How Americans Can Stop ISIS: A Gov’t “Secret Army” to Undermine Civil Liberties

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website.

    Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the scene has been set for more episodes of terrorism in America. The secret government powers-that-be have literally created our own enemy, and invited a false flag attack to further their own agenda for control.

    But Americans are armed, many are vigilant, and none of the ordinary people wish to see this country harmed by foreign invaders. Where the federal government has proven to be ineffective and bumbling, individuals can be on watch and ready to take out anyone attempting to attack the people of the United States or its infrastructure. The 2nd Amendment was put in place to stop tyranny – from government agencies, standing armies, foreign enemies or proxy terrorists of any kind.

    Just as many armed Americans have bravely stopped active shooters and saved the lives of innocent bystanders (despite the fact that any deaths would have been used to further the gun control agenda), open and concealed carry Americans can be ready to stop any attempts at terrorism before any further damage can be done.

    ISIS Is Being Aimed At The West By Globalists – Here’s What We Can Do About It

    by Brandon Smith

    Over the past year and a half, I have been writing on the engineered nature of ISIS, delving deeply into its history and its backing by Western intelligence agencies in articles such as “Is Martial Law Justified If ISIS Attacks?” as well as “What Will You Do When Tyranny And Terrorism Work Hand In Hand?” and “The Time Is Ripe For A False Flag Attack On American Soil.”

    Specifically, I compared the ISIS phenomenon to another establishment-backed terrorist program that began at the onset of the Cold War in Europe and was publicly exposed in the 1990s. That program was called Operation Gladio.

    Gladio involved the manipulation of existing extremist groups as well as the complete fabrication of terrorist cells within Europe claiming to be “left-wing.” The reality was that these terrorist cells were made up of intelligence agency operatives (including CIA operatives) acting as handlers often for duped scapegoats and patsies. These proxy terrorists initiated decades of attacks in Europe, which focused on shootings and bombings in public areas with full media saturation. Gladio-influenced cells, such as Action Directe, carried out at least 50 different violent attacks in France in the 1970s and 1980s, along with groups like Red Army Faction, Black September and the PLFP.

    Governments across Europe began using the attacks as a rallying cry for a centralized one-European nation; that cry culminated in the formation of the EU.

    Operation Gladio began in France in 1947, when French Interior Minister Edouard Depreux revealed the existence of a secret stay-behind army codenamed “Plan Bleu.”

    In France in 1948, the Western Union Clandestine Committee (WUCC) was created to coordinate secret unorthodox warfare. After the creation of NATO a year later, the WUCC was integrated into the military alliance under the name Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC).

    The former director of the French intelligence service DGSE, Adm. Pierre Lacoste, said in a 1992 interview with The Nation, that France’s “secret army” was involved in terrorist activities against Charles de Gaulle, whom the CIA wanted to assassinate.

    De Gaulle was apparently not entirely innocent in the Gladio affair, either. De Gaulle was very familiar with a secret organization called Service d’ Action Civique. It ended up being exposed as a training ground for Gladio Agents under Jaques Foccart, a government “adviser” who would go on to mastermind multiple military coups in Africa. Whether de Gaulle was fully aware of this problem is not known. It was discovered, though, that SAC had infiltrated communist student groups in the late 1960s through the 1970s and attempted to provoke violent actions.

    De Gaulle was eventually driven out of office after the 1969 failure of the Referendum of Regionalisation. He was replaced by Georges Pompidou, who (what a surprise) was an avid promoter of European unification (centralization). Pompidou founded the French arm of the Pan-European Union Movement. And immediately after he took de Gaulle’s position, he helped initiate the European Communities Summit, which led directly to the formation of the European Union structure.

    Gladio was not fully exposed to the wider public until 1990 when Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti came forward to the senate with detailed information.  After the information hit the mainstream, the European Parliament was forced to write a resolution against any future false flag projects.  Clearly, they have since ignored these promises.

    For more information on Gladio, I highly recommend the intensively researched book “NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe” by Daniele Ganser, as well as the 1992 BBC documentary “Operation Gladio.”

    As I have stated time and time again, government engineered crisis is designed to do one thing: drive the fearful public toward more centralization and less freedom. Although Operation Gladio was later exposed, it was too late; Gladio (along with other clandestine economic measures) had achieved the goal of a malleable citizenry desperate for more centralized governance; an social attitude which led to a transnational union in Europe with a single currency mechanism.

    What does this have to do with ISIS? In order to defeat an enemy, you have to know where he comes from, what his motivations are, and who pulls his strings if he has any.  As I predicted in the pieces linked at the beginning of this article, ISIS has now been exposed as being supported if not entirely funded and managed by Western covert intelligence through documents obtained from the Department of Defense by Judicial Watch, making ISIS very similar to Gladio in its origins and tactics.

    This DoD paper should not have been at all surprising to most of us in the liberty movement. The West had been shifting militants from Libya into Syria just before protests suddenly erupted into all-out war. Instructors from the U.K. and France, under U.S. advisement, had been training militants in Jordan specifically for the purpose of invading and disrupting Syria and overthrowing president Bashar Assad. This training continued well after it became clear that the same militants had formed under the banner of ISIS.

    Establishment elites have openly applauded the radicalization of insurgents in Syria. The Council on Foreign Relations argued that the inclusion of what they called “extremist al-Qaida elements” in the Syrian insurgency “improved the moral” of the movement, stating that the “Free Syrian Army needs al-Qaida now.” The CFR acknowledges that the goal of al-Qaida operatives in Syria is not necessarily to overthrow Assad, but to establish an Islamic state. Despite this, the CFR continued to support the same strategy of militant training to overthrow Assad.

    The facts are this:

    – ISIS was created by covert intelligence and continues to be trained and supplied by Western governments.

    – The tactics ISIS uses, including monstrous acts of genocide, were clearly taught to them by covert intelligence interests (look into the School of the   Americas for similar programs), considering ISIS insurgents continue to receive aid from Western intelligence despite their behavior.

    – Western governments are well aware that ISIS agents have been inserted into refugee camps and are being imported into Europe and the U.S.

    – ISIS smugglers have openly admitted to this infiltration plan, yet the U.S. and EU governments continued the immigration surge.

    – Lower echelon ISIS fighters that have actually been captured and interviewed apparently have wide-ranging views on Islam and are not the staunchly unified theocratic zealots the Western public has been led to believe. This is a considerable departure from groups like al-Qaida (also Western funded and trained), which required complete theological conformity.

    In truth, the only unifying drive of many captured ISIS fighters has been a concerted hatred of the West and the U.S. in particular due to our government’s complete destabilization of the Middle East. Meaning, the establishment (globalists) brought chaos to the Middle East, then conjured the rise of ISIS out of that despair, then used ISIS to recruit young men with a hatred for the West, and has now led those fighters right to our doorstep.

    The escalation of force in Syria by both Russia and the West is likely now useless, as thousands of ISIS insurgents have been removed from the combat zone and transported exactly where they prefer to be — right next door to us. But defeating ISIS has never been the goal.

    One must conclude given these facts that the plan by the establishment to force public acceptance of Syrian mass immigration was a Trojan horse strategy to plant ISIS extremists within deadly proximity to western civilians. But why?

    Again, this is yet another Gladio-style program designed to strike terror in the hearts of the public and condition them into accepting even greater centralization and less freedom. A European superstate with common border security and a single government authority will certainly be on the table soon. Not to mention, martial law is essentially in place in France today and will be expanded to other EU members as the attacks continue. As with Gladio, Europeans should expect many more events like the Paris attacks in the months to come.

    The U.S. is set to receive over 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next couple months. Unlike in Europe, where numerous activist groups have been able to partially track numbers and types of people within refugee groups, Americans have little access to information surrounding Syrian immigration to the U.S. I suspect that, as in Europe, the claims that the refugees are only “single mothers, children and religious minorities” is mostly false, and many of them are actually single military-age males.

    In the U.S., the federal government has been legally positioning for martial law for years, from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and its indefinite-detention-without-trial provisions that apply to citizens, to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and mass surveillance measures without warrant, to resource confiscation provisions through executive order that apply during any event the White House labels an “emergency,” to elitist insiders like Wesley Clark planting the concept on national television of World War II-style internment camps for citizens deemed hostile to the status quo.

    I would also point out that the U.S., and the global economy in general, is currently witnessing a massive slowdown rivaling the credit collapse of 2008. Widespread terrorist attacks are a perfect rationalization for a complete lockdown of Western peoples, as well as a perfect distraction from the banker-generated economic implosion that is progressing in exponentially harsher stages as we head into 2016.

    Another major advantage to consider to the Paris attacks is that now, with a Syrian passport being conveniently found on one of the terrorists (possibly fake), the war in Syria is given greater rationale while the immigration plan continues unabated. NATO countries are gearing up for a large-scale assault in the region, while Russia is already entrenched. Imagine the potential for an “accidental” trigger event between the East and West as Russian troops and planes come within spitting distance of NATO troops and planes.

    Americans should see a Paris-level attack as inevitable in the near term. They should expect similar events in unusual areas of the country, including more suburban and rural areas to ensure that no one feels safe anywhere. They should expect that said attacks will be high frequency and that they will occur in a coordinated manner. This is how Gladio operated, and this is undoubtedly how ISIS will operate.

    The question is: What can be done about it?

    We must first recognize that ISIS is only a surface problem; the deeper problem is corrupt governments across the globe creating dangerous terrorist groups out of thin air.  That said, ISIS is still a threat, and must be dealt with along with globalists.

