How Government Entities Use Geolocation Data To Identify Everyone

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mass Private I at Activist Post

    An infographic from the Future of Privacy Forum describes how mobile devices such as smartphones interpret signals from their surroundings – including GPS satellites, cell towers, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth – generate a precise location measurement (latitude and longitude).

    Bill Gates & Congressman Negotiated “Tracing Deal” BEFORE COVID-19 Panic

    This measurement is provided by the mobile operating system to mobile apps through a Location Services API when they request it and receive the user’s permission. As a result, apps must comply with the technical and policy controls set by the mobile operating systems, such as App Store Policies.

    The Worst Is Yet to Come: Contact Tracing, Immunity Cards and Mass Testing

    Many different entities (including, but not limited to mobile apps) provide location features or use location data for a variety of other purposes. Different entities are subject to different restrictions, such as public commitments, privacy policies, contracts and licensing agreements, user controls, app store policies, and sector-specific laws (such as telecommunications laws for mobile carriers). In addition, broadly applicable privacy and consumer protection laws will generally apply to all commercial entities, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, or the Federal Trade Commission Act.

    LOCATION TARGETING: Your Phone Apps Are Tracking Every Step You Take and Every Stop You Make (And Then Selling It)


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      1. give up, all is lost

        • Good idea!, it would be helpful if you dug the ditch first.
          You fools & your “smart” devices.
          How about saying No?, & toss’em.

        • Never accept the Beast System. Refuse. Do not comply. Do not obey. Do not submit to the Beast.

          Never. Never give up. Be strong. Be of good courage.
          Remember our forefathers struggles/challenges.
          Brave men and women built what is “America”.
          Nothing was “given”. Freedom was fought for.
          Freedom must also be Defended.

          Anytime you have something worthwhile, there will always be those criminals/politicians/media, that try to take-steal-rob-use legal system-use politic system-or to use “guilt”, in order to take something special from you that they have NOT EARNED themselves. They want for Free, what you have earned through sacrifice and hard work.
          – Defend your Family
          – Defend your Rights
          – Defend your Property.
          – Defend your Nation, “Against ALL enemies foreign or domestic.”
          Do not allow them to take your Freedom or Life easily, without your most difficult death. Fight with EVERYTHING, until that day of death. On that day my you be with Jesus Christ.

          Pray to God of Jesus Christ to give you strength-courage and exercise skills required to defend your family, defend your home, to defend your freedom, to defend your Nation.
          America. America is beautiful and special.
          – – – All are worth giving your life for.
          Never give up. No matter your pain, suffering, challenges. Never give up. No matter the loss. No matter the cost.
          With God’s help, Faith, Courage, you will prevail. Even in death. At least you made it difficult for them to kill you.
          That is the best we can hope for. May we be with Christ Jesus.

          1. We will not comply. We will not obey politicians that make it criminal to attend Church or gather with family/friends.
          2. We do not accept the Beast System as the “new normal”.
          3. We will not wear a “face diaper of submission” to the occult Beast. (We ONLY worship Jesus Christ the Son of God.)
          4. We will not comply to globalist communism.

          “There will be a Rifle behind every Blade of Grass.”
          – Liberty or Death.
          Is that clear? 5 x 5? Political correct? NEVER.

          Decide who you are. Decide who you will stand for. Who and what you will die for.

          It seems to be lost on many, that the American Military is an all volunteer force. America has been at war for 18 years. Yet dedicated Americans continue signing up for active duty. Knowing they will likely be in harms way. Knowing they could die.
          There are TWO important concepts in war:
          1. You are willing to die.
          2. You are willing to Kill and destroy the enemy.
          Brave Americans have proven they are willing to Stand.

          Jesus Christ allowed the evil forces of this world to nail him to a cross. Christ was willing to die, so that YOU may have eternal life. Christ was raised from death.
          Jesus Christ will return. May God’s will be done.

          The government has now made it a “criminal offense” to attend church.
          The internet-schools-politicians-media, have made EVERYTHING and ANYTHING acceptable. Except for mentioning Jesus Christ.
          Why? Evil hates Truth. Darkness hates the Light. The Beast System fears Christ. Christ will destroy the Beast. God wins.

          You can ridicule
          You can censor-ban-cancel discussion-comments-speech.
          You can make breathing God’s air and worshipping in a Church with family/freinds a “crime”.
          But it changes nothing. God wins.
          Be on the winning team. Never give up.

      2. Not me!!
        You fools and your “smart” devices.
        Not only you being tracked & cataloged, but your immune system is under constant attack.
        It’s okay tho, just more room us, let the culling begin.

        • Hope you’re running tor thru a bridge, george

        • And George says all of this how? While sitting on a computer or smartphone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      3. It seems that regardless of who gets electec, it will be blamed on Russia. Trump just turned the DNCs worst nightmare into a self-fullfilling prophecy, suggesting that the election can be delayed until people are able to vote safely at the polls, since the DNC and many states are sending ballots to every voter and are not allowing in person voting. Trump is definitely right that refusing to allow in person voting increases risks of election fraud.

