Hi, I’m from the government…and we’re kind of running out of money

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Headline News | 83 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    They will stop at nothing to take everything from you, your children, your grandchildren and generations not yet born.

    Via Powerline:

    For those with children, we highly recommend sitting together and watching the following presentation for a simple, yet informative explanation about government, social entitlements and the dangers of out of control promises and spending (our kids found it entertaining and were left with a host of questions and comments):


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      1. Someone wrote recently that without change Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid would consume 100% of federal revenues in 2047…..I don’t know how it would take that long and what fuzzy math they were using but it seems to me like its only a few years away with baby boomers demanding their “entitlements” in full.

      2. You know what a website like this tells me about it’s contributors?

        Too much time on your ASS and not enough time on your FEET!

        Most people disregard this type of conspiracy crap because they have too much other SH@T going on in their lives!

        • So what are you saying? Pretty broad statement for you not knowing me or my family…..

          What’s that say about you?

        • jshuford

          Just a thought here. Your small pathetic opinion has been dually noted and Ignored. And if you don’t like the site feel free not to come back.

          Loud pipes save lives.

          • jshuford: Wow, rude much?

        • jshuford says:
          August 2, 2011 at 3:20 pm
          You know what a website like this tells me about it’s contributors?

          Too much time on your ASS and not enough time on your FEET!

          Most people disregard this type of conspiracy crap because they have too much other SH@T going on in their lives!

          Yeah like sitting on your fat ass stuffing your face with chips and beer while you pay attention to the REALLY important shit….. like watching football or some other inane sport / pastime.

        • As Voltaire lay on his death bed, a priest came, said his last rights, then leaned over him and suggested now was the time for Voltaire to renounce Satan. Votaire then spoke his last words, saying, “Now, now, my good man, this is no time to be making enemies.”

        • And you have no idea how many gallon freezer/storage bags of rice I transferred from buckets yesterday and today to feed many with your attitude!!!
          Or should I just use that sign painted and ready to display:

          • My sign says “If you are close enough to read this then you are already IN my crosshairs. Proceed at your own risk. Exceptions will NOT be made for the illiterate and non-english readers…”

            • LMAO I love it.

            • Two thumbs up!

            • mine says..If you can read this……your within range

        • I’d bone the mom

        • You know what a commenter like that tells me?

          Too much time playing the money game and not enough time thinking about the meaning of life!

          The meaning of life: The continuence thereof.

          Most people disregard this type of conspiracy because they have too much happy crap from television going on in their wasted brains. Hmmm, how can I be more like Joey. How you doin?!

        • well jshuford now we all know what your “priorities” are in life…when the shtf big time and the lights go out i hope you have had the smarts to stock up on whatever you will need to survive..cause, beggers like you will be turned away if your’re lucky and shot if you’re not.

        • You’ve got it ass backwards…

          We’re the ones on our FEET with our eyes wide open preparing, while…

          You’re the one on your ASS in front of your reality tv shows ignoring everything around you because you’re too afraid of the TRUTH.

          WAKE UP SHEEP! You’re halfway there knowing that you’re even at this website! Continue reading and learn something.

          “…because they have too much other SH@T going on in their lives” They’re/you are focused on the wrong shit!

          • Man Up:

            Damn it! I ain’t got time to lean …Sheebonics! to communicate with these dopes.

            • LOL… I don’t know why I waste my time with these folks. suppose I keep trying to wake up some sheep.

        • You’re a funny fucker!

      3. Think the goal here is to inflate the currency faster than the growth in interest rates on the debt service and bond repayments. Never mind that the devaluation in the dollar hurts the savings and purchasing power of every American. Thanks to public school education the vast majority of the public does not realize what is being done to them. The game could be kept going indefinately or until the foreign lenders realize what our government is up to and pull the plug.

      4. My nuts hurt!
        This is just crazy mad. Way out of control.
        How do we stop the madness?
        Once Again… I Opt Out! No more nuts to give.

        You’re all on your own if you continue to play their game. oh what’s that? you lost the first round so now you have to keep playing to try and win back your losses? Sorry you were so stupid, you’re just who they count on. Not me, I’m opting out and I suggest you do the same.

        Pull the band-aid off fast and stop feeding the beast. Yes it will hurt, but you’ll feel better knowing your kids and grandkids can live a better life than what the alternative is. CONTROL

      5. I think the most important teachings one can bestow upon their children this day in age is self sufficiency and how to conceal their belongings from the have-nots.

