“How Has the ‘System’ Been Working Out For You And Your Family?” – Trump Blasts Establishment Elite In Mainstream Op-Ed

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    Donald Trump appears to be taking the war to the establishment and he’s talking directly to the American people in a an op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal.

    “Let me ask America a question,” Trumps begins. “How has the ‘system’ been working out for you and your family? No wonder voters demand change.”

    Taking direct aim at Ted Cruz for bragging about his “voterless” victory in Colorado, Trump blasts the entrenched politicos, donors and the system as a whole:

    In recent days, something all too predictable has happened: Politicians furiously defended the system. “These are the rules,” we were told over and over again. If the “rules” can be used to block Coloradans from voting on whether they want better trade deals, or stronger borders, or an end to special-interest vote-buying in Congress—well, that’s just the system and we should embrace it.

    I, for one, am not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people. Members of the club—the consultants, the pollsters, the politicians, the pundits and the special interests—grow rich and powerful while the American people grow poorer and more isolated.

    The only antidote to decades of ruinous rule by a small handful of elites is a bold infusion of popular will. On every major issue affecting this country, the people are right and the governing elite are wrong. The elites are wrong on taxes, on the size of government, on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy.

    Why should we trust the people who have made every wrong decision to substitute their will for America’s will in this presidential election?

    Here, I part ways with Sen. Ted Cruz.

    Mr. Cruz has toured the country bragging about his voterless victory in Colorado. For a man who styles himself as a warrior against the establishment (you wouldn’t know it from his list of donors and endorsers), you’d think he would be demanding a vote for Coloradans. Instead, Mr. Cruz is celebrating their disenfranchisement.

    The American people can have no faith in such a system. It must be reformed.

    Just as I have said that I will reform our unfair trade, immigration and economic policies that have also been rigged against Americans, so too will I work closely with the chairman of the Republican National Committee and top GOP officials to reform our election policies. Together, we will restore the faith—and the franchise—of the American people.

    We must leave no doubt that voters, not donors, choose the nominee.

    How have we gotten to the point where politicians defend a rigged delegate-selection process with more passion than they have ever defended America’s borders?

    Perhaps it is because politicians care more about securing their private club than about securing their country.

    The political insiders have had their way for a long time. Let 2016 be remembered as the year the American people finally got theirs.

    You can read the full letter here: Let Me Ask America a Question


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      1. “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”
        -Ronald Reagan’s closing remarks at 1980 presidential debate

        • Trump gets 2 points for the bitch slap.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

          • here’s my open letter to donald trump…

            yes,donald, they ARE stealing the election from you. but if you LOSE, your responsibility to the citizens doesn’t stop there. we fully expect you to run as an independent, if you get cheated out of the election….and if the ballot-box doesn’t work out for you/US, then we move on to the bullet-box. we have been waiting for a leader, donald. we believe in you, and i think MILLIONS of US will follow you to washington D.C…if they WANT a war, let it start there. we haven’t had a person willing to LEAD U.S., until now, and i think you just might be that person….don’t let U.S. down, donald, we ARE counting on you.

            • They are not stealing the election from him. They are stealing the election from us.

              • ED,
                YOU are correct! the establishment DOES NOT want the public to take over from the corrupt scum that is currently running our government. we need a complete RESET and if that means civil war so be it. there is MORE of us than them IF we can get the sheeple to rise up!

            • I was as disappointed in 1992 as everyone else is now. I voted for Ross Perot and contributed to the election of another Clinton. Just saying…

        • Why do you people feel the need to be lead. Sheep are lead, do you all still feel the need for a sheepdog. Become the sheepdog, no wonder some of us are doomed.
          With the pro trump comments. Jeesh.

          • Hey Noncompliance,

            You can be a sheepdog with such bad grammar. The word is “led” not lead.

            Go sheepdog!

        • Are you better off? Yeah then Reagan dumped 4 Trillion worth of Debt onto the American People. The only trickle down we got from Reagan, was the Jerk pissing on our pant legs.

