Housing Bubble Warning: Las Vegas Housing Is Booming, And That’s A Bad Sign

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    The epicenter of the housing bust that happened ten years ago is booming again, but economists say that’s a bad sign and should be taken as a warning. Las Vegas’ housing boom is anything but a good thing.

    This quiet working-class town of North Las Vegas, just beyond the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip, helped spark the global financial crisis 10 years ago. The fallout was inescapable: Nearly one in three homes went into foreclosure. The community is once again booming and the economy is growing. Companies are hiring, and the housing market is hot, with this suburban enclave spreading farther into the Mojave Desert.  But few can afford the houses available.

    According to the New York Times, housing prices in North Las Vegas are rising so fast that many communities are no longer affordable. Much of the new construction is at the high end, keeping out many first-time homeowners. Some cannot come up with money for a down payment, while others are wary of getting back into a market that once burned them. As most know, for far too many, the American dream of home ownership is now out of reach. It is increasingly a nation of renters.

    Prices are up more than 135 percent from the depths of the crisis in North Las Vegas, rising almost three times as fast as the national average, according to the analytics firm Black Knight. It may seem like things are looking up, but a chief housing economist thinks otherwise.

    “It sets up a situation in which the housing market looks largely healthy from a 50,000-foot view, but on the ground, the situation is much different, especially for younger, first-time buyers and/or buyers of more modest means,” wrote Svenja Gudell, chief economist at Zillow in a response to the latest home-price data. “Supply is low in general, but half of what is available to buy is priced in the top one-third of the market.” Meaning Americans are increasingly being priced out of homeownership.  Soon, renters could be priced out of renting too when the economic bubble finally bursts.

    Typically, all of this would translate into a strong seller’s market and values continuing upward, reported Clermont News Leader. However, interest rates are having an effect. “With mortgage rates rising, we are beginning to see a decrease in buyer demand,” said Brandie Mathison-Klein of Keller Williams Classic III Realty.  “Some buyers have quit looking because there aren’t enough homes that fit their criteria, and others are simply priced out of buying altogether,” she added.

    Thanks to central banks and a government controlled economy, the American dream seems all but dead.


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      1. There is nothing in Las Vegas. Just one big gambling casino. ALL on RED… Weeeeeeeeeeee…….

        And when the water runs out it will be a ghost town.

        • Vegas the next ghost town, now where will Stormy Daniels go to blow her clients?

          • Dam she is ugly.

            Why is it that all these presidents fuck these ugly bitches. Where are the hot ones?

            These presidents are like dogs you see walking around dry humping the air.

          • Laughlin ??? 🙂

          • Apparently she was hot enough for Drumpf

        • TSB, the way things are going for Vegas, they’re in for a world of hurt and it can’t be too far off now.

          • Checked out Zillow yesterday, looks like my Old house in the City, dropped 7% in value in just the last 30 days. I think this is all crashing right now. Not that Zillow replaces a real Market Appraisal, but 7% is a steep drop in just one month, that a -$20K drop in the last 30 days. The value is still about $30K higher than the price I sold at 3.5 years ago, but its crashing folks, the signs are present.

            Anybody with a half brain still living in the City??? Get out now or wait another 10 years for the next housing Bubble to get these High sell prices.

        • I’m surprised that Max failed to mention the water situation. The morons who run Las Vegas had better pull their heads out of their rectums and clamp down hard on whoever is responsible for growing the size of that city or they will wind up turning the place into a ghost town.

          I remember reading that, on an annual basis, Las Vegas only gets about 4.2 inches of rainfall per year. And, right now, according to reports I have seen online – Lake Mead’s water level is at its lowest level in decades. Saw one article that said they are stealing water from Lake Powell to try to help maintain Lake Mead.

          Las Vegas is a desert city. Water is scarce to begin with, and the idiots in charge of that city think they can continue to build and build and build ad infinitum and ignore the lack of natural resources that are necessary to sustain it’s existing population?

        • I think Vegas is a nasty, immoral place filled with feces. I have been twice in my entire life and don’t have a great interest in going back either…

        • Sorry for the off topic question. Can someone in here help with an argument with a statist minded liberal. The argument is that Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution makes it not only a right but a responsibility of congress to send welfare / aid to those in need. Like Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. It stemmed from Trump being blamed for the deaths of PR’s after the hurricane. Thanks for any help.

