How The Corrupt Establishment Is Selling Moral Bankruptcy To America

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    devil contract

    Morality is a highly misunderstood component of human nature. Some people believe they can create moral guidelines from thin air based on their personal biases and prejudices. Some people believe that morality comes from the force of bureaucracy and government law. Still, others believe that there is no such thing; that morality is a facade created by men in order to better grease the wheels of society.

    All of these world views discount the powerful scientific and psychological evidence surrounding Natural Law — the laws that human beings form internally due to inherent conscience regardless of environmental circumstances. When a person finally grasps inborn morality, the whole of the world comes into focus. The reality is that we are not born “good” or “evil.” Rather, we are all born with the capacity for good AND evil, and this internal battle stays with us until the end of our days.

    Every waking moment we are given a choice, a test of our free will, to be ruled by desire and fear, or to do what we know at our very core is right. When a man silences his inner voice, the results can be terrible for him and those around him. When an entire culture silences its inner voice, the results can be catastrophic. Such a shift in the moral compass of a society rarely takes place in a vacuum. There is always a false shepherd, a corrupt leadership that seeks to rule. Rulership, though, is difficult in the face of an awake population that respects integrity and honor. Therefore criminals must follow these specific steps in order to take power:

    Pretend To Be Righteous: They must first sell the public on the idea that they hold the exact same values of natural law as everyone else. The public must at first believe that the criminal leaders are pure in their motives and have the best interests of the nation at heart, even if they secretly do not.

    Pretend To Be Patriotic: Despots often proclaim an untarnished love of their homeland and the values that it was founded upon. However, what they really seek is to become a living symbol of the homeland. They insist first that they are the embodiment of the national legacy, and then they attempt to change that national legacy entirely. A corrupt government uses the ideals of a society to acquire a foothold, and when they have gained sufficient control, they dictate to that society a new set of ideals that are totally contrary to the original.

    Offer To “Fix” The Economy: Tyrants do not like it when the citizens under them are self sufficient or economically independent. They will use whatever methods are at their disposal including subversive legislation, fiat currency creation, corporate monopoly and even engineered financial collapse in order to remove the public’s ability to function autonomously. They will begin this process under the guise that the current less-controlled and less-centralized system is “not safe enough,” and that they have a better way to ensure prosperity.

    Offer To Lend A Hand: Once the population has been removed from its own survival imperative and is for the most part helpless, the criminal leadership moves in and offers to “help” using taxation and money creation, slowly siphoning the wealth from the middle class and raising prices through inflation. Eventually, everyone will be “equal”; equally poor that is. In the end, the whole nation will see the rulership as indispensable, for without them, the economy would no longer exist and tragedy would ensue.

    Create External Fear: Once in place, the criminal leadership then conjures an enemy for the people, or multiple enemies for the people. The goal here is to create a catalyst for mass fear. When the majority of people are afraid of an external threat, they will embrace the establishment as a vital safeguard. When a society becomes convinced that it cannot take care of itself economically, little coaxing is required to convince them that they are also not competent enough to take care of their own defense. The government not only becomes caregiver and nanny, but also bodyguard.  At this point, the establishment has free reign to dissolve long cherished liberties while the masses are distracted by a mysterious threat hiding somewhere over the horizon.

    Create Internal Fear: They move the threat from over the horizon, right to the public’s front door, or even within their own home. The enemy is no longer a foreigner. Now, the enemy is the average looking guy two houses over, or an outspoken friend, or even a dissenting family member. The enemy is all around them, according to the establishment. The public is sold on the idea that the sacrifice needed in order to combat such a pervasive “threat” is necessarily high.

    Sell The People On The Virtues Of Moral Relativism: Now that the populace is willing to forgo certain liberties for the sake of security, they have been softened up enough for reprogramming to begin. The establishment will tell the people that the principles they used to hold so dear are actually weaknesses that make them vulnerable to the enemy. In order to defeat an enemy so monstrous, they claim, we must become monstrous ourselves. We must be willing to do ANYTHING, no matter how vile or contrary to natural law, in order to win.

    Honesty must be replaced with deceit. Dissent must be replaced with silence. Peace must be replaced with violence. The independent should be treated with suspicion. The outspoken treated with contempt. Women and children are no longer people to be protected, but targets to be eliminated. The innocent dead become collateral damage. The innocent living become informants to be tortured and exploited. Good men are labeled cowards because they refuse to “do what needs to be done,” while evil men are labeled heroes for having the “strength of will” to abandon their conscience.

    Thus, the criminal leadership makes once honorable citizens accomplices in the crime. The more disgusting the crime, the more apt the people will be to defend it and the system in general, simply because they have been inducted into the dark ceremony of moral ambiguity.

    The actions of the state become the actions of all society. A single minded collectivist culture is born, one in which every person is a small piece of the greater machine. And, that which the machine is guilty of, every man is guilty of. Therefore, it becomes the ultimate and absurd purpose of each person within the system to DENY the crime, deny the guilt, and make certain that the machine continues to function for generations to come.

    Though we have already passed though most of the above stages, Americans are still not yet quite indoctrinated into the realm of moral relativism. This, though, is swiftly changing.

    The Current Sales Pitch

    Just take a look at the attitude of the Obama Administration and the mainstream media towards Edward Snowden and his recent asylum approved by Russia.

    The White House, rather than admitting wrongdoing in its support for the NSA’s mass surveillance of American citizens without warrant, or even attempting to deny the existence of the PRISM program, is now instead trying to promote NSA spying as essential to our well being while wagging a finger of shame at Snowden and the Russian government for damaging their domestic spy network. Obama has lamented on Russia’s stance, stating that their thinking is “backwards.”

    Did I miss something here? I’m no fan of the Russian oligarchy, but shouldn’t Obama and most of the NSA (let alone every other Federal alphabet agency) be sitting in a dark hole somewhere awaiting trial for violating the Constitution on almost every level? Yet, we are instead supposed to despise Snowden for exposing the crime they committed and distrust any country that happens to give him shelter?

    Due to public outcry, Obama has attempted to pacify critics by announcing plans to make NSA mass surveillance “more transparent”. First, I would like to point out that he did NOT offer to end NSA spying on Americans without warrant, which is what a President with any ounce of integrity would have done. Second, Obama’s calls for more transparency have come at the exact same time as the NSA announces its plans to remove 90 percent of its systems administrators to make sure another “Snowden incident” does not occur.

    Finally, when the public called for an investigation into the NSA and the Director of National Intelligence in the handling of the Snowden affair and the PRISM program, the White House appointed none other than James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, as part of the team that would “investigate” any wrongdoing.  The Obama Administration insists that Clapper, a documented liar who told Congress that the NSA was not involved in mass domestic spying, was not going to “head” the panel of investigators, even though a White House memo specifically named Clapper as the man who would form the so-called “independent group”.  The White House still admits that Clapper will be involved in the process.

    So, just to reiterate, the people who perpetrated the criminal act of warrant-less surveillance on hundreds of millions of Americans, and who were caught red-handed lying about it, are now appointed to investigate their own crime.

    Does this sound like a government that plans on becoming “more transparent”?

    Ask yourself, would Obama have called for ANY transparency over the NSA whatsoever if Snowden had never come forward? Of course not! The exposure of the crime has led to lies and empty placation, nothing more.

    In the meantime, numerous other political miscreants have hit the media trail, campaigning for the NSA as well as other surveillance methods, bellowing to the rafters over the absolute necessity of domestic spy programs. Fifteen years ago, the government would have tried to sweep all of this under the rug. Today, they want to acclimate us to the inevitability of the crime, stating that we had better get used to it.

    Their position? That Snowden’s whistleblowing put America at risk. My questions is, how? How did Snowden’s exposure of an unConstitutional and at bottom illegal surveillance program used against hundreds of millions of innocent Americans do our country harm? Is it the position of the White House that the truth is dangerous, and deceit is safety?