          Also Reagan, the first President who paid off Terrorists. Iran Contra, Reagan was a disaster. Including deregulation of the banks and energy companies. Beirut Bombing / cut and run Reagan.


      2. I think this guy may be our only chance to preserve freedom during the upcoming financial collapse.

        • I agree on the, “chance to preserve freedom during the upcoming financial collapse”.

          Because; there is a financial collapse coming and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Trumpster may be able to slow the bleeding and help pass out the pain relievers, but no one person can stop what is coming.

          The cronies in the establishment corners have set up the financial dominoes to fall at the precise time for the nwo benefit.

          One fine example of the shell game is the Derivatives market.

          Back in 2000, the Derivatives stood at about 90 trillion, in the USA. Today it is estimated (nobody really knows exactly), at over 700 trillion.

          On a global level it has been estimated at 1.2…quadrillion.

          What is a Derivative? Simply put, it is like a side bet against an already iffy wager. Some of those wagers have “some” asset collateral, but it is all “iffy”. Most of those side bets are done with borrowed funds. More iffy pieces of the shell games.

          The dominoes are teetering, and one big catastrophic scare could send them tumbling along with everything except for PMs.

          What does all this have to do with Trump as potus?
          I believe Trump has something that establishment politicians don’t have, and that is, some compassion for average people.
          With that in mind, people holding PMs, including their re-loadable kind, will have a better chance at keeping and using those assets in the coming SHTF scenario.

          If he doesn’t get the job, then the establishment wins, and all bets are off on PMs of the gold and silver kind, as having any real value except for possibly barter. Why? Because establishment has no compassion nor cares what happens to the average person. We will see just how evil, liberals really are, when the collapse comes to town.

          But guess what? It is too late then. The trump haters for the liberal establishment will be forgotten and left by the road like a three day old dead possum, by those that got their rallying support, months earlier.

        • “may be our only chance”
          Sorry, but you’re an idiot. This guy is blasting “establishment elite” and is one.

      3. What I am waiting for is someone to come out publically against the Clean Air Act of 1971 that is about to be used as a giant hammer to destroy anyone who has ever modified a vehicle from stock with a $10,000 fine. Yes, a law that has been enforced one way for 45 years is about to be used in a new way to ruin people at the altar of the global warming farce. Want to read more? Go to the website of SEMA.

        I am so sick and tired of this government pushing into every single part of our private lives. It’s time for a REAL change, and not one that any of the current presidential candidates is willing to endorse.

        • I got news for them. I ain’t putting the cats back on my exhaust. Catchin’ comes before hangin’. Frig’em.

        • I thought the same as you that government would be beating up people for modifying a vehicle. When I told that same thing to a friend who was a lawyer he laughed and said ‘…the problem with that is the prosecutor and judge would have to understand the mechanics enough to warrant a prosecution. Most could not. So they would have to rely on costly experts to testify as to what laws had been broken. The cost to the state could run into the tens of thousands of dollars trying to prosecute someone who might be fined $1000 or $2000. This is not the ‘quick’ conviction prosecutors like to do. So I put the prosecution odds as low for modifying a vehicle. Now going after GM for a plant violation that’s another story…”

          • It’s not as hard as you think. All of this could quite easily be implemented as part of a nationwide inspection and maintenance program similar to what you see in Commiefornia. It could even be so extreme as to target modified suspensions, different wheels and tires, or even a stock replacement exhaust part not coming from the original manufacturer. Have a vehicle so old that the parts are no longer available? Well, you are not allowed a work around because the parts lack a part number from the OEM. If they really go to the extremes they want, which is likely the confiscation and destruction of all older vehicles (possibly in lieu of fines), then things will get real ugly real quick.

          • In California they can seize your car and crush it. I know. It happened to me years ago. There was no fighting it.

            • Solution: Buy a Corvette! and pay for the extra Optional “Dual Mode Exhaust” system!!

