How the U.S. Is Being Set Up to Lose World War III: “Nothing Is More Frightening As The Blatant Treason On Display In the White House”

by | Nov 30, 2014 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Russia wants to be free from ponzi fraud fiat and dollar control, period. Not like the idiot Swiss who folded like cheap suits.

        • everyone on here is so pessimistic.

          • Johnny, uh, I don’t know where you’ve been, but take a good look around you and tell me what there could be to be optimistic about. [sarcasm]

            • Reasons to be optimistic? Well in Red Dawn they invaded Casper Wyo. We could use some cheap AK’S

          • There will be a war, But neither us or the Russians will be a winner. Both countries will fall into civil war which will destroy both countries. We wont be occupied. That is impossible. But life will be miserable for those who survive.

            • Russians will not strike first. Period.

          • Hey Mac, I read Dave’s post yesterday!

            Q: Why do you feel the need to repost it here??

            A: LOL… I know why!!!

            • Oh really, YMWW?

            • While the Russians should be fearful of the NWO West and Nato, China has no skin in this game and will sit the next war out. Russia will be strangled economically over the next year or two by Saudi Arabia.

              And why not?

              The longer China waits, the stronger China gets. And why go to war if you can buy all of Asia with a strong USD and have 1.3 trillion in reserve? China could even take a page from the US playbook someday and apply “economic sanctions” against its foes in Asia who refuse their dominance.

              The real prize for China is Siberia and the NYT has already signaled US approval of its acquisition. The Russian Bear is biting off more that it can chew alone.

              The Chinese have an ancient civilization and long memories. The Chinese will not forget that Russia wanted to nuke China decades ago, while the USA decided to make them full partners in the NWO and share (transfer) the wealth.

              If anything China would join into WW III after the winner has been identified, much like Russia did against the Japanese in WW II, and swallow all of Siberia in a few well chosen bites.

              TREASON in the Oval Office??? You bet’cha!!! Hang this bastard!!! 🙂

              • “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

                Albert Einstein

                • YMWW,
                  You lost me with your post about dave’s post yesterday??

                  COach Dave on Hagmann & Hagmann show tonight, pretty good.

                  ht tp://

              • Durango is all wrong again. The US Dollar is not strong and in a full press collapse. Not sure where you get your info??. Fantasy land?

                • WWHTI: Check the dollar chart. Check the demand for the USD. Check who is buying USD to manipulate their own currency down. 🙂

                  The only thing that will collapse the USD is a full blown nuclear attack upon the USA: which will be followed by a full retaliatory response.

                  USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! 🙂

                  • Let alone the all the sanctions on Russia and the Saudi’s dropping the price of oil to $20 if they need to. All hype and manipulation to prop up the fiat petro dollar. I think DK should sell everything he has and go cash only. Put your money where your mouth is DK.

                  • Durango

                    I`m kinda dumb ……But what will we respond with ????I`m being serious….


              • DK, what about the fact that the US is extremely in debt to China and the Chinese are gradually acquiring some of our natural resources in addition to establishing some enclaves on our soil? If that’s not skin in the game I don’t know what is. I’d love to think China won’t attack us, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

                • RB: The debt to China is a small percentage of our overall debt; which is a function of the liquidity that the NWO needs to operate their phony crony global capitalistic system.

                  Yes the Chinese are gradually acquiring US assets. This is the goal of the NWO: to interlock the major economies of the world so that every nation has a stake in the others prosperity, through the corporate system, and thus in their own.

                  Individual Chinese are buying a lot of million dollar houses in California too. The Chinese people LOVE everything American. The bonds between China and the USA are increasing, not diminishing. Business Visas are now issued for ten years with multiple entries for Chinese and American travellers. These bonds will continue to flourish.

                  The Chinese PLA use the US as a “bogie man” when they know that their real enemies are Russia and India. And their real goal for expansion is west and north, not eastward from Beijing across the Pacific. The Russians are now selling the Chinese their very best military technology.

                  BIG mistake. 🙁

              • A little perspective is what is needed here. Being in my 60’s I remember some of the “Red Scare”, the duck-and-cover drills in grade school and this includes the public service broadcasts. I remember the Civil Defense brochures about building both expedient and long term shelters, how to hide if you’re away from home, and how to clean up afterwards. I still have some of the eras books and movies like “Panic In Year Zero”, and “Alas Babylon”. I remember my parents doing some panic buying during the Cuban Missile Crisis because we lived just 90 miles from L.A. up in the hills. Russian and China have had ideological and territorial disputes since the 60’s and they are not going to all of a sudden, make up and become BFFs and attack us.

                • Exactly right. No advantage for China to cozy up to the Russians except for cheap oil. In another ten or twenty years after they have sucked Russia dry, and alt fuel is cheaper and cleaner, they will toss Russia aside like an old, worn out shoe.

                  Putin has miscalculated. 🙂

          • Not pessimistic,

          • There are a lot of Topics and points here of Hodge’s Article I can debate that Hodges is wrong about. China is Not interested in Destroying America. We owe them too much debt they want us to payback. Putin will not attack the US directly as he will rather sit back with popcorn and watch Obama and the other political psychopaths destroy us from within.

            • WWTI, I can agree that China won’t launch any nukes toward US soil because they don’t want to risk destroying their investments here. But I do believe they will send troops to ‘protect’ those investments. There’s no telling how many foreign nations will send troops to occupy this country. I’ll stand up and fight them regardless of where they came from.

              • RB. China has no need to send troops over to the US to Guard their Trinkets they already sold to us. How do you guard a digital number? There is nothing to Guard. They may send troops to central America to guard their new canal project. Oh I can see Chines troops in Las Vegas Guarding one of their casinos. That will go over real good.

            • WWTI: I agree that Russia is just waiting for the US to self destruct. They know that our politicians are and have been following the same game plan that was used to turn Russia into a communist country. They see it better than most American see. Just look at the whole Ebola thing. Ebola is real but most of the doctors and nurses to “contracted ebloa” and were successfully treated and released here in the US, that was a scam. You don’t just walk away from ebola. It can damage your body forever. And why did we send a top fighting unit like the 101st Airborn to build clinics when we have Engineer battalions that are professional builders? We left the builders here and sent top fighting troops who don’t know how to build. Is there a military target there or are the troops the target. They come back and spread the virus to the military. They will get no hazmat suit protection and only 21 day quarantine on return.

        • Why worry about the man outside on the sidewalk down the block, when we have people in our face attacking us inside our homes?

          • BJ, it’s true we have a lot of enemies at home, but thanks to TPTB we also have a WORLD full of enemies who are waiting to see us fall so they can jump on the carcass.

            • If we smarten up, join together and start fighting the bastard in our home, his will be the only carcass.

              • BJ, I agree. If only the military would overthrow Obama, maybe we could avoid WW3. That is the ONLY scenario where I could support a coup. If/when Obama sends anyone to act against the people, I will stand up and fight. I expect to be confronted by both domestic and foreign enemies. Let them bring it. I’m not surrendering to the NWO.

                • You don’t want that. You can’t trust the DOD/Pentagon……,that would turn into hell much worse than what we have now.

        • Got a motorcycle for Christmas. Hasn’t been run in 4 years. The last time it was run, the owner put Sta-bil in the tank, turned the fuel selector to off and ran the carbs clean. The same half tank has been in there for four years. I had an argument with somebody in which I wanted to drain the tank and the other person said it wasnt necessary and the rubber hoses would split if we took them off. Put a new battery in and it started right up with the 4 year old gas with Sta-bil. I just hope it doesn’t varnish the cylinders. Filled up the tank and put more Sta-bil in it and it seems to run fine. Didn’t even have to clean the carbs. Guess running the carbs dry made all the difference in the world. Now a mid sized cruiser is awkward but I suppose I’ll soon get the hang of it. I fantasize about going cross country, or some damn place. A prepper is not necessarily an adventurer, it’s taking on risk, which as a rule we here do not do, but it’s a hell of a lot of good experience.

          • Acid. Forget Stabil. Try PRI-G. For gas. Way better. Have fun with your new toy. The ride of Freedom.

          • I have three year old gas that worked fine in the leaf blower a few weeks ago and in the chainsaw this weekend. I did nothing but put the gas in, prime it and pull….both started right up.

          • Ride on its about the only freedom left may as well enjoy life than live in fear

          • why the fuck does anyone use any of the gas additives to stableize there gas ,stuffs all snake oil ,just buy the damn non ethanol for all of your carburetor powered engines ,there isnt enough price difference to fuck every thing up ,shit eats fuel lines ,destroys ceramic on the electriod of the plugs ,gums up your tank and carb ,i work on this everday ,i have a speed shop and this shit really fucks up the vintage stuff ,and im here to tell you stabil does not work ,yea you may skate by and get lucky ,because you had a tight fuel system ,and kept out the oxegen ,but once that air hits that gas the water starts to seperate ,i just bought a old car last week had been sitting for 8 years ,put a battery in it cleaned the points and it fired off and idled good with a very light miss ,because it had old pre non-ethanol gas in it ,gas stunk like hell but it didnt fuck up the works ,just get the non ethanol ,stop replacing primer bulbs and fuel lines

        • Exactly 10mm. Putin is at war with the NWO. America just happens to be on the wrong side of history. We have boot licking cowards as Leadership in our country protecting terrorists like Israel.

        • Wonder if that’s why they invaded the Crimea?

          • Because Russia has a Naval contract at Crimea Port until 2040, and they were protecting their assets. 98% of the Crimea population also voted to succeed away from Ukraine. Why fight the people.

        • I stopped reading after the second paragraph. I used to hold a modicum of respect for Hodges, but after this piece of disgusting statist propaganda, I’ll never read another Hodges post again.

      2. Obama is guilty of treason. That is true. The consummate question is: Who’s going to do anything about it?

        • Definitely not the repukulicans.

          • Yes, because all the gun toting liberals will save this country you god damned idiot.

            Still in your hill with you head in the sand billy boy?

            Dave Hodges is fraud.

            • Townsaver, I don’t normally trust Hodges either, but this is one article he’s NOT original with. I’ve already seen most of these other reports at other sites, so there is something to them. We already have the beginning of unrest [ferguson] in the US. Combine that with the words and actions of Russia and China, the UN Small Arms Treaty taking effect Dec. 24, etc. Not a pretty picture. This Christmas may be the FINAL Christmas in this nation. There’s more shit coming. I can feel it.

              • That’s right Renegade Braveheart. Glad that some of us here are sane and ready.

              • Fear Porn… A total of 4 ships….ot some ugh battle group. Our trader in chief along with his enablers (congress) are fucking up the military by infiltrating it with commie lib fags and women.

                • Here is a News Flash. Our Military has War Plans on the board for every Country on the Planet. So does most any other world power. But that doesn’t mean dick till somebody is provoked. More fear porn.

                  • “Everybody got a plan, til they get hit.”

                    Mike Tyson

              • I’m thinking this is the US’s final Christmas as well. The water is boiling around the frog…I’m not trying to warn or convert anyone anymore to a prepper way of thinking. Only keeping away from those I don’t trust…Keep your powder dry…

            • The democraps won’t do it either, if that’s what you think I’m trying to say. They’re both in it for one thing… power.

              When are you going to get it through your thick skull that one party is no better for our freedom than the other?

              You fools that keep trumpeting the Red = Good, Blue = Bad are no better than the worthless eaters we often envision as the mindless drones of the NWO.

              • Agreed, BHill, the political party circus is nothing more than a big show to entertain the sheeple and give them something to quibble over.

                Take away the circus acts and there is absolutely no difference between the two “sides”. They are all self-serving hypocrites with the same end goals in their agenda, good for them, not good for us.

                • That’s correct, Nobama. They both want the same thing they’re just going about it differently.

                  When I was younger I supported democrats. Around the time of Bush II’s first run I had realized they did not support my ideals so I switched and supported democrats. By the end of Bush II’s second term I, like so many others, realized the republicans didn’t share my ideals either.

                  Both parties support the same end-game and the useless eating idiots like townsaver haven’t a clue.

                  Stupid sheeple. They deserve what they get.

                  • I switched to support republicans


                  • Billy Hill, NOBODY here on this site buy into the false left-right paradigm. Last time I checked, useless idiots according to Lenin, are people who support communism. You’ll find those over at the MSM sites.

