High Crimes: Half Of Americans Want Obama Impeached (Including Democrats!)

by | May 20, 2013 | Headline News | 206 comments

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    Conservative think tank and media outlet WND conducted an independent poll overseen by research firm Wenzel Strategies asking Americans if they think President Obama should be impeached for the various scandals currently in the news – the specific targeting by the IRS of conservative groups and Obama enemies, the illegal wiretapping for personal gain of AP news journalists, and the cover-up of the events leading up to the death of four Americans in Benghazi ahead of the election last year.

    A stunning 50% of Americans surveyed said yes. What’s more, a full 25% of democrats polled by the firm agreed. The poll has a margin of error of 4.36%.

    “It may be early in the process for members of Congress to start planning for impeachment of Barack Obama, but the American public is building a serious appetite for it,” said Fritz Wenzel.

    “Half or nearly half of those surveyed said they believed Obama should be impeached for the trifecta of scandals now consuming Washington.”

    Actually, on the issue of the Benghazi scandal, where four Americans were killed when in what may have been a politically motivated series of moves, a surging danger to Americans at the foreign service facility there was ignored until al-Qaida-linked terrorists attacked, 50.1 percent of Americans said Obama should be impeached. That included 27.6 percent of the responding Democrats.

    On the scandal of the Internal Revenue Service intentionally harassing conservative and Christian organizations? Forty-nine percent said they agree that impeachment is appropriate, including 24.4 percent of the Democrats.

    And on the fishing trip the Obama administration took into AP reporters’ telephone records in search of something that may well have been done by his own administration, 48.6 percent impeachment is appropriate. That included 26.1 percent of the Democrats.

    WND Poll

    Is this the most corrupt administration ever?

    Let’s see how I do with the list.

    • Fast And Furious (guns for drug lords, resulting in murder of Americans and Mexicans)
    • Robosigning (over 100,000 perjured affidavits filed in court cases)
    • IRS Tea Party and other group and individual abuse in direct violation of the law (politically-based harassment and now apparently-perjured testimony before Congress)
    • Money Laundering for terrorists and drug lords (by multiple large banks)
    • Intentional and unlawful destruction of property rights (GM bondholders screwed for political cronies in the UAW)
    • Intentional and unlawful destruction of your saved wealth (QE, QE2, QE3, QEinfinity, $1 trillion+ deficits, etc; Treasury and Federal Reserve actions)
    • Benghazi (apparent illegal arming of terrorists, then an attempt to reverse that leading to the attack on our CIA outpost and what appears to beintentional indifference and orders to stand down during the attack that had to come from the White House despite ability to respondthis amounts to conspiracy with the terrorists to kill Chris Stevens and the others who died.)
    • Swindles by the billions in countless schemes during the 2000s related to securitizations and other hinky deals (where despite black letter legal requirements for actual endorsement and delivery of documents banks simply did not comply and now argue there should be no penalty for not having done so, and that these defects are “mere procedural errors” despite intent to not comply.)  The result is that our land title system no longer has any resemblance of integrity.
    • Intentional destruction of anything approaching a “free market” for health care going back 30+ years and now compounded through active conspiracy by Obama and all of the political parties to grant, protect and enforce through government monopolies and cost-shifting resulting in cost escalations of 500-1,000% or even more against market prices and now, with Obamacare, abuse of the IRS tax power to force another 100% or more increase in those expenses down your throat for the express purpose of enrichment of those in the medical industry.

    Source: Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker

    This administration is involved in machinations and back-office deals that have not only cost Americans trillions of dollars in economic losses, but countless lives as evidenced by Benghazi and the Fast & Furious gun running operation.

    As an American citizen you live under the rule of law; it’s a law that is supposed to apply to every one of us, equally.

    If you forge signatures on official documents you go to prison.

    If you fail to pay your taxes you go to prison.

    If you attempt to hide money within our banking system you go to prison.

    If you tap someone’s phone – or even attempt to record federal or state officials in public venues with your cell phone, they send you to prison.

    If you knowingly sell guns to criminals you go to prison.

    If you conspire to create a story and lie about your involvement in the murder of others you go to prison.

    But if you’re an Obama administration official or have political and financial ties to the President, you have immunity or “Executive Privilege”.

    This is NOT how our system of justice is supposed to work.

    One set of laws for us – another set of laws for them.

    There is only one solution – and it involves handcuffs… for a lot of people, from the President of the United States on down.

    How 50% of Americans can sit idly by while their nation and their personal liberties are supplanted at every turn is beyond words.

    Remember, impeachment does not mean the President would be kicked out of office. It means that he and his administration would be extensively investigated by independent prosecutors, questioned by Congress, and judged by the American people in a public forum.

    To the question of “Should President Obama be impeached,” 100% of Americans should have responded with a resounding yes.

    The integrity of the highest office in our land is being called into question – and half of our countrymen don’t care.

    It’s a stark reminder of where we’re headed.


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      1. Bust’em Danno!

        • DREAM ON, it’ll NEVER be approved in the Democrat controlled Senate, just ask slick Willie

          • Impeachment of O’Bummer, or even his resignation would allow Biden to pardon him for all crimes; including the fraudulent schemes to get a college education, and placed upon the ballot for election, etc.

            The “smart move” is to let him serve out his term of office and then when a Retard President is elected, bring these charges against him in a criminal court.

            Then he could be jailed, fined, and stripped of his office. His Executive Orders would be null and void and O’Bummer Care would be history.

            This ass clown will be toast eventually. 🙂

            If the Mill established by OUR Founding Fathers grinds slowly, it grinds exceedingly fine.

            • There will be a cleansing, coming soon !!!

              • Regretfully it will be the white middle class taxpayer and the poor white taxpayer who will be targeted.

                • I don’t just want him out of the white house, I want him in THE BIG HOUSE.

              • Them or us? If they declare Martial Law or just keep going as they are now what will it matter if he is in or out of office? I have heard or several groups who have filed to start impeachment proceedings before this and that was the last anyone heard.

                How can you bring charges if he is buffered and protected by large groups of people who are all working for the same cause, One World Government, and the same leader? So far Obama has been teflon and there is no reasn to think that once he is out of office he will be allowed to face any criminal or court problems. Right now the most powerful people in ALL levels of government are on the OWG team. And they will still be there in 3 years. Look what happened when Obama care went to the Supreme Court. Roberts who ended up as the swing vote and was against if based on law, stated that he would not intervene and it was up to the people. Everyone knew he had been gotten to. In this land the Supreme Court is the top and they own it.

                This morning the ABC new reported that despite the current problems, Obamas approval rateing went up! Anybody buying that? But that is what I am saying.They will do whatever they want because they believe they have critical mass which makes them teflon.

                • Marc: To your list above I believe you can add all of the money that was sent illegally to declared mid east terrorist groups by Obama. Isn’t aiding an emeny of the state still called treason? Or is that just in times of war? Does our being at war with them in the mid east count as war to Wa. DC? Aparently not since this Administration has sent money multiple times during both terms in office. You don’t have to impeach him to charge him with treason. And that would include all those in his administration who knew about this, facilitated this or did not try to stop or report it.
                  Any change Obama is a Freemason? They have a code that says if a brother mason is in trouble you help him out of it even if you are the judge and he is the criminal. Problems problems problems.