    If the government insists upon financing and training dangerous militant groups and directly immigrating them along Syrian refugees without any vetting whatsoever, it they insist on wide open borders, then there is not much we can do to prevent ISIS from slipping into in the U.S. We also cannot go the fascist route and round up every Muslim in the name of security as some neocons are suggesting; this is exactly what the elites want, public support for liberty destroying measures against one group that can then be applied to ALL groups.

    We can, though, take some measures that we should have been instituting all along.

    Higher pressure on prime immigration centers: Legal immigration should not be an issue normally, but it has been made an issue due to deliberately lax security measures by the federal government. If the government is not going to take action, then the American people must. There are a limited number of these relocation centers in the U.S.; and activist pressure could be applied, along with pressure on local and state officials. Michigan, Texas  and Alabama among other states have publicly announced that they will not be taking any more refugees until the government revises its vetting standards. That is a perfectly rational approach. Although I suspect the hour may be too late to disrupt the flow of ISIS sleeper cells into our country, we should do what we can to end the current insane immigration policies.

    Locally managed border security: The federal border patrol simply is not getting the job done right now. And the great threat is that once an attack does occur within the U.S., the federal government will suggest a militarization of the border (or the entire nation) rather than taking simple measures they should have taken long ago. You see, the goal of false-flag terror is to motivate the public to demand more government power. This is why followers of the neoconservative mindset are idiotic. The establishment CREATED the problem of ISIS and potential ISIS immigration. And when it all goes sour, neocons cry out that the same government needs expanded militarized authority to do its job. I say, “No more.”

    Border security should be handled at the local level rather than the federal level, meaning the people of the vulnerable states should be organizing their own security measure, patrols, alarms, response teams, etc. I am so tired of hearing that we should “let the professionals do the job.” Frankly, there are no “professionals” in the area of border security seeing as we now have wide-open borders. The locals have every right to secure their own states and will probably do a better job that the federal government ever has.

    Your tactical response kit: Build an active-shooter kit for your vehicle and ALWAYS carry a sidearm, either open carry or concealed if you have a CCW. I open carry at all times as a matter of principle and have never been asked to leave an establishment as a result. But if you are worried about confrontation with people or businesses, then simply carry concealed. Open-carry citizens could dissuade attackers from striking a particular place altogether through blatant show of force, while CCW holders are less visible. There are advantages to both.

    An active-shooter kit would require a lightweight folding-stock rifle or a short-barrel AR-style pistol with an arm brace, a lightweight tactical vest with mags and ammo, ballistic plates, smoke, a rifle light (for dark indoor spaces in particular; night vision with limited depth perception is far less effective than a simple light), a trauma kit with pressure bandages, celox gauze, tourniquets, chest seals, decompression needles, etc., as well as a radio communications kit.  All gear should be tailored to the individual’s expertise and needs.  This kit should be placed in a nondescript backpack or carrying case for easy transport. Obviously, train with all of your gear extensively before using it in the field.

    Personal and team training for active shooters: The only way Americans can guarantee any measure of safety from a Paris-style attack is for as many citizens as possible to be armed and trained. This means mentally training to go TOWARD the sound of the shooting, rather than to run away from it, as well as tactical methods to marginalize a shooter’s ability to move and project violence. Team training is a must, and you should already be working within a group to learn how to function in combat without danger of friendly fire or misdirected fire that might put innocent bystanders at risk.

    The common argument against citizens defending themselves is that they are untrained and are “likely to do more harm than good.” This is nonsense. One armed person in Paris could have made all the difference, as this man armed with a .38 revolver did when his church in South Africa came under attack by terrorists. Another argument is that when armed citizens respond aggressively to an attack, they risk being mistaken as terrorists by authorities. I have to point out that the authorities rarely arrive in time to accomplish anything, let alone mistake you on the scene as a terrorist while defending yourself.

    Military-grade training far superior to the training mandated by law enforcement is widely available to U.S. citizens. It is time to accept that this is the world we live in now. Are you going to put blind faith in a corrupt government system that has deliberately put you in harm’s way, or are you going to take proactive measures to protect yourself and those around you? Make no mistake; your safety is in your hands whether you like it or not.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website. Please visit or support his site here.


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        • Nothing has been immune to silver yet.

          • Though I strenuously object to Brandon’s anti-Christian economics, I agree with all he says in this timely article except for 1 tiny thing… no matter how buff you brag you are, not for anyone is a tactical vest with loaded magazines, and Level 3 or 4 ballistic plates “lightweight.” Worthwhile certainly, but definitely not lightweight.

            Imagine the Zionist media’s perplexity if their next ISIS false flag is stopped by an armed patriot’s intervention. Oy veh, they would have rough time spinning that one… but they would certainly try.

            • I love to see the ‘unstoppable’ ISIS ‘fighters’ AKA unshaven savages wearing chest rigs full of rifle magazines and armed only with pistols. And where do they all get the new white sneakers?

          • Yuan, the next reserve currency

            Guns, ammo, gold or silver won’t do any good for those who believe that they will be able to manage the impeding economic chaos coming to America, and challenging the Sovereign -the Federal government- will be the less desirable thing to do under these extreme circumstances (unfortunately, hundreds of thousands will foolishly perish as a result of their stupidity, ignorance and gullibility).

            Once China’s Yuan becomes a reserve currency (official announcement to be made this coming Monday, November 30th, 2015) anything will be the same in the US as you know it. As a result of this event, ordinary Americans will finally learn the meaning of living within their means (a painful but needed lesson for most of the populace).

            Wondering why this blog which supposedly is “well informed” on this issue does not upload a video or make an article about this sensitive topic…apparently, SHTF is just following the same script as mainstream media while keeping you entertained and distracted with already known (and boring) stuff related to ISIS.


          • Genu, 230 grains, works for me.

            Lead’s cheaper. Nothin’ immune to lead. Don’t drink it, turns your gums black, like silver. One dose is enough.

        • (This rant taken from a prior capslock rage that I published on another blog. I will post further rants on SHTFPLAN only after hitting the capslock button.)


          • Forced submission is not peace.

          • Yet another empty post without meaning, because you have no taken the time to actually READ the Quran yourself and understand it, insisting instead to post all-caps rants based on a shallow understanding.

            Look in the mirror: YOU personally are what is wrong with the world.

            EDUCATE YOURSELF, dumb ass. Read the Quran yourself cover to cover (yes, you can do it) and tell me with a straight face that it’s the hateful and violent book you IMAGINE it to be, based on the idiocy you’ve absorbed from other shallow thinkers.

            Indeed, the Quran is a FAR more peaceful and benign book than the Old Testament ever thought about being.

            • Mr Klein: You are a freakin troll, Muslim (or closet Muslim) and women hater, Muzzies hate women, use them like slaves, torture girls and women, breed ’em, kill ’em and trash their self esteem to zero. Muslim women are unable to think for themselves, raised to be mindless puppets. Get off this site and go to CAIR, they will luv you, idiot. Or better yet, move to Germany or France where all E.U. leaders are Muslims. Take the Quran and stuff it in your ear. Who the H. just killed over 100 people in France? Scum Muslims. A political movement of hate and violence since 8th century. Not a religion.

              • well said, laura…after you read a few thousand things that the muslims are doing, one gets a pretty fair understanding of what they are all about……always another troll along in a minute on this site…but no matter how many…or WHAT they say….we KNOW the truth about the “dumb masses”…. nobody can be THAT stupid, as to not see what these muslims are all about, can they?….i mean, can’t they watch the nightly news???….or get on some alternative news websites….or even READ the koran, like he suggested?…no, nathan….really READ IT…without your gubmint troll bias….

            • Why don’t you get your ass out of here?

            • we don’t need to read yer fukin’ queerann! we can SEE everywhere we look what you muslims are like, and SOME of U.S. have had speakers come to our organizations who have lived AMONG these effen cave-men. we’ve seen how/where you live. we’ve seen the news. we’ve seen you on the internet. and MANY of U.S. see FIRST-HAND how you treat your women, kids, and goats. no,….we DON’T need to read yer fukin’ queerann to know what you are, you fukin’ gub-mint-paid fukin’ TROLL. i’m sick and goddamned tired of hearing about all the GOOD muslims….why aren’t they standing up to these “bad muslims”????….or are they PERFECT MUSLIMS?

          • BWAHAHAHAHA.
            I bow down to Acid Etch.

            Keep it goin’ Acid, you’re a force for good.

          • not readin’ another acid etch post… with all the profanity( i PRIDE myself for being fairly profane) and all the capslock…just done with his stuff, even though he DOES make sense once in a while. Buh BYE, acid mouth!

      1. Our stupid governor David Ige is saying we will take Syrian refugees,
        Hawaii has perhaps the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.
        No CC
        No OC
        No firearms in vehicles except to transport to and from range, hunting area, or gun shop.
        Etc etc…
        But then again what do we expect from s dtupid democrap.
        Our state is ripe for an attack, no resistence, international tourist, relative sense of safety,
        Can picture these assholes walking down Waikiki beach spraying all the nearly naked toutists with AK fire

        • I wouldnt be following the mayors dictate , or any gov puke these days bro, its fend for yourself out here , fuck the “laws”
          this is survival , not a time to give a shit what some stuffed suits wet dream of an unarmed populous is

          • Mayor, Governor,President , Politician Judge Lawyer Cop ,Fuck em

            Im A US National with rights , KMA !

            • If you must beg permission from a higher power, which is what happens when you submit yourself to a “background check”,or follow a dictate from some “elected”, you are not exercising your right.

              • KFarmer

                take this to your Governor , and tell him to shove it up his ass

                “Please quote the paragraph in the Bill of Rights that states that I need permission from this government or this society to procure, carry and have weapons”

                • Yep, where I go my get home bag goes at the very least and it has some interesting toys in it

                  • Kulafarmer and EOTS, I’m with both of you all the way. No permission ever needed for self-defense. Do what you have to in order to survive and don’t worry about anything else.