                    • Our current Politicians regardless of party doesn’t represent 80% of Americans. They are puppet stooges for big Corporations. Wake up sheeple. Hang them all and start over.

                    • Are you serious? We have all sorts of those who are still stuck in the right left paradigm. Those who refuse to leave the evil matrix system……I have been yelling about it and at them for quite a while on here….how can you even say that in a serious manner?

                      In fact, I would venture a guess that, a large majority of the readers that don’t post here are in the right / left matrix. AND too large a percentage of the posters here are still in the right left matrix or at least lean one way or another.

                      As for Russia, if we’d do our foreign affairs right, no one would need to worry about Russia. And in my mind, even though I think it more than possible that we are attacked on this land by Russia, Russia isn’t as big a problem as the ones right here at home that need to be dealt with.

                    • There is nothing wrong with the left/right paradigm.

                      The problem is that too many people think it’s the Democrats on the left, and the Republicans on the right….when the reality is BOTH are to the left…the Republicans just less so.

                      It’s like heading for the cliff in a car. The Democrats are just getting there faster. But both are headed in the same direction.

                    • braveheart, respectfully I gotta call bullshit on that.

                      Townsaver is squarely and loyally knee-deep in the left vs right paradigm.

                      Did you see how quickly he jumped up my ass when I slammed his precious republican name? 🙂

                      He’s a willing dupe just like the rest of the useless eaters.

            • Dave Hodges is NOT a fraud.
              He is the real deal.
              The enemy has had to change their plans several times because of the information he released.

              • If that were totally true….he would be dead.

                • BJ, OK, maybe I’m wrong about some of them, but I do know I’m not stuck in it. A book that woke me up in the early 70s is “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. Another book was “Tragedy And Hope” by the late Professor Carroll Quigley. Both books described in detail the conspiracy for one-world government. Bill Clinton once described Quigley as one of his heros. There are free copies of both books available online. I highly recommend them. Well worth your time.

              • Dave Hodges is a capital F–FRAUD!

                He quotes Hawk, Steve Quayle and clowns like John Moore, who are all liberty movement gadflies/fakers.

                Lately he is propelling this WWIII thing that supposedly “Russia” is starting.

                The truth is quite the opposite… it will be the USA that will prop-start WWIII–and we will loose big time.

            • Kula, Looks like the Big Island lost the Court Battle of the GMOs. The judge was a paid shill for Monsanto. Next GMO proliferation target is Maui. Resist my friend. Wake up the sheeple.

            • He is. We have more in common with the Russians he is stirring up shit with. They were bullied by Jewish Oligarchs and their Soviet system for almost 75 years, and now we’ve traded places with them.

          • The US has chosen the wrong wars since Viet Nam. The US Corporations and MICM – Military Industrial Complex Mafia has fleeced and taken over our congress and flushing all those turds from the bowl would be good for starters. President Eisenhower warned us about this in his famous farewell speech in Jan 1961.

            • WWTI

              Those wars were chosen in the first were all previous wars under false pretense with the blessings,financing by central banks and multi nationals..

              Vietnam was a border skirmish to obfuscate,if you will, the golden triangle operations during the early 60’s.The likes of Raymond International, Morrison-Knudsen, Brown & Root, and J.A. Jones Construction received combined billions in no bid contracts to restructure Vietnam for the military.Never mind the combined consortium of military defense contractors.

              Add Kosovo,Iraq, and Afghanistan to the mix..all war profiteering and strictly natural resource confiscation under the pretext of spreading democracy…

              Afghanistan and Nam were the honey pots for the black opps agencies who reaped untold billions if not trillions for their opium trade coffers…

              Then there’s the Iran Contra debacle that flooded the entire western world with cocaine in just a few short years..

              There’s more money in illicit drugs as there is in arming the entire world many times over..which we’ve successfully accomplished..ya think?

              2014 Food stamp overall costs were 79,928 billion.

              2014 “reported” corporate u.s. subsidies 80,000 billion..

              2014 costs of Iraq/Afghanistan War.. $92.3 billion in fiscal year 2014.

              Though I disagree with the corruption and waste with social welfare overall..corporate and war subsidies cost us $172.3 billion alone for 2104..

              It’s all a racket at our expense..

              Regarding the WW111 scenario….

              Total bunk!

              Where’s the profit with millions dead?

              Follow the money..period.

              Enjoy the day


              • Nice Summary Possee. Agree.

        • We’ll be at war not only externally but internally as well. Saw on another site where Louis F., leader of the scum muslim monkeys is threatening whites again. I have news for him and the monkeys who protect his sorry ass. Better stay in the fucking city or I guarantee you’ll wind up in someone’s rifle sight. Doubt you have level 4 armor for your head.

          • FP, I agree. I think Ferguson is only the beginning. Like they say, “The show MUST go on.”

      3. Did anyone think that the HNIC wasn’t out to destroy this country!

        • LOL… I love your tag: “cooncrap.”

        • Obamas crew ran out of ideas in Fergy so they started to burn the American flag to drum up a new set of flag wavers revolt. I bet they start burning the Bible and Koran next. Stay tuned… Zzzzzzzzzzzz

        • He’s not black, grow a brain. He is 50% white, 44% arab and 6% African.

          Evil POS pretty much covers it.

          • BJ, there’s something else we can agree on. Obama needs to go.

          • You are also wrong BJ, Obama is 50% Jew instead of white.

            • Really? Sure don’t seem to act like it as far as Israel is concerned?

      4. How do you win WWIII? You loose 60% of your population virtually all of your industrial base and a significant percentage of scientists, physicians and technical experts while the rival lost 80% of theirs, “Wee…we won”.

        “If WWIII is fought with nuclear weapons WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

        Albert Einstein

      5. One World Government at play here.
        Plan accordingly.

        • You are correct!

          Amazing that a book written 2000 plus years ago so clearly shows the path we are on today!

          Find Christ and prep like tomorrow has come and gone!

          • Religion is the biggest form of fear porn fraud out there. And nobodys going to save you ever.

            So stop funding the Church of Fraud and buy Ammo and Food Preps.

            • WWTI,
              There you go again trashing Christianity. And as far as any fear porn goes-it’s only called fear porn until it happens.

              • Ms X. You mean like Jesus returning to save you?? After 2000 years of waiting for your date with Jesus to show up, Do you think you have been stood up? LoL…That kind of “when it happens?” My lucky 8 ball says No.

      6. “Annexed Crimea” tells me this whole story is BS NATO propaganda…Thats not what happened, the people of Crimea dumped the new puppet gov installed by the west…But the west wants you to think Russia just took it “illegally” THEY DID NOT!! More of the same, old same old..fear for less freedom…Who ever wrote this dribble is either a paid stillturd or just a MORON!!! Sure Russia can and will win…The USSA couldnt win vietnam with all the high tech of the day, B52s, helo’s, unlimited bombs and troops vs. sks’s, ak47’s, rpg’s, bicycles and rice balls and RIGHT on their side…Right always wins in the end…

        • “Right always wins in the end…”

          Its not right or wrong that in an of itself is the deciding factor, its belief. If the people on their home soil believe that they’re right which they may or may not be it fuels a tenacious spirit. They may only be ants but they can make the occupying elephant so uncomfortable (and an area therefore ungovernable) that sooner or later the elephant vacates the premises. Lyndon Johnson asked the question many times, “Why do their Vietnamese fight better than our Vietnamese”? This thought bodes to a time and day that believed technology and volume of might was the deciding factor as the capitulation of the Japanese had shown. One must remember that the Emperor of Japan ordered the people to surrender. I theorize that if he said, “Fight to the death” we still in some capacity would be having hostilities on their home islands.

          General Giap said, “I may loose 10 soldiers to your every one but you will eventually tire and leave. I cannot leave for I have nowhere else to go”.

          A war involving an insurgency has victory or defeat far greater in the political arena than military as Paul Vann wrote in his book, A Bright Shining Lie.

          • Its actually John Paul Vann.

            I forgot that he wasn’t the author but that it was about his activities both as a combat officer and advisor.

            I highly recommend reading it.

            • The Military Industrial Complex Mafia Doesn’t make any profit off of PEACE. So with the help of the CIA they stir the pot up enough for conflict. We need to Declare War on the War Mongers.

        • I agree. The Rothschild crime syndicate toppled the elected govt of the Ukraine in what the US media portrayed as a “people’s revolution”. Blackwater-style mercenaries and Ukrainian neo-fascists hired by Rothschild agent George Soros deserve all the credit for installing the new pro-Nato regime. Soon thereafter, Soros chartered cargo planes to haul away the Ukraine’s gold reserves. Then the so-called “good guys”, i.e. the Rothschild puppet, pro-Nato, Ukrainian govt shot down a Malaysian civilian airliner and tried to pin it on the Russians. The whore US media has shut up about that airliner once the findings of responsibility came out in the Asian media.
          It disgusts me how some people equate patriotism with loyalty to the globalist/wall street banker agenda which is a plan for world enslavement and impoverishment, including Americans.

          • Hal, I agree totally. Excellent post.

          • Hal… The World is a Stage!

        • I have to agree! This assertion of aggression on the part of Russia is nothing but propaganda.

      7. It seems from the authors perspective everything is the fault of Russia! Thats a bunch of crap! The USA is losing its grip on the world with the dollar as worlds reserve currency and doesn’t want that to happen. I guess there is no US/NATO provocation to putting NATO bases right on the border of Russia. Thats different correct?

        • You don’t need to spend “ungodly” sums of money on the military if don’t F**K other countries in the A$$ and expect them to like it. Leave other countries alone and the US will not have to worry about being in a war.

          • As long as there is greed and religion there will always be war. It is human nature to be greedy and stupid.

            • You Nailed it again NoBama. Perceptive and intelligent in just a few words.

            • It also includes being an arrogant ass.

          • SD Mule, I agree. We can thank TPTB for putting this country in this situation. The whole world is waiting to jump on the carcass of the USA once everything is all said and done.

            • The USA Carcus is being looted as we speak. Why do you think the Govnt has delayed by decades, failing to spend or fix any infrastructure? Bandaids on a Heart Attack. They will be wisked off to the Mts of switzerland with all the gold. We will be left the rotted corpse and to fend on the scraps.

              • Like Charlston Hestons final words at the Beach Scene with the Statue of Liberty, on the original Planet of the Apes. “Damn You, You finally did it. You blew it all to hell!!!”

      8. The U.S.A is reaching the proportions of socialist Queen Elizabeth ruled Canada. When you have a government which leans far left, promotes Marxism, feminism, queerism and other degenerate anti-family values, the Christian Russians have many reasons to justify their war.

        Bring back family values to America and THE GOV’T SHOULD follow the founding fathers advice of NO FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS.

        And fuck socialist Canada. 4th wave Feminism erupted from Canada, Slut feminism.

        • Survival:

          Wow, if that is what your all loving GOD and his followers promote I prefer to worship Satan, his worst hate cannot come close to your God’s greatest “LOVE.”

          • You must be a queer. Your urges lead you to hate God and worship evil.

      9. We have a president and congress that thought it was more important to fund our welfare system that to fund our military. Maybe we can call for help on an Obama cell phone.

      10. will invade us/alaska from there

        also, be alert, racial tensions in us about to boil over into conflict

        look at the situation—don’t underestimate it

        • Russia will invade Sarah Palins back yard first since she can see what Russia is up to from her back porch. Honestly, was that the best VP choice out there for the GOP? And her Sinile Penile running mate, closet Joo McCain.

      11. Dave Hodges as well as some other commentators on recent article are starting to sound like propagandists for the MIC. Haven’t those ignorant citizens noticed or heard how Obama is SPENDING CLOSE TO 1 trillion dollars over 10 years (~the cost of Obamacare) to upgrade nuclear weapons capabilities??? Haven’t anybody noticed how the military budget increased after 9/11. Should we be spending even more??? Again, these “folks” sound more like they work for the CIA, NSA etc.