                  • Sorry that should be Mac.

                    But also add to your list: his administrations work against the Bill of Rights. He is in violation of his oath to protect and defend the Constitution since he has made multiple and repeated attempts to create laws in direct violation of that document. I speak of the protection of our right to freedom of speach, to bear arms, to freely practice our religion to name some of his biggest targets. He has also been going after states rights which is in direct violation of the structure of this government. And all are in violatin of his oath of office. And all those in both houses of Congress who are working with him are also in violation of their oaths. They should all be brought up on charges. But they won’t allow it because if one is charged, the majority will be charged and they know that.

                • Yeah, remember the court decision on the NLRB appointee O made that was illegal during the “recess”? I believe O said he wasn’t removing him, and hasn’t. Nothing has been done to enforce the court’s decision. Whose job is it to carry this out? Would someone in DC PLEASE GROW SOME BALLS?!!!!!!!!! I’m tired of this administration making up their own rules and no one calling them on it!!!

              • Yes, I think the good people of America will soon get another enema….

            • DK,

              No one will ever bring any charges against obummer. Recall, when bushII was INSTALLED, he made it clear nothing would be done to billary. When obummer was INSTALLED, he made it clear nothing would be done to W…

              The parasites own the mafia that controls America, they will not oppress their faithful lackeys…

            • I think the wheels of justice have stopped turning.

              • You are not following the Court cases. And Sheriff Joe is waiting for the right time to file his charges. That time will be after the Demturds have been swept from power.

          • Nothing to see here folks.

            Nothing is going to happen. There will be a lot of bluster and a lot of promises made. Some low-level government apparatchiks will get fired….and then later quietly re-hired and promoted.

            This is the way it is done in this modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah that is Washington D.C.

            A pox on all their houses. May their days be short upon the earth and may their spouses be widowed and their children made orphans. If I saw any of them on fire, I wouldn’t pee on ’em to put ’em out.

        • Not only impeach him but try him in a court of law like he wanted to do with Gitmo personnel. That way his team will plea bargin and still forfeit his pension to escape jail time. Get Pelosi and Reid on the stand while you’re at it so they can perjure themselves and don’t stop with these three.

          • DRD5508

            Obama has NEVER !! had a clue about how this country runs since day one he has been protected by his handlers and the true puppet masters.
            he once said he didn’t like going to those boring meetings every day and preferred to get his briefings in paper form so that he could read them at night. THAT’S why it took him 4 months to meet with the heads of the military and he did such a shitty job to boot and that’s why he NEVER took there advice.

            he is protected by any and all bad news his handlers sanitize all the info he is given and he continues to live in a fantasy land of golf and taxpayer funded trips.that’s why he can claim he didn’t know any thing about the IRS scandal. no one even bothered to tell him.ever since he was a child he has always shifted the blame to some one else.

            i can see it know a day in the life of Barack Obama

            Little Barack out playing in the streets of Kenya and he throws a rock at a bird so that he can eat that night some thing else besides dung beetles. but he misses the bird and breaks the only piece of glass in the entire village. the owner of the precious glass comes out and screams who did this ?? and little Barack say’s it was the Nasty Americans. they came to our village and broke all the glass here to deprive us of Glass items. ONE DAY i will become president and make them pay for this.

            and that folks was the start of the political life of young Barack Obama.

            and he has used that same method to this day shift the blame claim it was some one else and make them the bad guy after all he cant be held responsible he is clueless.

            his massive ego wont let him get impeached and if any one even tried you would see such a temper tantrum it wouldn’t be funny then the revenge would start.
            this is a man who’s ego tells him he is ALWAYS RIGHT !! no matter what. after all its all Bush’s fault.

            and he has become what he was supposed to hate one of the 1% of power and privilege. do you think he will give up his life long secret service details when he gets kicked put oft he white house? Hell no.he will demand that we supply him and his spawn with life time airforce one travel privileges.

            he gets hauled around in taxpayer funded vehicles and lives in a taxpayer funded house. and well we know the rest BUT WERE supposed to cut back right ??.

            While he is not a stupid man he is ignorant of how things work and with some thing as complex as a Free country you cant be oblivious to how things are.

            BUT this is what we get by allowing affirmative action in this country we get sub standard people who really aren’t up to the task and basically get a free run just based on skin color or country of origin.

            imagine if I skittle shittin unicorn tried to say I need to Be the CEO of a major company with a 6 figure income and all the perks just because i come from Scottish blood. Most if not all would say hell no !!
            BUT under affirmative action i could use that as a reason to give me more brownie points on a test and whammo i could get the job.but in reality i know nothing about running a huge business

            affirmative action has bitten this country in the ass and quite hard and now your seeing it be used to get more people in jobs such as firefighter. and these folks should never even be allowed matches let alone a fire truck. but its all about some miss guided belief that WE modern day America HAVE to make amends for a system that was eliminated a hundred years ago.

            i for one have never and will never hold slaves but i am being punished for my ancestors who were too damn poor to ever hold slaves but its now guilt by association.

            in las Vegas we actually have the nation of Islam members standing out on street corners with there racist rags trying to sell them to motorists. with head lines such as WHITE BACKLASH AGAINST BLACKS. and white hate for OBAMA.
            funny how no one has a problem with this but yes it is happening and there given permission to walk up to cars and stick there hands inside and try to shake your hand as if that makes there racist crap all that much easier to handle.

            we have a Kenyan born man who is such an out and out racist its not even funny.
            he treated the British prime minister with such contempt and gave back a bust that sat in the white house for what? 50 years.

            BUT WE NEED TO TRY AND GET HIM IMPEACHED !! at the very least send a clear message to those in the WH and to Pelosi and Reid that were not going to tolerate this any more.

            skittle shittin unicorn

          • LA rioted when cops beat up a crack head 20 years ago. We need to be careful of the unintended consequences if/when he is ever impeached. TPTB are always ready to take more control when the opportunity presents itself. The civil unrest that would likely occur if BHO were ousted would be a great opportunity to shred the Constitution while the rest of us are celebrating the win.

            • So what? I’m to old to be frightened and to tired to care. Burn LA to the ground it’s all profit. Try and enforce martial law here

        • Book him……Book him Dano.

        • Not worth it. Little o is the Zaphod Beeblebrox pResident. Installed in office not to wield power but to draw attention away from it. Vote every Democrat out of office, right down to dogcatcher. Then restore the Hatch Act, which was overthrown by Clinton as one of his first acts in office. Hatch Act? Yes, the one that made it illegal for ANY Federal employee to engage in political advocacy in ANY way. That would even include political activity by AFSCME, too. Federal employees have come to believe that advocacy is perfectly OK in any context, and of course who do they advocate for? The State DemoRINO Party, of course.

        • Could this be the event that causes mass civil unrest and riots that would push for the implementation of martial law?

        • There will be no impeachment of Obama because he is Black. Justice has nothing to with it. I sincerely doubt that proceedings will even be conviened to initiate the process. He should be removed from Office. There is no doubt in reference to that.

          • That’s right… Different set of rules for blacks as anyone who works in a corporate or government job knows and lives with everyday. Can’t talk about any of it either. Sucks…!

