, but mostly I spinds mah time on that internet thang they gots thar, you know whuut, they can’t put huthin on that thar internet unless it’s the gospel truth sho’nuff, or I tells god that I wants ’em in that thar pocyclypse if’n they is lyin.

                  • Your point is muffled by your stupidity.

      39. Missed ya Ron your a funny guy you don’t hold back one bit.

        • I’ll bet money that you speak with a Russian accent. Or Arabic.

          • I’m betting arabic Coach. Al-taqiyya in action taz? After all, that is what Obama practices every time he speaks to the American people. Oh yea,Pissed off Granny, look that up or do you also already know about the practice?

          • …and we “bet money,” Old Coach, that there is a mezuzah on your doorpost.

        • Bog corporations already put down their deposits on Ukraine’s resources, NOW THEY WANT THEIR PROFITS, DAMN IT!

          • “Big”

        • WOW!!!

          Pay critical attention at the 2:32 thru 2:38 mark…crank up the volume too!!!

      40. “If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency (Federal Reserve, central banks, IMF) , first by inflation and then by deflation (Economic bubbles), the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless in the streets.”
         Thomas Jefferson

        Thomas Jefferson was a Prophet!

      41. “A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has
guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare,
free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free
utilities, and only law enforcement has guns.
        And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist.
        “It’s called prison.”
        Sheriff Joe Arpaio
        Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff’s Office

        Hmmmmm. Prison planet anyone?

      42. “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

        Winston Churchill

        The echoes of the past are for those who can hear……………….. them.

        • nlightened, that quote from Churchill fits me to a T.

        • A little closer to home…

          Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.-Benjamin Franklin

      43. @Foxglove, I remember a time I came here for prepping ideas and info. Now the blog is full of hate,conspiracy nuts,and idiocy. I don’t spend half the time here as I used to,I look at the headline and the first few posts, and if I don’t find anything useful I move on. Hey Mac,can we have the old blog back?

        • We can just start a topic whenever,,,
          Agree on the cray cray,,, is a bit much, fine line sometimes

      44. Who’s the real terrorist here? Why is the Obama administration embracing international mandates which criminalizes independent behavior and choices in violation of our Fifth Amendment rights?

        I disagree with this statement. It only hit on a small piece of the puzzle by blaming it on Prez ODan.
        Correct state would be “Why it is the US Governmant and all the bureaucracies that are Government From the Feds down to local, embracing mandates……..
        ODan doesn’t deserve ALL the CREDIT, there are 535 elected in congress along with the 2 idiots Prez and vprez. Then all the FEDERAL,STATE AND LOCAL IDIOTS that they employee!

      45. Arizona Prep Fest Febuary 28 – March 1 Tucscon

        • How did you learn of this event? I ask because I’d like to know about these if they are ever close to me. Is there a website that has a schedule, is this just a local event or are they happening all over?

          • BJ:

            Prepper shows USA dot com has schedules. Hope this covers your area also.

      46. “””Non violence has gotten us into this mess !”””

        No it did not—COMPROMISE and ACCEPTANCE got us in this mess!

        • Hmmmm:


      47. There are 11 codes being put into effect by the U.N. I read over a lot of the comments on here and I didn’t see (not saying there isn’t I just did see it) one. This is the Small Arms Treaty. This is a code that came into effect on 12/24/14. If they can put into effect the above 11 codes how long do you think it will be before they go after our guns? One year two years?

        All I see is this group of people being attack and hat group being attacked. We need to keep our eyes on the big picture. TPTB (how ever the hell they are) are going to try to enslave us more. I just wonder how much more I and or we can take? TSWHTF very soon. This is my belief!

      48. Do people here feel that things will quickly snowball, or will they creep up at that same rate?

        • Many expect a grand “snowball” of unmistakable “signs” that will signal every prepper to rally to arms. That won’t be the case. It is already a creeping, piece-meal, one “mentally-unstable” “radicalized” individual at a time whose houses they are supposedly raiding due to “un-named tips” about this-and-that supposed “crime” that the occupant(s) has (have) committed (namely, as we see, being a free individual supposedly prepared to defend the same from the attempt by another to rule over them).

