How Prepared Does the Government Want You to Be?

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition. Tess is the author of the widely popular The Prepper’s Blueprint.

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    One of the things that makes some folks a little uneasy around preppers, is our inherent fear and disdain for the government. I’m sure it’s not like that for everyone, but I’ve yet to meet a prepper who puts a whole lot of faith in the authorities. We know that governments often fail to protect their citizens during an emergency, and we would much rather take our fate into our own hands, thank you very much.

    Most people however, have at least a little trust in governing bodies, and believe that when things go bad, some highly trained professional with a badge is going to swoop down and save them. “Isn’t that why we pay our taxes?” they must mutter to themselves. With that in mind, it’s not all that surprising to discover that the average person would find your lack of faith in the government, to be disturbing.

    I’ve often suspected that one of the reasons why they still think the government has their best interest at heart, is that on the surface, the authorities love to promote preparedness, or at least their brand of it. Any time there is an impending disaster, the media will often read verbatim, some preparedness checklist of supplies and tips that was put together by some government agency (these basic kits that they want all citizens to have on hand, are often comically underwhelming compared to what most preppers have squirreled away). These government preps often lead people to believe that the authorities just want them to be safe. If they didn’t, as those paranoid preppers often claim, then why would they even bother telling us to stock up on vital supplies?

    If you take one look at many of these checklists however, you’ll have every reason to believe that the government doesn’t give a damn about your survival. I was actually a little optimistic before I started searching for these checklists, and thought that maybe, hidden away somewhere on the internet, there was a government document that gave useful advice for long-term survival. Boy was I disappointed.

    Let’s start with, and their brief checklist of essential survival supplies:

    • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation
    • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
    • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
    • Flashlight and extra batteries
    • First aid kit
    • Whistle to signal for help
    • Dust mask to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape toshelter-in-place
    • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
    • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
    • Manual can opener for food
    • Local maps
    • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger

    That’s actually not a bad list, and if you look at their website you’ll find a few more useful items. However, why do they only suggest a three day supply of food and water? While most disasters don’t disrupt society for more than three days, it’s not exactly unheard of either. Would it kill most people to prepare a month or even a week supply of food and water? I mean, I have more than a week supply of food and it’s hardly a burden. Oh well, let’s move on to the CDC’s checklist.

    Food and Water

    • Water—one gallon per person, per day
    • Food—easy-to-make and won’t spoil
    • Manual can opener


    • Flashlight
    • Battery powered, solar, or hand crank radio (NOAA Weather Radio, if possible)
    • Cell phone with chargers
    • Extra batteries

    Health and safety supplies

    • First aid kit
    • Medicine (7-day supply), other medical supplies, and paperwork about any serious or on-going medical condition
    • Emergency blanket
    • Soap, toothbrush, and other personal care items

    You should also keep:

    • Family and emergency contact information
    • Multipurpose tool
    • Copies of important documents such as insurance cards, immunization records, etc.
    • Extra cash
    • Map(s) of the area
    • Extra set of car keys and house keys

    Well this sounds like an improvement. They list a few more items like cash and a multipurpose tool, and they suggest a 7 day supply of medication. Still not enough in my book, but it’s a step up. However, they leave the food and water situation open to interpretation. That’s kind of a big deal right?  I thought they just wanted you to decide how much you should stock up on depending on the situation, until I read their checklist for pets, which suggests you only stock up on a three day’s supply of chow for your doggie. I can only assume that this applies to humans as well.

    Alright, let’s move on to the big leagues: FEMA!

    • Three-day supply of non-perishable food.
    • Three-day supply of water – one gallon of water per person, per day.
    • Portable, battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries.
    • Flashlight and extra batteries.
    • First aid kit and manual.
    • Sanitation and hygiene items (moist towelettes and toilet paper).
    • Matches and waterproof container.
    • Whistle.
    • Extra clothing.
    • Kitchen accessories and cooking utensils, including a can opener.
    • Photocopies of credit and identification cards.
    • Cash and coins.
    • Special needs items, such as prescription medications, eye glasses, contact lens
    • solutions, and hearing aid batteries.
    • Items for infants, such as formula, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers
    • Other items to meet your unique family needs

    Other items to meet my family’s unique needs you say? But what if my family has a unique need FOR MORE THAN THREE DAYS OF FOOD AND WATER! My God. Is this a meme among government agencies? Were all of these lists written by the same bureaucrat? Or does the government just not want you to survive on your own for more than three days?

    Actually that sounds about right, but let’s move on to NOAA’s checklist. I’ve never heard anything terrible about them. Maybe they have a solid plan.

    • Water-1 gallon per person per day (3 day supply for evacuation and 2 week supply for home
    • Food-a 3 day supply of non-perishable food for evacuation, 2 week supply for home

    Finally. It appears that there is at least one government agency out there that wouldn’t have me and mine starving after three days. This list was actually the best I could find. It’s not perfect, but I give them major kudos for including one really basic item that none of the others would. A knife. Well, a utility knife anyway, which if my memory serves, is just a box cutter. Better than nothing I suppose.

    That actually brings me to the biggest problem I have with these lists. None of them ask you to stock up on the tools you need to defend yourself. Now I know that they probably don’t want the masses taking to the streets with assault rifles every time there is an emergency. No government (aside from the Swiss) wants that. But would it kill them to at least vaguely mention the possibility that someone might want to hurt you or steal your stuff during a disaster? I mean, it’s not unheard of.

    The NOAA list was the only one that came even came close to preparing you for that possibility with their pathetic “utility knife,” and perhaps the CDC list with their “multitool.” I know that’s not why they listed these items, but at least they wouldn’t send you out into the world with nothing but 3 days of food and your bare hands.

    But what can you do? That’s government preparedness for you. For the most part, it seems they want to prepare you to come crawling to them for food, water, and protection after only three days. The thought of you actually surviving on your own for more than a weekend must be abhorrent to them.

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page.

    This month Ready Nutrition is hosting a contest and giving away 26 awesome prizes worth over $1,000. You can enter to win by clicking here.

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      1. Three days to get the camps up and running. Make no mistake about it, they could care less about you and your families welfare. Soon friends soon it will be upon us and we will be on our own. Are you prepare to die? Get ready now, do not put it off.

        • Obama will not finish his second term! Banned independent documentary
          reveals the truth. This will scare millions! Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Prophecy.

          • Ninja… been smoking that Babble crack again? The US is not Babbylon. 2000 yr old BS on Sterious leaps from reality to wanna bee coincidence. Best promoter ever says there is a Sucker born every minute. PT Barnum

            • Wwti go back to your bol and turn off the internet please. Contribute and give your reasons for disagreeing. Not just your opinion.

              • HOOOAH

          • People can interpret the bible in whatever way they see fir their agenda.


              We have a winner!

              This is the problem with “The Bible”. Even different versions of “The Bible”. God says one thing or, shall I say, “inspires” one thing and stupid, self serving men, write down how they understand it.

              While it may sound like I’m trashing The Bible, I am not.

              Bear in mind, it matters not what “translation” or “interpretation” of The Bible you like. It matters not what language its written in or whether its numbered chapter and verse. It matters not what order it is in.

              What matters is the natural person that is reading it. If you read it with a pure heart, you will understand. Understanding the times in which it was written helps too. Doing a little cross translational study helps also because most “translations” are, ahem, a little rough, to say the least.

              The cool thing is that you can always and forever contact the author and simply ask Him what it means. Well, him might be a stretch. It, him, they and any other reference fits pretty well. Some people call “Him” The Universe, The Creator, God, God the Father, Jesus, Yahweh, Jahovah (though there is evidence that this is something different, The Lord, etc, etc.

              The Bible is mere words. To simply read something and say, “Well, we can’t kill because The Bible says ‘Thou shall not kill.'” is a perfect example.

              It doesn’t say kill. It never said “kill”. What is said was murder or the local language equivalent. The word is a specific action that represents the unjustifiable ending of a human life. Suddenly there are stupid people running around all over the place saying The Bible prohibits killing.

              I don’t think God would mind me saying “BULLSHIT!” in reference to this.

              The Bible and its meaning has been WARPED by crooked individuals and politically motivated groups over the years. …and with that fact there is another fact: most people that read The Bible and associated writings never, ever, EVER, *EVER* do any independent research or thinking about it. The very *FIRST* mainstream media was the church that “interpreted” The Bible for the ignorant masses. Man! I gotta think some of those people are in deep, uh, trouble. You know, The Biblical equivalent of hot water.

              Todays “interpretations” of the Bible (and I use the word interpretations VERY loosely) are nothing but distortions. We, on here, should be quite sensitive to the fact that men will take facts and truth, chop it up, mix it around and make it into total MBE (Male Bovine Excrement). Distortions and lies seem to be man’s favorite hobby.

              Again, some of the very first establishment distortionists were from the church and the oligarchy. People got wise to that. The distortionists then moved on to government, they’ve been fooling some of us for years with that, but, as that has worn thin they’ve hidden their MBE within an overlapping megacorporation development. (MBE = Male Bovine Excrement)

              Establishment sources, be they church, government (true), government (inc) or large corporations are corrupt sources.

              Read the Bible and study it. Then, Check with the author to make sure you got it. Its easy, its fast and its free. Not only that, it will, for sure, bring you riches beyond anything you can dream up!

              Oh, and reject someone else telling you that they know what something means. They may be correct. You need to be sure. Contact the author.



              • Amen! Two thumbs up! NR 🙂

                • Some thoughts: In the first three centuries their was no complete bible, the books we now have were independent, this place had one or two books or epistles or gospels and that place another. People began writing their own versions as they heard them and these false version became so prevalent that by the third century Pope Damascus asked St. Jerome and his monks to gather all the scriptures, gospels, etc, as their were hundreds of them and determine which were authentic and which were not.

                  St. Jerome, and his monks were expert and fluent in all the ancient languages, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc. They were the most educated of the day and still had access to authentic avenues, peoples, histories, etc, that later disappeared.

                  So, St. Jerome acquired the Hebrew Old Test and the Greek Septugiant and translated them into Latin, which was a more exact and more universal language at the time.
                  He then gathered, with his monks, all the hundreds of so called epistles and gospels and translated them into latin, he then, after determining which new testament books were authentic, all into one volume, one book and called it the “Bible” which is Greek for collection of books.

                  The Hebrew Old Test was missing several books that were in the Greek Septuagint, so, of course St. Jerome’s Old Test contains all the books of the Hebrew and the missing books that were in the Greek Septuagint. The Old Test. in the Protestant bibles are missing seven books of the Old Test, 66 verses of Daniel and parts of the book of Esther. The Catholic bible contains all of these including the missing Protestant books of the Greek Septuagint.

                  The Jews had for the most part a few centuries prior to Christ, moved to Alexandria, being that it was the center of commerce and trade. Seventy Jewish Scholars (Septuagint), translated the Hebrew into Greek, the common language at the time in Alexandria and the business world, in order for their children and families to read scripture who had been now raised in this Greek culture and language, many not knowing Hebrew any longer. At the same time, Christ when He quoted scripture, quoted directly from the “Greek Septuagint” thus giving it it’s authority and authenticity, as Christ did not quote from the Hebrew, consequently the Catholic bible, which contains the “whole” of scripture passed down, is the more authentic and more complete. I say more complete but not entirely as if you read the New Test, the Apostle mention 22 other books of scripture that they considered divinely inspired that we have lost in antiquity and even before St. Jerome did his studies and conclusions. Thus these other 22 books of scripture, which are mentioned by name in the New Test, we will never see or read.