    I suspect this is the case considering the recent treatment of military whistleblower Bradley Manning, who has been accused by some to have “aided Al Qaeda’s recruiting efforts” through his actions.  How did Manning do this? By releasing information, including battlefield videos, that were hidden from the public containing proof of U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Perhaps I’m just a traditionalist and not hip to modern diplomatic strategy, but I would think that if you don’t want to be blamed for war crimes, then you probably shouldn’t commit war crimes. And, if you don’t want the enemy to gain new recruits, you should probably avoid killing innocent civilians and pissing off their families (there is also ample evidence suggesting that the CIA has done FAR more deliberate recruiting for Al Qaeda than Bradley Manning could have ever accomplished on accident). Just a thought.

    So, to keep track – U.S. government funds and trains Al Qaeda, but is the good guy. U.S. government commits war crimes, but is the good guy. U.S. government hides the truth from the American people, but is the good guy. Bradley Manning exposes war crimes, and is the bad guy. Moral relativism at its finest. Moving on…

    The shift towards moral bankruptcy is being implemented in the financial world as well. Investors, hedge funds, and major banks now surge into the stock market every time the private Federal Reserve hints that it may continue fiat stimulus. When bad news hits the mainstream feeds, people playing the Dow casino actually cheer with glee exactly because bad economic news means more QE from the Fed. They know that the Fed is artificially propping up the markets. The Fed openly admits that it does this. And, they know that our fiscal system is hanging by a thin thread. And you know what, very few of them care.

    The Fed created the collapse with easy money and manipulated interest rates, and now, some people cheer them as the heroes of the U.S. financial structure.

    The American narrative is quickly changing. There has long been criminality and degeneracy within our government (Democrat and Republican) and the corporate cartels surrounding it, but I believe what we are witnessing today is the final step in the metamorphosis that is totalitarianism. The last stage accelerates when the average citizen is not just complicit in the deeds of devils, but when he becomes a devil himself. When Americans froth and stomp in excitement for the carnival of death, and treat the truth as poison, then the transformation will be complete.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. Why can we not just kill them all off, and start over?

        • As Gerald Celente likes to say. “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT”. So anything is possible.

          That’s why i’m a small govt person. I can fend for myself and like to be left alone. And yes the article is correct that tyrants and despots want you under their control which is why we are forced onto the system grid. When it fails so do we as we can’t eat drink, take a shower etc.

          We were much better off as a society pre industrial revolution age. At least back then you were not only allowed to defend yourself but even encouraged. You grew your own food, gathered your crops, had water etc.

          Now it’s just exactly the opposite. Without their grid and control it’s hard to survive.

          • I think the biggest problem with most of the masses have lost their consceince. It is that little voice that tells you what is right and wrong. Most people now morally justify their actions in their minds, and lose the conscience that was so much stronger decades ago. People are retrogressing to a more animalistic state of behavior and state of mind. Just look at these perverted orgies and other wild drug use all over the place. It was nothing like it was even in the 1960’s and 1970’s. There was a majority of people that still did the right thing.

            Just look at how the frindly neighbor policy has died in so many different spots of the country. Now most places the people you live side by side is more interested in their own forms of pleasure than even stopping to say hello to someone. Look at how the people that took a strong community and preparation for emergencies seriously. I personally NEVER thought that the number of people preparing would drop to 1%. My dear God 1%.

            Everyone knows that I am into the geophysical issue of the planet, but I can apply these terms to the human psyche.

            First of all the society is FRACTURING apart right in front of our eyes. Just look at the recent new over in the Middle East, almost 300 people died today in Eygpt because of this fracturing of the people and these so called leaders.

            SINKHOLE, we are witnessing the collapse of various sections of society that we thought we had a good foundation to stand on.

            TENSION, like a future break and massive earthqauke the amount of stress and strain on people is building to very dangerous level.

            EROSION, we have seeing everyday the eating away of everything that gave us hope and a reason to fill that better times are ahead.

            TSUNAMI, WHEN the catastrophic event(s) occur, we will see firsthand the receding of the government to a more centralized location, then the true SURGE coming in to sweep most everything away.

            The problems just keep building and building, and you know what?, it is not easing up. This building and building of problems starts right with the people losing the concept of fairness, justice, and freedom. NOT UNTIL THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE SEE WHAT IS FAIR AND RIGHT FOR EVERYONE AND THE COUNTRY AND WORLD AS A WHOLE WILL ANYTHING GET BETTER, OR STOP THE EVENTUAL LOG DISTANCE FALL FROM THE CLIFF.

            • @ BI
              In the end we may all become animals.

              • Be informed

                America has sold her soul for thirty pieces
                of silver. We have traded our freedoms and
                integrity for Obama phones and a piece of
                the good life. We ignored it’s stealth.

                The old Soviet Union was right in saying:
                the US is the decadent society. How true.

                • @ OutWest. This is too true now, but growing up this was not the case. Even people that are 30 something had far better times growing up than children in the present day. BO has been the slickest saleman alive for selling out yourselves for a few trinkets. I remember an old Twilight Zone in which this sadistic “A” hole was making this alcoholic sing “How Dry I am” for a drink each and everyday. This saloon girl said to him that even the devil would give me a drink and not make him humiliate himself like this.

                  All over the world this is happening where people are so obsessed with THINGS rather than the all improtant intangibles. This is what the masses are doing right now, they are selling their souls for a couple of baubles to BO and the admistration. Pawn shop king BO.

                  • Agree BI, I was Born in the 60’s and my childhood was way better than what my child is dealing with today, its been a slow creep..and it very well may have even started before the time I feel it has, but my gut tells me this and
                    Its just my own opinion, but the way our government changed in a very historical way on Friday, November 22, 1963 , and who orchestrated it,and how the truth has been hidden ever since has brought us to what we are dealing with these days, and everything since that time and who we have had for so called “leaders”

                • One of the purposes of propaganda is to discourage those that would revolt; such as saying that you are out-gunned. I’ve seen much propaganda that even the alternative media has picked up on and broadcasted themselves – that Americans are too stupid, fat, lazy and now immoral. What they are saying is that “You guys don’t have any moral ground to stand on; you are just as evil as we are.” What they want to do is conflate themselves and their followers with the rest of us – and that is a damn lie.

                  I would venture that that vast majority of “us” have not “sold our soles…traded our freedoms…have an ObamaPhone…or ignored [the government’s] stealth.”

                  Yes, some Americans have done these contemptible things, but don’t group them with me and the rest of us with the words, “we,” “us,” “Americans” in the inclusive sense, with “them.” “We,” ladies and gentlemen, are not “them.”

                  In fact, “they” are a distinct minority, albeit a large minority, that are fat, stupid, lazy and corrupted. And “we” all know who “they” are, so let’s stop buying into and propagating this particular propaganda.

                  Stop carrying the water for the propaganda machine, folks, and quit using the collective “Americans” when discussing these people – they are about un-American as you can get.

                  There are a great many of us, probably most of you, that have not sold out at all and are doing everything we can to not only prepare, but fight the coming battle to restore our Republic.

                  You know who you are, and you are not “them.”

                  • WCIII…well said…that’s why I often opine here and else where that there is a difference between the federal govicorp and America…I get accused of playing word games but that’s not the case…words have meanings and we have to make sure we understand the meanings and then stand by the meanings…America is us…America is the dream…America is way older than this self important federal system they call the United States and America will be here long after the ashes have cooled of whats left of this current federal system…it(a govt) can be reborn better and more just than this current model,more true to what America stood for…yes theres a lot of rot and a lot of evil in this country today…but that evil and rot is not us…its a symptom of freedom being mis-used and mis-represented/maligned and destroyed…I see all the evil,(I would be foolish not to see it and acknowledge it,but I simply refuse to give it some kind of onimpotent and inevitable power to assert itself over everything…I refuse to fear it…) but I also see all the good and decent things there are and all the good and decent people who whilst they may be in the shadows and not on TV are not a minority set to be devoured by some rabidly unstoppable federal/global power…good will win out over evil and good people are the only ones who can bring it about…half of the battle they say is in your mind…its gonna be hard for people to convince me/anyone that they can fight a war for freedom on the field of battle if they can not fight and win the battle in their mind first! Thanks!