      12. This is one time I’m NOT questioning Dave Hodges. I’ve seen these reports at numerous other sites so I believe them. The globalist elites are moving all of the game pieces into place on the board setting us up for downfall. America will fall, I’m sad to say, and it can’t be prevented short of a coup against Obama and his supporters. When the war comes it will be horrific. I have always suspected we’ll face war domestically AND overseas both at the same time. There are supposedly hundreds of thousands of Russian and other foreign troops in hiding in various parts of the US waiting for the final order to make their move. One thing Hodges DIDN’T mention is the UN Small Arms Treaty which Kerry already signed the US to, but has not been ratified by the Senate. I look for Obama to just issue an EO binding the US to the treaty and ordering gun confiscations. The treaty takes effect in 122 nations on Dec. 24. It’s possible nothing will happen until after New Year’s. Whenever it happens it will be game on. That’s when we have to fight. Surrender is not part of my vocabulary.

        • Yes. Obama will send our military to fight overseas and rely on his domestic military and foreign “helpers” to fight us at home.

          • ENFP, I expect Obama’s ‘private army’ and “UN peacekeepers” will start gun confiscation attempts once he issues an EO adopting the UN Small Arms Treaty. It will be game on.

        • well said

          • Condor Day:4= 100% Correct. All Valid Info, I been saying the same for months. The Enemy JEW ZOG Cancer has already spread across America for a Century. When it is said just 3% can take over a Country. The Jews only represent 2.1% of the US Population. But like a Cancer that controlls our boot licking Politicians, the Banks, the Supreme Court by a wopping 30%, and America’s Foreign Policy and Military to create genocide and Chaos around the Globe, and they have one more hurdle to knock down and that is to disarm the American Citizenry. The Bloomberg Anti-gun, Feinstein, Polosi and therest of the Jew shill ZOG needs to be destroyed. The worst enemy the Jew has is the Light of The Truth Exposing these Cochtoach Parasites at every turn. Never give up your Guns or Ammo and shoot any Bastard that tries.

            • WWTI:

              I am sure, WWTI, that you would be amazed to know that the post you have made here about what is transpiring in America and the world was written about many, many years ago in a Book called the Bible.

              If you want to know about the beginning of the strife for America and the world, read the first of Revelation, if you want to know the middle of the strife, read the middle of Revelation, and if you want to know what happens at the END, read the end of Revelation.

              You KNOW WWTI, who is causing all this strife. Funny, that Bible you so make fun of wrote about it many moons ago, before you were ever thought of.

              John 8:44 is a good start WWTI. Generations ago they crucified Jesus Christ/God in the flesh and their father, Satan, still has his minions (some you have named in your post) doing their best to still destroy humanity.

              However, Satan does NOT win this one. It is written.

              Better get on board, WWTI. Read the REAL history book about what is about to transpire. It will fill in the last pieces of the puzzle for you.

          • Hardly

        • Dude…Punctuation!!!

        • Dude, put down the crack pipe!

          • Another Typical Jewy response by another one who still thinks and believes jews can’t never do wrong…And everytime jews does evil and wrongs…Just deny it, cover it all up, create another huge Taboo of it, and when that all fails big time….Claim whoever dares to expose jewry for its evils done is on “Crack Pipes’!!

            Well expected from old coach who’s “Oooooo My entire head has been deeply stuck up jews ass so long now I feel as I am always in the DARK and Must always DENY! such valid infos”

            Yet also so typical is how all such naysayers and jew worshippers never seems to provide ANY valid proof that we who Dare to expose jews evils are wrong.

            it is because we aint wrong and no such denial proofs exist but for in the minds of them whats corrupted with a lifetime of jewish ass which their heads reside inside of.

            old Coach’s heads in so deep and for so long now “if” and thats a BIG If, he ever awakens to truth and yanks his head back out of jew ass….Folks within at least a 235 mile radius are going to hear what sounds like a very Loud POP sound, them whats closer to ground zero where the actual head removal from jewish ass occures are also likly to also hear a Loud Squishy sound besides that loud POP type sound. You younger folks remember this so you too never allow for Your entire head to be consumed up jewish ass like coach did…What a piss Poor excuse for a White Man eh!

            • Every excuse for a white man is poor

        • Yes , Condor Day:4= 100% Correct. All Valid Info, I been saying the same for months. The Enemy JEW ZOG Cancer has already spread across America for a Century. Lying thieving manipulative Parasites the Jew Cochroach. When it is said just 3% can take over a Country. The Jews only represent 2.1% of the US Population. But like a Cancer that controlls our boot licking Politicians, the Banks, the Supreme Court by a wopping 30%, and America’s Foreign Policy and Military to create genocide and Chaos around the Globe, and they have one more hurdle to knock down and that is to disarm the American Citizenry. The Bloomberg Anti-gun, Feinstein, Polosi and therest of the Jew shill ZOG needs to be destroyed. The worst enemy the Jew has is the Light of The Truth Exposing these Cochtoach Parasites at every turn. Never give up your Guns or Ammo and shoot any Bastard that tries.

      13. The NWO types want a borderless world, and this may be an achievable goal thousands of years from now. People in a world like that will be required to give up all most everything we think of as freedom which is why it could only work now through force and the destruction of Nationalism.

        Russia remains a very Nationalistic Country and for that reason alone I envy them. Immigration is the new battle front and America is losing because our leaders are leading the charge for the human biological weapons flowing across our borders.

        American progressivism is what’s destroying us, a hundred years of whittling away at our rights and individual freedoms, brainwashing the masses to only view the negatives of our accomplishments.

        Man is not done with the need for strong nationalism, the world is still far too dangerous for us to take down our walls, forced slavery and total destruction is in our near future if we continue down this path.

        • Y99, sadly I have to agree. BTW, that’s communism which is destroying us.

          • I thought it was socialism? Or was it Fascism? Oh wait maybe it was Marxism? Crap…..maybe it isn’t an ism at all but a one of the archs?

            No? Corporatism? Gangster banksterism?

            Who cares, when you’re being destroyed, it doesn’t matter WHAT IS destroying you, only THAT you’re being destroyed.

            I can’t believe this much energy and time gets spent on shit out of our control and borders when we are so seriously screwed up right here.

            • BJ, maybe a combination of all of them. I agree when you’re in a fight, you don’t care who the attacker is. The only thing that matters is that you win and get out of that situation alive.

        • The “NWO”, (such as it is), isn’t so much interested in a borderless world as they are in adjusting borders to their own advantage.

          Keep in mind that every political structure is riven with internal competitions. There is no single guiding mind behind the “NWO”. Just more of the same old, same old.

          • They switched the word BORDER for “Frontiers” so maybe thats why coach remains deluded and confused eh.

            “If Gentiles [any non-Jew] refuse to live a life of inferiority, then this signals their rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence.”

            – Cf. Mordechai Nisan, Kivunim (official publication of the World Zionist Organization), August, 1984, pp. 151-156
            (and they wonder why they get Booted from every nation?! Warfare against gentiles who are legit citizens when its jews like him who are Invaders!)

            ‘It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments — there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

            – Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, in the recent book, “Kings Torah” Note how the rabbi still uses the word “murder” at the end when he probably meant to say “killing.” This is because he knows it’s still murder. Plus, these basic commandents are only meant for the “Noahide” or non-Jew who they believe are beneath them.

            “I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements: Extracting money and protesting.”

            — Nahum Goldmann “The Jewish Paradox” 1978

            “Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.”

            — Samuel Roth, “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

            “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism (Communism) itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

            — The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919.

            “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a NEW ORDER IN THE WORLD. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, became a reality all over the world.”

            — The American Hebrew Magazine – September 10, 1920. Sometimes misquoted to say “New World Order.”

            NOTE in Quote below: The word “Frontiers” is substituted for what WE call “Borders” of a nation…Note Also Whom these evil doers Are!..Old Coach defends such type kommie jews constantly and Unquestionaly, always!

            NOTE#2: This Is what is the true belief of so called “messianic Jews”…It has ZERO to do with “Jesus Christ” since Talmud teaches jewry that the real actual messianic era will come to fruition and exist ONLY when Jewry in its whole entirity, Owns and Controls the entire World and ALL it’s vast wealth and resource wealths. That Is what they mean by “messianic jew” beliefs. Also called “The time of messiah era”…

            “The Jewish people taken collectively will be its own Messiah. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the human races and through the elimination of frontiers. A Universal Republic will come into being in which the Sons of Israel will become the directing element. We know how to dominate the Masses. The governments of all nations will gradually fall, through victory of the proletariat, into the hands of Judah. All private property will become the possession of the Princes of Israel they will own the wealth of all lands. Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that when the time of the Messiah comes the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all the peoples of the world.” (still think the antichrist aint going to be a jew guy?)

            — Baruch Levy in an old letter to Karl Marx, published in the Rothschild-controlled La Revue de Paris (a real literature magazine and not an “anti-Semitic” source), page 574 on June 1, 1928.

            LEARN: Their “CODE” words speak! Borders they call Frontiers! and by,”unification of the human races”, They mean…What You know of as “Multicultic Divirsity” and Their phony brand of “Kommie Induced, Fake, False Equality of the races”…Except of course for Jews who think they alone comprise a distinct seperate “Special” “race” of true Humans! aka the “Master Race of Jews”…

            Well I just must burst their fraud bubble fantasy since the real deal Truth and DNA backed evidence facts proves that these NWO self chozens are not only JUST a “Religion” and NOT a “Race” per se…but even More important they are NOT “Judah” are NOT “Israelites” and Not even true “Hebrews of ancient biblical eras! Acording to Their Own state of Israel Policy heads, who admit to that all. Which I have posted of already in past articles with a Direct Quoted official statement from Israels Foriegn Policy dept papers.

            What These Fabled and fantasizing fools Really are is, EDOM aka Esua’s Edomite clans! Fake posers and Imposters as Christ called them in REV 2:9, 3:9, and also JOHN 8:44.

            NOT “sons of Israel”!! but Rather Son’s of SATAN the Devil as per John 8:44…..”You shall DO the Lusts of your father satan! IE: “Lie-Steal-Murder”, Indeed they do! and these few jewish spoken quotes proves that many times over for All others to see clear as day…Except of course them what prefers to remain BLIND and DEAF to truth, even when it is exposed by the very Own satanic jews themselves!

            If it were not so deadly serious an issue for us “Goyim” gentiles everywheres…It would be a real great laugh to hear or read the spews emitted by them still asleep type folks like some here are. They act Proud to be asleep at wheel, and truely are a Piss poor excuse for a white person. Even worse yet if they call themself a christian too!

            A couple More proof quotes for them whats still in very DEEP denial!…what do they still not Get?

            “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

            — Jewish International Banker James Warburg on February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschilds when they created the Federal Reserve act at Jekyll Island in 1910. He also later formed the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) — a major think tank for the Zionists in DC.

            “In everything, we are destroyers — even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.”

            — Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles”,pages 152, 155, and 147.

            “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

            — Max Horkheimer, Marxist Jew of the Frankfurt School

            “The Jewish Question is being discussed by statesmen in a way more acute and compelling than ever before in the history of the world. They can do whatever they want, but the nations of the earth well never be able to get away from this question. The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.”

            — London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

            Their own jewish Almanac, Proves Me correct!

            Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

            — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

            “It’s the Edomite’s, Stupid”! what Klintons election slogan Should have read as! Instead of the Economy stupid.

            • I’m really gettin’ your goat, ain’t I?

              I love watching idiots fulminate.

              • Old Coach:

                You will be known as a Judas Goat old coach, when it all comes out in the wash.

                Please explain to the posters here that all those quotes posted by Condor are just lies. Maybe made by silly, old, crazy, worthless, people who didn’t know what they were talking about.

                Or perhaps, as you research each of the persons making those quotes posted by Condor you will realize that, regardless of what you want to think of the people making them, it is EXACTLY, what is transpiring in our world today.

                Watching a portion of Glen Beck today, he is saying “THEY are destroying our nation, THEY are destroying our history, THEY are destroying our childrens’ education, THEY are destroying Christianity. THEY, THEY, THEY.

                But, just like you Old Coach, only worse because of the number of sheep who follow him, not willing to fess up to who the THEY are. No question Beck knows, he also knows without THEIR support his ‘kingdom’ would crumble.

                There will be an awakening, it is promised, and the THEY and their minions will have a payday unlike anything THEY could have imagined. You cover for the enemies of Christ/Christianity there will be a judgment day.