          • Do you know the sordid history of Puerto Rico?

            It’s 1898 and the Spanish-American war is over. We gained territory like Guantanemo, Puerto Rico, and the Phillipines. We didn’t want it.

            Over the years, they failed to ever try for statehood. Meanwhile other territories were on the ball and did so.

            It became a serious sore point. After all, you have basically a country full of ethnic folks. Why not declared independence as they didn’t want statehood.

            But it was lucrative for them. In fact, during the nineties, tax abatements for Puerto Rico caused factories to move from the states to Puerto Rico, killing American industry and benefitting a territory. And they were the worst workers. A factory would offer a quarter more per hour, and people would up and quit with no notice, and this happened over and over. American workers in the states were incensed! We neededthose jobs and people whohadworked for a decade lost decent bluecollar jobs with fairly good wages and benefits.

            Well they kept extending this abatement and it HARMED Americans.

            Only when things got bad economically did they finally try halfheartedly going for statehood. Do you realize how long that is after Hawaii? That’s six states since 1898 with Hawaii in 1959!

            Were there mistakes with FEMA or did Puerto Rican officials cause the problems?

            The Atlantic is a liberal rag and even they admit it’s NOT FEMA’s fault…for once.

            Read this.

            And this.

            Leftists never let a good tragedy go to waste…even when they are responsible for causing it.

            • Thanks Maranatha!!!

              The person was quoting the Constitution to me and I am not good at apologetics and framing great arguments to show people their foolishness. I didn’t know exactly how to explain that the general welfare clause didn’t mean that congress could just write checks to help everyone at the tax payers expense. Because then I would of ended up getting into “MY” words and opinion instead of being able to prove what the constitution in the Preamble and Article 2 Section 8 was really saying. I have learned to try and stay out of arguments like that because again, it ends up being my words and opinion instead of historical factual things from the Founders and Constitution.

              • Puerto Rico is a territory who has consistently FAILED to become a state. I would argue that yhe responsibility under the Constitution are primarily for state citizens, not territories as that is provisional land.

                Only a Constitutional Law scholar could answer but technically the US government grants no natural rights…only protects natural rights. Even civil rights are primarily for citzens of states.

                Think about a situation where a territory NEVER becomes a state like Puerto Rico. They have no responsibilities but claim rights??? WTF.

              • https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-states-and-vs-territories/

                A Territory has very limited representation and thus it has very little protection of natural rights.

                We all have natural rights but just because someone is within the USA does NOT mean their rights are protected. See my first response like illegal aliens.

                If the people of Puerto Rico were a state, then they have representation as citozens and thus protection of natural rights.

                The best situation is to cede that land to Puerto Rico just as we did with the Phillipines. Then they become a sovereign nation.

                Okinawa was in a weird situation until the seventies. I thought it would become its own nation as it technically was seized by Japan as formerly it had been the Ryukyu Kingdom but had been essentially taken over by the Satsuma and then became a Japanese province. We sort of betrayed them by giving it back to Japan.

            • The U.S. government is likely using these “territories” for shady purposes. Once they become states, they’d have to be more accountable. Case in point, isn’t the IRS headquartered in P.R.? Pirates of the Caribbean?

          • Hard to make an argument unless you could find something in the Federalist Papers about the framer’s intent.

            Article 1 Section 8 is written so broadly it can be read to mean many things… and this is what the statist government does.

            “…provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States…” is what your friend is referring to, I’d say. It’s a broad definition but it does say for the United States not Puerto Rico, since they are not a state. You could bring that up, but then they may say Puerto Ricans are US citizens…which they are.

            Same with the Article 1 Section 8 “commerce clause”. “To regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several states…”. The federal government has twisted this to mean that they can regulate anything that is made with an ingredient or part that has crossed a state line at some time in history. If you make a product on your 3D printer and bought the plastic beads on the internet from another state they can regulate that product. You know what product I’m talking about. This is what they believe the commerce clause gives them the power to do.

            The courts have upheld .gov’s broad interpretation of Article 1 Section 8 for the most part.

            Good luck.

          • Perhaps, your friend should get a clue. You should refer him to quotes from Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin about poverty and wealth redistribution. Wealth redistribution cannot exist In a republic. A republic protects the rights of all its citizens. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is infringing upon Peter’s rights. Since we are a banana republic, wealth redistribution has gone on for a long time. We are already a SOCIALIST country.

