Homeland Security “Concerned About Security Breach” From ISIS As Refugees Prepare to Flood America

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 121 comments

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    Get ready. All the controversy that has just swept over Europe with migrant refugees is now coming to America.

    Will a threat emerge from the ten thousand or more that will pour in? Homeland Security has noted their concern, as they vow to “carefully screen” for security risks among refugee populations.

    Now that Europe has been upended by the refugee crisis, it is time for refugees in the United States. The Obama Administration admits that at least 10,000 are coming, and likely many more later, though Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson refused to hold to a number in the interview. But in a twist, mass exodus from the Syrian proxy war may well bring with it the enemies the U.S. have unleashed. There is, officially speaking, cause for alarm – according to the very same authorities who so often stoke fear in order to yield emergency power and strengthen perception.

    To simplify that, the U.S. is inviting a new attack.

    USA Today reports:

    [Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson] said vetting procedures for 10,000 Syrian refugees who are to be resettled in the United States during fiscal year 2016 refugees had been tightened since the influx of Iraqi refugees a few years ago. “We now do a better job of connecting dots, consulting all the right databases and systems that we have available to us,” he says. But he acknowledged that the self-proclaimed Islamic State might try to use the influx of refugees as an opportunity to infiltrate the United States. “We have to be concerned about the possibility of a security breach and we are concerned about that, and we’re going to vet refugees very carefully.”

    Johnson has also acknowledged that “there is no risk-free process” with which to screen the refugees:

    “We may have someone who is not on our radar and someone may choose to do something bad after they get here,” Johnson said.

    “It is not a perfect process. There is a degree of risk attached to any screening and vetting process. We look to manage that risk as best we can,” Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said.

    Homeland Security’s statement is partially in response to Republican concerns about ISIS infiltrators among the refugees. Let’s hope they don’t confuse them with any moderate rebels:

    Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) sent a letter Wednesday to Secretary of State John Kerry and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warning that fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could try to sneak into the U.S. disguised as refugees.

    “We must be aware that groups like ISIS will infiltrate refugee camps and try to seek admittance into the United States. As you move forward with the process of admitting more refugees into this country, it is critical that rigorous background checks and security measures are in place,” they wrote.

    It is blowback incarnate for the countries that brought conflict to the Middle East by waging war, and who have subsequently attempted to manage the aftermath by agitating undesirable leaders and fueling terror proxy groups as a deliberate but costly maneuver to sow chaos.

    In further blowback – tougher security checks for refugee immigrants mean tougher security checks for everyone. Yet another blow to civil liberties. TSA measures at the airports may soon be stepped up to include mandatory biometric scanning just to travel.

    After years of grumblings that jihadists would infiltrate America and wreak havoc, the perfect pretext has arrived. The potential pretext for ISIS to attack the Homeland, and revive the tensions of the staged War on Terror is fitting scenario for a military power that has just been publicly shamed for supporting manufactured terrorist mercenary groups in Syria – and is looking for a renewed justification for its actions.

    Those who sponsor Middle East terrorism are multiplying their threat perception dollar value, by reigning down a population of unstable Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees – oddly dense in males – who are fleeing from a war torn region.

    Cross your fingers as the next phase begins.

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      1. Let’s all just drop to our knees and worship in Islam already and get it over with. I mean, hey, isn’t that where our “leaders” are herding us after all?!!!! What a bunch of crap!

        Keep the “refugees” OUT!!!!

          • January 2015 – Administration Begins (Secret) Resettlement of up to 75,000 Syrian Muslims in U.S.

            “Up to 10,000 Syrian refugees, most of them Muslims, will be resettled in cities throughout the U.S. in 2015, with that figure expected to surge to near 75,000 over the next five years.”

            “The U.S. State Department does not announce where it plans to send foreign refugees for resettlement within the United States, although the locations do eventually show up in a government database some weeks after they arrive in their host cities. Word of their anticipated arrivals will sometimes surface earlier in local media reports.

            And that’s already happening in North Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and Washington.”

            WND dot com

            • Obama administration is carefully planting these immigrants in republican controlled states to change the demographics and directly effect congressional districting. This also directly affects electoral college which will have a huge affect on the next election.

              By doing this with illegals coming in across the southern border, there will be about 6 electoral college votes lost in republican states.

              More mass immigration pushed to the right locations will have more effect on districting.

              • To be clear, the immigrants are planted in democrat strongholds within republican controlled states.

                The effect is to take congressional seats away from republicans and give them to democrats.

