How The Establishment Will Attempt To Bring Down The Liberty Movement

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Headline News | 282 comments


How does one destroy an idea? Further, how does one destroy the truth? Corrupt governments have been struggling with this dilemma since men wore loincloths and worshiped fire. Fortunately for those of us in the “lower strata” of social organization, honorable ideas and indelible truths have a life of their own. Even when a culture as a whole remains oblivious and unguarded, the facts tend to rise to the surface one way or another. The reality which elitists at least partly understand, is that the truth cannot be destroyed, but it can be forgotten, at least for a time.

This is a never-ending process. New generations arise, greater awareness builds, old but astonishing concepts of freedom are rediscovered, and the machine must struggle once again to keep the cogs in line. The truth is a metaphysical force. When you do battle with the truth, you do battle with the universe, and the universe’s Kung Fu is superior to your Kung Fu.

Oligarchs and tyrants still attack the foundations of natural law and natural liberty by conning the public into believing that these inherent belief systems are “antiquated” or “passe”, but this strategy has a limited effect as long as strong freedom champions exist. Liberty based movements and organizations are often tenacious, intelligent, socially savvy, and much more willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause than the enemy is willing for his cause. The truth, when wielded by formidable warriors, rolls forward like an high velocity electric storm.

Because of this dynamic, criminal governments and their puppeteers have taken a simpler path, moving to cripple and defame the speakers of truth in a manner that they hope will stain and sully the truth itself.

In the past decade, the Liberty Movement has grown beyond all expectation. Millions of people have been jolted from their intellectual sleep to discover a nation and a world on the brink of economic, political, and moral collapse. They have seen beyond the veil. They have been disgusted. And now, they are preparing to fight back. Among those with open eyes are certain standouts; those individuals and groups who were railing against the establishment and its maniacal methods long before it was fashionable. These men and women are leaders, in the sense that they are teachers rather than managers. They do not control the movement, but they do INSPIRE the movement. It is the most dedicated and the most uplifting of activists that the system tends to target in order to demean the core strength of the overall movement and tarnish its reputation.

A recent and malicious example is the subversive electronic planting of false evidence in an attempt to connect organizations like Oath Keepers, We Are Change, and PANDA to illicit and illegal pornographic materials:

This is only one method of attack in the arsenal of slander and destabilization, and while the culprits behind the action are not yet known, the strategy is very similar to government run demonization campaigns of the past (just read up on the history of Cointelpro). The following is a list of tactics commonly used by governments to divide activist groups, reduce their momentum, or cripple their image in the public eye…

Low Hanging Fruit

A tactic used over and over again by federal agents is the “grooming” of unaware stooges, or people only loosely associated with a particular organization, otherwise known as “low hanging fruit”. This is done through carefully planned suggestive questions by undercover operatives. These questions will usually be designed to elicit an incriminating response, which is then used to arrest the activist and smear the organization he belongs to by association. For instance, if someone you have not known for very long (meaning less than several years) asked you:

“If the SHTF, what buildings would you blow up and how would you do it?”


“Which local cops do you think you would take out if you had to and how would you do it…?”

Then there is a good chance you are talking to a fed, or an informant with a wire. Charges are built using the concept of “conspiracy”, meaning, if they catch you on tape discussing anything that might be construed as committing a specific crime, you can be arrested and charged. This is exactly how the FBI pursued their case against Hutaree Militia members in 2010, which eventually fizzled. However, federal agencies have been very successful in many other incidences. Anyone participating in Liberty Movement activism should remain vigilant, and should never enter into hypothetical discussions of specific violent actions.

Image Destruction

To stop good men from doing good things, you can kill them, but this is messy and creates many questions. If possible, it is better to simply damage their public image as “good men”. That is to say, if you make good men criminals in the eyes of the public, then no one will ask questions when you use force against them later. The sad reality is, many people WANT to believe the worst in others. Much of humanity is infected with apathy, compliance, and nihilism. They live empty lives pandering like beggars for scraps from a soulless system. They claim they want to believe in honor, courage, and clarity, but when confronted with a person who actually exhibits these qualities in abundance, they secretly feel ashamed of their own inadequacies.

A substantial part of our society revels in the snuffing of heroes, because they never want to admit how cowardly they personally are in comparison. The fall of a hero makes them feel better about themselves.

Defamation works because people assume in most cases that slander is true without evidence to support it. Depending on the nature of the supposed crime, the stain may never go away even after vindication in a court of law. If you want to poison the citizenry against a particular freedom group, why not create false accusations of thievery, rape, murder, terrorism, child pornography, etc. among its members?

Planting Evidence

Evidence planting is an old favorite of evil men, but in the digital age, such corruption has taken on more elaborate life. Computers are layered storage devices, and most computer users never deal with or touch a majority of these layers. As the Snowden/NSA scandal has now made abundantly clear, the government has the ability not to mention the legal framework to allow infiltration of your computer’s underlying structure. They can remove whatever information they wish, and, they can ADD whatever information they wish. A computer could be secretly laced with incriminating data without the user being aware.

Furthermore, arrested activists have no ability to monitor their home environment. Whatever is “found” within the home can immediately be used as evidence against the owner, even if the home has been placed out of the owner’s control. Law enforcement officials are not necessarily required to search a person’s home under owner supervision. Anything can be planted at anytime.

Make The Legal Appear Illegal

The following video was discovered within the DHS/FEMA HSEEP website archives. It portrays an imagined scenario using fictional news footage in which “militia members” are raided by federal officers under the guise of stopping terrorism:

Take note that the DHS lists semi-automatic firearms, ammo, night vision, and flak jackets as “contraband” in the video. These are all perfectly legal items today. Arrests of those within the liberty community are often accompanied by a display of stockpiled weapons, as if the stockpiling of firearms is illegal. Household chemicals, fertilizers, or reloading gunpowders are commonly presented to the public as “bomb making materials”.

During a crisis, prepping could easily be labeled “hording”, and those with the good sense to organize for their own survival might be treated as “selfish” or “treasonous” for refusing to surrender their stockpiles to emergency management bureaucrats to be parceled out as they see fit. In this way, the establishment uses the fears of the populace to open morally relative doors. That which was normal and legal before is made illegal without the law ever actually being changed.

Scatter Gun False Flags

Large scale complex false flag operations used to be a tried and true fallback for despotic regimes (I recommend deep study into the exposure of Operation Gladio for a greater understanding of how False Flags function).  Lately, though, intricate false flags seem to be backfiring on the establishment.  The Boston Marathon Bombing did produce an opportunity to test run large scale martial law tactics in a populated area not seen since Katrina, but the event was incredibly sloppy.  Most Americans are at least partially suspicious of the nature of the attack and the government response, including the fact that the two main suspects were longtime FBI informants.

False flag events will certainly be used against the Liberty Movement, but I believe this will be done using multiple smaller scale attacks with less players involved, like a spray of shot from a scatter gun.  The “crazed constitutionalist gun-nut” fantasy will be trotted out over and over again in random shootings, bombings, cop killings and so on.  The media will make it seem as though stepping outside of your home is certain death by way of “right wing extremism”.  Targets will be random and unassuming, giving rise to fears that anyone, no matter where they live, could be next.

Night Of Long Knives

Beyond the realm of defamation lay physical action. Every tyranny in history finalized authority using a “wiping of the slate”, as it were. Political opponents are swept away in the night, or killed in their beds in a meticulously organized and coordinated assault. This may seem like an outmoded style of government aggression, but it is still used today. Once again, the raids on members of the Hutaree Militia were handled exactly like a Night of Long Knives scenario, using multiple groups of officers in three separate states. Regardless of what you might think of the Hutaree, the point is that the establishment is training its law enforcement to use such tactics and use them in advanced ways.

Prominent Liberty Movement proponents should prepare for the worst, harden their homes, and build strong local community in case such an event arises. The process of “decapitating the leadership” of ideologically opposing organizations is a mainstay of oligarchy. In the U.S. today, the existence of the indefinite detention and rendition provisions of the NDAA and the “enemy combatant status” applied to classified White House assassination lists means this concern is not paranoia, but a cold hard reality of life for any American standing against the system.

Good Guys And Bad Guys

In order for any government or corporate aristocracy to take control of a culture, it must first assert itself as relevant. It must at least appear useful to the people, so that it can gain their support. As long as the state is viewed as the “bad guy” in the public mind, there can be no dominance. A new bad guy must be engineered, and who better to present as the great villain than your most effective political adversaries.

There will come a time in the near future when the demonization campaigns of the DHS or the SPLC today will seem like a cakewalk. Count on it. The best our movement can do for now is to expose each misstep of the establishment, and continue to weaken their position. Every time we call out a propaganda initiative, or derail it in advance of its inception, we reduce THEIR public image, and cement our own.

It’s a bit ironic, but usually what evil men want most is to be seen as saviors; as guardians and protectors. They want to be seen as benevolent knights in shining armor coming to rescue the poor oblivious multitudes. When any information war hits it’s climax, the goal of either side is to maintain the moral high ground. We already have it, and thus, they have to take it. How they will seek to do this is at once predictable, and horrifying.

You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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    1. JB Smith


      I think if we are a country predicated on “by the people” and “for the people” we should be in the know on what is needed to keep us safe. State Police around the country have been tasked to implanting microchips in individuals that “see what your brain sees through your eyes” and “hears what your ears hear”. See Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer. It is ubiquitous surveillance. They believe the only way we will be safe is if they know what we are “thinking” 24/7. It’s “the brain initiative” aka the great deception. Since when does every thought bring about an action? If you “out them” they torture you!

      • Facebook Page

        The way this movement is going it will stop rolling all by itself.

        No one cares.

        Survive Its Death is all that is left to do.

        • Be informed

          You know Brandon, the most destructive of anything to destroy any patriot movement is to get as many of the dumb asses following the government as possible. Out number the people that still want freedom by higher and higher ratios. It is not so much how many people are against a tyrannical government, it is how many morons are actually in the corner of BO and the future BO’s.

          Let’s say you have 5 million very well committed people to freedom. If you have 40 million idiots that worship someone like BO then that ratio is 8 to 1, with 280 million others just flopping around like fish beached someway. Really it is the 89% to the 11% as the other imbeciles don’t have any type of alligence to anything. That is a strong patriot movement.

          Now let’s say you still have 5 million liberty strongholds and instead of 40 million, you have 200 million fools that worship BO and the government. Let’s say many of those are dependent on government checks to boot. Now you have a 40 to 1 ratio, or more like 97.5% to the 2.5%. While still the remaining 120 million people are not counted in this because they are loyal only to themselves and the refrigerator.

          This is what BO and his puppet masters are up to, not destroying the patriots, but slowly and now rapidly gaining supporters in their corner to one day overwhelm those that still have brains and understand what freedom is about. This is the whopping problem. BO and the elitists are gathering together an idiot army of supporters and those that either support them or lose their government entitlements. These idiots will vote in pro-BO and pro-anti Constitution harpies over and over again or replace pro freedom congresspeople with maggots like that Medusa feinsteinless.

          If they ever vote out many or all the Bill of Rights, all protection under the Constitutional law is gone. Then those that want freedom will literally have to fight to death. This is where it is going and why there has not been more of a series widespread attacks on those freedom seekers. It is nothing as bad as it could be. The government is going the backdoor approach of destroying freedom by collecting, like dog turds on the grass, all those that will support a tyranny ridden government to severely outnumber those that still want freedom. That is what is frightening, a total hitler like tactic to brainwash as many as possible and forget about those “insurrectionists” until it is time.

          • durango kidd

            There is but one way to ensure freedom in America: organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. This is how the Dual Citizens, Elitists, and “monarchists” rose to power; and this is the way they can be removed from power.

            Boycott Hollywood, which is the source of much of their political money. Turn off LSM. As it is, ratings are in the toilet. Challenge mis statements, and recognize the propaganda machine behind every headline.

            Perceive the way that articles are formulated to “beg the question” before it is even asked. Raise hell with your elected Rep. Don’t believe those who say it doesn’t do any good. The PTB ARE listening to the people who are loud, obnoxious and organized. The squeaky wheel gets the grease to silence the most virulant.

            100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Engage!!! 🙂

            • Facebook Page

              DK Real Question

              How can you continue to use a number of 100,000,000. When we both know there is barely 3% of that number willing to even speak out let alone bare arms to protect this country

              Please explain it because I wish it was true.

              • Joe

                it was only 5% fought against tyranny in the revolutionary war.

              • durango kidd

                FBP; I disagree with your percentage estimate, but three million informed, engaged, and armed Americans are a start, and a political force to be reckoned with.

                Remember that the Dual Citizens represent less than 2% of the US population, yet they control and manipulate every department of the American government and its Foreign Policy.

                Every movement must start somewhere. Even if it is just an old, black woman too tired to get up and move to the back of the bus.

                Many more Patriots will join the Cause as they awaken; and when they can see light at the end of the tunnel and understand that that light is the Engine of Liberty picking up steam.

                Naysayers always say it can’t be done. Patriots say that it can. Read the history of the Central Pacific Railroad and how it overcame the naysayers and the most challenging obstacles imaginable to build a railroad over the Sierras.

                Lead, follow, or get out of the way. The train is leaving the station. 🙂

                • Facebook Page

                  So we disagree on a percentage. Yes but there is a big difference between 3m and 100m.

                  I do not disagree with any other thing you said above. But with the use of such incorrect t number it makes all the statements to many newer folks to seem like be propaganda.

                  So again why do we disagree so much on the numbers of people willing to actually stand for the co entry.

                  I will concede many will fight for just their family and yes that in itself will help the cause. But there will be a lot of cannon fodder to also wear us down also.

                • durango kidd

                  FBP: The number may only be 3 million now, but that number likely only represents hard core Patriots and Preppers. Gun owners have a big investment in their Freedom.

                  Many gun owners have been awakened by the threat the Rogue O’Bummer Administration poses against their unalienable right to keep and bear arms. Certainly The Patriot Act, NDAA, and NSA and IRS Snooping has raised their eyebrows.

                  O’bummer may have been the best thing to happen to America since the First revolution because he has rallied Patriots to the Cause. Now is the time to educate EVERYONE as to the Plans of the NWO; and how they are implementing their plans via Agenda 21, Global Warming, and Amnesty for Illegals.

                  The Left has moved to far, too fast, and have exposed their communist / big brother plans. There hasn’t been a better time to oppose Big Government in 30 years.

                  Engage! 🙂

                • Facebook Page

                  Well I agree with that response.

                  So 100000000 is hope
                  3 million is hardcore
                  20 Million to fight for real for family
                  and a few million wanna-be s that will die quickly.

                  And I agree many would join to a certain point once a shot is fired.

                  But using it as a claim now frankly makes our fight not needed and stupid., because that is a big enough force. So why do we need more help.

                  If we had a hundred million devoted to changing this country it would of ever changed in the first place.

                  I as always agree with most of your statements. But your delivery seems to suck.

                • jerrytbg

                  The trouble here DK is rather complex…indulge me for a moment…

                  We’ve all seen operational charts in one form or another… keep that in mind.
                  We all operate in various circles of contacts and at the center of each overlapping or connecting circle is a key person…the “go to guy” so to speak…

                  One of the key elements in this over reaching surveillance state is to identify these key people…
                  Someone may be one and not realize it…

                  They take this person and those he/she contacts the most out of the equation
                  and they’ve eliminated a large portion of “their” problem.

