Homeland Security Today: DHS Should Fear Potential Attacks from Domestic Sources

by | Mar 27, 2010 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    In the wake of the passage of health care legislation, the editor of Homeland Security Today warns that government installations and government symbols may become targets of domestic extremists:

    In such an atmosphere extremist violence is a real possibility, particularly directed against government  installations or symbols of government authority. Coming on top of a census process that has also been infused with extremist charges, homeland security officials at all levels of government should be especially vigilant against potential attacks from domestic sources.



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      1. This is all part of the end.

        How many of you are amazed that this revolution of Biblical proportion has begun?

         Not only are we fighting for freedom against terrorists and other nations, but a battle has now begun amongst ourselves, within our own country! It seems a minority of Americans are now the ones controlling the show. Leading us deeper into a socialistic society rather than preserving that which our forefathers died for.

        Will it bring devastation? or Will it bring honest God fearing change?

        The Bible predicts devastation, as mankind as a whole will not repent and turn from their ways.

        The reason this is different this time compared to any other change throughout history is because 1. We are the worlds superpower.  and 2. This is the most technologically advanced the world has ever been. When the Roman Empire collapsed there was plenty of blood shed through mostly hand to hand combat. What will change of this magnitude be like today?

        I dont believe this is just another battle throughout history.

        I believe this is THE final war. The final War for the souls of men.

        I believe we are fullfilling Biblical prophecy.

      2. Comments…..What makes you think the minority in control is American? Remember the Devil misleads then abandons.

      3. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. 

      4. Tony,
        Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Every comment from you gets more and more insane sounding.

      5. It will not supprise me at all to know that those who post here are on someones watch list at home land security.  This is a goverment that fears its citizens and their opinions !  And as its often said “Fear breeds contempt” .  Anyone want to hazzard a guess as to how this adminstration views us ?

      6. The traitorous Obama regime in Washington D.C. will reap what they have sowed.   Did those in the federal government expect any other outcome than anger after all their ongoing treacheries against the citizens?  Remember the  Civil War? remember Wounded Knee? remember Ruby Ridge? remember Waco?  We the citizens have not forgotten your history of violating our Constitutional rights.   Nothing has changed, the federal government will always suppress the citizens.   All of you political elites inside the loop have one destination, a date with hell.   By your actions you are assured a place there.  Go there, and soon. 

      7. Air- My friends and I have have been labeled as a hate group by the ADL and SPLC…. I guess I am proud. What a distinction! War is Peace, Good is Evil, Truth is Hate … Compassion – Evil…   

      8. …….how this administration views us?
        they view us correctly.  we are malleable morons…


      9. “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice” – Barry Goldwater

        Crash into buildings? Attack symbols of government authority? What a laugh! I hope this idiot is not getting paid by my government for that advice. He knows nothing! If you want to forment terror, take a page from the Narco-Terrorists in Mexico and sever some heads!

        Where is Robspierre when we need him? 🙂

      10. AB71:   We are on somebodys watch list; like a producer for Glenn Beck, or Beck himself.

        And no doubt our Government Internet Intelligence Agency (GIIA) (theres an oxy-moron for you) is “listening” for keywords like “Robspierre” which is why I throw it in as often as possible. These people are paranoid from too much drug use in the 60’s and 70’s that jumbled their synapses.

        Robspierre! Robspierre! Robspierre!   🙂

      11. Is someone editing the order of our comments? Context is everything…As far as mallable please speak for yourself.

      12. Comments…..Men are ruled in accordance to their nature, sheep will be treated like sheep, and men as men. The elite believe in the world there is only two natures, the good and the bad, the good should be ruled  by academic means, but the bad can only be ruled by force and fear.

      13. No, Paul,  just YOUR comments. The GIIA dissects YOUR posts to see whether you are sending coded messages to your sleeper cells!

        They are on to you, Paul.  🙂

      14. I’m new to posting, but have been reading a while. Who is robspierre?

      15. No Zak I am too smart for them, a transmit from my tin foil hat that also keeps them from reading my mind. They are to on everyone, and they know who is really smart, so you be careful !

      16. I am careful Paul. I’ve got tin foil on the windows, leave a manequin in my easy chair watching TV when I leave the house, and I string rows of tin cans across the doors to wake me in the event of a pre-dawn raid!

        Those empty #10 cans come in handy!   🙂

      17.  I am glad to you are so well preped Zak, Sounds like you have been busy.

      18. The tea party was set up for failure from the start.  The tea party has heart but no brains. Its nice to march in washington for an entire weekend but they will not listen to you. What should be done is we go after the corporations and companies that give campaign contribution to the politicians. In that way you starve the beast. Second the neo cons and republican are high jacking the movement on purpose to destroy it and delegitimatize it . We have to make it loud and clear that we do not accept Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck.  And soon someone will snap and there will be a n Oklahoma City Bombing moment and it will be traced to the tea party and it will dissolve and be no more. I knew this was going to happen ever since they made the Alaskan Barbie the “leader” of our movement while it should be Ron Paul. The movement is going to die out unless we make quick changes very soon.

