Hillary “Hires Psychologists To Undermine Trump”… Just As CIA Does In Assessing Egos of Foreign Adversaries

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 26 comments

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    Thinking Like Trump: The idea for this image came from viewing Peter Yang's iconic portrait of Trump as the Thinker.

    Thinking Like Trump: The idea for this illustration came from viewing Peter Yang’s iconic portrait of Trump as the Thinker. Credit where it is due.

    Hillary Clinton is preparing for the presidential debates in a unique way.

    She isn’t focusing on policy, talking points, or on warming up her notoriously cold and unapproachable personality in order to connect with voters and foster ‘trust.’

    No, she is preparing to attack Trump’s personality. These debates are about to become a battle of egos at the psychological warfare level.

    That much is no surprise, but she is taking things pretty far.

    Advisors have been feeding Hillary experts in psychology hired to assess Donald Trump’s personality, pick out his inner fears and weak points, and brain storm about the possibilities of exploiting any mistakes he might make.

    As Business Insider reports:

    The New York Times reported in August that Hillary Clinton’s campaign brought in psychology experts to help her prepare to debate Donald Trump. Which is weird, because that’s not really what psychologists do.

    Here is the relevant part of the Times’ article (emphasis mine):

    Hillary Clinton’s advisers are … seeking insights about Mr. Trump’s deepest insecurities as they devise strategies to needle and undermine him … at the first presidential debate … Her team is also getting advice from psychology experts to help create a personality profile of Mr. Trump to gauge how he may respond to attacks and deal with a woman as his sole adversary on the debate stage. They are undertaking a forensic-style analysis of Mr. Trump’s performances in the Republican primary debates, cataloging strengths and weaknesses as well as trigger points that caused him to lash out in less-than-presidential ways.

    Of course, so far, all that anyone has agreed upon is that he is a narcissist with a dangerously inflated ego. But so are most of the people on stage in politics. That alone won’t stop Trump, and it won’t fix Hillary’s “problem.”

    “If you have somebody who’s narcissistic you want to threaten their ego,” he said. “But I guess you and my grandmother probably knew that, right? You find out what they’re insecure about and you hound them on that. You go for the person’s weakness.”

    That’s old hat, as this HuffPo article makes clear:

    Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 4.54.46 PM

    After all, nothing slowed the attacks of Trump in the GOP debates. Not one of the 16 candidates who made it to the stage could even stun or debilitate the billionaire reality TV candidate, let alone stop him. Establishment favorite Jeb! Bush was crushed like an insect…

    But at the same time, the people quoted in the article are acting as if psychology can offer up no tangible results, as it is perhaps to vague or generalized to be used practically.

    But this is deceptive… and dangerously simple-minded. As the Business Insider notes:

    Psychology has long been interested in the nature and structure of personality. But as for studies of “trigger points,” strategies for needling and undermining people, or systems for predicting how a man with a misogynist past might betray his true feelings in the future — there isn’t much to be found.

    Another researcher, Scott Lilienfeld, who studies and teaches the psychology of personality at Emory, told Business Insider he also could not point to any particular advice psychologists could offer Clinton in taking on Trump — beyond what he called “the obvious thing.”

    But in reality, this has been standard operating procedure for clandestine intelligence for some time.

    And it has already been operational in Hillary’s campaign.

    Whereas her psychologists are seeking advice on her chances for using the ‘woman card,’ fresh Hillary ads are playing upon quotes from Trump’s own past deriding women – while showing the faces of young women today.

    Again, it is a very calculated strategy:

    During World War II, Allen Dulles was the nation’s number two spymaster in the OSS, and was stationed in Bern, Switzerland, where he kept very close company with Carl Jung, who was also tapped as an OSS Agent. Dulles got even closer to Jung’s assistant Mary Bancroft, whom he was having an affair with, but that’s another matter.

