How Much Longer Can They Ignore Reality? “Real Economists Would See An Economy Collapsing”

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    This article was written by Paul Craig Roberts and originally published at the Strategic Culture Foundation.

    Editor’s Comment: Here we are back at the coyote over-a-cliff scenario. There is so far great evidence that the powers-that-be have developed the stamina to keep up the ruse for quite a long time. Though it isn’t certain, it is very probable that when it does come crashing down, it will be on their own time.

    Insiders and top of the heap stock holders, and much of their network of minions, will have escaped – physically and metaphorically – from the scene. It will be the ears-plugged, ‘never here’ crowd that will deny reality forever, and ignore any suggestions to the contrary before they face the looming gravity and crash beneath their feet.

    Hopefully you will be ready at that time. Invest in what is real, in skills that you can use, in things that you can make, especially if they would be helpful in a collapse. Hedge yourself for periods of unrest, and otherwise buckle up. This ship is driving through the iceberg, because there is no iceberg, because f– you.

    How Long Can Economic Reality Be Ignored?

    by Paul Craig Roberts

    Trump and Hitlery have come out with the obligatory “economic plans.” Neither them nor their advisors, have any idea about what really needs to be done, but this is of no concern to the media.

    The presstitutes operate according to “pay and say.” They say what they are paid to say and that is whatever serves the corporations and the government. This means that the presstitutes like Hitlery’s economic plan and do not like Trump’s.

    Yesterday I listened to the NPR presstitutes say how Trump pretends to be in favor of free trade but really is against it, because he is against all the free trade agreements such as NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships. The presstitutes don’t know that these are not trade agreements. NAFTA is a “give away American jobs” agreement, and the so-called partnerships give away the sovereignty of countries in order to award global corporations immunity from laws.

    As I have reported on many occasions, the Oligarchs’ government lies to us about everything, including economic statistics. For example, we are told that we have been enjoying an economic recovery since June, 2009, that we are more or less at full employment with an unemployment rate of 5% or less, and that there is no inflation. We are told this despite the facts that the “recovery” is based on the under-reporting of the inflation rate, the unemployment rate is 23%, and inflation is high.

    GDP is measured in current prices. If GDP rises 3% this year over last year, the output of real goods and services might have risen 3% or prices might have gone up by 3% or real output might have dropped but is masked by price increases. To know what really happened the nominal GDP number has to be deflated by the amount of inflation.

    In times past we could get a reasonable idea of how the economy was doing, because the measure of inflation was reasonable. That is no longer the case. Various “reforms” have taken inflation out of the measures of inflation. For example, if the price of an item in the inflation index goes up, the item is taken out and a cheaper item put in its place. Alternatively, the price rise is called a “quality improvement” and not counted as a price rise.

    In other words, by defining inflation away, price increases are transformed into an increase in real output.

    The same thing happens to the measure of unemployment. Unemployment simply isn’t counted by the reported unemployment rate. No matter how long and hard an unemployed person has looked for a job, if that person hasn’t job hunted in the past four weeks the person is not considered to be unemployed. This is how the unemployment rate is said to be 5% when the labor-force participation rate has collapsed, half of American 25-year-olds live with their parents, and more Americans age 24-34 live with parents than independently.

    Financial reporters never inquire why government statistics are designed to provide an incorrect picture of the economy. Anyone who purchases food, clothing, visits a hardware store, and pays repair bills and utility bills knows that there is a lot of inflation. Consider prescription drugs. AARP reports that the annual cost of prescription drugs used by retirees has risen from $5,571 in 2006 to $11,341 in 2013, but their incomes have not kept up. Indeed, the main reason for “reforming” the measurement of inflation was to eliminate COLA adjustments to Social Security benefits.

    Charles Hugh Smith has come up with a clever way of estimating the real rate of inflation—the Burrito Index. From 2001 to 2016 the cost of a burrito has risen 160 percent from $2.50 to $6.50. During these 15 years the officially measured rate of inflation is 35 percent.

    And it is not only burritos. The cost of higher education has risen 137% since 2000. The Milliman Medical Index shows medical costs to have risen far above official inflation from 2005 to 2016. The costs of medical insurance, trash collection, you name it, are dramatically higher than the official rate of inflation.

    Food, tuition and medical costs are major outlays for households. Add zero interest on savings to the problem of coping with major cost increases when real incomes are stagnant and falling. For example, grandparents cannot help grandchildren with their student loan debt when zero interest rates force grandparents to draw down their savings in order to supplement essentially frozen Social Security benefits during a time of high inflation. Savings are being taken out of the economy. Many families exist by paying only the minimum payment on their credit card balance, which means that their debt grows monthly.

    Real economists, if there were any, looking at the real economic picture would see an economy collapsing into widespread debt deflation and impoverishment. Debt deflation is when consumers after they service their debts have no discretionary income left with which to drive the economy with purchases.

