Hilarious Video: Brothers Convince Drugged Little Sister Of Zombie Apocalypse

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    In what may be the funniest video you see today, two brothers and their mother played a pretty hilarious practical joke on their little sister.

    The sister had her wisdom teeth pulled and after the surgery she was a bit out of it.

    Not letting a good opportunity go to waste, the brothers conspired to convince their sister that a viral infection was spreading across the city, complete with a fake emergency message from the CDC.

    Once convinced that it was happening, the sister was asked to make some split second, life-saving decisions that included deciding between taking the dog or the cat, whether they needed Funfetti or chocolate, and if Mexico was the best place to bug out.


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      1. THAT WAS MEAN lol funny as hell

        • At least she knew to bring the guns! Atta girl!

          • MAC,

            It is good to see that you do have a sense of humor, gallows? LOL!


            • The dogs a goner. LOL

              • Speaking of a “zombie apocalypse” I have been warning this community for two to three years that China was a serious problem with structural deficiencies in its financial system.

                Now no less than David Stockman has pointed out the obvious: (to me at least); meaning that the YUAN lovers here were terribly wrong and that China is headed for a financial disaster of biblical proportions.

                Its in the archives. 🙂


        • In psychology we have Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

          I disagree with the theory.

          I would place self-actualization in between safety and physiological; in particular, problem solving, acceptance of facts, and lack of prejudice (meaning not that I’m not a racist, but that I do not prejudge a situation without knowing all the facts). Self actualization is more important than safety. Your safety is not guaranteed and is mostly an illusion anyway.

        • http://www.thedailysheeple.com/brains-scans-reveal-the-mind-boggling-effects-of-lsd_042016

          LSD is a wonderful drug for your mind. Scientists are doing so much promising research now with cannabinoids.

          Laboratory animals replicate human cravings for drugs with one exception: they do not like hallucinogens.

          How I wish all drugs and prostitution could be legal. Victimless crimes aren’t crimes.

          They say that sex on Ecstasy is the greatest thing ever.

        • 15% of the people in this country are foreign born.

          What the fuck do you think that means for our culture?

          Why the motherfuck do we fucking need these immigrants for?

          Do you really fucking think an America not controlled by white people will be America? It will be Obama eternally. That’s what most foreign countries are like.





          • Some of these Immigrant Women are Smoking Hot. The Women from Ukraine, or Russia, or Sweden and Baltics, and espanole’ .. Sure kick all the Dudes out of the country. Nobrainer.


      2. You dumb fucks; is there an adult on duty here?

        • You don’t like the funny video?

          I thought it was a nice little break from the daily madness…

          • MAC,

            Perhaps it was on the 1st of April? It was hilarious! It kind of demonstrates where our priorities lie under those conditions. The girl got it right about the funfetti vs chocolate cake. We all need more humor and fun-loving laughter, it is one of the best medicines, maybe not for the girl at first but she will be laughing about that video for years, if not the rest of her life.

            • Laeagle, I would’ve chosen the chocolate cake. YUM AND LOL.

              • Me too!

          • Mac, that wf character sounds like a sour grape. Anyway, I enjoyed the video and yes it’s a nice break from the daily madness. At least the girl had the good sense to mention guns and a knife. BTW, when I was a kid, if I’d pulled a prank like that on my sister, Dad would’ve made my ass as red as a Chinese flag.

          • It was a funny sibling teasing, however, in all honesty it was a good Drill for some unknown reason to Bug Out in Minutes. So there is a learning lesson here, to have your BOB stuff all located and packed ahead of time, and ready to load, and a list. That part is NO Joke. Brilliant Video, esp the Taped News Cast.. To create authenticity.

            Will you waste time, pondering over abandoning your remaining Preps,to possible never see again? How many rifles can you pack in your Vehicle? Which ones will you have to leave behind?

