Highly Respected Economist Warns: “Hyperinflation Is On The Table… It Will Be Completely Uncontrollable”

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    Thibaut Lepouttre is a highly educated and well respected economist from Belgium. But unlike many of his counterparts who often toe the line of mainstream politicians and financial pundits, he’s not one to sugarcoat the seriousness of the current global economic, financial and monetary environment. According to Lepouttre, while the Federal Reserve has worked feverishly to prevent a widespread destabilization of the system, their machinations will soon be revealed as an abject failure.

    Whereas many of his colleagues suggest the possibility of inflation is an unlikely scenario, Lepouttre says that we will see it begin to manifest in the near-term in the form of higher prices for essential resources. In his latest interview he explains why we’re within the prime target dates for inflation to take hold, the snowball effect that will lead to uncontrollable hyperinflation, and how to strategically position assets ahead of this unprecedented monetary event.

    There is no doubt that the Federal Reserve has almost run out of options to get the economy going.

    (Watch at  Youtube)

    Let’s go back to the basics of the economy. It takes a while when money gets printed before it really gets circulated in the system. In normal economic times, it takes like 24 to 36 months before a newly printed $100 bill is really brought into circulation, and you can see the trickle down effects of that.

    The problem in the current economic situation is the fact that the velocity of money is much slower than it used to be. Due to the lower velocity of the money, it takes much longer before you feel the trickle down effects. So instead of the 24 to 36 months, it’ll take, I’ll say 60-72 months before we see any of the trickle down effects into the real economy.

    We’re closing in on the 6-7 year period right after the first round of quantitative easing started in the U.S. so I do expect to see some sort of inflation increase in the near future, and the problem is once the velocity of money goes up again, then you might, indeed, have some sort of snowball rolling off the slope of a hill, and it will be completely uncontrollable.

    Lepouttre notes that both Russia and China see the writing on the wall, and that’s why they’ve resorted to off-loading billions in U.S.-dollar based assets over the last year. To mitigate the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar they have been heavily acquiring one particular asset:

    Even though the Federal Reserve and the mainstream media are trying to downplay the real value of gold, it still has its monetary value.

    It’s had so in the past two, three four thousand years, and it will continue to have it, because even Russia, even China, which have their own economic problems right now… they’re still buying gold.

    Russia has been hit incredibly hard by the low oil price… and instead of trying to protect their own balance sheet of the Russian central bank by keeping their dollars, they are getting into the economy in U.S. dollars and buying gold with it.

    So it really says a lot when a large economy like Russia, which isn’t a small economy at all, values having physical gold more than U.S. dollars for the balance sheet of the central bank.

    The message could not be any clearer. To survive what’s coming investors need to be looking at diversifying their portfolios with resource-based hard assets that will retain their value when Western monetary systems buckle.


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      1. So all the things we have been stockpiling are worth more…

        • Indeed.

          Back circa 2009/2010 or so I wrote an article about buying commodities at “today’s low prices” and consuming them at “tomorrow’s higher prices.”

          Everywhere we look prices are higher now than they were in 2010 for the bare essentials. Yet, the Fed et. al. are telling us there is no inflation.

          Now how is that possible?

          Assuming there won’t be “any inflation” in the future, we can safely continue to acquire assets at today’s lower prices.

          In fact, resource-based assets like gold, silver, base metals, and agri-related commodities have been hammered on our supposed free markets. Now is probably a great time to continue to accumulate those assets.

          Whether those investments are 5-gallon buckets of rice and beans, a tube of silver eagles, or well managed resource companies, I think you’re going to end up a winner over the long run.

          • Mac, I hope we are the wise ones to be prepped and ready.
            Kudos on all you have here…

            Bless all…

            • None of us can predict the future, as we are operating with incomplete information. But history suggests that situations like these always lead to a breakdown of some kind – sometimes it’s short-term and peaceful, but often times it is violent and paradigm-shifting.

              I tend to lean towards inflation over the long term, with a deflationary hit in the near term. (Funny though, that even during the deflationary hit in 08-10 we still paid more for food and the important stuff. Speaking of, how ’bout all them gas savings!!)

              The way I see it, Eppe, is that I am going to consume these preps going forward… We eat our rice and beans and flour and everything else. Heck, we even rotate our MRE’s and freeze dried foods during camping trips and hikes and such.

              Whether we are wise or not I don’t know. What I do know is I feel much more comfortable knowing I have an insurance policy with no counter-party risk.

              I suspect you do too 🙂

              • Amen, Mac.
                I see it as insurance for whatever will unfold.
                Wish I had a crystal ball, even if was only good for 24 hours…

                Be well all, we are all we got…

                • China and Russia are among the world’s largest gold producers, along with South Africa, Australia, and the United States.