                  The Councils of Hastings, Rome, and Carthage, in the late 4th century determined the what was to be the “canon of scripture” those being the result of St. Jerome’s findings. All the early manuscipts and bibles we have are the same as the Catholic bible today. It was not until the Protestant Reformation (Deformation) that with the insane antics of Luther that we come to a Protestant (the name comes from protesting catholic), version that threw out seven books of the Old Test and parts of Daniel and Esther. Luther even wanted to through out Revelations, the Gospel of St. John and the Epistle of St. James, all of this because “HE” had decided that he no longer believed in these scriptures, but his close associates at the time, late admitting all of this stopped him from going too far.

                  To this day the most authentic copy of scripture is the Latin Vulgate and the most exact translation of scripture in “English” is the Douay/Rheims Catholic bible. All other bibles are mistranslated, by those not very expert in Latin, as all have been translated, even the Protestant from the Latin Vulgate, even the other Catholic bibles have many mistranslations and corruptions as many of the translators, inserted “their own” idea of a translation: i.e. This is what I think they really meant or this is want I think they meant to say, etc.

                  Now, if you wanted to know the exact meanings of certain books and subjects, such as law, medicine, and other disciplines, you would consult an expert, a doctor, a lawyer, etc, on the many passages you did not understand.
                  Follow me here.

                  So, Luther decided that who is the Pope and Catholic Church to decide what scripture means. We can decide for ourselves, not realizing at first what he had done. Later Luther admonished his own followers for interpreting scripture themselves in a way other than HIS interpretation. What Luther had done, unknowingly at first, was turn himself and every Tom, Dick and Harry into a Pope, now all can interpret (misinterpret) scripture at will. Now, every man or woman, lacking understanding of scriptural history, culture, meanings of the time, Latin and Greek translations and their limitations, read and interpret scripture according to their own desires, lusts, passions, opinions, etc.

                  Each part of scripture has several meanings, some literal, some hidden but understandable after study and reference to scriptural experts, to Theologians etc. Sure much is plain and we can gather deeper understanding from reading the writings of the Early Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, and Saints. We have thousands of comments on the meaning of scripture that would astound you at their meaning given us in writing from the early Church Fathers, those closest to Christ and the Apostles, for example. St. John Chrysostom, St. Ignatius who was a disciple of St. John the Apostle himself and St. Polycarp, and dozens of others who lived in those times, language and culture, who have left us again thousand of pages of their sermons and teachings of what was meant, even the deeper meanings of scripture.

                  I once asked a Catholic bookstore why so many Protestant Ministers were ordering the Catholic Douay/Rheims. His answer was he had asked them himself and was told – because that bible is the most accurate in the English language, as it was translated verbatim without any outside insertions, opinions, etc.

                  Even though the Catholic Church today is in turmoil, as the devil mounts one of the most intense attacks on it in history, where both Catholics as a whole and even the hierarchy in great numbers up to the “TOP” have succumbed to errors and heresies, still the Catholic Douay/Rheims is the most authentic and complete list of scripture we have.

                  One last note: In scripture, as I don’t have time at the moment to quote the place exactly: The Apostle says, that we are to believe all that is in scripture and “TRADITION”, as much has been handed down “by word or mouth” from the time of Christ for our edification and instruction. That is why in Catholicism Tradition is “equal” to scripture, us knowing not all was handed down in writing as the Apostle himself tells us and as we know over 22 books of divine origin we have lost.

        • FWIWS,
          I agree they only want to control and or own and or remove US for there agenda’s it will be up each person and family to take care of themselves and USE there own common sense and or skill to survive what is coming. the government IS NOT your friend!!

      2. I didn’t see “shitload of guns and ammo” on any of those lists.

        • No doubt about the defensive and offensive weapons. 3 days worth of food they say? Damn and people will think that’s enough.

          • What I found shocking is that people don’t have three days worth of food in their homes at any given time. How do you run a house hold that way? Even if you are poor there are ways to make meals with just a few ingredients. Been there many times before.
            Not only that, you would think the government would encourage its citizens to have amble supplies of food and other things for longer periods of time, if for no reason than to fuel the economy.

            • Many people are *willfully* ignorant about preparedness. Some of them even laugh if you bring up the subject.

              One tells me they have TWO boxes of rice in case of an emergency, another tells me he doesn’t need to prep because he can just take what he needs – he can’t. He thinks deer hunting is equal to sniping. I remind Mr. ‘taker’ that people are also prepping for him too, but it has made no difference. All are totally oblivious to their surroundings. They will be greatly surprised when it happens.

              Both of the above individuals will not do well in a disaster, but this is the way they have chosen to deal with it. At least both of them are far enough away that I won’t have to shoot them, that will be a job for someone else.

              Another view is that having ‘stuff’ will get you through. Prepping is more about mindset, skillset and community than it is about just having a stack of stuff. Some skills are impossible to learn on your own in an emergency. Picking up a gun off the street is not the best time to learn to shoot. Opening a can of survival seeds is not the best time to begin to learn about gardening. The same is true with many other skills.

              I told my wife, and she agrees with me, after recently talking with our families about this, we won’t need to worry about them. They will all be dead before we could possibly help them. At least we tried.

              – Max

          • It’s disinfo by the gov to subvert and destroy the population, in place. If they tell the sheep they only need to survive three days, the sheep will happily follow and believe. Nearly everything on that list can be found in and around the average home anyway. The asleep sheep knows this and won’t put much effort into preparing ….. Because he’s got everything on the list already!!!!

            After surviving for THREE DAYS ….. The sheep will happily allow itself to be rounded up and sent to a FEMA camp for a hot meal, a shower and a nice cosy place to sleep.

            Baa baa baa!!

        • Not much mention of firewood, stoves or cooking apparatus on almost any survival prep website, never mind the Gov’t sites. They act like the infrastructure is bulletproof. I guess a couple three days of cold meals and then people die; that’s their plan. A water filter is your best insurance.You can look for food but clean water is invaluable.

          Even 5 gallons of Coleman doesn’t last that long when cooking 3 meals a day on a two burner. Most people have a gallon or two in their garage. Propane won’t be much better and carrying a 30 lb tank around is pretty tough in a bugout / “camping” scenario.

          Freeze dried food and a backpacking multi-fuel stove would be your best bet for a bugout scenario I think. My bag has my MSR Dragonfly and I have the old XGK in another. I just bought the Solo Stove so I can go with solid fuel when need be.

          A good hot meal that you can stand to eat is important to maintain any kind of high physical output…like fighting to protect your situation. 3 days of preps is a joke. It should be more like 3 months…absolute minimum, and that’s if you have other plans in place for the long haul. Otherwise I think you’d better have enough to last a couple years.That way you can get the hang of foraging and growing without such urgency.

          • The single most important item is a small wood burning stove of a minimum size of 10 x 10 x 16 inches with stove pipe. It will weigh about 10 pounds with pipe.

            Then comes the knife, and a reliable firearm that you can shoot well with ammo.

            Load up on jerky and peanut butter.

            Total weight at this point is under 25 pounds.

            A pot to boil water, fire starting stuff (fire steel, vaseline cotton balls and matches) and a wool blanket.

            Weight is now under 30 pounds. If you can’t carry 30 pounds burn the rest.

            f the government, they’re commies, all of ’em.

        • Can you define “shitload”? Is it somewhere around enough to arm a family of four with with a sidearm, a shotgun, a main battle rifle for each, or enough to arm a squad or platoon?

          A quantitative answer would be great.. 😉

          • Shi$load = anything above 2 guns per person plus 10000 rounds per gun

          • To US:

            Only you can determine what ‘enough’ means. More is usually better than less in many cases.

            – Max

          • Visualize a neat stack of ammo boxes and firearms of a size such that with practice a normal person could look at it briefly and have a reasonable chance of quickly estimating the amount correctly.

            Now increase that size pile until that same person can only probably get pretty close to being right; that’s “a lot.”

            Increase that size pile again until it’s pretty unlikely that same person would get close to being right and you now have “a ton.”

            Increase that pile one time further until it’s pretty much impossible for that same person to even make a decent guess and you know have one “shitload” of guns and ammo.

            For a family of four you’ll want four of these piles.

        • They are all talking to the system-dependent sheeple whom they don’t want to frighten with the truth. Give ’em credit – telling sheeple that they need a 3 month (or even 3 week) supply of food and water might let the sheeple wonder whether the all-powerful Oz really CAN take care of them. From there it’s a short step to the Revolution.

          • Agreed Old Coach, this is simply to placate the masses. If the gov’t was completely honest, the people would know something nefarious is soon to be upon us.

          • I respectfully disagree. The sheeple don’t read the government’s or any other preparedness site.

            Seriously. Just ask yourself how many americans, if polled, could correctly answer how many days food and water the government recommends to have on hand?

            I’m betting the government is very aware that practically no one reads their preparedness suggestions, much less follows them. Clearly preparing the citizenry isn’t the goal.

            If it was really the goal, every month every household in the country would get a letter in the mail (see throwing the USPS a bone at the same time) stating something like “This is national Fire Safety Month. Have you conducted a fire safety drill in case your home catches fire in the middle of the night?” or “Have you talked with your children about fire safety and what to do in an emergency?”

            It would be so easy and cheap to actually promote emergency drills, calling 911, inclement weather drills, CPR,fall prevention for seniors, etc that a reasonable person must conclude that they just don’t want to do it.

            • Interesting take Rebel, I agree that most Americans are apathetic beyond belief.

      3. The government will take care of you in an emergency.

        New Orleans proved that during Katrina.

        • Oh yeah, they plan to “TAKE CARE OF US” all.

        • Smile, president Obama loves you

      4. FEMA used to list 2 weeks of food and water,seems like they’re now on the same page as DHS saying anything over a week’s worth and you’re now a potential terrorist. We are no longer a priority of our government,probably an annoyance. We are here to fund the government til we can’t and users of government programs that aren’t being funded. With bankruptcy around the planet this is becoming a problem of all governments. the only solution is for massive die offs to stabilize said governments. With unfunded liabilities and no one to send a check to,problem solved. If you are not dependent on government or controlled by it….sayanora!

        • Jim in VA, I’ll say ‘sayonara’ to anyone who comes for me and/or my preps. I’ve been at the BOL since Thur. Brought in some more supplies to store in the barn and been having a blast but I have to head back home in the morning. It’s possible I’ll bugout in Sept./Oct. depending on events.

          • good luck to you braveheart….and all the other OLD FARTS(young farts too!) on SHTFPLAN!…it’s been a great education here, thanks to y’all!…this thankyou goes out to ALL that made shtfplan the best site for planning for/surviving the end of the world….looks like wwIII might be starting as i am typing….link follows

            • Uukraine?

