How the Crackdown on Patriots Will Occur: “Dissent Will Become Unthinkable”

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    Despite the rise of populism and a resurgence of American values, it has become more dangerous than ever to speak out. A new war on patriots has begun…

    In the visible future, Americans may see real tyranny take hold at home. The deep state, which operates both inside and outside of the official channels and independently of presidents and Congress, is waging a war against the constitutional rights, financial independence and the rugged individualism that has allowed freedom to exist to a certain degree in this country.

    Speaking out as a patriot – despite the sense of victory in the people with the election of Donald Trump – has never been more dangerous.

    This is the time when people will start to disappear. But it begins digitally….

    While a major event is likely to take place in the next several years that could justify red level action on the ground to raid, round-up and re-shelter patriots and prominent voices in the alternative media may well take place in an American future – and has historically taken place in several notable regimes – it is more likely to happen online.

    The forum of social media on the internet is not only shutting down outlawed opinions, but it is also re-educating the populace about what is acceptable to think. It is doing more to reprogram the mind than TV ever could. Algorithms for censorship mean that dissent will no longer be heard by many people. Mere association with outlaws and undesirables will hurt social and credit scores, and society is likely to cluster around redundant groups of safe speech and like viewpoints reinforced by a narrow band of news coverage.

    You will see individuals in the news who are labeled as domestic terrorists; some of them will have done nothing more than spoken out against the system. The NDAA and, now, the


    Wash and rinse, concentrating down certain artificial attitudes, and bleaching out the undesirable ones. This has been an objective of the CIA, the State Dept., US AID and other government agencies for decades now.

    Television programming, radio broadcasts, leaf-letting and other forms of propaganda are dissemintated, both here and at home, and routinely carry pro-state messages. The coordination of public thought and discourse is alarming.


    Here’s a theory: Maybe the TV will only show you what you’re allowed to believe. Political pundits already have a name for this concept: the Overton window.

    A shift in the “window of discourse,” known as the Overton window determines what the public will accept. Will any political question, the two opposing viewpoints, and all the middle ground, will fall within the accepted plane of thought, no matter how vehemently there are cries of right or left, yes or no, less or more, tyranny or freedom. Wikipedia summarizes:

    The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas the public will accept. It is used by media pundits. The term is derived from its originator, Joseph P. Overton (1960–2003), a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, who in his description of his window claimed that an idea’s political viability depends mainly on whether it falls within the window, rather than on politicians’ individual preferences. According to Overton’s description, his window includes a range of policies considered politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too extreme to gain or keep public office.

    Because the public perceives that it has been offered multiple choices, individual members of the public take stake in whichever view – confined within that acceptable window – best fits theirs. But they lack perception of the shifts in direction that window has taken; they have forgotten all previous attitudes – or regard them as taboo or ridiculous.

    Right now, the biggest shift in the Overton window is happening on social media. Facebook and Google are leading the charge, hiring new hit teams to flag and censor news.

    Because it all works on algorithms, the “window” effect becomes literal, rather than just figurative. News and information that falls outside of the acceptable range of view is simply not seen by the public – it is hidden from view, and omitted from search results.

    Yet increasingly, Facebook accounts, Google credentials and etc. are needed for identification, transactions, etc. Banking and commerce is leaning towards becoming completely digital. Cash controls have begun in the United States and abroad.

    This is where prepping, patriotism and independence has begun to be outlawed. Politically-correct speech is now just programmed into the system.

    Electricity and data are now intertwined. Smart meters, smart grids and smart appliances go together and make tracking built in. The concept of digital footprints expands…


    In the next two decades – independence will be ferreted out.

    While a truly free spirit can never be crushed, they are making it harder than ever to go rogue in occupied America.

    Living off the grid has been criminalized in many places, and strongly discouraged in most, with codes leading to conformity in the real world. True individuals are few and far between, but the struggle goes on.

    Pockets of resistance continue to be met with public relations problems and threats of government raids. Malheur and Bundy Ranch have offered a glimpse into what may be ahead; Waco and Ruby Ridge provide examples from the past.

    Patriots will endure… but in the coming years, they will either work inside the system – where hackers and whistle blowers have become traitors – or operate outside of its boundaries altogether. Patriots will need people on the inside and outside.

    Individuals will be rounded up through police encounters; speech will flag people as dangerous, and arrests will be made in conjunction with domestic disputes, nosy neighbors, false reports, etc. Database “pings” will pre-mark dissenters for detention or prison.

    Patriots have been marked for suspicion, and so have the symbols that express those positions. Beware in how you are seen, particularly, if there is a need to stay below the radar and avoid detection. Unless you have shielded your identity, your past actions and words could give you away.


    The system places patriots under suspicion, and closely monitors independent, unaccountable actions… because they are control freaks.


    A civil war is being created as a response from the system to maintain long-term dominance through banking and information management.

    Meanwhile, they will be coming for those who are speaking out. The only question is when.

    As Michael Snyder reported:

    According to a senior government official who served with high-level security clearances in five administrations, “There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived ‘enemies of the state’ almost instantaneously.” He and other sources tell Radar that the database is sometimes referred to by the code name Main Core. One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect. In the event of a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.