                Congressional seats and electoral college votes are constitutionally based on a head count, citizenship has nothing to do with it.

                So even without an illegal alien fraudulently voting, they can change representation by just being here.

                Remember Bush beat Gore by just one electoral college vote, and so far it looks like Obama’s strategic placement of illegal immigrants and refugee immigrants has shifted 6 electoral votes and congressional seats over to progressive democrats.

                • Plan twice, prep once,

                  That makes sense.

                  I am sure this resettlement strategy is going according to their plan.

        • Bring all the refugees they want, they just have to settle in Wash DC

          • SHTF = fearpron

            • Unwanted dependants are plebtiful enough , we dont need more.
              Let the sand dwellers live at home and fix their own country not come here are turn ours upside down .
              Thats not fearporn .

              • Hammerhead, agreed. any muzzies who come to f#$% with me will get sent to allah and I don’t give a shit where they come from. That’s not f#$%ing fearporn, it’s REALITY.

            • Tomber, uh, whose fantasy world are you from?

              • C’mon braveheart, you love doom porn and you know it. If it doesn’t happen, you’ve wasted 35 years for nothing, so c’mon and admit you’re rooting for end of the world, your posts are always an indicator of what you’re thinking and I don’t remember you ever wanting things continuing without some kind of big bang, you maybe unlucky enough to receive it before long, I think your thinking may be different then.

        • How messed up is this? Europe and America are being over run by Muslims. A complete invasion has and is in process. Merkle and Obama have signed a surrender without a shot being fired. WHY?

          Something about all of this is not right.


          • FYI – I am NOT giving up bacon just so I don’t offend our Muslim “guests”! No way, no how!!!

            • “I come to medika, no one hire me but this fast-food den of Satan. Now I spend day working next to black infidels Jamal and Hakeem. All day long I must smell bacon and listen to them say ‘fornicate you you mother fornicater’. And medikan female so fat, I cannot bring myself to rape them as I know I should. My boss is schemeing Jew! …and I must serve tatooed military people that give me evil eye… all I can do is spit in thier burgers… oh yes, I hope to become rap star- see me on youtube.”

            • Did you notice that the WHO issued specific health threats for pork ? hmmm ?
              What ya suppose is pushing that agenda ?
              And why does the MSM suddenly push WHO recommendations ?
              Always used to be the surgeon general .
              That is until the US surrendered soverienty to the UN .

            • Me Here, I agree. I won’t give up bacon, pork, etc.

        • I hear ya bro; Obama and his open border loving, ISIS loving policies not working out for us ole Americans.

          Look on the bright side friend, after Islam takes over we can buy and sell women for livestock.

          On the bad side we can buy and sell women for livestock.

          Oh screw it maybe we should just get on our knees and thank (****) what ever god is god for the day, and thank him (****) for our great leader

        • Yes that is a plan. The native americans had to become Christians. Why should be be exempt? If you cant lick them join them.

      2. And make absolutely certain you and your women are armed, firearms and mace.

        • Yep! 2A all the way!!! 🙂

      3. With representation like this why does anyone wonder why politicians are held in such disdain? These people in European countries and the US are SUPPOSED to be representing their citizens and are doing everything they can to make life more miserable for them. it is no wonder the two front runners in the GOP are NON-POLITICIANS. We have had enough of a screwing!

        • Mensa; Its all about money…….follow the money. Pick an issue and follow the money.

      4. Homeland Security “Concerned About Security Breach” From ISIS As Refugees Prepare to Flood America

        Concerned …? Nope, not buying into the theatrics of mouthpieces that say one thing, when they actually feel something completely opposite of what they claim.

        If so, then why have our borders been easily accessible to those who wish to travel by foot?
        Why has the Government been caught helping illegals travels through Bus and Air coming to America?

        Why are American Taxpayers funding illegals housing, food, health, and education when some citizens of this country get denied access to these same basic programs?

        Homeland Security is NOT concerned about the well being of America. Homeland Security is only worried about their own well being, considering they are just another useless branch of the Government.

      5. Another dam good reason to flush DC down the shit hole it is

        • Couldn’t agree more. I love my country, but hate the political garbage that is going on in the name of our country. It’s pathetic, immoral, and unconscionable what we are doing to the world, to our children, and to ourselves.

          That we are accepting of it proves we are either as stupid as those in power in D.C., or acting cowardly. God help us all, me included.


          Son of Liberty

        • can you try them for treason first?