      19. Davey:   After the American Revolution of 1776, the French revolted against their King. (good ideas take root.) Robspierre (I think the spelling is right but feel free to correct me if it is wrong) was basically the Chair of the Citizens Committee in charge of the trials of the political and financial elite of France; which had consigned the masses to hunger, poverty, injustice at law, and death.

        When told of the famine, that there was no bread for the peasants, Marie Antonette, the Queen of France, or maybe just one of the Kings mistresses, famously replied: “Let them eat cake”. Which, effectively, is what the banksters, democrats, republicans, and lobbyists have said to Americans for the past 50 years; while they have shipped American industry and jobs offshore, enriched themselves at our expense, siphoned off our wealth, eroded our rights, and shredded the Constitution. Now they want to impoverish US with excessive taxes, and a worthless dollar.

        Royalty, nobles, and the political and financial elite were rounded up by the Citizens of France, arrested, tried by the people’s court, and executed. Death to traitors. Death by guilletine. By the time it was over, Marie had lost her head. Literally.

        Eventually, so did Robspierre. But in the interim, he served his country well. If only the Commandant of the Marine Corp had the balls …….

        That is why I say the financial and political elite will not get the message in America until there is blood on the streets of America again; like there was over Viet Nam and the Civil Rights Movement.

        Power only fears power. Whether it is the Soviet Union facing a superior foe, Thailand police facing a crowd of 80,000 demonstrators, or the King and his Nobles facing the Mob: those individuals, groups, and organizations in power will always continue to oppress others unless they are faced with organized resistance and horrific violence.

        Only then will they reconsider. Only then will they compromise. Only then will they negotiate. Until the American people are as eager to fight, die, and kill at home for their rights and liberties, as they are to project American power abroad: why should those in power serve US as they are suppose too, instead of themselves?

        They lost their fear of God long ago. Where is Robspierre when you need him?

      20. Have to agree Mardochee!  Although the idea behind the tea party is a good one (lower taxes) they have painted themselves into a corner by being so radical.  The nazi signs of obama were just about the worst PR idea ever, especially since the tea party seems to be about totally white.  Sooner or later, one of the tea party gun toters will show up with a rebel flag, get on camera, and it will be all over.  Once the mainstream realizes that the tea party is just a modern incarnation of the klan, their numbers will plummet and they’ll disappear.

        Alaskan Bimbo Barbie doesn’t help either.  She was picked as a running mate by an old geezer desperate to prove “he still has it”.  That’s what old geezers do, they try to hook up with hot looking women.  Mccain could have made a race out of that election and had a chance to win.  Instead, he picked an idiot that has quit EVERY JOB SHES EVER HAD.  Gee, that’s just who the American people want handling the nuclear football, someone who couldn’t handle being the mayor of wasilla, or the governor of the smallest state (population and budget) in the nation.  The fact that she can’t remember even the simplest concepts and has to write them on her hands is embarrassing.

        If the tea party wants to be taken seriously in time for the upcoming elections (or the 2012 elections for that matter) they’ve got some things to do.
        1.  give the bimbo the boot and tell her not to come back.
        2.  guns, nazi signs, and other offensive (to the broad population) stuff stays home.
        3.  publish photos of all the idiots hassling black and gay congressmen and kick them out of the party.  apologize to blacks and gays.
        4.  develop a real set of policy goals and positions, not just shouting match one liners.
        5.  find an experienced, QUALIFIED, politician (ron paul?) willing to “lead the charge”  and do as he says.

      21. Bruno,   

        Do you know history?

        Have y0u ever read the Bible?

        p.s. Thanks for the great insight.

      22. Wow.  DHS finally gets it right.

        Actions have consequences.  Even for you, Leviathan.

      23. Jonny V:    You’ve been smoking those hand rolled Canadian cannibus cigarettes again!   🙂

        The tea party is not a modern incarnation of the Klan. And “Caribou Barbie” is just attractive window dressing to draw left wing fire. As a Jarhead, you should know that once you have identified the location of snipers, its much easier to silence them.

        As for most of the tea party being white, its because the middle class whites in this country are, primarily, the ones who pay the taxes, and who are now being financially raped by Obama Care and HUGE budget deficits that will render their legal tender, and all of their years of work, struggle, sacrifice and savings, worthless. You would be pissed off too, if you had worked a lifetime to acquire anything of value, and have it all jepordized by the insatiable greed and lust for power, that passes for the President and Congress.