                  They will be coming for those “go to guys” in the begining of any operation…
                  Tried and true… I forget what manual that was in but it is on paper…

                  Just a thought my friend…and we can all bet we are on a list…

                • durango kidd

                  FBP: 100 million American gun owners do not have to fire a single shot unless Federal Thugs come for their guns. But they do need to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. They must lend their voice and support to the hard core activists out there now, like the Tea Party, Freedom Watch, Oath Keepers, and others.

                  Most Americans have been asleep. These WE call Sheeple. The erosion of Liberty in America has been so gradual, that it has been almost imperceptable until of late.

                  Americans are inclined towards the “pursuit of happiness” whatever that may mean for them as individuals, and have believed that their elected Reps will do what is right for the country.

                  As a nation We have been nieve. That nievate is over.

                • durango kidd

                  Jerry: Not only am I on a list, but I have a dossiere and I am as proud as I can be about it. If believing in the US Constitution rather than Globalism makes be a “terrorist”, come and get me! 🙂

                  I do not fear the Globalists. They are FEW in number, but wield great power. Power can vanish overnight. Globalists can be eliminated overnight and at 1000 yards. Eliminate the 100 most vocal Globalists and the rest of the lemmings will disappear.

                  WE are all Seal Team America. 😉

                • jerrytbg

                  I hear ya DK…as am I…AND…I’m gaming everything.

            • Tenet

              They rose to power through the mass media. The owners of the mass media support the politicans who are willing slaves to the Israeli lobby and who support mass immigration. That’s it.

              The donations, mass organizing, demonstrations etc were only successful because they always got massive media support. One example is when five socialists stood on the stairs to a court building, protesting the defense of South Vietnam against the North Vietnamese invasion. There were only five. Yet the media zoomed in close, filmed them for a few seconds, and let the viewers think this was just a small snapshot of a big demonstration.

              The socialists are lazy and selfish, they would never have organized and made any effort unless they had massive support from the media bosses.

              • Them Guys

                Tenent: thats exactly correct as can be. I copied and sent or gave to several folks an article to read and asked them all what did they think of it after reading?

                Every single person Raved how great and how it shows the truth of why usa is so screwed up today etc.

                Then I told each Who the Writer was! Dr. David Duke PHD!

                PHD in History, and writes better than most every alternative online writer ever read about. Yet once I said his name is David Duke? Every single person made severaly wrinkled facial examples of him and their true ideas of duke.

                Where did every person Get those ideas on David Duke? MSM mass TV news etc is where from!

                Whenever a Rare moment of tv news or hannity or Orielly types ever has a guy like Duke on tv shows, they first always tell the viewers “After the local commercial breaks we will have on as next Guset speaker…Former KKK hatemonger-nazi lover-rassist-bad man…David Duke!”

                As if Hannity or Orielly are squekkey clean all Their lives or what? Never mind duke has Matured since age 18-20 when duped to join kkk org. Never mind his acomplishments since for over 45 yrs, never mind that duke is 100% correct on all he states of illeagle immigration policies, Israel policy, etc…Just always condemdn him for joining a group 45 yrs ago!

                Telling Truth and facts will show whos the true enemys of america. Them enemys are who nobodys allowed to mention unless in ways to make them seem like the worlds biggest Victim class and the worlds Olny victims what matters.

                All other mentions of their evils or wrongs Now today as well as past crap that Led to todays evils are off limits for the Blacks and SCV(self chozen vampire parasites).

                Just Try to have any white man on TV msm news or hannity shows stateing “What whites Need in the usa is to Organize a WHITE CAUCAS, like blacks have in us congress!!! Or an AIPAC for Whiteys!

                He will be called a David Duke, even if his real name is Freddy funlover. And also a severe hater-Rassis-antisemtie and of course Their all time favorite slam…A Nazi!

                Way americas heading it won’t be long now when whiteys Beg for a KKK or nazis group to defend whiteys! An Anybodys name org to defend and organize whiteys. Yet even when That bad most whiteys will reject that org and refuse to join or support it at all…They will cry crockodile tears when they are alone in a Jungle filled by brute savage beasts Preying upon their white Meat.

                question asked of Non prepers non awake whiteys: So why no preps? No guns? No Knowledge of todays troubles etc?

                Their typical answer: Gee My pastor collected all our Cash on hand to send to Israel and jews to rebuild a third temple!…And we thought pastor was right about Pretrib escape prior to bad times!

                perhaps pastor will pass out free tickets to third temple israel so the dupes can become slaves of them jews while worshipping Their antichrist sitting Inside that temple!

                Why Not? since They paid for it to be built!

          • OutWest

            I would rather go down with a bullet to the
            front of my head fighting the enemy on my feet,
            than taking their bullet to the back of my head
            defenseless on my knees.

            • Jeff

              My mantra from WRSA

              The don’t matter any more
              They never really did
              That was a lie that you are now free to discard

              If is my fate to be murdered by a .gov agent, my only pray is that God will permit me to take as many of them as I can, with the brass piled high. It is coming, the PTB will not leave us alone. To quote Number Six: “I will NOT make any deals with with you, I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.”

          • braveheart

            BI, good evening, and once again your analysis is spot on. And thanks to Brandon for another excellent article. For the past several years, TPTB have already been going after certain political activists and trying to destroy their credibility as well as their lives with trumped up charges of any kind. In this manner, they hope the rest of the freedom movement will somehow stop trying to reclaim the nation and save it. I feel these are their last-ditch attempts to PEACEFULLY put an end to the freedom movement before staging the mother of all false flags, declaring martial law, and unleashing their dogs of war. As you mentioned to me 2 articles ago, something is coming sooner than any of us realize and I’m still prepping like there’s no tomorrow. We’re running out of time. War is coming to this land. braveheart

          • Anonymous

            Don’t let the bastards ruining our Country win. This is just an extension of Operation Paper Clip.
            Just prudence and cooler heads will prevail as usual. Liberty and Justice is the call of 5he day. Watch your 6 and stay on message. Were winning.

          • Chip

            You are right, but the numbers are insignificant. The people receiving the checks can’t do anything and when SHTF comes down, they will quickly be gone. That will leave the real Patriots and possibly the real anti-American troops. That is when the real SHTF comes about….

      • Halford


        What comic books have you been reading? You have lost your mind if you believe that shit you just posted…

      • High Noon

        JB Smith
        State Police around the country have been tasked to implanting microchips in individuals that “see what your brain sees through your eyes” and “hears what your ears hear” WTF “Off the wall stupid” but some will a agree.

        • KY Mom

          High Noon,

          Scientists at MIT are working on planting false memories in the brain. So far, their research has been on mice. The topics of science fiction years ago become reality.

          I wonder what mammal this ‘new technology’ will ultimately be tested on?

          Neuroscientists plant ‘false memories’ in brain…

          “MIT neuroscientists have shown that they can plant false memories in the brains of mice. They also found that many of the neurological traces of these memories are identical in nature to those of authentic memories.”

          “Whether it’s a false or genuine memory, the brain’s neural mechanism underlying the recall of the memory is the same,”

          “The MIT team is now planning further studies of how memories can be distorted in the brain.”

          Web dot mit dot edu
          posted on Drudge Report

          Direct link below

          • jr23

            look what was done to the day cares around the country a few yrs ago the activists convinced the kids that they were abused. and some physiologist with the so called hidden memory of abuse that the patient never knew what supposed to have happened not to mention the multiple personalities
            syble research that the movie was based never was done it was all fake

          • jr23

            look what was done to the day cares around the country a few yrs ago the activists convinced the kids that they were abused. and some physiologist with the so called hidden memory of abuse that the patient never knew what supposed to have happened not to mention the multiple personalities
            syble research that the movie was based never was done it was all fake

          • jr23

            look what was done to the day cares around the country a few yrs ago the activists convinced the kids that they were abused. and some physiologist with the so called hidden memory of abuse that the patient never knew what supposed to have happened not to mention the multiple personalities
            syble research that the movie was based never was done it was all fake

          • jr23

            look what was done to the day cares around the country a few yrs ago the activists convinced the kids that they were abused. and some physiologist with the so called hidden memory of abuse that the patient never knew what supposed to have happened not to mention the multiple personalities
            syble research that the movie was based never was done it was all fake

      • Cheokee kid

        I call BS on this comment! Quote”State Police around the country have been tasked to implanting microchips in individuals that “see what your brain sees through your eyes” and “hears what your ears hear”. Planting microchips? Man you have really lost it.

        This government can’t even keep track of Sexual offenders and you make a statement like that? You are a complete waste of time and a certifiable nut case!

        • Reynaldo

          The govt is terrible at controlling anything that is no threat to it. I would wager that Patriots, free-thinkers, and individualists are just the opposite. They will spend billions of dollars through govt contractors and millions of man hours doing whatever it takes to stamp us out. The people who think the govt can’t do anything because it’s incompetent are wrong. When they really see a threat they give the task to private companies full of high tech equipment and PHds.

      • Mountain Trekker

        I just saw on the BBC where a SAS Sniper in the UK, which is similar to our Navy Seals,Danny Nightingale was given a suspened sentence for possession of a pistol and ammunition. The Judge said he would have jailed Nightingale but felt constrained by a previous appeal of a court decision. This is his reward for serving his country in the Army for 18 years. They said he will be given a medical discharge in Feb. 2014. Civilian police found the gun and ammo in his wardrobe and under his bed, he was previously sentenced to 2 years for having the gun and 9 months for having the Ammo. YES! This is in England but it’s coming to a Country near you! So Keep fighting the good fight. No gun control here NOMI! Trekker Out.

        • Tactical


          But why are you so concerned about this SAS soldier? He is only a commoner and a tool. The new baby is born who continues the slavery under the monarchy……….BRITS wake up…….you are screwed and it will only get worse. Don’t act like a monkeys by jumping up and down celebrating a family who hasn’t work to earn the living. In the USA we call these sort of families EBT users…..I guess in your side of the world you call them HIGH CLASS EBT USERS.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Tact I agree with you. I was just using this SAS soldier as an example of what will happen to us, or should I say is happening to us. Just like the other Brit that is serving life for shooting a thug that broke into his home. And now this administration is trying this same thing on Zimmerman for defending his life. But guess I’m preaching to the choir. Yes we did overthrow the King, but seem we elected one of our own. Trekker Out.

            • Tactical

              @MT, I couldn’t say it better. I knew your intent brother using the SAS soldier…..And yes we have a new king……but I always trust the true AMERICANS since for majority of us if asked who is your master….our collective response would be: Such SOB hasn’t being born yet.

    2. clint hospo

      It doesn’t matter what idiots they put into office much longer. I can’t stand the liberals but even the GOP are starting to not hold the laws. It doesn’t matter, they are too the point where this generation of all ages will not follow the laws they pass anylonger. They have broken so many laws and are traitors that go ahead and pass all you want. We are too the point where we will follow our own laws and those laws are called the constitution.

      • Horse'sass

        You are reading too much into distinguishing one political party form another. They are all politicians.

        Definition of a politician: One who seeks re election.

        Citizens have a solemn DUTY to vote out every encumbent politician after each and every term served, every election. No exceptions. This what out founding fathers would have celebrated.

        Only once politicians learn that they are no longer able to make a career out of being a parasite are we going to get the right kind of people in office.

        • durango kidd

          Yes, they are all politicians. Use that fact against them.

          • Zinger

            What do they show those fuckers once they get to DC that makes them all vote AGAINST the American people and FOR for the communist Police State?

            Is it footage of JFK’s head from angles we have never seen? Aliens? WTF?

            • The Old Coach

              None of the above. They just show them the money.

            • Justonemind

              Zinger, I couldn’t have said it better. I thought it was the video of the HAARP array still keeping Jimmy Hoffa’s body dancing up in the ionosphere, especially when the field bounces back down into DC and fries politicians from the neck up.

            • durango kidd

              Nice zinger! Actually what they show them once they get them into the Beltway is their checkbook and then they tell them if they want to get re-elected they are going to need money. Lots of money. And then they tell them what they want from them and what “them” are going to do.

              The rest is legislation that “them” don’t read or write, but approve anyway.

              Politicians want to be re-elected more than anything else. They are basically insecure individuals seeking the approval of other people and the status that Public Office provides them.

              Show them MASSIVE disapproval and they will switch their position faster than you can say: “O’Bummer Care”.

              • Tucker

                I wish I could agree with you, Durango Kidd- but, I am convinced more and more that these greasy rats have gotten the voting machines rigged, or more accurately, the sneaky rats who own and who program the voting machines have gotten them rigged and that the electorate has now been eliminated from the entire election process. If this is not yet nation-wide, it soon will be – and I can guarantee that it is true in the states which have treasonous assholes like John McCain or Lindsey Graham, or else these kinds of ‘special’ cockroaches could not possibly keep getting reelected over and over again, were the voters in their respective states really able to fire them.

                Thus, here is what I believe is and has been going on – at least ever since the first electronic voting machines were instituted. These politicians campaign and solicit for massive amounts of donations in order to finance their campaigns and reelection efforts, right?

                The cost to get one’s self elected to political office these days is astronomical. Some state level elections for governorships require a minimum of 10 or 20 million bucks. National elections routinely exceed 100 million or more. So, who gets this money?

                Well, think about who owns and controls our mainstream media – that is who gets a huge chunk of it, to pay for TV and radio advertising time, right? So, who else?

                Here’s what I suspect: I think that these politicians are now raising campaign funds by the multiple millions and that they are being forced to pay a big chunk of that money to the crooks who own and control the electronic voting machines in order for those guys to make sure the candidate ‘wins’ on election day.

                Whoever funnels the biggest pile of money to the electronic voting machine programmers wins the election.

                Our votes have pretty much been nullified. It’s all a charade, folks.

                • durango kidd

                  Tucker: If the voting machines are rigged, expose it! That is what law suits are for and there are Patriots in the law profession. t6ake action at the local level and elect YOUR congressman or woman.

                  There are patriots in Congress, Tea Party patriots, who can pursue this, raise hell! Form a group, survey voters coming from the polls where you live to develop a statistical review of the final results. Check the Voter Registration list for dead voters. there are many things WE can do if We will get off OUR ass and engage; rather than bemoaning OUR fate. That is what ACORN did and they got O’Bummer elected.

                  Are YOU a naysayer or a Patriot? 🙂

                • Softening the mental battlefield

                  media tells us poll numbers and election results are no surprise.

              • troll killer

                durango kidd

                they ! are basically wastes of human material and not worth any support from us. politicians are folks who are incapable of ever working a real job or producing anything of real importance or substance. much like the liberal parasites that feed off of them and help them get re elected. wastes all of them

                all politicians need to be removed by force if necessary but by all means removed. doesn’t matter if there Ds or Rs or Is all need to be removed.

                they need to be starved out and made to do real work something even the piece of shit in the WH has never actually done.

                in his own words he stats that the one real job he had as a teen was in an ice cream parlor in Hawaii and he hated every minute of it. and that was why he wanted to get into academia or law practice ( or both )
                and there are those out there who wonder out loud if he actually ever went to Columbia university to earn a law degree! since no records no pictures no proof has ever been presented to show he was there. except a possible Pakistani student and a hyper liberal professor as proof.

                look at most politicians and you will see mostly lawyers Drs and other bottom feeders.

                they Lie they cheat( on there wives ) they steal and they make promises they could never actually keep in real life but under the Guise of Politics and wanting to help the little guy they get elected and then its clear sailing from there.

                this is the Number one reason they all need to be removed and now.if not then were looking at another three generations of pain and destruction of America.
                America is slowly turning more liberal every generation and if you need proof just look at the public schools and how they brain wash the children

                Tolerance training diversity studies teaching children that little Johnny’s two fathers is OK in fact it’s something to celebrate

                or How feb is Black Pride month But if you ask for White Pride Month then your a racist and hater of all cultures .

                and how they now teach children that right is no longer right but if you cheat and steal its ok as long as the end justifies the means. and basically its a good thing to LIE !! as long as you get away with it.

                they no longer teach that stealing is bad as long as what you steal is from THE MAN !! or those who have more then you

                RUN all politicians out !!!!