          • For the first time since “Obimbo’s virgin birth”, the LAME-STREAM-MEDIA is actually voicing “concerns” about the “messiah”.

            YOU would think this is a GOOD THING…until YOU realize that the REASON “Obimbo” continues his calm, collected, and totally “unfazed facade” is HE already KNOWS what is IN-PLAY and how THIS GAME ENDS.

            ONLY one event/events will cover HIS ASS as I type. MULTIPLE FALSE FLAGS and/or THE INITIATION OF WWIII with the ZOG watching HIS “6-o’clock” position. The party is over and the GAME OF RISK HAS already started playing while YOU were “washing your car, mowing your lawn, carpooling your kids, cutting grocery store coupons, investing in YOUR retirement account ETC., or CONTINUING TO SLEEP.

            Cataclysmic events will ENSURE that MARTIAL LAW rules most of this land…and another “selection/fooled you once again election” WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

            THIS IS THE CLIFF of all out ENSLAVEMENT and DEATH to ALL that have continued to REFUSE to believe…IT CAN HAPPEN IN AMERICA!

            IT IS HAPPENING…prove me wrong!

        • Lets not forget Bush Jr. That guy got us into a war with a Third World Country that never attacked us, Iraq. He should stand trial for war crimes, imho. They are all serving corporate and banking interests. I don’t think we can take anymore free trade (NAFTA) and trickle down economics.

          • I’M NOT FORGETTING ANY OF THEM. All of the perpetrators, past and present are still in my rather long memory.

      2. Maybe an impeachment of obama will scare the pants off some of these high level government employees and politicians so they’ll straighten up.

        Nah, never mind, neither would ever happen. They are all beyond help and lack a conscience.

        • I say, hang the empty chair, then impeach it.

          NOMI ——-BA.

          • “NOMI”?

            Non-Occlusive Mesenteric Ischemia?

            • lol

              Not One More Inch


              • Thank you!

        • BO is someone that would never live down an impeachment and then removal from office, he would do a “Wag the Dog” faster than you could say Richard Nixon. Yes, I believe and probably a much higher than 50% of the population think that BO is more than capable of letting loose a true false flag to stop or completely divert all attention away from what is going on.

          Look at how simple it would be. Attack Iran on the pretext that they had nuclear weapons and were giving them to terrorrists to be used against the U.S. Iran likely has at least a couple of nukes, and even if they did not he could get the totally worthless un and the Atomic Energy Committee to back him up. Launch an all out offessive against Syria and Hezbollah after a big false flag attack on the U.S. that will blame Hezbollah for it. There is always purposely collapse the economy and declare martial law around the nation. The black swans, the really frightening and totally unexpected events, are always a sick creative means of gaining rapid support of the president.

          Watch out, as BO loses support and more and more is pinned on the BO admistration for him not only wagging the dog, but vigorously shaking the dog.

          • Howdy BI,

            Nahhhh…You’re KIDDING Me…Right…IMPEACH the PREZ?!?! 😉 /Sarcoff

            Afternoon Friend,umm, we are seeing a return to activity from 11748, which has, since the last X-class emmision been very quiet. Over the last 3 hours we have seen that to produce a near M-class (C-9.6) flare as well as several other distinct C-class emissions. At present, there IS a pattern forming relative to those emissions; those are now coming at an increasing tempo…this commonly signifies that a subsequent, larger event will follow; this state of afairs is similar to ‘starting a car on a cold morning’ THAT said, 11748 HAS diminished in size significantly over the last 72 hours…still though, the behaviour of this ONE region has been ‘anomalous’ from the beginning, so…

            It can be inferred that there is some Solar sub-suface activity present in that region which – naturally – we are unaware of (unable to DIRECTLY monitor) which is serving as the genitive cause for all the activity we have seen to date.


            • @ JustOneGuy. You know BO is someone that just won’t take a Nixon, BO has signed Executive Orders like some rockstar gives away autographs at concerts and won’t go down without taking the U.S. with him. Anyone that signs Excutive Orders like this will not hesitiate to use that power when they really need to, going to the well.

              The Sun really looks blank after AR 1744-AR 1747 and AR 1750 rotate out of view in the next couple of days. I wonder what this means for AR 1748 and the planet’s earthquake and volcano situations. That sucker down off the coast of Chile was either a 6.8 by the tsunami warning center or 6.5 from the USGS, either way this was the largest quake here recorded since 1973 when the world records go back to. This is really huge for a spreading center like this.

              The Nazca plate is really and truly causing some jack kniving of the South American plate with this movement. This energy is directed right at the central to northern portion of Peru and the Cocos plate that affects the Caribbean, Central America, and especially Mexico. Check out a map of the plates and you can see what I mean. This is again very well illustrated on a world globe that shows this better on a 3 dimensional scale. There are many people from different places around the world, and I hate to see someone affected by a very large earthquake like which is coming.

              I have seen this too many times with plates that move a lot away from the point of pressure, and then boom. The Australian plate and the Arabian plate are world famous for this when the African plate gets going. Like I mentioned in previous comments, the high activity of the African plate recently means that the Australian plate is ALSO going to get hit. I look at India/Pakistan to western China as the highest chance as western China has many times been hit after these recent exact plate boundaries have gone off before.

              I bet BO would celebrate a large scale earthquake in the U.S. as the perfect diversion to everything else happening. The news media would probably focus on all the “glamorous” stars that lost their homes for months after the San Andreas broke, and little attention to all those millions that were homeless in FEMA camps. BO would especially use the MSM to his advantage with this one. There is a reason why the USGS is so active in the New Madrid region, and it is because they know something massive is coming to the south and this will affect the stability of the New Madrid a lot like it has many times before.

            • Jay Carney, is that you?

          • BI,

            What’s up with that spate of activity near to the southern end of the Kamchatka Peninisula…32 tremors above 4.5 in less than 24 hours, seems a tad ‘odd’ that, what’s your ‘take’ thereon Friend?


            • @ JustOneGuy. Harmonic tremors, this means volcanic activity is ramping up a lot here. Harmonic movement is as the word says, harmony, meaning smooth and uniformed. Earthquake tremors are more sharp and ridged and look like deep V’s. While the harmonic waves of volcanic activity looks like U’s on a seismograph.

              • Speaking of harmonic,
                Heres a quote off a piece on FTTWR

                My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps, and usually it’s when he becomes too old to take a whoopin.’

                I like this, good common sense!

        • In each instance, the Kenyan pleads ignorance, that he knew nothing about any of these scandals until he saw on the evening news.

          As if the “President” has no better sources of information than globalist media? That alone is malfeasance.

          Jon Stewart poked hilarious fun at the narcissist. Stewart said he bet “Obama didn’t know he authorized the killing of Bin Laden until he saw himself announce it on the evening news.”

          • It’s funny that he continues to use the line about “I just saw it on the news myself”. Although he hates Foxnews, this has to be where he is finding these things out. No other outlet will mention any of it.

            • His body language screams that he is a liar.

        • Yep…they obviously have no shame.

      3. There’s no way an impeachment will happen. I smell another false flag coming. Don’t put it past Obama to stage another false flag incident with horrific casualties to stay in power. braveheart

        • braveheart, you probably are right. Since we don’t think with evil intent, we can only imagine what they’ll conjure up. I believe it’ll be a race war instigated by his pals.