                    • The worse thing when you get a ccw permit they have the name and address of a gun nut that wants to shoot people . You have possibly signed your own death warrant . And being taken alive might be worse they being taken dead.

                  • i’ve wondered for years what’s gonna happen to hawaii when the chinese or ruskys take over your home for a base of operations to take over america..yamamoto said behind every blade of grass is why he wouldn’t try to invade america, but it looks like there aint gonna be no guns on the most important stepping-stone to america. these brain-dead muhfugguhs running our country ARE just representative of the total population in america… of the stupid!!

        • Kulafarmer.

          Is Obama going to live in Hawaii after he finishes his term as President?

          That’s a Ball Buster.

          If you do not own a gun by now and the Shit Hits the Fan.

          Tough. You did not prepare and odds are you are anti gun. You don’t get no help from me either.

          • No idea on obummer,
            Yup, if your not armed yet you might as well forget it. Just lay down, the terrorist will lay down their arms like that hag of a so called rep from cali said

          • Slingshot, if someone doesn’t have some guns and ammo already stockpiled, they are royally screwed.

            • Nonsense, it takes 30 minutes to buy a gun at any gunshop and ammo is available online for a click of your mouse. No one is royally screwed until you can’t do that anymore.

              • Both of which have a big paper trail leading right to your door. Kind of like calling the fbi and telling them everything you have. Not the best option.

              • Smokey

                As the actor said in in the movie’ “Jersey Boys”.

                “If you think that, your not from Jersey”.

              • Now you went and done it, you had to be all rational and $hit.

              • Smokey, my apology. I should’ve said if someone refuses to buy a gun and some ammo they are screwed. My mistake. I should’ve made myself more clear the first time. Your points are valid, except for buying ammo online which is a risk in itself. Paper trail leads straight back to you. I always buy my ammo from local sources and for cash only. Even at gun shows I use cash only for ammo and anything else I get.

                • So what if a ‘paper trail’ leads to you? Buying ammo is not a crime.

                  If it is, then get ready to have every door in the country kicked in at 4:00AM to search your house at gunpoint. Paper trails will not be required, it’s going to happen to everybody.

                  What are we afraid of?

                  New Jersey is excepted ! I’ve never lived in a police state, unless you count Sonora.

                  • True buying ammo is not a crime BUT they can and will use that info to target you. That list of gun owners and ammo purchases will make you the number 1 person to go after if they in fact do kick in doors at 4am. That is the worst case scenario another scenario is they will come to your house and demand you surrender your arms and they know what you have or off to camp you go. Another scenario is they will want to search your home and get a complete inventory and take what they deem illegal and pay some sort of tax or get some type of permit for the rest. Registration is a huge step to confiscation. I doubt they will buy the excuse you lost it in a boating accident. Why would anyone in theyre right mind not care if their name was on the red list? You are just asking for trouble by doing this.

                    • replace red list with registered list.

                    • Dammit!It WAS a kayaking accident,what is so hard to fathom(pun intended!)with this situation!

                    • I spend my life managing data as an IT IBM mainfame database manager (DBA). I saw how inept government was at every IBM Share and Guide and guide conference. The IRS still has not developed a central database of all tax returns (I met the head DBA for the IRS in 2002 he told me all data was local and regional but by 2025 they expected to have a national database for the first time) . But you would have us believe they are monitoring all ammo purchases? Did you see the fiasco with Obamacare it took billions to get it programmed partially. Sorry it is not going to happen any time soon.
                      So if I order from SGAMMO you say the feds are storing all the info on my order and about me? Prove it. That means SGAMMO is releasing all of their internal data to the gov? And what about the other 4000 ammo dealers? When did they decide to be coerced? Prove it.

                    • Rabbit, seriously? All the feds have to do is demand the list of customers and what they bought. Or if they want to look at you just get all your bank records. Banks DO keep good records. Now hop along…

        • I hope the voters in those states where the governors have said they would take the refugees stand up and get rid of them all at the next election. It is obvious that these idiots do not care about the American people that voted them in. Thank God our governor has stood up to Washington.

      2. The Secretary of State and the New Yorker magazine blame climate change:

        Instead of admitting the United States created terrorist groups in Syria in an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Syrian government, we are told that

        The connection between warming temperatures and the cycle of Syrian violence is, by now, uncontroversial. As Secretary of State John Kerry said in Virginia, this month, “It’s not a coincidence that, immediately prior to the civil war in Syria, the country experienced its worst drought on record.

        • John Kerry has been on the crackpipe forever.

          • I See Brandons article has the Exact Same smoking Gun Info as I posted up Several days ago eh..And which smoky and winters and nathan(?) and a few others Insisted was all BS info……IE: I posted several days ago about that “Pentagod/DOD dept” papers obtained By Judicial Watch Via use of FOIA rules….Papers that Verify ISIS IS a creation BY usa fed gov-other nato allies and ISRAEL.

            I do Not think I shall see any recants by named idiots here eh. Figures as thats Typical for such ignorant naysayers whos minds only consider always an unquestioned defense for israel and its inhabitants.

            Thanks Brandon for a great article with tons of factual Truth eh!…TG

            • Kerry got the STD known as leftism when he licked Theeeereeeesa.

          • John(real name Cohen) is not interested in helping white, black, or brown. He like all Zionists is loyal to a foreign Country. Isreal has attacked America, America’s Navy, and is turned America’s citizens into Isreal’s bitches. How do you like being on your knees sucking Isreal. Who do you think is sending the hordes of enemy soldiers to wipe us into nonexistence. They hate white people more than all others and you are afraid to challenge them because you have been subjected to lies and manipulation your whole life. Racist just means white European not brain dead. Racist. Racist. A word, just a word created by the Communist Trotskey who also changed his name so as not to be identified with a philosophy of hate that controls through deception, lies, psychological mind devices.

            • Kerry’s real name is Kerry, as is his father’s. It was Kerry’s grandfather who changed his name from Fritz Kohn to Frederick Kerry. The Kohns supposedly opened an atlas and dropped a pencil on it. The pencil landed on County Kerry, Ireland.

              Kerry’s mother has old New England ancestry, Forbes and Winthrop.

        • Well, Oliver Manuel, I don’t know about the climate change part of it, but prior to the so-called “Arab Spring” (an Empire term), there was a multi year drought in Russia, China and across the Middle East and Northern Africa. Russia and China had to cut their exports of wheat off and the farmers in Syria could not raise their crops or graze their animals. The price of bread skyrocketed. Most could no longer afford to buy it.

          The farmers abandoned their land and flocked to the cities for work. There was none and the cities were overwhelmed and couldn’t deal with all these people. When people are left with nothing, they have nothing to lose, and they lose it (Celente?).

          Of course, the Anglo-Zionists saw an opening here to overthrow Assad and you have what you have today.


      3. Florida close to open carry.

        Tampa Bay Times.

        Open Carry has passed Florida House second panel.

        We shall see if it goes all the way.

        • Its not that I desire open carry so much as I fear the present enforcement of a discrete or accidental exposure and the potential of criminal charges. There has been some way over the top enforcement. Presently your damn limited in choices of defensive firearms that you can carry due to their size. Short pants and a T shirt, standard attire, offer little in regards to concealment.

          On another note its pretty safe to say that the push back of police militarization just got pushed back due to Paris.

      4. Good Morning America

        • Since Mr.Smith’s article has at its beginnings, the intertwined “French Connection”, with his very informative and well explained connections to secret societies and the early forming of the EU, I have added, as usual the Biblical connections.
          France is very much at the forefront of world affairs, and most people only see the French as captivating speakers and rich in artistic and literary history, as well as modern artistic influences. Much of early Canada and USA’s Gulf State regions are “rich in French”, history and influence. Although the perspective of France, by most, is that of a small country about the size of Texas, having little influence in last days, world affairs and events.

          However, I put forth the question, where did the French originate from, and why does French politics and world power influence, mean anything to us today?

          To answer that question, and add the Biblical=Words from God, explanations, I’ll start with their origins.
          “In approximately 222 BCE, the first use of the Latin term “Germani” appears in the Fasti Capitolini inscription de Galleis Insvbribvs et Germ(aneis) which may simply be referring to Gaul or related people….”
          “The name Gaul is derived from the Old Frankish reflex of Proto-Germanic (common Germanic)….”
          So, The Franc’s originated from early Germainia/Germany, and their language has its origins there also. Many other peoples and their influences have interwoven also, but for Biblical purposes, let’s look specifically at Germany.

          To bring forth the perspective and relevance that God has placed upon France for these end times events, we need a common denominator and marker. Well, nothing happens by chance with God, for the most part, and His markers/identifiers of significant Nations, is no different.

          Earlier this fall, I spoke of Bible Scripture that identifies the most important players on the world stage for these last days. Most of it was met with skepticism, as could be expected, as I also was skeptical when I was first introduced to the idea. But, when one has enough time to put aside preconceived notions and ideology, from so-called scholar teachings, then the truth starts aligning with God’s word and you can see how God arranged everything for His true Believers, so that they might have a picture of this whole end times events….way before they ever fully play out.
          Germany’s unofficial animal symbol is the Leopard.
          France’s official animal symbol is the Rooster.

          Dan 7:6
          After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.
          Dan 7:17
          These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth.
          As we can easily see, these end times beasts, are described as kings. Kings must have a kingdom, Country/Nation, in order to be significant.