    The reason that Americans have no income from their savings is that public authorities put the welfare of a handful of “banks too big to fail” above the welfare of the American people. The enormous liquidity created by the Federal Reserve has gone into the financial system where it has driven up the prices of financial instruments. There has been a stock market recovery but not an economic recovery.

    In the past liquidity implied economic growth. When the Federal Reserve loosened monetary policy, the increase in consumer demand caused an increase in the output of goods and services. Stock prices would rise anticipating higher profits. But in recent years financial markets have not been driven by fundamentals, which are adverse, but by the liquidity that the Federal Reserve has pumped into the banking system in order to save a handful of over-sized banks and insurance giant AIG, all of which should have been allowed to fail. The liquidity had to go somewhere and it went into the prices of stocks and bonds, causing a tremendous asset inflation.

    What sense does it make to have zero interest rates when high inflation is eating away the real value of money? What sense does it make to have high price/earnings ratios when the consumer market cannot expand? What sense does it make to have a stable dollar when the Federal Reserve has created far more dollars than the economy has created goods and services? What sense does it make to undermine the financial condition of pension funds and insurance companies with zero interest rates, leaving them with no fixed income hedge against the stock market?

    It makes no sense. We are in a trap in which collapse seems the only way out. If interest rates reflected the real rate of inflation, the hundreds of trillions in derivatives would blow up, the stock market would collapse, unemployment could not be hidden with under-measurement, budget deficits would rise. What would public authorities do?

    When crisis hits, what happens to corporations that used profits and borrowed money, that is, debt, to buy back their own stocks in order to keep the price high and, thereby, executive bonuses high and shareholders happy and disinclined to support takeovers? Chaos and its companion Fear take over from Contentment. Hell breaks loose.

    Is more money printed? Does the money find its way into consumer prices? Do we experience simultaneously massive inflation and massive unemployment?

    Don’t expect the presstitutes, the politicians, or Wall Street to confront any of these questions.

    When the crisis occurs, it will be blamed on Russia or China.

    This article was written by Paul Craig Roberts and originally published at the Strategic Culture Foundation. Paul Craig Roberts work can be found on his website


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      1. Who knows what or who to beleive in anymore.

        Where is that working crystal ball when you need it???
        Be well all…

        • Got to say, Jim Rogers predicts a large drop in the markets.
          I beleive he is correct, and placed bets on his advice.
          In time, he is usually dead on.

          But we could have an asteroid hit and everything will be upside down.

          Life goes on…

          • Yea Rogers and his partner George Soros almost bankrupted England

            • They split up in 1980.
              Soros burned the pound in 1990?

              W, you are the most screwed up mind on this site.
              Wish you would climb out of my ass…

              Called a truce 3 times, a liar is the lowest form of human. And no one reads your books, just die off…

        • Believe nobody!

          • I believe I will have another beer! 🙂
            You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

        • “…. the crystal has gone dark….”

          — Professor Marvel / TWoO / 1939

      2. The problem will continued to be ignored until the day after the catastrophe. Then it will be George Bush’s fault.

        • By George I think he’s got it!!

          Yep even the carrington event of the late 1800’s was G Bushes Fault

          The day we see those that SAY they voted for Obama ( even though we know he was selected .. Right?) actually blame him directly for something
          Is that persons day of reckoning
          But it will be fruitless ,as the distruction created is already wide spread

        • Lets remember that GHWB began the transfer of American factories to China. Lets remember that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA which was “negotiated” by the GHWB Administration.

          Lets remember that under GWB 42,400 factories were transferred to China with the loss of tens of millions of American jobs, the border was opened to illegal immigration, and the government’s historical aggregate debt was DOUBLED in eight short years.

          Yes, its Bush’s fault.

          Obola double downed on W’s TREASON. 🙁

          • in the early 1900s The US imposed trade tariffs to make production costs equal to items being imported. This was it was not cheaper to produce things in a different country and send them to America.

            These tariffs contributed to the building of the US industrial base because none of the jobs were sent overseas, all the intellectual intelligence put into making new items stayed in the US.

            Intellectual intelligence is a big problem. Just look at NASA ending the manned space program. You can not simply flip the switch and start it back up again. All the space engineers have moved on to other jobs and careers. There is no getting that intelligence back. It is gone.

            At least we can still ask the Russians for a ride.

            • The US destroyed the tooling of the Saturn 5 Rocket too. That takes a determined effort and costs money.

              There is no doubt a plan to intentionally drop the US while simultaneously bringing up the world. One can certainly infer that the reason is to more easily merge global economies. With other actions such as mass migration, open borders and multiculturalism in the social arena one would have to be intellectually dishonest, looking at everything in total, to come to any other conclusion, that one world government is being pushed. Nay sayers, call it a fantasy, the logical call it a nightmare.