            I built a sand bag box to fill sand bags, built it out of a free pallet sitting on a curb. And a traffic cone tilled upside down and mounted, to funnel the sand into the bags with a hook on the side to hold the bags in place while I was filling them. 1/3rd cubic feet of sand weighs from 720 to 1125 Lbs. The Bag I got was 1/3 yard, and it filled up 15 sand bags, which each weighed about 50 Lbs. each so my 1/3rd yard of sand load, weighed about 750 Lbs.

            I need a dump truck load. lol


            • here’s a list I made for my boy scout troop recently of things to have when
              I go out of town for more than a day…
              boy scout manual…there’s some GREAT information in there!
              plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
              bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
              military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
              fire starter
              mattress pad/cot/bed
              cooking oil
              granola bars
              coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh

              optional stuff…………………………………..
              550 cord
              dutch oven
              firstaid book
              extra glasses

              jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
              sawyer mini filter
              magnifying glass
              tool bag
              digging bar
              tow strap and chain

          • I came out of the Orthodontist Apt when I was 15, and My dad and sister were parked next to my sisters car, which I drove out there. I didn’t even have a license to drive yet, but since it was raining I did not want to ride my bike in the rain. They were all supposed to be out of town but came home early. Saw the car gone and my Apt on the calendar. Well when I came out, My dad said get in the car, and my sister drove her car home. He did not say a word to me while riding home. I know by his look. But he let me drive the vehicles out at the farm during that time, so I knew how to drive, and my older sister would let me drive on back country roads when 15 in that car. That was an OOPS moment. No harm.

            ~WWTI.. Good Ol’ Days. ha.

        • Mom was in on it too!

          • Yeah it was pretty good.

        • “You dumb fucks; is there an adult on duty here?”

          ANSWER: NO

          Obviously you are lost, and have entered a Forum in which you personally have no use for.

          Please take the appropriate exit, and go fist yourself!

          • FTW, I told him the same and I was even nicer than I normally am to trolls.

        • The voices. Telling you to kill yourself. Listen.

        • Wf, don’t like it here? Then move along, sonny.

      3. Cute bunch of kids.

      4. too funny
        her brothers are gonna pay for that !

        and even drugged up
        that girl had it together
        garden hoe ?

        she wanted guns and a knife !

        • Satori, give the girl credit where credit is due. She did ask for the right things.

          • She may have been groggy but you sure have to give her credit, she ain’t no lib, she says, don’t take a hoe to a gun fight. But she would use a knife if necessary. What a Girl! Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • Agreed–should make any proud father get a little tear in his eye.

      5. things that make you go hmmmm

        Planet Nine may or may not exist – the evidence for its existence is incomplete

        h ttps://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/planet-nine-may-or-may-not-exist-the-evidence-for-its-existence-is-incomplete/

        • “Planet Nine may or may not exist – the evidence for its existence is incomplete”

          Imagine my (absence of) shock!!!

          Lack of evidence – existence incomplete = more imaginary, fabricated, human story-telling.

          • sorry FTW
            there IS some scientific evidence that indeed a planet 9 does exist
            read the article again

            • Satori –

              An actual quote from the article you posted up.

              “They also factored in the fact that we’ve not actually laid eyes on the planet.”

              These people ADMIT – did not actually lay eyes on “said” planet – FACT

              Basically that short article talks about a giant energy[gas] mass. Nothing scientific there … but plenty of speculation.

              The Theories I have read, as to why people can’t see Nibiru/Planet 9 …etc.

              1. it’s hiding behind the Sun
              2. it is hiding below the Earth
              [Wow – this Planet has a mind of it’s own]

              Speculating or Assuming such a thing can be detrimental to one’s health. Even if a “giant rogue planet” was going to collide or disrupt our Planet.

              As people, what can we do to prepare for such a cataclysmic event?

              Short Answer: absolutely nothing

      6. They turned it off right before she threw the cat at one of their faces and shoved that (whatever that thing was) up the other’s ass. I’ve little doubt.

        The screeching would have been epic. Oh the amazing shit fit we missed there.