                Troll killer

                • durango kidd

                  Troll Killer: Great idea. Eradicate the G Flu. Dispose of all politicians. Then elect Patriots to office with a personal service contract specifying their devotion to the US Constitution and hold them personally liable for their votes in Congress.

                  Its a plan! 🙂

              • Mark

                Ted Gunderson, the retired FBI chief of Memphis and later L.A., told me the hit men for TPTB would invite a new senator or congressman to a dinner party or other social function, drug his drink, then the next morning show him pictures of himself in bed with a 12 year old boy. After that he would vote any way they wanted him to. If he still persisted in following the constitution they would release the pictures and or harm his family.

        • Reynaldo

          Take a sheet of paper and a draw line down the center. On the left, write out all the characteristics of a good con man. On the right, write out all the characteristics of a politician. When you’re done you’ll notice that they are exactly the same. They are both lying, cheating, stealing thieves, and have no moral compass what so ever. It’s not because one side is the good side and the other side is the bad side that the lobbyists pay off both sides.

      • Paranoid

        What I don’t understand is; If they were smart enough to make this work, why are they so stupid as to get into this mess? I don’t care what they do in DC. just let me alone. Allow me a good enough job to take care of my people and live decently. But they won’t; they want to run my life. Why? I don’t want to run anyone’s. Isn’t a Billion enough? Why do they need more? Let me make it clear, I don’t want to bother anyone, just: “Don’t tread on me.” cause I will bite.

        • Tucker

          I share your objectives in life, Paranoid.

          But, we are dealing with an enemy of all mankind who are the vilest, most despicably evil, power hungry, racial supremacist gang of psychopathic control freaks that this world has ever seen. The ‘holy book’ that these monsters are brainwashed with from the moment they drop from their mother’s evil womb teaches them that they are ‘superior’ to all other people and that we are nothing more than animals, or ‘donkeys’, and beasts put on this Earth by their god Satan in human form so we can better serve them without us causing them any more embarrassment than necessary. This is why these evil bastards will not leave us alone to live our lives as we see fit and to raise our families as we think best.

          As for your not caring what they do in D.C., friend – that is the #1 problem that I’ve been harping on to my small and ever shrinking circle of friends and associates for the last 30 years. Apathy is going to be the death knell for the traditional, White European dominant America that those in our age group still remember, admire and love so passionately.

          Our generation ‘tuned out’ and decided that we had no reason to keep an eye on the rat turds in blue suits who lurked around and inside the D.C. Beltway – and we mistakenly thought that America could run on auto pilot, and that we could ‘trust’ the jerk offs who rose to power over our nation to steer the ship of state in a sane and positive course. Well, guess what? They didn’t and they won’t. Today, we have the biggest and most diabolically evil collection of criminals, sexual perverts, racial supremacists belonging to that one certain tribe, swindlers, war mongering, totalitarian tyrants and treasonous con artists to be ever assembled in one city in world history. And, these bastards harbor deep rooted, hyper-intense and vitriolic levels of raw, festering hatred for the White European people who’s ancestors founded and created this nation.

          They are NEVER going to back off and leave us alone. They are spoiling for a fight and that is where we are heading.

          Bottom line, these evil racial supremacists want to genocide White European people because they want to rule the world, just like their vile holy book tells them they are entitled to do. Whites stand in their way, and that’s why we have to be exterminated.

          Oh, and to greatly accelerate and help facilitate that objective:

          So, to translate this for those slow thinkers: What these vile rats want to do is to scoop up the violent, dangerous, criminally prone black and mestizo gang bangers like those who terrorize Chicago and Detroit and to scour the nation for safe, clean, and relatively crime free White majority neighborhoods and then deposit these gang bangers and drug peddlers and killers and rapists into White neighborhoods. So, instead of blacks and mestizos killing each other at the rate of 50 or 60 per weekend, they can be killing Whites as well.

          And, at the SAME TIME THEY HAVE ANNOUNCED THIS EVIL AGENDA, what else are Obammy and Holder also pushing?

          They want to repeal the ‘Stand your Ground Laws’, so Whites who are being attacked by their new black or mestizo drug pushing, gang banger neighbors are not allowed to defend themselves. They can only run like scared chickens.

          Can it get any more evil than that?

          • troll killer


            wow nice rant i have been saying this same thing for the last two years.

            more so since the trial in florida its the perfect solution to all of Ovomits problems get the trash to kill all us old white folks and take our shit and then he gets rid of them and they start all over again.

            i think its why i see more and more black folks buying guns

            Troll Killer

          • mountain man 6-1

            Tucker……Right on th $$$$ !! That’s why th Bros. are walking though the white neighborhood ,with their pants halfway to th ground and that’s why they’re putting Section 8 Housing in former White neighborhoods!! They want to MIX it up to point of NO RETURN !! I know of a small community near here, 20 or 30 years ago ,was all white, now with section 8 Housing ,you better not drive though there late at NIGHT !!…….mm~

        • Reynaldo

          Because the elitists or whatever you want to call them at the top, those who pull the strings of our elected representatives, are psychopaths. No matter how much power and control they have it will never be enough. Every last dollar, penny, gold bar, and scrap of land will not even be enough. Even after they have made slaves of us all it will still not be enough. these tyrants do not think or operate like normal people. While you put in an 8 hour doing a job just to earn a fair life’s wage, these f*ckers are scheming and thinking up new ways to take everything we have 24 hours a day. While you’re asleep and cozy, they’re planning how they can ransack your savings and retirement account.

          • troll killer

            Them Guys

            wonder what her business is ?? will she become the next ” Civil rights leader ?”Like Martin Luther King Jr
            or she become another liberal shill like the Rev Jessie Jackson or the Rev AL Sharpton !! both who are nothing but Con Men and Crooks.
            sharpton who lied and almost ruined a few lives when he tried to get some girl to claim Rape. when nothing really happened and it was proved he LIED!! or Jessie Jackson who makes a career out of shaking down businesses to keep there names out of the news. and who is only interested in Americas problems when there is Camera time for him.

            Travons mother is and will be another prime example of how these con men will use anybody !! to further there Goals. and the sad thing is she doesn’t care other wise she would not be on the talk show and speaking circuit.

            Reverends my ass these two are nothing but total ass holes and need to be tried and convicted of Hate crimes for all the crap they have pulled over the years.

            Travon’s Mother !? if that’s what you want to call her ( I have a few names but there not polite ) she may have given birth to him but she is FAR from a mother she is a victim and she gave birth to a victim.
            she left her child for the streets and the Florida school system to raise and they did a piss poor job of doing it. and how she sent her son!!( or Baby Thug ) to live with the Baby Daddy and his new girlfriend after he was suspected of stealing from school and suspended.Why in the hell was he not arrested and sent to Juvie ??.
            so much for the Good Child bit

            why is it we hear about his alleged MMA style training and his use of LEAN ( a cheap drug made of Arizona watermelon tea skittles and Cough Syrup ) after the Trial shouldn’t this of been brought up during the trial ?? and here we thought he was just wanting some candy and Tea for a family member LOL!!.

            supposedly the States attorney didn’t want America to see he was buying Watermelon flavored tea. i guess it hits too close to home??. or were they just afraid that they might be seen as racist ?

            i would have liked to have seen his Face book pages used and how he wanted to have an MMA style rematch because the Loser of a previous natch ” didn’t bleed enough ” sounds to me like he was trying to be some tough guy.

            ( notice how these so called athletes pace and Pound there chests before and after fights ? ) kind of reminds you of gorillas in the zoo pacing back and forth pounding there chests and intimidating the smaller gorillas. MMA style fighting is not a true sport its a new version of the gladiator fights. this Folks is our Bread and circus and Ovomit is Caesar ( or Caligula )

            Is it now profitable to have your child get killed and go on the talk show circuit and then give speeches??.

            and while i am not saying she planned this you would have to be pretty screwed up to want your child killed just to make money. she is most certainly making profit off his death.

            what i did notice is she like most Blacks are now professional victims and she is and will continue to be used by the True Racists in America. ( Sharpton Jackson and Wright ) to name a couple.and Most importantly she is being used by OVOMIT and Holder.
            These con men are desperate to have a true Race war. and most importantly OVOMIT is desperate so he can swoop in at the last moment and then claim “HE stopped the Race wars ” its all Planned folks OVOMIT failed to get his hostage situation in Benghazi so now he is going to try here in America and WE are all the hostage.

            i am sure most see what’s being done to kill the Stand Your Ground Laws in most states that have this law. after all get rid of Castle Laws and Stand Your Ground and you make all of us way more unsafe. most people will be terrified to defend themselves for fear of going to jail.

            this like the Gun shortage and the ongoing Ammo shortage are all part of Ovomits plan to send us into total Chaos and full blown Martial Law all so he can SAVE ! America.Think about it first you do away with guns then make Ammo so hard to get no one can afford much if any then cut off all EBT cards and Welfare benefits so the rioting starts.

            and Make an example out of a few home owners that it’s now Bad to defend your house and your life. and you get Millions of people screaming HEP US Hep Us

            and soon you have military on every street corner checking papers and frisking people.

            NAZI GERMANY/America here we come!!!
            Freedom is gone the constitution has either been torn into small pieces or Sold off to China as a curio.
            along with most of Americas treasures.

            Soon we will have Brown Shirts for OBAMA in every city and small town.Kind of like the KGB in Russia making sure every one was a good little commie.( cant have any free thinkers can we ??)

            free speech is gone freedom of the press a thing of the past.

            Scarey Isn’t it ???

      • possee

        Fuck the gop, the dems and all the rest of these traitors to our nation that the few of us still hold dear…

        I’m ready to move to Pa and join Chief Mark Kessler’s group.


        • yental

          I “apologize” for agreeing with you possee…in the same way Kessler apologized in his video, part two, posted by California resident in the previous article.

          FINALLY, most are awakening to the scam of the left/right paradigm that I have been “ragging” for years. Even through the “Ron Paul” will save us illusion. VOTING ON A NATIONAL LEVEL: THE GRAND ILLUSION OF “YOU HAVE A CHOICE, EXERCISE IT OR LOSE IT”!

          CHOICE has been an ILLUSION for decades now. The only difference is the growing number of illegally tax paying SHEEPLE that are FINALLY starting to understand the “screwed if you do, and just as screwed if you don’t” REALITY. ;)!

          • JayJay

            Will you please translate that to DK?? 🙁

            • yental

              JayJay, until the “right to vote” is no longer equated with “my vote makes a difference”…WE are “spitting-in-the-wind”!

              The definitive example is now in the White house. “Hope-n-Change” is the extension of the “Bush regime on steroids”. The ONLY CHANGE has, and continues to be for the worse.

              As of TODAY, the “right to vote” trumps the “right to critical thought” and analysis.

              TWO CHOICES: NO DIFFERENCE IN POLICY OR RESULTS. TOO MANY are on the “receiving end” of continued “business as usual”. This battle/war MUST be won after the total/complete destruction of THE SYSTEM as it now exist/kills US!

              My ONLY HOPE is that the congress and judicial branches of this “gooberment” finally exercise their MAJORITY POWERS (2/3’S) against the executive branch of this farcical regime.

            • durango kidd

              JayJay: I understand your cynicism. Don’t you get ANY inspiration from that Bible you read? Have you so little faith?

              The Liberty Movement is a grassroots movement and it must be pursued from the bottom up. Change the actions of government where you live. Start with your school board or any other number of local issues being shoved down OUR throats from the Agenda 21 statists.

              The American Army could have quit at Valley Forge. There was every legitimate reason to do so. They didn’t. Victory ALWAYS belongs to those who refuse to give up, regardless of the odds.

              The numbers are with US. Engage! 🙂

              • Facebook Page

                No they are not. They have the numbers.

                That why I stand by Survive it Death. The system is killing itself. It has morph so bad into a pile of shit that nothing cab be saved from it. A start cover is needed. We still should keep the knowledge but we need a complete flush of the leadership and add a few more safety amendments to the bill of rights.

              • JayJay

                Hey, if you read Luke 21: 7-36 then you will get it!!
                ‘Nuff said pander. 🙂

                • JayJay

                  That was to Dk, and spell check changed pad-ner to pander!!

              • REB

                Speaking of the liberty movement…Theres an article today on drudge where ole lard bottom cristie(NJ) says that people like Rand Paul are dangerous and are contributing to a rising strand of libertarianism in America…he sees this as very dangerous but praises bush and barry…what a moron!

                • sixpack

                  Fat ass is gonna be running for a higher office and has to let TPTB know exactly what he’ll do for them, if they let him in the door. It’s the old “lemme in the door” dance I wrote about several articles ago. If he says the right things, he’ll win…watch and see.

                • durango kidd

                  REB: Christie isn’t a moron. He is one of them. Like Bush and Barry, he is a Globalist, not a Patriot.

                • REB

                  DK…isn’t that the same as being a moron?.. 🙂

                • Sigi

                  I think this denunciation by Cristie is a great help to the true conservatives since he is not one of them. Any true conservative not paying attention until now should be awakened by his blather. 🙂

              • Indy Colts

                The Bible I read says GOD has a plan to end this would with the antichrist making a one world government. I believe this is his plan to end the earth as we know it. There will be no turn around. Best to stay right with GOD and he will take care of us. Hopefully we won’t be here much longer because I’m ready to go home!!!

                • JayJay

                  And that is what I get from Luke 21.

                • Sigi

                  I agree, but I hesitate to assume that this is that time. It may well be, but until I see something definitive, I must hope for and work for that turn around. Hitler must have lokoed like the AC in his day, especially with Italy helping him wage war on 2 continents and Japan embroiling Asia as well- one world government with dictators as the potential ‘gods’ of a new religion. Aren’t we glad they resisted and fought back then? What if another generation is to see another fight? We don’t know. So pray to be able to escape those things to come as Luke 21 says, but prep as if you must live through something else short of the end times.

      • braveheart

        Good evening, Clint. When the system collapses, regardless of the cause, survival and fighting to take back this nation will be all that matter. I live by the same set of rules known as the Constitution and the Holy Bible. braveheart

    3. Willie McCoy AKA Slim

      entrapment, and should be delt with as such

    4. Ignorance is Bliss

      Everyone, please listen and take this in. “They” want you to feel fear, for fear puts you in a bubble of illogical and unintelligent actions. Everything around us is made to bring us fear. When you have nothing but fear, your whole life is absorbed by what the fear is about. Everyone needs to replace that fear with love. Love will be the thing that truly opens your eyes, not engulfed in fear about what might or will happen. Love will allow you to see the truth and logically see and analyze what is taking place. Everything “they” do is for a purpose, so don’t play right into there hands. Connect your heart with love, no more fear and hate. Once you do that I promise you will see the truth. Pray and ask for the light to cover you like a blanket of protection, to reject and repel all the darkness, fear and hate.