              Basically it consists of: A True Dual exhaust with seperate headers from engine down to rear most exhaust pipes…How it works?

              it has Two seperate Mufflers and Each one has Two final exhaust “tips” for a total at rear of car of Four seperate “looking” round exhaust tips/pipes.

              BUT…While each mufler has two tips at end, the INNER-Two of the four contains a sort of valve which remains Closed at start up of engine for a very quiet but still nice rumble high tech Powerfull 505 hp engine sound…

              Untill you reach RPM levels of 3,500 RPM and above right to top RPM of 7,000 Red Line level rpm.

              At 3,500 RPM that Inner Two exhaust tip “valves” which look like a round piece steel within pipe opening, Opens!

              then the sound increases louder and has a very nice Mussle car sound or “Note” to it!

              This happens automatically whenever rpm level reaches 3,500 rpm and remains Open untill rpm levels Drop Back down to below 3,500 rpm level..

              However for folks who desire to have self/own anytime effect sound control?…No problem! for $50 and one wire easy install in few minits, one can buy a “mild to Wild” swtich that is a very tiny toggle type switch, and then one can operate at Open valve Louder note sounds levels at will…Or leave it wide open always!

              Then when cop stops you, switch it Off and car sounds like grannys Quiet sunday only driver car would…Well perhaps it still has a bit louder rumble note sound than grannys car!…but it is still very “almost” quiet considering the massive HP engine etc.

              ALL Vettes models can chose this option which yes costs extra…However the Z-06 vettes has it straight from factory build as an normal exhaust system.

              I am probably going to install such a Mild to Wild switch as it like idea of self control of what mode sound levels it will be at…Plus another similar switch is now avail that costs twice as much at $100 but also has a tiny “key fob” push button wireless control to set sounds louder or back to orig quieter note levels…

              And Yes..once valve opens it does sound rather nice and is noticably louder, yet still retains that fine sound of a hand assembled at factory, and signed off on by factory assembler guy, high tech engine components sounds one expects to hear from a true mussel car type engine…A more refined “super car” status type sound I’d say.

              All them more costly euro super cars sounds nice also…Yet still nothing beats american made corvette engine and other usa made power engines unique and distinctly American made sound…Much deeper and throaty sound as one would notice when compared to ferrarie or porches etc…

              It is also The Oldest continuing car Name plate, the corvette, of any cars ever produced within the usa!

              1953—to so far 2016 and soon 2017 models of the new C-7 vettes.

              Cannot wait for this weekends finally warmer dryer weather and roads so I can take it for this years first ride!!

              ps: vettes get much better milage levels too!

              mine is epa rated on orig window sticker at CITY=17 MPG and Highway= 26 MPG..NEW C-7 Vettes rate at an amazeing CITY= aprox 19 MPG(?) and HIGHWAY= 29MPG!! And most owners report much better higher MPG rates than as epa listed!…I think I get aprox 1.5 to 2 MPG better at all speeds than window sticker epa rated at. Whats not to like right?

              That is phenominal when once considers that such high HP and high Torque engines most often get Far Less MPG rates regardless what type vehicle or manufacturere makes it.

              You just must use Premium Gas of at Least 91 octane…

              I always use Shell-93 Octane Premium and it purrrrrsss like a kittykat! Untill I press the gas peddle a bit!

              My Goal this year is to try to locate proper good paved black top road or freeway where I can test it at top speed of 198-MPH and NOT get harrased by any cops…

              Or if I must I shall consider to Pay the $100 per hour track fee that a few tracks have on certain designated track days for public use and do so there..Probably be alot safer doing that too eh..

              It shall then be my “Them Guys Fast Getaway Prep PLan” if ever is needed to escape savage hoards etc…(just joking!)

              • Don’t forget to buy a couple of raffle tickets at just $10 a piece for the torch red Corvette raffle on April 30th.