              • – No, worse: Human.

            • Never believe what people say: especially politicians as they are primarily predators by nature; liars, cheats, hypocrites and thieves.

              Watch what they do and the results that their actions produce and you will discover their intent.

              “Transparency” is a perfect example. 🙂

              • you forgot the other thing politicians have in common



                • Lawyers are the F#4ing Scum of the Earth. Every single one of them would lie to their own mother if it suited their need. I have had many years experience with Lawyers and judges during my time as a Law enforcement officer and the one thing they ALL have in common— NO sense of decency or conscience. Whatever it took to win (lie ,cheat steal, manipulate) that is ALL they are about Winning and getting their money. That is why they go into politics EASY MONEY (corrupt money, but they don’t care) I’ve had them LIE right to my face even when I was the one paying them during a divorce….Lying SCUM EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!!!

                  • What happened to the lawyer that took Viagra?

                    He got taller!!!

                  • The same is true for cops. All liars.

                  • law officers are the liars and scumbags

          • A good primer on where we are headed, is Aaron Russo’s doc, Freedom To Fascism.

            • Heres an exallant 6hr video that documents everything You were never Told and denied to know of, as well as totally debunks most all you were told as truth to believe the last 70 yrs since WWII. Not till the 4th hr into it does it have quite a bit of Debunking info that Proves we were Lied to on it all. Great reel orig footage and rare archived materials recently rleased by all the major player govnts of WWII era. Exposes more lies than you can count. This veideo WILL force You to RE think everything!


              “The Greatest Story Never Told” Truth for those who can Handle it. Takes untill aprox first 1/2 hr into it for the good info etc..Stay with it and watch it entirely, you will Re think everything you Thought you knew.

          • You could take that argument back to the dawn of agrarian culture.

            Control of the food supply on a large scale was abused into Feudalism several times.

            I don’t think you can solve this in that manner. You can’t isolate everyone into small little tribes… then you got resource wars.

          • Very aptly put 🙂

            2% of the population now grow the food for the other 98%

            I don’t like those numbers.

            Take back control of your food and the puppet masters can only control you so much.

            I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Been lurking for ages. Thanks for all the great posts.

            It is very refreshing for me to see you all STANDING FIRM while all the pollyanna’s continue on the path of destruction.

            Peace and blessings….

          • @Justme….did you possibly watch it? I was going to watch it tonight and wouldn’t you know….it’s gone!! If you did, what did Greenwald say that was so threatening that they took the vid down??? What are they always so afraid of?

            • It was gone when I got there, sorry, was hoping to see it. It looks like it was taken down by third party claim. Many good vids are disappearing fast because of this.

            • Perhaps the most shocking statement came when Greenwald stated that by far the most significant documents Snowden has, and the ones that shocked Greenwald the most when he first saw them, are YET TO BE REVEALED

              And this??
              One piece of advice for Mr. Greenwald: avoid modern motor vehicles for the foreseeable future.

              Because they can be controlled by remote?? Is this why??


                Is this it????

                Ron Paul / Glenn Greenwald Interview

          • I found the video on archive(dot)org and posted a link, but I didn’t remove enough stuff to avoid moderation. It will show up soon.

          • I’m kind of disappointed in Ron Paul. He’s launched a website for telling people the truth, but it’s a PAY site that costs a monthly fee. I lost all respect for him for that.

            • Even after Ron Paul made over $50 million campaign cash donated, which they get to Keep and pay reg income tax on when they retire or quit politics. Hes charging for a website info?….Maybe Rand took that $50 mill stash and gave it to the Pharisee Rabbis to gain xtra support for election to us senate when Rand made his mandated wailers wall bang your forehard israel visit prior to elections?

              Ron Paul never went to israel to bang his head on that wall did he? Far as I know of, Ron never capitulated to israel or their rabbis and state officials like most all Other polititions do..I may be wrong? Never seen nor heard of Ron doing so though.

        • Eppe, the “great culling” will take care of that.

          • Amen brother

        • “Why can we not just kill them all off, and start over?”

          Because Eppe, that’s their plan

        • dude we need the government.come on ppl – if your not a part of the solution your a part of the problem!

        • We cannot “kill them off and start over” because this mindset has been worked into the vast majority of the populace, teachers, doctors, etc…including politicians. Remember Nazi germany did exactly the same game plan with the population. Complacency and tolerance of a facist regime. Bush really got the ball rolling in the right direction with”you are either with THEM or with US”. We are in danger.

      2. NOT the America at all that I knew as a kid. Nixon; despite his personal flaws; was infinitely better than that thing and his manish wife currently occupying the White House. Long story short. A lllooonnngggg time ago; I used to stand as a safety patrol kid on a local street before school; watching out for the younger kids; making sure they didn’t get hit by a car; or some goofy shit. My 5th grade teacher came down to my post one day; just to see how I was doing. This was in the early 70’s. About the same time; a group of High School kids walked by. She just looked at them; and stared. Then she said” THAT generation is going to bring this country to its knees someday.” She wheeled around; and then walked up the hill; back to school. For some reason; I never forgot that incident. Whenever I see whats going on today; I think about how prophetic that teachers words were.

        • @ Dave – I agree with you Dave. My father has always said that “Nixon paid for the sins of the world.”
          Years later, wasn’t Bill Clinton almost impeached?
          But today, Bill and his wife are almost worshiped as Jesus Christ.

          • I think you’ve got it switched around. Nixon was almost impeached but resigned and Bill Clinton WAS impeached. Making the whole authors point and your point even more worrisome. Even those of us here get our histories mixed up in favor of the leftists.

            • Dude;

              Your comment makes no sense

              • He said Clintoon was impeached but not convicted which is true. Nixon was not impeached as he resigned instead.

      3. I am reminded of the expression, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

        Excellent article.

        • “All it takes for EVIL for endure is that GOOD men do NOTHING”

          It’s time to stop talking and time to start acting. Time to communicate our ideas to our neighbors, not just through a computer screen. Get in the trenches, let the people know what is going on is wrong. We have become complacent, prepping and waiting for a SHTF even, don’t you see its already happened. You are NOT free anymore, you have signed up for this through credit cards, home loans, vehicle loans, and all other “luxuries that you have been told you can’t live without. Let’s not forget about OBcare. And if you’re a child growing up and want to get a college education unless you get a scholarship or your parents saved every bit of money that child starts off into the world enslaved by debt. I all ask myself this question, If right after the Revolutionary War if the newly established govt went to the richest of land owners and said, Now give me %35 of every you make, what would they say?

          The for waking up is over, get your butts outta bed and start moving!


          • How Liberalism Took Over America

            ‘The Left learned some lessons from the radicalism of the 1960s when their political agenda failed to accomplish their stated goals. Their radical agenda was shot down politically because the majority of Americans still retained a remnant of the older Christian worldview.

            The Left knew it would be necessary to capture those institutions that shape and mold children who will one day become leaders.”


            “Antonio Gramsci’s philosophy for cultural and social change was the model for the new Leftists. Gramsci (1891–1937) considered Christianity to be the ‘force binding all the classes’…”

            “Perceptively, Gramsci realized that in the long run what people did not ultimately believe in they would not fight for. …

            “To change the culture, Gramsci argued, “would require a ‘long march through the institutions’ — the arts, cinema, theater, schools, colleges, seminaries, newspapers, magazines, and the new electronic medium [of the time], radio.”

            Godfather Politics

            • KY Mom,

              >>”How Liberalism Took Over America”<<

              Should read, "How Progressivism Took Over America"

              It's fixed KY Mom 🙂

              Thank you for the article! Cheers.

            • KY Mom: Thats ironic you posted that info on how to degrade and ruin society thru all forms media etc. As thats exactly a part of that Video info I posted a yutube Link to was about. About how in 1920-30’s Berlin Germany was called by the world as the european “Whore of Babylon” due to 14 yrs of the absolute worst decadence and Perverted sex and sodom ghomoroah type filthy deranged society berlin became, from the mass influences brought to Germany By them Bolshevik Kommie Russians who Flooded into berlin and germany as a whole during the Wiemier hyperinflation era. The kommies actually flooded into germany Prior to the Hyperinflation times.