                  Gold production in China and Russia is a jobs program to keep their people working and all gold is purchased by those governments well, well, well below world market value.

                  Hyperinflation IS occurring …. in Emerging Markets.

                  Hyperinflation will not happen here in the US because the FED will not flood the consumer with dollars: as evidenced by the data, and the collapse of retail throughout the United States. This is a deliberate action by the FED to force China towards a service economy which they have refused to do, despite agreements to the contrary.

                  Do NOT buy stocks in Junior Mining Companies if they are not producing at a profit and do not have great reserves and lots of cash in the bank. Buy physical metal instead.

                  The coming Crash in the USA will be DEFLATIONARY in character. Plan accordingly. 🙂

                  • I agree: it will be deflationary and this is why I believe so. Either high inflation – or a hyperinflationary collapse – would be stopped by the government. The US government has immense power and hyperinflationary events are a result of weak and chaotic government, not too much currency. The US has (still) an immense security and military presence and this is worldwide (and they call most of he day-to-day shots, not the clowns in the Whitehouse). They are also diversified, not just only relying on US currency and assets to pay the bills. The same goes for US multinationals. This will stem hyperinflation.

                    It will be delfationary because US incomes and wealth are going to be held down so that US citizens shrink their consumption. There is a bigger agenda at play: to reduce the resources and goods consumed in the US and the over-dependence on these coming from emerging markets, in particular China. The idea is to force the regions and China to produce goods and services to improve living standards in these countries, rather than going for the low-hanging fruit of exporting crap to developed markets such as the US. This will be better for geopolitical stability because people will no longer need to migrate to the US for a higher living standard. We are already seeing this with Mexico, where many Mexicans now realize they can do better in Mexico than the US.

                    • This kind of reasoning is sensible, if the leaders are reasonable, and have the best interests of the people in mind.

                      They don’t….period.

                      The majority of our leaders, as many here have worked to exploit,
                      are bought and paid for by banksters, and corporate clowns.
                      Their goal is one worldism.

                      To achieve it they have to eliminate the middle classes of people through regulation/laws and debt. The poor is no problem for them since they can pull the plug on them at anytime.

                      But, well organized, and asset covered middle America, is their enemy for their planned NWO. They either divest it systemically, or will pull the plug on all at one time via Martial Law/UN Law.

                      Which system is ultimately used is what is still up in the air.
                      As I have said before, barring any natural, unnatural, or Supernatural event happening before next October, the cards will be revealed of where we are heading and how soon by then. The financial dominoes will see-saw on a rotten support beam until something finally breaks it.

                      That is just how I see it. I won’t dwell on it either, cause dwelling on it leads to worry, and worry leads to many negative effects on a person’s life.

                    • LMAO…

                      “Frank Thoughts” IS the durangokidd!!!

                      Questions for DK.

                      1) Just how many tags do you troll under?


                      2) Why do you do it???

                  • Brother Man, could you elaborate on what debts will be like in a deflationary period,i.e. if you owe $6,000.00, will it increase, decrease or stay the same? No one addresses what the implications will be for pensioners, etc., only those with excess funds. I know I can probably kiss off social security but wonder about existing debt when the Schumer hits the fan. Thanks.

              • RT(Russia Today)has an article that I actually read off of Drudge, titled “America is a Ticking Time Bomb”. It’s a good read in more ways than one, but one item in it was, “The average life span of a Nation after adopting a fiat currency, as we did in 1971, was 37 years. We have now endured 44 years and counting. If their analogy is true, we are in the short rows so to speak. Mr. Slavo do you care to comment on the 37 year average? Is this a good number or just hype by Russia? Just ask’n. thanks

                • taxdn2powerty

                  “The average life span of a Nation after adopting a fiat currency, as we did in 1971, was 37 years.

                  The US is unique in the fact that our currency is tied to global trade as the USD is the worlds reserve currency (or better said the worlds primary reserve currency). The US creates money and exports it to the world using the US Military to back up this agreement.

                  Every other nation has fiat currency too and they don’t have the Mafia type arrangement above. They falter sooner not having the reserve status to falsely prop up the worth of their money and buy USDs when they’re in trouble.

                  The people who dreamed up this post Bretton Woods agreement are slick. They’re not infallible but they have options that I a layman never considered. Thats why they went to Columbia and MIT and I the University Of Hard Knocks with a grad degree in bruises and contusions.

                • how about:

                  ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLfO738Ok5Y

                  y’all play nice……..BA.

