How America’s Homeless Population Has Changed Over The Last Decade

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Though the crisis of homelessness across the US has eased somewhat over the past decade, there are still some 550,000 homeless people in the US, equivalent to roughly one-fifth of one percent of the population.

    Data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development cited by Business Insider shows that the US homeless population decreased by 14.4% between 2007 – when there were roughly 650,000 homeless in the US – and 2017.

    The fluctuations in the homeless population weren’t even across the US. Michigan led the country by decreasing its homeless population by 68% between 2007 and 2017. New Jersey and Kentucky also saw decreases of more than 50% over that time period.

    But while some states in saw meaningful reductions, there were 14 states (including Washington, DC) where homeless populations rose from 2007 to 2017. North Dakota, one of the most sparsely populated states in the US, saw a staggering increase of 71.2%. South Dakota and Wyoming also saw sizable increases of 60%.


    But as property values in some of the largest and trendiest urban centers have risen since the crisis, the state level figures mask crises in the cities. In a recent piece, Bloomberg chronicled the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. The city made record progress over the past year placing homeless people in housing. But the overall rate remains high nearly 60,000 people in a city of 4 million, that’s an increase of 47% since 2012. The number of people becoming homeless for the first time increased by 16% to nearly 10,000.

    That being said, the face of homelessness is changing. There are more professional workers living in their cars in parking lots.

    Research by Zillow recently found that every 5% increase in rents in LA resulted in another 2,000 people becoming homeless, one of the highest correlations in the US. And with Amazon moving into Queens, the backlash by the working class, who are the most vulnerable segment of the population has already begun.


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      1. Shameful and a disgrace. Meanwhile, scum illegals and so called refugees are on the government dole with a nice roof over their heads and food to eat. We need to get rid of that bunch and take care of our own.

        • Remember that when you vote next. Be sure that those you vote for actually will represent citizens instead of anyone else as it seems to be what the NWO seems to be all about.

          Remember that dropping a kid by illegals in the US equates to 18 years of welfare for that child and his parents. Think of that when you pay your taxes.

          • Every person who has to rent is homeless. And every person who has an unpaid mortgage debt is homeless. Do the homeless math on that. Just miss a few payments, you will be living under the stars, or in your other conveyance like a boat or van down by the river. And what does homeless mean anyway? People that do not have to pay any property taxes. Homeless or You mean without shelter. “Home” is where ever you are at that time. You are always at home. This article should say shelter-less not Homeless. Its misleading.

            I am considered Homeless but I do live in a building on property all fully paid for off the grid, I just do not have an official Certification of Occupancy just yet. I have a building permit,, just need to complete some projects. So can someone define Homeless? Or why don’t they just say those living on the street without any shelter. Even under a bridge is a shelter. Some people like to live on the street or park bench. Some choose to be homeless. Its a lifestyle. Its a sense of freedom like no other, come and go whenever you want where ever you want. They call it Wanderlust. Its a lifestyle. Like RV’in. Land yachting.. Only maybe on your bike and stealth camping. Live in the woods. Freedom among the other free creatures and animals of the woods. Are they homeless also? Isi it Homeless Or is it those who don’t pay property taxes. Homelessness does have its advantages.

            • “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”
              -Slick Willy

            • With the death of the American Middle Class everybody became homeless. Everybody who pays property taxes is homeless. Everybody is just one condo conversion away from homelessness. Everybody who pays taxes is homeless. Everybody with a pension is homeless. Everybody with an old-age-nest-egg is homeless. Everybody living paycheck to paycheck is homeless. Everybody who isn’t debt free is homeless. Everybody is just one medical bill away from homelessness. Everybody without a car is homeless.

              • We own everything debt free. We are 5 tax payments away from being homeless. Fail to pay the Govt. rent and see! That reminds me of a story a few years ago. This homeless guy in Utah went from cabin to cabin all down the wasatch mountains and lived for 4 years before getting caught. He didn’t destroy stuff just ate the food and camped out. Pretty clever really.

                • How ’bout this one.
                  During the great depression and dust bowl era some farmers were so destitute that they didn’t have the funds to pay uncle scam his cut. So that good ‘ol boy who looks after us (yet was proven to have extended the damn depression) gave those generational farmers ‘n families the boot.
                  “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” (myself and my benefactors to the value of your labor, your property, your children’s/grandchildren’s/great grandchildren’s prosperity, and maybe even your life if we wish)

      2. There’s the homeless we see and the homeless we don’t see.
        Personally, I think the number is higher than 550,000.

        • Ya know, If the homeless that beg for currency on the roadside would just change their signs to be more honest (I need some beer) I would gladly give em a five spot. The ones that say “will work for food” are full of shit. Tell one of them to jump in, you have a job for them and see what happens lol.