          • F the trials ( sorry nothing against you or your post) we have ropes and guns

            they dam well know what they are doing AND what the punishment for it is
            I say fuck em and give them hell
            they are asking for it anyways , besides aint a dam one of them a true American anyways , so this should be a no brainer ..clean our house out of this filth

            • Red Hawk, we’re on the same page in the same book. Just waste the POS and be done with it.

      6. “and we’re going to vet refugees very carefully….there is no risk-free process with which to screen the refugees”

        Then why are they being brought in at all.? A vast majority of Americans do NOT want these so-called refugees coming here.

        “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

        • We didn’t want Ebola here either. The elite don’t care about the subject’s “wants”.

      7. Good thing we have the 2A that those Europeans are clamoring for now. I fear we may have to use it soon.

        • Phil

          Like Ferguson Missouri I think this influx of potential problem people will increase the law abiding demand for guns. SWHC (Smith & Wesson) has done well and is liable to benefit from this.

          As anti gun as the Democrats generally are they damn sure are the best weapons salesmen. Talk about “unintended consequences”.

        • Satori

          I was the oil refinery operations representative in a study regarding the potential effects of Y2K on our power system. This group was composed of engineers, tech’s, maintenance and operations of both us and the public utility. The conclusion is that the interlocks that protected equipment from damage are all hard wired and not effected by a signal or a lack of. They will do their designed task which is to shutdown / disconnect in event of a dangerous situation.

          You shut down you start back up. A lot of work and problems in freezing weather but its not catastrophic.

          I would like to read the book.

      8. What is so hard! Don’t let them in! This is unbelievable. Borders – Language – Culture

        • If you are an American , you have no borders-language or culture , you are expected to bow to whatever wave of illegal infiltrators shows up at your door.
          We cannot have the “American way” it must be hispanic or muslim .

      9. The ostensible excuse for the use of our military virtually nilly willy around the globe is a throwback of WWII; “I’d rather fight them over there, (pick a place) than over here”. The non thinking public buys in; sounds reasonable enough. The reality is they’re not fighting terrorism but rather using the US military to overthrow governments that are out of favor or create chaos so there is no real functioning government to deal with. Keeping the “fight them over there” in mind we now import them here. It dramatizes the utter lack of concern of Islamic terrorists.

        When things don’t make any sense its not because, “they” are either dumb or smarter than you but its because you don’t see the true agenda.

      10. I think these ‘refugees’ should be relocated in Muslim countries, not the U.S. Since we will somehow end up paying millions of our taxpayer dollars, just keep them on the move until they settle in a Muslim nation. They can pick one. Or how about giving them Mexico? Apparently the population is way down now since they are just about all here in the U.S. But I agree on one thing. Ladies, arm yourselves and your daughters.

        Blessings to all here.

        • Definitely, it is women, especially young white women, who need to be the most worried. To the Islamists, they are the candy they want. Having a blonde woman is a big status for them.

          • FT, if I spot a raghead harming a white woman, I’ll waste the raghead.

            • People do not understand the cultural differences. Western men are trained to control their sexual urges and needs, either through masturbation or through stable relationships. For Muslim men, the culture is about getting release however you can with someone. It starts with finding a young boy and mentoring them. Later, if the opportunity arises, they will force themselves on a young girl or woman. There are many ways to get married to an underage teen or to have temporary marriage with a woman. The idea of wooing women or dating them, is totally alien to their culture. Look at the frequent cases of male and female rape in wealthy Muslim households.

        • Saudi Arabia doesn’t want them. So much for helping their fellow people of the Islamic Faith.

          The reality is difficult to swallow but US policy has destroyed stable governments. Syria is in the process of being destroyed. This creates not only a refugee crisis but its also a catalyst for Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism to take root. Its either a continuation of a failed policy or intentional to turn governments into failed states ruled by war lords unable to establish economic policy. No more concerns over who’s pipeline transverses any nation as the banksters get what they want. Ditto on payment in mass produced US dollars too.

          I’ll put my chips down on it being 100% intentional.

      11. send them to london England where they belong

        • Funny and true!!! That is the real ‘Mecca’.

      12. In a similar situation, who would relocate us?

        Oh right nobody.

        Why are we always the dumb ones that think we have infinite resources?

      13. That’s the purpose for all this “refugee” crisis–to use innocent and needy real refugees as cover for smuggling in government’s handy terrorist agency “ISIS” whom government can then use as the excuse for implementing more police state martial law (“lockdowns”) and accusations of preppers being “terrorists”. “ISIS” has been used in Syria that way and now, they’ll be used in America and Europe the same way.