              • Mac this all presupposes that the dollar remains the world reserve currency and the Fed can print as they wish. But if the IMF and BRICS have their way we won’t have to worry about inflation because the dollar won’t be the reserve currency or the petro dollar. My understanding is that both the IMF and the BRICS have announced they are just about ready to switch over and many nations are on board.
                If that happens inflation might look pretty good.

            • Eppe and everyone, same here. My prepping is still continuing and I’m getting I can NOW BEFORE hyperinflation hits. The more you can get now, the better your chances of survival. I see the BOL in my not-so-distant future…..

              • Amen to that BH I’m right behind you in preps also . I do feel it s coming soon , Eppe and everyone else God speed to you all

            • Been hearing that since at least the early 1970’s. Still waiting!

          • Winners? I think breaking even will be all you can hope for.

            • Breaking even will be a victory compared to what others who did nothing will have to face.

              • Survival is the Best Revenge!!

          • @Mac,
            A sincere question: How much is enough?

            How much food?
            How much ammo? (I know you can never have too much!)
            How many firearms? (I know you can never have too many!)How much first aid and medical supplies?
            How much ________________? (you fill in the blank)

            I am running out of room for storage. Sadly it can all be lost in a confiscation, burglary, fire, you name it.

            • Made our spare bedroom into our storage room. The rows of can goods are about to reach the ceiling. Afraid if I get too much more in there, the floor might collapse. Oh well, if it does, that will give me about six more rows of storage!

              • Put in more piers under the house to support the floor joists in the middle of the room. Perhaps you can add more floor joists too. Then you might want to cover the entire floor with 3/4 plywood to better distribute the weight.

                Floors in older homes weren’t designed to hold all the weight we now put on them. For example, my old TV weighs 300 pounds. I had to have the floors completely replaced in a couple of rooms because they were sagging so much.

            • If you know how much ammo you have, you don’t have enough.
              I live where we can grow food year round, have a few months stashed away and a good supply of non-gmo seeds. lots of wild pig and cattle around.
              You can only shoot one gun at a time, but you can never have too many.
              Meds are a weakness as you can only get so much of a prescribed stash.
              As far as hyper inflation – that is an artificial construct.
              Are you going to pay $1000 for a loaf of bread, when you only make $7 per hour? is a banker going to accept early payment of mortgage in hyper inflated cash? Inflation is bad for us, but we tolerate a government that actively pursues it.
              Money is not wealth, is is only a means of transferring wealth.

            • Thats like asking the govt. how much money is enough. The answer is always MORE!

            • Lemme put it to you this way.

              One time I did an Excel spreadsheet. It factored in inflation, and had a 65 year horizon. I don’t recall the precise numbers (I’d have to dig it up again) but if I remember right, for two or three people, I’d have felt “comfortable” with about 4 to 6 million dollars over a 65 year period. That’s minus any investing returns as I did not simulate that. Also not simulated was Social Security.

              That’s if shit remains normal.

              So you go and figure. How much you think you need? Answer: lots.

            • Wilson, here is a sincere answer to your sincere question. I asked myself the same question, how much is enough, for years. Then one day it dawned on me, no matter how much we have, there is never enough. Until we factor in this one part of the equation. Living off the land, my friend. When we have the skills, knowledge, and courage, yes it takes courage, to survive out there with nothing but foraging, fishing, and hunting, but it can be done, then we are on the paved road to success. Here is a good example. A five gallon bucket of various homegrown garden variety dehydrated food will last the wife and I about two weeks. Supplementing that with wild growing plantain, pigweed, purselane, cattails, other wild edible plants, and fish and deer meet will stretch that same five gallon bucket out for months. Prepping is only the beginning, a bridge, if you will, to successful foraging, scavenging, parlayed with successful fishing and hunting. Give this idea a lot of review because sooner, as in the fire or confiscation you mentioned, or later, by your own consumption, the preps disappear. And then what unless we know how to forage…thanks

            • Wilson:
              How much is enough?
              My philosophy is balance. Only you can determine where to draw the lines. Just remember to write the lines in pencil not ink.

              • B of CA,
                Someone asked previously if you have been to Cali lately. I have a question too. Is there any topic you are not versed in? You seem to have lots and lots and lots of advice on lots and lots and lots of subjects.

                • Anonymous:

                  Do I detect a bit of criticism in your remark.

                  Not very kind to attempt to censor a person who is willing to give advice. Someone may actually want my advice. If you don’t need it or don’t agree with it, great. Put in your own two cents.

                  I have lived in California since before kindergarten. My knowledge on many subjects comes from years of study and participation in the activities of a lifetime.

              • How much food stuffs…”is enough”?

