Hillary: Way to Stop Terrorism is to “Understand” Other Cultures & Their Food

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com


    If you thought Hillary Clinton would stop talking any time soon then think again.

    The defeated presidential candidate told a fundraiser for a youth program that the best way to stop terrorism was to “understand” other cultures and their food.

    Yes, really.

    Hillary defended London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the man who once represented 9/11 Al-Qaeda member Zacarias Moussaoui, called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” and said terrorism was “part and parcel” of living in a major city.

    Clinton said that Khan, who has called for Donald Trump to be banned from entering the UK for a state visit (while actual terrorists from Syria are free to return), had shown “steady, determined leadership”.

    Hillary said the best way of combating terror was to “reach out to the world” in order to “understand” people living in foreign countries.

    “Getting to know one another. Learning about the experiences, the lives, the cultures, the religions, the food,” she added.

    One wonders what kind of “cultures” Clinton is referring to? Maybe the ‘culture’ of Bacha bāzī, where elderly Muslim men dress up young boys as girls and then rape them? Or could she be referring to female genital mutilation? Another expression of Islamic ‘culture’ now endorsed by imams living in America.

    “This is not a time to lash out, to incite fear or to use tragedy and terror for political gain,” said Clinton, a comment obviously aimed at Donald Trump and anyone else who has correctly identified political correctness and tolerance of Islamism as creating a fertile ground for terrorist attacks in the west.

    Maybe Hillary is right. Maybe we don’t need to arrest the thousands of jihadists who walk our streets. Maybe we don’t need to stop terrorists who have fought alongside ISIS in Syria and Iraq from returning to the west.

    Maybe we just need to get a better grip on the dietary habits of Muslims.

    Who knew it would be this easy to stop suicide bombers, rampaging knifemen and jihadists who plough vehicles into crowds of people?

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. when will she go away?

        seriously. she’s lost two elections and now even her own party is distancing themselves from her.

        please stop, Hillary.

        • LET THEM EAT PORK !!! 🙂

        • The Noose is tightening around this OLD Hag’s Neck. More Criminal activity in Dem Voter Fraud Exposed. The low hanging Fruit begins to Flip and exposes the higher hanging fruit. Soon the Old Hag will be hanging for all the world to see.

          12 Clinton-linked Dems arrested in voter fraud scheme
          06-12-2017 • Horn News
          Twelve employees of a group funded by Democrats to mobilize minority voters in Indiana are accused of submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications ahead of last year’s general election, according to charging documents filed Friday.

          In other words, the arrests have started for the people trying to rig the election.

          Prosecutors allege that 11 temporary workers employed by the Indiana Voter Registration Project created and submitted an unknown number of falsified applications. According to a probable cause affidavit, a supervisor for those canvassers, Holiday Burke, was also charged, as was the group.

          Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said State Police said the charges against the workers arose from “a very bad, ill-advised business practice” of setting canvassers what appears to be a daily quota.

          The Indiana Voter Registration Project’s effort to register primarily minority voters was overseen by Patriot Majority USA, which has ties to the Democratic Party, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton.

          • Hillary will just say the Russians did it. Waiting

        • Hillary could learn something from Islam. The women are silent.

      2. If we “understand” Islam we will do away with it once and for all.

        And that will stop terrorism.

        But why is it always us that needs to understand them and not them that needs to understand us?

        Turnabout is fair play.

        • “Hillary said the best way of combating terror was to “reach out to the world””

          Yes, reach out to them with MOABs.

        • Why Hillary and Bill eat out for ISIS Take out a few times a week. Comes with Rotten Goat, and Camel Nuts.

      3. I might be slow to under stand cultures but I do understand vultures and I hope they eat her, ass first and work up to her head.

        • They would choke on this ultra ugly whore! Not to mention her cunt is filthy.

        • No, I couldn’t wish such painful event upon the most awful of vultures. Cockroaches. Let the cockroaches eat her. Just make sure that they do it in a sealed container and ‘Raid’ the hell out of them afterwards. Hell, even as I type it, I sort of have this empathy reaction going on for the poor bugs.

      4. Well, I will give this to that utter fraud: I **have** had a few habañero peppers that could have done double duty as a terrorist weapon.

        Otherwise, this truly evil person is a clueless as ever.

