Homeowner Shoots At Would-Be-Robber During Home Invasion

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 63 comments

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    A homeowner in Columbia, Missouri shot at a would-be-robber during a home invasion. Levi Strodman said he always carries his pistol with him while in his home, and it tipped the tables in his favor.

    Police officers were called to Strodman’s home around 10 pm on Sunday. Strodman said his wife had heard a knock at the door. When he went to check it out, he grabbed his pistol, which he said he always carries in the home. “It’s kind of taboo but I encourage it, obviously now,” he said.

    Strodman noticed something odd almost immediately, although he assumed the neighbor was just having some fun.  When he got to the door, the view through the peephole was obstructed.  That’s when he cracked open the door and an armed man attempted to push his way into Strodman’s home. “He rushed it and I put force back on him and was able to stop him immediately,” said Strodman. “He was still fighting to make his way through and was gaining ground. Then he presented a pistol.”

    Strodman then fired his own pistol twice, scaring away the would-be-intruder before losing his footing and falling down the stairs. “In this case, I was able to literally save my life and my wife from someone who wished to do us harm,” he said.

    Former prosecutor Bill Tackett said it’s a textbook case of Missouri’s castle doctrine and stand your ground in action. Under castle doctrine, a homeowner, or someone allowed to be in the home like a babysitter, has the legal right to defend themselves using deadly force when faced with a threatening trespasser. Stand your ground says people no longer have to retreat from danger before shooting in any place where they have a legal right to be.

    This situation is also just one more example of a good guy with a gun protecting himself and others with a gun. “This is the extreme case where someone knocks on your door and points a gun at you and you have both available to you,” said Tackett. “If you want to shoot an intruder, this is your state.”

    Tim Oliver, director of Learn to Carry, said a holstered gun is a danger to nobody.”If that homeowner had not had his firearm with him, it could have turned out a whole lot worse,” he said.

    Strodman said he hopes his experience can help others get the tools and training they need to take responsibility for their immediate safety. “I just can’t recommend enough getting the tools and utilizing something that was given to us even at the foundation of our country,” he said. “The state of Missouri practically encourages us to protect ourselves.”

    Strodman says he only saw one perpetrator running away from his home, while a witness claimed there were two assailants.  A K9 was brought in to try to track down the suspects and police are not sure if the suspects were hit by the gunfire. There was some damage inside the home from the shots being fired, but Strodman and his wife were not seriously hurt, according to police, and it was all because of the presence of a gun.


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      1. Was home alone yesterday, late afternoon. All vehicles gone, so it didn’t appear anyone was home. All of a sudden the alarm monitor said “Garage door open”. I jumped up to see if someone had come home and I hadn’t heard the vehicle. No one. I started to the door, thought better of it, and got out my home intruder deterrent. I went outside, checked the garage, checked around the front of the house (dogs out back were quiet) – found no one. But I was ready, and would have fired had anyone shown themselves in even a little bit of a threatening manner. We’ve had over $6,000 worth of tools and equipment stolen over the past 5 years. I am tired of it. I’m a good shot and I’ve prepared for the possibility of having to pull the trigger some day. I won’t be playing around.

        • sounds like an NRA bullshit story.

        • coward, dont be so jumpy?

          • My suggestion is not to test peoples’ cowardice.

            Some of us have come from nasty countries or abusive situations, so have no normalcy bias.

            • yes, why miss? they will be back as soon as they realize they dont have any holes in them.

        • wow! those Hoover vacuum salesman are getting pushy.

        • I would have called the dogs to me. They ruin a good game of HIDE n SEEK as most kids with dogs know.

          When I lost my sidearm (A beautiful boxer) and had just gotten a new one (Codename: Wrecking Ball) I noticed an undone latch on the side gate. No oil man and no one I could think of calling and questioning were there that day. I watched the new girl’s behavior (no indication of someone interesting to get to) but had to go room to room up and down anyway to make sure all was copacetic.