      6. Sad, but true.

      7. If I recall the outlays correctly it will happen a lot sooner than that by realistic assumptions, but don’t worry about that, our CURRENT debt already constitutes the entire income of the Federal government for at least 6-7 years.

      8. @ Jim

        Misprint. They meant 2017. Or they, like the tools at CBO, are basing all estimates on a 4% annual GDP growth. They really need to get off the pipe. I might buy 0.4%, max.

      9. Medicare and Medicaid are looted by massive fraud. It’s my observation that most of the fraudsters seem to be foreign born medical personnel. Keep in mind that when illegals get legal status (amnesty), they can legally bring in there extended families, including elderly and sick relatives. After only a 90 day wait, they are eligable for Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance. Wheeee!

        • Not in Ky. Need a birth certificate…now kids, sure, but not illegal adults–not here.

          • Not talking about illegals. Talking about legal status especially those who will get amnesty.

      10. We are thinking about buying a new BOV, but thought we would wait until next June. With QE3 and hyperinflation looming, I’m afraid if we wait, the interest rate will be so high we won’t be able to afford it. :>(

      11. @jshuford
        “You know what a website like this tells me about it’s contributors? Too much time on your ASS and not enough time on your FEET!
        Most people disregard this type of conspiracy crap because they have too much other SH@T going on in their lives!”

        REALLY J? You’re here and you’re commenting. Get off your ass, stop reading SHTF and get back on your FEET! Obama needs your money.

      12. LMFAO Had enough thanks brother but you made whiskey comeout my nose and now I gotta clean my screen and desk

      13. At least 171 pubs need to be fired. Au tells the story, and it’s just starting.

        • ? and no democrats need to be fired; just 171 “pubs” huh? Silly boy (or girl)

        • Screw firing them. How bout we lynch em! And through in all the dems as well. If they voted for it then they need to hang!

        • 435 recall referendums in the House, 100 in the Senate, etc., etc., etc. That comes from we the people. Where is it? Where are the people? Oh, yeah, they’re jshuford – too much stupid, secondary or downright unimportant “crap” going on in their lives… like having to cast ten text votes for this weeks favorite dancer. Hee-haw! Hee-haw!

      14. Honestly, do people really understand what these bastard government p.o.s have done, really, I have never been this freaking angry in all my life! Hello Jim,DPS, VRF. and all at Shtf!

        • They do not understand, I’m afraid. This PM, everyone I encountered seemed to be nothing but relieved, as if thinking, “Whew, glad that’s all over now.” It just goes to show that ignorance is not the bliss it was reported to be. No, it’s really just a blindness. What’s sad is that we live in a country where almost every town has a library and does not discriminate against anyone making use of it, and yet people still don’t care to learn about the world they live in. I can forgive stupidity but not ignorance, particulary not voluntary ignorance.

          • The libraries here sort of defeated their purpose when introduced the concept of ‘checking out videos’, ya think??
            Idiots, pure and simple.

            • But, if they did it like these guys, they might be onto something. Ever heard of smartflix?


              Damascus steel metalworking anyone?
              The mediums used for entertainment are more than well-equipped for better uses. They’re just not put to them half as often. You kind of have to search through a lot of chaff, and most folks are either too lazy to try or too unlucky to succeed.
              [Heavy sigh}

        • Copout
          What I really think is sad that most people don’t even know what has been done to them yet, By creating this (Super Congress)it has opened up a whole new set of non rules and this could and will make the Patriot Act look like a fairy tale. They will be able to butcher our rights as they see fit. This will include tax increases,gun control,and so on the 4th the 2nd all will be a thing of the past.Unless the people of this country stand up and say enough is enough this will go on till we face total failure of this great country.


          • I know folks this maybe a rant of some sort but please take the time to see whats happened today. I never claimed to know everything and most would say I’m kinda dumb but just read for yourself and then make up your own mind.

            this is just one source that I read daily , If you do some research you can find out more then you will want to know I promise.
            The internet is more then just finding friends and porn, it can be a tool and if used right a weapon in the right hands.

        • Im with ya Boss..a new rope is too good for them

        • I ask that question to myself several times a day! –
          It’s exactly how I feel!

          Nothin’ left to do but prepare… at lease we see what’s happening!

          God bless!

      15. Those stopping and begging for food will be shot.
        No exceptions…


      16. Hey Copout
        How you doing brother? I know what is being done is BS. thats why I am sitting here right now working on a couple of guns, bout got this S&W signa trigger fixed YEAH..The old lady will love it now.Keep prepping folks, not sure when don’t really care anymore. But we all know its falling apart fast.