                • POg,

                  You and 3 days of the condor shit and wtti are all one trick ponies. You talk about a judgment day for everybody who doesn’t believe the same crap you do. It’s says right in you bible that NOBODY knows the exact end times but god himself, but YOU have said in previous rants that we will be around to see it happen. So god has shared the timing of the end with YOU? You talk about “please come lawrd gee=suss and end the world”. Why should he, because YOU don’t like it? Spoken like somebody who’s lived most of their life already, it takes a real sicko to hope for the end of the world.

                  • Anonymous:

                    If you knew anything about the Bible you would know it is going to be the end of the Satanic hold on the world and a new earth age.

                    Also there is many clues in the Bible that tell you when the end time is upon us… of the biggest is “a great falling away of the faithful”, HIS words, not mine. And that certainly is happening.

                    I pray everyday that Jesus will come back to restore this earth and set up his forever kingdom here. There will be no more Satan and his minions to tempt anyone into doing evil.

                    It will not be the end of the world, Anon. Not too many people wish to see the world in turmoil like it is now. Wishing that on our kids and grandkids is insanity. All that will be gone once Jesus returns.

                    • POG.

                      I think this great falling away from god you refer to is a matter of opinion only. People have been calling for the end of days since the bible was written. The world has ALWAYS been in turmoil throughout it’s ENTIRE history, nothing new there either. As stated earlier, only God knows when the end of days will arrive,you can interpret signs anyway you want to but that doesn’t prove anything, like saying old coach will be a marked man if/when that time comes. Nobody but God knows that,NOBODY.

                  • Them Guys,

                    When you die and the world is finally rid of your scourge forever, take your God fearing hate with you. I’ll thank you in advance for the entire planet, so please check out as soon as possible.

                  • People don’t want to read a novel here
                    I skip any post this long

        • Vote Here: Who has destroyed America More; the Blacks or the Jews?

          • If we could Just harness the Black rampage anger and destruction and aim that at the Jewish faction Cancer in America, we may have a fighting chance. The Zog MSM race baits to devide and Conquer when the Jews are the Manipulators. Just watch, the Boston Bombing was an act out of the Jew playbook. Why was an Israeli Security firm hired to police the Boston Marathon?… who knew all the details to make that chaos happen then brag about it in Israel that that is the best thing ever to drum up more support for Israel. Who had the most to gain by that? See how that is all hiddlen and swept away. Obama doesn’t talk about Boston does he?

          • Evil
            And the author of evil, Satan, sends it in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.

      14. Matthew 24 is coming to pass and it can’t be stopped! Ezekiel 38 and 39 is approaching and it will not be stopped either. Billions will die before it is over. BUT, God is still in control!

        • WDL, you say “billions will die… but god is still in control”? So your god is allowing the killing of billions, and you still worship it?

          • The second law of thermodynamics is entropy. Basically means one of the great ironies of life is…………….

            “Nobody gets out of life alive.”

            (There is no changing this law either.)

            • Yep you cannot change the laws of physics. You cannot ignore them either. Unlike man-made laws, which can and (for most of them) should be ignored.

          • Because his god is Chthulu.

        • The Babble Bible is the Biggest book of FEAR PORN out there, polluting the minds of Stoopid Gullible Sheep. Bahhhhhhhh Bhaaaaaaaa. The sky is falling and Jebus is the only one who can save us. Just send us more of your money for your limo ride to heaven. Stoopid Sheep.

      15. Its Gog and Magog in scripture! This thing must play out so the false messiah (satan) can come in to save the day! The global chaos is scripted to cause this final war! This Ferguson script could very well be the harbinger event to ignite everything else!

        • “Ferguson” and everything associated with it is receiving WAAAAYYYYY too much publicity.

          Turn off the cameras and watch everything calm down. Keep giving them attention and watch them keep performing for the cameras.

          • Ferguson is NEVER going away, it’s a rally point for Crisis.

            The 3rd step in a Communist/KGB-FSB takeover is crisis.
            Civil war/Race war/Invasion/Economic Collapse.

            • Then thank goodness the crowds they attract don’t amount to much.

              Everyone can see what their crowds consist of and no one is taking them seriously, and the police are handling them appropriately when they try to interfere with normal life.

              All that’s keeping them in the headlines is the cameras and coverage. It will fade, but it will fade faster if the cameras are turned off.

              The commies can go pound sand. Putin will never invade this country because we are armed. Period. End of story.

              And count the commies in this country. They are a miniscule portion of the population, even with all of the underclass dupes who could be snowed into supporting them.

              The Russians are a coarse, crude bunch when they are sober. Their economy is collapsing as we speak and the money to run their war machine is dwindling fast. To entertain the notion of invading THIS country at THIS point in time with almost the entire country opposed to Soetoro and armed to the teeth would be self-destructive.

              Bottom line, “Red Dawn” ain’t gonna happen. Impeachment quite possibly, and growing more likely by the day. Race war? Nope — you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Amnesty by executive order? Ain’t gonna happen — over three fourths of the country is adamantly against it.

              Sleep well.

        • km:

          True post. Eyes to see, ears to hear.

      16. I pledge alligiance to the flag, what ever flag they offer-Mike and the Mechanics. Maybe the cowards way out but it is sound advice.

        • There’s a gun and ammunition
          Just inside the door
          Use it only in emergency…

          • Take the children and yourself
            And hide out in the cellar
            By now the fighting will be close at hand

      17. We are doing ourselves in. All Russia and the rest have to do is sit back and watch it happen. Somebody else will come in and pick up the pieces.

        • We need to arm the hoodies of Ferguson with Machettes to go after the Jews in the US.

          The Jews have destroyed the Black culture promoting this Rap crap, the take over and control of sports teams, race bating media.

      18. With regard to the statement “there’s no doubt the Russians are being antagonistic and provocative”…..

        1) Bill Clinton assured Russia in 1992 there would be no expansion of NATO in Europe. America reneged on this promise and today NATO forces camp on Russia’s border.

        2)The 2014 change of government in Ukraine was nothing more than an American sponsored coup to oust the freely elected Prime Minister who did not want to join NATO.

        Who’s being “antagonistic and provocative”?

        • Old Gringo

          I have no idea why any nation takes our word for anything. Ho Chi Minh was promised we would not allow the French to return to Indo-China (Vietnam) if he would help us fight the Japanese. Germany, “Don’t worry your gold is safe with us”. The American Indian has no shortage of stories and they’re Americans.

          Its kinda sad.

          • @Gringo & K2

            When the SHTF, are we all Americans?

            • “When the SHTF, are we all Americans”

              The point is what? Yea team? Apparently you don’t understand that a war with a nuclear armed superpower is to be avoided, not won, as there is no victor. SHTF is an economic collapse. Something one hopes to avoid but will survive. WWIII? No one can wrap themselves in a flag on that one from either side as what side your on is simply incoming or outgoing; it doesn’t really matter. The devastation would make every war from cave man with rock and club until today be insignificant by comparison. The geo-political / economic / environmental structure that we see today would be altered to an unrecognizable mess with who knows what is rising from the ashes.

              I’m no fan of Putin. Personally I think he is a thug. There is no doubt about that. Hell he stole a Super Bowl Ring. Why does such a thing? That being said I do think Russia should have like the US does have a buffer zone to reduce tensions and make the possibility of hostilities less likely. I think our word to such a powerful nation needs to be firm but absolutely trustworthy. These are the steps you take to make war as unlikely as possible. We would not tolerate Russian military bases next to us that would reduce any future strike to a matter of minuets. That is too damn short for the other side to make a shoot or don’t shoot decision and heaven help you if the shooting starts. Its destabilizing. We did not tolerate it in Cuba in October 1962 in our backyard.

              To answer your question if SHTF in a war with Russia there would be no America or Russia either in the sense of what they are now. Who was “right” and who was “wrong” would matter little to the survivors.

              • Kevin2, I was only 5 years old in Oct. 1962. I helped my Dad and older brother build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with supplies. That was my very first contact with what we call prepping today. We were truly relieved when that threat passed. Back then there were Civil Defense shelters everywhere. The government actually encouraged prepping in those days. We even had the old periodic ‘duck and cover’ nuclear drills in the schools. everyone knew where a shelter was in case of attack. Nowadays, if you prep you’re considered a terrorist by DHS. My, how times have changed and how far we’ve fallen as a nation.

                • The nuclear capabilities today dwarf that is 1962. Actually ICBMs were in their infancy and few in number, MIRV warheads were not available back then either.

                  We continued the school air raid drills until the later 60s.

              • lol, he is not a thug. are you 13? He actually cares about Russia and his fellow Russian kin. We should be lucky to have had a Putin. Instead we have Obama, an evil marxist and puppet of Jewish oligarchs. We are done. We are not a nation, we are a giant international strip-mall and roach motel. We are being led to the slaughter by people who aren’t qualified to be leaders.

        • Ask real Ukrainians what they think of that canard.

          Yanukovych was selling Ukraine out to Russian oil/gas interests. Had litte to do with NATO.

          Look up “Holodomor”. Ukrainians have not forgotten.

          Supporting the Maidan Revolution was the only humane policy for the US to follow.

          • BS! US State Dept Jewess Victoria Neuland is ON a jewtube video BRAGGING how She FUNDED them NEO-NAZI’S of the “Maidan Revolt” you abject in denial Fool!

            She’s Bragging of it all on video AT some BIG OIL convention of its top CEO’s etc and top stock holders.

            I can’t now recall which Big Oil co it was???…”CHEVRON” (???)That matters not though.

            What the REAL deal question should be is Why did a Devout Jew women like she is FUND NEO NAZIS with $5 Billion of usa taxpayer cash, then after her neo nazi gangs Murdered Many and even burned to death an entire group forced to remain inside the govnt building when it was Torched by Molotov cocktail Bombs, SHE got Yatz the YID jew swindler INSTALLED Illeagally by a Coup scam untill New elections could be held to “officially” elect yet another jewish multi billionaire bankster guy as ukrains new “prez”.

            Whos true Loyalty, like Hers, is strictly TO and FOR zio-zog jewry & Israel where her other dual citizenship is from.

            Why insist on a continuation of defense for these type jews when oddles of proof exists that totally makes YOU look Foolish for remaining in abject denial of factual truth?…in Todays instant access of such facts online everywheres almost…it is assinine and plain deadly to keep putting up a Rabid defense of such jewsih swindles and scams.

            What we all can see going on Now Today in virtually EVERY aspect, EVERY Major thing what matters for a nation, for it’s society, for it’s culture, laws, institutions, Govnt, Money, MSM Info medias that are supposed to Keep folks well informed so to be able to be an educated voter and proper good citizen, american educational schools and universities, unions, Corp’s, banks, and most all what matters has been totally HYJACKED by Khazar fraud jewry.

            To Now still so defend all that is of issues jewish, when Most of the TOP leaderships of all I prior mentioned is held by Jews, male and female both. Which by the way is the EXACT same scenario of how things were during the 1918 Russian revolution era when then also it was JEWS that made up at least 90% or more of Every possible dept of soviet kommies rulership heads….

            To Still refuse to accept reality and factual truths like this has gone far beyond being a simple minded idiot, or a massively Delusional jew-firster and unquestioning defender of jewry….And has Now reached the point of actually being a True Traitor!

            And NO I am NOT saying every jew person is a kommie or evil…But I am saying that the ones we can count as true patriots and real friends etc is akin to the African negroes within america lands…Very FAR and FEW between usually. I didn’t make it that way, They did!

            But when after being provided with more proofs and DNA evidences and all sorts of infos as spoken or written of BY the jews themselves, and to still so defend it all…if That aint a true definition of the word Traitor, what is then eh?

            And just what method can we use to define and Know of which of their tribal group are true patriots?…Again it poses same delemas as African Blacks pose for us to determine it. Almost Impossible!

            I’d think One good method may be to simply Ask each one a simple question such as “IF one day the usa and israel must Part ways, or worse yet became official enemys of each others nations…WHICH Nation are YOU going to remain 100% Loyal to?”

            I’d wager you wont locate very many who Disown israel nation ties and 100% support America…Then you also have to consider they recite a prayer at Yom Kipper day, called “Kol Nidre” which mainly is a jewish prayer that jews believe recital of allows them to Violate any Oaths sworn to or any promices made also, with zero bad results. The 180 degrees opposite of what Most non jews consider to be how things should be done. So even if they answer a question on loyalty we have zero real way to know if their answer is another Lie or not.