              • the muhfugguh-in-chief has f*cked with putin long enough, and the reason is that the U.S. can no longer keep the bar-tab open any longer…..the bartender has laid the bar-bill on the bar and is nervously tapping his foot….uncle sammy’s been a drinkin’ and a thinkin’ he’s gonna get drunk and DASH….unfortunately, he’s TOO DRUNK TO RUN!….so we gotta have a WAR to clear out all this debt we got….face it, we can’t pay, and when the WORLD finds out….there’s gonna be some pissed-off muhfugguhs!….and i think that ukraine just might be our waterloo…..god bless our troops….and GOD DAMN the sons-o-BITCHES that send them over there!

                • The fuckers who got us in this mess should be up front with swords drawn

                  • wouldn’t HAVE wars anymore if it was done that way….hmmmm

                  • Kula.

                    Funny I brought another sword a few days ago.

                    • Closest I have is some Marine K-bar knives 🙁

                      Wait, the bayonets for the AKs are kinda close too 🙁

          • It’s been kinda nice having you around for a few days Cuz, but you put out so much BS that is a relief to see you go back home.

            • NGIC, it would be a bigger relief to see you go away, so go f#$% yourself.

      5. If the government did not provide this minimal list for emergencies then the masses would have zero food or supplies.

        I have come to realize that a large percentage of the public go to the grocery store every day to purchase food for that night and the next morning.

        A true hand to mouth subsistence.

        • John Stiner.

          I believe they go to the store each day. It is a lifestyle.

          • I see it everyday as I stop for gas or milk. The same people going to the same convenience stores for the same things, over and over. I guess it gives them a chance to see and be seen, as they evidently don’t work. How they afford the gas is beyond me.

            • I can tell you how they afford it…you and I are paying for it. Wonder what they will do when the money dries up???

              • Riot and loot.

                • When the collapse happens you will see a lot of neighborhood corner food shops open up. Buy neighbirhood local.. Fresh fruit, a place to barter fresh eggs, etc. Save your egg cartons today to trade for eggs or potatoes post SHTF. What can you barter for fresh food? If money is worthless. Think out of the box. Anybody planning on bugging out with no place to go is called a Refugee. Tough career gig there…

                • JS, if they come to my place to loot or riot, they better turn around and scoot or I’ll shoot.

                • it’ll be the night of the living BRAIN-DEAD!

                  • That was funny!

                    Night if the living Brain Dead Lib.

            • izmom, they pray for it. Next question?

        • I agree John! See so many folks that go out to eat or shop everyday.
          My line that’s worked on a few of those people is ” what would you do if the trucks quit running”. It works well because it’s not deep into all the SHTF stuff, but that’s simple and for some reason it’s helped a few of the lost folks.

          • What worries me is that my older daughter, who married into a very wealthy family, eats out (or orders in) for almost every meal except holidays when she has to put on a display. She CAN cook, and is good at it, but she’s gotten sooo lazy.

            It ain’t just the incompetent poor that don’t/won’t cook for themselves.

            • The Rich will sufferbset backs as well as they depend on workwrs to cook clean maintain their yards gardens. My idiot neighbors in the city did not even own a lawn mower and depended on the Jesus Crew to show up. Lots of workers will not show up anymore at the mansioms and you will see massive overgrowth, pools turning green, and rich will be scrambling in their kitchens trying to muster a meal together. The bigger you are the harder they will fall. Their money will become worthless and they will become ripe for pillage.


        • It would be different if we had mass numbers of open markets with fresh fruits and vegtables as in some countries. Some would strugle without a fast food burger place to access everyday.

        • I go almost daily, I like my vegetables and meat as fresh as I can get it.

          That’s not hand to mouth subsistence.

      6. The Government does not want us to be informed about much of anything, just enough to have a job and to pay taxes for their bar tabs. They gave 5 people in the world the monopoly on the news and broadcasting, lie to us daily and thing we believe them. So much so, the public is ready for a reset of these Tyrants. So the Grabberment is basically at war with us.. Subtle ways to steal our freedoms and oppress us to keep us dumbed down and living in fear. Broke and bankrupt, that we will not have much to put up a fight. sorry for them they have grossly underestimated the sleeping giant that has a stake in our country.

        • WWOTI… You’re a Satanist.

          • Satin is a made up evil boogyman by the religious folks to convince the gullible your Religion is good. Religion is demeaning to women, teaches hate and who would worships a jealous God? Who enjoys destroying other peoples cultures if they disagree? Answer: Thats a sick cult of psychopaths. No Thanks, its all a hoax.


            • Satin is something I wear. Satan is the one who has pulled the wool over your eyes.

            • How the hell is WWTI a Satanist? His post was well thought out and completely logical. I too am an atheist and probably among one of the most honorable people you will ever meet. People do not need a mythical sky creature to live properly. It comes down to how they were raised and the examples they had to follow.

              • IKR. I re-read his post twice and can’t figure out the satanist comment. WWTI is spot on here.

                I’m not an atheist and believe that Jesus taught the best way for individuals and society to behave, even if you don’t believe in God, heaven, hell, Satan, or anything, I challenge you to point out a better moral code than the one taught by Jesus.

            • How is WWTI a Satanist? His post was well thought out and completely logical. I too am and atheist and I am probably among one of the most honorable people you would ever meet. People do not need a mythical sky creature to direct their daily lives nor provide a moral compass. Religion preys upon the narrow minded.

              • @SC – You are honorable because you were brought up in a Christian culture. Had you been born in Asia or equatorial Africa you would be a completely different human being. Don’t think you are free of religion. Atheist or not, you are still a product of your culture.

                Something that almost all westerners have forgotten is that the Christian religion is the only one that postulates free will. Think that through.

                • OLD as dirt Coach. I guess you give amnesty to the Christian Priests that Rape children of their flock. They must be honorable too under your standards since they were raised under the Christian culture. The brain washing babble has twisted your 2 brain cells into a knot I see.

                • Coach, you just admitted and ezplained why Religion is a big hoax. I have said this many times. You think Christianity is the best religion. If you were birn in Iraq you would be a Muslim amd at war with chriatianity.If you were born in Viet Nam or China you would be a Buddist. Just goes to show you where you get your dumbed down religious teachings from, depends where you were raised and brainwashed. And its a a big hoax to fleece you of your dignity. And steals you brain of any rational thought. It takes years to undo brainwashing. I know been there, studied Chriatianity and realized its all a big fraud. Morals are mainly how your parents raised you. I am as honest and integrity is my motto in private life and in business and why I have been self employed 20+ yrs, and why I abansoned religion since it is Fraud and I choose not to be associated with duping people. And I sleep very well at night.

                  • Not always true WWTI. My dad was born and raised in Japan by not religous parents and studied eastern philosophy and religions mostly. As he grew he continued to examine different religions from all over the world and eventually decided to become Southern Baptist. Go figure.

                    My wife’s family were all raised as Bajai’s (Persian religion), I had a Bajai wedding, and my mother-in-law still is a practicing Bajai. My wife started going to church because she liked singing in the choir with my mom (Bajai is a very tolerant religion) and then later converted and is now a born-again Christian. Go figure.

                    • Baha’i

      7. NOAA has no Credibility other than telling us how fast a hurricane is coming at us. Their real Job is DEA Drug tracking under the guise of weather reporting, and why they too were issued 9MM Guns and loads of Hollow Point Bullets. NOAA also recently said and claimed that by something like 2030 that there will only be 65% sunshine than what we get today. Every other scientific lab and study totally contradicts NOAA and says there is plenty of sunshine for centuries. This BS info is to Reject the Use of Solar as a viable long term alternative to fossil fuels. NOAA is now in the business of flying Drones, so watch out for that too. NOAA is also under the Dept of Commerce so see where they their marching orders from. The real whopper, is when they predict the hurricane season.. Oh there will be 5 hurricanes and 8 storms.. yeah what ever. Another Fed Dept for Donald Trump to Axe. You’re Fired!!

        • Satan is your Lord.

        • You have no clue what NOAA is or what it does.

          Your assertion that it is somehow doing DEA’s work leaves me breathless. Is your tinfoil hat not on straight? Or maybe it’s too tight? Have your mother check it, will you?

          NOAA is one of the few Federal agencies that is providing essential services that none of us can (or would want to) do without, and which we cannot get from the private sector. If there’s a solar flare headed our way that might caused an EMP event, it’s NOAA that will know and flash the warning. If there’s a weather event that’s likely to cause a flash flood somewhere, it’s the NOAA that will know and warn you. Ditto tornadoes and derechos. The weather satellites that provide data for your Internet weather maps are all funded and managed by NOAA. Ditto the ground-based weather radars.

          One agency that no-one in their right mind would axe under any circumstances.

          Get a life.

          • Old as Dirt Coach. NOAA may have been a good agency decades ago but not any more. They are stationed at Military bases and if you could see all the Spy Gear that has been recently loaded into the nose cones of their aircraft your eyes would pop out. They also have the cell phone gear to grab communications when they fly over an area, and photograph the ground like google maps. Then hand that collected data back to the Airforce when they land. They are a spy organization, as well as DEA Masked as weather reporters. I know this as a fact as it was reported in a local base paper what they are truly up to and the technology that goes into their aircraft, under the guise of keeping us all safe of course to justify their out of control budgets. NOAA has you fooled. Wake up sheeple. Every Gubberment Agency is used as an arm of the Tyrants.

            • You’re nuts, WWTI, get some mental help.

              • No actually I know for certain WWTI’s right on this one. In addition to having a life long acquaintance that works for NOAA that says drug interdiction is a plus for what they do and it’s not like you can not participate.

                For example, I just might be related to a former airforce U2 pilot, that of course would have been stationed in Beale AFB in Sacremento CA. (If he was stationed in Alconbury England flying the same plane it is called a TR-1). Being a spy plane and not a bomber, flight evals are based on pictures of the target instead of dropping ordinance.

                Now stay with me here because this is the important part about the NOAA too. So if you’re a spy pilot wanting to keep flying or get promoted you take this eval where you’re given coordinates and told travel east so far, pictures for 30 seconds, then turn this degree and head so far, pictures for 20 seconds, etc the rated on how accurate you were for following the flight plan. The former pilot who done this personally, and just might be my dad lol, says that he knows that he was given coordinates to take pictures of Marijuana growing operations and there’s nothing he can do about it.

                You can only get sent over Humbolt county and other marijuana growing hotspots in Northern California for “training” purposes so many times before you realize that you are violating Posse Commitas and there’s nothing you can do about it. DEA busts of potfields occured with amazing regularity on his “training” runs.

                If you’re an Airforce pilot, NOAA employee, or whatever, what choice do you have? Flunk your flight proficiency? Not follow reporting guidelines? Many government employees are complicit without liking it one bit.

                • I won’t doubt the U2 was used over the US for training, nothing wrong with that, but it was phased out 35 years ago, at least.

                  Our local sheriffs just rent a helo and fly around.

                  I can see NOAA tide and current data being used to predict where the drug dealers bales will drift when they unload it offshore, but certainly nothing wrong with that, and it’s certainly a tiny, tiny part of NOAA.

          • Old Coach. pay no attention to wwti. He is a legend in his own mind. He will fold like a deck of cards, just like most keyboard Rambo’s, without any real life fighting/killing/survival skills.