          • could be, isnt there a trial coming up in Floriduh soon?

            you know the one.

            the innocent mixed race survivor,( the one the meda tried so hard to call white) and the black assult perp.

            • After the investigation, Skittles will get sued.

              BTW, that entire media orgasm was a 100% indicator just how the MSM controls the “news” to the drugged out VERY low info voters. Pravda would be proud.

            • You mean the white guy of Hispanic heritage ? That one ? I couldn’t believ that the media actually tried to convience the country that the term white hispanic was legit. Then post nothing but prepuberty shots of the attacker.

              • Indeed.Wait until the trial begins.We’ll see photos of 4 year old traymonkey cuddling his favorite stuffed toy.Regardless of the verdict,the negro will always find a reason to loot.

            • VFR: You mean Travon “Worm Food” Martin ? It seems the prosecutor has bitten off more than she can chew. She said she was going for manslaughter (2nd Degree). That requires her proving that Zimmerman should have known (reasonable man) that his actions would likely lead to this outcome. Unless Zimmerman takes the stand and admits this, she has no case because all the tapes, photos, and ‘earwitness’ statments put out here in Florida, via all the news outlets, point to Zimmerman being the victim of an attack who had the legal right to defend himself from serious bodily harm with deadly force (Stand Your Ground). Case closed!

          • DRD5508 impeachment sounds good I would rather see him tried for treason found guilty and hung from the flag
            pole at the white house with the stars and stripes flying
            on national tv

            • swampratt good to see you’re still here. What you say is too much to ask and wish for but I like your take on what should happen. That would be the trifecta.

              • Instead of the Flag Pole, why not make good use of that 90ft Tall Minorah his handlers set up every year on the white house lawn for Honnakah.

                What can be more apropriate than to hang the black devil from that Devils Pitchfork.

                ps why is that display allowed when zero xmass displays are any longer ok?

        • braveheart..

          More than likely, many more to come in succession..like dominoes..

          There is nothing that Congress will do to impeach Potus..they all have skin in the game..
          Same with the IRS scandal and everything else..it will all go away and no one will be prosecuted..as always.

          And new releases of scandals will continue with no convictions. probably a lowlevel bagman or 2 to fall on the sword to appease the masses..

          This shit never ends does it..?


          • possee, your whole comment conjures up the thought of ‘how sad of a state our elected reps have come or dropped to’.

        • Ugh! I’m afraid you’re right. I wrote both of our Congress Critters today and demanded they impeach Obama. Am sure my chances of any action are about zero, but chances of being audited, maybe 100%.

      4. YES he needs to be impeached. The sooner the better.

        • EXCEPT whom does that leave in charge…..Biden….need I say more ???

          • Impeach Biden too.

            Then say hello to President John “Crying Man” Boehner.

            • Can’t stand John “wussification of America embodied” Boehner.

            • Yea, and don’t forget that butt ugly, revolting Jamaican black dude who Boehner’s self-hating, white guilt ridden, white racial genocide supporting daughter just married.

              He’ll become a permanent fixture in the White House, along with every member of his family tree, no doubt.

              • Tucker: so now Boehners Daughter is a Coal Burner!

                At least she didn’t marry a Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan bankster tribe member like Hillerys+ Donald Trumps+Al Gores daughters recently did!

          • dont like or want him either but , i hate him less, thats not really saying much is it?

            screw it, throw all the bums out and get Ron Paul to cover for the next 3.5 years

            • Seriously…? Things are so screwed up I don’t think Ron would want the job anymore. Cut Amerika up and sell it off to China for a pocket full of Yuan.

              Coming soon – confiscation of silverware and a 400% tax on chopsticks… Progress is now measured in bowls of rice – that is IF Monsanto will allow you to have one.

          • Ya mean Joe just shoot your shotgun in the air or through the door with no regard for where the pellets go biden!
            What a maroon he is

            • Kula, that’s racist. What do you have against Maroon, that would be people of color.WASP.

          • Atleast uncle joe and posse could be Contained Easier.

      5. I think there’s enough people pissed off right now to march on Washington and arrest them. Sadly, we’re not organized.

        We need some leaders to come forth.

        • Be careful about that.

          We are just about due for the Man of Sin (the anti-Christ) to “come forth” offering to save us all and, of course, accompanied by signs and wonders… and that Mark of the Beast.

          • Far better to die than take the mark…besides. The lord is my light and my salvation…who shall I fear.

            • My hightower and my deliverer ! In he whom I take refuge. Keep my hand steady and my aim true.

      6. So if Obama is impeached– we then have Biden– he needs to be impeached too. If that were to miraculously happen then we have John Boehner– Speaker of the House.. How many times do we have to impeach, say next, impeach again to get someone decent? LOL!

        • What because you don’t like the back ups. We should not a least try.

          • Absolutely he needs to be impeached, but caveat emptor my friend. Sometimes a known evil is better than an unknown one… Learned that lesson many times, especially at the local level— living in a modern day monarchy in my County..

            • They’ll ALL do what their handlers tell them to do. It doesn’t matter who takes the seat. Rather than worry so much about the president, we need to seek out and destroy the power behind it all. Those responsible for the “security” of the people in charge, the people who facilitate the blackmail and enforce the silent threats. Politicians are all scared of death or prison or worse and they have good reason to be.

              We should be looking more closely at the alphabet soup…NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA…the NWO enforcement team.

        • yes he needs to be removed but if i understand corectly IF he is impeached then all he has done will stay, if he is removed for any other reason, treason, etc.ect. then all he did is void!! just a thought, get him and all the other couruption out now!!

          • You’re closer to the real truth in all this…
            Impeachment talk is predicated on his legitimacy in the first place…I’m not there…are all of you …really?

            Better he be removed for usurpation…then we have grounds to remove the rest of the traitors.
            And there are plenty of them cause “they” installed him.

            here come the red thumbs… 🙁 don’t care.
            I stand by my beliefs.

            • I deeply apologize for thinking you guys weren’t there…

          • Your conclusions are correct. The discouraging reality is, this country has another party (R), who is complicit with the Communists. Remember the mic gaff between Biden and Boehner regarding their golf outing? I just do not believe this was a “one of”. These “Top Republicans” say what the people may want to hear, but they work behind the scenes with the Communists in bringing to bear the one world government.

            What I find amazing is, no one seems to remember the warning Valerie Jarret issued to all of Obamas critics. The people were warned, including the AP and all the other alphabet propaganda outlets and now everyone seems surprised. I am referring to;


            For more referrences about this, just “G00GLE” ‘valerie jarret says obamas enemies will pay’.

            If this has been mentioned, I haven’t found it yet.

            They will more than likely get away with all this because of the gutless, Communist complicity we are witnessing from the “other side of the aisle”.

            It is true, Rust Never Sleeps.

        • As I stated a few days ago, the last legally (semi) elected president of the United States, Al Gore, must take the office he was elected to and face immediate impeachment. The likes of John Boehner, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Joe Biden, Lindsey “war piggy” Graham “cracker”, Hillary Clinton and too many other to list, simply need to be arrested, by the people, and taken to prison. I really do not care if you take care of their sorry souls before they arrive there. Remember what the CIA did to Saddam Hussein and Ghadaffi? Just do it!