          • My greater Grandfather…Nathanial ***** came here as a young man from Willshire County, England in 1644. I try to imagine how he felt as his ship began dropping anchor.

            The land of opportunity must have began as a struggle in those days, as there was no family to stay with, as far as our family knows. He undoubtedly made friends and found work soon because he survived to marry and father several children, in Massachusetts. As one of his sons, my next greater grandfather began moving south. Mt great, great, grandfather began a homestead with 300 acres in the Great Smokey Mountains near the TN and NC border, until the US Park system paid him $1.00 per acre, (it is in the archived records in Atlanta, GA) less the value for buildings and improvements and he and his family had to pack up and leave again. What would they think of America today?

            Today, 370 years later, a visa/passport will get you handouts at every corner. The muzzies coming will be assimilated into other muzzie families and communities with open arms. Some will do ok, and maybe even be respectful and thankful for a while. Some may even take jobs.

            But, as soon as the newness and the handouts start dwindling, the real muzzie will come out and then rapes, cuttings, and stabbings. Eventually, the is is supporters and members will surface. After the first muzzie killing, it will be on.

            • Oh my God Passin ! It wasn’t Nathanial Starbuck was it??

              The ones who bought Nantucket Island.

              Are we related ? ? ? ? ?

              • No, we were a lot lower on the social status scale. But, there are remnants of the family roots still in that area.

                • Awh.

      14. They will be in DC attacking our government no doubt,best move to bug out location ASAP!
        Guess they have decided to fight them on our shores now. Now it makes sense all the centers
        That have been prepared and military in house preps. The devastation of our infrastructure
        Will cost dear from all the bombings,shelling,and bullets flying round. The numbers will not be
        10,000 but far more as they never give the truth in matters. They have been violent for thousands
        Of years would trade you for a camel or blanket if you’re their slave. I see few women and chidren among them guess they abandoned them to Isis. Forget debt and deficit we will
        Have bigger problems soon!

      15. Here goes more of my conspiracy thinking again. Just imagine we let in tens of thousands of these Muslims then our government does a domestic version of fast and furious selling/giving guns to these refugee jihadists. They start going on terror rampages around the country. All the sheeple in this nation will start calling for the disarmament of the citizens for our own safety. Finally, the tyrants in DC will get their most prized wish, the disarmament of the American patriots. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS, NEVER SURRENDER! Those willing to give up a little liberty for safety deserve and get neither.

        • Well you know Tex when things get hot in a melee a shot might stray over to lets say some libtards and politicians….oops. The only problem you know what them sand fleas look like. Libtards, you have to wait till they open their mouth and say something way left of the tower of pizza before you send one through their mouth and out the back of their head.

        • Texasprepper, hear you loud and clear. No one’s taking anything from me and I won’t have any trouble sending a raghead to allah.

      16. If you think this is not good, just wait until HILLARY takes over!!

      17. Mac,

        Stop trying to scare us. Barack said all immigrants are gods gift to America and he will protect us from the bad people. In addition he said Mooslums are not terrorists and patriots are the bad people to watch for.

        • We gotta get that horse’s catoot out of the White House. And then we gotta get her HUSBAND out of there….

      18. Been posting this thought for over a week now.

        Either us AMERICANS either swarm DC with our “sporting good in hand” ( Like an Rem 870 or Mossy 590A) NOW, or be prepared to be replaced by Muzzies/Hindus and other assorted groups of “Little Brown Men” real soon.

        I live in the same state as “Mecca on the Mississippi”/Minneapolis Mn and know where I’m coming from.

        Keep a keen out fur ISIS and watch out fur dem hogs!

      19. This can go two ways people. They force their ways brought over from sand flea land and force their so called laws down our throats or we force them to live by our laws and hold their feet to the fire as they want to do to us. WE THE PEOPLE outnumber the socialistic dim witted muslim loving left, AND ITS TIME WE SHOW THEM!!!

        • Bear0571, they try to force anything on me, they’ll get a dose of lead.

      20. So they’re coming here are they, good now I won’t have to travel far to slay those goat fu@kers.

      21. Texasprepper, they can try to disarm us. I have already been put the test by tow dread lock black thugs who came by door demanding that i open it or else. I asked them to leave, luckliy for them, they left.