          • DK

            OK we’re back at this again. Clinton did not passively sit by and casually sign NAFTA. Slick Willy got vital Congressional DEMOCRAT support that was needed to pass NAFTA. Bill also signed it into law. Yes GHW watched 42,400 factories close and move to China but you conveniently leave out that Bill Clinton made China Free Trade law just before leaving office. Bill Clinton therefore FACILITATED the loss of those jobs.

            Bill Clinton is eyeball deep in both NAFTA and China Free Trade.

            In effect there is no difference between Clinton & Bush with one exception. GH Bush and GW Bush never said they were against NAFTA. I heard Bill Clinton yell, NO NAFTA at a UAW get out the vote rally in Delaware. That wasn’t Slick Willy’s first time he publicly said NO NAFTA while campaigning.

            I stated 100% fact in the above. Its beyond dispute.

            • I do not dispute Slick Willie’s complicity in all of this. All four of these MFRS need to be indicted, convicted and executed for treason. 🙂

              • DK

                Thanks for recognizing and admitting to Bill Clinton’s role in all of this. In reality, regardless if it was drafted by Republicans it required vital Democrat support for its passage. In effect NAFTA and China Free Trade could not have been ratified without Bill Clinton. The ignorance of Democrats is bothersome as Democrats, once making a good wage in manufacturing, who are now reduced to minimum wage, still idolize Bill Clinton. They are gullible, ignorant, misinformed sheep that buy into the Dem v Rep narrative thus continuing the corruptive cycle unable to accept that the party, “Of The woking Man”, feeds from the same Wall Street bowl as their hated Republicans. Likewise Republicans are unable to see the corruption before their eyes within their chosen party.

                The execution thing a tad extreme as everyone who signed on is sufficiently guilty. If we executed everyone that promoted bad law for corporate gain we might be left with a couple US Senators, maybe a dozen Congressmen and zero Presidents. The US voters send these self serving SOBs back time and time again. In essence who is really to blame, those that take advantage or those through laziness allow them to? If these guys were impeached or similar their successors would do the same. If Democrats can’t see the flaws in Bill Clinton, which are historically documented, anyone with persona can be put in the White House. Notice I did not say George Bush(s) as many Republicans now see, and acknowledge their contribution in our downfall.

                • “If we executed everyone that promoted bad law for corporate gain we might be left with a couple US Senators, maybe a dozen Congressmen and zero Presidents.”

                  *puzzled look*

                  You say that like it’s a BAD thing….?

                  • The abundance of politicians doing the bidding of wealthy interests and getting reelected is staggering. They’re repeatedly voted back in. So in effect if they do wrong don’t vote them out just get rid of them Stalin Style? Thats insanity.

          • ‘Lets remember that … the border was opened to illegal immigration’

            Dude. The border has been open for like, forever. Way before Bush. (Decades!) You sure do get your panties in a wad over that and seem kind of blind for an Arizona guy. The whole time, you ignore the draw, i.e. welfare benefits. But of course, you like welfare benefits, only, you want to have some say in who gets what share of the loot stolen from the taxpayers, right? If you reflect, you’re really not any better than the overlords you rail against.
            i do pray your eyes get opened to your gap.

            Anyway, when you say, Obola double downed on W’s TREASON. you sure do sound like an anarchist. Perhaps you should read up on them? The anarchist-capitalist variety, that is. I challenge you to do so. Unless of course you’re an ignorant P who cain’t read none.

          • Rite on the mark durango. They both sold us out too the bankers that run the show.

            • A Fast research of the 1965-fed Law Changes to Immigration act and Quotas that barred more euro whiteys from entering usa to become a usa citzen, yes always there are a few exceptions to every such “rule”. But on the whole…From 1965 onwards Only NON white european stock persons would be allowed in.

              And while most Every of the many, mostly right wing and fox tv types of talker heads blame Ted Kennedy as the main and Only culprit for that law changes.

              In Reality, ted Kennedy in 1965 just got elected as a Jr. Senator, and he latched onto the alreday for 2-3 yrs promoted heavily immigration act changes laws being debated constantly.

              The REAL True culprits were Both From New York, two men named…US Senator dem marxist lefty Jacob Javitz, and his buddy cohort, Emanuel Celler…I do not now recall if celler was a US Rep from dems in NY? OR..Just a marxist lefty NY Times newspaper “Journalist” type kommie?

              But bottom line is those Two men were both equally responsible for and Jacob Javitz was the Main bill sponcer in us senate, and both were also Dual citizen usa/israel jewish new york kommie leftists.

              And yes every possible reason and agenda they designed that atrocity immigration law changes for, revolved around Everything You see bad that has and still Is happening Today and ever since 1965 when bill got signed into fed law.

              For those here still Very fast assleep at wheel..

              Those main immigration law changes agenda was..