      2. Still looking here in Cochise County,Arizona. It’s crazy what people are asking,even for manufactured homes that are decades old and not in good shape.

        • Check SW Tucson. 2 acre lots, OFF GRID, $3500 / $300 down OWC / flat ground, go underground. You could live in a tent this winter and save your rent money while you DIG. Rent an excavator for $500 a day. Water can be sourced by well (expensive) or extracted from the air during summer monsoons and stored. Septic tanks at Home Depot.

          3500 Predator inverter generator $700 at Harbor Freight. Quieter than a similar Honda at half the price. Go solar over time. Use Cat 600 lumens work lights (Li-Io) from Lowes that you can recharge in your vehicle with your phone charger going to and from work.

          Think outside the box. It ain’t Campbell Cliffs, but hey it’s a start on your BOL. 🙂

          • Sounds perfect. Can camp out with all the borderhoppers from Meheeeco. Si senior. That region is one of the most dangerous in the state as drug traffic and illegals are traveling through that land. Hunted in that area and couldnt believe what we saw.

            • Fence your property and post “NO TRESPASSING” signs in Spanish. If they get within 60 feet of your house … shoot to kill (English Law).

              That’s why the Founder’s guaranteed our right to keep and bear arms: to shoot Indians and Meheecans. 🙂

          • I bought one of those Predator 3500 Watt inverter generators as a backup for my Coleman 5000 Watt generator. Still in the box. I need to revisit the youtube videos I downloaded on it that give tips on how to break it in. Note to self: Put that on my list of S.T.D. by the end of next month.

            For next year, I want to hire an electrician to install a transfer switch in my garage so I can hook up my generators to my house power and not have to run extension cords or worry about frying the power company guy on the street.

            I think there is a way to daisy chain the two generators together, which is something I need to investigate further when the switch is installed.

            • Harbor Freight can link two of its 2000i inverter generators together now, like the similar Hondas. Each Honda is $1,000. The comparable predator is about $400.

              I am told that Harbor Freight will soon have the ability to link two of its 3500i Predators together, generating 7000 watts. As it is, the 3500i will produce 3000 running watts which is enough to power the ac/heaters on my motorhome.

              At $700 its a screaming bargain, and 2 decibels quieter than the comparable Honda. I really wanted to go with a solar generator but the price to value ratio just wasn’t attractive enough to go that route yet.

              The real bargain is Tesla’s Powerwall. 🙂

          • Oh yeah post your No tress pass signs as you are overrun by the drug smugglers. You think some trespassing sign in Spanish is more powerful than crossing the US /Mexican Border? LMFAO!!! AZ is another State that will turn to dust when the water runs out. Then you get to fight it out with the Rattle Snakes.

            • The majority of Arizona will be secure with the Earth Changes coming with the Pole Shift (which is why I am here); Tucson in particular is a good place to be when that happens. On the other hand, NW Florida for example, will be underwater as will the rest of the State. You had better buy a boat big enough for you and your preps.

              As I have mentioned before, there is a lot of fresh water in Arizona if you know where and how to look for it; but not enough for the 18 million people in SoCal. I am sitting on 20 million gallons of pure artesian water and I will sell you a 16 oz bottle for a one oz silver round. Yuans will not be accepted.

              I’ll even throw in a rattle snake so you will have something to eat. 🙂

      3. So I got to thinking who can afford this expensive real estate.

        I decided to look at the job opportunities in Las Vegas.

        HaHaHaHaHa. Four of the top ten job listings were in the pot business. THAT’S who’s cashing in…the independent growers.

        Experienced cannabis trimmer
        $11-$15 an hour

        Inventory runner-cannabis
        $14 an hour

        $12-$14 an hour

        Inventory specialist-cannabis industry
        No salary listed

        • Most of Vegas is a slum. Depressing neighborhoods. It’s LA East now. They own it because
          they ruined it. Clark County might as well be Cali. The rest of the state might be okay.

      4. I was told by a Vegas old timer, that when digging a swimming pool, they had to hurry and cement it in before the water would seep in. La Vegas means. The Meadows, the ground water was close to the surface. Some say a large amount of clean water. Flying into Vegas is very casual? With a special elevator key that goes way down? And lots of water. Very geographically Isolated. Mostly retired old people and showgirls. Stocking easily with all the restaurants. No one would notice?