          When your animal takes notice, you take notice. If you take notice, get the animals near. Let their senses do your work, no matter how small they may be.

          • I know Columbia well, use to be a nice town many decades ago, but now it’s full of college libs and gang-bangers out of KC and St.Louis that hang out in the projects. If you live there you better do more than just carry your gun, you might want to shoot it enough to be proficient with it, which it sounds like Levi hadn’t done. Trekker Out. No CCW needed in Missourah!

            • i like a BIG fireball out of my gun. load a magnum load of 240 grain hollowpoints on top of a hot load of Winchester 296 in your 44 Rem Magnum. use a gun that has at least a 6” barrel like a smith and wesson mod 29 or a shiny stainless steel Ruger super red hawk. you will be glad you did. the fireball alone will burn them down. that load will go right through the door to but you may have to put your curtain fire out

        • there was a shooting/ multimurder at walmart a couple werks ago and nine people in the store pulled their guns when they heard the shots. how do you know when you have your gun pulled if the guy running down isle 6 is a good guy or a stupid NRA member?

          • In the where? I would personally find more constructive value, in the open field, which existed before the Walmart, but would not pull a gun on someone, based on the fact that he was running.

      2. Great news! Since millennials are now the largest voting block, guess what thats going to do for your 2nd Amendment rights. Yeah. Don’t vote in the mid-terms, see what happens.

        • The powers that be won’t stop until all guns are illegal. Fuck them because we won’t ever give them up anyway. A war over this is inevitable. If I ever have to kill an intruder, I will bury the body deep and just say nothing.

          • Menzo, that’s right. Shoot, shovel, shutup.

            • Yeah Brave, shut up, for once.

              • Real Deplorable, you think you can make me then bring it on.

                • Your house got broken into in broad daylight and your sh$t was stolen…I guess you’re not taken as seriously as you think. Clown.

            • Thats right, when you have a rogue govt. you have rogue people. Read the Marbury vs. Madison supreme court case, “Any law that is repugnent to the constitution is as it never existed” But don’t tell the statists that.

          • Menzoberranzan – There won’t be any need to bury the body if you get people like me on the jury. If you shoot someone trying to break into your house, that is all I need to know. NOT GUILTY.

      3. one word – “good”

        • Two words. More practice.

      4. GOD bless the homeowner in this article, without his firearm they would at the very least been robbed and very likely beat up pretty bad, or even killed. Good for Missouri, in several states and localities the homeowner would have been prosecuted for using his firearm even though it was for the protection of his family against violent intruders in their own home. I would not hesitate for a second doing what is necessary to protect my family, besides, better tried by twelve that carried by six.
        The state despises private ownership of firearms/weapons even though they are effective in stopping criminals. Gov’t at all levels has been citing bogus statistics and bogus studies for decades towards outlawing and getting rid of guns. They know they cannot simply confiscate them because of the Second Amendment, though the minions working on behalf of TPTB continue to twist the definition of it. If the state could they would have taken away all the guns by now but they know they can’t. However, they are trying to do it with the piecemeal tactic, one group or method at a time. The state frames gun control in only the context of crime and criminals and public safety, but that is very misleading, and the statists know it. It is really about disarming and rendering powerless the citizens against the gov’t. If the 2nd Amend. does not exist, neither will our other liberties and rights.
        The state even abhors self defense because you are defending yourself with deadly force and possibly taking a life, independent of the state. You are making a decision and performing an action with force the state desires to reserve to itself, regardless of the circumstances. One can debate all these issues morally, legally, or philosophically, but the fact is the state doesn’t give you your rights, and state cannot take your rights away. If so, it is naked tyranny.

        • “in several states and localities the homeowner would have been prosecuted for using his firearm even though it was for the protection of his family against violent intruders in their own home”

          ONLY IF THEY CALLED THE COPS (on themselves).