      7. Always go with chocolate!

      8. Poor thing. It was hard for her brain cells to process all that.

        I would’ve taken the dog.

        • Grandee, I would’ve taken the guns, knife, and chocolate cake.

      9. Good Triage.

        The dog is dying, take the cat.

      10. That is not funny.

        When in pain and under drugs, the subconscious mind continues to record. All it takes is a stimulus to evoke a stimulus response which later can result in panic attacks.

        But I’m sure these boys don’t have a medical degree and can’t be expected to act like adults since they have the limited brains of teenagers.

        The mother, however, should be held to a higher standard.

        I hope this was acting and that nobody was subjected to any real mind fucking.
        Roger and out.

        • Come on now sometimes a good prank is just a good prank.
          They didn’t give her any real weapons she was half way still thinking questioning garden tools over weapons she was with her family. If your big brothers can’t pick on you then who ?
          Obviously she don’t like that poor dog probably bite her at some point lol

      11. OFF TOPIC
        Can anyone tell me step by step in detail how to re-season a cast iron fry pan 10″ it was my grandmothers grew up eating out of it just recently my ex thought it needed washing out came the steel wool. Now its just fooked. Can anyone help?

        • ht tp://www.womansday.com/food-recipes/cooking-tips/tips/g442/how-to-reseason-a-cast-iron-skillet-109652/

          step by step

        • Internet dude.
          I cleaned and seasoned pans for years.
          there is twenty ways to do it.
          Pick one.

          • Best way is what Grandma taught me.

        • My wife says oil it, put it on the stove and heat it til very hot.

        • ab

          Wow! I think you have to burn off the steel wool that is now embedded in the seasoning of the pan. Treat it the same way as if it was coated with rust. First fire the pan to clean/open up the pores in the cast. Then bacon grease it wiping the pan. The pan darkens and the cloth should only have clear grease with no debris mixed in it when finished.

      12. I have tears running down my cheeks. This is going out to friends. I have not laughed this hard since my (then) teenage son, peed in his sister’s perfume bottle. Try keepinig a straight face while parenting that one.

      13. Cruelty isn’t funny.

      14. Off Topic but I found it interesting. I had this email about ted cruz in my inbox. Not having signed up on the cruz website, I found this interesting. WHY would any email regarding cruz be sent by “romney for President Inc.”???
        And is romney for President Inc. really incorporated?? This is just something which makes you scratch your head and say Why?

        Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

        This email was sent by: Romney for President Inc., 500 Cummings Center, Suite 4400, Beverly, MA 01915.”

      15. ’60 MINUTES’: Lawmakers Say Redacted Pages Of 9/11 Report Show Saudi Official Met Hijackers In LA

        ht tp://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2016/04/11/60-minutes-lawmakers-say-redacted-pages-of-911-report-shows-saudi-official-met-hijackers-in-la/

        why did Bush and Obama both protect terrorists
        and the murderers of thousands of American citizens ?

        oh yeah
        stupid question

        • Redacted—Schmeedacted…

          Unless those 28 redacted pages explain how 3 buildings collapse at free fall speed (especially when one [WTC 7] was never hit)then it is just a psy-op.

          9-11 was an inside job. You will never be told the truth by a .gov that considers you to be the enemy and exists to fulfill and expand itself and it’s pensioned “crew” by stealing from the non .gov producers.

          9-11 has been incorporated into the state control mechanisms from the CEO down to the local militarized police.

          Were those “dancing” Amish or Irish? I forget.

          I hate to beat a dead horse, but I’m holding a stick and the carcass is laying right in front of me.

        • The Failure to Kill Bin Laden when they had a chance early in the war, and The Invasion of Iraq was the turning Point, that this was all just a false flag scam. To control the Middle East, when the majority of the Hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. No Plane debris at the Pentagon the place where $2 Trillion was missing, and that accounting dept was blown up on 9-11, erasing the theft.