      5. Great….. plenty of pot…..running out of water
        more water rations… can’t afford a home…building
        more homes on a DESERT….and jobs that
        could be illiegal tomorrow with the swipe of a pen.

        Sounds like liberals are in superb control in LV.
        Those people are total losers.
        All the money belongs to Aaarabs and they only
        want the money. When the money is gone so will they.

        • Kay: You are pretty much right on the money!! Face it folk,s the U.S. is a massive cluster-F@#$ if there ever was one. . . I have no faith in this place nor the Gov’t at all anymore. It is a slow version of the Titanic and taking on water: Iceberg Right AHEAD!!

      6. Same in my area of NW Florida. I lost my previous house thru divorce , the market here priced this single income 50 something out of the ball park. What used to be a 60k house here 7 or 8 years ago is now a 150 k house.

      7. Similar situation in my city. Homes everywhere for sale or rent, but few have the money for them. Rent has been going up here along with mortgages. I already know of a few people sleeping in SUVs and even an RV. They’re not bums. They still have “visible means of support”, i.e. they still work for a living but for unknown reasons can’t afford a freakin’ roof over their heads. And the Trump crowd claims the economy is improving? NOT where I live, that much I know for sure. I rent a 2-bedroom, 1-bath house with 1300 square feet for only $800.oo per month and INCLUDES utilities. Not too bad for this shitty economy. The extended-stay motels in town are all packed with people who can’t get an apartment or a house. What burns me the most is that “minorities” with a Section-8 housing voucher can go get apartments easily and don’t even pay ALL if their rent. White people’s tax money covers a certain percentage of their rent and these same white people can’t even get an apartment or house themselves. And everywhere that the Section-8 trash lives crime goes through the roof. If people with Section-8 vouchers are turned away from a property, they can sue that property for ALLEGED DISCRIMINATION under the federal Fair Housing Act. That shit’s been going on since the 60s. The Section-8 program should be scrapped altogether. If I have to pay my whole rent every month then so should someone on the programs. That’s just more proof of what I’ve said all these years about minorities getting special treatment under federal law. The black BS white people have to tolerate!

        • Try not to be stupid your whole life. I worked in Idaho for 5 years doing maintenance at low income housing. Want to guess how many people were black there and not paying rent? Lets go with 0. Out of the 129 units 120 were white.

          • Same thing in my area, no nigs here, some brownskins but mostly white trash make up the worthless freeloader society here. Really do need the ship to sink and drown these pathetic rats with their purple hair, body tatoos, earlobe holes, pin cushion faces.

          • That’s Idaho. I lived in section 8 for a time, in Southside Virginia (between Danville and South Hill) and out of 52 units 20 were for old people and some of them were white. All the rest were black. I was one of 4 families who were actually working. Most of the rest were on welfare or retired. No other minorities lived in the area. They moved to the Big City. It was quiet (usually) and I lived there for two years, but I will live in an RV first before living in section 8 again.

        • DR, The economy is not improving. Not where I live either. That’s a smoke n’ mirrors illusion, not a reality.

          And Trump did not directly create those 200,000 jobs he brags about. He has actually cost many people their jobs, but he didn’t directly create these new jobs as he boasts. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time to take credit just like Clinton did during the 1990s technology / internet boom. Clinton didn’t create that robust economy. It was created during his Administration (= sheer luck) by wealthy VC’s who generously funded hundreds of entrepreneurs and their start-ups. The federal govt had nothing to do with that success, it was all private planning and funding.

          None of that success was Clinton’s doing and he had nothing to do with it yet the scumbag he is took credit for the economy anyway. Same with Trump. No different. Trump isn’t any better than the rest of them. They’re all trash, bought and paid for and out for themselves.

        • DR: You are so Correct, 100% in fact!! This country is so completely F@#$%& in the a$$ and then some. We have close to 1/2 of our so called clown paychecks STOLEN before we even see a stinking penny and then they turn around and give OUR stolen blood, sweat and tears filled-funds away to Foreigners, Muslims, Apes and on and on and on and what are we, the average WHITE working people left with: Just about Nothing, is what we are left with!! I am so completely sick & tired of how things are anymore. It is not right for a god damned f-ing second. We ALL need to simply stop paying bills, no more paying income taxes. No more credit cards. No more bank loans. What are they going to really do if say 300 MILLION just said F-you, suck it, I am done and not paying. There is nothing they could do but unfortunately you could never get the majority to have the balls to actually do something other than just cry and complain and tow the line day after day after year after year…And why do all of these filthy, vile foreign invading mutts want to come to this hell hole called the US?? F-it and F-this place anymore.