    War will be asymmetrical, and physical conflict will be balanced with cyber engagement of public perception.

    As resistance continues, the liberty contingent will have to be wary of an evolving threat matrix that seeks to use technology as a means of control.

    Above all, recognize that the system will phase in their control gradually – it is this seamless shift of perception, stretched out over time, that is its greatest weapon.


    Identity protection will be crucial, and use of technology should reflect the state of the art of surveillance.

    If you want to get yourself totally outside of the system, and stay there, it will be increasingly difficult to do, but not impossible.

    Sargent Survival at has some very solid tips for making this a reality. Here are just a few, but read them all and be thorough about your process:

    • There are 30 million plus surveillance cameras on the US, one camera for every ten Americans.
    • The average American is in 200 databases.
    • Putting a plan in motion to keep you from being tracked is a good idea if you want to devise a new life for yourself
    • Right before you leave, change your appearance significantly
    • Before you leave, terminate all of your accounts (email, bank accounts, credit cards, etc).
    • Don’t terminate your social network sites as you can use these sites to provide disinformation.
    • Before you leave, delete all of your computer files and get rid of your computer’s hard drive  – boil; smash; run a Degausser/ electromagnetic wand
    • Get rid of all of your personal items like photos, trophies, mementos, etc. that could tie you to your old life.
    • Get rid of your cell phone or tablet as these can be easily used to track your location
    • Break your normal patterns (what you eat, where you frequent, how you shop, the kind of work you do, etc).
    • Completely change your lifestyle [and employment]
    • Pay for everything with cash.
    • Avoid frequenting your usual places
    • Ditch your car and find a substitute; get rid of the toll pass which can track your movements
    • To determine the best place to resettle, choose a mid-sized city in a not overly cold place. Big cities and small towns are not good places for anonymity because of all the cameras.
    • To change your identity … petition the court to change your name legally to a new–and common–name.
    • Apply for a driver’s license under your new name.
    • Buy a basic pre-paid cell phone (not a smart phone). Replace the pre-paid phone frequently, about every 2 weeks.
      When you are not using the cell phone, remove the battery
    • To get back online use a new laptop. Stay away from libraries!
    • Always use a hard wire to your laptop and turn off the wi-fi; reroute your ip address so your location can’t be determined
    • Be aware of the NSA spying and the ECHELON program in the US which monitors phone and computer transmissions for keywords and messages.
    • The police now consider common activities suspicious such as bird watching, sketching or painting, or taking photographs in public.
    • There are 70+ FUSION centers in the US which coordinate surveillance and other information.
    • Technology is now available to identify you by the way you walk, your facial measurements and biometrics
    • It will be 7 to 10 years before your old identity drops off of databases, if ever.
    • The less you interface with technology, the better off you will be.

    In the next few years, you must make careful decisions about when you will and will not engage the system, use technology, or participate in society.

    Freedom will not be compatible with the digital control grid; it will endure in ways that out think the constraints that have been placed on us, in whatever way it can.

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      1. We already have Hate Crime Laws. These laws are not designed to stop crime, they are designed to oppress the majority demographic. Soon there will be Hate Speech laws. These laws will wipe out opposition speech. Europe already has these laws. Up to 5 years in prison for a conviction. If you are a victim of slow moving demographic genocide, you may not mention it or you go to prison. TPTB want you to accept the end of your civilization. The end of your nation. The end of your people. They will not tolerate any voice that speaks up against them and their agenda. It’s like a boot on your neck, forever. To quote George Orwell.

        • As a Patriot, I am on the NWO “Watch List”; and they are on mine !!! 🙂

          • Hey DurrangoKiddy You own me $100 Franklin you bet.

            I said China was moving the Yuan to a Gold Based system. And has been working at that since 2014.

            You said: Also called the Yuan Confetti. Wrong.
            Durango kidd
             I have a Franklin that says China will NEVER back its currency with gold, unless the rest of the world does also; which is a potential possibility, but HIGHLY UNLIKELY. To do so would expose Chinese Gold to a run on its reserves; just as France did to the USA before Nixon pulled the plug.

            I then said: Here you go 3 quick articles for your reading pleasure:

             Zeus says:
            Comment ID: 3645653
            December 23, 2016 at 5:48 am

            This Is It: Chinese Are Ready to Launch A Gold-Backed Yuan! – Jim Willie Posted on September 4, 2016 by The Doc

            Jim Willie Issues A Crucial Market Update: A Systemic Lehman Event is IN PROGRESS, the Chinese are Ready to Launch a Gold-Backed Yuan, and The Bond Market Is About to BLOW. We’re About to See A Run On Treasury Bonds…

            Does China plan to use gold to internationalize the yuan?
            Dhara Ranasinghe | @DharaCNBC
            Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | 8:12 PM ET
            “The massive flow of gold into the country does make it seem plausible that they [China’s authorities] could be moving in the direction of using gold in the effort to internationalize the currency and escape what is seen as a domineering dollar,” Lombard economist Freya Beamish said in a note published late Wednesday.