          Just as Great Britain/England is symbolized as the Lion (also Lion of Judah), and on its back the Eagles wings= America, that were removed/relocated, to North America, the French connection to Germany is very important and symbolized by God through the “wings of a fowl”.
          However; there are two pairs of wings on the back of the leopard/Germany, and the other pair may be symbolic of the national bird of Belgium, which is the Kestrel, or Falcon/Hawk. Belgium has as much significance to end times prophecy as France, in that it is world headquarters to NATO, the EU, and many divisions of the United nations. Also there are major offices of the AER, IOM, African Union, UNDP, World Bank, World health organization, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In other words…One world governmental headquarters?

          In closing, the Bear symbolizes the Russian/Gog/Magog beast/kingdom. For many years I have tried to figure out what the three ribs in the Bear’s mouth represent, and through much research and ruling out of many nations and tribes, I have settled on these three as the nations that are representative of the rib bones. Rib bones are symbolic of bloodlines/DNA/ along racial lines, aka helix curve. (Big significance in the full truth about Adam’s rib and connection to Eve).
          Russia has at its core of early blood linage, many different mixes and titles of evolving tribes and so forth. However; my only concern here is to show the significance of the three that it, the Bear, snatches up to go with it into the Gog/Magog/Ezekiel 38/39 battle. There is only three ribs and they cover many countries, tribes, and languages, but are brought together by the Chief Prince of Rosh/Russia, for one purpose….to come against the “house of Israel”.
          The first is the aligned army of Asians, that are mostly Chinese, but may also include Koreans, ME Indians, and Afganis/Pakistanis.

          The second, is the MEastern nations that mostly are Persians/Iranians, but may include Syrians and Arabians, etc.

          The third, are the Northern African Islamic countries of Egypt,Lybia, and Ethopia, and may include other Islamic African countries also.
          We are in the generation that will see these countries rise up and play their significant part in bringing forth the close of this dispensation of time. No army, except God’s Army, led by the King of Kings, is gonna stop the madness and continuation.

          • Also, FYI, the prison population in France, is 60% Muslim.

            • passin,
              All Muslims are prisoners.

          • Passin, you are correct. Some of the biblical writings are hard to understand, but things are pretty clear starting in the book of Daniel 8: 19 and thru to the end of the book.

            Interesting that many people want to dicount the bible, but for a book written so long ago, it is really strange how it predictes what is happening right now. (The Medes are nowadays known as Afghanistan; the Persians are modern day Iran and Iraq). It tells us this is where the END begins, and one can actually put check marks by the items laid out in the rest of the book. BTW other books in the bible give the same accounts. And, we are almost out of check marks.

      5. Way to go Brando!

        Your tactical response kit: Build an active-shooter kit for your vehicle and ALWAYS carry a sidearm, either open carry or concealed if you have a CCW. I open carry at all times as a matter of principle and have never been asked to leave an establishment as a result. But if you are worried about confrontation with people or businesses, then simply carry concealed. Open-carry citizens could dissuade attackers from striking a particular place altogether through blatant show of force, while CCW holders are less visible. There are advantages to both.

        An active-shooter kit would require a lightweight folding-stock rifle or a short-barrel AR-style pistol with an arm brace, a lightweight tactical vest with mags and ammo, ballistic plates, smoke, a rifle light (for dark indoor spaces in particular; night vision with limited depth perception is far less effective than a simple light), a trauma kit with pressure bandages, celox gauze, tourniquets, chest seals, decompression needles, etc., as well as a radio communications kit. All gear should be tailored to the individual’s expertise and needs. This kit should be placed in a nondescript backpack or carrying case for easy transport. Obviously, train with all of your gear extensively before using it in the field.

        Adjust accordingly

        In Florida. To carry a weapon in YOUR VEHICLE is somewhat vague. Talking to a Florida Police Officer He stated that a Loaded weapon can be in your car but it has to be holstered that has a SNAP. A Snapped Holster. Also it can be placed anywhere.
        If not in a snapped holster it will have other laws that apply.

        Conforms to the two move requirement for Police Protection.

        Officer is from Alachua County.

        • Our Florida laws statute 790.25
          A person is not prohibited from carrying a firearm in a vehicle

          (l) A person traveling by private conveyance when the weapon is securely encased or in a public conveyance when the weapon is securely encased and not in the person’s manual possession;

          (17) “Securely encased” means in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access.

          Even a cigar box meets the intent of the law.

      6. Don’t give me that”we can’t toss them all out like some neocons are suggesting,” BS !!! We not only can and should toss them out … we shod re-create The Confederate States for ourselves to live. See : Vdare and Leagueofthesouth.

        • JR

          Not going to happen. The best we can muster is our own little enclaves. In Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Idaho and a few others, I fail to remember.

          • That might be a good idea . Ban Islam in your state. States rights . Freedom of religion doesn’t include religions that justify murder of infidels non believers . Or cannibleism. Or animal cruelty . Or human sacrifice. There is a red line to religious freedom.

          • They built their first Mosque in around 1929 in the usa if I recall correct…So I would guess that today Many muslims has been native born here same as You and Me…Yet you somehow think they can get kicked out and that wil not violate BOR sanctions etc?

            Like Brandon stated: Its a neocon Ploy to boot out or Lock-Up islamics for…Now….Untill the same globalistic neocons and their cohort libs can conjur up a Different or perhaps use same, reason to Later get YOU locked up.

            Basically at this late point in usa, it will probably be whatever those neocons & libs do to EVERYBODYS group, will be whatever has been Dictated to them traitors By Their main Masters of, the state of Israel.

            America today IS Israels Bitch-nation. Todays era top Two issues israel and it’s tribal occupants, including the Dual citizens that reside in NY-Chicago-London-EU nations etc want usa political rulers to accomplish is #1 Assist Israel to Overtake Lands of Syria and ALL lands in mid east region they think shoukd be owned By their tribe…

            And for #2 main wishes they have usa political rulers of BOTH parties hard at work on is to Force usa legit citizenery and especially those what are White’s to be placed under total dictatorship rule, much akin to how the tribe ruled over soviet russia when they overtook it.

            They also will pass more new fed laws which will totally Ban all free speech if it in ANY way, shape or form can be based, By The tribes top honchos in usa determinations, as in any way Negative of anything related to speech about Israel-Jewdeocommunism (like in russia) or jewish issues. Thats done under the Code word of “Hate Speech” as per already enacted in at least 56 western nations of EU and in Canada.

            Very First official State Law Lennin enacted when, after aprox 5 yrs after 1917 rebellion and jewish soviet takeover of russia was Globally agreed on By western nations leadership to be called the “Soviet Union of the USSR” as its Official global title…Then Lennins first state law mandate was a law that banned all forms “antisemitism”..

            And same as usa laws begin as minor issues or rare to be really enforced, but later soon greatly expand far worse, Lennins law at first just made an offence a small monetary Fine…Then he added Jail time and a $$$ fine..

            Very Soon after orig passage Via Lenin Dictate, his first state law morphed into…”Anybody just Suspected of acting or Voicing ANYthing the jewish soviet rulership deemed as a “potential” for antisemitic act or speech IE: if anyone Dared to openly say that communism was invented and ruled By jews….Thats did it!

            New and Final Dictates of law was, if a suspected violator you get bullet to back of head…And entire family does also…Thats the method used often to Kill off russian folks and christians so the soviets could Then place a “new” family into the home and or buisness prior owned by now dead family….kinda like fast Track to mass wealth nationwide by and For jewdeokommies

            So be carefull what you wishes for you may just get it.

        • JR: Oh what a marvelous idea, a new Confederacy run by a bunch of inbred sub-morons (League of the South). That’s a plan that failed once but hey, never let it be said that stupid folks won’t keep trying the same thing over and over again no matter how many times they’ve failed. “Stupid is a stupid does”, will be the motto.

          • Professor Higgins

            Good to hear from you, Ole Chap.

            Hey I think there was an Imposter trying to be you awhile back.
            Damn can’t trust nobody. Hahaha!

          • Higgins, you bloody limey, go f#$% yourself! Watch your mouth about my beloved Dixieland.

      7. Families of suicide bombers get monthly stipends from sources that support terror, to compensate for loss. This gives reason, if not comfort to the suicide bomber, knowing that although the person won’t be around to take care of the surviving family someone else will. Perhaps the best way to stop suicide bombers is to make a policy to kill all the bombers surviving family members. Sounds barbaric, but if we started doing this guarantee their would be a quick stop to suicide bombing. Maybe the surviving family members are innocent, but I doubt it they know what the policies are and what their “people” are doing therefore not innocent and also not calling it out as bad, I could argue or guarantee the victims of the bomber are innocent.

        • EOTS.

          Can’t do that.

          • well maybe , but our current Gov. sure is doing shit they shouldn’t

        • Yea, the monthly stipend will be an EBT card with SNAP added, HUD assistance, and free healthcare CO obummercare

          • Bad to the bone.

        • We bomb factories with civilians making bombs in all wars. And if they have a day care center . The Civilians are the one supporting the enemies army we always bomb them to stop their arms production. And if they have a day care center they know dam well what’s going to happen. They put the little children up as human shields . If we don’t bomb them and there cute little innocent children . They will continue to make the weapons that will kill us then enslave us.

        • Muslimes target ONLY innocents, and fold like a cheap tent when faced with any resistance.

          Exhibit A: Kurdish women who fight back.

          ‘ISIL’ is scared shitless of Russia. They fucked up badly when they bombed the airliner full of Russians.

      8. Make your voice heard.
        Buy another GUN today and lot’s and lot’s of AMMO!

      9. bring back the gas chamber for terrorists. Then cremate their bodies & get rid of this scum!

      10. Send the immigrants to occupy the ghost cities in China. Let all those who want to support them do it through the Clinton Foundation. Put Hillary in charge of the resettlement efforts.