                When you have more than you can cycle through in a year, and then have two more years worth in reserve.

                That is what we strive for.

                Unless it is something we plan to barter with, (if need be) we don’t can or store anything that we are not eager to open up and eat.

                Example; we grew green beans as a bulk selling item for a couple years when we were regular participants in the local farmers market. To add variety, we grew several different types. One particular type was hardly a good seller, and it seemed to grow the most prolific, with beans still hanging when the second frost came. Way before then, after the market had closed for the season, we dipped into our stockpile of used quart canning jars and canned up about fifty quarts. We could eat them, but we are not fond of them, like our customers were also.

                So we labeled them barter beans.

                We have them dated, and using Dad’s older canned beans as a gauge, since some were seven years old and still tasted fine. we figure they are still good for another seven or eight years.

                Metal cans are not good for long term storage, because of leeching and rust. Glass…no problem.

          • There IS no inflation, as long as you don’t eat or use energy. We may finally be getting a handle on America’s obesity problem.

        • No one knows what will or won’t happen and when. We are in uncharted territory and in no mans land to boot. China and Russia are unloading for different reasons and they have their share of problems, especially China with its massive shadow banking system, its $25-35 trillion QE program, false GDP numbers, bridges and roads to nowhere, ghost cities and factories. Russia is feeling the squeeze from low priced oil.

        • “So all the things we have been stockpiling are worth more…”

          It would appear so, priced in devalued dollars.

          In reality, real things don’t change in value unless there is an excess, or shortage. The LAST potato is worth a lot. A Zillion potatoes means they are not.

          So, our stuff isn’t worth more…..what passes for money is simple crappier.

          • TnA, does make one wonder.

            Sounds like you are ready.

            All we can do is prep for the worst, pray for the best.

            Be well all…

          • My wife even notices the inflation. She went out last weekend and bought some things for the kids to eat on a picnic. She bought some hamburger helper. We have a lot of it in our preps because we bought it cheap and it lasts a long time and just 3 months ago we replaced some of it at market price. But she went out and bought a box for the kids and made it and was surprised to find out it was only enough for 2 kids instead of the 4 it used to feed. more expensive for the box too. That’s more than a 100% rate of inflation in just 3 months.

          • How can a decline in tourism caused by a burka ban be a BAD thing ?

            • It isn’t, that’s just a bullshit article to scare a few Swiss into supporting the muslim invasion. The reality is that Swiss tourism largely depends on the Alps and valley lakes, seeing numbers of burqa-clad women there is not going to happen, they stay near home in the cities where their husbands can keep an eye on them.

        • I am still waiting for the collapse last month

      2. Hm, A days wage to buy a loaf of bread or a can peas.

        More the reason to keep prepping.

        So much for season tickets…

        • Life is definitely tough right now, especially for the 50 million or so people taking EBT benefits.

          Can you imagine the madness, though, if we were like those folks in Zimbabwe, working 8 hours a day panning in a river for a fraction of a gram of gold just to buy a loaf of bread? Or in a hyperinflation scenario, when a $400 monthly EBT balance will only buy a few days worth of food?

          Not a pretty scenario at all.

          Like you said, all the more reason to keep on keepin’ on with the preps and related investments.

          • “Can you imagine the madness, though, if we were like those folks in Zimbabwe, working 8 hours a day panning in a river for a fraction of a gram of gold just to buy a loaf of bread? Or in a hyperinflation scenario, when a $400 monthly EBT balance will only buy a few days worth of food?”

            The scripture say a days wage for a loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley will cost a day’s pay.

            No I can’t imagine, but I believe that we could see something like that here in the future because so many believe it can’t happen here.

            Be safe

          • Solar is cheap right now and a good investment. Barter with it and use it to save on power bills. 100 watt panels, cheap charge controllers, cheap inverters will be great barter! Buy some 12 volt rebuilt batteries and just keep them trickle charged. Make a backup power system for your home that is switchable to grid tie so no power goes to waste. Convert your electric water heater to run on solar panels for about 60 bux minus the panels and wire. Get a DC well pump for wells up to 200 feet deep for about 150 bux minus the panel and wire. 🙂

            • tried cheap charge controllers, they caused the batteries to percolate. Fixed that with a good one.
              Tried cheap inverters, they DO NOT LAST. Stay away from Aims!
              Decent batteries at $150. each, plan on replacing after a few years. So far, ours have 3.5 yrs. and still good.
              Solar is great for small stand alone operations, but it’ll never be mainstream.
              See the 2nd law of thermodynamics for the reason.