        • Biden doesn’t have Obama’s unaccountable charisma or his skin color to hide behind. Just don’t go too far down the ladder, or we’ll end up with Nancy “The Hag” Pelosi.

      7. I never, EVER, in my life thought I’d long for the good old days…of Lyndon Johnson.
        Crap! I just depressed myself for the rest of the day.

        • Hell, I’m longing for the days of Jimmy Carter. What a pathetic state of affairs.

          • I have one worse. I actually long for the days of Ronald Reagan and “slick” Willy Clinton.

          • hell you say, this sucks so bad I’d be glad to go back to 1776!

            • Now yer talking,
              Wheres me musket maw!

        • At the time it was Lady Bird Johnson that was the boss!

      8. We can all wish that the righteous outcome will prevail, but if this gets dragged on a few more weeks, the majority of people will forget.

        I am most concerned that a large distraction may be in the works to redirect attention. Keep preparing for the worst, IMO this whole thing has not even started.

        Buy training lasers and save the real stuff for real threats. Plus the batteries are cheaper than real ammo now. 😉

        • Search Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin, army surgeon…never forget, patriots, never forget.


            • Since you think it is important many will not care. You only hurt the thing you support by speaking up.

      9. Robot: Earth women who experience sexual ecstasy with mechanical assistance always tend to feel guilty!


        • What in the hell are you talking about Shit saves me a lot of work.

          • you see me now, a veteran of a thousand psychic wars…..

        • you see me now, a veteran of a thousand psychic wars.

      10. “Harry Canyon: This dame was going for broke. And I was giving her the stars and stripes forever.


      11. What I want to know is…. who called that piccolo player a president?!

        • I’m pretty sure it was Sarah Palin’s fault.

      12. “Harry Canyon: The U.N. Building. What a joke! They turned it into low rent housing. It’s a dump.


      13. ” Barry the Fairy , why He’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm!

        Hanging’s too good for him.

        Burning’s too good for him!

        He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive !”


      14. Howdy, BI, and I have to agree; “Wag The Dog” could be just around the corner for all any of us know. there’s no way the BOY in the WH will allow himself to be removed short of a coup. That “razor’s edge feeling” just became a bit sharper since my ordeal Sat. evening. braveheart

      15. I think we all want more then the illegal president gone. What about Feinstein, Pelosi, Biden, Holder, Mayor Bloomberg, the list is huge there are Senators, Govenors, Judeges, Cops, FBI agents CIA agents, Get rid of DHS & FEMA, completely overhaul the E.P.A., THE D.E.A., and probably every alphabet agency out there. There are so many bad, corrupt politicians that we really need to start with a clean slate.

        If a person running for any elected office then they absolutely CANNOT be on the board of any company. Before its news has a story on today how are gov. Just purchased $320,000,000 worth of anthrax for bio-terrorism & the politician that made that decision sits on the board of the company that produced the anthrax. That is totally a major conflict of Interest.

        No foreign soldiers for any reason should be on U.S. soil. End all this fake war on terror nonsense, bring our troops home and we stop being the world police.
        End this crap with the U.N. and strengthen our republic & sovereignty. Leave the constriction alone, leave the bill of rights alone. Null & void every Executive order ever that is an unconstitutional law. End the Federal Reserve & have a panel of regular CPA’s audit them. They owe the people billions. Compensate the people correctly who had their homes stolen from them.
        Downsize the number of politicians, there is way to many.
        Admit to the world all the terror was created right here by our gov.
        We need to mind our own business, and quit protecting Israel period. They should be on their own.
        Null & void the NDAA, the NRAA, no obamacare. End the surveillance state, let freedom live. Ban the use of Drones.
        Put GOD back on our money, in the courtrooms. Bring morals and dignity back to this country.
        End N.A.F.T.A. stop imports we can make everything we need here & we need the jobs.
        If your an American citizen then everyone is equal when applying for jobs, grants, loans. Whites have become the minority the last to get the job especially road work, postal service, government contracts. It should all be equal.
        Get rid of FEMA camps, the NSA is illegal get rid of it. Get rid of FEMA.

        This would be a good start, and the new elected officials can work out the rest.


        Oh, and the people at Guantanamo get a real trial.

        • Dont forget Obummercare…..that HAS to go…..

        • Rebel that’s great. Now can you think of anything we can do to solve some of our problems. Trekker Out

          • Trekker, I hear ya. I have health problems myself. You make me think of something’s that have caused so much pain & suffering. CHEMTRAILS, and Monsanto, and HARRP, and end GMO’s.
            I for one am planting a garden with non-GMO open pollinated heirloom seeds. I hope by eating natural with food that isn’t modified, I will start feeling better. It definatly is a hard tough time we are facing in this country. I pray we the people can defeat all this evil. Take care Trekker.

      16. Howdy, SmokinOkie, the question should be, Who called that BOY a president? braveheart

      17. Queen’s Henchman: May I slit his throat, Your Majesty?

        Queen: Yes. Slit his throat.

        Queen’s Henchman: Thank you, Your Majesty!


      18. The fact is this country has passed the rubicon. We are going to crash. obama only threw gas on the fire. This shuck and jive asshole is gettin while the gettin is good.

      19. We should impeach every president.

        Just assume that they’re gone criminal after the first 18 months. It’s happened anyway, whether any has found out about it yet or not.

        Presidents can’t be trusted.

      20. ” Barry the Fairy , why He never did… anything that was… illegal…


        Unless you count all the times he sold dope disguised as a nun .”


        • Day job: selling rosary’s disguised as a gangsta. He’s pretty versatile that way!

        • out of all the things you link, THIS should be one!!!

      21. Well maybe a little off topic, but what isn’t. Seems the Republicans new darling and probably many on this site, Ted Cruz. Is just like Obama in in one respect, he ain’t a natural born citizen. But I read on Fox News that he was born in Canada and his father was born in Cuba, but his mother is from the First State of Delaware, which appears to settle the issue.( Their opinion not mine)seem that they think if his mother was born in Delaware that makes him a natural born citizen, so in that case, if Obama was born in Kenya and his father was born in Kenya, but his mother was from Kansas, so I guess that makes him a natural born citizen. Just calling a spade a spade! So I guess this puts that birther issue to rest. Seems both sides whether Dem. or Repub. would like to dismantle the Constitution a piece at a time, if it suits their agenda. Anyway we know where Rand Paul and his father are from. Trekker Out. LONG LIVE THE CONSTITUTION!


          • Since you endorse him now I need to question his morals and skill sets.

        • doesn’t the rules say that BOTH parents have to be natural born Americans or is it just one ??

        • No that doesn’t make him a natural born citizen. The law said that one of the parents had to be a resident of the US for at least 18 years. His mother wasn’t old enough to fulfill that requirement. So he is Kenyan. All the African newspapers said he was Kenyan born when he was elected to the Senate.

          Oops, I forgot. Frank Marshall Davis, ace pinup photographer and American citizen, is supposed to be the father.