          • Concerned Citizen – I agree, and share your anger and frustration but just to let you know very little of your income goes to foreigners such as illegal Mexicans, Muslims, etc. Most of it goes to the thieves and thugs in the WH/government posing as leaders and government officials. They are the ones whom we should be angry at; 1- for letting these illegals and freeloaders into the country, but 2- mostly for extortion/stealing our wages.

            A person making the median income of around $60K today will kick in around $30 per year towards (all combined) SNAP, welfare & housing subsidies for poor and homeless people. Those earning $30K-$40K per year contribute a little less, around $20 per year, and so on. I am sure of that.

            The problem isn’t really them, it’s the thugs and thieves in government and the secret/shadow ‘behind the scenes’ government running the US.

            They have successfully led us to believe it’s the illegals and freeloaders who are making us poor and struggle, so that our anger is directed away from them (the REAL culprits) and onto the lazy, entitled but powerless people, especially the stupid, entitled ones who can’t afford to have children but have them anyway.

            $20-$50 per year spread out all throughout the course of the year isn’t going to take us down financially. The government just wants us to think the reason we are struggling is because of the needy and the entitled freeloaders. But they are peanuts compared to what the powerful government and shadow/elitists are doing to us, robbing us in the thousands, which pales in comparison to $20-$50 per year to feed and house the poor, and also entitled ones.

            The government and secret government will take us down as they are the REAL thieves who want us impoverished AND disarmed, and that’s really who we should all join forces and unite against. They are the REAL culprits.

      8. supply and demand for housing. My house is worth double than what I paid and I could get it too. Glad it’s paid off. Still gotta pay property tax but it’s peanuts if scumbags started moving into the neighborhood I’d go ask for taxes to be raised. You gotta keep undesirables out. Affordable housing attracts lowlifes. Rented in the ghetto for years I know what I’m talking about. Rural homes are out of reach around here. The ones that are affordable need a lot of work and the property taxes are rediculous. beach is couple miles away. I think this has a lot to do with property value.

      9. Something big is going down. Solar observatories here in U.S. have been taken over by the FBI and all personnel have been kicked out along with surrounding areas including at least one Post Office. Take a look at Drudge.

        • BB: Yes, I have heard of this, WTF is going on?? God only knows what they have gotten us into this time yet again. . .

        • It most likely was they were doing electronic surveillance and on the sly, and it got compromised by a spy. And the present leak is a subterfuge and a cover story about UFOs.

          • Two things

            1. There is a peculiar rumor of a sphere near the sun that likely is disinformation, however it is interesting.

            2. There is a leak like what I wrote above about spying by the Chinese at the site. No confirmation yet. What was really going on there?

            • Here is the UP-Coming NOW Elitist Scheme. To create the new Boogieman Threat to Humanity.

              1. First it was Communism so we fought needless decades against Communism.
              2. Then it was Terrorism and we fought this invented Boogie man for decades in more needless wars.
              3. Next is the setup of Space Aliens. Like what is creepier that some unknown space alien taking over the Globe. And the “Power to Be” will be rolling out TV propaganda and more fake sightings of space aliens and Why do you think the US Government just opened up the Space Agency and part of the Defense and Pentagon? Why it’s to fight the New Space alien.

              So here is what you need to watch and the propaganda to follow. TV shows like Space Aliens to get the Low IQ warmed up to the idea and start planting BS subliminal seeds in your brains. More fake sightings from frauds claiming they saw a space ship. The use of Holograms and laser lights in the sky shining on clouds to get people to report more sightings of some UFO’s. And when it looks really bad to the boiling point and the dumb masses are so frightened the Government and Military Industrial Complex will come to the rescue and start setting up false flags and fake human abductions by Space Creatures and UFO’s, and the Government will save us all because they’re so smart for setting up the space agency. What do you think all of this Area 54 and space craft has been kept in mothballs for all these years for? Timing, and the right time to start spring this new Fake UFO Threat out into the public. This is the master Plan for the NWO Powers to control the Globe to save us from space aliens.

