Hillary Clinton Is Back! And She’s “Afraid” of The Minority

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 15 comments

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    Hillary Clinton has resurfaced. She popped up long enough to says she’s “afraid” of the minority and minority rule. But majority rule (democracy) is just fine with her.

    The real problem with the United States is the conspiracy-mongering by Republicans, whose hopes of winning elections endanger democracy itself…at least that’s according to the former first lady and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to a report by RT. Is this monster really attempting to make herself relevant again? It sure looks like it. Are we going to see another presidential run?

    Because “descent” into minority rule where the 49% control the 51% is bad, but the 51% controlling the 49% is somehow good. How about we all wake up and stop trying to control and dictate the lives of our neighbors? How about we all stop advocating for the enslavement of our fellow human beings?

    According to Clinton’s telling, everything has vindicated her 1990s claim about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” working against her husband’s presidency, which has only been made worse since by social media and Republicans “exploiting fear and suspicion in a quest to permanently seize political power.” When the left vs. right paradigm has already been shown to be a lie and that lie is upholding the illusion of freedom that’s literally crumbling before the feet of anyone even remotely willing to open their eyes.

    The US finds itself in “an existential crisis in lots of ways because there’s no doubt in my mind that the plan on the other side is to win the presidency again, whether or not they win the popular vote and the Electoral College. And the same will be true to take back the Senate, to take back the House. And anybody who thinks that’s not the most important issue facing our democracy is really not paying attention,” Clinton told the Atlantic’s Jennifer Senior during last week’s festival sponsored by the publication.-RT

    And we all should know by now that no one sits on the throne of power unless they are the one chosen to be there. Voting doesn’t matter, and it never has. They count the votes for two preselected candidates and tell us who has won. Clinton literally thinks we are stupid. And many Americans are, so she’s right on that at least.

    “The idea that Hillary Clinton of all people stands against some dark political force in this country is obscene,” tweeted Jeff Deist, president of the libertarian Mises Institute. “She personifies it.”


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      1. Hell-ary is back.
        No scarier phrase in the
        English language ???

      2. Who cares what that witch
        says, thinks or whatever.
        As Jeff correctly pointed out
        this creature is the dark
        force itself. This evil woman
        is the personification of
        pure evil. Ewww!!!!! Yuck!!!!!

      3. That stinking hag should have been processed into fertilizer 20 years ago.

      4. IF we had a true justice system, Hillary would be in prison on many different charges which would include the possible death sentence.

      5. The witch is back for Halloween

      6. Ho-hum, just another “D.C.” treasonous jerk that sold influence to foreign nations. Anyone notice that American royalty in “D.C.” Is not subject to the laws we peons must obey.

        What, those cumbersome rules for communication & electronic handling of information are NOT for the Queen. And then she tells Americans “you mean erase it, like with a cloth”. After all she only had 3 electronic devices she used on a daily basis – how could she possibly know about obfuscation by destroying evidence? Of course, the hammer destruction was hard to hide.

      7. Hillary needs to chill, lose weight and regain her ‘hotness’. She was hot once. Check her out in the late 90s, or in the 60s.

        Blonde, beautiful, great body. But what happened? America happened: she went into menopausal obesity just like 90 percent of American and Canadian women. And that’s just not attractive.

        The biggest thing women could do these days is get some body awareness and get fit, at least for your health if for nobody else. Oh, and we should kill the person who invented the elasticated waist polyester pant suit. That sack of nothing has been the go-to choice for lazy, fat-ass women over the age of 40 since the early 70s.

        • Frank you are a sick puppy

        • Now you old men know how older/younger women feel, when we have to look at you! Big fat guts, wrinkled up faces, bad attitudes, etc. You men get uglier the older you get. Seriously. Women aren’t so desperate for a man anymore. Males are toxic. LMFAO

      8. 1. April 26 Guantanamo Bay.
        2. HRC has not been seen since.
        3. Only one of her actress/doubles has been seen in mask and/or dark glasses.
        4. She is not “back,” now will she be.
        5. Someone from her entourage is logging in to her Twitter and posting as if it was her.
        6. Bill died there last week, too.
        7. They have Chelsea under arrest.
        8. Don’t expect to ever see any of the Terrible Triumvirate anywhere again.
        9. Expect to see more of those from her entourage taken away.
        10. Thank God.

        • Links?

      9. You need to see a shrink Frank

      10. What is this “Democracy” she thinks we have, last time I looked we were supposed to be a representative republic with the rule of law attempting to pump the brakes on majority rule and it’s rapid decline down the road.
        Democracy is not to be found in the the Declaration of Independence or anywhere in our Constitution. This Constitution is supposed to be the framework of our government, and not care what she is afraid of.

      11. #&@*!!! I thought this corrupt old hag had waddled off into her twilight years. Are we going to be subject to her bullsh*t yet again? Give me the jab with an air bubble in it.

      12. That woman is butt fugly. So is her mutt daughter Chelsey. She looks like an old horse.

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