              #1 Destroy White Middle class america.

              #2 Via massive infiltration invasions of every sort and type of the absolute worst third worlders from every possible dark skinned area or nation.

              #3 to then replace skilled and good paid white worker forces with said darkie 3rd worlders and abject low life unedjewcated scum folk. To make it eaiser to then send most every factory and industrial manufactureing plant to India-China-Mexcio, mainly. Along with every piece machinery, massive size factory 400 Ton Presses and top designed tooling trade devise know of, along with every copyrighted and Patented blueprint and design to make stuff formerly made here in usa. And made by whiteys mainly.

              #4 and of course to gain greater numbers of voters to vote always for dem lib kommies, in order to keep replaceing former white dem voters that have or soon shall awaken to the total dem party lies and farces galore so to stop ever voteing dems again.

              #5 Also of course, although it may be difficult to find solid proof of it, to fully Line the pockets of Jacob Javitz and pal Celler as well as, as many NY banksters and wall street swindlers and tribal members as possible.

              While at same time retaing a smaller portion of the Loot for use as pay off bribes to the many Shabozz Goyim gentile dem and repub party political cads that had to vote for said 1965 act bill to pass it and get it signed by usa prez into fed law.

              NOTE: Since ziojewry owns TV news and Newspapers of any value or size also besides owners of Banks and fed reserve and usa Cash dollars, many Shabozz Goys may have been bribed by the promice of good and constant re-election time TV and newspaper articles and coverages, similar to what You now see happening to bash Trump and promote hillary thru every form mass media msm’s.

              For at times such vast array of tv promotions of these goy candadits can play a far greater role than bribes of Cash alone can ever accomplish! The Fact that every election cycle since prior to Our births, have seen aprox 96 to 98% of all incumbants re elected every time proves this in spades eh.

              That simply cannot happen unless msm tv and newspapers nationwide side with those shabozz goys, and at same time vast majority american folk have successfully been brainwashed to believe whatever TV tells them to!

              I oft wonder when we shall ever see folks we all know of like ann coulter and hannity et al switch gears, and Pin 1965 Immigration wrecking job done on the Two proper Perps afore named here in this reply? Instead of always useing Ted Kennedy as their scape goat so to remain in swell good standings and more future book deals from their ziojewry bosses eh?

      3. I actually know people that came from Venezuela
        Years ago
        Became US Citizens and voted for Obama


        Proof there’s no fixing stupid

        • We asked Obama to fix immigration, not make America so shitty that people don’t want to come here anymore.

      4. Dontcha ya’ll worry ya’selves thar. Ya see, I gots a sekret for ya’s.

        Gold is going to $10K and silver to $1000 in no time’s at all!! Just go to my website and buys yous some.

        Heck, by this time next year….NOTHING WILL HAPPEN BUT MAYBE NEW STOCK MARKET ‘HIGH’s’.

        Who knows anything any longer. It’s all so manipulated that it doesn’t matter what you own, gold or paper – when they want the price up, they’ll do it. When they want the price down, they’ll do it.

        IF anything does happen the only real (large) asset will be productive land and water. And they ain’t makin’ that no more nor can they print it.

        • Yes, it is manipulated.

          So if the democrat Goverment is manipulating the stock market and economy, what do you think they will do if Trump wins?

          Fuck us over on the way out the door.

          I expect the economic crash to happen on Wednesday, after the first Tuesday in November.

          Obama will serve us up a big pile of shit on the way out the door as one last fuck you to the American people.

          And we won’t be able to blog about it because Obama just surrendered control over the internet to international authorities, who hate America.

          • That E.O. can be rescinded too !!! 🙂

      5. it’ll keep going till the zionist ptb no longer want it too.

        they control the money printing presses.

        we are all trapped in their fiat faux money matrix, and the only way to escape it is either migrate to russia/china or revolt and take back once free amerika.

        And no one seems to want to do the later.

        maybe it is time to learn some russian. smh.

          • You are racist for posting that video.

            The video should be titled,”unarmed innocent black children are victimized by race hating bigot white person who faked his own shooting when he was really trying to shoot little black babies. Oh yea, and kill whitey.”

            • Ya, kneegrows have led the way for 1st world countries everytime! Why without kneegroes we would be in the stoneage still! Practically every invention and the industrial revolution were all the work of kneegrows! I just can’t figure out why their cousins are still swinging from trees lol.

              • LMAO! you ain’t right.

      6. If they told the world that it is all collapsing WW3 would start and Chaos would reign across the land.

        One day soon it will happen. Prep Prep Prep.


        • with Russia at the Ukrainian border.

          Training my ass…..

          The Russians are following the Molotov strategy of war.