      11. Get out there and wave it, wave it proud, go ahead coward pussy boot licking fascist filthy brain dead Zombies and wave that fascist American flag representing the most evil vile disgusting genocidal criminal controlled shithole the world has ever known. Be proud you are boot licking fascist trash every time you wave that vile evil American flag. The psychopathic genocidal NWO monster filth controlling your collapsing fascist shithole of the world just love your dumbed down brain dead indoctrinated patriotism, just like Hitler and his evil loved the patriotism of the Nazi supporters in Germany circa 1930’s. Americans waving that evil fascist disgusting American flag are absolutely NO DIFFERENT than the Nazi’s flying their fascist swastika flags of horror.

        • And if you MUST fly a fascist flag, fly it UPSIDE DOWN!

          • UH!
            Can a swastika ever be wrong?

            Fly the flag… Always! BWAHAHAHAHA.

      12. Was told by a friend who is a sgt on police force that it is fully legal to carry a rifle or shot gun without a permit and also black powder revolver mo need for permit however im sure that the police would show up and escort me outside for questioning before i could even get the keychup on my fries at mcdonalds but maybe thats what needs to be done more public carry of ars aks ect any thoughts cus i think that would deter alot of well you know

        • Open carry just makes you the first target, in my opinion. Not to mention it’s not a secure way to carry, anyone can put their hands on it before you are aware of it happening, unless you’re at port arms. You have also given away the very important element of surprise, before the dance starts, not a smart idea.

          Deterrence is not a concept jihadis take to heart. They want to die in the service of Allah. They will just move on down the road and choose a softer target.

          • Smokey:

            I agree that a jihadist suicide type would not be dissuaded. But a thug, rapist, bully from there or here is not going to push around little old ladies or little boys and girls. JustUS.

        • You also look like a major a$$ hole when you open carry a full size rifle.

          • but it puts the cops on notice , and makes them nervous

            so its a good thing, and not illegal ..

            • It worked at bunkerville nevada 🙂

      13. I hate auto spell damn smart phone is stupid

      14. Im in indiana mosque about 40 miles away in plainfield terrorist have been linked to it and has even been on national news

        • Turn loose some pigs in and around the mosque, ait back and watch what happens. Towel heads and pork dont mix

          • Ehhh, turn loose some molitoffs on it lol.

          • That sir is damn disrespectful to some fine Bacon.

      15. Americans are not going to stop ISIS. They are going to ENDURE ISIS. For one thing our government created it and does not want to stop it and when ISIS does its works here. Our government will protect it. It will stop reporting the news. Fail to FULLY take action by saying it was delayed by communications or something else. Maybe by saying we don’t know where they are. They would not want the Muslims communities to rise up should they KILL the terrorist. Maybe say it was another crazy cult that did it. A Copycat for instance.

        Believe me we are going to CHOKE on all the lies that we have been told.

      16. Any one have or used the 90 rd ar / mini14 snail drums are they any good

        • Godsoldier

          They function well. Arkward. Prone to breakage being plastic. Hard to load to max. Don’t loose the loading tool.

          • GS, mini 14’s that I have experienced jam all the time with 20 and 30 rd. mags. Unless they are ruger factory ones. I couldn’t sell my mini fast enough, I hated that rifle.

            • Genius

              Here is the trick to Mini 14’s

              It is a good rifle but even factory mags jam because the tolerance is too loose. The mags are poorly constructed, stamp and bend.

              Yes I had lots of trouble.

              Even some after market can be fixed to be effective.

              Makes sure the locking cam on the mag is a flat piece of metal and not a PUSHED out stamp protrusion.
              Second After pulling the bolt back insert the empty
              mag and check for rattling. I have used One Layer of Duck Tape to fix that. A piece on each side. Roughly about .001 to .0015 thickness. No Rattle. Solid. No more jams even with rapid fire. Still easy to insert and remove mags. Some may not like the tape inside the well buy you do what you have to do. Don’t forget to clean the weapon if you use dirty ammo. Have picked up lots of Mini 14 mags on the cheap.

              • Thanks for the tips sling but I will never have another mini. And the point of keeping it clean is very true. If you don’t constantly clean it it jams. Besides being a complete pain in the ass to clean! I have moved onwards to tools I don’t need to worry about or add tape or adjust things or clean every 50 rds.

            • My advice: get an ak or 2 and a bunch of 30rd. steel mags and pouches for them. They are cheap, RELIABLE, easy to clean, have more power than .556 or .223, ammo is everywhere, parts are not hard to find, most important they DO NOT jam when you need them.

              • Genius

                Been there. Done that,

              • Genius, same goes for my old M1 Carbine. 15 and 30-round mags available, parts kits available, and doesn’t need the same level of maintenance as a Mini-14 or AR. I tested a Mini-14 once a few years ago that I was considering buying and it jammed up on me after only 3 rounds. The mag was a 20-round factory mag and rattled like hell. I changed my mind about that rifle right on the spot. My M1 Carbine beats a mini-14 or ar any day.

                • Braveheart1776

                  There is a site on line that has the results of shooting informal stuff and ballistic gelatin. Surprisingly the little 30 carbine out penetrated a 5.56 / .223 because the little high velocity bullet ended up tumbling and breaking up (even FMJ). The increased mass (and therefore momentum) of the 30 carbine and its virtual inability to tumble were the reasons. I think it surprised everyone involved.

                  box o truth is one of the sites.

                  • Kevin2, one of my uncles carried an M1 Carbine in the Korean War. He told me a few stories about how the .30 Carbine round left some nice holes in those NKs and Chicoms. Always knew I had the right rifle. .30 carbine is better than ar round. Parts kits and mags are easy to get. Ammo is still widely available. Doesn’t need the same level of maintenance as an ar. Easy and fun to shoot.

                    • Brave, plus it is not a necked cartridge so you can reload the brass without lube using a carbide die. 🙂

            • Godsoldier

              You’re not still in that “indiana mosque about 40 miles away in plainfield terrorist have been linked to it and has even been on national news” are you??? and talking guns??

              Be most careful !!

              May the God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be your shield.

              • Jesus built my AK 😛

                • No He didn’t 🙂

                  • Yes he did! It’s heavenly 😀

        • Get a good mag bag and fill it with 20-rounders, you’ll be $200 ahead and a lot more functional.

          If you really, really, need high-capacity then get a squad together.

          One guy can sit behind a 20mm anti-aircraft gun and he’s still not going to last long. Fire superiority is about numbers of rounds downrange, not storage capacity. Your rifle still puts out the same rate of fire no matter what the magazine size is.

          Plastic, awkward, and requires loading tool. Not a good concept for combat.

          • smokey

            There is something to be said about the AK47 drum that holds 70 to 75 rounds to put down range. The Chinese ones are about the best made. Some are Romanian and Yugo’s. Russian Bee Hives are a trick to load but tough.

            Drums modified to fit SKS are Chinese drums with extentions. O.K. But the 10 round stripper clip is better speed loading. There is a 20 round fixed box to replace the 10 round box.

            Depends alot on how fast is your trigger finger and how smooth is the trigger assembly.

            • A friend had a couple of the 75 rd. chinese ak drums and they hardly functioned at all. As for sks slingshot is right, use the factory 10 rd. strippers because the aftermarket 30 rd. clips are junk.

              • Genius

                Have to be careful about the drums. Many are knockoffs
                They were selling the Chinese style drums for $29.00.
                Have to look if they have the Chinese mil. stamps. Look them up on the internet. The other Romanian and Yugo have stamps also.
                If you don’t bring the follower all the way around to the end it will jump because of a void in the feed. Make sure it is all the way around to the end. Then feed you five rounds as stoppers. I Wind them to Four Half Turns for Storage with bullets and Eight half turns for usage.
                The need to be cleaned often. Also I pop the button when nothing is them.
                Don’t know to much about Russian Bee hives.

                • sling, Ya I wouldn’t buy any of them as they are too heavy and akward. If I wanted more capacity I would just tape 2 30 rounders together in opposite directions for fast flipping.

      17. Godsoldier, make friends with the cops, its better for the citizenry, trust me on this. Alot of cops have woken up to the federal governmental tryranical BS. They are telling the cops that the new terrorist is white people who are Christians. This is what ticked off the cops. The cops will be siding with the people, at least in my opinion over 25% of them. The other 75% is and uncertainty. From what i was told from a source, that when shtf struck in Lousiana, Hurricance-Katrina, that 80% of the cops were told that they would have to work 24-7, and the those cops told the chief to go phuck himself and said that they are going home to protect thier families. Then some of the cops went out the subdivions, attacked the young women, and gang raped them. These particular cops are very bad people. Thats what alot of the women were telling the Marines when they entered the area after GW declared Martial Law and publically announced that Martial Law was Declared.

        So, i believe that at the end of the day, the cops are on our side. I am not talking about the ones that shoot red neck farmers who are trying to take down a Bull. Those cops, they are not on our sides unfortunately and give good cops a bad name.



        • You can never tell who’s side they will be on unless you have known one personally, his or her, whole life.

          Ever see what happens when siblings and close relatives hear the readings of will of mothers and fathers that have accumulated a small fortune?

          They turn on each other like rabid animals, and some never recover nor make amends. Court battles and sometimes all out brawls and killings.

          That is how i view the majority of LE that answer to the man for their food. it will all come down to food, and how to feed one’s family.

          it will not be that hard of a decision to turn against a short time ass kisser..vs, one’s own starving toddler.

          I think the “make friends with cops thing” is better left to idiots and those without anything to loose.

        • WhT is it with you and the raping are you trying to tell us all that you have a bad uncle

          • What’s your problem with passins comment?

            What he’s said is valid in many cases.

      18. Any volunteers to whip out your short barreled 9mm CCW and rush to a scene where you hear multiple automatic weapons blasting away?

