How The Pandemic Crisis Will Probably Develop Over The Next Year

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.

    For a while now I have been hearing it said that Americans are “in a panic” over the coronavirus outbreak in the US and that mainstream media outlets are “feeding the fear”.  This is an odd conclusion to come to and something worth noting because the truth is mostly the opposite.  For the past couple of months the WHO, the CDC, and even Donald Trump have been dismissing Covid 19 as nothing much to worry about.  The WHO actually still refuses to call it a pandemic even though the virus meets all of its own criteria.

    Until recently the mainstream media was also been pumping out article after article on why Covid 19 is “no more dangerous than the flu”.  With the official death rate at 2.3% to 3% (changing by the week), the virus already has higher mortality than the average flu.  If we take into account the fact that multiple medical professionals within China have revealed (despite threats of punishment) that the Chinese government is hiding the true (and much higher) death and infection statistics, then the official data goes out the window.  We can’t even trust the infection numbers from the CDC in the US, because they were refusing to test most people unless they have recently traveled to China.

    Because of government lies we have to assume that the crisis is more pervasive than we know.  And so far the average American is oblivious to it.

    While we do see a handful of videos of crowds stockpiling supplies at Costco or Walmart, there simply is not enough of them.  Frankly, I would prefer to see a nationwide rush to stock up on necessities; at least then we would know that a large number of people will not starve immediately following a supply chain disruption.  The more people that have supplies, the less desperation and potential crime there will be.

    Only in the past week have the media and certain government representatives suddenly decided to take the pandemic issue seriously.  Why wait until there are large community outbreaks in South Korea, Iran, and Italy before instituting some travel guidelines?   Why are flights still moving back and forth from these places to the US?  Why is Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow telling the country that the pandemic “is contained” and there’s no threat to the economy?  Why is the Surgeon General of the US telling people to ‘Stop buying N95 masks’ because they will not work for you; they only work for medical and CDC professionals?  This is warped fuzzy logic, and it’s bizarre.

    Surgeon General DEMANDS: “Stop Buying Face Masks!”

    I believe this behavior is quite deliberate, and that for the past two months there has been a conspiracy to downplay the danger and keep as many people as possible passive and unprepared.  Governments and the media have changed their tune in the past week because the threat can no longer be hidden.  The outbreak is here, as we have seen in Washington State where nine people have died already.

    So, now that there is no longer any question that the US will experience outbreak conditions, we have to ask how this will play out over the coming months because this will determine how we prepare and what problems we will face.  This is how I see the pandemic escalating in 2020…

    Multiple Community Outbreaks In The US

    Get ready for Washington State to become a large community infection event involving thousands of people.  The virus’ incubation period of up to 24 days while a person is still contagious makes isolation and quarantine impossible.  What is happening in Washington State will happen in other states.

    Going by the speed of the outbreaks in Italy and South Korea, it is likely that two weeks from now the American public will finally realize how bad the situation actually is.  The government at this stage will demand “voluntary quarantine” of individuals who think they might have the virus.  Testing will finally increase, though hospitals will have to test each person 2-3 times to get accurate results.  Expect a lot of false negatives that end up ultimately as positives for the infection.


    The government, while admitting that the virus is spreading, will continue to downplay the threat to keep people as apathetic as they can.  The authorities will claim that this was done “for the greater good” in order to avoid mass panic, but they don’t care about preventing “panic”, they care about control.  The more desperate people are in the aftermath of a crisis the more likely they are to trade their freedoms for some semblance of security.

    Travel Lockdown

    Within the next two months, we will probably see at least a handful of government-enforced quarantines.  Watch for checkpoints going up on main roads and highways testing for fever and symptoms, and if you live in a high population area it may be time to get out.  The biggest threat may not be the virus but the subsequent economic crash as supply lines are cut off.  I find most people are more driven by conscience than we often see displayed in movies and TV shows, but without organization and a move to become self-sustainable, some people will inevitably turn to violence to get what they need.

    In the span of perhaps three months, the majority of airline flights out of the US will stop.  All interstate travel will be restricted.  If you need to go somewhere other than where you currently live, now would be the opportunity to do it.

    Vaccine Promises

    There will be hundreds of announcements by government officials and the media hinting that a vaccine is “right around the corner”.  Don’t believe it.  On average a vaccine takes 1 year to develop at minimum.  That is the fastest it could be accomplished an this is under the best possible circumstances.  Also, keep in mind that Covid-19 has many similarities to SARS, and the last time they tried to develop a vaccine for SARS it caused an “immunopathologic lung reaction” in test animals, meaning a negative reaction that can cause death.  They also found the vaccine caused liver damage through hepatitis.  I would not trust any vaccine or drug cocktail coming from the CDC and FEMA, especially if it is fast-tracked into existence.