          The name “Molotov cocktail” was coined by the Finns during the Winter War. The name was an insulting reference to Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov, who was one of the architects behind the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact signed in late August 1939. The pact with Nazi Germany was widely mocked by the Finns, as was much of the propaganda Molotov produced to accompany the pact, including his declaration on Soviet state radio that bombing missions over Finland were actually airborne humanitarian food deliveries for their starving neighbours. The Finns sarcastically dubbed the Soviet cluster bombs “Molotov bread baskets” in reference to Molotov’s propaganda broadcasts. When the hand-held bottle firebomb was developed to attack Soviet tanks, the Finns called it the “Molotov cocktail”, as “a drink to go with the food”

          • I wonder what the US would do if the Mexican government was overthrown by Russia and Mexico’s gold disappeared? I think the border would see a tad more securest like an army group.

            • Kev– Why doesn’t Trump or media mention Joe Biden son head of oil company in Ukraine
              Maniac –out

              • I believe that is the son who died.

                • No the son that died was the Attorney General of Delaware. I have no idea why Trump wasn’t brought the up yet. In time no doubt.

          • “Training my ass…..”

            Internally inspired and organized revolution in the Ukraine my ass…..

            The Ukraine had a popular government that obtained power in a supervised election and was overthrown by TPTB. The gold was looted too. What you have here is the CIA and MI5 in action doing the bidding of the globalists. Same players, CIA and MI5, different country, Libya, Syria.

            • You left out ((((Mossad)))…

              • Certainly in the Middle East they’re involved. Possibly not much in the Ukraine.

                • No! Thats a huge YES! Mossad involved in Ukraine.

                  During the Kommie jewdeo bolshevik soviet era, Ukraine and Poland also played Host nations to over 1/2 of all the eastern euro jewry tribe membership.

                  And just as with Russia Now, they foam at mouth with rabid Lust to again re possess Ukraine and agan control it all…They maintain a 3,500 year old vengence mind set, as well as a blood lust for goy blood like No others ever has. They count that as High Virtues for the tribe to mainatin.

                  They litterally maintained from a Low of 65% in smaller villages or towns to as high as 90+% of all top tier total soviet kommies control aperatus, within the larger sized cities and of course at Moscow Russian top tier HQ of lennin and trostsky and kangavitch et al, and later on HQ for Stahlin.

                  There is a website devoted to outting those top tier jewdeo bolshevik kommies. It contains the actual old black and white original photos and actual Birth names, since Most always change names to look alot more like a european white same as We are. And complete with a paragraph or two on accurate vetted documented infos to well describe the whoms and whats they did and positions they held as top kommie bosses etc.

                  Very difficult reading once you get to parts that intimately describe the terrible unthinkable Tortures, and horrible methods those bolsehviks invented to so sadistically mass murder one Third of a Billion innocent white christian souls eh.

                  Once true real history is widley diseminated globally and especially here in america, of all these horrible things done back then, the entire tribe is going to have Much to answer for!…Even though many can claim they had nothing to do with that era…Yet why so far have we never yet seen but a very Tiny small number of them come out of their kommie closets and disown their own bad actors, and expose those atrocities? That will need be answered for also I believe.

                  The same can be stated also for most Blacks and Muslims and probably every race or ethnic group other than european whiteys, which Do have many whom speak out to condemn Our own bad actors. Nobody but whites does that eh! It is a Direct cause of their desire to remain as Victims always. They cannot be seen as Victims once the worlds peoples know about all the evils and wronsg they did. So as a group they remain silent and lash out against all who do expose them and their atrocities.

      7. We live in dysfunction junction. Asset inflation is not a good business model. Businesses are not making money they should be making. No mark to market in the banks. Part time workers and poor pay scales. Food prices are up. Clothing prices are up. Medicine is up and out of control. Other than that, everything is okay.

        • Nothing to see here……

          “Look at Trump, he just said something racist”…Hillary Clinton.

          But at least the country is in strong debate about which bathroom a dude with a dick/notdick can go into. Got to keep the important issue at the front of the debate.

          • Police report;
            After the 7 year old girl went into the Target girls room, the Father of the little girl, noticed a weird looking man go in behind her… following the man, he saw him block the girl from closing the door on the stall and prepared to go into the stall behind her…
            The Father, grabs the man and asked him “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” The weird man said that he “self identified as a little girl.”
            The Father, then proceed to beat the weird man until he had no teeth left. He reportedly told the man “Ok then, I self identify as the tooth fairy.”

      8. I would have left this world already and gone to the Planet Mongo, but I didn’t want to hang out with extra-testicles.

        • The democrats already think i died. I voted in the last election 17 times, and never left the house!!!

          • Vote early and vote often.