          • Finally!! someone else here knows the truth about Frank Marshall Davis. The question isn’t where’s your birth certificate; its whos your Daddy…. A commie piece of crap

          • They Must go by Orig Intent of what the founders meant when wrote. And what the Words used meant Back Then when wrote. Our founders based natural born on, Blacks law definitions, as well as Internationally recognized “laws of the Nations” as wrote by is it “Vitale”? Or close to that last name.

            Whatever the Father is as fathers nation of birth, That is what follows for his offspring/kidds too.

            Go Read J.B.Williams several articles about all this stuff. They are at newswithviews website in his archived articles. Williams has tons of info with tons of links to explain it and Verify it all.

            Hobammy+Rubio+Cruz-Gov of LA Jindel which are the Main rinos being hannitized and heavily promoted by Faux tv et al are ALL NOT Natural Borns Period.

            Now we know reason zero repubs and zero faux tv types ever said a word on hobammys birth cert! Cause they were planning to same crap with a RINO next time!

            Once you understand the REAL laws as JB williams shows word for word, all else said regards their mammys etc is a waste or distraction. Go Read the Real Actual Laws our founders Relied upon which STILL count Today!

        • Cruz can serve in any capacity that is not limited by his non-natural born citizen birth. That means he can stay in the senate as long as he is willing to serve. We need that little pit-bull!

      22. I can hear Obummer now “It was those awful cronnies I promoted into powerful positions in their eagerness and zeal to please me, that did all this, I will fix them, I will promote them into higher offices where they can create more havoc and more felonies”.

      23. It’s all sheeple theater by the wool producers.

      24. First things first, let’s get the Bush administration on trial, and then we’ll deal with Bama!

        • Can’t we do it all in one fell swoop?

          Is it just me, or has every administration in modern times been worthy of impeachment proceedings?

          • Absolute power corrupts absolutely. My way of saying: I agree Mac.

          • That’s kind of what needs to be done Mac. I say, lets get down to business.

        • Merlin ,that’s a real good idea. Lets spend all of our time and energy going after someone who has already done his damage, and then later we’ll go after the one that’s doing the damage now. So then, we can go after Bama after he’s out of office 4 or 5 years down the road. Or maybe we should put Clinton and his administration on trial too, before we go after Bama. Are you by any chance blonde. Trekker Out.

      25. Punishment…

        Killing, Hanging, Tar en Feathering… No No No
        6’x8’x7′ cell with one wall/door made of glass. An army coot, a sink and shitter. Nothing Else! In this cell for life for ALL to see (24/7), no exit, ever for anything. They have lived the easy life way to long. Time for them to experience the complete lose of that lap of luxury they been living on our dime.

        just a thought

        • This is starting to sound and look like France in the late 18th century…I hear the guillotines’ are already here.

      26. Ronald Reagan used to talk about God. When was the last time you heard any of our politicians talk about God?

        We used to have clean, honest, and decent people in this country. Now its lie after lie after lie.

        • Big E, now that is how you get your point across. Well said, good opinion, and deserving of thumbs up. Stay on course and don’t let your anger come across in your writing. Good job.

        • Communist Goals (1963)
          27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

          28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

          It seems to be working.

          • Jay, Amen. And the churches just stand by and encourage apathy.

            • I finally quit church after many years.
              Tried two in my new community in three years…found out you’re so great when at church; outside the doors, you’re pretty much a stranger.
              I pretty much have my private church now.
              Membership, two. Dh and me!!!

        • wow eisen! see you can do it

        • They think they are god.
          We haven’t had a decent president since JFK, who got killed for trying to set us free from the Fed.
          LBJ stepped in with his cronies profiting from VietNam, Nixon took us off the last vestiges of the precious metals standard before going nutz and having his underlings wire-tap and break into psychiatrists’ offices.

        • Eisen. Reagan was not president before you were alive considering half of your multiple ages you have reported being. Just saying.

      27. 90% of americans were against the bank bailouts and it happened anyway. Who actually thinks politicians care what we think?

        “A stark reminder of where we’re headed”?

        Give me a break.
        It’s a sad example of where we are.

      28. A definite and predictable side effect of impeachment: massive rioting by inner city “youths.” Remember the illiterate tweets and Facebook postings by said creatures in the lead up to the 2012 selection, when they threatened to loot, burn and attack random whites if their illustrious potentate and president for life lost at the polls.

        Obongo’s trainers have decided to ditch him for not attacking Syria as they ordered, and this is why we are discussing impeachment now. The idea of this mongrel marxist interloper being impeached, as well as the prospect of the rioting and gangbanging subhumans of the ghetto getting smashed by outright military force, are on the surface very attractive propositions. OTOH, Obongo’s erstwhile handlers will simply have another stooge to install – Joltin’ Joe Biden – and will exploit civil unrest to ratchet up police state control of real Americans.

        It is the system as a whole and its operatives that must be impeached.

        • ahab

          that is why i see most inner city Blacks arming to the teeth. its not about protecting there Cribs its about getting ready to shoot us if need be.

          GO to a gun show and count how many Blacks are buying and see if i am right

          • I went to one in Charlotte NC and saw only a handful of blacks. In fact more were there selling than buying.

        • President Obama was smart picking Biden as his potential replacement because even if you support Joe’s policies you can see he’s an idiot and if you don’t support them he is just possibly effective enough to get some through. Regardless he has a bucket mouth which while sometimes refreshing and frequently comical its usually embarrassing to the administration and TPTB. Interestingly you do get more truth out of Biden’s mouth by accident than from the average politician on purpose. That too frequent “oops” has Joe sent to the far regions of the globe to get him away from media attention.

          They may have plans, they may have a strategy but neither include Joe Biden running anything.

      29. So, lets get the party started..what the hell they waitin for?

      30. Sunspot now pointed directly at Earth. M and X class emissions possible at any time. Got my beloved radio in the steel box.

        • If you think it will happen we are all safe. We know your track record for predictions MR BITCOM

        • Quick….put your computer in there too.

      31. I never ride my skateboard on private property. Why don’t you try saying hi to someone on a skateboard? Many skaters are nicer than they are given credit for. Why can’t I ride my skateboard down a public sidewalk?

        • Because public sidewalks are only for walking or for the young ethnically diverse and morally lenient entrepreneur, to exercise his right to engage in free market undocumented pharmaceutical sales. See the liebrals are supportive of small business and are not anti-capitalists. They don’t even tax them.

      32. Has anyone heard from joe biden since all these scandals started?

        Me either. Wonder how he is involved.

      33. Johnson and Clinton were impeached over nothing. Bushitler and Bambi deserve to be impeached. Spineless Repubics.

        • Johnson wasn’t impeached. Bella Abzug tried, but it was buried. He escalated Vietnam, but that was okay? Clinton sexually harassed employees, and that was okay?

          • Wrong Johnson! WOW

          • Eisencrap once again exposes his ignorance. We should probably cut him some slack though, because his mommy was still wiping his backside when Clinton was in office.(heck, she probably still is)

            Clinton was not impeached because he did nothing……he was charged with committing perjury and obstruction of justice . While the Senate refused to convict him, he was nevertheless cited for lying to Congress (i.e. perjury) and lost his law license over it.

            Of course…..for some folks…..like Eisencrap…who has no moral compass at all, lying to Congress is not such a big deal.