    The only purpose of constantly injecting vaccine promises into the public consciousness would be to give people false hope and to make them docile as they sit inactive waiting for the authorities to save the day; as well as to keep stock markets from plunging too fast.  The bottom line is, a vaccine can take up to ten years to produce, one year if there is a massive effort and mountains of money invested.  There will be no legitimate vaccine in 2020.

    Election Disruption

    Donald Trump’s behavior surrounding this event might seem strange to many people as he continues to dismiss virus concerns, shows more interest in the stock market than the health crisis and talks about a vaccine that will not be coming anytime soon.

    As I have noted in numerous articles, Trump is a puppet of the globalists and has been for decades.  His relationship with the Rothschild banking family goes back to the 1990s when he was bailed out of his debts in numerous properties in Atlantic City.  Rothschild banker Wilber Ross arranged the deal and now Ross is Trump’s Commerce Secretary.  The number of CFR members and elites within Trump’s cabinet indicates he is at the very least an unwilling participant, if not completely complicit in the agenda.

    Trump’s behavior makes sense when this fact is taken into account.  Trump’s role is to become a pied piper for conservatives, and as he leads the US into disaster his job is to act like a bumbling villain.  As Trump’s image goes down he is meant to drag all conservatives and conservative principles of sovereignty and limited government down with him.

    As part of this narrative, I do see a chance that Trump will announce “delays” on the 2020 election in November.  Do not be surprised if the election is canceled entirely.  This would enrage leftists and accusations of dictatorship would be made against Trump.  The question is, will a large number of conservatives support the action?  Remember, elections are irrelevant; both sides are controlled, but why not use them instigate a civil war within the US on top of the pandemic crisis?

    Alternative Media Shutdown

    Liberty websites like mine and many others will eventually be shut down or blocked from public view by the government.  They will claim that we are “spreading panic” or “fake news” and “putting the public at risk”.  This is what is happening in China and it could just as easily happen here.  They will assert that the ONLY authority on the pandemic is the government, and alternative sources cannot be allowed to exist.  Anyone that questions the narrative that centralization is the solution will be targeted.

    I expect this kind of lockdown of the web closer to the election season and the end of the year if the current virus trend continues.  Mainstream media and spin control websites will remain intact.  Their job will be to flood the public with false news stories and maintain government dominance of the narrative.

    At this point, the only way to get legitimate information to the average person would be Ham radio networks, which the FCC will attempt to interfere with also (though this would be very difficult).

    The Extent Of The Crash

    An economic crash is built into this event.  There is no way around it, and I am not simply talking about stock markets, which are a meaningless trailing indicator.  With supply chain and labor disruptions, central banks can do nothing to intervene, and stimulus measures would be pointless except as a placebo for the masses.  But how bad will it actually get?

    I am doubtful of the total breakdown of government unless there is a larger scale rebellion against martial law measures.  The system will remain somewhat functional, but constantly inadequate to help the public.  The system’s only purpose will be to keep people inactive and in check as their prospects turn worse and worse.  Agencies like FEMA and the CDC will attempt to herd the public into “treatment centers” and camps in the worst-hit areas.  Gun confiscation on the grounds of “national emergency” provisions will eventually be suggested as some people will resist.  If you and your community have had success in self-quarantine do not expect to be left alone.  In fact, expect interference that will put you and your community at risk.

    Finally, a “solution” will be presented to the world by global institutions like the WHO and the IMF.  As the globalists suggested in their “Event 201” pandemic exercise which simulated a coronavirus outbreak killing 65 million people and was staged TWO MONTHS before the real pandemic started, the great fix will be to form a global financial authority to manage the response.  And thus we see the beginning of global governance…

    The solution to the problem is not more centralization, more globalization, and more government power; the solution is decentralization and localized response.  The solution is for people to be less dependent on the system and more self-sufficient.  And, the solution is self-quarantine organized around a local model, not federal government enforcement.  If these measures are not taken soon by individuals with foresight, the elites within the establishment will make this particular crisis into a hell on earth for everyone.



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      1. “For the past couple of months the WHO, the CDC, and even Donald Trump have been dismissing Covid 19 as nothing much to worry about.”

        I didn’t think we were hyper-aware, here, but we are a couple of months ahead of local news, it seems.

        (How many weeks have you been reading about this?)All of the chain franchises were sold out of cleaning stuff, in southern California, local Facebook groups, yesterday.

        The Moreno Valley-ish teaching hospital, where the March AFB people were sent into quarantine, is now saying, come early to appointments. They are testing everyone who enters, to go to the doctor. Noone has told me what happens to people running a temperature. Are you allowed to leave the premises and stay at home?

        imho, everything that would happen during an emergency is what happens during this “non-emergency”. They just keep saying not to worry about it. If food staples sell out and checkpoints are placed at random, they are just going to tell you to comply, calmly.