                I got mine !!! 🙂


              • The solution is to spend $70,000 on a new car? What if I don’t like Corvettes (I don’t) and want to build something better suited to my needs like, say, an Austin Mini or Sachsenring Trabant 601 with a Honda B16A under the hood? Or maybe a Geo Metro modified to return 70 mpg? Going fast isn’t really the point. It’s all about the experimentation and tinkering and that is what I fear losing the most. Without that, I might just as well drive a Nissan Leaf as all stock vehicles are equally uninteresting.

        • The Clean Air Act actually did alot of good at first.
          I remember orange skys in Los Angeles. Couldnt breathe, constant asthma. By 1985 it was almost all gone. They should of stopped there and in fact they didnt have mandate to go further. However Carter,Clinton and Bush 2 changed the rules. And they werent changed to make the air cleaner. They were changed to stifle competition from smaller companies. Make the rich richer.

        • Hey Winston. Go suck on your running car’s Muffler tail pipe for 5 minutes. Yeah that’s why we have an EPA. Some are so F-n stoopid here.


          • I would, but nothing would happen once it’s warmed up. I drive a Prius as my daily and the engine would be off because it has start/stop.

      4. Trump if nothing else has brought entrainment to the race. I hope he wins. When Kennedy was President, I used to enjoy Jackie’s airy voice. Trump’s wife is not only beautiful, she has that European accent. That family will look good in old scrapbooks in one hundred years.

        If we get Bernie or Hitlery, the scrapbooks will be read by about ten thousand survivors of the global nuclear holocaust, and in one hundred years the survivors may actually resemble those zombies.

        • Melania gets my vote too. She is educated and smart. Brains and beauty does it for me, and a woman with an estimated 12 million in personal assets doesn’t hurt the eyes one bit.

          She would be right up there with Jackie O, and Eleanor Roosevelt, if given the chance. Maybe not with accomplishments, but with beauty and gracefulness.

          • Ms. Trump beats Ginger and Maryann any day.

            Swamp rat gets creepier as time goes on.

            How many monikers has he used on this site?

            At least 30+ by my guess.

            (Needs a 96 hour leash)…

            • Eppe,


              • Laeagle, my personal stalker.
                Makes me think he is messed up in the mind.
                But we all knew that he is not right….
                96 hour moderation leash.

            • Ginger, yes. Mary Ann – hell no, not in a million years.

              • Tucker
                Mary Ann in a heart beat. Ginger? well I’m stuck on an island. Oh ya!
                Ms. Trump is a HOTTY!!!With a Brain.

                Look at the Demo’s rallies. Some of the butt ugliest people I have ever seen. Some of the people I can’t tell if they are male or female?????????


                • “Some of the people I can’t tell if they are male or female?????????”

                  Easily understood to be confused Sgt. Dale –
                  Chances are … what you are seeing is Hillary Clinton’s


                  • FTW
                    Thanks for the explanation
                    And Thanks for the laugh. I almost spit out my TEA.

                    • With so Many white guilt marxist libs running wild now, and always sideing with every black lives spalatter and savage rioters events in solidartiy as One with blacks.

                      Then if the looters and rioters really do start up a for real race war as so many of them has threatened for 50 yrs now?….

                      I hope, in order to not make collaterall dammage mistakes, when a persons skin color Will be their uniform.

                      I hope that those whitey guilted lib idiots and kommies will at least wear a chickin Bone in their noses and maybe also wear a larger size Ham Bone in their wild hairdoos as a reference point of Aim eh.

              • Guys , be careful with Ginger and Mary Ann. They are old and you might break their hip.

                • Swinging, more of a Barbra Eden kind of guy…

                  • Saw a picture of Mary Ann, mugshot, a while back after she was busted for weed. She did look purty rough, but nothing a double bag and a sixpack wouldn’t fix.

                    • Sorry to break your superficial high and mighty bubble, there ron-in, but my wife is 52 and looks like 42.

                      She has her shortcomings, as all of us do, but beauty and body is not one of them. Her tits are still as firm and high as a college girls, and no they aren’t enhanced.