      • Easy like Sunday morning

        I want to wear a loin cloth, dance front of a fire, drink gin and make love to interns. Wonder if Ted Kennedy still has that little black book or if the swim ruined it.

        • Halford

          If it dates back to the “swim” then you can pretty much bet that the women in there are so dried up and old that you wouldn’t want to dance around the fire. If you saw them naked, you would probably jump into the fire…

        • Justonemind

          I’d rather vote for you than Anthony Wiener, consider a run for NY mayor in 2016

      • sixpack

        @Ignorance is Bliss, fear is also a catalyst for action too. Not everyone is paralyzed by their own fears. Some of us actually use our fear to motivate ourselves to do things we might not otherwise do.

        Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is not a natural act, and the fear of hitting the ground doing 120 mph sure helps one remember to securely fasten their parachute…

    5. DRD5508

      Brandon, they(evil/criminal gov’ts) have evolved to where we are at now. You correctly state that they slander people. Simply put; they keep the non criminals on the defense which over time, weakens people and keeps them from being on the offense.
      TPTB, cringe at the thought of us massing together to tar and feather them (holding them accountable). Almost all wars are testing grounds for newer weapons and the ability of those weapons to be used on the masses (defenseless/without weapons i.e. gun control). Pure and simple, genocide.

    6. KY Mom

      They are trying to silence speakers of the Liberty movement. Survival Blog was hit a few weeks ago.

      Now, Gary North dot com is being blocked on Firefox and Chrome.

      Internet users of Firefox and are seeing a warning that the page is blocked as it is a reported attack site. But, the image posted is not live.

      Chrome users are viewing a different warning message.

      Title: My Site is Being Blocked

      • Archivist

        I had no trouble getting to Gary North’s site just now. I used to get his emails every day, starting back in 1998 or 1999. But they became increasingly useless, so I stopped them a while back. He is wrong on so many things, I could write a book on it.

        • KY Mom

          If you use Internet Explorer, that is not affected.

          • Them Guys

            Ironic that in Last article here, Nina-O Posted the Link and some info on this article here. Yet Nina got a couple dozen thumbs down for his link to the exact same info article and video we see here now.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Sorry Them Guys, but just because a rabid dog wags his tail once doesn’t mean you want to go and pet him. Trekker Out. I Walk Softly, But I Carry A 45.

            • Facebook Page

              What Nina post is not what is being thumb down. He is for what he is is always ijnored and thumb down. Remember he is even a lower piece of than a liberal demercrat.

            • Not so Much

              Yea, it also claimed Israel is nuking Middle East countries and then posted “Israel Nuked Syria, Proof Positive” as proof when asked for a link.

              You should remember, you replied something to the effect that ‘when evidence is posted, they simply refuse to believe’.

              Is not ironic, it’s just that you’re both flaming nutbags and no one believes your drivel.

          • Archivist

            I was using Firefox.

        • Tucker

          If I am not mistaken, North is a self chosenite.

          That should help explain why he peddles so much useless
          bull manure.

    7. Swinging on a star

      The American people are starting to smell a dead rat and they don’t like it. Slowly the administration is being scrutinized, just a wee bit right now but the Kool-Aid is getting bitter to the taste.

      When one looks around and sees for themselves the crumbling of a once great society, then and only then will they open their eyes to the deception and daily lies they are being force fed.

      This country is in a world of shit right now and the buck will stop at the big house and in the lap of the dear leader. The scumbag democrats and republicans will turn on the dictator to save their own slimy skins.

      I used to think of myself as a republican but no more, now I am an American citizen who stands with those who want to fire all the bastards in Washington and start fresh. Let the States take care of themselves; screw congress, screw the DOJ, screw the feds, screw the IRS, screw HLS, screw the UN, screw the Supreme Court, screw planned parenthood, screw every dumb ass group of control freaks, screw them all, let the people be in charge of themselves.

      • JRS

        “…let the people be in charge of themselves.”

        I love the smell of anarchy in the morning.

        • Halford


          Anarchy is what the brown hash marks in your drawers will smell like after you shit them when you discover what it’s really like to live WROL, big boy….

          • droflaH

            Used to be a sheriff and a couple of Marshall’s were LEO for many counties and the people protected themselves. An armed society is a polite society. WROL is overrated. Been to Chicago lately?

          • JRS

            There is no rule of law for the common man as it is.

            The only rule I need is the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments not some Corporate Statute or Code.

            I am talking about anarchy as defined by the original Greek meaning not the bastardized Western definition.

            And, no, that definition has nothing to do with violence.

      • Tucker

        Might I inquire as to how anyone can think of themselves as ‘an American citizen’ – when America has been destroyed and is no longer seen by any sane or rational adherent of freedom and liberty as a viable nation?

        This nation is finished. Stick a fork in it.

        BTW: Multi-culturalism and radical multi-racialism are two primary cancers that have killed America.

        And, both of these cancer tumors have their roots in the Frankfurt School of virulently anti-White Cultural Marxism.

    8. Kyratheyl

      Evil men and women need to feel the glow of worship. If we refuse to kneel and kiss (whatever), but instead point the finger and laugh, it will cause foaming at the mouth anger. Even their most ardent followers will see that they are reptiles. Laughter is a potent weapon.

    9. California Resident

      I wonder if this has anything to do with the government trying to introduce Shariah Law while simultaneously attacking Christianity?


      • KY Mom

        This administration is openly anti-Christian. In contrast, they bend over backward to support the Muslims.

        The military has censored a Christian chaplain and atheists are calling for further punishment.

        Drudge Report

        • Them Guys

          Like some here say…Watch the right hand while they tell you to watch the left hand instead right.

          Perhaps fear of sharia is to obscure the Real threat of Noahide law for the future usa. After all that Is what GH bush signed into fed law us code in 1991. Only it was a bill passed by like 4 voice votes in each congress, house and senate both, and after they sent the rest of the 535 folks Home at end of session. Same method used to pass Fed res in 1913 was done.

          Also to HIDE the Noahide law passed it was a bill disguised as “Education Day” memorial and to Honor the famous and deceased Rabbi “Rambam” Shneerson.

          I prior Posted the actual Law and dates passed etc with a Link to the former Kailf US Rep who owns the website which Outted this vital info. Seems folks either has short memories, or refuse to Look at and read of such info due to pre concieved notions or???.

          When one compares the Very Limited muslim presence in officialdom of ONE us rep in Minn. a black dem rep, and compare that to the Vast massive apperatus of control in all things fed govnt and msm etc by that “Other” religious group of SCV’s(self chozen vampires) not to mention total monetary usa control of fed res and banks.

          It should become readily apparent that sharia has zero chance to become a reality in america. Unless you can describe a realistic plan that will work to UNdo over 100 yrs of those SCV’s power structures and total control factors they now possess nationwide.

          I’d consider fears or threats of sharia as a form of get folks to look elsewheres so they Fail to see the True threat from that SCV group. Dual citizens describes them also.

          • Them Guys

            HERE: Is the Link to NOAHIDE Fed us code Law signed Into fed law BY Prez GH Bush in 1991. With the Full Exact Law as passed…Former us rep Bill Dannameyer Calif. rep for 16 yrs, website with that info and Much More written all about What exactly Is Noahaide laws-Who invented it-Why it was done-How to be Implemented- and used to Kill all Offenders by Capitol Punishment aka By Beheading of those convicted. Beheadings is the ONLY punishment spoken of for ALL violations of listed criminal offences.

            READ it All! well worth it and a good gain of Knowledge nobody else will tell you about likley.


            • California Resident

              @ Them Guys

              Admit that you’re just a Jew hater, and be done with it.

              • Them Guys

                Calif Resident: Fuck You Asshole. You just admit You refuse to even Read anything linked as proof etc.
                You are too delusional to get it apparently. You will one day soon. When your jew pals and israel worshipping fools get the same exact treatment a 100+ Million White christian Russians and ukrainians and Polish folks got from Your jewish pals.

                Its quite obvious assholes like YOU is why americaa is so fucked and getting worse daily. Abject rejection to read-see-Learn-Factual Truths due to prior brainwashings you are incapable to shake off of your sorry ass.

                You type enablers is going to be considerd as much or worse of the real problems. Count on it. Just as many whites today refuse to fall for the Race card crap anymore…Millions More are Fast awakening to the jew card of nazi antisemite by them vile kommies.

                Its not about hate of persons…Its about hateing what They have done are are still doing to MY people and MY nation, fool. California! it figures.

                You need Post proof that debunks MY noahide laws info if You want to be taken as serious. Otherwise My opening statement stands of you.

                • California Resident

                  Looks to me like I nailed it pretty close to the mark, eh?

                  Next, you’ll tell us that the Nazi’s had the right solution.

                  I’ll say a prayer for you.

                • Road Runner

                  Them Guys: these Zionist Shills post a few times under an assumed moniker. Then they change to another, then another, then another and red thumb with the one stuck up their ass. I believe the hosts of hell are about to jump all over these bastards and scare the living shit out of them. They have opened the door to Lucifer and invited him in, evil has its own reward! Hey California resident: piss on you! You regular posters better catch on quick to what is happening! They are plucking down your united wall, stone by stone and you are letting them do it.

                • Sigi

                  California- I’d say his first phrase confirmed your suspicions. The sock-puppet-to-the-rescue routine is icing on the cake.

    10. Eisenkreuz

      I wrote some hate mail to the chief of police of the town from the previous article. Here is his response:

      [Eisenkreuz], where are you from? despicable? disgrace? why don’t you wait for the facts to come out before you start slinging mud! irresponsible idiot! take your meds…

      • Them Guys

        There you go. Assholes demand a link and proof. Yet when it is supplied they either refuse to actually read the info link, or if it upsets they pre programed world view, they still reject it outright. Never do they offer Their “proof” or “Facts” as to why its wrong etc.

        What these type fools Do Prove is that a few here are 100% correct on saying that these fools minds are messed up Big time from a lifetime of Scofield Bible preachers teaching a multitude of Falsehoods regarding Israel-the usa-and them self chozens nation wreckers the fools so worship as Gods.

        Then they think a bunch of thumb downs changes realiy!

        All it does is prove how acurate the post or info really is. If it wasn’t they would never tried to conceal it with thumbs down.

        Like small kids who Hide under the bed and think the boggy man cannot see the kid if hes hidden.

        They grow to adults and again plan to go Hide in a cave bugout till the coast is all clear!

        I’d bet every idiot asshole like “not so much” didn’t read any or barely any of that Link I posted. Ask for link or proof then ignoore it. Fools.

        I showed PROOF by Posting the EXACT FED us code Law Bush #1 signed into fed law in 1991…Do you idiots really think thumbing down that law info will somehow negate the reality that Yes it Is a fed law ON the Books waiting to be used against You fools. When it begins…Just tell the feds “gee officer I thumbed that law down so I get a free pass like I myself give to Jews no matter what wrongs They does!” Ignorant fools.

        • Not so Much

          “I’d bet every idiot asshole like “not so much” didn’t read any or barely any of that Link I posted. Ask for link or proof then ignoore it. Fools.”


          Where was this link to an actual news story saying Israel is nuking countries? That’s the link I asked for. Did you provide that?

          I’m sorry I missed it, can you give me the comment number please.

        • Not so Much

          I guess that’s a no.

          Thanks for playing you useless idiot.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Eisenkraut, Seems he knew you. Must have been Chief Eisenkraut. Trekker Out.

    11. Eisenkreuz

      Anthony Weiner’s bulbous wang is posted uncensored on The Dirty website. Too bad he can only last 30 seconds so he has to hide behind stupid fucking texting shit while us real playaz get dem mistresses. BWAHAHAHAHA.

    12. Satori

      quite the betrayal by the darling of the Tea Party

      How Michelle Bachmann Learned to Love Massive Government Surveillance

      and she’s not the only “conservative” to betray the Constitution

      “. Those include the National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, the Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, and the Heritage Foundation, all of whom, one would think, would stand against trusting the government to play nicely with sweeping, secret, surveillance powers.

      • Eisenkreuz

        There is not a one of em I cant find fault with.

        • Not so Much

          Ah, you found the meds. Excellent.

          But what you said, that’s for sure. But it really boggles the mind when it’s something so blaringly obvious. It’s like you sit and stare… o.0

      • Them Guys

        Satori: Good Find! as an FYI on Heritage org, recent revelations at newswithviews by a couple writers shows proof solid it was in Fact the Herritage Foundation Org who is responsible for writing and Promoting…NAFTA back in late 1980’s and assisting Kiliton and Gingrich in Passage of nafta trade laws.

        Much more behind the scenes info has surfaced recently which shows not just heritage org, but many more, if not Most all of orgs we “Thought” were concervatives On Our side…Has been a bunch of Hooey and swindles to the Max.

        Even John Birch society was outted and a Front org!

        Controled Opposition is the Proper name for such type false front orgs. Designed to Pacify patriots into belief that they do have groups that really Care, and are Hard at work doing whats needed for OUR causes etc!

        Seems the Main goals of such orgs is really to earn Big Money from vast contributions from patriots to pay big salarys and garner Megga Book deals worth Millions per book(like sarah Palin/glen beck/hanitty et al).

        What a let down to find out so many we thought were for real patriotic orgs are NO different than typical leftist kommie dem lib orgs. A Huge “Group” from Both neocons and dems gathered as One in mainly NY area.

        I refuse to trust any such orgs any longer. Swindlers all.

        Mom was correct when she kept nagging me since the age of 4 yrs old. Always reminding me “be very Carefull Who you trust or join or be friends or partners with, becuase whoever you choose as friends etc You will become Like Them too!”

        Mom was 100% right. So many orgs and groups we “thought” we can trust has proved Mom correct as every person within them orgs has become exact duplicates of their Master Race scv controlers. Greedy-Swindlering-Liars!

        Hope I live long enough to at least see the first few Pay dearly.

        • Not so Much

          What did you think of that?

          His demeanor was pretty amazing, considering.

          I don’t remember if he specifically said this, but I was expecting something to the effect ‘you broke my heart’. I think he bit his tongue.

          • Them Guys

            Breaking News!! Glen Beck admits he crys on Live tv so often becuase he has to contend with “Not so Much’s” head always stuck up Glens ass and it hurts sometimes says beck.

            “Not So Much” very well chozen screen name I must say.

            • Not so Much

              I’m sorry, did you find that link you claimed to have posted?

              I may be not so much in your idiotic world, but you’re just a simple liar and a racist.

              Hows that working for ya. Oh, not so much.

    13. JamesCrow

      I woulda bin lernt mo bout liberty iffin yo grancrackapappy didden done stole my birfright. Mutha fucka.

      • Halford

        You beez shahp as a muhfugger main…..

        • Them Guys

          James Crow: Heres Todays Ebonics lesson for you.

          When encountering two or more african savages in a public setting, and you hear them speak in Ebonics, saying….

          Wuszyofiynado, to each other. translated to Modern English(white mans invention, english) it means…

          What are You Fixin to Do? “Fixin” in english means “Planning” to do.

          Stay tuned as Tomorrow we shall explore the fasinating sounds and meanings of Yiddish, a Must know language if one ever plans to visit New York or Chicago regions.

          • Not so Much

            Moving into black racism as well? Ahhh, I can see your skin head now.

    14. BIG Pussy

      Scary video! Hope DHS catches those bad guys. If they need to listen in on my phone calls and email to do it, no problem.