      2. Am veering a little off topic here. I have noticed that without fail libs/progressives always display some combination of these particular traits, no matter the issue. These traits are an overwhelming sense of entitlement, a sense of moral superiority, a sense of intellectual superiority, and a victim mentality (martyr complex). Of course, these traits are entirely irrational. Upon thinking about this further, one comes to a realization that the basis for their beliefs and ideology is the product of nothing more than irrational thinking, or simply, no thinking. In other words, they seek to make reality conform to their beliefs and ideology, rather than their ideology and beliefs conform to reality. This would explain, for example, why they continue to see socialism and Marxism as viable solutions even though it always failed and is responsible for the impoverishment, suffering, and death of untold millions. It is because they are irrational that they have their ideological/philosophical position, it is their mentality.
        Many of us have always seen this concept, but backwards, we always thought the issues fostered their particular thinking. This is wrong. Rather, it is the opposite, these issues are the product of irrational thinking.
        This also explains why feelings now supersede rational thinking and objectivity. And why it is now permissible for everyone to have their own reality, why our biological sexes and use of pronouns are now subjective. It’s not enough they think like this, you must also. If a six foot tall, middle aged married man with children wants to abandon his family and have a new life as a six year old girl wearing children clothes with the new legal status of same (yes, this is real). We must accept his new reality too, or it is we who have a problem. What in G*D’S name is rational about this. Or that a two month old infant died of starvation and malnutrition because the mother who was a strict vegetarian and insisted the newborn be also. However, lots of people supported the mother and her “reality.” One prominent progressive stated the reason why so many white men have guns is solely because we only want to hurt or kill women and minorities, the crowd completely ate it up. The examples are endless.
        Society is collapsing, it will either turn around because desperate circumstances will force it to, or we will go the way of Rome.

      3. Bogus headline.
        You have no idea how this will play out.
        Unqualified opinion from fear mongering loud mouths.
        You are witnessing the biggest FalseFlag since 911.
        You are witness to a communist china CCP Purge of dissadents.
        Also used as Cover story for globbal economic collapse.
        No politician accountability. Corona a scapegoat.

      4. There’s already evidence that Covid19 is much harder on Asians than non-asians because they have like 400% more ACE2 receptors in their lung tissue. The experience in USA will be much less lethal and scary than in China. It will take a week or two for the new science (paper in pre-publication as of March 5) to get some mind-share, then things will calm down here in USA. Less scary than Flu, unless you have the Asian or similar ACE2 genetics. has the full article, “Chinese Scientists Find Genetic Explanation For Coronavirus Discriminating By Race” 3/5/20 2:30 PM.

        • It’s possible that is true. However, the study only had eight lung specimens, and only one of those was Asian.

          There will need to be many more specimens tested in order to come to the right conclusions on the ACE2 receptors.

          This is why the paper is a pre-print and not peer reviewed.

      5. Want to see the future (and I am talking about weeks not months) then look at China. The infected will just be disappeared. In China, they are so desperate they have welded shut whole apartment buildings – no food in, no people out. Those people are dead.

        This is a bioweapon virus that has gone mental. Who released it and why will eventually come out but the fact is it is now in 28 days later mode.

        We now know the circumstances of the past few weeks. The Chinese Communists have been lying and trying to get ahead of this to pretend they are the heroes. But look at the behaviour of Chinese people themselves. They have fled from Chinatowns and the elite and the beauties (the hot Asian women who go to universities in the West) all fled China on flights before the flights were slowed down.

        If we look at the behaviour of Western governments we see their true agenda. We have Trump the clown dismissing the virus for weeks, all while the governments of the world are going into hyper hype drive and flipping the switch on martial law, imposed quarantines etc. Trump is controlled, blackmailed.

        The UK is already talking about shutting down Parliament. There is the clue.

        We are going into a permanent emergency law/ martial law situation. Once this is enacted it won’t go away. You will need to live where you are so make sure you are happy where you are because we will be put into a control grid. There will be physical check points but most of it will be electronic. Go past where you should be and your cell phone stops working.

        Most of this will actually work and the feminists and LGBQT types will love it because they will feel safe. The web will be like cable TV and there will be no “alternative” web. But there will be the roving gangs of knee grows and moo slimes but that will be mostly concentrated in certain parts of major cities. They will be caught electronically and there will also be white nationalist roving vans who will scoop them up here and there and disappear the worst ones. Remember, when the knee grows and moo slimes damage business business tends to turn to the heavies to take care of them, ie: whoever is the mafia of the day. Black street hoods pee themselves when they meet Russian or Mexican gangsters as an example.

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