              So don’t buy into this space alien crap one bit.

              I am telling you this is how this is unrolling and what to expect.

            • Something very strange is going on there. It’s so strange that it has progressed beyond peculiar and might now fit the actual definition of WEIRD.

              Now since the late sixties and the Cold War, we have had retrieval teams of spec ops who were trained to get in and get out rapidly whenever “foreign technology” could be taken and then studied. It often was aeronautics or space technology and it became dangerous with nuclear reactors. We did not want that stuff falling into the wrong hands.

              It involved the US Army early on and the CIA as the device might come down internationally so they helped coordinate.

              The Soviets had some unusual tech at one time like a biological computer in one of their Migs that worked on an algae or fungus that was light sensitive and very hush hush. That happened in the eighties. The Soviets had difficulty with integrated circuits and were trying other avenues.

              Anyway, it later became a dangerous job as the Russians and the Chinese had their own teams and these things might come down in odd places like Africa. So they had Delta Force, I think or a Seal team who specialized. It was a rare situation.

              Anyways, the story gets weirder. Several solar observatories may have shutdown. It’s like there was coordination.

              This is all highly speculative.

              This sort of thing is prone to disinformation and realize many media outlets are paid by the CIA to do this to throw people off…with UFOs being a decent cover as then people laugh and thus discount any new intel.

              It’s sounding like something came down and was retrieved. It might be nonsense, but that is being discussed. I’m very interested now as multiple weird information is comingout in dribs and drabs.

              And what the heck is this video footage of possible Mexican troops in disguise crossing the border? Is this an intentional leak of a film in production or actual footage???

              • Look up the Soviet Biological Weapons Program book by Milton Leitenberg and two others.

                There is an excerpt on bacteriorhodopsin being used by the Soviets in their Migs which was being used as a very early optical computer. We had nothing like it in 1977. As you can imagine, we badly wanted to get our hands on it. It used bacteria for computing.

                The same retrieval teams allegedly also found nonterrestrial devces ie potejtially extraterrestrial.

              • Six other solar observatories have shut down besides New Mexico:
                Two in Hawaii.
                One in Pennsylvania.
                One in Spain.
                One in Australia.
                One in Chile.

                Now, there is a rumor, possibly a cover story, that it’s due to a classified payload. I doubt this. That would explain four solar observatories in the USA complying but not the other three.

                • The latest rumor that sounds plausible is that the closed solar observatory had perhaps Chinese folks who had education visas and entered graduate student programs and then took positions on these government facilities in order to spy. Or they were Chinese folks who were placed here as sleeper agents and raised as chokes Americans and did the same thing.

                  In this specific case, they were watching White Sands. And then they found that other agents had infiltrated the others in America and possibly beyond.

                  There is even talk that they could retask the observatory to do electronic surveillance somehow and either save it or broadcast it. That sounds implausible as many records are kept which take images at intervals, thus you would have to do both somehow.

                  Nothing explains the peculiar smell in the region…unless they deliberately leaked it tocreate alarm to get compliance to evacuate the town.

                  Otherwise, the rumor of the downed electronic device with the classified payload had leaking fuel and that is what the odor is.

                  UFO rumors get immediate dismissed and are great cover stories.

          • I have seen photos of these spheres. They are HUGE. HUGE. HUGE. And they appear to have the capability to mitigate EMP’s.

            I also have seen photos showing a HUGE (Borg-like) square. These photos were taken by official solar observatories but I can’t remember which one.

            David Wilcock says the “Sphere People” are part of the “good guys” and if any one knows, it would be him. 🙂

      10. The entire idea that created Las Vegas is satanic. I never ever want to go. On a business trip, I got dragged with my associates to dinner and Atlantic City, and I watched moral co-workers turn into unhinged loons. I was embarrassed for them. When the inevitable fallen women came around, I tried to be polite and kind to them. They were shocked but even though nice, they moved on to greener pastures. I’m not a mark or a rube.

        I am sure Las Vegas would be a 100 times worse.

        And pray tell, why would anyone justify living in a region so devoid of the essentials to life like rainwater?

        It’s sin and stupidity.