          • Yes why a panhandler.. I would make up a sign that says just that.

            WHY LIE?
            I NEED BEER MONEY.
            THANKS!! CHEERS!!

            I bet a guy could get rich just telling the truth.

            • Hold on a sec, I need to wipe the beer off my keyboard HA HA HA! That is SO TRUE! There ya go folks, a great idea to suppliment yer income!

          • I hear you. Not all panhandlers are homeless. They sure try to spin it that way.

          • Unfortunately in my neck of the woods I see junkies panhandling to get their quick fix. I don’t give out one red cent. I have been known to hand those who seem to be actually suffering a sandwich and a bottle of water when it’s 100 degrees outside.

            • Years ago, there was a homeless guy near where I worked. Whenever there were leftovers in the office kitchen from parties and such, I’d take some to him and he was grateful. One Christmas in a Secret Santa exchange, I received a sampler box of sausages, crackers, cheese, etc, I wanted to give him the whole thing but he insisted that I keep a couple items for my boy. He was really thrilled with that box.

              Other times I’ve offered food to panhandlers (near other jobs) and they always refused my offerings. I gave up on them all especially after I saw a local news story telling what a scam most of them run; and made more annual income (tax-free, of course) than I did at the time.

              My giving now goes to reputable local charities or churches running aid programs. Often aid to the unfortunate doesn’t need to be funds; it can be a donation of time or other goods such as an extra can for food collections.

              • IT JUST DAWNED ON ME…. I have never seen a homeless mexican. Hmmmm.

                • i ride a mountain bike 15 to 35 miles a day, through the hi-desert, calipornia. i can find 100 to 150 of them in a lil over an hour. a couple years ago, i became interested in them. why homeless, what they are like, and such. so i started talking to them. some of them you have to wonder, why are they homeless…..but a huge majority are batsh t effen crazy…..drugs have fryed their brains. it’s amazing how many are out there, still walking around, but just barely able to function. and yes, parkin’ lots got LOTS of people livin’ in their cars. ride a bike, and you see lots of stuff.

      3. New Law: If you immigrate to the U.S. (by any means), you are not entitled to “any” benefits. The only entitlement you get is social security retirement someday (if you pay into it). When I brought my foreign wife into the U.S. on a K1 marriage visa, I had to sign a form that “I” was responsible for her financially and that she would not be a burden on the government. And she had to sign a form that she could not receive “any” govt benefits until she became a U.S. citizen.!!!!

      4. I’ve heard that there are over 50K homeless vets in this country, why??? A lot of them are mental cases from the endless wars, they turn to booze and drugs to forget, I guess. But yet, illegals get a free pass for just about everything. The average salary and benefits of a ghetto mama is around 30K a year. 62% of the illegals in California are on the dole, and there probably are over ten million in that state alone.

        You see things like healthy veterans coming back but without any prospects or family and so some go to Louisville and get help at Wayside Christian Mission (staffed with some devout volunteers) but the goal is to find them some stability and w,regular work. So while some demographics drop, some of the veteran homeless population have increased.

        Sadly sometimes it’s infuriating issues like unreasonable delays in veterans benefits for clearly disabled folks. There’s lots of head trauma in IED attacks and so there’s a big increase in this that few talk about.

      6. I don’t believe that a corporation should receive welfare benefits, or even be legal, at all, if it keeps grown adults on retainer without covering normal living expenses.

        I have walked out of job interviews, when they tried that. They called me back for some reason. Why. This works like a math problem.

        You can plan how much water to take with you, on long trip. They know how long a person can go in extreme cold or without breathing. Do your working conditions support human life.

        Here’s a 27 year veteran who left the military and had difficulty finding work and luckily found some transitional housing in Pikeville.

      8. If not, why are you allowed to occupy a spot.

        There are city planners, who are supposed to know how many cars go through each intersection and how many people are legally supposed to live in each house.

        Why are more adult bodies allowed in a given space, than life support.

        Why is it so important for you to hire from faraway places, if there is work that trained monkeys can do, and homeless people on your doorstoop.

      9. Tent cities are coming to your town. We are in 2008 territory right now.

        • What do you call a homeless person that freezes to death?


          • Fertilizer

          • Hasn’t your dempographic been replaced, over the last 50-65 years?

      10. Mega money preachers should put their money where their mouth is. Let them downsize their bank accounts and get busy solving the homeless problem. If not, they need to be exposed for the greedy, lying bastards they really are.

          • Let civil servants live informally and not be salaried.

        • Making money off of Jesus. What an industry.

      11. You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

        • Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?