          • Genius, that’s true in the anti-gun states. When it comes to self-defense I don’t even pay attention to any law that can interfere with it. If/when I have to pull the trigger on a mofo then so be it. And God help anyone who tries to act against me over it.

          • it would have been more fun to let the intruder in then use tae qwon do and kick his a$$.

        • Bill, truer words were never spoken. I’m glad to hear the homeowner and his wife survived. Too bad none of his shots hit the scumbag. I know how govt. looks at self-defense so I don’t follow ANY law which can interfere with self-defense. When we, as individuals, get into these situations, we are on our own and have to become our own ‘first responders’. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled many times that law enforcement has no obligation to protect any citizens period. Their primary duty is revenue collection. They don’t even care about crime or the public. Dialing 911 is a waste of time and effort. Cops are useless. We are responsible for our own personal safety. That is the bottom line.

          • In SHTF I damned near pulled a gun on someone. It was terrifying. Plus every fucking noise at night makes you jump up scared shitless shaking prowling your house in the dark waiting for a black face to pop out and thinking about what you might have to do.

            SHTF was hell on earth. It’s not something I look forward to having to do again.

            • Eisen I know what you mean trying to sleep at night. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve ever been spooked. I’ve also had a lot of close calls.

        • if it was a squirrel breaking into a house then the NRA member would shoot for sure.

      5. Join the US Concealed Carry Association, you will be glad you did.

        • Is that for people that think they need a permit to do so?

          • Its mostly for insurance in the event you get sued for exorcising your 2nd right. And yes, you do need a permit or you’ll be charged with a felony and lose your right permanently. Change your name to “Dumbass”.

            • It’s NOT a felony here dumbass! You sound like a nutlicking statist obedient little douche. Change your name to nutlicking statist!

              • Your so stupid you probably agree with the don’t call the cops and get rid of the body (a real felony and much worse) but can’t comprehend having a concealed gun without a permit lol. The chances of me getting busted with a concealed gun is damn near 0. Worth the privacy for a misdemeanor imo. Oh but it’s illegal oh my god! Make sure you obey all the fooked up laws and if you see someone break them get your little rat claws on the horn asap and report it!

                • Your an arrogant prick.

                  • And exactly how would you reply? Sounds like you may be on the other side of the nutlicker with your brown nose. Praise the state, down with the constitution seems to be your motto. Sorry but I am not stupid and I am not a statist douchebag either. Now get back to your regularly scheduled PROGRAMMING…

      6. GrannyB, glad to hear you survived your situation. My home was last broken into on Nov. 25, 2015. The scum got inside in broad daylight during the morning and took 2 safes I had. One of the safes contained 5 handguns which I had to file a stolen weapons report. I had come home about 10;30 that morning to pick u something I forgot and I found my front door wide open. I pulled my 9mm out of the truck and went inside to check it out. The only part of the house that had been ransacked was my bedroom where my 2 safes were. I also had a long gun safe with 5 long guns which hadn’t even been touched, amazingly. all my electronics were also still there. Whoever it was only wanted the guns apparently. I had to wait 3 hours for police to arrive. They went inside and investigated. I had a whole list of the guns and serial numbers for the stolen weapons report. I did that to keep any liability off me in case any of those weapons were used in any type of crime. A home invasion can happen at any time. I normally go to work at 7:oo AM. So the scum had two-and-a-half hours to do their thing. It had to be at least 2 because those safes were really heavy. I’m also a good shot and mentally prepared for the possibility of having to pull the trigger some day. And I won’t be thinking of any LAWS when I’m confronted by a scumbag. I believe in self-defense and I DON’T follow any laws which can interfere with it. I won’t be playing around either. My 9mm is locked-and-loaded at my bedside every night.

        • 3 Hours! Ahhhh. The police. The guys that show up later to report on how many bullets holes are in your ass. These days, you are on your own. Depend on them and you are dead.