        • I was in Vegas for a conference in the early 2000s. Several of us met in the hotel lobby for breakfast. We had to walk through the casino to get to the restaurant. One of the ladies was a good Christian woman that had never been to Vegas. She said something to the tone that she couldn’t believe people were already there gambling. I replied something to the effect that she needed to look at all the beer bottles in front of them to realize they had been there all night gambling. She was flabbergasted.

          I’ve been there a few times, never really liked it. My step-daughter just had to get married there a few years ago. My wife and I had to go, of course. Spent a few days. Didn’t drop a single penny on gambling. I don’t see a need to ever return.

        • Maranatha, speaking of the evils of casinos and gambling, you might be interested to know the following Trump backstory/history:

          In the 1980s and 1990s Donald Trump took Atlantic City to the next level. He built and owned many gambling casinos there as well as hotels and residential real estate. He even engaged in ‘Eminent Domain’ and forced law-abiding tax-paying people out of their generational summer Jersey Shore homes in order to build Trump hotels.

          He also owned the Miss USA Beauty Pageant headquartered in AC for many decades as well, and was closely involved with the girls/contestants. It was no secret that he was heavily involved with the seedy underworld during the building of these gambling casinos and hotels. He filed bankruptcy 4 times and stiffed all of his creditors. And joked about it.

          Prior to running for POTUS he never once denied any of this, nor did he ever once deny back then that he kept a copy of MY NEW ORDER by Adolf Hitler by his bedside during his marriage to his first wife, Ivana. Never once denied it until after he was elected and it came up.


          • Yeah…and? The alternative was Hillary Clinton. Not only has at least eleven scandals happened while she was the First Lady, but then she sold American Uranium to the Russians and pocketed 100 million for the Clinton Foundation.

            But why would anyone be surprised? Her first act as a lawyer was to defend a GUILTYchild molestor of an eleven year old girl and she got him released. True story and it ruined her life.

            The woman is a spawn of Satan…right from the pit of Gehenna.

            You either voted for Trump who was immoral like 90% of US presidents orf you voted for an antichrist.

            • Maranatha, My point was that he’s not much better than her.

              She’s corrupt but he’s not much better. I have stated that in other threads. With all your preaching here about morals you put way too much faith, trust and confidence in a man with very questionable moral character.

              It isn’t a black and white, either-or issue, where if one is bad the other must be acceptable. They’re both corrupt.

              • Yeah. So Trump is a corrupt businessman who most likely had to pay bribes to labor unions to get his casinos built. So what? Do you think that is unusual or that bribes are a routine aspect of dealing with the mob who has infiltrated labor unions?

                Oh Brother. What naivete.

                Okay. If Trump is a 10 on a corruption score, then Hillary Clinton is a 100,000.

                I say vote for the lesser of two evils. Let’s be proportional.

                The homosexuals, the pinkos, the anarchists, the illegal aliens, the feminists, the Marxists, the socialist hate Trump. Well Buddy, that sounds like I would support him because if those freaks are against him, then I am for him.

                Even the Washington Post admits the economy is better like it was in 1999! He’s reversed 19 years of squalor. African Americans are working again after their wealth was destroyed under Obummer. Every African American should get off the Democrat plantation, stop dying by killing black babies through abortion, and back someone who is restoring their net worth.

                Heck, he isn’t even taking a salary. He is losing money to be president.

              • At least 15 presidents had affairs with Harding having an affair and a love child! So I find most of this rather boring. Jefferson was sleeping with a slave who barely a teenager and had a child. Andrew Jackson was having an affair with a lady who was not quite divorced. FDR slept with his female underlings and most like a cousin. Ike slept with a female driver.

                Shall I go on? And that is what we know about.

      11. I see several people here think Trump
        is bad for the economy. Have you followed
        the news the last 12 years or so?
        The Bushez and the Obumho both had fire
        sales and sold everything they could…then
        told foreign countries to send tens of millions
        or people to drown the economy in welfare and
        medical debt. They were gleefully rocking the boat
        hoping to sink, or at least dilute, the conservative
        influence of the US. into WHAT?? ….Yes, Globalization!!
        They want to eliminate the two party…..(UNI-PARTY.)….for
        Our freedoms are hanging by a thread…..and nobody but
        us “peasants” gives a rats**s.

        • Here is how bad the economy wzs after Clinton and NAFTA, George W, and Obummer. This year, the median household income hit $61,000. The last time it was that high was 1999. Nineteen freakin’ years.