        If the working poor and lower classes thought that they had a difficult time rising to the top before; or even out of the poverty and misery to which they had been consigned by THEIR representatives, the hole that they will be starting in NOW is ten times deeper, thanks to their saviour, Obama.

        Support those middle aged and senior WHITE folk. They are the only ones who can save this country from a horrific bloodbath. The young, the poor and the disposessed may believe in left wing ideology now, but eventually they will wake up and understand that all they really have is bread, Obama care, and Circuses.

        The left will bury them in debt and poverty from which they can never escape without a violent revolution.  The left has controlled the politics of the inner cities for decades, yet crime, poverty, substance abuse (a form of slavery), and ignorance abound at the expense of their constituants.

        Essentially, the left has told them for decades to “eat cake!” Now the left wants to legalize drugs to numb and stupify the poor and disposessed; and distract the working masses that feed their juggernaut through higher taxes, from the truth.
        To add insult to injury, there is no leven in the bread.

      24. For all you douche bags from previous posts who were trying to argue FOR the right wing/left wing, polar opposite difference between fascism and communism, , here’s some nice condensed, easy to read info for you…..I am sure you will still go into some moronic tirade trying to refute it but I did my part.

        Q: What is the difference between fascism and communism?

        All of the answers below incorporate important elements that show similarities as well as differences between fascism and communism. However, it is important to keep in mind a few things.

        First, both communism and fascism are types of authoritarian rule, where the interests and freedoms of the individual are subordinated to those of the state, and quite frequently a powerful leader. Secondly, in many cases both fascist and communist rule are bolstered by a highly powerful military apparatus, as a way to stifle opposition. Thirdly, both types of government are statist, in that the central government has some degree of control over the economic means of production (as opposed to, say a free market, or laissez-faire economy as in the US), and also oftentimes social policy.

        However, there are also notable differences.

        National Socialism (NAZI party) tends to be driven by nationalistic or ethnic divisions. For example, Hitler’s NAZI party used populist appeals to ethnic divisions in Germany- especially hatred towards Jews- as a way to gain popular support, whereas fascism places an emphasis on the state above all else, over and above kinship or race.

        Secondly, fascism has strong corporatist elements, where the government has significant control over private enterprise, but does not entirely co-opt it (as in, say, communism). The NAZIs, for example, considered themselves a “Third Way” between laissez-faire capitalism and socialism, in that rather than completely nationalizing industry and taking over the means of production, the government had a very powerful influence.

        Keep in mind a few things, however. There are corporatist elements in many countries that are not fascist, especially some of the East Asian democracies, notably South Korea. Secondly, many nations have strong central leadership and even a powerful autocrat in command of the government, but are neither communist nor fascist. Many political scientists argue about the extent to which generally accepted fascist and communist governments are truly fascist or communist.

        For example, many Italian parties in the post-Mussolini era have labeled themselves “communist”, but few would claim that they share fundamental similarities with Soviet-style communism. For one, Soviet style communism completely subjugates political freedoms, thus making parties obsolete.

        How do you know when you “see” a fascist or communist government? It is hard to tell, and frequently labels can be misleading, but normally fascist governments have strong ties to the industrial sector without completely subjugating it to state control, while tending to focus on ethnic, nationalist divisions. Communist governments have strong central control over all means of production, but do not play off of nationalistic and ethnic divisions.

        Here are opinions:

        * Very little actually. They were both totalitarian systems, that is they sought to control all aspects of the economic and cultural life of the country as a whole and of the individual citizen. In order to achieve this they both used a combination of populist enthusiasm built around a cult of personality for the leader, and sheer terror. Communism got started first but the Fascists learned from the Communist experience and put their methods into practice. Stalin and his henchmen then studied the Nazi methods and borrowed from their ideas. I think there were two significant differences. First that Fascism was nationalist, basing its ideology on the glory and superiority of one people over the others whereas Communism was, at least nominally, internationalist, claiming to seek to spread it’s “benefits” to all peoples of the world. Second, whereas communism seized all private property in the name of the state and put all industrial and economic production under the direct control of the government, Fascism left farms and large industries in the hands of their owners and let them run them as they saw fit so long as they provided the output the government demanded.