        As noted above, Hilary, PLEASE go away. And take Miley Cysleaze, Kim Kartrashian, Lady Kaka, Mahdoona and all of the fake lamestream media when you go, please. Thanking you in advance.

      5. This ugly ass Mongoloid idiot needs to HANG and do society a huge favor!! This bitch is 1 of those cunts that will never shut that ugly hole of hers.

      6. For those of you interested, look up what the Muslim “taqiyya” is (hint: it’s officially sanctioned lying).

        Oh yeah. Already in the US: female genital mutilation (it’s disgusting to even WRITE those words!) 200 MILLION women worldwide have had this barbarity performed on them, and just recently a Muslim doctor in Detroit was arrested for this (multiple stories, one at http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/wayne/2017/04/13/detroit-doctor-mutilated-genitals/100416124/)

        And yes, you can expect the ignorant, vile left to race to the defense of this practice. As you know, the feminazis will say nothing, as their interest (as shown in the Slick rapes) is more in POWER, POWER, POWER than the welfare of women.

      7. What will it take to make this imbecile go away and shut up? I know… How about putting her in Prison! Because that is the only place where this larcenist and collaborator should be. She can learn all about another culture and it’s food: the “prison inmate” culture that is!

        • Treason is a capitol crime. Hang the Bitch !!! 🙂

      8. Muslim Halal meats when killed are done so in a sacrificial rite to their Moon God. The flesh of animals killed in this way is unclean for both Christans and Jue-ish people. (Spelling to avoid robot moderator, not to insult).

        • The Word Gews still works, but the word T R I B E doesn’t. I was referring to the Seminole T R I B E a few articles back, and that key word T r I b e, sent me into Moderation prison like WTF? These parasites call themselves Gews using the J letter, so why can’t we? Anybody got an answer to that Mr Moderator? Is the word T R I B E a swear word?

          • RE: FREE SPEECH.. Maybe soon ISIS will be a swear word and we get put into moderation. And BTW/ Folks that OLD BS Line about Never discuss Religion or Politics around family and friends, is utter nonsense. How the Heck are people going to learn anything if there is never a discussion about these 2 subject areas, which is mostly fraud. I wonder who the heck thought banning discussions about Politics or Religion or Fraud is some how out of bounds for discuussion.

            What we need to have more of, is more discussions about politics and Religion and bring it all into the light of day, based on facts to help educate the masses. Not hide this Fraud behind closed doors, and say Shhhh… don’t talk about it. WTF? Who thought that commie conversation ban law up? You get with friends and relatives, bring it all up, and see where they stand. You could be surrounding yourselves with idiots the whole time and never know it. I ditched a few commie friends the last election, they were outright bizarre and were Hillary Supporters criminal activity snowflakes and all. I got no time to surround myself with idiots. They will drag you down. Move on. Including idiot relatives.

      9. Hillary needs to go away, no one wants to hear her stupid ideas. She just can not understand that no one likes her, trusts her, or wants her running anything. If you want to understand Islamic religion and how these Muslims think, you must read their Koran. It’s that simple. Yes, I know the Koran is long and boring to read, but it’s all there in the writings of Muhammed. It’s a violent none bending hateful religion, I could go on, but no. Read it for yourself. People will not take the time to read it to understand the Muslims beliefs. You are not going to change the Muslims, but they tell you to convert or be killed. Read it. Waiting

      10. Ban Donald Trump. And save face. Because Donald Trump is a master of the verbal comeback.

      11. I don’t mean to be crude, but re. the very serious issue of female genital mutilation (already cases in the US, 200 MILLION worldwide), are we supposed to, Sister Hilary, “be understanding” about that, too?? Are YOU willing to undergo that?

        Again, I don’t mean to be crude, but thanks to importing Islam, this utterly distasteful, horrific and evil thing is now part of the range of discussion – right here in America.

        Question to the intellectually dishonest left: do you support FGM? If not, WHY not? Aren’t all cultures “relative,” and there are no absolutes?

        Truly, the left is not only intellectually dishonest, they are just plain ignorant.

        And yes, Antifa – Nazi STILL means National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party… and your hero Geo Soros colluded with them in 1940s Hungary. Turns out if you want to fight fascism, look in your freaking MIRROR. The ignorance of the left knows no bounds.