                      She has long blonde hair, and just enough Native American blood to help her tan to a rich golden bronze, without oils and tanning creams.

                      Her legs are flawless, smooth and silky like the part they spring forth from. That is all about you need to hear.

                      BTW, when I was bar and party hopping just about fifteen years ago, and prior for twenty or so; I turned down more pussy in a weeks time than most guys got in a whole year.

                      At my 40th birthday bash in the big city, I ended up with two girls in a menage a trois for three hours, of which they “thanked me” for the time of their lives. One was 21 and the other 19. They called me several times later and could have rejoined them, again, if i was willing to make the trip. They were not hookers nor did they ask for anything…it just happened.

                      That was always something on my bucket list, of which i have never taken for granted. I did not want it to be a planned and paid for ordeal, of which any man can have if they have the $$.
                      It wasn’t planned nor paid for, and will always be a birthday gift that i treasure, like…..

              • A little-known fact: the actress who played Ginger was a Jewess.

        • I live in kalifornia….. This will be the first election that I will experience that this state actually may make a difference, since we all vote last come June.

          My first presidential election I participated in was when Jimmy Carter became POTUS (loser). I remember following Richard Nixon’s two runs and was paying attention to how both repub’s and dem’s are made out to be the biggest slime balls. You end up voting for the lessor of two evils…..ALWAYS, or at least it seems.

          This primary is no different and whomever makes it to the final 2, will be the same.

          I plan to vote for whomever can reach the 1237. I really don’t care who it is from the republican side, just as long as it is not Hillary. And yes, I want to stick it to the party that has ignored the people who keep voting them into power to make the right changes. Donald, past a few buzz phrases is a bit unknown. However, if you google an interview with him and Oprah from the 1990’s he was saying the exact same thing. If you look at Cruz’s lifetime in government, he has been very consistent as a Constitutional conservative. My fear with him is the influence his Wall Street wife may have.

          Again, we look at the lessor of two evils. This plays right into how politics operates. We are left disgusted with the whole process. There is NOTHING new here.

      5. I hope the guy has good security…

      6. “These are the rules”. Rules for who? Rules that allow those we have elected to stay in power and place invisible chains upon us. It has been said that a bad law is not a law and this applies to rules, or charters as it does not have the binding power of Good Faith.
        Only the 3 percenter’s here, have the insight as to what is evolving in our country. Derivatives, dollar carry trade, precious metal manipulation, repeal of Glass Steagall, No Gold Standard and attacks on the Constitution. Jade Helm. Posse Comitatus, militized law enforcement. Growth of various Federal Agency’s and the abuse of power to infringe on our rights. To the level of incarceration and killing of Americans is anticipated.
        All the variables point to instability of the world and we would be fools to think we are insulated from it all.
        The next months will be full of propaganda, possible false flags, threats of war, famine, disease and civil unrest/war. They all exist.

        Which one will be first to show its face.

        • “These are the rules”. Rules for who?

          Nicely stated ANON –

          What everybody should be saying is …..

          “Fuck their Rules”

          These people who enforce, and design the rules and laws of this Land – whether they are Constitutional or not … should apply to these same undesirables as well.

          Since they do not — Then nobody needs to comply with their bullshit. Fk’em

        • How can we get term limits in place for ALL politicians from local representatives all the way to House and Senate? These dirt bags come in broke (Rubio) and leave rich (Rubio ((lobbyist)) and Biden…have you seen his house??) Constitutional referendum!!!

          I’m sick of these career politicians telling me what I can and cannot. Sick of it.

      7. Any one have supply info on prednisone . Fish mox antibiotics we have but prednisone would be a defiantly a want in stash

        • Well, I am working on developing some “herbal sense”. I’m expanding my garden with feverfew, horehound (not to be confused with Hillary seeds), mullein, valerian, etc. and learning about how to use them. I’m planting the remainder today.