    Jung, as the leading figure in analytical psychology, was conducting studies on the personalities of Hitler, Mussolini, as well as top leaders throughout their ranks, probing for psychological hang-ups that might play out and yield weakness or defects. Carl Jung is credited with predicting that Hitler would commit suicide, supposedly based on his introverted tendencies and extreme paranoia.

    For Allen Dulles, the use of Jung’s insights, and the ability to tap into a network of trained psychologists around the world, also signaled the rise of psychological warfare as a serious black art.

    Other leading figures in U.S. and European psychology were conducting similar efforts at profiling Hitler and many other noteworthy figure.

    By the time that MK Ultra began in 1953, coinciding with Allen Dulles taking the helm of the CIA he helped create, clandestine uses of personality tests, psychological profiling and other forms of assessment were in full use.

    John W. Gittinger was the leading staff psychologist for the CIA during this time period, and besides lots of dark accusations about their true activities, was involved in using psychological assessments to driving “all clandestine activities”

    From Chapter 10 of John Marks’ [amazon text=The Search for the Manchurian Candidate&asin=0393307948]:

        With one exception, the CIA’s behavioral research—whether on LSD or on electroshock—seems to have had more impact on the outside world than on Agency operations. That exception grew out of the work of the MKULTRA program’s resident genius, psychologist John Gittinger. While on the CIA payroll, toiling to find ways to manipulate people, Gittinger created a unique system for assessing personality and predicting future behavior. He called his method—appropriately—the Personality Assessment System (PAS). Top Agency officials have been so impressed that they have given the Gittinger system a place in most agent-connected activities. To be sure, most CIA operators would not go nearly so far as a former Gittinger aide who says, “The PAS was the key to the whole clandestine business.” Still, after most of the touted mind controllers had given up or been sent back home, it was Gittinger, the staff psychologist, who sold his PAS system to cynical, anti-gimmick case officers in the Agency’s Clandestine Services. And during the Cuban missile crisis, it was Gittinger who was summoned to the White House to give his advice on how Khrushchev would react to American pressure.

    [There’s much more on Gittinger and MK Ultra in [amazon text=John Marks’ insightful and authoritative book&asin=0393307948]]

    You can bet that the CIA and related agencies have come a long way since this point in the 60s, when things were already getting very out of hand.

    Sizing up weakness in enemies is an age old tactic. But the CIA make it a science in the 1950s – an Hillary is using the fruits of those experiments today.

    Hillary Clinton’s use of psychologist in effort to win the war against Trump is drawing from this dark strain of psychology, not from the naive everyday psychoanalyst who tells you to lie down on the couch and talk about your past, but from a fairly sophisticated approach to breaking down the underpinnings of a fragile leader desperate to conquer and achieve legitimacy (and afraid to fail and lose acceptance of the father figure). Or, something like that.

    Once again, Hillary is working on the dark side, and they are laying out all the traps they can for Trump.

    Given her growing unpopularity, and the recent faux pas of her campaign in denying and cover-up Hillary’s health issues, email scandals and a host of other dirty laundry, she’ll need every trick in the book to turn around public opinion.

    Records have revealed that there were at least 638 plots, mainly hatched out of the CIA, that attempted to oust or kill Fidel Castro covertly… and yet Castro has lived out his life in power. As conventional options failed, the plots got wackier and wackier… and U.S. intelligence efforts ended in frustration.

    In the end, the CIA determined that it couldn’t successfully take out Castro unless it could undermine his support from the public first. Just killing him would be the easy part; but becoming a martyr too easily takes on momentum, and making it work against his cult of personality proved a different and much more difficult beast to tackle.

    Today, Hillary’s public perception problem is her own worst problem. The scandals are piled up.

    Her team can take down any leader in the world, perhaps, but can they sell a naked emperor to a public that is just plain sick and tired of corruption, lies and war mongering while everyone else gets shafted economically?

    History suggests that the shadow operative can pull off a lot of dirty tricks, but practically no one can turn against the tide.