        Now if they bring two muslims to my door, i will handle it differently. I will call the cops first, but if the muslims try to breach my door, then drastic horrific acts will take place. If they are armed, they are dead, if unarmed, then i will open the door, to ask them kindly to leave my door, then once they attack, this is when the fun starts.



        • Right hcks, you’re so damned important that everybody is going to be after you. Better get a hold of ole Dave Hodges and find out when the dredlocks will strike next, we can’t afford to lose ” scientist friend” now can we?

        • HCKS, you don’t necessarily have to open your door if you don’t want to. But if they force your door open, just blow their shit away.

      22. TO ARMS TO ARMS THE —— ARE COMING !!!!!!

      23. Screw Allah, and those two-bit ISIS “pig eaters”! Not in my country should we even tolerate ISIS, or the Islam Haters of America, but when we have “Bleeding Heart” Liberals like Osama Obama, and crooked, fat , money hungry politicians running the show, this is what we get. Islam be damn, we the people, need to speak loud and clear, NOT HERE. Or, we do the next best thing, and by that I mean “last man standing”, and it won’t be some ISIS, US hater, piece of shit, ISIS be damn, if it means shoot first, shots will be fired by US not those “pig eating”, Allah loving BASTARDS! Pound sand, you pieces of Pig Shit.

      24. most article and posts discuss the Big Event as an EMP attack, sudden financial collapse, ebola epidemic or some such. What if the Big Event is an armed uprising of several million people pushed too far ? Just wondering, not hoping for it.

      25. The Muslim terrorist’s are already here, case in point Obombme is one of them while being a zionist at the same time. He is bringing in his controllers gang to heighten the terrorist fear in America. DHS is a known foreign controlled entity, it’s more than obvious the plan is more false flag terror is needed to instill fear here in America. More people are waking up to the lies and tyranny, a big attack on American’s here is not far off. Russia’s moves are somewhat confusing to me. They are fighting the groups attacking Syria that the US support at an enourmous cost. I read again another source that claims the Russian’s have superior technology leaving US aircraft and ships useless because of Russian signal jamming techniques that they only possess. Others say Russia is part of the NWO overall plan. I’m inclined to believe Russia is the good guy here and supports truth and justice, also protecting Christians and white people in general.

        • Is that the same ex-KGB thug (Putin) who said, “The fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy in history”?

        • They’re protecting their sales of arms and munitions to Assad, is what they’re doing. Anything else is collateral benefit.

      26. The pieces are all falling together.

        #1 The UN/U.S. Justice Department set up the “Safe Cities” program to watch “domestic” terrorists. In case America fights back.

        #2 Canada, who pretty much has open borders already elects a White Obama

        #3 Barry is pushing the TPP under the radar which some say unites us with Canada much like the EU in Europe.

        #4 Meanwhile the Barbarian Hoards continue to invade!

        Does anyone remember how Rome fell, hoards of invaders wasn’t it?

      27. Get rid of the politicians first, then the rest.

      28. How dumb can this be. When they start their SHIT it will be OPEN SEASON on anyone that is not WHITE. How they stop it only time will tell. Yes anyone that looks different will be a target. Why I say this I’ve talked to friends all over the country and this is the most answer I’m getting. Also look at anyone stepping into the line of fire to try and stop it. It’s just not a few it is what hundreds have said. So the carnage will be great. Enough is enough!!!!!!

        • “When they start their SHIT it will be OPEN SEASON on anyone that is not WHITE.”

          Unfortunately, I’m afraid that you are very much correct with your analogy. What else could come out of this mass influx of immigration that has occurred here and abroad?

          A country who is willing to grant Amnesty to whoever infiltrates our borders, says only one thing.

          [destroy a nations identity, and customs by any means necessary]

          Plus, it is also a ideal plan for the NWO to overload a nation with immigrants. Not only to destroy resources and wealth quicker, but easier for them to implement their de-population plans and institute their ideal goals.

          USA = One Giant FEMA CAMP
          EUROPE is quickly following the same path too.

          • There will be a race war in our military first. No one foreign looking or sounding will be trusted. No new faces .Small independent cells Horrific examples made of traitors. Or we lose everything.

      29. I have a rule.
        I will lock the doors and burn
        the first Mosque that appears
        where I live. If it is full
        of Moslems I’ll try to get it
        on camera and put it on Youtube.
        I will claim self defense.
        I don’t talk to Moslems, I kill
        them, in any legal way that I can.
        They are not human.
        I have more respect for pigs.