      • You guys are way too serious about these posts they don't do shit and won't change nothing

        See all the red thumb dorks that don’t comprendo the sarcasm?

    15. Spilt Milk

      Twenty bucks says that flag was made in China.

    16. ninao ;0p

      stay frosty

      laim stream media msm zog propaganda sock puppets are screaming

      “Obama Would Love To See Civil Unrest in This Country”

      BARRY THE FAIRY wants to DESTROY ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. and he is vocalizing it in public .

      Make Viral!

      then BUY MORE AMMO!


    17. aljamo

      So basically America has given up their freedoms for the technology of the computer age. Without all this electronic gadgetry America would still be secure in their communications and associations. We don’t really need these devices. They have proven to be a distraction from personal relationships. TPTB don’t have enough spies and snitches to watch and listen without modern computer advances. Let’s turn the clock back to a more simple and honest era. A time when people actually talked face to face. We don’t need this electronic garbage that has been turned against us to totally rob us of our freedom and humanity.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Aljamo,Viva La EMP! Trekker Out.

        • Facebook Page

          That just be what we need.

      • mark in orlando

        i think there will come a time when the names bill gates and steve jobs will be spit on and condemd for their enslavement of the world

    18. Halford


      Stick a sock up your butt…

    19. One of the Elect

      This can no more be stopped than Christ being nailed to a Cross could. It’s God’s world, God’s plan, and God’s future.

      It’s not going to be pretty, but neither was Jesus’ sacrifice. Bloody, stinky, messy and beautiful. (Can you imagine being tortured to death, and being glad because your are saving the lives of millions of people)

      Praise God from Who all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above you heavenly hosts, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen

      • Mondobeyondo

        It’s Satan’s world for now. But not for much longer. Jesus Christ is coming back to re-claim the throne that is righfully His. It won’t be long now.

        BUT – before that happens, Satan will pour out his vengeance on the Earth. Then God’s forces will pour out their vengeance on the Earth. Look out, Earth! (Revelation 12:12, for starters.)

        It will not be a happy time for this free-wheeling, happy go lucky planet.

        • R.C. Sproul Jr. Jr.

          Satan is just a little dog that God keeps on a leash. Read Job, Satan can not do anything to Job without God giving him permission.

          The way that you describe it sounds like duelism, a common heresy.

          If God does not know the future, and is not in control of it, there would be no book of Revelation because the outcome would not be decided yet.

          God uses Satan to display His wrath, justice, and goodness. That is not duelism, but God’s COMPLETE POWER at work.

    20. ninao ;0p

      Negev Nuclear Research Center The Negev Nuclear Research Center (Hebrew: קריה למחקר גרעיני – נגב‎) is an Israeli nuclear installation located in the Negev desert, about thirteen kilometers to the south-east of the city of Dimona. The purpose of Dimona is widely assumed to be the manufacturing of nuclear weapons. Israel acknowledges the existence of the site, but refuses to either confirm or deny its suspected purpose in a policy known as nuclear ambiguity. Information about the facility remains highly classified.

      An estimate based on the known power of the reactor (at least 150 MW) concluded that enough plutonium for 100 to 200 nuclear bombs could have been produced by the year 2000.[1] The airspace over it is closed to all aircraft, and the area around it is heavily guarded and fenced off. During the Six-Day War, an Israeli missile shot down an Israeli Mirage III fighter that inadvertently flew over Dimona.[2][3] In 1973 a strayed Libyan airliner was approaching the airspace above Dimona facility. Israeli fighters shot it down after failure to make it follow them, killing 108 people.[4]

      • ninao ;0p

        Israel’s silent nuclear attack revealed

        The uranium level in the Hebron valley is ten times higher than the permitted concentration. (Feroze Sidhwa)

        It was just a matter of time before the world would find out about Israel’s nuclear activities in the Naqab desert. In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear technician at Demona nuclear plant, reported to The London Sunday Times what everybody already knew. Israel has secret nuclear weapons programs to protect itself from its neighbouring enemy countries.

        Israel is not a member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which should put Israel in a difficult spot on the international scene, as it had always denied having any nuclear weapons programs. Nevertheless, the international community turned a blind eye to this issue. However, the issue here is not whether Israel is permitted to have such programs, but is related to the consequences of nuclear activities. More specifically, what is Israel adding to the 56 year old occupation of the Palestinian people?

        The very reason for the establishment of the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAAE) was the deep fears and expectations resulting from the discovery of atomic energy. Its fortunes are uniquely geared to this controversial technology that can be used either as a weapon or as a practical and useful tool. Although its practicality is commonly used all around the world, its waste management should be too. However for Israel, this environmental sound waste management seemed not necessary, and I wonder why?

        • Facebook Page

          Who cares.

          • R.C. Sproul Jr. Jr.

            My thoughts as well.

          • yental

            Long time “researchers” that understand the full implications…that is “who cares”. “Short time comment stalkers” that apparently do little-no research wouldn’t “care” if Israhell announced the “Samson option” tomorrow.

            • Facebook Page

              I wish they would excerice the Samson Option and just get it over with.

    21. truther

      Don’t forget how false flags are being committed and than blamed on Muslims. I think that when a shooting happens, people question it. But when something involving a Muslim happens, people blindly accept it and the so called evidence. This is a problem. Just as this article stated, they want to demonize people so people don’t care what action is taken later. Just like people hate Muslims without searching for evidence.

      Just like the Boston bombing. There were lots of cameras, but no one provided the video of them placing the back pack. With technology these days, major editing could have been done. But again, no one questions it. Because the government is successfully brainwashing people to hate Muslims.

      Just like how the government blackwater blew up Sunni and shiite Mosques to make people fight each other. If that did not happen, there would have been much, much less killing.

      • Islam is a Political System

        The guy passing out red thumbs to everyone missed you. I got it.

        • truther

          Hmmmmm……and this is why there is no hope for you people. You hate for personal reasons. As long as you act this way, you all will continue to lose your constitutional rights. As long as you pick and choose the truths that you want to believe and the ones that you don’t want to believe, there won’t be justice.

          • truther

            Thumbing me down doesn’t hurt my feelings because my words are words of truth.

            • Them Guys

              Truther: Join the Club! its not just facts and truth of muslims they cannot handle. Same goes for facts or truth regrading their ultimate objects of worship IE: Israel and all issues jewish/jews. They Mask it all by claiming Prep! Prep! prep!! as if somehow That is all thats needed for happy happy times ahead.

              Some folks are so obsessed with preps, they mention their age is Mid 70’s bracket, and brag how they have 56 closets and sheds full to the top jam packed with every item know to exist! Yet even at age 75 yrs old still keep Buying and storing more more more! As if they plan to remain alive for another 90 yrs or what.

              Seems prepping has for some become an outlet for denail and rejection of all issues that are non pc forbidden topics. So busy stashing food etc for next 400 yrs of life no time is left to persue Factual truths as you mentioned. Much eaiser to Believe TV news MSM’s.

              But there is a caveat…The ONLY MSM they believe is if its info about their Master Race scv controlers they are commited to worshiping. They 100% distrust same MSM and TV news for ALL other issues!

              And we thought liberals was deranged?

              Heres the most difficult thing for some folks to Grasp…What If Both Muslims And Israel/jews are the real enemys of america-whiteys and christianity?

              Can we have Two enemys at same time? Not in Their minds!

              • truther

                Americans are one of the only people who pick and choose what truths they want to believe in. And that’s why Americans are considered the stupidest people on earth by the rest of the world.

                • slingshot


                  Yepper, we are pretty stupid. Pick and choose? Well let me know when the beheadings start because I do not want to convert to Islam.

                • Indy Colts

                  Choosing to dislike islam is a personal choice. I don’t like musluums because they pervert our religion and then try to tell us we serve the same GOD. allah is not GOD muhammed chose him out of over 300 persian gods. islam is the religion of the beast

              • Road Runner

                Them Guys: this is why the people who post here must wake up to the thumbs down on particular posts. There is a group of paid government and Israeli psyops working these posts. What bothers me is that the others are not picking up on it …at all…nada! The dumb asses are easy to pick out, nothing they say makes any sense…whereas all the psyops people are one liners who disappear and reappear like Casper…only Casper has a certain smell if your smell detector works. If your sniff detect is defunct now you are screwed when the real shtf. They do not realize that their lack of understanding now or their apathy about life and death subjects will land on their doorstep (literally) in the near future.

            • troll killer

              only a truly stupid backwards religion would deny homosexual behavior but endorse and condone child rape and marriage. even when most of there people are actually gay.
              this filth needs to be wiped from the earth.

              rag heads are all stuck in the 4th century and will never !! in a thousand years admit it.

              Musloons are the only group of people i have ever heard of that will fight one another and then when the mood strikes them switch sides and kill there own families.

              Honor killings are another Musloon invention and carried out by weak minded small penis men ( if you want to call them men ) most are just animals acting like animals trying to rape there own daughters and when they cant they just kill them.

              Musloons are perverts child molesters and generally just sick people

              Like Ninao

              • Them Guys

                Troll Killer: Have you Read Talmud verses Nina O posted yet? Seems besides muslims doing what you said, so does Talmudic jews agree on and also Do the same crap. IE: Talmud says jew males Can have sex with Gentile/Goyim Little girls up to age 3yrs old and goyim boys up to age 9yrs old and its NO crime and NO sins.

                So I agree that koran religious stuff is whacked out 6th century paganisim etc…Yet You and most Others here seem to give talmudic jews religious beliefs and actions a totally free pass. I say BOTH Muslim and jewsih are crap religions and evil. Their Own Holy Books Proves it!

                ironic as it may seem I think Troll kiler Already Knows this info of Talmudic corruptions etc…He did admit he too is of their tribe. Why not be fair and admit Both religions are antichristian and promote what most sane folks calls Evils. Especially sex with small kids as talmud says is OK for jew men to do.

                oh yeah read Nina O’s Post with jewish prayer of KOL NIDRE, jews rely on to avoid keeping Oaths and Promices taken or made to Gentiles etc. KOL NIDRE allows Jews to LIE-CHEAT-SWINDLE all Non-Jews aka Goyim aka Cattle ainimals as Per their Talmudic teachings.

                Please do Not try to deny this is fact and true, as you should know it better than most here.

                I do NOT agree with NOR suport islam Nor judaisim. My belief is Christianity. But that does not disallow me from noting and speaking out to Expose the wrongs or evils of BOTH Talmudic and Koranic evils Galore.

                Why is it so difficult for muslims AND jews BOTH to simply Admit when actual quoted verses FROM each’s HOLY Books has been Exposed?..Same old story again and again same as Blacks and liberals cant never admit when proven wrong.

                • troll killer

                  Them Guys

                  I am NOT of there Tribe !!! you are full of shit

                  Troll Killer

              • truther

                Child molesting, raping? From where are you getting this stuff from. There is no rape and child molesting allowed in Islam.

                This is the problem. Most of you are ignorant. You know nothing about Islam and Muslims.

                @Indy Colts: you have no idea do you. I studied Islam. There is NO such thing as 300 Persian Gods. Prophet Muhammad came with the message that there is only one God. You have no idea what you are talking about.

                @Them Guys: Muslims do not pose a threat to Americans. Many here fall for the bogie man trick.

                And you are right. There are many truths that only Americans cannot accept. They pick and choose which ones they want to believe.

                This is why you lose your rights. It is because you are taking justice and lives away from Muslim people who did nothing to americans.

                • Them Guys

                  Truther: I lived 43 yrs in and around detroit And Dearborn Mich. Dearborn Mich Is the largest group muslims or islamics in america. While yes many I met or knew since they first arrived in dearborn when I was about 13-14 yrs old, are nice enough folks etc.

                  However…You can Not discount the Fact that for its entire 1500 yr histroy, Islam has One Major goal. Wherever islam has established its people and religion muslims has ALWAYS tried to overtake that nation or lands. And always BY FORCE at point or blade of a sword. Islam teaches that. You cant deny it.

                  It is a backwards 6th century system of govnt disguised as religion. Its Both in one. Muslims brag of it.

                  Maybe some of a diffeerent sect islam are not like that? But I think same as 95+% blacks when it comes time to choose sides? We will see vast majority all sects muslims join as one against christians etc.

                  1500 yrs historic evidence proves it beyond denials.

                  I agree I too never before heard of rape or child sex promoted ny islamic…Jews talmude does though and NINA O posted the actual Talmud verses as Proof. Undeniable Proof from their Own holy talmud books! They will deny it though or call me or nina o antisemitie for telling them what Jews own teachings say! While the same assholes Kiss jew and rabbi asses in their worship of all issues jewish.

                  These fools has a huge massive awakening comming soon about the very jews they so worship. But they refuse to even consider it…For now. Just wait till its too late for them to wake up! Thats when they will awake after too Late. IMHO You also need wake up to islam threats. Its real and 1500 yrs history Proves that also.

                  BOTH islam AND Judaisim are enemys of christians and whites. I refuse to argue it further as I have posted Tons of Proofs and Links and articles written BY jews and rabbis themselves. Idiots who act childish and stupid and rather keep belief in falshoods aint worth my time.

                  If You want to go back many articles and read my prior posts and replies here. Or be like the others who refuse to even Read links or proofs and simply cry or whine “its a bad wesbite so I wont bother to read it”…Like they Know withOUT reading it?!! Foolsih Dumbed down delusional idiots. Oh well I tried to awaken a few. I did good.

      • Mondobeyondo

        No better than that dude in Florida who said the world would end in July of 2009, or whenever he said it was.

        Old Indian proverb: The world will end when the chipmunks stop storing nuts and start going nuts.)*

        *That’s not true. I made that up.

        • ninao ;0p

          seriously , the entire world is now mass printing fiat currency in the 10’s of trillions .

          this will not end well .

          to many folks are waking up to the truth .

          to many folks are now buying hoarding pm’s .

          eventually they will have to force the global FIAT currency crash DEATH and reset ; then try to implement their one world BANK government and currency .

          then that moment is what we prepare for … as nothing good will come from it .


          billions will suffer and die , as life sustaining food water will be hyper-inflated globally , as will energy .



          • Facebook Page

            Have you receive that per word raise yet.

    22. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      opsec…if you don’t know somebody really, really well, then don’t say ANYTHING…loose lips puts your ass in jail

    23. Wayne

      Anyone ever ask the question: what caused all of these former crusaders for the Constitution to go over to the Dark Side?

      What might have been done to them, their families, what past secrets real or planted are being held over their heads, what terrible secret have they been made privy too?

      • Baby's Blood

        I think they are all pedophiles and sex perverts — and there are pictures.

        • ninao ;0p


          like monarch butterfly

          is what your looking for .

          the illuminati / freemasons / zionists mark their VERY REAL BRAINWASHED sex slaves with monarch butterfly tattoo’s .


      • Them Guys

        Wayne:The very Fact that every politition dems and neocons Both Must make a Mandatory visit to that wailers wall in Israel Prior to being elected should be a Huge clue to answer Your question.

        That same crowd owns all Banks and cash money controled By them. Thats undisputible Facts. Obviously much cash is needed to win elections. What happens if tey make agrrements to Get that cash, and later fail to follow thru? I will tell you what.

        The Most vicious deadly Mafia of all time is without doubt the Russian Mob. Russian Mob is code for Jewish Mafia/Mob. Litterally every russian mafia mob member Is a jew. Same as in 1920’s when it was called the “Murder Inc.” Mob as seen on older tv elliot Ness shows. That murder Inc mob was for real. Italians mafias went to Them to get difficult “Hits” done.