          • He keeps hanging up,,.. Every time we connect he hangs up. The WALL by Pink Floyd

            And we certainly “We Don’t Need No Education” “We don’t need No Thoughts controlled.”

            • Welcome my son, to the machine…

              • Run rabbit run, dig that hole, catch the sun…

              • It’s a helluva start
                it could be made into a monster
                if we all pull together as a team.

            • Just another brick in the wall…

              • eww, that smell
                cantcha’ smell that smell?
                eww, that smell
                the smell of DEBT Surrounds yooouuuuu
                lynyrd skynyrd

            • The evidence before the court is
              Incontrovertible, there’s no need for
              The jury to retire
              In all my years of judging
              I have never heard before of
              Some one more deserving
              The full penalty of law
              The way you made them suffer
              Your exquisite wife and mother
              Fills me with an urge to defecate
              Since my friend you have revealed your deepest fear
              I sentence you to be exposed before your peers

              Tear down the wall!

      12. I can tell you that these statistics are complete bulls**t !

        Anyone who actually thinks there are less homeless today than 10 years ago is blind or has been living under a rock.

        Based on my observations, including spending a year in the L.A. area, homelessness has increased by 200 to 300 percent in the last decade.

        Lies, lies and even bigger lies !

      13. The numbers of homeless are understated. There are far more than has been acknowledged.

        • Agreed. Whatever number the government gives, double that. Triple that.

      14. The “skid row” sections of big cities used to provide a place for what we call the homeless today, a place where they could fit in and eke out a simple living with a place to live or maybe even work their way out of the skids and do something with their lives.

        Then came urban renewal, and it took what little there was available to them away.

        There is no longer a place for them or their kind of people in our country.

        They are neither needed or wanted by our culture today, any efforts to alleviate their condition simply takes away from the needed resources that can be better used for the migrants and refugees from other parts of the world that deserve our help and acceptance.

        The homeless need to get out of our country, we don’t want them here anymore.

      15. I sometimes use “transients” to gauge the weather. They emigrate south just like birds for the winter. Except for that one guy who always wore a birdcage on his head. I just assumed that he didn’t feel free to leave.

      16. On any given night in the United States there are over 600,000 Americans living outdoors. 20-percent of the homeless are veterans. Thank you for your service and all that. [sarcasm]

        Another Crash, another Great Recession and that will be the coup de grace for the American Middle Class. This is the game plan of the Ruling Class. The United States is already a Third World country.

        “Open Borders” is just terra-forming by the Ruling Class. The contempt people these Progressive Socialist Democrats, the wholly-owned MSM, these un-elected rogue billionaires like George Soros have for Americans is total. They will be merciless in achieving their goals.

        These sanctuary cities and states are perfectly willing to sacrifice Americans to feed, clothe, house, educate, employ, supply drivers licenses and voter registration for all these illegals.

        Homelessness in the United States is the new nation-building.

        • In order to have a truly communist NWO utopia all peoples of the world must be equal in their misery. It is to difficult to raise tier 3rd world to tier 1st world status. It is much easier to knock tier 1 down a few pegs plus create the dependancy on the system itself. Also that pesky “freedom” thinking does not work well with desires of complete control. To bad that the usupers/interlopers who are committing treason in assisting with our destruction are unawares of their own mortality which will be in jeopardy from the enemys/groups that they assist.
          They must go to bed every night and wisper to themselves “Naw man, they won’t put me in the chambers. I’m a good little boy who tows the NWO line.”

          • Looking at you, uncle scam stooge reading this,sitting there at your computer desk in some undisclosed location. Add this one to “the list”. I’m sure I’ve provided you a few jucy ones throughout the years. Hey, since we are so close to Christmas, you can think of it as uncle santascam’s naughty ‘n nice list if that helps you sleep at night. I flip a bird to you, sir.

      17. There is no way to deal with the mentally ill or addicted (alcohol or drugs) in the US. The county mental hospitals have been closed, for the most part. The laws that could be used by the community or family have been broken and torn apart by the do-gooders at the ACLU. This is the end result.

        Show up as an illegal and drop a baby? Win the welfare golden ticket. Serve in the US military and get kicked to the curb like a dog.

        Can any active LE please address how jails are used to deal with the mentally ill? And other than a 72-hour hold, it is impossible to keep someone in a mental facility long term. Unless they kill somone, that is.

      18. After traveling I -40, I 70 , and I 80 for the past several years I can unequivocally state there are far more than a half million homeless. The number is much higher. Several milllion at the least.

      19. There are more homeless in North Dakota. Well if you have one homeless guy and he’s joined by one more, there is a 100% increase in homelessness. Now, seriously, how long can you be homeless at 20 below freezing ????