        * The truth of the matter is that in actually ideology the differences between communism and fascism are very small. fascists are often mislabeled as “right wing” and anti-communists because during the rise of Stalin all ideas different from the main Moscow approved, line of communism were dumbed “right-wing.” Trotsky, who was by no means a Nazi or conservative, was accused of trying to stage a Nazi coup and called a right winger by hardliner Stalinist after his fall from favor. Programs enacted by the Nazi party and Fascisti in Italy were, guaranteed employment for all citizens, confiscation of WWI profits, shared profits of labor; expanded old age pensions, communalization of department stores, out lawing of child labor, universal health care and anti smoking programs, to name a few. None of these programs can be called right wing or anti communist. Hitler himself said ” We have endeavored to depart from the external, the superficial, endeavored to forget social origin, class, profession, fortune, education, capital, and everything that separates men, in order to reach that which bind them together.” To a communist the struggle is international and as Marx put it “working men have no country” to fascists they said that the dreams of communism can be made INSIDE a country, and did not need to be an international struggle. That was the principle difference, as all communist regimes have embraced corporatism in some aspect in their history. Hitler and Mussolini both wanted to create Volksgemeinschaft or “peoples (workers) communities.” Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin, with fascism not being as controlling to private business as communism was but still very totalitarian. Keep in mind the Nazi party was called the National SOCIALIST party, if that is any indication of their true leanings.

      25. Anon:   Excellent post which should explain it for those who have been splitting hairs without a comprehensive understanding of the facts. 

        But let me point out to you, that South Korea has been dominated from its inception by 13 wealthy families, or “kabals”, if I remember the word correctly. The same holds true for Japan and others.

        Even China’s capitalism is rooted in a ruling class as the Communist Party there sent the kids of its members to the West for free enterprise education, prior to initially changing to a somewhat capitalistic economy. When the kids returned from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Oxford (among others), State enterprises were privatized with the CP Members and their kids holding the lion share of the shares.

        Only in Russia was there an opportunity for the masses to participate in capitalism as vouchers were distributed to all citizens prior to privatizing state businesses. As predicted by the most basic psychological studies, it wasn’t long before the majority of the population sold their vouchers at steep discounts to the real entrepeneurs, who eventually collected enough vouchers to dominate certain industries, by hook or by crook.

        The way this dominance occured is best described in the Soviet Encyclepedia, under the heading for Capitalism  and its Six Stages. For those readers in Phoenix Arizona, a copy of the SE can be viewed at ASU WEST library.

        Thats where I read it.

      26. Jonny V:   I have seen some reports but have not seen or heard the slurs. Still if the black congressman says its true I believe him. I don’t condone that. The argument isn’t about race. Its about economics. The left did the same kind of things when the republicans were in power. I am not here to defend any of them. At best, they ALL belong in jail.

        Everyone should be happy if it is just name calling. I expect there to be much more violence before its all said and done. Its the only thing that will make both parties understand that there has to be a level playing field for ALL Americans; that their loyalty belongs to America, and NOT their respective party.

        Before that happens, the blood of true patriots will hallow the ground.

      27. Anon: The word is “chebols”. Yeah I think thats it.

      28. tony,
        yea i know about the bible.  don’t think it has anything to do with America today.  nothing.  I bet you have been talking about the “final war for men’s souls” or whatever for years.  Like I’ve said, you come off to me as some paranoid crazy person, whether this is true or not.

      29. z and v are 2 of those my post was aimed at, and right on cue, non sequitur filled arguments.   Unfettered ignorance is a much bigger cause of our current plight than  unfettered capitalism I think………

      30. Anon:  Right again! Which is why I took the time to educate you about South Korea and other”East Asian democracies”.

        Is that your best shot? Non sequitur? C’mom Anon, you can do better than that, can’t you? 🙂

        Guess not.

      31. Zak, youare a well informed( it seems ) articulate ( person ? ) What is your name? You seem hell bent on being an intellictual superior. We are all here ( maybe I said this before ) to learn from eachother you’re  condescemdeing remarks detract from your historical knowledge!

      32. Zak- What is your name? Really, your historical Knowledge is respectable . Your condescending comments are obnoctious and serve none. Intellect and historic perspecive is a wonderful thing but… what have got to prove? You frequently sound like an ass…. We should gain from eachothers knowledge… that is why am here!      

      33. Paul M:   As I have stated before, if I am attacked personally, in a demeaning way, I will respond personally. No one gets a free shot at me. I will return fire. Thats only fair and should not come as a surprise to anyone.

        I am not trying to prove anything, and I certaintly do not consider myself an intellectual.  I am just an average guy with an opinion trying to provide additional information, of which, others may not be aware: i.e. “East Asian democracies”. If that makes you feel inferior, then please accept my apology. I cannot imagine that our recent humorous exchange was offensive.

        If one lives long enough, and applies oneself, one collects a little information along the way. Which brings us to the moral of this story:

        Even a blind chicken can find some corn!   🙂

      34. No, our exchange was just for fun, i almost passed on any further response in this chain but I was actually refering to you commonts on on others.   

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