              About 3 to 4 hrs into that 6hr long video it shows actual street scenes and theaters-art galleries-jazz clubs-Dope offering signs posted in public sight everywheres. Advertizing Cocaine-Moraphine and pills as well as every form of Perverted Sex to ever exist. All was available in Berlin once them kommie bolsheviks gained control just like Your Post says of!

              Besides the Jewish Banksters it was basically also all them perverts-and dopers etc that destroyed society and german morals, along with by then, Bolshevik jewish kommie polititions had 20 times as many elected persons in office compared to Native germans that held office!

              Even though the commie bolshei jewish folks were a total of Less than 1%…Out of 60+ Million total in germany, less than 1/2 million were jewish. Those combined atrocities and societal devestationary effects is what finally led to such mass demands to boot the commies out. And the major numbers of commies were the jewish folks.

              That video is an amazeing work of Art for a documentary by an amature movie maker at yutube. Better than any reg history chanel movies or documentaries. Reveals so much we never been told of too.

              And the info You posted today fits right in with it as it it was made for it!….Thanks for that posting KY Mom.

              Ironic how America Today is in so many ways Identical to 1920-30 germany. In fact our corrupted society is exactly the same as their was back then. Also ironic how after they Fled russian then Germany, Most bolshevik jewish kommies came Here to usa!…Now 50-70 yrs later, americans are getting Very fed up and tired of such societal Filth and faggotry and dope abuse and preverted sex crap everywheres just as it was in Berlin before folks joined forces and got the big Boot ready.

          • Realtime Prep,

            Good stuff. It maybe late in the game for folks to get it in gear, but better late than never. Some preparation is better than none at all. I talk to more people about it now and surprisingly folks are more agreeable today than they were 3 years ago. That tells me reality is setting in quickly, and folks are finally, slowly beginning to see the well orchestrated deception around them.

        • Kaiser Sosay !

      4. …..and yet dumb-asses like Bill O’Reilly still think, and sell, the absurd notion that ALL OF THIS is only happening because “Obama just doesn’t understand economics”.


        You can’t have this much shit go wrong in a country without it being a deliberate effort.

        • BO’R is nothing but a traitorous shill.

        • @California Resident,

          Howdy neighbor, not many of us will admit to being from the Golden State. Probaly a good reason for that. 🙂

          As I see it Obama is just a figurehead for the problem. Just as Bush was nothing but a figurehead. All politicians are the same. If not why no real difference
          between Repub’s and Dem’s?

          These guys are nothing but puppets for the regime who lurk behind the curtains. They are also the foils for distracting the public like the Zimmerman case, the beer summit, et al. Nothing but smoke and mirrors.

          I will say once again that the true power, those who operate from bases we can only guess at will never be known. They have that much power. Not just regional but in every place on earth, they are the ones who make the rules, enforces those rules, and in the end punish those who dare to defy them.

          Not to say that we cannot protect ourselves because they, those who remain un-named, don’t care about us as individuals only as groups in general.


          • @ BigB

            I’m not afraid to admit I’m from California. The first step to making changes for the better is admitting to ourselves that there’s a problem in the first place.

            Everything is backwards from the way I remember being raised. Failure is rewarded with promotion and accolades, and success is regarded as failure and evil.

            I know in my heart that I’m doing right because I’m punished, and admonished every single day for it. In some strange way, I find solace in that.

            No Fear. Matthew 10:26-33

            • Im from stockton and the surrounding area (mountain Ranch)

              • @ Dave in Id

                We are close neighbors.

                • I moved to North Idaho.

        • O’Reilly, what an ignoramus! I recall watching his promised ” hard hitting, no spin” interview he promised with Hilary. It was a total farce, loaded up with lots of softball questions and easy exit follow ups. His viewers followed up the next day with emails correctly calling him out that the interview was NOT what had been promised. His reply was something to the effect of ” Yeah, but she’s the first lady! what am I going to do, treat her badly on my show?” I pretty much stopped watching the show after that but I do like listening to Dennis Miller when he’s on.

          • @ Hedge

            With regards to Hillary………….

            How much does anyone want to bet that she gets some kind of a face lift, or a body / face makeover before she formally announces her running for the highest office?

            She’ll vanish for a while and then all of a sudden show up and look young and fresh.

            The only problem is that for the people who understand her, it’ll be tantamount to an Earl Scheib paint-job over a shit-stained rustbucket of an individual.

      5. Apparently Brandon Smith never read **THE** Holy Bible.

        • SilverSax, I don’t know if Brandon has ever seen a Bible, but I do know he can outperform anyone in the MSM. he’s one of the best writers in the alternative media. this article is right on target. braveheart

          • Braveheart: Yep…I began Reading Brandons articles way back when his orig website was called…

            Neithercorp with a backwards Corp. symbol at the Lefthand side of the word neithercorp !!…Thats got to be a decade or longer ago eh. When I read Brandons article the first time back then, I told myself..”Now theres a guy who Gets it real good” and his writing was then and still is very superb in his articulation and wordings used.

            I think some folks find his articles difficult because they are not used to such swell writing. The fool’s will Always bash it or trash it. Its Their Loss oh well.

      6. The greatest trick by our government is that every thing is going to be alright.

        • +1!

        • That trick is second only to “we’re here to help”.

        • No, he is going to the politicians country club golf prison. With the corperate thief criminals, not the harden in his ass criminals like at SQ or Duel volcational.

        • Yeah and his douche bag dad came out and said he committed these crimes because he was bipolar and he’s sick and we were “fearful of losing him last year”. What a sack of crap!! This thug thief got caught with his hands in the cookie jar and daddy comes to his rescue with some phony story. What was up with Mrs thug thief? She got 1 year in the big house. Douche bag dad in law didn’t have an excuse for her.

          My bet…..Jesse jr gets out, runs for office in Chicago and WINS by a landslide!!

          Any takers : )

          • A Good theme for a Jessie Jackson sr. Hollywood movie would be Jessie goes to shake down some white dominated big corp, such as NASCAR, and while standing there in the head CEO’s penthouse suite office on the 98th floor of a Highrise Building…..The Ceo and His partners of nascar decide to instead of white guilted pc payoff $$$ to Jessie, they all Toss his sorry monky ass Out through the nearest window to where Jessis was standing a moment prior!

      7. @ Brandon Smith.

        Enjoy your articles. The fact of the matter is that either you have the will to prepare or you don’t.
        A main problem with us preppers is what are we going to do with those who don’t prepare.

        • That’s right. Too numerous to count. That is what will be the number of freeloaders wanting your shit when it goes down. Ya’ll watch each other’s backs.

        • Slingshot, I second your comments. Brandon Smith is one of the best writers I’ve ever seen. On dealing with nonpreppers, I’m expecting the worst. I’m afraid i’ll end up having to shoot anyone who tries to turn my home into their grocery store. I suspect all preppers, regardless of where they’re located, will be faced with the same situation eventually. I truly dread it. I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want to be in that situation, but I know it’s going to happen. However, I won’t run away from what I know will have to be done to survive. If and when I have to do it, I will. I’ve worked too hard over the years and spent too much of my own money on supplies to just stand back and let some dickhead/dickheads who refuse to prep to just take what I have. It’s going to be a really nasty and ugly business when SHTF finally comes. braveheart

          • amen, braveheart….my home is not the super wal-mart, foodlion, or kroger for the unprepared when shtf

            • It will be when huge (groups of 1,000s) roving hordes of desperate people smash and grab their way through your neighborhood, searching out their next meal. You really think killing the elderly, women and children in tow within these groups is an easy task, like emptying the trash? You have no morality, and your fake belief in GOD and the teachings of your good book is shown for what it is – bullshit.