    The war is fought in the shadows, but is won in the forum of public opinion.

    Tonight, is round one of the prize fight…

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      1. This thing is a joke. Trump may put a end to her tonight. Trump supports don’t forget your camera with the big flashes.

          • Geronimo:

            Mr. H was being poisoned by his doctor. The doc was found putting rat poison into his meds. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hill has been poisoned by chemicals in cocaine, sugar substitute which is toxic rat poison, or by some other method of sabotage. Perhaps Ms. Clinton knows too much about too many and some of them want her gone for good. Who knows. But yes. You are correct. At the very end, Hitler had Parkinson’s Disease. He is said to have been mentally unaffected and continued to make decisions until the last day of his life.


        • when i saw trump tell her she should release her 30,000 emails…it LOOKED like she threw up in her mouth a little.

      2. Hillary could use some psychologists/psychiatrists all right,but that is for personal issues,not the debate!

        • Trump is 70 years old. The beauty of gettin to that age is not giving a shit what people think. And The Donald is tough as nails to begin with. That guy has weathered a brutal shitstorm of attacks and he just keeps rolling along. Let’s not forget, this is the first of 3 debates, it’s the one where all the nervousness is played out. I could be wrong but I think at least one of the next 2 will be the showstopper.
          Stay quiet Be smart

        • If I was Trump I would say, “It appears Hillary is Hopped up on drugs right now, and Challenge Hillary to take a drug test, to make sure their next President is not drug induced. They need a clear thinker in the White House. Not a doped up villain.

          Hillary will start sweating and shaking like a drunk in Detox.


      3. If trump is ignorant enough to fall for the bait and get caught up in it then i am glad he did it now instead of later .Having a collected individual with self control is important and it is vital for a president .Trump can win this if he does it by the book . If there is one thing that we need is Term limits on EVERYBODY in Government . It is much harder to create a monopoly and have control of most all government institutions . Our Nation is in deep crap already and many just do not know it ! Media and Lies fill there minds and they can think past the next payday . Too many people are living a life of mere survival already so they can not see what is coming around the corner .They deal with comes unprepared and without resources like sheep to the slaughter . Our school system with the trillions we spent for peoples education to get minimum wage jobs is terrible . Then corporate greed for profits sales out there own people for others . The collapse is not too far away now ,less than 4 years away .

        • This is exactly what Hillary did tonight during the debate, from beginning to end. In a patronising and snide tone. She did divert him from the email situation; the farcical “Clinton Foundation” was not touched. Mr. Trump needs to read more of this media to understand how totally corrupt and dishonest – also greedy, grasping and unlikeable –
          Hillary Clinton is. I do not think she ever intends to focus of any issues; her game plan
          seems to be as described above – attack and divert. It was boring and painful to watch.

      4. If the candidates have to resort to this type of behavior to become President, then what would they be willing to do to the people of this nation to obtain Total Power.

        • Buddy of mine, a clinical psychologist, makes a good side income analyzing every musical note and sound in a commercial to ensure it leaves just the right emotional effect in the listener. He says making people feel good about cheeseburgers and soap is one thing, you still get cheeseburgers and soap, but you don’t get that when you sell a politician. He won’t do political work, says it’s totally unethical.

      5. Hillary or Trump? Who;s spouse has rode on the “Lolita Express”, been accused of rape countless times, given China preferred status and ICBM technology? …. just for starters.
        Who’s helped destabilize the Middle East? Possibly run guns and killed an ambassador, supported terrorists, made sure Russians got in on our uranium?….just for starters.

        I can blame Trump for using laws to his advantage ( written by schmucks Federally and locally ), possibly coming off as d/ck here or there and banging pretty good looking women . Hey, he ain’t perfect, but next to Hillary…..