          Oh my Jeb Bush exposed. Also Remember when Jebs wife Columba from Columbia, was busted at customs trying to smuggle approx $20K in Jewelry back into the US? Lots of money laundering going on in the parasite Bushy Crime Family. Id like to know how much GW Bush pilfering has stashed away in foreign lands and buying assets off the books.

        • You’re an idiot, WWTI.

          NOAA’s real job is DEA drug tracking? Get real.

          NOAA is brainwashing people into rejecting solar power? Pure hogwash.

          A roomful of chimps with typewriters could come up with more intelligent things to say.

          You said above how honest and full of integrity you were, being an atheist. OK, stop lying for a start. You’re making stuff up out of whole cloth with no basis in fact.

          Want to know why people look askance at preppers? Just read your posts and the answer will be obvious. Half of them are insane.

      8. FWIW, regarding water.
        I have been using an Aqua Rain filter for almost two yrs. now and it is excellent. I’m glad I didn’t buy the Big Berkey, esp. after reading the most recent reviews on amazon.
        Also, if you need to move water after the emp/shtf consider having a Guzzler hand pump. Reasonable $ spent. You’ll need to buy hose for it to draw water and move it somewhere, but it’ll do the job well.

        • Ket: I have a Aqua Rain filter now for 18yrs and would fight tooth and nail to keep it. Got an extra set of filters and rotate them as I clean the others.

          • I have 2 Sawyer water filters along with 2 of their Water Filter Bottles. the built-in filter can be cleaned and never needs replacing. I’ve used it on tap water and the creek water behind the BOL and it gives me some of the best-tasting water I’ve ever had in my life. Theoretically, Sawyer products are good for up to one million gallons. Can’t go wrong with Sawyer.

        • The Big Berkey gets mostly positive reviews. There may still be an issue with their filter elements, but that’s easily dealt with by buying genuine British Berkfeld filters, which fit perfectly.

          (Admittedly, Berkey IS a knockoff, not in any way associated with British Berkfeld.)

      9. Want to know what the minimum stuff to have in case of a disaster.

        Just read the articles here at SHTF. Oh! We will tell you aright. Up to the point it will overwhelm many newbies.

        Then put aside the material portion and move into what we have store in our brains. Headache, Headache.

        Then the conditioning. Mental and physical. What we argue about here on the various articles.

        At the Modern Survival Blog you will find the age of the prepper is between 40 to 60 years. Many of us have been doing this for a long time and we have a lot of experience under our belts.

        I have to laugh at what the government thinks will suffice in a real bad emergency. False security at its best.

        • I strongly agree and like the way you put it. If you live with a woman or women, then you know you must have TOILET PAPER! As a person who thinks about future possibilities, you know that roll of tp will be worth more to the Misses than the guy but he has to live with her. You’re return will be at least tripled. And that’s just wiping the surface.

          • Is there a woman alive who doesn’t have a 3 months of toilet paper in stock?

            • Men, Also stock up on maxipads and Kotex. Women will be eating out of your hand post SHTF with those preps. Trade and barter with them. Dishes, Laundry, sex. you get the picture… Maxipads also double as sanitary bandages

            • Try a year, coach!

          • I have at least a year’s stock of TP unless a woman moves in, then it’s about 2 weeks worth.

        • Purchase the book “A Failure of Civility”.
          Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned prepper
          , it’s the best $45 you’ll ever spend.

        • Slingshot, spot on. The .gov’s list is nothing but a joke. This site or any other prepper site will give you all the info you need on prepping and good info at that. My late wife sold me on prepping back in the 70s and I’ve never regretted the decision. One big reason I’m alive today.

          • Braveheart.

            There are very few who have been able to prep for many years. I hear the words exchange between people at the flea market and they are not happy. They are getting itchy feet and feeling the need to do something. Most do not have a clue on what to do.
            We all have said that only about 3% of the people prep. Let’s say 5%. Now break that down into how many weeks they are prepare by food storage. One year, six months, three months, three days. Where does the percentage shrink to when you add food to the equation. They may have the tools and material but food and also count water. So The Preppers could be found wanting later in the game of survival.

      10. Please do not forget a spiritual book.
        All this bad things a coming directly from Satan.
        So we have to fight against him!

        “Church Militant Field Manual: Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ”

        this is a very good book for fighting against Satan!
        The time of allways “good weather” is nearly over.
        Even if you are not catholic christ, you will like this book.

        • Klemens:
          You mean the bible and I would also add the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, first aid manual, eatable pants manual and a how to manual.
          N. Reb

          • I’m from WV and a WV wildlife resource site sends out informational booklets on edible plants, poisonous plants to avoid, maps, and many more useful informational reference books for free if you are a state resident. I keep mine in my BOB. I’m not sure if other states do it though.

          • eatable pants?????huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The Bible is good for one thing. Fire tinder.

          • WWTI for once your pretty close! But you should have said the Bible is good for one thing, it might keep you from becoming “Fire Tinder”. Trekker Out.

            • Awesome lol.

          • WWTI, however, is good for nothing at all.

        • Anything remotely close to a satan is the ZOG that hijacked our Government and is undermining our people ans freedoms….like a 4th stage cancer.


      11. List four people in the house and each shelf of food is for them?
        Enough for one week, each. Put their names on it. There, takes care of that profiling.

      12. Most people I know, do their grocery shopping weekly, which is when they get their paycheck. So does that mean all of those people that buy a weeks worth of food are potential terrorist?

        • I have to agree with you, PG.

          We buy enough each visit that we can survive off of that purchase for at least two to three weeks, except for fresh bread and milk.

          If an emp hits us, we will go into prep items after the first week for powdered milk and flour to bake bread. After the pantry is empty, we will go into survival mode with rice. beans, and canned goods, etc.

          Anyone with children that is not prepared for at least six months, is not showing common sense and caring for their family. Our children are old enough to help garden and such, but a black out usually hits in cold weather.
          So, keep enough food stored to last a minimum of six to seven months.

          We keep a couple bushels of potatoes in the basement, so when the ground thaws in our area, we have some to plant right away, a full month or more, before we can plant above ground crops.

          Growing up as a young girl, I remember Papa getting rows laid off for planting potatoes, in a February warm spell. In fact, He may have even planted them in February a time or two.

          • Though I agree with you on almost every single point, I think it is a bit unfair to state, “anyone with children that is not prepared for at least six month, is not showing common sense and caring for their family.”

            Not everyone has the extra money to be prepared 6 months out. Some people have just started prepping. Hey, atleast they are awake. I think rephrasing it to “anyone with children that is not attempting to prepare for at least six months, is not showing common sense and caring for their family.”

            It is a matter of semantics for me, though I think anyone with children should always be prepared, for they are our future.

            • Kynase, if you have extra mouths to feed I can see your point. I only have myself to provide for. So being debt-free, every time I go to the supermarket, I get extra items for my food pantry plus what I usually eat. I have a 2-year supply now and working on year no.3. Having a family to provide for does limit your prepping options but I can agree people should prep to the best of their ability. And if possible, get out of debt. That’s one of the biggest things that interferes with prepping. I refuse to go into debt on anything. My prepping is my top priority and I never let anything interfere with that.

              • kynase

                What I am saying is that anyone, even with kids should have enough common sense to know that catastrophes and natural disasters happen all the time. Even if people don’t live in areas that are prone to such. Playing ostrich on the geo-political collapse isn’t an excuse, nor is the issue of being poor.

                How long has it been since Katrina floods and the Joplin twisters? Didn’t everyone see the suffering?
                You telling me that there are people too poor to put back dry beans and rice, or dry and can their own gardens? What about EBT. People that poor can get assistance, and they should put back for rainy days, not spend it all on junk food.

                I don’t think my comment is unfair, unless their are moms and dads that just crawled out from under a rock and learned what is coming for the first time. Like I said, not being prepped with six months of, SOMETHING, shows lack of common sense and a non-caring nature towards their children.

                Their are hundreds of thousands that fit this category though, and being poor is not an excuse when they have MANY means available to procure dried and canned goods for their children’s future needs. It will be people like us that have to share our hard work items to feed their children for them when shtf. As a mom, I will do that, but why should my children have to suffer because of the ignorance and laziness of others?
                Think about it.

            • kynasw:
              You are right it is hard to stock up on things when you have kids. I’m lucky that I have grandkids now but I still put things away for them and my son’s and daughter in laws. I’m out of debt and I have been doing this prepping for years.
              Just do what you can a little at a time and it will surprise you what you can put away for that rainy day.
              I found that if I picked up 2 or 3 extra thing every time we went shopping it did not brake the bank and we added at lest 4 to 6 meals to our collection.
              Look for sales and go to those dollar stores they will surprise you at some of the deals they have.
              Just keep up the good work and do what you can.
              N. Reb

            • Kynase. If yiu cant afford raising kids or have plenty of food, then stop spreading you legs and seed for starters. Depending on your gender. Having kids is a lifestyle choice and planning includes how the hell you plan on paying for them, and take reaponsibility yourself for your juiced up sexlives. Im sooooo tired if having to pay for ither people’s mistakes and kids educations food and livlihoods. Love to cut you all off the freeshit gravy train.

              • I can see that the money spent to educate you was wasted, WWTI. Spelling and punctuation seem to be third grade level.

                • did you understand what he said? If so what is the point?

        • That’s just to make a person paranoid.
          Pay no attention.
          “because I can”
          “because you can”

      13. Since probably 90% of the country doesn’t bother stocking even for a 3-day emergency, why worry if the government doesn’t suggest stockpiling for a longer period? The only reason the government provides any guidelines at all is to shield itself from “You didn’t tell me!” accusations.

        Check with your local county emergency services office. It will probably be an eye opener. These are the people who will be on the front line trying to coordinate relief, and believe me, they worry about the lack of preparedness they see. They are also usually very realistic about the help or lack of help they expect from state and federal agencies during critical early efforts.

      14. Let’s be honest and for real here and see just what the gov’t employees are up too. And please remember there is no such thing as government, it exists only in the form of Government employees, people that are supposed to be our servants, not our jailers and executioners. Now with that out of the way, here is what some Government Employee decided to do and obviously got the ok to do from highers. First, tell the taxpayers it’s ok for them to have 3 days food and water. That will allow them to stay alive until we can incarcerate the first batch. 2. Also print it’s ok to have two weeks of survival needs, and this will allow us to keep them in their homes until we can round them up too. 3. Everybody that didn’t heed our 3 days and 2 weeks warning will go in with the first batch and stragglers with the 2nd. 4. Any person with over 2 weeks supplies is a domestic terrorists and will be dealt with accordingly (shot dead and all supplies confiscated). In closing, you just don’t seem to understand that the gov’t employee, the veteran, and retired military could give a rat’s ass about you and is/are there for his/her/their own survival and nothing else. You are just a taxpayer and when your ability to pay taxes has played out then you are out…of time. tick tock, tick tock

      15. It’s interesting that any of them tell you to stock up on medications when it’s impossible to get many of the medications you need without a government approved prescription.

      16. I don’t have a fear or disdain for the government. It’s some of the people running the government I have disdain for. The institution called the United States does in fact run quite well when we don’t have chimps running it. I don’t fear the chimps at all.