      34. The purpose of the middle class was to buffer the poor from the rich. Once we are removed from the equation do you honestly think 98% of us will support the 2% enjoying all the pleasures in life?

        When this happens, the people who put ObuttLips and others like him in office can be rooted out, and things can final change.

        It’s called a Revolution folks!

      35. Republicans are now the lesser of two evils?

        Time for another Chinese Fire Drill?

        This country is fucked up beyond repair.

      36. @ VRF. This is something that you and others can do to show the pressure build up from the large spreading plate boundary quake down off of Chile that happened today. On a globe if you place your right hand flat on South American so your thumb and index finger runs along the west coast of South American. This would be the South American plate. Then with your left hand place your hand so the finger tips runs from a little past the equator to about half way down Chile just off the coastline of South America. This would be the smaller Nazca plate. Now move either hand where the earthquake occurred, about where your thumb would be on your left hand is positioned. You will feel pressure towards your left ring finger. This should be Lima, Peru on the globe. The Nazca plate drifts east and the South American plate drifts west, which is what creates the 20000 foot+ peaks of the Andes, these two plates colliding with each other.

        This is a kind of rudimentry way of gauging where the pressure from this morning’s quake is directed towards that anyone with a standard size world globe can do to kind of get an idea how the movement of these plates affects different parts of the plates or other plates. This is one reason why I feel it necessary to warn VRF about the tension being increased in Peru. Try this and others can feel how plates move on a much, much smaller scale and the pressure points approximately.

      37. All the last few presidents have teflon armor.
        Oblahba will emerge unscathed from these scandals. It will be spun as a victorious triumph against those mean spirited nasty republicans, a testament to his strong leadership skills and political acumen.

        He will not be impeached.

        Bush boy set the bar very low, Oblahba would have to do something so very bad and obvious that nothing his teleprompter says will keep his spiritually enlightened genius followers from noticing even during the 3rd and last final grande finally of dancing with the celebrity voice rehab.

        North korea will keep flipping us off while we feed them. China will continue to hack everything they haven’t yet hacked. Iran will keep on building peaceful nuclear weapons. The middle east will continue to vomit all over itself. Potentially dangerous unregulated liberties will continue to be fixed with common sense legislation insuring the safety and welfare of it’s valued citizenry.

        This message can be safely used until it’s expiration date 2016 and it will still be good a long time after then.

        May 19th, 2013 10:11 AM ET
        Inside President’s 53 percent approval rating
        On CNN’s STATE OF THE UNION with CANDY CROWLEY, Crowley unpacked the results inside the new CNN/ORC poll results released this morning to reveal a continuing partisan divide in how American’s view the President’s job performance. While 87 percent of Democrats approve of how the President is handling his job, 15 percent of Republicans view his job performance favorably, and 47 percent of Independents view the President’s job performance favorably.
        CNN/ORC POLL
        May 17-18
        Approve of how Obama is handling His Job as President
        Democrats 87%
        Independents 47%
        Republicans 15%
        Sampling error +/- 6.5% points

      38. Prediction: This admin is going down. Period. It will take a bit more time; but it will happen. However; this dog has teeth and when cornered, he WILL bite. He will use his bully pulpit to inflame his base, his completely uninformed and disinterested base, that he is the target of racism and bullying. They will respond, at least in some way. There will be at least some level of rioting and public protests. He will tacitly if not overtly support and encourage it.

        This man is devoid of conscious. He is utterly lawless.. he will burn anyone and anything that he can as he is forced out the door. Count on it.

        • I only thumbs downed because unfortunately I disagree with the comment about BO going down. I think he will flourish and I even think a Dem such as Hillary or Christie will be elected 2016. This is how the media runs the country now. This is how your idiot citizens have lost all sense.

          • You’re a damn MORON ! Christie is a Rino ! Not a
            DemoncRAT ! Due some research before you open your
            piehole !

            • Hey phuckface, that was my effing point. He is no Republican. Prob will change parties soon after he slims down from his bypass surgery. What the phuck is wrong with you people lately on this site. Namecalling out of the blue?

          • I would’ve agreed, but, he made the singular mistake of pissing off his staunchest allies ( the press ) by wire tapping several of them.. it’s out now.. the press is pissed.. but time will tell. I will say that if he survives this politically, we as a nation are toast ( not that I think we are not already, he will just make it happen faster ). Let’s hide and watch.. should be an interesting ride.

            At least the face of the monster is now so visible that even the press can’t ignore it anymore.

            • The MSM will not turn on Obama until his party does, and that is not going to happen. He’s at nearly 90% approval with his people. Morons of a feather flock together, I guess.

        • “He is utterly lawless..”

          maybe he really is the anti christ

          • I considered it, when he first appeared from basically no where and won ( ? ) the first election.. but IMO, he is far to incompetent to actually be the A.C. . He may be paving the way however… either way, he surely isn’t part of the team I am thankfully on and so I will and do oppose him.

        • I agree…..there will be race riots. Martial law will be imposed. If he doesn’t delay elections, maybe his base will be too busy to vote.

      39. Obama and his minions should spend the rest of their lives in a supermax prison.

      40. My take on this last article #1708985

        Keep the FAITH

      41. @BI: In your estimation what would be the increase % wise of illegals crossing the border if say 8+ hits Mexico this month. Look at the effect on our poor economy.

        Keep the FAITH

      42. Independent counsels need to be appointed for each incicent in question. The administration cannot investigate itself with due diligence.

      43. I made the mistake of letting the post office try to deliver a package. They stole it then said they delivered it. Typical government. No one will call me back much less even try to find out what happened to my package. The U.S.P.S. is the best advertisement for U.P.S. and Fed-Ex there is. Losers!

      44. The most important thing is to NOT lose sight or be deterred form the original objective, to eradicate the W H from the current regime at any cost…..don’t let any false flag events or wag the tail event cloud our original and most important goal…eradicate the W H of the current regime…STAY FOCUSED. We need a special prosecuting team with brass balls that will not be bullied nor deterred no matter what happens…….and “We the People” to BACK THEM UP and watch their six..this ought to get me on a list for sure !!!

      45. Ariz, county sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Is puttn the birth Certificate Issue back up on the table in Surpreme court this time. Now many of you on here might think thats silly with all thats going on, I think its a good thing the more gon on around him the better, might wake up few more sheeple, and some ob Puppets to the big pitcher, and we can all hope..GOOD LUCK

      46. Howdy, Possee and DRD5508. That’s the feeling I get, a whole series of false flags in “domino effect”.

      47. First, they took over our money,
        and the money changers took over the land.
        Then, they came after our gold,
        and there was free money, for their pets, and suffrage for the rest.

        Then, they came after prayers in schools,
        yet nobody cared, for our schools were a government thing, right?

        Then, they came after our children’s minds,
        and while we cared, we could do… what? Have our children taken?

        Then, they came after the factories, and sent them to China,
        and who knew, that there were no American jobs in China?
        Silly us, didn’t we know, that ‘Free’ trade isn’t free?

        Then they came after the farmers,
        but who knew that food didn’t come in a store?

        Then, they came after our bodies, by caring for us,
        yet many didn’t see, the morphing, the change,
        that we were no longer human beings, only economic units,
        and we were told to pay for the contraception of hedonists,
        and the abortions of murderers,
        and the Supremes said our constitution was dead,
        and any behavior, could become a tax.