        Loud Pipes Save Lives

        • is that a S&W 40 sig?

          • nope its the S&W signa 9mm

            • You know your a prepper when…you’er cleaning guns in your sleep. No…BS I dreamed that I was doing that the other night – cleaning guns.
              I once had a Mark 19 jam up on me cause I did not clean it properly…just gave it a quickie! Damn did I ever come to regret that. I fu_ked up! but, I never let it happen again.

            • Bloody

              I go shooting every other weekend so I keep my guns clean. And if you own a S&W sig do not replace the striker spring with the lighter spring. Out of 100 rds I had 9 misfires. But i did find a great video on utube about removing some of the springs which made a hell of a difference.I have been having dreams about somebody in my house at night, the bad thing is most of my dreams come true.
              So yepp I keep those guns loaded and the dogs fed(best alarm I ever had)


        • Thanks Montana Mike. Good info, though it wasn’t such a reach to switch out the word “Greece” and enter America in the article.

      17. (Knock at the door) Mr. PO’dpatriot I am from the gummerment and we need to talk to your seven year-old daughter.” “Ah, such a sweet child, well little girl I do have some rather unpleasnt news for you. You see, we are out of money, so we’re going have to tax your allowance to be ….click….BANG….FFULLUMP…”Daddy do you want me to take his feet just like last time?” “Sure sweetheart, you know your getting pretty good with your Ma’s ladysmith”. “Thanks daddy, I like it cause it fits my hands and its light”. “Thats my pumpkin, I’ll get the truck.” “Daddy are we gonna put him in the compost pile with the others?” “Yes, but were going to have to find another way soon, we’re running out of room.” ” I know daddy, we can put the new ones in the sandbox cause the cats been using it so I don’t play in it anymore.” “Aw pumpkin, your so sweet………..

        • Now, THAT is an absolute classic! Can’t wait to see the video!

          • It’s getting better around here!

        • ROFLMAO!!!! That could be a scene from my house in the future if goons ever showed up here!

        • It’s nice to see preppers home schooling their kids…LMAO!!!! 🙂

        • Perfect…

        • “Aw pumpkin, your so sweet. But didn’t I train you that if you need to shoot someone, double or triple tap them? Always remember that a wounded bureaucrat can still pose a clear and present danger until you have personally confirmed their compostability.”

          “Uh daddy? That makes number five and you said, “After 5 I’ll buy you a mini-14 with an Aimpoint.”

          “You earned it pumpkin.”

          • Sorry OTE, what was I thinkin’? Of course its one to the head and two center mass. Thanks I’ll remind her!

      18. ….click….BANG….FFULLUMP…
        I’m laughing my ASS off !
        Kind of close to the house though. Others would follow for sure, so that Smith would see some more action. Now that’s education. Thanks PO’dpatriot, I needed that.

      19. A day without defense is a day without sun shine.

      20. You must understand where I am basing my statements. This morning, I was reading an article from Harpers Magazine Aug 2009 titled “Kinds Of Killing” penned by William H Gass. The article describes “The Third Reich At War” by Richard J Evans, Penguin Press.
        The slaughtering of innocent woman and children by German soldiers at the hand of their government often started by rounding up, (tricking) their victims into believing that by doing what they said, all would be better. The book includes the reasons for the lack of morality that these soldiers exhibited in the field and at home. The ability of governments to instill these beliefs in their citizens continues to this day. 1939 is not that distant for the human mind to evolve from the vulnerabilities of these deceptive practices.
        Unless we ALL become aware of the dangers that our governments present, we are destined to witness the same atrocities committed in the past. This is why I need to re-read this stuff on occasion, as a reminder of the evil that can invade our lives without notice. Teach your children well and God bless us all.

        • I have read books where the S.S. were intrigued by the Jehovah Witnesses’ courage of not being scared to die in the concentration camps. Think about that for a minute. The German Nazis’ wanted to copy that courage.

      21. Thank you cossack55 for the 2017 statement, as I knew 2047 was too far off for that.

        A Standform Business School grad did a study in 2004. He said then if every American could stand to collect no more then $20,000 income in 2005 and give all the rest to our government we’d be only $500 billion short. In one year of taking it on the chin we could wipe out our current debt (not future mind you).