      30. Hey, let all just take a deep breath and step back a little. All the Savages want is to burn down our churches, cut off our heads, rape our wives, make sex slaves of our sons and daughters, and turn The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave into hell. LET THEM TRY!

        “Everybody has to die sometime, it was just his/their turn” John Wayne in Hondo 1953.

        • Them Hogs, same here and I will also resist. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” MOLON LABE

      31. The Black Caesar says;
        “Our work here is almost done.”

        I found out where the ‘resettlement zones’ are… guess who is running these centers?
        The Catholic Church.
        I think they were expecting Mexicans… oops.

        We are told that Islam means ‘Peace’ or ‘Submit’, depending on the talking head. They divide Islam into the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. But, to truly understand Islam, you must see the translation from the original Arabic, which is a language that doesn’t always allow a one for one word correspondence. In Arabic, the word ‘ISLAM’ means;

        “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.”
        (Little ‘a’ in allah deliberate)

        There is only one way to interpret this, so the meaning is obfuscated by the MSM. The Elite want to eliminate WASP Christian CULTURE in this country, can you guys now see that is the Goal?
        This is going on all over, for years, they, the Capitalists (Crony version), bring in H1b visa or simply move in a wave of illegals, after they fire all the white people…The next employee that is replaced by one of these imported foreigners should burn the damn place down. And then burn the fuckers who did it, then prepare to Burn it all down and start over.
        It is the only way friends, eliminate the evil.

        May the Force be with you.

        • The Catholic Church has more experience protecting people from Moslems and Jews and gnostics than any other organization in the world today.

          Unfortunately we Catholics have an anti-Pope subsisting in the Chair of Peter, the non-canonically elected destroyer prophesied by St. Francis of Assisi.

          • JQP, I didn’t know you’re Catholic. My problem is with CATHOLIC DOCTRINE, THE VATICAN, AND CATHOLIC CLERGY, NOT with the average Catholic who attends Mass on any kind of basis.

            • I would be happy to discuss your disagreements with Catholicism, but I doubt that the kosher thought commissars will give us the bandwidth.

              As a practicing Catholic I know quite well that the Vatican has been infiltrated, subverted, and perverted. Satan has fought against God’s people from the beginning and, as the End gets closer, Satan has intensified his efforts—AND God chastises Catholics for having been lukewarm, for having been lax in opposing the enemies of God and their works. The evil men in our Church is part of our chastisement.

              The “Second” Vatican Council defected from God, proclaiming a new religion, the “Novus Ordo” (New Order). What you think is Catholic is not; what you see is the Novus Ordo, a simulacrum of the Catholic Church, a “falling away” from Catholicism. No Apostle, Pope, Saint, Doctor, cleric, or layman from before 1960 would see anything Catholic in the Novus Ordo. With too few exceptions, the Novus Ordo clergy are a lax, perverted, and ignorant lot. They are in the world and of the world. Many of us Catholics, but not enough, have fought them.

              The true Faith, on the other hand, is beautiful, charitable, just, and logical, having none of the inherent contradictions of Protestantism.

              • The power and prevalence of evil men in the Church are part of our chastisement.

                Here is a verse that I have long considered:

                “And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying” 2 Thessalonians 2:10

                Ponder it. In the End Times God Himself will send the operation of error to believe lies to the people who do not love Him enough. If we do not love God enough, it is not only Satan, but God Himself, who will let us believe lies that will damn us forever. A weighty consideration. Love of God, Truth, and Salvation are all connected.

        • @Piper
          Yup, the Roman Catholics, Presbyterian USA, and United Methodists have been receiving big money from us Taxpayers to take care of these evil savages.

          Watch out fur dem hogs

          • Yeah, and one of the biggest centers is about 20 mi away.
            I haven’t heard any outright hostility… yet. Wait till they start demanding Sharia from these baptists…

            • PM, they already have a big center near Nashville, a 4-hour drive from my area.

        • PM, good to see you back. I already knew the Catholics were responsible for it; they also had a hand in the ‘sanctuary cities’ movement. It’s just like the Catholics to support policies that hurt our country and they get their orders from the Vatican. Catholics will end up in hell just like the ragheads they support.

          • Hi BH…
            Never left, just don’t see the need to comment anymore.
            It looks like the site is going downhill.
            Advertisers seem to have left, and many trolls appear to have taken up residence…

            Take care old friend.

      32. Immigration? This is more like an invasion. More effective and do not have to fire a shot. The only difference between this exodus of war refugees and a military action, is the infiltrators are not carrying rifles.