        • Sorry to hear of your loss of the safes, but glad there were no injuries involved. I’ve been known to go through the house with weapon in hand – locked & loaded. So far no trespass in the house, but several times into the garage and the property out back. The dogs are locked in the back yard – we have a resident in the area who has given poisoned meat to dogs running loose. Someone broke into the shop & trailer across the street within the last 10 days – the resident is out of town for work I guess. So the neighborhood is being watched. I carry at all times. We live just outside of town, and the cops wouldn’t make it in time if we did have an intruder!

        • Braveheart
          Who ever broke in and only took the safe with the pistols in it is someone you know or someone you let know what was in the safe

          It’s that simple
          They left everything else of immediate value

          You have a mole in your associations

          • MW, while that’s possible, I’ll never know for sure. In the last few years there have been an outbreak of burglaries of homes and now even vehicles with scumbags looking for handguns. I had a long gun safe with 2 rifles and 3 shotguns that they totally left alone. To my knowledge it’s only handguns that are being stolen.

        • Boyo, LOL! That was a good one, the thief gets dumped out of the car and gets caught by the owner. The owner should’ve just gone ahead and beat the shit out of her.

      7. Everyone check out this article at sgtreport.com: “Sheriff Shoots Unarmed Man In The Face With A Shotgun, All 7 Dashcams “Malfunction”.” This is another example of why law enforcement is so bogus and is never to be trusted. Avoid cops at all costs. You know something is wrong when you have to look at cops the same way you look at common criminals, antifa, BLM, etc.

        • Who can you trust anymore?

          I was just shopping with a “homeless” woman with a sign out in front of the grocery store. How in this day and age am I supposed to know she’s homeless and not some sort of grifter/con artist? How am I supposed to know the flashing lights behind me are a real cop?

          Oddly enough, I was trying to talk to the almighty about the homeless woman while at the red light ( 40’s to 50’s – hunched over – in pink ribbon pajama bottoms and slippers – in the rain ) as to how can I know She’s legit. How can I know that my $$$ is well spent where it needs to be. How can I help someone survive, not necessarily thrive.

          As I drove away I realized I could hear her ( I am noted for good hearing ) singing “Little Drummer Boy” to herself. I think I F’d up.

          • why wasnt she singing Frosty the Snowman?

          • boyo,

            It is a good thing to be concerned about those who are in real need. So, how can you help?
            In almost every city over a few thousand population there will be a type of “John 3:16 Mission”. You will find all kinds of folks there who are asking for help. The grifter/con artists won’t be there.
            John 3:16 Missions have rules and codes of conduct to which the grifter will not adhere. He/She will be out on the street, hustling. They prefer the freedom; not the rules.
            Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit through daily prayer. He will direct you.
            Visit those organizations in your area to verify that they are worthy of your donations. It won’t take long to see which ones are worthwhile and which ones aren’t.
            Volunteer your time to work in the kitchen. You will get an insight into the needy vs the scammer.
            And thus, you will be more able to discern next time you see someone holding a cardboard sign at a traffic signal intersection.

            Matthew, chapters 5, 6, & 7.

      8. better to be tried by 12 then carried by 6

      9. Boyo, I know exactly where you’re coming from. I hate to say it but you may have made a mistake but I don’t know for sure. There’s con artists and scammers everywhere these days. I see them on certain street corners in my area all the time with their made-up cardboard signs. In most cases they’re wanting a handout to get a bottle of booze or whatever dope they’re hooked on. I never give them a damn thing. I don’t support anyone’s drinking or drug habits. Sometimes when I stop at a gas station I’ll get approached by a bum so I just haul ass to another gas station. I’ve also helped people who I thought were truly in need in the past only to get burned so I know exactly what you feel. So I just ignore their so-called requests for help. I know it sounds un-Christian but I have to think of myself first. You’re doing exactly right if you follow my advice.