        Some people have no idea where I am coming from

        They are busy taking care of them selves and could give a rats ass about me and my survival..that why I prep..i have literally almost starved to death in my 2011-2013-14 personal infrastructure business calapse because of the engineered financial calapse. The only real reason what I am alive today is for one reason. The city did not calapse and infrastructure food a d water was here it’s just I don’t have money to buy it.

        Because of this site it’s discovery underneath a bridge, contemplating to drink the bayou water and suddenly realized that I could literally die from my weakend immune system, what the hell did I know about water filtration. I was anonymous bias idiot. I experienced hell on earth. I called my parents and my own father tells My mother that I am a bum and get what I deserve. So as business owner I am being refund to as a bum, that now help is a viable for me and he has two empty rooms t his home in
        My area. Because I decide to take funds to keep the business afloat. Thus I didn’t get any help. Stupid me, what was I thinking. When My car finally broke, the hell began, I was down and I had made some money, my business has taken a turn and had some funds just in time to fix the car right in time to wind up outside literally for 4 days and nights in the heat with no bug spray then waking In fields crossing parking lots, wooded areas to get back to my office area walking 10 plus miles on food or water, not knowing that coyote are hurting in the 290 area, but I was in shape. I have a torn mind and I do not give up easily, because the almighty God was with me and I literally went on my knees that night and asked God for help and God delivered me to help and showed my sorry pathetic sorry ass the way..since all find paid up the overhead of the business the grid still up and so was my phone and Internet. As I did the search from some kind of website about sh…t hit fan and came across this site and this opened up a can of worms, I began to listen and read the comments and suddenly realized that I am in the middle of shtf..had that happeed to me in a real calapse and based on my research from this site I would have been killed in the streets and would have been another body being earn by dred lock or vultures. So I began to prep and I was still going to be homeless for another year, and summer was kicking in so I go ther car back. A coyote spotted me one night of 290 a.d tried to attack me, luckily I was close by my office and had a sling shot and light his ass up with a. 50 cal steam shot, and be bolted..all my muscles were gone in 4 months of starvation etc, heat,then I would shower at the gym, jump into my work close and begins to work out and practice martial arts again, I was still homeless and I got the MGR, because you guys started taking crap about EMP, began to rally scare the crap our of me triggering a prep frenzy, a few months later, business slowed down, I wa now extending my bills to wait since I had gotten several referrals as I work in my nice clean office metro sexual clothing driving my Camano SS, starving while working and driving.I barely got out of the jam, placed a.d order of a bunch of survival food, dumped it into my car, built a bug our bag, got provisions the shtf struck again, this tim brutal, but guess what, the food supply was there and I had preps..i opened up the first military MRE heart pack, boasted up my immune system took multivitamins, amino acids, the green foods and now I was diving into preps while people are driving on the streets and puking up in a hoping centers, 6 months pregnant and acting like business as usual as I ssk my self what in hell is wtf is with this picture. Nearly lost bladder control after a busy got ) one second after book, Jesus Kovrist, helm was coming then we heard about the failed EMP event, it was time to get it the. Extremely of preps, then all in sudden a few months later I got a phone call rom a scientist I met at a meeting yrs ago taking about crap I was not interested in at the time, telling me calapse was coming economic and environmental. It was about money for me..even if hits right now as I sit in public at this very moment am ready to mobilize and run like hell as thousands are in public having a good time spending time with friends and family, they are one their own, as I check the hell out, and mobilize because I have 3-5 hrs to safety. I do not not go on adventure nor do I go out or town, I must be close by my preps. I am one of the 3-5,000,000 future survivors and damn proud of it. I will never ever be caught off guard eat again. I now picture what happened to suddenly happening to everyone one that is unprepared.

        This country has become a dangerous terrain, and if your not prepared you will die within the first 24-72 hrs and that a a fact of life, so keep having lots of babies ladies and you idiots who do not prep, keep up the BS you have no earthy idea what is coming..and for your Agency ass clowns who like to come o here attacking me trying to maintain normalcy Bias, keep going at it. At least now you know where I am coming from. So f….k you agency ass trolls. I have been through shtf fools. We posters are of the generation Shtf. We are not people are sick evil bastards and really want people to suffer a lot but we shtf- effers aren’t stupid to let you pull that crap on us, so f…k you. God gave man a gut instinct to survive. God has been helping us the whole time. Never underestimate the power of the almighty God.



        For the ultimate power and excellence,i rely on the

        • Houst you come off as some kind if person who has mental problems. Why does what others think ,say or do bother you so much? Why are you giving stuff free rent in your head? Chill out just worry about yourself. Solve your own problems first.

          • I was thinking troll…

          • More than likely paranoid schizophrenia with substance dependency mixed in.

        • Do you spend your entire day writing these screeds? Do even HAVE a job? Who feeds you and changes your diapers?

        • HCKS, keep those outstanding posts coming. You do have way with words.

        • God bless your parents, they are good judges of character…bum.

      18. Whowuddathink.i noticed that you called me a liar yesterday on previous post. See Jewish Pathways, by Ben Spiro..the facts about our country’s founding was supprise most. So talk crap to me. I have never lied about any thing on this site. Name one incident that a
        Jew did something bad to you. I can name many incidents that non Jews have done bad to me. They key like me because I am honest with them so they respect me.



        • I don’t hate the Jews, I hate islamic savages, scum feds, dirty cops, scum illegals, and people that refuse to work.

          • and slimeball lawyers.

            • I hate everyone fairly and equally. Black, white, brown and Bob Green at the end of my street. I hate Jews, Catholics, Atheists, Hindu’s and Jahova Witnesses. I hate feminists, liberals, junkies and people who drive Fords just as much as I hate city folk, homo’s, soccer players and people who mow their lawns on Sunday. I hate do-gooders who think they’re helping, I hate Californians, movie stars and Al Sharpton. I don’t like chicken, blue cheese or broccoli.
              Phew!! I am absolutely POSITIVELY tuckered out from all that hate. But I’m FAIR!! ; )

            • Yep. I forgot them. When all these people arrive in hell, there will be devils holding up signs like lawyers, used car salesmen, politicians, babyrapers, pigs, etc.. The islamic savages deserve the worst torment though, ripped to shreds daily forever.

          • Amen…

        • Hcks, You claimed that the Jews funded the American Revolution of 1776. I said you are wrong. It was France and the US sent Ben Frankin over there to secure the funding to fight Brittan.

          You are demented and a liar. I also said many times on here, if you disagree with me show proof or a link. You have not done so. Jews funding the AM Revolution? Thats a good Whopper… Name even one program nonjewish that they fund. NADA ZERO ZIP.


          • Actually it wasn’t France either. Although they did give some logistical support, the Dutch did more, especially early in the war, and get no credit. The French only got involved to stick it England, with whom they were already at war. “The First Salute” by Barbara Tuchman.

            For the most part, the Revolutionary War was funded the way so many wars are funded, by printing paper money. Which led to a serious financial crisis afterward, as one might well expect. “Those Unruly Americans” by Woody Holton”. That crisis was what led to the creation of the Constitution we still revere, (well, some of us) today.

        • HCKS:
          don’t worry about howuddathukit, He just a lonely troll trying to pick a fight with you. Just conceder the source and forget about it. He is not worth the time or energy.
          N. Reb

          • Man, you are damn right about that, Northern Reb.

            He is worse than the community faggot, AE.

        • Here you go PROOF.

          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          During the American Revolutionary War (American War of Independence; 1775–1783), France recognized and allied itself with the United States in 1778, declared war on Great Britain, and sent its armies and navy to fight Britain while providing money and matériel to arm the new republic. French intervention made a decisive contribution to the U.S. victory in the war. Motivated by revenge for its losses in the Seven Years’ War, France began secretly sending supplies in 1775. Spain and the Netherlands joined France, making it a global war in which the British had no major allies. France got its revenge, but materially it gained little and was left with over 1 billion livres in debts.

          Benjamin Franklin served as the American ambassador to France from 1776 to 1785. He met with many leading diplomats, aristocrats, intellectuals, scientists and financiers. Franklin’s image and writings caught the French imagination – there were many images of him sold on the market – and he became the cultural icon of the archetypal new American, and even a hero for aspirations for a new order inside France.[1]

          The French goal was to weaken Britain, both to keep it from getting too powerful and to exact revenge for the defeat in the Seven Years’ War. After the American capture of the British invasion army at Saratoga in 1777, and after the French navy had been built up, France was ready. In 1778 France recognized the United States of America as a sovereign nation, signed a military alliance, went to war with Britain, built coalitions with the Netherlands and Spain that kept Britain without a significant ally of its own, provided the Americans with grants, arms and loans, sent a combat army to serve under George Washington, and sent a navy that prevented the second British army from escaping from Yorktown in 1781. In all, the French spent about 1.3 billion livres (in modern currency, approximately thirteen billion U.S. dollars) to support the Americans directly, not including the money it spent fighting Britain on land and sea outside the United States.[2]

          French aid proved vital in the victory of the Americans seeking independence from Britain. The United States gained much territory at the 1783 Treaty of Paris, but France made only limited gains, returning some of its wartime conquests. It did get its revenge and made a new ally and trading partner. However the high debt France accumulated was a major cause of the French Revolution in 1789.

        • Hcks. The real question is how much money and resources have the Jews used to Undermined, unwind and destroy the American Revolution say in just the last 50 years? Im guessing tens of Trillions of Dollars. Or starting with the Murder of JFK.


        • WWTI is nuts, pay no attention to his drivel

      19. I can tell you from my work that more people are prepping than you might think. People are worried about the economy crashing and are getting ready for it.

        • Well said.
          The government has more food in stock for emergencies than most people realize.
          What they want is for you to come to them, depend on them.

          • Watching and swinging:
            You are both nailing it tonight.
            I have found that there are more and more people stocking up and the government has a very large stock pile of food.
            I plan on getting some of the government food after TSHTF, but I’m not signing up for anything and if I have to I’ll give them some fake name. I’m going to get food hoping they think I’m in need and don’t have anything of great value.
            I just ran across a new group of people that is about 5 or 6 miles away from me that are preppers. The hole family are involved in prepping, that family is made up of no less than 15 to 20 people that know how to live off the land and they are raising live stock now. That makes 4 groups with in a 10 mile of each other that will not be forced to rely on TPTB.
            We are still out numbered, but at lest there are other like minded people out there getting ready.
            N. Reb

      20. Hcks don’t worry he beats up everyone here. First it was eppe, then dk, barn cat even BH. He hates everyone.
        Sad little man

        • Thanks all I wear it as a badge of honor as I call you all out for your misinformed lies. ~WWTI

          • Just what a self-important popinjay nutbag would do, WWTI. Congratulations on your denial, it says a lot about you.

      21. Good afternoon hcks, what does your scientist friend think ny will be like in Sept ?

        • Hello lolong… SHTF Plan survival data to be announced shortly… I must consult with Katy before releasing the TRUE annalistic report… Having trouble with agency azz clowns down here in Texas… Things aren’t looking too healthy for those that resist the cabal…

          Much to report on the dreadlock tattooed masses who literaly want to eat my head. What the F…K?

          wtf, Science hits the fan

          MASTER scientist serving one SHT PLAN poster one at a time.

          S H T F PLAN.


          The azz agency beating Scientist.