      8. Hundreds arrested at D.C. Capitol. No News Coverage.

      9. If Trump is real, and I think he is. He has brought out just how big of a scam it is in our elections. This is why I like him, He has also shown how TPTB are afraid of the American people. Just maybe he will change things back to a Republic. If he isn’t the nominee I will vote third party. I wasn’t going to vote at all, but I have changed my mind. If I vote and they don’t win and the other guy does and he (yes he Hellory is a gay)screws up I can and have the right to BITCH!

        I hear that Trump is a racist. When I ask the ? Why. They say he wants to build a wall on the border and he wants to stop muslime immigration. When I tell them he want to stop illegal immigration and just want to Vet the muslimes coming in they say that not right. I ask them if they have a door on their house they say yes, and why. To keep people out. I tell them this goes for our nation we have borders and there should be a DOOR!

        I ask them about the Bern. I’m told he is going to “take away from the rich and give to the poor”. When I tell them even if they taxed the rich 100% that would only help for about two to three months. Then I ask them what about the other 9 or 10 month where do you get the money? No answer.

        Then I bring up Hellory. I ask them about all the blood on her hands. Libya, Syria, Egypt. Her lying about her server. “That never happened”. “Or they all lie”. I ask them if they found out that there spouse was lying to them about family matter that might cost them or a childes life what would you do. Most just look at you dumb founded. Oh the SHEEPLE.


        • I saw trump in Biloxi Jan 2. You could feel his passion for the people of America and his love of country and his patriotism. It was not like anything I’ve ever witnessed. I believe he is the real deal. Oh, and I met him in trump tower in 2001. Bumped into him around 8 am. I took my mom to the city to see the sights and we were there early. The towers were the only thing open and we went in to have a seat at the dining area. Very polite and he didn’t know us from Adams house cat.

      10. Scientists fear a BIG earthquake is coming as FOUR major earthquakes strike the region in 48 hours.

        Time will tell.

        ht tp://www.express.co.uk/news/science/661052/SCIENTISTS-fear-the-Big-One-is-COMING-as-four-major-earthquakes-strike-in-48-hours

      11. For those of you with intellectual honesty, the full story on teh Colorado vote, per Dr. Thomas Sowell, Stanford Univ. and redoubtable conservative author. http://townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/2016/04/13/campaign-lies-n2147462/page/full

        Truth is, while I will indeed vote for Trump if he is the candidate, the scorched earth policies of the Trump supporters may well lead to a Hitlery presidency. If so, you deserve everything you get. And no, despite you conspiracy theorists who get your news from the National Inquirer, Cruz has not had sex with five Martian women. But… nice scorched earth antics. Some of you people are no better than the disingenuous left. Fact is, Cruz has both spoken in favor of multiple conservative issues, and voted that way. Yes, there ARE some concerns, which I have too. TPP was one. But then, Trumps having the Clinton’s to his THIRD wedding is not impressive either. Fact is, neither candidate is ideal. But, WHAT can we do to at least hold the line until we can re-educate the culture (if it is not too late already, which, of course, it may well be, but that still won’t stop me from trying._

        • What difference does it make

        • Politics has always been about the integrity of the politician. However most people who are interested in politics these days are sociopaths. That is why the parties select their candidates young and mold them into their candidate while trying to suppress and or hide their many transgressions.
          That is why so many people dislike trump. Because they are used to being presented with the ideal manufactured candidate. Not a real person.

      12. It’s only a rule if you choose to obey it.

      13. The problem with our political process is that it is a system. Systems can be cheated, abused , and twisted to change the outcomes for which they were created.

      14. The Last Trump is now blowing in the whirlwind sewed by the perfidy of the Elite. I speak metaphorically of course, since, Mr. Trump is not a Godly pious man, but he is on a mission from God. I truly see that he loves America, not the System, but the People. And this is a distinction with a difference.