      9. Hedge your ass for a win win buy ammo and 30rd mags from individuals cus if hillary gets in or russia gets busy on us the 10 bucks for a 30rd will be worth that oz silver or a grand and god only knows what ammo will be worth we have a site for indiana called hoosier topics and a guy had a case of 100 metal ar mags 30 rd for 10 bucks each and metal ak 30 rd for 15 and if nothing happens your grand and great kids will b set

        • I got 2 30 round colt mags for the ar-15 at a garage sale the other day for $1 each. Both in like-new condition.

          As things get shitty, people start looking for ways to earn money. Deals to be had.

      10. I got a e mail about a year ago saying they were taking down europe we would fallow. Looks like they knew what they were talking about.


        Dear Lord, and creator of the universe, We now know Lord with 100% certainty that “hell is empty and the devils are all here”. We know Lord how all the statistics and all the evidence of the SOFTKILL GENOCIDE in collapsing fascist Police State hell on earth America, the very same stats and evidence staring all COWARD AMERICAN’s right in their faces DAILY and HOURLY, we know Lord the statistics and very visible evidence is suppressed and ignored by the corrupted, criminal, psychopath controlled Big Pharma shill whores and US Government propaganda vomiting mainstream media-evil demons who make Joseph Goebbels dance and sing with joy in the bowels of hell right now. We know Lord, how and why the programmed and indoctrinated “exceptional” and “USA were #1” Americans are turning over their children to Globalist fascist GENOCIDAL criminal monsters like the world has NEVER seen Lord, we know Lord it is for much less than 30 pieces of silver. We know Lord the coward boot licking fascist parents of collapsing America, including the many so-called Christians in our collapsing Police State hell on earth, they are ALL turning over and whoring out their own children to the Globalist fascist psychopaths for booze, Big Pharma toxic garbage, porno, screaming like lunatics at “bread and circuses” sporting events, mindless consumption of useless garbage, and lots, and lots, oh Lord how we know, lots of ADDICTING poisonous toxic chemical and processed sugar/HFCS filled deadly GMO garbage food…Oh yes Lord and creator of the universe, we all now know how the psychopath monsters controlling the US Government and the entire Food Industry are MURDERING and committing SOFTKILL GENOCIDE on the dumbed down, depressed, disease ridden, indebted, dying early coward slaves of fascist hell on earth Police State America… Oh Lord we know the Globalist fascist psychopaths are way, way, way beyond evil, but we still pray that you will help the dumbed down disease ridden toxic dumps of collapsing America to wake up to this psychopathic monsterous evil that only wants FULL CONTROL OF THEIR DOOMED CHILDREN….Lord, as the apocalypse unfolds and the “veil is lifted” in the collapsing fascist Police State hell on earth of GENOCIDAL Globalist psychopath controlled America- We all pray these toxic waste dump cowards in America wake-up, we pray they detox from the Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and other poisonous toxins that have rendered them dumbed down subordinate coward fascist boot licking slaves, like many cowards who came before them in human history when psychopaths took control of their government and society. We pray Lord that the cowards of America will detox from the chemical attack they are now under from their own psychopath controlled government, so that their bodies and minds will be able to reclaim their humanity, and Lord most of all, so the cowards will understand they have been poisoned and are under chemical attack with toxic chemicals in their GMO filled fake food garbage, in their fluoridated and chemical filled water, and in their chemtrailed filled air loaded with strontium, barium, and aluminum..all toxins as we know Lord that affect the ability of human beings to comprehend, the ability to reason, the ability to understand, the ability to use critical thinking, and most of all the ability to RESIST the psychopaths dumbing them down, and destroying their children’s health and future…and yes Lord and creator of the universe, those of us you have sent to bear witness to the collapse we are now completely in of fascist hell on earth Police State America, and those of us you have sent to bear witness to this SOFTKILL GENOCIDE by these Globalist demon psychopaths, and those of us you have sent to bear witness to history repeating itself with a population of cowards turning their children over to genocidal monsterous criminal psychopaths, all of us witnesses and watchmen, we will all be there on the Day of Judgement to bear witness before God and the universe to the TRUTH of this Globalist Fascist psychopath takeover of our country, society, and entire world..the demons controlling collapsing America will not escape Judgement, I know Lord you will see to that, in Jesus name we ask it AMEN.

        • RA

          I made a copy of that post.

        • Amen Ron.

        • Double AMEN to that Ron. You did leave out the worthless 501-3C churches of the Holy Sheckles, who don’t contest the godless satanic homosexual agenda, whose end game is to legitimize pedophilia in the land of aborted babies and touchy-feely lgbt garbage. BUT, as usual you did hit the ball outta the park…?

          • Thank you for adding that agenda of the psychopath demons controlling hell on earth Globalist fascist Police State doomed and damned America. I could of turned that prayer into a book with all the crimes and agenda’s of the Globalist fascist TREASONOUS genocidal psychopath monsters controlling the US Government, controlling ALL agencies of the US Government, and which now has COMPLETE control of a dumbed down damned and doomed society of coward boot licking pussies like the world has NEVER seen, with doomed children who NEVER had a chance with coward parents in collapsing America, but I had to cut it short and focus on the SOFTKILL GENOCIDE of these treasonous psychopath demon monsters straight out of the pits of hell, whose crimes and treasonous actions are legion.