              Eh, kill em’ all and let GOD sort it out….what a steaming pile of crap! Sure you can prepare within the physical NEEDS of the family, group, squad etc. you are going to stand with when it drops, but I challenge ANYONE on this site to resolve to murder people to defend their stuff (Food included) without any affect on them psycologically, and then tell me how “Christian” they are. Be honest with yourselves, you really gonna shoot the 20 something year old mother holding her 2 year old child who is so weak from thirst and hunger they can’t even hold their head up to cry? Then resolve to do it over and over again until the desperate flow of people dry up and stop? Yeah, no conflict with the bible’s teachings there….

              • Honest question…putting yourself in that same scenario you wrote…what would you do…how would you handle it? just curious.

                • Well, I really don’t know. I know I have food and water put aside for my 2 kids and I and would be at odds with my duties as a parent to my own, and the anguish I would feel in turning away another child, or denying their parent(s) which ultimately is the same fate, death for them all. Combine that with a scenario where I am forced to leave my preps, now MY CHILDREN AND I are the desperate masses looking for help, looking for a victim I can take out to feed my own.

                  I know any parent worth their salt will not just curl up and die or let their kids die without an attempt to change it. And for those of you who make broad threats to protect your stuff, consider this, the tables turn and plans change, YOU could be the poor bastard knocking at the gate, getting killed because a bible thumping hypocrite feels justified to kill you for trying to save themselves and those they care for.

                  Ultimately, altruism will be replaced with Y.O.Y.O.M.F – regardless of who is the casualty. Despite our best attempts to deny it, we are ALL animals, and will do ANYTHING IT TAKES TO SURVIVE…

                  • Okay, fair enough…I don’t think most folks are planning on simply blasting people for simply “knocking on the gates” and asking for something…I know Im not…most I believe are referring to folks showing up and “demanding” to be fed/sheltered and so on just because they think you have it and they feel they deserve it…a give it to me or Ill take it by force attitude…that wouldn’t fly with most people and not with me either…not sure about the bible thumping hypocrites you refer to…many folks prepare and are not bible thumpers…sure there are some but there are plenty who don’t have or need a bible to be a hypocrite so I don’t see any relevance in that reference…stopping others who plan to kill you and yours to insure their own survival is only prudent and logical and downright nessesary and that doesn’t make one a hypocrite whether they profess christianity or wiccanism… that’s a natural and very basic human reaction…its not selfishness to want to protect ones own and to insure they survive…many folks here myself included have made some provision for charity to help some of the people who by no fault of their own are in need…the fact remains you can only help so many and when that runs out they should not be vilified for locking and bolting the door….surely you wouldn’t give your last bite to a stranger whilst your child sat there hungry and watching…perhaps you would…I wouldn’t presume to judge you as right or wrong…I would never wish to be in that situation but I cant see myself doing that under any normal circumstances given the same situation…not argueing with you…its a tough situation described and most wont know till faced with it…hopefully we wont have to make that choice…but it seems wise to have thought on it some before being confronted with it…I think that’s what most who are stating their views on it are trying to do…thanks!

              • How do you know what it is going to be like? thousands of roving hordes. I dont think so. More like port au prince Haiti. Now that was a real shit hole. Had to step over dead people just to get to the bar for some rum. (water had larger bact than some small fish)

                • A couple hundred thousand on an island doesn’t compare to 300 million plus on CONUS. Your point is moot…

          • @braveheart. no thumbs down, but your wrong. it is ALL about location. Right now, I can leave my keys in the ignition of my truck while I am in the grocery store. I can wear my gun in the store concealed or open and it doesnt bother anyone(well, no one has complained to me). I can trade with my neighbors and most of the independant merchants. If I have a flat tire, a least 2 people will stop and offer help. I do the same everytime. I gave up a beautiful cedar log home on 10 acres in Ca to move here into a mobile home with no mortgage. It was the best thing I have done in securing my family. I agree with the rest of your stat
            ement. Up here the prep factor is about 75% as the other 25% are libs and even some of them have a full pantry and freezer full of bambi.

            • Dave in Id, I stand corrected on that one statement. It DOES depend on location. I only hope I can make it to my relative’s BOL in north GA when I see the first signs of you know what. braveheart

              • YOU will make it with your gun and attitude.

        • Perhaps we can copy “Dancing with the Stars” onto DVDs, and just pass them out to those who didn’t prepare. It seems to keep them too occupied to pay attention now, maybe it’ll provide the necessary “sky flowers” to draw their attention away from us…

      8. just say no to the demonic ,satanic Hollywood garbage both movies and music has now turned into garbage spewing demonic filth. THIS IS NO ACCIDENT!!! DESENSITIZATION!
        don’t allow your kids to watch filth in the form of cartoons which are also demons, witch craft,vampires etc. say no , don’t spend any $ on it,dont buy the song on istore, boycott Hollywood filth! dont rent the DVD
        turn it off, play a cd instead of radio that plays the garbage filth!! we have the power to break them if we say no. amen

        • Sorry, but Harry Potter isn’t our biggest problem. A much bigger problem is the SUBLIMINAL conditioning that we don’t even consciously see with our eyes. It’s called “operant conditioning”.

          In operant conditioning, you punish behavior you don’t want, while rewarding behavior you do want.

          Think about the current socialist bent, where the govt rewards those who do not work by subsidizing them with other people’s money, called ‘welfare’. THEN, the govt punishes people who try to be self-sufficient and work hard for what they have, using ridiculous regulations and law enforcement to shut down honest family businesses.

          Dependency is rewarded while self-sufficiency is punished.

          No, it’s not a child waving a magic wand and chasing mythical creatures we should worry about, it’s THE VERY REAL DEMONS who’ve taken a hold of our lives and, plans to destroy us from within.

          • Sixpack, the more common term is ‘brainwashing’. Still has the same effect. Can’t dispute what you’re saying. braveheart

            • I usually refrain from using the term “brainwashing” in such explanations, only because it has been retrofitted with “conspiracy theory” undertones. People have become conditioned to shun certain words or phrases these days, and half the battle in communicating and idea, is to get another person to actually READ the explanation, which doesn’t happen in some cases, simply because of the choice of words used.

              People who come here are smarter than that, I know, but there are still a few “brainwashed masses who visit. Thanks BH.

          • Sixpack,
            I do agree with you in part. THE biggest problem is the utter worthlessness of the “church”. Our pastors have lost their spiritual courage and balls. When was the last time you heard a pastor denounce and condem a public policy because it was in violation of God’s 10 commandments? As I understand the matter; all of the “Thou shall NOT…” are still in effect. Or am I to believe that one must not steal, but if the government does it, then it is ok? Or, if you are married you are not to commit adultery, BUT if you are a homosexual, it is ok to have as many partners as you want? OR bearing a false witness against your neighbor; you get a pass on that if you are trashing the other guy running for office, cause it is done in the name of the party?
            Also the government has taken over social functions that were once the domain of the church. I am not saying that some point in the past was a golden age, but it better than the mess we have now. Does any thing that all these .gov employees are working to fix the problem, thus working themselves out of a job?

            • By Coach Dave Daubenmire
              August 15, 2013

              If I could be so blunt, I believe that for the most part American Christianity has become a “different Gospel.” Let me explain.

              The Gospel has been described as “the Good News” and the Gospel principles should be relevant no matter on what part of the globe you happen to live.

              I’ll never forget a brief meeting I had with a missionary FROM Africa. (You read that right. He was a missionary TO America FROM Africa.) A mutual friend invited the two of us to have lunch. At the conclusion of the meeting my new African friend looked me in the eyes and said:

              “Please don’t send anymore American missionaries to our country. The American Gospel is not welcome in our nation. The message of wealth and prosperity does not work for our people. Most are doing everything they can do to feed their families and stay alive. The American Gospel is a false Gospel. It destroys our people by creating a false hope of material blessing.”

              Just last week I had another conversation with a different young Christian man who was visiting America. It seems that one of the families he was visiting had invited him to attend church with them on Sunday morning. When I met with him later that afternoon I inquired of him how “the service” had been.