          • Dammit scientist! You were NOT to tell hcks about the dreadlocks wanting to eat his Head! Now we’ll have to delay our mass zombie dreadlock brain eating invasion!

      22. Time to order that clinton coated skillet. Wouldn’t want any of the precious 3 days worth of food to stick.

        • 88
          I thought they outlawed that stuff because of it caused some illness.
          N. Reb

          • That was never proven in a court of law.

      23. I guess we need to thank the government for providing us with those guidelines. Many would be lost without it. But not many here.

        • Just stop at 6 days, I guess.

          Someone is getting paid to work this stuff out.

      24. Be aware of those types of people you knew after high school who started making money and they changed into only helping themselves and never would help you or with min effort. They act nice but judge you as worthless or a POS and never amounted later in life to nothing. They do not have many weapons or security except for their so called other friends who will never invite you out but will to people in that same wealth class. Those types of people who use you for slave labor but wouldn’t return the favor are going to be kissing some major ass in a collapse. They will be so shell-shocked they won’t even know if they are coming or going. They will be nothing but leeches on you at that point. Don’t forgot how they really are and take care of you!!! These people just use people. So don’t try to be cool and want to fit in with these people. They are using you again!!!!!!!!

        • Clinthospo, the only place where I ‘fit in’ is at this site and others like it. That’s good enough for me. I know the type of people you’re talking about all too well. I avoid them all I can. they better not come to me for anything in the post-SHTF era.

      25. I could care less what the government says I should have.
        Don’t forget the ENTITLEMENT ARMY that’s out there.
        I’ll make that judgment call for me and mine on how much I/we need. And what we need and want.
        I have 400 gallons of rain water, plus a way to purify over 20,000 gallons of rain water, 150 gallons of drinking water, right now on hand.
        Enough food for 10 people for 6 months, NOT counting the 1/2 acre garden, or wild game and fish. (we will all be on a strict diet). All sort of electronics. 6 out of those 10 people can and will defend what we have.
        Plus a hole lot more if you count all of my fun stuff, I love the out doors.
        So as far as the government saying what you need do not believe them. It will takes at lest 5 to 7 days to get MRE’s, bottled water and blankets to you, that’s just for one small area were a disaster has happened. What do you think if some thing really large hit and 1/2 or more of the country needed aid???
        Do what you feel that you need to be prepared for what ever is coming to your world. If three days are enough for you fine, if 6 years is what you want, do it.
        What ever happens bad enough for us to use our preps I hope and pray we will get through it all in one piece.
        N. Reb

        • First rule; say nothing.2nd 3rd and 4th…… enuf said

          • Nels:
            Not unless you are completely off the grid and you raise and can your own food and do not order anything and pay with cash only, or barter. TPTB know pretty much what you have.
            So if they want it they know where to go to get it.
            It’s just a mouse click away for them. By a mouse click they will be able to tell you how much silver or gold you have in your teeth, or how many times you flushed your toilet last month.
            They can have it all after my barrels are all melted down and I’m out of ammo and not sucking in air.
            N. Reb

            • Amen to that.

              We go camping a lot and the kids really like the mountain house freeze dried meals. So I bought several cases of the pouches and learned the hard way that mice can chew right through that box and pouch.

              We store them in 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids now since we use them so often. Everything else in mylar lined 5 gallon buckets with regular lids.

              Out here every single grocery store, including walmart, sells 5 gallon food buckets, water jugs, canning supplies, and a complete line of Auguson farms #10 cans, and probably a competing line or alternatives in #10 cans. Who doesn’t have a couple hundred 5 gallon buckets and #10 cans in their cold storage room out here?

        • Northern Reb, DING DING DING DING DING! I’m with you all the way. THE. FEDS. CAN. KISS. MY. ASS.

          • If the blue helmets and foreign militaries attack us with all that armor that we have seen lately in op. Jade helm we had better have a plan in place to take out armor or they will just pull up to your dwelling and open up with a 25mm chain gun. I have heard most of the American military would not follow orders to attack Americans so at least we will have that when shtf. Pits and trees cut down might slow them down a little but tanks and APCs are pretty Scarry things when you just have small arms although the scene from saving private Ryan with the 45 was really good we may not have p51s dropping bombs on tanks. It might be a hard fight but being Americans we will know what will have to be done. We always were the underdogs but we will always succeed. Good luck ladies & gents we will need it. Just a thought.

      26. Prepper Tip.

        Have you seen the price of Coleman, two burner stoves or lanterns. Either propane or Coleman gas.

        New two burner Coleman fuel stove is $99.00 plus and Coleman lanterns about $40.00

        Go to the Flea Market and look for used but good gear.

        Have found new Coleman stoves for $20.00 and Lanterns for $10 to $15.

        Check out Trail Chefs/pots and pans for $20 or so. New ones from $50 to $100. Check Google.

        • Slingshot:
          Good tip, to go along with that tip, most of those Coleman stoves that have Coleman gas tanks on them can be converted to propane. Look for those 30lb propane bottles at flea markets and rummage/garage sales and either refill them or trade them off. Then get the connectors to hook them up to your propane lanterns and stoves they last forever. Remember to turn off the bottle as well as the stove and lantern when not needed. One bottle will run two stoves and two lanterns for a week. I use them at deer camp every year.
          Keep your eyes open for Colman heaters also, they can be hooked up to a 30lb bottle with the “RIGHT” connections.
          You can google search what you need to connect to a 30lb bottle.
          N. Reb

          • There’s also an adaptor for which you can refuel your small canister from a larger one, propane. 8 bucks. Worth it.

            • Nels:
              Put your small tank in the deep freeze for a couple hours before you refill it. It will help draw the propane out of the big tank because as it warms up it expands.
              N. Reb

            • I don’t know how it is where you folks live, but here in the Appalachians, the cost of propane is ridiculous.

              It has come down some now, but when they were charging $5.00 per gallon a couple years ago, and another $150.00 for tank rental unless you got over 100 gallons each year……

              we pulled the plug on them assholes.

              Even after being a regular customer for 35 years, they wanted me to pay a $250.00 disconnect fee, restocking fee, and etc.etc.

              I told them where to stick their fees, and they said we will credit your account for the twenty gallons that was left in the tank at a price of $1.89 per gallon. and sue you for the rest.
              It has been over two years and we haven’t seen a court summons yet.

              I picked up a 100 lb. cylinder, and had it filled at the rental place for less than $100.00, so the wifey can operate the gas logs if something happens to me and the firewood runs out before she can find someone to cut her some more.

              Will probably add another cylinder just before the price starts climbing again. That should give her about four weeks in a grid down situation.

              Other than that …screw the thieving bastards that own the propane gas companies, which are primarily the same ones that own the electric companies. They are all snakes.

          • Northern Reb.

            Flea market junk.

            Pick up a tube flaring tool and plenty of gas fittings/connectors for repairs at a fraction of the cost in the store. Can adapt forklift tanks also.

            A 12 inch Danforth boat anchor for $4.00

            Drop that baby in a 3 foot hole with chain and it is not going anywhere when you have to hold or pull things in place.

        • Yard and estate sales are good places to acquire stoves, lanterns, and lots of prepper stuff. I got a brand new Coleman propane griddle last year for $30, new in box.

          Do stock up on lantern mantles, stove 0-rings, the replacement stuff. No one is going to be selling or giving away certain things when SHTF, and stove and lantern needs are one of them.

      27. How do you know when a prepper dies?

        All his shit ends up in the Flea Market. Hahahahaha!

        • Slingshot:
          Preppers never die they just get recycled.
          N. Reb

      28. I won’t have to get used to eating can beans because that has been my primary diet for at least 30 years. I don’t eat meat or meat byproducts. If I was starving I guess I would. I like black beans, lentils, pintos or any beans with brown rice. I like black bean burritos the best. My favorite can beans are Bush’s vegetarian baked beans and can only find one other brand similar, being Heinz. Now that Kraft merged with Heinz I look for the quality to go down. After all Kraft was bought out by the big tobacco firm awhile back, who can trust their quality? Many of these beans have caramel color listed as an ingredient, a declared carcinogen in California. All you cola drinkers take note. I’ve noticed even beans have had high cost raises, and many times the cans are half liquid filled. Bean beans good for your heart.

        • Umm good. Red beans and rice. The only dish served in New Orleans Parish prison.

      29. When the big storm that left us ten days without power, phone, Internet etc was predicted, the wife asked when I was running to the store, to which I said, we’re pretty much already set. I’ll just topped off the generators fuel tank, the cars and gas can.

        We already had all we needed. I did drive to a couple stores over the next ten days of the disaster. Not that I needed anything, I just found it entertaining to watch all the crazy panicked people that were so screwed. By chance they brought two pallets of generators into the one store, just as I arrived. They were all gone in 20 minutes. Most people buying them had no clue, no oil, no fuel, no safe means to bring the power into the house. Many people died that week of CO poisoning.

        The only thing I underestimated was how much oil I needed to keep my generator running. You’re supposed to change the oil every 50 hours, which with my lawn mower requires an entire summer to chalk up, but the generator must be changed every two days if run 24/7. So I needed five oil changes. I’ve since switched to synthetic oil for the wider temperature range it offers. I only need one type of oil winter or summer now.

        Grocery stores were a surprise, even one nearby that got power after just one day, was still shut down by the Health dept that made them throw everything out, sterilize the whole store and restock fresh. It took the store a week to open in a limited way, and three weeks to be fully functional again. All affected grocery stores were down for two to three weeks. So yeah in a ten day emergency you really need almost a months supply of food, because recovery takes time as well.

        The government/police, well I never saw them. Local patrols were nonexistent and if we needed police we’d have to drive to the station with phones out. Mostly police etc were providing support for power company and road clearing efforts. The attitude of police was stay out of our way.

        • More and closer to the topic ……
          With the generator up and running as the storm moved off. Everything in the refrigerator and extra freezer were saved.

          I could run radios, the TV, local channels and satellite. The news that came in on the TV and radio told everyone to check the wondrous internet for government emergency information. The radio and TV news was continuous loops of video and soundbites about the worst hit, casualties etc. but no hard information, regarding road closures or where and how people could evacuate or obtain supplies or aid.

          What a joke, when the lights went out the Internet went down. I had power for computers, routers and modems, but DSL from Verizon was quite dead and remained so for ten days. Within 12 hours of power loss, cell towers began shutting down, their batteries were dead. Smart phones were now quite useless.

          Literally the governments entire emergency plan turned out to be crap. It had been constructed around the Internet, and no one affected by the disaster had access. TV and radio worked, but that was moron drivel from people reading out of the FEMA manual. News seemed terribly limited because that is all processed through the Internet these days too, and no Internet meant no news! It was all actually much worse than decades before where government was more open and working media was a better conduit to the people in disasters.

          Many bridges remained flooded and streets blocked by downed trees and wires. It was difficult to impossible to go anywhere!

          Even with three days notice of the approaching storm FEMA failed to pre-place even supplies of bottled water in the region. Warnings to not use water came immediately. Many people don’t realize city water systems always have thousands of leaks. When the pumping system fails because of power loss, those leaks can reverse and allow outside untreated flood water and even sewage to enter their drinking water piping systems. Even if the water runs when you turn on your faucet, it should be boiled or chlorinated, before consumption, a fact the TV and radio fail to make clear.