        David Duke videos recently had a 15-20 minit video outlineing the entire histroy of Mafias in the usa. Unlike TV and Hollywood movies, or elliot ness tv series from the 1960’s, the ONE major Fact those never mentioned was the Fact that NOT all mafias were “Italians” nor that Other group “Sicilians” mobs.

        Many were yes. But the absolute worst, most deadly, most Feared Mob Mafia of all times were “Murder Inc” Historial cop NY recrods shows this as facts also. And every last member of Murder Inc were Russian or Polish Jews. Fact.

        Todays so called russian mafia or mob is the same entity as it was in 1920 era. I believe without a doubt the main answer to Your question is Yes they either have sex videos for blackmail or have polititions in Fear for their Lives and Familys lives due to all that Cash money given to pols, and if any elected pols refuce to “Play Ball” after elected will soon be faced with that very same russian “Mob” aka Code for jewish mafia.

        Does it not seem strange to you that we barely ever see or hear of Major crimes like child sex runners, white slavery prostitution, stolen and sold on black market Human ORGANS for Illeagle Transplants?

        Last year a 10 tr long FBI sting Opp Bust went down on new Jersey..FBI Busted 5-6 Jew Rabbi’s and another aprox 20-25 Ex or Current New Jersey and NY, Polititions, one at least an Ex Govner!…FBI Busted them all for Selling Human Organs and setting up Transplants illeagally.

        All or near all were…jewish like the 5-6 rabbis. Plus a few More rabbis in Telaviv Israel were part of it.

        WHY was that NOT on ANY MSM TV news or major newspaper Headlines? Because it was jews. They get a free pass fron fellow traveler jew owned TV-MSM-Newspapers.

        Thats the type folks Polititions are fearing, and after their israel mandatory trips to cement the deals to get elected…They then forever are OWNED by them SCV(self chozen vampires). Nothing less than death threats or fear of hidden sex videos can posibly cause so many folks to turn so Evil so Fast. And NO other Org or group can create such abject Fear better than that Russian “Mob” also of them SCV’s…

        ps. Bro Kapner has video of even Rand Paul wearing his small jew skull cap, banging his head against that wailers wall surrounded by a Slew of Rabbis and israeli officials while in Israel due to his election etc.

        Think Rand Pauls still Loyal to Us folks?!! Only if it is Good for jews or israel. Thats priority #1, and the Only Priority americans polititions has.

      • Road Runner

        Wayne: that is for chicken shits. We have all done reprehensible things in our life we are not proud off. But it takes a yellow bellied man to not count the cost when he starts something. Anyone who is afraid to be exposed is fooling themselves and are not men but fools and do not deserve freedom. You go to the dark-side because you never had any honor or backbone!

      • yental

        Manning is among my favorite PATRIOTIC AMERICAN’S!

        • Road Runner

          Yental: you do not know what you are saying. Manning is a shill…he backs Israel and is a Zionist. Search it out!

          • yental

            Let me rephrase: Manning is among my favorite “Obama bashers”. I have seen conflicting information on Manning’s perspective with regard to Zionist Jews vs. Jews against Zionism.

            • Road Runner

              Yental: I have heard him denounce truth about Israel in several videos. He refuses to ‘slander Israel’…what the hell? He refuses to declare the whole truth about Zionism and works around the edge. He lives in hymie town. The sh*# would hit the fan for him if he told the truth and his ministry would be blackened immediately, he does not want that! I give some credit to Neturei Karta, but they are still Talumudist and refuse to renounce the evil that is taught. Manning is not that ignorant so he knows the score. This tells me he is working the audience. A rational and truthful mind is consistent when dealing with evil regardless of the consequence.

    24. REB

      The point is they can get to anyone who is a leader…so we all gotta be able to step into the void…when/if one of the persons who is called a leader falls/is taken down anyone of us must be ready and able to step into the void…and when they attack one of us we gotta take it personally like we were attacked ourselves…we gotta all be Spartacus so to speak…make liberty your standard/leader…they’ll never be able to take her down!

    25. Emily

      @ truther – Go back to Iraq, lay on your prayer rug, and
      watch a few videos of the beloved jihad Muslims cutting off the heads of white Americans. The people here believe in the United States, The United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Hate? I hate corruption, abuse of power, political coverups, the destruction of our Constitution, the destruction of my country – which is America – and I am sure many here do too. The Boston massacre, why did it happen?
      Why were these poor, sweet Muslims ignored. Why did 9-11
      happen? These monsters Muslims allowed to take over the jets
      without a peep or question. You live here, and people have died over time for assholes like you to spew your twisted
      words for the sake of freedom of speech. Go back to the hell hole you crawled out of. You could not see the truth if it hit you between the eyes. You could not find the truth out of a paper bag. Normally, I ignore sick son of a b* like you.
      You are a pathetic loser who has no clue what the hell you are talking about.

      • JayJay

        Emily–great!!! —you are the ‘group of 10’ left in this nation that actually believe 19 arabs with knives infiltrated a multi-billion dollar defense system to maneuver a move even 30-year experienced pilots can’t make.
        Get a clue, child, get a clue.

        • JayJay

          And let us add this:
          We have a system now–as we did then–that knows what you have on your hot dog at a football stadium, but didn’t see this coming??
          PUH–LEEZE, people, get a clue!!

        • yental

          JayJay on a “righteous roll”. I too am continually amazed by THOSE that still buy the “official gooberment conspiracy fairy tale” of 9/11!

          Apparently, critical thought, even moderate research of the MOUNTAINS of contradictory evidence, and a belief that conflicts with the “gooberment”…simply more than too many “SHEEPLE” are still willing to HANDLE!

          • Emily

            Well, hell. I have heard and read all the 9-11 conspiracy theories.. I just have a hard time accepting it all.

            • yental

              WHY? The evidence has become “self evident”. Clinging to the concept that “My government, or elements within it, would NEVER do such a thing” seems to be the primary WALL that many refuse to climb, go through, or go around.

              FALSE FLAGS are the primary component of our “history”. As unpleasant as the TRUTH is, it is better than embracing the LIE!

              Embracing the LIE has led US to this ENDGAME!

              Emily, you appear to WANT THE TRUTH. ACCEPTING IT is the personal obstacle only YOU can learn to “deal with”. Good Luck, and Good Journey. I was “slow on the uptake” when I began to question/research in 2005. I spent nearly a year trying everything possible to disprove the “conspiracy nuts”.

              All I accomplished was proving THEM RIGHT…from my research, analysis, and perspective, 9/11 was this generation’s PANDORA’S BOX. Just look at the erosion of the Bill of Rights and all of OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES/FREEDOM since that DAY. Not to mention the countless numbers of DEAD since that DAY due to THE NON-STOP WAR ON SUPPOSED TERROR.

              Just think about it with a new mindset.

      • J. Roy


      • truther

        Americans are one of the only people who pick and choose what truths they want to believe in.

        You cry about losing soldiers in Iraq. Well guess what? That’s what happens when you invade a country. It is unbelievable that Americans are complaining how American soldiers were killed. Well, don’t invade other people’s lands. But of course, Americans won’t understand that, because they think the countries they invade must submit to them.

        You still think 9/11 happened by people who took a training course to fly a single engine plane and managed to fly a commercial airliner and infiltrate a billion dollar defense system?

        As for the Boston massacre, no proof was presented other than the word of the government and the bullets they tried to riddle the two suspects with so they die and so they won’t be able to answer any questions.

        I question and consider all facts. You provided absolutely no reply to the evidence I presented.

        What about the millions of innocent Iraqis that are killed and the tons and tons of depleted uranium munitions scattered around Iraq? Iraq never had to he invaded. And guess what, there was not even an apology or admittance of guilt. And Iraq will remain radioactive for thousands of years to come.

        What about Afghanistan? Taliban offered to give up bin laden in exchange for evidence, but George Bush refused. Now, hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghanis are killed. And what about Pakistanis? Droning civilians and killing thousands.

        How can you say these are lies when they are documented. Why are you so concerned about American life but if it’s the life of anyone abroad from Muslim countries it’s like you don’t care if they are innocent. That is why I’m angry.

        What is so twisted about what I said? I think you are angry because you know that Muslims are innocent and you cannot stand for the fact that they are.

        • Mama Bear

          Truther, not sure why people are arguing with you. It should be clear to anyone with eyes to see and a brain to think that a forged-steel cage has swiftly descended upon America since 9/11: blood on our hands from our endless wars for fun & profit; torture and rendition; innocents in Gitmo (as even the .gov confesses); jackbooted atrocities against the Constitution every minute of every hour of every day; fastnfuriousNDAAbengaziIRSNSA being swept under the rug by a controlled, compliant and complicit bought and sold media; bought and sold politicians that lie to our very faces while hanging out with heart-eating, priest-beheading savages in Syria; soldiers with blood of innocents on their heads and hands committing suicide in incredible masses because they cannot live with what they have seen and done. A nobel peace prize winning president who sorts through a Kill List in his spare time and will drone your American citizen ass with a Hellfire missile–and your family too.

          13% of the deaths from our drone strikes in Pakistan are children, and that is just because males age 10 and older are automatically considered to be terrorists. I am sure the truth is much higher.

          It is absolutely horrifying what this country has become in just over 10 years. But most Americans are more concerned with the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars or whatever other absolutely idiotic program they are watching on the teevees.

          I am not under the illusion that Muslims are “innocent,” but I think they just happen to be a very convenient scapegoat for the far more powerful evils that have the Long Knives at our throats.

          • Them Guys

            Mama Bear: Well Said. Very swell post. I agree and not all americans agree with nor believe in what the fed govnt is doing the last 10 yrs or even last 150 yrs!

            It is truth that many folks in usa are totaly brainwashed to Hate all muslims. While at same time they are first up to take a stand and defend blacks and jews and mexican illeagles with “Not all are bad, most are good ones”.

            Hows about Muslims? Different stroy completely, due to mass MSM propaganda and hollywood/cia combo movies made.

            I still maintain that the largest and worst group of all brainwashed who think that way are that 50 million evangelicals who so defend all things israel, zionist, jewish. Thay have become litteral Fanatics in doing so. ONE major cause worse than even MSM’s is the very Preachers who teach so many Untruths-Misinfos-False Interpretations of the Old testement and some of the new testement also. Those preachers main responsibility to to teach Truth. Instead they too are Bought and Paid for sold outs to the same israel/jewish/zionist entities as our fed govnt pols are.

            When it comes to getting folks to re consider ideas, it is harder to do with those so called “christians” than it is to deal with a lifelong Liberal. Both minds are turned to Pure MUSH. Both due to Falsehoods and outright Lies. And Nothing is worse than false preachermen mamon worshipers. That included the lesser preachers trying to copy the more known or famous pastors too.

            MSM wrings their bloody guilty Hands live on TV daily Pontificating and guessing “Why Oh Why are So many ex military commiting suicide today?”

            Like They do not Know?! Of course msm Knows why! Like Mama Bear stated it…Suicides in military are due to the FACT they realize afterwards how evil it is what They has done. I feel sorry for them as most likley believed the same MSM fed govnt LIES leading us into Iraq etc.

            The real TRUTH what Led america into these mid east Wars…Jews and Israel did. Jews Here and There isreal did. No Others benifit besides israel and jews. TPTB-Banksters-Illuminate-etc etc are ALL jewish. Fact.

            Yet 50 fuckin Million brain dead americans every sunday sit to absorb More BS Lies and Flashoods taught that them jews are “special” “Chozens” Can do NO wrong so usa Must fully support israel/jews/zionists.

            Wait till the fools realize it is They and Their cash 10% tithes plus more cash yet that has Paid for and Created the antichrist systems, and do not be shocked if His antichrist HQ is In Israel Run By Jews!

            Thinks the Lord is going to Bless them fools for all this crap and stupidity? Never yet seen any such biblical verse where God blesses Idiots for being fools!

    26. Ugly

      The Patriots Conviction.

      The day will come when a Patriot must defend himself/herself in court of law for:

      .following Jesus
      .having a bible
      .carrying a USA flag
      .loving the USA
      .having a food storage
      .paying taxes
      .having heirloom seeds
      .not complying to the NWO

      I guess I am guilty on all accounts. To the Gulag I go. Sure wish the Earth wasn’t so small, thus we could sail to a newfoundland and start over.

      Strange Days….

      • Former Cal Girl

        Far finger Ugly, sorry about that, I agree with you.

    27. ninao ;0

      Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords

      • Road Runner

        Nineo: and encryption keys!!!!!!!

    28. ninao ;0p

      ZOG FedGov JEW Gestapo tell Web ISP firms to turn over user account passwords

      The JEW.S.A. ZOG government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge users’ stored passwords, according to two industry sources familiar with these orders, which represent an escalation in surveillance techniques that has not previously been disclosed.
      If the government is able to determine a person’s password, which is typically stored in encrypted form, the credential could be used to log in to an account to peruse confidential correspondence or even impersonate the user. Obtaining it also would aid in deciphering encrypted devices in situations where passwords are reused.
      “I’ve certainly seen them ask for passwords,” said one Internet industry source who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We push back.”
      A second person who has worked at a large Silicon Valley company confirmed that it received legal requests from the federal government for stored passwords. Companies “really heavily scrutinize” these requests, the person said. “There’s a lot of ‘over my dead body.'”
      Some of the government orders demand not only a user’s password but also the encryption algorithm and the so-called salt, according to a person familiar with the requests. A salt is a random string of letters or numbers used to make it more difficult to reverse the encryption process and determine the original password. Other orders demand the secret question codes often associated with user accounts.
      “This is one of those unanswered legal questions: Is there any circumstance under which they could get password information?”
      –Jennifer Granick, Stanford University
      A Microsoft spokesperson would not say whether the company has received such requests from the government. But when asked whether Microsoft would divulge passwords, salts, or algorithms, the spokesperson replied:



      • ninao ;0p

        i’m encouraging you all to go black online

        get yourselves new anonymous online i.d. , anonymous encrypted email , a vpn mask service w/ peerblock and learn to use bitcoin to pay for it all anonymously .

        why make it easy for the zog fedgov JEW WHORES and zionist aipac adl splc JEW traitors to enslave imprison you .




      • Road Runner

        ninao: can you tell me why 15 assholes put red thumbs on your post about passwords and encryption. The only logical answer is either SHTF is doing it (which I hope is not so because that would make them a psyops website) or there is a ‘group’ of trolls who are doing it. To get that many red thumbs is a feather in your cap. You are on their radar, wha hoo! Good post but these red thumb jackasses need their feathers plucked…every truthful post you put up they attack like the wild dogs they are. You know what farmers and shepherds do to wild dogs right…the day is coming! Keep em coming! Maybe these perverts will reconsider that one day they will give an account for their evil, their lies and deception that they take so much fuc#@%^ pride in.

    29. ScoutMotto

      Off-topic alert:

      Gun show this weekend at Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castlerock, Colorado

    30. ninao ;0p

      i told you All two weeks ago of this when some idaho inbreeder bragged about his pitbulls .

      THIS IS WHY YOU shoot and kill stray feral dogs during a shtf event … they make good bar-b-que dog .