        Onward, to the Welfare state of Germany!
        What’s next? USA? Sure we can police those entering from Syria, BUT, what IF, by chance, the Syrian immigrant in Germany, now wants to go the USA? Or the UK, then the USA? We are taking this too lightly. What was Merkel thinking? right-US shill.

        This invasion is more lethal to Europe and the West than you can imagine.

        Find your high ground.

      33. How sympathetic to ISLAM are the ones doing the ‘vetting’?

      34. How do I put it nicely?

        1. Keep these savages out of my/our country. They are barbarians, invaders, inbred, misogynists, liars…. and those are the good things I can say about them.

        2. Get the damned traitor in chief out of office and send him packing with the above. Maybe his man-wife Michelle will look better in a burkha. Hell, I know she would. Anything would be better than that ugly monstrosity of a creature.

        3. Insist that any or all peoples that come to this country learn the language – English, vow/give their solemn oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, accept the laws of this land and forsake all other laws. If the intent of the immigrant is not declared to eventually obtain full citizenship status – all entry should be denied. Only skilled – provable education and training -persons need apply. No more ignorant primitives.

        4. Put to trial any elected official that supports any form of amnesty. Consider such actions treason and sentence them accordingly.

        5. Any person from the Middle East, or for that matter – any country of origin, must be part of a complete family unit if they’ve a hope in Hades of setting foot here, working here, living here. None of this 95% b.s. of young military age men as the majority of the influx. If they don’t bring their own wives and their children – they don’t enter. Period.

        6. All persons entering this country need to quarantined for any and all contagious or communicable disease. A full DNA profile needs to be created on them as well.

        7. If any doubts arise or persist concerning any individual wishing safe harbor in the USA – see #1.

        • Heartless, you don’t even have to be nice about it. This is my country as much as yours and I won’t be nice about it. I’ll go even further and say they need to go back to wherever they came from.

      35. This is B.S. to say now that they are worried. Obullshit and his minions have been letting these bastards in from the southern boarder for years now.

        Stay armed and don’t be afraid to use it. Say nothing to anyone if you use it. Don’t talk to anyone until you have an attorney with you. If someone tries to talk to you tell them you want your attorney.

        Keep you arms loaded and your blades sharp!!!! There is a fight coming with someone. The Feds, The Gun grabbers, the Muslime. You just have to be ready.


        • With so many Federal agencies armed to the teeth with hollow points and Obozo blathering on about a 3rd term, I can’t help but think something is going to go sideways very soon.

          • Me Here, something is definitely coming but the feds don’t have the manpower to take us on. Even with help they don’t stand a chance.

      36. @alijamo
        Syria is a geo-political hot war. The USA is who has spent the money there. They created ISIS who Russia is fighting. Putin will not relinquish Syria. Russian oil pipelines to Europe are in Syria.

        In order to perpetuate the dollar, the for-hire Bully in the world, will stop at nothing, they will do what they must to continue the charade.

        The US/Saudi/Qatar coalition wants gas pipelines to Europe, not Russian oil, they need the geography (Syria) to do it.

        Putin’s popularity ratings are much higher than the organizer, lol.

      37. This is not immigration!
        Immigrants into the USA last century possessed skills and had something to offer whether a butcher, a baker, yada. More importantly, they immigrated in turn. It was a privilege.

        Not today! Many of these invaders want nothing but handouts. We do not see or hear the true story of these refugees/invaders.

      38. I think “flood” is a relative term. There are 318 million people in the US. Blending in 100K of Islamic refugees won’t bring Islamic Law to Maybury RFD. A certain amount of their youth will become “Americanized” with alcohol, marijuana and every other non religious temptation. Given a couple of generations the personal freedom in the US tends to have an effect.

        The concern is a few dozen Islamic crazies that get through. Looking at reasonable percentages and its liable to be 100 if not more. That is worrisome.

        Regardless this is a potential problem that we damn sure don’t need as our plate is full.

        • ‘If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck…. it most likely is one’.

          These so-called ‘refugees’ aren’t going to hang around for a few generations peacefully altering their ways. Be it by naturalization – legal or via some booze or pills mechanism. As CAIR and other Muslim activist groups are already doing, they use their time and money to change our schools, our very way of life to suit their own socio-religious format; without mind you, tolerance for those other traditions and customs already present.

          No, this is a ‘duck’. And boys and girls, I’ve not a problem one with the season being opened. First “quack” – ………. sorry if it happens to be a goose,pheasant or a quail in the bag.