            **So There is your Proof DurangoKiddy, Now get your Franklin out of your wallet, put it in an envelope, stamp it, and send it to MAC Slavo at SHTFPlan. Since I only accept Gold and Silver for payments, I don’t want your fiat Franklin. Mac Can throw it at his favorite Charity or do what he see fit.

            You put your money where your mouth was, and was WRONG. Now Pay the Man Damitt.


            • I haven’t seen proof that it is actually being done, only that there may be plans in place. When it shows up in Fox, then we will know it’s real 😉

              • Cant you read? BC, Read the articles above again and again till it sinks in your brain. Are you as f-n ignorant as DK? I originally said that China was moving the Yuan based on Gold. All of these articles confirm what I said. DK clearly denied that it was even happening at all and bet me $100. He was wrong and I am right. Any more questions? DO you want to loose your money in your wallet also. Keep yapping.

                • If you are posting here and don’t use a VPN your IP will be up chucked so fast it will make your head spin.

                  Great little patriot honey pot here. Lots of flys have been caught.

            • Notice how that masked man DK refuses to admit he was blatantly wrong again?? Hell no, he wanders off like a coward to invent more BS for the next article.. Stay tuned.

              • Hi Sybil.

          • Their makin a list
            Their checkin it twice
            Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
            Federal Claws is comin to town..

            They see you when your sleeping
            They see when your awake
            They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

            You better not pout
            You better not cry
            Just do what your told and never ask why
            Federal Claws is comin to town

            The NSA is watching
            The CIA is too
            The FBI is on your trail
            Now whatcha gonna do?

            Oh you better not pout
            You better not cry
            Think of fighting back you better not try
            Federal Claws is comin to town..

            With facial recognition
            And cell phone spying too
            A database as big as hell
            Has all the dirt on you

            Oh you better not speak
            You better not type
            Orwell was completely right
            Federal Claws is comin to town….

            Thank you people thank you! 🙂

          • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

            Please accept my Christmas gift to your fine community.

            Common Sense Communications Backup

            Get some kind of open source mesh for your laptop, tablet, even phone in case the net goes down.



            This one is potentially better as it is not based on internet protocols at all.


            The problem with proprietary services like facebook is in the fine print, THEY OWN YOUR DATA.

            Use your imagination, they sell that info, criminals can subscribe to data brokers too.

            I suggest you consider migrating to a P2P Social Media Solution.

   I think it can communicate with FB.

            Regarding this subject, it’s more than Facebook we should be concerned with.

            How protected are you right now?



            Test Yourself right now if you like.


            Ditch Google over time if you can. is ok.

            P2P search you control is better.

            Secure email


            For Thunderbird


            For other platforms


            Techno-Fascism is your reality Neo.

            I suggest, you cut – paste – save & share this.

        • Parts of this info is almost word for word right out of “Track me if you Can” 1 of 5 Videos on Youtube. How to disappear.

          Sure you can still used social media, to tell everybody you are going to Seattle when you are really going to Miami. Leave your cell phone at a bus stop, so someone else will pick it up and use it, throwing your tail off. Erase all contact and email off it before you ditch it. Use a burner phone paid with cash. I use an 800 number for all my business contacts banking etc, and that is forwarded to what ever phone I am using including cell phone. But it doesn’t tell the area code etc where I am. And I don’t want to get texts, etc, from people or solicitations. Use multiple email address, one for buying stuff and internet use, and one for private email service, from out of the US like one based in Canada which can be encrypted for personal emails. And out of the clutches of US based Fascist internet service agreements with LEO’s. Yahoo email passwords were all hacked. Yahoo is for dopes who like lots of spam and tracking. Use Stealth DuckDuckGo dot com for doing nontracking internet searches. Never use G-Mail. Government email services. Dumb. Or FBI FaceBook Inc. facial recognition social media programs

          Use a PO Box, and register your vehicles to the PO box. Therefore you do not need a Mail Box at your BOL addy driveway locked gate for people to steal. And since you live off the grid you burn your trash and do not have a garbage bill. Take your recycling to the drop in town when you go pick up your mail. You also have no utilities bill because you have Solar for your power and your own private water well or stealth rain collection. These dopes who buy a place way out in the open landscape, are the first to get caught. At my gates you can’t see anything of the property behind it, which is at a private dead end dirt road. Nobody comes back here with the 6 Ft 3 strand Barbed wire, and 2 inch field fence and locked barbed wire gate.

          Its not rocket science. Be the Gray Man, off the grid and in the boonies, dead end dirt road, get a 4x4WD. Also use Camo Paint to mask your BOL Homestead footprint. See what Google earth sees, and millions of others at their pleasure. Use these Sat maps for water location nearest to you, or escape and evade routes, and get hands on familiar with all the land, woods, water ways, etc, in your area.

          Every decision you make daily should get you closer to your goals.

        • Him: If hate speech laws are passed, we will end up like the EU as even politicians are arrested over there (Wilders and others). Then we must heed this shtf article and hunker down and some will have to relocate and cg. identities. Some will just hunker and have a tight knit group and not trusting anyone else who could be an informant. We will have to see how all this plays out. first and second amend. will have to be eliminated before things really get dicey. Gun owners (even tho’ guns are hidden) will be executed according to some online interviews heard. Be real choosy from now on who friends are.