          Or Oklahoma City Bombing incident, that also found traces of demolition in the back part of the building. Gee why was that placed there on that day?

          Terrorism is an Illusion of the Mind, the Boogy Man to scramble your mind into fear. And watch the stoopid sheep run to seek safety in the wolves den.


      16. She owes them some SERIOUS Payback !

      17. Thanks MAC!!!
        We need to laugh now and then. and I did laugh.
        That looks like a Big brother to me. We my Brother and I plaid jokes on our little sister to. It is what big brothers do.

        She was smart enough to know she need a weapon to defend herself.

        Like my sister she has gotten us back, and this little girl will do the same some day.

        Again Thanks MAC!

      18. Lame. I hope she pees in the family orange juice and gets their reaction on video after telling them.

      19. I feel for this woman!
        I had my Wisdom teeth pulled by
        Military dentists. Minimal drugs
        as they cost too much.Generally they do
        one side at a time so you can eat after
        they hack you up.

        On my last extraction, I threw a #250 man
        against the wall when he hit a nerve that
        had not been deadened quite yet.
        I’m not a big guy, only 6 foot, #200.
        As he got up he suggested to the dentist
        “I was a patient that should be sedated”.
        The dentist ignored that advice, got on my chest
        and ripped my last wisdom teeth out as two
        really big people held me down.
        I drove myself home.
        I’m surprised that this girl did
        not beat her brothers senseless
        once she got better. My sister
        owns a .357 and she would have shot me,
        If I pulled that crap.

        Funny, but with my family it may
        have been a little more serious.

      20. When I felt better Theos two would be Toast.

      21. The free showing of the series “The Truth About Cancer” Episode One is available on the Internet. Watch it before they pull it again.

        • B from CA
          Thanks. I just watched a later version and missed earlier ones.

      22. It seems the U.S., Isreal, and Saudi Arabia have been funding ISIL/ISIS. Follow the money.

      23. That isn’t funny screwing with people like that especially right after surgery. Not cool, not funny.

      24. Stupid video.

      25. Wow, planners.
        Thanks Mac for injecting humor.
        This earth needs more laughter.
        Moar jokes.
        Life is a journey.
        You never know when your time is up, so live life to it’s fullness if possible.

        Be well all…

      26. Prepper TIp of the Day

        DIY Ceramic Water Filter Kits, Revisited

        ht tp://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/diy-ceramic-water-filters-revisited-zbcz1604.aspx

      27. and this is supposed to be funny if that was my son i would kick his ass, this is just dumb punk shit.

      28. Damn..that was great. “How is you Spanish? I can say PANTS.” LOL

      29. Excellent video. It was a laugh out load video but I did feel sorry for the sister. When the brother put a rake in the car the sister started to panic. That is classic along with giving her the extended tongs to fight the zombies. Very good. This what big brothers do.

      30. Did someone say jokes?

        “What’s the difference between a woman in a church and a woman in a bath?

        The woman in church has hope in her soul.”

        You can finish it. Feel free to change the gender.

      31. Save the CAT! Lol

      32. should we go to costco first?

        no its going to be a blood bath in there…

        a line which will live forever

      33. Hi there! New to this site Love it. This video had my rolling. I do feel sorry for the dog, though, being that I love all 7 of my “kiddos”. The kid was smart though, get the guns, knives, cake. Avoid Costco it would be a bloodbath. I can say “pants” in Spanish. Classic.

        • Welcome JMP!

      34. Loved the video. It was hilarious, great prank. Feel sorry for the dog, though, kid is smart, get guns, knives, cake. I can say “pants” in Spanish. Classic

      35. Loved the video. It was hilarious, great prank. Feel sorry for the dog, though, kid is smart, get guns, knives, cake. I can say “pants” in Spanish. Classic

      36. I meant to set your world on fire. I didn’t mean to set the world on fire. I let the cities burn, now were all alone, I’ve come to grips. I thank the Lord each day for the apocalypse.

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