              • True the cheap stuff isn’t for long term but will work for a while. I have a cheap xantrex inverter that still works after 10 years. I have a 15 dollar ebay controller that has been in service for 3 years and still going. I have a couple of 100 dollar walmart marine batteries that are still going after 3 years. For my personal daily solar I use better stuff though. But it cost thousands.

              • I’m trying to get AIMS
                6kW inverter.
                They are very simple and field repairable
                (by me). They use old technology.
                I want one because they are transformer
                based. EMP indestructible.
                What is your beef with AIMS?

                • I agree, transformer based is the best most reliable!

                  • I used to have a company and manufactured specialty inverters for industrial uses. I even a 3 phase 15kw inverter in my shop to run my equipment. A well designed and build modern inverter will take anything you can throw at it. A inverter by nature creates a very large magnetic field and lots and lots of RF interference due to the rapid switching. EMP shouldn’t harm it at all. but the whole point is to have something to sell that works after SHTF. So cheap inverters will probably be the way to go. Something that someone can use to run the fridge and perhaps a little light at night.

                    • Hi Ed, thanks for posting! What’s your thought on powering a fridge in grid down? 1. Try to get solar power setup? 2. Invest in camper trailer fridge? 3. Find a cold stream if you are in such a good location? 4. Just too much power requirement 5. Use a goat to store meat and a cow to store milk?

                      BTW, on topic, the trickle down doesn’t happen. FRB banking cartel created $4T to $6T over last decade or so. Where did that go? Surely 100M American families did not get a check for $60,000 each! ($6T/100M=$60K). The money went in the billions to elite families and the businesses they own. The money then went into stock market pump and leveraged investments like land. The money-debt creation does not trickle down to the workers. Trickle down is a lie government has been telling for decades. The only trickle is up as wealth created by the workers is extracted in the form of taxes and inflation.

                • I had two 3k watt pure sine wave Aims inverters that I got a total of about 2 years of service from. And, if anything, they weren’t used enough, just for the washer and drier(propane heat) for two people.
                  Just search “Aims inverters reviews”.
                  Or, try calling the company’s tech support line. Maybe they’ll call you back! Probably not.
                  But if you can fix them after shtf, go for it.
                  [Genius, Xantrex always had a good rep as far as I know.]

                  • Ketchup, xantrex inverters do have a good rep I have only seen 1 go bad and it was the pure sine transformerless model. Magnasine is a piece of shit, 3 out of the 4 that I know of went bad and 1 went bad 3 times. I use outback in all my installs and have never had a problem. I have had problems with xantrex charge controllers though, I had 2 bad ones in a row. Midnite solar and outback controllers have never had a problem. For a non MPPT controller Morningstar/Tristar is very good. I have had many issues with Trojan batteries failing, in fact every person I have seen use trojan has had premature battery failure. I use U.S.Battery as they outlast and outperform all others I have dealt with and the price is good.

                    hot potato, You can get a fridge that will run on a 100 watt solar panel and 1 12 volt battery. I have a friend with one and it works great but kinda pricey. It opens from the top and can be converted to a freezer also.

              • Ketchup, If you use flooded lead acid batteries the bulk/absorb stage of charging should make the batteries percolate a little. A 12 volt bank should be charged to around 14.5 volts depending on temperature before going to float charge (about 13.7 volts). Equalizing them to 15 volts will definately make them perc. Percolating isn’t all bad it helps keep the solution from stratifying. When you add water to your batteries be sure to shake them up to mix the water and acid well. Batteries that just sit and never get full charged or equalized for long periods stratify and fail prematurely.

                • Another good thing to do is use a good desulphator. I got 7 years out of a set of USBattery 2200’s which is a very long life for a golf cart type battery. I use the BLS 12/24 from this site… batterylifesaver.com less than the price of 1 battery and worth it!

          • Those with retirements that are fixed incomes.

            • Sometimes you can barter work or skills for items.

              • Get rid of your unused items on craigslist or ebay or yard sale. Sell all the things you don’t need and use the cash for things you do. Buy things super cheap at yard sales or craigslist and resell them for profit. There must be a million ways to make money under the table. Make moonshine and sell it (not that I would), Do mechanical work fixing things, If your retired you should have time to do all kinds of things just use your imagination.

                • Genius:

                  I drove passed a house where a woman was setting up for a yard sale. I stopped. She had all her child’s clothes. They were good quality. In boxes by size. I offered to buy all of them for $300.00. She declined. She wanted to sell them individually. I left.

                  Two hours later I drove by. She tried to wave me down but I was off on pressing business. I never did go back. We both lost out. People need to divorce themselves from emotion when selling.