      2. “The less you interface with technology, the better off you will be.”

        So get the F off of sites like this and the internet generally and start the ball rolling. Otherwise, just keep your mags full and your skills sharp as to take a few of them with ya when it’s your time.

        Of course ‘they’ completely pussed out at the Bundy ranch and that was just a few guys. What happens when 10,000 of us say, ‘NO!’ ? Then what?

        ‘They’ shit their collective pants over an unattended snoopy backpack. What happens when 1000 of us leave greasy packages with wires hanging out and a buzzing sound at every federal and state building one Monday morning? Then what? They don’t have the resources.

        What happens when ‘they’ go to work and find their homes aren’t the same as when they left? Yeah, tit for tat; they’re in db’s too.

        Whatcha gonna do when ‘they’ come for ‘you’ and the ‘you’ said ‘F it, I don’t have much to live for anyway’ and fades into the woods to wreak hell on the ‘they’ types for awhile?

        And the list is possible but nearly impossible, try that list with kids and a wife and without a huge money resource.

        It will happen at some levels but not en masse.

        • Really, the feds do have their limits. Even with help, they’ll never take out ALL of us. Surrender and compliance is totally unthinkable to me. If it’s my time, I’ll die standing up, NOT on my knees.

          • As I was reading down the list I was thinking the same thing. If you hide you are part of the problem. Flood the internet with millions of patriots and overwhelm the system. What would the corporate thugs do if 50 million just said what they thought and told them where to go? If you think you can run and hide, you are dead already. Cowards give these corporate criminals power.

          • Yes, if one must fall, then make sure you fall facing the enemy.

        • I like the way you think.

        • The Bundy Ranch scenario was a CLUSTERFUCK because Bundy is a fucking moron !!!

          It was the wrong issue without a Constitutional basis as Bundy terminated his own commercial lease and squatted on American Taxpayer land for decades.

          The Militia at the Bundy Ranch were not Patriots. They were idiots led by a fucking moron. And that sums it up in a nutshell. 🙂


        • I am surprised that the leadership of the VA Hospitals who are guilty of Mass Murder, have not been targeted in their homes, by stressed out Vets, and assassinated. 🙂

          • As I mentioned here years before the election; Patriots must ENGAGE and become pro-active, taking over the Republican Party and disposing of the NWO NEO CONS. In particular I singled out the gun owners (100 million strong) as that group large enough to swing the election to a Patriot AND fund it.

            Rank & File Members, Tea Partiers, etc engaged and participating in the process can make a difference as this election has proved: at every level of government. Those here who have said that voting and participation doesn’t matter are losers unwilling to fight for their freedoms.

            We either get involved at a local level and take control from the grassroots; or we lose America to the Globalists of both parties; because the will not quit.

            Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice, in your neck of the woods. The NWO can be eliminated overnight ……. 🙂

        • Really and readers: Then we voted for Trump in vain, shoulda stayed home then, all for nada. Best to quit reading patriot and prepper sites and stop commenting like several friends have. Why don’t prepper and patriot sites shut down now, and go into hiding? Glad we never raised kids since this country will be crapped out in a few years. Hubby and I may be dead by 2025 and many reading this site. Social media is useless (a crock of BS) anyway, unless someone has a business. Prepay cell phones under $10. for ltd.usage best, like trac phone and net 10 flip phones cost $20. which we use now. Also have google voice. Say little to neighbors unless they are like minded, Quit all Gov. controlled 501c3 apostate churches (see Dave Hodges article on this several days ago.) as they will be spying on members for PC speech, etc. Stay out of civic and vets clubs (again useless) have nothign to do with local politics, stay low key and enjoy (eat out, travel) what few years are left. Good info from shtf article.

          • Laura, a lot of this is not going to happen in the article. Trump is game changer. He may get rid of the patriot act. Americans are not the enemy, Trump knows this phony scam. Today’s Obama Zionist Government wants us to fear them, but many of them wont have jobs harassing Americans after Jan 20th.

            Trump will clean house and a lot of these Obama directives, EO’s and illegal laws will be voided out this first year under Trump. Watch for Freedoms to again open up, as it will be safe again without all these ISIS and illegals stealing jobs and raping our women and killing Americans from Illegals drunk driving.

            No they don’t get drivers licenses any more or a Dem Voting card. NULL and VOID go strait to jail do not pass go, or collect a $200 EBT Card. Exported kicked out, so long sucka.

            • What the hell are you smokin? Trump will be your neighbor in the swamp basement. Get a grip on reality.

              • Ass’ed Itch thats the one thing I like about you. You take no prisoners! Trekker Out.

            • Zeus: People are worried about Trump’s safety. Many who hadn’t voted in decades, chose to vote against Hillary only, most were Ind. and even democrats. Let’s just hope ( some websites predict globalists will pull something) that Trump is a game changer and doesn’t end up like JFK. Otherwise many will just give up hope.

            • Zeus
              Todays Obama Zionist Government?