        • Too long to read . please put in paragraghs

      12. hopefully the russians will detonate them all above the urban slums of america … along with wall street and the district for good measure.

        • No, the urban ghettos will survive.

          What better way to destroy America than from the inside.

          The Russians will kill our manufacturing and working bse and leave us with only the dependent thugs nipping at our heels.

      13. TPTB are not worried, most of America believe the lies that Killary will make things better, just like in their mind Obama has. Trying to talk common sense truth to them until you are blue in the face will not budge their brainwashing. The entire government from top to bottom is based on paying and receiving bribes. The people have become a nation of subservient zombies. This is what this evil system has created. You can have your future slavery. A distinct advantage is being older having lived most of your life already. Human life has become near worthless, and that’s the common people thinking I’m talking about. Evil won out. Freedom didn’t have a chance.

        • Hillary will continue the scam, so the economy will probably keep going for 4 more years.

          20 Trillion in national debt? what difference does it make?

      14. PCR tells it like it is.
        We all will recall who said what and when.
        TPTB will keep the system propped up (if they can) till after the (s)election.

      15. We are ‘preppin’ like nobody’s biz.
        If you like bacon, you can get Yoder’s, etc, or you can try Frederick Remington.

        • or you can do your own.
          ht tp://

          I use thick bacon from a local farmer when I do mine. The thinner slices fall apart when they come out of the paper.

          be sure to PRESSURE CAN.

      16. Empires collapse because of parasitical human behaviors.


      17. Empires collapse because of parasitical human behaviors.


        My post disappeared. Did I offend somebody.

        Parasites congregate near the excretory organs.

        Yours truly,
        Orphilia Ross & Seymore Butts


      18. WELL, I am not as prepared as I want to be. Have 30,000 gallons of backup water,

        FOOD, I only have several hundred pounds of rice and beans,

        3 seed banks with heirloom in which I have started to garden with them for last 3 years.

        2 handguns, 2 shotgun, 1 AR15 M4, 1 Bolt action 22LR rifle, ( ALOT OF AMMO FOR EACH )

        Moving from middle Georgia suburbs w/in 2 years to some property I own in union co, mountains, Its only 2.52 acreas but I have big plans.

        Hope all is well and at least stacking more than I have so far, i am fixing to kick it in high gear,

      19. The current free money environment (a temporary emergency plan to save the economy) will soon continue into its second decade

        The fly in the ointment is the insurance industry that wrote policies based on a certain expected minimum return on investment (ROI). These insurance policies and instruments include insuring America’s retirement plans covering unions, government employees, and corporations.

        In the vast number of cases insurance companies are helpless to rewrite contracts and the claims just keep mounting up. Watch for insurance carriers to try to sell off these holdings even at a loss to stay afloat. ObamaCare is already taxing and draining major insurance carriers reserves. It’s not sustainable.

        Continued zero to negative interest rates will cause massive losses in the insurance industry. Bankruptcy is inevitable without the government bailing insurance out like they did banks.

        When a toilet is flushed there is an event horizon where the poop just spins around until that critical velocity and water level is hit, and it all goes down the drain. Right now we are all just looking at the crap swirl around and the water level rise. Very soon comes the sucking sound.

      20. I was just thinking about how about 5,000+ people have read this article as of now. Even if it was two freakin Million – in the big scheme of things – it wouldn’t make a wit of difference in the outcome of how things worked out politically, for us, and for everyone who isn’t on the inside.

        ‘Politically’ is a funny word. It means a bunch of things. Like for instance: who gets to step on your neck, and take your stuff, and tax and regulate the sheet out of you and I.

        Imho, a whole lotta people are hoping this election changes things – one way or another. Problem is: no matter who gets elected, the government wins.

        You may disagree. Time will tell. However; so far (and this is a historical Fact for the last 100 or so years in America) the government Always wins.

        Que: Brandon Smith. Because, it seems that few want to listen to Etienne de la Boétie. What a shame that is.

        Color me, Freedomista.

        Yah, This ship is driving through the iceberg, because there is no iceberg, because f– you.

        And, tell me again what it means to be an American? Because, watching the TeeVee shows or listening to the bigmouths how they justify torture and worse makes me not understand what it means to be an American. Asset forfeiture, war on some drugs, tax the heck out of you, etc…

        Life, Liberty…. are they just meaningless words? Nevermind the concept of, ‘property’ or Due Process.

        There is no, ‘America’. It’s not a concept to, ‘give up’ on, … it simply, never was! [Insert, Whiskey Rebellion, here x] Regrettably, it was a hopeful illusion to sucker people in. I wish it weren’t so. I do very Much like the concept. The same way I like the concept of ‘Christianity’, a.k.a. love your enemies.