          Stores were closed, roads impassible, no safe water, communications out, no power, it was real ugly! Natural gas never failed, that was a bright side, so with the generator, we had heat, and we were getting frost at night, it was darn cold.

          Did the government care if we lived or died, I don’t think they did care. What they did want was for us to keep paying taxes and vote for them in the next election. So in my estimation the FEMA thing is just a dog and pony act. In the years since the disaster FEMA became complicit in insurance fraud and actively falsified reports to deny insurance and aid claims. The special departments of the government entrusted to help those most in need after a disaster, seem to have lost their way and become thieves and profiteers. Their policies and procedures failed miserably.

          When the SHTF you are on your own.

      30. For the life of me I cannot figure out what these NWO fascist monsters are waiting for???????? The coward Zombies are ready for the RFID chips. The coward Zombies will gladly take them now and give them to the children they should of never had, the same children they love to already poison and dumb down with poisonous toxic GMO laden fake food, fluoridated chemical filled water, and the complete horror of Big Pharma shill doctor approved chemical filled vaccines. Why are you waiting NWO fascist monsters?????….start the voluntary chipping at the local Wal-Mart, the coward Zombies will line up in droves, willing victims of the tyranny and genocide awaiting them and their children. History once again repeats itself with willing victims. The coward Zombies have turned their entire lives over to Corporatist Fascist controlled Big Daddy Gov, so they are going all the way with these NWO fascist monsters. The Zombies are going all the way with the same fascist monsters who are murdering them, leaving them disease ridden and depressed, destroying their children’s health and future, and controlling every aspect of their lives and their collapsing society.

        • It isn’t they that have been holding back. The protective Hand of the Almighty has been keeping them at bay so His “Watchers” can prepare more.

          All that changed when “we the people” stood by and allowed a few liberal judges to mandate homosexuality on our society, as being acceptable and legal, while forcing it on our children through the educational system.

          The gloves and the protective barriers are off now. That is why the dominoes will start falling this coming month and the months after that.

          Like I have said before, the last five months of 2015, will set the stage for the final five months of this “flesh age”. Then when the Lord returns, on down the road, we all go back to spiritual bodies, even the animals. Wait for it… will happen as God has foretold.

      31. Storm rolling off Africa. Starting to come into view on NOAA/GOES. Has some spin.

        • Landfall, Washington D.C.

        • You can never have too many food grade buckets.

          You can store food on them.

          Most important you can carry and store water in them. You may need to haul water some distance back to your house, or just collect and store rain water.

          If you must chlorinate water to make it potable, you’ll want to rotate several batches so the chlorine has time to work and then dissipate before you drink it.

          If you have the energy to boil water to make it potable, you’ll want a clean place for it to cool while you boil more.

          Having a continuous supply of clean drinking water is a never ending chore.

          If you must hunker down in a basement you can use a bucket as a toilet.

      32. first off – “F*CK THE ZOG!” They do not care about you period.

        In an emergency situation Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Cops sniping murdering robbing and raping the survivors, and the New Orleans Super Dome Rape Fest proved they are the real deadly threat to survivors/ preppers!

        And let’s not forget during the Zog Fema emergency response fiasco over 1600+ Louisiana state prisoners mysteriously disappeared into the Bayou swamps to never be heard from again.

        Prep as if You are on your own, because you are! At a minimum prep for a 3month emergency.

        Also look into creating within your own home a solar powered hydroponics garden of edible plants, get a few egg laying chickens, edible rabbits, fish and emergency wood burning stove with window exhaust pipe stack.

        You set it up in a stacked shelving system plants on top shelf, then rabbits, then chickens, then the fish and feed from top to bottom.

        With 2 solar panels, 3 deep cycle batteries, led grow lights this system will run indefinitely on solar power.

        all the info you need to set this up is free on the web.

        * remember prepare for 3months minimum and get a .22LR cal 10/22 ruger semi auto rifle with 5x 25 round clips , 1000 rounds of stinger .22LR cal ammo and mounted gunlight as well as a good 6inch blade and hand axe at a minimum for personal and home self defense.

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare

          • I can just picture this in a bathtub. Good thought if the shtf.

            • Tomatoes taste a little fishy and more slimey, but they will eat.

        • Im prepping to live my life,,,,
          Working towards self sufficiency, wont matter, good times, bad times, crash? Wont matter much.

          • exactly Kula, being a constantly evolving frugal prepper for life is wise. it challenges you to improve revise your personal prepper knowledge base and survival system constantly so it becomes a lifestyle and a more affordable cleaner healthier disease free way to live one’s life.

            the bonus is it’s fun, an rewarding for one’s soul as well. ;0)

            • Well, was observing some hippies locally, growing their own food, doing their own thing, living life on their own terms, got me thinking, maybe theres something to that, and there is.

        • Fact: Zog Amerika is a Police State!

          “Police state is a term denoting government that exercises power arbitrarily through the police. Originally the term designated a state regulated by a civil administration, but since the beginning of the 20th century, the term has “taken on the emotional and derogatory meaning.”

          “The inhabitants of a police state may experience restrictions on their mobility, or on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.”

          Here are five issues that are especially worrisome to civil liberties watchdogs:

          1. Indefinite military detentions of U.S. citizens

          The provision, part of the bill that authorizes Pentagon spending for 2012, was drafted by Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan and Sen. John McCain of Arizona, and has bipartisan support in the Senate. The thinking, according to supporters, is that “America is part of the battlefield” in the so-called war on terror, as Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire put it, so Americans should be fair game when it comes to finding and arresting terrorists.

          2. Targeting U.S. citizens for killing

          Lawyers for the Obama administration defended for the first time the administration’s decision to target radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen, for killing. Awlawki, who was born in New Mexico, was killed in an American missile strike in September; the ACLU has criticized the targeted killing program as blatantly violating the Fifth Amendment, which guarantees that no American citizen shall “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

          3. Arresting witnesses for recording police actions

          The raids at Occupy Wall Street encampments across the country have earned media attention primarily for their glaring instances of police brutality. But they’ve also tested the boundaries of police authority when it comes to limiting media access to police operations. As many as 30 journalists have been arrested covering Occupy protests, including many who clearly identified themselves as credentialed members of the media. Officials in New York and L.A., for example, have also tried to tightly restrict media access to the Occupy encampments, setting up barricades far away from the actual raids and allowing only hand-picked journalists to go behind police lines.

          4. Using GPS to track your every move

          The Supreme Court is scheduled to rule soon on a case that could have far-reaching consequences for privacy in the 21st Century. The justices were asked to decide whether the police could use GPS devices to track people suspected of crimes without first obtaining a warrant. Police across the country use GPS devices to track the movements of thousands of criminal suspects every year, but critics say the practice violates the Fourth Amendment prohibition against “unreasonable searches and seizures.”

          5. Surveillance drones spying on American soil

          The use of drones to spy on states like Pakistan and Iran has become so popular in national security circles that many domestic law enforcement agencies are now considering using these spy planes to conduct covert surveillance on American soil. Drones are already used to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border, but now many police officials across the country are advocating for the use of drones in other types of police actions, like hunting fugitives, finding missing children and monitoring protest movements.

          Predator or Prey of the Zog, the choice is yours!

      33. At this point in time, the Federal government wants us prepared enough to accept enslavement and the mark of the beast. The Federal government’s sins have reached to heaven and America is on a fast track to hell.

        “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

      34. What would it be like if there were NO Prepper’s to sound the alarm.
        How about the PTB are waiting for all the preppers to die. What’s another 20 years to them.
        Aside from gun ownership what is the main driver of the prepper movement.
        Preppers will fade away as education of the young to the NWO increases. Along with liberal and progressive ideas. Fit in or you and your children will be ostracized.

        • Excellent point.

        • Slingshot, I’ve never ‘fitted in’ with sheeple and already been ostracized for my whole life, so I don’t give a shit.

          • Same here

        • on the contrary, i see more waking from their stupor most every day….i really DO believe the closer we get to this “thing”, the more that will awaken when that “last straw” type of event happens…hope springs eternal!…it’s all i got left to cling to.

        • I disagree about them waiting. We homeschool our (ahem more than 5 kids) who all think it’s normal to milk cows every morning, rotate five gallon buckets, help daddy seal mylars with the hot iron, help mommy with the dehydrator and canning, and to kill our own chickens, rabbits, and sheep.

          While I agree that time is no problem for TPTB, I am cautiously optimistic about the number of preppers waking up and for the increasing number of kids who’ve grown up in prepper families. If you aren’t prepping for what happens after you’re old and die then I would suggest your preps are not yet in order. We are prepping our kids to be ready and able to continue western civilization even as the world spirals down the drain.

      35. F….k you The scientist, you dred on thug Agency ass clown..hey scientist prick, you got a business? Can you do what I do you little sh…t.. you think people do busines with me because I have mental illness. Old guy f..k off. You think. People do business with me na send me customers because I have mental illness..let me tell you some smart asses, since your so smart why don’t you start your own site business and complete in the economic war zone of Houston. You got what it takes.. lots of business shut the f…k down, mine is still here. one of us is stupid, I think It the old guy and The scientist are not too smart, I give prise to the comments for walking me and teaching me how to prep, I tell them why and what happened to me, means I have mental illness..

        Have you ever had this happen to your fiance.

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        I have had lots of really bad thing happen to me. Accepting the reality that my relationship was over after that happened to her was not easy to live with. Now the truth is known, now I have talk out my personal business to get the point across. Now look what just came out. I guess you will cause me of making up this fake story eh.

        Preppers are really going to attack each other post calapse. That exactly what my scientist friend told us. Based on the disrespect that I have been experiencing on this site by prick like you two. I can see that my friend has really heard the truth..

        I don’t answer to anyone. Make sure you get off you lazy entitle ass in the morning g and get to work you piece is sh..t scum. Some of the women have even come o her telling me I have issues wight women, is that right.. try waking in my shoes..

        Bruin good post, you have been doing your research. If we don’t prepare things will a lot worst, we need to prepare..



        Walking through the gates of hell a. Back..

        • @hcks

          thanks for the thumbs up. ;0)

          might i suggest you should read up on The Art of BUSHIDO.

          it will teach you to meditate, quiet your mind in battle, self heal and the Code of Bushido in war and life.

          it is a martial art form all men should become familiar with.

        • HCKS.

          Prepper’s going to attack each other post collapse?

          That in inevitable. Every one of us has an idea of how they would want it to be. Might be one hell of a power vacuum to fill and many will try to fill it. Also depends on how long the collapse lasts or when any sense of a recovery comes into sight.
          People don’t want to prepare when the times are good. Imagine what kind of prepper emerges in hard times.
          Desparate! One who has half ass prepared with enough firepower and info/instruction to go on a rampage.

          ” The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY”
          Where’s that music coming from?

            • Blondie!

              Where is the Spam buried?

        • HCKS, the devil kicked me out just for looking at his daughter but I don’t give a shit.

        • Dude, calm down or you’re gonna have a stroke.
          Next, get out of Harris county, it’s turning into a shit hole.