              In your comment #3645931
              You said that you agreed with Obama’s stance on Israel.

              Make up your mind Bi-Po Nutter Butter.

            • I 2nd AE’s question; just what are you smoking??

      3. Him, those ‘hate crime’ laws ARE race-based and aimed only against one group of people; WHITE PEOPLE. According to the PC crowd, only white people can be racist and targeted under the ‘hate crime’ laws. They can NEVER be victims of any ‘hate crime’. The ‘hate speech’ laws aren’t too far off. I don’t recognize such policies as legitimate so I don’t follow them anyway. I’ve been hearing for over 2 decades about these things coming and now we’re closer than ever to it. Anyone who tries to target me under such policies will have trouble on their hands. Not a smart thing for them to do.

        • Braveheart you got that right! Murder in and of itself is a hate crime. If you murder a White a Black a Queer or any other race you should be tried and if found guilty you should be executed. Liberals are guilty of causing more murders in America than anyone else in this country, by passing laws and stopping the execution of those convicted of murder. Trekker Out

      4. This is all wrong, if you ask me.

        First off, the events on September 11th, 2001 were an act of treason and terrorism against us, the ordinary, run of the mill American citizen.

        Why should we run and hide from these bullies. If they are going to kill us, they will do it. They proved it a million times with September 11, 2001 being just one of many betrayals. What about Richard Ahern’s accurate rants about poison food and vaccines. What about KY Mom’s “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”.

        I say, we have no choice; we must stand up for what is right. Let the not as powerful as they would like to be, pick up their toys and go. There’s a new sheriff in town and he isn’t running, he’s arrived.


        • Question for all posters here.
          When was the last time you went to a your County or a City Council meeting to give your public input on the record for supporting or againt some new policy or code under debate? You know, get your opinion on the record calling out their fraud to create policy? Most of their studies are Fraud and fake to shape public policy. Study their studies and csll out the fraud in your 3 min speech on the record.

          Most people are too stoopid to even know they can fight this agenda 21 scam. Most think, because they are too stoopid and lazy somebody else will take care of it for you. So when you complain about rules or policies or City or County codes on the books where the hell were you when this was under debate??? To control the monster you need to get involved, get the schedule of meeting times. Get the itinerary, show up and bring friends and family, keep your representatives honest.
          Get involved you lazy imbiciles and stop complaining and take action. Be that big pain in the ass speaking the truth and calling out their fraud on the record. Then repost the recorded meeting on YouTube and set up a website for the facts, not letting the scam media control the narritive. You think just because you voted everthing will fall into place? Fight back dammit and control you future by getting involved in the process locally also. If you fail to do this, then STFU, because you deserve what you get.

          • I will also add. Every neighborhood needs to form a nonprofit Home Owners Neighborhood Association registered in your area as a bonafide legit recognized organization. You will have a lot more control fighting policy at you local area, when you are organized in numbers than not. Have your own monthly meeting and discuss the issues on your terms with your members. United you stand. Devided they got you by the balls.

            These neighborhood associations are also good for crime watch commitees, opens up communication between neighbors in a public forum. And be ready ahead of some scam to take immediate actions to head off the scammers creating policy. Are you a leader or just another lazy sheeple?

            • One big problem Zeus, if people won’t put out the effort to go to a city council meeting they sure won’t go to a neighborhood assoc. meeting. I don’t disagree with your point, its just that people won’t put out the effort. Trekker Out

      5. Change your name? Withdraw your bank accounts? Cash? Change your employment? GTFOOH

        If you moved into the back woods, pretty much lived off the land, had no outside contacts, never needed medical care, you might stay hidden. The reality is, “You ain’t hiding”.

        Eight million people. Thats 2.5% of the US population. I’ll say thats about the percentage of people that have reasonable knowledge and supportive facts they have read to see the big picture. Thats about 10% of the 25% that know things ain’t right but are too busy with life or other interests to research and join the 2.5%.

        • The author left out political / economic favor in rooting out the “unpatriotic” rascals. Neighbor, associate, coworker in the Eastern Block could court favor informing on others all for gain or fear.

          No one escapes when freedom fails. The best men rot in filthy jails. Those who cried appease appease, were hanged by those they tried to please.

          • I think of the Brown shirts.

          • Good quote.
            Mind if it is used elsewhere?

            “No one escapes when freedom fails. The best men rot in filthy jails. Those who cried appease appease, were hanged by those they tried to please.”

        • Welcome to the 2.5% Club Kevin2. lol

      6. I really have a hard time wrapping head around exactly how they plan to round up and detain millions of people. If you consider the fact they can’t in 15 years get a country like Iraq under control a place that’s mostly dessert and Rock if a bunch of camel jockeys can hold their own lol no reason we can’t do the same.the US government is powerful no doubt, and smart they know damn well midnight round ups would lead to a big mess. No tptb will bide their time and wait until we are far to old to do anything. They will weaken our kids and grandkids indoctrinating they to liberal values. Look what happened after a fair and Democratic election ( a whole generation who’s bipolar meds simultaneously failed. The next generation will be worse. I’ve said many times generation X are the last generation with a sense of self-respect and objective thinking.
        My son’s are in their early 20s now and think nothing of gays cameras everywhere being the idea everyone is equal they believe it keeps people safer to be filmed photographed asked for I’d inoculation they completely buy into it
        My daughter 15,finds it a bit unnerving she mentioned it a few times how she doesn’t like cameras on her or the gender neutral washrooms. She thinks kids that dress and act gay are strange. I never really taught her that stuff she comes up with it all on her own.