        Origins of the United States Constitution

        No wonder people don’t want to, ‘wake Up’! Waking up is F-ing madness for a modern person!

        Yah, This ship is driving through the iceberg, because there is no iceberg, because f– you.

        There is only one hope, and that is: Jesus, the Christ.
        Disbelievers (imperfect human that I am) I’ll pray for you. [Pray for me too.]

        In the meantime, let us all Prep, believers and disbelievers alike, and try to get along.

        Keyword: ‘non-aggression principle’.

        I think you’ll all agree on that, look it up. If you don’t agree, there’s something crossed in your hardwire, and maybe you’re a liberal, or a neocon-warmonger, or something to which I hope you find an out that does not involve stepping on necks and such.

        – Don’t be a neck stepper. –

        And, look at the facts on to get a feel for your position in the universe.

        Look at The Facts, and love your neighbor. How hard is that?
        Yah, i know, it’s not easy. …Nothing worth having, is easy.

      21. When I was little, I lived within sight of the levee containing the Mississippi river south of New Orleans. For fun sometomes, we’d stand down at the base of the levee and watch the ships sail by over our heads. Yep, all that land down there was below sea level. People trusted the levees though, and built houses and schools and churches. That levee has been breached three times- 1965, 1969 and most recently Katrina. Do a Google search on Buras water tower and you will see what happens when the inevitable occurs. Everyone down there knew it COULD happen…. but they were in denial that it WOULD happen.

        I see this crash coming the same way. There is no way to save yourself from it, like there was no way sandbagging houses was going to save anything from the unleashed flow of that river. The most sane course of action is to put yourself on dry land, so to speak. Get out of debt as much as is possible.Have some wealth stored in hard assets. Streamline and simplify your life now so you can enter the current unencumbered if necessary.

        I certainly don’t feel defeated or deflated by the bad things happening around us. Fools and reactionaries make the headlines. The meek inherit the earth. The very worst people around try to get people worked up to go out and fufill their own vision of vengeance and righteousness according to the gospel of “themselves”.

      22. The following was an open letter to Strategic Culture Foundation:


        Mr. Roberts has an interesting view of the economy. Is he overlooking an important factor ?

        Consider the theorized hidden owners of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve are embezzling $5-6 Billion daily from the government. They have successfullly operated the scheme for 100 years.

        The Federal Reserve system is embezzling the money using the FRBNY’s exclusive control of disbursements of the auction accounts of Treasury securities. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The flow of funds generated by the auction accounts have no viable alternate destination. Ref.

        The evidence that the Federal Reserve is embezzling using the above accounting scam is in plain sight for those who wish to see it: (Actually, the scheme was identified by a professor to my graduate course of Money and Banking.)

        ONE: The FRBNY will only establish a line of credit for the government (book entry money) when they receive a Treasury security in the amount of the line of credit.

        TWO: The deficit security is sold as a small percentage on the auctioned roll-over securitiies. The FRBNY handles all of the accounts and disbursements. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The accounts are client accounts (not operational accounts) and have never been audited. Audits os the FR are conducted according to guidelines established by the BOG.

        THREE: Funds from auctioning the deficit security issues (currently $2 trillion annually, $6 billion daily) cannot go to the government. If they did, they would have to buy the securities just issued since no other securities have been purchased. Under those circumstances, there would be no increase in the money in circulation (inflation) nor would there be any increase in the national debt. The money from the auction must go somewhere but it cannot go to the government.

        FOUR: The only feasible destination for the funds is to members of the Primary Dealers who are tasked with collecting called and redeemed Treasury securities. As hidden owners of the corporate Board of Governors (privately owned corporations are not required to file records with the SEC), they can receive deficit spending profit along with funds for the roll-over security work. The owners have put up no consideration for receiving $6 billion daily, even thou it is touted as a loan. (If the non-existing loan was being paid off by the hidden money, it would then result is eliminating any increase in the National Debt.) (The operation of the BOG readily lends itself to a corporate structure; the FR System does not.)

        FIVE: Profit of the Federal Reserve legally belongs to the government.

        It is assumed the same profitable scam has been set up with the Euro with each nation pledging to guarantee payment on the securities sold by the ECB. The money from the sale of the securities is theorized, based upon the Federal Reserve documented scheme, to go to the controllers/owners of the ECB. Money from the above operations are theorized to fund the New World Order scheme. Ref.

        Is any of this information of interest ?
        Jim Carter
        [email protected]

      23. Look up Plunge protection team otherwise named the PPT. Formed to make sure the market stays high. Unlimited funds to buy S & P contracts .I am sure they have orders to keep this market from collapsing until November 8 so Hillary gets elected.

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