        In this election, there is only Trump or Goldman Sachs, choose wisely America…

        God, often uses the weirdo or unpopular man to send forth His messages, in this case, Trump is a prophet with a message;

        So it matters not, in a way, if he wins or loses, either way, America is waking up, and that takes a miracle…

      15. Forget it Donald Chump, the dumbed down lazy fat ass disease ridden cowardly fascist boot licking American people will not rise up for anything except a buffet of GMO poisonous toxic shit chased with some soda poison while they sit on their lazy disease ridden fat asses watching mindless entertainment and sports in the collapsing psychopath controlled Fascist Police State hell on earth. In the history of the world there has NEVER been a more insane fascist boot licking population of cowardly disease ridden obese drunken bums, who could give two shits about the health and future of the children the cowards should of NEVER had.

      16. No one without conservative credentials can be elected in this day and age. Oblah is one himself and has always has been. He was at the forefront to cut social security, medicare and medicaid. He insisted on balancing that with modest tax hikes on the wealthy but the GOP would have none of that. They just wanted the entitlement cuts period. More money to the bankers who threaten the system with implosion. The bankers will force martial law if they can’t get their way, as they already have. That’s the reality and Hitlery will push the same agenda, you can’t get anymore rightwing than that.




        please sign this petition to stop the corrupt GOP:

      18. It seems to me that 3 or 4 articles a day are a bit counter productive. Wouldn’t it be easier and more enjoyable to have one well written article that promoted sustainable living and offered info to people who want to learn to grow a garden or put together a pantry. It wouldn’t have to completely throw political discussion under the bus but holy shit, if 1/10th the effort were devoted to local politics directly that is put into bitching and insulting mountains might be moved. If the numbers of viewers posted with the articles are accurate, viewing and comments are way down. What is the income potential for a person with a successful web site like this? I guess that Mac Slavo knows where the bread is buttered but I hope the site morphs into new areas. I have also noticed that a lot of the posters who were long time here are bailing and new ones show up that are obsessive about posting. Judging from the number of posts they are not leaving enough time for much else. Also they are quite thin skinned and vindictive.
        My wife and I do more or less walk the walk as far as being prepared and though I am retired I need 7 days a week, with exceptions, to take care of stuff. And that is with gardening not yet started in our area.

        • Interesting that I am back in moderation suddenly. Is it because I typed Mac Slavo in my post? Not being malicious in my post, just asking questions and sharing observations as a fairly long time reader who doesn’t have a following here nor require one for fulfillment. It’s nice outside today in the west. Enjoy it.

        • Skeptic, well said. I’ve been too busy lately to post, let alone read all the articles thrown up on here. It’s just the busiest time of year for us with so much to do and not enough hours in the day…it is (was) a prep site after all.
          Regards to your Oregon coast!

      19. The system sucks,,
        It rewards you for mediocrity and punishes you for excellence,
        Why should i strive to excell when it will only lead to me being punished with more taxes?
        Who is John Galt!

        • I am.

          I’m not even going to do any major work on the side from now on. I told the nice girl at the IRS on the phone yesterday that I was tired of being screwed on income tax every year, that I had been trying to do right and pay what I owe, but I’m not going to work any more on the side if a large part of it gets taken away.

          I wish the federal tax was like the NC income tax. My tax figured out to be $0, because they don’t tax Social Security or my wife’s retirement check. We didn’t make enough on the side to owe any NC tax, so we get all of the withheld taxes back.

      20. Trump is correct. The Party has changed the rules in the middle of the game, have forced delegates NOT to vote for Trump. The delegates should be voting for the candidate the voters want, not the establishment. Our system was never set up for a group of elitists to pick our candidates and that is why elections were set up to give the citizens the right to pick who they want for President. It the same as if I went to by a car, picked it out, color, price, etc., then I go to pick it up and it is not the car I picked out but another model and color that the sales person picked out because they liked it. We the People need to stand up for our rights and make our voices heard. This is what the establishment did the last two elections that put obama in the White House and look how that worked out. It was not the vote of the people because the elections were rigged by the elitists.

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