        There is a greater chance the police will show up and shoot or arrest YOU than the terrorists.

        I have always thought my CCW was for immediate defense, or to slow down attackers while I evade.

        We may get to the point where we are more like the Old West and the citizens grab a gun to stop the bank robbers, but I do not see it yet.

        • NorseMan

          As my Dad says, “You don’t get into a pissing contest with a skunk”.

          The above being said in the absence of anything else I’ll take anything that goes bang. If you’re lucky enough to initially survive and be close enough or otherwise out of view you do what you got to to. Once committed you might as well close the distance, assume your a goner and make every one count. At a minimum some other person might be able to flee but a snubby .38 against AK is not a good position to be in but it beats a fist.

        • I agree with you NorseMan.

          “I have always thought my CCW was for immediate defense, or to slow down attackers while I evade.”

          I, also, consider my 9mm daily carry Glock as a tool to get me to my rifle(s) IF I were to hear a gun fight in the distance.

          I rarely stray far from my little, one-traffic-light town. I spend enough time in deer and duck blinds, though, to have a sense of which direction shots are being fired.

          If I were to hear multiple gun shots in an urban/suburban setting, I would leave the area in the opposite direction of where I thought the shots were coming from.

          Always Be Armed.

      19. Im thinking your right cus in our small town of 9k local police got 10 m16 from the gov they were from vietnam era still in cosmoline full auto i know cus went to range and fired one with him also got 12 1911 45s from ww2 era but then obama did his recall on all the gov gave out but i havent talked to him for a while so dont know if they had to send back and thats just city police who knows what the sherrif dept got

        • I don’t think there was any recall of DOD surplus, just new requirements for ‘rules of engagement’. Your police force may not be carrying some stuff around, but they’ve got it locked up somewhere.

          There’s a website out there that will list everything a department got, it’s all public information. Google is your friend. Start with “Military surplus given to police departments”, something like that.

      20. Drudge sure has plenty of news on what the Syrian infiltrators are doing.

        • Anyone and I mean ANYONE who has a desire to rule over others IS A PSYCOPATH! If you don’t know what a psycopath is look it up. I do not consent to have anyone rule over me or tell me what to do but it is foisted on me by morons that believe in democracy and govt. control. If you are harming no one there is no need for govt. If there is no victim there is no crime! It’s called NATURAL LAW! Thanks to all irresponsible and psycopathic controlled lazy non thinkers we have what we have…

      21. Nostradumbass
        Nostradumbass’s picture

        Based upon the following reasoning for suicide bombings and Jihad, there is no stopping it short of destroying the faith of Islam itself, not just discontinuing the west’s financial and military entanglements in MENA. This is no small task. How do you get people born into the delusion of violent martyrdom for their religion to step back? It seems that applying a zero tolerance for immigrants from MENA is the responsible and only thing to do at this time along with withdrawing from MENA activities. Leave that region to live and die all alone and weed out the ones who are already here. Seems like an insurmountable task based upon sheer numbers of “refugees” swarming into Anglo countries. Almost as if it were planned to occur… Next up: walled countries.

        “Suicide bombing in the Muslim world cannot be separated from religion. Its perpetrators believe jihad to be synonymous with war and mandate Muslims to strike not only at non-Muslims but also at co-religionists deemed insufficiently loyal to their radical cause. The ideological basis of such an interpretation has deep roots in Islamic theology, but it came to prominence with the twentieth-century rise of Muslim Brotherhood theorists such as Banna and Qutb and was further developed by their successors. While much of the exegesis developed out of Sunni jurisprudence, the Islamic Republic in Iran encouraged the phenomenon. Many of Tehran’s proxy groups embraced the tactic.

        It is fashionable among Western analysts and academics to explain away suicide bombing with discussion of “root causes” that omit religion. Many cite a history of exploitation by Western powers, Israel’s existence, government oppression, poverty, lack of education, and alienation as reasons why desperate individuals decide to blow themselves up to murder others. But attention to suicide bombers’ own justifications suggest that, for them, Islam and its call for jihad is the primary motivation.”

        • What would you add to the list?

          • KY Mom

            Which list?

            • Sorry, the comment is in moderation.

              It is an article at Off the Grid News dot com

              The Lifetime Stockpile: What You’ll Need To Survive Past The First Year

              • KY, cool website Thanks!

              • Good list.

          • as long as you got all this stuff you’ll be fine…A tire repair kit. A kit that can fix multiple punctures could be a God send!
            Work gloves
            Solar battery charger.
            duct tape
            Ant-acid and stool softener. In a SHTF situation people will be exposed to new pathogens and foods, lots of Pepto folks, it could save your life.
            Plain aspirin, lots of exertion means heart stress. Plain Aspirin could save lives
            I listed IV for emergency fluid replacement. The needles and solution need to be absolutely sterile, and are prescription only in many states. Grandma just used an enema bulb, still available in drug stores, it saved babies and children from dying due to dehydration. Plain clean water or better a 30% pedi-a-lite solution is best. Yup, Gatorade works in a pinch. Add 30% wine to it and they’ll feel no pain while you do stitches.
            “Gerber multitool……….“lock pick” set, but be aware of state laws on this item. Bolt cutters will open gates
            solar panel
            jogging’ld be surprised at how much you can carry long distance with one…that 75Lb bugout bag won’t be imposssible anymore
            cast iron dutch oven
            let me know what i’ve left out.this used to be in order but i’ve added to it so many times i need to rework it….irregardless….i’m SURE you’ll find something here you didn’t think of!
            CASH. GAS!!!!!!!!!!!
            water….sugar….flour….powdered milk……….t/p………………top ramen….pancake mix….candy, rock…..DOG FOOD…VEG OIL…rice…..beans…………macaroni…………bleach…………benadryl…..wipies….garbage bags…….plastic cups,forks,spoon,knives .
            IV for rehydration
            photo albums, identification (birth certificates, social security cards, financial documents, wills/deeds, and medical insurance information), proof of address, as well as items for a 72 hour bag.
            brillo pad makes a good fire starter with jumper cables)or a 9 volt battery
            extreme cooler (use it to carry water, if needed)
            antibiotics from the vet supply store ampicillin, amoxacillin, penicilin, and others
            a hat for sleeping in
            Storable Food
            An Axe
            Lighters Or Matches
            Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes
            A Flashlight And/Or Lantern
            A Radio/Communication Equipment
            A Swiss Army Knife
            Personal Hygiene Items
            A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies
            Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)
            A Sewing Kit
            Self-Defense Equipment
            A Compass
            Hiking Backpacks
            A Community
            A Backup Plan
            Extra Batteries
            A Camp Stove
            Heirloom Seeds
            An LED Headlamp
            Calcium Hypochlorite
            Maps Of Your Area
            rifle For Hunting
            Extra Socks
            Gold And Silver Coins For Bartering
            citizens band radio
            battery chargers and phone chargers
            kool aid
            bike tubes
            2×8’s for crossing obstacles(3 feet long)
            wasp spray
            hunting knife
            water and purification stuff
            dutch oven
            coffee/water filters
            Gun Cleaning Kit & Supplies
            Wire and Wire Cutters
            Fire Extinguisher
            hacksaw………GOOD pair of wire cutters….butt connector pliers and wire connectors ….11-1 screwdrivers-not some cheap-o
            6 foot Pry bars-lift heavy items, pop open doors, break locks, move hot objects. harbor freight
            sandpaper/crocus cloth…………….. file for sharpening tools……….. hammer
            bailing wire
            box of bolts/nuts/hose clamps
   stanley pocket saw
            3/32” E-6010 welding rods. These can be used with three 12 volt car batteries and some jumper cables to make an emergency field repair.
            peanut butter and crackers makes a great shtf meal
            vise grips
            fix a flat/air compressor
            Tarp (2) and 550 para-cord (shelter) You want two tarps, one for shelter above the head and one for the ground under your head
            Ponchos to protect from rain
            A folding saw and shovel.
            A handheld chainsaw (they are about the size of a mans wallet)
            Lightweight hatchet
            Army survival manualor others
            2 pairs of socks. One pair of our socks is a thermal type(wool is best) that will keep your feet warm in up to zero degree weather. It all depends on where you live and where you will be traveling. Cotton socks tend to hold moisture so you might not want cotton.
            good pair of warm gloves/work gloves. Mine are a combination of both.
            A pair of good boots or hiking shoes
            A pair of long pants. I prefer not to have jeans. They are heaver and if they get wet, they stay wet for a long time.
            One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt, at LEAST for everyone in family.
            dogs and dog food …small dogs hear EVERYTHING, and eat less!
            deck of cards
            food…pepperoni granola bars…..
            first aid book… where there is no doctor book
            paper plates
            ziplock bags
            aluminum foil
            butane stove or some other way to cook
            eye drops
            chap stick
            plastic wrap
            powdered milk will be HUUUUGGGGEEEEEE ..have a LOT of it!
            Bug Out Bag Contents
            The Pack – I have a LC-1 “Alice” pack but any quality pack with enough capacity will do. Stick with camouflage, dark green or other natural colors that blend with the terrain.
            Water – A canteen with cup and cover for your belt, water bottle and a good filter.
            Fire – Waterproof matches, a magnesium fire starter and tinder.
            Food – Pack enough to last 5-7 days. Rice, oat meal, beef jerky, energy bars etc. Another option is MRE’s and the freeze-dried foods. Choose foods that are light weight and a suitable shelf life.
            Stove – A small stove is essential it you want to stay hidden. Smoke and noise from the cutting and burning of wood would be undesirable if you are in hostile territory or being pursued. I have a Peak-One backpackers stove, there are others but this is what I have and can recommend.
            military 4 part sleep system…protects to minus 30 degrees if you know what to do with it…and at LEAST have the bivy bag part of it in your car in case you get stranded….if you are dressed for the climate you’re in, it might only take that bivy to save yer life. randy
            Shelter – Rain poncho and tarp or compact tent, stick with natural colors that blend with the surrounding area.
            Cooking – I have a Stainless Steel 5-Piece Mess Kit, that I ordered from but any lightweight kit will do.
            First Aid – It’s best to assemble your own kit, tailored to your needs, or if you are lazy you can buy a ready-made kit. Don’t forget to add personal medications.
            Light – I have a 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight and a 9-Hour Candle.
            Tools – A folding saw, Swiss Army pocket knife, and fixed blade knife. A light weight shovel and Machete are nice, but add extra weight.
            Clothing – At least one extra pair of socks and underwear add other items if you feel the need and have the space.
            Fishing – Line, hooks and sinkers and a few small lures. I also have a small gill net for catching fish.
            Snare wire – I make my own from copper wire. Don’t forget to include at least 50 ft of parachute cord.
            Plastic bags – Two or three large lawn bags and several zip-lock sandwich bags, can be used for a number of tasks and to keep things dry.
            Binoculars – See game and enemy before they see you.
            Sewing kit – Needle and thread don’t forget to include a few extra buttons.
            This n’ that – Head net, electrical tape, face paint, gloves, sharpening stone etc.
            Firearms – This is where feathers get ruffled and wounds opened. Everyone has their own idea of what the “perfect” survival firearm is or should be.
            I am not going to get into all the choices here, which would be an article in and of itself.
            Coffee, sugar, and chocolate.And salt. Buy these items in bulk. Store in baggies for trade.
            coffee filts for straining water and bleach
            digging bar
            tow straps/shackles/chain with pipe for towing
            loadbearing vest
            pain reliever
            Children’s pain reliever
            First aid book
            Prescription medications (keep copies for records)
            Cold/flu medicines
            Blood clotting
            Sterile gauze
            Dressing bandages
            Dressing rolls
            Medical tape
            Bandages of all sizes
            Alcohol wipes
            Hydrogen peroxide
            Eye flushing solution
            Anesthetic solution
            Hypodermic needles (for the antiseptic solution)
            Electrolyte tablets
            Cold Packs
            Antibiotic ointment
            Skin irritation creams
            Suture needles/string
            List of medical contact phone numbers
            Medical history file (if needed)
            medicine cabinet…take the whole damn thing
            giant channel-lock pliers and crescent wrench
            vitamin c…scurvy