                  • B, how true! When I have a yard sale I go into get rid of this shit mode lol. My wife is amazed at how good I am at getting rid of stuff. The whole point is to get rid of clutter and unused items not to try and sell it at top dollar. Want a bulk purchase? Here ya go and cheap as hell 🙂

          • So…… they can’t kick-start the economy? Hmmmmmmmm….!

            Maybe the fed should simply give all the “productive folks”(taxpaying workers/small business owners etc.) a big wad of cash(paper)…say a million dollars each w/ no strings attached (i.e. tax-free)…then watch what happens!!!


            • —addendum to above—

              In truth, it would likely entail LESS money than the fed has already shoveled onto the “too-big-to-fail banks & Wall St”.

              ..that said…yeah, I’m aware of the downside.

              But it would be “FUN” for a little while!!!!!!!!!!

              • —addendum #2—

                Can you imagine the “wailing & gnashing of teeth”…per the parasites & free shit army types???????

                Think about it…millions of the productive would retire…instantly, thereby creating a huge market for labor / available job openings.

                Enter Congress passing legislation mandating the gimmee-dats work for their stripends/hand-outs.

                …unfortunately the likely outcome would envision a scenario where TPTB..would simply import more “Brown-squat monsters”(beaners) & H-1B types…to take up the slack.

                ..like I said, the benefit bonanza would be short lived..in the end.

                • —addendum #3—

                  Ditto, we preppers would benefit the most & the ammo / firearm mfgrs. would be ecstatic..as would manifold other mfgrs. / suppliers of the goods we covet.

                  …alas, the supply vs. demand Golum (in the shadows now)…would strut center-stage, rather quickly, methinks!!!

                  …hence we’d have to move quickly, per our purchases.

                  • —addendum #4—

                    Final analysis:

                    (they bemoan their self-created strategy of “perpetual QE” w/ piss-poor results..)

                    This is how the Fed could accelerate the velocity of money in our economy, to “Warp Factor 9″…

                    …unfortunately, their slavish adherence to their “usury index”…precludes such ideas.

                    …again LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • “SARCASM”…writ large, mind you!!!!

                      George Carlin was the ‘master’…I’m following his lead.

                      …he was usually, right on target.

          • Considering what most EBT leeches buy with it, $400 doesn’t go far today.

            • That’s not even one fancy wheel rim.

      3. When it comes down to the KGB you don’t atack them when their armored up in their APC,s. youattack them like they attack us . When their in their homes with their wives and children .Paybacks a bitch.Get used to it.

        • Wolverine:

          Have you ever even talked with a KGB. They have families and don’t attack men at home with their families. Anyone who hurts children is the lowest form of life.

          • War is dirty. If it was me, none would survive.

            • Unfortunately, if you want to win you have to as the saying goes. ” remove their will to fight”. You cant do that if they have a nice home and family to go home to. Id dosent take many incidents before the majority will give up and go home.

          • Yea right they put your whole family in a gulag. Never to be heard from again. The KGB were just nice people just doing their job. We can just get a lawyer and sue them. Don’t terrorize them like they do us . Two wrongs don’t make a right. Kill them with kindness. Ok but if that doesn’t work what do we do next?

          • Hurting children is the KGB,s job. What do you think happens to them when their father and mother are arrested.?

            • For f*ck’s sake, with all this Putin c*cks*cking that’s going on lately.

              The KGB was the refined, improved version of the SS.

              Yeah… they were really nice people. Rainbows and Skittles and Barney the Purple Dinosaur and sh*t.

      4. I thought the money pumped into the economy was digitized. 50 or 80 billion a month added with strokes of a keyboard doesn’t take 36 months, let alone 72 months to make it into the economy/ effect the economy.

      5. Wheat , corn . Pork bellies, are all comadities traded as stocks .We are all comadities investors. Stocks that you can eat.

      6. Wish I had the money to buy all the freeze dried stuff .Save all your soft paper money .It makes the better toilet paper.

      7. Another EBT glitch and we burn it all. Gimme your money or you burn. That sounds reasonable.Also sounds like a get rid of them ounce and for all win win situation .But then and again unemployment is At what 20 something percent. How many people don’t want to live like a dog on food stamps and would do anything for a decent pay check minimum wage is 4 times food stamps .What Ivy League Wall Street geniuses put us in this situation and why. What’s their plan . They knew this would happen with their policies.whats their MO. Slavery,Maximizing profits by lowering wages. A measure of wheat for a days wage. Keeping us poor so we must sell our guns to eat. Like any third world country. Is it all about their security. Or they just can’t get enough of that yellow stuff.