        Ballot fraud would be nearly impossible to detect if in person voting is banned. It is not a secret that a tremendous amount of election fraud takes place each election with large numbers of deceased voters casting ballots in elections. Since they are deceased, logic would dictate that it is either fraud, or extreme paranormal activity. I will go with fraud, because I know that if I were ever to visit the earth after death, it would not be to cast a ballot for a corrupt politician!

        If fraudsters know with absolute certainty that the voter will not show up at the polls, the ballot cast by the voter can be destroyed and replaced with another ballot.

        Trump really has to to Fauci, “You’re Fired!” That is why Trump was elected!

        The covid hysteria and response to it is simply gas-lighting, like 9/11 and the wars were, and all gas-lighting is for the purpose of theft, and all gas-lighters are psychopaths. It is a war, without declaring a war, because if it is undeclared, it cannot be protested! Anyone can supposedly contract the coronavirus, with scant and outright fraudulent evidence that they have contracted it, and then they are the enemy. It is totally unconstitutional and is a form of extrajudicial destruction of people’s lives! It is a total Nazi tactic! The Nazis, and the British had hospitals that people spent their entire lives in on the grounds that they carried Typhoid. They spent their entire lives in solitary confinement in a hospital.

        This will undoubtedly head in that direction if it is not stopped!

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Can’t believe I submitted my email for your USELESS download.

      5. I don’t have any cell phone. However if theres a list I most likely am on it. Yep there is a necessity of a Great culling. Earthquake in Calif Today. Maybe Mother nature will do the culling?

      6. I’ve always thought that the owner of a cell phone should be able to turn off all functions including GPS and tower pinging (and any other tracking functions) at will. The manufacturers seem to have blocked any software that would do that; so is there any device that works like a Farraday cage to block signals? I’ve tried completely powering off the iPhone and putting it in a metal box but it still will send and receive signal.

      7. Time for vpns and so you can stop the tracking. Turn off location services and Bluetooth. Those are some things that you can do

        Instead, it explains how phones, OS, apps, etc. COLLECT the information, and on a very simplified level that everyone should pretty much already know.
        What am I missing?????

      9. Time to ditch your smart phones and go back to the “old folks” flip phones: no apps, turn off geo-location option & wi-fi, and never use the browser. It’s the best you can do.

        • Nope, no sir, not happening. The cellular systems moved from the old network to a new DCOM network, thereby eliminating the ability to even use qwerty and other lg old style flip phones. You simply can’t even use them anymore on most American networks.

          Do you think they’re geo tracing my 1985 made in USA Bell phone? Probably so, but they’re always annoyed to find it never goes anywhere.

          Want to truly resist, you need to be on copper based landline phone systems and skip voip over ethernet all together. And use the cell phone signal blocking bags and such.

      10. Comprehensive testing protocols and tracing devices, are for DNA Identification and Individual Tracking.

      11. The Antifa Paramilitaries track you, too.

        • Wait until Antifa gets their hands on Stinger devices and learns to use them (cellular sniffing, snooping, eavesdropping, and spoofing.)

          Wait until the bad guys (worse than the bad guys already using and running these systems), learn to utilize the traffic monitoring interconnected nationally Redflex traffic cam systems.

          1984 the Palimpsest. An overlooked gem which called that too.

      12. More BS conspiracy theories.


        Not me. That stuff is turned off in my phones. I’m usually ” located” several counties or states away. My methods so jerk the system that at Xmas online retailers flag CC sales as fraudulent because my data is scrambled, on a perfectly good CC.

        Yes a PERSON can locate ( indirectly) a handset by signal strengths into a cell tower a on antenna field strength map but that has to be done manually. There are detailed maps of the cell sites made in preparation for launching a site. But they change with vegetation growth and other factors.

        And that’s about useless with a burner fone.
        Location is two parts, ” where” and ” whom”.

        Are you stupid enough to put your identity on a phone? Good for the scammers!

        The real hazard isnt the phone it’s the CREDIT CARD used to fund it. That’s the Users admission to the system of identity. Without that, it’s just another anonymous signal wandering around.

        Lying conspiracy crackpots like on this site love overgeneralizations like ” everyone.”

        Notice they only push wild government theories but can’t themselves discuss the technology. Thats because they know nothing about it.

        Signed, EE.

      13. As evidence of my comment I just left, your comment system held my comment because I COULDNT BE IDENTIFIED.

        Youre a bunch of lying fucking nuts.

      14. You know all those old CB radios you see at tag sales for almost nothing?
        I would suggest grabbing a few.
        You can’t have a private conversation, BUT , it can’t be as easily tracked if you keep your transmissions short.
        General area, yeah, but not exact location or address like a smart [?] phone.

      15. i told you how to protect yourself.
        my comments were censored here.
        any critical thinking is now Verbotten in your “new normal” no freedom face diaper no economy everyone fearful world.
        effective countermeasures are not allowed to be posted.
        CENSORED my post.
        Yes I know what I’m talking about. Or the governments have paid our agency millions for bad info? Of course they seldom take the advice they have paid for.
        They insist on using China/Israel made tech that is ALL compromised.

        Yes there are effective methods.
        Go to youtube. look them up. we have posted thousands of videos telling you how.

        In short:
        AVOID ALL Technology.
        Tech allows the few to control the many
        Almost ALL Technology devices are ALL trojan horses.
        Keep Tech EVERYTHING out of your life.

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