Homicide Rate In England And Wales Surges To Highest Since 2008

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    The murder and manslaughter rate in England and Wales has risen to the highest in a decade, official figures show.

    As The Guardian reports, there were 719 homicides – murder and manslaughter – in the year to June, a 14% increase from 630 in the previous year excluding exceptional incidents in 2017 such as the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, the Office for National Statistics said.

    It was the highest number since 775 homicides were recorded in the year to March 2008.

    There were 39,332 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument, up 12% on the previous year, according to police-recorded data. The figure excludes data from Greater Manchester police after a review identified undercounting of crimes involving a knife or sharp instrument due to a technical issue.

    There were also jumps in the numbers of recorded robberies (up 22%), sexual offences (up 18%), vehicle-related theft (up 7%) and burglaries (2%).

    Total police-recorded crime rose by 9% as forces in England and Wales registered a total of 5.6m offences in the year to June, the ONS said.

    John Apter, the chair of the Police Federation, which represents tens of thousands of rank and file officers, said:

    “It didn’t take a crystal ball to predict these shocking increases because they only reflect what we have been telling government for years – we need more boots on the ground.”

    Have no fear though Brits, since the government has a plan:

    “We are consulting on a public health approach to serious violence and giving police extra powers to tackle knife crime through our offensive weapons bill.”


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      1. I imagine the cause of this could likely be summed up in one word: Muslims.

        • That’s a polite way of saying scum islamic savages.

          • GREAT! Errr wait…. I thought it said HOMOcide… my bad.

        • Not to suggest that I am defending Muslims – not one of whom belongs inside any historic White European nation – but, I think a more accurate description of what is driving these horrific crime statistics would be the influx of massive numbers of primitive, low IQ, unskilled non-White third world people into these first world, White Western nations.

          These third worlders are merely bringing with them their default behaviors, and as we would all have to agree – these third world behaviors do not mesh well with advanced, high tech civilizations that were created by White Europeans.

          But then, Enoch Powell and many others clearly understood what sort of dark future loomed ahead and these prophets tried to warn their people to not succumb to the genocide orchestrations of that one particular (((tribe))) and allow their nations to be flooded with millions of incompatible, indigestible, and dangerous third world aliens.

      2. What can you expect in a country over run with Muslims. Also not allowing citizens to own guns doesn’t help. I would not visit let alone live in any country in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. And when the good ole USA starts confiscating citizens’ guns the fight will be on. Hide and watch.

      3. Why are these nations allowing muslims into their population? They can walk there by foot? Divide and conquer? Managed mayhem? Banker NWO dictates? All of the above, check.

        • Statistics can be used to reinforce whatever prejudices one holds dear. This article does just that and panders to people who believe nonsense – either from the left or right.

          “There were 34 firearm homicides in the US per million of population in 2016, compared with 0.48 shooting-related murders in the UK.

          Knife murders are also higher stateside: there were 4.96 homicides “due to knives or cutting instruments” in the US for every million of population in 2016.

          In Britain there were 3.26 homicides involving a sharp instrument per million people in the year from April 2016 to March 2017.”

          • How many per million is the UK stats? Derrrr….

            • And your chosen nomenclature is, wait for it…Genius. Or are you simply being ironic?

              As you demonstrate time after time, in post after post, understanding the written word is a skill that you don’t seem to have mastered.

              • He didn’t say per million for the UK stats. Or is it YOU that can’t read?

      4. The crime rates will continue to rise in the West, mostly as a result of the invasion of 3rd world populations. It’s happening here also. And they’re not just importing violence, but diseases that were mostly eradicated thru vaccination programs. In England, you would be incapable of defending yourself against the invaders. They are a protected class. Any form of violence perpetrated by you in self defense will likely be a hate crime….and it would be YOU going to jail. The invaders know this, and are free to rape, rob, and pillage.
        Thanks to the liberal doctrine of diversity and multiculturalism!!!!

      5. LMAO. A Muslim 4 Marriage ad right here on SHTF.plan

      6. Does that mean the bobbies will have to carry something stronger than pepper spray?

      7. I have been there. It is 100 percent caused by Muslims and blacks. Ask the police, pretty well every attack and murder in London is by these two groups. They are righteous trash.

        Vast sums are spent on welfare for them. They have drug and rape gangs operating right across the country, even in small towns. Come on over: first thing you will notice is how hard it is to even see white people in parts of the UK.

        • “I have been there. It is 100 percent caused by Muslims and blacks. Ask the police, pretty well every attack and murder in London is by these two groups.”

          That is a ridiculously specious and contentiously incorrect statement. Can you back up your allegations with statistical evidence?

          As you’re seemingly too senile to produce any meaningful stats here’s some, proving that as is your wont, you spout unadulterated bilge:

          ht tps://news.sky.com/story/black-murder-victims-and-suspects-london-v-uk-11443656

          I am neither for or against the groups you mentioned. However, I am totally opposed to serial liars and fantasists such as yourself.

        • Payback for the revolutionary war?

          • Maybe. It is well documented the Congressional Black Caucus have lobbied for decades for Europe to be less white and more multcultural. This is all planned at the highest levels and delivered by politicians. But, why? Money. They need cheap labour and you know where all that cheap labour is just waiting to come into Europe.

      8. Mass deportation or mass neutralization of Muslims is in order.

        It’s time to pull your collective head out of you collective ass Europe !

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