            But an ongoing consistant Vote record of aprox 87% Plus of jewry always vote dem party kinda says a whole lots eh! Dems is the Kommie usa party for past 100 yrs now sooooo…No other group has so large of a dem voter base besides African Balcks whos votes are at 95% dem votes always…Wow! Blacks & jews a consistant curse of kommie on america…Who’d of guessed it eh?

            And Nobody can be 100% Loyal to TWO or more nations period!…Yet look how many usa jews has Dual citizenship…and the fact that state of israel has as its official jew policy for every jewish person globally can instantly recieve such Dual citizenship on request!

            Therefore it is NO stretch to say, in essence that litterally ALL jews ARE also a citizen of Israel, aka a DUAL citizen…so again I ask Which nation will they remain 100% Loyal to?….I’d wager it will NOT be American loyalty if they ever need choose sides. And forced “choices” is a jewish specialty of the many swindle games they play against Us Goyim gentiles in all of our nations the jews infiltrate and reside within.

            Everytime I see or hear some jewish person on TV or other places whine or cry about “oy Vey why oh Why does we jews always get booted out of every place we go to”?

            I Bust out in a very Loud laugh! I cannot help but Laugh at so assinine a question, as if they do not really know why?….TRY, “Nation wreckers” for $25 Alex!

            Then follow thru with scamer swindlers to the extremes for $20 More Alex!….Why Indeed eh!

            Go Check the actual files of membership of CFR org, which has aprox 4000+ actual members….And it is probobly at least 75% are jewish…CFR is what really RUNS america and all what matters.

            Most everyone on TV news shows and newspaper editors and syndicated writers, usa fed govnt apointees positions etc, Professors at Univ, and Wall Street and too mny to list important institutions what matter most across the board has CFR-members running it, anchoring TV news shows, and advising the usa prez constantly. Same for the aprox 35,000 member strong of US House Reps & Senate elected reps and senators many AIDES behind the doors…a Vast huge majority of them too is jewish, and some are CFR too.

            The Last time I actually Seen a long Listing with every of the close to 4000 named members of CFR, was in the June of 1996 Issue of the “NEW AMERICAN” magazine. AKA the official Monthly Magazine of the John Birch Society.

            However as is per the usual with such orgs, while Yes JBS promotes itself as a staunch anti-Kommie org, and was Founded on anti kommie principals…From the very First day one of its inception as an org to fight communism in america…The Number ONE Org rule for membership is they can NEVER mention anything ever about “Jews” Nor name any kommies as a jew. Regardless that Yes so many are jewish…The biggest rule of TABOO at JBS since day one has been to Keep all such talk Taboo forbidden and any members who violate that rule get boited out asap fast when discovered.

            This revelation has caused many well informed writers and other persons too, to harbor Doubts that JBS is really not another “Controlled opposition” org like most others are….Seems very phony to sell that org as the nations main number one org to fight against kommies in usa…yet Main rule of org is Never name or mention that word of “jew” or “jewish” when refering to said Kommies!

            Well JBS…Jews IS the inventors of communism, fool!

            I tend to side With those who say JBS is another of many/Most Controlled Opps orgs..Seems eaiser now to locate orgs thats NOT controlled opps eh! Since so FEW exist today that are true real patrotic orgs Un fearing of nameing whoever is to be named with proof to back it.

            So far such true orgs exist online Only it seems eh. They are growing in number big time weekly though! a Good start at least…maybe the resident Denial bunch here shall soon research such true patriot orgs unafraind to name names eh…Can’t wait to read their replies after they too awaken fully to it all!

            • I didn’t deny that US supported the Maidan revolt. I said that it was the right thing to do.

              You are so blinded by your hate that you fail reading comprehension 101.

        • The Jew Media stirs up this Russian hate because Putin refused to obey the NWO and had kicked all jews out of any power or political appointments or positions in Russian Government. That is what this is all about to demonize Russia with false flag proxy wars like trying to blame Russua for the MH17 plane shot down by the Ukraine Govnt. The Zog got caught again in a false flag manipulation. The World knows the truth and you sure don’t hear about that on the MSM do ya???

      19. I live not far from the border with Mexico. Down in these parts, we see so much, but so little is said except for Alex Jones who says a lot. Anyway, I have personally seen the armoured vehicles going down the highway headed north on Hwy. 67, my guess is Fort Davis. The thing about these vehicles is that they are NOT American vehicles. I am not a military person, but I kinda know the difference between what an American vehicle looks like and what a foreign one looks like. These are square looking. I have seen pictures of them on the internet they look very similar to the stuff you see in the news about the Ukraine and Russia conflict going on over there. I have also seen all the white trucks with the UN logos on them. Everyone in town has seen them. We know what is happening, but if we say something to the media or we get a hold of somebody, it immediately becomes a joke. We are laughed at. It becomes just another story on the internet and people laugh. So I with the help of God have taken steps that God told me to take. I have to leave America and I am in the process of moving out, this has been a long process for the last 12 years. I have bought land in Mexico. God said that I would be better off in Mexico than America. One of the reasons I think he said that, is that it is because of the lack of structure in Mexico. Hardly any electricity in most of it. What little their is in the outlying land is faulty and always cutting off. If you take a look at satellite pictures of it at night from the sky. It’s still dark, almost all of it is. Compared to America. Also, you almost don’t have running fresh water everywhere, like here. Also no sewage systems, just old fashioned pits. It’s perfect to escape into the dark and stay out of sight. If you can live off the grid and live with others that are used to it. You can survive what is coming. No AC, no fridge, no clean water. I have done it before to test myself. I survived in Mexico living next to nothing, what I could catch and what I grew. I shared with others and also learned new ways and of new food to live on that I never knew before I could eat. I learned of their times of harvest and planting and what is best to grow and where and how to do it. I did this for 2 years and 6 months. I made friends, people I slept next to who learned that I could be trusted and likewise I learned to trust them. This was the most important thing I could think of doing and what God wanted me to do. God told me not to go in as those before me, who went in with a holier than all of you and I am Gods chosen vessel and you are dirt vessels. No! He said to go in looking like a bum, and don’t let them know that you have money, because you won’t have any one day anyway. He said that they should see me as the Native Americans saw the Pilgrims, without knowledge and starving. God is directing my path and he is telling me to do this for a higher purpose one that will take place in the future. Also I was told that, Knowing people in small villages or towns next to the border is 100% a necessity, This is so that I can help those who plan to escape the American prison. Of course I miss the USA. That is why I am back home now. I love my showers and restaurants and air conditioning along with the dentist and doctors on almost every corner. So while I am here, I take care of those issues that I know is better to do here and now. Teeth, health check-ups, etc. But I don’t get to lazy thinking that a homosexual in the white house has my better interest on his mind. I take back with me things that will be a necessity from here to store in my place down there. I also have learned how to sneak in to Mexico, and back without being detected. Knowing the terrain will be key in helping people when the time comes. The reason I am doing all of this is because, I have been having dreams of war and death since just before 9-11. It all came together when I watched the twin towers falling on the news. I knew that it was a symbol, that America had fallen and that we were on a one way road to eternal death. I asked God in prayer what I should do. At first I thought he just wanted me to leave, but now I know that he just wants to use me as a gateway. I am just a donkey in his service. He wants me to help the young people of America in the future escape from the hell that it will become. God has told me that it will all come to be in 2016. He said that this year would not pass before we all would be believers in the word of God. I am doing my little part for whoever for whatever God has planned to escape what is coming. I trust in God and let him guide me. I’m just a propane salesman, I made my money knocking on doors and talking to people for the last 25 years. I am not on drugs or on some kind of power trip. This article caught my attention. I was not going to comment, but God told me to put on here what he is doing to me, so that someone else who is having second thoughts or feeling something in his gut, come to understand that it is not just your gut. This is real, and it is going to happen and you need to do whatever God is telling you to do. I am just a donkey in his service, you need to do what you know you need to do. Do it now! God bless and speed too!

        • If you follow God’s plan you will be in His will and be just fine. George, good luck to you and yours.

        • @GeorgefromTX.. Did God make or tell you to be Fricken COWARD and run? Be a man and fight for your Country you stoopid sheep Coward.

          • Sir, you are here because at one time your ancestor left their homelands to stay alive. This is not your country or mine. This is a piece of land that has been inhabited by many people over thousands of years. America is not a piece of land, it is a spirit, and that spirit is dead and gone. What little remains is in the hearts of those people that love God and have trust in him. It is not in the mind of those that think they will somehow die on some glorious battlefield as you might imagine yourself doing. I served and did my time when I was young, I believed in it myself, until I saw the bodies of my friends and those of the enemy and realized that we died for the interest of men and their corporations and we killed for them too! This is what stupid unenlightened people do, they kill and want others to kill in the name of whatever they think they are fighting for. That is stupid and coward, I think for myself and I have my conscience and God to thank for that. I am not inspired by others who have hidden interests as do most people in America these days. So go on and call me childish names like a child. I understand that some people will never understand what war is and what it does until after. I hope and wish the best to you, God Bless You!

      20. Call me skeptical if you like, but I aint buying this cow til the vet looks it over…
        First- they’re NOT Alaskan islands. They are Arctic islands. RUSSIAN islands to be precise. Possession has NEVER been asserted or claimed by the US. And they’re a hell of a lot closer to Siberia than to Alaska. Why not call them Siberian islands? Guess that wouldn’t stoke the panic fires as much. And, anyway, other than those seven Inuits and a few seal-lovers from PETA, who cares about who holds the title deed?
        And I wouldn’t call them “oil rich” either. Sure, there’s probably some petroleum in the neighborhood. But anybody who thinks it’s cheap and easy (or even remotely profitable) to extract oil from under several thousand feet of frozen tundra… well, I got a bridge I want to sell you. Some places in the world, there’s oil alright, it’s just too damned expensive to get it out. Besides, the proven (or even estimated) reserves there amount to diddly. It’s too cold for the geologists to hang around and find out.
        Second, it wasn’t the kenyan usurper who ‘gave’ them away. It was Daddy Bush who signed a treaty establishing the maritime border. The islands just happened to be on the russkies side. Again, the US had NEVER asserted a claim of ownership. So we never actually “gave up” anything.
        Now, as for the bombster purging the military- probably so, but he’ll never purge the patriotism from 100 million American gun owners.
        And being a traitor? No doubt about that. The kenyan should be tried for treason, far as I’m concerned. So Hodges is right there.
        But this article overall is about as believable as the come-on from that 40 yr-old truck stop hooker last week. She said she was a virgin and I wouldn’t catch anything. She even offered to negotiate the price (how about $40?…$35?…come on, honey, I need the work). I told her ‘no thanks’ and I’m saying the same with this piece. (no pun intended)
        Finally, the B I G P I C T U R E (insert echo sound effect here)
        About our future–
        Dubya Dubya Three WILL happen someday. Maybe next year… maybe next generation. Who knows? Predicting calamity is always a best seller. And it’s usually wrong, far as the timing is concerned. Unless you’re one of the perps causing it, you never know the schedule. The goal is to be prepared, not scared.
        Dave Hodges is a great writer. And if he motivates people into getting prepared, that’s good. But trying to make them pee their pants in fear is another thing altogether. Sorry, Mr. Hodges, you lost me on this one.

        • Good points Okie…great to see youre still kickin…be safe! REB

        • Well, Okie, as for extracting oil from 5000 feet under frozen tundra, we did a pretty good job on the North Slope.

          But yeah, who ever claimed that those islands were American?

          • Yes Coach some of those northern Siberian Islands did belong to the USA. We didn’t do squat with them, they would have been a cost we didn’t need to develop them, and we could not have held them in a war anyway. It was silly to claim them in the first place, so we gave them back not too long ago.

            The era of hydrocarbons is coming to an end folks. What you are seeing is a gasp of a dying era. There will be more, but the handwriting is on the wall.

            Energy technology is rapidly changing. Now the “blue ray disk technology” is being applied to solar cells, tremendously upping the efficiency. Its another game changer.