        • What happened was word spread among the homeless that fracking related jobs were so plentiful that it affected even ancillary businesses, so many homeless relocated to these regions. Of course many can’t find work for a variety of reasons, thus all it did was relocate the homeless.

          One of the things some homeless shelters do is try to give them a way to get regularly cleaned up and presentable so they can maintain work. Many would try doing that in university bathrooms and being a nuisance. Likewise some churches have special clothing ministries so homeless folks have a job interview outfit.

          People who are homeless have layers of issues so there is no easy fix.

          • None of these people are looking for work and they are damn sure not relocating for that reason. There are only two reasons a person is “homeless” in America.
            1. they have mental issues
            2. they are just plain lazy (aka A Bum)

      20. What they do, to “campers” probably applies to internally-displaced people, during a state of emergency.

        Contact with police will be used as a convenient excuse for interrogation. He will be patted down for officer safety and (patronizingly) for his own safety. If the hobo responds to escalating tensions in the normal, human way — human rights abuse, under qualified immunity.

        The hobo will be asked whether shelter, clothes, etc, belongs to him. If he denies ownership (hoping not to be shang-hai’ed) all of his meager possessions will be ruined, right in front of him.

        If he accepts ownership, he will be told to move 100 yards, every so many days, in an unincorporated or wilderness area.

        After repeated contact, the hobo will be a given a choice between prison (generally, with forced labor and job placement) or a halfway house (generally, with forced labor and job placement). Employers structure their business around collecting subsidies. Noone can apply for entry level labor, seriously, because it is being used as a workhouse. Forms located next to the wastebasket.

        Depending on your region, 10-20% of your neighbors are getting paid by the govt to host these people in attics, walk-in closets, guest houses, and RV’s — like when parents get welfare for adopting a child. Apt complexes and condos are converted to house battered women and drug addicts — typically, feeble in appearance. Owners were petty, conniving, control freaks, with little, legal oversight, assuming that their charges were fed and had basic amenities. Think, like the old movies about the orphanage.

        • What I have advised some impoverished folks is to use the free backpacking areas in national forests (some of which are huge). They then can clean up at the camping restrooms and these places have water pumps where you can fill containers.

          By judiciously using these, you can travel to a destination and live cheaply but contigent upon the weather. You can fashion a hammock tent inexpensively and use bushcraft skills like a fire pit reflector or a dakota hole. You cook dried cheap food (beans and corn or lentils and rice)that is rehydrated to get by and with decent nutrition.

          Prepper skills can help you genuinely survive even when broke. These skills are not just theoretical.

          When homeless congregate in cities, they put LEOs in a bad situation due to local ordinances. No one will hassle some family backpacking especially off the trail. They won’t even see you.

          Before anyone criticizes, Hoovervilles of homeless folks in tumbledown shacks happened during the Great Depression.

          • M said, “What I have advised some impoverished folks is to use the free backpacking areas in national forests (some of which are huge).”


            M said, “Before anyone criticizes, Hoovervilles of homeless folks in tumbledown shacks happened during the Great Depression.”

            Many of the neighborhoods now look like and work like Hoovervilles.

            fwiw, if any homeless are reading, the authorities will troll river beds for fresh meat, before it rains. “For your safety.”

      21. Homelessness is on the rise for the elderly as well. Some statistics show that half of the homeless population is over 50. That will increase as our American born population ages.
        Use the search terms “homeless over 50” and see some depressing statistics.
        I have taken an elderly relative into my home. She’s over 90. Gets a little over 500 a month social security. We receive no other benefits such as food stamps. I receive no pay for doing this. There are no state or federal benefits for her care. This will be us. She is our future here in the United States.
        Why is our country taking in so many illegals when our government is unable to take care of the ones that are already here?

      22. It is not the government’s place to “take care of the ones that are here”. It is your duty to take care of your relations – just as families have been doing for centuries.

        • “… if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them.”
          — from Luke 6

          “… if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”
          — 1 Ti 5:8

          The cultural Marxists, who want to forcibly redistribute the wealth of strangers, have never personally met the bare minimum standard of human behavior.

        • No, families have not been doing that for centuries, else there would be no government programs necessary, such as social security or welfare or veterans benefits, etc, no foodbanks, no homeless, none of that. She has outlived her closest relatives.
          And my statement stands. If the government can and does provide benefits for illegal aliens, then why won’t they do it for the ones already here? And if the illegal aliens come from a culture of taking care of each other, then why do they abandon their elders to come here for the benefits? You idealize other cultures too much.
          You have never taken care of an elder, or you wouldn’t talk like that. You would know the stress, the sadness, the loneliness of not being able to even leave your house and having to rely on others to shop and do errands for you.

      23. How would you know how many homeless died? Is that your future too…to be disappeared?

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