        • It’s like gun confiscation. It’s not going to happen unless the police kick in very door in the country at 4AM and hold the family at gunpoint while they search for guns.

          That’s not going to happen, nor are millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans going to be rounded up.

          Fear porn.

          • smokey

            I talked to someone who defected from Armenia in the late 1980s. If he waited a few years there would have been no need but no one knows the future. He became a successful roofer employing a couple of dozen people and got cherished American citizenship, he also likes guns and I asked him how the Soviets and proxies post WWII got all those weapons out of partizan hands. It was simple he said. They announced that the guns were to be brought into the center of town. They executed entire families for non compliance and had informers throughout the community. The greatest ally was the wives who pressured their husbands to comply for the sake of the children.

            Absolutely brutal. We as Americans can’t get our head around such a thing but thats the way it was done.

        • “If you consider the fact they can’t in 15 years get a country like Iraq under control”

          They don’t want, “Iraq Under Control”. That would require a cohesive government that can decide among other things what currency they will take for their oil. That is exactly what the war was over to begin with. Libya had such a government too. Like Iraq it was Secular (Non Religious Ruled). Like Iraq it leadership decided to buck the oil peg. Like Iraq it was fragmented into a failed state with Islamic Fanatics running roughshod. The same MO is being applied in Syria. Don’t think for second its a repetition of stupidity. This is very intentional, destroy governments with resources or the geographic location (Syria) to transport these resources so there is no opposition. Chaos is the goal, the intent.

          • Kevin2, they dont want to control Iraq, just the oil. You see the more chaotic it is, the longer they can occupy the country the more they can rape and steal the resources. Its in 15 year chaos by design. The more they can occupy the more money they make. They meaning the Military Industrial Complex Mafia and Oil Co’s.

            • Its not the oil but rather what its sold in. Iraq oil profits end up in western corporations rebuilding what we broke. Maintaining the OIL PEG is the prime directive.

        • The Zionist know full well it take’s an entire Generation to brainwash them, from pubic schools to social media to acceptance of TSA, and conditioned to be full sheep hiding in momma’s basement until 35 to 40 Yrs old to be a Snowflake Purist. Oh and they have lots of trophy’s on the wall for showing up and for good attendance which reinforces acceptance and compromise. All other US History is erased from their Brains.

        • AB
          The reason you are having trouble wrapping your head around it … Is probably because like most Americans you actually believe tptb want the conflicts in the M E to end.
          As long as a truck driver for Halliburton is making more money than a four star General …. It ain’t happening.

        • Beaver: I don’t know your age, but I am almost eight yrs into retirement (4/09) and most patriots have passed on. Even retirees (with few exceptions)don’t have a clue for ex: they still go to these gov. 501 churches and listen to the blab and spt these apostates (gov. agents). Then some attend mtgs and read AARP mag. and believe this leftist crap. A well known talk show guy said after the B. Boomers get too old or die off, then the crack down. Could happen sooner as globalists are being exposed daily, but most refuse to believe it. Bio weapons is on the agenda to prevent nationalism from gaining ground. The EU is over with, Islam rules and the Marxist EU leaders are in bed with these bastards. Globalist chose Islam for population control as it is way cheaper than a suppressing army or police Muslims have un Q loyalty to their military leaders and Imams, They will send their 8 yr old on a suicide mission. We must keep these invaders out of this country. Otherwise we will end up like the EU.

      7. Patriot movement is a joke. When the gov kills one of your brothers and threatens to kill more your so called brothers will go home and back to work. Just like they did in the bunny incident. This movement is like a dog with no teeth growling. Who the fuck are these patriots kidding. I see them at the gun range talking hard a lot of them ex military who only know how to operate under a command structure. This movement has no leader. Think for yourself.

        • Asshat. Every Patriot out there is a “Lone Wolf- Army of One.” Who needs instructions, to know who the enemy is? Its simple, Search and Destroy. There may be 5 million individual wars against the Powers2B in a domestic war. Good luck countering that. Your mindset all changes when some one you know was killed from a Government action.

          Just ask the 5 million Jihadists in the ME.

        • Ashat, for your information, there are thousands of heavily armed insurgents all over the US, who realize the US government is illegitimate and are quite ticked off about it… almost every man I talk to knows that our country has been taken over and are mad as hell about it. Occassionally, I come across some nitwit who actually believes the bs on TV… MOST PEOPLE DON’T. Millions of people are awake…

      8. A civil war will be created and we will kill each other. The government will clean up the mess and control those that are left. Of course there won’t be much to govern but then this will be a world wide situation to cut the population till its managable. Agenda 21!

        • You at Langley Jim?