      49. I still don’t see them getting all the guns from people by creating this scare all they did was sell more guns . more guns out there will ensure they can’t get all of them off the people. I see the cost of gun ownership going up more laws regarding where you can use them. A tax on ammo and a registry when you buy it legal limits on how much you can have. But anyway we all talk too much about the gov what about natural disasters this is more likely to be the affliction not the stupid gov they can’t get anything right in reality. There was an earthquake where I live back on the 14th I believe at 6.36am people said there was a loud rumble and the ground shook I was asleep I never noticed it happened like 10miles from my house in a more rural area. So I did some research and found earthquakes are not common here in fact the las time something like this happened was1976 and it was the same strength quake. I’m thinking that something like this could possibly happen with greater intensity just because the last major quake happened in the late 1800s I’d say we are over due . The east coast doesn’t have these events and there is very little recorded info on them here plus scientists can’t predict geologic events with any real accuracy. The loud rumble is not that uncommon when the airport is 10 miles away and the national guard has an airport 15 miles in the other direction I see all types of airplanes fly over . I see the military do their flights Blackhawks c130s c5s chinooks are common. It’s good to know there is a air national guard base nearby I have delivered to the base they host an air show every summer it’s a big thing around here. People think the gov is going to use the military against the people . I don’t think so the folks in the guard care about this community and would fight to protect it. Their family live here too.

      50. The lead story is full of half truth. Robin wasn’t living independently of cape coral. Robin was using the sewer & storm drainage system. Cape Coral is low lying elevation. so it has drainage problems . To fund the drainage system it taxes residents by the square feet of roof and paved area they have. Robin wasnt paying the drainage tax. please get the facts straight! There are enough factual true examples that we dont need to resort to false half truths & outright lies

        • Nor should we resort to acceptance of being taxed to death!

          • Unfortunately our republic has morphed into a mob rule democracy. The so called victim choses to live in a area where the majority want the benefits of drainage and approved the tax & the service it funds. The UN or agenda 21 has nothing to do with it. the greater the population density the more rules and taxes.

      51. I notice posters still comment about thumbs up or down. Since they were taken off the site they have not returned on my phone access. Thanks for that.

      52. For all the “Truth Seekers” out there that want to know who the Real Enemy is,go to to and read the article “Blood Libel”and WTFU!!!

      53. Off topic I’m still waiting for them to put a smart electric meter on my house they got my neibor but not me I will tell them to screw I don’t want it. They are not pushing it around here yet but they mail this thing to my house and it says I use 90percent more energy than my neibors I don’t care I pay for it I will use 5 times as much if I want. And why is it their business how much energy I use. I don’t use cfl bulbs I use standard 50 watt bulbs and my water heater, stove ,central air ,dryer all are electric I don’t have natural gas the electric company provides this service as well it’s funny they are an energy monopoly . they are gonna raise my electric rate 20percent everybody else’s around here too I pay about $ 200 a month that is cheap I feel and my kids leave the TVs on the lights too all the time what are you gonna do right I think this is cheap really the heating oil was expensive it would cost like $800 to fill the tank I hate that. But I fill once every winter that’s it . I would get a wood stove but this is more work than filling a tank and setting the thermostat and it’s probably the same cost for the split wood .

      54. So many commenting around here just doesn’t realize it, but their liberal up bring and education is showing. Trace Adkins song; “Till the last shot’s fired” I feel will soon be playing.

      55. Stop worrying about something that is not true. Continue to pay your dues to society. Go to work and pay your bills. This is America. Do you really think any American is going to let this happen? Just watch the “Team America” video. I’ve enclosed a link for your viewing pleasure. Your welcome.

      56. I gowdDamM LiKe tHat tHere WomaNs aSS. HMMMmdOwgY.

      57. 1 lb sliced bacon
        3 med potatoes,diced
        2 med onions,diced
        1 green bell pepper,diced
        8 eggs,whipped

        Cut bacon slices in small bits and brown well. Drain most of the bacon grease, then add diced potatoes and cook until fork tender, then add the onions and peppers and cook until they are translucent. Whip eggs well and pour over bacon/veggie mix and cook until firm or to your liking. Add salt and pepper to taste

        1 qt. tomatoes
        1 qt water
        1/2 onion minced
        1 c. uncooked rice
        1 & 1/2 lb hamburger
        1/2 lb sausage
        2 eggs
        salt & pepper
        Put tomatoes & water in a large kettle. When boiling drop balls made from the ingredients listed Simmer 3 hours.