            • Wrecking/pry bar

              • Tobacco will be one of the best barter items. Don’t forget the papers to go with it.

                • Also a lot of sugar and yeast (you know what for). Black powder, plumbing parts, popcorn and goldfish crackers (to snack on while you watch the show), at least 1 pair of baofeng 2 way radios with spare batteries, fuse, smoke bomms, a still (for making fuel of course), alcohol stove and spare wicks (no smoke or odor), old denim scraps (for patching), plumbers goop or shoe goo, shoelaces(or just use paracord), rechargeable batteries and charger, multi voltage multi tip 12 volt power adapter, battery powered motion sensor alarms, flir night vision scope, clothes pins (can also be used as triggers for tripwires), rat traps, coyote traps, battery powered motion sensor lights, spare spark plugs and tune up items, pri-g and pri-d fuel stabilizer, chainsaw files, spare chains, tire chains, come-a-long, spare tires, motor oil, flare gun, guillie suit, high powered binocs, medicinal herb seeds, crutches, ace bandages, Lee basic reloaders, bow and arrows (silent), reading glasses, hatchet, folding shovel with pick.

                  Theres a few more just off the top of my head 🙂

                  • good post, genius!…that’s why i put it up there, i knew i could count on a few good people to take the time to improve MY list…thanks for your contributions to shtfplan!

                • “digging bar” covers that one…they can be had at harbor freight for around 30 bucks….useful for a LOT of things, being 6 feet long, you can lift the side of a CAR with a good pivot point….problem is, whenever one is bought at harbor freight, a TANK is made in china….remember, “made in china” is a warning label!

                  • buttcrack, yep lol. I live in an area that is rock hell and you MUST have 2 bars. Also a good Hi-Lift Jack is a must. WD=40 also. Thats quite the list you have! Keep up the good work!

                    • i’ve been working on the list for 6 years now. every time i see a list containing things i aint got, i add it to my list. a couple years ago my computer crashed and i had to ask for it back from every one on my address book..luckily 2 people had SOME of it, so i was able to reconstruct parts. it’s still missing a few things, but i believe it’s a good place to start from. most people wont want everything on this list, but MOST find things they never knew they needed…and DO take time to study it people, because some of this stuff has multiple uses, or it isn’t apparent exactly WHY you will need it at first glance.

                  • buttcrackofdoom,
                    Great list! These are all useful items to have on hand. Thank you!

                    genius and slingshot,
                    These are great additions to the list too.

                    I copied, pasted and printed all these items in an “additional items list” for reference.
                    Thank you!

      22. Screw the laws that state you can’t have a firearm!!!!!!
        Keep one on the ready at all times.

        These STUPID BASTARDS tell you that the cops are going to protect you! B.S. We can only protect you if we know something is happening to you. Before that you are on your own, just remember that.

        Just remember it doesn’t have to be isis. It could be the thug turd down the street or at the mall.

        IT IS BETTER TO BE TRIED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6! any day. If you use your weapon? Just remember that the cops will have to take you in to find out what happened. Say nothing until your attorney is there!!!! I can’t stress this enough!!!!

        Aim Small Miss Small

        • sarge is right, you know….americans, YOU are the first-responders. cops, firemen, paramedics are the second responders, and they are only there to clean up the mess(or possibly KILL you)…gotta learn to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!, it should be clear to all but the terminally nieve that your elected officials WANT it that way…nobody is THAT stupid, they have intentionally made things the way they are, stupid as it DOES sound…

      23. They will have RPGs. And GPS coordinates of likely anti government dissidents . Class3 license holders, Muti gun handgun purchasers , hunting license holders , CCW permit holders, NRA. Members, Shooting range credit card users, Biometric face scans of Walmart ammo purchasers. And any gun shop that has security cameras they are all tied to the Internet . People posting anti government , anti immigrant , Anti semitism, or any anti they don’t like. They have a long list and plenty of half Americans to put federal police uniforms on. And lots of ammo. And RPGs.

      24. I’m not the least bit worried about some ISIS terrorists showing up in my town, but they could certainly turn up in Seattle.

        I carry CCW because I’m concerned about being in the local diner having breakfast when some waitresses’ boyfriend walks in and shoots her, then decides he’s not finished. Or at the local convenience store getting a soda when a couple of flakes decide to commit armed robbery and tell us all to get in the back room. Or I tap my car horn at the guy in front of me at the green light and he decides to pull me out of my car and beat me to death.

        I guess all that includes going to the mall the day six muslims decide to kill a hundred people, but that’s one scenario I’m not going to worry about. I’ve already covered my security needs.

        If we need to carry a weapon out of concern that a squad of terrorists with AK-74s is a definite threat, we don’t need to be carrying J-frame .38s or Glock 9mm pistols, we need people armed with long guns on the street corners.

        • Smoky

          Certainly terrorism is an over blown threat. That nutty boyfriend of the waitress, robber graduating to murder and alcohol saturated thug is a far greater probability.

        • Not everybody has Mossad protection like You do.

      25. Good article Brandon, you hit the nail on its head, see this link.

        Yes Kulafarmer, the frickin communist have take over, but not for lon

        Watch this video, this backs up this article 100%. Look at the face of those rat bastards. Anyone looking like those phucks entire my city and try to take it over will be getting 75 virgins for certian and they wont be from the civilian population. Those are the jihadist assholes that are accounted for. How about the ones that are not accounted for, then they want to bring in 170,000 more of these rapist murdering head choppers. I hope the the FBI White hats, that you guys continue to find them and remove thier asses from the streets.



        I have to give credit the the FBI White Hats, good job, keep up the good work.

      26. these ISIS fighters are jacked up , just like the commies of Hitlers days

        A powerful amphetamine tablet based on the original synthetic drug known as “fenethylline,” Captagon quickly produces a euphoric intensity in users, allowing Syria’s fighters to stay up for days, killing with a numb, reckless abandon.

        “You can’t sleep or even close your eyes, forget about it,” said a Lebanese user, one of three who appeared on camera without their names for a BBC Arabic documentary that aired in September. “And whatever you take to stop it, nothing can stop it.”

        “I felt like I own the world high,” another user said. “Like I have power nobody has. A really nice feeling.”

        “There was no fear anymore after I took Captagon,” a third man added.

        and when they decide to blow themselves up ,, they wont care that you are armed ,, they will just push the button ,, and yes a bomb can over power your pistol or rifle , especially from a person that has been brainwashed into thinking this is his only alternative

        to a point , our second amendment doesn’t even come close to working against a person with a bomb strapped to them and nothing to lose

        • What do you want to bet they get those drugs from amerikan pharma companies? Paid for by US.

          • They make their own. It’s banned in the West.

            Syria is the largest producer of Captagon. It’s basically the same proces as the meth labs here. Only over there, if you hear one exploding, nobody pays any attention…

            • Many of the fighters on all sides in the ME are on speed. They can stay up for days and nothing affects them.

              Ever been around a person on crank that has been up for days? Erratic behavior to say the least. That’s why spec-ops can’t surprise them in their sleep. They’re constantly peeking out the curtains…lol.

              Before it turned into an all out civil war, the .gov Syrian enforcers would beat the protestors as hard as they could with their “night sticks” and they would just laugh at them.

              How do you think all these people walk thousands of miles to get to Europe?