      39. This was the plan all along. Bring one gladiator in to fight another. Can’t you see. It is so obvious. We fight THEIR war. We take THEIR refugees. They eliminate the evil white man, the strongest competition. And they rule the world. Who runs banking, who controls Hollywood to Washington DC? It is not the Arabs or the evil white men. You know who it is but you are too afraid to even think it. The danger is real. If you oppose them your career is over, they consider you less than human whether you are white or brown or black or red or yellow. They are few. We are many. I don’t have the courage to oppose them. I know they have power over my self and they attack your loved ones. I would die for freedom but I will not endanger my loved ones. I guess I am a sell out. Sorry warriors.

      40. so let me see if I’m understanding this properly. TSA will sexually molest you at the airport, train stations, bus terminals and coming soon sports events. All because they believe you might be a terrorist and they WILL stop you from traveling if you’ve annoyed some government flunky or written a blog that wasn’t a glowing review of the crimes of the government, and deem you a threat to national security.

        BUT the government in it’s infinite wisdom is going to allow in 100k people who they can’t identify, some of who, will be terrorists!

        Insanity much?

      41. This isn’t some mideast country. Will it cause some seriously crazy times? Yes. Will it change Merika’? Odummer already took care of that. Don’t underestimate Americans and their desire to keep the status quo. No one is defeating America but herself.

      42. President Putin said they are not looking for a confrontation, but they will get one. Why? Because imo the Obama Administration is bound and determined to have one. Obama is angry that Putin has the upper hand and that Russia is wiping out ISIS. Obama, imo, NEVER intended to do anything about that threat. The war in Syria is going to get worse. It will go nuclear.

        • Isa 17:1 ¶ The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

      43. There are many high ranking military analysts who see what is being done to the country there families live in. They must be planing a way to stop this .How much worse will they let things get before they act. And what will they do?

        • He already purged all the good ones only nwo scum left in high ranking positions

          • 4GWF

      44. If even 1% of the “refugees” are future terrorist we are looking at hundreds and possibly thousands of them depending on the actual total number we receive.

        I was in North Carolina over the weekend and I’m telling you I saw one of them. I live around ATL so I am around muslins all the time, this one was different.

        On the bright side, if they start that $%*& over here its gonna be on.

      45. If you can’t feel the vice tightening around your neck you may be a sheeple????

        Me I’m getting truly tired of their palsey games???

        Like Doc said after he shot Ringo, “you’re no daisy…”

        • Im your Huckleberry,,,,,

      46. Long time reader, not usually a poster anywhere, but something struck me as odd. Why are we now moving more troops to Middle East and moving Muslim refugees to America? I would rather have our troops here if the Muslims are coming . I probably have a conspirator mind after reading here for so long,lol, but these new moves by the Administration in DC makes me a bit nervous. Would appreciate any comments from you about this. Thanks for reading.

      47. Remember the best art exhibit at the “draw muhammad” contest in Garland TX was the 2 chalk lines on the street… just saying..

        • Someone put a sign out front, “First Prize”, it stayed up for a couple of hours.

      48. Its more of the fair share mentality. The UN decided the men in the USA had more than their fair share of good looking white women. So they are letting the Moose Limbs come here to take some. America the land of the Free! or Is it the land of the Freebees? it really don’t matter So some Moose Limb gets a beautiful blond sexy creature? very quickly see turns into a McDonald eating 300 pound fat hogg demanding her sex slave work two jobs to provide her with everything she deserves. He will cry himself to sleep wondering what sin he committed to deserve such severe punishment.

      49. On todays episode of “Meet your future jailers” we discuss syrians. Because latin america, s america, india, china, korea, vietnam, japan, africa, and most middle east countries refugees were not nough.

      50. This is the worst game of chess ever. The enemy king is sitting right next to our queen yet we are blind to it. Instead we focus on the pawns coming at us. TAKE THEIR FUCKING KING! Its our turn and we are about to lose the best piece and probably go after their pawns in response. Its our turn, what’s your move?

      51. I doubt they’ll wind up being placed in rich, upscale neighborhoods and wealthy areas… oh no, can’t have that. They’ll “assimilate” them in poor and middle-class neighborhoods and towns, but not where the wealthy live.

        On the plus side, maybe the violent ones will take out some corrupt community leaders, corrupt authorities… and some corrupt government officials as well, and of course get killed in the process. Fingers crossed on that one.

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