        He revamped his story last week. It now takes 3 years and we still owe one trillion. How’s that for 6 years of one f’d up mess……

      22. It’s the excessive defense budget. The US wastes too much money on the Pentagon. Cut the defense budget $350 per year and after 10 years, you will have cut spending 3.5 trillion dollars. Fuck the military.

        • Defense spending is just over 20% of our budget and you ignore the 80% burden that just keeps on growing and growing. Silliness.

      23. Anyone heard from God’sCreation??? I am a little concerned after his last post after not hearing from him for a while and then now he is silent again?

        NetRanger, you know anything??

        • I thought GC was a female?? OOps

      24. I am writing from your deamed socialist Scandinavia. We all in Europe have of cause free meds and doctor care..We pay more in taxes and we don’t run around with guns to shoot each other, we have police to help us and theink them to mostly be proper citicens and not tycoons as over there… thats why our homocide percentage is so much lower, and we dont have private prisons croded with 2 of our populations.. We dont have the kind of street gangs , drugs as you, just small groups whish are under control to a quite high dgree compared to your situation and poverty with foodstamps you have, taking more than 40 million people out oof being part of normal society. We never see massmurder or childabuse to the extent as over there…

        • If we gave you 100 million non-whites from our country you would have the same problem we have. If you look at the white gun crime rate in the USA it is lower than the Canadian rate per capita. We don’t have a crime problem, we have a race problem.

          • well said..and true
            statistically the proof is there, although a lot of outsiders and some even in this country dont want to see it
            its in your face if you open your eyes

        • Oslo, Norway has 4 times the crime of New York City. It’s because liberals don’t take crime seriously.


          In a SHTF world Scandinavians will all be murdered by the Muslims who live in their country.

      25. You’re absolutely wrong. Future generations have nothing to worry about the $60 trillion in debts and unfunded liabilities. The Federal Reserve started monetizing the debt two years ago. In time we’ll have hyperinflation like Germany did in the 1920s. So when one dollar today is worth one trillion in ten years all debts will be easy to pay off. The government will just stop all pension, social security, and medicare payments. Just like some cities and counties have done already. Or they will limit 2020 payments to the amount collected in 2020. See, no problem.

      26. The District of Criminals is already ‘eyeballing’ your 401k & IRA accounts with lust and greed in their hearts! That is if you still have any $ left invested in one of these retirement accounts.

        I recently received a communication from my representative in Congress talking about Republicunt ‘massa’ Ryan’s plan to ‘privatize’ Medicare for all those over 55 years old. The government, out of the goodness of their hearts, will ‘GIVE’ each senior a voucher for $9,700.00 a year towards a private insurance healthcare policy that is estimated to cost upwards of $30k a year. Grandma & Grandpa will each have to ‘cough-up’ $20,300.00 out-of-pocket; $40,600.00 per couple per year.

        “Say goodby to Grandma & Grandpa children.” “Enjoy them now before they get sick!”

        Of course the ‘Congress-Critters’ & ‘Senatorial-Sapsuckers’ will still receive their high quality election to grave health care insurance provided by the grateful citizens.

        Only in Amerika! Ya gotta love it!!!

      27. MadMarkie–it’s really a mess in areas as I see it—like my neighbor went Monday to get help since she was constipated and today to get her ears cleaned…Lord help me if this is what’s going on county by county, state by state.
        Note: I am not kidding!!!

        • Yo JJ & all –

          That’s those under 55; for those over 55 things will stay the same.

          Also JJ, you ought to hear some of the stories that my RN daughter comes home from the ER after she gets off a shift.

          It’s gonna get interesting out there ….. very soon.

        • When every other commercial is for the latest designer drug from big pharma, you’re bound to end up with a nation of hypochondriacs. Why is our so-called “modern medicine” bankrupting its patients? Just follow the money. This country doesn’t have a healthcare crisis. The practice of medicine simply became the big-money industry of medicine, and the pharm corps, insurers, and lawyers have been milking it for all its worth.

          • And insuring everybody isn’t going to fix didley squat, only treat an ongoing symptom.

      28. Another thing: a post-SHTF world isn’t going to have very many old people in it. Everybody in a nursing home will die unless their family takes them in and they prepared. People who need medications to survive will die too.

        A post-SHTF America will be a lot whiter. Minorities like blacks and Hispanics on average have fewer assets on average than whites do. I’m not saying that’s a good thing. It’s just the way it will be in five years.

        • I’ve posted a horrible apocalyptic comment numerous times about how an EMP would save social security and Medicare……the hard way of course.

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