            Saudi Arabia is just looking to exploit their oil as long as they can, but the end game for oil & gas is only 20 years away. 🙂

            • DK, give me a source for the claim that any of those islands were ever American. (I trust you not to link Alex Jones or Washington’s Blog.) Is there some document somewhere that includes them in the original purchase? Where might that be? As long as I’ve been alive the national border has been as drawn on that map.

              The era of “mined” hydrocarbons may end someday, but they’re just too useful as a fuel package to give up. I expect the Chinese to develop the thorium reactor technology that Denninger keeps harping about. (We won’t.) Mine coal, extract thorium, run reactor for electricity, use excess heat to run a coal-to-liquid process of some kind.

              Not sanguine about hydrogen or CNG. Both require bulky and heavy pressure vessels, and a set of valves and pressure regulators that make this old engineer, (who did innumerable OSHA-mandated safety studies), tremble with fear. Read Kelly Johnson’s ghost-written biography for his account of the early thinking that led to the SR-71. They thought about hydrogen, but in a short time they realized that it was no more viable than carrying a nuclear reactor to power an airplane. And that was for an airplane that didn’t even carry a significant payload.

      21. The USA might loose a battle with Russia and China but we won’t loose the war.

        If by some chance anyone thinks that if the USA is invaded that there won’t be hell to pay from the Patriots living here.

        You think that the ragheads fighting in the middle east are bad just turn loose and TRUE Patriot and see what happens.



        • Amen Sarge!…still a lot of good people here who will not sit by and let these scum take over! REB

        • There has been a War going on for some time. The war of the mind filled with propaganda. Resist lies and only seek the truth and Expose the liars at every turn. That is how you Win each Battle. The Truth Conquers all and Shall set you Free!!

      22. MHO is this; large nukes are out of the question because of the precious crop productive farm land. Now very small low level tactical weapons yes, or Neutron maybe but used very, very sparingly. It will be boots on the ground and only after ours (most of them) have been deployed to other parts of the world first. Help for us no way we are the most hated country in the world and they all want to see us fall. I’m like so many here and elsewhere the feel and smell in the air is not right. Yes something very big is about to go down and we the people have absolutely no say in it. Prepare yourself and your family for what is coming. We will be defending our homes and they truly underestimate the spirit of the Americans (we will not break easily), the fight will be like nothing ever seen before. PREPARE!!!

        MTCFMF!!///RIP America.

        • @Copperhead
          Absolutely 100% spot on brother. The only way Queen Barry can keep power is to cause a series of “Crisis Events. i.e. Race War, WW3, ect. All will end in an attempt at a Marxist Dictatorship.

          • Copperhead, spot on from braveheart also. Braveheart will stand up and fight.

      23. New terms have arrived from the Federal Department Of Language Mismanagement. Please update your dictionaries accordingly.

        Old term…………New term circa 1990……..New term 2014
        Bum, Hobo, Tramp….Homeless person……Residentially Challenged
        Wet Back…………Illegal Alien……..New Democrat Voting Citizen
        Wall Street Tycoon….Fat Cat Businessman….NWO Bankster Thug
        Legislation……Bought And Paid For Legislation….Executive Order
        Propaganda……Libelous Propaganda…..New York Times
        Town Slut………Unwed Mother……..The Girl Next Door
        Homosexual……..Gay………..Alternative Sexual Orientation
        Reefer Madness…….Recreational Drugs….Official State Plant Of Colorado
        Drunk………Under The Influence……Differently Sobered

        I’m going to a company mandated “Anti-harassment and sensitivity training session” tomorrow. I heard it’d going to be hosted by a Gay Jewish black transgendered woman. Wish me luck…Should be a target rich environment.

        • Ill be there in spirit my friend…give em hell! REB

        • Smoking, good to hear from, keep more in touch…

        • …..with a Spanish surname.

      24. US, Russia and China need enemies to keep the slaves manageable.

        After WWII it was the commies/cold war until the wall went down. Then came smaller needless wars and expeditions, then the middle east and now that is getting old as more minds are catching on. Now a new and bigger enemy is required to perform in creating the necessary fear upon the populations of the requisite countries. If it continues on the same path as history has proven, aliens from another evil universe will be next.

        The actors change not the program.

        The real masters of the world are working silently in the background to make sure their control will not falter.
        You can’t have blind nationalism and loyalty to the state without an external enemy, real or imaginary. That’s why, as long as people believe in government lies wars will never end.

        As long as tyrants can keep the population afraid then “they” can keep on pretending to keep us all safe.

        Hodges is an controlled actor designed to keep the slaves in panic and fear. Look at his photo> a picture is worth a 1000 words.

        BUT, this does not mean something won’t happen someday. The idea is to know why its happening.
        All we can do is be prepared for the unexpected.

      25. With so many nuclear armed subs, ships, and whose knows what is floating above, a nuclear strike on either country would be met by a nuclear strike from the other. Assured nuclear destruction is just as a threat now as ever. Why would China attack their biggest customer?

        • @ETenn
          Not if the U.S. is in the process of a Civil/Race war. The Barry’s Buddy, Vald will invade to help him out.

          We are this Governments enemies, not the Russians or the Chinese.

      26. SmokinOkie: Here…These dictionairy word meanings will assist You in that training session you mentioned going to..

        A Jewish-English dictionary: translating what Jews say into what Jews are really saying:

        Antisemite: Someone Jews hate
        Freedom: Depravity
        Equality: Favoritism
        Tolerance: Debauchery

        Holocaust: The holy milk cow
        Holocaust denial: Blasphemy!

        Freedom of speech: Shut up!
        Hate speech: Words Jews hate
        Race: Something that doesn’t exist
        Racist: A White person

        Liberal: A useful sucker
        Liberalism: Useful sucker farming

        Social justice: Cultural Marxism
        Civil rights: Run-up to multiculturalism
        Multiculturalism: Nation wrecking

        Feminism: Home wrecking
        Gay marriage: Society wrecking
        Gay rights: Disease propagation
        Teenagers: A mob of violent Blacks

        Hater: Rightist
        Rightist: Hater

        Conspiracy theorist: Someone who’s on to the Jew game
        Right wing extremist: Anyone Jews don’t like
        Left wing extremist: Freedom fighter

        Justice: Jewish perfidy
        Injustice: Resisting Jewish perfidy

        Zionism: Scheme for Jewish world rule
        Republicanism: Jew rule
        Democracy: Jew rule
        Communism: Jew rule

        Republicans: Shabbos goy
        Democrats: Shabbos goy
        Gentile: Non-human
        Goy: Contemptible non-human

        Negro (schwartza): Sub-goy
        Christian Zionist: Imbecile

        Antisemitic canards: Indisputable truths

        • Condor.. Reading your post I must just say BRAVO. The main issue is most of even so called the patriots don’t know the true nature of the Zionism and the Zionists so they never will succeed to truly feel the FREDOM.

          • Stolz: I agree and its because of a huge portion of preppers and awake patriots are also deluded members of the many various usa churches which all call themselves a “Jewdeo-Christian” and/or a “Christian-Zionist”.

            And it seems no matter how much actual Judaic talmudic verses and writings you can show or provide to them to fix their mass delusions and expose that phrase of jewdeo christian for the true Oxymoron it really is remains unable to convince most.

            They place 100% absolute trust into pastors and reject all such info that proves these pastors are bought and paid for shabboz goyims in cahoots with nation wrecking zio jewry. Them pastors what aint paid off coloborators of zio jewry, are simply too ignorant of actual biblical and new testement proof and interpretations. And both types, paid off and ignorant ones neither should be trusted to teach your cat or dog tricks!

            Most seem so loyal to fraud pastors due to their parents went to same church and now they too take their kids there…Or similar reasons of doing that.

            In Past 100 yrs the very worst of all travestys and absolute abominations which has caused the american great apostacy of christianity has been due to the main bible source most abide by for interpreting the bible by..

            That Cyrus Scofield bible….One would think these folks could do simple research and find that scofields bible version was refused publishing of by litterally All legit publishers who also called it an abomination and total Blasphemy!….And that after none would publish it for cyrus scofield, he met an actual Rothschild Bankster family son,or a grandson? I forgot which, whom agreed to Buy a publishing company, after he scammed it into bankruptcy of course! And then hes who finally published scofields bibles since 100 years ago.

            That very bible version source along with that other fraud named Darby aka promoter of Pre Trib Rapture escapeism plans, and as phony as scofields interpretations, are the TWO major reasons for american demise of apostacy today. And that in most if not every seminary today the wannabee pastors schooled there have rabbis and talmudic jew teachers! Talmudic jews teaching a christian man how to become a pastor! Gee what could go terriby wrong with that scenario I ask?…Who can possibly believe that christian and Christ hateing talmudic jews and rabbis would teach a person in Proper forms christianity so to go and teach others?…Yet check every major seminary college, Dallas seminary, and the rest. See can You spot the jewish teachers?!

            Think Talmudic yeshevia schools of jewish teachings contains ANY Christian teachers there? Sure they do riggghhhtttt!!! in Israel its a 5yr mandatory jail term for giveing a new testement bible to a jew within state of israel!…Even preaching christianity to a jew there carries same jail term…Yet same types work as teachers across american seminaries…Hmmmmm…

            This is very easy today to research and learn truth of…Yet just Try telling most any such jewdo christians and zionist types to do so!

            Them whats so badly Brainwashed usually do not know they are indeed brainwashed…Its why kommies and brainwashings act as one and function so swell at destruction of the human Mind.

            But I figure as long as I attemot my best efforts to awaken them to it all..I have done all I am to do. It aint on me if they keep rejecting facts or truths eh.

            Glad to see you too are wide awake! Sure wont want to remain half asleep when SHTF day arrives right. Only worse aspect will be to be one of them fraud phony Pastor guys once most folks has no other choice but to wake up!

            I wager many folks are going to be very pissed off at them type preachermen, some may demand a rebate of all cash donated for fraud based on jewish lies etc eh!

        • Observant comment/list: Words and there meanings change for the benefit of the ruling class as deemed beneficiary to the cause of the concern.

          “They” is what I refer. In any war it is always the goy/sub goy that take the blunt of death in battle. More will awaken to the cause of world misery and enslavement by satans chosen. History has proven it with country wide expulsion over 400 times.

          You do know you are now a target by association with this sites comment section. There is no way of knowing whom you’re dealing with without knowing them personally. You (anyone) may be a provocateur with a alterative motive, I don’t know, nor does anyone here. I do not know Mac or Dave, if I may, personally so how can I be certain of their commitment to Liberty, Freedom and true Justice?

          It may be prudent for all to cease commenting on any site, no matter how presented> for your protection, as all are monitored. You are all gambling with personal/family concealment as the time grows close. Beware.

          I’m civilly done

        • Condor, a very interesting and telling list you posted.

          • Yah, says a lot about Condor……

            • Yes correct it sure does Coach..It says Condor is as wide awake as one can get! And unlike a vast majority of folks I for one am never afraid of jewry or zionists and care not if it offends them by me exposeing jewrys far too many wrongs to list here.

              I Fear NONE but God as that is the true begining of real wisdom. Many like old coach possess tons of “Knowledge” but due to his total lack of true God granted wisdom, it ends up as just more gobbly gook or needless knowledges that once it serves no longer a purpouse for a job or whatever…Just clogs the mind further.

              Real God given Wisdoms are what allow one to read between lines of bible verses and really discern truth as written.

              ESPECIALLY bible truths about Satans sons and daughters!

              Of which coach has zero clues or else has but remains fully in denial for some idiotic reasons.

              Some folk consider that type not only a traitor but also a race traitor if he/shes a white person. Many such folks exist today. Negroe worshiper whiteys on leftist marxist side and jew worshippers on the other right side. BOTH are abject race and nation Traitors.

              Phony christians also!…Rejecting every possible proof and valid explainations of every issue so to remain deluded and in deep denial of truth.

              Glad I aint such a one for I do pity them types at judgement day. They will be standing across the aisle in the Goat Lineup…Awaiting to hear them famous words of “depart from me you wicked workers of inequity”. by the Lord of All things.

              you didn’t think the lake of fire was reserved only for fallen angels and Hitlers nazis did you?! Heh heh heh…

              Goats eat anything…Even every jew scam, swindle or Lie!