        • You forgot to mention Clinton spending $450,000 to buy a nuclear reactor from France for North Korea–who only wanted it for nuclear power generation…

      6. I’m a well known Democrat hater and I despise GOPe. But they have been doing this for years. Why do think narrative has transcended facts and data in America today? Narrative is what psychologists devise. Facts and data are what thinking men devise. Guess what wins with an emotional, ignorant, effeminate population?
        Snowflakes melt and get pounded into solid ice. When the seasons change, the ice disappears and no one misses it.

      7. As far back as Queen Ester, and before; masters of psychology have been peering into the minds of Kings and Pharoes to determine their strengths and weaknesses in order to exploit them.


      8. Pharaohs

        • Queen Esther

      9. Interestingly, this makes me hold out slightly more hope for a less than horrific outcome for Trump.

        This is pure hubris on her part. And if she pushes it to attempting to find the caricature of a person that she may actually believe him to be, she’s going to step all over her own toes in the process.

        First order of business in any conflict is to make yourself as unassailable as possible (Sun Tzu). She’s not come even close to doing that. In fact she’s entirely skipped that step.

        Then feign weakness / hubris / trigger points / etc.

        This invites your enemy to overextend themselves and hang themselves.

        We’ll see, but I think she’s only gone from the usual playing checkers to maybe playing chess at the level of a kindergardener, if this is her strategy.

        I mean it’s not a bad thing to do it’s just… completely inadequate by itself. It’s like expecting your shovel to go dig a hole for you.

      10. I turned the debate off. I cant stand either one of them. I really hoped ole haggy cankles would spaz out? apparently my hopes are dashed . Shucks Dagnabbitt its just a sorry spectacle of a dog and pony show.

        • OG,
          I turned the debate off also. I want to vomit everytime
          I hear the Democrat thing speak, and Trump was always on the defensive.
          I’m planing for the final solution, lessons learned from the last one, kill the government, before it kills you.
          Read that Declaration of Independence thingy.

        • Agree OG, and w/others. Trump, should have been tutored by a used car salesman. They keep their cool, CONVINCE you this is a great deal, and you don’t even realize how bad you got fucked…..’til you get home, and by then it’s too late.

      11. Speaking of psychos and egos . Think of women and what they do for dick. Makeup . Eyelash curlers. Rouge blush eyeliner false eyelashes. Wigs weaves. Nose job tit job . Tit job ? Would you spend ten thousand dollars to get a silicon pad implanted under your skin so you could get more sex? And what if they have kids the kids suck on silicon? Women are insane . They are cock crazy . How can we let a group of people so obsessed with one thing . How can they be objective enough to vote? is this not obvious. O all women are not the same. What percentage are? We will be destroyed by these psychos. They won’t even take responsibility for there own actions when they get pregnant. It’s not there falt. They are complete idiots. Isn’t it obvious?

      12. Americans, So Easily Controlled!

        Read the comments section. You might LEARN something.

      13. Next thing Hillary will do is get the Mormon shrinks who devised the Hummus up the ass torture at Guantanamo, to work on devising some equally sick method to get Trump out of the race!

      14. Trust yourself. You can look and listen to the media but don’t believe what they say before your commonsense. Everyone of them have their own purpose.
        Trump can be trust but not H. Clinton.
        At the end she surrender by praising Trump’s kids but nobody seems to pay attention. She happened to reverse all what she criticized him. ONLY GOOD MAN CAN RAISE GREAT MATURE CHILDREN LIKE THAT! It is absolutely true! Bad man cannot raise great kids like that. Trump is a well-known and rich person in the entertainment environment surrounding with many beautiful women but he has not been spoiled, no drug, no cigarette, no alcohol. He raised his kid become great able ones, and it is the good part for the country!
        Good people will not be fooled by demagogue

      15. No matter what extremes the Hitlery campaign resort to this will definitly be a Brexit repeat . There are Soo Many people fed up with politicians and she is The Most Corrupt of all of them . The Media Is Lying on the polls , trust me , get out a Vote Trump/Pence in November . Our lives will get Soo much better !! We will all benefit !!

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