      36. As the handle says: Tip; start preparing and eating what you and your family will be doing when the SHTF, get everyone used to the meals and living conditions as soon as possible. You will save a lot of headaches and gnashing of teeth later. This way you get used to those conditions and you can still replace what you use. Give’s one a tremendous advantage to readjust your routine before you have to live like that for real.

      37. People dont care what is on. Life as they know it will never change. It amazes me that people dont understand whats going on in America today. I hear people say that people who prep are foolish but to us if you dont thats foolish. Be ready for what ever may come even if it’s nothing. Atleast you have that piece of mind.

      38. I’m not sure where this one gallon of water per-person has come from but someone is going to die of thirst.
        Now I know there will be some that say they can still function with just a few drops of water a day. I have to call BS. Most of the people on this site are talking about walking some place for shelter, need water for this travel. Many are talking about dehydrated food, need water for this. Need to wash your hands every now and then to reduce germs, need water for this. The calculation was done as far back in the 40’s it required 5 gallons of water per-person to sustain normal life. This is not something I dreamed up, this information is in several military survival manuals.

        • In fairness, the one gallon is cited for drinking only. Sanitation water is extra. Five gallons more seems about right.

          • When shtf we will all smell bad because I would rather drink the water just call me stinky!!!

          • don’t p in the ool!

            just bottle up your pee, use it to wash.

            or filter it and add it to your emergency water supply.

      39. Zero you hit the nail on the head with hate in the right order too. Anyway I got a katadyn pocket filter with the carbon filter to go with it. It was on sale a while back for$250. It’s definetly nice quality Swiss made stuff. It should work nicely for my family. I got some other methods of making water potable plus a few nice sources to find good water to begin with. I didn’t want to screw with dehydration hitting my family. I don’t usually spend a lot of $ but certain gear I feel there is no cheap alternative. I was thinking of getting a night vision monocular been doing my research and gen 3 pvs14 is kick ass for sure. Problem is don’t wanna drop $3500 for something that I won’t use on a regular basis. I’m looking at the armasight spark for around$550 which is reasonable IMHO. My beef is if I can’t see out that far what the hell is the point. I wanna see out like 400yds and use on 762 rifle. Does anyone on here have any real experience on this stuff. I’m a noob when it comes to this stuff. I don’t use optics I like plain iron sights. I want the advantage a nod gives. I want durability and crisp clear picture. This to me would be the best piece of gear in a grid down situation. any suggestions.

        • Iron sights, Asshat? Get an M1 Garand. Best sights ever put on a rifle.

      40. Hcks wasn’t kidding ! What does your scientist friend predict do y ny metropolitan area ?

      41. I got me a Cast iron Dutch oven. The lid has a raised lip so you can shovel hot coals from a fire on top to get an even cooking inside temp. I pull it out once in awhile to make a meal over the fire it is satisfying and helps me keep my skills using it up. It’s tricky to get the temp right on the top sometimes and you have to turn the lid a quarter turn at even time intervals. It’s a skill to cook with this. Definetly a good grid down piece of cookware that is tough as nails easy to clean and long lasting for use on any fuel source. Mine is a Coleman with no legs on the bottom. Lodge makes a nice one that is already seasoned with legs on the bottom. Make chilli peach cobbler and flip the lid over and use as a pancake griddle fry bacon you name it. Good stuff if you spot one at a flea market for cheap grab it. Practice cooking with it. Thro a rabbit in it mmmmm.

        • Plus One for that. I’ve picked up two from estate auctions, and will buy another if one turns up. You can cook anything in a Dutch oven. Although I also keep a 10″ wok in the kit. Low mass means less fuel burned, which might make a difference one day.

        • A good dutch oven was a required implement of early settlers.

          I have two, and prefer the one with legs; especially for making biscuits in. Otherwise, you will need rocks under the bottom to keep from burning the biscuits.

          It takes a little practice and it is a good idea to start the practice before you actually have to rely on it. The wife hates washing the heavy thing but i practice with chili beans on top of the woodstove, and usually make a few rounds of biscuits in it every winter. By my biscuit recipe, the wife says they are so damn good that we could sell them on the street, even before shtf.

          Piping hot and golden crispy crunchy, brown, with centers as soft as cotton, out of the dutch oven; with a dab of real butter and drizzled with Tupelo or Sourwood Honey (the two best), and it will make you want to smack your granny.

          Just bought another gallon of Tupelo for the preps last week. It ain’t cheap at about a hundred bucks, but is the only honey proven to not crystallize over time. I have heard pure Sourwood won’t either, but I have been a beekeeper in the past, for years, and haven’t seen any that will not crystallize over time, except Tupelo. Some Sourwood that is pure enough may have, but it never lasts long enough to tell, because it is too good to keep.

          I do like Orange Blossom Honey, from Florida, in my coffee everyday, but all in all, Tupelo and Mtn. Sourwood is the best. I have had a few good runs of Yellow Locust that was a close third, but only a few times.

          If kept dry, wheat berries and quality honey will last centuries.

      42. Don’t have a Coleman two burner stove. I use the side burner on my gas grill. I picked up a turkey fryer after thanksgiving cheap one year. They all run on 20lb propane tanks or anything bigger as well I have no problem gas fitting stuff I have the yellow thread tape and know how to do it in a pinch if I need to. I have a kerosene lamp but I won’t use it unless I need too. Multiple ways to light and cook. One thing people don’t talk about is having fire extinguishers. Got a few of them too. Don’t get cheap ones that are small they won’t fight a fire well. Better than nothing though. The best things to have is a good set of tools and the knowledge of how to fix shit or at the least rig it to work for you longer believe me I’ve done this a lot. It is redneck ingenuity but it works and if I save $ or keep something working as long as it’s safe for use shit do it to get through. This is the way of a prepper IMHO. Don’t laugh at the old man that fixes stuff half ass he is a genius and has pulled rabbits out of hats many times. He might help you out of your problem some day if you show him his due respect.

      43. What the handle says: Three day supply just gives the Government a little cushion to get everything up and running on their end. Day 5 people start to run around looking for food and water and asking where is the Government. Day 7 people start to panic in earnest and wide spread events start to happen. Day 10 panic is full blown and thousand are now dead. Day 14 tens of thousands dead, disease is starting to run ramped everywhere. After day 14 it is totally over for the average person and the Government has use the people to do a lot of the dirty work for them; elimination of a vast majority of the population. Now the round up begins, this will be in day 30+. Time lines are very flexible and movements will be stopped by the Government thugs who ever they may be. This is in urban areas, in the rural areas it will take longer for this to happen, but rest assured it is going to happen everywhere in this once great nation. As said before to the heavens get out of the urban areas now, you cannot wait for it to start, for if you do you will most surely die. Are you prepared to die, I pray you are, because that is all of our fates. No one’s knows the when or the how but you are going to die.

      44. The assumption for the ‘3 days’ is that FEMA may not get to you for 3 days, but that help can reach any town or region within 3 days. The assumption also is that you will go to FEMA centers for aid. A surprising number of people do not even meet the 3 day minimum.

        But as we all know, 3 days is not a sufficient supply if you want to stay in your house, or if the problem is more widespread, or if you want to rebuild or clean up your homestead (which could take weeks).

      45. I’ve been a reader if this site for a long time and love it.
        My wife and 5 kids moved out of the major city & bought our house in the country with several acres. Been here 9mos now and loving it. We are very appreciative to Mac and all of the authors,along with the SHTF family.
        The evildoers better stay away from this property or as Braveheart says, they will be on the receiving end of some lead!

      46. It’s so weird that I was just thinking about this last night after watching one of those commercials from ready dot gov. The same exact thought went through my head…I was like, “3 days worth, really?”. Then I found this article tonight. Good comparison article, and to know that the gov’t only wants us to survive for a few days!

        • Yea, the gov spent 1.6 million and lost 12 monkeys to do the scientific study to have “specialist” come up with that ” 3 days worth” number.

          When they get the murdered fetus organs transplanted into the revived frozen monkeys they will have to redo the study to come up with a new figure.

          Then all the sheeple can recalculate their preps.

      47. Did You Know That The U.S. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All?

        h ttp://

        • Yes. The Obama & Billery minstration, gave future years of our strategic grain reserves to China, in exchange for ????

          • PWTW

            Debt Relief.

      48. “You’ve done a helluva job Brownie”. Remember those words spoken by former President Bush right after Katrina struck New Orleans. Brown was the director of FEMA at the time. I vividly remember all those people literally stuck in the Super Dome – with no running water, food or hygienic supplies. I also remember a few photos of a few people who died lying right outside the arena. Many people fled the area on foot just to escape the carnage – anywhere had to be better than the Super Dome or New Orleans. Seems the only thing FEMA ever has on hand is bottled water and never in the amounts needed. I remember so many scenes vividly. I knew then and there that should something of that magnitude strike where I live – I’d be treated no differently. If I wanted to be a bit more secure – not starve or go thirsty – I’d have to be one hell of a lot more self sufficient. Today I am. Not because of anything the government did but because of what they didn’t do.

      49. I am not a big fan of the government having worked for it and seen so many of its flaws. Any realist understands that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This along with the wasteful nature of unnecessarily large organizations and the lack of a unifying culture in the US means government is at best a clumsy oaf.

        That being said I want to play devils advocate here:

        1. weapons are essential to self defense, but this is an every day reality, not particular to an emergency situation. You don’t need s weapon to survive a earthquake or hurricane you need a weapon to survive the lawlessness that might follow, which is not unique, but may be more likely, to a post-disaster situation.

        2. Three days of food I’d what most people have in their cubbord already, and what most grocery stores keep in stock, so a recommended three day supply of food and water…if understood as over and above your regular supplies…could mean effectively a 9 day supply, or 18 days on half rations, granted still not a lot based on the possibility of long term disruption or what most peppers store.

        3. Finally, I think we need to consider who the audience of these lists are. Maybe we were those people onces, sheep, clueless, totally unprepared. When trying to convince people to prep many have ZERO, which is to say no preps over and above what is usually on their shelves. Telling these people they need a years worth of supplies, PER PERSON, is likely to go over like a lead balloon. I try to convince people to start with a months worth, but even that seems like a lot. The minimal recommendations offered by .gov may be wholly insufficient, but it’d a start, it’s better than nothing, and it’s not aimed at people like us. I have been more prepared than .gov suggests since I was 13 years old.

      50. If you have no preparation for an unforeseen event such as getting fired from your job, here are a few suggestions. Even if you have never eaten Lentiles, pick up a bag at the grocery store. Go home and following the directions on the bag, prepare them and eat them. Do the same with rice. These foods are all you need to stay alive. They are not expensive. Now that you know what they are and how to cook them, start making lentiles and rice at least once a week. Purchase them in family size bags and get three or four bags at a time. Do the same thing with different kinds of flours. Experiment. As you learn how to use them, you will be creating a pantry. You most likely have salt and pepper. Most people do. But you can buy dried onion in family size, parsley, oregano, and garlic for starters. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice for desserts. When eating sugar cinnamon can prevent a sugar spike. It helps control blood glucose for diabetes and for weight control. Doesn’t replace medicine, but good to know. When you buy bottled water, keep the jugs and refill with tap water. Build a supply of water in case of emergency. This is prep 101 for beginners.

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