              Then Beg for More!

              • Yah, Condor’s been wide awake for 187 straight hours on crystal meth, and has been hallucinating since a week ago Sunday.

                • Of course you don’t do drugs anymore them guys. You fried your brain out completely back in the sixties during the great drug wars when you became a willing casualty. That and falling off your bike once too often without a helmet, lol……….

        • And if they don’t own or manage 95% of Western media they wouldn’t be able to monopolize the English language lexicon so shamelessly.

      27. “Change is a universal constant.”

      28. So Russia countering the military moves of NATO and the US means they are gonna start WW3? I call bullshit.
        The imposter in chief will cause world war. Obuttholes’ leading us to fight ourselves and making the rest of the world hate us at the same time. If a nuke has to fall, it needs to start in DC.

        Doesn’t make sense that Putin would tell us to keep our weapons against our tyrannical gov, while planning to invade AK.

        I don’t think the Russian people are the ones we should be concentrating on right now. We’ll be in the same boat as the people in Fergusson if the HNIC lets the UN take control.

        • Mad Vlad is rattling sabers for internal consumption. Russian economy is in the toilet. Oil price drop will mean major negative balance of trade. Oil and gas is the whole Russian economy. The can’t even feed themselves. Sanctions applied due to his annexation of Crimea and ongoing military filibuster in eastern Ukraine has cut Russians off from consumer goods they crave, and they’re pissed.

          It’s the age-old story – things going bad in the domestic economy? Start a war to distract people’s attention.

          Of course, you can say that about the Halfrican Dictator, too.

      29. If mad Vlad was smart, or working WITH Queen Barry, he will coordinated his attacks when the Commies around DC have a good civil/race war going here.

        Louis Farrakhan is calling for the Blacks to “Burn Down America” and even told folks to teach their kids how to throw Molotov Cocktails.

        People will only take so much before they react, which is what her majesty Queen Barry is counting on. Then the SHTF for real.

      30. The top traitors in this country should have already been arrested, given a fair trial and then shot. Because this hasn’t happened yet, these tyrants believe they are untouchable and they are set to continue destroying America in front of everyone’s eyes.

        Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, a God fearing American patriot/patriots who are sick and tired of these sleazy tyrants and their ways, are going to begin taking them out. End of subject.

      31. General Hamm was not relieved in 2012 after Benghazi. It’s an internet legend. He served his full tour at AFRICOM. How do I know? I was there.

        • General Ham (mis-spelled in the article) was not relieved in 2012 after Benghazi. It’s an internet legend. He served his full tour at AFRICOM. How do I know? I was there.

          • Just curious – where is Ham now? Retired?

      32. A “Red Dawn” type invasion will never be successful. We as Americans have bought more guns and more ammo in the last four years to repel any invader for years.

      33. A recent article in the Dominion Post reported that Nancy Pelosi, has sued Wellington Hospital, saying that after her husband had surgery there, he lost all interest in sex.

        A hospital spokesman replied: “Your husband was admitted for cataract surgery. All we did was correct his eyesight.”

        MTCFMF!!///RIP America.

        • Copperhead, I fell out of my chair on that one. Very good.

          • Passed that along to all my Democrap acquaintances. (Note I do not say friends.)

      34. You people are idiots. The “Red Dawn” scenario is not realistic, it is nothing more than a figment of your deluded imagination. Besides, in any suh event, most of you amr chairs warriors full of bluff, bluster and shit will either run scared out your brainless head or collaborate with the enemy. You misplace the blame. Most of the blame is Congress’ since they have the “power of the purse” ans assholes like you who clamor for curs in gubment spending but are appled by the consequences. One consequence of spending cuts is eroding our military capacity. Besides, if it is a genuine WW3, there will be no winners since nukes will undoubtedly be used. Once that genie is unleashed, the entire norhtern hemisphere will be mostly uninhabitable. Continue with you delusions, morons.

        • Dazed and confused, you have us confused with nonpreppers. I can agree that a huge percentage of nonpreppers will run scared and/or collaborate with the enemy, but not a soul here is bluffing or blustering. The memory of my late wife from Cuba and what she went through under Castro’s rule is only one reason for my opposition to the NWO. I don’t have any illusions about what’s coming to this nation and I will stand and fight. I’m not military so I don’t know if a Red Dawn scenario is feasible. Regardless I will still stand and fight. I’m not confused about anything.

          • dazed and confused is a fraud.

          • I would really appreciate your telling some of the history of what your Cuban wife went through, so that I can relate it to some of the young stupid kids I know who were taught in school that Cuba is a workers’ paradise.

      35. Could be that the US and the West is standing in the way of Russian desires in Europe and West Asia, and at the same time, the Chinese have faced up to the fact that the ‘money’ Americans use to buy their stuff is worthless, and we are standing in the way of their wants in East Asia. They both must know that if the democraps lose both Congress and the White House in 2016, all of the above might change. It could just look to them like if they are going to do it, they’ll have to do it soon.

        • Satori, I’ve been to that site before. They’ll be among the first to perish in post-SHTF. Just another example of how far we have fallen.

        • Satori

          I’m with you on that. Its a precursor of a fall. This is far above any fracking oil induced supply. This is largely world demand driven.

        • Also world production driven. Even Iraq is still pumping full throttle under ISIS. It’s not hard to drive prices down when there’s already a glut.

          But it will kill a lot of American producers, who never learn. Over-leveraged, under-capitalized, they’ll start falling like ten-pins pretty soon.

          “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.”

      36. Camp Side Stew

        1 – 2 onions or many green onions
        1 lb. Ground red meat (I prefer ground beef)
        Salt & pepper
        2 – 3 potatoes
        1 – 2 carrots
        Of the 1 lb. Of meat get a handful ( approx. 1/4 to 1/3 lb.) Put it on a sheet of aluminum foil ( approx. 14 in long)

        Lightly salt it and pepper it.

        Add chopped potatoes thin slices of carrot to both sides of the meat pepper it add onion chopped up wrap it all up in the aluminum foil (making sure it is sealed good)

        Note: wrapped just the one time will work if you are oven baking it. (350 degrees for 35-45 minutes) but at campsite wrap one more time in aluminum foil and toss into the campfires edge. moving it every once in a while to cook all the way through. about 30- 60 minutes depending on fire size and size of meal.

        Three-Stock Soup

        4-7 Potatoes, Peeled and Cut
        6c Water
        3 Cubes Of Bouillon — One Vegetable, One Beef, and One Chicken
        Corn, Peas, Carrots, etc. to suit taste
        Bring the water to a boil & add the 3 bouillon cubes.
        Add the potatoes and veggies, and boil for 45 minutes or until the potatoes are done.

        Smoked Bucket Chicken

        A 5 gallon metal bucket (paint burned off)
        3 wooden stakes
        3 whole chickens
        Butter (spray butter)
        Hickory chips (2 cups/2 handfuls)
        Seasoning of choice; we use garlic and seasoned pepper (season to liking)
        aluminum foil (15×15)
        8 lb. Bag of charcoal
        Cotton string (about 3-4 ft.)
        Make 3 stakes and drive them into ground after laying foil down [stakes placed close enough together that you can fit the three chickens on and still fit bucket over them]
        Place seasoned chickens breast out on stakes and tie string around them tightly so when cooked, nothing falls off
        Once chickens are placed, spray a lot of butter all around the chickens and season more
        Your almost done!
        Place hickory chips around and underneath the chickens
        Put bucket over chickens and pour all the charcoal around the bucket
        Light it up!
        The chickens should cook for at least 3-3 1/2 hours

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead, you’re making me hungry and I just finished supper.

          • RBH: Just do’n my job. (LOL)

            MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      37. Fear-mongering, passivity, negativity, fear. Look up, look inward, seek God.

      38. The Oil-Drenched Black Swan, Part 1

        7-minute rap video: Is there a ‘New World Order’?

        “Those of us involved in such work eventually have to admit to ourselves that .01% “leadership” have more important interests than what they say to the 99.99% public. The vast majority conclusion among hundreds of people I’ve worked with for over 30 years is that what drives the .01%’s actions is a form of neo-colonialism, neo-empire, neo-slavery. This results in psychopathic actions of vicious control centered in resource wars and money (here, here, here, here), all masked in BS covered by corporate media to continue control. We also conclude this “game” will continue until the 99.99% cause their own Emperor’s New Clothes moment. This might be through arrests or Truth & Reconciliation after sufficient US military and law enforcement refuse their minion-type slavery to psychopaths.

        Therefore, and importantly:

        My colleagues and friends easily explain, document, and prove these “Big Lie” crimes of the .01% upon the 99.99% that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. This is one reason you read alternative media.”

      39. They don’t have to fight, just do the same thing during the cold war except this time it will be the US collapse. If a war does happen I think it would be an even match.

        US has more ally countries (puppets) but numbers don’t always win, most all our stuff is 2-3 decades old. China and Russia have been making newer stuff for years now.

        Main Western Global Forces
        EU 28 Countries

        Regional forces
        Middle east:

        South Korea

        Georgia and a few other small counties here and there.

        Enemies Of US
        North Korea
        I think their are around 12 Russian satellite countries, but even all together their power is only equal to that of ukraine.

        Possible allies:
        A few African countries and even maybe South American countries.
        A few more Asian countries may join too.

        India will likely be neutral, but if they did enter it, that may tip the scale in which ever side they join. In the end nobody would win, it would prob be billions gone.

      40. ” If a war does happen I think it would be an even match.”

        Yep, numerous large glassy areas here that were once cities and numerous large glassy areas there that were once cities. The adjacent areas littered with groups of people all with the 1000 yard stare that took weeks in conventional combat to get but only moments in a nuclear exchange.

        Yep pretty even……….

      41. I don’t buy this article. In reality Russia is doing very little to us that they didn’t do between 1946 and 1990. They could attack us but at what gain and at what risk. Nuclear math really hasn’t changed much since the Bikini Island tests. Will there be another Cold War , probably as it serves both countries militaries and industrial interest. The internal stability of both countries is much more alarming to me than its external. America is nearly as unstable as it was in the 1850’s and frankly had the weaponry and technology of today existed then we would have destroyed ourselves. IMHO we need to worry and fixing our own society much more than worry about Russia and China. America was painfully unprepared for war in 1941 yet we prevailed, why? I believe because morally and structurally we were a very strong United people. Such nations are very difficult to conquer. Those conditions are not present today, does anyone realistically think Millineals of today could vanquish a force like Nazi Germany or Japan today. If we don’t set our own house in order there is gonna be a lot of slow walking and low talkin for all of us.

        • I agree: this is right-wing, cold-war-style nonsense. Akin to the paranoid neighbor from the 1970s TV comedy cartoon “Wait Until Your Father Gets Home”.

          China is playing the long game and that game is to get very rich and to buy its way into the developed and developing countries of the world. There is no point to buying a place and then irradiating it in a pre-emptive nuke strike. As for Russia, the country is very unstable on many levels and is very corrupt. It is not just surrounded by NATO but also has to worry about restive regions all over the place. Most of Russia’s elite do their banking through London and educate their children in the West. They need the West to keep going.

          The biggest threat to the US is internal through social instability, decay and failure. That is what worries most people. The US looks like it is on the wrong path and the population is very different from the great generation that won WWII, went to the moon, and created the most wealthy country the world has evey known.

          I agree millennials could not find a pair of clean socks in the morning without their mother’s help let alone defeat a formidable enemy in a global war. One of the reasons we are slow to defeat the Islamic militants is the fact millennials do not fight as hard as other generations do.

        • We certainly do need to put our house in order.

          A great place to start would be the drug problem and the prison costs….how about shipping every single druggie and every single prisoner to one of our deserted islands and letting them just figure out how to survive. They’re rough, they’re tough, aren’t they? Prison is preferable to many of them, isn’t it? So let’s stop coddling them. Let’s stop paying for their nonproductive derrieres. Let’s reverse this nonsense with legalizing pot. Let’s TRULY get tough on crime and criminals….make the consequences of crime and drug possession/use/dealing so onerous that fear is finally a deterrent.

          And CUT OFF the welfare for the baby poppers. Cut it off cold. And if they turn to crime as a result, then reserve them a spot on that deserted island.