          Because you are one of few that state the real agenda.
          The “They’s” want many many humans DEAD. Real simple.
          They turn humanity upon each other.
          I believe the “They’s” are actual Demon-Lucifer, worshippers.
          Just like Hillary Clinton “spirit cooking” etc.
          Did you see Hillary laugh as Kahdafi brutalized? Sickening.
          NWO is only a predecessor to the Beast that will be worshipped by remnant of humanity.

          The technological control grid is just to keep fish in barrel until time to shoot them.

          It does not matter if you believe. Don’t believe. What matters is that They believe.
          Satanist and Demon worshippers are very “religious”. They are dedicated. They are zealots. They don’t take days off. They embrace Evil-Death-Destruction. They will do ANYTHING for their Agenda. That is who you face.

          Why do you think politicians continuously flash the Devil sign?
          That is also who MOST politicians are. That is what Obama is. Serves Satan.
          Not only is Obama anti American Traitor. He is Anti Christian God.
          Why do you think he Imported Russian troops?
          Colorado is FULL of Foreign troops. Did you know that?
          Why the Obama import into USA of muslims?
          Why do you think he has allowed the USA borders to be wide open?
          Why do you think he just abstained as Israel ram roded by UN edicts. US could have stopped that vote. Obama did this as leaving office. Giving away Palestine.

          Russian troops are in midwest with midwest accents. Seen them.

          Trump will have a mess to deal with.

          • Its been Agenda 21 all along from national right on down to the county level and across all borders. Not enough food, resources or money for the populations that exist. too much debt and too large to control. Easy solution for those in power is too kill them off till there is some equalibrium and enough resources and no debt. nope, I’m no where near Langley thank God!

          • “Trump will have a mess to deal with”…..WTF???? Orange Satan is their leader, he is taking us further into the Corporatist Fascist Police State hell on earth. Orange Satan is the Manchurian Candidate and Trojan Horse wrapped in one evil package. Trumpbots really need to wake the fuck up!!!!

            • you might be right Ron?
              i hope you are wrong.

              there really was no other option than Trump.
              if nothing else Trump may allow us a few more years to get ready for the next obummer nwo traitor? hope so.
              economy looks real bad. banks are broke. money worthless.
              banks are overextended again. hedge funds. countries in great debt.

              ammo. food. medical. seeds. fertilizer for garden n crops. are all good investments.
              prime directive——–getting location readied outside of usa would be prudent.

              leaving usa is best. nwo is going to start nuclear war in your lifetime.
              stay in usa you die. leave, then you might live. leaving is better chance.
              the politician psychopaths want a nuclear war. psycho politicians will get r done at some point. very bad outlook long term.

              again. i hope you are wrong about President Trump. hope we weren’t duped.
              time will tell.

              i don’t feel confident that genocide will not happen in usa. i believe politicians will kill millions with some fake false flag nonsense and reaction to that false flag that they themselves create.

              so our group are leaving for greener pastures. hopefully a more peaceful government running the place. we just want to be left alone. live in peace. raise crops herds children. time will tell.

              happy new year 2017
              hope President Trump does better than the communist obummer leaving office.

        • Obama has stated he plans to remain in the Washington area
          after he leaves office. Will probably be an agitator and return to his roots as a community organizer.

          Trump may have to have him arrested and sent Guantánamo Bay Cuba

      9. Government can screw themselves

      10. A final note, let’s keep all this hidden identity hiding and changing a stuff secret just between us so no one else learns about it and starts watching for it being used.

        Remember, mum’s the word, shhhhhhhh, keep quiet about it.

        • The chair is against the wall, repeat the chair is against the wall.

          The cat ate the goldfish, repeat the cat ate the goldfish.

          • The goldfish ate the cat. Lock and load.

      11. I was watching two cardinals out the window, for a minute or so, as I was doing the dishes, and as they hopped among the bushes in my backyard the other day. Do you think they put me on some list somewhere for doing this? And I am VERY glad I didn’t have the temerity to actually photograph or – Heaven forbid! – sketch them!

        Just asking.

      12. And don’t forget the $170 billion in cash that Obama gave the Iranians. Where did that money come from.? Can you believe there has been no Congressional investigation of this. Nothing…. They’re all traitors. Every friggin Congressman, Senator, And Representative. I want them all tried for treason and hung beside Obummer and his criminal cabinet.!!!!

        • I think the money was to help Iran build their nuclear weaponry. That will cause Israel to attack them and his hope is Israel will lose the ensuing Middle East war.

      13. Can’t have surveillance without some form of revenue collection. Not only are psychopaths nosey but they are thieves too.

      14. The South East is FULL of Patriots, ex military, ready to a level that the people that wrote this article have no idea of. I am member of a large family. After our Christmas eve celebration we took the children out back and shot 3 different pistols.

        Now, let me make this clear, freedom is in the heart of all true Americans, there will be no handing over of our freedoms. It is not gonna happen.

        The same love of freedom is being handed down to our children that we have learned to love.

        Just in case anyone is wondering-

        The three guns were -38 Special shooting +P – 22 Magnum pistol- and last but not least a Ruger .357 Magnum.