      58. I think I may have had some small epiphany. Remember back in school when the teachers and admins told us all that “violence never solves anything”? I remember. I think they were wrong. Dead wrong. Non-violence has gotten us into this mess ,period. Violence , yes even extreme violence DOES solve things , usually once and for all. That’s it. They are going to keep taxing and taking until one side or the other fires the first shot. After that , all bets are off. Don’t forget
        , we have all the guns and they have all the scary NBC weapons. It will all depend on who controls those scary damn things quickly. When this party kicks off (and it most certainly will ) it will be a loud messy dirty business. It will be something this world has hypothesized about but has never truly seen. I have a buddy who was a USMC Scout Sniper Recon. I’ve been talking to him lately about my theories and he seems to agree with me for the most part. Like that Sgt Dale says , aim small miss small. Let’s take it a step further. One shot one kill.

        Best of luck to you all when this kicks off

      59. Just read the comment by Mac that said he’s no posting the anti Semitic comments about the Jews people should be allowed to comment how they feel and should not be surpressed . I agree some can get carried away but you have to realize how people feel about the Jews. Just like folks who wanna talk about Muslims and Christians. All of the blaming is not constructive. You have to admit the Jews have a huge grip on people’s lives .I feel the folks that blame the Jew for the world problems have a valid beef. I’m sympathetic towards that. I’m a christian and I know I’m hated. It really doesn’t bother me my feelings are not hurt. But the facts are the world is controlled by the Jew so when things go wrong they are to blame. Don’t wanna be blamed step aside and let someone else decide how things should be operated. The Jews are not always right . See I didn’t say hateful shit about them folks are entitled to their opinions. This is how free speech should work.

      60. Gotta agree with you cap crunch violence does solve beefs by people nowadays are so civilized that it is too barbaric for them to handle. the truth is they are scared to death that’s why they teach non violence because they will lose in a fight this is the way the animal kingdom solves issues the strongest of a species is the king this hard for intelligent people to realize that’s why they preach nonviolence. Just because they are more educated does not mean they should be the boss. I’m all for violence if it’s nessasary to achieve a goal such as destroying Isis. The snipers are doing us a big service killing these guys they have it coming to them. They know the risks of what they are doing and do it anyway if everybody was nonviolent we would all be murdered. Like I said people are afraid of getting hurt by violence they are weak and they feel if others are brought down to their level it makes them safer. I mean who hasn’t been in a fist fight outside of a bar. So what you get banged in the eye stand up for yourself . Ya you look like a raccoon for a week then it’s over. I’ve learned if you are the aggressor most of the time the one you are attacking goes into flight mode. They are trained to believe in non violence that’s why they don’t dare fight back they like victim status . These folks won’t last 1 day in a war with gangbangers and thugs. Not that you want problems with the gangs but you have to stand up for your dignity. Take the the kid that bully’s all wimpy kids and takes their school lunch the wimpy kid knows he needs to do something about it what he should do is sucker punch the bully . The wimpy kids mom will tell the principal the wimpy kid never learns to stand up for himself. He is kept down by the leadership in his life who always teach non violence then he grows up thinking this is the way to deal with problems. I don’t care what anyone says this destroys his self esteem because he feels he can’t win he’s already lost because of his unwillingness to be violent. This is why most men nowadays are gutless I call it how it is.

      61. Gutless yellow pie slingers I’ve said this before being all civilized and drinking tea with your pinky finger extended . That’s for people who are better than others in their mind but that’s not my train of thought and there will come the day these people are brought down to grunt status. I will relish this day . These are the snobs we all know who they are. The ones who drive the BMW and dress all sharp to go to the office their kindness is so fake. They walk with their nose to the sky. When it all goes down they are on my chopping block . I wish it would happen sooner . Can’t wait they will be exploited so fast. They don’t give a rats ass about any one but their self. When the tables are turned on them I just don’t think they will adapt. I have said that it is good to live harshly overtired, broke ,overwhelmed,hungry . This is what the army does to recruits in boot camp they make you uncivilized think about it if you want to succeed you will overcome the suck or you could die in a war situation. You have to be hardened up to take shit and keep going . I love this kind of shit it keeps me hungry I don’t ever want to get comfortable.