        • BH;
          Flash back to 1990 or so. I had a business in Dallas, Tx. Next door was a commercial building where a bunch of ner-do-wells were living. In their midst was a really smart 12 year old kid. He told me never give the people with signs money. He even said that when his uncle and friends needed drugs or alcohol they would say, “we had better go sign’en. He also informed me that there were 20 or so places in Dallas at that time where hungry people could get food at any time. Those people are bottom feeding scum. No exceptions I hope this doesn’t make me seem bitter.

          • Anon, you’re good. You just confirmed what I already knew about the ‘sign people’.

        • If some guy had a sign saying “I don’t lie, I need some beer” I would flip him 5 bux lol 😛

        • Down here where I lived I once stopped and asked a guy holding a “will work for food” sign if he wanted to make some money on a job. I was heading to one I could’ve used a 2nd pair of hands on. Offered him $50 for 2 hours of work. He said to me “hell NO man!! I make more than that right here in half the time”.

      10. I was recently looking at some JHP ammo. It’s dirt cheap.

        There are great reviews on YouTube.

        I was checking out Federal JHP, and found the standard stuff acted pretty much like ball ammo in ballistic gel tests.

        Then Federal created their HydroShock series, they were better.

        The latest is their suffix HST ammo that rapidly expands to three time the diameter and then holds its shape. Of course these are 40 cents a round.

        Would I sell/barter ammo in the SHTF, maybe ball ammo. The good stuff I’d keep. I’ve noted significant differences in ammo performance. This includes accuracy, a lost point on millenials

        • Check out pre-fragmented ammo too.

        • Get to a place where you can run a few mags through your piece if semi-auto. Some semi’s are finicky.

      11. Wow we have a Genius and two Geniuses, Cuz and Menzoberranzan. Good Idea, when you have a intruder break in, just shootem and buryem and don’t call the law. Wish I had of thought of that. Guess my IQ ain’t that high.

        • NGIC, I was wondering what happened to you. And you’re right about your IQ not being above room temperature.

          • Yep lol. Let’s weigh the consequences shall we?
            Shoot the intruder/intruders. Call the cops. Spend the next year or so in court with thousands and thousands of legal expenses. Risk being stalked and retribution from the criminals friends/relatives. Lose the case and be sent to prison and lose EVERYTHING you have.

            Shoot the intruders and DON’T call the cops. Wrap them in a tarp, hide them. At first chance (preferably at night) take them to remote location and bury them. Nobody is going to be calling the cops looking for them. Keep your mouth SHUT and go on normally. If by some freak chance you are suspected or caught, the legal costs and penalties are the same but you have a GOOD chance of avoiding it all together.

      12. Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (on YouTube)

      13. In some states, if an escape route is available, the homeowner is obliged to take it. Shooting the intruder is not justified. Pathetic!!! Whenever anyone asks “What if the intruder has accomplices watching the escape door or window?”, they can’t give a rational answer. Trying to apprehend the creep should be left to the professionals even if you are armed. They are trained. No one wants to kill another person if you can avoid it. The intruder might be armed. Alive, he is a threat. Dead, he is not. It would really depend on the circumstances. I wouldn’t let him leave to be a threat to someone else.

      14. BH,
        I had the same experience.
        At that time I had no gun handy.
        Some 17 yo kid broke glass door window
        to enter. I was only gone 10 min., when I
        returned to retrieve something I had forgotten.
        I called police when I saw broken glass.
        The kid saw me and ran out the front door.
        Five police and one k-9 showed up within 5 min.,
        guns pulled, as they surrounded the house.
        They put an electronic alarm trap by the door.
        (So glad they have much better systems these

        All this because I put a big old computer box out
        with trash.
        Never…never do that! ?

        He didn’t get anything….except ‘ time.’
        If he had stolen the box he would have been ahead.
        I gave the computer to Goodwill. (Idiots..stupid..idiots…)

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