              “I was really disappointed Coach. No blood, no cross, no sin, no repentance, and no tears. The entire sermon was about material blessings. Are all of America’s churches like that?”

              The Gospel should be universal. The message should apply everywhere to all people. Much of the Gospel being preached from America’s pulpits is nothing more than Christian-Humanism.

              Humanism is the belief system that puts man at the center of everything. It is the direct opposite of the Christian Gospel. Jesus calls one to lay down his life. American Christianity teaches how Jesus can enhance your life.

              Jesus laid down His life that we might live. The true Gospel message demands that the individual convert die as well…die to self, to sin, to our selfish nature. American Christianity does not demand obedience to the Word. American Christianity avoids sacrifice. It is all about what Jesus can get for you.

              As my friend Flip likes to say, “Everyone wants to follow Jesus until they find out where he is going. He is heading to a cross and He asks you to pick up yours daily and follow Him.”

              Jesus taught that to really live one must die.

              That is not the message that the American-Gospel is promoting.

              Would Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” message sell in Syria where Christians are struggling to avoid the suicide squads hunting down followers of Christ? Would Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now” work for those in the slums of Indonesia where children rummage through the dumps looking for a meal? Would the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s programming reach the darkened hearts of Ethiopia with millions of displaced people ravaging for the simple necessities of life?

              Would your Pastor’s sermon from last week bring freedom and deliverance to those in war-torn Sudan? If not, then it is “no Gospel at all.”

              Last Sunday morning I happened to turn on the TV to see what “preaching” was on the airwaves. I listened to parts of three-different messages in the 15 minutes I could handle. One “pastor” spoke of overcoming stress; another spoke about strengthening your marriage; the third spoke about our need to defend Israel.

              “No blood, no cross, no sin, no repentance, and no tears.”

              I couldn’t help think of my African-missionary friend… Please don’t send anymore American missionaries to our country.

              America is a mess because the church is a mess.

              Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.”

              Prosperity is in the Gospel. Healing is in the Gospel. Marriage is in the Gospel. Joy is in the Gospel. All of them are PART of the Gospel, but none of them alone, is the Gospel.

              • Very well put, Them Guys. My favorite “gospel” faux pas is Mormon. Mormons teach that members should pay their tithe (10%) no matter what, even if they don’t have enough money to cover their own bills, because “God will provide” what they need.

                Financial irresponsibility is what that is.

                One of my favorite jokes is from the movie “Short Circuit”, adapted to fit my comment.

                A Mormon and a Rabbi were debating their respective views on donations to the church. The Mormon proclaimed his devotion to paying his 10% tithe, saying that is how he honors God.

                The Rabbi thought for a minute then asked “why don’t we simply throw our money high into the air, and what God wants, He keeps.

                • Sixpack: Tithing was part of the old testement mosiac laws for the 12 tribes israel under their old covenant.

                  Ironic how most pastors today teach “All that OT covenant and Moses laws was done away with when Jesus Nailed it all to the cross”….Except of course for 10% Tithing Moses laws!!!!….Gotta keep that Mammon comming in to the Hilt eh!

                  The new testement covenant of christianity says we are to Give $$ to those who “teach” if I recall right. But no mandate on 10% or mandatory tithings etc exist any longer.

                  The confusions arrise from preachers who are Judiazers, and we was warnned about them types also! Some refuse to listen I guess.

                  PS That entire post I did was wrote BY Coach at newswithviews website articles…Zero credit for me sixpack. I copied and pasted it as it seemed timely and appropriate.

              • That last paragraph about sums it up…good post!

            • Absolutely, Jeff.

        • Desensitization!

          Sometimes I have no feeling in my butt cheeks. The Doctor told me I could not fly an airplane because I could not fly by the seat of my ass.
          There is truth in that. Hahahaha!

      9. @BI: Rosh Hashanah Sept.4– New Moon Sept.5, could just be a very interesting New Year.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. First time in several months that Israel did not attack someone during the window of the new moon. Because of Ramadan I was suspect this month, but still thought there was a good possibility. Sept. 5 is the next new moon like you said. That means August 31 to September 10 is the next window. Yom Kippur is September 14. I think Sept. 6-10 would be the most likely because of Rosh Hashanah. Maybe Sept 1-3 or 4.

          I watch the Middle East crumbling and civil wars breaking out all over the place. The real ticket for prices of everything exploding is a civil war in Saudi Arabia. Oil would shoot up to at least $200 a barrel, and practically everything is would go up in price double. It is like the whole world is teetering waiting for the next shoe to kick society in the groin. Watchman is an excellent alias for these strange times.

          • BI: Yom Kipper is the holy day jewish folks go to say their prayer of KOL NIDER. Thats the once per year prayer recited in synogouges nationwide, worlwide, so jewish people can swear oaths-make promices-to Gentiles/Goyims and never need to Keep that Oath sworn to uphold, nor keep Any promices made to goyim gentiles.

            They used to Forbid jewish witness stand testimony since due to Kol Nider prayer beliefs as taught in their Talmud books, none could be trusted or counted upon to be Honest and not Lie under Oath. Far as I am aware of, the Only promices or Oaths they still Must keep or obey is if its made to a fellow jewish person.

            We need a few spies to scope out Schumer-Bloomberg-Finetsien ET AL, to see if they too go to nearest synogouges on Yom Kipper-Kol Nider prayer day!

            No wonder they get sworn into office and swear to Uphold the US constitution, then a moment afterwards, they all begin to Foam at Mouth on closest TV camara and begin to detail their evil antigun disarmament plans they so chomp at the bit to pass. That sowrn Oath to uphold us const. and bill of rights, is wiped clean off the slate soon as they recite Kol Nider at Yom Kipper day in nearest synagouge of Satan they attend. Liars who cannot ever be trusted period. I bet europe had far less liar troubles for that 1000 yrs when jews were Forbidden to hold any office of Trust or Bank positions eh!…Zero Usury/intrest on borrowed cash and zero Lying theieving jewish swindler zios. Must have been swell.

      10. I think the big problem is the presstitute media– Obama et all wouldn’t be able to get away with their two faced actions if it weren’t for the help of lying smiley faces on TV, who spend hours talking about Nike shoes or other trivial nonsense and completely ignore Obama’s grab to become our first dictator.

      11. Y’all need to take time and smile.

        Burt, PA doing exceptionally well. Will keep in touch.

        The train was quite crowded, and a U.S. Marine walked the entire length looking for a seat, but the only seat left was taken by a well dressed, middle-aged, French woman’s poodle.

        The war-weary Marine asked, ‘Ma’am, may I have that seat?’

        The French woman just sniffed and said to no one in particular ‘Americans are so rude. My little Fifi is using that seat.’

        The Marine walked the entire train again, but the only seat left was under that dog.

        ‘Please, ma’am. May I sit down? I’m very tired…’

        She snorted, ‘Not only are you Americans rude, you are also arrogant!’

        This time the Marine didn’t say a word, he just picked up the little dog, tossed it out the train window and sat down.

        The woman shrieked, ‘Someone must defend my honor! This American should be put in his place!’

        An English gentleman sitting nearby spoke up, ‘Sir, you Americans seem to have a penchant for doing the wrong thing.

        You hold the fork in the wrong hand.
        You drive your cars on the wrong side of the road.
        And now, sir, you seem to have thrown the wrong bitch out the window’

        Y’all Beware! Make a decision, – it becomes a place to start.

        • Thank you for that…I needed a good laugh today




        • Bravo!
          Feel the passion in your post,
          Ive had it with people telling me not to get so fired up about this crap.
          You want anything more out of me,
          MOLON LABE

        • Eisen?

      13. Good article Mr. Smith. In my opinion though the definition of morality is very simple. If you follow the 10 commandments you are a moral person. If you do not then you are, again in my opinion, not a moral person.

        Old song I heard yesterday, “One Tin Soldier” goes some thing like this “Go ahead and hate your neighbor / Go ahead and cheat a friend / Do it in the name of heaven / You can justify it in the end.