              • I was around a meth freak one time back about ten years ago. I knew the guy from working with his brother back in the 70’s.

                I was at my x co-workers job site and the brother came by and we some how began talking about knives. he said he collected knives and i said i had a small collection i was thinking about selling.

                he said to come by his house over the weekend and bring them, that he might be interested. Knowing he was married, i thought the best time to go by was Sunday morning before noon. I went there and the wife said go out back to his garage, he is back there. Well he was dressed up in leather clothes and smelled of loud cologne and alcohol.

                He said he had just come home from being up since friday afternoon with two whores, at their house, and smoking meth till that early Sunday morning. He was buzzing around that garage like a sack of flies and handling everything in sight, like he did not know what to do with himself. He looked at the knives but said he didn’t have the money at that time and maybe he would buy them next weekend.

                I quickly left, and was surprised to find out two days later that he had died of a massive heart attack that night in his sleep. I wondered if his wife maybe smothered him with a pillow?

      27. this is a post from over on ModernSurvivalBlog,in it’s entirety…weeks/#respond

        ” Religion of Peace says:
        November 19, 2015 at 10:59 AM


        When we turn to Islam’s theological sources and historical writings (Qur’an, Hadith, Sira, and Tafsir), we find that there are three stages in the call to Jihad, depending on the status of Muslims in a society.

        STAGE ONE—When Muslims are completely outnumbered and can’t possibly win a physical confrontation with unbelievers, they are to live in peace with non-Muslims and preach a message of tolerance. We see an example of this stage when Muhammad and his followers were a persecuted minority in Mecca. Since the Muslims were entirely outnumbered, the revelations Muhammad received during this stage (e.g. “You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion”) called for religious tolerance and proclaimed a future punishment (rather than a worldly punishment) for unbelievers.

        STAGE TWO—When there are enough Muslims and resources to defend the Islamic community, Muslims are called to engage in defensive Jihad. Thus, when Muhammad had formed alliances with various groups outside Mecca and the Muslim community had become large enough to begin fighting, Muhammad received Qur’an 22:39-40:

        Permission (to fight) is given to those upon whom war is made because they are oppressed, and most surely Allah is well able to assist them; Those who have been expelled from their homes without a just cause except that they say: our Lord is Allah. . . .

        Although Muslims in the West often pretend that Islam only allows defensive fighting, later revelations show otherwise.

        STAGE THREE—When Muslims establish a majority and achieve political power in an area, they are commanded to engage in offensive Jihad. Hence, once Mecca and Arabia were under Muhammad’s control, he received the call the fight all unbelievers. In Surah 9:29, we read:

        Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

        Notice that this verse doesn’t order Muslims to fight oppressors, but to fight those who don’t believe in Islam (including the “People of the Book”—Jews and Christians).

        Not surprisingly, we find similar commands in Islam’s most trusted collections of ahadith (traditions containing Muhammad’s teachings).

        Sahih al-Bukhari 6924—Muhammad said: “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: La ilaha illallah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and whoever said La ilaha illahllah, Allah will save his property and his life from me.”

        Sahih Muslim 30—Muhammad said: “I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.”

        Here again, the criterion for fighting people is that the people believe something other than Islam.

        It’s clear, then, that when Muslims rose to power, peaceful verses of the Qur’an were abrogated by verses commanding Muslims to fight people based on their beliefs. Islam’s greatest scholars acknowledge this. For instance, Ibn Kathir (Islam’s greatest commentator on the Qur’an) sums up Stage Three as follows: “Therefore all people of the world should be called to Islam. If anyone of them refuses to do so, or refuses to pay the Jizyah, they should be fought till they are killed.”


        Abrogation also accounts for shifting attitudes regarding Jews and Christians in the Qur’an. While Muslims are to be friendly to Jews and Christians when the former are outnumbered, the Islamic position changes when Muslims reach Stage Three, at which point Christians and Jews are to recognize their inferior status and pay the Jizyah (a payment made to Muslims in exchange for not being killed by them). Consider some of Muhammad’s later teachings about Christians and Jews:

        Qur’an 5:51—O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

        Qur’an 9:30—And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!

        Qur’an 98:6—Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein. They are the worst of creatures.

        Sahih Muslim 4366—Muhammad said: “I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.”

        Al-Bukhari, Al-Adab al-Mufrad 1103—Muhammad said: “Do not give the People of the Book the greeting first. Force them to the narrowest part of the road.”

        Needless to say, these teachings can hardly be considered peaceful or tolerant.


        Since Muhammad obviously commanded his followers to fight unbelievers (simply for being unbelievers), why do Muslims in the West deny this? Here we must turn to Surah 3:28, which reads:

        Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Who so do that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security.

        According to this verse (which uses a variation of the word Taqiyya, meaning “concealment”), Muslims are not allowed to be friends with non-Muslims. However, if Muslims feel threatened by a stronger adversary, they are allowed to pretend to be friendly. Ibn Kathir comments: “In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship outwardly but never inwardly.” Abu Darda, one of Muhammad’s companions, put it this way: “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

        Is Islam a religion of peace? No. Islam is a religion that pretends to be peaceful when Muslims are too weak to win a war. For dedicated Muslims, there are only two possible situations to be in: (1) fighting unbelievers, and (2) pretending to be peaceful while preparing to fight unbelievers. Either way, fighting non-Muslims and conquering the world in the name of Allah is always the goal.

        • “THAT’S IT”.

          Charlie Brown.

          That is what I was talking about before.

          Good One Satori. +1000

      28. To the suggestion that you make friends with a cop:
        Not a good idea. A cop looks at you doing this, like this:
        (1) You’re a cop wannabe. (2) He will use you as a CI (Confidential Informant), even without your knowledge. Either way, you will not be respected. It’s a total loser for you. To be unknown is the best, safest course of action in dealing with cops. Be the “Gray Man.”

      29. Another fact that proves you aint going to hear truth from CNN or FOX news is how neither ever tells us that right Now in Syria the Pro assahd forces contains a Mix of Both Muslims AND Christian Syrians both fighting side by side Against ISIS terrorists.

        This kinda blows Huge Holes in the constant rhetoric we get told that All muslims so hate christians and so desire to kill them eh.

        Plus the Fact that in EVERY Mid east nation and especially IRAQ and SYRIA Christians have had viable communities reside there for well over 1000 years while being fully surrounded by Muslim zones…Syrian christians have been there since Christ walked earth!

        Yet All of a sudden Now and for just past 15 yrs muslims are as described by Fox or CNN tv show news?

        They all need change tv station names to “USA Fed Govnt Authorized Propaganda” TV show news…

      30. I do miss my HK91, and the other great ordnance I had to sell when I moved out of state.
        That rifle was one hell of a weapon, and accurate.


        Syrians busted at border in Loredo trying to cross over. See link, its looks like they sent over a family to test the border security, since they plan to take down Texas. If they cant take Texas, then they cant take America.

        Satori, those are the facts of how it works and how they plan. BCOD, good prep list, it good to be prepared for the long hall. One bad bug out bag can cost a prepper his life, if shtf commenses and your caught off guard. My bugout bag is not ready until i heat seal its contents from water damage.



      32. This is why every man and woman who holds a government job right now in Europe is responsible:

        This garbage has real blood on their hands right now and should not be respected or listened to. They are crap and if they go home this weekend and play happy families with their wife and kids, I hope when they go to bed they can’t sleep for the dead they have already caused and the ones that will suffer because of their idiotic actions letting in terrorists. Just as the senior management of major organisations tried to pretend it was happy families after they covered up major paedophile networks year after year, I hope their family members hold them to account when they cut the Turkey and pretend it is just a normal family Thanksgiving and a Xmas. They should not be able to walk away from responsibility: they are taking tax payer’s money.

      33. Monsanto’s coming genetic armageddon documented in shocking investigative report
        -Natural News

        Feds Approve Genetically Engineered Salmon for Human Consumption…
        ‘Frankenfish’ coming soon…
        “The AquAdvantage salmon contains a growth hormone gene from the chinook salmon and a genetic switch from the ocean pout, an eel-like creature, that keeps the transplanted gene continuously active, whereas the salmon’s own growth hormone gene is active only parts of the year. The company has said the fish can grow to market weight in as little as half the time of a conventionally farmed salmon.
        …if the bigger fish were to escape, they could outcompete wild salmon for food or mates.”
        NY Times

      34. They have announced that there are now new germs totally resistant to all antibiotics . They knew this would happen treating AIDS . With antibiotic cocktails. We will soon realize we should have let them die AIDS has now become resistant to everything . It’s soddom and Gomorah time.

      35. After the Paris terrorist attacks there could be terrorist attacks here in the U.S. next week if the following report from is true….
        ‘Russia Warns America Facing Thanksgiving “Bloodbath” Next Week’
        The 11/19/2015 report says, “A grim (Russian SVR) report in the Kremlin today warns that the U.S. is facing a “potential bloodbath” during next week’s Thanksgiving Holiday period at the hands of Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists — the leaders of whom were secreted into America by a U.S. Army general.

        Since Obama has “purged” all of the ‘good’ top military officers out of the service in the last few years, terrorist attacks could be part of a ‘false flag’ operation now to implement his martial law plans!
        It should be noted that Russia tried to warn the U.S. about the Boston bombers, but did we listen??

      36. Drudge recently exposed resettlement of syrian and iraqi refugees in Austin, specifically placing teens at Anderson High School with zero ESL skills. That high school serves the largest jewish community in Austin. Jews have lived in this neighborhood since the 1970’s, housing that is now averages values above $400k. The refugees were purposefully placed here by AISD refugee services, wildly supported by city council. The liberal jews here support it of course. Will be interesting to see how long before culture clash goes full on jihadi.

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