        Then, they ran guns into Mexico,
        creating evil, knowing what they sewed,
        those evil guns must go, don’t you people know?
        But they got caught, we tired of the search,
        only one man was dead, what is one man?

        Then, the good guys quit voting for the ‘lesser’ of two evils,
        they said ‘Let It Burn’,
        and they got what they asked for,
        why do they complain?

        Then they came after the Tea Party,
        they targeted, they audited, they delayed and dissembled,
        and we were not concerned,
        because we didn’t drink tea.

        Then they came after Christians,
        and nobody cared, they were scared,
        and indulging on the Wall Street fare.

        Then they came after our guns,
        and the battle was joined,
        and many awoke, for a temporary draw,
        then we went back to sleep.

        Then, they came after the AP reporters,
        they investigated, and listened, snooped and spyed with large fishing nets,
        and we were not worried,
        because we didn’t work for the AP.

        Then, they came after Fox,
        accusing the press, of doing their job,
        who woulda thunk that the first amendment was colored blue?
        and still, we were not too concerned, because we were not Fox.

        Then, they came after God Himself,
        yet there was apathy and division in the land,
        for God had no money, did He?

        Yet when they came after us,
        nobody cared, because there was nobody left…
        and the chill was felt across the land,
        and patriots see blood, and make a stand,
        and stupid protests, in the sand,
        become the shot heard round the world,

        And a long train of abuses and usurpation’s rings afoul.
        this is the sound as liberty dies,
        not with a bang, or a shout,
        but with thunderous applause.

        • @Piper, Reading this made me very sad because what you wrote is so true.

        • Piper, thank you. This should be posted everywhere, well said and I agree with Navy Vet: made me very sad.

      48. Why is fast and furious not part of this onslaught?

        • The problem with politicians faking anger and shock is the fact people don’t pay attention anymore. Even about real issues.

      49. President Obama has hard core support that almost look upon him as being above a mortal. He was far too sharp to allow Hillary anywhere near in succession to the Oval Office and he made sure his replacement is incompetent. The media adores him. All of the above is a collective shield that gives him the widest latitude of action.

        The Presidents Achilles Heel is that he believes the hype that surrounds him.

      50. Since when did the Government give a damn what Americans want !

        • Excellent question!

      51. If President Obama is “Impeached” by the House is he removed from office??? green flag up “YES” Red flag down “NO”

        • not unless the Senate confirms the impeachment. They didn’t with Clinton, but he was still technically ( and officially for the history books ) impeached.

      52. Bla Bla….. Bla bla bla.

        what exactly is this site about now? ( besides putting those worthless dollars in your pockets?)

      53. The most silliest story ever. it will never happen. WE the democrats won and you silly republicans lost! Just admit that you are all racist. The next thing that will happen is that your door will be kicked in and all your guns will be taken away. ha

        • @Obama_impeached,

          I’m gonna be nice and polite to you and you are wrong on six counts.

          Y’all Beware! Go piss up a rope!

        • You’re right, they should not fall for the ART OF DECEPTION.
          There will never be an impeachment, because John Boehner will be the new Vice president. And bankers will NEVER let that happens.

          The purpose is “Divide and Conquer” by using the “guerrilla warfare” tactics by agents, so Obama’s people will push much harder for gun control. 🙁

          1. As Obama_impeached says: “The next thing that will happen is that your door will be kicked in and all your guns will be taken away. Ha” 🙁

          The IMPOSTOR RNC chairman Reince Priebus and Tea party’s actions are mainly to piss off Obama’s group, and only playing the game “Divide and Conquer”.

          2. “WE the democrats won and you silly republicans lost!”, so for those agents that tell you the Democrats or Republicans game does not matter. Yet, it only matters when it comes to the election or in a gun control game.

          GOP leaders say impeaachment talk premature

          • 1. The Republican party does not have enough votes to impeach Obama since Democrats control the Senate house.

            2. And Democrat Senators will not impeach Obama, because they want the African American votes for Hillary in 2016.

            3. Also HILLARY is not a vice president. And ERIC CANTOR is not the Speaker of the House, then there will never be an impeachment.

            And the Fake Republican chairman, Reince Priebus and the Tea party KNOW that. 🙁 So they should stop pissing off and threatening Obama’s supporters, it would not do any good for conservatives since the manufactured storm is coming.

            Is it a miracle or something else Bankers know and we don’t know?
            Democrats won everything, the White House and the upper house.
            But Republicans won the lower house, hmmm???
            Because if there is an impeachment the speaker of the house will automatically become the vice president.

            However, Eric Cantor is not currently the Speaker of the house, but John Boehner is.
            And Liberals said it’s not gonna happen, so the phony chairman Reince Priebus should STOP playing game. Also read this statement:

            Obama_impeached’s says “The most silliest story ever. it will never happen. WE the democrats won and you silly republicans lost!”

            Reince Priebus says Obama plays the “Guerrilla warfare”, but others think he does.

        • @Obama_impeached

          Why don’t you volunteer to go kick a few of those doors down? Let us know how that works out for you.

          When you go out, do you leave a trail of jelly beans on the ground to be sure you can find your way home? Just curious….

      54. Are we even having this conversation? Obee is not going anywhere, blame will land anywhere but at his feet and the little brownshirts that get longknifed along the way will not serve as a warning to others. No this train is not slowing down, justice will not be served and you can gurantee another false flag real soon. Its like watching a battered woman ” I know he really loves me and wouldnt hurt me on purpose” wake up America especially you reporters out there , do you think that Fox is the only outlet that the WH is “chilling”

      55. You forgot the NDAA bill.

        Or…keep it and lock his ass up forever as a traitor to the US.

        No birth certificate too.
        Come on… just open your safe and pull it out.
        I can have mine in 5 minutes.

        Fucking Joke. We deserve to be taken over by Commies…because nobody is bitching about this guys crap.

      56. All is not as it seems. Its the Hegelian Dialectic at work!

        The very same Zios that support and enable Obama are same ones fanning the flames of impeachment. They’ll promise to save and protect him from this fate… IF HE’LL ONLY DO WHAT HE HAS BEEN RESISTANT TO DO IN THE PAST.

        Impeachment of Obama doesn’t hold the promise of a return of America to its former status, but guarantees its accelerated demise into tyranny and destruction.

      57. Half want Obama gone? 80% want gun restrictions. Good thing we don’t run things by poles.

      58. The new world order cannot be implemented without the power of the US military. Obama is only a tool and one of many in the three branches of government. Whatever plays out here in the US determines the outcome for people of all countries.

      59. I’m sure Weazel did their polls in Republican counties to make themselves look good.

      60. This “poll” is bullshit. You are all a bunch of fucknuts. The poll should be impeached. The web is laughing at the poll.

      61. So if President Obama is impeached and removed from office, does that mean Biden is our new president? You remember him, the guy who said on an open mike “this is a big F#@%ing deal”, and a bunch of other strangeness. Like “get yourself a shotgun” type strangeness.
        Maybe, just maybe the next time we have a “golden” boy running for president. The type of candidate who the MSM fawns over, the one who can do no wrong. Maybe he or she will be vetted by the press so we know their character before we vote for them.

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