          So it’s being celebrated. But in reality compared to inflation, in 1990 dollars, $61,000 buys $30,500 worth of stuff. This is why people are poor. They really are even if they make more money.

          In effect, since 1990, the globalist got two people to work but pay them HALF. It’s serfdom but in history, the serfs were better off and worked less! Read some history.

          The Feminists screwed the homemakers. The neocons want endless pointless war for allowing the military-industrial complex to suck at the teat, which is actually dry, of the federal budget. The globalists destroyed the industrial base and the middle class. Obummer destroyed healthcare. The technocrats are effectively destroying natural rights like free speech.

          It ain’t better but it is! It seems better but it ain’t! It is the very definition of an illusion but sold as reality.

          Trump is turning it around back to 1999, but he’s one man with feet of clay against a SWAMP of rats.

        • kay, Bush and Obama were also bad for the economy. Saying that Trump is too doesn’t mean that Bush and Obama were not.

      12. In history, when women get desperate largely due to lack of husbands and loss of economic status due to disasters, they turn to sellimg their bodies. It repeats over and over and why prostitution is the oldest female profession. But the dirty secret of the occultists is sex magick is a frequent aspect of pagan religions. And though no homosexual will admit it, most often, if you do any ministry at all, you will find teenagers selling themselves to homosexuals. And you will find homosexuals abusing teenagers.

        The mark of the depravity in an urban center is measured by the openness of prostitution.

        Meanwhile the openly malevolent claim it’s a victimless crime. Baloney. Every time you have it, there are abused children, battered women, drug abuse that facilitates prostitution. It often becomes a slavery ring using illegal aliens. They are told tales of how America is great. That there is a job waiting as an au pair. Then they get here, their passport is taken, and they are STUCK as prostitutes and afraid to tell due to threats of violence to them and their inevitable babies. And some come illegally from Central America and Mexico and are even worse off. Some may have been kidnapped or forced to do it.

        It breaks their spirit and drugs are them self-medicating. And this destroys their babies.

      13. It’s really bad in the Denver area too. And of course the good ole capitalism “supply and demand” is being blamed.

      14. BJ, no,the Constitution does not say anything about people getting welfare or anything else as a right. I believe the section you are referring to mentions “to provide the common welfare…”. Your liberal friend is an ignorant imbecile.Just as “a right to privacy ” has nothing to do with abortions. The Federalist Society can help you out with this. Give them a look see.

        • Thank you Southside

      15. Las Vegas was a desert. Then a 3ew Organized Crime boss got the idea to build Casino after Casino. Now the Corporations own Vegas. When you make enough money off gambling, prostitution, and deadly drugs; you go “legit”. Suddenly, you’re a pillar of the community.

        And people wonder why there’s so much corruption everywhere you look.

        A sucker is born every minute.


      16. Why do they want casinos? It’s largely a CASH business and hence it’s not the profit on gambling which is excellent. If you give me $4 and I give you a $1, think of the potential.

        No, the real profit is MONEY LAUNDERING. Drug money comes in. Gets washed. Mafia money comes in from a variety of schemes like bustouts and prostitution and pornography and computer crime a.d identity theft, and gets washed.

        They can actually afford to make the odds better and still make a profit and do lots of money laudering. Because just going to the bank is a big problem with all that cash. Why do you think Las Vegas cleaned up their act in the nineties and started having family activities? They realized by not being greedy, they could launr more money.

        All the off track betting and the numbers racket feeds to them as well. All the loan sharking vigorish probably does as well. But heck, pay day loans easily substitutes for that with cars as collateral. And it’s less risky.

      17. There’s lots of ways to skin a cat. What is a bank nowadays? It’s a business that loans money it does not have and thus creates currency every time it offers a loan. This is largely why there is inflation.

        So the banks can scam by loaning currency on guaranteed mortages to poor often minorities as disadvantaged consumers. Every politician loves this as a gimme which they then spin to potential ethnic voters.

        The banks sell the loan.

        And then after paying a mortgage for years, there is a problem like job loss due to injury or illness. They foreclose after two missed payments. In a good market they make out like bandits as the home may be worth more.

        In general, the first five years you pay your mortgage, is almost always just interest with almost nothing against the principal. So they lost all the money paying for a home and have no profit.

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