        SEMPER FI

        • USMC
          You did the right thing. I wish we could have done this In Illinois but it was raining hard. winds around 30 mph, and bout 34 degrees.

          We did the next best thing. Made sure the rifles and handguns were empty and safe and let the boy and girls handle them. And showed them how they worked, and how to load and make them go into battery. Most of the boys knew how they worked and they were showing their girlfriends how they worked. I was proud for the guys, and gals for stepping up and teaching some of the younger kids about the guns. They harped on safety.

          One thing I have learned is that you let them handle and shoot the guns they will never handle them unless you are at home. That was one of the biggest thing the older Kids (17/20) told the younger ones. (8/15). This is a good thing because they seem to listen to the older kids.

          God Forbid that they ever have to use them on people. If it comes to their lives or a Turds life. Bye, Bye Turd!


        • Ooooooooooooohhhhhh…Rah Marine….GET SOME ! Semper-Fi !

          1968 Vietnam, Northern I Corps.4th Marines, 3rd Mar. Div.

          • Marine Reserves 1982-1988. Combat Engineer.

            Much respect to all of my Brothers who fought in Vietnam!

      15. How the Crackdown on Patriots Will Occur: “Dissent Will Become Unthinkable”

        I concur with this article … and again I retort … fuck these assholes up their stupid ass’s … give us the game … or don’t bother anymore teasing us!

      16. There are nearly 5,000 criminal laws and an estimated 300,000 or more criminal regulations at the federal level alone. In fact, there are so many possible criminal offenses that Harvey Silverglate, a civil liberties attorney, contends the average American probably commits at least three felonies a day, most without knowing it.

        In April, the perils of overcriminalization were on full display when Brian Everidge traveled to Michigan with more than 10,000 bottles and cans, seeking to capitalize on Michigan’s generous 10 cents-per-bottle refund program. He stood to make $1,000.

        Everidge was pulled over for speeding and found himself facing a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison after the state trooper discovered his cargo. As it turned out, transporting more than 10,000 bottles into Michigan with the intent to collect a deposit is a felony

        See Joe Miller’s site at

      17. “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?”
        –James Madison, Federalist No. 62, 1788

        Now this: “2015 was a record-setting year for the Federal Register, according to numbers the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., released Wednesday. This year’s daily publication of the federal government’s rules, proposed rules and notices amounted to 81,611 pages as of Wednesday, higher than last year’s 77,687 pages and higher than the all-time high of 81,405 pages in 2010 — with one day to go in 2015. The group’s vice president for policy, Clyde Wayne Crews, said there have been 3,378 final rules and regulations among the pages of the Federal Register this year. Some of the major final rules included the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan and its Waters of the Unites States rule, as well as the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality order.”

        Land of the Free? When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Last I checked in 2011, at that time there were more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so. The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – was, when I last looked at this years ago, according to and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) was then 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc. ( )

      18. A direct conventional battle between the American military and patriots would be losing proposition for patriots unless a significant portion of the military sided with the patriots. If some dictatorship seizes control, it would be extremely difficult to overthrow it. Also, keep in mind, that any dictatorship would be trying to turn the different parts of the population against each other. It wouldn’t be the entire American people against the Government. Seizing power overtly would be hard to stop without the help of existing military units. Is there a better strategy?

      19. The probability of The U.S.A withdrawing from The U.N. will be high during The Trump Administration.

        If so, the power will shift to Europe because a new and improved E.U. could be the new boys on the block .Also, all foreign troops will have to leave our land.

        Our world is about to change, keep praying and prepping.

      20. No choice…”Give me liberty or give me death”. This is the peoples motto.

      21. As long as the beer, Big Pharma poison, processed sugar filled FAKE FOOD, and porno are still available to the dumbed down American fat ass toxic dump cowards-THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO DISSENT!!!!!

      22. Horse Manure ! We outnumber “Them” !

      23. “In the visible future, Americans may see real tyranny take hold at home.” In whose world??? MAYBE if Hillary Clinton were elected… NOT in a Donald Trump Presidency.

        • You really have gone completely INSANE, please understand how that happened, it is really not hard to figure out your programmed mass delusion-if you just opened your eyes and unplugged your ears in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of psychopath controlled America.

      24. With the election of Trump many people who are now awake will go back to sleep with a false impression that all is right with the country. The Marxist never sleep and plan for our destruction every day. Vigilance is more important now than when Obama the Marxist was in office. There will be street violence specifically designed for the MSM. There will be nightly breathless reports of unrest and the reasons will be placed at the feet of the patriot movement.
        The Marxist must have a new final solution for them to gain power and install a NWO. We will be the targets of the new final solution, therefore we must develop alternate propaganda to defeat the MSM. Obama signed the new anti propaganda law and it will be used with abandon to destroy alternative sites like this one. We will be labeled enemies of the state at first and rounded up when the state propaganda has sullied us enough for the arrest to begin.

      25. drumph is another zio puppet. and so is Vlad Putin, signing off on the fake assed shit in Ankara where no blood nor shell casings can be seen in the staged fake event..

      26. Overton was only 43. Another victim of the Clinton death squads?

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