          Very few people today know, or remember, or are aware of what this country was like during WWII. People living in cleaned up livestock sheds because of a lack of housing. People not driving because of a shortage of rubber for private vehicle tires. Rationing of basic food stuffs like sugar, etc. Poverty on a scale, and across classes of society, that is better left unspeakable today. Ever noticed the brown teeth on any of your WWII-era relatives? It’s from a lack of nutrients during the Depression, and they were, in all likelihood, from a middle class family. Ever noticed the ceramic dish on the wall in their kitchens that contain a poem/prayer for being thankful to have dirty dishes to wash because it meant that they ate?

          If our economy is going to come close to collapsing, we need to cut our costs, just as a household needs to do in the face of a drastic drop in income. One of our biggest, if not THE biggest, costs is that of baby popper welfare leeches and prisons. So cut ’em off and ship ’em out. They are of no good to anyone except their families and if their families don’t even want them and don’t want to take responsibility for them, then kick ’em out.

          If there are any questions, just take a moment to review the animal behavior across the country last Friday morning. And then ask yourself if these are people you want in your society after cleaning up the problems that so direly need to be addressed.

          • Free Trade eviscerated wealth creating manufacturing along with the solid middle class jobs it supported. The growth in the welfare state is in inverse proportion to the decline in manufacturing employment and its subsequent “trickle sideways, up and down”. Its a symptom not a cause. Billy Joel summed it up three decades ago with the song Allentown. Prison? I agree. The police state USA locks up non violent offenders in numbers that communist nations cannot rival. MIC has become the PIC.

            You’ll know things are rough when The Lawn Doctor becomes The Food Garden Doctor. If a small percentage of the effort to maintain the golf green lawn went into vegetable gardening the quantity of produce would skyrocket. My Great Uncle Nuzio would say, “You no grow if you no eat”. He was a forerunner in organic farming.

            • Organic farming: IE: after you Whack that aprox 95%+ of “Bad negroes” use a large wood chipper to spread their organic fertalizers acrosss vast lands for farming.

              OR: can use same for organic FISH farms by use of wood chipped whacked ones as fish feed foods.

              Offer Huge subsidies for Farmers willing to use Polititions in same manner.

              • WTF is the matter with you?

                • Kevin 2,

                  Our dear friend them guys is becoming more irrelevant as time goes by. He’s unable to reach any new audience with the I HATE EVERYBODY WHO’S NOT LIKE ME theme so he’s resorted to ever more childish rants in a failing effort to garner support for his dismal cause.

      42. O.K.

        We have heard all the bad news.

        WW3, The economy, Civil War, bull shit after bull shit.

        Let just get this all over with, and stop prolonging the ineffable.

        You wanted change in the U.S. you assholes got it.

        In fact you got it for 8 years.

        So shut up and get off your asses and vote.

        And this country better stop giving lip service and I am not speaking blow jobs I mean get off your asses and do something.

        Do we not want truth?
        Do we want our country strong again?
        O.K. America
        You know what to do then.
        Be AMERICANS !!!! again……….

        Because I am tried of this commercial.

        And bring back this rating system again on this site please???????

      43. We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own….”

        — Ari Shavit, an Israeli columnist, reflected sorrowfully on the wanton Israeli killing of more than a hundred Lebanese civilians.

        (from the Israeli paper Ha’aretz) in the May 27, 1996, issue of the New York Times.

      44. Condor’s comments re: what actually happened in Kiev…the coup…Victoria Nuland’s role, etc, is correct..In February the coup happened. the new government (which includes Nazi type people who openly have the nazi emblems and flags displayed and are in the Ukrainian military)…and when the southern parts of Ukraine (pro-russian because they were part of Russia in the past)started trying to separate, the Ukrainian military began “ethnic cleansing” of them. They were winning until July, and then the “separatists” began winning. The “separatists” have the “moral” high ground.

        Anyway,a Truce was reached Sept. 5th..but around 4000 or more people have died..innocent, mostly helpless civilians. Crimea voted almost unanimously to separate and go back to Russia…Russia already had a military base “leased” there til 2040 or so..

        This new president of Ukraiine, Poroschenko, came and addressed the U.S. Congress after the “truce” was signed, and the ????people in Congress gave him around or over, 12 STANDING ovations….and 53 million dollars…and now more money…millions of dollars worth of military equipment…for what??????to use on the two “separatists” republics????? (that just happen to be rich regions with shale oil, mining, etc) The people of Russia do not want their fellow russian kinfolk all destroyed, and Putin would be very hated if he allowed it…

        Can you believe that the U.S. government is funding Nazi’s?? They already have one bill to “stop Russian Aggression”…now another for “free Ukraine”…or something like that…no end to the money this Congress is “giving” out all over the world…just mind boggling..

        To get the real story re: Russia, the Ukraine, and who has the moral high ground, go to here is one to start with: (The War Against Putin) By the way, Putin is a lawyer and specialized in International Law…

        We the people love our country, but we have had evil sociopaths high-jack it… I had no idea what all this country has done..bombed 45 countries since WWII… read this article.. (Why are our veterans committing suicide at the rate of 23 per day?)

        Kevin 2, you are right… as the head scientist at the Univ. of Missouri said (Stephen Starr.his article is at paulcraigroberts)…there will be NO winners if WWIII is fought, because it will go nuclear..and just a small part of the nuclear power available is enough to block out the sun for 10 years…no life will be left on earth…such smart people, human beings are, huh?

        Smedley Butler was right… Conclusion: To Hell With War

        • Yep it Is all facts and truth on Ukraine like I posted of. And as You say them ukraine seperatists areas are the main major Funders and worker/tax payers of ALL ukraine regions combined! Each of two major cities being ethnic cleansed are Massive large sized. One I cant spell now has OVER one Million persons that resides in it.

          Only Now due to constant USA suppied weaponery and CASH galore nazi fundings by usa congress and victoria Jewland scams, each city remains a meere shell of its former self.

          And those areas are where ALL ukraines wealth is located at. Putin never did squat as to attacks or sending russian troops in to conquer crimea!!

          he dont need to when 97% of the 91+% who voted WANTS to return to russia again like it always was prior.

          This is ironicly similar to the USA fed govnt attacks upon the SOUTH in 1860 in americas civil war aka war of aggression against southern White folk back then was.

          This is what ALWAYS Happens when ANY Nation has allowed for jew khazar kommies and tribal desert revenge minded persons to overtake and hyjack all what matters in Govnt, banks, Society in general.

          End results is a totally Jew run and zionist jew run nation of deadly consequences for ALL other nations globally.

          If america aint daily looking more and more like that TEN Headed BEAST antichrist nation John the revelator saw Riseing from the SEAS, to gain world control for the antichrist systems etc…I do Not know what else does so resemble the Visions John wrote of biblically.

          And as long as these khazar jews and zionists keep control of zog america…NOTHING is going to be better for anyone other than Israel & jewry as a whole.

          It will Not last though as History proves it never has.

          Anybody whos ever wondered of why in the world that every nation or city jews ever infiltrated and invaded to reside in, in any large numbers, like todays usa with over 1/2 of the entire tribe Here within our shores.

          Has Always ended up with jews gets booted out big time, again and again and again all thur history?

          Take a good Long Look at America for the past 100 yrs…The first 1/2 or from aprox 1900 to 1950 eras we had the mass infiltrations of Russian and polish mainly but others as well of jewry enter into america FROM Former KOMMIE zones….Quietly and unseen of but for a very small Few jewized up guys like McCarthy, and several other “prophets” of their day and of Our Parents day!

          Our greatest parent generation totally rejected all forms of truth and facts of how Kommie jewry was here doing its evils…Then fast fwd to the final past 50 yrs or so from 1950 To 2014 Today eras…What have YOU seen? answer Honestly now!!

          You have seen the end or close to end results of an entire nation of folk allowing for kommie marxist jewry to Hyjack almost 100% total national control of all what matters.

          Since WWII Ended american fed govnt and usa military has rampaged across the entire world mass killing and massively destroying nation after nation and every jew kommie of BOTH parties repub neocons and dem libs alike has jumped with Glee every time…And worn their hand skin raw rubbing their greeday paws together in antisipation of even More Greedy Lust for more Cash going to Them each time.

          And nothing their talmudic rabbis teaches has yet changed for at least 3500 miserable years…The entire world has Suffered thru an entire 35 centuries so far of jewish swindle scams and greed and rabid blood lust for more innocents shed blood…As long as it is all done always By them stupid Goyims so none or hardly any of jewrys sons gets whacked or harmed…Because after all being so special and self chozen and such Master Race real humans compared to the rest of us goyims…Who can deny jewry its glory of evils and greed lust for Cash and blood lust?

          Why..YOU Can deny them that if YOU will finally Wake the fuck Up already eh!

          Get over the phony NON existing bible verse pastor says of “We Must bless jews” crap as its NOT a bible verse at all foolish ones…Do not take my word for that go Check Your bible cover to cover for any such non existing verses….Then RE read the many info postings here in back articles by the 1/2 dozen or so awake posters to learn more on the subject of nation Wrecking and all it deals with….What good is material preps going to do for you if you Lose the entrie nation to khazars and non white invader savages eh?

          Does Anybody here really believe that when 1918 Soviet jew bolsheviks rampaged across first Russia then a couple dozen more east euro nations Mass killing a total of over 250 MILLION innocent peoples, that them kommies and mass murderers somehow never Saw or noticed them peoples “HIDDY Holes”?…And somehow never confiscated every Morsal of edible food? And after smoke cleared folks rejoyced for so many hidden so swell they escaped tragedy or death?…Come On! Get Real folks…

          When that RED Terror rampages across America soon and yes it sure will unless We halt it sooner…There wil be NO sucher as “I got Mine so screw all who do not” or “I got a bugout place to Hide away from evils till smoke clears and plenty of preps to last thru it all”

          Thats a fantasy at best. And with all the past experince at being such Mass killers and genocidal exterminators they got by doing Russia that way first…You still believe it wont be far worse yet here in the usa when the SAME jewdeo Kommies Grandkids now in control of america copycat it and finsih what Their grandparent jewdeo kommies started in Russia a hundred yrs ago?

          Who is Truely wide Awake now?…Certainly Not them what think that way. yeah You got Yours…Untill some well armed savage groups decide you do Not have it! And by acting as ONE or One family of two kiddies and mom and dad so to remain in secret Opps mode always….Thats going to assist You then?

          Better seek out some very old still alive former Victims of jewdeo bolshevik kommies actions back then and ask for their advice on Bug outs and alone for secrecy opps sucess eh…There wasnt any sucher then and will not be now here. YOU can Never have nor comprehend that type Blood Lusting as exibited by 70 years of former east euro nations rule of Jewdeo-Communism. it and They are simply Ruthless and overall Satanic minded mass killers.

          You aint…You Never shall be so even if you desired to be that way. Ruthless evil Blood Lust like they maintain wins everytime. do Not be a loser! get woke Up to reality of what and who is behind it all Prior to it goes down all around you and your’s…That is the absolute best ever prep one can do.

          Ever even consider that as a true prep yet?…Why Not?

      45. Dave Hodges is just another anti-Russian shill. His fear of Russians apparently runs so deep, he just can’t help himself. Dave, you should just shut up while you can.

        While you were busy shitting down your own leg, The Russians AVOIDED 2 wars, while the U.S. sent in CIA operatives trying to ADVANCE THEM. Never mind the fact that the U.S. is THE CAUSE of the problems in Ukraine…to the tune of at least 5 billion U.S. tax dollars that we know of.

        We don’t need this kind of fear-mongering agitators, so Dave, just shut up.

      46. I would rather have Putin rule us than Obozo. America was the last 60 years. Russia/China are the next 100 years. Get used to that fact sooner rather than later and prepare.

        • I would seriously reconsider that thought. Putin is ex KGB which in thuggery is about as bad as it gets. He was never even moderately restrained by law. Grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Take a good look over there; its scorched and painted green.

          • …and most of our last presidents were either IN or related to somebody IN the CIA, which is the western version of the KGB…same difference, same reputation.

            Pot calling the kettle black?

        • We would be better off under Putin. American whites might survive their ongoing media promoted soft-genocide via immigration, child-hating anti-life liberal ideology, and miscegenation propaganda.

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