        But then again I guess I am just old fashioned.


        • BigB.

          “OHIO”, by Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young.

          Tin soldiers and Nixon Coming.

          • BigB and slingshot, I remember those two songs all too well from my younger days. “One Tin Soldier” would apply to today’s breed of cops. braveheart

            • “put my boots on and took a mask from the ancient gallery’s and walked on down the hall”

              The end by the doors.

              The people who read this blog and do not post fail to realize it will not matter if you voice your opinion and speak out or you don’t . The PTHB allready consider you the enemy , welcome to George Orwells nightmare society.

              There is going to be a fight ……

              Just look at Egypt , that will give you an idea of what’s to come.

              Stockpile essentials , gain knowledge, organize with like minded individuals ,



              Semper Fi 8541

      14. Once again Brandon…brilliant presentation…
        Damn…you truly live in an esoteric world…love it!
        Thank you.

        • Specific conduct includes: (1) failing to adequately secure the US Consulate and the CIA annex in Benghazi; (2) failing to send a response team to rescue embattled US citizens in Benghazi; (3) lying to the American people about why the US Consulate and the CIA annex were attacked in Benghazi; and (3) hiding from the media and congressional investigators the Central Intelligence Agency personnel and other wounded US citizens who were on the ground in Benghazi by scattering them throughout the United States, forcing them to adopt new identities and subjecting them to monthly polygraph tests.

          ***(3) hiding from the media and congressional investigators the Central Intelligence Agency personnel and other wounded US citizens who were on the ground in Benghazi by scattering them throughout the United States, forcing them to adopt new identities and subjecting them to monthly polygraph tests.***
          No way??!!??

          • Lets also remember the IRA scandal, and the focus of targeting journalists to be spied on, another scandal. Remember, they are All Phony Scandals. Lets Not Forget the Navy Seals that died on an old helicopter. All those Navy Seals Dying in one swoop. After 2 years of being swept under the proverbial rug, that hot little topic is starting to surface again. It is a topic that continually tries to be suppressed. Its a touchy subject, that makes tptb uncomfortable. Many would like to know who is accountable for that tragedy. Why all those Navy Seal men were all piled into one transport vehicle.
            In the meantime, our Leader went to Marthas Vineyard on Air Force 1. The wife and kids went to Marthas Vineyard on Air Force 2. Later, the First Families doggie was flown to Marthas Vineyard on a high tech helicopter.
            I don’t know if this is flagrant disregard and disrespect to the feelings of the American people, or, they want to see how far they can push the envelope before the American people get really pissed off.

            • Someone shoulda shot all 3 down,maybe a good use for 3 of those 400 missing SAMs

              • Remember there is a law that they use when threating the any president. And when it is refer to AirForce One that law covers it too.

              • @ Kulafarmer – Amen.

        • Dear Leader will NEVER be impeached and removed from office. WE THE PEOPLE just learned about the capabilities of NSA–but you can be sure Dear Leader was briefed by his predecessor before assuming office. I believe NSA gathered sufficient blackmail material from all of those crooked mofos in congress to assure lots of handsitting and investigations that find only dead ends where any “high crimes and misdemeanors” on the part of this administration are concerned…

      15. I want to see our leaders on Naked & Afraid. Bloc out the nudity…PLEASE

      16. As much as they think they can control this Utopia they hope to create, they are already lost. You can see the seems of civilization shattering around the world.

        Israel is going to attack Iran and that will go nuclear very quickly, dragging in Russia and China, then Europe and the US. Cities will burn, whether by their own fighting residents or from the falling bombs.

        They will try to declare Martial Law, but there won’t be anyone who will listen, the mayhem will be general as people fight for the scraps. Even nature itself will be turning against us a disasters at the behest of His wrath will fall on us like hail.

        We have only a few weeks or months left. We won’t see another year. The shadows are falling over our days and dread night will fill our every minute and breath.

      17. “Fifteen years ago, the government would have tried to sweep all of this under the rug. Today, they want to acclimate us to the inevitability of the crime, stating that we had better get used to it.”

        Wow, powerful, spot on analysis.

        In 1935, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was BRAZEN and forced the masses to self fund a program called social security via a mandated payroll seizure whether one agreed to it or not.

        In 1965 the Johnson administration was BRAZEN and forced the masses to self fund a program called Medicare via a mandated payroll seizure whether one agreed to it or not.

        In 2010, the Obama administration was BRAZEN and forced the masses to self fund ones health and well being via a mandated distribution , whether one agreed to it or not, to an entity called an insurance company; a new defacto tax collection arm of the Internal Revenue Service.

        Brazen: Marked by flagrant and insolent audacity.

        • They can screw themselves.
          MOLON LABE

      18. Excellent article indeed. The roller coaster is about to go over the fuckin hill. I say 2014-2015 will be shtf. Have a feeling lots of disgruntled part time workers will take to the streets. Might have to find that bone out back that Bo the dog buried last year and knaw on it myself. Damn dog gets helicopter rides courtesy the USMC…

      19. I can’t believe some of you still latch on to these articles.

        Brandon Smith is an agent of the administration and is feeding you all honey from his star spangled teet.


        • Then why are you here.

          • “Then why are you here.”

            Oh look a rugged individualist that doesn’t know how to use question marks. You took the time to add punctuation to your sentence. Why not chose the correct character for the job?

            Lift that low-hanging-brow of yours enough to actually read what I wrote. I didn’t state Mac was working for the government. I stated that Smith is.

            Your response implies that Smith is running this site if we assume that, “…here…” meant

            But in answer to your question…

            To find out what not to do after collapse…

            • Blame the ? Mark on android query. And if that is your biggest issue.

              Again why are you here???????

              • So was it your android that prevented you from comprehending that I answered that question already?

                Personally I’ll blame the neanderthal-like brow again.

                Seriously though, this blog is a gold-mine if you’re looking for either propaganda or information on dying painfully and alone after collapse.

                The rugged individualists will be the second group to go after collapse. They won’t survive too much longer than the elderly.

                The elderly will die from lack of stuff and lack of attention.

                The individualists will die from the exact opposite.

                The people most hated by the visitors of this site have already figured out how to live in a post-collapse society.

                They already have an amazing Schattenwirtschaft for drugs and guns which will grow to include things like food, medicine and alcohol once you can’t get them in the stores.

                They’ve evolved amazing situational awareness by living on dangerous streets near dangerous people.

                Dmitry Orlov says it way better than I ever could…


                The only decent content I’ve seen here lately has come from Daisy and Be Informed.

                Once you realize that the government can manipulate online media easier than it manipulates the main stream media you’ll begin seeing things differently.

                Or maybe not…

      20. keeping up with where the unemployed are coming from?

        here’s another

        Silicon Valley networking Cisco Systems said it would lay off 4,000 employees, or about 5 percent of its global workforce

      21. Our society has tiny bit by tiny bit crumbled just like yours. I was born in the 50’s and I would so much love to go back to those days, when I could carry a 22 as a kid on the road to a friends place to shoot some cans and it was no big deal. Now, if I did that I’d be surrounded by black helicopters.

        And the degeration of our respective societies will continue, irreversably I believe, and TPTB will sell the majority the crap that the way to fix it is to give away to big brother a little more of our freedoms in trade for “security”. I wonder and worry just where it will end – what will my children (in their 20’s) and my grandchild (4 months) face in their lifetime? IMO there will be something catastrophic that will rock the world and probably result in anarchy and survival of the fittest, but not necessarily those who are the best prepped because those who are more ruthless, more determined, more desperate will overpower many of them, no matter how well they put up a defensive perimeter. At 62 I believe I will live long enough to see it.

        Our situation here is massively different to yours – we have 23 million, you have over 300 for the same land area. If TSHTF our police/military will probably be ordered to call on all licensed gun owners and take possession of all their guns “for the public good” – we have nationwide gun registration here now after a dirtbag went mental in 96 (still lots of illegal guns around of course though). So those who have a stash of some off the record guns and ammo will probably be OK but by and large there wont be a lot or armed thugs here and they will probably be taken out fairly quickly.