      12. HildeBeast can GO LIVE in the Middle East….just for a month….and we’ll see what she says then. Oh….NO Luxuries or special treatment either…..Plus…that’ll give Bill some time to chase some more TRIM.

      13. Its not bothersome that Hillary says such things but rather that audiences actually listen and agree. If you can convince people of outrageous bullshit you can quite easily convince them of mass quantities of lesser untruths that collectively have greater impact. Mark Dice could just about get people to eat dog shit if he first stated, “Obama believes this is good”. This mass of idiots is ripe for exploitation. If it isn’t Hillary its someone else doing the talking; they’re listening.

        • Put it on a Ritz cracker with some red caviar, he could made a mint! There’s only one thing that will stop HRC ( Her Royal Cuckoohead) and that is being underground. Listening to her makes me want to wear earplugs)

        • K2
          Well said!

      14. We are way beyond the point of no return… there is no way this new president can move the USA forward with all the BS that is constantly being handled to him.. the law suit today by Washington and MD is a disgrace.. if WE THE PEOPLE don’t start putting foot to ass to all these terrorists and POS like Hillary we have elected to represent our best interests.. ALL WILL BE LOST!

      15. Stupid bitch!

      16. Thank God the imbeciles, cretins, idiots, fools, and other liberals didn’t elect this anti-American criminal.

      17. And the best way to get to know the Russians is to start civil wars on their borders and later bomb them.

        Seriously just shut your mouth. For goddamned once.

      18. Her favorite meal is crow .

      19. She is So Stupid.

        • hillary puts the CUNT in COUNTRY!

          • sing to the music of “shaft”

            that killary is a baaad muthuh-f*** shut choe mouth!….i’m talkin’ bout killary!…….

      20. Takes me back to grade school days. I noticed the herd mentality even then.

      21. What’s the best way for Hillary Clinton to understand American culture? Have her eat prison food.

      22. Off topic, but so laughable just had to share. Scientist working on vaccine, wait, wait, wait, for “climate change denial”. What could be more ridiculous? Don’t they have anything better to do? Waiting

      23. If you are a non-muslim, the more you understand Islam, the more uneasy you get with it. Especially with Shariah law. I’m all for understanding Islam better. We need the refugee Christians and Yazidis from Iraq and Syria to educate us as to how non-muslims are treated!

      24. Eat lead biyatch

      25. I swear, this woman must go home, sit at the coffee table and watch cartoons while consuming massive quantities of Play Doh.
        She should be institutionalized.

      26. We know she loves Mexicans because she told everyone she likes Mexican food.
        What? You mean you don’t believe her? hahaha

      27. maybe the liberals and snowflakes that believe such BS could explain ….

        what non-Muslim religion knows more about the Muslims than any other religion – the Jews …

        yet after a thousand years plus – the Muslims that claim their religion is one of peace – they won’t include the Jews in their “peace” ….

      28. American culture, if Hillary Clinton was really interested in gaining any kind of real understanding, is (for her) prison food.

      29. There was a time I found immigrants from around the world to be an interesting addition to my all white landscape. They were friendly. It was all good. Or, so I thought. Now, I know better.

        A little bit of diversity within a homogeneous culture is relatively harmless. The problems begin when the numbers increase. Teaching children dangerous lies is a form of treason, something Clinton is prone to.

        Parents who love their children might consider home schooling them, removing television completely from the home, and supervising any time spent in front of a computer.



      30. Here are some ideas I believe would benefit white Americans and white Europeans.

        Parents choose their children’s spouse.

        Require sixteen year olds to marry.

        Women leave the workforce and have large families.

        Teach homemaking for girls in school.

        Teach boys practical trades. Require wood shop, plumbing, and electrical.

        Teach agriculture and farming plus Science to both boys and girls.


        • Not sure about 16 year olds tying the knot. Everything else sounds about right.
          The biggest enemy there is the public school system. We need more affordable Christian schools. More home schooling. The majority out there would never go for it. Workplaces
          now favor hiring women because they think men are more trouble. I went to Home Depot
          a few months ago and there was a 30-something lady with PURPLE hair standing around
          with an orange apron on, doing nothing. Minus the PURPLE hair, I could do that. Remember
          the good old days when women worked traditionally women’s jobs and men worked men’s
          jobs? Women did not fight in cages and boxing rings. Pains me to see how things have changed so much in the last 30 years. Most of your vestiges of the past are gone. Life was
          more rewarding when things were analog. Everything now is complex and everyone is in
          a hurry. Even in the laid back South, the rush-complex is becoming more prevalent.