      Woman Attacked By 15 Dogs Eaten To The Bone While Waiting For Bus

      Housekeeper, 52, fights for life after pack of 15 stray dogs ‘eat her to the bone’ as she waited for a bus in broad daylight

      ‘They were eating her – the dogs were eating her to the bone’
      Stepson describes horrific attack that left stepmother in critical condition
      Maria Arcos, from Houston, was left with horrific wounds covering her body
      The ordeal was so traumatic the 52-year-old suffered a heart attack

      A woman is fighting for her life after suffering a heart attack brought on by a horrific dog attack that has left her with severe wounds from head to toe.

      Maria Arcos was set upon by a pack of at least 15 dogs while she was on her way to start a new job on Monday morning.

      The 52-year-old, from Houston, was passing through an underpass when she was surrounded by the pack of strays, the ring leader of which is believed to be a pit bull cross.

      The wild animals savaged her, pulling her to the ground and biting her arms and legs.

      Arcos was left with severe wounds and is now in hospital in a critical condition. Her family fear the attack left her so badly injured she might not pull through.

      Her stepson Oscar Reyes said: ‘They were eating her – the dogs was eating her to the bone.






      N.O. ;0p

      • Mondobeyondo

        Speak softly and carry a 30.06.
        It’s the only language some people understand.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Can’t disagree Mondo, but sometimes when I’m shopping, a long gun just seems to get in the way, if you know what I mean. Trekker Out. A Big Gun, Beats A Big Stick, Most Every Time!

          • Former Cal Girl

            Dh not DJ, lol.

      • Former Cal Girl

        Ninao, this is the one that gives me nightmares. DJ continues to encourage our pistol training under stress so I can feel more confident in just such a circumstance. Still scary.

        • ninao ;0p

          @Former Cal Girl … RESPECT .

          how to fight a dog attack –

          i was a police officer , police dog trainer and handler once upon a time

          JUST REMEMBER THIS during the dog attack

          don’t scream (it triggers the feral dogs predator prey instinct to attack kill prey) instead yell loudly and deeply at the dogs face ‘NO’ AND THEN GROWL AS MENACINGLY AS POSSIBLE (speak their language – it works).

          if you are attacked SHOVE YOUR HAND DIRECTLY INTO THE DOGS MOUTH STRAIGHT DOWN ITS THROAT AS DEEPLY AS POSSIBLE ! IT WILL STOP THE DOG DEAD IN ITS TRACKS EVEN PITBULLS . IT WILL TRIGGER THE GAG REFLEX OF THE DOG AND THE ATTACK WILL STOP . if you can’t do that grab the dogs lower jaw and tongue and just squeeze hold it as hard as possible .

          dogs bite the closest part of your body to them , feed them one of your weaker fore arms first to shield the soft expose parts of your body . shield with your weak side and once they latch on attack them with your strong side – attack the dogs eyes , inner ears and nose .

          when facing the dogs turn slightly side ways weak side towards them to shield your soft under belly groan area .



          it’ll be okay be calm think and FIGHT BACK .

          you can do this .

          get yourself a solid oak walking cane .

          great for wacking dogs that try to menace you .


          • REB

            NinaO…makes sense…been attacked a couple times in my life by dogs…but 15? lord how do you stop 15 dogs and defend your soft spots…now me, if they were just after my noggin Id be fine(hard headed ;)…just seems like without firepower and accuracy one would be dog food…ya gotta feel for her… 🙁

            • ninao ;0p

              just focus on the Alpha Leader


    31. GuitarMan

      “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

      “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

      “The Jews are terribly afraid that the world will discover that their impersonation of Israel is nothing but a gigantic charade. Hence, this knowledge must be suppressed at all costs, even to the point of demonizing anyone who dares to bring up the subject. Yours truly has been so demonized by the Jews for the mere fact that I expose these truths about them, even though I mainly quote Jewish sources for this information.” ~ William Norman Saxon, in his booklet entitled “The Mask of Edom” !!!

      • Them Guys

        Guitar Man: Thanks for posting Factual truth! HEY “NOT SO MUCH” and all other Naysayers and fools…Read Guitar Man’s Post! Then try again to Deny Truth!

        Like the quoted paragraph says, even though hes quoting Rabbis and Jews who Said it…It is he whos called names such as antisemite!!…How can so Many otherwise smart/normal folks be so so so delusional in believing every fanatical jew claim or propaganda ever made?

        Mask of EDOM! Appropriate as can be since at Least 98% of todays jewsih persons are really of ESAU aka Edomites aka TURKish! The direct Opposite of Jacob and his 12 tribes as the bible States is EDOM=Edomites-ESAU! esau was Jacobs Twin brother and worst enemys later in life up to the very End of the ages!

        98% of todays jews and in israel too are ESAU edomites!

        While 50 Million delsuional eveangelicals Wosrhip jews as if they were gods themselves! WAKE UP FOOLS!

        • Road Runner

          Them Guys: Check out the immediate red thumb assholes…they watch posts here like a hawk, and that is no bullshit!

          • Them Guys

            Road Runner: Yes You are so very correct! Anything posted, even remotely related to israel-jews-zionists, no matter What the main messg or issue or topic may be. Unless it is about how the worlds Only victims that matter and are always victims of all non jews worldwide, are jews, then you see tons of red thumb downs.

            And after posting the info. regardless how many actual jew or rabis quotes and proof links you include, within 15 minits of posting it….Already 15-20+ red thumbs are there!

            NO doubt those several articles about a year ago FROM Israeli jewish wrote newspapers and in NY the jew owned and wrote “Foreward” newspaper or magazine? had Glowing reports how an Israeli Based mossad run opps HIRED over 1/4 million Jewish internet “Talk Backers” I believe they were called. Hired By israel Mossad Jews to Prey upon websites liike This site and post counter replies and make fun of-call folks a nazi or hate monger antisemite, to try to discredit they and the TRUTHS Posted.

            Because the Main Fear jews have is the Expose’ of their evils and talmudic crap against whites and christians in general, but also against ALL goyim gentiles.

            Talmud has only been avail in English for aprox last 100 yrs!…jews kept it well hidden for 19 centuries.

            About 800-1000 yrs ago a Pope found out what talmud translates into in english and french etc…Thats when that Pope got european Kings who agreed with the pope, to hunt down-Find-BURN as many copies of talmud scrolls as possible. Unfortunatly they were not able to BURN every edition.

            If one seeks truth they will find that the Spanish “Inquisitions” were really all about Finding out which of the False converts to catholic, jews were. Because it Was them same False convert Jews who ASSISTED, Muslims in entry in secret etc into Spain so Islamics were able to Overtake spain under sharia law for 600 yrs!

            Inquisitions was all about them false convert sneeky Jews that Helped Islamics screw Spain due to Jews mass Hate of christians!

            Yet today most folks has a twisted warped idea of what that era was all about due to MSM-History(hitler non stop) channel, and hollywood movies all owned and run By jews. Of course todays folks has a False reality of the Past events! Expect jews to tell Truth of it all on MSM etc?!!

            They are Edomite Turk Khazers Period. Fake jews. Yet christians, evangelicals today absolutly Worship Jews. All issues jew or israel they worship as Gods and defend and support with zero questions allowed.

            I predict when actual SHTF happens in usa…The worst most dangerous Fools, us who are truely awake to these issues will be faced with defending ourselves from, will be those 50 Million jew firster so called “christians” so delusional they are worse than Liberals or Blacks when it comes to getting them to “Try” and see the Light of Truth!

            “The time shall come when They shall Kill You and believe They are doing Gods will!”…Thats not Just islam its talkin of!…Its going to Prove it is Morso about “Jewdeo-Christian-Zionists” fools.

            Many are Here this website too it seems! Scofield bible baptists/protestants of several denominations. All with One single Main in common belief…That them jews and israel can do NO wrongs, that jews gets a free pass into heaven WithOUT belief in Jesus!

            Delusional or deluded does Not convey just How badly they are deluded.

        • Not so Much

          I’m still waiting on that link, idiot

    32. Econman

      A recent and malicious example is the subversive electronic planting of false evidence in an attempt to connect organizations like Oath Keepers, We Are Change, and PANDA to illicit and illegal pornographic materials:

      My first guess for who’s behind this is…what was their name?

      THE NSA maybe? 2nd guess: CIA? 3rd guess: DHS? Pick a 3 letter alphabet agency!

    33. Econman

      However, federal agencies have been very successful in many other incidences.

      Yep. See 9/11! False flag.

      • Road Runner

        Ninao: great post, by the way Gestle is a Jewish name for sure! Gee, maybe a clue, do ya think? People are scared numb today, just go boo and they fall apart!

    34. Econman

      The reason the establishment hated Ron Paul is because the NSA probably has the goods on all the other politicians.

      Ron Paul? There’s no skeletons in his closet, nothing for him to hide so he challenged them constantly.

      America had the chance to vote in a decent man, but instead had another coup & election theft.

    35. Mondobeyondo

      Can’t help but bring this one up again… the famous Howard Cosell call from the Ken Norton/Joe Frasier boxing match in 1971 (?)

      “Down goes Frasier! DOWN GOES FRAZIER! DOWN.. GOES.. FRAZIER!!!

      In 1971, Joe Frazier was the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. (Muhammad Ali should have been, but that’s complicated. Let’s not get into all that right now.) Point is, that goes out to all of you who think the U.S. is invincible. No nation is invincible.

      • Joe

        It was George Foreman and not Ken Norton.

    36. When Rome Fell

      So…if everything went to shit…. WROL… Without Rule of Law…for you newbies.

      And there where no consequences to your actions ever.

      Would you fuck with someone?

      We all talk as preppers about defense…but what about offense…
      So building your new world….who would you target?

      And… What would you do?

      No specific threats here….just tell us who you are pissed off at.

      We just want to know.

      • REB

        Be careful folks about even responding to this question… thats exactly the kind of question that no one here should ask or answer…that’s a phishing type of question…the kind an infiltator looking to set someone up would ask…not saying WRF is one but that type of question is potentially a loaded trap and we all know this site is watched.

        • Mountain Trekker

          REB this is exactly the kind of thing I have commented on before, about being careful of what you say on this site. And some of these “oh so bold” people jump in and say, Trekker you must be afraid of TPTB. Well now is the time for these brave souls to show how smart and bold they really are. Jump right in, and respond to When Rome Fell comment. Trekker Out.

    37. buzzfix

      That DHS contraband video seemed fake???

    38. ninao ;0p

      JEW JOKE


      Why do Jewish Men like to watch porno movies backward?



      They like the part where the hooker gives the money back.



    39. Watchman

      “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true.” Soren Kirkegaard

      Keep the FAITH

    40. VRF

      don’t ever think the Gov or a three letter agency hasent figured out how to do this with a pre programmed module plugged into your cars port to say ..Michael Hastings anyone it don’t like, trust me they don’t need a nerd sitting in your back seat with a lap top to do this..

      One car accidents with death as the out come as the car explodes into a fire ball destroying any evidence of such a device, these new computer controlled cars are very very dangerous in many ways

      saves fuel for the un-needed drone attack on you–with-me-behind-the-wheel–video–010808189.html

      • VRF

        Mac.. you should post this one too

        • VRF

          don’t ever think the Gov or a three letter agency hasent figured out how to do this with a pre programmed module plugged into your cars port to say ..Michael Hastings anyone it don’t like, trust me they don’t need a nerd sitting in your back seat with a lap top to do this..

          One car accidents with death as the out come as the car explodes into a fire ball destroying any evidence of such a device, these new computer controlled cars are very very dangerous in many ways

          saves fuel for the un-needed drone attack on you
          Link above

          also these systems can be hacked thru your On-Star, Fords system, and most other systems, don’t let them lie to you that they cant..

          • possee

            did you see the video from Darpa?

            posted the info right above..


    41. Stez

      This guy is amazing. Everything he writes is spot-on.

    42. possee


      Darpa..Dr Kathleen Fisher
      Program Manager
      High Assurance Systems

      The government has access to press a button and use remote controls to remove the brakes from your car. As you will hear….

      “They can take full control of your car without physically touching your car.

      search for the video link


      • VRF

        I did link something , but mac hasent moderated it yet, it was an article where they tested this and was able do disable the brakes on a car..

        hopefully he (Mac) will look into this and post a thread on it, I feel its very important, and could very easily be used by a crooked system to rid them of problem people bringing up the truth about their actions

        • VRF

          It was a hacker video on Yahoo, auto section

        • Them Guys

          VRF: Yep, FOX news this morning, Friday, just showed how the same University Professor whos class Gained total Drone control thru its GPS computer and overtook the fed govs Drone totally and forced it to Land in desert area set aside for this experiment etc…Same Prof guy did the exact same GPS takeover of a 210 Ft Private Yhat at Sea!

          Prof did it FROM his on Land univ class room! Many miles away!

          A $200+ Million boat over 210 ft long at sea under full command by ships Capt and crew were cruiseing along when all a sudden without their knowledge the Boat was going Way off course!…Yet every ships Onboard massive computer control systems showed absolute Normal control conditions when crew watched the onboard tv type screens!

          They said the same can now be done for ALL ships even massive Oil tankers etc! We are seeing the potentials for evil bastards to take total control of entire worlds operating systems by Stealth!

          Soon the good from such computerised systems will be overtaken with Bad and evil for everyone in more ways then we can now imagiane.

      • ninao ;0p

        just put your vehicle in ‘neutral’

        turn off the ignition

        and steer the vehicle up a steep hill


        * also remove the black control record box from your vehicle

        • ninao ;0p

          fully engage your emergency brake last to slow vehicle down as you go up the hill .


        • VRF

          All great suggestions, Some people are just not that skilled or think like we do, you know sheeple..

          but here’s a scenario for ya, your rolling along at 70-75 on the eway and go to exit on a nice hard turn exit and instead of your brakes working they don’t and your throttle than engages to full throttle..
          you might have your hands too full of steering wheel to dis-engage the trans, or hand or emergency brake , ( and the emergency brakes only operate the rear tires thus a hard spin on a curve)..chances are your gonna wreck..and if they have already “planted” something that goes might flip and be toast.or be like Mr Hastings

          • ninao ;0p

            @VRF … RESPECT .

            ;0) nice scenario … you can still save yourself

            Open your car door and jump out holding shielding your head in your arms and roll with the impact (just go with it don’t fight it) as you hit the ground – roll to your back still holding your head .

            humans can survive this unscratched .

            i’ve seen it .

            i’ve done it at 80 mph .

            and only received road rash down my back , butt , legs and one foot .


            • VRF

              or do like Bugs Bunny, jump out of the airplane just before it hits the ground..or hope that it runs out of gas before impact and stops in mid air

              • ninao ;0p

                whatever dude .

                i really did bail off a motorcycle goin 80 mph during a crash and survived it , walked away from it .


                • Facebook Page

                  No you didn’t.

            • Them Guys

              VRF: Unlike the 200 dead folks on the Klintons “Dead Bodys List” they no longer need faked dr death warrent records stateing the ‘victim” died by Self Inflicted wounds caused by FIVE-30.06 remington rifle Bolt action shots to Back of victims Head were self Inflicted hence its a “suicide death”!!

              One guy on klintons dead body list I read has a guy officially recorded as death suicide by Use of Kitchen 10in butcher Knife and he Cut his Own Head Off!

              Body found Next to severed Head with 10in knife still clutched in victims hand!

              Holy Sheep shit! Is it even remotely Possible to cut off ones Own Head that way?…I say NO way! Just slice all around till head comes clean off body or what?