        How many will come out the other side?10%? 20%? 20 is an optomistic estimate I think. When “it” comes it will be catastrophic and irreversable as there will be continual propping up, delaying the inevitable, until there is just no hope at all of avoidance. As much as I love the US having been there and driven a lot of miles there twice (rural Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona – dont like the cities at all) -I believe “it” will start in the US – you are just so big and cumbersome – and it will spread to the rest of the Western world, Australia very much included. The bigger they are the harder they fall is so true.

        When that time comes my friends here, I hope you (and I) are in the 10-20%.



        • You know your gov killed the real crock dundee. We lost Kyle

      22. How The Corrupt Establishment Is Selling Moral Bankruptcy To America

        And I aint buying it!

        • Someday theyre(two legged pigs) all gonna die in the tomatoe patch…bassturds! 🙁

      23. Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.
        -I, Claudius

      24. They haven’t tried to hide the lies for a long time. Here’s a quote from the Bush era:

        “That’s not the way the world works anymore…we’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities which you can study, too. And that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

        Karl Rove, Bush top advisor and political strategist.

        • …and that moron is still running his fat yap…guess evil one truly do live forever!

      25. Been lurking here for awhile & posted a few times. A lot of you here, just by preparing (food, water, guns, etc.) you’re ahead of the game. You know something is terribly wrong with this world; “reality” is not what it seems. In a world gone insane the truth will seem absurd. Truth is like an onion – there are layers upon layers that you must peel back. I want to share with you all some revelations I’ve had before I move on to spread the word, because the human race needs to awaken.

        – Turn off the TV. It’s mind control, literally. Sigils, frequencies, mnemonics, geometry: black magik is real. It’s everywhere & penetrates our subconscious. Humans are being literally programmed. Chemtrails & GMOs fit directly into this.

        – Fear is the mind killer. Rid yourself of it. Whenever you sense it, think of pleasant thoughts: loved ones, positive experiences/memories, nature. Project love.

        – Religion is control & has been used to divide us & make us feel powerless. It has placed personal responsibility by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong: I believe in spirit, in a supreme creator (God). But the truth about our origins has been suppressed, altered, distorted & that’s why there remains so many unanswered questions. Nobody knows all the answers except God.

        That’s all I’m going to say for now. Don’t believe anything I’ve wrote – truth is in knowing. May God bless & keep you all.

      26. Been lurking here for awhile & posted a few times. A lot of you here, just by preparing (food, water, guns, etc.) you’re ahead of the game. You know something is terribly wrong with this world; “reality” is not what it seems. In a world gone insane the truth will seem absurd. Truth is like an onion – there are layers upon layers that you must peel back. I want to share with you all some revelations I’ve had before I move on to spread the word, because the human race needs to awaken.

        – Turn off the TV. It’s mind control, literally. Sigils, frequencies, mnemonics, geometry: black magik is real. It’s everywhere & penetrates our subconscious. Humans are being literally programmed. Chemtrails & GMOs fit directly into this.

        – Fear is the mind killer. Rid yourself of it. Whenever you sense it, think of pleasant thoughts: loved ones, positive experiences/memories, nature. Project love.

        – Religion is control & has been used to divide us & make us feel powerless. It has placed personal responsibility by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong: I believe in spirit, in a supreme creator (God). But the truth about our origins has been suppressed, altered, distorted & that’s why there remains so many unanswered questions. Nobody knows all the answers except God.

        That’s all I’m going to say for now. Don’t believe anything I’ve wrote – truth is in knowing. May God bless & keep you all.

      27. The great Theologian, Dr. R.C. Sproul once said, “All sin is cosmic treason against God, and we all know that the punishment for treason is death!”.

        Every sin, mine, BHO’s, Karl Rove’s, the Bush’s, yes even The Pope’s will be paid for. Either by the sacrifice of Christ, or an eternity in hell.

        As Marx said, “The purpose of his political system is to knock God off of His throne”.

        I get tired of posting this, but if you want to understand why The Communists are destroying our Christian based culture PLEASE look up the utube videos of Col. Yuri Besmenov, a KGB defector from the Cold War era.

        America is undergoing Class warfare, Racial warfare, and Economic warfare against the White Christian Middle Classes.

        All this talk about “when this or that happens” is mental masturbation.


      28. Excellent article. Thoughtful, eloquent and precise. Thank you.

      29. For parents

        REACH OUT to the older generations and ensure that your kids spend quality time on a regular basis interacting with them. This is the single biggest factor in protecting your child’s ability to think straight, after learning to read and turning off the damn TV that I can think of. These older people do not have to be genetically related to you in any way, just of sound mind and with memories of a time when ethics meant something in everyday life.

        My own child has ASD and so I worked out very early on that the older generation have the time and patience to help him with his communication issues that are an integral part of his disability.

        It’s only as he’s grown older that I’ve realised what a wonderfully protective resource these kind individuals are against the constant pap they are trying to bombard our kids minds with nowadays. I think of the ones we know as a kind of shield for my child’s mind and soul.

        Consideration for others is something that retirees can’t help teaching youngsters from toddlers to teens, & its just so important. Likewise they just can’t help themselves from exercising your child’s emerging critical thinking skills.

        Oft times the ONLY place your child will receive praise for mastering a new critical life skill, such as fire lighting or scratch cooking will be from an oldie. Praise that’s properly earned btw! If you get really lucky that elderly neighbour may even take the time to teach some real skills directly, such as foraging etc.

        It’s my belief that it never did any lad any harm to help sweep the snow from the old lady’s front path, or to carry her shopping. Almost everyone has an elderly neighbour in their community.

        As preppers we should not underestimate their value to our children both as teachers and as moral protectors.

        The propaganda machine is so sophisticated & enmeshed in every walk of life now that for a parent to assume they can protect their child alone is the height of stupid arrogance imho. If your own parents can’t/won’t help – adopt a couple of “Grandy’s” from down the street for your kids. True community spirit terrifies the life out of a ptb that have done their best to divide us.

        I don’t know if I’ve worded this right, but I’m hoping the other parents here will “get” what I’m trying to communicate here. I think it’s really important if our own kids aren’t to become part of the hive.

      30. I noticed that when i got away from my ‘salary’ job and started the a business all this started to make sense.

        The key to the complicity is the need for a ‘stable salary’ job… all that stuff is a relic of days gone.

        now working on commissions, making business income seems to help get you out of the matrix…

        man, the founders were smart, we have to get back to free markets. even if the economy goes down, we can’t give up freedom any more… for economic security… that is where they are attacking us relentlessly… and winnning

      31. I wish more youngsters would understand that their first mortgage on a tiny apartment is just a stepping stone, and not an end in and of itself.

        They get caught in a horrid trap of student debt, that can only be paid off by a steady salaried position for the corp, then a mortgage that locks em in tighter, followed by a few credit card debts to pay for igadgets and keeping up with the Jone’s. By the time they are 35 they are so locked into the system that it’s a prison with invisible bars. By forty they’ve realised that it is a prison with no morals but can’t see a way out.

        I wish prepping sites would focus more on ways of getting out of & staying out of debt, so many in this economy are falling victim. In the past this was through stupidity, however I’m meeting more and more people who put last winter’s heating bill (it was a bad winter here in the UK) on the never, never through necessity as the McJob they’ve taken since the lay offs started for decent wages just isn’t covering the bills.

        Living well with less is an art form that fewer and fewer people have. On boards like this we are the exception, not the rule as most of us can scratch cook and fix a leaking tap. My generation is a generation of kidults. Those in their late teens and early twenties need all the support they can get to avoid the trap so many in their 30’s and forties fell victim to.

        Self-employment is not as easy as it was, economic independence is being regulated out of existence. There are still ways of doing it though, but you need to stay one step ahead of the red tape brigade at all times.

      32. Start to solve the problem by rounding up all the Jews in government, the media and finance. Most of the trends in the USA that is destroying the country have Jews behind them. They’re called “the Satanic Tribe” for a reason!

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