          • Nameless:

            I knew that suggesting such early marriage would not be easily accepted. But, there are many reasons why teen marriage may be the next new development in our white European culture.

            It is not a new idea. Most cultures still practice early marriage. Which is one reason they out breed us white folk. In the recent past, Europeans also married young. My own grandmother was only sixteen. Marie Antoinette was 15&1/2. That’s pushing it. I think it would be acceptable for teens to be engaged at 14 or 15, but not to marry until 16. The reason being that it is dangerous to have a baby before the age of seventeen. And of course, there is the matter of emotional maturity.

            The fact is, too many teens are having relationships anyway. They often wind up with multiple partners, acquire diseases, and wind up pregnant by boys or men who do not have any interest other than sex. The teens girls are easy prey for nonWhite males who are poor choices and make lousy mates if they stick around at all. Then the offspring are neither white or brown. Often this biracial offspring will grow up with neither culture, a lost soul. There are so many already.

            Even if both teens are white, usually there is little thought put into the decision. It is usually a combination of raging hormones, curiosity, and peer pressure. I would like to see a return to the time when parents supervised these matters, making the final decision as to the acceptability of a suitor. It is old fashioned, but makes sense again. The past usually cycles around sooner or later. Things have gotten so far gone, it is bound to rebound back to traditional roles.


            • My mom married at 15. IN YOUR FACE MARIE ANTOINETTE!

              Stayed married for life.

              Mumble controversial but if you remove all this magical societal BS about “buy every piece of shit that isn’t bolted down” and “become a flaming slut for fun and (profit???)” there’s no good reason not to do it this way. I mean the only reason to wait until 30 is either to establish a career (useless in a society that isn’t PT Barnum’s Flying Strip Mall), or to have a dick eating contest for 15 years.

              As for the guys… here’s a thought magic media, stop pushing sex so hard in bloody everything. And I mean it’s in EVERYTHING. Ok the 80’s were worse about it but still.
              Obviously younger males are susceptible to this sort of thing, and there’s the other side to your 15 year long dick eating contest, the overly-willing other participants.

              Present day younger males couldn’t deal with marriage because they have no skill set and are focused solely on (again) buying useless shit and turning the world into one huge masturbation fantasy.

              The above listed ideas worked once. They could work again. You can’t shift it all sudden-like, it would be a train wreck… the values adjustment has to happen first, or at least concurrently.

        • or,….you could just take away their social media/computer games/smart(dumb, actually)phones….their weapons of mass distraction.

      31. What will it take to shut this old hag up?
        Maybe a dose of her own medicine? Brown, rich, the list just keeps growing. What are they up to 56,, maybe 60????
        When will the decent people of the world stand up to these idiots???

        I agree with the comment previously,, we have had enough diversity,,, now it the time to make these retards accept us as well and if not,,, well there are options, there are always options.

      32. Hillary doesn’t even understand what she is asking everyone else to understand. glad she’s not running things.

      33. Hey “nukem@ or as we like to call him “cuckold” understands that. He likes to swallow a lot of manchode to understand the right wing daily Stormers who give his wife good co ck while his limp dic k jerks it to g ayporn

      34. My mother got married at 14 and had all 5 of her kids by 21 years old. I was going to pile on Killary but everything I was going to say was already said above. All of the politicians are big time liars, bar none.

      35. Years, before she comes up with this, there are canards about, we have the recipe, already, and there are people in the kebabs.

        If you wanted to be like the fictional Willie Wonka, who went exploring, for exotic flavors, you would find caterpillars. There is Westernized food, and food from different value systems.

        She would have as hard a time stomaching that, as what they really believe, were she no so bubble trapped. Apparently, I have been adventurous, and she was the xenophobe, or she might know better, from experience.

      36. London needs more jihadists. When enough of those fools that voted for this mayor are impacted by the Muslim hordes descending on the western world then maybe they will finally figure out that multiculturism isn’t the wonderful thing they thought it would be. A few bricks to the head might make them begin to wonder if succumbing to a fraudulent “refugee” crisis was really a good idea.

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