      62. The International Building Codes started popping up around 1999 in my area. They were adopted without any vote and replaced all previous codes.

      63. The paid trolls on here that stir the shit, have just about ruined a fine web site. These ass wipes that spout that only they know the truth to check history and the like don’t have a clue. As for preparing absolutely NO ONE knows when it will happen (collapse), but it will no matter what anyone thinks or try’s to stop it. Prepare the way you see fit, use common sense and you will do as well as so many that think they have the answers for they do not. Soon the net will be gone as we know it and it will be just like the MSM in only info will be what TPTB want you to have. Friends just keep preparing and put your trust and your soul into the LORDS hands, for we are on this rock but a short time and after we have drawn our last breath that when it counts for that will be for ever. Make your life count now for at the last breath will be to late. Spend for ever in REST not TURMOIL.

        Copperhead back into the bunker. Maverick you and Tripod take care and I’ll see you on the other side.

      64. The FEDTROLLS, Neo-Nazis, KKK and other forms of low life rule the comments in your bog Mac. You must have hit a sensitive nerve to get this much Att. from the contractors at NSA and the child molesting drunks and cell block “White power” turds.

        • …Truly observed and described, Ray!

      65. watched the first night of the history channels portrayal of our revolution “sons of liberty”

        what a joke

        maybe that channel should change the name to the pawn channel because they sure Fucked up true history and its just the first night of a three part “non history” show

        more bullshit shoved up our ass

      66. IBM Stock Disappointed That Company Isn’t Firing A Mindboggling 110,000

        “Over the weekend, in a repeat of rumors that were widespread last year, Forbes ‘reported’ about Project Chrome, a massive corporate reorganization for IBM that would see Big Blue cull over a quarter of its staff – in real terms that means over 110,000 employees, as early as next week.

        IBM stocks surged higher on this ‘great’ news… and then, disappointment started as “the largest corporate restructuring in history” was denied by the company.”

        “…IBM has already announced the company has just taken a $600 million charge for workforce rebalancing. This equates to several thousand people, a small fraction of what’s been reported.”


      67. The Militias stood for, and with Bundy in Nevada. Why not this, they stared down the FEDS, why not a few local bureaucrats? If anyone is part of a Militia or knows someone who is, talk to them. I e-mailed one of Florida’s Militias this afternoon. I hope they take up the cause. Winning this battle will be huge in the fight for freedom.

      68. I’m not too concerned about Agenda 21.
        I’ve got a 651 sq. ft. home on a 40’x120′ lot.
        “I was Agenda 21 before Agenda 21 was cool” 🙂

      69. Dear John Q,
        Thank you for speaking out and remaining TRUE to your convictions. If it quacks like a duck, then I see no reason not to say it’s a duck.
        These are very interesting times.

        Yes, the purpose of this site is about PREPPING! No doubt about that.
        But I find it disingenious NOT to highlight (or educate) the masses on HOW or WHO led us down this path of destruction (both economic & social) where we have to friggin prep in the first place.

        It certainly wasn’t the Founding Fathers or The Constitution that got us into this mess. So, who hoodwinked the (ignorant) sheeple – and why?? I blame the banksters and the morbid, crony/vulture capitalists for our PROBLEMS. And we know who they are!

        My humble respect to you John Q! You have a way of getting me fired up…because the truth hurts. And We The People are way way way past the POINT OF NO RETURN.


        • You are most generous. I am just trying my best for my time at the Judgment Seat.

      70. Why do you refer to Speronis house as their house? It is his house. It is a feminist agenda to declare that all hypothetical people be called “they” and “them”, instead of he. It has always been “he” in hypothetical examples, as it is the sex-inclusive noun, referring to either a man or a woman as a hypothetical person. To say “they” about one person is ridiculous. You are aware of English grammar, I am sure. “they” is for many people, not one person.

        And in your text you even KNOW who the person is. You KNOW he is a man. And you still write “their” about him. Wash the Left’s propaganda out of your head.

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