              Must you use Other hand to lift head by holding handfull of Hair too?! Amazeing what Both Klintons got away with…Yet todays capabilities to cause murder, and claim suicide or accidnt in car etc will make klintons body list seem Tame.

            • LSB

              Ninao…I’ve read that they can lock your doors and control the windows too. What then?

      • ninao ;0p

        just put your vehicle in ‘neutral’

        turn off the ignition

        and steer the vehicle up a steep hill

        fully engage your emergency brake last to slow vehicle down as you go up the hill .


        * also remove the black control record box from your vehicle

        • dave in Id

          Own a old piece of shit. No black box that can be controlled.

          • Facebook Page

            Why does it have to be a POS.

            1978 CL240 would be fine.

          • VRF

            very good plan, but then they will use the old school method on you than, a planted bomb, or a brake line cut, and a pusher vehicle from me they were killing talkers back in the 60’s and 70’s when we didn’t have computer controlled cars

            I guess you just have to be prepared to save your life with any means necessary when or if that time comes

    43. RNC 'em all

      What makes all of this so uterly terrifying is that its true. Whenever you as an individual or a group you associate with becomes too big a pain for “them”, they can manufacture crimes, embarrassing photos, even phone calls to discredit you. Its a paralyzing scenario. Do you think the Boston Bombing narrative is bullshit? Don’t say that to someone you don’t know really well, and for sure don’t send an email or text suggesting it. How many here believe they have a profile in the Prism program, possibly just because you frequent non MSM sites like this? I’m confident based on the number of “marks” against me that I do. And I’ll be honest, that scares me. At what point will I be the target of some kiddy porn email from an alphabet organization? Ultimately, it is the tremendous fear that even many sheeple have that causes so much non-action. How can groups organize and connect to voice unified opposition to ANYTHING if individuals fear reprisals? Groups are forced to be secretive in order to protect themselves from infiltration which prevents like-minded new members from joining. As I said, I believe this is why the vast majority of even semi concious Americans are cooking like the frog. Hop out of the pot and you might find kiddy porn on your computer and a news crew at your door.

    44. KY Mom

      Unbelievable, but true…

      Bank Breaks Into The Wrong House – Repos Everything!

      “Katie Barnett says that she was out of town when the First National Bank in Wellston, Ohio foreclosed on her house…even though it was not her bank. The bank erroneously broke into her home and took her things. Most of her belongings were “hauled away,” some sold and others trashed.”

      “She called the McArthur Police about the incident, but weeks later, the chief announced the case was closed, the report notes.

      “She took her problem directly to the bank, presenting its president with a list totaling $18,000 for her stolen belongings.

      He refused to pay.”

      “The bank president told they are trying to “come to terms” with Barnett.”

      The Blaze dot com

      • dave in Id

        Hire some thugs to kick his fucking door down and remove his belongings. He may come to terms quicker.

        • Them Guys

          Several Biker Clubs in Detroit used to have a “Rent a Biker” outfit. You could rent from one single biker like for a kiddie birthday party instead of the usual clown act. To as Many bikers as you can afford for “Most anything”. Back 25-30 yrs ago they charged a Min of $5 per hr per biker CASH Only and Up. Depending what they got hird to do.

          Paying a nice visit to the bank guys crib would be right up their ally to do for a small fee.

    45. VRF

      Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I’ll be watching you , yours truly NSA

      • REB

        Naw that’s just my clone youre watching…look over here behind you…ya that’s me holding the rifle on your head…yours truly REB 🙂

    46. slingshot

      Them Guys.

      You said,

      Some folks are so obsessed with preps, they mention their age is Mid 70′s bracket, and brag how they have 56 closets and sheds full to the top jam packed with every item know to exist! Yet even at age 75 yrs old still keep Buying and storing more more more! As if they plan to remain alive for another 90 yrs or what.

      Wow! That is the truth. I fit somewhat into that category. Am I a compulsive buyer at almost sixty? I will admit to it. Can’t let a good buy get past me. I don’t think I will live all that much longer but WTF, the money becoming worthless, will die before me as I look at it. If I die tomorrow it would have all been well spent and others can do what they want with the STUFF. As I have stated before that I am a Terminal Prepper in that I have more shit than can fit into a sneaker;0) Redundant capabilities out the ying yang.
      Do I have a plan on what to do with all of it. Sure do!
      I can trade, barter or sell and if I really go south, give it away, except for the bare necessities. My biggest fear is that it falls into the wrong hands to do evil and would burn it all to keep from that happening. Even my guns would feel the weight of a sledge hammer.
      Just wanted to give you some insight of one prepper getting up in years.

      • JayJay

        Guilty as charged here, too–63 coming up next month, and I’m good for a long, long time.

      • Watchman

        SL & JJ: The same here. Older than dirt but keep on going with the prep’s. Mine is booby-trapped so the wrong people will get a very hot flash (LOL).

        Keep the FAITH

        • Them Guys

          Slingshot & JayJay: 60 yrs old is my age also. Thats a far cry different than Mid 70’s or older. My Main point I guess is yes it is good to prep…yet at some point when is enough? Many here claim to believe the bible right.

          What does the bible say on preps? Yes I am well aware of who does not provide is less than an infidel verses. But thats Not the Only one.

          Theres also verses in bible that say(from memory not exact as wrote) “Do the birds of the air prep? No. Yet the Lord Knows what even birds shall need to eat and He provides it”

          Another verse says “Worry NOT what shall you wear for clothes nor what shall You eat tomorrow, for if tomorrow comes for YOU the Lord knows whatever You need in advance and has already made sure you get it as needed. So Place Faith in the Lord your God and he will see to it You get fed etc”

          At some point to keep prep prep prep as if no tomorrow will come is the same as LOSS of Faith in the Lord God being able to Provide for us.

          Israel got severaly Punished for turning to Egypt for soldiers and Protection from israel enemys, when israel Should have soly Relied upon God to assist and save them.

          Same goes for folks who will try to get rich by use of barter trade when needy folks are at their worst ever times. As a christian believer myself, I reject attempt to get rich or profit on others misery. It matters NOT weather they lack due to ignorance or not enough cash for preps or whatever the case may be then.

          Its kinda like folks who prior to giveing charity cash to a person demands to know what the cash will be spent for. Whats that matter if its true charity? Yes an exception can be if cash to be for Dope like herion etc. But I have known folks who always every time ask whats it for before giving the charity cash up. Like They should determine if it agrees with Their ideas.

          Just seems to me some folks are so Obsessed on preps its past the point of just prepping. More like an Idol.

          As Far as you stated cash will soon be worthless etc…You do Not know that for certain. None does.

          For all you or I knows us dollars may be good for normal use like today is for the next 25yrs or longer.

          Its already been at least since 1971 for 100% fiat cash. Long Long time no. Whos to say it wont last another 30 or more yrs same as now?

          I stopped doing so many prepe as I began to feel as if I was loseing true faith that the Lord will provide. I got several yrs of food etc. Yet may live only a week longer for all I know. God Knows…He will keep His promices. If you believe.

          ps as to Hide in cave I wrote of…we are told in bible verses that what good is a candle lighted if its then Hid Under a busshel basket and lights the path for Nobody?

          Christians aint supposed to crawl into a cave and remain there for as long as conflict lasts and expect to emerge and ‘rebuild”…If this time around will be the Final time or end of age? I do think so too…Then the Only rebuilding projects will be whatever Christs Plans details…NOBODY alive today has access to them Plans or blueprints yet untill He brings the Plans with Him at His return. We are supposed to keep spreading the Word, and assist fellow christian others if possible when times get bad. So basically thats my point on preps. Some=Good yes. More can be Obsessive and not good.

          • slingshot

            @Them Guys.

            I agree that material things can become idols. Money most of all. I do reserve the right to do what ever I want with my hard earned money and share with whom I want to share. There is a funny little twist to that point and that I have to remember that I could well be in the same bad situation as those whom I turn away.
            Kharma is a bitch, as they say but don’t want to made a fool of by those who were capable of preparing for bad events. You can quote all the scripture you want but in the end, all of us will stand before the Almighty and have to answer for all we have done.
            My parents lived in the Depression Era and as a small child, always wondered why they stored so many rolls of toilet paper, tomato sauce and tomato paste. Ate what was put before me on the dinner table and my Father would straighten out bent nails to be put in a jar for later use. Lots of other things rubbed off on me.
            It is one thing to just buy and store materials that have no use, just for the sake of having and coveting them. It is another, that what you buy and store has purpose.

      • Mountain Trekker

        To all you old timers. I once read where a man in his 80 gave the Red Coats a fit during the Revolution and was shot and bayoneted serveral times, but lived and even had more kids. This was suppose to be a true story. Anyone know for sure. Trekker Out. Never Give Up!

        • Mountain Trekker

          What a coinside, I just read an article today on another Blog about this man. His name was Samuel Whittemore and he was 80 years old. So your never to old, if your heart is in it. Trekker Out.

    47. slingshot

      The President says that all these scandals are PHONY.

      Need I say more? ROFLMAO!

      • yental

        When compared to HIS supposed Birth Certificate and Connecticut SS#, these scandals are not PHONY ENOUGH. THEY are “beneath his level of Lies”…because THEY are actually accurate and true.

        AN OXYMORON IN THIS WHITE HOUSE AND ASS-MINISTRATION! The “bloom is off your stinking rose” OBIMBO. Even some of the MSM is FED-UP with your B.S.! Gonna be a hard, mean, and brutal fall Mr. Present-dent!

    48. Emily

      Hi Mac, 7:14 p.m. EST Friday, July 26th

      The Navy Seal tragedy is being re-opened after 2 years.
      There is lots of information that is coming out about it.
      Would it be possible for you to post an article about the
      Navy Seal tragedy? It is a volatile and hot topic.
      Why were all these top men placed on one helicopter??
      Some of the Navy Seals parents have been politely warned to
      keep quiet. This is just a thought. I am sure there would
      be a lot of good input and information from the educated and
      knowledgeable readers on your site. Thanks for considering.

      • yental

        @ Emily, I think you may appreciate this perspective by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

    49. aljamo

      Thanks to Them guys for the article on the passing of the Noahide law by congress in 1991 which was signed by the first Bush. You professing christians need to read this, the link up above in one of Them guys post.

      • Them Guys

        Aljamo: Thanks for your comment. As for these so called “professing christians”? Good Luck! Most are so damn delsuionaly brianwashed with lifelong pro israel Old testement Falsehoods taught by phony preachermen who use scofields bible to Interpret the KJV bible its not even funny any longer.

        These professing christians believe every false thing taugt by those preachers like John Hegee-Falwell-Robertson-Perry Stone-TBN crowd of clowns on TV ministries.

        Their basic beliefs are: jews are “special” are “Chozens” that the Old test covenant is Still fully in operation along side the New covenant of the New testement of Christianity and that, jews get a free pass to heaven due to their covenant etc. Hagee has a video on Yutube shows Him preaching to christians to NOT spread the gospel of Christ to Any jews because jews do NOT need believe in Jesus to be saved!!!!!

        His megga TX church has 20,000 membership! Joel Osteen is worse yet!His church has 60,000 members! And is expanding to soon be 100,000 members!(osteen is in texas too as are several more false pastor churches. TX seems have the Most anywheres!)

        Add them to another 100,000 other and usually smaller churches across the nation. You get 50 Milion deluded fools who absolutely refuse to even Read actual Proof like Noahide laws fed laws signed into fed law for Real!

        The minit they see Jew in print or spoken out loud, they FREEZE in place-Take deep breath and Hold it as long as they can-While their eyes dart side to side with entire body Frozen like a statue…Waiting for a sign, any sign from another person who begins to Exhale and make a fast Move towards nearest exit!

        Gotta get far away from whoever mentioned that Forbidden scary Holiest of Holies word…jew! Because God forbid any of these idiotic delusional Fools may awaken and Learn some real factual Truths and then what?…Switch belief from what they was taught entire life to believe of jew isssues? Wont happen. untill they find who them jews truely are and what plans they have to kill or enslave such foolish so called jewdeo christians.

        Glad to see You at least read that Link Aljamo. I hope my info link assisted Your truth search a bit. If yes. Then it was well worth posting eh! Them Guys

        • T.R.

          Im a Christian , but I’m an American first . Which means that I believe in the Constitution , which means that I believe in the right of all americans to be able to believe and practice whatever religion they wish to without persecution or persecution of others while practicing it .

    50. T.R.

      Want to know what living in the Soviet Union was like ? …….just stay in this country for another 10 years .

      • Them Guys

        You just said you are american first then a christian. So it sounds like “IF” you had to choose one or other…You place christian Last behind american citizen. What bible did you read or learn from?

        Mine all say christians are to place Christ/God above all else includeing whatever nation you live in.

        Also it is Christ who said He came NOT to make world peace but Rather as if bearing a huge sword with which to Divide the world into TWO Halves…The Godly and the Ungodly. Righteous and UNrighteous…

        There is a chapter in new testement that advises Christian which type folks belong to each side. And that we are of the LIGHT and THEY are of the Darkness side. Therefore we are to “From such Turn Away!” not join as One group…Turn Away from unbelievers-false religious folks-fags-murderers-liars-thieves etc etc…They are of the Dark or Satans children. From Such as Them Turn Away aka Have zero to do with that kind of people.

        Like it or not that Includes Jews who still even after 2000 yrs reject Christ. Yes its their right to reject Him or me or you etc…But all who reject Christ, Christ shall also Reject!…That included folks who place their home nation before the Lord.

        What does your bible say to contest these things if any?

        • T.R.

          Freedom of choice my friend , god says you have freedom of choice …….I made mine , you made yours . The US Constitution is unique document as our forefathers understood the evil that men do in the name of God , they were aware of things like the inquisition , persecution between catholics and protestants ( both christians ) and didnt want that happening here …………why do you have a problem with that ? There are way too many pastors , etc . that would like nothing more than to trample on the rights of their fellow man by forcing religion ( always theirs and only theirs ) as law of the land . I cant support that , if you can , then you are part of the problem , just as much as the muslim that blows up a bus full of kids . I dont care what the bible says , live and let live . If thats what you want to take as unquestioning literal truth , then do so , I question everything ., its every free mans right and RESPONSIBILITY to question .

        • T.R.

          Religious NUT JOBS from every one , are why people loose faith and become atheists . Think about it . You dont believe in freedom when it comes down to it …… what separates you from the muslim who believes just as strongly that he is right and willing to kill for it ?
          NOTHING DOES !!!!!!!! dont lecture me on my right to believe what I wish to believe and interpret . When it comes down to it I’m the patriot that will kill to restore the Constitution , freedom and liberty for my family and yours . Not saying I’m going to enjoy it …….I will not . But instead ” say a prayer and pass the ammo ” . You can hang out in the church and come out when its all over .

    51. agent provocateur

      Do you really want to know what will make the “PTB” crap their pants? Do you? If a very high percentage( whatever that might be) cashed out the checking accounts all at once and stayed home from work for a week or two.Call it a national strike or whatever

      • T.R.

        I think everybody should empty their bank accounts , then go on every government program their is just to crash the system overnight .

    52. The Universe

      Brandon is a government plant and you’re all just eating it up. Enjoy 🙂

      • Brandon Smith

        Yes, I’m a government plant that for some reason goes far out of his way to educate the masses on the underlying and undeniable truth of our society’s situation. I am very bad at my government plant job. I should probably be replaced.

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