        • Selling my guns to eat eill never happen, ever

        • In short, Americans are greedy, fat pigs who have dined at the trough for as long as they have because people in poor countries work like slaves to provide them with cheap goods. This was also done at a high price for the environment. In the future, Americans will need to live much as people do elsewhere in the world, making products and services and then paying for them without the ability to ignore the poor sap being exploited somewhere. The price discovery will be closer to home, rather than nebulous, and far away.

          It is going to be a painful transition for the lazy and entitled. It will be great for those who value beautiful, healthy women, seeing men with muscles and fit rather than obese, swimming in rolls of fat. America will start to gradually look better. People will value things and people again. Rather than throw away, you fix it and give it a lick of paint. Your wife is so busy bicycling/walking everywhere and doing things, she keeps a trim figure.

        • OUNCE= measure of weight
          ONCE= single instance, happening a single time.

      8. It says in the book this tribulation will go on for 7 weeks 7 weeks of the supermarket being empty considering most people have 3days of food in their house will be devastating enough .Thats almost two months with no food .Many people say the tribulation lasts 7. Years but that’s not what the book says.I wonder what the depopulation numbers would be with the stores empty for 7 weeks.

      9. So my question is this. Im sure that even if the old economic system dies, a new one would be built. Why is it only the US that will be doomsday end of the world etc etc, while mexico and latin america and the rest of the world would be perfectly fine?

        It does not sound real…In the past when old economic systems faze out and new one always takes over, while there are turbulent periods during the new transition, it does not spell out the end of civilization as so many people predict. Please correct me if I am wrong, or this collapse will collapse civilization as we know it and we will be living in mad max days?

        • The US is different from Mexico and Latin America and other poorer countries around the world. Those people, for the most part, still farm and take care of themselves. Most Americans don’t know a thing about providing for themselves. I think England’s in the same boat.

      10. yep, here in PR most of the population buys groceries with EBT cards, even those with plenty of money that don’t need them.
        This island would/will be up a creek w/o a paddle if the EBT’s shut down.
        Affluenza from a formerly decent economy, many freebies, and competition from Asian countries killed the sugar cane business years ago as well as the coffee biz.
        The economy has been coasting for so long, but that’s near it’s end. No one wants to work in those “fields” anymore. Why, when each person qualifies for about $130. a month, a free phone, etc.?
        But, there are some real good reasons we’ve located here. Food is growing on our little farm, we never get cold, the people are very friendly and non confrontational for the most part. And they do tend to stick together when small stuff happens (power outages, storms).
        In a shtf scenario, all bets are off, though. Hell, trucks delivering ICE were robbed at gunpoint after hurricane George.
        We’re pretty damn remote, but trees will be cut blocking the only entrance to our place on day one!

      11. Genius. Please tell me how to set up DC well pump. Thanks northern patriot

        • Heres a link http://www.ebay.com/itm/24V-Submersible-Deep-DC-Solar-Well-Water-Pump-Solar-battery-alternate-energy-/151418866953?hash=item2341448d09:g:ADgAAOSwpdpVa7iH It uses a 24 volt solar panel with at least 4 amps of output. Just tie a poly rope to it and attach the power wires with heat shrink made for well wire and silicone it and attach the tubing to the barbs and lower it down into the water. When the sun hits the solar panel it starts pumping, very simple just tie the rope off good so it doesn’t drop down and you lose it. I would use a 250 watt solar panel for best results.

          • Oh and be sure to use stranded copper #8awg or bigger wire.

            • This system will not have the pressure to operate a pressure tank though so you would have to fill a cistern with it and put an on demand pump to pump the water to your house.

      12. Low oil prices huh? Completely manipulated by the way. A huge ripoff even today, no question about it in my mind. Don’t try to defend these evil greedy bastards who are at the top of corporate thievery worldwide. Polluters of the grandest scale who are behind the warfare waged against humanity. They could all be eliminated with existing technology if they didn’t control the world and maintain their stranglehold over every government on Earth. The US military works for them exclusively. The US will never realize a recovery in every aspect while these super demons exist destroying our planet. The weapons, chemical and drug giants are all products of and owned by the dreadful fossil fuel monsters. They are anti-life.

      13. “Things are more like they are now than they’ve ever been.”
        -Gerald Ford, late 20th century philosopher.
        I’m still here. Just been busy workin’ 25 hours a day tryin’ to stay ahead of inflation… It ain’t workin’.
        It’s getting darker every day. Stay ready. That hissing sound you hear isn’t a fuse. It’s the air going out of our economy. Either way it might get loud when it stops…..
        Meanwhile, I’m chillin’ with some classic Billy Paul tunes. Desperately clinging to sanity…..”Meeee eeee aand Mrs, Mrs Jones….

        • Smokin’, it’s about time you came back. good to hear from you.

        • “We got a thing goin’ on.”

      14. What it boils down to. is there are too many takers and not enough makers. and it simply is not sustainable. So a dramatic reversal will eventually have to occur. The how and when is the question.

        • Old Guy,
          How do you come up with such insight and keen observation? I will be sure to remember this. I had no idea there are too many freeloaders and the current situation needs to change. Surely a man of your intelligence has some idea when the reset button will be pushed.

        • “What it boils down to. is there are too many takers and not enough makers”- Awesome summary. God help us all.

        • “What it boils down to. is there are too many takers and not enough makers. and it simply is not sustainable. So a dramatic reversal will eventually have to occur. The how and when is the question.”

          The “how” is when work or starve comes into play. The when…pretty soon methinks.

      15. Hyperinflation? Does that mean a measure of wheat for a penny.? A loaf of bread for a day’s work .? I guess it has to happen it was written and will be done. If your a millionaire 200 dollars a loaf is no problem. But if not ?

      16. Folks sit down and really think about “I’ll just live off the land and grow all my own food at home (BOL), two reasons you will have trouble with; 1- hours in a day, 2- growing season one bad year and your done. Now comes the guard duty to protect your food in the field and processing it (look at # 1). As for hunting and fishing you and 500+ more will be out there looking for what few number of game and fish there will be. So please give it some serious thought. The best that I have come up with is supplement your stocks you already have on hand. Good luck friends and NEVER give up hope.

        • I know first hand about “bad growing seasons”.

          But we have a contingency plan for that as well, during a shtf situation whereby you are depending upon fresh vegetables and fruits….it is called a makeshift greenhouse.

          A big roll of heavy gauge clear (it is never clear) plastic and two by fours and a 50 lb. box of 16# nails.

          If there is drought or frog strangling rains for three weeks, it won’t really matter inside the greenhouse. You may not grow mass quantities, but you can keep the fresh stuff coming in staggered plantings, until deep freeze sets in, depending upon area of the country.

          • btw our gardens are on side hill areas. Two years ago there was rain for two months in Spring, and sometimes it was like torrential downpours. About 80% of the gardens were destroyed, and most had to replant, late, with little success.

            Because we had good drainage, and propped up young plants that got beaten down, we had bumper crops. it is all in the planning. Raised beds or planting in foot tall heeled up rows can help with too much rain. But, you may have to water more often.

            We always plan for periods of heat and drought with rain barrels for irrigation, so lack of rain is never a problem.

            • We sow the seed.
              God grows the seed.
              We eat the seed.
              Thanks be to God in Jesus’ name.

      17. Right on old guy too many leeches sucking the blood out to f the few. After shtf no one is living off the fruits of my labor. If they think they are gonna take what I’ve produced they got to be out of their mind. The useless eaters are bringing everybody down. It amazes me people don’t see this as being the problem they go right to blaming the rich.

      18. Fly that fascist American flag boot licking coward Zombie filth, and be proud of what the most evil psychopathic controlled criminal government the world has ever known has done for our collapsing country and world.

      19. I have a different theory on the velocity of money chart. Sure, it shows a steep downward trend.

        However, the velocity of money is based on the M2 aggregate, or total money and credit created. Much of this increase is due to QE by the Fed and is money that never makes it into the real economy. It is a continual bailout of the large insolvent financial system. It goes into a black hole.

        The St. Louis Fed chart of the M2 money supply shows a “straight up” trajectory, meaning an exponential increase in supply. But, much of this is parked in excess reserves and financial instruments that never end up circulating in the real economy anyway so it should not be included in the velocity of money calculations.

        If this “parked” money was removed from the calculations, I’ll wager you would see a much more normal appearance to the velocity of money.

      20. ht tp://thefreethoughtproject.com/bad-cops/

      21. Richard Branson has spilt the beans on the UN’s desire to decriminalise drug use.
        Follow the money trail…
        Sniff’ Sniff!

      22. I NEVER get it when they say they value gold at this and this level.

        HOW can that be when they keep saying MONEY IS WORTHLESS???

      23. Forget the FED. Hitler tamed Germany hyperinflation very effectively. He did not allow the money supply to increase unless there was a corresponding increase in economic output-problem solved pronto!!

      24. Buy your big ticket items now and avoid the big inflation later.

      25. Greed inflates everything.

      26. I’ve been hearing the hyperinflation crap for over a decade.

        Hasn’t happened yet and in all probability it won’t.

        The PTB are getting their way very nicely without it, they won’t be rocking the boat and taking a risk of changing that anytime soon.

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